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Corruption in Europe & U.K is normal by R.J Cook. March 8th 2021

Europe and the U.K are experiencing record bankruptcies , mass unemployment, suicide , record immigration from the so called developing world following Anglo U.S bombing , and the lunacy of lockdown which has prolonged the Covid problem.

I have just watched Sky News with Ian King congratulating and applauding the uper middle class well paid highly educated female team leader of the Astra Zeneca vaccine research project. Inevitably we had the usual garbage about needing more women leaders in science. Britain loves its hierarchies and the feminist crusade against men , rather than the class issue and the type of morons who aspire to leadership and power, is the mainstrem media focus.

Corruption is the norm. Logically we can see that corruption doesn’t have a gender or racial basis. It is a certain type that thrives – as with the old saying : ‘Scum rises to the top and such sh-t floats. The Astra Zeneca woman preened at the praise and the award. It is almost funny that while the masses have suffered, the so called heroes of police and NHS want extra money and awards for just doing their jobs.

That suggests they expected to be paid for doing nothing. When I was an agency driver for the NHS, I had to sign a confidentiality document. I am getting so sick of this secret self righteous state. I slept most of my night shift at a very quiet Banbury Hospital and was paid well for it. My waking hours , there , were mainly spent reading while drinking lots of coffee.

It isn’t just Germany, but the whole western world that is riddled with corruption – the U.K is one of the worst .

The myth of democracy and ‘misrepresentation of the people’ makes me feel very sick
No person with a brain shuld trust western style democrcies ( sic ) and their unaccounatble institutionally corrupt’ police ‘forces.’
Police out in force to quash protest in the EU police state.
Bad Mad Sad World.
Boris Johnson has spent £200,000 redecorating Number 10 , and £12,000 on luxury food, to please his young partnr. Here we have £1.2 million spent on a new state of the art all so important press briefing room.

Do Real Heroes Call Themselves Heroes In The Midst Of An Alleged War, Then Threaten To Strike Without A Big Payrise ? R.J Cook March 5th 2021

I find the NHS staff appallingly greedy. Lockdown has cost me many thousands. The NHS has been failing for a long time. It’s inadequacies killed my parents. It went on to do great harm to myself and God knows what it , along with those other heroes, the police have done to my youngest son. The police are something eles, equally greedy, boasting of heroics nd prone to criminal lies and misconduct. Lockdown makes their lives so much easier, feigning bravery in the face of Covid. i risked my life for years as a truck driver, but over 20 year public service was a doddle. Nowadays you have to be the right sort to join the hallowed sectot – will refrain from commenting on that ‘right sort’.

In spite of its corruption and evils, I never favoured Brexit. The implictions were way to complex for the masses and they were never expected to vote leave. The elite underestimated their sheer lemming like stupidity.

British people are either the native islanders ot the migrants claiming asylum – as well as admitting they risk their lives for a better life. The Muslim migrants didn’t like U.K in Europe because East Europeans are less ‘welcoming’ to Muslims than white Brits who at best are religious hypocrits. Many white Brits stupidly believed that leaving Europe would mean no more more North African and Middle Eastern Muslims. Prime Minister Johnson conned a lot of people, whilst giving his young wife all she wanted – with luxury food, wine and decorating No10 at the taxpayer’s expense. R.J Cook

The Irish Question March 5th 2021


Unhistorical, post national, hating Russia as something grotesque from a theIn past they must deny. Russia is old fashioned and Christian – that is not for modern Europe. Post Revolutionary Russia has never devalued or frustrated women. However, they do not fixate on genitals , bosoms and female supremacy as in the EU and Democrat demagoues. So, few in the EU leadership want good relationships with Russia. Regime and cultural change has to precede rapprochement .

Europe is a highly developed and advancing police state, silencing opposition, as Hitle and all the other fascists did, while claiming moral superiority. So they have effectively had the AFD outlawed in Germany , as racist – pronounced rayshist by British middle class sneering liberal academics and do gooders.

Of course the British masses are not deep thinkers. They voted leave because of an absurd distorted romanticised view of their Churchillian past, and little mono culture. So while their fake liberal leaders welcomed open door immigration from the old Third World -so long as the underclass neighbourhoods accommodated them , paid the necessary taxes and suffered the health service overload – the British masses voted leave.

So white working classes and other whites living in the past, voted Brexit to stop ever more of the Muslims coming in via Europe, attracted by benefits and relatives already here in ever expanding Islamic communities.  Muslim areas of Birmingham also voted leave because they didn’t like white European immigration. One is not supposed to say this. The reality of racial conflict is subject to the ‘cancel culture.’ So now we have the absurd situation in Ireland.

Brussels has warned it will launch legal action “very soon” following a move by the UK to unilaterally delay implementation of part of the Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland.

The European commission vice-president, Maroš Šefčovič, said the announcement by the government on Wednesday had come as a “very negative surprise”.

David Frost, the Cabinet Office minister, said the UK was extending a series of “grace periods” designed to ease trade between Northern Ireland – which remains in the EU single market for goods – and Great Britain while permanent arrangements are worked out.

It provoked a furious response in Brussels, with the EU accusing Britain of going back on its treaty obligations in the Brexit withdrawal agreement intended to ensure there is no return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

 We have some very stupid , conceited , comfortable people in charge. The situation is beyond dangerous as this elite , linked to the U.S , wants  regime changes in Russia and China – hence their fixation on the demise of a democracy in Hing Kong, which never existed.  The hypocrisy and contradictions are incredible.  

R.J Cook

Freedom loving Roberta Jane Cook

The Salisbury Poisonings Two Years On: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Cover Up, Inside a Hoax Posted March 5th 2021

Rob Slane


I’ve said some stupid things in my time, but up there with the best of them was a comment I uttered to my wife on the morning of Tuesday 6th March 2018. The previous night the news had broken that an ex-spy by the name of Sergei Skripal had apparently been one of two people hospitalised on the Sunday afternoon on a bench in The Maltings in Salisbury. At that time the opioid, Fentanyl, was thought to be connected to it. Was this about to be a huge international story? Or was it going to soon be forgotten about? I was decidedly of the latter opinion. “Don’t worry,” I told her. “Probably just a drug overdose. It’ll soon blow over.”​

​Two years later…​

​Actually, two years on and most people have pretty much forgotten about it. Yes, they remember that it happened; yes, they remember that it was a mighty odd occurrence with a number of peculiarities about it; and for the people of Salisbury, I’m quite sure they will recall the police, the cordons, the helicopters, the place swarming with international media, and of course let’s not forget the baby wipes. But by and large, it happened, it’s done with, and the case was solved a long while ago.​

​Except that it wasn’t. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The fact is that two of the many Russians who were in Salisbury on 3rd and 4th March, and who were charged with the incident — Petrov and Boshirov — have never been charged with the subsequent incident in Amesbury. This is very important. If the British authorities’ case against the two men in Salisbury is to be believed, there must be a clear link between them and the second case in Amesbury. And yet it is impossible to reasonably connect the two cases based on the British authorities’ explanation of the Salisbury event. Unless, that is, you believe that the two suspects were carrying a cellophane-wrapping machine with them with which to wrap the bottle of lethal nerve agent they had apparently just used before dumping it in a bin. But nobody could be daft enough to believe that, could they? Which leads to the question: if the cases cannot be linked using the British authorities’ explanation of the first incident — which they can’t (hence the reason the two men have not been charged for the second) — then how can we accept their explanation for the first? The answer is that we cannot, and for a whole host of reasons, as I hope to show in a moment.

For those who have accepted The Met’s and Government’s account of the case, I am struck by a couple of things. Firstly, their claims that those who haven’t accepted it are conspiracy theorists is really quite funny when you begin to count the number of absurd, implausible and sometimes downright impossible things that one has to believe to accept that official account (of which more below). But secondly, I am struck by their remarkable apathy and complacency, given what they claim to believe. Let me put it this way: if I truly believed that agents of a foreign power had come to my country and had entered my home city carrying, using and discarding enough deadly nerve agent to kill thousands of people in my neighbourhood, I would not only be livid at that foreign Government; I would be absolutely furious with the British authorities for their pathetic, feeble response. Two dozen diplomats expelled in response to the use of the (apparently) deadliest nerve agent known to man, which could have wiped out half the population of Salisbury? It’s the equivalent of sentencing an attempted murderer to a £100 fine. Of course, while I accept that a declaration of war in response to such a reckless act would have been a step too far, given that Russia is a nuclear-armed country with a hugely powerful military, I would certainly want a response that was far closer to that than the paltry expelling of a few diplomats. However, the fact that those who bark the loudest about the alleged use of a nerve agent that could have killed 10,000 people are prepared to accept the expulsion of a few diplomats as an adequate response, suggests that many of them are not nearly as convinced as they make out that a lethal nerve agent was indeed used. ​Either that or they’re just a bit wet!

​I am, however, livid at the British authorities for an entirely different reason. And it is this: I really don’t like being lied to. I really don’t like handing over hard-earned money in taxation, only to see it squandered away by people who devise the most elaborate deceptions to divert attention away from what really happened. Nothing personal, you understand. I don’t like the fact that anyone has their hard-earned cash frittered away in this way.

That’s a big claim I just made. Elaborate deceptions are not accusations I bandy about lightly. But as I hope to show below, I can see no other explanation for the many absurdities, implausibilities and downright impossibilities in the case put forward by the Government and Metropolitan Police (The Met) for what took place in Salisbury.

Let’s begin with the case against the two Russians who have been charged over the Salisbury incident. Whenever I have been involved in a discussion on this case with folks on Twitter, invariably someone pops up to say that the case is closed, and the guilt of this pair has been shown to be true. Incontrovertibly. Yet when examined carefully, the evidence of the apparent guilt of this pair turns out to be incredibly threadbare. There are three basic parts to it:

  1. That they were in the vicinity of Mr Skripal’s house on 4th March, as seen on footage taken outside a Shell garage on Salisbury’s Wilton Road
  2. That “Novichok” was found in the hotel room they stayed in the night before
  3. That they were/are agents of the GU (Russian military police)

On that first point, the fact is that the Shell garage is approximately 500 yards from 47 Christie Miller Road. Whilst this may be “in the vicinity” in a very general sense, it is nothing like “the vicinity” that would be needed to convince a juror that they actually went there, much less that they daubed the door handle with a substance, and needless to say, one cannot simply daub a door handle from 500 yards away.

Furthermore, in the footage shown of them, they were seen walking on the opposite side of the road to the two routes (a path or a road) which they would have to have taken to reach the house. If I had been going to Christie Miller Road along that route, I would either have crossed the road before then, or I would have crossed at the small traffic island opposite the garage, which can just be seen on the footage. Yet they did not appear to cross or to be about to cross.

However, there is more. Although The Met showed these few seconds from this camera, what they failed to inform the public is that there is a second camera just after the first, one which does cover both routes to chez Skripal. And so if the men had taken either of these routes that they would have needed to take to get to Christie Miller Road, this second camera would have shown it. Why was it not shown then? That’s probably more a question for The Met than for me, but if I was a juror in the case, I should most definitely want to see the footage from that second camera in order to confirm or deny whether they did indeed cross the road to use those routes. In short: the footage from the first camera is certainly not proof that they actually went to Mr Skripal’s house; the refusal to use footage from the second camera casts serious doubts that they did.

And of course given who Mr Skripal was, his house and front door would have been covered by CCTV. In which case, if the men actually did go there, The Met could show it. But they never have.

The second point is even flimsier. It was claimed that the tiniest trace of “Novichok” was found in the hotel room they were staying in. However, a second swab apparently turned up nothing. In other words, you need to trust The Met and Porton Down on this. Right? Er no. Firstly, we are talking about the same people that allegedly found the “Novichok” at the beginning of May 2018, yet failed to inform the hotel owner until September of that year of their finding in his hotel (I’m not into suing, but he should have sued). Not only this, but they also failed to trace those who had stayed at the hotel from 4th March to May. Not exactly convincing, is it?

But in any case, the idea is self-evidently ludicrous. Why would there have been a tiny trace of the stuff in the hotel room? If there was a leak, why wasn’t the hotel closed, and the trains the men travelled on decontaminated? Or are we supposed to believe that the guys took it out to have a sniff the night before, and spilled just enough for one, but not two swabs? Yep, that’s what we’re asked to believe. Fine, believe it, if it gives you pleasure. But to those with more discerning minds, it does sound suspiciously like a detail made up by people who make stuff up, doesn’t it?

The third point — that the two suspects were agents of the GU (Russian military intelligence) — is by far the most serious. I accept that they probably were, although I do so with the caveat that one of the most strikingly odd things about this case is that this has never been officially confirmed. Sure, an organisation that rhymes with Smellingrat has stated this, and so too have numerous politicians, but it has not actually been stated on the official charges against them. To this day, the Crown Prosecution Service’s charges against them still use their apparent pseudonyms — Petrov and Boshirov — and do not mention their apparent true identities. I find that very odd.

Nonetheless, as I say I accept that they probably were agents of Russian Military Intelligence. It is this which is enough for many to confirm their guilt as attempted assassins. Well, if their actions comported with how military intelligence officers on assassination missions act, I would be inclined to agree. But they don’t. Not even remotely. There is nothing about their actions, as shown by The Met, that in any way convince that they were on a state-sanctioned assassination mission. They travelled together. They operated in broad daylight. They made no attempt to evade detection by CCTV. They cavorted with a prostitute the night before. They smoked dope and attracted attention in their hotel room the night before. After allegedly finishing their top-secret mission, they strolled into town. They took pictures. They went window shopping. Nerve agent assassins? I think not!

“Oh,” comes the scoffing reply, “so you believe their story about being tourists come to see the cathedral and Old Sarum? Idiot.”

“No,” comes my equally scoffing reply. “Why should I? But why would I limit myself to two possibilities — tourists or deadly assassins — neither of which actually fit their actions? Have we not imagination enough to think of more than two options? Goodness, what do they teach them in these schools!?”

How about this: Yes, they were in Salisbury on a mission from the Russian state, but no it was not an assassination attempt — not unless Vladimir Putin has taken to employing muppets to carry out highly sensitive and dangerous missions of the Russian state. But seriously, does he strike you as someone who would tend to give the most highly sensitive missions to a couple of pot-smoking, prostitute-cavorting, picture-snapping, CCTV-friendly, window-shopping dudes? Hardly!

Yet they were almost certainly doing something there other than tourism, as they claimed, and my guess is that it was connected to where they went on the Saturday 3rd March, which The Met laughably tried to tell us was a reconnaissance mission to check out Mr Skripal’s house. A reconnaissance mission? Ha ha! Reminder: this is Salisbury, not Afghanistan or Idlib. You can walk about unhindered, unmolested, and you can even locate 47 Christie Miller Road using Google Maps. So why would they have needed to do reconnaissance on a house that they allegedly walked up to in broad daylight the following day?

But even more than this, if they went to check out the house on the Saturday, why did they not daub the door handle then? The Skripals were out at the time. It would have been the ideal time to do it, if that was what they were intending. But no, The Met wants you to believe that they came to Salisbury, secretly made their way to Mr Skripal’s house, saw it, noted that no one was at home, decided not to “Novichok” the door handle there and then, but instead go back to London (where they had apparently left their “Novichok” all day long in their hotel room), and come back the following day to do it when —  according to The Met — the Skripals were at home and their car in the drive!

It really is such an utterly stupid and preposterous proposition, that I have no doubt this is why The Met decided to give no timeline of where and when they went in Salisbury on the Saturday; to present no footage; and to show no pictures, save for one at the train station. For had they shown such footage, I am quite sure that far from it showing them going out of the town towards Mr Skripal’s house for reconnaissance, it would show them going into town for reconnaissance, probably near The Mill pub and the Maltings, where the following day they just happened to be in the vicinity of the Skripals at about 1:45 — far closer than the Shell garage footage shows them in the vicinity of the house.

None of the above evidence would pass muster in a courtroom. It is flimsy, it’s pathetic and it’s full of holes.

But talking of holes, let’s now set this all in the context of the entire story presented by The Met and the Government. I mentioned above the number of absurd, implausible and sometimes downright impossible things that one has to believe to accept their account. Below, I’ve recounted 40 of the most glaring, although I’m sure regular readers here can think of many, many more. In case of doubt, I have annexed a comment next to each point, depending on whether it fits into the absurd, implausible or impossible category, although I understand that some readers may well think it remiss of me not to have given some of them more than one of those descriptions:

  1. That two men put themselves and everyone on their flight in jeopardy, by boarding a plane with at least one, possibly two, bottles of the World’s Deadliest Nerve Agent (WDNA) in their luggage. ​(ABSURD)
  2. That the two suspects dropped an unused package of the WDNA in a bin somewhere, whilst taking the used bottle of nerve agent back to Moscow with them. ​(ABSURD)
  3. Or alternatively, that they only had one package of WDNA with them, but brought a cellophane wrapping machine to Salisbury to wrap the used box up in, before discarding it. ​(ABSURD)
  4. That the two men sprayed WDNA in an open space, without wearing any protective clothing. ​(ABSURD)
  5. That after they had done this, rather than legging it, they decided to spend an hour in the city centre window-shopping and taking pictures. ​(ABSURD)
  6. That Mr Skripal and his daughter both somehow managed to touch the door handle of his front door on their way out (try it with someone next time you exit your house).​ (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  7. That despite being contaminated with WDNA, they showed no effects for hours afterwards​. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  8. That when they did show effects hours later, it was at precisely the same time, despite their very different heights, weights and metabolisms. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  9. That despite being contaminated with WDNA, they went into town, fed ducks, went for a meal, then went to a pub for a drink.​ (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  10. That despite having hands contaminated with WDNA, Mr Skripal handed a piece of bread to a local boy who ate it without becoming contaminated. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  11. That despite having hands that were contaminated with WDNA, Mr Skripal somehow managed to contaminate the table in Zizzis, but not the door or door handle on the way in. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  12. That despite having hands that were contaminated with WDNA, Mr Skripal somehow managed not to contaminate the manager of Zizzis when he shook hands with him (confirmed to me by a local source). (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  13. That after becoming extremely aggressive in Zizzis, which some assume was the effects of poisoning with WDNA​, Mr Skripal wolfed down a plate of seafood risotto before sauntering over to the pub for a drink. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  14. That no CCTV of Mr Skripal or his daughter on 4th March could be shown to the public to jog their memories, because of something called “National Security”. (ABSURD)
  15. That no CCTV could be shown of The Maltings, on the grounds of National Security, even though according to the official story no crime took place there. (ABSURD)
  16. That the Russian couple who were filmed on CCTV camera at 15:47 in Market Walk (confirmed by a reliable source in the comment section on this blog), were not in any way connected with the case. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  17. That the only CCTV the public were allowed to see of this pair was an absurd, blurred, fuzzy image taken second hand on a mobile phone, when they could have shown crystal clear footage from the CCTV camera at the other end of Market Walk. (ABSURD)
  18. That the Skripals were somehow in Zizzis at the same time that they were actually in the Mill pub (The Met’s timeline shows them to have been in Zizzis from 14:20 and 15:35, which is demonstrably untrue). (IMPOSSIBLE)
  19. That the Metropolitan Police are unable to put out correct timelines. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  20. That WDNA deteriorated so much after an hour on a door handle, that it was too weak to kill the Skripals. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  21. That this same WDNA, which allegedly deteriorated in an hour, was then found three weeks later after exposure to the elements and after being touched by many human hands, to be in a state of “high purity, persistent and weather resistant”. (IMPOSSIBLE)
  22. That WDNA, which was allegedly sprayed on a door handle, somehow managed to spread to the roof of the house, meaning that it had to be replaced. (IMPOSSIBLE)
  23. Yet that same WDNA, 2mg of which is apparently enough to kill a person (according to BBC Panorama), and which causes whole roofs to have to be replaced and cars to be destroyed, can be cleansed by members of the public using baby wipes. (ABSURD)
  24. That the police cars which attended the Maltings needed to be destroyed, yet the ones that attended Mr Skripal’s house, where the poison was apparently most concentrated, did not. (ABSURD)
  25. That Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey managed to be a first responder at the bench when the two Russians were on it, at the same time as not being at the bench when the two Russians were on it. (IMPOSSIBLE)
  26. That Mr Bailey entered Mr Skripal’s house via the back door, because he couldn’t open the front door; but also managed to enter the house via the front door because he was able to open it. (IMPOSSIBLE)
  27. That he was wearing a forensic suit to enter the house of someone who had apparently overdosed in a park on Fentanyl. (ABSURD)
  28. That he managed to get contaminated by WDNA despite wearing a forensic suit. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  29. That the numerous police officers not wearing forensic suits, who went in and out of the house on 4th and 5th March, did not become contaminated by WDNA, even though it was allegedly found to be most concentrated there three weeks later, and in a state of “high purity”. (IMPOSSIBLE)
  30. That the police somehow managed to miss all four of Mr Skripal’s pets (two cats and two guinea pigs), so leaving them to starve to death. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  31. That an air ambulance was called for what looked like a drug overdose on a park bench, when a land ambulance can get to the hospital just as quickly, if not quicker given where the helicopter had to land. (ABSURD)
  32. That the chief nurse of the British Army just happened to be shopping near the bench when the two Russians were on it. (ABSURD)
  33. That there just happened to be two Porton Down trained doctors at Salisbury District Hospital. (ABSURD)
  34. That despite The Met, the Government and the media referring to the substance used as “Novichok”, in their only official statement to a court of law, Porton Down were unable to confirm this, instead referring to it as “a nerve agent or related compound” and “a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent.” (ABSURD)
  35. That Porton Down were able to identify a substance within 36 hours that apparently no other country on earth makes, has made, or can make. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  36. That “Novichok” can only be made in Russia, despite variants of it having been synthesised or stocked in numerous countries including Czechia, Sweden, Germany, Iran, the US, and Britain (Boris Johnson having unwittingly confirmed this when he blurted out that they had samples of it at Porton Down). (IMPOSSIBLE)
  37. That after she and her father were allegedly poisoned by the Russian state, Yulia Skripal said she wanted to return there. (ABSURD)
  38. That Mr Skripal and his daughter have never been seen together since — not even in a single photo. (IMPLAUSIBLE)
  39. That nothing has ever been heard from Mr Skripal since (national security won’t wash – his daughter was able to appear in a video). (ABSURD)
  40. That Salisbury had its first case of Fentanyl poisoning on the same day, at the same time, and in the same shopping centre apparently involving another couple. (IMPLAUSIBLE)

Remember, this list of the absurd, the implausible, and the downright impossible is not a bunch of lunacy that I or anyone else looking into the case has concocted. No, they are things that the Government of Great Britain, and The Metropolitan Police have concocted. It’s their story, not mine, and I’m just pointing it out and saying, “Hey, come look at this. No clothes and all that!” That being said, it is of course those who point out this absurd, implausible and impossible folly who are called conspiracy theorists by the keepers of the narrative and their devotees, which is rather like being called a scruffbag by Dominic Cummings. But no matter, better to be called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out patent absurdities and things which are impossible than to be a Believer in Patent Absurdities and Impossible Things.

Speculation Corner

Having cleared that Stuff and Nonsense out of the way, what did happen on 4th March 2018 in Salisbury? I am bound to disappoint people looking for the answer, as I simply don’t know. I don’t know because the keepers of the keys of the Stuff and Nonsense have not only done their utmost to keep the truth away from the light (such as refusing to release even a jot of CCTV footage of the Skripals that day), but the sheer number of absurdities and conflicting stories they have put out make it impossible for those watching from afar to be sure about which things happened on that day, and which things were subsequently added to obscure the truth. All we can say, for sure, is what didn’t happen (see above).

Nevertheless, there are a couple of big clues that allow us to speculate as to something of the nature of the thing. These are The Mill Pub and Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey. They are not clues in the sense of us being able to know what role they played. But they are clues in the sense of the authorities never being able to come out with a straight answer about the location and the man, thereby giving rise to speculation that the bizarre and conflicting tales about them are extremely important.

Take Mr Bailey, for instance. Where exactly was he on that evening and where exactly did he succumb to poisoning? As hinted at above, he has been placed in multiple places, depending on who has been telling the story and when they’ve been telling it. He has been:

  • A first responder to the incident at the bench
  • Not a first responder to the incident at the bench
  • Not at the bench when the two Russians were there
  • At the bench after the incident happened
  • At the house at midnight entering by the front door
  • At the house at midnight but unable to enter the front door
  • Admitted to Salisbury District Hospital on the Monday morning
  • Not admitted to Salisbury District hospital on the Monday morning, but on the Tuesday Morning
  • Admitted to Salisbury District Hospital on the Monday morning, discharged but readmitted on the Tuesday

How can it have been so difficult to establish where he was? His movements would have been easy to trace. Why were they not and why have so many different stories been mooted? As I wrote back here:

“I would submit that the most reasonable view to take — until evidence confirms otherwise — is that Detective Sergeant Bailey was poisoned neither at the bench nor the house, but somewhere else altogether.”

Actually, I think that there is some evidence for this. Here is what a Freedom of Information request revealed about how The Met were to deal with questions posed by the media about Mr Bailey. Note that this was on 9th March, two weeks before the door handle claim was first made:

“IF ASKED: Why was a detective sergeant (Nick Bailey) a first responder?

ANSWER: He attended the initial scene in the town centre.

IF ASKED: It’s been suggested DS Bailey was contaminated at Skripal’s house. Did he go to the house? Can you confirm he definitely went to the Maltings?

ANSWER: He was a first responder to the initial scene in the town centre. We are not discussing further [my italics].”

So he was a first responder to the “initial scene” in the town centre. Okay, but according to Mr Bailey himself, on the BBC Panorama Programme, he was not a first responder at the bench when the Russian pair were there. He claimed to have wandered down there sometime after it had all finished, which means that he was not a first responder at that scene. Which means what? It means that there was another scene. That is implied in the phrase “initial scene”. Clearly, if there was an initial scene, there must have also been a subsequent scene. And equally clearly, it cannot have been anything to do with the house or the door handle, because on 9th March, when this instruction was given, there was officially only one scene — that is, the bench. The door handle story had not yet emerged.

Put all that together and what is the inescapable conclusion? Mr Bailey was indeed injured, but it was at an initial scene — that is at a scene that occurred prior to whatever happened at the bench.

Let’s come back to that after looking at the other big clue, The Mill. In the aftermath of 4th March, the back of the Mill was closed off and the chaps in HazMats were busy doing their thing there. But hang on a minute. Why was this? That area was never any part of the official story. There was never any suggestion whatsoever that Mr Skripal or his daughter had been there, and so why would it have needed cleaning up? From what?

In addition, we know that the then Manager of the Mill, Greg Townsend was interviewed intensively by investigators from The Met, no less than eight times in the week after 4th March. According to Mr Townsend, he felt like he was being treated as “a terror suspect”. Again, why? According to the official story, what did Mr Skripal and his daughter do there? They went in. They had a drink. They left. Big deal. Why on earth would the most intense questioning and focus be at that location then?

