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Bletchley Tesco Staple Food Sold Out March 2oth 2020

Train to Protest Posted March 13th 2020

The good people of Buckinghamshire don’t like their comfortable world upset. Here landowners and farmers are happy and often pushing for planning permission on their land, so as to create more homes and burden on the infrastrcuture. As we see ongong around Buckingham, it never stops. But talk of infrastcructure projects and they protest, as here with the HS2. Around here, where I was born and bred, it has always been about the money.
Britain is a class divided society. The industrial revoloution was hell for the displaced rural workers, whose lives were awful anyway. They just got worse. Rich landowers like local Verney, invested in railways. The consequent Acts of Parliament, from a government even more remote, dictated that the new rail lines from London would pass through the poorest districts.
Anyone who believes leaving Europe is ‘getting their country back’ is deluded and an outcome of an education system that is all about limiting peoples self expression and awareness. Robert Cook
Flooding extremes are much to do with building on flood plains to cope with housing demand caused by local prosperity, migration, broken homes, student population growth and speculative builders.

Climate change is affected by these phenomenon world wide, Add to that, public spending focuses on expanding the number of police and other public servants rather than infrastructure and maintenance.
Tennis Lane, Winslow, ostensibly maintained by Bucks County Council Highaways Dept. This tanker driver was stranded because he broke a Mirror. Appledene Photographics/Truck & Driver Magazine
Chandos Road and Cinema Buckingham 1990s. Image Appldene Photographics.
Swanbourne Station February 21st 2020 Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Swanbourne Station 1983 Empty Stock movements between Aylesbury and Bletchley Motive Power Depot Image Mick Waters
What a joke !
He said it, ‘Unspeakable ‘

Say No to Nimbies Posted January 9th 2020

Nice Nimbies Good Nimbies. Don’t waste money on a railway when there are all those wars to be fought abroad for democracy and women’s rights. The poor can’t afford train rides anyway and the rich have their Mercs, BMWs and 4x4s.

NIMBY Rules OK January 9th 2020

This is a picture of polite protest.  It is front page news on a nice newspaper in Aylesbury Bucks. The area, especially in the Chilterns is full of nice people who live in very nice houses, with nice children and nice jobs.  

These people have money and know what they want.  HS2 is not what they want.  To placate them, the powers that be have offered to tunnel it through the Chilterns, demanding enormous water resources to dissolve the chalk, making the project unaffordable and absurd.

Ironically these are the people who can afford the privatised rail fares and don’t want the system renationalised.  They are nice and believe in grotesque private wealth.  They want the lower orders out of site, in jail preferably or slaving out of site.  Slums will do for them.  

Above all, they want their nice big houses and nice families safe.  So they pass off their NO 2 HS2 protests as environmental protection.  In truth all they are interested in protecting is their property value and lifestyle.  To hell with anyone else.  Robert Cook

Time has passed Posted December 22nd 2019

Cllr Isham was 6 years older than me. I remember him from my 18 years service on neighbouring Winslow Town Council, of which I was a senior member. I was Chairman of the North Bucks Town and Parish Council consortium. How quickly the time has passed. Robert Cook

A Distraction Posted December 4th 2019

What is real change?
Not a very diverse image for the brighter future
Just so readers know, I was once upon a time many years ago, stupid enough to think I could make a difference.
There is no end to the nonsense we hear about individuals or parties who are going to save the future;
This guy thought he could make a difference- Julian Assange, whistleblower over Anglo British war crimes and corruption.
The rape claim was obviously a set up, but here is Assange being moved, at taxpayer’s expense, to his new home.

It is all about the money and faceless ones. Buckingham will vote Tory now that Bercow has gone- most in this constituency thought he was Tory anyway. I can’t show the Tory brochure because it was the first to arrive and the first for me to throw awa..

People around here and in all the comfortable parts of the country will think more police is a good thing.the more urgent need for police reform is never mentioned because the idea of police corruption is beyond their self interested mind set.

