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This page will feature history, stories, workings and failings concerning Britain’s pompous, self righteous fake liberal, elite dominated fake democracy. For an idea of how much this elite led and biased system costs, see the Wasteminster page.

Darkening Sky over Britain’s Houses of Parliament
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Parliament Burns Down

“On 16th October 1834, two visitors arrived at the Palace of Westminster and asked to be shown the Chamber of the House of Lords.  Parliament was in recess: sessions were much shorter in those days than now.  The Speaker of the Lords, the Clerk of the Parliament, the Gentleman Usher of Black Rod, the Serjeant-at-Arms- all those charged with the safety and upkeep of the Houses of Parliament- were away in the country.  The place was in the charge of a House Keeper called Mrs Wright.

When at four o’clock that afternoon Mrs Wright showed the visitors into the chamber of the Lords, they could scarcely make out the magnificent tapestries on the wall.  There was smoke everywhere.  The visitors complained that the stone floor was so hot that they could feel the heat through the soles of their feet.  The Throne , the grand centrepiece of the chamber where sat the Constitutional Monarch when opening and proroguing their Lordships Assemblies was invisible because of the smoke. The House was, Mrs Wright agreed, in a ‘complete smother.’ “ From A.N Wilson *The Victorians*

People Cheered when Parliament burned down 1834. A reform act of 1832 merely extended the vote to a new group of rich people, corruption and abuse of the masses continued. In the same year the Lovelace Brothers, known as the Tolpuddle Martyrs, were transported to Australia, when a spy caught them holding an illegal union meeting. Robert Cook

UK royals must not be ‘treated as religion’ & deserve scrutiny like anybody else – royal historian & ‘The Crown’ consultant to RT Posted December 15th 2020

14 Dec, 2020 13:19 Get short URL

UK royals must not be ‘treated as religion’ & deserve scrutiny like anybody else – royal historian & ‘The Crown’ consultant to RT
The Royal Family in a gilded cage – apparently above the law, a metaphor for elitist corrupt police state Britain where Covid lockdown and ‘the science’ makes the hideously rich even richer, and destroys young working peoples’ lives.

Follow RT on People should not “worship” the British Royal Family and taxpayers are “entitled” to look at their behavior, a historian and historical consultant to Netflix’s hit ‘The Crown’ series, Robert Lacey, has told RT.

People must not forget that the royals are human beings and should be “analysed with the same degree of scrutiny that we apply to anything else in our lives,” Lacey told RT’s Afshin Rattansi on his show Going Underground.

“I admire the British monarchy, but I don’t think we have to worship it,” he said. “It should not be treated as a religion. We are not servants of the British monarchy – they are our servants. We pay them our taxes. And so it seemed to me right that we should look at how they’re behaving, how well they’re handling our trust.”

We pay them to be an exemplary family. So when they are not, I think we’re entitled to look at that.

The fourth season of ‘The Crown’, which was released by Netflix last month, is primarily set in the 1980s and depicts the turbulent marriage between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, as well as Charles’ romance with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he subsequently married in 2005.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Charles and his entourage were furious over the series. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden even told the paper Netflix should include a reminder before each episode that the show is a work of fiction. The streaming company refused to do so, arguing it has always made clear ‘The Crown’ was a drama. Also on The British government calling for a ‘health warning’ on Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ to protect the royal family’s image is pathetic

Lacey told RT it was no surprise that the royals did not have many complaints about the show before.

The establishment in Britain was quite happy with the first three seasons, which were about coronations, and happy marriages, and jubilees. And now in the fourth season, the marriages are going wrong.

“There’s no secret [about] Charles’ obsession and infatuation with Camilla. That’s history! And that – I’m afraid – is what is now the subject of Season 4, and we all have to live through it. And the royal family has got to take the rough with the smooth,” the historian explained.

At the same time, the royal family has become less “open” over the years. Lacey showed the viewers an envelope containing several chapters from his new book about Prince William and Prince Harry that he had sent to the Buckingham Palace. He said he merely wanted an official opinion on several “difficult subjects.” 

“They sent it back to me unopened. And they said: ‘Mr. Lacey, we’re not going read your chapters. This is not a book we choose to cooperate on and, therefore, for the avoidance of any doubt or misunderstanding, I am returning them to you unopened.’”

Lacey noted that the increasing pressure from tabloids has made it “impossible for them to operate in the old ways.” Also on ‘Check for little people behind the screen’: UK culture secretary mocked for suggesting Netflix should warn ‘The Crown’ is fiction

The historian said the royal family costs the British public around £80 million ($107 million) a year, which is “actually not much more than a pound per taxpayer.” It still makes the British royals the “most expensive” royal family in Europe, but, according to Lacey, “cost-benefit analysis” would reveal that they have the “best value” because they have “the most members who do the most jobs.”

