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August 4th 2022

Their Lies Truth

This girl , Keira Bell pictured above, was diagnosed as being a boy, medicated accordingly.
These England & German Women’s team footballers, pictured at their UEFA Cup final last Sunday, are hailed as role models for young women everywhere, with media demanding they get more pay and respect.

The word gender wasn’t used in the social world I came from and grew up in. There were boys, girls and the ‘opposite sex’ in everyday parlance. I had no notions of one sex being more important than the other, because we were all at the bottom of the pile, deferring to those with money and power. We knew our place, singing hymns with such lines as ‘All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate, God made them high or lowly and ordered their estate.’ My father was worked to an early death, aged 41, taking his war wounds and shrapnel with him. My maternal grandmother died giving birth to my mother, who lost her youngest and favourite brother, Charles Close, in a world war for rich folk’s benefit.

Though I confess to a childhood wish to wake up and find myself turned into a little girl, I can find no simple explanation for it. I knew nothing about sex or reproduction. I was told that I had been found under the Gooseberry Bush. I just wanted to be treated as, dress and play as a girl. Most importantly, I did not like having a penis. Interestingly due to ongoing police harassment, I was asked by a psychiatrist employed by my lawyers ‘Do you wear female clothing for sexual gratification? An interesting revealing question no doubt emanating from concerned police parties.

As someone whose studies went on to include psychology, among much else, I was never agreeable to the idea of giving pre pubescent children hormone blockers. This was never on moronic religious bigotry grounds. It was and still is on the grounds that children cannot know, although I seemed to , that they will always want to change their sex. Childhood was not the time to attend to such a serious matter – in my view. Unfortunately, l given the way boys and adult men are treated and vilified as scapegoats, there has been an incredible upsurge in white sex change candidates. There are profound and obvious reasons for this. Gender clinics have simply exploited this.

It now serves Tory Government purposes to shut the child gender clinic to appease feminists rather than face up to their role in creating so called gender confusion and dysphoria. One problem is that transsexuals romanticise females from a bygone age. Feminists sense that too many men will be attracted to transsexuals because they want to be seen as conservative women. They have to be stopped, so vote hungry politicians will jump on the bandwagon, while appeasing gays and lesbians – the latter a more obvious danger to women in public toilets and changing rooms, real transsexuals in my view, far outnumbering the MTFs who mainly want men if they want sex at all.

I was taught that scientific method requires rigorous efforts to disprove a theory and related paradigms. I was also taught to find, note and include all knowable variables in this process. Obviously that is a lot more difficult when dealing with matters of consciousness which is only partly visible through behaviour patterns. Descartes seriously pondered that issue, with no demonstrable conclusions. Karl Marx was arrogant or ignorant enough to assert that there was a state of false consciousness, and ergo conversely a true consciousness. Feminists hi jacked this concept, asserting that all women, regardless of family wealth, were the true and only exploited underclass , needing their consciousness raising. That notion has gained considerable traction and credibility, with class oppressor U.K leader Margaret Thatcher forgiven all her greed, war mongering, public` asset stripping ,social and economic travesties, because she is a woman and a veritable role model for females.

These combined forces have been exported to corrupt the world. Females are encouraged to see men as their enemy, with fantasy career fulfilment as their goals. So it is no wonder that so many little boys react to an imposed sense of guilt and inferiority developed especially in the increasingly normal fatherless homes, by wanting to be girls. The Tavistock & Portman have not been interested in these variables.

Meanwhile, feminists have felt increasingly threatened by rising numbers of transsexual females, especially in the egotistical money making world of sport. Hence, big names like J K Rowling have joined the campaign to vilify them as potential rapists, especially in public toilets and changing rooms. Transsexuals are supposed to inhabit the strange and potentially estranged world of LGBTQI, fixated on their genitals and right wear dresses etc.

This insane world – where youngsters of both sexes are going mad, drinking booze, taking drugs and even killing themselves – has now merged with the anti racists and Islamists, the latter , like Catholics, quoting ‘God’s Will.’  The idea that transsexuals simply have body dysphoria and might want otherwise ‘normal’ lives is anathema to the London Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) et al. They reckon 90% of their clients are mentally ill, but so called sex change treatment will make them less likely to commit suicide. Questioning why sex change treatment can be a cure for unspecified and various mental illnesses and why so many are going mad, is not a GIC concern from my experience. If you don’t seem a ‘safe’ fit for sex change surgery, you must take the anti psychotics, as I was told after 3 years as their patient. One can only conclude that the whole organisation is about social engineering. This extends to matters of fighting an alleged explosion of racism.

The following story is about how recasting Batgirl as a Latin American has led to a $90 million film that failed to please the public in test screenings, being scrapped without public release. Directors, producers, stars and the rest of the arrogant Hollywood clique are very upset to say the least , by public rejection of their attempted brainwashing conditioning programme. Needless to say, the villain of the film is a white male, played by Brendan Fraser. Fortunately ever more people are getting a picture which Hollywood will never produce. Cinéma Cinema Verity (Cinéma vérité  ) is a thing of the past. There must be no hidden meanings or repellent truths. The film report below is followed by a more detailed explanation of the context into which this film was meant to fit.

Bat Girl, Bad Girl – Batty Idea

Batgirl: Directors shocked at film’s cancellation

The directors of Batgirl have said they are upset their film was axed months before its planned release, by Warner Bros Discovery.

“We are saddened and shocked by the news. We still can’t believe it,” directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah wrote on Instagram.

They said it had been a dream to work with stars including Michael Keaton.

Both had been in Morocco for El Arbi’s wedding, which had been attended by Will Smith as guest of honour.

The film had completed its principal photography and much of its post-production work and was in test screenings – Variety reported that news of its demise “sent immediate shockwaves through Hollywood”.

The New York Post reported that the decision had followed a poor reaction to test screenings, but Variety suggested that the cost of putting the film into cinemas and marketing it may have contributed to the decision.

As the film was unfinished, Warner Media would have had to spend more money completing, releasing and advertising it. Halting the process now means it can cut its existing losses without creating more.

According to US trade publications, the company may also be able to recoup some of the money it had already spent by using what’s called a tax write-down, which would save money by reducing the company’s tax liability as a result of not releasing the film and recording it as a straight loss.

“When Warner Bros files its taxes this year, the company will combine the income from its pro chair of the tax practice group at law firm Akerman LLP, explained to Fortune.

he film, which featured Keaton as Batman, was also due to star Leslie Grace as Batgirl, Brendan Fraser as villain Firefly and JK Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon.

“As directors, it is critical that our work be shown to audiences, and while the film was far from finished, we wish that fans all over the world would have had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film themselves,” Fallah and El Arbi said in their statement.

“Our amazing cast and crew did a tremendous job and worked so hard to bring Batgirl to life. We are forever grateful to have been part of that team,” they added.

“In any case, as huge fans of Batman since we were little kids, it was a privilege and an honour to have been part of the DCEU [DC Extended Universe], even if it was for a brief moment. Batgirl for life.”

In The Heights star Grace tweeted that she was “proud of the love, hard work and intention all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film over seven months”, adding she felt “blessed to have worked among absolute greats and forged relationships for a lifetime in the process”.

She thanked fans for believing in her to become “my own damn hero!”.

The movie, shot entirely in Glasgow and reportedly budgeted at more than $70m (£58m), was due to be shown in cinemas and on the streaming service HBO Max later this year.

The Woke Context

YOU COULD use a single word as a proxy. “Latinx” is a gender-neutral adjective which only 4% of American Hispanics say they prefer. Yet in 2018 the New York Times launched a column dedicated to “LatinX communities”. It has crept into White House press releases and a presidential speech. Google’s diversity reports use the even more inclusive “LatinX+”. A term once championed by esoteric academics has gone mainstream.

The espousal of new vocabulary is one sign of a social mobilisation that is affecting ever more areas of American life. It has penetrated politics and the press. Sometimes it spills out into the streets, in demonstrations calling for the abolition of police departments. It is starting to spread to schools. San Francisco’s education board, which for more than a year was unable to get children into classes, busied itself with stripping the names of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington from its schools, and ridding department names of acronyms such as VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts), on the ground that they are “a symptom of white supremacy”.

What links these developments is a loose constellation of ideas that is changing the way that mostly white, educated, left-leaning Americans view the world. This credo still lacks a definitive name: it is variously known as left-liberal identity politics, social-justice activism or, simply, wokeness. But it has a clear common thread: a belief that any disparities between racial groups are evidence of structural racism; that the norms of free speech, individualism and universalism which pretend to be progressive are really camouflage for this discrimination; and that injustice will persist until systems of language and privilege are dismantled.

These notions were incubated for years in the humanities departments of universities (elite ones in particular), without serious challenge. Moral panics about campus culture are hardly new, and the emergence of a new leftism in the early 2010s prompted little concern. Even as students began scouring the words of academics, administrators and fellow students for microaggressions, the oppressive slights embedded in everyday speech, and found them, complacency ruled. When invited speeches from people such as Christine Lagarde, then head of the International Monetary Fund, were cancelled after student activists accused her of complicity in “imperialist and patriarchal systems”, the response was a collective shrug.

The complacency was naive. America harboured a “Vegas campus delusion”, says Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, an advocacy group. “What happens on campus will not stay on campus.” It has not. The influence of the new social-justice mindset is now being felt in the media, the Democratic Party and, most recently, businesses and schools.

How did this breakout happen? Three things helped prepare the ground: a disaffected student body, an academic theory that was malleable enough to be shaped into a handbook for political activism, and a pliant university administration.

First came a new generation of students keenly aware of unsolved social problems and willing to see old-fashioned precepts of academic freedom (such as open debate) as obstacles to progress. Various events—the financial crisis, the election of Donald Trump, the police killings of unarmed black men, especially that of George Floyd—fed frustration with traditional liberalism’s seeming inability to end long-run inequities. This hastened the adoption of an ideology that offered fresh answers.

In a book entitled “The Coddling of the American Mind”, Mr Lukianoff and a social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, posit that overprotective parenting in the shadow of the war on terrorism and the great recession led to “safetyism”, a belief that safety, including emotional safety, trumps all other practical and moral concerns. Its bounds grew to require disinviting disfavoured campus speakers, protesting about disagreeable readings and regulating the speech of fellow students.

Many students latched onto a body of theory which yokes obscurantist texts to calls for social action (or “praxis”) that had been developing in the academy for decades. In 1965 Herbert Marcuse, a critical theorist, coined the phrase “repressive tolerance”, the notion that freedom of speech should be withdrawn from the political right in order to bring about progress, since the “cancellation of the liberal creed of free and equal discussion” might be necessary to end oppression. Another influence was Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator whose “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” (published in English in 1970) advocated a liberatory pedagogy in the spirit of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in which “the oppressed unveil the world of oppression and through the praxis commit themselves to its transformation”.

The Great Awokening

Today the most prominent evangelists for what political scientists such as Zachary Goldberg call the Great Awokening are Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. Both these scholar-activists have written bestselling books that sketch the expansive boundaries of systemic racism. Both minimise the role of intent, but in different ways. In Mr Kendi’s Manichaean worldview actions are either actively narrowing racial gaps, and are therefore anti-racist, or they are not, in which case they are racist. “Capitalism is essentially racist; racism is essentially capitalist,” he concludes.

Ms DiAngelo is concerned with the racism of everyday speech. For her, the intent of the oppressor is immaterial if an oppressed person deems the conduct to be offensive. How “white progressives cause more daily harm [to black people] than, say, white nationalists” is the subject of her latest book, “Nice Racism”. She sees liberal norms like individualism or the aspiration for colour-blind universalism as naive: “Liberalism doesn’t account for power, and the differential in power,” she says.

The embrace of this ideology by students and professors might have remained inconsequential had it not been for the part played by administrative staff. Since 2000, such staff in the University of California system has more than doubled, outpacing the increase in faculty and students. The growth in private universities has been even faster. Between 1975 and 2005 the ranks of administrators grew by 66% in public colleges but by 135% in private ones. As their headcount grew, so did their remit—ferreting out not just overt racism or sexual harassment but implicit bias too. The University of California, Los Angeles, now insists that faculty applying for tenure include a diversity statement.

In 2018 Samuel Abrams, a political scientist at Sarah Lawrence College, published data showing that these administrators are even more left-leaning than the professors: liberals outnumber conservatives by 12 to one. For writing about this, Mr Abrams faced a campaign by outraged students aiming to revoke his tenure. Campaigns by a vocal minority of activists have cast a pall on campus life, he says. “Large numbers of people hate this. They just don’t know what to do,” he laments. “They don’t want the mob coming to them.”

An upheaval in mass communication accelerated the trend. On Twitter, a determined minority can be amplified, and an uneasy centre-left can be cowed. “Weaponisation of social media became part of the game. But what I think nobody foresaw was that these tactics could so easily be imported to the New York Times or Penguin Random House or Google,” says Niall Ferguson, a historian at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. “The invasion…was just a case of the old problem: that liberals defer to progressives. And progressives defer to outright totalitarians.”

Mr Trump’s election added to centrists’ unease, leaving the poles to grow ever more extreme. “Anything but far-left progressivism was lumped in with Trump,” says one (Democratic) prosecutor in San Francisco. In the protest against Mr Trump’s handling of the Mexican border, for instance, the old Democratic line of enhanced border security and a path to citizenship for the long-term undocumented became passé. Progressives proved their sincerity by being in favour of abolishing immigration authorities entirely.

Having grown strong roots, social-justice consciousness has spread most readily to non-academic institutions largely peopled by those who have come through elite universities. As the students who have embraced this messy body of theory leave university, they enter into jobs and positions of influence. The question is whether, outside the ivory tower, the ideology will retain its intolerant and belligerent zeal, or whether it will mellow into a benign urge for society to be a little fairer.

Newspapers are a prime example. The digital revolution has devastated local newspapers and crowned new online-only champions. As newsrooms adapted by aping the upstarts, hacks who had risen through the ranks thanks to shoe-leather reporting were replaced by younger staffers stuffed with new ideas from elite universities. One prominent journalist argued for replacing “neutral objectivity” with “moral clarity”—making unflinching distinctions between right and wrong.

The urge to purge

Changes in newsrooms were also related to efforts to increase demographic diversity, on the assumption that this is the only authentic way to give voice to minorities. But the campus zeal for deplatforming voices deemed offensive and defenestrating those found guilty of violating the ethos has also been imported. (James Bennet, who resigned as editorial-page editor of the New York Times after one such row, now works for The Economist; he was not involved in this article.) Non-journalists on the staff of newspapers, including young engineers, can be even more activist in campaigning against colleagues judged to be producing content at odds with the new vision of social justice.

As with universities, this stridency met little rebuke from the heads of newsrooms. Lee Fang, a left-leaning journalist for “The Intercept”, an online publication specialising in “adversarial journalism”, was accused by a colleague of racism for posting an interview with an African-American supporter of Black Lives Matter who offered a personal criticism of the group. He was made to apologise.

The quiet cultural revolution has also affected the Democratic Party. A decade ago, around 40% of white liberals agreed that “racial discrimination is the main reason why many black people can’t get ahead these days”; today over 70% do (see chart 2). In 2013, according to Gallup, a pollster, 70% of Americans thought black-white race relations were going well; that has dropped to 42%. Among white conservatives and moderates, there has been little movement on such questions.

In the past decade a far greater share of white liberals than African-Americans came to believe that blacks should have “special favours” to get ahead (see chart 3). Ideas for promoting racial equity that once belonged to the Democrats’ left fringe have become mainstream. Cash reparations for African-Americans are supported by 49% of Democrats, for example, and 41% endorse reducing police funding.

Democratic politicians have responded. In 2008 Barack Obama criticised overheated sermons of his pastor, saying “they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country—a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America.” The pastor’s view is now ascendant among Democrats.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton started giving speeches on the need to end systemic racism. By 2020 this movement was the defining fault line of the presidential primary. Joe Biden, an avatar for Democratic consensus, won by taking positions far to the left of Mr Obama, including on matters of identity politics. That is why his administration speaks much more social-justice patois than Mr Obama’s ever did. And why it embraces reparations-adjacent policies like the creation of a $4bn fund to pay off the debts of only non-white farmers, and a proposal that 40% of benefits from climate-change investment go to previously disadvantaged communities.

Wokers of the world, unite!

This new political prominence makes the question of what happens to the ideology of social activism as it spreads beyond the ivory tower all the more important. Does it retain its purity and potency? Or does it become diluted?

The corporate world will be a big test. Businesses, particularly those in the knowledge economy, have been grappling with the challenge of how to respond to social-justice consciousness as young employees agitate for change and woke consumers threaten boycotts.

An increasingly common argument is that there is no trade-off between greater diversity and profits. “I’d like to get to a place where we thought that diverse representation was just as important as profitability, because we believed it was linked to so many things that were going to come back and drive value,” says Julie Coffman, the chief diversity officer of Bain & Company, a management consultancy. Others make an explicit business case. McKinsey, another consultancy, has released a stream of reports arguing that firms with greater ethnic and gender diversity have a greater chance of financial outperformance.

Since Floyd’s murder, American businesses have issued a dizzying number of equity-related missives and quotas for hiring and procurement. Facebook, a social-media giant, has promised to hire 30% more black people in leadership positions and has set a goal that “50% of our workforce be from underrepresented communities by the end of 2023”. Target, a retailer, has pledged to spend more than $2bn with black-owned businesses by the end of 2025. Walmart, another retail titan, has set up a Centre for Racial Equity and says it will give it $100m to “address the drivers of systemic racism”.

Importing the language of equity without university-style blow-ups can be difficult. “What you’re seeing is Gen Z or young millennials basically engaging in this collective war against the boomers and the Gen Xers who actually run the organisations,” says Antonio García Martínez, whom Apple fired in May after 2,000 employees circulated a petition questioning his hiring, citing passages they found to be misogynistic in an autobiography published five years ago. When Brian Armstrong, the boss of Coinbase, announced that workplace activism was to be discouraged, he was inundated with private messages of admiration from CEOs who felt that they could not do the same—and public criticism.

“Corporate wokeism I believe is the product of self-interest intermingled with the appearance of pursuing social justice,” says Vivek Ramaswamy, a former biotechnology executive and author of “Woke, Inc.”. He argues that Big Tech pursues corporate wokeism because appearing to embrace social justice suits such firms’ commercial interests—both in terms of recruitment and appeal to their customers. It performs allegiance to identity politics while simultaneously rejecting the left’s critique of capitalism. “A lot of Big Tech has agreed to bend to the progressive left,” he says, but “they effectively expect that the new left look the other way when it comes to leaving their monopoly power.”

Such hypocrisy is increasingly prevalent. The founder of Salesforce, a tech behemoth based in San Francisco, is known for championing social-justice causes like a surtax to fund homelessness services in the city. Yet the firm itself paid no federal taxes on $2.6bn in profits in 2020.

Wokeness’s next frontier, with the greatest potential to make a mark on the future, will be the classroom. In California’s recently approved ethnic-studies curriculum, which may become a high-school graduation requirement, one lesson plan aims to help students “dispel the model-minority myth” (the idea that to dwell on Asian-American success is wrong). Roughly one-sixth of the state’s proposed new maths instruction framework is devoted to social justice. It approvingly quotes from studies suggesting that word problems about boys and girls knitting scarves be accompanied by a debate about gender norms. Last month the governor of Oregon signed a bill eliminating high-school graduation requirements of proficiency in reading, writing and maths until 2024—justified as necessary to promote equity for non-white students.

Woker or weaker?

Such proposals hint at the difficulties of translating some of the theories embraced by the new left into policy. Because disparities are theorised to be the result of largely implicit discrimination, systems must be dismantled. This leads to odd conclusions: that racial test-score gaps in maths can be ameliorated by dialectic; and that not testing for the ability to read is a worthy substitute for teaching it. Material conditions that the old left cared about, such as persistent segregation in poor districts and schools, get little attention.

There are some signs of a backlash. Three members of San Francisco’s board of education, including its president, are under threat of a recall election. So is the city’s ultra-progressive district attorney. However, the underlying engine—the questionable ideas of some academics, and the generational change they are rendering—is not shutting off. America has not yet reached peak woke. ■

Miss Roberta Jane Cook August 4th 2022

July 7th 2022


by Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Britain’s ruling elite males originally feared the rise of their class’s mothers, sisters and daughters , namely the suffragettes. But after two world wars, women’s nec`essary mainly behind the scene contributions to the Imperialist struggle for supremacy , along with working class women, the elite saw the advantages of women’s liberation, with its potential to divide and rule the woprking class masses – and so cheapen the price of labour by at least 50 %. The 1960s general release of contraceptive pills led to shorter hemlines and fewer abortions..

Women were encouraged to pay allegiance to their ‘sisters’ and the State – not husbands fathers, boyfriends, or any man..Women were transfigured into Deity through education & developing popular culture.

When Thtacher destroyed Traditional British Industry, the male role models went with it. Labour lost its Trade Union underdogs, looking for new causes, finding them in the war against sexism and racism, hallowed and distracting social obsessions.

Family life as we knew it was dead, the age of the one parent family and feral children was born. So was the age of gender confusion and body dysphoria, including overweight girls , anoorexia and sexual identity crisis. Laws were passed to stop worrying questions. But the conflict between deified feminists and their ac`olytes, against the growing army of male to female transsexuals, exemplifies femiinist hypcrisy and double standards on the ‘equality’ issue. So there was soon a hate campaign againts transsexual women..

My own notion of wishing I had been born female began , to my recollection, when I was 3 . It had nothing to do with today’s political correctness. I did not see one gender as better than the other because in my social class, we had more pressing things to worry about and positive role models for all. It was the post war age of hope. Hope now is ever scarcer among the masses. So , with boys villified, all sorts of negative outcomes are likely, with sex change a straw for the deluded. Given how the Gender identity Clinic, after corrupt police , grinding their axe , decided to cause me further problems, I went from them recording that I had a ‘secure female identity’ ready for surgery to being labelled a paranoid schizophrenic, bi polar and deluded.

To continue to my overdue sex change surgery I was told to accept powerful anti psychotic drugs. I refused and the police doubled down on my health care, one of their many unfounded allegations being that I am a ‘gay whore’ working in my son’s brothel for him and his gangtster friends. I was actually a long distance lorry ( truck ) driver at the time of their criminal lies and false arrest, followed by malicious prosecution. Police passsed their lies to my employer and doctors, keeping the case open and on record to avoid legal action. They got me labelled criminally insane, getting me fired as a conseque. Lying appears quite natural to them. It horrifies me that nice members of the public , espcially women, always believe the police. They offer a false sense of securitry – as Sarah Everard tragically discovered.

I have no doubts about being transsexual, and have done much further reseaarch on the suibject, but such drugs would turn me into a zombie, with motor control issues, as well as bowel and bladder control issues.

