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Transparent – Roberta Cook Gets The Brush Off As Court Action Starts- September 24th 2021

Dear Ms Cooke, Further to your request, we have sent you a copy of your clinical records. The assessments you have had at the clinic, together with your lack of insight relating to your communication style, leads us to believe that you currently do not meet our inclusion criteria, therefore we are currently unable to help you with your gender treatment. Recently you have been contacting the clinic and have been abusive to the administrative staff. Our staff have a right to go about their daily role free from abuse and harassment. We are unable to tolerate this type of behaviour. For these reasons, we have discharged you back to the care of your GP whom we have copied into this email. We will not be in a position to respond to your telephone calls or other communications from you going forward. Please be assured that if your GP advises us that you are able to engage with treatment in the future and re-refers you to the clinic, we will be happy to offer you a prompt appointment without the need to wait on our external waiting list and will be able to continue your care. Best wishes, James Barrett BSc MSc FRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist in Gender Dysphoria Medicine / Lead Clinician Copy: Dr Campbell Norden House Surgery Avenue Road Winslow MK18 3DW Gender Identity Clinic Lief House, 3 Sumpter Close Finchley Road, London, NW3 5HR Tel: 0208 938 7590 Appledene Tennis Lane Winslow Buckingham Bucks MK18 3HR

robertajane.cook <>To: CLINICALADMIN, Gic (TAVISTOCK AND PORTMAN NHS FOUNDATION TRUST);;;24/09/21 15:543  Dear Sir/Madam,

It is nice to finally receive a message from someone senior who actually works at the GIC. This is the first direct response from the GIC to anything that I have tried to discuss for the preceding three years – since my last consultation – so well done for that at least.

However it does nothing to answer any any of my extremely clear questions and concerns in relation to my original diagnosis, treatment at the GIC and its unexpected halt in 2018 due to a yet to be explained PPD diagnosis. My clinical records also do not explain the close relationship between the GIC, Norden House and other agencies involved in my so called care. Why all the secrecy if everything has been done properly?

It is quite clear to me now that my gender diagnosis – and treatment at the GIC – has been heavily influenced by outside persons and agencies to the detriment of my health and wellbeing in the short, medium and long term. It would be helpful to me if you could admit to all of the outside contacts that the GIC has had in relation to me and the insistence at my last GIC consultation that I needed to accept the mind numbing anti psychotic drugs that were on offer. How could I have a secure female identity but also be clinically insane at the same time due to PPD?

In relation to my clinical records I have for the last three years been specifically asking for all correspondence relating to the outside agencies that have intruded in my medical care. Where – for example – did the GIC get the idea in 2018 that I was going to die by misadventure?

When I last spoke to your clerical staff I was not abusive. My frustration with the GIC’s ongoing refusal to be honest and transparent in relation to my so called care came out. I remain extremely unhappy with the GIC’s conduct throughout my so called treatment and care. I simply asked for a senior clinician to formally put in writing to me the full reasons for an explanation of the end of my hormone injections.

There are medical ramifications for the cessation of my hormone treatment. I am no longer hormonally male but neither have I progressed to being fully female. I have been chemically castrated due to your medical negligence and related complete lack of transparency in my care. My hormone levels of both testosterone and oestrogen are both dangerously low. This puts me at greater risk from all illnesses – including cancer.

In reality my discharge from the GIC effectively took place three years ago in the wake of my PPD diagnosis. Yet I still have not been informed as to where – or by whom – that diagnosis was made. My presumed lack of insight is the outcome of a prolonged period of GIC refusal to be honest with me in relation to my so called medical care.

You have consistently ducked out of the issues that I have tried to raise with yourselves. The message attached to your email is an inadequate explanation as to why you will not disclose all of the correspondence between yourselves – and other persons or agencies such as Thames Valley Police and Norden House.

As the subject of a controlling far from reasonable multi agency response I want to know precisely what the GIC was told by Thames Valley Police via the interesting letters sent by Dr Roger Dickson. Full disclosure is required from you – a legal obligation under the 2018 Freedom of Information Act.