“The royal in Europe [with] the best value-for-money is Princess Anne, because she goes out 500 times a year to do royal engagements. Prince Charles is right up there, the Queen is right up there,” Lacey said, adding that other royals, like Prince Edward, and Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, are very active as well.

This makes the British charities “the most flourishing in the world,” Lacey said, as benefactors get knighted if they donate enough money to humanitarian causes. “It may be cynical, but it causes a lot of people to give money to charity.”

E.U Takes Britain To Court October 1st 2020

The European Union took legal action against Britain today over its plans to pass legislation that would breach parts of the legally binding divorce agreement the two sides reached late last year.

The EU action underscored the worsening relations with Britain, which was a member of the bloc until Jan 31. Both sides are trying to forge a rudimentary free trade agreement before the end of the year, but the fight over the controversial UK Internal Market bill has soured relations over the past month.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the British plan “by its very nature is a breach of the obligation of good faith laid down in the Withdrawal Agreement”.

“If adopted as is, it will be in full contradiction to the protocol of Ireland-Northern Ireland” in the withdrawal agreement.

The EU had given London until Wednesday to withdraw the bill but instead British lawmakers voted 340-256 on Tuesday to push the legislation past its last major House of Commons hurdle. It must also be approved by the House of Lords, where it is sure to meet strong opposition because it breaches international law.

At the same time, EU and British officials were continuing talks on a trade deal, going into detailed negotiations over everything from fisheries rights, state aid rules and legal oversight in case of disputes.

Time is short for the UK and the EU to mend fences. A transition period that followed Britain’s Brexit departure ends in less than 100 days, on December 31.

The EU-UK trade negotiating session is supposed to wrap up on Friday but expectations are that negotiations will continue right up to an October 15-16 EU summit, which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set as a deadline for a deal. The EU said talks could continue right up to the end of the month.

The UK Internal Market Bill now further complicates issues. If it becomes law, it will give Britain the power to disregard part of the Brexit withdrawal treaty dealing with trade to and from Northern Ireland, which shares a 500km border with Ireland.

EU leaders fear that could lead to the reimposition of a hard land border and erode the stability that has underpinned peace since Northern Ireland’s 1998 Good Friday accord.

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The British Government says it respects the peace accord and the Brexit withdrawal agreement, but wants the law as a “safety net” in case the EU makes unreasonable demands after Brexit that could impede trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s large parliamentary majority ensured the bill passed its final House of Commons vote on Tuesday night, despite resistance from opposition parties and even some members of the governing Conservative Party.

Fortune spent on persecuting Julian Assange For Telling The Truth September 27th 2020

Repeating garbage about Britain being a democracy is a sure sign that the establishment elite and big business fear the masses might see through the deception. This elite welcomes anti Russian protests, as we see in Belarus – because that is what that MI6 CIA organised event is.

Asylum Refugee Centre Imposed September 27th 2020

People stupidly beleived that leaving Europe would stop mass immgration by illegals calling themselves asylum seekers.

Britain and U.S wars in the Middle East have destabilsed the whole area, opening the doors to migrants from the North African madhouse. There will be no end to this.

The Covid Lockdown has not and never will contain the virus,. Test and trace will prolong the agony, giving excuses to limit dangerous social contact. It is not the virus – that is the excuse – that worries them. It is the danger of protests. So we saw heavy handed police hiiting people with batons yesterday, seriously injuring 3 protestors. Charles Close

A trendy new book designed to make anti immigration protestors look nasty, promote a campaign in favour of more, and to ostracise those who don’t agree.

Britain’s Liberal ( Sic ) Elite Say ‘No Obvious Limit To Third World Immigration Into Britain September 5th 2020 By R.J Cook

R.J Cook denigrates comfortable pro mass immigration liberal elitists who will not have to pay for their virtue signalling generosity.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

50 Million Refugees & Economic Migrants Want To Come To Soft Touch Britain  September 5th 2020

Britain has an open borders policy. The upper middle class liberals are outraged by working class protests against illegal immigrants through Dover. These economic migrants have no right to come to Britain.  They come via France, pretending to be asylum seekers escaping oppression, yet bring their own culturally oppressive ideas, such as transphobia and laying down Islamic Law.  

Officially it is racist to oppose unlimited illegal immigratin, hostile environment policy breaches migrants ‘Human Rights’. Opposition is hate crime and jail inevitabe. Helping illegal immigrants has priority over helping indigenous homeless.