But thirdly, and most crucially, is the incorrect timeline put out by The Met about the Skripals’ visit to this pub. Here’s what they said:

13:40 – Sergei and Yulia arrive at the Sainsbury’s upper level car park in The Maltings
The pair go to The Mill pub in Salisbury
Approximately 14.20 – The father and daughter eat at Zizzi restaurant on Castle Street
15:35 – They leave the restaurant

This is simply wrong. They did not go to The Mill pub before Zizzis. They went to Zizzis between about 2:00pm and 2:45pm, and then on to the Mill from around 3:00pm to 3:30pm. Every single one of the original witness statements in the early days of the case confirms this, and I have also had independent corroboration locally that this was the case (see here for details). So why did The Met put out a timeline saying that the Skripals were in Zizzis between 3:00pm and 3:30pm, when in fact they were in The Mill? Unfortunately, the only conclusion I can draw from this is that it was done deliberately, with the purpose of drawing attention away from that location as being the place the Skripals visited before the bench incident.

Put that together with the oddities around the location of the poisoning of Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey, and it seems to me — and I admit this is highly speculative — that there was an incident prior to the bench incident, that it most probably occurred at the back of The Mill, and it was there — not the bench or the house — that Mr Bailey became contaminated. Let me stress that this is speculation, and it may well be incorrect, yet it seems to me to be the most plausible explanation for the extremely strange ambiguity surrounding Mr Bailey’s movements, the claim that he was injured as a first responder to “the initial scene”, and the bait and switch between Zizzis and The Mill given in The Met’s timeline.

I would add one further element that may hint at this, which is this extraordinary claim in an article on 6th March 2018 in The Sun (also carried in The Mail):

“As emergency crews cleared the substance left near the bench, others were called to decontaminate the hospital. First reports suggested traces of the opiate fentanyl — a synthetic toxin many times stronger than heroin — had been detected at the scene. But that was later linked to unconnected incident involving another couple coincidentally in the shopping centre.”

That really is extraordinary. Another incident, this time a Fentanyl poisoning, the first of its kind in Salisbury, on the same day, around the same time, and in the same shopping centre as a nerve agent incident. That’s about as likely as the British Army’s Chief Nurse happening to be there at that exact same moment, isn’t it? Did it really happen? I have no idea. But if it did, was this something to do with the “initial scene” — the one that saw Mr Bailey and two of his colleagues taken to hospital (here is a link to BBC article confirming that two police officers were contaminated, as well as a third member of the emergency services, who was clearly Mr Bailey)?

Questions, questions, questions. To which there must be answers, answers, answers. Unfortunately, those controlling the narrative are not about to give them any time soon, and they will no doubt continue to perpetuate the absurd, the implausible, and the impossible, rather than coming clean with the truth.

Perhaps it will take a whistleblower to leak the truth. But then who would do such a thing and who would publish it? A man who published secrets about war crimes that the US Government didn’t want revealing, is currently being treated in Belmarsh Prison and Woolwich Crown Court in much the same way that Soviet political dissidents and enemies of the state were treated back in the day. Another man who is tenaciously publishing the truth behind the OPCW’s sham investigation into the Douma chemical incident is smeared and slandered as a charlatan by those who are not fit to lick his shoes.

This is the kind of country we are becoming. This is the kind of society that those behind this riddle, wrapped in a cover up, inside a hoax, are leading us to. A national security state, where the truth is buried underneath an avalanche of deception, and where those who try to honestly get to the bottom of it are labelled enemies of the state, treated shamefully, so that others are deterred from following suit. It rather minds me of this, from one of the early church fathers, St. Anthony:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’”

It’s not the kind of society I hoped to see when I was growing up. It’s not the kind of society I hoped my children would grow up in. My guess is that it’s not even the kind of society that those who are playing these elaborate games wanted to grow up in. Yet it is what it is, and I am persuaded that those who have brought us to this point have more trouble sleeping than I do. I would urge them to consider this, before it is too late:

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 8:17)


I just wanted to say thanks once again for all the many wonderful commenters and their thoughtful analysis of this case over the last couple of years. Your contributions are much appreciated. Once again, it is my intention to write about other things, and my sincere hope is that I don’t find myself writing a 3rd anniversary piece.

I also wanted to draw your attention to a new book on the subject, Skripal in Prison, by John Helmer. I regret that I would have liked to be in a position to be able to make one or two comments on the book, but unfortunately I have not had the time to read it myself yet. But given John’s pieces on the subject on his blog, I have no doubt that it will be a most interesting and enlightening read. You can get a copy of it here:

Suspected ‘terror’ attack in Sweden. Key information withheld in Public Interest. Posted March 4th 2021

Swedish police said they were investigating possible terror motives for a knife attack on Wednesday in which at least eight people were injured, and that the assailant has been arrested after being shot and wounded.

Some of the victims were in serious condition and the suspect, a man in his 20s, was hospitalised after his arrest, a police spokeswoman told a news conference. The man was previously known to police for minor crimes, she said.

All eight victims were hospitalised and three had life-threatening injuries, the Jonkoping regional council said on its website.

Police said the suspect attacked at least five different locations in Vetlanda.

“We have started a preliminary investigation of attempted murder but there are details in the investigation that make us investigate possible terror motives,” regional head of police Malena Grann told a news conference.

Police were alerted to the attack in Vetlanda, a town of around 13,000 people, around 3 p.m. and initially said it did not appear to be an act of terrorism.


“We heard a scream from the street. Then we saw a man enter the store, shouting that he had been stabbed,” Asa Karlqvist, owner of a florist shop, told local newspaper Vetlanda-Posten.

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“Blood was pouring from his shoulder, so we got towels and applied pressure on the wound,” she said.

The situation was under control and there were no indications that anyone else was involved in the attack in the town of Vetlanda, 340 km (210 miles) south of the capital Stockholm, police told journalists.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven condemned the incident. “We confront such heinous acts with the combined force of our society,” he said in a statement, adding he was in constant contact with both the police and the security service.

In April 2017, a radical Islamist drove a truck into crowds of shoppers on a busy street in central Stockholm, killing five people before crashing into a department store. He was arrested and later sentenced to life in prison.

AFD designated an extremist organisation – making it easy to invade party members privacy and discourage support. March 3rd 2021

This is what they are afraid of. Black Britis working class marching with the English Defence League is a real problem for the elite , which is why they make a show of supporting Islam and the BLM. They pretend its not jut about the money and space for them, to hell with the rest of us.

The AfD has been shifting to the right since it was founded in 2013 as a platform to oppose further monetary integration in the euro single currency zone. It entered the German parliament in 2017, drawing support from voters angry at Merkel’s decision two years earlier to open the borders to asylum seekers.

Moseleys Brown Shirts marching in Southsea , Portsmouth, 1933 – from ‘Portsmouth Voices’ by Robert Cook ( 1998 )

Some AfD members were alarmed by the rising influence of Hoecke in the party, which crystallized with the election last year of Tino Chrupalla, a lawmaker from Saxony backed by the Fluegel, as co-leader alongside Meuthen.

Two previous leaders of the AfD, including its founder, had resigned over what they called rising racism in the party.

The decision by the BfV intelligence agency to monitor the Fluegel was a setback to the AfD’s efforts to deflect accusations that it harbour racist views – a taboo for many Germans given the country’s Nazi past.

Outside of the coalition , the AFD is the largest party in the Bundestag , and with a strengthening presence in regional assemblies. This helps Merkel & Liberal Co, take the opportunity to crush the AFD without dealing with the issues.

Much is made, by the same stupid fake liberals of Germany, France and Britain of the need to stop the kind of Nazism that was burgeoining in all three of those countries in the 1930s . Britain only opposed Germany in 1914 and 1939 because of Empire, definitly not concern for the Jews. The elite are colour blind to the slave classes.

So the European elite has to stifle any expression of white identity. Knee bending for blacks at football matches is key to the ‘New Normal.’ Their concerns are ridiculed and smeared. This problem is there in the United States. Multi culture has a built in and obscene prejudice against white men, epitomised in the expression : ‘privileged white males ‘ and ‘toxic masculinity’ which is a terme never applied to black gangsta rap.

White people must be denied heroes and their only statues must show a female fighting for female freedom. This is a dangerous revolution, with Covid lockdown and speech controls an important smokescreen

They are being scapegoated. Meanwhile the mass of economic migrants must be subject to cultural sensitivity. The dynamics that caused World War Two are being inverted by the elite who think they can control this. They talk in cliches, seeing only evil in Nazi symbols rather than desperation. Model plastic kit Me109s don’t come complete with swastika stickers for the tailplane anymore. By the way, the first of these 109s had Rolls Royce engines which says it all, and the first BMWs were Austin 7s marketed a ‘Dixie, in 1927, when there were opportunities for cooperation. Then the elite decided it was time to go back to divide and rule on a massive scale. They are doing it again. R.J Cook

The ruling elites of Europe caused two world wars. The only reason Britain joined the coalition to defeat Napoleon Bonaparte was because the arrogant Wellington represented a repressive aristocracy which it wanted to protect.

So the Bourbons were restored, showing their true useless colours , with Lous Phillipe overthrown in 1848. The Napoleonic wars were another case of simplification and deception by the elite and their historians. So we are supposed to see these pictured aircraft as evil , but Rolls Royce didn’t when it sold them ‘Merlin’ engines in the 1930s. Politics is about lies , power, greed and deception. R.J Cook
Of all the deaths that occurred worldwide this year, just 2% were attributable to Covid, and the vast majority of that 2% would have occurred anyway, as around 94% of victims had severe co-morbidities. Not surprisingly, I didn’t find this on the BBC.

“A nurse friend who works at an NHS hospital in North London: The mask/double masking mandates are designed to increase cases of bacterial pneumonia of which we have seen an above average seasonal increase – and we are being instructed to label them all as Covid.”

Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’

“New analysis from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus.”

“According to a personal conversation with a health care worker in the Covid emergency department at Lucca hospital in Tuscany, Italy, they are currently seeing a spike of 60-70 new cases of Covid a day involving nearly all newly vaccinated people. Make of this what you will.”

“As a gas engineer I’m in people’s houses all the time. Today I’ve heard of the fifth person this week who’s had a stroke two weeks after the jab.”

S F March 3rd 2021

Covering it all up. March 3rd 2021

The anger of people is no surprise as lockdown does not control the virus. Now we hear vaccine wouldn’t end lockdown anyway. The earth’s magnetic field has changed and the Anglo U.S HAARP system is busy interferring with the weather – no dboubt helping the virus, oh dear, showing my paranoia because officialdom says there is no such thing as conspiracy. R.J Cook
Copenhagen where the lockdown and curfew has ben severe, causing great hardship and mental health issues. The protests have been strong and police reponse often violent
Protesters have been loud but faced massive oppostion from the frightened masses and aggressive police.
Ireland is a politically correct country and part of the EU. Rebellion , such as anti lockdown, gets a firm elite police response.
This is a familiar scene, protesters facing a militia like confrontation from the Garda – a more apt name for modern policing because their primary role is control on behalf of the ruling clases, their command and control effectively part of that class by pay, status and media managed popular conception.
Covid related fraud and losses in the U.K have run into billions. Universities and drug companies are just a few of the profiteers from this fiasco. Good money is being made here in Portsmoth’s dying Commercial Road, summer 2020, with this vender selling cut price masks . So called experts originally said masks did no good.

Now they call for double masking, as we are told vaccinations won’t mean the end of lockdown and falling infections and hospital admissions may be false figures because fewer people are getting tested. Interestingly, the government refuses to close the borders. R.J Cook
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
R.J Cook

Hypocrisy and Conspiracy will survive into the post Covid New Normal, by R.J Cook. March 2nd 2021

Ever wondered why oil rich Saudi Arabia and neighbouring Yemen ( Britain’s Aden as was ) has so many poor ? Because of rich parasites like this man and the west who provide the weapons, underpinned by Islam which promotes over population.
Interestingly Khashoggi is described a a journalists rather than a crony and supporter of a rival prince for the Crown of the British created Saudi Arabia Police State. No such accolade has been given to long term U.K whistle blower on Anglo U.S war crimes, Julian Assange.
This man was a member of the Saudi elite. He backed the wrong man. He was useful to the Western media elite, unlike Julian Assange,
Biden promised to stop supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia before he was elected to power. Now he says he will only sell them weapons for defence.
Yemen has lived on foreign aid ever since they kicked the British out, when Yemen was Aden. The population has grown from 21 million to 28 million in the last 10 years. If there had not been a civil war, it could have reached 50 million by now.

North and Central Yemen is full of Shia Muslims. The British elite never really understood their difference from Sunni Moslems because they never abandoned the Catholic hypocrisy in spite of the Reformation.

Saudis are trying to starve the Yemeni Shias into submission and they are fighting back with serious breeding and consequent health and starvation issues. Saudi Arabia is a massive customer for British weapons including British made Typhoons for their ‘Royal Saudi Air Force’ where the elite model themselves on the ghastly British ruling classes who have given them so much military training.

They have been using indiscriminate RAF style bombing which also killed people who attended a Shia General’s funeral. They also blew up a school bus full of childred and a dirct hit on a hospital, aiming aided by a red cross on the roof.

War crimes go unrecognsied. There is no moral solution to this situation – in spite of what the mealy mouthed ‘ liberal’ public school and Oxbridge educated British media may tell you.

An old BBC and former MP man is currentLy dining out on all his UNICEF good work here, but it will only prolong the agony because his old employers won’t tell you the truth.
R.J Cook
I enJoyed this book on Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mitchell’s brutal retreat from Aden. Most amusing , like the man himself. I used to watch the new footage and loved his nickname ‘Mad Mitch.’
In my view Aden got what they wanted in 1967. ‘Mitch’, not a tall man, but a true Scot, became a public figure in 1967 as the commanding officer of the 1st Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders – quickly disbanded afterwardsin true British cheapskate fashion.
The book quotes Sir Winston Churchill’s son . Randolph, ‘ The British Empire was built on the cheap and with a lot of bribery.’ So true. It made withdrawal relatively easy because there was nothing much to it , beyond the corruption which continued, obviously. No need to stay so long as dictators and their families, with the right dark skin colour but with serious money, were left in place. They eased the outflow of wealth and kept the masses distracted with God and overpopulating for cheap labour.
R.J Cook

Police State Europe -Dark Room Politics by R.J.Cook Posted March 2nd 2021

It is almost funny how often the politicians and mainstream media keep telling us about defending our western sytle democracies. I have said it before, if these democracies were airplaness they wouldn’t crash because they would never get off the ground – because they have to many conflicting and competing parts.

As the police like to tell us, when justifying al of their cameras watching us, and the phone plus internet bugging, ‘If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.‘ That rule doesn’t apply to the police because they are special and keeping us safe !!!!!

So we move on to the latest episode of social media control. Only approved journalists with police approved credentials can publish police approved images of police officers at work.

The reasons why people attack the police need invetigating and publishing. Also their needs to be exposure, not censorship of police who attack or otherwise abuse the public. European, especially the U.K , need to be made seriously accountable with severe punishment because they are in a position of trust for which they are very well paid.

As protest rage across the western world – a world which squeals in the name of democracy while stoking up dissent in the east – the police are out in force. They are recruited for certain qualities. The riot police are usually men for muscle power, the women paly a more subtle and insidious role in keeping people in line with consensus , or else !!!!!

Given Macron’ majority , thanks to the scare mongering and outside interference that got this ‘banker’ elected, it is hard to see these measures failing to pass through to law. The U.K already exerts covert interference and uses corrupt courts to shut down dissent. New Labour lied that it was illegal to photograph police at work. They stole and wrecked cameras, not bothering with the law. When Macron gets his way , he won’t need lockdown to shut up the ‘yellow vests.’

The British police have a reputation for instutional corruption , bullying, perjury and cover ups. Senior officers are promoted by a system of like recruiting like. These upper echelons wallow in privileges, generous fringe benefits and overseeing what the Crime Commissioner for Dyffed Powys called, in a Mail on Sunday articles as ‘ a feral police force.
Britain purports to lead the world on policing and ‘anti terror tactics – the Capitol Hill protests were a worrying a set up and referred to by Biden ans ‘domestic terrorism.’ These gradual restrictions and subtle midifications to language are very serious as the European Police State and the U.S veresion gets stronger.

Given the kind of proven liars like Blair , lying to start a spread of terrible destabilising wars and covering up war crimes in the Middle east, or Sarkozy, now a convicted fraudster and crook, who get into power, we should be very afraid. Think of Europe as a fleet of buses being driven by hedonistic self centred blind drunkards. Then wonder if those on board will finish their journey as promised. R.J Cook

Paris was once my favourite city.
I bought the rather expensive
Yvest St Laurent fully lined skirt suit that I am wearing here , from Printemps.
R.J Cook

Beyond our Universe by R.J Cook March 2nd 2021

Beyond our Universe by R.J Cook March 2nd 2021

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. – Edward Abbey
There is a theory that states: If anyone finds out what the universe is for it will disappear and be replaced by something more bazaarly inexplicable.
The computer virus could do no damage; it was immediately devoured by all the bugs in our own programming.

The following is an extract from a hard pressed senior female GP , leaked to me. It is a note of despair.

I have borne the burden of vaccinating (with no extra payment and massive organisational toll) the population who CHOOSE to be vaccinated, the burden of listening to the thousands of patient emotionally damaged by the ill-judged and poorly assessed lockdown (the lack of risk/benefit analysis has been criminal), the burden of carrying work for other colleagues who can’t manage the unprecedented stress in the system, the dumping of more and more work onto primary care – and now this slap in the face.

The Government needs to take a break from criticising the Chinese Communist Party for a moment and stop in its own attempts at re-educative, repressive and punitive strategies directed toward minorities such as those who choose not to be vaccinated. It is disrespectful and demeaning to an educated and thoughtful sector of society to impose a medical procedure against our will.

Of all the deaths that occurred worldwide this year, just 2% were attributable to Covid, and the vast majority of that 2% would have occurred anyway, as around 94% of victims had severe co-morbidities. Not surprisingly, I didn’t find this on the BBC.

There have been violent protests in Netherlands and Eire ( Irish Republic ) against Draconian and repressive lockdown that has destroyed lives, caused widespread mental illness including bankruptcies , homelessness, suicide, while other serious illnesses have been neglected , with more conveniently unaccounted deaths.

Covid lockdown has has been convenient for Europe’s elite as post Brexit vote protests raised awareness of EU corruption and dictatorship. That dictaorship has gone on to propose banning filming officers brutalising protesters for on line release. The excuse is a massive rise in assaults on the police. As to why there are so many protests and assaults , the elite know why and want a long term on off smokescreen. A link to massive BAME immigration is not factored in to the equuation. The masses are not taught to make connections and the elite hold them in contempt.

Prostitutes are having a ‘hard’ time in Germany. Nothing new there you may say. However, in this context it is about closing legal brothels in Germany, putting women at risk of poverty and life on the street. Image Appledene Photographics.

Adding to the misery and mayhem, legalised brothels are being forced to close in Germany, plunging sex workers into poverty and dangers of life working the streets. Add to that th border closures between EU states and proposals for another 3 week Paris lockdown on top of curfews and it looks rather like official insanity. But it isn’t. The Presidential election run up will invoke considerable press bias with acceptable outside interference from elite cronies to ensure the correct person wins. On and off lockdowns and enforced postal voting would obviously help in this situation. But competing EU state elites will face their perquisite problems and seek scapegoats.

Additionally , the majority of Europeans , especially religious BAME who fear for their fertility, see no reason to accept the unknown effects of vaccine if it is not going to end lockdown. They are not as stupid as the elite need them to be, with many having less and less to lose from lockdown lunacy. The elite have dug in now. For now it s trench warfare of attrition. I am not anti vax and have been vaccinated because I know where this is going and why. If Covid, and the peculiar Long Covid which apparently causes micro hemorrhages in the brain , is a bio wepon, we can be certain not to be told.

Conspiracies are officially non existent, to think otherwise is seriously insane. Given the weird interational elite response, with all the science , their measures are extreme unless it is a bio weapon, because viruses are never defeated. Real herd immunity requires large scale infections. Constant references to new variants is about instilling on going fear and compliance. One is not allowed to argue with ‘the science’ as they call it as an ultimate put down.

Covid did massive damage to China and the western elite blamed China. It hit BAME who have other health and lifestyle issues. Lockdown is a dubious response. It is a very useful smokescreen for a global elite who have been devouring the planet for many many years, right before our eyes. They are adjusting their climate damaging system under a Covid cloud and for their own ends.

A U.S maths Professor has been suspended for unnamed tweets , tracked by outraged students. He questioned the university’s ‘racial bias training.’ He compared reparations to blacks for ancestor’s slavery to descendants of a robber or any crime for descendants of their victims.

This is hate speechaccording to the not so liberal left and the ‘cancel culture’ doesn’t like it. He suggested that this sort of behaviour will worsen race relations and the social world beyond. No wonder the elite are supporting a Mars escape route – ironically a planet that looks as if advanced life forms lived there before destroying the atmosphere.

Looks like history repeating itself again. the human masses bask in the genius of a minority, so believing they are part of a life form so wonderful they are made by God. That is arrogant nonsense but has been used to justify wars for centuries. The truth is way beyond them and they have no grasp of the universe and its dark matter.  R.J Cook

R.J Cook

Big Boxes by R.J Cook February 28th 2021

It is not difficult to demolish the concept or ideology of multi culture because it always provokes conflict. The word culture , in my childhood years, described high art, music , opera, ballet etc. I knew no better until someone suggested I add sociology to the 3 A levels I was already studying. Exams were less than a year away. I said that was impossible. My advice was that since I was top of my class for economics, A level sociology would be easy.

There was a good teacher, a young female graduate from Sheffield. She gave me a long reading list which I took to my local library where another wonderful young woman ordered them all on long loan. If memory serves one could take 10 non fiction at a time. As soon as I read one, I ordered another, studying the subject insatiably t come out with a grade B. That was how I first learned the sociological definition of culture as ‘attitudes and values’ commonly held in a society and binding it together. Deviations that were not seen as subversive were defined as subcultures.

I often wish I had stuck to my headmaster’s original advice to follow a career in science. But my father’s terrible and sad demise after wartime army service and truck driving that killed him, aged 41, I developed an edge in my relation to the pompous elite and their lackeys.

The 1970s were definitive, with the British elite testing police state methods in Northern Ireland during the very last days of Empire. I was at the University of East Anglia when such pleasures of study were confined to 3 % of the mainly better off population.  My first year studies were wide ranging as were my extra curricular activities.  Posh students tracked down to London for protests. I knew better. They were flexing their muscles for high powered careers in politics, academia, law, media and advertising.

Northern Ireland’s conflict was a set up testing police state repression. Divide and Rule was and still is the British elite’s weapon of choice.

By 1979, Thatcher’s Tories were elected to replace the arrogant out of touch James Callaghan and his minority government which had relied on treacherous Liberal support. Forty per cent of the 60 % who bothered to vote , chose Margaret Thatcher and Britain changed course dramatically. I have no doubt she didn’t expect to do so much harm and to destroy the social fabric. However , she famously told the mainstream media “There is no such thing as society.”  Her war monger and greed policies spread across the Atlantic but fell foul of Europe because she thought it was becoming a socialist state.

After she had gone the rather nasty Tony Blair and his entourage, including the famous Blair’s babes, filled a vacuum created by her insipid Tory successor John Major, son of a circus performer but not much of an entertainer himself. The only interesting thing he did was to have an affair with the famous sexy seamed stocking wearing Edwina Currie – she told the press she liked wearing Janet Reiger expensive satin and lace lingerie. Well the Tories like to spoil themselves and practice hypocrisy.

Under Tony Blair, New Labour were shaping up well as competitors in the , lies and hypocrisy department . Posh public school and Oxford educated Blair  looked and spoke like a nice clean young man as he led a government dominated by fellow upper middle class lawyers and rampant feminists.

He had some amazing ideas about making Britain ‘the Hong Kong of Europe’. He rushed off to lead Bush junior into war with Iraq, going for total destruction and a religiously driven rampage of lunacy that has currently arrived in Syria.

Result has been an endless supply of economic migrants passed of as asylum seekers , some taking advantage of destroying Libya , to cross to Europe, thousands rescued on the way. They are looking for a better life. Obviously , most are Muslims and they must bring that ‘truth’  with them. They are not multi culturalists but they will work for low wages , assuming they want to work in a Britain and Europe that is currently struggling to find them a better class of hotel and diet.  

Islam does no and will not ever see itself as a subculture, which is why the elite and stupid sociologists are foisting mult culture on to us. On top of that , a legacy pf destroying traditional male roles and industries has broken the seventies remnants of family life. Feminists are not multi culturalists either. Apparently they haven’t gone far enough. Like Muslims, they don’t see themselves as a sub culture, they see themselves as the ones promoting and defining multi culture. So , in British society feminists team up with their ‘down trodden’ Muslim counterparts , and BLM.

Societies have always encompassed conflicting parts. They have always been contained by a dominant class using methods ranging  from deception to extreme violence. As I have said many , so long as such a nasty minority of under 2.400 own 59% of the world’s wealth there are still only two cultures that count ‘Us and Them.’  So we have little boxes for the masses, and I am reminded of the sixties folk pop song ‘Little boxes. :

Little Boxes

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes all the same

There’s a pink one and a green one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same

And the people in the houses

All went to the university
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same

And there’s doctors and lawyers
And business executives
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same

And they all play on the golf course
And drink their martinis dry
And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school

And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university
Where they are……. 

“Little Boxes” was written and composed by Malvina Reynolds in 1962. It became a hit for her friend Pete Seeger in 1963, when he released his cover version. That was the great social upheaval decade , hopeful for the future. Freedom was the buzz word. The song was a critique and a warning to suburban smugness , content and hypocrisy.  

Strange things come to pass. Freedom is now just an illusion, another branch of the virtual world. The masses don’t live in such obvious boxes, but they are there just the same. Maybe one should call them big boxes because things are happening on a global scale. There is the gold plated bullet proof one for the rich elite. Then there is the sacred pink one for virtuous feminists, including terfs – trans exclusionary feminist. Next up is the LGBTQI rainbow coloured box for the ones who are hard for the masses to understand beyond fear. The last and newest of all is the black box for the BLMs – Muslims welcome to pop in of course and exchange horror stories of racism. Finally , there  is the white box where all the privileged white males  live.

All must defer to gold , with White box accepting its place at the bottom of the pile and taking the blame if anything falls down under the terrible weight of idiocy coming from the top box. If they are not careful they could end up in the nastiest box of all ; the rusty coloured prison box ,  buried beyond sight , for miscreants and outcasts. It is a big box. Every year more men are locked up there , by  corrupt police and court system much influenced by media and feminists.  R.J Cook

R.J Cook

The 19 most scandalous things the government has done during this tragic debacle

Even people who have broadly supported the government’s lockdown policies – and, incredibly, there appear to be many, if opinion polls are to be believed – are surely not blind to the various kinks in those policies that have been at best misguided and at worst, truly scandalous.