All you had to do – from my desperate pleadings yesterday – to reinstitute the hormone prescriptions and injections – or give an explanation as to why you would not. My health has been massively affected by the preceding three years of GIC evasiveness. You cannot legally – or medically – escape your responsibilities this easily.

By the way there are a number of errors on the attached letter: my surname is COOK not Cooke and the Norden House GP’s name is wrong.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forwards to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Roberta Jane Cook

—— Original Message ——

Comment In March 2018 the London Tavistock Clinic effectively discharged me from their ‘care’ because I refused to take anti psychotic drugs. They had been persuaded that my concerns about nearly 14 years of police harassment were delusional. It seems that out of the blue they had concluded that I needed to take them along with a psychiatric assessment that was preloaded in favour of that diagnosis.

These precious people obviously believe that ignoring all of my requests over 3 years to explain their sudden resort to a paranoia diagnosis without explaining where it came from is less important than so frustrating me in two phone calls, along with ignoring all of my 3 years of e mails is more important. The physical and psychological impact of their misconduct has been massive. To argue that I do not meet their criteria now is ludicrous. I should have been free of them by now, with GRS complete.

They now have the audacity to tell me that they have sent my clinical records to Norden House, the very people who passed on derogatory information about me , from a third party that was obviously the police to the GIC. Norden House are another party who refuse to make disclosures crucial to my defence in a forthcoming Crown Court Trial, without the hormones that I have become dependent on. This is police state Britain.

Roberta Jane Cook

Should Children be allowed to choose to change sex ? – September 19th 2021

Feminists will grab any opportunity to rubbish sex change as a form of mental illness and / or perversion. So I am going to write as frankly as I dare. This blog post is a response to the article that follows it. I am also posting pictures of myself aged 8 , 12 and 21 , to reinforce my points. Talking about gender reassignment rather than sex change rather hides the reality.

Humans are sexual and gender or sex change has to account for that as part of any gender switch or readjustment. I already knew I wanted to be a girl when the first picture was taken but did not like the idea of sex as it was explained to me by the dirty minded council house kids at school. That did not stop me from wanting to get rid of my male sex organs , then wear appropriate underwear , petticoats and dresses – and of course grow my hair long.

R J Cook aged 8. Image Appledene Photographics.
R J Cook aged 12 . This was taken the year after my father died. I was already secretly dressing as a girl , sneaking out at night to walk in our garden, and then over the garden wall on to the new estate.
Image Appledene Photographics

I recall the first time that I was mistaken for a girl. I was still riding in my push chair , dressed in a blue siren suit, with white blonde curls peeping out of my bonnet. Mother didn’t want my hair cut short and nor did I. When It was winter and I toddled into Winslow Post Office one of my mitten covered hands clutching my mother’s hand. The kindly lady behind the big old wooden counter, Doreen Tofield by name, leant forward to say, what a beautiful child. Is it a little girl ? I preened, recognition at last.

Running for my university aged 21
Wolverton Athletic Club awards night. I rather stand out here because I am the only one not obviously dressed as as a man in a suit. The man standing far right had already started a sexual relationship with me. I was 16 at the time.
Obviously I am the one on the left. It was 1990. I had known the other person for 15 years. We became very close , having met as colleagues at Havant tax office. I went there with long blonde hair and did my first day wearing a new 3 piece suit. I felt awful. Next day I caused a stir by turning up in tight faded blue denim jeans and black brushed denim wide lapelled jacket. My jeans had flowers and butterflies embroidered on the backside. Heaven. So my colleague was also an outsider , fresh from London as tax work was devolved to the provinces. There were strong rumours that our relationship became sexual , with me living life in Portsmouth more overtly dressed and made up as a female. I will make no comment.
Here are some of my colleagues from Havant tax office. My very close friend dark haired beauty Barbara my inspiration is almost directly behind our bespectacled and rather dignified boss, Mr Christmas. I recall him asking me if I had a girlfriend. When I said ‘no’ , he smiled , then said ‘Oh well you can’t have everything.’ Barbara had left art college in London after becoming pregnant. She returned to her native Portsmouth. I adored her conservative dress style and rustling satin and lace lingerie. She had exquisite taste and style. Her perfume was Chanel and make up as perfect as you would expect from an artist. She wanted to leave her husband for me , but I was too much of a coward to let that happen. I have always missed her, I wanted to be just like her in mind and body.