It is no mystery why the police are hated by a certain class of people and in certain parts of the country. It is no mystery why the people with money, paying less tax to fund them than the lower orders, love the police telling us we need more. Labour have their own agenda for wanting more police.
The time for real change came when this man, Viscunt Sidmouth, aka matey fake socialist Tony Benn undermined Dennis Healey’s campaign to lead Labour, opening the door for the vile greedy Thatcherites who changed the country and the world. His son Hilary undermined Brexit.
This is the reality of the British Police and criminal justice system. The puyblic interest is the ruling class interest
This is how greedy young Hong Kong Britain loving protestors deal with those who disagree withy them as they fight to be part of the Anglo U.S money making world.

I could go on, but what is the point? I cannot change things for the better. The pen is not mightier than the sword or our institutionally corrupt political, police, justice and financial system. It is not stronger than the jails our elite have for have built for us. Boris plans to build more prisons. That tells us a lot about the future he expects. i say expects because Tories do no act, they react, they are reactionary. Brexit is a sideshow, a distraction.

Worcester High St, November 2019. Does anyone bar me notice the young man sleeping on the street in the rain. He asked me if the river ever flooded this far.
Plymouth June 2019, a young man prepares to end his life. Suicide is now the biggest cause of death among under 40s males.
Men sleeping rough is now normalised. But all the politicans want to talk about is racism, male violence towards women, sexism against women, women in the media, female role models , more police and brexit. That’s real change. Eight people in this world own more wealth than the bottom 3.8 billion.

HS2 NIMBYS Posted November 29th 2019

From the earliest days of railway building it was the poor neighbourhoods who were supposed to suffer from the noise, disruption and pollution. So inevitably North Bucks MP Bercow and South Northants MP Andrea Ledson opposed it.

If it happens at all, millions will be spent tunnelling under the Chilterns, using millions of tons of water to disolve the chalk, to protect the rich home owners’ property values and peace of Buckinghamshire.

Personally, as Bucks born and bred, I would not mind if it came across my acres. I like trains and want to see more development in the north of England. If we have to have mindless mass immigration we need the jobs HS2 will bring. Robert Cook

Angry Words Posted November 24th 2019

Winslow Road Swanbourne around 3 pm today. RJC

This the scene in Swanbourne, near Winslow around 3 pm today. There were angry exchanges between an elderly pick up truck driver and a young female motorist,

Strong language and threats were coming from both drivers, each one blaming the other for a situation arising as the car was overtaking a line of parked cars.

The vehicles made contact. The female and gathering crowd in the small village domain of Lord Cottesloe, joined forces to condemn the pick up driver who appears to have had been on his correct side of the road at the time.

Winslow My Home Town

I was born and bred as they say, in this little Tory Town RJC July 2019

Bucks School Bus Fuss Posted October 27th 2019

The word bus is derived from OMNIBUS, meaning for all, Alas Bucks CC have other priorities for their PC staff and systems than getting kids safely to school. RJC

I spent hearly 20 years as a senior member of my local town council, including four years as a school governor and chairman of the North Bucks Town and Parish Council consortium, I also worked for Bucks County Council Education and Highways departments.

My days on Highways pre dated the Thatherite sells offs when Bucks employed hands on people who knew what they were doing. The rich people of Bucks loved Thatcher with her acolytes. led by Councillors Misbourne and Miscampbell went on to close schools, including my local one.

School closures meant more buses were needed, along with more parents driving their children to school, congesting roads. I went to the local school which was closed by the Misbourne Committee. I led a campaign against this, using my position on the ‘Aylesbury Plus’ newspaper. I was villified by local well off old and grovelling forelock tuggers for my efforts on this and other issues.

Thus I am not surprised that Bucks County Council – whose boss earns over £250,000 a year on flexi time- have told parents who have paid for school bus passes that they will have to use service buses instead of dedicated school services. This is in spite of Bucks announcing that they have created 1400 new school bus places. Parents are being offered refunds on school bus passes.

This comes after BCC had published an announcement earlier this week claiming to have created 1,400 new school bus places.

A Trailer Posted October 22nd 2019

An abandoned HGV trailer Hoggeston corner near Winslow Bucks Image RJC

I photographed this obviously abandoned HGV trailer nearly four months ago. Since then there have been no signs of ‘Police Aware.’ It was obviously abandoned and with waste inside.