Here I list some of Boris Johnson’s most catastrophic missteps in a year full of them.

Care homes

In a perverse attempt to ‘protect the NHS’, thousands of Covid patients were shunted out of hospitals into care homes, without tests, where they infected others which led to a huge proportion of Covid deaths. (Interestingly, many countries and US states, including Sweden and New York, made the same mistake.)

Nightingale hospitals

‘Fever hospitals’ would have been one of many infinitely preferable ideas to lockdowns, which bowdlerise the economy and atomise society in dangerous ways, and the quick construction of discrete health centres gave rise to the hope that this would happen. But the eight of them barely saw a single patient and some were quickly decommissioned. It’s difficult to overstate the madness of building these things and not using them. 

Track and Trace

This cost us taxpayers an eye-watering £12 billion. And it is hopeless. Users were alerted when they had apparently been in contact with an infected person and asked to self-isolate for several days. Except many hadn’t been in contact with an ill person, and even if they had been, it’s not obvious that they were automatically infected. Some users reported getting several phone calls in the same day, week after week, by robotic minimum wage drones reading from a pre-prepared script; many people reacted by simply blocking the number. But still damage was done – whole families were taken out of life and work for weeks at a time for no good reason.

Bypassing of Parliament

In 2020 and 2021 we had civil liberties curtailed and personal freedoms crushed to a truly extraordinary extent. Britain has never seen anything like it. And it was the manner in which they were done, often with zero Parliamentary scrutiny, and frequently by a stroke of Matt Hancock’s pen. The initial lockdown, for instance, was enacted under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act from, fittingly, 1984. Parliamentary accountability is close to non-existent, with the House an empty shell, legislation has banned physical anti-government demonstrations, Ofcom has ensured that criticism of the government from broadcasters is muted, and big tech firms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube draw up guidelines in line with government present thinking. You really should be more concerned about all this than you are.

Hospital-acquired infections

A staggering 40% of Covid infections may have been picked up in the places meant to care for people. This is not a new phenomenon, with the NHS not having a good record on ‘superbugs’ and the like, but it utterly damns the idea that the whole of the economy and society had to be closed down because of this virus. Without those infections, things would have been at manageable levels, deaths little higher than usual, when communities toddle along without being ruthlessly stamped upon.

PCR tests

PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) tests were never meant to be used at the volume they have been; in fact they were only done so because, like lockdowns, they were promoted by the Chinese Communist Party. This is because they can produce a large number of false positives, especially when run at a high cycle rate – 45, as suddenly recommended by the China-‘influenced’ WHO – as increased sensitivity picks up old viral load (it does not mean that the person actually has the virus). Far be it from me to speculate why it was that on the very day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the WHO then switched to recommending the tests be run at 30 cycles. 

Hotel quarantines

You could argue that these were scandalous because they came in a year late; that’d be a reasonable point but it’s almost certain that in March 2020 it would already have been too late because the virus had travelled around the world and arrived in Britain. In February 2021 quarantines were inane: multiple variants of the virus are already endemic; they were not enforced with anything like the military-style might of Australia and New Zealand’s (thank god, some might say); the victims of these quarantines – for that is what they are, because solitary confinement is uncannily cruel – had already tested NEGATIVE. Idiocy and sadism collided in typically Johnsonian fashion.


Without again going over the overwhelming evidence that masks – as commonly worn by most people in most settings – do little to stem the spread of the virus, remember that these were mandated in summer, when cases were virtually non-existent. It was ridiculous. But then picture the mask manufacturers’ PR teams whispering in governments’ ears all around the world: “You’ll look really virtuous, like you care about your people” and then out of earshot “And we’ll make loads of money!” Further mission creep and deliberately vague directions on when you should wear them saw them become ubiquitous throughout the land, even where they weren’t mandated, like in the street. A scary, dystopian world was created.


It’s long been known that viral transmission in wide open spaces is extremely unlikely. It’s also long been known that participation in physical sport produces enormous physical and mental health benefits. And so this government, in its infinite thickness, banned sport, even non-team activities like golf, tennis and swimming, for most of the previous year.


Pubs only accounted for a small amount of Covid infections; businesses spent millions to make them, arguably, more secure than they needed to be (enjoyment in them was certainly kept to a minimum). And yet, after numerous closures and reopenings up and down the country, they were all shuttered again come the third lockdown. Areas that had virtually no cases were not spared. Pubs are of course places which can be beneficial to mental health as you communicate with others. Their shuttering perfectly illustrates: 1) the Precautionary Principle on steroids; 2) a sledgehammer policy which punishes the innocent; 3) a myopic focus on just one aspect of public health at the expense of all others. These are the three tenets of the Johnson government’s handling of this pandemic.


This is the greatest scandal of them all. Despite study after study from around the world showing that keeping schools open did not drive an upsurge in cases, our government, on January 5, said they must not open. Despite saying on January 4 they would. Even the Tartan Tinpot Totalitarian in Scotland and Mark Dreary-ford in Wales opened their schools (partly) after February half-term, two weeks before England. This scandal is probably due to a combination of an Education Secretary barely worthy of the name, Gavin Williamson, the worst of Britain’s 55 prime ministers, Boris Johnson, and some particularly militant teaching unions. Whatever, the cost has been incalculable: documentation on the damage to children’s education, future earning prospects and mental health makes for appalling reading. They have been victims of a never-before tried punishment experiment, and the least well-off families suffered most. Why weren’t schools treated as supermarkets, as essential?

Masking in schools

Nothing better illustrates the fingers-in-ear approach of the Johnson government than its mandate that all secondary school pupils should wear masks in classrooms from March 8 onwards. There is no strong evidence to suggest that children, already at very little risk from this virus, can spread it. There is an enormous amount of evidence to suggest that masks retard children’s communication abilities, their physical health, their self-image, their psychological well-being, and more. It’s yet another example of how Johnson’s government is a post-enlightenment administration, and how U-turns are his speciality (in August he said face masks in the classroom was ‘clearly nonsensical’). 


Punishments should be proportionate to the severity of the crime. And yet our kind, wonderful, humane health secretary Matt Hancock suggested that people who lie about what countries they have been in, not mentioning that they’ve come from Portugal for example, should be given ten years in prison. TEN YEARS! Which is three more years than you get for some violent firearms offences or sexual offences involving minors. But this unpleasant idea is only a continuation of the trend of the last year which saw the government continually ramp up fines to extraordinary levels for perceived infractions, for example reaching £10,000 for young people merely wanting to gather. We’ve never been closer to a police state


In the late summer and autumn pubs had to shut at 10pm. All this did was force people out in greater numbers at once, often then going to each other’s houses, while landlords lost yet more valuable takings, sending them closer to bankruptcy. But then curfews have been a weapon of choice of dictators for many years. 

Not preparing the NHS for winter

Multiple choice time. Several months away from winter, when the NHS is always under great pressure, and almost certainly will be under more due to a new virus on the scene, what do you do: 1) strain every sinew to ensure that the NHS can cope, or 2) bring out the sledgehammer of lockdown once more to smash down on millions of people’s lives? If you’re this government, you choose the latter.

Terror messaging

Abandoning the strategy of offering sensible health advice in late March 2020, the government replaced it with waves of terror propaganda, some of which was found to have breached ASA guidelines (like when it claimed that joggers are ‘highly likely to have Covid-19’). A nadir was reached with the ‘look into their eyes’ posters in which actors lay on beds looking terrible for the camera, the implication being that YOU are a villain if you step out of line in even the tiniest way. The creation of a climate of terror also means that people are less likely to seek medical help generally, which is why deaths from strokes, heart disease and cancer have soared. It’s a horrible way to run a country, with baleful long-term consequences, and, again, is well established in the playbook of totalitarian regimes. 

The beauty industry

This might seem like something trivial, but it is not: for one thing the industry is worth £28.4 billion per year to the UK’s GDP and it is important for women and men’s self esteem and mental health. Hairdressers spent a fortune on Covid-secure measures and adhered to the government’s voluminous guidance, but still felt the jackboot on their throat once again come the winter. Germany, which is way behind Britain in the vaccination stakes (about 3% of their population is vaccinated, compared to about 30% of ours), is opening salons on March 1, whereas ours can’t trade until April 12. Yet 5,000 salons have already closed their doors for good because of lockdowns.

Asymptomatic transmission

Not unknown, but massively talked up by the government as part of their “Let’s Scare Everyone To Death And Obliterate Civil Society” plan. 

The long and winding road to freedom

So Johnson wants us not to be in lockdown again so he keeps us in lockdown? Yep, that’s the Johnson logic we’ve come to know and hate. And note how our freedoms were removed in a flash throughout the last year, and yet they are restored at a glacial pace. Every week of lockdown means that £10 billion that would have gone into the Treasury’s coffers does not, meaning that there will be less to spend on health care in the future. It beggars belief that this blinkered, short-term way of thinking is prevalent in our elected officials.

This list is not exhaustive. The charge sheet is long and lamentable and if there was anything approaching justice, Boris Johnson would resign as prime minister and retire from public life – the stain of shame from what he has been party to would nevertheless be on him for the rest of his days. As a start, it would be a wonderful thing if his party suffered extensive losses at the May local elections.

PS Many thanks to all the people who have now read this post and sent me feedback. More scandals have been suggested, including the ‘chumocracy’ of Hancock awarding contracts to his pals. The one that I think could become the major scandal, that I haven’t mentioned, is how Covid deaths have been counted. We will hear much more about this in the coming months and years…

The article relates to a Judicial review taken against the IOPC for an unlawful decision backing Lancashire police. Posted February 27th 2021

UK Corrupt Police Holding the UK police to account


February 27, 2021 HomeMiscellaneousIOPCSuccessful Judicial Review against the IOPC for supporting an UNLAWFUL decision made by Lancashire police

Successful Judicial Review against the IOPC for supporting an UNLAWFUL decision made by Lancashire police Posted February 27th 2021

Evidence that the IOPC will back unlawful decisions by police and that Judicial Reviews work!

February 27, 2021IOPC, Lancashire3


A Judicial Review was brought against the IOPC for an allegation that they were protecting Lancashire police, after Lancashire Professional Standards Department (PSD) made an unlawful decision to avoid investigating a police officer who committed perjury, contrary to s1 of the Perjury Act 1911.

Once notified of the Judicial Review, the IOPC immediately conceded.

The sealed High Court order is below.

UPDATE: Should any mainstream media like a full copy of the Judicial review evidence bundle for a national story, please contact me

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Due to the legal framework within the Police Reform Act 2002, this unlawful decision made by the IOPC could not be overturned without the above consent order quashing their decision.  The IOPC agreed to pay all reasonable legal costs for this process which may be substantial.

So, what was the background?

In 2019, I was arrested, prosecuted and convicted after a police officer (Acting Inspector) assaulted me, then lied in court therefore committing Perjury.

During the incident, the police officer kicked me (used his foot) to try to force me backward.

I told the officer that I could use reasonable force if he assaulted me again.

The officer, on oath in a criminal court, denied using his foot in any way.

Officer clearly using his foot.

Therefore, I was convicted because I said “I can use reasonable force against you”.

The police officer lied.  He had kicked me and told the court that my comment was ‘threatening‘ to him, even though he had assaulted me which caused my ‘lawful’ response.

There was body worn video evidence that the police intentionally withheld from the court.  I asked the Crown Court for a mention hearing to get a Court Order to force the police to release the footage.  This was granted and the footage proved the officer had committed perjury in court and the CPS accepted my appeal without a hearing!

In my complaint against this incident, Lancashire police refused to record or investigate the complaint of perjury, suggesting that;

“the evidence had been tested in Court”, and that

“the Court did not recommend an Investigation into perjury”, and

“that I was abusing the complaint process for a Court matter”

(Ironically, the same excuse that the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner has recently used tying to protect the Chief Constable… coming soon)

After PSD refused to investigate, I appealed their decision to the IOPC.

Even with a clear appeal letter and supporting evidence, the IOPC made the same decision, backing the unlawful decision made by Lancashire police. (who would have you believe they are whiter that white!)

This decision now has to be remade and the outcome will be published.

The officer who lied in court will be facing prosecution.  This will either be by Lancashire police (should they decide to do their job), or by a private prosecution.

Perjury strikes at the heart of justice and offenders could face up to 7 years in prison! 

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Grigny Tip Of Global Covid Poverty Iceberg by R.J Cook February 25th 2021

Grigny is only 30km from Paris. It is described as a ticking time bomb.

Millions have been on the march looking for better lives than what they have in the old Third World since 1990. This is what they are leaving behind illustrated below , with some bringing their life style to cities in France , Germany, Britain and Sweden to a problematic extent and degree – but liberal whites call it racist to comment.

Black African gang ‘crews’ in the Belgian Congo. They smoke pot all day and do ther business at night time. They scorn the low paid labouring jobs in a country run by their ‘fellow profiteering dictatorial western backed blacks’ with extreme corruption.
This is the gangsters’ neighbourhood.

The Jesuits argued : ‘Give me the child until he is 7 and I will give you the man.’ Psychologists agree that a child’s first seven years are formative. So imagine the survival skills a child would need to survive in the kind of envoronment illustrated above. The empire building white elites gave the blacks the same religious mumbo jumbo that they gave to their own misersble and oppressed people during Indutrial Revolution and to cope with two greed driven World Wars that came out of it.

When the great British Imperial Power beat a hasty post war retreat from Empire after 1945. It needed placemen dictators to make sure the cheap raw materials kept flowing at knock down prices. White liberals and black vested interests don’t want the truth exposed about their involvement in all of this since the days of slavery. The cover up has allowed Africa and the Middle East to fester and the mess is now spilling over into Europe .

So Europe is now massively importing the poverty , disease, over population , ignorance and religious bigotry at white lower class expense. Africa’s leaders have been complicit with white elites in this profiteering process. The migrants expect to be looked after, with white liberals having done so much to raise expectations and a sense of entitlement. Trouble is working class whites pay the majority of taxes and foot the bill – as they have also been paying for their country’s war machinery to profit the rich and powerful for the bombing.

BLM is a diversion from unpleasant truths , like 2,400 people owning 59% of world’s wealth, five rich blacks owning 55% of Africa and that this ruthless elite has a bigger carbon footprint than the rest of the world population put together. Repeated mainstream media references to ‘democracies’ are a pathetic smokescreen and a joke. Covid lockdown is , of course , the ultimate distraction for which the elite have had high hopes for reduced social contact and rule by fear.

BAME are more vulnerable to Covid 19 and more likely to refuse vaccine on religious grounds if they are Muslim, as many North Africans are.
Grigny’s population includes significant numbers of undocumented migrants’ . All residents here are migrants living below the poverty line. Utilities can’t afford to provide services and crime is rife, much with violence. There is little work in a town of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.
Say thanks to all the Anglo US French military , along with the liberals who opened the door when the regimes across the Mediterranean were bombed for demo(n)cracy. What a laugh now the pigeons are coming home to roost. Armenian riots are the latest lunacy on the border of the Muslim – the beautuful religion – world.
Paris symbolises the glamour and fantasy of a better life in the wetern developed world. Look closely and you will notice that the majority in this image are migrants.
Image Appledene Photographic/RJC

So , as the above pictures attest, we have towns like Grigny – 30 km from Paris- described as a time bomb by its’ mayor. What the explosion will be about needs no imagination. We have seen the signs across Europe. Covid has been useful in stifling meetings and progress , but poverty, fear , mental illness, social isolation and life without hope are not factored in to governments fixated on lockdown and the new normal.

The latest news is that , unlike reponses to previous flu epidemics and the fact that the virus is endemic, we have a new word ‘pandemic’. So the WHO are not squaring up to Muslim’s obsession with fertility being a population and survival issue encroaching on us ‘infidels.’

Many Muslims fear a conspiracy to stop them breeding and think that is what the vaccine is for. They are wrong , but the vaccine is firstly going to block real herd immunity, make a fortune for drug companies et al and keep people apart. It won’t be the virus that kills by itself . It never has been. The deliberately unmeasured fall out , from Covid tyranny ,will kill and is killing. The global elite won’t give up their globalism , but they will contain and frighten the masses for their privileges.

However , in physics there is the concept of critical mass. It is all about the last straw. The Aberfan slag heap disaster is a good metphor. Grigny is full of people , mainly migrants with many illegal , who can’t pay their bills. So the businesses fail. Starving people on mass are dangerous animals. Covid lockdown has turned Grigny critical. and it won’t stop there , however much the system and its police censor and jail those of us who tell the truth. The ruling classes, mainstream media and police are professional liars. They have many lackeys. Nature, however will always take its course and the truth should be obvious to anyone reading between the lines and studying the contradictions.

R.J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

Last Exit From Covid ? Posted February 24th 2021

Last exit from Covid? by John Ward
IN YOUR DREAMS It’s under 24 hours since the (allegedly) most powerful man in the UK announced the “roadmap” out of Lockdown restrictions. Earlier last week, Boris Johnson had said that this time, there would be no backsliding, no panicking, and no volte-faces: this was the Big One. The Freedom Riders were going the full distance…..”we’re on a one-way road to freedom” he insisted. But yesterday he added, “…..of course, nothing can be guaranteed”.

So it’s a one way road with regular flyovers allowing U-turns, then. Almost immediately, the Telegraph got hold of paperwork showing that the usual bought CMO maniacs hadn’t wanted any lockdown easing at all before the Autumn. And Wales’ deputy chief medical officer said he would be “very surprised” if all COVID rules were to be eased by 21 June – the date Boris Johnson had said was sacrosanct….up to but not including the point at which it was more of a sacrificial lamb than a sacred promise.

Nothing is sacred with Boris, and that’s a humungous part of the problem. He seems not to care that joint Cabinet Responsibility (a central pillar of British constitutional precedent) has been replaced by impertinent anarchy between Party renegades, Whitehall, corrupt medical advisers and a devious Health Secretary. Enter Hancock, bang on cue, within the last three hours to assert (as usual) that if the plan goes mammories skywards, it’ll be our fault. “Everybody has to play their part to meet the dates for England’s lockdown to be eased,” he told the BBC, “it is currently too early to say how long social distancing will be in place, but the aim is for such things to become a matter of personal responsibility”.

Even at this level of disloyalty, the oily rag could not resist affirming that “restrictions will only be lifted by 21st June if strict conditions have been met”. So to sum up, the roadmap is fast-forward to liberty, but fraught with risk, and there may well be reversals if at any time it looks like you stupid citizens have been hugging, kissing and destroying all our carefully laid plans to produce release from a dangerous situation; so ignore what the fat Turkish blond says and be very afraid, shut up, stay at home and wash your mouths out, oiks.

And that’s before we’ve had any leaking to The Times and Piers Morgan from Pharmafia interests about deadly surging new deadly mutant more infectious deadly strains infecting our schoolchildren in deadly danger of deadly death. The United Kingdom Prime Minister is not First Among Equals: he is a spineless Build Back Better spider in the tightly-spun web of surveillance, bankers and collectivist ideologues selling a New Normal that is utterly unnatural.

There is no roadmap out of Lockdown beyond its abandonment as a strategy. There is no way forward for the West beyond the rejection of pointless, halfbaked vaccines that will never defeat a mutating virus of relatively benign nature. We will never regain anything remotely resembling Rousseau’s Social Contract until corrupt incompetence in the Establishment has been purged, the Rule of Law restored, and catechismic ideology has been replaced by the compassionate reality of pragmatic Utilitarianism. Our politicians are not “following science”. They are merely implicated in a Sovyet-Nazi totalitarian process designed to rewrite science in the pursuit of obscene wealth and global power.

Even if the four-lane Stage1 sub-section2 highway to a Liberty Reset is eventually completed, we shall still be living in a world of “Papieren bitte”….one where politicised cops ask politely whether you are a self-supporting individual or a meek lamb for the slaughter. Sad to relate, there are times when resistance becomes a task so thankless, we are all prone to wondering if any of it is worth it.

The reference made earlier to ‘corrupt incompetence’ is a case in point. It is clear that, as Health Secretary, Hancock has presided over crony Covid vaccine contracts. The telling judicial summation involved gives the game away: ‘Almost 500 companies given high priority due to political connections secured contracts to supply PPE with 10 times the success rate of nearly 15,000 companies that were not given enhanced attention’.

Even more depressing is Hancock’s weaselly response to Sky this morning: “The court case did not find there was a problem with any of the contracts. It found that whereas we are supposed to publish the details of the contracts within 30 days of them being signed on average we published them at the heat of the crisis on average 47 days after they were signed.” So that’s alright, then. Thirty years ago, the UK ad agency WCRS came up with this strapline for their client Orange: The future’s bright, the future’s Orange It was always going to be a hostage to fortune. Today, it needs rewriting:
The future’s dark, the future’s ‘orrible John Ward is ever so slightly disappointed that his French GP has succumbed to vaccination pressure, despite the bloke’s private view that Covid19 is a global heist driven by banking’s need for a patsy, and Big Pharma’s depraved desire for an endless stream of fraudulent income.

Britain leads the world in police state tactics and hypocrisy – February 24th 2021

There Are Spying Eyes Everywhere—and Now They Share a Brain

Merseyside Police at work on our minds. Who decides what is and isn’t offensive ? How does one verify offence ? Transsexuals are being conned by being frightened into being part of the State backed LGBTQI blob. The same is true with feminism.

In this way you become part of the ongoing victim culture , develop real paranoia and don’t notice the really important things going on , happening and not happening to you. Don’t worry , the anti psychotiic drugs will help you through – and once lockdown is over you can start going on the annual ‘gay pride ‘ rainbow marches and displays again. That is the world they want for you , keeping you safe ( sic )..

This billboard references LGBTQI as potential targets of offence – I have been on the receiving end of police transphobia hate crime involving a senior police officer and his family , with Thames Valley Police, who have an axe to grind with me, writing to tell my doctor that I am mentally ill !.

So what do you do with the Trans Exclusionary Radical feminists and Germaine Greer . The former group allegses that men change sex to get into ladies toilets and rest rooms to commit sex offences. They are comfortable middle class folk with ‘good jobs’ to use a police phrase.

What do you do with police bigots when they commit offence and how to do deal with possible malice from the person allegedly offended ? One could go on , but obviously this is the thin end of the wedge. Is it offensive to question why so many men now want sex change or do we simply have to accept women in men’s bodies, feminists dressed like men, alongside arguments that there are actually no differences, everyone is equal and should be treated as such ?

If so the potential for offence, chaos and confusion is incredible and infinite. It already applies to most other areas of life. How do you deal with the offensive behaviour of Muslims who protest teaching LGBTQI in British schools and take offence if any one questions their religion. This seems like a desperate response to the impossible contradictions of multi culture and the destruction of white male working class stereotypes along with their jobs. I am glad I decided against joining the police because they have a moron culture.

However, I did the next best thing and became a teacher. With the best will in the world, both jobs are increasingly and extremely difficult in this multi cultural climate. As i found out, over 18 years , teachers are a police force and they tend to have a particular controlling unquestioning mind set, Teachers are now spies reporting on pupils with the ‘wrong opinions and attitudes. As a writer , there is so little that is legal to say because of the fake liberals who decide what is fake news and what is truth , ban everything.
Roberta Jane Cook says ‘In this world there are three types of people, men, women and individuals. Individuals are feared. The ruling tyrants do not like humour against them which is why they insist you can’t have right wing comedians or satire in this ‘Liberal Age.’
That is why Joe Biden’s clothes are ,as in the fairy tale, invisible because they are made of magic material. He deosn’t need gender identity because he and his black female sidekick embody protection and goodness.

Even comments like mine here, risk causing offence. That is the social reality the Anglo U.S elite are engineering for the world. There will be no passion , no worthwhile art , dialectic , writing or music. Look at the cop with the stick in the centre of this picture above and wonder where and why lockdown, for which there is no virus killing evidence, has taken you. Roberta Jane Cook
No doubt my well researched novel ‘Man, Maid, Woman’ is considered by many ‘good people’ as offensive because it looks critically at growth and nature of sexual identity from childhood in an increasingly confused and conflicting western social environment.

The books casts doubt on the future of the ‘heroine’s’ hard won happiness as a girl. Life is not a fairy tale for most people.

Ths social engineers and their deluded lackeys are offering an illusion and pills to dull our senses and hide the truth that is intruding into our lives like magma intruding between the sedimentary rocks, far less likely to cause a reaction than there would be to a volcano. R.J Cook

Journalist fined for Covid breach after photographing protest outside army barracks housing asylum seekers

Exclusive: Photographer whose arrest for documenting demo outside Napier Barracks prompted outcry then handed £200 fine for breaching Covid rules at same protest – before police admit it was issued ‘in error’ Posted February 24th 2021

May BulmanSocial Affairs Correspondent@maybulman5 days ago 45 comments

<p>Journalist Andy Aitchison said he was ‘deeply concerned about the freedom of press’ after he was arrested and then erroneously fined for taking photos of a protest</p>
Journalist Andy Aitchison said he was ‘deeply concerned about the freedom of press’ after he was arrested and then erroneously fined for taking photos of a protest (Supplied)

A journalist whose arrest while photographing a protest prompted an outcry was then handed a £200 fine for breaching Covid rules at the same demonstration.

Freelance photographer Andy Aitchison, 46, was arrested on 28 January under suspicion of criminal damage after taking and sharing photographs of a demonstration outside Napier Barracks, a controversial military site where asylum seekers are being held. The case was dropped a week later.

However, a week on, the journalist received a fixed penalty notice from Kent Police on the basis that he had acted in breach of Covid regulations when documenting the same protest.

The coronavirus regulations state that exceptions to the ban on gatherings of two or more people include “work purposes”. Lawyers in the UK have argued that a journalist’s right to report are also protected from these restrictions under the Human Right Act.

Following intervention from his lawyers and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), and hours after being asked about the case by The Independent, Kent Police said it had reviewed and rescinded the fixed penalty notice, admitting that it was “clear” that it had been issued “erroneously”.

During the protest that Mr Aitchison photographed, which lasted less than 10 minutes, activists threw buckets of fake blood at the gates of the site in protest against the conditions there. His images were later used in press reports.

The protest came amid mounting concern about conditions at the Ministry of Defence site, which was repurposed for housing asylum seekers in September 2020. Residents had been banned from leaving the camp due to a Covid outbreak.

Comment This is just one of so many stories that should frighten people because on top of controlling speech and thought, we have alarming press and arts censorship to dumb us down, along with the drugs because they are driving people mad. Covid lockdown and masks have no basis in science, but dumbed down people fear for their lives and will believe anything , so Covid Lockdown is a catch all. There is a much bigger nastier war on than people realise.

Now the west’s angel parachuted in to undermine Russia , Mr Navalny, has been exposed by the thought police. The people running this war are as dishonest , criminal ,greedy and stupid as the ones on all sides who brought us World Wars I & II.