It is interesting that the Gender identity Clinic has published a statement that 90% of its ‘ patients have mental health problems, adding that sex change makes them less likely to commit suicide. As for the U.K’s corrupt over esteemed police, they should not come within 50 miles of a mental health patient. Their own mental health should be the issue, not other people’s.
The 9/11 attack was key to establishing the ruling elite’s reign of terror, where any one not sharing their consensus is an extremists and terrorist. Bin Laden and the west’s friend Saudi Arabia were behind that attack. We have no evidecne Bin laden was the man actually cut to ribbons by U.S Navy Seals. Conveniently the body was burried at sea, as, apparently all Muslims like to be disposed of ( sic ). So those ever extending 2003eanti terror laws are ever widended in scope. Anyone who does not share the consensus is an extremist. As for pre pubescent sex change treatment, the extremist and TERF feminists rants should be ignored in favour o9f the more crucial question, why do so many boys want to be girls, with girls also ainto male spaces whilst claiming their own safe spaces, more power aznd other privileges ?
In this vicious volume, the author, a proud feminist, describes ‘conservative women’ ( i.e those who see the dangers of feminism, commenting and acting accordingly ) as ‘extremists’. She clearly wants social media purged of non consensus opinions and images. For her kind, the interenet should be a safe space for opinions acceptable to them, and disseminated accordingly without question or interruption.
The Guardian & New Scientist are bound to like this kind of feminist propaganda, posing as science. it makes a mockery of me having had to study philosophy during my first year as an undergraduate in the early 1970s. No need to agonise over establishing and verifying truth anymore, just listen to the self styl;ed self congratulating elite ‘liberal left.’ Only their sort know the truth. So if you aren’t one of them, you will be their target on social media. R J Cook
Miss Roberta Jane Cook’s son Kieran, July 2022, who was accused of and recorded, without evidence, of being a` pimp running a home based brothel , with gangster associates. Roberta was accused of informing on him, later given a conditional Crown Court discharge for swearing at the` officer who led the 7 officer raid arresting her, locking her up for 6.5 hours,, when Roberta was on her bi weekly rest day from her job as a `long distance HGV` driver. Kieran’s ambition to be a barrister has been desytroyed by police lies and mAllic`ious recOrds on the PNC. That is British Democracy and so called ‘equality.’
Miss Roberta Jane Cook, as dressed for her final consulation at the Londion Gender Identity Clinic in February 2019. Here, Dr Kirpal Sahota introduced a male colleague with whom she was supposed to meet for weeks of psycho therapy. As a sweetener, Roberta was told how elegant she looked, but needed anti psychotics. Roberta refused, then Sahaota wroter to her GP recording that Roberta has a secure female identity, but would benefit from anti psychotics if overdue gender reassingnment surgery was to go ahead. It was already long overdue.

Roberta did not realise at this time, that police had channeled malicicious prostitution and other vile sexual & violence allegations to the gender clinic, as fact. Roberta’s refusal to accept chemical lobotomy led to the clinic blocking further hormone treatment and writing to say that she ‘ did not fit their criteria.’

MissCulinity In The World Of Sport & All Sorts.

Miss Culinity & The Strong Independent Woman by R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Feminist hysteria about transsexuals raping women in public toilets and sports changing rooms is based on many contradictions.  For example, one of the latest state driven pieces of nonsense is that females should be role models for boys. The logic of this will be more little boys wanting to be little girls.

Meanwhile girls are most numerous of transsexuals if one counts lesbians. Lesbians come in boy style. The boy style grow up to resemble Linda Belos. Some lesbians still present as girlie and are attractive to boyish lesbians, who are also attracted to ‘normal’ girls – as my late sister discovered. Some gay men present the ‘normal’ old fashioned image of masculinity, as with the actor Rock Hudson.

The key word here is image. This is because behind the scenes it is what the media elite and politically correct call ‘our values’ that matter.

Masculinity in traditional form is labelled toxic.  We are in a new age of MissCulinity. Women en masse are not driving women into sports obsession. The State is doing that. In the U.K , national football manager His saintly earnest and bearded face reminds me of Jesus, as he preaches that sexism is a man problem for only men to solve. The State owns women as a blob – upper classes and the Queen excepted of course.

The much prized goal of becoming a strong independent woman is about forcing women to mistrust all men, presenting them as the only human capable of violence, to which it has a natural tendency from which women must be protected.

The State’s mouthpiece media elite needs women as detached from men and dependent on the State.  They despise and vilify what they sneeringly refer to as co dependency. It is about divide and rule, a tactic that built an empire and is building a new psychological empire in the U.K – exporting it wherever and however they can.

Another contradiction is ‘equality in sport.’ If women really believed in equality they would not oppose trans women in direct competition with them – using the weird and pathetic excuse that trans women want to get inside changing rooms to rape them. These cis women know that a highly trained male athlete is superior to a highly trained female athlete. In spite of transsexual women having genital surgery and hormone treatment, feminists like Olympic swimmer Sharon Davis , argue that trans women still have an advantage unless they transition before puberty – a dangerous  and difficult choice because children are not fully aware of sexual reality and a mature penis is vital to creation of a trans vagina.

I have written much about trans sexual people on this website, elsewhere and in my semi autobiographical novel; ‘Man, Maid, Woman’ – where the hero or heroine is clearly romanticising sex change as a cure for failings with girls and in the traditional man’s world. I was not preaching like bigots Sharon Davis and J K Rowling, just exploring ways to truth. This is not a subject for intellectual inadequates like footballer turned manager Gareth Southgate, or bigots, including the police – who should not be allowed anywhere near mental health patients, not least because their own mental health and honesty is open to serious question.

Sadly we will never really know what it is to be anyone except ourselves – some people don’t achieve that or lose their sense of self through trauma , brainwashing ,coercion or dementia.

As concerned parent and retired teacher with 18 years experience, I have some understanding of young peoples’ frailties, vulnerabilities, anxieties, fears and insecurities. This understanding was intensified through many years of marital conflict with my ex wife over child rearing and what was best for my two sons. For my ex wife, sex was the basis of morality – the British middle classes always mix sexual morality with hypocrisy just to make life more stressful.

All the stress of those years of argument led me to defer to the analyst she sent me too, where I was told, I was female. But one has to wonder about the dubious methods of London’s Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC ) and related State Bodies, along with their motives, where most patients are male- it is pretty well impossible to turn vaginas into realistic penises anyway and most women know when they are well off. As for me, the GIC made me an offer I had to refuse, surgery in return for me taking lobotomising anti psychotic drugs – because the police butted in on my case, lying that I am insane and  was a ‘gay’ whore working for my son and his non – existent gangster associates in a home based brothel.. Still, the GIC will never go short of patients eager to show off their MissCulinity.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

June 11th 2022

Lost In Transhatred

As a person whofrom the age of 3, wished theyhad been born a girl; I am not sure about the wisdom of anti androgens and hormone treatement for young people. Since the average female of the masses dresses like a slob in the U.K , it is a moot point as to what constutes female clothing or being female – obviously fantasising about boys starts at an early age for girls

I am sure that the likes of this privileged feminist Attorney General proferring her vile J K Rowling worshipping male hate speech, in the name of safe spaces for girls, believes she is the law, rather like the corrupt police in fake democracy U.K. Her out of touch patronising ilk are sickening.

The whole notion of worshipping the fantasy of pure always honest femaleness ( I won’t say feminine because that is a rare phenomenon in these feminist male hating days ) reiforces injustice and make escaapism, including drug addiction, reacdtionary violence and suicide.

I think parents of trans mtf little boys should be very wary of them being allowed into girls school toilets, because little girls are attention seeking, precious and quite capabale of fantasising lies. If schools are going to host trans pupils, they need seperate toilets, which includes girls who want to be boys or lesbians. I am utterly sick of the ‘me too’ brigade of feminists guards. They are totalitarian bigots on a par with medieval religion and witch hunts. They ,along with mainstream media , especially hate Johnnhy Depp’s female fans . Depp was suposed to have been foud guilty in the U.S as he was by a biased U.K judge, simply because he is a` man, and Heard, a female, said so..’Me Too’ is acually ‘Me Sue’ , out for gain and glory as a victim. meanwhile real victims have no specific gender or ethnicity in this world of fake equality , FAKE LIBERALISM and tolerance.

Miss Robert Jane Cook June 9th 2022

May 3rd 2022

Miss Directed

The biggest obstacle to honesty about gender is fathers of daughters. They are the great Mother Mary worshippers and cannot accept that ‘Celia Shits.’ ( The Lady’s Dressing Room is a poem written by Jonathan Swift first published in 1732. In the poem, Strephon sneaks into his lover Celia’s dressing room while she is away only to become disillusioned at how filthy and smelly it is. Swift uses this poem to satirize both women’s vain attempts to match an ideal image and men’s expectation that that illusion be real. )

Every foetus starts of as female, but hormones flick a switch. As mammals we have the advantage over birds and reptiles because reproductive eggs are fertilised inside the female where they remain until birth. The male fights off predators and females flee, as we see in this Ukrainian War. Only the men are locked in and conscripted to fight in rich powerful men’s vile wars. So what is all this crap about male privilege that imbecile feminists are allowed to get away with.

By the way. modern women are sexually frustrated because they accept need to dominate men. Leaving all the religious crap to one side, the divide between the sexes is narrow, so some of us so called cis males are naturally sexually excited by submitting to ‘real men.’

We transsexuals dress accordingly, to impress. We enjoy looking pretty and we like real men fucking us – but we do not extend the same privilege to the state. We also care more for our children, which is why I would not take the anti psychotics ordered by the police who said I am deluded. If I hadn’t wanted kids I would have wanted my sex change many years earlier.

The notion that one cannot understand the reality of womanhood without enduring menstruation should be balanced by the reality that women cannot possibly understand the discomfort of being male if they don’t know what it is like to experience erections. So let us consider the following feminist drivel and I will comment more when I have time off from more important matters :

“Why do some feminists fear and hate trans women and the non-binary?57 RelatedSortRecommendedErnest W. Adams, proud feminist my whole adult life.Answered 4 years ago · Author has 41K answers and 226M answer views

“Few things piss off a woman who has been treated as female from birth, with all the crap that that implies, more than a trans woman who has enjoyed all the privileges of manhood, and then upon transition decides that she is an expert on femaleness and proceeds to tell other women what it’s all about and how they may and may not talk about it. In fact, it sounds a lot like “mansplaining” when they do it.

“There are aggressive trans women who try to suppress discussion of menstruation or childbirth in women’s forums because they say it “others” them because they can’t experience it. “

Comment “Oh what hell to be a lady. Take the pill, forget the baby. Climb the ladder & look down, At the darker side of town. See the poor, see the pain, of a world that’s gone insane, nurse your womb, keep it healthy, till you find a man who’s wealthy. Don’t pretend to be a slave, tell the truth, you are a knave. ” R J Cook May 3rd 2022

P.S The knaves are defined as ‘ motivated entirely by the desire to acquire material wealth that they consume themselves for their own benefit’ (2003: 25). From the Cambridge English Corpus. …

April 22nd 2022

He Quality – a comment by Roberta Jane Cook.

Roberta Jane Cook , April 20th 2022

I find the whole dialogue of hate coming at transsexuals from certain people claiming to be ‘real women’ disturbing and nasty, ‘ This phrase is the juxtaposition of two words that do not logically belong together.

The concept of reality and what is real , has, confounded philosophers for centuries , along with the issue of consciousness. Feminists, stealing Marx’s concepts of underclass and false consciousness made an epistemological leap bringing us to where we are now, with Sociology , Psychiatry & Psychology becoming their perquisite properties and pulpits.

Consequently we have feminist heroines like Hannah Gavron and her study of ‘The Captive Housewife’ presenting ‘women as the exploited underclass’. Feminists are largely, if not wholly, bourgeoise and imperialistic to the wider world of capitalist oppressed and poorly educated women. A major problem with feminists is that their world of modern literature and social science ‘uni’ degrees have qualifications as a bais for a career in bigotry.

The modern women doing what men do, playing Rugby. I am not knocking sport, having spent 3 years teaching secondary modern school PE , including rugby, but it is not feminine. It is adversarial and a challenge to the men’s world. Men playing netball in short skirts and frilly knickers would be ridiculed, so why not this ?

In their patronising world women can be whatever the feminists tell them to be. They must not like pretty dresses, lingerie, high heels or makeup. they must compete on the football field, and above all in the home, which is why there are so many dysfunctional families, drug addicted, feral and suicidal children. So their pathetic plea that only ‘women can have babies,’ regardless of whether they want them or they the harm they do, that is where the saintliness of womanhood resides. Matters of brain function, foetal hormone exposure and other aspects of genetics is of no concern to them. As members of the bourgeoise they have replaced what my late mother called ‘the Lady Bountifuls’.

Now my mother was a real woman which is why I identified with her and her sex. My father’s terrible short hard life as a North London Urchin, soldier on the battlefield and truck driver is something else. Feminists would never let men get away with defining themselves by the ability to impregnate them. They screech in unison that soon women won’t even need men for that. What many of them ‘realise’ but don’t shout about is, transsexual females aspire to be feminine while feminists aspire to confront and deprecate men. Men are not liking it, which is why so many men have pursued me , a woman , over the years. I was delighted to receive friendly toot from a builder’s van this afternoon in Stony Stratford. I smiled and shyly waved. Roberta Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook , April 21st 2022. She enjoys wearing nice clothes, pretty lace trimmed lingerie, stockings and high heels. She also enjoys the company of ‘real men.’ That presumably is why psychiatrist predicts she will die by misadventure.

Trans rights have been pitted against feminism but we’re not enemies

This article is more than 1 year oldKim Humphery

One of the most distressing aspects of the hostile narrative is that it sidelines a reality of alliance

As a trans woman working in academia, one of the questions I regularly get asked is how I get along with feminist colleagues. When I invariably answer “incredibly well”, I’m often met with a quizzical look.

I can understand why. As trans and gender diversity has become a regular topic of public debate and a favoured target of rightwing attacks, feminist critics have joined the fray.

That has put trans and feminist activists on a seemingly unrelenting path of mutual antagonism. Trans rights have been pitted against sex-based rights for “real” women, with conflict forever spiralling into charge and countercharge of hate speech and silencing, and into bitter social media wars.

Read More Trans rights have been pitted against feminism but we’re not enemies | Kim Humphery | The Guardian

April 16th 2022

Orgasm 4 Hate

by Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook April 16th 2022

No rape in my personal experience can compare with what the police and CPS have done to me. But leaving that aside, I have been physically raped by men perceiving me as a female who was ‘asking for it’ four times. Obviously I learned to avoid further incidents.

Rape is a very politicised issue. These days there is no statute of limitations. So aggrieved vindictive women can take revenge whenever because the likes of Boris Johnson’s Government wants to be seen doing its bit for women.

Former law boss Harriet Harman shamelessly said she would rather see innocent men jailed for rape than see guilty men go free. Men need to be very careful.

The law prevents me from detailing the first time a man made me orgasm. I was young and the guilt stays with me. I was wearing a very pretty dress and pretty underwear. The man said I was asking for it. He couldn’t help himself. I didn’t know what an orgasm was back then. I just felt very ashamed of myself or the feeling he gave me..

Victim Orgasm during rape is apparently commonplace because some things are beyond our control. We either experience orgasm as male or female. The quantitive and qualitative differences are uncertain because a Freudian approach to sex is outré. We just can’t talk about sex and orgasms anymore because power crazed feminists say so.

Feminists have the Hitlerite bunker mentality. Real Sex works in a street world, a world of display. The risks are hopefully calculated. Take the following image of me, out and about in 2008.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook out in a dangerous world in summer 2008.

Now we know the police, my GP and the local madhouse have problems recognising that I am a published writer and accredited journalists because certain police parties told them so. The jury will soon be out on that one.

Suffice it to say, I knew what I was doing when this picture was taken, needing money, and the story I was after. Journalists get killed. It is one of the risks. There is no doubt I am provocatively dressed here, as I was all four times that I was raped , including on the day this picture was taken.

To orgasm for bullies and rapists, of which there are none worse than the U.K Police , is to admit the sort of guilt that makes me crave death. To orgasm for those who hate us is too much to bear. As my naked picture shows , I am too feeble for the relentless onslaught.

Every time I was raped, I orgasmed several times. When morons, laughing imbeciles, thugs and bullies make and see you helplessly orgasm, you experience a truth beyond the pain and humiliation. If this World War Three insanity goes any further we will see the reality of our animal world that no posh boy editor will be able to contain.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook Today

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

The effect of estrogen on the sexual interest of castrated males: Implications to prostate cancer patients on androgen-deprivation therapy, “Beyond the Abstract,” by Erik Wibowo and Richard J. Wassersug

BERKELEY, CA ( – Many prostate cancer (PCa) patients are treated with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) to control their cancer’s growth. ADT results in sexual dysfunctions including loss of libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), and difficulty in achieving orgasm.[1] Loss of libido is a serious side effect for men on ADT because, unlike erectile dysfunction, there is no established intervention to compensate for it. When sexual desire decreases, patients often distance themselves from their sexual partners. As a consequence, intimate relationships are damaged.

Androgens are generally thought to be the hormones that give males their libido. However, in our review we show that estrogens can positively influence male sexual interest. We present evidence that in 19 out of 25 animal species studied to date, administering estrogen to castrated (androgen-deprived) males increases their sexual interest as indicated by copulatory and/or courtship behaviours.

We acknowledge that in some species, supplemental estrogen fails to elevate sexual behaviour above castrate levels. Many factors influence the effectiveness of estrogen in restoring sexual interest including treatment regimes (i.e., dose, type of estrogenic compound, route of administration), housing condition (i.e., lighting condition, number of animals per cage), and various intrinsic factors (i.e., age at castration, strain of animals). Therefore the studies failing to show that estrogen has a positive effect on male sexual behavior need to be cautiously interpreted as some factors that seem inconsequential may actually have a prominent effect on sexual behaviours.

Read More The effect of estrogen on the sexual interest of castrated males: Implications to prostate cancer patients on androgen-deprivation therapy, “Beyond the Abstract,” by Erik Wibowo and Richard J. Wassersug (

Ukrainian border guards stop a male ‘deserter’ in women’s clothing

Walter Finch For Mailonline

Ukrainian border guards quiz a tall person with a leopard skin hat and long hair who was trying to leave the country via Moldova
GI Josephine with matchstick legs. War reveals joke about sexual equality.

Ukranian border guards made an unusual discovery at a Moldova crossing when they uncovered a man in woman’s clothing trying to escape the country.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine claims to have stopped a taxi near Odessa in the south of the country carrying a strangely tall, deep-voiced person in women’s clothes earlier today.

According to the Border Guard Service’s Twitter page, the 26-year-old traveller was carrying a temporary conscript’s certificate while attempting to enter Moldova, raising the guards’ suspicions that they had a deserter on their hands.

Read More Ukrainian border guards stop a male ‘deserter’ in women’s clothing (


This is highly significant. Why did we have all this crap about women fighting to defend poor sweet innocent Ukraine when they all ran away ? If we have gender or sexual equality, why is it that men have to be locked in to fight, kill or be killed ? Western news mocks the east for propaganda. No country does it better than the U.K elite does it.

Miss Roberta jane Cook, This Morning April 16th 2022

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

April 10th 2022

Reflections by Roberta Jane Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook checking her image while on her way out to meet a male friend and admirer yesterday. One of her art works is reflected right, along with the feint image of her with her truck at Bristol Docks. As far as the authorities are concerned , her truck driving was just a fantasy, another delusion.
The police, who effectively blocked her sex change surgery with lies about her being mentally ill, have approached employers with other allegations including years of alcohol abuse. They have an agenda.
The most bizarre allegation was that she informed on herself for working in a brothel run by her son and ‘his associates. It became clear in court on September 21st 2021, that these police lies are still on record and were passed to the CPS as fact.’ .

I am writing this piece as a preface to the following story and link. My father died when I was 11. He was lucky to have survived Dunkirk and life during the Great Depression before that. His life growing up in North London was awful. He told me about it. He passed, like my mother, for grammar school but his parents could not afford to send him.

We grew up as poor relations of some wealthy local people. My father rode his bicycle all weathers to work for a pittance as a brick lorry driver, He left the house at 3 am and was lucky to be home by 6pm. He smelt of brick dust and diesel. He worked 6 days a week. In our brief time together, he taught me about mechanics, woodwork , music, electronics and the war.

My father’s efforts to turn me into a tough boy were appreciated. I learned to act the part, though shied away from playground fighting. At secondary , the science teacher took the boys into the school garden for sex education , leaving the girls with a local female doctor.

The teacher’s name was Mr Keep. He was fond of taking me into this prep room , pulling my trousers down and spanking my bottom for the most trivial of reasons. I was being taught to be submissive. The spankings always had something to do with me being the joker. So, sitting under a tree in that garden, on a summer’s day, Mr Keep decided to warn us about homosexuals, singling me out as a blonde blue eyed boy being the type men fancied. I blushed. He went on to talk about masturbation. I blushed again, so the teacher said ‘Cook knows all about that.’ I was being sexually humiliated as the teacher intended.

I had been secretly dressing as a girl before my father’s death, helped by my Aunt Florence who lived next door in another of our rich relatives houses. She was widely travelled and much hurt in love. She taught me about womanly things. Hardship did not seem to favour a particular gender from my lowly perspective. My cousin Janet had moved back to town, following the humiliation of her divorce & sex life being plastered across the ‘News of The World.’ She was nicknamed ‘The Blonde Bomber’. I loved her dress style of pencil skirts, seamed stockings, satin blouses , make up and very high heels. I liked her perfume too.

Then I just knew I wanted to be a girl.. Every night, I prayed to wake up as a girl. I had secretly been reading a psychology book from my father’s large library. My parents had been addicted to newspapers, so I read a lot about the world. Sex scandals , like Profumo’s ,were a big tabloid issue. Freud argued, controversially that children were sexually aware by the age of four.

He didn’t mean they wanted sex, only that they knew what sex meant to them. That was and still is true of me. So I would have benefitted from growing up in these more enlightened times. The only snag for me was that after my father’s premature death, I had to be the man in my mother’s life and she would not have coped without me. Like most mother’s ( not all ) she was proud of having a son – another Freudian thing that also applied to father’s and daughters.

It is interesting that our alleged multi culture preaches religious tolerance for religions, including feminism, but displays and executes such fiendish hostility toward transsexuals. It is interesting how -backed by posturing vote hungry politicians like Johnson, the likes of moralising egotists of Rowling and Sharon Davies calibre – see transsexuals only as sexual perverts disguised to rape ever innocent women in public toilets and changing rooms. They can’t accept that we are attracted to men because it is all supposed to be about them. This self-centredness is drummed into them from early years.

For them, the issue is about power and their glory. The fact that female sports persons are not as strong or fast as elite male equivalents, must not be mentioned. But the very hysteria surrounding transsexuals in female sport, proves the point – the changing room aspect is a distraction because the myth of female equality is essential to social control. Meanwhile, feminists like Linda Belos can look and talk as masculine as they like, setting new benchmarks for woman hood. Men are supposed to respect this and change only in ways women want them to. Here’s the conflict, women want to be like men, but men must not be allowed to be women. Men are supposed to be too stupid to notice this.

R J Cook

‘I don’t want facial hair’: Trans girl, eight, has sleepless nights about growing up as a boy

Charlotte Lomas, news correspondent 

Since 2014, the Saccone Joly family have been documenting their daily life online to almost two million followers.

Edie has said goodbye to her former name, Eduardo
© Sky Edie has said goodbye to her former name, Eduardo

Jonathan and his wife Anna were just a young couple with a dog when they first started recording videos for YouTube, but they quickly generated interest when they filmed the birth of their first child, Emilia.

But after reaching his 40s, Jonathan said he knew he had to change. He wanted to move away from “fluff” and concentrate on promoting positive messages about mental health and gender identity.

‘The perfect mix of a girl and a boy’

Jonathan describes a childhood of trauma after he had to suppress who he really was.

“I grew up thinking that all the thoughts in my head were wrong. I know that left me with a lifetime of trauma,” he said.