Today, much to my surprise contractors were on the scene facilitating removal of the contents. Specialists in asbestos disposal were on site. Richard Wright of Violia was in charge.

He told me that Bucks CountyCouncil had contacted his company about removal. He said his company dealt with all sorts of roadside abandonments, but this job did not look too bad because the waste being pulled out looked as if it had been sorted and bailed. ‘The worry can be what we find at the bottom.’ Richard said.

The removed waste was taken to a site in Basildon Essex. Robert Cook

Rubbish removal at Hoggeston turn. Trucks were being loaded with rubbishfrom the anadoned trailer. All identifying information had been removed from the trailer body. RJC

Additional Comment With the recent discovery of 39 bodies in an HGV trailer in Essex, it makes one wonder whether the authorities should have responded sooner. All identifying plates and embossed information had beed removed. Robert Cook 0ctober 23rd 2019

Firefighters in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire want public’s support for £10-a-year tax rise. Posted September 19th 2019

Fire chief Jason Thelwell, left, at Wednesday's meeting
Fire chief Jason Thelwell, left, at Wednesday’s meeting

David Tooley, local democracy reporter

Parents fury as children given ‘unanswerable’ 11+ exam questions Posted September 19th 2019

Parents fury as Children given 'unanswerable' 11+ exam questions
Parents fury as Children given ‘unanswerable’ 11+ exam questions

Thomas Bamford


Published: 11:22 Updated: 11:50 Friday 13 September 2019

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Preferred route announced

  • 12 September 2018

The preferred route for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway has been announced.

The corridor will be “broadly aligned” with the proposed East-West rail route from Abingdon to south Milton Keynes via Winslow. It is yet to be decided whether the route will pass west or east of Oxford.

The government said the road will create vital jobs, skills and housing.

A local wildlife trust said it is “profoundly concerned” about the route.

The expressway is expected to take up to 40 minutes off the journey time between the A34 south of Oxford and the M1. Image copyright Department for Transport Image caption Option B has been selected as the government’s prefferred route for the expressway

The Department for Transport put forward three possible options for the expressway – A, B or C – and “after detailed scrutiny and review by Highways England” corridor B was selected.

“Corridor B was judged to offer greater benefits to the region – outperforming the other options by providing better links to jobs, education, leisure and health services,” the government department said.

Wildlife Under Threat

Estelle Bailey, chief executive of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust said: “In our opinion corridor B is the worst of the three options.

“The potential impact on biodiversity of corridor B is so serious that the route should have been discounted entirely.

“The only way to avoid exceptionally serious impacts on biodiversity would be to develop a road route that is so convoluted that it would fail to qualify as an expressway.”

A full public consultation on the proposed route is expected to take place next year.

Option B puts Winslow and surrounding villages in the firing line.

Changes at Buckingham Library

part of council cutbacks

Buckingham councillor Jon Harvey along with library staff member Pam Scowen at the cake cutting
Buckingham councillor Jon Harvey along with library staff member Pam Scowen at the cake cutting

Neil Shefferd


Published: 11:21 Tuesday 10 September 2019 Share this article

Bucks County Council has announced changes totalling £160,000 at its library services which has included a staff restructure.

At Buckingham Library, the staff restructure has meant that two new posts have been created although one member of staff has taken compulsory redundancy.

The restructure comes six months after the library celebrated its 70th anniversary with an event in which staff dressed up in period costume and enjoyed tea and cakes.

Bucks County Council’s cabinet member for communities and public health Gareth Williams said that unfortunately savings in the library service were required, alongside many other service areas, to meet essential corporate savings targets.

He said: “This council must continue to make hugely difficult decisions across all service areas to balance the books.

“The review of library services will save more than £160,000 but inevitably it has not been easy, particularly on our staff.

“However, what this has managed to do is protect any changes to our library opening hours, which is good news for the thousands of local people who use our libraries each week.

“We tried hard to match our existing staff to new posts and, out of more than 100 staff countywide, we have managed to keep compulsory redundancies down to three, with just one from Buckingham.