So , looking back on my life, my need to change my gender identity and live as a heterosexual woman never faded for all of my attempts to suppress it. Getting married seemed the right thing to do. Had it not been for issues over bringing up our children and interfering in laws , it might have survived longer than 31 years. But it was never a relaxed union. I won’t go in to detail because my point here is that for some people , like me, gender dysphoria is very real and serious.

The major problem is , how on earth can it be diagnosed by separating it from fetishism and delusion. It can’t be measured and accounted for as a virus, and to many bigots it is like the ex mother in law who said to me ‘You’re sick and in need of help.’ This is not an uncommon attitude , with many morons not able to distinguish between transvestitism and transgender. It is quite simple really. The latter is about one’s body , though obviously many of us want to dress , smell, and make up as nicely as possible. The former is just about clothes and , presumably masturbation.

Feminists are trying to cloud the issue of sex changes rather than to undertsand , because they are all about power and status. The last thing they want is equal accountability. That is why they cn come out with terms like toxic masculinity and white male privilege , and women never lie about rape or abuse. If they do something bad it is always somehow a man’s fault leading or bullying them , or an act of righteous revenge.

These types don’t want to lose any of their scapegoats or have born males affecting to be of the premier virtuous perfect sex. These people of course are far from sexy , so not the sort of women I would like to be.

The opinion makers are the truly privileged ones. Their public sector and media positions makes them the gatekeepers and judges of right and wrong. The con is that people simply divide along sex and racial lines. I have enjoyed the company and passions of both sexes and other races. I see the LGBTQI like the old ‘form a square’ military strategy. For all of its usefulness , many will get splattered . The feminists like it that way , keeping us weirdoes in a box where we belong so they can hang on to privilege and the myth of moral superiority.

I don’t see anything wrong with my argument so far. But, if Transsexuals are not just a blob, then they must be assessed as individuals. How can you tell at the outset that someone like me who wanted to be a girl , from my first reflective moment of consciousness aged 3, who really knows ?

There is no easy answer to that. Parents who had longed for a boy or girl are understandably disturbed that the authorities can override them whatever they want to become of their child’s choice , blocking or supporting it. It is potentially a form of totalitarianism. It is further confirmation , if you needed any , that the state owns your child.

When I was a child in a family that became very materially poor after father died, the sexes were clearly defined. People dressed accordingly. So when my wealthy posh London aunt started sending parcels of her posh daughter’s skirt suits, full length satin and lace slips, bras , girdles , panties and suspender belts, they didn’t fit my ever hungry sister or suit my mother. I watched where they were put away.

No body noticed when I borrowed them. When I realised they were totally forgotten , I purloined them. Money from odd jobs paid for stockings and make up which I told the shop assistant were for my mother. In those days , stockings had seams which were so sophisticated. The beauty comes from attention to detail. It always came naturally to me , as it did in all the art competitions that I won.

Of course there were no sex changes on the NHS back then and when I eventually plucked up courage to tell my doctor I wanted to change sex, I was led on an over two year long wild goose chase ending with the police sending messages that I have always been seriously mentally ill. The upshot has been an ongoing threat of sending me to the madhouse. That point is important because those sort of people have now been handed the right to judge vulnerable people, mainly males, as fit or unfit for sex change.

The Kiera Bell story is being exploited by the anti sex change feminazis as evidence that all sex changes should be banned , for reasons already given. Girls like her opting to become boys are unusual because most girls get their male kicks dressing overtly in male clothes, having short hair and telling the world why they are better – many becoming lesbians. It’s hard if not impossible to give girls a convincing sex change and few want it. Surgery and hormones work best on boys because something is being removed , not added. However , girls are vulnerable to the notion that boys have it easy. That is official government and media propaganda and it is dangerous.