Robert Jane Cook

How Germany Lost Control of the Virus Posted February 23rd 2021

The country excelled during the first wave. What went wrong the second time around?

By Anna Sauerbrey

Ms. Sauerbrey is a contributing opinion writer who focuses on German politics, society and culture.

Over 50,000 people have died in Germany since October. For a country that led in pandemic control during the first wave, it has been a shocking reversal.
Over 50,000 people have died in Germany since October. For a country that led in pandemic control during the first wave, it has been a shocking reversal.Credit…Lennart Preiss/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

BERLIN — “We have lost control of this thing.”

Those were the words of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, surveying the country’s situation in late January at a confidential meeting. She spoke with typical precision. In Germany, which on Wednesday prolonged its current lockdown until at least March 7, things are bad: Since October, cases have soared — they are only now starting to come down — and over 50,000 people have died. An atmosphere of grim resignation prevails.

But wasn’t Germany one of the global leaders in pandemic control during the first wave? Didn’t Germans enjoy a fairly normal summer of trips to the beach and meeting with friends at beer gardens? Didn’t their children return to school, as normal, in August and September?

Yes, yes and yes. But when fall came, things started to go wrong. And it wasn’t bad luck. It was politics.

Last spring, as the virus rampaged through Europe, German policymakers acted swiftly and with rare unity. In March, schools, shops and restaurants were closed and gatherings of more than two people banned. After a few weeks, cases dropped and the country started to reopen gradually in April and May. Over the summer, there were very few restrictions — and very little Covid-19.

But when cases started to rise in the fall, policymakers failed to repeat the trick. During the first week of October, the caseload was as high as it had been when the first lockdown had been imposed in March. But many explained the rise by pointing to the increased number of tests, ignoring the clear trend of cases upward. Nothing was done.

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In the following weeks, the virus took full advantage of Germany’s complacency. By the end of October, the number of daily cases had more than tripled. The response was halfhearted: closing restaurants and bars but leaving schools open — a “lockdown light” that, for a time, stabilized the situation. It wasn’t until just before Christmas, at which point cases were rising sharply, that politicians hit the emergency brake and closed down the country.

The decision came so late that by early January, some intensive care units were nearly overwhelmed. Daily deaths were at times quadruple their highest point in the first wave. In the first half of January, the number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants temporarily exceeded that in the United States. The elderly were devastated: Roughly 90 percent of those who died in the second wave were 70 or older.

For a country that had been widely hailed for its successful handling of the pandemic, it was a shocking reversal. Why did this happen?

The short answer: politics. In 2021, Germany will hold six state elections plus the national parliamentary election in September. If ever there was a time to take political risks — and there’s little riskier than depriving weary citizens of their freedoms for uncertain gain — the middle of a major election year is not it.

Last spring, electoral calculus was briefly suspended by the all-encompassing threat of the virus. That’s no longer the case. Though the pandemic is far from over, now is a time for sharpening individual political profiles instead of compromising, for catering to local constituents’ special interests instead of focusing on the national common good. Political considerations are back.

Those have played out in conflicts among the 16 regional governors and also in tensions between the governors and the chancellor. One reason for the country’s slow reintroduction of restrictions was that the regional heads felt Ms. Merkel was pushing too hard, aiming at a show of power.

The troubled vaccination rollout has poured fuel on the fire. As part of the European Union — which was slow to agree on a contract with suppliers and late to begin the rollout — Germany has struggled to vaccinate its citizens: Currently only 4 percent have had a vaccine. And when AstraZeneca, one of the manufacturers, announced in January that it would cut its supply to the bloc, political war broke out.

States, the parties in the governing coalition and the minister of health all frantically blamed each other — or Ms. Merkel and Brussels. Germans were left desperately trying to get hold of a vaccination appointment for their elderly kin.

After the failures of the past few months, Germany is in for a marathon. To bring the finish line closer, a different approach is gaining traction: A group of experts is currently promoting a strategy of “No Covid,” where lockdowns won’t be lifted until there are fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants a week.

It would require sacrifices, but such a strategy could stop the country from stumbling from one lockdown to the next through this election year. Yet it would take courage to prolong restrictions until cases reached a sufficiently low level. The decision on Wednesday to extend the lockdown suggests Germany’s politicians might be able to act bravely.

But as campaigning gets underway, will they hold their nerve?RelatedOpinion | Anna SauerbreyGermany Has Relatively Few Deaths From Coronavirus. Why?

Comment Germaany appears to have fewer cases because it has been far more honest than idiotic Britain in what it calls Covid deaths. As for making no covid a target, it is utterly absurd to believe that possible or a worhwhile aim. However, the vested interests across Europe are more deadly , harmful and prone to mutation than the virus.

R.J Cook

R.J Cook

Meat the target. R.J Cook February 23rd 2021

Meat production in the U.K and Europe is not Halal ( killed with cruelty } so the elite want production restricted for the rich to enjoy at high prices only they can afford. The rest of us can be stunted with what they consider envoronmentally friendly food, and Third World overpopulation proceeds apace and into Europe and the U.S , all backed up by GOD and in the name of multi culture ( sic )..
What a con.
The elite have been looking for an excuse to ban meet and attack farming on ‘environmental grounds’ for years. Now they have Covid 19 as an excuse to ‘normalise’; more madness. Lyon ‘s ban in schools is the thin end of the wedge.
This is part of a much bigger pciture which is why so much elite and mainstream media attention is on rubbishing conspiracy theorists – that is their cover all conspiracy.
Can life get any worse for European farmers under the weight and ressure of Anglo European elite dictators whose priority is the old Third World and sustaining the unsustainable. R.J Cook
Liberals are normally from comfortable upper middle class families, feminists and those of the ‘he for she’ variety, especially in academia as I know from experience.
A strong female voice is only welcome in U.K & Europe and the U.S.A , as long as she is on message.
Extract from open letter from opinionated agenda setting French academics demanding education minister be fired expressing serious concerns about Islam’s increasing influence on France’s education and hence the nature of its society. Islam is utterly intolerant of alternative views. They are totally wedded to God as an explanation for everything, including vengeance.
I did not agree with medical staff claiming extra money because of Covid. They were getiing paid to do a job and should have had the guts to say why it was impossible – migrant demands and overload. However, I had a spell as an NHS emergency driver and had to sign a confidentiality agreement just as I had to sign the Official Secrets Act many years before. That sort of procedure is the essence of state conspiracy.

Russian to Judgement R.J Cook February 22nd 2021

It is the kind of story line you won’t find in any James Bond film. Bond was the brain child of an upper class Royal Navy World War ii intelligence officer. It was always about spin and patronising humour with James Bond. The reality is very dirty. Another upper class former intelligence officer, David John Moore Cornwell, better known by his pen name John le Carré, gets closer to the truth. The British upper classes never got over the Russian Revolution and execution of the British Royal family’s vile cousins in 1918 at Ekaterinberg in 1918
The Anglo U.S inspired and led Cold War appeared to have been won in the 1990s , with Western corrupt lackey Yeltsin in charge of Russia. It was the age of asset stripping and the oligarchs so loved by Britain.
Then all changed with Vladimir Putin , so the spying and smeer camapaign went into overdrive. The leaders of the so called free world have a alot to lose.

Wave after wave of protests in Europe have stoked anxxiety , so more and mre posh boys and girls have been fast tracked into Anglo U.S security services, more money has been diverted to recruit Russian traitors. The Skitpal affair rasied more questions about the British motives than Russia’s.

But this is the age when the establishment will have you sectioned for suggesting conspiracy. Navalny was the latest nonsense , following on to the Skirpals and the ban on Russian athletes as if they are the only ones who might have been tempted by drugs. The British elite are capable of anything to protect their interests as we see in this case.
So what would Britain be saying now if this had been Russia subverting the perfect truth telling ( sic ) British mainstream media ? Well , obviously whatever Britain does , as with the U.S elite, is done for the greater good ( sic ) isn’t it ?
Nurse Roberta says ‘Protect our NHS. Die at home alone and don’t bother us we are too busy’ ( sic )
Image Appledene Photographics

Everything that happens  in Western Politics is about Global Elite Hegemony. R.J Cook February 21st 2021

Everything that happens  in Western Politics is about Global Elite Hegemony. February 21st 2021

The elite cannot allow le Pen to win , just as Trump could not be allowed a second term. The global elite make it up as they go along because the world’s wealth is theirs and they are the ones being kept safe – the masses will never achieve group consciousnes , that is where talking up Islam , freedom of worship but not speech , and multi culture comes in to the picture and strategy. R.J Cook

President of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen . leader of the National Rally, is still ridiculed by the patronising elite for the 2017 election when Macron was spoon fed in a televised debate controlled to make Le Pen look like Satan. Obama and the British weighed in with scare tactics .

Not surprisingly the correct outcome came to pass. The MI6 CIA smeer campaign against Le Pen has never stopped. Masquerading as multi culturalists , they know very well how talking up and defending Islam is to their cause.

This gives France’s elite a conundrum , because as in the U.K , Islamists see others as a threat to the progress of their belief , which is absolutist – as its sister religion was before the Reformation. Religion is a peculiar politics , sanctified by its followers and now protected by hate laws – the myth that Islam is a race helps this cause. So how does France go on pretending to be a secular estate alongside the rise of Islam and the mysterious Notre Dame fire ?

The elite have always made it up as they went along. They take one issue at a time, while secret services do the dirty work. That is why we might expect to see Le Pen facing ruin in court before the election. Always in the background is the Nazi scare story , with all the fake righteousness of anti Nazis rather than talking about why serious conflict seethes like magma under a fragile thin crust of so called civilisation. Only ‘nice people’ are allowed to comment as part of the media consensus,

So Magic Macron went on to defeat Le Pen in the polls. Currently an MP, she has struggled to be heard during the coronavirus crisis. Even so, the far-right leader can still count on the support of roughly a quarter of the French electorate, making her the front-runner for the first round of voting in 2022. Covid lockdown fallout , especially because some link the problem with migrant communities , makes the elite and their lackeys even more nervous , post ‘Yellow Vest ‘ protests. So the mainstream media will urge voters for other opponents to band together to block her again. There will be even more panic in this cause and direction because of recent Islamic outbursts and protests. 

A renewed spotlight on terrorism and Islamist radicalism has given her the opportunity to regain momentum on the political stage which terrifies and outrages the elite. Once a Frexiteer, Le Pen has progressively softened her tone on Europe. Rather than leaving the EU, she is now calling for its transformation into “an alliance of European nations.” The elite do not want any fragmentation or slowing of progress to a police state, the organisationm of which has been taught across Europe by the British model. The British lead the field here. Double speak or worse is their elite speciality, with plenty of uniformed and plain clothes police morons to enforce it – along with all the informants and MI5/6.

Chances of winning:  Negligible because of elite forces. With the election running over two rounds if no candidate secures an absolute majority, early second-round polls on a Le Pen/Macron scenario put her not far behind the president, who may find it harder this time around to rally his opponents to vote for him in the second ballot to keep Le Pen out of power. Breaking through France’s two-round majority system remains Le Pen’s biggest challenge, but a high abstention rate could make it easier to surmount.

R.J Cook

Fertility First Say BAME communities as they reject vaccine, also fearing it is not Halal. February 20th 2021 R.J.Cook

‘Sky TV’ sent a BAME female reporter to find out why ethnic currently minority groups are anti Covid 19 Vaccinations. Muslim men and women repeatedly expressed concerns that they did not know if the vaccine was Halal and could not trust white non Islamic authorities. For them , their fertilty and ability to have many babies for a secure period of time was paramount – more so than fear of COVID 19.
Non Islam opinion on Covid 19 vaccine is not trusted by BAME Muslims and African immigrants. Dr Ramasamay told Sky TV that she has many BAME Covid patients and they should not fear the vaccination. But she is Anglo Indian and not Muslim.
BAME make up the largest most affected Covid 19 group in hospital – note nearly 100% of U.K Covid deaths are actually Covid related, the government having deliberately exaggerated the single impact of Covid 19 , thus creating a climate of fear , where religious and OCD diagnosed people can be expected to appear irrational because that is what government wanted in the first place- they are just not as clever as they thought they were in controlling it.

That’s why we have the latest diversion from the fact that without BAME cooperation there will be less ground for pretence of controlling the virus. So now Boris tells us we have to inject healthy young people with COVID 19 to see what happens, mumbling something ludicrous about surge control as the new strategy. He is obviously an over educated upper class idiot , but the people behind all of this are very dangerous..

The implication , unavoury as it may be , is that BAME and their religious faith groups, hold the balance of power in the United ( sic ) Kingdom when it comes to vaccination and easing the dubious lockdown tyranny that is destroying the economy for many, and lives. I have no sympathy for those putting their faith in God, or lockdown. Viruses are never beaten , as we know from flu and Aids. But as matters stand, there must be a hidden agenda because the virus needed to run through an exposed herd for herd immunity. The solution was and still is to lockdown the vulnerable if they are afraid of dying.

There should be more publcity regarding why some are very vulnerable. There won’t be because BAME and the obese claim special protections in the name of fighting hate crime. In this context, health services have not kept pace with the massively increased demand from old Third World countries and their particlar requirements. Social unrest , extreme mental health problems , rising crime and more Draconian Police State responses – and diversions – will be necessary to protect the elite and their privileges for the foreseeable future.

R.J Cook

Nurse Roberta suggests that if people from poor BAME communities won’t take the vaccine, they should face perpetual lockdown , not the rest of us. ‘I have had my jab Now I want my job.’
R.J. Cook

Policing the ( U.K ) Police February 19th 2021

Police corruption has been an issue for the U.K since Robert Peel created the first police force for London in 1829.

In the last few years there have been some interesting reports from the Chief Constable’s office at the Police College. These have included expressions of the nepotism linked to police promotion , fostering a stagnant culture and corruption.

Since Margaret Thatcher dignified fascism, police powers have increased inordinately along with even less ,if any , accountability. There was the joke IPCC and now the equally disingenuous IOPC – effectively ‘Insolent Office for Police Cover Ups.’

This image is from the 2010 EDL protest in Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire , when police , including spotters and mounted officers were drawn from all over the South East to keep control. Here we see a few of the protesters , along with very alert police , gathered before the statue of renowned local Parliamentarian John Hampden , mortally wounded during the English Civil War. So much for freedom and England being a free country – free for who ?.

Image by R.J Cook for Appledene Photographics.

The British police force began life through Home Secretary Tory Robert Peel’s Metropolitan Police Act of 1829. It was soon copied in other large urban areas. The object of the exercise was to protect the wealthy and the wealthy from rising crime. Much of this crime was due to the greed and selfishness of the rich and their political representatives . Tories and Whigs.

Both these parties represented the rich. Universal suffrage had to wait until 1928 . Although skilled male artisans got the vote in 1868 , there was no real political choice. An education act , founding the state system had been preluded as ‘ educating our new masters’ meaning the artisans. It was cheapskate religion dominated system born out of fear of Germany as a competitor with a far better education system under Bismark’s leadership.

Britain and France shared fear of Germany , so set them up for war in 1914. So Gerrmany was set on a different path and is still grovelling in guilt from the Nazi era which emanated from unfair blame for two world wars, the Anglo French imposed miseries building up German working class resentment leading to Hitler and 1939.

Germany is now under bourgeoise leadership which is fostering more resentment leading to more heavy handed policing in a European Union that has failed all of its working class people. Hence the persecution of Tommy Robinson and Marine Le Pen because the cosseted leaders do not want to admit or face the truth – maybe they are incapabable or delusional.

So this elite’s solution is more heavy handed policing across the board. the so called ‘far right ‘ terrify them. We see the baton wielding armour clad cops whacking their way suppressing protest across Europe. Macron doesn’t want them filmed while they do it , hence the bill to protect them, Cops appear to have the worst of their human characteristics boosted in training. – possibly including penis enhancement and having half their brains removed , who knows what they get up to in training ?

So here in the U.K , following the U.S George Flloyd atrocity, the black communities claim to be the only victims of police unaccountability, corruption lies and brutality. I know from experience that their often vile behaviour is more complex and self interersted. For them it is about bullying , targets and protecting their own.

They certainly pick on the weak and those they consider the usual suspects. By its very nature and through the changing role of police into a militia reminiscent of the nineteenth but better equiped for brutality, the police recruiters look for a robotic mindset responsive only to ‘superior’ ( sic ) officers. At heart most of them are cowards , hiding inside uniforms , in collectives or hidden away monitoring cameras , internet , spying undercover and other new methods of evidence gathering in the post Tony Blair New Labour age.

Let us hope that with the BLM genie out of the bag , the black protesters will expose more of police criminality , which specialises in faking evidence , withholding evidence and making the most of Tony Blair’s vile ‘ bad character ‘ so called evidence , which they use as liberally as a good whore uses her make up.

British policing has a history of recruiting and promoting odd balls. During my research for W.H Smith ‘s commission ; ‘Southampton Past & Present’ I discovered the city police recruited all manner of criminal. In the 1960s , among other matters , there was Challoner of West End central who set new standards in vile police corruption. People forget that McPherson’s original conclusion, concerning the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, was that the British Police are ‘instutionally corrupt’ To protect the police from serious reform and pandering to BAME’s penchant for playing victim, this was moderated to ‘institionally racist’.

Whatever the colour of the victim. too many people are being driven mad through failed multi culture . collapsing social structure and rising poverty . Faced with consequent rising crime , the police will meet targets by picking on the vulnerable , with the usual tricks and closing ranks to cover their crimes.

Young U.K Police cadets celebrating graduation at the Kent Police Academy. They appear to have the worst of their human characteristics. – possibly including penis enhancement/implants and having half their brains removed , who knows what they get up to in training ? God knows what they do to the women, but here are some of the recent graduates. One wonders how low these females might stoop for promotion.

Covid Lockdown has given police a great chance to show how well they can work in the British Police State. Her we see a brave masked officer putting his life on the line arresting a former nurse for taking her mother out of a ‘care’ home.

Who could say it better that the victimised former Chief Constable Sue Sim. If she couldn’t make her own force accountable , who can ? Her force went on to further disgrace but nothing has been done to deal with instiutional corruption because our politicians don’t want it to happen. That is why there are so many police propaganda films on T.V and why we are repeatedly told that officers are heroes putting their lives on the line , every day , for us.

R.J Cook

Pau attack: Immigration official stabbed to death in France Posted February 19th 2021

Police outside an immigration centre in the southwestern French city of Pau after a manager there was stabbed to death, 19 February 2021
image captionPolice at the refugee centre in Pau investigating the stabbing

The manager of a refugee centre in the city of Pau, south-west France, was killed on Friday in an attack allegedly carried out by a Sudanese migrant.

The stabbing happened at about 11:00 local time (10:00 GMT) and the suspect has been arrested.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Twitter he would travel to the city later on Friday.

Reports in French media suggest the attacker was a 38-year-old man who had previously lived at the centre.

The attack is not thought to be linked to terrorism, AFP news agency reports.

The mayor of Pau said the suspect’s asylum status had recently been rejected and confirmed he had already spent time in prison.

“This is a terrible tragedy, all the more because the victim spent his entire professional life helping migrants and asylum seekers,” François Bayrou said on France Bleu radio.

“The man’s asylum request had been rejected, and for good reasons. He then turned against the head of the service, this is extreme and absurd violence.”

The victim, 46, has not yet been named.

Mr Darmanin said he would meet officials at the centre on Friday and he offered his “sincere condolences” to the victim’s family and loved ones.

Map of France with Paris and Pau

Comment Comfortable liberal opinion , especially in Britain & Germany , sees no harm or danger in open door immigration into Europe. Ignorant Brits voted to leave Europe rather than campaign for reform because they actually expected the Islamic and North African migration to stop – a problem the British elite put into overdrive with their ongoing Anglo-U.S atatcks on the Middle East for oil control.

These elites foisted the seemingly endless flow of migrants in the name of humanitarianisn and asylum seeking. To suggest they are in fact economic migrants with a culture that makes them feel special in the eyes of God ( sic ) is to commit a hate crime.

Such crimes are defined by the privileged white elite, while the burden of accommodating these people falls on the poor working class neighbourhoods ( the white working classes don’t have much in the way of communities since Thatcher waged war on them in the 1980s ) and their taxes.

Technically this Islamic murderer was not acting as a terrorist , or a good Muslim , but he sure as hell expressed the sort of indigantion that many of these people feel if they do not get exactly what they want from Europe. They don’t want to make their home countries better , they want to make Europe fit for them . Assimilaltion is not on the agenda. They expect the best , including hypersensitivity when Covid raises their demand for hospital beds. When these people talk religion , they believe it and mean it.

R.J Cook’

R.J Cook

Germany’s far-right AfD files lawsuits to avoid security service surveillance – Posted February 19th 2021

Media reported the party could soon be monitored over fears that radical members are gaining influence.

The AfD argues that such a move by the authorities would violate its constitutional right to equal opportunity | Tobias Schwarz/AFP via Getty Images

By Laurenz Gehrke January 22, 2021 1:54 pm

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has filed two lawsuits aimed at averting surveillance by the country’s domestic security service, a spokesman at the Cologne administrative court told POLITICO.

The party is arguing such a move by the authorities would violate its constitutional right to equal opportunity, fearing that falling under surveillance would impair its chances in this year’s elections, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung and German public broadcasters WDR and NDR, which first reported on the lawsuits Friday.

Multiple media outlets reported this week that the Cologne-based Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) — Germany’s domestic security service — is preparing to treat the entire AfD as a so-called “suspected case” over concerns that the influence of extreme forces within the party is growing.

This would allow security services to surveil the party — including hiring informants and, with parliamentary approval, even monitor the party’s communications.

The AfD’s extreme-right “Flügel” (“wing”) faction came under surveillance in 2019. The Flügel was dissolved last year after the BfV concluded it was a “proven extremist endeavor,” but the security service has since warned of a growing influence of the Flügel’s former members within the party and there are doubts as to what degree the group continues to operate.

The AfD has hit back at such statements. “It is completely obvious that the AfD does not give the [BfV] the slightest reason to classify it as a suspected case,” party chairman Jörg Meuthen, an MEP, told German media.

The Cologne administrative court’s spokesman said one of the two lawsuits filed on Thursday “is about the upgrading of the entire party” to surveillance status, while the other was “about the fact that, in the AfD’s view, the [BfV] is overestimating the number of members who belonged to the so-called Flügel.”

The party’s youth organization Junge Alternative is already under observation as a “suspected case,” a label for organizations that are not or not yet considered unambiguously extremist but where there are significant grounds for suspicion of “extremist endeavor.”

The AfD itself is currently treated as a “case for investigation,” the mildest of the BfV’s three categories. Upgrading the party to a “suspected case,” the second tier, could send a stark signal to voters in Germany’s so-called Superwahljahr, a year of six regional elections plus the general election in September.

The AfD considers the risk of surveillance imminent, according to SZ, WDR and NDR. As a result, the party filed an emergency appeal at the court in Cologne.

“I assume that a decision will be made sometime next week,” the court’s spokesman said.

Britain leading the field fighting the virus. Mass Sex Change Mooted as Solution to Covid Lockdown Rebellion says a source in Scotland. February 18th 2021

Britain has been a world leader when it has come to helping people to make a fortune from covid lockdown. Now we have the very latest equipment in coping with the latest deadly mutation. Here it is , pictured above, the very latest in the scientific world of moving goal posts.

Nicola Sturgeon has ordered the equipment for Scotland where she plans to make her country ‘covid free.’ She has called it ‘ a real game changer.’ Research has informed the Scots that mass sex changes are also under consideration because ‘We now know that women are much better at following the rules.’

Large supplies of anti androgen and oestrogen are being stockpiled and may be dropped into the water supply soon. Much better behaviour is expected all around , a source informed this site.

Thanks. We do indeed. Re Covid measures , the goal posts have moved again with this ‘surge testing.’ Now it’s surge testing. Presumably all these would be boffins are sitting in a large well appointed room somewhere ‘safe’ well fed and lubricated , to dream up absurd jargon. Then they push out Boris , a person who looks and sounds like the village idiot, to stutter out their script to a tame media. The left say satire is dead , but their luvvies actually perform it as real life.

If MPs and SAGE scientists were to receive a 10% pay cut for every week of lockdown, the whole episode would be long forgotten. As it is, it’s in their interests to keep the saga running for as long as possible: the rich get richer, and the rest of us will be reduced to serfdom. None of this is about a virus.

R.J Cook

British Elite Care Only For Money & Power . They are Fakes. February 18th 2021

I took a series of pictures over several days while on the set of the film ‘The Little Stranger.’ That was back in 2017. I only got around to watching it yesterday. The best I can say about the production is that I didn’t like it. Here we see Domhnall Gleeson being given directions while an extra waits in the foreground next to me.
R.J Cook

‘The Little Stranger’ is a peculiar film. I watched a bit of it being made in the summer of 2017. Domhnall Gleeson gave a good performance from a dull pedantic script and old hat story line. The female leads were presumably playing their upper middle class selves – that is what Charlotte Rampling , the mother figure always does.

The leading lights in the production crew were of a similar ilk. I was most impressed by how they transformed Winslow Market Square into an illusion of the good old country market town forelock tugging days and ways into which I was born in December 1950.

However, the reason I mention it here is because the old County Bank in the background is being closed by profit hungry TSB who inherited it from Lloyds. In my childhood years , only posh people and farmers used it. Now it seems not enough bother , preferring the internet banking services.

So this bank , dating from 1898 ,and robbed at gun point 100 years later , is closing on April 21st. Anyone wanting a TSB bank must travel over 10 miles to Aylesbury. I was told by a bank spokeswoman that there will be a limited help and advice service operating two days a week in next door’s St Laurence Room , but no money will be kept there.

The ponderous lady , in the picture, standing left in the substantial bank doorway watching the filming, is Tracey Burrows – I don’t know her married name , she was our milkman’s daughter . Tracey worked at the bank for over 30 years , but that doesn’t matter when the big boys want to make your redundant for Covid Lockdown profit. Those big boys and girls have to have their obscene fees and bonuses on top of fat salaries and perks.

The banks are awash with cash thanks to Tory money printing and giving it all to them to help with the crisis ( sic ). Just wait for the inflation and the higher pay back taxes to make the minions pay for the pleasure of being kept safe , along with mass unemployment , rising crime and mental health problems – then see how safe we are. But I digress.

A spokeswoman for the TSB bank told me today that customer footfall was way below profitable. The cash machine is to be withdrawn from the sidewall ,so anyone wanting cash must join the quarter mile long daily Covid queue , to get into the tiny supermarket and use its cash machine. It’s all about keeping us safe until we eventually die of lockdown fallout and the rich will be even richer , with their bank accounts in Switzerland and untaxable.

R.J Cook

R.J Cook

Western Super Rich Fake Democrats, Police & Fake News Lackeys Are Afraid as Protests Spread Even Faster than the Virus. By R.J Cook February 17th 2021

There will be some very serious oppressive police moves if this sort of thing escalates and expands.
Lockdown does nothing to control the virus , that is not the point. The elite will get very dangerous and so will their police if they think the natives are getting too uppity. They have obscene wealth – just over 4, 300 own 59 % of world wealth and lockdown is making them ever richer as I will eventually explain on my economics page.