“Buckingham Library will continue with an excellent staff team and we are now recruiting for two new posts in Buckingham as part of the re-profiling of the library service.

“Local people can rest assured that the recent service review will not result in a reduction in service and that residents from Buckingham and the surrounding areas will still benefit from the same high quality services that their library has always offered.”

file image

Children in Bucks left stranded after school bus meltdown

Anthony Kostiw: Coach station death man ‘not failed by police’

  • 9 September 2019

A man who was found dead in a ditch two days after he was dropped off at a coach station by police was not failed by officers, an inquest jury has found.

Anthony Kostiw, 35, was left at Milton Keynes Coachway in the early hours of 3 February 2018 after he had been arrested and then released.

Jurors at Milton Keynes Coroners’ Court ruled officers had carried out an adequate risk assessment.

They concluded Mr Kostiw died by misadventure.

Mr Kostiw’s family said they were “disappointed” at the findings and hoped his “tragic loss… will provide a learning experience”.

“In the family’s view Mr Kostiw should not have been dropped at the coachway given his level of intoxication, the lack of appropriate transport options and his lack of mobile phone and money,” they said in a statement.

‘Weird behaviour’

The court heard Mr Kostiw’s girlfriend Nina Logan described him as acting “very strange” on 3 January and “he threatened to kill her”.

Ms Logan said he had been drinking but also felt he had “taken something due to his weird behaviour”.

Mr Kostiw was later arrested and PC Johan Stevens described him as “drunk but not so drunk he could not look after himself”.

Officers took Mr Kostiw to the Coachway where he was de-arrested. PC Stevens said it was “well-lit and offered shelter” and he “did not have any concerns that he could not look after himself”. Image copyright Google Image caption Mr Kostiw was found dead at the Milton Keynes Coachway on 5 January 2018

Mr Kostiw was discovered on 5 January “face down in a ditch with one shoe found either side of the stream”, the inquest heard.

The jury said there had been no failure by police to carry out an adequate risk assessment.

In their conclusions, jurors said Mr Kostiw did not have an alternative address to be taken to, did not object to being left at the coachway and had money on him.

They said: “The coachway was an appropriate location as it offered shelter, food, access to phones, toilets, transport options and [was] safe… to exit by foot.”

The jury agreed police made an appropriate assessment to whether Mr Kostiw was intoxicated, adding he “appeared coherent and he had calmed down by the time he had got to the coachway” and that he “was steady on his feet whilst being uncuffed”.

A disciplinary hearing in November cleared two officers of misconduct.

10th September 2019 FacebookTwitterYoutube

STOP HS2 – The national campaign against High Speed Rail 2

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HS2 Turns Bucks Countryside into an Environmental Crime Scene.

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Residents Call on Mark Thurston to Explain Habitat Clearance

Residents in Buckinghamshire are calling on HS2 Ltd CEO to come and explain what exactly is the need for starting to clear 250 acres of wildlife habitats, which includes part of a nature reserve, right at the start of nesting season. Given that there is still no design for what is meant to be going on the land, and the chances of HS2 getting cancelled altogether, they may well have a point…..

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HS2 Ltd Plan “Illegal Habitat Clearances” for the Start of Nesting Season

HS2 Ltd plan to conduct ‘vegetation clearances’ on at least 22 sites at the start of bird nesting season,…27-Feb-2019 News

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HS2 Contracts Delayed Again as Costs £1.2bn Above Target.

Today (12th June 2018), New Civil Engineer has reported that the first set of contracts for building parts of…12-Jun-2018 News, Press Release

HS2 “Do not understand how this aquifer works”

If you use tap water in Buckinghamshire, whether that’s for drinking or anything else, you may want to
listen to this.

Maids Moreton: Ben Field murdered author Peter Farquhar Posted August 12th 2019

A churchwarden has been found guilty of murdering an author after tricking him into changing his will.

Benjamin Field, 28, manipulated 69-year-old Peter Farquhar for financial gain and tried to make his death look like an accident or suicide.

Field was also accused of plotting to kill Mr Farquhar’s neighbour Ann Moore-Martin, 83, in the village of Maids Moreton but was found not guilty.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.