There are certain aspects of my historic mind and body which has always made my efforts to appear masculine difficult. It has taken me too long to be proud of those aspects, though they were useful to my music , writing , art , craftsmanship, and teaching – which police take note , ended when I quit in 2008 , not in 1996, so you are misinformed. My body was never designed to play football and my index fingers are longer than my ring fingers.

I used to be ashamed to admit to being female , which is why I was so quiet during my divorce. Now I am proud of it , although the police have and must yet account for the most serious damage they have done to my life and credibility. They have wasted nearly 14 years of my life and cost me two relationships with good men. I digress , but with relevance. The state is run for the elite’s benefit. I have said it many times. If the state wants you to know something it is probably a lie.

Men have been subject to increasingly negative state and media propaganda. Thames Valley Police have been told to make domestic abuse top priority with women always assumed to be the victim even if they acted violently in the first place. The majority of non Muslim boys now grow up without fathers at home and all this negative imagery. So it is quite possible that social factors are persuading little boys that it is not only better to be a girl , it is safer. Why worry about having kids ? There are surrogates and unwanted children. If you marry a woman you’ll probably end up losing your kids and anything else you have so why bother.

Changing sex , like all major health interventions can be dangerous. But life is very dangerous just as soon as you get in your car. I have spent years truck driving , covering many thousands of miles. I know how quickly life can end on the road. Mealy mouthed bitter power crazed women are a menace to justice on the sex change issue. Feminist writer millionaire ( or billionaire ) , J.K Rowling should have been prosecuted for her hate speech on transsexuals. If transsexuals in ladies toilets are a danger , what about the lesbians ? One could go on. Kiera’s case is irrelevant to the issue of anti androgens for minors.

The wrong questions are always asked , as the police know as pass masters of injustice, when the authorities have foregone conclusions. Being on the receiving end of nearly 14 years of police lies I know how awful and life destroying it is , and now my doctor is implicated in those lies , I obviously do not trust public servants. However, it is difficult to see any other answer to this problem. Far worse things are being done to children , like the mass prescription of anti psychotic drugs. When it comes to the mind it is always the state that decides.

Roberta Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook September 2021

Appeal court overturns UK puberty blockers ruling for under-16s – September 19th 2021

Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust wins challenge over case brought by Keira Bell last year

Keira Bell
Keira Bell, who began taking puberty blockers when she was 16 before detransitioning, outside the high court in London last year. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Haroon Siddique Legal affairs Correspondent

The court of appeal has overturned a controversial judgment that children under the age of 16 considering gender reassignment are unlikely to be mature enough to give informed consent to be prescribed puberty-blocking drugs.

Read More Appeal court overturns UK puberty blockers ruling for under-16s | Transgender | The Guardian

Roberta Jane Cook’s 2003 semi autobiographical novel about the difficulties and prejudices of being a trans woman in Britain’s 21st century.

Doctor’s Judgement – September 18th 2021

For nearly 3 years I have been asking my GP for disclosures regarding their response to and handling of malicious correspondence , concerning my mental health and other allegations, from Thames Valley Police. Yesterday, with a court hearing on Wednesday, I received very limited disclosures. significantly , my GP’s covering letter has now shifted blame on to me requesting my hormone treatment medication be stopped. this incredible considering that he had previously blamed the London Gender Identity Clinic for this appalling decision.

It now becomes abundantly clear that the police’s influence on the Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC ) was the cause of my long overdue Gender Reassignment Surgery being made conditional on an out of the blue diagnosis, without consultation, that I am psychotic and needed zombie drugs before I could be accepted for surgery. At the same time, the GIC’S Kirpal Sahota informed my GP that I have a secure female identity and was ready to take medication to prepare my body for surgery.

At that time , because malicious still undisclosed police records against me and my eldest son , for stalking a senior police officer and his family , so causing fear of violence, I was destroyed professionally. I had to fall back on my previous truck driving hobby. Fortunately my employers new the truth which the police were not interested in.

Roberta Jane Cook , left in gender limb because of police lies and interference in her medical care . Her only identity now , is the one the police have given her over nearly 14 years of harassment. September 2021

As a truck driver, I carried very serious and varied responsibilities. The head GP at my doctors’ surgery even routinely took money to sign me off as fit to drive HGVs with no drink , drug or mental health problems.