People are being driven mad by bogus science which at best is about protecting a health system that has not kept pace with needy Third World immigration and their densely populated religious communities.

Pretending to care for the elderly is a smokescreen. So , all that pent up energy , along with the fear the elite expected to help them keep control , is errupting. People without hope are dangerous.
I am risking jail defending this man – even thoiugh I hate rap.
Such terrible people in Barcelona. Instead of defending a man’s right to free speech , they should be at home ‘stopping the spread and staying safe’ ( sic ).
Freedom of expression is now seen as a threat to the ruling elite’s freedom to abuse us. So this man is off to jail as a warning to others. The truth can only be read or seen via mainstream media – like the BBC. You know it makes sense and they are keeping us safe – safe from what ?
Not that it should matter , but Dutch infection rates are falling , still the curfew continues and the goal posts keep moving in the Anglo European Police State. In fact , the goal posts seem to be moving faster than the virus and its convenient mutations.
Water Cannons at the ready to deal with protestors against an illegally imposed Covid Lockdown curfew. A judge ruled the curfew illegal and government chose to ignore him , referring the matter up to an ineviatbly tame judge in the Anglo European Police State.
R.J Cook

There is a Bill & Always a Cost – playing and paying God. February 17th 2021

French Muslims are very noisy now. As in Britain , the elite have bent over backwards to apologise for alleged past wrong doings during the Imperial age. The Crusades are misrepresented in the white guilt wrapping paper of mainstream media to make it look like nasty whites fighting and opressing a racial underclass. Morons, who also infest the media, education as well as police, will not accept that religion is not a race. Also , the Crusades were about Muslims fighting Christians on both sides of the Mediterranean in the 12th century for the supremacy of brainwashing the stupid masses into one brand of religious conformity or the other.
Those different brands of bigoted religion started around 3000 years ago with the Jews , a nomadic trading people from a part of the world we now call the Middle East.

Like their now hated enemy and the rest of the whites, they were and still are Caucasians. It suits ‘divide & rule’ elitist opportunists to pander to the vanity of religious groups and there are none more precious than Muslims who must not be criticised – because , unlike the Jews , they are not so sure of themselves. Their whole lives are built around religion and so call non believers infidels.

Governments love feeding ignorance because it makes control easier . So when they want to blind us with science about Covid , they tell us to respect the exoerts and their data. The same rule does not apply to religions and all their OCD mumbo jumbo.

We are told that to criticise is ‘hate speech’ and we are free to worship in our own way , but not free to be transsexuals without fear of their abuse or worse . They take their ‘God’ as the ulitimate expert and he has no permitted image. God for them is , and he is ‘the word.’ Try leaving Islam.
Amidst the Covid lunacy we have the absurd fake Brexit and the sheer incompetence of the British elite and their elite former colleagues in corrupt gravy train dictarorial Europe.

Europe’s leaders , arrogant , self centred , corruption rife in EU and utter incompetence leads to idiotic border closures while the focus stays on Covid , health service smokescreen and making a meal of all things PC or about BAME .
The Drill Master interviewed on RT’s ‘Going Underground’. Asksed why he cared about Assange when he ws expected to focus on black issues , he said he hated injustice and intended to expose and fight it wherever he found it.

He said Sadiq Khan is dictatorial and this is an age of tyranny , with Khan using Covid Lockdown to close of streets and control. At this rate he will kill us all, said the Drill master who hopes to stand in the next London Mayor’s election, challenging the Labour and Tory vested interests.
A glimpse of R.J Cook’s model world. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

As a conclusion to this little piece , let me mention my years of model making . Here is a section from my model railway pictured above.. Now, I am not the most patient of modellers , but even my low standard requires time , patience and resources. So suppose I am one of those amazing people , like singer Rod Stewart and even tear up and glue down fragments of news paper to create realism.

The furthest I go for realism is to let my models get dusty and paint scraped.

So imagine I have created this amazing model world with nice houses , trees, roads , cars , railways , bridges etc – all powered with electricity. It is all working very well , very neat and tidy. Then one day , I buld a little wall around it , with a glass roof on top. Through a trap door I drop a male and female rat, and a couple of male mice with a female each – the double number of mice necessary to have a chance against the rats.

My model world has strong little buildings where the mice can hide and breed. The food ration will be minimal but there are some potted plants, seed boxes and seeds. Water will be topped up in trays at suitable but not too frequent intervals, from an automatic dispenser.

When I return to my creation 15 weeks later , what do I find ? Absolute carnage. The whole site is full of excrement. The rats are dead , what is left of them is a smelly pile of dried gunge and skeleton and the mice are all over the place , with excrement everywhere stinking. It is a site that makes me sick and guilty. It is a world of desperation , hopeless competition to death , misery , uncertainty and madness. No nonsense about these animals having free will will explain away the animal reality. The ruination of my carefully built perfectly modelled world is entirely my fault.

However , we on earth are expected to believe – as most of the Third World and other gullible frightened folk do- that God created a perfect world and put our ancestors in it. All the evil bloody outcomes were not God’s fault. We were supposed to know how to behave , conserve and preserve God’s model world through some form of telepathy otherwise known as prayer. That telepathy was to be organised by some sort of super telepaths who were to be called priests and governments , or whatever , according to language and which version of this religious nonsenes you were born and brainwashed into.

R.J Cook , former Head of Religious Education, Grange School , Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire.

R.J Cook

“Islam is such a beautiful religion ” said Angelina Jolie International Spokesperson on Women’s Rights” Posted February 17th 2021

The United Nations has said it will raise the detention of Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Princess Latifa has accused her father of holding her hostage in Dubai since she tried to flee the city in 2018.

In secretly recorded videos shared with the BBC, Princess Latifa said she feared for her life.

The footage prompted global calls for a UN investigation, while the UK said the videos were “deeply troubling”.

“We are concerned about it,” UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Wednesday.

He said the videos showed “a young woman in deep distress”, adding that the UK would watch any developments from the UN “very closely”.

But when asked whether sanctions could be imposed, Mr Raab said: “It’s not clear to me that there would be the evidence to support that.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said the government was “concerned” but would “wait and see how [the UN] get on” with their investigation.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said it would soon question the UAE about Princess Latifa.

“We will certainly raise these new developments with the UAE,” spokesman Rupert Colville said. “Other parts of the UN human rights system with relevant mandates may also become involved once they have analysed the new material”.

Meanwhile, a spokesman said the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention could launch an investigation once Princess Latifa’s videos have been analysed.

Princess Latifa
image captionDubai’s Princess Latifa before her escape attempt in 2018

“We are hoping [a UN investigation] will be decisive in finally getting Princess Latifa released,” Rodney Dixon, a lawyer who presented the case to the UN, told the BBC.

“The UN needs to have a very serious meeting directly with those who are holding [her] and make sure an agreement is reached so she can be released,” he said.

Mr Dixon added: “The UN as the international body responsible for implementing international law can ensure that is exactly what happens.”

Princess Latifa’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is one of the richest heads of state in the world, the ruler of Dubai and vice-president of the UAE.

The UAE has close relations with a number of Western countries, including the US and UK, which consider it a strategic ally.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum (10 December 2019)
image captionSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the 71-year-old billionaire ruler of Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed has built a hugely successful city but rights activists say there is no tolerance of dissent and the judicial system can discriminate against women.

With the help of friends, Princess Latifa tried to flee Dubai to start a new life in February 2018.

“I’m not allowed to drive, I’m not allowed to travel or leave Dubai at all,” she said in a video recorded just before her escape.

But days later, the princess was captured by commandos on a boat in the Indian Ocean. She was flown back to Dubai, where she has remained ever since.

Her father said he was acting in her best interests. Dubai and the UAE have previously said Princess Latifa was safe in the care of family.

2px presentational grey line

What are women’s rights in the UAE?

Ashitha Nagesh, BBC News

Women in the UAE are allowed to drive, vote, work, and own and inherit property, making the country the second-best in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) for gender equality, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

But, to put this in context, the Mena region had the lowest score of all the regions. The UAE was ranked 120th in the world out of 153.

There are still aspects of a woman’s personal life in the country that are controlled by a male “guardian” – often a spouse or other male relative. Although the UAE isn’t as strict as neighbouring Saudi Arabia, women still need their guardian’s permission in order to get married. Divorce is also much harder for women; men don’t need permission but women have to apply for a court order. And while the UAE does have an anti-discrimination law, sex and gender aren’t included in its protected categories.

Some laws have changed in the last few years, at least on the surface. An explicit permission for domestic violence was removed from the penal code in 2016. The requirement in the personal status law for women to “obey” their husbands was revoked in 2019, and the law was amended to make its language more gender-neutral. And last March a new law allowing women access to protection orders – such as restraining orders – came into effect.

However, the new law defines domestic violence as abuse or threats that “exceed [an individual’s] guardianship, jurisdiction, authority or responsibility”, meaning it’s ultimately down to judges to decide whether men have gone beyond their “authority” or not. In practice, protections for abuse victims are still weak.

2px presentational grey line

Sheikh Mohammed has a vast horse-racing enterprise and frequently attends major events such as Royal Ascot, where he has been pictured with Queen Elizabeth II.

But he has faced severe criticism over the treatment of Princess Latifa and her stepmother, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain, who fled to London in 2019 with her two children.

“There are no charges. It’s pure punishment,” Matthew Hedges, the British academic jailed for spying in the UAE in 2018, told the BBC when asked about the Princess Latifa case.

“There’s no one looking out for her. It brings [my experiences] back quite dramatically,” he added.

Princess Latifa’s videos were obtained by BBC Panorama, which has independently verified the details of where she was held.

The Future is Black by R.J Cook February 17th 2021

So , years of improvement in race relations have been exposed as a sham it seems. Same goes for aprent country U.K. In both places the wealthy , who promoted and exploited racism have turned on the white masses whose unemployment and redundancy as workers and human beings has gone off the scale. In both leader western countries , scapegoating white working classes , breaking up the old family structures using feminism and doemstioc violence hysteria , has amde white lower class people ever more vulnerable. The health and mortality consequences of all this don’t matter. Covid’ s causes and the odd lockdown response raises many questions that will never get an honest answer. Clearly protecting vulneraable BAME and covering up an appalling and hideously expensive health care system is a priority in the U.K , while pretending to care about the elderly whites.

Having a black actress as Ann Boleyn

The elite’s response is window dressing like choosing a black actress to play domestic abuse and violence victimQueen Ann Boleyn , of Aylsebury. It is truly frightening that so many people accept the argument taht this is challenging convention. it is not a convention to portray Ann Boleyn as white because she was.

The convention we should be challenging is the one that portrays the British Royal family as nice God fearing people. But the truth about them is very unpalatable. Black is a good colour for cover ups because it absorbs all light. Conventions about Afrrica;s vile leadership pre during and post empire should be exposed , but they won’t be. That is a because it is a convention to cover it up and is why Africa is such a terrible continent today. The vile black dictators are still there , abusing their ‘fellow blacks.’

The Queen’s Head Pub- coomemorating the murdered native local queen -Aylesbury , in what was the manor of Sir George Boleyn , Lord of the Manor in Aylesbury , and father of Ann Boleyn. Henry VIII transferred County Town status from Buckingham to Aylesbury as an honour to Sir George when he married Ann in the sixteenth century.
Big Lies Matter, more grovelling elite lunacy.
R.J Cook

French government increases pressure on Muslims

Government targets Islamic organizations, mosques, even children in crackdown against so-called ‘Islamic separatism’

Alaattin Dogru   |

Unpalatable Truth Islamists Believe their God is the only true way and build thier world and life around it. Their women priorities God, husbands , family and babies while French women focus on careers, fun and freedom.

Their is cultural class and Islam wants a ciuntry that suits them and does not offend their God & Religion. They will soon outnumber native stifling Christanity and punishing dissenters. February 16th 2021.

France Considers A Law To Curb What It Views As Islamist Extremism

November 26, 20203:57 PM ET Heard on All Things Considered

Eleanor Beardsley

Eleanor Beardsley Facebook Twitter Instagram 4-Minute Listen

To the dismay of many French Muslims, President Emmanuel Macron is pushing a law to tighten oversight of mosques, arguing that a phenomenon that he calls Islamist separatism is leading to terrorism.


Next month, the French Parliament will debate a law giving the government new powers to curb what it views as Islamist extremism. This comes on the heels of a recent spate of terror attacks. The law is part of a broad debate about religion in French life, a debate that stretches from the presidential palace to the schools. NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley reports.

ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: Last month, an 18-year-old extremist beheaded a middle school history teacher who’d shown caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in his lesson on free speech. France was horrified.

HAKIM EL KAROUI: I’m despair. The attack is so cruel. And the impact on the French opinion is so huge.

BEARDSLEY: Muslims attended Mass in churches across France that weekend to show solidarity with their Catholic compatriots. Even before the gruesome attacks, President Emmanuel Macron had renewed debate about the role of Muslims in French society. In a major policy speech, he introduced a law to combat a force he said is threatening the French republic. He called it Islamist separatism, coining a new term.

PRESIDENT EMMANUEL MACRON: (Through interpreter) Islamist separatism is a conscious political-religious project to slowly create a separate, parallel and counter-society by repeatedly rejecting French laws, principles and values.

BEARDSLEY: Macron said Islamist separatism creates the conditions for Islamist radicalism. Under his proposed law, home schooling would be banned, and Muslim associations or mosques could be shut down for promoting messages contrary to core French values, like gender equality and freedom of speech. Muslim leaders would be asked to sign a charter respecting these values. Scholar El Karoui says most French Muslims already do, but he agrees with Macron that they need to take more responsibility for the whole community.

EL KAROUI: They have to fight against extremism inside Islam, to spread an enlightened version of Islam. They have to be involved in social issues, in educational issues.

RIM-SARAH ALOUANE: It’s not the job of Muslims to counter terrorism (laughter). Muslims want to live their lives. And it’s the role of the state to do that.

BEARDSLEY: That’s French legal scholar Rim-Sarah Alouane. She says French Muslims feel stigmatized by what she calls an increasingly militant secularism, or laicite. A 1905 law meant to limit the influence of the Catholic Church and guarantee religious freedom is now the basis for restrictions on the wearing of obvious religious symbols, like headscarves, large crosses or Jewish skullcaps. They’re banned from public schools, and government workers can’t wear them in the office.

ALOUANE: Laicite has been misused as a political tool to limit the visibility of religious signs, especially against Muslims, and to constantly question Muslim loyalty to France and debate whether or not Muslims can be good French citizens.

BEARDSLEY: Even children have gotten caught up in the debate. After the teacher’s beheading, schools across the nation held a minute of silence. Teachers were required to report students who did not comply. Some 400 cases were referred to law enforcement, including four 10-year-olds from Muslim families who were detained in southeast France. Florence Dumont, president of the League of Human Rights, says the government is panicking.

FLORENCE DUMONT: (Speaking French).

BEARDSLEY: What does it mean to accuse children of defending terrorism and interrogate them for hours at a police precinct without their parents, she asks. Dumont says such cases should be handled by the schools. In the last five years, more than 250 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France, most carried out in the name of Islam. So it’s understandable that many people conflate Islam with radicalism, says Vincent Geisser, an expert on the Arab and Muslim world with the French National Center for Scientific Research. But Geisser takes issue with Macron.

VINCENT GEISSER: (Through interpreter) The president is focusing on Muslims and implying that if there’s a rise in terrorism, then maybe it’s because Muslims aren’t secular enough, that if you’re a practicing Muslim, you’re somehow against French values.

BEARDSLEY: Thirty-three prominent French figures from philosophers to filmmakers have written an open letter asking Macron to withdraw his bill on so-called Islamist separatism. They say it would roll back civil liberties and could even lead to a police state. Eleanor Beardsley, NPR News, Paris.

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French government increases pressure on Muslims


Pressure on Muslims in France, including Islamic organizations and civil society, has continued to mount in recent weeks since the government announced its fight against “Islamic separatism.”

On Sept. 1, French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo republished blasphemous cartoons insulting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad ahead of the trial on the 2015 attacks on their offices.

Less than a month later, two people were injured in a knife attack near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo.

The attack on Sept. 25 was followed by French President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial speech on Oct. 2, in which he announced plans to tackle “Islamic separatism” and restructure Islam in France.

The government in France immediately began operations against Islamic organizations and places of worship in the name of “fighting radicalism.”

Pressure on Muslims in the country further increased after Samuel Patty, a French teacher who showed blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during class, was murdered on Oct. 16.

In their defense, Macron said France would “not give up our cartoons” after the brutal murder. His remarks sparked outrage in the Muslim world with many calling for a boycott of French products.

The provocative cartoons were also projected on some hotels and official buildings in the cities of Montpellier, Toulouse and Beziers.

Islamophobia in France

French police raided the homes of prominent Muslim figures after Samuel Paty’s brutal murder.

Deportation orders were issued for 200 people and more than 50 Islamic associations and organizations are under investigation.

Some organizations, such as the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and Barakacity were dissolved.

The government’s steps appeared to have further stoked Islamophobia in French society.

On Oct. 18, two Muslim women of Algerian origin were stabbed near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Two days later, in the city of Nimes, a woman allegedly suffering domestic violence from her husband called the police to report her Catholic husband as “a radical Islamist.”

On Oct. 22, in the city of Angers, two Jordanian nationals were assaulted for speaking Arabic.

Students and mosques are targeted too

In the city of Blois, a 22-year-old Chechen national was detained for liking a photo of the French teacher’s murder on social media.

Further south, a 14-year-old Afghan student was reported to Marseille police by his teacher for welcoming Paty’s murder. Seven other similar complaints were reported in the same region.

Last week in Albertville, southeastern France, four elementary school children were “terrorized” and grilled during more than 11 hours in police detention over false allegations of “justifying terrorism.”

A threatening message was sent to a mosque under the National Vision of the Islamic Society (CIMG) in Chateaudun, France, saying: “The war has begun, we will expel you from our country.”

French politicians and Islamophobia

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire accused some municipalities of “surrendering to the idea of ​’political Islam'” for allowing private sessions for women in swimming pools.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Geral Darmanin said that rejecting a doctor or teacher of the opposite sex would be fined under the new law against “Islamic separatism.”

French feminist journalist Elisabeth Levy suggested Muslims wearing headscarves take off their hair coverings for a few days to honor the memory of the murdered teacher.

Europe Isn’t Working February 16th 2020

Europe is not a country , it isn’t working and it is run by an elite of Bureaucrats – which used to include the very infleuuntial British and to some extent always will- who would put the Nazis to shame , except that they are more long winded and less obvious about how they are killing them. R.J Cook
More to come on this topic, from R.J Cook later
Covid Lockdown Insanity or Hidden Agenda
The Virus cannot be stopped period. If this is not a con and they don’t know this, then we have some seriously dangerous elite morons in charge. This stuff about new strains suggests the powerful know this is a bio weapon.
Jean Bricmont says ‘Europe is not and never will be a country.’ Correct , Europe is an empire and Europe has seen all of this before, from the Romans , through Napoleon’s doomed efforts and the Nazis. It is just more of the same.

Harry and Meghan expecting second child Posted February 14th 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan under a tree

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their second child, a spokesperson for the couple has said.

Harry and Meghan are preparing to welcome a brother or sister for their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, who turned one last May.

A spokesperson for the couple said they were “overjoyed” at the news.

The couple shared a black and white picture of themselves under a tree, with Harry resting his hand on Meghan’s head as she cradles her bump.

A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said: “We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child.”

Comment This couple are just what so many dumb Brits need. If playing Meghan being half black is going to come into her being part of the British Royal Family’s future, it should be pointed out that this family’s ancestors made a fortune from slavery.

Their petulance has wooed the media , making them even more obscenely rich while so many in Britain experience Covid lunacy hardship – and the Queen has a laugh telling us ‘We are all in it together’. Well a good many are not in the money like her sort. We are in sh-t.

Myself being from the British and Irish underclass, I am sick and tired of being asked to kneel for the liberals and their black client victims. Nor will I kneel for Royalty or stand for the National Anthem. I have been a victim of this corrupt country , in more ways than one. The Royal family are symbolic of its revolting class system and the grovelling ignorant British masses.

R,J Cook

R.J Cook

Lessons Learned Posted February 14th 2021

This Sunday evening , Britain’s Sky TV conducted a solidarity ritual over lockdown , with measures now set to last until the end of March before any hope of easing – in spite of falling infections – most deaths being over 80 and always with pre existing conditions . Boris Johnson is ramping up fear over suspected more infectious variants – infection and fatality rates are never mentioned in the same sentence because stoking up fear is crucial.

Sophy Arabella Ridge , styling herself as a feminist , obviously, hosting Sky TV’s lessons learned show this Sunday night

Sophy Arabella Ridge was the master of cerominies , strutting , with poise, fixed anguished expression, addressing the screens which she told us embodied a cross section of British society. That collection was basically BAME , woke female , worried comfortable middle class old and he for she type males. On the opposite side of the studio to this ‘normal ‘ bank of people screens, were the minister and experts.

The first up was a substantial young frightened scornful female whose make up bordered on Gothic. She felt that politicians had not given enough weight to the experts and lockdown needed to be prolonged until the virus was beaten or words to that effect.

Ms Begum lost an elderly relative as ‘with Covid;’ The show spent a lot of time calling for more lockdown to protect BAME , obsese and elderly vulnerable groups – and protecting the NHS ( SIC )

The majority of the so called cross section spoken to were BAME , expressing concerns that not enough steps had been taken to protect them. Closing the show , Sophy Arabella Ridge thanked the so called cross section of society for a lively debate , in spite of the fact that they , along with the expert and Minister on the other big screen, all agreed with one another.

The consensus was to do more lockdown and accept social distancing for an indefinite period. Police are now empowered to turn up on doorsteps to randomly test, to ramp up fear panic and compliance , along with repeat testing , but borders will not be closed and illegal migrants will not be turned back.

However , there were no hard questions or worthwhile answers on this social control programme. Hence the government are constantly changing the rules , with the country run by apparent medical experts. We are suppposed to believe that on the one hand , the exaggerated death rates pinned on Covid , justifies more lockdown – and on the other that lockdown has worked so we need more of it. So called experts justified lockdown at the outset by predicting a million deaths

I think it is noteworthy that Sophy Arabella Ridge , from posh Richmond on Thames attended Tiffin Girls School . London.

in London. During her time there, she did work experience at the local newspaper Richmond and Twickenham Times.

She continued her education at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and obtained a second-class BA degree in English Literature.[2][3] During her final year of university she did a period of work experience at the tabloid newspaper News of the World, which led to a position on their graduate training programme.[2]She is also a pretty little rather dazzling blonde – like I used to be ( Lol ).

She is typical of the comfortable upper middle classes who are ambitious and buy in to the elite’s media agenda, patronising and condescending , insisting insidiously that only they speak the truth – virtue signaling their anti racism , wokeness and feminism.

The only freedom they care about is their own and our blind obedience in letting them dicate truth ,press for more controls , punishment of dissidence and control of social media. Their ambitions are international , with massive influence on the U.S , hence their deep seated hatred of Donald Trump.

Roberta Jane Cook

Joanna Lumley: ‘Britain is not awful. We are good people’ – from ‘You’ magazine. Posted February 13th 2021

February 7, 2021

Tough times call for a pep talk. And who better to do it than our most trusted national treasure Joanna Lumley? From resilience to everyday heroism, she tells Cole Moreton what makes her proud to be British – and what makes her see red. 

We trust Joanna Lumley’s lovely, silken voice more than that of any other woman, according to a recent poll, and right now she wants to give us all a bit of a pep talk.

Matt Holyoak

‘Think how valiant people have been during this pandemic, how brave the carers and people who look after our health have been,’ says the actor, presenter and national treasure. Joanna has been making us laugh, gasp and cry for more than half a century, from being a Bond girl in the 1960s to the chaotic Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and more recently the mother of Keeley Hawes in Finding Alice.

‘Think of the people who have gone on working doggedly, the people who have volunteered or who have made food and distributed to those who are poorer. All those great efforts.’ She’s feeling this way after somehow managing to cover the length and breadth of the British Isles in the brief lull between lockdowns last summer, for a new series called Home Sweet Home. ‘I know the fingers always point and say: “Oh, these people broke bounds” or “That person drove two miles too far.” B******s!’ I laugh out loud to hear that word from the woman with the plummiest tones on the planet, but Joanna is in her stride now. ‘Forget all that. Look at the people who are really doing their level best to make it easier for their neighbours, safer for the world and not go completely mad.’ Britain is not as bad as some people make out, she insists. ‘We’re going through a mea culpa thing in this country right now that says everything we do is ghastly and we are the sickest nation. Everything is our fault: it’s our fault the pandemic has run on, it’s our fault we left Europe, it’s our fault for being awful. But I think we are not awful. We are good people.’

Joanna Lumley looks marvelous for her age, but she has had the best of everything.

Comment Thus is upper middle class drivel from a woman who is as superficial as her measured speech and tone of voice , every inch upper middle class.

One of her first TV appearances was as Ken Barlow.s snooty girlfriend in ‘Coronation Street’ the T.V equivalent of watching paint dry. I cannot think of anything weighty she has done on T.V or stage. Her opinion should hardly count in the real world.

A former model, she has always been tyepcast , possibly because being herself is her limit. She is a posh girl, well paid , successfully trading on her looks , intoxicating all the media posh boys including Patrick Lichfield.

Joanna Lumley was born on 1 May, 1946 in Kashmir, India, to British parents, Thya Beatrice Rose (Weir) and James Rutherford Lumley. Her father was a major in the Gurkha Rifles, and she spent most of her early childhood in the Far East where her father was posted.

An aspiring actress, she first came to fame as a model in London’s swinging 1960s, where she was photographed by the greats, including her friend, the late Patrick Lichfield. She was designer Jean Muir‘s muse and house model for several years before carving a career as a freelance model where she became one of the top ten most-booked models of the 1960s.

Lumley’s breakthrough role was as Purdey in The New Avengers (1976), a role for which over 800 girls auditioned. Purdey propelled Lumley to instant fame and created one of the “must-have” hairstyles of the 1970s — the Purdey bob. Lumley became a pin-up figure for a generation of British males who grew up watching her as the high-kicking action girl.

Ms Lumley is also noted for a voracious appetite for reading. The question is , what does she read ? From the kind of glib comments reported by ‘You‘ magazine , I think I can guess.

It has long been normal for media luvvies to be wound up to put a glossy veneer on events, along with a smokescreen of political correctness. Their having work depends on them being on message. She has the condescending look and the voice for it. These lucky few are well paid and out of touch. Men are easily fooled by the glamorous upper middle class facade.