At Oxford Crown Court, Field was also acquitted of the attempted murder of Miss Moore-Martin.

Mr Farquhar died in the Buckinghamshire village in October 2015, while Miss Moore-Martin, who lived three doors away, died in May 2017 from natural causes.

Field, a Baptist minister’s son, admitted duping both Mr Farquhar and Miss Moore-Martin into fake relationships with him as part of a plot to get them to change their wills, but denied any involvement in their deaths.

The court heard Field had undergone a “betrothal” ceremony with Mr Farquhar and was in a sexual relationship with Miss Moore-Martin.

‘Night terrors’

Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC told the trial Field carried out a sustained “gaslighting” plot aimed at making Mr Farquhar question his sanity.

Mr Farquhar’s drinks were topped up with bioethanol and poteen, a high strength Irish alcohol, and his food was laced with drugs, Mr Saxby said.

Mr Farquhar, who taught part-time at the University of Buckingham and had three novels published, suffered night terrors and hallucinations which he recorded in a handwritten journal.

His third novel A Wide Wide Sea, published in 2015, was dedicated to Field, who delivered the eulogy at his funeral.

Field’s co-accused Martyn Smith, 32, of Penhalvean, Redruth, Cornwall, was cleared of murdering Mr Farquhar, plotting to kill Miss Moore-Martin, fraud and burglary.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “I am relieved that this ordeal is finally over…The lessons I take from this case are first and foremost to always be your own person and secondly to always choose your friends very carefully.”

During the trial Field admitted drugging Mr Farquhar with benzodiazepines and hallucinogenic legal highs to “torment” him.

He told the jury he did it “for no other reason other than it was cruel, to upset and torment Peter – purely out of meanness”.

But prosecutors said Field had a “profound fascination in controlling and manipulating and humiliating and killing”.

After Mr Farquhar changed his will three times in two years to benefit Field, he “had to die”, Mr Saxby said.

‘Calculating and ruthless’

In a statement read by police, Mr Farquhar’s brother Ian said: “[Field’s] actions have been unbelievably callous, and he has told lie after lie after lie in order to achieve his goals, deceiving everyone he met.”

Senior investigating officer Mark Glover described Field as “cruel, calculating, manipulative, deceitful”, adding: “I don’t think evil is too strong a word for him.”

Chris Derrick, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “He is clearly a very calculating and ruthless man who spent a great deal of time planning what he was going to do.”

After the verdicts, journalist Michael Crick, who was taught by Mr Farquhar at Manchester Grammar School, tweeted: “It’s so dreadful to think my dear friend and teacher Peter Farquhar was murdered in such an awful way by a man he loved and trusted so much.”

Another former pupil of the school, David Scheinmann, directed 2013 film Believe and has said a headmaster character, played by Toby Stevens, was in part based on Mr Farquhar.

Editorial Comment My mother used to say, there is no fool like an old fool. Well, fools come in all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. It is the clever ones of both genders, especially those pledging love, we need to be carefull with. Not a good idea to be taken in by a young lover unless they are the wealthy ones. Both of the victims here were old and lonely, the biggest problem facing us as we end our days in Cruel Brttannia.

Aylesbury Traffic Congestion August 12th 2019

I waited 20 minutes at these lights on Aylesbury’s A41 this morning at 6 a,m.

I don’t wish to be overcritical as I have worked in road construction, in the days when I had to top up and light little red oil lamps at night to mark the roadside trenches.

I even worked for Bucks County Council Highways Department, Number One Division, before privatisation destroyed it, bringing in Thatcher’s profit motive. The old depot in Winslow is now full of houses.

There is a lot of profit in house building, with demand inflated by immigration, marriage breakdown and the long term effects of Thatcher selling off the council houses.

Profit was supposed to raise efficiency but does more to promote greed, wealth inequality and social disadvantage. So, that is why I was sitting there for over twenty minutes, with the lights stuck on red, on both sides.

As I sat there, I wondered what the temporary lights were there for. Maybe it was to mark the route of a new crossing, but there was nobody there to push the buttons.