In March 2018 , following my last appointment at the GIC – I daren’t go back there because of what happened next – I was doing a long run into the West Country with a 1 am start. It took me an average of 13 hours on the road including drops and heavy lifting.

So early in March , two weeks after my last GIC appointment, I was back home from my driving shift -it took 30 minutes each way to get to and from work.

While i was relaxing with a glass of red wine before dinner and bed , ready for my next shift, we noticed a small car struggling to reverse from the lane into my drive. Three men got out. I expected another malicious police raid , following their efforts days before , to have me prosecuted as a gay escort’ working from home in a brothel, for my son and associates.

It was alleged that I had shopped myself by sending material to senior police officers et al. Obviously it was bullshit and all about undermining my credibility with my GP and the GIC. they also like to get in and steal my computers etc because they are paranoid about me. No doubt it remains on record as true but prosecution dropped for ‘lack of evidence’ – though they did prosecute me for swearing at the lead officer because he would not update or give my property back. Clearly I have much to blame my GP for.

The lead person of this uninvited trio was a geriatric specialist psychiatrist C R Ramsay ,who had previously backed my GP’s referral to the GIC. The other two were a big black affable mental health nurse from Zimbabwe , and a slightly built male medical student. There followed 2 more of these 45 minute sessions during which I struggled to get to speak. My wine drinking was noted as alcoholism. The last two sessions were with Ramsay alone at my insistence. He made clear that the GIC wanted a strong diagnosis to back their own – emanating from Norden House. He later went on record lying that I refused another opinion.

Ramsay’s conclusions were that I am suffering from a paranoid personality disorder, bi polar , schizophrenic and anti social. Interesting he noted that I talked too much even though I am supposedly anti social , by exhibiting what he called pressured speech. His report included the lines that I would be more likely to die by misadventure than suicide but did not need hospital yet.

He recommended a multi agency approach. This was already extant thanks to the police’s intrusion into my life and ongoing refusal to explain the devastating PNC Criminal Marker and soft intelligence created about me on October 9th 2008. Harassment , not honesty and investigation are normal to them as well as faking and hiding evidence. The fact that they now have their finger on the mental health button – in a society where so many are being driven nuts – should alarm the intelligent person.

So hopefully my handful of readers will understand why I am not happy with the following article. GPs have blocked me for GRS no good reason, apart from believing corrupt police lies. Who else will they block ? Who will they label mentally ill in the process. Our NHS Is nothing to clap about and the police , whose numbers included black footballer ‘s killer PC Monk , and murdering rapist PC Couzens , are institutionally corrupt. How many more nutters, liars and criminals lurk in their ranks ? Look at the length of the cover up for Monk , by West Mercia Police’s senior management.

I will write more on why I think children should be allowed to choose anti androgens , but there are risks if this goes on too long because there will be no material for GRS reconstruction – which has happened to me thanks to the police corruptly influencing my obsequious GP and the GIC.

Roberta Jane Cook , September 2019. Her dream has been stolen because of the police and Norden House Surgery’s lies. One suspects hate crime here. The LGBTQI camp are not a sign of progress. They are a sign of fear and social failure.

Roberta Jane Cook

Doctors can ‘exercise judgment’ on puberty blockers without court approval – September 17th 2021

By Jess Glass,

a blue sign sitting on the side of a building: The Tavistock Centre, London (Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

By Jess Glass,

The Court of Appeal has overturned a landmark ruling over the use of puberty-blocking drugs for children with gender dysphoria, finding doctors should use their clinical judgment rather than needing a court’s approval to provide treatment.

Last year the High Court ruled it was “highly unlikely” that a child aged 13 or under would be able to consent to the hormone-blocking treatment, and that it was “very doubtful” that a child of 14 or 15 would understand the long-term consequences.

Read More Doctors can ‘exercise judgment’ on puberty blockers without court approval (

Comment I will be making a comment and further observations on transgender later , speaking as someone who has very early memories of wanting to be and be treated as a girl from a very early age before I started school at under 5.