It is sickening to hear people like Lumley talking about ‘We are good people.’ . Who are ‘the we’ ? Multi culture has divided the lower orders into LGBTQI. and religious groups. As far as I am concerned , a person’s sexuality is what it is. To a large extent gender , like everything else , is binary. But a benign loving God did not make us in his own image. So we can expect problems. We are not mini Gods. Muslims coming to a secular Britain should accept that reality and live in their own world apart if that is what they want , not conflict with other cultures and LGBTQI because we should not be dragged back into pre Mary Whitehouse censorship and moralising – thence back to the Dark Ages.

The Muslims can’t do that because at an early age they are at one with their parents and proseltylising like good Muslims. Good is what they think they are .

Lumley hasn’t had my experience teaching sexist Muslim boys or my experience driving a big truck for hundreds of miles , all through London and on down to Kent at Chrstmas time in 2018 , ( moron cops take note ) with a young religion obsessed Muslim driver’s mate from Banbury. Islam is not a race and we talked a lot about religion because I knew more about Islam than he did – remember I was head of R.S at Grange School Aylesbury. Muslim kids taught me to speak Arabic, even brought me a text book.

That is such dreadful vanity to believe we are mini Gods and can know God. Maybe it made sense before the Renaissnace and Reformation. Morons who persecute people’s alternative gender identity , if proven guilty , deserve harsh punishment – that includes punishing Muslims who expect their beliefs protected. In my view , Islam is going nowhere and I should be allowed to say that – look at the Muslim world where religion is used to oppress , just as it was used in Britain during the Industrial Revolution and to justify all the wars in God’s name.

However, accepting our Godless mortality , we must accept that there are certain vulnerabilities specific to being female as there are to being male. Freedom is bullshit for the masses ,where death is the only and ultimate freedom. So if someone makes the MTF transgender choice , they should know or be told about those vulnerabilities. But parading one’s LGBTQI or feminist status is not a useful contribution to facing up to and dealing with how horrible life in Britain has become – to the profit of the elite from which Ms Lumley comes and still belongs.

Ms Lumley like the rest of her class of media luvvies , has little knowledge or awareness of the miseries of life in the multi cultural underworld. She may have black friends , but there are upper class blacks. In this connection, I recall renting a flat from London Weekend TV’s Head of Comedy , Humphrey Barclay, in Bromfelde Rd, South London , while a post graduate student at London University.

Humphrey, an upper middle class, Oxbride Educated white man ,lived with his upper class black friend , also an Oxbridge man, the actor Christopher Asante. I was very amused to see this genteel Earl Grey tea sipping black aristocrat playing a tough West indian jail bird in an episode of the T.V Detective series ‘Hazell.’

One day , I returned to the 4 storey Barclay ( counting the basement where I lived ) on my bicycle. There on the paving in front of the house was Chris talking to my then partner about how Humphrey’s hired Brixton carpenter and decorator had insulted him when he offered the workman ‘a cup of tea.’ Chris said to me , in dismay ‘And him a fellow black.’ That was like me calling Prince Charles a fellow white. But we are not supposed to talk about class , because, as the Queen said ‘We are all in it together.’ Absolute rubbish of course.

There is no glass ceiling in this country. It is a class ceiling made all the stronger by all the new speech censorship laws , anti racism and feminazism – with Covid lockdown the icing on the cake. Mass entry of so called asylum seekers has heighted all the gibberish about how we can all worship in our own way. There is no other way than God and he can only be worshipped in one way according to unreformed Islam – the only ones differing there are the hypocritocal Royal House of Saud who have much in common with the British elite.

But the vast majority of people in Britain are not at one with Islam or any other church. That conflict is exploited by our elite to watch and control the people they call the far right. So they have to watch us all down here at the bottom.

The fact that Ms Lumley sees no serious problem and talks of ‘we’ makes her sound like an airhhead. She is anything but that. Here she is happy to be used for patronising propaganda which will impress a good many , especially some very stupid men who still have not gotten over her ‘Children in Need Striptease’ , a link here for your enjoyment. I do not need a pep talk from her. I want the truth – moron weirdo corrupt police on my case take note , because you are a very big problem in this society and for me , but Ms Lumley only cares that you are keeping her and her kind safe. R.J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook , London, 2003 As a woman , I know I have certain vulnerabilities ,but none worse than being harassed these last 13 years by vile lying corrupt U.K police. Yes , this is a horrible country Ms Lumley Class is the underlying issue.
Appledene Photographics

My joanna lumley

Ms Lumley is famous for wearing and revealing stockings and suspenders ( garter belts ) as revealed in the above video.

Children in Need 1983 – Joanna Lumley’s striptease, Terry Wogan

Joanna Lumley – Children in need 1983 – › watch
14 May 2017 — children in need. … Your browser can’t play this video. Learn more … Children in Need 1983 – Joanna Lumley’s striptease, Terry Wogan.
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Joanna Lumley’s 1983 CHILDREN IN NEED `Striptease`! by … ›
The comely Ms Lumley shows her stockings & suspenders for charity… 0:00. 1. Joanna Lumley talks to Clive Anderson · VHS Video …

Fear February 12th 2021

Ursula’s speech bubble reads ‘Bloody British coming over here and stealing all our jabs. The BAME population one of the two high risk groups , but the least likely to take the jab.
U.K contradicts itself , with more lockdown allegedly vital , but exaggerated death and infection rates linked to other illness or infirmity,
Incredible. Merkel is not good for Germany or Europe – neither was Boris Johnson or is Macron. They are only good for the super elite.
It is very easy to scare people if you are rich and powerful , which is why the elite sent innocent young men on both sides to kill or maim each other – and this is what we have now , with the same maniacs still playing dangerous games.
Fear on their faces existing in a lockdown with no basis in science but of great benefit to the rich and powerful.
Millions have lost their jobs. The U.K economy alone has contracted by 9.9%. Supposing the health issue of Covid is anymore than something that puts high density populations of BAME and over 80s at risk , the ‘remedy’ is either a con or insane because it is definitely worse than the sickness and will get worse.

But politicans and the elites they serve in so called democracies are not going to let go. Only favoured lackeys posing as experts will get a voice. It is a very convenient excuse to oppress social media and protests. It has also been used to demonise China.
Repetitive brain washing TV Advert asking if you can break lockdown and look this woman in the face or othere ‘heroes’ like her working in an NHS clearly not fit for the purposes of multi culture , mass immigration from poor unhealthy countries and the global economy with its free movement.
Here is another image from the same campaign. It is intended to make people accept endless lockdown without question , just listening to so called experts and nonetities like Boris Johnsson , Merkel and Biden. The advert is to make you feel guilty , accompanied by haunting music.
And here is another , so stay home ,don’t worry about going bankrupt and losing everything , including your mind. You must follow the rules to keep him and others at risk safe ,and protect the NHS from being exposed as an incompetent self interested expensive bureaucracy paid for mainly by members of the poorly paid underclass – and we are exhorted to clap it..

You may wonder why they don’t close the borders and why they don’t just lockdown the vulnerable. But that is not what lockdwon is really about , which is why they keep moving the goal posts over vaccine – which I had , knowing it was pointless but that I would need the piece of paper which is effectively a Covid passport. Ironically BAME are very resistant to vaccination.

You have no say unless you are rich because we live in a plutocracy pretending to be democratic.
Protect ‘our’ NHS from you. stay home , die there. maybe lose everything. die on the streets.
We don’t care , just keep away and keep on clapping like the monkeys you are. We are in it with you. We need a pay rise , so keep payingyour taxes and get ready to pay more .
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Charity Should Begin At Home February 12th 2021 – R.J.Cook

Someone’s home in a shop doorway Locked down, Commercial Road Portsmouth March 2020.
Image Appledene Photographics
Homeless Couple , March 2019 Arundel Steet , Portsmouth.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Bed with a view, this privileged white male has bagged a patch by the Aylesbury branch of The Grand Union Canal under a flyover, Aylesbury.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Migrants set fire to their ex army barracks because , though they were good enough for British soldiers, they ar not good enough for them. Appledene Photographics.
‘Asylum Seekers’ – economic migrants – protested and were removed to luxury hotels at hard pressed tax payer expense.
Economic migrants are now said to be riisking their lives to leave the U.K because accommodation and food is said, by liberal lefties , to be not good enough.
Three hotel pre packed meals not good enough for the continuous waves of economic migrants
Economic migrants are being accommodated in luxury hotels. They remind government that they came to the U.K for a better life and what they are given is not good enough. They say they should have access to hotel kitchens and restaurants as their ‘human right.’ Migrants routinely destroy I.D to avoid deportation. There is no way of checking who these people are or where they come from.
Posh Girl Leema worries for the migrants , afraid they will risk their lives by leaving the U.K and believes more should be done to make them feel welcome and comfortable.
Migrant Groups argue that they should be a government priority.

Before the lockdown , I spent many years travelling the country as a truck and van driver. I have seen some terrible sights. More recently I was conducting book research , seeing misery at close quarters .

At the risk of being labelled far right racist extremists , some of us wonder why the expensive hospitality being given to an apparently endless stream of people from the Middle East and the Third World is not extended to the increasing numbers of homeless.

The situation with the NHS and what should be the minimal impact of Covid 19 , is an indicator of chaos, wishful thinking , incompetence and political correctness.

There is a plethora of new laws to control discussion and comment on these issues. Lockdown doesn’t control Covid 19, but it comforts old fools and some BAME. It is operated and due for extension as a smokescreen , backed by some very powerful interest groups who profit massively or just have much easier jobs . like teachers and police.

And so the flow continues from very different cultures , many very devout in their beliefs . They offer their own peculiar dynamic to the U.K’s much vaunted multi culture and should obviously be welcomed without limit and given all they need ( sic ).

We need more police to monitor dissent and protect all those coming illegally to the U.K and who want a better life. Obviously the same service and understanding cannot be extended to indigenous rough sleepers. Their predicament is their own fault , so they deserve condemnation , not help.

It is very much the opposite case for these ‘asylum seekers ‘ or call them what you like within the law. They are noble folk , deserving of excellent food and fine living. We do not need to know who or what they are or where they actually come from. All must be made welcome and provided for , because Britain is a proud Western ( Wild ) style democracy .

We have in the Queen and her blue blooded perfect family to unite us , nothing can or will go wrong with this work in progress. Remember we are all in it together ( LOL ).

The Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth. Well her wealth is hardly common , but she says we are all in it together. Well she mad have been a bit iffy about her wealth , but apparently she unites and inspires us.
True Blue Roberta Jane Cook aka Camilla Parka Rolls on stage , 2003.
Roberta said ‘I am very inspired by the Queen . She added : ‘The Queen is and always has been a role model.. She keeps this great nation together and she keeps her money to herself and family. Very British, she has worked hard for everything. An example to us all.’
Image Appledene Photographics ,Central London 2003.

R.J Cook

Dangerous Hands – R.J Cook February 11th 2021

The statistics used to justify extending tough lockdown measures fail to point out that the average age of death ‘with Covid’ is 80 plus and no person dies with just Covid. Also the test is untrustworthy , unable to distinguish one virus from another or even if the person is infected – hence the asymptomatic excuse.
The mind boggles , what do these people expect to achieve? There is no evidence that lockdowns work , so why have them ? That is where the conspiracy theories come in to the picture.
Boris Johnson will jump on any bandwagon. The authorities vested interests will never let this end , but they will never close the borders , least of all from high risk BAME countries.

The following is from the British Medical Journal – BMJ

he UK government’s own scientific advisers and other leading experts argued against a policy of increased restrictions in local areas to control the covid-19 pandemic, instead calling for a national short period of lockdown or “circuit breaker,” documents show.

The newly released documents reveal that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies recommended on 21 September that such an immediate circuit breaker was the best way to control cases.1

Rumours about SAGE’s advice had been circulating for some weeks,2 but the minutes were officially released only after the prime minister announced a new three tier system for England, with Liverpool facing the most stringent restrictions.3

The SAGE documents also suggested:

  • Advising people to work from home if they can
  • Banning all contact within the home with members of other households
  • Closure of all bars, restaurants, cafes, indoor gyms, and personal services, and
  • All university and college teaching to be online.

Of all the measures SAGE proposed, only one—advising people to work from home—was implemented by the government at the time.

SAGE said, “The more rapidly interventions are put in place, and the more stringent they are, the faster the reduction in incidence and prevalence, and the greater the reduction in covid-related deaths (high confidence). Both local and national measures are needed; measures should not be applied in too specific a geographical area.”

David Nabarro, World Health Organization special envoy for covid-19, has separately appealed to government leaders: “Stop using lockdowns as a primary means of controlling the virus. Develop better systems for doing it.” Speaking in an interview with Spectator magazine he said, “The only way that lockdowns are justified is to buy you time to reorganise, regroup, rebalance your resources and protect your healthcare workers.”4

On 11 October Anthony Costello, professor of global health and sustainable development at University College London and a member of the Independent SAGE group, wrote a long thread on Twitter arguing against local lockdowns and calling for a national circuit breaker together with immediate reform of the test and trace system.5

“We’re in a mess. Cases, hospitalisations and deaths are rising,” wrote Costello, a former WHO director. “It’s too late for test and trace to stop it. Things will just get worse.”

He wrote that local restrictions (rather than a full national lockdown) risked increasing numbers of cases and deaths, with possible exponential spread. “It also means we shall reach a new state of ‘endemicity’ with repeated surges and falls until such times as the virus has eaten its way through all exposed and vulnerable people.”

He said a circuit breaker should stop transmission of infection within and between communities and might also break the oscillation of surges and falls in infections. However, delaying a circuit breaker risked an exponential increase in cases like that in March. “Without major reform of Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, Support (FTTIS) the UK will be back in trouble in two to three months,” he predicted.

Costello said that the current test and trace system programme, “based on centralised, privatised and ineffective companies,” had “failed miserably.” He called for Dido Harding, the current head of NHS Test and Trace, and England’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, to be removed and an experienced minister such as Greg Clark or Jeremy Hunt and a strong public health leader and independent public health team put in place to lead a test and trace programme.

He called on the government to fund local test and trace systems, to be run through local district outbreak management teams that included local public health, virology, primary care, and local authority leaders, backed by volunteers if necessary. The government must cover salaries in full of people asked to isolate, he said, and compliance with isolation should be monitored through calls, home visits, or an app, as in South Korea.

This article is made freely available for use in accordance with BMJ’s website terms and conditions for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic or until otherwise determined by BMJ. You may use, download and print the article for any lawful, non-commercial purpose (including text and data mining) provided that all copyright notices and trade marks are retained.


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  3. Turner-Cohen A. Coronavirus: WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns. 12 Oct 2020.

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France’s Marine Le Pen on trial for posting jihad atrocity images Posted February 10th 2021

Published42 minutes agocommentsComments

French member of Parliament and president of the Rassemblement National far-right party Marine Le Pen outside court on 10 February
Marine Le Pen is accused of posting images that could incite or could be seen by a minor

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has gone on trial near Paris, accused of breaking hate speech laws when she posted pictures of murders carried out by jihadist group Islamic State.

As she arrived in court she condemned the trial as politically motivated.

The National Rally leader is riding high in the polls and is expected to be Emmanuel Macron’s main challenger in the 2022 presidential election.

Mr Macron easily won the 2017 race but next year’s is set to be far closer.

The IS tweets case has dragged on for years and was delayed because of the pandemic.

Ms Le Pen tweeted three gruesome pictures of IS killings in 2015, including one showing the body of James Foley, a talented American journalist abducted in Syria while reporting on the civil war for Agence France-Press (AFP) and US media company GlobalPost and later murdered. The other two images were no less shocking.

There was an outcry in France when she posted the images during a row with journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin. He had drawn a comparison between IS, known in Arabic as Daesh, and the party Ms Le Pen led at the time, the National Front. The social media spat came in the wake of the jihadist murders in Paris in which 130 people died.

“This is what Daesh is,” she wrote under the photos, flatly rejecting the comparison.

Far-right colleague Gilbert Collard also tweeted the photos and went on trial with the National Rally leader on Wednesday.

The European Parliament voted to strip Ms Le Pen – then an MEP – of her parliamentary immunity and then a judge charged the pair with posting “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity” and are likely to be seen by a minor.

She was later ordered to have psychiatric tests as part of the inquiry.

Outside the court in Nanterre on Wednesday the politician complained that “when they seek to convict someone without even having any judicial basis, well that means you’re in full-on political trial”.

Prosecutors are seeking a fine of €5,000 (£4,400). Asked in court whether she was not concerned the images could incite young people, Ms Le Pen argued that they were shocking photos that provoked rejection not support.

More on the 2015 Paris attacks:

Faire de la peine February 10th 2021

The above BBC article about Marine le Pen is another serious display of the all powerful upper middle class tax payer funded British elite media , which is also big in the U.S. Their self righteous condemnation of what they call far right extremism , as in the U.S and their own U.K is meant to bury the roots of discontent.

The ludicrous lockdown response to Covid and distortion and lies relating to its origins , spread and relevant treatment have been very convenient in shutting down an impossible conflict situation. We have seen similar protests across the western world , with the elite encouraging , funding and excusing BLM excesses in a desperate bid to find a counter weight to a pehenomenon that has rocked Capitol Hill – though I suspect CIA or FBI agent provocateur involvement in that case.

The BBC led a smear caampaign against Le Pen to ensure Macron’s election along with Saint Obama’s involvment. Now we have this. We have seen England’s Tommy Robinson jailed for taking photos of and reporting on a Muslim paeodophile gang , the act being seen as provocative and ths hate crime. Images showing Islamists hate crimes are not allowed.

France is also in the grip of similar anxiety concerning upsetting and exposing crimes that appear to cast members of the Islamic faith and community in a bad light.

I see no easy solution to a problem where there is a growing white underclass – of which the elite labels the underclass males as ‘privoleged white males ( sic )’.

I suspect that the apparent scientifically unjustified Covid Lockdown is part of a strategy to hide from the problem and to futher emasculate that white under class , further impoverishing it , hoping to drown them in a fake LGBTQI multi culture which is in fact a morasse of ignorance , fear, bitterness , hopelessness and anger. Exactly the explosive combination that created Nazism.

I was brought up in the 1950s with the myth that there was something peculiar in the German psyche that made them World War Two’s baddies. As a child , I looked askance at my German cousins. I know better now.

On a personal level , I have been on good terms with many Muslims , but there is a vast religious divide made worse by the type of white liberals that see no danger in mass immigration , particularly African Muslims following the insane Anglo French U.S plot to depose their old friend Gaddafi.

The white liberal comfortable do gooders have no ideas other than to shut down argument , critics and opposition like Marine Le Pen. This will comfort Muslims , encouraging more immigrants , fear and conflict for France and the rest of the European Police State and its’ U.K satellite. In an age of everlasting Covid controls , anything is possible except peace.

R.J Cook

Covid Moving Goal Posts

Now all over 18s must be vaccinated before restrictions lifted says Boris & Co, February 10th 2021.

Comment posted by signin, today at 17:19signin

Comment 17:19Ann
“…. this mass hysteria has to come down. Last year till end of December there were more deaths in under 60s due to car crashes than from covid which was 388. We need some perspective.”
Repeating the same false information – under 60 years account for approx 8%, or 9200 Covid 19 deaths (NHS) compared with 1,580 Govt recorded road deaths in the last fully reported 12 months to June 2020

British-Somali man who died after arrest ‘had contact with 52 officers’ Posted February 10th 2021

Arab News 09 February 2021 1372

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched a probe into the behavior of South Wales police in the Mohamud Hassan case. (Getty Images)

  • Mohamud Hassan had contact with 52 police officers during the last hours of his life
  • Demands for IOPC to release documents and CCTV footage showing contact between police and victim

LONDON: A British police watchdog is facing growing pressure following the death of a man shortly after his release from custody.

Mohamud Hassan, a 24-year-old with Somalian heritage, died last month in Cardiff. It has been revealed that he had contact with 52 police officers during the last hours of his life.

Mohamud Hassan was released from police custody in Cardiff, covered in bruises and with blood stained tracksuit.

He died the following evening. Police , as always, deny wrong doing. they have a track record for faking evidence and hiding what incriminates them. They have a culture of closing ranks and dishonesty , exposed big time at Hillsborough when the case against them was massive, thus closed down in ‘the public ( class ) interest .

McPherson’s original inquiry into the Met Police Stephen Lawrence cover up was that the police are institutionally corrupt. The Police Commander who gave the order for the unlawful shooting of a young tee shirt wearing Brazilian – 9 shots at close range on a tube train- Cressida Dick, was promoted to London’s police chief.

The woman sitting next to the young innocent Brazilian as he was murdered by plain clothes police on the tube train, was dsicredited as a prostitute ( she wasn’t as if that made a difference but was par for the police ) and video records on Stockwell underground rail station mysteriously disappeared.

The British government are currently seeking an extra 20,000 officers to control the population. Police chiefs say thye need over 200,000 applications to find people showing the perculiar qualities necessary for the modern police force – they actually replaced the word force with service to make them appear more caring ( sic ), R.J Cook.

In response to the information, lawyers have demanded that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) — which has launched a probe into the behavior of South Wales police in the case — share evidence with Hassan’s grieving family.

More than 30,000 people have signed a petition demanding the IOPC release documents and CCTV footage showing contact between police and the victim.

Hassan was arrested in his Cardiff home on suspicion of breach of the peace. He arrived at a police station just after 10 p.m., but was released without charge the following morning.

Senior independent investigator Ian Andrews revealed that Hassan had contact with 52 police officers during his time in custody.

Andrews revealed the information during a meeting with the family of the deceased, and again during another group meeting last week.

Hilary Brown, a lawyer representing Hassan’s family, said: “They are understandably disturbed by the information. There are allegations of excessive force, and to hear that Hassan was subject to this level of police contact has been really upsetting. Then to not be given any further information about this was really difficult and completely unfair.”

South Wales police said they had found no evidence of excessive force or misconduct in the case. 

IOPC Director for Wales Catrin Evans said police would examine the actions used during Hassan’s arrest and whether full assessments were made before his release.

She added that initial observations found no physical trauma injury to explain the death, and that toxicology tests would be necessary.

An IOPC spokesperson said: “We need to ensure we have spoken to anyone who may possibly have useful information to help us build a picture of what happened, as part of our thorough and independent investigation.”

Hassan’s family paid for a private post-mortem examination following his death. The results of this and another public investigation are expected to be released in the next three months. It is claimed that Hassan suffered a series of injuries during his time in custody.

The U.K Government is recruiting 20,000 new police officers to watch us. Police Chiefs say they will need over 200,000 to find the right stuff , like these new graduates of their Kent Police Academy celebrating their success in ritual style, truncheons will soon be at the ready , helmets will be filled. R.J Cook

Police Lie All The Time says retired Southampton Magistrate – a comment by R.J Cook February 10th 2021

R.J Cook with friend , then a serving Southampton magistrate Vernon Church in the 1990s. Vernon told R.J Cook in 2018 : ‘I became used to the police lying in court all the time.’

The police have no right to be trusted , neither do the IOPC which has a large number of ex or seconded police officers in its ranks , to whose ‘expertise’ the civilian staff routinely defer. Ony 8 % of complaints , out of thousands, against U.K police are upheld on average each year , seldom against corrupt senior officers who are basically a law unto themselves.

The British ruling elite are expensively educated , offering an appalling and very limited education to the masses – masquerading as being anti sexist and anti racist , when the real aim is to blame all society’s dreadful problems and injustices on white working class men. On top of this, they have the cheek to load the bulk of taxation for corrupt wasteful public services , like the police and CPS on to the abused working classes.

So , in my view , the police have made a rod for their own backs. They deserve no sympathy for doing their job so badly and often criminally. They are fond of fitting up hapless and helpless underclass people with vile twisted lying bad character profiles and files ,when in fact there few groups in Britain ( so called United Kingdom ) with more bad character than the police.

When I asked retired Southampton magistrate , Vernon Church , if the police ever lied in his court , he laughed and said : ‘All the time.’ Poor Police victims face slick CPS lawyers and pathetic cheap legal aid lawyers who always tell the accused to plead guilty or face jail. It is the poor who always pay. The rich rarely face justice and if they do , they buy the best lawyers. The police know that , so pick on the little people – who they contemptuosly call the ‘usual suspects.’

R.J Cook

R.J Cook is a known authority on the history, life and development of Southampton.

Heavy snow that could bring significant disruption has hit the east and south-east of England. R.J Cook Comment to follow. Posted February 8th 2021

Heavy snow that could bring significant disruption has hit the east and south-east of England.

The Met Office said it was “bitterly cold” due to strong easterly winds and there were also snow showers elsewhere in the UK.

An amber warning – meaning travel disruption and power cuts are likely – is in force until Monday morning.

And less severe yellow warnings have been issued for much of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The cold snap has prompted the closure of Covid vaccination centres in Essex and Suffolk.

And Southeastern Rail has strongly advised passengers not to attempt to travel on its network on Sunday or Monday.

But the severe conditions are not expected to be as widespread as 2018’s Beast from the East, forecasters say.

BBC Weather forecaster Billy Payne said the cold weather would last until at least the middle of the week.

Temperatures would be below freezing during the day in some areas alongside a “severe wind chill,” he said.

“It qualifies as a Beast from the East in my view – although it’s not ‘Beast from the East Two’ since we’ve had a number of cold easterly spells over the years.”

Comment It sickens me that so many English people speak with awe and respect for the late Dame ( sic ) Margaret Thatcher who destroyed so much of British industry. In the name of cutting public spending , she and her Mafia sold off the parts of State industry that mattered , opening the way for increased spending on politically correct and police state facilitie and staff.

So went the old County Council Highways Department depots across the county , sold off for housing . There were fiddles and back handers galore in very slick corrupt Britain. Road maintenance went to private bidders with consequent greater expense and poor service.

I used to work on the lorries at Bucks Number One Depot in Winslow back in 1974. The pay wasn’t good but the pace was relaxed. Chris Gurnett and Bert O’Dell were numbers one and two. They didn’t stand on their dignity. I was not long back from working for Norwich Corporation , Bert asked me if I wanted a job with career prospects, my Great Uncle Harry had been County Highways Engineer in the 1920s and 30s , which set me in good stead. Jobs were done carefully and properly with no making work when there was nothing to do.

In winter , snow ploughs were bolted on to the front of our Bedford tipper trucks and gritter atatchments looked after the back end. Even the pavements were gritted.

Winslow- Aylesbury Road , morning ‘rush hour’ not a gritter in sight.

No longer the same world. Not allowed to criticise because everything is officially marvelous. But wait for it. A little bit of snow and all hell breaks loose , even power cuts. A couple of years ago I set of on a multi drop truck run out to Cheltenham , Gloucester , Hereford , Holm Lacey and back to Oxford via Cheltenham , at 2a.m. It took a lot of concentration with only one little skid on the A4O,

The road from Gloucester to Hereford was a nightmare. I saw one gritter on the whole run. The council desk jockeys and politicians always have the same excuse for lack of resources. It goes something like this : ” With global warming we didn’t anticipate such cold weather.” It is a pathetic excuse. I used to teach my school geography pupils that Britain is on the same latitude as Moscow. Global warming is melting the North Pole ice cap , diluting the North Atlantic’s salt water , thus reducing the substance that holds the heat of the Gulf Stream , so vital to Britain’s milder weather. So the stream is falling ever shorther of England.