Anyway, I had a job to do, needing to be in Dagenham by 7.30, so I crossed the red light, with a whole train of traffic following behind me. Those on the other side saw me move and drove off too.

One has to be very careful in these circumtances because for every hero cop there are hundreds who are just petty jobsworths- is that legal to say s? I think I can back this up given my experience and data, but that is another story.

Later on down the road, nearing the M25, BBC Three Counties Radio cut into my morning fix of ‘The ‘Today’ programme, advising thay traffic was abnormally slow through Aylesbury. Well, there;s a thing. Frustrating traffic flow without need or through incompetence contributes to accidents, so this is more serious than it might seem.

We are not all in secure public service jobs getting well paid regardless and protected from complaints because public servants must not be harrassed- I have been a public servant in the good old days and have no time for the new culture where the tail tends to wag the dog. Oh, have I offended anyone?

There is a new law to stop us doing that and Boris Johnson is planning new ones, with more prison places for this country which already has more in jail, with longer sentences, than any other western nation- amazing given his comments about Muslim ladies looking like pillare boxes or bank robbers. Hypocrisy is the British way.

Robert Cook

University of Buckingham launches investigation into alleged bullying by staff against students

Neil Shefferd

Published: 16:57 Wednesday 24 July 2019 Share this article

The University of Buckingham has launched an investigation after an alleged incident of bullying towards an overseas student during a lecture last year.

In the incident during a Legal Skills and Procedure module on August 6 2018, Glenn Stanbury, who is deputy director of the university’s part-time law programme, shouted at one student and swore at a second.

University of Buckingham library image
University of Buckingham library image

A recording of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube and is contained within this story – please be aware there is some strong language in the recording

In the incident, a student accidentally nods off during the class.

After Mr Stanbury yells at him to ‘wake up’, Mr Stanbury then demands the student leave.

When another student suggests Mr Stanbury ‘cuts the student a break’ the lecturer replies ‘I don’t give a s*** what you think.’

The student who had nodded off had recently endured a difficult incident in his personal life – the details of which we have agreed not to diclose.

The Advertiser understands fellow students were aware of the student’s circumstances but it is unclear how much staff knew about it.

Former student Christopher Harris, who has suspended his studies at the university, told the Advertiser he attempted to bring the incident to the attention of the university’s dean of law Sandra Clarke but he claims she refused to meet him.

A University of Buckingham spokesman said: “On 8 July 2019, the university was made aware by a student of an event that took place during a lecture on 6 August 2018.

“The university is currently investigating and cannot comment on any proceedings.

“We have a dignity at work policy which is designed to protect staff and students from bullying and harassment, and when complaints are received they are investigated and dealt with per the university’s procedures.”

In the university league tables for 2020, the University of Buckingham is placed 107th – a drop of 31 places compared to its 2019 ranking.

Long Delay on M40 southbound near Stokenchurch mid day July 11th 2019

HGV involved in major incident on M40 late morning near Stokenchurch. The lorry appears to have shed part of its load. Charles Close.

Traffic was backing up across all lanes all the way down from Stokenchurch to the Oxford A40 junction on the southbound carriageway of the M40 , mid day today, as fire and traffic officers dealt with the situation.

Aylesbury Vale councillors take John Bercow on tour of HS2 construction sites July 4th 2019 Sam Dean Buckingham Advertiser

John Bercow with local councillors and anti-HS2 campaigners
John Bercow with local councillors and anti-HS2 campaigners

MP for Buckingham and Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow visited two North Buckinghamshire villages on Friday to see for himself the impact of the construction of HS2.

MP for Buckingham and Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow visited two North Buckinghamshire villages on Friday to see for himself the impact of the construction of HS2.

John Bercow closely inspects HS2 work
John Bercow closely inspects HS2 work

Accompanied by councillors Angela Macpherson, Frank Mahon, Phil Gaskin, John Chilver and anti-HS2 campaigner Linda Knights, this reporter was invited to join the ride-along through Calvert Green and Steeple Claydon.