I was always playing dress up and with dolls. I have not, however, had a good experience of the Gender Identity Clinic because the police, with whom I have very serious issues, managed to ingratiate themselves with my GP who gave credibility to their poison, harming my health in the process.

Roberta Jane Cook doing her morning exercises today.

Roberta Jane Cook

“Police Take Over Roberta Jane Cook’s Sex Change & Health Care ,Warning of Serious Psychosis & Paranoid Personality Disorder Is Claimed By Authorities Based On Police Lies & Corruption , In Another Blow To Shut Her Up & Block Her Latest Attempt For A New Life With Her Son” – September 16th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook – September 15th 2021-waiting over 3 years for sex change surgery after mandatory living as a woman for over two years. She says, ” I think Norden House and the GIC have been told not to worry because if the courts don’t jail me , they will send me to the madhouse.1
Appledene Photographic

I have had a near 14 year battle with West Mercia and Thames Valley Police over very serious complaints against them, which they continue to lie about ever having investigated.In a 2016 trial ,which I won, they had no case against my allegations so invented domestic violence allegations  To this day they refuse to explain or disclose anything and involved themselves in my medical care, repeating allegations that I have been mentally ill for many years, refusing treatment .

My doctor’s surgery, headed by Dr Roger Dickson , accepted these malicious self interested allegations in 2017 , informing my GP that the GIC should not follow through with my gender reassignment surgery.  I have known I needed this since I was a child, but tried to be ‘normal.’ The malicious decision has been devastating.

I had been on female hormones and anti androgens for over a year when this intrusion took place , along with treatment to remove facial hair. As you can see from the picture below , breast development was well under way when my hormone treatment and surgery was stopped until I accepted a psychiatrist’s opinion that I am a paranoid deluded schizophrenic. My maleness had shrunk to nothing and is dysfunctional , so much so that full sex change is now probably impossible.

By this time I had been arrested, locked up and interrogated for apparently shopping myself as a gay prostitute . I was assumed guilty , without investigation or evidence, of sending a picture of a total stranger and another of me laying on a friend’s bed along with typed letters to senior police officers at al , bearing a typed name Oliver Lazar, stating some very unpleasant things about me , This included that I was working in a brothel run by my son and hs ‘associates’ at our joint address. The case has never been officially closed -see ‘A Whore’s Tale’ on the ‘Toxic Transgender Page.’

Roberta Jane Cook laying on a male friend’s bed in 2017. Only Lucille Jane Fletcher of Potters Bar had access to that picture and I am wearing the dress she lent me for the occasion. It was used as ‘evidence that I was working for my son as a ‘gay escort’ for my son and his associates at our address. i had shopped myself ,,They said this Was revenge on Kieran.
I ended up in Crown Court in 2018 because of this act of police revenge for 2016. Their latest revenge has been to block my sex change treatment whispering lies in correspondence that I have not been allowed to see : that I am a deranged psycho pervert, not an accomplished writer , among other things. That is how police state Britain works. R.J Cook

I am now being taken to court for repeating my allegations on this site, allegations that were found not to be a breach of restraining order in 2016 , after 7 terrifying Crown Court hearings , where a long jail term was threatened if I did not plead guilty. Unexplained domestic violence was suddenly announced to up the ante. I cannot say more for legal reasons.  Suffice it to say that there are strong elements of hate crime here – in weird hypocritical society that does not know the difference between a transvestite and transsexual – or a pervert or a writer.

So , aged 70 , I am told with no explanation that I have to start my treatment with London’s Gender Identity Clinic all over again subject to another assessment and the inevitable self interested conclusion that I am still most definitely psychotic and must take the zombie drugs that offer balance issues , bladder and bowel control problems and memory loss. So effectively making gender reassignment pointless because I would not know whether I was a mouse or a monkey – and most certainly not be able to live life as , or thus even know I was a woman. As for being a writer no hope. Dr C R Ramsay concluded that I might die more likely by misadventure. He said he wasn’t interested in seeing all my published books.

I first firmed up my decision to change sex in 2003, when my semi autobiographical novel ‘Man Maid Woman’ published on the subject. By this time I realised my marriage was a disaster and that being allowed to consider gender reassignment at an early age should be a human right. People like us know what we are and often over over compensate for fear of ridicule.