Jonathan recently revealed to his followers that he is non-binary and uses the pronouns he/him. He also announced his second child, born a boy, is now a transgender girl called Edie.

Read More ‘I don’t want facial hair’: Trans girl, eight, has sleepless nights about growing up as a boy (

April 8th 2022


by Roberta Jane Cook

Shameless band wagon rider, PM Boris Johnson has a reputation for posing and posturing. He is in his element with Ukraine, leading the charge against Russia in this proxy war for the western elite super rich. His chancellor Sunak’s wife is a tax dodger, while both of them made a fortune from the lockdown furlough con. There has been massive fraud. They have no right to moralise about their friend Yeltsin’s oligarch’s whose dirty money they welcomed.

So now Boris panders to bigoted women’s groups with retired swimmer Sharon Davies applauding this monstrous Brexit con man and law breaker – who even admitted using the sex drug cocaine. All because he has outed himself as a transphobe who thinks transsexuals want the right to enter women’s lavatories to commit rape. This of course is part of the process Of rehabilitating hate preacher and writer of the dreadful Harry Potty blockbusters. What does that tell us about taste ?

Davies is my height and my weight. We are big girls. My testosterone levels are near zero thank God. I competed as a male for many years, doing well through very hard work. Top female athletes, as exposed by Blair babes taking testosterone prescribed by a Harley St doctor, have used testosterone for years. Sport is money and status now.

Female athletes are doing it for themselves and , for all of their equality of opportunity drivel, they want to be on top. They fear male to female athletes because they know equality is political bulls-t in which Boris Johnson excels along with partying. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook , April 6th 2022.

April 6th 2022

Transport – Comment

by Roberta Jane Cook

Life as a transsexual is quite difficult, with the morons and religion obsessed keen to bait and torment us for their perverted sense of sport. They speak for feminist and religious morality. they dish out hate, but they don’t like being upset. Here is Roberta jane Cook at a windswept Bletchley Bus Station today. Image Appledene Photo graphics..
Miss Roberta Jane Cook photographed in Queensway Bletchley today. The man in the background , with the megaphone, is an African migrant beseeching passers by to put faith in Jesus as the end of the world draws nigh.
Image Appledene Photo graphics / CC.

This is what U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to say about male to female transsexuals competing in Women’s Sport. His statement has the imprint of wife Carries and is guaranteed to get his party a big chunk of the white fake liberal and TERF feminist vote.

 “I don’t think biological males should be competing in female sporting events. Maybe that’s a controversial thing to say, but it just seems to me to be sensible.

“I also happen to think that women should have spaces – whether it’s in hospitals, prison or changing rooms – which are dedicated to women. That’s as far as my thinking has developed on this issue.

“If that puts me in conflict with some others, then we have got to work it all out. It doesn’t mean I’m not immensely sympathetic to people who want to change gender, to transition and it’s vital we give people the maximum love and support in making those decisions.

“These are complex issues and they can’t be solved with one swift, easy piece of legislation. It takes a lot of thought to get this right.”

Johnson is rather slimy in my view. He is much in the mould of all who have followed Thatcher’s demise, including May. As war mongers and liars go, Johnson is every bit as bad as Blair. He may be multi lingual, but all this means is that he can impress his poorly educated masses by talking bulls-it in many languages. He has confessed to taking the sex enhancing drug cocaine, along with Oxford contemporaries. Like most people , however well educated, we have our favourite words and clichés. Here is one such of his clichés from the above report : “Maybe that’s a controversial thing to say, but it just seems to me to be sensible.

Johnson is patronising. The idea that he does sensible thinking is a laugh. He conned enough of the masses to to support Brexit. They believed they would ‘get their country back.’ They never had it in the first place, but jingoism and flag waving makes the lower orders feel they matter. Johnson filled them up with sentimental rubbish.

The hidden agenda was to sidle up to the U.S where together they could tell the EU what to do. They have been the lead, feeding arms , prolonging the war, to Ukraine , while goading Europe to demand ever more crippling sanctions – while never mentioning Western backed coups and genocide in the Donbas..

Along with Biden, they led NATO into provoking an appalling war. These people have excelled at war crimes for decades, yet have the audacity to denigrate Russia and lock up innocent Julian Assange for leaking Chelsea Manning’s terrible discoveries. Anglo U.S led NATO are now threatening Russia with more NATO in the Arctic.

This is Johnson’s finest hour and he needs distraction from his Party gate lies and law breaking. The way he talks about transsexuals in sport, with an obvious lack of knowledge, interest or sincerity is true to type. He likes the masses of voters to think what he says is sensible. He drivels on about his developing thinking on these difficult issues. The elite run state is ever more intrusive, private space for men ever more reduced – men taking all the blame in as scapegoats because women are never wrong.

It is the hallmark of dictatorships that they play on fear, as with Covid Lockdown. Johnson now joins in the fascist mantra that men have mind and body altering treatment , including having penises hollowed out and inverted, scrotum removed and breasts development all so they can lurk in ladies toilets or women’s changing rooms. Transsexuals are fair game for those slanders and libel even though it has never happened. Meanwhile, blacks have raped white girls but there is no call for safe paces to keep all black men shut in special places. But transphobia is good because we all know how special , nice and more than equal women are.

The idea tha men need safe spaces from women just doesn’t catch on because the premise is that the sisterhood needs to be watching the men folk as a form of policing. Men are seen as potentially violent and dangerous,. They apparently cannot resist the overwhelming desirability of the modern British female. So they have to be protected.

The fact that women commit as many acts of domestic violence,, especially on children, is always written of as the result of male provocation. Women are more likely to harm children. When they do, helped by new male or lesbian lovers, all the sympathy goes with the female killer. She will have Munchausen’s syndrome or something equally stupid.

At first sight this could be a bunch or heavy weight male ruby players. Their shorts leave little to the imagination. The hooker looks every inch a man. If I were a normal size cis woman, I would worry about meeting these obviously female to male transsexuals in a public toilet or dark alley. These women are not attractive to normal heterosexual men, which is why and a transsexual like me has seen more desire & action
Emily Bridges says she has been "harassed and demonised" by the media.
Trans Cyclist Emily Bridges

Given women’s capacity and propensity to lie, along with white liberal feminists and always be believed, men clearly need their own safe spaces.

Johnson and his police loving Tory Mafia show all the signs of consolidating a police state. It is as the Fabians used to say : ‘The Inevitably of Gradualness.’ The temperature has been rising but the frogs never notice. Boris is seizing the opportunity to help rehabilitate hate preachers like J K Rowling, a woman so vital to the British Economy. He is a bulky opportunist and he will never have the integrity to resign. He runs on rails and has more than enough hissing steam to obscure any issue. When his sort keep reminding us of our wonderful freedoms and democracy, that is just him doing his thing, lying, waffling and war mongering. he really should be voted out, if Britain was a democracy. But it isn’t .It is a plutocracy.

My last thoughts on trans sport, apart from the likes of Johnson and Rowling’s sick sex fantasies , sport is about greed , ego and money. For all the garbage about equality, Cis women know they are on average weaker than men and would not cope without a plethora of laws and social bias. But forcing women into this effectively masculinising woman process, is driving women mad, into lowliness , alcoholism, anti psycotic drugs, over exercising and suicide. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook, April 6th 2022, Bletchley
Image Appledene Photographics/ CC.


Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges says she was ‘harassed and demonised’ after exclusion from national championships

By Matias Grez, CNN

Atransgender cyclist says she has been “harassed and demonised” by the media after the UCI, world cycling’s governing body, ruled she couldn’t compete at the National Omnium Championships in the United Kingdom over the weekend.

Emily Bridges says she has been "harassed and demonised" by the media.
Emily Bridges

Boris Johnson has waded into the trans rights row, saying “biological males” should not take part in women’s sport and venues should have women-only spaces.

The U.K Prime Minister said that was “as far as my thinking has developed” on trans rights and “seems to me to be sensible”, though he acknowledged he may be “in conflict with some others”.

April 3rd 2022

Read More Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges says she was ‘harassed and demonised’ after exclusion from national championships (

Women With Balls

Much is written and said in media to disparage male to female transsexuals. men with daughters , like Linehan , will rush to defend the likes of hate preacher J K Rowling with her TERF feminist fantasy that women are so utterly desirable that men will queue up for sex change , chemical and physical castration along with the right to wear a dress just to rape women in public toilets.

Wales v Scotland 6 Nations. ‘Are we not men ? No, we are Devo.’
Wales V Scotland 6 Nations
Italy v England

The above pictures, taken from the current Women’s Six Nation’s Rugby Tournament inform us just how masculine modern western women have become. This is no more so than with England who are very physical in their play.

What would the female reaction be if a lot of men decided to play hockey in skirts ? Females cannot see the inconsistencies and contradictions in what they are doing. They are basically copying male role models. There is nothing resembling what we used to call feminine about them. Only the sweat proof make up maintains the illusion of difference. These are women with balls.

The basic principles of sex change are simple. The sooner female hormones are ingested, the more body changes can be impacted. Genital surgery involves removing testicles and scrotum then hollowing out and inverting the penis’s outer layers to create a sensitive orgasmic nouveux vagina. That vagina either has to be penetrated by males three times a day or otherwise dilated or it will collapse. The former sounds a lot more fun.

Because it is so much easier to remove material from the penis to turn a pole into a hole, male to female genital surgery is more convincing and functional than turning holes into poles. The best that can be done is to create a sausage with a pump and a skin bag filled with marbles, all of either small, medium or large size. A pump is used to inflate the pseudo penis. Not surprisingly few women make this choice, and male to female transsexuals need to know they would face the same problem if they tried to reverse the process, as famous transsexual Samantha Kane discovered.

Consequently females find other ways to mimic men as they do in England’s rugby. Listening to the England Women’s Rugby team being debriefed by an adoring media, the language pattern and body language is very much what us oldies would call masculine. As a transsexual it is not something I would choose to mimic. This is an issue for women, led by the TERFS , because we male to female transsexuals tend to be traditional in how we wish to present ourselves. In so doing we are more attractive to men of all ages.

R J Cook

Robert Jane Cook said ” Cis women cannot say , I am going to dress and act like a bloke, but you can’t dress and act like a woman. Human psychology cannot handle that which is why so many people are going mad. “

The top London lawyer who’s changed gender THREE times: Extraordinary tale of transgender career woman, 57, who’s spent more than £100,000 switching sex – and why she believes life’s easier for men than women 

  • Sam Kane married British woman Trudi in 1984 and had a son and a daughter 
  • In 1997, she became Samantha and had her male organs removed in an operation
  • But she transitioned in 2004, called herself Charles and got engaged to Victoria 

Read More The top London lawyer who’s changed gender THREE times | Daily Mail Online

Comment I love how rich people lay down the law about all men and all women. They never talk about class. Kane cannot make such generalisations. She has it easy as someone from a very rich Arab family who saw sex change as a life style choice.

Psychiatrist Russell Reid told me he fast tracked her for sex change after her divorce. With Reid, you got what you paid for, which is why the Kane case ended his sole practice.

If life is getting difficult for CIS women it is their own fault. They have dictated gender role revisions leaving no say for men, labelling all men potential rapists and domestic abusers. They are driving themselves and men mad, leaving us transsexual women far more appealing to men because we actually understand them.

The enormous stress and responsibility of being male is impossible to cope with in the present climate. Most men are working class and poor. They need all the help they can get. There is nothing inherently pretty or nice about women as the above rugby game pictures clearly demonstrate. R J Cook

April 2nd 2022


Hopeless Roberta Jane Cook

Marilyn Manson – Suicide is Painless

A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum – Cover by Emily Linge

A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum – Cover by Emily Linge – YouTube

Celtic Woman – You Raise Me Up (Official Video) – YouTube

Celtic Woman – Parting Glass LIVE Ancient Land from Johnstown Castle 2018 – YouTube

Miss Roberta Jane Cook leaving for Crown Court, living in a world without hope. April 1st 2022.

Celtic Woman – Parting Glass LIVE Ancient Land from Johnstown Castle 2018 – YouTube

I wrote this for an old singer songwriter girlfriend yesterday.


Who are the beautiful gender confused?

The ones who love to be abused ?

Peace and love children of hate

Who they are, can’t relate.

Black and white world spinning

For Governments eagerly sinning.

You can be what ever you need

Though you will never be freed

Feel the pain that is hell

Are you a boy or little ‘gel’.

We don’t care what you are

World’s on fire, gone too far.

We will fly you to spaces

Where you forget other faces

Take the pills for happiness

Put this on, a pretty dress.

Walk along our dismal way

Be as you like , be ever gay.

We have won the culture war,

Please don’t argue or be a bore.

You are our new beautiful women

Way above the normal spinning.

You will be what we need

You will feed the rich man’s need.

Doesn’t matter what you thought

Like a Mackerel you have been caught.

Like a worm or miniscule amoeba

You are helpless as you see you are

All we need is to stop you thinking

Make you alone and heavy drinking.

Beauty is a foolish trait,

Reality is just human hate.

So there it is your woman within

The way you dreamed hasn’t been

There is no escape, there is no hope.

Go now to darkness and the rope.

R J Cook March 31st 2022.

Songs of hope and despair by R J Cook & Christine Halpin.

March 30th 2022.

Suicide Is Painless

I am very interested in committing suicide. I am not allowed to say why.

R J Cook

Easiest Painless Suicide Method – So Fast, So Peaceful (

Manic Street Preachers - Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) (Video)


Manic Street Preachers – Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) (Video)

Roberta Jane Cook was raped age 17, by another 17 year old.

All images Copyright Appledene Photographics.

Roberta Jane Cook is standing second left , standing out like a sore thumb from her fellow Wolverton Athletic Club award winning athletes. Roberta said : ” I had to work very hard to compete with male athletes. As many of us trans people do, we overcompensate, work hard at denial and drink. At school, other boys seemed to know something I did not. I was raped a week after this picture was taken, told I was a dirty bitch who was asking for it. I was dressed as a girl. I hint at this and the confusion afterwards, in my semi autobiographical novel ‘Man Maid Woman.’ Confusion came from my submission to a male act, where another had identified me as female – and I responded to his force. It was something that haunted me to this day. One cannot be what is supposed to be normal after that. “

Roberta Jane Cook pictured left , was in a long term friendship with a black Havant Tax Office colleague pictured right. She said ” This good friend , retired magistrate V F Church, told me that I was obviously a girl. We were both outsiders at Havant Tax Office. When I told him I was getting married, he was very worried.” The black colleague was not allowed to be my best man at the wedding because of his colour and I was too gutless to protest.

Roberta Jane Cook, wearing sensible shoes that do not flatter her legs, leaves ASDA on the outskirts of Bletchley, for the long walk back into town. The proud name of Marshall adorns the MK Dons stadium. Roberta interviewed and enjoyed the company of rock icon Jum Marshal and his board, including a generous lunch at a top Milton Keynes Restaurant, when Jim was helping her with two of her new -books in 1996. Roberta has been accused, including a Chief Constable of Police, of being a violent alcoholic during a 20 year period from 1988-2008. The police submitted no evidence, but top cops don’t need evidence in corrupt U.K’s version of democracy. Roberta says : “I am the victim of a vile transgender hate crime.”.
There are some seedy dangerous places in the amorphous blob of Milton Keynes, which has engulfed and degraded the old community of Bletchley. This is one such place. Roberta recalls cutting through here, cycling from Winslow, en route to 10 hours shifts building a dual carriageway from Woughton on the Green to Newport Pagnell in 1972- a life recalled in her 3 books on the new city. Roberta will be 72 next birthday, if she survives her latest court and police nightmare , in December 2022. Roberta said : All my life I have known hard work, but none harder than my last 14 years.”
A weary young mother waits for dreary the Lakes Estate bus. Her infant holds the ubiquitous I Phone , transfixed by the content of the screen and state approved images.
Roberta waits in the cold soulless bleak windswept Bletchley bus station. The building in the background is Brunel House, named in celebration of the great Railway engineer IK Brunel and the town’s illustrious railway history. Converted to flats in 2003, there is now the problem of removing flammable cladding..
So many places to go in life, if you can beat jail or the madhouse.
Rather than freeze waiting for the z & S number 50 service back to Winslow, I took it on its way up to Milton Keynes, in the company of a RCONB photographer. He caught this image of the MK Dons football stadium, as we rode back down to Bletchley and back to Winslow. Football stadiums are the new cathedrals, players are the mini Gods..
Our photographer took this picture from the bus station. It is the new high level Bletchley rail station on the reopening Oxford Cambridge Railway line.

This commentary from my past and today’s journey is by way of preface to the following article about a Tory MP coming out as trans, and hpw traumatic that is..

I watched the Sky News report on Wallis outing himself as trans. It was also noted that nowadays, due to high demand and other NHS priorities, there is a 5 year waiting list for Gender Identity Clinic Appointments ( GIC ) , let alone the surgery that has been denied to me because of the vile police lies, compounded by lies concerning investigation and 14 years of their refusal to reveal their alleged records of investigation and appropriate police processes..

Obviously, I like wearing classic female clothing and being viewed as a woman. I used to think it was nuts that I wanted my body to be female and would have loved to have been a mother. I was married to a very masculine woman who dressed like a man, after having retreated from two other Portsmouth women who I envied too much. I would never have had a rift with the woman I married if it had not been for what was happening to my sons. The eldest has had his life destroyed by vile police lies. The youngest, now 34 has been sectioned by parties I dare not mention – for legal reasons , because the police , and possibly MI6, are my only U.K readers..

“I wrote this semi autobiographical novel in 2003, in despair, I was an accomplished author by this time. I wrote another desperate novel, along with 3 other books that year. It was called ‘Little Terrors’ and very much about a son being left shut away by his mother , up in his room, and and taken to the toilet and washing him. I couldn’t cope and saw a psychiatrist who told me I am a woman.”
The Divided Self
Psychiatrist R.D Laing called his fellow professionals prostitutes because they did whatever the state wanted them to do, There are too many morons and pseudo professionals now. Each year the ‘unis’ teach the students less and less, making these imbeciles over confident and perfect lackeys to a corrupt money & power obsessed system serving the elite..

The police went on to recruit an ex partner to keep watch and report on me, following her Claire’s law application in 2014. In December 2017, anonymous typed letters, with peculiar alleged porn pictures and videos led to my remote home being staked out while I was either sleeping or doing night into morning trucking shifts. I was accused of sending them from Northampton, when I could prove being hundreds of miles away in my truck. No finger prints or other forensics were taken.

It was alleged that I was a ‘gay escort’ working for Kieran and his associates from an home based agency. Interesting words from a transsexual, who would either be lesbian or straight female. According to police, I sent them myself. But the police raided regardless in February 2018, with an immediate report to my GP insisting they inform the GIC. They did as ordered by the British Police State. The GIC ordered a psychiatrist to my home, named Ramsay, Ramsay arrived with a burly mental health nurse and medical student. It was all taken as proven, with police criminal lies, perverting the course of justice, were sent to health carers and ultimately the GIC.

I was declared a paranoid personality, schizophrenic with bi polar disorder, deluded and therefore my long overdue sex change surgery could not happen until I took zombifying anti psychotics. I waited years to come out and my sex change surgery is now 3 years overdue. I am not male and have no route to becoming one , and wouldn’t want one. Suicide is an option. I cannot abide this appalling secret police state. As for the baby killing NHS, I cannot express enough disgust. Their watchword is always about lessons will be learned, just like the police. There is nothing scientific about anything the GIC do. During Covid , we were exhorted to clap a seriously failing bureaucratic NHS. Now we must clap Ukraine. Remember, we live in a ‘democracy.’ This pathetic word is used with hypnotic and monotonous regularity.

R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook, March 2022.

Jamie Wallis comes out as UK’s first trans MP

Conservative politician praised for his ‘courage’ in speaking out over experience of gender dysphoria

Jamie Wallis

Jamie Wallis has become the first UK MP to come out as transgender, speaking openly of gender dysphoria as the debate about trans rights increasingly enters mainstream British politics. “I am trans, or to be more accurate, I want to be,” the Conservative MP revealed on Wednesday in a personal statement on Twitter. “I have never lived my truth and I’m not sure how. Perhaps it starts with telling everyone.”

March 27th 2022

Putin Bashing , Toxocariasis  Politia & Killing Transsexuals Like

Roberta Jane Cook.

It is with regret that Roberta Jane Cook announces she has a terminal illness with less than two months to live. It is called toxocariasis  politia  ( poisonous police ). Therefore this website is running down as she does not feel fit to work anymore. She has had 14 years of extreme stress and police harassment in so called free democratic Britain and they have taken their toll.

The illness has unpleasant and at first invisible effects. It spreads through society destroying the justice system. The larvae breeds malicious false evidence, burying and smothering the precious seeds of truth. This is because toxocariasis  politia the poisonous larvae multiply around the victim surreptitiously and increasing numbers , arresting free movement. By the time the illness has taken effect it is too late because toxocariasis  politia infects the victims health carers, blinding them by creating fake mental health , alcoholism and crime reports.

The effects are to destroy the victims professional credibility, social isolation, bankruptcy, loss of will to live. The pernicious state funded disease replaced truth with lies and can cause severe mental illness unless the victim commits suicide, the only known cure to an otherwise long lingering , painful and humiliating death. The disease thrives in Western Style democracy like Britain’s- where government hopes to legalise transphobia as a toxin disguised amusingly as free speech – as with Julian Assange showing many of the symptoms. One only has to look at all the ‘free Assange protestors’ being ignored by British Democracy to realise that toxocariasis  politia is more rife and deadly than Covid 19.

Roberta has been the subject of a police, mental health and her doctor’s so called ‘multi agency approach’ , with medical and police records denied her for many years, so the disease is in an advanced stage. There is no hope. Therefore she has decided that there is no alternative but for her to end her life.

Secret allegations against her have included domestic violence, threat to kidnap underage girls and years of alcohol abuse – she spent 12 years as an HGV driver on 5 & 6 day shift rotas.. None of this has been investigated but her sex change was blocked by secret correspondence which she is not allowed to see.

Roberta said ” I very much regret having to leave my equally vilified son alone, but have no choice due to ramped up harassment. My other adult son was in his mother’s care until sectioned. The State has refused disclosure of records for the last 14 years. I am now very ill and cannot continue.

In the continuing denial of police and medical records, Roberta Jane Cook sadly announces her decision to end her life by drowning. She said, ” My son and I have had a 14 year sentence. Without proper process, I have been officially declared a paranoid personality disordered bi polar schizophrenic and delusional – denied a second opinion. This has invalidated my commercial and private driving licences, robbing me of the £25,000 per annum that my son and I needed to pay the bills. Without interview or charge ,I have been recorded as someone who intended to abduct pre teen girls, leading to a PNC Criminal Marker and still secret records, destroyed my career as a teacher and journalist. The CPS are seeking right to deny disclosures or discussion of these crucial medical issues.
Facing more court hearings with no proper right of defence because the CPS don’t like what I am saying, is the end of everything. I want to die as soon as possible.. This will be my suicide note.
JK Rowling please note, genuine transsexuals do not molest women in public toilets, though lesbians might because unlike us, we are politely and discretely attracted only to men.
Your hate crimes are not relieved by joining in Britain’s latest sport of Putin bashing. Your sort engender and promote prejudice that marginalises and kill transsexuals like me. I was just trying to live my life, then police came back on the scene with vile allegations that I had sent porn images and videos to ex in laws and senior police. They passed all this on as fact to the gender Identity Clinic in February 2018, with the audacity to present these appalling lies as a conviction in Milton Keynes Magistrate’s Court on September 21st 2021. I have no redress, though I could have had sex change surgery if I had taken powerful anti psychotic drugs to make me a zombie.
Roberta Jane Cook.