The low class masses pay the price, including more excuses for lockdown because BAME people are more vulnerable.  Our comfortable overpaid liberal elite do not feel the impact or pay the price. You can count on one hand the number of Muslim countries who welcome non Muslims, and when they do it is for expertise.

There is an unsustainable world population growth.  Among other outcomes is the fact that the Sahara desert gets bigger every year.  South Africa, following black majority rule, is now one of the most corrupt violent countries in the world. Democracy is even more alien to Africa than it is in Europe. Religious bigotry is the norm, with these racist cultures certain that they alone have the truth and a moral right to go where they like and do what they like.  Africa is a hell hole, so it is no surprise that there is no obvious end to this nightmare or hope of an honest response. R.J Cook

Police out in force to block anti immigration protestors in Dover today. Prof Alan Sked says there are 50 million waiting to come from Africa and the Middle East for new lives in Britain. If they are found in the Channel, having fled harsher and more realistic France, Britain must look after them , with good housing and paying legal fees.

The British Royal Family is basically as German as Kraftwerk. August 16th 2020

Britain’s Channel 5 aired some rather nauseating programmes intended to polish the tarnished image of Britain’s Royalty.

Princess Kate, Duchess of Windsor and Queen, hard at work – doing what ?

The British Royal Family is basically as German as Kraftwerk.

The story stems right back to 1714. This was the year that Britain’s Queen Anne died, after a literally painful reign during which she was crippled by gout and suffered 17 or 18 failed pregnancies. Historians quibble on the exact number, but the upshot is the last Stuart monarch – described by one onlooker as “gross and corpulent” from illness and inactivity – did not have an easy time of it, and died without an heir. 

This was an era of intense religious tensions. Anne’s Catholic father, James II, had been kicked off the throne by the “Glorious Revolution”, which saw the Protestant hero William of Orange and his wife, Anne’s sister Mary, installed in his place. Anne had inherited the crown after William died in 1702, and her own death in 1714 meant a new Protestant monarch was required. That meant ignoring the dozens of Catholic contenders with much stronger claims to the throne and plucking the nearest viable Protestant instead: a man called George Ludwig, who was every bit as German as he sounds.  George said he would be pleased to take the job and would not learn English.  His heart never left Hanover, where his body was returned for burial.

Europe’s aristocracy have inbred for centuries.  King Harold went t school with William the Conqueror. European history is brutal and few understand or bother with it. That is why Royalty lingers on in Britain.  Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Germany lost World War One.  His cousin Tsar Nicholas of Russia was deposed and executed by the revolutionaries in 1917, along with the Russian Royal family.

Prince William and Kate, just an ordinary couple according to Channel 5.

Britain’s aristocracy survived because they are cut off by the English Channel, have years of secret police expertise and the most obsequious people in Europe.  They are small minded, easily led, badly educated to keep their place.  Bread and circuses works for the Br5itish masses.  Posh people on TV and in the press back up the work of toadying British teachers.

So we come to last week’s documentaries about Princess Diana the martyr and mother, and sweet Princess Kate and Prince William.  Little attention was paid to big bulky Prince ‘Randy’ Andy. Royal image makers had been keen to integrate mixed race moaning Meghan as the back princess.  It appears that Meghan wasn’t happy with second place.

Prince Andrew being interviewed by equisite Emily Maitliss about his relationship with Paeodophile Jeffrey Epstein and allegations he had sex with underage girls. The body language in this image is interesting.

Going back to Andy, sexual licentiousness isn’t new to these sort of people.  George 1st famously said that he would reject no woman so long as she was fat with big breasts. King Edward V11’s wife, was said to have had 200 lovers. Princess Diana famously had men smuggled into her palace in the boots of cars.  There is more,

The documentary was shooting the line that William and Kate are an ordinary couple.  These people who make TV are posh, they are not ordinary.  It is all about keeping the masses at bay.  We get told how wonderful multi culture is while they live in their safe ostentatious luxurious world.  They are the very essence of the fake British Democracy which is shouting louder now than ever before in my long 70 years of life. Robert Cook

There is a hdden agenda and not one virologist on the Government’s COBRA Committee

Coronavirus: UK death toll falls by 5,377 as government changes way fatalities are counted in England August 12th 2020

 A COVID-19 diagnosis if the death occurs 28 days after the test.

Ashish Joshii Sky News

The elite and their government don’t care about job losses and worse to come. All about lies, resetting the global economy, fake caring, sipping champagne while waiting for whites, blacks and Muslims worldwide to fight it out, making an even better world for the elite, with lots of lovely asset stripping to come.