The key issues on the agenda were the raising of the height of the track and the building of a batching plant at Calvert Green, and the destruction of the countryside surrounding Steeple Claydon that ultimately drove anti-HS2 group ‘Save Our Countryside’ to take direct action by standing in front of works vehicles.

While there can be no questioning of Mr Bercow’s opposition to the high-speed rail project and his efforts to support his constituents, he had some sobering words for the group. The Speaker said:

“There isn’t a Parliamentary majority against HS2.

Picture showing approximate site of batching plant and proximity to residents
Picture showing approximate site of batching plant and proximity to residents

“The only people that are explicitly, vociferously against it are a small number of MPs affected in their own constituencies.”

Referring to the visit by Mr Bercow and what he hopes to achieve from the day, Calvert Green parish councillor Phil Gaskin said:

“Fundamentally we want to move the batching plant to a different location so it’s away from the community. It wasn’t anything that was ever covered in any of the documentation previously, so it’s something very new and it’s going to be a massive impact on the community.”

The local councillors took their MP to the bridge over the track in Calvert Green to demonstrate the proximity of the track and the planned batching plant to the village.

Batching plant example
Batching plant example

As we reported two weeks ago, HS2 communicated at the beginning of June this year that the track through Calvert Green would be raised by three metres from the original drawings, as well as providing a fuller scope of the size and description of the batching plant.

Councillor Phil Gaskin continued:

“The fact that HS2 used the depth of the line as a mitigating factor for the previous petition and now they’re saying it won’t make any difference – they’re contradicting themselves.

A trapeze artist performing as Happy's Circus comes to Buckingham Primary School

Buckingham pupils very happy as circus comes to town

“For me the real focus is on what is essentially an industrial batching facility. To have that on the doorstep on top of everything else that’s going on is one step too far. We feel misled because the image that they showed us at the roadshow in Calvert they’d actually put on the back of the information board. It’s all a little bit underhand in my opinion.”

HS2 are building 345 miles of new high-speed track which will connect the city centres of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

In March this year, ministers delayed signing off on the first half of spending for HS2 (London to The Midlands) until December due to concerns over spiralling costs. The cost was originally projected to be £32.7bn in 2010 but the Government now estimates it to be £56bn.

Work is just starting to get underway and will be completed in 2033. Recently the leaders of both Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council wrote to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to request that work be halted until the notice to proceed has been given in December but their pleas were rejected by the Government minister.

Multi Vehicle Crash in Bicester A41, July 5th 2019 Charles Close.

There was an interesting pile up this afternoon just before 3 pm in Bicester. The junction leading down to the M40 and A34 roundabout sees a lot of confused and aggressive driving in all directions. Today was no exception. The chunky car was hooked up on the crash barrier, with the tall sign left bent and teetering. The Fire Brigade were called to the scene.


Tuesday 18 June 2019 Share this article

A horse was hit by a car and dragged along a road in Thornton in what police are calling ‘a distressing incident.’

The incident of careless driving happened just after 3.30pm on Sunday June 16 on Thornton Road, Thornton.

Library image
Library image

Police say a vehicle was driven at speed around a blind bend causing a horse to fall to its knees and be dragged a short distance.

The horse sustained injuries to both front legs and is receiving veterinary treatment.

The rider, a woman, did not require hospital treatment but was left shaken after the incident.

Police say the vehicle involved is a gun metal steel grey 1 Series BMW whilst the driver is described as a white man in his late fifties.

The passenger was a woman, also aged in her late fifties, and there was a child in the back seat of the car.

Investigating officer Sergeant Emily Dover said: “This incident was distressing for the rider and the horse sustained injuries which are now requiring treatment.

“The driver had a total disregard for the welfare of the horse and the rider after driving off at the scene.

“We would therefore encourage anyone who knows anything about this incident to get in touch.

“We also believe that this vehicle may have been seen and potentially recorded on dash cam footage before or after this incident.

“The vehicle was travelling from Thornton and turning left when the incident happened.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Thames Valley Police on 101 quoting reference URN 933 (16/6).