Without that warming factor we are getting ever colder winters and heavy snow. But the message doesn’t come across. But it is not just the roads, all the private utilties are crap after privatisation. I have a good tale about being cut off the power and phone line – no internet-in my lane for 2 weeks just because October winds brought a tree down from a field, crossing the lane and landing on my drive just behind my Transit van , which I had been unloading. I could have been killed. The economist John Kenneth Glalbraith had a phrase for the situation we have now, ‘Private Wealth and Private Squalor.’ He expanded on this in his book ‘The Affluent Society”. I am surprised someone hasn’t come up with the ‘Effluent Society.’ R,J Cook

Bucks County Council Highways Dept No1 Division Winslow just before Thatchers Torie shut it down to sell for profit and to fund every inflating costs for white collar workers and politically correct targets. Here are 2 late old friends and colleagues , Brian Hoskins and Mick Waters. Two great blokes.

Face off: the extraordinary power struggle between Vladimir Putin and Alexei Navalny Posted February 8th 2021

He’s been poisoned and jailed… but not silenced. Now Navalny poses the greatest threat to the president’s 21-year rule

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and opposition activist Alexei Navalny.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and opposition activist Alexei Navalny. Photograph: TASS/Getty Images

Luke Harding

Luke HardingSat 6 Feb 2021 21.45 GMT

Alexei Navalny was in defiant mood last Tuesday, as he waited for his inevitable sentence. He made a heart gesture for his wife, Yulia, who was sitting at the back of Moscow’s city courtroom. Navalny smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t be sad! Everything is going to be all right,” he yelled at her. She waved back. Meanwhile, a state prosecutor droned on.

Last week’s sham trial was the latest episode in an epic stand-off between two men for a nation’s future. One is the man in the dock, Russia’s foremost opposition leader, and now a global figure, likened by some to Nelson Mandela. The other is the country’s president of two decades, a former KGB colonel who appears determined to stay in power and to smash a popular revolt against him.

On the face of things, the struggle ended last week with a decisive victory for Vladimir Putin. Navalny was sentenced to two years and eight months in a penal colony. On Friday, he was in court again charged with insulting a war veteran. More criminal cases are likely, with Navalny now in effect a hostage of Putin’s authoritarian regime.

But the Kremlin has been unable to do what it wants most: to break Navalny. His decision to return and to face prison refutes Putin’s thesis on Russian politics, that anyone who wants to remove him is corrupt or too weak to be trusted. Navalny’s principled stand has left Putin looking small, grasping and ridiculous by contrast. Not exactly Vladimir the Great, as Navalny said in a speech from inside his aquarium-like glass cage, but “Vladimir the Poisoner of Underpants”.

For years, the Kremlin has vacillated about what to do with Navalny, whose anti-corruption videos and investigative exposes have given him a mass following. Ignore, jail, or use other, more shadowy methods? The obvious ones didn’t work. He shrugged off repeated threats and arrests. Finally, Navalny alleges, an exasperated Putin gave an order to have him silenced.

Last summer, an undercover team from Russia’s FSB spy agency poisoned Navalny while he was touring Siberia. They applied the nerve agent novichok – used against Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury – to the inner seams of Navalny’s underpants. Navalny survived thanks to a mixture of luck and timely hospital treatment. He even managed to expose his FSB assassins.

The Kremlin apparently calculated that Navalny would not dare to return home from Berlin, where he recuperated. On 17 January, however, Navalny flew back to Moscow, in a direct challenge to Putin. His detention on arrival triggered street protests all across Russia – in 180 towns and cities, from occupied Crimea to Vladivostok on the Pacific. In Yakutsk protesters gathered in temperatures of -50C.

People clash with police during a protest against the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Moscow, Russia last week.

People clash with police during a protest against the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Moscow, Russia last week. Photograph: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

Tens of thousands of Russians have rallied in support of Navalny, seeing in him the best prospect of change following a period of declining living standards, increasingly blatant repression and top-level thieving.

This backing is by no means universal. But it amounts to the most serious challenge yet to Putin, who appears increasingly out of touch and cut off.

“Navalny is probably not a saintly person,” Vladislav, a 24-year-old club sound engineer said, as he protested last month on Moscow’s Pushkin Square. “But compared to what’s happening now, to what’s happening in the administrations of cities across the country, to the stealing, it would be a lot better if he was in charge.” Nearby, other young demonstrators stood ankle deep in snow, many smoking e-cigarettes and joking with friends.

“Nobody should be in jail for his political ideas,” Nastya, a 22-year-old protester with bright pink hair, added, as riot police surged into the crowd and carted off several students. “The main thing is not to be afraid and to come out. Of course I’m scared. I’m scared of being arrested. I’d be letting down a lot of people around me. But being scared is worse.”

The authorities have responded to what they say are “illegal” gatherings with batons and violence. Riot police have arrested well over 10,000 people. Moscow detention centres are overflowing; with too few cells available demonstrators are being held for hours in freezing police vans. Journalists have been targeted. Some have been beaten. A prominent editor was jailed for 25 days just for retweeting a meme.

In his speech to the court Navalny pointed out the absurdity of the Kremlin’s case against him. (He is accused, among other violations, of being slow to inform parole officers that he was in a coma in Germany.) Navalny said he was behind bars because of “one man’s hatred and fear”: “I mortally offended him by surviving an attempt at my life he ordered.” Putin – or “grand-dad”, as Navalny likes to call him – was a “thieving little man in a bunker”.

A lawyer by training, and a fan of the cartoon sitcom Rick and Morty, Navalny comes from a different world than the grey bureaucratic realm inhabited by Putin and his KGB friends. The Russian state has powerful tools at its disposal: a large, loyal security apparatus; compliant judges and prosecutors; and glossy state television networks that reliably serve up anti-Navalny smears and propaganda.

But Navalny has weapons of his own. One is humour: an unrivalled ability to mock the country’s corrupt neo-feudal rulers in ways that ordinary Russians can understand. No one quite gets under Putin’s skin the way Navalny does. The other is a lack of fear: a David versus Goliath bravery, according to Vladimir Ashurkov, the London-based director of Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation.

“Navalny is in a different dimension to Putin,” Ashurkov explained. “I’m amazed at the breadth of his interests. He dabbles in many things. He used to hate jogging but took it up and routinely runs 5-10 kilometres. He taught himself Python [progamming]. He likes good TV. He’s a fun guy.” Asked how Navalny would bear up in prison, he said: “He’s a tough cookie.”

Leonid Volkov, a Navalny aide based in Lithuania, said Navalny’s determination to face down Putin was “quite rational”. “He’s always capable of seeing the big picture. He knows the Russian opposition is historically destined to win. We are younger, smarter than they are. Our movement is based on truth and human rights, and the proposition that two plus two equals four.”

Volkov said the latest revolt differs from the last big protests of 2011-12, triggered by election fraud. Navalny addressed rallies as an opposition activist. The latest demonstrations feature all social groups; outside Moscow police are unable to cope with the numbers, he said. “Maybe we have to wait. It can happen that Putin will crawl on for another 10 years. But at the end of the day we will prevail,” he predicted. Volkov has now halted the protests until spring, allowing the opposition a chance to regroup and to focus on upcoming elections.

Born in 1976, Navalny is from a generation that grew up in the USSR but was not defined by it. His father, a communist, was an officer in the Soviet missiles forces; Navalny spent his early years on military bases. His grandmother fought in the great patriotic war – as Russians call the second world war – and wrote her name on the wall of the liberated Berlin Reichstag.

The family’s attitude towards Soviet power was ambiguous. His mother had a copy at home of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago; his great-aunt was repressed and sent to the mining town of Vorkuta north of the Arctic circle. At the same time Navalny’s grandmother admired Stalin – describing him as “our everything”, because of his role in defeating Nazism.

It is tempting to compare Navalny to the dissidents and intellectuals of the 1970s who struggled against Leonid Brezhnev and Soviet stagnation. But instead of samizdat – swapped by hand and read in kitchens – Navalny has social media. His latest video on Putin’s secret Black Sea palace has clocked up almost 110 million views. A master of irony and rapier-like sarcasm, he has 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

Navalny first came to prominence as a blogger. He read law, took a course at Moscow’s financial academy and worked as a grassroots organiser for the liberal Yabloko faction. The party kicked him out after he marched in 2007 in Moscow with radical nationalists – a strategy, some think, to broaden the opposition movement’s support beyond a niche middle class.

“He represents a much more serious prospect of change than anything else we have seen in the 21st century,” David Clark, a former special adviser to the late foreign secretary, Robin Cook, suggested.

“He’s a right-wing populist with nationalist leanings. That’s precisely what makes him so dangerous to the Kremlin. It’s not easy to dismiss him as a western puppet. Navalny is an authentically Russian phenomenon.”

Yulia, the wife of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, at the Moscow City Court last week to hear the sentencing of her husband.

Yulia, the wife of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, at the Moscow City Court last week to hear the sentencing of her husband. Photograph: AP

Navalny’s supporters disagree with the nationalist label. Volkov described Navalny’s politics as “centre-left”, and said attempts by the regime to portray him as a radical extremist were “horse-shit”. Navalny’s publicly expressed platform has moved toward that of a pro-European democrat – although. he has not renounced his earlier anti-migrant rhetoric. He has called for fair and transparent elections, an independent judiciary and a free media. And a minimum wage for all Russian citizens.

His biggest demand is an end to rampant state corruption, which has seen Putin’s entourage accumulate billions from strategic enterprises. In 2007 Navalny became a shareholder activist, buying stakes in murkily run state firms. He launched various platforms for online civic activism.

In 2013 he ran for mayor of Moscow, winning – despite the usual ballot rigging by the authorities – at least 27% of the vote. And the Kremlin is clearly determined to keep Navalny locked up beyond Duma elections this September. He was poisoned last year while campaigning for “smart voting”, urging Russians to back candidates opposing the ruling United Russia party. This spooked Putin’s administration – as did protests next door in Belarus.

Until recently Russia’s president refused to use Navalny’s name, preferring instead to call him “that gentleman” or “the patient in Berlin”.

Paradoxically, it is the Kremlin’s paranoid behaviour towards Navalny that has made him a household name. Other opposition leaders have been forced out of the country (the former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now in London; the chess world champion Garry Kasparov, who is in Croatia). Or they have been murdered – the fate of Boris Nemtsov, shot dead outside the Kremlin in 2015. Navalny is the last man standing.

Will he be safe in prison? Nobody quite knows. Possibly even Putin has yet to decide. Navalny is grimly aware of the possibilities, pointing out last week that he is now in the hands of people who like smearing chemical weapons over everything. For the moment, the world is watching closely. The US president Joe Biden, and other western leaders, have demanded Navalny’s release.

Navalny’s fate depends on whether he can persuade enough Russians to overcome their fear and to keep protesting, in the face of batons and prison cells.

“The iron doors slam shut behind me with a deafening clang, but I feel like a free man,” he posted last week. “They can hold on to power only by relying on our fear. But we, having overcome fear, can free our homeland from a handful of occupying thieves.”

Luke Harding’s latest book, Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem and Russia’s Remaking of the West, is available from the Guardian bookshop

Luke Daniel Harding is a British journalist who is a foreign correspondent for The Guardian. He was based in Russia for The Guardian from 2007 until, returning from a stay in the UK on 5 February 2011, he was refused re-entry to Russia and deported the same day.[1] The Guardian said his expulsion was linked with his critical articles on Russia,[2] a claim denied by the Russian government. After the reversal of the decision on 9 February and the granting of a short-term visa, Harding chose not to seek a further visa extension.[2] His 2011 book Mafia State discusses his experience in Russia and the political system under Vladimir Putin, which he describes as a mafia state.

Harding graduated with an International Baccalaureate diploma from UWC Atlantic College, South Wales and studied English at University College, Oxford. While there he edited the student newspaper Cherwell. He worked for The Sunday Correspondent, the Evening Argus in Brighton and then the Daily Mail before joining The Guardian in 1996.[3]

He has lived in and reported from Delhi, Berlin, and Moscow, and has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.[4] In 2014 he was the recipient of the James Cameron prize for his work on Russia, Ukraine, WikiLeaks, and Edward Snowden.[5]

In 2007, The Guardian retracted one of his articles for containing text “substantially similar to paragraphs” in another “article, published in May, in the Exile“.[6]

The United Kingdom , from my 70 years experience , is a Mafia State. Like its’ U.S offspring, it acts as if exceptional , nowadays backed by docile sheep , self interested feminists , ‘he for she brigade eunuchs’ and BLM.

Navalny is an agent of the west whose movement is stirring up protets and the article above was written by an Oxford graduate member of the Britih elite media which thinks only their opinion counts.

So what if Putin hs wealth and use of big houss ? How does that make him different from U.K and Euro leaders and Europe any more benign and righteous in its long running scheme for regime change in Russia and Chima ? Picture above is from secret video showing bugged British MI6 agent conspiring with a Russian greedy traitor.
R.J Cook.

As 2021 unfolds …

Life’s a Journey by R.J Cook Posted February 7th 2021

How did we get from this ?
To this ? And all the rest of it.
Britain is a police state , with ever more laws and police powers. They can break the few laws that protect us in the name of thwarting any crime they thought you were going to commit, as I know from experience. R.J Cook
London Blitz 1940, The Man on this fire escape was the only one to survive when his crew on the ground took a direct hit.
Most of my family lived in London during the war and joined the services. They thought they were fighting for a better tomorrow. My father was dead by1962 and my mother worn out. R.J Cook .
The morning after a heavy raid , London 1940.
London Blitz , the all clear and the new 1940s normal
Sex is like volcanic magma . It is a force based on human need to reproduce. Men are always expected to take the initiative , with women using sex as power. Once women have their men , they tend to relax any efforts they have ever made in the looks department – they are also 3 times more likely to cheat, being better at cover ups and always getting away with blaming neglectful husbands , even lying about domestic violence and turning on tears.

So men use prostitutes relieve the tyranny , boredom , nagging , criticism and monotony of marriage , they will use prostitutes and escorts. Unlike the easily excused females , they risk everything when caught by the likes of police entrapment – very moral are the police ( sic ) who are known to abuse prostitutes and act as voyeurs in the name of protection.

The sex worker also offers relief to the single , ugly and awkward men , running the risk of being alone with a maniac like the religious nut, married Peter Sutcliffe , a man who claimed God commanded him to ‘kill whores.’

Religion has a lot to answer for and is back big time , to placate Islamists , offering a very secular white working class the freedom to worship as they like – political tosh and vinegar seasoning the already rotten taste of fake ,but dictatorial, top down multi culture masquerading as ‘our democracies ‘ , which like the NHS they never tire of telling us ‘ needs protecting.’ R.J Cook
“In olden Days a glimpse of stocking ( top ) was looked on as something shocking. Now anything goes.” Cole Porter
Now anything goes. Or does it in Police State Britain where the new meaning of freedom is locking us up to keep us safe. R.J Cook.
Image Appledene Photographics/Khalid
Obviously looking for a ride, back in the good old days of free love and women’s lib.
Girls about town , tasteful fashion shopping done , it is off for another burger , because a girl just can’t get enough of a ‘good thing’ in Commercial Road , Portsmouth Summer 2020.
Men just can’t get it up for women according to this T.V advert they must buy viagra , because ‘she’s worth it’ but she can demand you stop mid sex if she changes her mind, so God help you if you upset her and she changes her mind about what you did the following day or any time in the futiure. Equality ? i don’t think so. No wonder men need viagra.
” Now you have taken your medicine we can get started, but remember to stop if and when I say so at any time, or I will see you in jail. O.K ? That’s my right. You have none so that’s why you need the pills. Sorry I have put on a bit of weight but I was eating too much while I waited for you to get the viagra. My big stomach will put some bounce into your performance. Hope you got the six months supply. I might exchange you for someone else if you don’t please me “
R.J Cook with friend, Southampton Magistrate V.F Church , who when R.J asked if the police ever lied, he laughed, replying ‘All the time.’ He added that the police were worse than racist, they pick on the working classes because they know they can’t fight back.

Cook and Church met while working as colleagues for the Inland Revenue in Havant, Hants, near Portsmouth in the 1970s.
English Defence League demonstration in Aylesbury, May 2010. The big danger of this group, led by Tommy Robinson, was that it wasn’t racist, allowing black membership – the ruling elite’s big fear of a truly Marxian dialectic.

True to Marx, the EDL were anti the Islamic religion , arguing that it was morally flawed and a threat to the British way of life where white and black British were living as harmoniously as anyone of the under class could live in crowded Britain where the elite screwed the workers , keeping them poor and in their place because they wanted all the profit.

Elite funded BLM will sort that little problem. Crossing the Atlantic for a moment, note how the Democrats justified blacks attacking and burning neighbourhoods where poor white and blacks lived and worked – then how this elite with their media hyenas squealed when their fake democrat bastion was invaded on Capitol Hill.

It’s no different in Britain and Europe where the mentality , divisions and political tricks are just the same – and they have the cheek to moralise to Russia and China.
R,J Cook
Aylesbury Bus Station Lockdown
Only 3 people on the bus , thanks to lockdown, departing from Buckingham to Aylesbury 16.12 , February 6th 2021.
Image Appledene Photographics/rjc
In Britain we have a young black clergyman condemning an NHS absurd Cap’n Tom clapathon for the NHS as being of the White Nation. It follows he is thinking of a black nation.
R.J Cook
Deserted city shopping centre, Portsmouth Christmas 2020. Thanks lockdown , worth all the bankruptcies to protect BAME and elederly like me – hang on truth is the NHS hasn’t kept up with immigration and all the imported Third World Health problems , as well as having too many poorly paid unfit staff while top doctors , many from poor countries , take the cream.
We are not supposed to join up the dots. There are laws against that. media is for State propaganda.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Desperation is ever greater thanks to lockdown , with more women taking risks in the sex industry.
Roberta Jane Cook , ‘La belle de nuit’. Thames Valley Police have spent time & resources trying to find her ‘at it’ on the dogging sites. Weird how they hang out in those places.
Image Appledene Photographics / Khan

Humpty Dumpty by R.J Cook Posted February 6th 2021

If our society was an aeroplane it wouldn’t crash because it wouldn’t take off. That’s because it has too many parts that do not fit together. Components flying in random directions so as to find themselves and mechanics having to abide by manuals like the official psychiatrists guide book , the DSM, means faults can’t be diagnosed because certain parts are sacred.

The ruling elite know they can take people for fools. In sociology there is a concept of anomie , with different takes on it. R.K Merton writes of anomie as ever receding horizons . This idea certainly fits with the governments across all continents and their idea of never ending lockdown and beating the virus. They use the word pandemic when they should say endemic because it will keep mutating no matter where or how it started.

Early in 2020 it was going to be about letting the virus run its course , protecting only the vulnerable and that masks don’t work. Then , pushed by Starmer’s feminist Labour Party and PC Police State EU , it was going to be a short lockdown.

Now the police state with all its contradictions and heavy handed policing doesn’t have to explain anything because fear is power. The economy has been hit hard , with travel and hospitality near wipe out while mass migration flows in regardless of the Covid rules U.K residents endure.

Other illnesses and rat infestations pose more threats ,but the ignorant morons and asset strippers running the show, keep moving the goal posts with more Draconian punishmenst and censure from ‘ the nice people and media’ to punish dissidents.
R.J Cook

The apparently absurd international response is an outcome of an agenda to disguise health service issues – hence all the sentimental nonsense about Cap’n Tom and the latest clapathons . 

Meanwhile back in the developing world – euphemism for Third World – with all its dictatorships ,religious escapism , overpopulation and poverty , they scream for a bigger share of vaccine. Many in our world say yes to that , because they are either ‘humanitarians’ or eager for an endless supply of desperate culturally diverse cheap labour to boost profits and to be a catalyst for elite moralising about how racist all the white masses are and how they should bend the knee.

Hence the young black vicar’s rant about Cap’n Tom. He is right to be be uncomfortable for that blatant distraction from the reality of the failing NHS under the weight of so many migrants , obesity , heart problems, environment / lifestyle cancers and the inevitable demise of the baby boomer generation who will always think they are too young to die. But to call the ‘Tom Tom’ worship ‘white nationalism’ should offend and inflame innocent oppressed white people , especially the young who have been at the mercy of the patronising baby boomer elite who actually believe they can make their diversity fantasy work.

The trouble with this police state type tabloid moralising , is that it is another example of media enforcing conformity to a state idelogy being used ,in the case of upper middle class officer class Cap’n Tom, to smokescreen a poorly staffed failing NHS which cannot cope with the cosnequences of mass immigration and an ageing population.

There are a lot o lies and deceit, so some of us regard clapping as something monkeys do. It says it all about the great covid cover up and the bull about masks and lcokdowns.
The virus kills very few and affects specific groups. The elite , who have been enriched and still demand taxes , are either imbeciles , liars or both. This vacuous headline is patronising drivel , normal for our upper middle class money dominated mass media. The black vicar’s attempt to make his objections as being all about ‘white nationalism’ shows how much poison is flowing in this propagandist nasty police state where divide and rule is the under current of our so called democraacy. R.J Cook

By the way , I am not saying their is no place in this society for the religious , but there would be no place for them to worship in if everyone else had sat around ‘worshipping’ rather than break new ground in the pursuit of truth.

According to the so called experts, I am transsexual. They want me to take anti psychotic drugs to feel more comfortable with that identity – for more on anti psychotic zombie drugs and me see the psychology page and ‘About R.J Cook’. Anti psychotics have very interesting side effects and every day more are on them.

Roberta Jane Cook. She says there should be no need for LGBTQI ‘They make the people look stupid and hold up the traffic. If you want to be a woman, be a woman, get on with it , talk and do something else to prove your gender worth to society. Any rude hate filled people who abuse you , especially senior police officers as I am so aware , should face dire punishment , ruin and jail.

The law is there. Protests should be about things like police corruption , not exhibiting LGBTQI and BLM diversity. Jail racists too. The black vicar, who called celebrating Cap’n Tom ‘white nationalism’ is racist was an upper class black man and should at the very least be sacked because this sort of thing will lead to worse and is hate crime. The Cap’n Tom affair was all about covering up for a failing NHS.’

They are an excellent alternative to working yourself up into a religious frenzy while waiting for death.  My advice to transsexuals is if you accept that you are a woman then get on with it , but gender should not be a career as the transsexual’s enemy seem to think it is, seeing transsexuals as rivals and under cover rapists – who are the mad ones here ?

As for transphobes , give these ‘liberal’ fakes the punishment they deserve if they can’t leave the trans people alone. Jail them, give Rowling the ‘hate criminal ‘ treatment, shame her sort , not yourself and find something more useful to do than going on about your diversity.

Even harsher punishments should be inflicted on police officers ,especially senior ones ( one of my readers gets this point I should think !! ) who are bigoted transphobes. Why waste time of parades and demos. The law exists to punish all offenders , including squirming cowardly police who band together to cover their hate and all other crimes .

As for Muslims ,well they are not multi culturalists , Islam will never catch up with the times and they are not nice to dissenters. But they are a useful stick for the elite and liberal classes who exploit mass ignorance and limited language codes to misrepresent Muslims as a race.

The majority of Muslims are Caucasians , same as the rest of the whites. They are no more a race than the Catholics. When I gave up on my religion , I did not change my race from Caucasian. Making it OK for Muslims to abuse gays and trans people is to mock the laws that Muslims shout the house down at the slightest sign of offence to themselves.

So in this mad world of anomic ‘normlessness’ anything along the lines of an advancing police state is possible. Absolute idiots like Matt Hancock and Batty Boris, with their army of ‘experts’ just go with the flow and bask in the glow.

Complete idiotic animal rights women , like the one on RT news today , urge us not to kill rats who have migrated and are breeding well in the suburbs – just loving the cleaner middle class drains – because the restaurants are all closed down so there is no food in the bins. Now on better fare, there are fears these rats will mutate along with viruses they carry , creating an even greater threat to life.

Emma Larkin tells RT of the serious and long term damage done to British pubs and brewers.

Idiot is perhaps not a strong enough word, but these days it is hard keeping up with the latest banned words. I will take a risk and call our rulers and so called experts -with their cast of thousands of overpaid council and civil service minions  – imbeciles.

On the subject of public servants ,while we suffer as a result of their ignorant self righteous bigoted demands for extra pay, pubs and clubs are being expected to pay council tax to pay the bureaucrats’  wages or go bust.

Millions of pints of beer have been thrown away and night life will never be the same again because of lockdown. Too many businesses have shut down for good ( or bad ,depending whether or not you are one of the billionaire asset strippers ). Then ,surprise surprise , most of the Covid infections have been caused by people coming in through U.K’s ever open borders.

To say that there is science behind all of this Covid policy is an insult to an intelligent person. But in the unlikely event that anyone can see around this lockdown deception , there is an army of police and media propagandist to keep the brain training going. The social machine , like Humpty Dumpty has been ‘ knocked off the wall’.

All the kings horses and all the kings men will no be putting Humpty Dumpty together again. They are working on something more along the lines of Dr Frankenstein’s monster , with lots of protruding miss fitting parts , conflicting parts , bits bolted on thus and with awkward gait and  – above all , a severe case of identity crisis.  R.J C

Cult of White Bashnihilism Posted February 4th 2021

I have have only ever met two intelligent clergyman who could talk about anything but God. One was my teacher at school. He was a Cambridge Graduate with whom I chatted in the library where I hung out in my last two years at break time, The other was priest at Woldingham Roman Catholic Girls School Surrey, where I had many happy days and attended Sunday Mass. The latter was from one of the African countries where faith helped the terribly poor and dying.

I won’t name that man because I have no way of contacting him now as he returned home. I recall he had a brother in Plymouth. At lunch one Sunday , he told me he was off to see his brother in Plymouth for the afternoon. I suggested he had left his departure rather late. He said he thought not because he had a device he called ‘Road Angel’ which bleeped as he came within a mile of a speed camera.

I liked the man. At no time was I aware of skin colour. I grew up in the countryside where there were no blacks , but most of our family were in London where we spent holiday time in the 1950s. My German cousin Ronnie was a native of North London and more worldly than me, out on the streets aged 6. His mother didn’t worry about him and so I was free to roam with him.

One day , returning to Highbury Grove ,with my parents, riding on a trolley bus , I saw something unusual to me. As we walked toward the stairs , on the back seat, there was a man wearing a trilby hat, suit , collar and tie. I stared as children do when they see something or someone unusual. This man’s face was coal black.

I said nothing to my parents. The year was 1955. I was coming up to school age , but an innocent. So later on when , outside playing with my cousin in the street, I saw a black man wearing a trilby. I told my cousin the man was following me. My cousin laughed. He was used to West Indians.