So I am now in the situation where my last blood test revealed almost zero oestrogen and zero testosterone making me vulnerable to arthritis , joint stiffness and depression.  To add insult to injury, my official GP , Dr Kamble has cut my crucial thyroxine, without explanation by 25mg , again with side effects including lethargy, verbal confusion , weight gain hair loss and depression.

There are also brain function and cancer risks associated with the clinical malpractice of Norden House and corrupt police. I am officially subject to a multi agency approach to my alleged mental health problems – a view initiated by my ex in laws was family , during my divorce – a family  which includes two police officers, one of which is a Chief Constable. In our fake democracy it seems one cannot argue with that.

As for the multi agency approach , it is three years since inception with no remedial treatment plan revealed , only a watching brief to undermine my credibility with the long term view of sectioning to hospital. All is shrouded in secrecy. The adage that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear does not apply to police and NHS – who have insisted they will not make disclosures- only to us minions.

R J Cook

Robert Jane Cook , yesterday.
Transphobic Bigots like J K Rowling should be no platformed and her work boycotted.
J K Rowling and her TERF monsters won’t read it.
Morons are insecure about their sexuality to the point where they are basically asexual creatures whose only passion is for religious and feminist bigotry flavoured with hypocrisy.

this wonderful book raises in my mind , what on esarth should the police and anti psychotic drugs , along with a lying corrupt psychiatrist Dr C R Ramsay of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Centre have to do with my gender reassignment ? Mine is an interesting story and hopefully not over yet.

Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

September 15th 2021 – Roberta Jane Cook denied female hormones now, as well as the 3 years over due Gender Reassignment Surgery , blocked by still withheld third party 2017 allegations. Disclosures denied by all official parties – significantly London’s Gender Identity Clinic -since Roberta refused to accept being a paranoid delusional anti social bi polar schizophrenic.

Roberta Jane Cook Photographed today, story update following soon today.
Semi nudity is essential to the ongoing saga , as humiliating & embarrassing as it is to me.
There is little to see behind the white square,
Image Copyright Appledene Photographics. .

Introduction – August 22nd 2021

In view of my appalling experience with London’s Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC ) following the malicious police interference in my case , via my GP, I have decided to look at my gender history and the wider issue of transsexualism. A great deal of my history is already covered on the Toxic Transgender Clinic’ home page. However , the matter is becoming ever more contentious and the hate criminals persecuting transsexuals are abundant, especially with feminists , Islamists and also in the police.

This is me about to get dressed back in 1990, aged 39. For many of us, being transsexual means hiding in the closet rather than enjoying our sexuality and getting on with our lives.
Malicious Police interference led to me being diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic , delusional and with abnormal psychology , in April 2018 when I should have been listed for gender reassignment surgery, after living as a woman for two years and hormone treatment. The GIC forced a local psychiatrist, Dr C R Ramsay of Whiteleaf Centre , on me after I had been out since midnight working as a long distance truck driver.

Through the GIC, Ramsay visited , threatening sectioning if I refused him entry, for 3 x 45 minute sessions. He told me in advance that the GIC wanted a strong diagnosis, going on to lie on record that I had refused a second opinion..

Because of this , my sex change surgery was made conditional on me taking zombifying anti psychotic drugs. Apparently all of my complaints to and about the police were evidence of my paranoid delusion – even though the police have put in writing that they have refused to investigate anything, including what certain parties said in October 2008, to get me a PNC Criminal Marker and soft intelligence records of alleged domestic violence and stalking. The GIC and Norden House have admitted having secret correspondence about me , but refuse to disclose it.

I am in the position that concern for my son – who has been implicated in this malice- and my desperate need for gender reassignment surgery is making my life absoulte hell. Only my son has kept me going.

To force my compliance with their chemical lobotomy , the GIC and my GP have stopped my hormone prescription and injections until I have waited to see a panel of psychiatrists to have them confirm to me that I am psychotic, and will eventually need hospital. This is terrifying and has gone on for nearly 14 years. It would no wonder if I was mad by now. Further court conflict Is this inevitable.