Good news on affordable Housing in Aylesbury Vale

These units are going fast, so get down and dirty, the future is black, the future is dirt. Image copyright Charles Close

Meanwhile back in the local out of touch Tory batty cave : The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, has rejected Buckinghamshire County Council’s (BCC) request that HS2 enabling works cease until Notice to Proceed is given. Bucks CC have always been so charmingly out of touch. I worked for them for a total of twenty year before going into local politics. You do not get value for money from these people, but they do.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, has rejected Buckinghamshire County Council’s (BCC) request that HS2 enabling works cease until Notice to Proceed is given.

In his response letter Mr Grayling says:

“I must be clear that I do not intend to halt work on HS2 in Buckinghamshire or elsewhere. Completing HS2 is Government policy and has been supported by both sides of the House.”

On the 25 April, BCC unanimously passed a motion for leader Martin Tett to write to the Government formally making the request. The motion states:

“This council proposes that the leader should write to Government to request that all enabling works for HS2 in Buckinghamshire should be paused until the notice to proceed to main works contractors has been approved.”

It continues:

“We see no reason why the county should suffer significant disruption and long term environmental destruction until detailed design and cost has been approved.”

Also in his letter of reply, the Cabinet member wrote:

“I fully support HS2 Ltd’s commitments to both the environment and the local communities affected.

We are aiming for HS2 to be one of the most environmentally responsible infrastructure projects ever delivered in the UK, and managing its impact on the environment is a high priority.”

Perhaps unintentionally however, the Transport Secretary’s pushback does appear to acknowledge the basis of BCC’s original request when he states:

In March this year, ministers delayed signing off on the first half of spending for HS2, which runs from London to The Midlands, until December due to concerns over spiralling costs.

HS2 are building 345 miles of new high-speed track which will connect the city centres of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

Work is just starting to get underway and will be completed in 2033. Though the cost was originally projected to be £32.7bn in 2010, the Government now estimates it to be £56bn.

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  1. Government rejects Buckinghamshire County…
  2. Buckingham businesses urged to be aware after petty cash theft
  3. Brackley man was stabbed “at least 325 times” by murderer…
  4. Drug driver spared jail after killing Buckingham Rugby…
  5. Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Aylesbury

Report by Sam Dean ‘The Advertiser.’

The Essentials

'Science may produce cure' for homosexuality, Ann Widdecome claims

‘Science may produce cure’ for homosexuality, Ann Widdecome claims

My reply toAnn is ‘Focus on the bigger political issues or the PC people will pull you down. As for science and homosexuality, we already have the answer. Nature is binary but human foetal development is imperfect. Genetics and DNA is used by the police to frame people, as is speaking out of the PC strait jacket.

So it is dangerous for me to suggest that what men want is something more traditionally feminine, the old fashioned mother thing. More and more ambitious women are schooled to reject this.

Nature abhors a vacuum and men look for the feminine in other men, which is why transexual men are so popular with them. Transexualism is a subject on its own and I have written and had published a book on the phenomeon – ‘Man Maid Woman.’

The issue of women adopting the more traditional male dress, hair cuts, jobs and body language as representing a wider form of transexualism is just not up for discussion as a social issue or in any way relevant to the rise of the LGBT community. To speak out of line is hate crime. Only the officials with their police/NHS tick boxes decide the truth.

Trump denies calling Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ despite audio recording

Trump denies calling Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ despite audio recording. He has been called much worse. Free speech is a not allowed, it is just a cliche. Having said that, some individuals can say what they like.

Glastonbury criticised for inviting band who sing 'Kill Tory Scum'

Glastonbury criticised for inviting band who sing ‘Kill Tory Scum’ This may be unkind, but Tories say and do some terrible things, like sacrificing Julian Assange for exposing U.S war crimes in which Britain may have been complicit. This is the age of the thought police, but people do not see it,

Labour's by-election candidate liked 'Zionist slave masters' post

Labour’s by-election candidate liked ‘Zionist slave masters’ post

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A tractor and trailer accident caused delays through Elmhurst Aylesbury a week last Saturday afternoon The accident happened on the roundabout at the junction of Bierton and Elmhurst Roads. A street lamp was damaged and police were called.

The incident at 16.30, Elmhurst, Aylesbury, Copyrigh Charles Close.