Hate Speech To Be Legalised Against Soft Targets In U.K Style Democracy.

Rowling cleanses herself by attacking Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately Putin likened her roles to his own, which is rather amusing but has outraged TERFS and their male supporters – the latter usually have daughters and share Rowling’s fears of them being molested by transsexuals IN PUBLIC TOILETS, which is pretty sick and disgusting , as I know from being on the receiving end of this sort of hate crime.
This acclaimed comedy writer blames trans trolls for ruining his marriage and career. I know the feeling from what police have done to me and my son. But I didn’t attack the police. Rowling attacked transsexuals and he supported her, expecting his profile to count. Predictably , this transphobe has two daughters. Interesting psychology.
Graham Linehan (/ˈlɪnəhæn/) (born 1968)is an Irish television writer and anti-transgender activist. He created or co-created the sitcoms Father Ted (1995–1998), Black Books (2000–2004) and The IT Crowd (2006–2013). He has also written for Count Arthur StrongBrass Eye and The Fast Show.
After an episode of The IT Crowd was criticised as transphobic in 2008, Linehan became involved in anti-transgender activism. He argues that transgender activism endangers women, and he has likened the use of puberty blockers to Nazi eugenics programmes. In 2020, he was suspended from the social network Twitter for “repeated violations” of the rules. Linehan said his views had lost him work and disrupted his marriage, and said that he was a victim of cancel culture.
Linehan attended Plunkett’s School in Whitehall, on Dublin’s northside, followed by Catholic University School, a Roman Catholic secondary school for boys also in Dublin, before joining Hot Press.
In October 2018, Stephanie Hayden, a transgender woman, sued Linehan for harassment. Hayden alleged that Linehan had shared photos on Twitter of Hayden’s family and her life before transition, suggested she was a criminal, and repeatedly misgendered and deadnamed her. Linehan in turn alleged that Hayden publicised several private addresses linked to his family to silence him.] Police issued Linehan a verbal warning not to contact Hayden.[
Linehan has compared the medical transition of children to Nazi experiments on children, saying: “If you were around the time of something terrible happening like Nazism … would you be one of the people who said, ‘This is wrong,’ despite being opposed?” In the same interview, he described the trans movement as providing “cover” for “fetishists, con-men, and simply abusive misogynists”. In a statement to PinkNews about his comments, Linehan said, “when a magazine purportedly for gay people collaborates in homosexual erasure by indulging the straight fantasy that men can be lesbians, something has gone deeply wrong”. In 2018, Linehan praised anti-transgender protesters at that year’s London Pride event as “heroes”.
In January 2019, Linehan expressed concern over the news that Mermaids, a charitable advocacy organisation for transgender children and teenagers, was to receive a £500,000 lottery grant to open clinics around the United Kingdom. He posted to blogging website Mumsnet encouraging its users to lobby the National Lottery Community Fund to reverse its decision. The grant was reviewed. and went ahead. In response to Linehan, YouTuber Hbomberguy held a 57-hour fundraising livestream that raised £270,000 more for Mermaids.
In 2019, Linehan was the favourite nominee by viewers to win The Last Leg‘s “Dick of the Year” award, following the comments he made on social media about transgender people.[ When Linehan expressed interest in winning the award, presenter Adam Hills disqualified him from receiving it, stating that under the rules anyone who wants to be named “Dick of the Year” cannot be. In the same year, the British journalist Dawn Foster accused Linehan and others of targeting an NSPCC employee who had been responsible for the charity hiring British model and activist Munroe Bergdof, a transgender woman. Foster called the online abuse “transphobic” and “flatly homophobic”. The journalist Chris Godfrey called the treatment of the employee “insidious homophobia”.
In a February 2020 interview with the BBC television programme Newsnight, Linehan reiterated his view that the Tavistock Centre‘s practice of treating children with drugs such as puberty blockers is comparable to Nazi eugenics and experiments on children, and said that transgender activists had made rape and death threats against feminists. Following this interview, Eric Pickles, the UK special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, accused Linehan of trivialising the Holocaust.
In June 2020, Linehan criticised comments made about the author J. K. Rowling after she made comments that were called transphobic. He linked to a blog post featuring screenshots of abuse Rowling had received, describing those who wrote them as “ignoring the abuse received by women who speak out against gender ideology” and “literally useless”. Hozier, tagged in Linehan’s tweets due to his trans-rights advocacy, responded by saying Linehan was conducting an “obsessive little culture war“.
On 27 June 2020, Linehan’s Twitter account was permanently suspended following what Twitter called “repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation”.In December, Linehan evaded the suspension with an account posing as a transgender man, which he used to call Colm O’Gorman “a traitor to women, gay people and yourself” for signing an open letter published by the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland;[ the account was banned but Linehan claimed to have created another. In February 2021, Linehan created a fake account on the lesbian dating app Her and publicly posted screenshots of non-binary people and trans women using it. The developers of Her clarified that transgender women are welcome on the app.
In March 2021, Linehan gave oral evidence to the Communications and Digital Committee of the House of Lords on the subject of freedom of expression online. He said he had used his platform on Twitter to bring attention to what he described as “an all-out assault on women, on their words, their dignity and their safety”. In an interview in the Irish Independent that month, Linehan said his activism had cost him work; he ruled out working with Channel 4 in future as they would not return the controversial IT Crowd episode to broadcast, and he said he would not work with the BBC as they had depicted a transgender lesbian couple, which Linehan described as “a heterosexual couple”, in a CBeebies video. In an interview with the BBC presenter Stephen Nolan on 24 March 2022, Linehan said that the debate over transgender issues had “consumed his life”, and said that the producers had cancelled the Father Ted musical because of his views. He blamed cancel culture for his situation, and said: “Every comedian at the moment is living under a kind of state of permanent blackmail … There’s a few hot-button issues where you have to follow a certain line and if you don’t, you’ll be destroyed.”
Comment It is obvious that Linehan has a romanticised generalised view of women, much influenced by Catholic religious bigotry. These people are dogmatic. Transsexualism is a serious phenomenon, much has to do with boys increasingly brought up without male role models in the shadow of egotistical self centred career women. However, there is clear evidence that 20 % of Cis Gender males are reckoned to have female brain structure as revealed by MRI scans. The rampant TERF feminist environment makes it more likely that these makes will switch gender role and prove more attractive to many men than frumpy angry lesbian feminists. Roberta Jane Cook
Raab moves to make hate crime against soft targets legal. There’s a surprise in a land where Rowling is regarded as a great writer, Debate in U.K style democracy means banning opinions, like RT, pushing for BBC supremacy and closing down what the state, which represents the wealthy elite ,and police don’t like. Seeing Russia’s point of view will certainly not be made legal.

Roberta Jane Cook

March 24th 2022

Transgender comedian told ‘you are a man’ in shocking video taken at conference in Central London

Tom Haynes 

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Zelenskiy calls for ‘meaningful steps’ at Nato…Blossoms’ Tom Ogden: New single sounds like Dire Straits and George Michael

A video has emerged online which appears to show a trans comedian being subjected to a tirade of abuse by a member of the LGB alliance who allegedly told her: “You are a man”.

Jen Ives, from North London, who has previously starred in comedy specials on Channel 4, said she had been mingling at the event when a man approached her angrily shouting and brandishing a camera phone.

The 31-year-old told MyLondon she had booked a ticket for the event last October because it “seemed too good not to go” and that conversation with LGB members had been “civil” before she claims she was verbally attacked. “I am raging,” the man filming appears to be heard saying on the video. “You are a mentally ill autogynephilic pervert.”

Read More Transgender comedian told ‘you are a man’ in shocking video taken at conference in Central London (

M.I.S.S , Male Insecure Sex Syndrome – by Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment Masculinity in the western world is very fragile, nowhere more so than in trend setting U.K. So a certain type of male feels very threatened by the explosion of male to female transsexuals. Transsexuals threaten men’s sense of manhood. The phenomenon appears as a rejection of male importance and an acceptance of female being as a more desirable and more noble state of being. Some men are so incensed they wish to blame transsexuals. Some men also have issues with finding transsexuals more attractive than cis women. They are in denial.

Such men are in conflict with their desires. A major problem is that, outside of the spoiled upper and upper middle classes, women are sucked into the feminist culture. Style wise, this leads to a frumpy, would be male, aggressive and resentful new style female culture. In this grave new world, men are portrayed as inherently violent. While BLM is an organisation painting all white men as guilty of racism, there is no equivalent ego boosting scapegoating for white men. Even when a perverted London police officer abducted, raped and murdered Sarah Everard, the crime was used to tar all men as violent needing night curfew.

An outcome of feminism is increased marriage failure, with boys being without male role models. School teachers are predominantly female and school culture vigorously politically correct. It is no surprise that increasing numbers of boys grow up wanting to be girls, without understanding the biological purpose and reality of sex.

Looking at the wider world, there is an inherent conflict between TERF feminists , Male Insecure Sex Syndrome ( MISS ) , and MTF, Male to Female Transsexuals. High female divorce rates and low white birth rates correlate to the rise of feminism and vaunting careers over children. That is why the elite want more BAME migrants , to do the dirty work on the cheap. We live in a society where social engineering has priority over biological reality. So, anti trans bigotry is a manifestation of scapegoating by very desperate men.

Feminists are a huge problem for social stability. There message is riddled with contradiction. Most notably they claim equality, when not even two individuals are equal. Equality under our corrupt expensive legal system is biased in their favour , hence female on male domestic violence and their record for child abuse is either not prosecuted or excused. Women clearly, through the likes of TERF , claim special treatment. Men are all portrayed, outside of the elite and police, as potential rapists.

Society is supposed to be a potential improvement on animal biological instinct set free. However, society places many restrictions on biological facts, accepting that there is more to humanity than animal instinct. Feminists like to claim rejection of stereotypes, hence many women wear short hair and male clothes – like feminist priestess Linda Belos. They seek sexual relationships with other women. For them, anything goes, because like BAME, they claim to have endured centuries of abuse and oppression.

Biology was never my favourite science. I preferred physics. Newton’s laws of motion , unlike Einstein, were beautifully simple. His third law stated that ‘Action and Reaction are equal and opposite.’ Feminism is a belief system redolent of the Spanish Inquisition. It is a tyranny. It’s priestesses believe that they can change and impose their definition of what it means to be a woman, and how to behave as such, without a reaction from men. Men are supposed, as incessant TV advertising attests, to take viagra to service hard working career women or over weight comfort eating lower class women, because they deserve it.

Image result for Linda Bellos. Size: 192 x 106. Source:
Ms Linda Belos, Women’s Rights Campaigner.

The fact that increasing numbers of women fail to sexually excite men must never be mentioned, or the reasons why when confronted. Instead , the failure is passed off as a man’s further failure. In this context, we have this story concerning a moron who feels obliged to show he is not a member of MISS , by filming and declaiming against someone he believes to be transsexual.

I write this on the basis of much research and the reality that I have so far had no problem attracting men, in spite of all the dreadful problems and prejudices corrupt fake democracy U.K continues to cause me. I am approaching 72.

Miss Roberta jane Cook , March 2022

Roberta Jane Cook

March 19th 2022

As A Victimised Transexual – by Roberta Jane Cook

As a victimised transsexual, that victimisation involving police at senior level, I should be angered by the following report, rather than amused. Britain’s education system, like the police, employs some very peculiar and dishonest people. Far too many in both work areas get promoted to dominate and pervert the culture – as I know from personal experience.

However, my anger is restrained by my social scientist and journalist training and experience. These people are very interesting, always eager to use rank to label others. This is dangerous, and includes psycho egotistic hubristic politicians. They rise to define and redefine society.

Before having a laugh at the teacher moron’s views on LGBTQ people below, one has to wonder how anyone , like teacher Robert Headley ,could seriously believe that the world is flat. Anyone rich enough could debunk this theory by buying or hiring a yacht, then do what Sir Francis Drake did in 1558. As for whether or not the U.S landed on the moon in 1968, who knows or cares ? It is what they are up to now in space that matters.

How could such a moron get in to teaching ? I certainly met some bottom licking cretins during my Civil Service and teaching years. I have also years of police harassment. It is clear that the police recruit and promote some very weird and dishonest people, West Mercia’s PC Benjamin Monk and the Met’s Wayne Couzens being the tip of the iceberg. West Mercia blocked discipline of three dishonest officers in Plebgate – at senior level, leaving them to lie and destroy more lives..

Now regarding Headley’s views on transsexuals, I should be very angry, given the level of abuse, including one police officer’s mother telling me ‘You’re sick and in need of help’. The police actually intruded themselves into my sex change treatment because they had need to present me as a paranoid alcoholic bi polar deluded schizophrenic.

They even spent over 3 months staking out my house because of malicious allegations that I was ‘working for his ( my )asperger’s syndrome son and his associates as a ‘gay escort.’ I was variously night truck driving and sleeping ready for my next shift at the time. This was in 2017-18. The police, via CPS, even repeated this vile criminal lie in Milton Keynes Magistrate’s Court on September 21st 2021, with an agenda to pervert the course of justice. They have a desperate need to rubbish me as a fake transsexual. I cannot comment further on this with Crown Court proceedings extant.

However, I have to mention it so that any readers believing I think sex change is trivial, know that is far from the case. It is just a matter of fact that the last 14 years of hell, facing institutional police and CPS corruption has forced me to realise that our elite run country is not a democraacy -as the on going incarnation of Julian Assange further attests.

So obviously anyone having poisonous views about transsexuals, including Muslims and TERF feminist like J K Rowling, are despicable . I am sure she won’t mind me voicing my right to free speech concerning herself because she claims it as an excuse for her hate speech and would have been investigated and warned were she not a billionaire sexist author of the money spinning Harry Potty series set in posh Hogfarts School .

So , let’s consider more on the subject of lunatic teacher Robert Headley. It occurs t me that he is typical of transphobes, like the TERFS. Feminism is an ISM , like Catholicism, Protestantism and Islamism. All of them have ritualistic practices and bigoted very certain views. So add to Headley’s idiotic flat earth meanderings his bigotry that LGBTQ people are from the devil, and one realises that these people prefer religious bigotry to truth.

Here in the U.K, we are experiencing a massive influx and population among Islamic communities, with very strict laws not to criticise this increasingly powerful mind set, which has its own major issues with LGBTQI.

Earlier this week, Britain’s Prime Minister Johnson travelled to U.K’s pet dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, to arrange alternative oil supplies to its now disfavoured regime Russia – because the latter was concerned about the massacre of ethnic Russians in the Donbas, along with ever expanding NATO. Johnson arrived the day after dozens of men with deviant sexual identities were executed. That is what British democracy is about. Britain has been supplying weaponry to Saudi Arabia for years, helping genocide in Yemen. More slavish worshipping Muslims make better work slaves and a stick to beat non believers with.

When I trained as a journalist, I was told that one of the first things to note in a story was the person’s age. There is no mention here, only that he was also racist. It doesn’t say which group his racism was directed at. However, it is no surprise that in our chaotic elite driven society, people are growing up in a nasty place, clutching at dubious state imposed choices of identity, including transsexualism.

Having experienced London’s Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic first hand, with post graduate training in psychology, on top of graduate status in all the other social sciences, including a good grounding in philosophy , I realised that I could drive a coach and horses through their methodology, conclusions and their motives.

That is not me saying that I am not transsexual. I am, Their ( Gender Identity Clinic ) police driven approach to me, inadvertently forced me to recognise the truth of my female brain gender, with all its obvious display throughout my history – ex post facto analysis, but obvious none the less. However, that does not explain the large numbers of young males growing up in female dominated homes, wanting to be one of the female generalised idealised sainted crowd. One could go on , but suffice it to say, this man Headley gives us an insight into the reality that witch hunters and religious extremists with a Medieval mindset, are coming out of the woodwork again.

Our Government welcomes this because they are arrogant power mad idiots who believe that a religious comeback , cloaked by garbage about the need for religious tolerance for all faiths, will hold free thinkers in check until the masses stop thinking all together. In the meantime, there are the men and women in white coats, with the moron diagnoses from their vaunted 6kg DSM ( Diagnosis, Statistics & Medication ) bible, forcing ‘patients’ to take anti psychotics . As I have already written, my sex change surgery was made contingent on me taking these zombie drugs, rather defeating the point of the exercise.

It says so much about our education system, as with our police, that it employs morons like the man Headley in the following story. He certainly needs an honest independent analyst. It is terrifying that religion has brought back the Judaic / Islamist intolerant mindset displayed by this man. These groups are basically the same religion which split , the splits going on to split again like single cell flat works – homeostasis . R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

London teacher sacked for teaching students ‘flat Earth theory’ and claims LGBTQ+ people are ‘from Satan’

Lucy Williamson

A Newham teacher has been sacked after he taught students ‘flat Earth theory’ and shared awful opinions that LGBTQ+ people were ‘descended from the Antichrist’ as seen by students in a series of YouTube videos. Robert Headley taught Design and Technology at Rokeby School for boys in Canning Town from 2008 but in early 2019 it emerged that he was teaching flat Earth theory – the scientifically disproven theory that the Earth is disc shaped.

Pupils raised concerns themselves that Mr Headley was promoting flat Earth theory and claiming the moon landings were fake, but had asked them to ‘keep these discussion confidential’, an employment tribunal published on March 2 reads. One of the school’s deputy head teachers, Jo Doyle, discovered a YouTube channel where Mr Headley, under his own name, was promoting “discriminatory views” against LGBTQ+ people and various ethnicities, which she found hurtful, particularly as she is herself openly gay.

Read More London teacher sacked for teaching students ‘flat Earth theory’ and claims LGBTQ+ people are ‘from Satan’ (

March 12th 2022

Roberta Jane Cook returning from Crown Court yesterday. She is facing 5 years in prison for internet publications. She responded to NHS Police inspired interference in her TRANSSEXUAL treatment and health care without proper process backed up with lies about her telling them et al, that she was working as a ‘ gay ‘ prostitute’ for her son, and that she is a paranoid schizophrenic delusional and bi polar, needing anti. psychotic drugs before surgery. She says this is a hate crime. Police records destroyed her teaching career in 2008 and now her commercial driving. ‘Suicide looks like the only option I have been feeling ill and in despair since my surgery and medication was blocked They had no right to do that, but refuse to release records. No way is Britain a democracy.’.

February 26TH 2022

Ich bin eine Frau, hör mich denken, liebe mich hart” – Roberta Jane Cook

Je suis une femme, écoutez-moi penser, aimez-moi fort “

– Roberta Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook dressed to impress and likely to die by misadventure according to a police initiated psychiatrist Dr C R Ramsay. Roberta has been told she will only see files if there is a court order.

February 19th 2022

Female Conceit & Islamic Dark Ages

Islamists have a peculiar Dark Ages attitude to women and sex. They serve TERF feminists man hating agenda, so their own appalling attitude to women is protected.

Western women like fantasising about rape as an index of their genetic desirability. The reality here is redolent in the single parent output of feral sons and suicidal daughters, with falling birth rates. Add to that, women who don’t breast feed and have therapeutic sex with multiple idiot partners are vulnerable to cancers and you see where this is going.

Women flatter themselves with hate speech as to how we transsexual women want to rape them in stinking public lavatories. It is wishful thinking on their part. The majority of British women are not sexually attractive to men, but I am. I know why, as old as I am. But you cannot not tell cis women anything.

Their culture is barren and defunct and they like to think they, like BAME are protected by hate speech laws. They comfort eat and have no style. They like to dominate men, when only weird public school boys respond to that. Literature and journalism panders to their sterile mentality. They are not sexy. I am. I do not want a relationship with women, let alone sex. I have found them duplicitous liars, obsessed with themselves and dubious as parents.

Islamists are something else.

Roberta Jane Cook in her expensive man loving black satin & lace lingerie, alone
( except for the photographer ! ) in a hotel room with a man who obviously needed no Viagra to deal with her needs. Roberta said ‘ He pounded me all night. It was heavenly. He was so powerful , strong and without ceremony.’.
Are British women really going to get raped by transsexuals in ladies lavatories ? Portsmouth Commercial Road 2020. In their dreams maybe. British women of the masses are pugnacious and not sexy. That is why men need Viagra.’
Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

R J Cook.

Brigitte Macron sues women who claimed she is transgender

Henry Samuel 

Ukraine crisis: Boris Johnson says there is ‘extreme danger to the world’ from…The Real Dirty Dancing: a pitch-perfect cross-section of fame in 2022

France’s First Lady is suing two women who claimed she was transgender, sparking furious social media debate about her ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s expected re-election campaign.Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron © Provided by The Telegraph Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron 

A first hearing in the case has been set for June 15 in Paris on claims of a violation of privacy and fundamental personal rights, and illicit use of her image, according to reports

Read more Brigitte Macron sues women who claimed she is transgender (

Comment I am sure Mrs Macron is not transgendered , but it says a lot that anyone thinks it would matter to the public if she was. We can thank TERF feminists and hate preachers like Baroness Nicholson and J K Rowling for this mentality. With Islam and feral youth on the rise, intolerance and risk to us transsexual women has never been greater. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

February 16th 2022

TERFS condemn transsexuals but dress and behave like the worst of men. They fear elegant transsexuals who hark back to a golden age of womanhood.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook 2018.

I needed no lessons from Princess Diana on how to dress. My only regret is not coming out sooner. I grew up in the post war age, when my widowed mother struggled to keep house and her two children. I experienced the best of woman hood. I also saw my ex soldier truck driving father treated like sh-t, I was in the hospital where men were dying every week until it was my father’s turn.

I am sick and tired of butch Terf feminists setting transsexuals up for bigotry, hate crime, injury and murder. Lots of women don’t want or can’t have children.

Baroness Nicholson is a prime example of that. Her dislike and hate crime against transsexuals is already noted on this page. Yet they make having children a criteria for womanhood. many women are terrible mothers and should not have children. On the one hand, the TERF mentality tells women they can be anything they like and outshine men. On the other hand, womanhood is sacred. As a former maths teacher, I know that does not add up.

Women cannot have children without men. If they ever work out a way to avoid using men, then it will work the other way too. By which I mean transsexuals will be able to have children without women.

R J Cook’s Traditional Mother 2003, Portsmouth.
Image Appledene Photographics / RJC
Modern love, two young women in modern dress, 2022.
Image Appledene Photographics / RJC,
A modern mother, in modern female dress, teaches her baby the joys of an I Phone. 2022. Image Appledene Photographcs/ RJC

The Diana Style Secrets You Never Noticed

Mehera Bonner 

Slide 1 of 13:            It's a well-established fact that Princess Diana is a style icon, known for her love of puffy sleeves, chic skirt suits, and coiffed hair. But some of her best style moments are the ones no one pays attention to—the tiny details that get lost in the sartorial shuffle, but are definitely worth a second glance. From her love for blue eyeliner to her sentimental jewelry, here are the hidden Diana style moments you never noticed.
An inspiration in elegance.

Blue Eyeliner, Sentimental Jewelry, and Statement Stockings: The Diana Style Secrets You Never Noticed

It’s a well-established fact that Princess Diana is a style icon, known for her love of puffy sleeves, chic skirt suits, and coiffed hair. But some of her best style moments are the ones no one pays attention to—the tiny details that get lost in the sartorial shuffle, but are definitely worth a second glance. From her love for blue eyeliner to her sentimental jewelry, here are the hidden Diana style moments you never noticed.