I had simply wished to turn the page and get on with my life as a woman ,in every sense of the word. I had waited a lifetime and suppressed my gender dysphoria which I felt from the age of 4. The police however, have other ideas.
Roberta Jane Cook
This is problematic at such a young age.
This woman is opposed to the Scots plan. But feminism has done much to make men doubt their sexuality and its value. Obviously adult prisoners with no professional diagnosis or treatment choosing the soft option of female jails, by calling themselves women, is absurd. However, it begs the question why women have a soft option in this alleged age of equality. Multi culture is riddled with contradictions and conflict.

However , women’s groups and media have jumped on the trans exclusionary feminist bandwagon with the vicious and ridiculous excuse that men have sex change treatment and surgery to get into ladies toilets and rest rooms for the purposes of sex assault and rape. Most of sus do not want sex with them.
It is a feminist fantasy that women are so irresistible and need constant protection. They do need to act responsibly and recognise the types that rape – including Premier League footballers and police , where the common ingredient is power. these groups won’t like the would be rapist label , so why should transsexuals put up with it. Don’t ever forget PC Wayne Couzens.
An honest investigation into the explosion of sex change cases, with its obvious relationship to one parent families, negative make stereotypes and root cause ; untouchable feminism, will not be allowed. Terf intolerance , as with bigoted Muslims is O.K.

Feminising Nicely – August 23rd 2021

In 2003 my exwife told me I wouldn’t have a family if I didn’t do as I was told. That included not being allowed to talk to my young adult sons without her presence. That was when I realised I did not want to pretend to be man anymore. I decided I was happier as a woman in male company. So I was working on three commissioned books. One was about changing Southampton. It meant staying away from home. In doing so, I decided to do all of the research ene femme as Roberta.

Roberta Jane Cook at the Mayflower Club, Totton Southampton, Summer 2003 while researching a book on the city’s changes. for Sutton Haynes Publishing and later rights taken by Marks & Spencer. This was also the year she wrote the acclaimed novel ‘Man,Maid,Woman.’
Her partner had told her early in 2003 she could not talk to her sons without her presence. Otherwise she would have no family. Under this pressure and being used to physical and verbal abuse, Roberta sought consultations with Dr Russell Reid as she sought refugse in her female identity, something she had done since early childhood..
Women should be realistic
and take some responsibility for their safety.
Don’t go to dangerous places
as I am doing in this picture. You would certainly meet the police around here !
Roberta Jane Cook

How We Dress Affects How We See The World And How That World Sees Us – August 22nd 2021.

Robert Jane Cook , Summer 2008. A man who saw me that day said I looked like a whore and was I was asking for trouble. As feminist writer Virginia Woolf said : ‘How we dress decides how people see us and how we see them.’
Image Copyright Appledene Photographics 2008

About the Author

Robert Cook
facebook I went to school in Buckinghamshire, where my interests were music ( I was a violinist ), art ( winning county art competitions ) athletics and cross country ( I was a county team athlete ). My father died as a result of an accident- he was an ex soldier and truck driver- when I was 11. It could be said that I grew up in poverty, but I did not see it like that. As a schoolboy, I had my interests, hobbies and bicycle, worked on a farm, delivered news papers, did a lot of training for my sport, painting, and music. I also made model aeroplanes and was in the Air Training Corps, where we had the opportunity to fly an aeroplane. I had wanted to be a pilot, but university made me anti war. At the University of East Anglia-which I also represented in cross country and athletics- I studied economics, economic history, philosophy and sociology. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of manual, office and driving jobs. My first job after univerity was with the Inland Revenue in Havant, near Portsmouth. I left Hampshire to work for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile, then lecturing, teaching and journalism - then back to driving. I play and teach various styles of guitar and used to be a regular folk club performer. I quit that after being violently assaulted in Milton Keynes pub, after singing a song I wrote about how cop got away with killing Ian Tomlinson at G7, in broad daylight and caught on camera. The police took no action, saying taht my assailant had a good job. The pub in question was, and probably still is, popular with off duty police officers.

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