It amazed me so many years on, the problem of racism has been reinvented as a wonderful diversion from what the white and black global elite have done and go on doing to the planet. Black Rev Jarel Robinson Brown saw his chance to make a name with his ‘fellow blacks’ regarding the idolisation of a 100 year old man who allegedly died of Covid.

To hell with Robinson Brown’s ‘white supremacy’ poison. Captain Tom is an example of the officer class , not my soldier dad’s class who was lucky to survive the incompetent leadership that did so much to cause World War Two and would have lost it without the Soviet Union and the U.S.A.

I don’t think much of people who hide behind religion , gender , race or LGBTQI because their self righteousness and self interest is just selfishness opportunism and cowardice in the face of real problems , or challenges as the optimistic like to call them. To use a vulgarism , they are up their own ars-s.

The reality is that all is not what it seems with Covid and the absurd solidaity ritual of clapping Captain Tom for raising money for an appalling top heavy incompetent NHS , costing us taxpayers a fortune, which has not kept pace with asylum seekers caused by our Anglo U.S leadership bombing the Middle East for bogus democracy – and the rich’s need for more cheap labour to push prices up and udnercut the natives.

Any one who questions what Boris Johnson calls our sacred NHS and messiah Cap’n Tom faces social media sanction and the police if today’s Sun front page is to be believed’ . The authorities and the PC professionals are looking for any excuse to ‘regulate the internet’ into what I always said it would be ‘A Disinformation Highway.’

Cap’n Tom is a man from the upper middle classes who led men in an army riddled with incompetence and failure , an army today as class ridden ,& manipulative as it ever was ,with the NHS and the likes of Cap’n Tom as a fencers foil warding of any thrust of criticism.

Rev Robinson Brown is an insolent racist idiot lost in his God world. The good Captain should be seen for what he has achieved in this great global cock up , a man who has revealed so much without ever knowing it , about this country – a country where the elite patronise , trivialise, rip us off , manipulate , scapegoat and show nothing but contempt for the masses by dividing and ruling them in exactly the same way as they built an empire on the cheap.

Finally , Roberta’s pictures are really me and I am Roberta. Those two facts should be irrelevant and are only mentioned because I am heartily sick of feminists , me’s for she’s , BLM, Antifa , corrupt police , patronising politicians, the Queen and the ‘we’re all in it together brigade , the BBC ( Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation , smug school teacher , institutionally corrupt police with their CPS and all the other apologists and diversionists in this corrupt country where they can’t forget or stop admiring the racist aristocrat Churchill who wanted to bomb the Soviet Union , the man responsible for the ANZAC masscacre and who obviously relished the war – the biggest example of whites killing each other on an industrial scale.

And so we drift into ever more misery and carnage with God brought back in to help us, with mealy mouthed language censoring politicians telling us we are all free to worship in our own way , so long as we worship the upper middle class Cap’n Tom ( not my fellow white any more than the Queen is ) and the NHS. R.J.Cook

Robert Jane Cook , who says there are men , women , children , rich , poor , handsome , ugly ,pretty , three biological races, rich and poor. She adds, ‘ Very few show individuality and are marked if they do. Add to that there is a class system where the real power lives across national and racial divdes.
BLM and LGBTQI are sheep pens and boxes. The media is a rich person’s lying machine, the police are corrupt , bigoted , vindictive lackeys and Rev Robinson Brown is an ignorant middle class opportunist stirring up hate all because the idiot Boris Johnson and his fellow conjuerors and circus perfromers set out to fool us by making the NHS Covid diaster all about clapping and the good capatin. Bonus for Boris , it is all grist to the mill of internet censorship’ R.J Cook

Diocese of London launches investigation into Reverend who branded clap for Captain Tom ‘cult of white nationalism’ Posted February 4th 2021

<p>Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown apologised after tweeting about Captain Tom</p>
Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown apologised after tweeting about Captain Tom / Twitter

By April Roach@aprilroach285 hours ago A

Reverend who apologised after slamming a national clap organised in tribute for Captain Sir Tom Moore is now being investigated by the Diocese of London.

Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown sparked complaints after he claimed support for the national hero Captain Tom was a “cult of White British Nationalism”.

Tributes flooded in for the veteran after it was announced he had died aged 100 after contracting coronavirus. Boris Johnson was among those paying tribute.

The Prime Minister called for a national clap for Captain Tom on Thursday evening.

Reverend Robinson-Brown responded to the news by tweeting: “The cult of Captain Tom is a cult of White British Nationalism.


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“I will offer prayers for the repose of his kind and generous soul, but I will not be joining the ‘National Clap’.”

Mr Robinson-brown deleted the tweet and shared an apology after receiving fierce backlash online for his comments.

“I offer an unreserved apology for the insensitive timing and content of my tweet regarding the clap for Captain Tom,” he said.

Captain Sir Tom Moore national clap

Captain Sir Tom Moore's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore, grandson Benjie and granddaughter Georgia outside his home in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, joining in with a nationwide clap in honour of the 100-year-old charity fundraiser who died on Tuesday after testing positive for Covid-19.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds clap outside 10 Downing Street
Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, center, and members of the house take part in a clap in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore
Junior soldiers at the Army Foundation College join in with a nationwide clap in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon applauds outside St Andrews House during a national clap for late Captain Sir Tom Moore and NHS workers

He added that he has since read and will sign the church’s digital charter, which is designed to “help make social media and the web more widely positive places”.

But the Diocese of London on Thursday said the Reverend’s comments were “unacceptable, insensitive and ill-judged” and said the Archdeacon of London will be carrying out a review.

In a statement shared on Twitter the Diocese of London said the Reverend was now receiving “racist abuse” as a result of his comments.

“Jarel Robinson-Brown’s comments regarding Captain Sir Tom Moore were unacceptable, insensitive, and ill-judged,” said a spokesperson from the Diocese of London.

“The fact that he immediately removed his tweet and subsequently apologised does not undo the hurt he has caused, not least to Captain Tom’s family. Nor do Jarel’s actions justify the racist abuse he is now receiving.

“A review is now underway, led by the Archdeacon of London. As a Church, we expect clergy to ensure that all online activity is in line with the Church of England’s social media guidelines and built on truth, kindness and sensitivity to others.

“It is incumbent upon all of us to make social media and the web more widely positive places for conversations to happen.”

Comment It is very creepy for the Arcdeacon to come out with his glib superficial line about making the web a ‘positive place.’ Positive for who ? Britain’s smug over paid upper and upper middle class elite.

I have no time for Rev Jarel Robinson Brown using his sun tan to talk about white culture. People like him never talk about how upper class blacks sold blacks into slavery.

They were waiting locked in compounds , caught and jailed for and by fellow blacks , for sake to the rich white men who captured white slaves ( by press gang and I don’t mean the kind of arseh-les who write the mainstream news ) , Robinson hasn’t a clue what the word nationalism means , but all the God Squad are out of touch.

I will be writing a piece explaining fully why I find the hysterial about Captain Tom , Charity and Covid , along with my thoughts on Robinson’s obvious racism toward white people en masse. That is coming soon and will be posted above Robinson. An apology is no answer to what he has said, but I am sick of the covid scenario and panic being compared to the vile destruction of World War Two , the romanticisation of a rich man’s war where the udnerclass of all races were used and abused, with whites killing each other on an industrial scale, for the international upper class. I am sick and tired of nasty pampered upper middle class women and their ‘he for she ‘ apologists and blacks who claim to suffer because theya re balck and express jealousy for any black who associates and prospers through working with whites – not the morons in Antifa who thrive on racism as a means of virtue signalling.

These self styled black , LGBTQI and feminist underdogs have hi jacked Marxism, which was about class war , and the new left are actually fascists promoting division and lower class conflict uner cover of diversity.

So here I am again, signing off as poor down trodden gender victim Roberta Jane Cook, and all I want to do is complain about ‘Masculine Nationalism’, because I and my kind are the only ones who have feelings.

We are the only ones who care, rivalling BLM as being so superior. i am not getting enough attention and sympathy as plain old R.J Cook who wants to contribute to news and analysis. I want to talk about my kind and why God chose us and thinks we’re special.

We want to take over, we want you to know and feel guilty about our history. We think anyone who offends us should be blocked from social media and websites because we know best , we are right and everyone else is wrong ( SIC )
R.J Cook

Irish Jiggery Pokery Posted February 3rd 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for “urgent action” from the EU amid rising tensions over post-Brexit checks at Northern Ireland ports.

UK and EU leaders are to hold talks to try to resolve the trade issues between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Checks on goods were suspended on Tuesday after threats to staff.

The UK government wrote to the European Commission overnight, calling for temporary lighter enforcement of the rules to be extended until early 2023.

But Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Arlene Foster, issued a warning against “just kicking things down the road”, telling BBC Radio Ulster: “We need to find solutions that are sustainable, that are workable and long lasting.”

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson said the EU had “undermined” the Brexit deal by threatening emergency controls of Covid vaccine exports across the Irish border.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said the threat had been a “mistake that shouldn’t have happened”.

Comment The Anglo European elite wrecked the European dream which is why other member states are falling apart and trying to pull away from the likes of Merkel , Macron and posh Ursula von de Leyen.

Free speech ( sic ) is only allowed via elite media. None of these people care about the people of Ireland, north or south, they never did. Divide and rule the masses over what should be an irrelevant religion- because it is not based on evidence an never will be – is the method. It fuels madness, but hatred for the Royal nonsense is rational.

All Britain should be a republic. At the moment the Crown is being used as a conjurer’s cloke so the trickery is out of sight. Ireland’s main trading partner is Britain. Carry on like this and the ‘troubles’ will be back , but the elite never cared about that in the past. They don’t care now. R.J Cook

What is a Prostitute ? What do they look like ? What do they have to do ? What are the qualifications, rewards and motivations ?

What is a prostitute? what does she look like? Why does she do it ? Why do men need them ? Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

One of my incredible experiences since my divorce from a Chief Constables sister, has been dealing with ‘soft intelligence’ records used to justify a PNC Criminal Marker , criminalising my son and I with 13 years horrendous ongoing stress and harm. Police have those powers. I discovered some of the lies behind it.

During the years of on going harassment, the police raided my home accusing me of shopping myself for ‘working as a gay escort.’ I have talked about this before. Because they were acting vengefully , they decided to go to ground until I left rude phone calls and was threatened with jail if I didn’t accept a caution. I went to Crown Court over it and won the swearing case , but the prostitution case is technically shelved but there until they can find ‘ enough evidence.’ In our police state , all they have to do , post Tony Blair , is say the situtaion is ongoing and when cases collapse it is always because of ‘insufficient evidence’.

They actually staked the house out for at least 4 months, questioning neighbours about my whereabouts Ithey told me, before the raid. They even told my doctor and I ended with  a psychiatrist who diagnosed me among other things as paranoid schizophrenic, psychotic and deluded. Well that really is ‘pot calling the kettle black.’ Their report concluded that I was likely to die by misadventure, as many whores do.

Miss Adventure , whores may be murdered sometimes, a comment on the specie and cruelty of nature. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

The scary thing is that these weird ‘law unto themselves cops’ are in charge of morality. So many lie, use and abuse prostitutes, lurking on dogging sites , public toilets and dark alleyways ‘undie cover’. One cop went to jail for having his helicopter pilot hover over a night time dogging site so he could video for later wanking sessions.

The police chiefs council have gone on record saying that they needed around 200, applications for the planned extra 20,000 new police officers they have frightened weakling PM Johnson into ordering, in order to get people with the unique special policing qualities. The proverbial mind boggles. What a shame Hitler isn’t there to advise on how he did it.

Boris and his crew brought us never ending lockdown and all the scare tactics. I just chatted with a man who messaged his despair, telling ‘I’m frightened, I have got Covid. He has simply had a positive result from  very unreliable Covid test. I digress so as to put the prostitution subject in context.  We are patronised by government and their mightier than thou experts , hell bound to protect a western world health system that feeds profiteers and overpaid badly trained staff – including doctors.

We are , by proxy of our so called democratically elected politicians : bullied , controlled, fined , jailed and ruined , by average police officers who would make Neanderthals look intelligent.

The powers that be and the fast tracked hypocrites ( see Police Station & Police State pages ) enjoy perks , multiple affairs and idleness that would be a credit to rock stars and Premier League footballers. They don’t promote intelligent rivals or reformers ( as Sue Sim discovered – see Police Station & Archive ).  

Corrupt police, with their many perverts and abusers hidden in the ranks and command and control, are just one of the dangers facing Europe and U.K prostitutes in this era of mass immigration and multi culture. There are just certain things people mustn’t say about this, as Tommy Robinson found out the hard way. The whole issue of prostitution is in the hands of the ‘professionals’ experts and feminists with key truths as protected taboos. Here below are some extracts, starting with a report by the EU.

Big Business :

Prostitution is big business in Europe. By some estimates, the number of prostitutes across the European Union’s 28 members states ranges between 700,000 and as many as 1.2 million. In Germany alone, the industry is estimated to be worth $16.3 billion, according to Germany’s Federal Statistics Office.

Citizens Rights & Constitutional Affairs Dept of EU extract reported as follows

Historically, the views on prostitution and sexual exploitation have been discussed widely and with different focuses in politics, by civil society organisations, and by academics. Women’s rights groups, feminists, and so-called ‘sex feminists’ have argued about the right approach, i.e. whether a difference can be made between voluntary and forced prostitution. The voices of women working in the sex industry are equally differing. While many complain about the bad working conditions and report serious violent incidents, others feel that they are not being heard nor taken seriously because of stereotypical thinking about prostitutes, or through fear of being seen as vulnerable victims or as dependent advocates of pimps and brothel owners.

The lack of reliable data -the latest data available for Germany and the Netherlands are from 2007 -hinders this debate as it keeps the prostitution market opaque. There is no clear picture of the number of prostitutes and their clients, and their revenue and profits (including for the pimps). Therefore, both the debate and political decision-making depend on estimations.

Estimations Havocscope indicated that prostitution revenue can be estimated at around $186.00 billion per year worldwide. According to a report published in 2012 by Fondation Scelles, prostitution has a global dimension, involving around 40-42 million people worldwide, of which 90% are dependent on a procurer. 75% of them are between 13 and 25 years old. The most conservative official statistics suggest that 1 in 7 prostitutes in Europe are victims of trafficking, while some Member States estimate that between 60% and 90% of those in their respective national prostitution markets have been trafficked. Moreover, the data available confirm that most trafficking in Europe is for the purposes of sexual exploitation, principally of women and girls.

Report by LSE 2019

Safer Wales has been running the StreetLife project since 2005, aimed at helping woman trapped in prostitution.

Chief executive Bernie Bowen-Thomson said: “We recognised that the essential outreach work we do shouldn’t come to an abrupt halt because of Covid-19, but had to move to a virtual form.”

The Cardiff-based charity has seen a 69% rise in its dealings with women.

Safer Wales said the introduction of lockdown measures left clients faced with the difficult choice of self-distancing with no income or continuing to carry out sex work at a risk to their own and others’ safety.

Ms Bowen-Thomson said: “This is a heartbreaking choice for women to have to make, it’s essential that these women get the support they need to stay at home.”

There is stark commonality, but also diversity across the sex industry. Most are working in-person, providing sexual services, including full sex either at home, outdoors or in another venue such as a brothel, parlour or hotel; others are working through phone lines or on line, web camming or making clips to order, for example. Given the lockdown, there has been some movement to on line, but many will have continued to work in-person. Most sellers are women, including trans women. There are also a significant number of male sex workers, as well as those who identify with other genders or none.

Some are successful entrepreneurs, running their own websites, operating from dedicated premises, registered as self-employed and paying tax. A proportion of these may therefore have met the criteria to apply for the UK Self-Employment Income Support Scheme set up in response to the lockdown. However, the Home Office research suggested that the majority of those selling sex are either doing so temporarily, intermittently or long term to make ends meet, including as a supplement to other paid work. Many are caring (often solo) for others, including children, partners or parents; some are managing long-term physical illness or mental health issues; many are migrants, some with insecure status; some are students; some involved are victims of partner abuse, or are misusing drugs or alcohol. Some may register their earnings formally; most will not. I would term this majority as ‘sex workers’ or ‘individuals engaged in survival sex’ (see Mulvihill, 2019), and it these groups that are the focus of this commentary. L.S.E

There is a clinical aloofness in how ‘experts’ discuss prostitution. As some one arrested for such  – on the basis of illiterate letters and fake picture sent by an aggrieved partner who I am pretty sure was being used to find dirt on me regarding the criminal allegations I had made about their corrupt conduct toward me – I formed the impression that they are heavy breathers at the sight of lingerie when they search and question. One wonders how this affects them when they get home. Too many are like the copper in the hovering helicopter watching doggers. Worst of all are the feminists who have a weird fixation with policing , men in uniform rather than individuals, their female body parts and public toilet safety – assuming they can find a public toilet.

So far I have never been a prostitute , unless one counts marriage, and I have left it rather late to use them. However, I am grown up and open minded enough – qualities lacking in feminists and police officers as a natural requirement of their vocation- to understand why men ( women marry their whores ) use prostitutes. I also know why women do it. Some men just can’t get what or enough of what they want from the woman they marry who then finds herself, sometimes as a rival , sometimes as a slob.

We live too long and sex gets reinvented to make us feel young and alive. There is also the danger which creates excitement – swinging and dogging has similar operational and motivational characteristics. Fantasy, domination and submission are also in there.  Feminism has destroyed romance for many , along with greed.

That is why the hate and abuse factor has magnified since the 1960s gangster run drug fuelled days of prostitution. The dark is still there, with the elite’s destruction of white working class families putting white girls in the firing line and open door immigtaion putting immigrant girls in the firing line too from the widening the ethnicity of the customers – the bit we mustn’t talk about , especially when it comes to the pimps.

At the top end, we have the posh ‘looking’ classy girls for rich men. But most are overweight in tacky poor clothes and torn fishnet tights at the mercy of religious voice hearing real schizo paranoids like Peter Sutcliffe killing for God. He was at the looney religious extreme of whore haters. But that nasty hypocritical condemnatory attitude to the sale of a natural bodily function is still there. Its’ harm is massive and insidious.

The ruling elite do what they like. Poor girls and some poor gay boys do it out  of despertation , having grown up in our fractured poverty stricken and ignorant world of the underclass. The odious patronising condescending feminists see only cannon fodder in these poor working class whores whose only other choice is how quickly and easily they might die.

Few prostitutes at the bottom end enjoy it , fanatasise  as you may want to. The global elite treat us all like whores. Drivel about how Covid lockdown affects prostitutes’ gender equality, is imponderable and reflects life on the upper middle class of the feminist academic sturm fuhrers and ober grupen sturm fuhrers ( aka Terfs Trans Exclusionary Feminists.)

The elite, politicians and feminist parasites don’t want a simple solution of accepting what sex is. It is not about hemlines , lingerie , stocking tops etc. That is called the dressing. It is about us being animals and the symbols that trigger sexual response. It used to be primarily for reproduction , but as life span in rich countries people have lost the plot. In the third world it is not so advanced.  Religion is still an escape and motivation. Cultural attitudes toward women and sex, religious hypocrisy are as I have already written an issue.

Prostitutes are at more risk in this grave new world. It is high time the industry was accepted and organised. If boxing can be sold , or footballers made hideously rich, why can’t we have a safe sex industry in the west. Why can’t we challenge the import of religious bigotry. Most of us ponder the God questions but us wise ones don’t force beliefs down others throats. The real whores are in public services like NHS psychiatry and the law. They don’t care who they screw. R.J Cook

Britain’s Covid Nightmare Continues As Another Young Brit Dies After Testing Positive Shock February 2nd 2021

The Queen has led tributes to Capt Sir Tom Moore, the second world war veteran who raised almost £39m for NHS charities during the first coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020, who has died aged 100 after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Great British Queen Elizabeth II , an inspiration to all good people during 1939-45s disasterous murderous World War II and now helping deluded people with
the Covid Crisis ( sic ) R.J Cook

In a statement, his daughters, Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira, said: “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear father, Capt Sir Tom Moore. We are so grateful that we were with him during the last hours of his life; Hannah, Benjie and Georgia by his bedside and Lucy on FaceTime.

“We spent hours chatting to him, reminiscing about our childhood and our wonderful mother. We shared laughter and tears together.

“The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of remarkable. He was rejuvenated and experienced things he’d only ever dreamed of. Whilst he’d been in so many hearts for just a short time, he was an incredible father and grandfather, and he will stay alive in our hearts forever.

Polly Sexual aka Roberta Jane Cook ( 70 ) in her boudoir- where police still hope to catch her at it, after their failed 2018 raid – some of her detractors having entitled her Another Deluded Old Queen’ , gives her views on this latest national Covid 19 tragedy.
Image Appledene Photographics/Khalid

Queen Polly , speaking from her busy bed chamber said : “Well you know, the Queen and I go back along way. I remember watching her coronation on a big television with a 6” screen. Such an inspiration to us all. We must pray she never gets Covid and dies. She is so young and beautiful like me , and we both need to be preserved. That’s why we have been vaccinated.

“As a child I wondered how they got all those people , horses and carriages into such a small box and where the voices were coming from. I was afraid they would get out, then become full size and squash me.

” Now you see we are all afraid of being put in boxes and never getting out again. That’s why I am hoping the government, under Boris Johnson’s fine Churchill like leadership , and what a handsome fellow, credit to good British stock like me , will keep us safe. We must never die out.

Captain TOM ( only 100 when Covid 19 cruelly took his young life ) , was a hero of the forgotten Burma campaign , which I have forgotten , but not because I am not young. I am young. I have had my Covid jab.

Now we need more research on the immortality jab because we cannot afford to lose more young men . like Capn’ Tom to this evil Covid killer, the new invisible Chinese devil. You can’t trust the Chinese , unless you want their 5G spy cameras, which are second to none.

But you can trust us old Queen’s we have seen more cock ups than any young generation could dream of . We must live on , whatever the cost to the young and small business. the bankrupted young French restauranteer hanging her self when she lost her life’s work to lockdown by hanging herself was one of those things for the greater good – i.e preserving old Queens and other relics of obviously better days and more worthy people.

If unemployment , homelessness, death on the street, depression, drugs , gang violence and alcoholism doesn’t kill them while the economy is totally shut down , apart from our wonderful NHS of course -which good old Captain Tom loved , bless him- then they too might have something to talk about when they are as young as us old queens.’ “

Filming French Police For TV is not legitimate defence in the New World Order of Europe’s Police State. Nazism is back. February 1st 2021

The New Left The New World Order Protest Is Insurrection Unless It Is Elite Funded BLM

Politicians & U.K Women’s Groups call for more bans and controls on social media as 10 year old girl dies from what would be called autoerotic asphyxiation — suffocating themselves for sexual arousal in older people January 31st 2021.

Italy’s data protection watchdog has ordered TikTok to block access to users whose age cannot be confirmed after a 10-year-old girl accidentally died while taking part in a viral “blackout” challenge, according to her family.

The young girl from Palermo in Sicily was discovered on Wednesday by her five-year-old sister in the family bathroom with her cellphone.

According to the girl’s parents, their other daughter explained that her sister “was playing the blackout game.”

The game, otherwise known as the “pass out challenge” or “the fainting game,” encourages participants to choke themselves until they pass out for several seconds, which is meant to result in a high.

Destructive behaviors typically practiced by adolescents and teenagers are also being adopted by children at an increasingly young age. Specifically, teens and children are choosing to harm themselves through cutting, biting, and asphyxiation techniques like the “choking game,” despite the many potential risks and consequences.


Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a dangerous behavior of children and teenagers who harm themselves without intending to commit suicide. The most common form of self-injury is cutting; other forms include self-inflicted burns, bites, hair-pulling, and hitting.[1] Overall, 15-25% of teenagers have reported non-suicidal cutting behavior.[2]

In addition to teenagers, self-harm has been reported in 8% of third graders (ages 8 and 9).[1] One study surveyed one hundred and ninety-six patients under the age of 6 who were referred for neurodevelopmental evaluations at a pediatric clinic. Thirty-two percent of the children surveyed had harmed themselves within the past month. The frequency of self-harm varied from less than once per month, to more than once per hour; 1 to 6 times per week was the most frequently reported interval of self-harm.[3] Girls are at a much higher risk of cutting behaviors, up to three times as high as that of young boys.[1]

Comment The European / UK authorities ( U.K will never actually leave the police state aspect of Europe ) will use every excuse to clampdown on social media in the name of keeping us safe. Family structure and socio economic breakdown – outside of Islam – puts children at risk and feminists obsession with sex has made girls far too aware. Of course the child may have just wanted to escape a world currently obsessed with preserving old crocks like me. Whatever, parents seem increasingly clueless self obsessed poor excuses for role models.

Lockdown is impoversihing Paris students like the one above, causing widespread mental illness as Europe/U.K politicians prioritise the survival of poorly old people and overcrowded high risk BAME communities and migrants from poor countries over the health of young people.

There was an interesting case in Portugal a few years ago , no names mentioned but the small girl apparently disappeared while her parents were out partying with friends down the road , two other children in the aprtment were not harmed. Very odd.

Had they been working class parents , not two privileged upper middle class doctors, there would have been hell to pay. In this case , Scotland Yard paid a visit and the Portuguese detective , having blamed the parents , was forced to resign. R.J Cook

Napier Barracks Asylum Centre Fire , Kent January 31st 2021

Napier Barracks mysteriously caught fire yesterday , following weeks of resident asylum seekers complaining about the accommodation. It seems the barracks were good enough for British soldiers but not good enough for Africans and Middle Eastern migrants claiming to be victims of oppression in their native religious dictatorial mainly Islamic lands. They have now been rehoused in luxury hotels at the taxpayers expense – no such benefits apply to native homeless. R. J Cook

A statement from the council said: “The Home Office is responsible for Napier barracks and, in line with advice from Public Health England, the Home Office is temporarily moving 100 of asylum seekers out from the Napier accommodation facility into self-isolation facilities, in order to allow others at Napier to self-isolate more easily.

Covid is rife in countries of origin and BAME communities like these centres of recent and ongoing BAME arrivals. Many locals were angry about the centre opening, labelled by the authorities, police , mainstream media and other well to do as racist.

The government is obliged to offer accommodation to refugees who regularly risk their lives crossing the Channel in all weathers to enjoy more favourable conditions in feminist led ‘liberal’ ( sic ‘ ) Britain than they could hope to enjoy elsewhere in Europe – Germany running a close second under ‘Mutte Merkel’ in a country where the opposition AFD is spied upon to make sure there is no viable oppostion to this new world order – paid for by the white working classes.

This class are increasingly unemployed through the grip of lockdown which they are also paying for even though they are not the most at risk from the Covid epidemic , I am deliebrately not using the word pandemic as Covid will remain endemic in spite of the vaccination which I had today as a ‘privileged’ over 70 with a right to immortality at young peoples’ expense ( sic ). R.J Cook