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February 15th 2022

JK Rowling: Cursed Child co-writer Jack Thorne wrote letter to author over trans views

Ellie Harrison

Jack Thorne the co-writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, has said he wrote a private letter to JK Rowling raising concerns over her views on trans rights.

Rowling has made headlines in recent years for her controversial comments about transgender issues. She was met with a considerable backlash in June 2020 after calling out an article’s use of the phrase “people who menstruate”.

In a new interview with The Timesorne said: “I wrote to Jo the day after it all hit. I wrote because I have someone that’s close to me who is trans, and I worry about the kid who has loved those books and is hearing that they don’t fit.”February 11th 2022

Read More JK Rowling: Cursed Child co-writer Jack Thorne wrote letter to author over trans views (

A panel debate why women are special and Adelle is proud to be a woman. The Brit Awards are now non gender and women got most of them. Men should not be allowed to call themselves women because that is a chromosomal birth right a special state of being. men should not challenge what women choose to be normal. They must take the definition of their behaviour from women.

According to Baroness Nicholson 99% of sex offenders are men. What she means is 99% of convictions are men. The authorities do not take allegations against women seriously, and the same goes for domestic abuse. It is never taken seriously. Women when they are discovered are excused on mental health and hormone issues.
Logo of jclinmed

J Clin Med. 2019 Mar; 8(3): 401.Published online 2019 Mar 22. doi: 10.3390/jcm8030401PMCID: PMC6463078PMID: 30909485

Uncovering Female Child Sexual Offenders—Needs and Challenges for Practice and Research

Safiye Tozdan,*Peer Briken, and Arne DekkerAuthor informationArticle notesCopyright and License informationDisclaimerThis article has been cited by other articles in PMC.Go to:


This article provides a short literature overview on female child sexual offenders (FCSO) focusing on the discrepancy between prevalence rates from different sources, characteristics of FCSO and their victims, as well as the societal “culture of denial” surrounding these women. FCSO are a powerful social taboo. Even professionals in the healthcare or justice system were shown to respond inappropriately in cases of child sexual abuse committed by women. As a result, offences of FCSO may be underreported and therefore difficult to research. The lack of scientific data on FSCO lowers the quality of child protection and treatment services. We therefore deem it particularly necessary for professionals in health care to break the social taboo that is FCSO and to further stimulate research on the topic of FCSO. We provide some general implications for professionals in health care systems as well as specific recommendations for researchers. We end with an overall conclusion.

Read More Uncovering Female Child Sexual Offenders—Needs and Challenges for Practice and Research (

BARONESS NICHOLSON: Why I fear the sanctity of single sex wards is under threat from trans rights


A hospital should be a refuge — somewhere that ill and vulnerable people can stay in absolute safety, their only concern being to focus on getting better.

But, sadly, I have come to learn these institutions can at times stray far from this ideal.

For well over a year now, people working across the NHS have been writing to me to tell of their deep concerns about a tragic and, I believe, dangerous shift that has taken place inside our hospitals.

The consequences of this change were foreseeable — but are no less horrifying.

In my capacity as Chair of the parliamentary campaign group Children and Women First, I have been reading of the most appalling sexual behaviour alleged by whistleblowers to have taken place on hospital premises, including at least one case of rape. 

Though the accounts are unproven at this stage, they are serious enough to be highly worrying.

Read More BARONESS NICHOLSON: Why I fear the sanctity of single sex wards is under threat from trans rights  | Daily Mail Online

About The Baroness

Emma Harriet Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne is a British politician, who has been a life peer since 1997. She was elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon in 1987, before switching to the Liberal Democrats in 1995. She was also the Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South East England from 1999 to 2009. In 2016, she announced she was re-joining the Conservative Party “with tremendous pleasure”. In 2017, Baroness Nicholson was appointed as Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Kazakhstan.

Born in Oxford and a descendant of the family which founded London gin distillers J&W Nicholson & Co, Lady Nicholson is the third of four daughters of Sir Godfrey Nicholson, Bt and his wife, Lady Katharine (the fifth daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford). Her uncle was Lord Chancellor in the 1960s,[4] and his daughter, her cousin Eliza Manningham-Buller, became Director General of MI5.

She was diagnosed as deaf at the age of 16.[5] She was educated at St Mary’s School, Wantage and the Royal Academy of Music.

In 2009, Lady Nicholson returned to London and resumed her political work at the House of Lords. In February 2010, she founded the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Business Development in Iraq and the Regions[19] and has served as its Chair.[20] She is also a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Human Trafficking, chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Foreign Affairs and speaks regularly on health care and education in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and business development in Iraq and its wider neighbourhood.[21] In 2013 she argued that the Iraq War was “resoundingly” worth it, and claiming Liberal Democrat party members who took an opposing stance were “guilty of hypocrisy”.[22] She was appointed as Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Iraq[23] on 30 January 2014.

She resigned the Liberal Democrat whip in July 2016, to sit as a non-affiliated member. However, on 10 September 2016, she announced she was re-joining the Conservative Party “with tremendous pleasure” and would sit on the Conservative benches in the House of Lords. Listing her reasons for rejoining the Tories, she highlighted Theresa May’s education speech on 9 September as evidence that the prime minister “leads a party with a real commitment to delivering for the next generation and building a country that works for everyone”.[2]

Comment Her history makes a joke of equality. She speaks for all women with all the certainty of her privileged class. R J Cook

February 9th 2022

Who is the real hate campaigner , The Terf Transphobe who buys into female Terf War, or the ones she labels as potential rapists simply because so many men want to be women ? Why not when these TERF hate campaigners are allowed to pedal vile hate and get called doctor for doing it ?

Terf feminism is a hostile ideology intolerant of anyone who disagrees. No transsexual has ever raped a woman in a public toilet or women’s refuge. As for violence toward women, no wonder it looks as if men commit more of that than women. I heard the BBC Woman’s Hour anchor dismiss the 18 men killed by wives or partners in the U.K every year as the men asking for it. The Channel 4 puff piece about Caroline Flack never mentioned that she hung herself because she had committed a vile act of violence upon her sleeping partner because she suspected him of having an affair.

As a trans woman, I have absolutely no sexual interest in women, least of all the kind of pugnacious looking woman pictured above. Logically, since a lot of TERFS hate men and want to tell all women how to live, impressing them with toilet paper degrees, one might suspect that Lesbians in public toilets are a bigger issues. This woman has taken an epistemological position of patronising and assumed superiority. No wonder she has upset trans activists.

As a trans person who has experienced hate crime from even the police, I know the danger coming from this sort of woman who has come to this country bumptiously asking trans girls to ignore her hate crimes while labelling others. She adds being black to her grievances. Since she boasts about her PHd, she displays astonishing ignorance about race. Hispanics are Caucasians.

But this angry brigade of radical fourth wave feminists are not about equality, they are about attacking and denigrating anyone born as cis male or non conforming conservative cis women. Ironically these hate preachers, trying to control peoples thinking, are so depressing young men that they are pushing many into the escape of sex change. This is purely down to hysterical feminist abuse, dominating education and feminising men. Terfs are fine with gays because they don’t present a challenge to their version of womanhood. How those types love to ROAR.

Coming from the Dominican Republic to study post grad at Bristol for this nonsense specialism, suggests she is one of the better off class who cares little for the terrible poverty in her home country. These people get away with it because Britain’s education system is dumbed down. It’s time for safe space for Trans Women and men . She has broken the law. No doubt there is a little bit of the pious Catholic in this woman too. It s obvious why these TERFS are pushing to outlaw any criticism of women in everyday society. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook, author of the semi autobiographical novel ‘Man,Maid,Woman’ which also upset trans women because it suggested the possibility that liberated woman had something to do with the hero(ine) wanting to change sex and the notion that she would pay a high price for her choice. Feminists didn’t like it either because the young trans girl attracts male attention and begins a relationship with a widowed black man.
These ideas are supposed to be controlled from the top and allowed only by TERF consent. TERFS dominate publishing and education. I was lucky to have a good relationship with an editor, for whom I had supplied many other books not about trans people. Sadly TERFS have only one world issue they care about THEMSELVES.
Roberta Jane Cook.

January 27th 2022

Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms ‘could be harmful to women and should be stopped’

Daniel Sanderson

Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to overhaul transgender laws in Scotland risk proving damaging to women and should be shelved, the UK’s equalities watchdog has said.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland - Fraser Bremner - Pool/Getty Images
Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish Government faced renewed calls to abandon the controversial proposals, after the “serious and substantial intervention” by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) backed up concerns of feminist campaigners.

In a major reversal from its previous stance, the body urged the Scottish Government to halt proposals to make it far easier to legally change gender, claiming that the existing system struck the right balance between protecting transgender people and women.

It backed fears, repeatedly dismissed by SNP ministers and pro-trans lobby groups, that the “potential consequences” of the changes would impact on fields such as sport and criminal justice, as well as “measures to address barriers facing women”.

Read More Nicola Sturgeon’s transgender reforms ‘could be harmful to women and should be stopped’ (


I received this message from a new admirer today :

How are you?
I must admit you look very sexy in your pictures, you certainly know what to wear to catch a horny man’s eye.
I look forward to hearing from you, and to get to know you.

Feminists and their male supporters attitude to transsexuals is even more evidence that women know they are not equal to the average man and they want laws to advantage themselves. It is about power. The reference to trans people not being given equal treatment to women by the criminal justice system is also revealing that women’s groups expect such advantages. This is a bigger issue than just being about transsexuals. It is about how feminists see all men and demand preferential treatment.

Feminists cannot afford to accept transsexuals as women. There are too many glamorous old fashioned transsexuals who know how to dress to please men. Feminists need scapegoats and the fantasy that all men are rapists. Women always get the benefit of the doubt in law. If they harm men it is always because they have been provoked. If they harm children it will be some kind of syndrome or because a man made them do it. No person born male could ever hope to reach the hallowed state of womanhood.

Women are now to be seen as the complete opposite of the Biblical image. According to the religion of feminism, men are not simply the ones who tempt women, they push them, with intent to rape and violence at the back of their minds. So in dresses, without their male genitals, men will lurk in ladies lavatories or get into their jails just to rape them.

How does this square with women pressing their men to take Viagra ? Sad fact for women is that males wanting to change sex is because they want sex and love with and the company of men. Men are beginning to realise that they risk losing everything in marriage, including contact with their children. So why bother? Meanwhile there is an attempt to pass a U.K law making disliking women a hate crime. Men must bow to women.

Roberta Jane Cook exposed. No such female finery for feminists. Roberta says, ‘Transsexuals know how to dress and undress to please men.’
Image Appledene Photographcs.

R J Cook

Why J.K Rowlings Hate Speech Is So Hateful & Should Not Go Unpunished by R.J Cook, January 26th 2022

Extract from ‘The Metro’ January 26th 2022

Feminists have less problem with gays and lesbian’s because the former are non threatening to their sense of moral superiority and many feminists, especially TERFS , are Lesbians. However, the moronic masses can’t tell the difference between any of them, so hateful Rowling puts them all at risk.

The BBC’s website today took a swipe at the problems that transsexuals have finding love. I am not sure heterosexuals have too much luck either, considering marriage failure rate – and the declining take up of marriage by men who expect to get financially screwed or falsely accused of sex crimes and jailed.. Feminists have worked hard to destroy the idea of romantic love and the BBC have been mocking co dependency on todays web cast.

Writing as a rather elderly transsexual, I have been deluged by suitors from 40 years old upwards. Marriage and a second relationship with women, however, have disillusioned me regarding romance with anyone. Men appear too desperate to please me, intoxicated by my appearance etc , that I feel obliged to disillusion them. I have even had marriage proposals from men of substance.

But the real issue is that there are an alarming number of boys wanting to be girls and getting hormone treatment before they are old enough to know what sex is and how it relates to having children.

I had notions that I should have been female from a young age. However, I thought that it was a stupid idea and spent years debunking sex changes, on the principle that true science sets out to disprove an hypothesis.

Had my wife of many years not become increasing physically and verbally abusive, exercising such extreme coercive controlling behaviour that I tried to hang myself from a door handle, I would probably have done nothing more that write more than my one book on the subject, ‘Man.Maid.Woman.’

However, years of humiliation led me to think I should do something about it. The fact that so many boys are not waiting a lifetime as I did, ready to miss out on having children, tells us that this is more than brain gender. It is the outcome of feminised or missing fathers, along with an obsession with female superiority and victimhood.

My book challenged the idea of female brains in male bodies, but drew no conclusions other than the ‘heroine’ was going to have a hard time. People would spoil what she thought was a dream come true.

In my case, my old friends the ever vigilant police intruded , lying about me being a prostitute and worse, so revived old grievances concerning my complaints and told my doctors that I am a paranoid schizophrenic – which will be a subject for another book in due course. I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of LGBTQI hate crime.

One of the most amusing things about my story is that the police, during one of their many raids on my house, confiscated a computer with a novel in progress, called ‘The Woman Within.’ Deriving an idea from Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ , the heroine of this book was putting herself at deliberate risk in order to have the woman within her murdered on a dogging site, because she had been made to feel so disgusted by herself, because of how moralising hypocrites, including police, had treated her.

My book text was passed on to the local mental hospital who added it to their paranoid schizophrenic bi polar delusional diagnosis ( sic ) , noting that I was ‘more likely to die by misadventure than suicide.’ They took my book draft as a kind of diary and plan to end my life.

That is the British Police CID in partnership with the local madhouse for you. I doubt these people have ever read worthwhile literature. The psychiatrists rely on one book, the DSM, Diagnosis, Statistics and Medication. The latter is a means of fitting any one into any box that suits their whim. They are yet another disgraceful aspect of the NHS.

The morons who killed Dr Jenkins are a product of feral Britain. They have a warped sense of morality, but this is not too far removed from the poisonous J K Rowling and the TERFS who ooze nastiness like puss. No feminist would choose to dress and make up like me.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

January 24th 2022

TERFS argue their sainted sex is defined by ability to have and care for babies.

Mum sparks debate after slamming ‘selfish’ daughter for not wanting children

Emma Rosemurgey & Isabella D’Emilio  

UK pulls some embassy staff from Ukraine amid Russian threatBen Foden’s wife looks seething as he is axed from Dancing On Ice

A mum who branded her daughter ‘selfish’ for not wanting to have children and carry on the family name has sparked an online debate.

The furious, self professed Gen X mum who blasted her daughter’s decision, resorted to having two more children herself to maintain the family bloodline.

Read More Mum sparks debate after slamming ‘selfish’ daughter for not wanting children (

Feminism First A Comment by R J Cook

In the context of transsexualism, one has to challenge the vile hate filled anti male Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists ( TERFS ). Persons like myself, identifying as transsexual female, need to have an open mind and question the assumed condition of gender dysphoria. I say assumed because there is no machine to plug into a brain and get a femininity reading.

Ironically TERFS themselves have done more to challenge the definition of what is female than any other group. Feminists high priestess famously said that a woman is not simply a man without a penis. She went on to assert that such male to female transsexuals (MTFs ) are failures as women.

People like Greer, herself childless, trade on the kudos of academic credentials. She has a PHd in English literature, so can call herself doctor.

After arriving in Britain as a stowaway, this rather tall privately educated school girl got odd jobs, like ‘Golly’ , a stooge on the Kenny Everett show, then joined forces with Rosie Boycott and Fay Weldon , following the success of the appalling anti male polemic The Female Eunuch. She fell form favour after declaring that ‘most rapes are just bad sex.’ This implied that female accusations were mainly female malice and revenge.

The feminist mantra is that women never lie about rape or anything else. It is all about keeping men in their place and sustaining the myth that all men are interested in is sex, by fair means or foul. In this pernicious world of sexual politics -where teachers are primary brainwashers – boys and girls are seriously confused.

Girls must beat boys and get the best jobs. Feminism first is their motto. men have to change to suit the blessed female agenda. These females have their daddies behind them , living their lives through them and adding to the process of messing them up. my late father did that to my sister.

In this grave new world, girls are not conditioned to be good mothers. Last week we heard of pop singer turned priest, Sinead O’Connor’s tragic loss of her 17 year old son. I had never heard mention of him because all we heard of Sinead was a feminist mantra and why she cut all her hair off and became a priest. Now she is in hospital.

She was , intentionally or not, a feminist icon. Females have been married to the state via women’s groups. men are becoming women. Women have become men with plastic penises. I have been deluged with men writing to tell me how much they desire me, even at my age, and that I know how to dress to please a man. I simply dress as women did when I was growing up. It is not rocket science. I am slim and fit because by the age of 14, I was running , not jogging, 60 miles a week, representing my club and county.

Sex can be brutal, men can be aggressive. Women are disingenuous, but the truth is glimpsed by the number of women who tuned in to watch Ross Poldark forcibly impregnating Elizabeth. Below is an example from one of my many male admirers responding to my images on here and pressing for a date. With me around, he obviously does not need Viagra. This is reality. Being a woman is more than just having babies. Male power is attractive to me and not something I want to put down or outshine.

 I love the way you excite a man with the way you dress so sexy. You always dress the way a man fantasises how a woman looks to turn on her man.
> I rate you as one of the sexiest women I have seen. I love the pics of you in sexy stockings and heels . Gets me rock hard and erect want to pump my cock deep inside you
>>>> Steve x

Roberta Jane Cook , an alternative to Viagra

By 19, I was up to 100 miles a week, going on to represent my University abroad. My late sister, by comparison was lazy and not at all interested in exercise. She had 6 children and became obese. A remarkable precocious child, she rebelled after my father’s death , becoming pregnant by a married man while she was in the sixth form. She became very resentful of others and would have made a perfect feminist. Luckily for her, her man stood by, caring for until the end.

Women are not angels or automatically victims. No one calls the men who were forced off to fight two rich man’s world wars victims, with women taunting the ones who wouldn’t go , with white feathers. World War One deserters faced the firing squad. But the class dimension must never be noticed. feminism suits the ruling rich class’s purpose.

Increasing numbers of women are either incapable of having babies or don’t want them because they are on the dead end career track. On the other side of the coin, men are increasingly aware that having children will either enslave them to the liberated women they have fertilised, or they will end up on the streets, vilified and separated from the children their whimsical women will have turned against them.

Powerful women in the House of Lords and their male sympathisers, are pressing to alter the new Police Bill to make women’s perception that men don’t like them a criminal offence, At the same time , there are so many anti harassment and opportunities for women to make ex post facto allegations against men. that men are avoiding them so won’t know them well enough to offer an opinion. I am excluding BAME from this analysis as I know too little about them.

So excluding MTFs from our claims to be women, on the basis that we cannot have children, ignores the reality that increasing numbers of women aren’t having them and that those who do could not do it without men’s sperm.

Statistics suggest that females are more likely to harm children and commit domestic violence on par with men. However ,they are excused because it is always a matter of them being provoked by men or suffering from a syndrome.

Hopefully, science will learn how to manufacture eggs and sperm to create a proper ‘Brave New World.’ Then children can be brought up outside the bounds of the horrible internecine class led gender wars. In the meantime, transsexuals like me, would gladly have had children and made a better job of bringing them up than the modern egotistical young women of today.

R J Cook

ITV For The Love of Dogs: Paul O’Grady’s life off camera from famous husband and Strictly star neighbour

Sylvie Wilkinson

Paul O’Grady is arguably one of the best-loved comedians of his generation.

Known for his drag queen persona Lily Savage or for hosting The Paul O’Grady Show, the actor and comedian has been keeping audiences entertained for decades.

Entertainer Paul O'Grady dressed as his drag queen alter ago Lily Savage

Read More ITV For The Love of Dogs: Paul O’Grady’s life off camera from famous husband and Strictly star neighbour (

January 17th 2022

Rupert Grint news: Actor compares JK Rowling to ‘aunt I don’t agree with’

Daniel Falconer 

Rowling has been in the news for what some would describe as all the wrong reasons, as of late. She didn’t take part in any new filming for the Return to Hogwarts anniversary special that aired on Sky at the start of this year, leading to many jumping to the conclusion that it was her stance on trans rights that led to that decision.

Chatting with The Sunday Times, the 33-year-old actor explained: “I liken JK Rowling to an auntie. I don’t necessarily agree with everything my auntie says, but she’s still my auntie. It’s a tricky one.”

Grint is likely referring to some of the tweets that Rowling has put out, as well as others she has retweeted and liked, that trans rights activists say hurt their cause and in turn, the lives of those who are trans.The author had previously tweeted: “If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives.”

Read More Rupert Grint news: Actor compares JK Rowling to ‘aunt I don’t agree with’ (

Rupert’s Auntie Transphobe – Comment by R J Cook

If my uncle had been Adolph Hitler I would not have boasted about it. I had some eccentric aunts, including a German who survived Nazism. Aunt is like the ‘mummy’ word, a comforting sound. That’s why the BBC earned the nickname ‘Auntie.’

Auntie J K is clearly, like all feminists , obsessed with her breasts and vagina. Her words make clear that they define her existence , her perceptions and concept of how the world sees and interprets her behaviour in every sense. She shows no intellectual curiosity about the transgender phenomena and how it relates to the feminist world where Terf lesbians present a rather masculine appearance and many show sexual interest in other women. Don’t they present a danger in ladies lavatories ?

The global success of her inane works of illiteracy, with all its long winded garbage speeches from posh over confident insufferable boys and girls is testament to a moron culture. Hermione is my Bette noir in this fantasy. Rowling ( Rambling ) is not anything like intellectual, but she rants as if she is. She simply harmonised with dumbed down Britain where identity problems are far more complex than gender.

The outcome of her harmful egotistical psychotic paranoid comments about trans ladies being penised individuals lurking in ladies lavatories, are simply quite lunatic. If I suggested that TERF lesbians are deranged wannabe men, that would be instant hate crime. But Rowling infuses her comments with pseudo philosophy about lived life experience, blatantly stating that if you deny her sexuality of sis womanhood, her and all women would not know who they are. So much for equality if that is true.

Many years ago, I read Simone De Beauvoir’s ‘Second Sex’ -the French version. Her agonies regarding woman hood could claim to be intellectual, with specific life references, , not blurring all women as a blob confined in one eternity and space underpinned by her work with existentialist John Paul Satre, one of my formative influences.

I wrote an essay on De Beauvoir’s work regarding ‘woman as other.’ Rowling is not in her league. She mistakes Harry Potter for a work of literature and genius. It is not. By today’s standards it is quite simply mind numbing and a good fit for a dumbed down world of anti psychotics. Reality is not popular. Her wider ramblings are quite simply hate speech as she tries to gain fame for a wisdom and wizardry beyond the mire of Hogwarts and its irritating inmates. R J Cook

January 15th 2022

The Penised Individual.

<p>The 50th anniversary issue of Cosmopolitan UK is on sale from 21 January</p>
Is this the image of a penised individual disguised to rape sis women in public lavatories ?
R . J Cook

British activist and model Munroe Bergdorf has made history as the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK.

Posting the news to her Instagram, Bergdorf: “I can’t believe I’m writing this… BEYOND excited to share that I am @cosmopolitanUK’s covergirl for their 50th Anniversary Issue!

Most Beautiful TG Women – Bing images

Image result for Most Beautiful TG Women
One of the world’s most beautiful transsexuals.

January 12th 2022

Council threatens to fine preachers up to £5000 – with caustic comment by Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Philip Bradfield 

Voice training for Trans Women Vol 1 – Our Trans Journey – YouTube

Voice training For Trans Women Vol 2 – Our Trans Journey – YouTube

Voice Training For Trans Women Vol. 3 – Our Trans Journey – YouTube

Video footage shows a PSNI officer citing “hate speech” before arresting 44-year-old Ryan Williamson in Larne in August, which he is because of stance against homosexuality. He was released 30 minutes later pending a report to prosecutors.

Read More Council threatens to fine preachers up to £5000 (

As a transsexual, I obviously cannot condone this kind of behaviour. Like Muslims and feminists, especially the Terfs, bigotry is part of their state of being.

In spite of mass education , mass ignorance and bigotry holds the balance and is actively encouraged by World elite Governments, including in Africa and the Islamic World. Islamism , Feminism and BLM appear to be cornerstones of multi culture – the Three Pillars of Bigotry..

In this context, LGBTQI is an anomaly. Terfs and Muslims hate transsexuals and billionaire Harry Potter author J K Rowling has felt free to condemns all transsexuals as the sort of weirdos who sacrifice their penises, wear dresses, make up etc just to hide in ladies lavatories to commit rape.

She has been no given threats of punishment for her international hate speech. Many , like her, believe transsexuals are just another form of transvestite. Others, like the hate criminal police who arrested me , lying to the Gender Identity Clinic that I had been convicted for prostitution and other disturbing crimes, are so moronic that they think transsexuals are gay.

Nowadays these people do university degrees in how to profile ( fit up ) suspects, ending up allowed to impress with the letters BSc after their names. The U.K police force include some of the most psychotic and prejudiced people in the country. So where do you draw the line on the matter of free speech ?

Muslims and police have been allowed to vent their prejudices and condemnations for years. What makes these two sad God fearing young men any worse ?. Drowning men will clutch at straws and heterosexual white men have been whipping boys for far too tong – it is getting worse. They crave a sense of identity but are the excluded ones. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook 2008

January 3rd 2022

The Last Straw by Roberta Jane Cook.

“Paranoia Strikes Deep, It Starts When You’re Almost Asleep……..

Step Out Of Line The Man Come & Blow You Away “

Buffalo Spring Field

Videos of Paranoia Runs Deep Buffalo Springfield

As readers will have observed from various pages, the police have assumed responsibility for my health care ( sic ). Their malicious lies culminating in a letter to my GP , deliberately misleading that practice into believing I had sent porn videos and photos of my ex wife to sensitive parties, along with outing myself as a gay whore, with the deliberate intent of furthering malice about me being an insane alcoholic, when I was in fact a writer and truck driver, are the last of many straws. I was also a musician and song writer until being forced into heavy manual work seriously damaged my hands.

The police , via CPS, repeated their lies in court last September and October. They still refuse to provide evidence for their ongoing malice. Consequently , my sex change surgery and medication was blocked due to police interference and the local mental hospital accepting their word as truth.

Interestingly , as the 2011 CD music cover attests, I had a very close relationship with a Woldingham Girls Boarding School Housemistress , Christine Halpin, also the school’s 9th year head. We wrote and performed at a variety of venues, achieving third place in a BBC song writing competition, between 2009 and 2011, when I decided to end my relationship rather than have Christine embarrassed by an imminent trial, caused by me using the internet to publicise certain issues with the police in order to uncover the corrupt reasons for the October 9th PNC Criminal Marker..

Back in February 2009, I had applied for enhanced CRB clearance to stay over at my friend Christine’s flat, an unlocked landing away from the girls dorm, at a school where parents were then paying £26.000 a year school fees. After 71 days, I still had not received CRB enhanced clearance. After complaining about a 71 day delay for a CRB paid and applied for by the school, my local police told me the were waiting for information held on the PNC, put there by West Mercia Police on October 9th 2008.

So i complained even more fiercely. Very strangely and suddenly I was given clearance, even though it transpired in May 2009 that the records included a PNC Criminal Marker. I cannot say more for legal reasons, other than I was free to roam the corridors and sleep in close proximity to the girl, as well as attending church wining and dining with the staff, including the head, every Sunday . This continued for over 2 years until I decided that I had to end the relationship for Christine’s sake..

Hopefully the facts here will speak for themselves. I have gotten into ever more trouble by persisting in trying to find all involved in this nightmare and t expose motive. This is not the first time the police have played the mental health card, in a situation that would have driven a lesser person mad years ago.

As for the Tricorn CD , it was the subject of my last ever BBC live radio appearance in September 2010, after which the police succeeded in totally criminalising me. They have blocked every one of my efforts to move on in life. Blocking my sex change , because it doesn’t suit their agenda, is the last straw. R J Cook

Strutting my stuff in a rough part of Luton many years ago. Roberta Jane Cook.
On the Road , December 2010, night work. R J Cook was a commercial driver for 12 years, until police and doctors joined forces in 2018 to step up campaign for the paranoid schizophrenic delusional bi polar personality disorders. These were just some of the very demanding conditions R J Cook faced out on the road. Or maybe it was all just a delusion, like this photograph and all the other records.
Image R J Cook Appledene photographics.

December 30th 2021

J. K. Rowling on freedom of expression ( Oppression )

September 7, 2017 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: First Amendmentfreedom of speechjournalism.

J.K. Rowling has a point of view:

Intolerance of alternative viewpoints is spreading to places that make me, a moderate and a liberal, most uncomfortable. Only last year, we saw an online petition to ban Donald Trump from entry to the U.K. It garnered half a million signatures.

Just a moment.

J.K. Rowling

I find almost everything that Mr. Trump says objectionable. I consider him offensive and bigoted. But he has my full support to come to my country and be offensive and bigoted there. His freedom to speak protects my freedom to call him a bigot. His freedom guarantees mine. Unless we take that absolute position without caveats or apologies, we have set foot upon a road with only one destination. If my offended feelings can justify a travel ban on Donald Trump, I have no moral ground on which to argue that those offended by feminism or the fight for transgender rights or universal suffrage should not oppress campaigners for those causes. If you seek the removal of freedoms from an opponent simply on the grounds that they have offended you, you have crossed the line to stand alongside tyrants who imprison, torture and kill on exact

by the same justification.

J.K. Rowling

What if we banned any writing about wizards?

That would probably work, wouldn’t it?

Thanks to J.K. Rowling On People’s Intolerance of Alternative Viewpoints

December 25th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook Clinically Insane Fantasist, Utterly Delusional – Official Mental Hospital Verdict.

Dr Charlie Ramsay of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Mental Hospital judges Roberta Jane Cook Clinically insane. See below. More to come as Roberta studies the files.

More to come on this fascinating story I have had all the tests for alcoholism, no evidence found and I have spent nearly 14 years a s along distance commercial driver, long hours and long distance, but nothing goes in with these police state lackeys and the police agenda. The history of alcohol abuse comes from the police who have concerns abut what I have said and written about them.
That is the police state Britain , fake democracy. I am living very dangerously. Transsexuals are supposed to engage with the psychiatrists and their drugs. The GIC says 90 % of patients are mentally ill but less prone to suicide if they change sex.
Ramsay is a weirdo ex Aylesbury Grammar School boy with an ego inflated having passed through Nottingham University med School. He needs to adumbrate his sources for saying I have a history of alcohol abuse and PPD, especially since he recommended for sex change.
His initial report will be published here tomorrow. The following picture was from poster advertising performance I did as Camilla Parka Rolls, as a comedian in Southampton, 2003. That performance is described in the book ‘ Man, Maid,Woman’ by R J Cook ( 2003 ) Note Charlie Ramsay has referenced my ‘care’ being a police incident. Police State Britain…
R J Cook.
  1. Man, Maid, Woman by Cook, RJ – Amazon.ae ManMaidWoman by Cook, RJ online on at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase.
    • Author: RJ Cook
    • Format: Paperback
Paranoid personality disordered schizophrenic Roberta Jane Cook diagnosed as an alcoholic who will not engage with Dr Charlie Ramsay and his interesting diagnosis described above. Roberta has been reading official files for the last 2 weeks. Police refuse to reveal the records from the last 14 years of monitoring her.
Image Appledene Photographics 2003.
The U.K police play an increasing role in the diagnosis and incarcerating of mental illness as with poor old Ivy here , handcuffed to keep police safe, who never got over having her baby taken from her in 1998, Winslow, Bucks.
Image R J Cook /Appledene Photographics.

December 24th 2021

Police State

I have read yet more interesting records with my GP clearly advancing the view of me being alcoholic in 2017 correspondence. It is no wonder they don’t want to make disclosures

.Something very odd here. There is clear evidence of mis gender and intent to reinforce alcoholism allegations, with a shoulder injury affecting hand movement being maliciously presented as peripheral neuropathy, a condition associated with alcoholism. The police skulk in the background with intent to pervert the course of justice and undermine Roberta’s female credibility. It all rather begs the question of why and how Roberta was ever recommended for the Gender Reassignment programme.

Clearly a damning paranoid personality schizophrenic diagnosis following an effectively 30 minute session imposed on me , after a 14 hour truck driving ,shift at my home, was prejudged – an NON appointed surprise visit from Ramsay , heavy set mental health nurse and medical student, Ramsay’s PPD Bi Polar Schizophrenic abnormal psychology diagnosis was uploaded onto my medical records 3 days after this visit. I was told today by Isacc of Whiteleaf that this was good practice and my complaint was dismissed.. The question is why ? This is intolerable. What s the source of ‘the drinking pattern ‘ allegation ? R J Cook.

December 23rd 2021

The Beauty of Women, an extract from the semi autobiographical novel ‘Man , Maid , Woman’ by R J Cook.

December 17th 2021

More Lies From Norden House Surgery, Recorded to Stop My Sex Change Treatment.

Liars should not be doctors. Police should not be involved in issues of mental illness because theytoo are corrupt incompetent self interested liars in far to many cases. Norden House’s Ramasamay , who is not my GP , used this letter to lie that I wanted to exit Gender reassignment, backing this up with highly selective based records that I am a mentally ill alcoholic..

Dr Dickson , Principal of their practice is very involved in a so called ‘multi agency approach’ which is obviously about covering their gross medical misconduct. Dickson’s Norden House Practice signed off on several medicals certifying R J Cook as not mentally ill or alcoholic, presumably like the local mental hospital’s Dr C R Ramsay, believed the truck driving to be an other delusion rather than an economic necessity caused by police destroying Ms R J Cook’s professional credibility.

The whole situation, originating with my ex wife’s visiting my GP with allegations of me abusing my whole family and being so alcoholic that I would end up with my hippocampus failing and would be crawling around the floor .
It is odd that I went on to spend 14 years in haulage and warehousing , subject to regular breath tests, working 15 hour shifts. I also complted 8 books for publishers , one with Dr Celia Clark of Portsmouth University, on the subject of Brutalist architecture. When Ramsay called to fit me up as a deluded paranoid schizophrenic, he siad ‘I don’t want to see your books.’
Meanwhile , my ex wife enjoyed washing my youngest son while he was 20 years old, taking him to the toilet and the situation was very disturbing. And the Health people wonder why I wanted to kill myself. Violence against men does not matter. Police have admitted in writing that they refused to investigate my allegations because they just knew I was lying and abusing the complaints system.
To those police and NHS parties involved in a multi agency approach to defining &,controlling my behaviour my truck driving life is a fantasy. controlling my behaviour. They don’t like this website, so it is hard to access in the U.K. Here I am , very much at home behind the wheel of a truck , 2017. Fifteen hour shifts were not unusual to me, with briefings and de briefings. According to geriatric mental health specialist Dr C R Ramsay, I am a secretive deluded person who cannot engage with reality or truth Ramsay is a liar..

I drove hundreds of miles , handling all sorts of cargo. I was working mainly in hospitality delivering food to hotels and restaurants for a firm first worked for in 2003. When lockdown killed it, I struggled to find another job because of malicious police records.

It is a joke that after less than an hour talking at me on March 19th, after I had been on the road since midnight, DR (SIC ) C R Ramsay , diagnosed me as a paranoid schizophrenic with bi polar -uploading it to my medical records on March 23rd 2019;

. But that is life in the British Police State. Clearly Norden House’s Dr Ramasamy is playing his role in undermining my female credibility for the purposes of helping police to pervert the course of justice. He is being called by me as a bound witness to court to explain himself, along with Dickson, Kamble and Sahota.

It is time highly paid doctors stopped asking for pay rises and applause and just got on with doing their job. Police involvement in mental health care is redolent of Nazi Germany. Ramasamay has lied ato harm my health care and that needs sorting out in court. No doubt he told the GIC what they wanted to hear, but Norden House were passed the message that I was as good as convicted in 2018 – this has even been repeated in court at Milton Keynes and Aylesbury Crown Court. Meanwhile, Norden House’s Principal in waiting wrote to tell me he needs police permission to make disclosure.

It has taken me several years to get any disclosures from my health records. Like the police , they are still holding a lot back and clearly I am still subject to an ongoing a PNC Criminal Marker. Readers might like to read more from my Toxic Transgender Clinic page.

I am in a unique position with the police who became involved in my divorce. I wrote up the interesting ‘Whore’s Tale’ about how Thames Valley Police, emboldened by a corrupt West Merca Police who ignored all rules regarding PNC Criminal Markers, part of which was based on a senior officer making sexual allegations that he needed enhanced security to stop me committing the sex crime of breaking into his house to abduct his 2 small daughters. If such a serious crime was given credibility in a police force area 150 miles from my home, then the rules should have necessitated an arrest. The offending West Mercia Police Force get around this by saying there are exceptions where they can ignore the rules. West Mercia Police were described as feral police force in a Mail on line article printed below this one.

This led to nearly 14 years of ongoing police surveillance so far and two consequent nearly successful suicide attempts so far, one after I won at trial in 2016, but police denied this saying they only didn’t win because the CPS lost the file they never had. I was devastated and it wrecked my new relationship because police lies were passed on to that partner under Claire’s Law.

In late 2017, an obvious malicious source sent letters and pictures of me relaxing on a friends bed. They were taken by that friend Oliver Lasio , who e mailed them to me on an account that only one other person had access to. The anonymous material carried an alleged source named as Oliver Lazar. The source of this material was attributed to me, and included allegations that I was working as a ‘gay escort’ for my son Kieran and his associates.

I had apparently sent them as revenge on him and because I am and. This case was kept open to avoid damages claim and to justify a lifelong PNC Marker on myself covering any vehicle I own or hire. It ended my truck driving life , pushing my son and I closer to destitution. Saying this is taken as further evidence of my paranoia. There is more on this in ‘The Whore’s Tale’ on the ‘Toxic Transgender Clinic ‘ page.

That is life in police state Britain. These malicious communications were never investigated because the police needed revenge for losing in 2016. They rushed to report my arrest as if evidence of guilt, to a willing GP and Whiteleaf, who informed a nervous and gullible Gender Identity Clinic. To cover themselves and justify secrecy, Ramasamay of Norden House sent the lie that I had asked to quit the sex change programme.

The picture only ,my friend the photographer, I and an ex partner had access to, taken in a male friend’s Milton Keynes flat , was used to back allegations that I sent it to senior police officers and ex in laws along with a sexy picture of as complete stranger, entitled ‘my wife. .

Even more bizarre they said I sent personal porn videos. I spent 6.5 hors in cells over this, property confiscated and documents confiscated. The police immediately contacted Norden House in February 2018 to state that I had been ‘arrested for malicious communication and working for my sons and his assoiciates as awhore.,. They contacted Whiteleaf mental Hospital and the Gender Identity Clinic to kill off my sex change unless I took anti psychotics, DR CR Ramsay.s made his assessment and it ws uploaded on to my recorsds 3 days later. His assessment took place after he forced his way into my home with 2 colleagues on maarch 19t 2019.

Now Ramasamay, another one of Norden Houe’s police lackeys and liars – taking advantage of the malicious ruinous PPD diagnosis – has told the Gender Identity Clinic that I was conflicted about my sex change and asked to come off hormones. What I actually said was about my concerns that If I continued with these hormones while the NHS combined to block me sex change surgery until I accepted anti psychotic drugs to cure me of ‘delusions about the police et al, there would soon be no worthwhile genital material left because hormones cause serious wastage , to perform effective genital reconstruction. I said that they should stop lying about me refusing a second opinion done properly and without constant reference to my police issues which they consider delusion because the police told them so.

Norden House’s Ramasamay, Kimble,& Dickson, Crown Court and GIC will hear more from me on Monday because they have also encouraged the court to mis gender me, massively helped by corrupt police. All they need to resolve this is make the disclosures. Their plan is to present me ad nuts during trial so all I say can be rubbished. It needs resolving. R J Cook
What dreadful people. No disciplinary means they are free to go on lying to get people ruined and / or convicted. Police Chiefs say they look for special and rare qualities in applicants to join what used to be called a ‘force’ but is now euphemistically and adoringly called a force.
West Mercia Police are institutionally corrupt. Off the top of my head, there was the 17 year old Kidderminster grave digger who got 17 years after finding a local good time beauty in an open grave. She was a known play thing of the great and good. Then there was the Irishman who , in West Mercia terms fitted the description of a Scots rapist – even though the victim didn’t recognise him and the forensic semen evidence wasn’t his.
One could go on to the fascinating case of Inspector Bott, police woman of the year in 2003. But I’ll stop. West Mercia don’t like criticism. they react badly which is why they don’t improve, leading to the vile five year cover up of PC Monk, with a record of malicious tasering, killing a black footballer. I will publish their guidelines on PNC Criminal Markers tomorrow. They are fascinating reading. R J Cook

December 13th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook is mad – a paranoid schizophrenic delusional bi polar personality says Dr C R Ramsay and may need sectioning !

Below is an extract from my round robin reply to the local mental hospital’s letter to my G.P ( for international readers, that means local doctor ). That letter is posted after the next post.

I have been studying a mass of documents with court presentation in mind, including Roberston’s letter to yourselves copied to me. I note that you made a referral to Whiteleaf for me to be treated for complex needs. My refusal is being treated as yet more denial. Here are some basic questions :

1) Do you know what complex needs are about ? I do , but I want your version since you made this referral.

2) What information and assessment led you to this conclusion ? Also please explain the timing.

3) Since you have made clear on tape and in writing that you cannot divulge any records without police permission , I have to ask you whether this referral was related to police. Was it ? You have been party to the multi agency approach to my case for the last 2 years, with disastrous consequences for my sex change and so much more.

4) Do you understand that a referral to complex needs is not the second opinion re my damming PPD diagnosis for the Gender Identity Clinic ?

5) Do you know that during my last secretly recorded session at Whiteleaf it was made clear that it wasn’t going to be a a second assessment for the GIC to reinstate me on the GIC programme ?

6) This question cannot be published due to current legal proceedings , but has gone to the aforementioned health parties who will forward it to the police. It is a very serious point relating to high level police corruption.

7) Do you believe complex needs can resolve that ? If so , how ?

8) Why have I not been shown the report from my last Whiteleaf session , where the young psychiatrist stated it would take more than one hour to diagnose PPD, didn’t know how many sessions it would take, also that she didn’t think I was anxious or depressed but obviously had a plan ?

9) Did you know that Ramsay uploaded his report to my medical records ( without mention of a second opinion ) on March 23rd 2019 , having speedily diagnosed PPD , schizophrenia , bi polarism , delusion and abnormal psychology in a March 19th session from 12.30 to 01.40. This was when Ramsay and 2 others arrived without appointment after I had worked a 15 hour shift – as a Truck driver , over 400 miles, handballing cargo ? I still have shift records for court..

10 ) Do you understand that the police have consistently and seriously lied, most notably about October 2008 and 2018 and you have simply accepted it, thus becoming party to an ongoing conspiracy to pervert the course of justice ? This should have serious consequences for all of you , especially because of additional damage to my two sons life chances.

Roberta Jane Cook September 2021

Transsexual First Problem – True Gender , December 12th 2021

I watched George Galloway’s Sputnik show on RT last night for the last time. There is much to admire about this man, but he is ultimately a Scots Catholic prude married to a Muslim lady. Religion has always been about control, not science, which is why Galileo was shown the wrack for saying the earth went round the sun.

Humans can’t progress with religious delusions even if it suits the global ruling elite. So on Saturday, George was interviewing an obvious male claiming to be transsexual. This effete person, who looked like a male member of 1960s band ‘Mamas & Poppas, ‘ argued that transsexuals should know their place and stop asking for concessions.

This drivel was prompted by a cellulite female caught in changing rooms in her underwear by ‘two six foot men in dresses.’ She was frightened and intimidated because they were obviously there to rape her. So she said. So much for equality.

This absurd situation is no more than what empowered unshaven feminist male clothes wearing man hating feminists deserve. ‘Action and Reaction are equal and opposite and that is about as good as the equality lunatics are going to get it.

Just because I wanted to be a girl as soon as I knew the difference – although not about the messy business of reproduction – doesn’t mean I was or am a girl or woman. Consciousness is a big mystery. Feminists want to argue with gender role on the one hand as being socially biased brainwashing, whilst claiming female superiority, special privileges and protection – which is no doubt what Sarah Everard expected by accepting the handcuffs and all would be sorted at the police station.

I have not time or current interest in explaining my thoughts about being transgendered. There are more important things to talk about than who I want to have sex with and how. i don’t like my genitals and they need control not to spoil my clotehs lines , but at lest the GIC have shrunk them.

It irritates me how the transsexuals walk into their LGBTQI boxes ( coffins ) interested , just like the terf feminists who hate them, talking only about their precious sexuality, rather than just using their new identity to contribute to wider issues like Julian Assange and true freedom.

Just changing sexual image is not an answer if you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Which is a key reason why I would not have the anti psychotics just to get my surgery and enjoy a worthwhile se life.

There are more important things that come first , so here is my message to GIC’s Dr Kirpla Sahota, sex change was and still is important to me, but not because I am a stupid transvestite. I like style, I like being seen as the woman I was meant to me, but will die before compromising my principles. The GIC take their view on me from the police. That is because the U.K is a police state. That matters more to me than parading my true gender.

R J Cook

December 12th 2021

Policing Roberta Jane Cook – More Correspondence.

What’s Best For You , or For The Fascist U.K State.

Image R J Cook Appledene Photographics 1998
Away she goes, handcuffed. What a sad end to this simple woman’s life. These are powerful & dangerous people. My health care has been directed on the word of senior police. With my trial looming, I am told by the CPS that I cannot have crucial so called multi agency – police & NHS – files disclosed because they are marked sensitive. To my knowledge they date back to October 9th 2008 when West Mercia Police ( my ex brother in law’s employer at the time ) recorded allegations against me, which have yet to be revealed to me, leading to a devastating malicious illegal PNC Criminal Marker which still has not been explained. This police misconduct has been spread by national press and to courts as truth.

I was working for Milton Keynes Press when I was called to this story, the screaming , crying and police shouting at the poor woman, before she was injected and sedated;.

Note the officers are male. It s getting worse as more people are driven made. After my last arrest, I was jailed for 18 hours before nearly succeeding in strangling my self under covers , in a dirty cold cell, other prisoners screaming and shouting causing distraction.
I was transferred to a mental hospital for 12 hours before being judged sane enough to leave. Waiting at reception for a taxi home, the psychiatrist DR ( SIC ) C R Ramsay – who wanted me sectioned -wandered by, wearing his Hank Marvin style NHS specs, white coat and white plastic apron. I challenged him about his lies and malpractice. His reply was ‘ I did what I thought was best for you.’.

Hillsborough said it all about U.K police who still got away with it . In my case , the police have returned to their default position, after they failed to get me judged clinically mentally ill in 2013. After a 2 hour consultation with a consultant forensic psychiatrist at Rednal Secure Unit, I was judged as not suffering from any known mental illness, not a violent or dishonest person When I asked him how he knew that, he REPLIED ;’ Trust me, I deal with violent people all the time.’.
A very modern woman, Met Boss Ms Dick.

Parents and teachers free to discuss children’s gender questions, promises Liz Truss – December 11th 2021

Edward Malnick  

Covid live: 633 new Omicron cases detected in UK with overall daily infections at…Strictly Come Dancing 2021: the semi-final – live

Liz Truss has pledged that parents and teachers will remain free to talk to children about “whether they are transgender or not”, as she moved to quell a Conservative rebellion over plans to fast-track a ban on conversion therapy.

Read More Parents and teachers free to discuss children’s gender questions, promises Liz Truss (

Comment I will we writing a longer piece on this subject tomorrow. Just for now, I must say that militant terf lesbians with male haircuts and clothes are just as big if not bigger risk to women in toilets. Those opinionated people seem to claim ownership and definition of all women, employing the outdated and absurd Marxian ‘false consciousness’ as stupid a piece of inductive logic as one could ever imagine. But they won’t accept trans people using it in the other direction because super feminazi women in media and public services, set the agenda and it is horribly oppressive.

Those harridans of all ages must be obeyed or face rape allegations for the way they talk to women. Why would men marry in this anti social atomised world ? Kill the sentimentality and the love. Love hurts way too much, none worse when you are a man and lose your kids because of a woman’s selfish lies. Why do men just accept all this vilification ?

I am not aware that many if any rapes happen in public toilets. They all seem to be ex post factor reports on date and marital rape. There aren’t many street toilets anyway. It is rather a sick fantasy some women have.

However, the whole subject of transgender, transsexualism and lesbianism needs more honest attention. The GIC’s methodology, of which I have considerable experience also needs a critique. Why are so many whites outing as gay, trans and lesbian in this age of high divorce and one parent homes ? Why are so many diagnosed mentally ill and committing suicide ?Our PC fake liberal feminazi society with it associated feminists academics and mang—s set the agenda. I will look at this more carefully in the morning. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook out in London’s dangerous night with a manfriend behind her.

Advertisement for Viagra, featuring frustrated woman. Imagine feminist furore if frigid and or ‘busy’ women were expected to take a performance drug – it would be called a rape drug. Equality is nonsense. A certain type of woman , backed by the elite manipulators, are setting this intolerable agenda. It is not fun for a lot of us. R J Cook

‘Policing Roberta Jane Cook’ – More To Come. December 11th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook has been accused on ‘soft intelligence’ records of faking transgender and being a fetishist transvestite to justify police behaviour post 2008. Reality check, she informed her ex wife of an intention to end her marriage and change sex once her sons futures were provided for. Here is initial correspondence relating to her treatment by consultant gender specialist DR Russell Reid, where she was known as ‘Bobby; Cook.
” I wrote this novel during my crisis and definitive year of 2003″ along with 5 other published books that year – including a novel where a down trodden abused husband is driven to suicide by his sex & power mad secretive child abusing ex wife. That book was called ‘Little Terrors.’ Obviously the latter was a work of fiction, ‘Man, Maid, Woman’ was semi autobiographical.

The Ideal – December 8th 2021

We know what we are. But know not what we may be ” – William Shakespeare.
Image Appledene Archives,

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Knickers of Time – December 7th 2021.

A collage by Roberta Jane Cook – 2008. Roberta is on the right. Appledene Archives.

Spare The Odd Copper.

December 6th 2021

Acting PC Bellamy led a 7 officer raid on Roberta Jane Cook’s home, locked her a dirty cold cell for 6.5 hours while ransacking her home looking for evidence she was a whore. There was none but the vile allegations have been dragged back into court in September & October to once again pervert the course of justice. R J Cook
Image Appledene Photographics / RJC

Any Doubts ?

If anyone has any doubts about me being transsexual, this picture , taken in 1986, should answer question. I am the girl on the left.

Roberta Jane Cook , with a man who most definitely did not have a gun in his pocket. He was just pleased to see me. posted December 5th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook is standing second from left, the only one not dressed like a man and with the pretty hair ( real transsexuals like her know from an early age , but back then we were considered mad ), at the 1968 Wolverton Athletic Club award ceremony.

Roberta was training over 100 miles a week by this time and a Bucks County athlete , going on to represent her university internationally. She also represented a top London Club, Southgate Harriers .Now , of course that sounds like delusion – like all my work , including journalism , trucking and writing books, to the likes of the malicious police and psychiatrists who have ruined my life. They have made clear that they consider my behaviour random and delusional. For interesting reasons they do not want to see evidence to the contrary. – or offer any to support their poisonous conclusions.

A very serious situation has developed between myself , The London Gender identity Clinic , Drs Dickson and Kamble of Norden House Surgery Winslow and Dr C R Ramsay et al of Whiteleaf Mental Health Facility in Aylesbury. I now know exactly how their so called clinical assessments, whereby Ramsay concluded, after imposing himself on me for 3 times 45 minute sessions at home, after I had been truck driving and hand balling freight for 15 hours, starting at midnight, that I am bi polar , schizophrenic , paranoid with a personality disorder.

God knows how I came to research and write so many books under contracts to publishers -8 since my divorce , along with music CD of songs written by me and recorded with my friend Christine. That is not to mention five years on City Link’s heavy pressured night shift , along with 9 years as a truck driver working from midnight. I now know that they have been directed by poison from the police which I am not not allowed to see because the significant quantity of files are marked ‘restricted.’ Due to current courts proceedings I cannot say more.
What this has to do with transgender is very simple. Due to police lies – recently repeated in two court hearings – about me being convicted for malicious communication of porn images and videos in 2018 – and much more – the GIC used Ramsay to make my continued medication and overdue surgery contingent on zombie anti psychotics. After 3 years of argument , I lost my temper so they discharged me from their care because I was allegedly rude on the phone because I was not allowed to talk to a clinician about my situation.

Whiteleaf have now chipped in , as a letter published on here attests, adding insult to the lie that I refused a second assessment. They have said that a recent secretly consultation taped by me, that this was the second consultation that they had said I refused in 2019 – 2 years after the event and in which the female psychiatrist said she was not doing it for the GIC and could not possibly diagnose paranoid personality disorder in one session. – stating that she did not know how many sessions it would take, but she did not want to see me again. An older male colleague was sitting quietly in the corner taking notes.

She also said , on tape, that I obviously had a plan and was neither anxious or depressed. It is quite astonishing. The background to all of this is an ongoing horror story for myself and my eldest son – the other son has not been seen or heard of since 2008.

R J Cook December 1st 2021

I have lived in fear since 2008 and it is getting worse. Anyone who thinks we live in a police state is obviously paranoid. Just keep on trusting the experts and the scientists. I am officially a paranoid schizophrenic delusional bi polar person. one doctor even suggested I have a brain tumour. They sent me for whole body scans.
My old GP Dr J P Fairfield , on one malicious party’s word, he suggested I drank so much I might end up having my hippocampus pack up and have to crawl around on the floor. I discovered today that this is all on the police record, I was an HGV driver until the NHS & Police multi agency approach to my sex change treatment notified my employer and got me fired in 2020. I was told in writing by Dr C R Ramsay , in 2019, that I would be upset if I saw all the records. I was being copied in to his report to my GP. That report blcked my sex change surgery unless I took powerful anti psychotic drugs, went to group therapy ansd accepted having a paranoid personality disorder, was bi polar , delusional and schizophrenic..

Thames Valley Police Raided, with 7 officers, arresting and locking her up for 12 hours while ransacking Roberta Jane Cook’s home early in the morning of the first Monday of February 2018 after staking out her remote country home for 4 months.

Police said they had been tipped off by Roberta that she was working as a whore for her son Kieran and his associates. She had done this to harm Kieran, sending some seriously weird stuff to six sensitive parties including 2 Chief Constables and one Deputy, then, immediately telling her GP to tell the Gender Identity Clinic that she was psycho and not fit for sex change surgery.

They repeated this lie in two court hearings last September and October, according to recent disclosures. Who is deluded here ? Who really sent the derogatory material and why is Roberta still not allowed to have copies ? That is Police State Britain.

Meanwhile , his GP partner at Winslow’s Norden House Surgery, signed me Roberta off as fit to drive heavy Goods vehicles – after I paid him £120 a go for medicals.

Roberta says ,I feel a song coming on. read in today’s Metro that migrants are coming here , risking their lives , because they want what we have. OK, from one tyranny to another. That makes sense. Must be awful in the mainstream Muslim world.’ November 29th 2021.

Roberta Jane Cook labelled clinically mentally ill , not needing hospital yet, by Dr C R Ramsay of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Clinic.. He lied that Roberta had refused a second opinion.

No surprise living in a police state.
Anyone who thinks we live in a police state is obviously paranoid. Just keep on trusting the experts and the scientists. I am officially a paranoid schizophrenic delusional bi polar person. one doctor even suggested I have a brain tumour. They sent me for whole body scans.
My old GP Dr J P Fairfield , on my ex wife’s word, suggested I drank so much I might end up having my hippocampus pack up and have to crawl around on the floor.

Meanwhile , his GP partner at Winslow’s Norden House Surgery, signed me off as fit to drive heavy Goods vehicles – after I paid him £120 a go for medicals.

I feel a song coming on. i read in today’s Metro that migrants are coming here , risking their lives , because they want what we have. OK, from one tyranny to another. That makes sense. Must be awful in the mainstream Muslim world. R J Cook.

Ramsay appears to have been acting on inform a tion that she had been arrested for sending porn videos , to sensitive parties including senior police, compromising pictures of herself and ex ‘wife’ along with anonymous typed letters where she accuses herself of being a ‘gay’ whore.’ she is apparently so mad that she sent this to 8 parties including 2 Chief Constables, one Deputy Chief Constable and a sergeant. It was pure malice. There is no evidence of police having investigated anything and is par for the course in a sequence of events starting in October 2008.

She was told she could not complete her sex change unless she took powerful anti psychotic drugs and that she would probably die by misadventure. The only nice thing the report said was that she did not need hospital yet.

These lies were repeated in court recently. The police have even lied that she was convicted. They offered no evidence of investigation. The trauma continues. Surgery and medication – which she has been on since 2017, was blocked after 3 years as a GIC patient. Police and the NHS persistently refuse to answer questions , the former having made on going contributions to her NHS health records. That is Police State Britain.

Céline Dion – The Power of Love (Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert) – YouTube

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (Official 4K Video) – Bing video

Videos of Kenny Rogers Dolly Parrton the Gambler

celine dion videos – Microsoft Bing Search

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Transgender Voice Feminization MTF Coaching Tips

7 Transgender Voice Feminization MTF Coaching Tips

Let’s face it, even if you look like the most passable girl or woman in the world, the moment you open your mouth and speak is the time you get ultimately read as male or female. If you want to have an easier time as a transgender female then you really owe it to your self to develop your female voice and avoid those award and mostly inwardly embarrassing moments of being recognized as trans just because of the way you speak.

During my transgender transition I researched and uncovered seven steps to developing my truly female voice, I wanted to share these steps with you. Seven of them work on the femininity but the eighth is a “secret” method that actually makes your voice SOUND female – not just feminine! (This is discussed further in the Kathe Perez video study course referenced below).

Read More 7 Transgender Voice Feminization MTF Coaching Tips | TG Hub (

Hi there,

This month on the blog we talk about the books, art and activism elevating us out of the politics of being transgender, and into the realm of possibility and positivity. Be inspired by the latest works of Jamie Windust, Alok Menon, and Juno Roche, and start thinking about what success looks like for you, and how to create it.
Ready to change your name and gender marker at your GP surgery and on your NHS records? It’s a simple process, yet sometimes even healthcare professionals are confused about how to do it. Take matters into your own hands with this short and sweet guide on exactly how we can help you change your gender marker.
We’re very excited about a brand new research study that has identified a massive improvement in mental health outcomes for young trans and non-binary people who receive gender-affirming care. About to go before the American Academy of Pediatrics itself, we’re thrilled to see increasing evidence in support of transgender healthcare outcomes.
Menopause affects over half the world’s population, including trans and non-binary people, yet they can often be left out of conversations and information targeted at cisgender women. We’ve prepared three blog posts explaining how the menopause and perimenopause might affect you as a transgender person, and suggesting how reproductive healthcare organisations can be more inclusive in their language:

Gender-Affirming Care And Perimenopause: What You Need To Know

Menopause and Hormones Facts: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Inclusive Language and the Menopause
Our founder Helen Webberley’s isn’t the only healthcare professional putting herself on the frontline of the fight for quality in healthcare. Many healthcare professionals risk their careers, reputation, and livelihood to offer and improve gender-affirming healthcare, and we’re so grateful to all of them. In this article we summarise the latest anti-trans legislation as well as the projects and organisations campaigning for gender-affirming healthcare.
Have a wonderful month,

The GenderGP Team

Transported – October 26th 2021

I received these comments about me today , from a retired U S Navy Seal. I don’t deserve them and they raise questions, not about men’s sexism, but about men’s vulnerability to receiving and sending out images. I was aware of these issues when I wrote my infamous novel ‘Man, Maid ,Woman’ which I had to surrender a copy of to Inspector John O’Neill of Thames Valley Police who have done their best to label me insane..

  • Truly every mans dream for sure.06:11PM
  • me ?06:11PM
  • Yes you look so so so incredibly SEXY and SMOKING HOT and CLASSY all in one in all 29 of your photos.06:12PM
  • Men want you so so so bad. And want to SERVE AND WORSHIP you nonstop FOR SURE.06:15PM
  • omg06:17PM
  • Do you allow older gentleman to SERVE AND WORSHIP at all???
Me , sultry Roberta Jane Cook simmering in 2018.

I am amazed. I never got this response as a truck driver or schoolteacher.

R J Cook’s semi autobiographical novel of transgender troubles and tribulations/.
This is actually R J Cook me , but few people realise I have a very female body because I have sensibly hidden it. But now I am really pissed off. – and no longer ashamed, for years I wouldn’t look at myself naked.

What ? by R J Cook

Told I had that woman within

That I had her original sin

To be guilty of what I had done

Guilty of having fun

Drove me mad, put me in chains

No need for them to explain.

Tie me up then turn me loose

With a rope tied into  my noose

Leave me dangling on a wire

Keep laughing , my sex is on fire.

Burn us out, hide the shame of truth

Kill any still sign of our youth.

Turn us this way, inside and out

Make such noise don’ t hear us shout.

We are fish in a goldfish bowl

You are sharks to swallow us whole.

What is woman without Adam’s need

What is life if no one can bleed.

What is stone in a world without sun

Where so few can have any fun ?

What is love if we cannot hate ?

Why do you hurry when you can wait ?

What is time if without waste

You die because of your haste ?

Who asks questions but mustn’t know

Why you came and why you must go ?

What mother gave birth to 2 boys

Then drowned them in those toys ?

What mother would have her boy jailed

For her lies and all she has failed ?

I know but cannot say

If I do they will lock me away.

R J Cook October 26th 2021

Two Boys Who Loved Each Other. Separated by the law. Image R J Cook

Transparent – Roberta Cook Gets The Brush Off As Court Action Starts- September 24th 2021

Dear Ms Cooke, Further to your request, we have sent you a copy of your clinical records. The assessments you have had at the clinic, together with your lack of insight relating to your communication style, leads us to believe that you currently do not meet our inclusion criteria, therefore we are currently unable to help you with your gender treatment. Recently you have been contacting the clinic and have been abusive to the administrative staff. Our staff have a right to go about their daily role free from abuse and harassment. We are unable to tolerate this type of behaviour. For these reasons, we have discharged you back to the care of your GP whom we have copied into this email. We will not be in a position to respond to your telephone calls or other communications from you going forward. Please be assured that if your GP advises us that you are able to engage with treatment in the future and re-refers you to the clinic, we will be happy to offer you a prompt appointment without the need to wait on our external waiting list and will be able to continue your care. Best wishes, James Barrett BSc MSc FRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist in Gender Dysphoria Medicine / Lead Clinician Copy: Dr Campbell Norden House Surgery Avenue Road Winslow MK18 3DW Gender Identity Clinic Lief House, 3 Sumpter Close Finchley Road, London, NW3 5HR Tel: 0208 938 7590 Appledene Tennis Lane Winslow Buckingham Bucks MK18 3HR

robertajane.cook <>To: CLINICALADMIN, Gic (TAVISTOCK AND PORTMAN NHS FOUNDATION TRUST);;;24/09/21 15:543  Dear Sir/Madam,

It is nice to finally receive a message from someone senior who actually works at the GIC. This is the first direct response from the GIC to anything that I have tried to discuss for the preceding three years – since my last consultation – so well done for that at least.

However it does nothing to answer any any of my extremely clear questions and concerns in relation to my original diagnosis, treatment at the GIC and its unexpected halt in 2018 due to a yet to be explained PPD diagnosis. My clinical records also do not explain the close relationship between the GIC, Norden House and other agencies involved in my so called care. Why all the secrecy if everything has been done properly?

It is quite clear to me now that my gender diagnosis – and treatment at the GIC – has been heavily influenced by outside persons and agencies to the detriment of my health and wellbeing in the short, medium and long term. It would be helpful to me if you could admit to all of the outside contacts that the GIC has had in relation to me and the insistence at my last GIC consultation that I needed to accept the mind numbing anti psychotic drugs that were on offer. How could I have a secure female identity but also be clinically insane at the same time due to PPD?

In relation to my clinical records I have for the last three years been specifically asking for all correspondence relating to the outside agencies that have intruded in my medical care. Where – for example – did the GIC get the idea in 2018 that I was going to die by misadventure?

When I last spoke to your clerical staff I was not abusive. My frustration with the GIC’s ongoing refusal to be honest and transparent in relation to my so called care came out. I remain extremely unhappy with the GIC’s conduct throughout my so called treatment and care. I simply asked for a senior clinician to formally put in writing to me the full reasons for an explanation of the end of my hormone injections.

There are medical ramifications for the cessation of my hormone treatment. I am no longer hormonally male but neither have I progressed to being fully female. I have been chemically castrated due to your medical negligence and related complete lack of transparency in my care. My hormone levels of both testosterone and oestrogen are both dangerously low. This puts me at greater risk from all illnesses – including cancer.

In reality my discharge from the GIC effectively took place three years ago in the wake of my PPD diagnosis. Yet I still have not been informed as to where – or by whom – that diagnosis was made. My presumed lack of insight is the outcome of a prolonged period of GIC refusal to be honest with me in relation to my so called medical care.

You have consistently ducked out of the issues that I have tried to raise with yourselves. The message attached to your email is an inadequate explanation as to why you will not disclose all of the correspondence between yourselves – and other persons or agencies such as Thames Valley Police and Norden House.

As the subject of a controlling far from reasonable multi agency response I want to know precisely what the GIC was told by Thames Valley Police via the interesting letters sent by Dr Roger Dickson. Full disclosure is required from you – a legal obligation under the 2018 Freedom of Information Act.

All you had to do – from my desperate pleadings yesterday – to reinstitute the hormone prescriptions and injections – or give an explanation as to why you would not. My health has been massively affected by the preceding three years of GIC evasiveness. You cannot legally – or medically – escape your responsibilities this easily.

By the way there are a number of errors on the attached letter: my surname is COOK not Cooke and the Norden House GP’s name is wrong.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forwards to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Roberta Jane Cook

—— Original Message ——

Comment In March 2018 the London Tavistock Clinic effectively discharged me from their ‘care’ because I refused to take anti psychotic drugs. They had been persuaded that my concerns about nearly 14 years of police harassment were delusional. It seems that out of the blue they had concluded that I needed to take them along with a psychiatric assessment that was preloaded in favour of that diagnosis.

These precious people obviously believe that ignoring all of my requests over 3 years to explain their sudden resort to a paranoia diagnosis without explaining where it came from is less important than so frustrating me in two phone calls, along with ignoring all of my 3 years of e mails is more important. The physical and psychological impact of their misconduct has been massive. To argue that I do not meet their criteria now is ludicrous. I should have been free of them by now, with GRS complete.

They now have the audacity to tell me that they have sent my clinical records to Norden House, the very people who passed on derogatory information about me , from a third party that was obviously the police to the GIC. Norden House are another party who refuse to make disclosures crucial to my defence in a forthcoming Crown Court Trial, without the hormones that I have become dependent on. This is police state Britain.

Roberta Jane Cook

Should Children be allowed to choose to change sex ? – September 19th 2021

Feminists will grab any opportunity to rubbish sex change as a form of mental illness and / or perversion. So I am going to write as frankly as I dare. This blog post is a response to the article that follows it. I am also posting pictures of myself aged 8 , 12 and 21 , to reinforce my points. Talking about gender reassignment rather than sex change rather hides the reality.

Humans are sexual and gender or sex change has to account for that as part of any gender switch or readjustment. I already knew I wanted to be a girl when the first picture was taken but did not like the idea of sex as it was explained to me by the dirty minded council house kids at school. That did not stop me from wanting to get rid of my male sex organs , then wear appropriate underwear , petticoats and dresses – and of course grow my hair long.

R J Cook aged 8. Image Appledene Photographics.
R J Cook aged 12 . This was taken the year after my father died. I was already secretly dressing as a girl , sneaking out at night to walk in our garden, and then over the garden wall on to the new estate.
Image Appledene Photographics

I recall the first time that I was mistaken for a girl. I was still riding in my push chair , dressed in a blue siren suit, with white blonde curls peeping out of my bonnet. Mother didn’t want my hair cut short and nor did I. When It was winter and I toddled into Winslow Post Office one of my mitten covered hands clutching my mother’s hand. The kindly lady behind the big old wooden counter, Doreen Tofield by name, leant forward to say, what a beautiful child. Is it a little girl ? I preened, recognition at last.

Running for my university aged 21
Wolverton Athletic Club awards night. I rather stand out here because I am the only one not obviously dressed as as a man in a suit. The man standing far right had already started a sexual relationship with me. I was 16 at the time.
Obviously I am the one on the left. It was 1990. I had known the other person for 15 years. We became very close , having met as colleagues at Havant tax office. I went there with long blonde hair and did my first day wearing a new 3 piece suit. I felt awful. Next day I caused a stir by turning up in tight faded blue denim jeans and black brushed denim wide lapelled jacket. My jeans had flowers and butterflies embroidered on the backside. Heaven. So my colleague was also an outsider , fresh from London as tax work was devolved to the provinces. There were strong rumours that our relationship became sexual , with me living life in Portsmouth more overtly dressed and made up as a female. I will make no comment.
Here are some of my colleagues from Havant tax office. My very close friend dark haired beauty Barbara my inspiration is almost directly behind our bespectacled and rather dignified boss, Mr Christmas. I recall him asking me if I had a girlfriend. When I said ‘no’ , he smiled , then said ‘Oh well you can’t have everything.’ Barbara had left art college in London after becoming pregnant. She returned to her native Portsmouth. I adored her conservative dress style and rustling satin and lace lingerie. She had exquisite taste and style. Her perfume was Chanel and make up as perfect as you would expect from an artist. She wanted to leave her husband for me , but I was too much of a coward to let that happen. I have always missed her, I wanted to be just like her in mind and body.

So , looking back on my life, my need to change my gender identity and live as a heterosexual woman never faded for all of my attempts to suppress it. Getting married seemed the right thing to do. Had it not been for issues over bringing up our children and interfering in laws , it might have survived longer than 31 years. But it was never a relaxed union. I won’t go in to detail because my point here is that for some people , like me, gender dysphoria is very real and serious.

The major problem is , how on earth can it be diagnosed by separating it from fetishism and delusion. It can’t be measured and accounted for as a virus, and to many bigots it is like the ex mother in law who said to me ‘You’re sick and in need of help.’ This is not an uncommon attitude , with many morons not able to distinguish between transvestitism and transgender. It is quite simple really. The latter is about one’s body , though obviously many of us want to dress , smell, and make up as nicely as possible. The former is just about clothes and , presumably masturbation.

Feminists are trying to cloud the issue of sex changes rather than to undertsand , because they are all about power and status. The last thing they want is equal accountability. That is why they cn come out with terms like toxic masculinity and white male privilege , and women never lie about rape or abuse. If they do something bad it is always somehow a man’s fault leading or bullying them , or an act of righteous revenge.

These types don’t want to lose any of their scapegoats or have born males affecting to be of the premier virtuous perfect sex. These people of course are far from sexy , so not the sort of women I would like to be.

The opinion makers are the truly privileged ones. Their public sector and media positions makes them the gatekeepers and judges of right and wrong. The con is that people simply divide along sex and racial lines. I have enjoyed the company and passions of both sexes and other races. I see the LGBTQI like the old ‘form a square’ military strategy. For all of its usefulness , many will get splattered . The feminists like it that way , keeping us weirdoes in a box where we belong so they can hang on to privilege and the myth of moral superiority.

I don’t see anything wrong with my argument so far. But, if Transsexuals are not just a blob, then they must be assessed as individuals. How can you tell at the outset that someone like me who wanted to be a girl , from my first reflective moment of consciousness aged 3, who really knows ?

There is no easy answer to that. Parents who had longed for a boy or girl are understandably disturbed that the authorities can override them whatever they want to become of their child’s choice , blocking or supporting it. It is potentially a form of totalitarianism. It is further confirmation , if you needed any , that the state owns your child.

When I was a child in a family that became very materially poor after father died, the sexes were clearly defined. People dressed accordingly. So when my wealthy posh London aunt started sending parcels of her posh daughter’s skirt suits, full length satin and lace slips, bras , girdles , panties and suspender belts, they didn’t fit my ever hungry sister or suit my mother. I watched where they were put away.

No body noticed when I borrowed them. When I realised they were totally forgotten , I purloined them. Money from odd jobs paid for stockings and make up which I told the shop assistant were for my mother. In those days , stockings had seams which were so sophisticated. The beauty comes from attention to detail. It always came naturally to me , as it did in all the art competitions that I won.

Of course there were no sex changes on the NHS back then and when I eventually plucked up courage to tell my doctor I wanted to change sex, I was led on an over two year long wild goose chase ending with the police sending messages that I have always been seriously mentally ill. The upshot has been an ongoing threat of sending me to the madhouse. That point is important because those sort of people have now been handed the right to judge vulnerable people, mainly males, as fit or unfit for sex change.

The Kiera Bell story is being exploited by the anti sex change feminazis as evidence that all sex changes should be banned , for reasons already given. Girls like her opting to become boys are unusual because most girls get their male kicks dressing overtly in male clothes, having short hair and telling the world why they are better – many becoming lesbians. It’s hard if not impossible to give girls a convincing sex change and few want it. Surgery and hormones work best on boys because something is being removed , not added. However , girls are vulnerable to the notion that boys have it easy. That is official government and media propaganda and it is dangerous.

There are certain aspects of my historic mind and body which has always made my efforts to appear masculine difficult. It has taken me too long to be proud of those aspects, though they were useful to my music , writing , art , craftsmanship, and teaching – which police take note , ended when I quit in 2008 , not in 1996, so you are misinformed. My body was never designed to play football and my index fingers are longer than my ring fingers.

I used to be ashamed to admit to being female , which is why I was so quiet during my divorce. Now I am proud of it , although the police have and must yet account for the most serious damage they have done to my life and credibility. They have wasted nearly 14 years of my life and cost me two relationships with good men. I digress , but with relevance. The state is run for the elite’s benefit. I have said it many times. If the state wants you to know something it is probably a lie.

Men have been subject to increasingly negative state and media propaganda. Thames Valley Police have been told to make domestic abuse top priority with women always assumed to be the victim even if they acted violently in the first place. The majority of non Muslim boys now grow up without fathers at home and all this negative imagery. So it is quite possible that social factors are persuading little boys that it is not only better to be a girl , it is safer. Why worry about having kids ? There are surrogates and unwanted children. If you marry a woman you’ll probably end up losing your kids and anything else you have so why bother.

Changing sex , like all major health interventions can be dangerous. But life is very dangerous just as soon as you get in your car. I have spent years truck driving , covering many thousands of miles. I know how quickly life can end on the road. Mealy mouthed bitter power crazed women are a menace to justice on the sex change issue. Feminist writer millionaire ( or billionaire ) , J.K Rowling should have been prosecuted for her hate speech on transsexuals. If transsexuals in ladies toilets are a danger , what about the lesbians ? One could go on. Kiera’s case is irrelevant to the issue of anti androgens for minors.

The wrong questions are always asked , as the police know as pass masters of injustice, when the authorities have foregone conclusions. Being on the receiving end of nearly 14 years of police lies I know how awful and life destroying it is , and now my doctor is implicated in those lies , I obviously do not trust public servants. However, it is difficult to see any other answer to this problem. Far worse things are being done to children , like the mass prescription of anti psychotic drugs. When it comes to the mind it is always the state that decides.

Roberta Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook September 2021

Appeal court overturns UK puberty blockers ruling for under-16s – September 19th 2021

Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust wins challenge over case brought by Keira Bell last year

Keira Bell
Keira Bell, who began taking puberty blockers when she was 16 before detransitioning, outside the high court in London last year. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Haroon Siddique Legal affairs Correspondent

The court of appeal has overturned a controversial judgment that children under the age of 16 considering gender reassignment are unlikely to be mature enough to give informed consent to be prescribed puberty-blocking drugs.

Read More Appeal court overturns UK puberty blockers ruling for under-16s | Transgender | The Guardian

Roberta Jane Cook’s 2003 semi autobiographical novel about the difficulties and prejudices of being a trans woman in Britain’s 21st century.

Doctor’s Judgement – September 18th 2021

For nearly 3 years I have been asking my GP for disclosures regarding their response to and handling of malicious correspondence , concerning my mental health and other allegations, from Thames Valley Police. Yesterday, with a court hearing on Wednesday, I received very limited disclosures. significantly , my GP’s covering letter has now shifted blame on to me requesting my hormone treatment medication be stopped. this incredible considering that he had previously blamed the London Gender Identity Clinic for this appalling decision.

It now becomes abundantly clear that the police’s influence on the Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC ) was the cause of my long overdue Gender Reassignment Surgery being made conditional on an out of the blue diagnosis, without consultation, that I am psychotic and needed zombie drugs before I could be accepted for surgery. At the same time, the GIC’S Kirpal Sahota informed my GP that I have a secure female identity and was ready to take medication to prepare my body for surgery.

At that time , because malicious still undisclosed police records against me and my eldest son , for stalking a senior police officer and his family , so causing fear of violence, I was destroyed professionally. I had to fall back on my previous truck driving hobby. Fortunately my employers new the truth which the police were not interested in.

Roberta Jane Cook , left in gender limb because of police lies and interference in her medical care . Her only identity now , is the one the police have given her over nearly 14 years of harassment. September 2021

As a truck driver, I carried very serious and varied responsibilities. The head GP at my doctors’ surgery even routinely took money to sign me off as fit to drive HGVs with no drink , drug or mental health problems.

In March 2018 , following my last appointment at the GIC – I daren’t go back there because of what happened next – I was doing a long run into the West Country with a 1 am start. It took me an average of 13 hours on the road including drops and heavy lifting.

So early in March , two weeks after my last GIC appointment, I was back home from my driving shift -it took 30 minutes each way to get to and from work.

While i was relaxing with a glass of red wine before dinner and bed , ready for my next shift, we noticed a small car struggling to reverse from the lane into my drive. Three men got out. I expected another malicious police raid , following their efforts days before , to have me prosecuted as a gay escort’ working from home in a brothel, for my son and associates.

It was alleged that I had shopped myself by sending material to senior police officers et al. Obviously it was bullshit and all about undermining my credibility with my GP and the GIC. they also like to get in and steal my computers etc because they are paranoid about me. No doubt it remains on record as true but prosecution dropped for ‘lack of evidence’ – though they did prosecute me for swearing at the lead officer because he would not update or give my property back. Clearly I have much to blame my GP for.

The lead person of this uninvited trio was a geriatric specialist psychiatrist C R Ramsay ,who had previously backed my GP’s referral to the GIC. The other two were a big black affable mental health nurse from Zimbabwe , and a slightly built male medical student. There followed 2 more of these 45 minute sessions during which I struggled to get to speak. My wine drinking was noted as alcoholism. The last two sessions were with Ramsay alone at my insistence. He made clear that the GIC wanted a strong diagnosis to back their own – emanating from Norden House. He later went on record lying that I refused another opinion.

Ramsay’s conclusions were that I am suffering from a paranoid personality disorder, bi polar , schizophrenic and anti social. Interesting he noted that I talked too much even though I am supposedly anti social , by exhibiting what he called pressured speech. His report included the lines that I would be more likely to die by misadventure than suicide but did not need hospital yet.

He recommended a multi agency approach. This was already extant thanks to the police’s intrusion into my life and ongoing refusal to explain the devastating PNC Criminal Marker and soft intelligence created about me on October 9th 2008. Harassment , not honesty and investigation are normal to them as well as faking and hiding evidence. The fact that they now have their finger on the mental health button – in a society where so many are being driven nuts – should alarm the intelligent person.

So hopefully my handful of readers will understand why I am not happy with the following article. GPs have blocked me for GRS no good reason, apart from believing corrupt police lies. Who else will they block ? Who will they label mentally ill in the process. Our NHS Is nothing to clap about and the police , whose numbers included black footballer ‘s killer PC Monk , and murdering rapist PC Couzens , are institutionally corrupt. How many more nutters, liars and criminals lurk in their ranks ? Look at the length of the cover up for Monk , by West Mercia Police’s senior management.

I will write more on why I think children should be allowed to choose anti androgens , but there are risks if this goes on too long because there will be no material for GRS reconstruction – which has happened to me thanks to the police corruptly influencing my obsequious GP and the GIC.

Roberta Jane Cook , September 2019. Her dream has been stolen because of the police and Norden House Surgery’s lies. One suspects hate crime here. The LGBTQI camp are not a sign of progress. They are a sign of fear and social failure.

Roberta Jane Cook

Doctors can ‘exercise judgment’ on puberty blockers without court approval – September 17th 2021

By Jess Glass,

a blue sign sitting on the side of a building: The Tavistock Centre, London (Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

By Jess Glass,

The Court of Appeal has overturned a landmark ruling over the use of puberty-blocking drugs for children with gender dysphoria, finding doctors should use their clinical judgment rather than needing a court’s approval to provide treatment.

Last year the High Court ruled it was “highly unlikely” that a child aged 13 or under would be able to consent to the hormone-blocking treatment, and that it was “very doubtful” that a child of 14 or 15 would understand the long-term consequences.

Read More Doctors can ‘exercise judgment’ on puberty blockers without court approval (

Comment I will be making a comment and further observations on transgender later , speaking as someone who has very early memories of wanting to be and be treated as a girl from a very early age before I started school at under 5.

I was always playing dress up and with dolls. I have not, however, had a good experience of the Gender Identity Clinic because the police, with whom I have very serious issues, managed to ingratiate themselves with my GP who gave credibility to their poison, harming my health in the process.

Roberta Jane Cook doing her morning exercises today.

Roberta Jane Cook

“Police Take Over Roberta Jane Cook’s Sex Change & Health Care ,Warning of Serious Psychosis & Paranoid Personality Disorder Is Claimed By Authorities Based On Police Lies & Corruption , In Another Blow To Shut Her Up & Block Her Latest Attempt For A New Life With Her Son” – September 16th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook – September 15th 2021-waiting over 3 years for sex change surgery after mandatory living as a woman for over two years. She says, ” I think Norden House and the GIC have been told not to worry because if the courts don’t jail me , they will send me to the madhouse.1
Appledene Photographic

I have had a near 14 year battle with West Mercia and Thames Valley Police over very serious complaints against them, which they continue to lie about ever having investigated.In a 2016 trial ,which I won, they had no case against my allegations so invented domestic violence allegations  To this day they refuse to explain or disclose anything and involved themselves in my medical care, repeating allegations that I have been mentally ill for many years, refusing treatment .

My doctor’s surgery, headed by Dr Roger Dickson , accepted these malicious self interested allegations in 2017 , informing my GP that the GIC should not follow through with my gender reassignment surgery.  I have known I needed this since I was a child, but tried to be ‘normal.’ The malicious decision has been devastating.

I had been on female hormones and anti androgens for over a year when this intrusion took place , along with treatment to remove facial hair. As you can see from the picture below , breast development was well under way when my hormone treatment and surgery was stopped until I accepted a psychiatrist’s opinion that I am a paranoid deluded schizophrenic. My maleness had shrunk to nothing and is dysfunctional , so much so that full sex change is now probably impossible.

By this time I had been arrested, locked up and interrogated for apparently shopping myself as a gay prostitute . I was assumed guilty , without investigation or evidence, of sending a picture of a total stranger and another of me laying on a friend’s bed along with typed letters to senior police officers at al , bearing a typed name Oliver Lazar, stating some very unpleasant things about me , This included that I was working in a brothel run by my son and hs ‘associates’ at our joint address. The case has never been officially closed -see ‘A Whore’s Tale’ on the ‘Toxic Transgender Page.’

Roberta Jane Cook laying on a male friend’s bed in 2017. Only Lucille Jane Fletcher of Potters Bar had access to that picture and I am wearing the dress she lent me for the occasion. It was used as ‘evidence that I was working for my son as a ‘gay escort’ for my son and his associates at our address. i had shopped myself ,,They said this Was revenge on Kieran.
I ended up in Crown Court in 2018 because of this act of police revenge for 2016. Their latest revenge has been to block my sex change treatment whispering lies in correspondence that I have not been allowed to see : that I am a deranged psycho pervert, not an accomplished writer , among other things. That is how police state Britain works. R.J Cook

I am now being taken to court for repeating my allegations on this site, allegations that were found not to be a breach of restraining order in 2016 , after 7 terrifying Crown Court hearings , where a long jail term was threatened if I did not plead guilty. Unexplained domestic violence was suddenly announced to up the ante. I cannot say more for legal reasons.  Suffice it to say that there are strong elements of hate crime here – in weird hypocritical society that does not know the difference between a transvestite and transsexual – or a pervert or a writer.

So , aged 70 , I am told with no explanation that I have to start my treatment with London’s Gender Identity Clinic all over again subject to another assessment and the inevitable self interested conclusion that I am still most definitely psychotic and must take the zombie drugs that offer balance issues , bladder and bowel control problems and memory loss. So effectively making gender reassignment pointless because I would not know whether I was a mouse or a monkey – and most certainly not be able to live life as , or thus even know I was a woman. As for being a writer no hope. Dr C R Ramsay concluded that I might die more likely by misadventure. He said he wasn’t interested in seeing all my published books.

I first firmed up my decision to change sex in 2003, when my semi autobiographical novel ‘Man Maid Woman’ published on the subject. By this time I realised my marriage was a disaster and that being allowed to consider gender reassignment at an early age should be a human right. People like us know what we are and often over over compensate for fear of ridicule.

So I am now in the situation where my last blood test revealed almost zero oestrogen and zero testosterone making me vulnerable to arthritis , joint stiffness and depression.  To add insult to injury, my official GP , Dr Kamble has cut my crucial thyroxine, without explanation by 25mg , again with side effects including lethargy, verbal confusion , weight gain hair loss and depression.

There are also brain function and cancer risks associated with the clinical malpractice of Norden House and corrupt police. I am officially subject to a multi agency approach to my alleged mental health problems – a view initiated by my ex in laws was family , during my divorce – a family  which includes two police officers, one of which is a Chief Constable. In our fake democracy it seems one cannot argue with that.

As for the multi agency approach , it is three years since inception with no remedial treatment plan revealed , only a watching brief to undermine my credibility with the long term view of sectioning to hospital. All is shrouded in secrecy. The adage that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear does not apply to police and NHS – who have insisted they will not make disclosures- only to us minions.

R J Cook

Robert Jane Cook , yesterday.
Transphobic Bigots like J K Rowling should be no platformed and her work boycotted.
J K Rowling and her TERF monsters won’t read it.
Morons are insecure about their sexuality to the point where they are basically asexual creatures whose only passion is for religious and feminist bigotry flavoured with hypocrisy.

this wonderful book raises in my mind , what on esarth should the police and anti psychotic drugs , along with a lying corrupt psychiatrist Dr C R Ramsay of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Centre have to do with my gender reassignment ? Mine is an interesting story and hopefully not over yet.

Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

September 15th 2021 – Roberta Jane Cook denied female hormones now, as well as the 3 years over due Gender Reassignment Surgery , blocked by still withheld third party 2017 allegations. Disclosures denied by all official parties – significantly London’s Gender Identity Clinic -since Roberta refused to accept being a paranoid delusional anti social bi polar schizophrenic.

Roberta Jane Cook Photographed today, story update following soon today.
Semi nudity is essential to the ongoing saga , as humiliating & embarrassing as it is to me.
There is little to see behind the white square,
Image Copyright Appledene Photographics. .

Introduction – August 22nd 2021

In view of my appalling experience with London’s Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC ) following the malicious police interference in my case , via my GP, I have decided to look at my gender history and the wider issue of transsexualism. A great deal of my history is already covered on the Toxic Transgender Clinic’ home page. However , the matter is becoming ever more contentious and the hate criminals persecuting transsexuals are abundant, especially with feminists , Islamists and also in the police.

This is me about to get dressed back in 1990, aged 39. For many of us, being transsexual means hiding in the closet rather than enjoying our sexuality and getting on with our lives.
Malicious Police interference led to me being diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic , delusional and with abnormal psychology , in April 2018 when I should have been listed for gender reassignment surgery, after living as a woman for two years and hormone treatment. The GIC forced a local psychiatrist, Dr C R Ramsay of Whiteleaf Centre , on me after I had been out since midnight working as a long distance truck driver.

Through the GIC, Ramsay visited , threatening sectioning if I refused him entry, for 3 x 45 minute sessions. He told me in advance that the GIC wanted a strong diagnosis, going on to lie on record that I had refused a second opinion..

Because of this , my sex change surgery was made conditional on me taking zombifying anti psychotic drugs. Apparently all of my complaints to and about the police were evidence of my paranoid delusion – even though the police have put in writing that they have refused to investigate anything, including what certain parties said in October 2008, to get me a PNC Criminal Marker and soft intelligence records of alleged domestic violence and stalking. The GIC and Norden House have admitted having secret correspondence about me , but refuse to disclose it.

I am in the position that concern for my son – who has been implicated in this malice- and my desperate need for gender reassignment surgery is making my life absoulte hell. Only my son has kept me going.

To force my compliance with their chemical lobotomy , the GIC and my GP have stopped my hormone prescription and injections until I have waited to see a panel of psychiatrists to have them confirm to me that I am psychotic, and will eventually need hospital. This is terrifying and has gone on for nearly 14 years. It would no wonder if I was mad by now. Further court conflict Is this inevitable.

I had simply wished to turn the page and get on with my life as a woman ,in every sense of the word. I had waited a lifetime and suppressed my gender dysphoria which I felt from the age of 4. The police however, have other ideas.
Roberta Jane Cook
This is problematic at such a young age.
This woman is opposed to the Scots plan. But feminism has done much to make men doubt their sexuality and its value. Obviously adult prisoners with no professional diagnosis or treatment choosing the soft option of female jails, by calling themselves women, is absurd. However, it begs the question why women have a soft option in this alleged age of equality. Multi culture is riddled with contradictions and conflict.

However , women’s groups and media have jumped on the trans exclusionary feminist bandwagon with the vicious and ridiculous excuse that men have sex change treatment and surgery to get into ladies toilets and rest rooms for the purposes of sex assault and rape. Most of sus do not want sex with them.
It is a feminist fantasy that women are so irresistible and need constant protection. They do need to act responsibly and recognise the types that rape – including Premier League footballers and police , where the common ingredient is power. these groups won’t like the would be rapist label , so why should transsexuals put up with it. Don’t ever forget PC Wayne Couzens.
An honest investigation into the explosion of sex change cases, with its obvious relationship to one parent families, negative make stereotypes and root cause ; untouchable feminism, will not be allowed. Terf intolerance , as with bigoted Muslims is O.K.

Feminising Nicely – August 23rd 2021

In 2003 my exwife told me I wouldn’t have a family if I didn’t do as I was told. That included not being allowed to talk to my young adult sons without her presence. That was when I realised I did not want to pretend to be man anymore. I decided I was happier as a woman in male company. So I was working on three commissioned books. One was about changing Southampton. It meant staying away from home. In doing so, I decided to do all of the research ene femme as Roberta.

Roberta Jane Cook at the Mayflower Club, Totton Southampton, Summer 2003 while researching a book on the city’s changes. for Sutton Haynes Publishing and later rights taken by Marks & Spencer. This was also the year she wrote the acclaimed novel ‘Man,Maid,Woman.’
Her partner had told her early in 2003 she could not talk to her sons without her presence. Otherwise she would have no family. Under this pressure and being used to physical and verbal abuse, Roberta sought consultations with Dr Russell Reid as she sought refugse in her female identity, something she had done since early childhood..
Women should be realistic
and take some responsibility for their safety.
Don’t go to dangerous places
as I am doing in this picture. You would certainly meet the police around here !
Roberta Jane Cook

How We Dress Affects How We See The World And How That World Sees Us – August 22nd 2021.

Robert Jane Cook , Summer 2008. A man who saw me that day said I looked like a whore and was I was asking for trouble. As feminist writer Virginia Woolf said : ‘How we dress decides how people see us and how we see them.’
Image Copyright Appledene Photographics 2008

About the Author

Robert Cook
facebook I went to school in Buckinghamshire, where my interests were music ( I was a violinist ), art ( winning county art competitions ) athletics and cross country ( I was a county team athlete ). My father died as a result of an accident- he was an ex soldier and truck driver- when I was 11. It could be said that I grew up in poverty, but I did not see it like that. As a schoolboy, I had my interests, hobbies and bicycle, worked on a farm, delivered news papers, did a lot of training for my sport, painting, and music. I also made model aeroplanes and was in the Air Training Corps, where we had the opportunity to fly an aeroplane. I had wanted to be a pilot, but university made me anti war. At the University of East Anglia-which I also represented in cross country and athletics- I studied economics, economic history, philosophy and sociology. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of manual, office and driving jobs. My first job after univerity was with the Inland Revenue in Havant, near Portsmouth. I left Hampshire to work for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile, then lecturing, teaching and journalism - then back to driving. I play and teach various styles of guitar and used to be a regular folk club performer. I quit that after being violently assaulted in Milton Keynes pub, after singing a song I wrote about how cop got away with killing Ian Tomlinson at G7, in broad daylight and caught on camera. The police took no action, saying taht my assailant had a good job. The pub in question was, and probably still is, popular with off duty police officers.

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