The way the government counts how many people in England have died from COVID-19 will change amid concerns that the previous system is “misleading”.

England will now come into line with the rest of the UK and impose a 28-day cut off period for counting COVID-19 related deaths.

As of today, the number of all deaths in patients testing positive for COVID-19 in the UK is now 41,329. That figure has been revised down from 46,706.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered an investigation into the methodology used by Public Health England (PHE) to collect and present the daily death statistics.

Previously anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus in England was automatically counted as a corona virus death when they died, even if their death was likely to be caused by something else.

Scotland and Wales impose a cut-off of 28 days after a positive test, so any death after this period is not assumed to be virus-related.

Professor Carl Heneghan, director at Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, wants to see a cut-off period in England of 21 days.

Coronavirus: Aberdeen lockdown extended for at least another week

“The real job is to make precise, accurate data and put that out there. Now, if you’re doing that and it’s misleading, as the government has recognised with the Public Health England data, it’s right for them to say we now understand this data is inaccurate and it’s misleading the public.

“We’re going to put a pause on that. It’s important when they do that, we don’t admonish them.”

He added: “We say it was wrong, but it’s more important we fix it. We get a more appropriate measure. So, for instance, in Scotland, they are only counting the deaths that occurred within 28 days of the test.

“Now, that’s what we do normally. If you have an operation, you say the death was related to this operation if it occurred within 30 days.

“If you had another respiratory infection like influenza, we count it within 28 days. It is meaningless to provide data to say you had a test six months ago and today you walked in front of a bus and you died from that.”

The PHE figures were the ones reported at the daily government press briefings. They were paused in July and a review was undertaken.

Sky News understands two measures were considered to present the figures. The first included people who died up to and including 28 days after a positive test result. The aim is to show the current trend.

The other measure put forward includes people who die up to, and including, 60 days after a positive test result where COVID-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

Epidemiologists say this 60-day measure is more accurate and will urge officials to use this.

The government’s own analysis of data in England found 96% of deaths occurred within 60 days or had COVID-19 on the death certificate. 88% of deaths occurred within 28 days.


This is what one would expect from the corrupt British establishment, with its vested interests and what they like to call ‘The Science.’  We have been saying on this site, since the beginning that there is a mixture of hidden agenda and political incompetence.

Britain has been fiddling the figures since the beginning, covering for its badly organised wasteful incompetent NHS and money grabbing so called Care Homes since the beginning.  These pathetic money and power obsessed lying elitists have also been exaggerating the dangers of Covid, covering for the ‘at risk’ groups for politically correct reasons, all with devastating impact on the economy and nightmare social and economic problems to come.  

The Anglo US elite ( I don’t include misguided and manipulated Trump amongst them ) have a very malign effect on the world at large.  To talk of democracy and fighting to extend it is a sick joke, making use of mass ignorance and stupidity.  I suspect the Covid figures are exaggerated, as is the danger of a second wave which is being predicted because certain parties know that Covid19 was bio engineered and expected to hit certain targets at certain intervals.

It is a very serious peak of the global elite’s New World Order and plan to reset the Global Economy even more in their favvour.  Watch the western media rubbishing the safety of the Russian Vaccine.  They can’t let our stupid masses trust it.  The vaccine was always meant to be on the ever receding horizon, to keep the masses of the so called free world terrified of the virus and each other. The western media are not journalists, they are propagandists and they get their high pay from the elite who own them. Robert Coo

Japan’s Betrayal August 9th 2020

Japanese Sailors on steps of Portsmouth Guildhall 1906, home of the Royal Navy. Image Appledene Archive extracted from the forthcoming Close/Cook book ‘Lost Portsmouth.’

My spinster Aunt Flo was an oracle.  She, lived next door to us, in that row of old bulging cottages at the bottom of the school hill in Winslow. It was just after World War Two.  Many of our family had died of poverty , disease or accident before that war took even more.  

Those were hard times and were not over when I was growing up.  My dad survived being wounded at Dunkirk, then with the military police in Liverpool.  So I take no lessons in life from upper middle class feminists or manginas of the media and political class.

Before I started school, I could read and was good at art. looking and listening.  Aunt Flo told me about the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She told me how we came to live and die.

My readers will know what my school teacher did to me when I questioned this event as poor evidence of a good God.  I was 7 at the time, getting a thrashing from my teacher religious tyrant, Miss ‘Polly’ Green.  It was a lesson in religious hypocrisy I never forgave or forgot.  It also taught me about Britain’s nasty education system.  Its targets have changed, but the mentality is the same, and class driven.

So now we come to Japan.  Britain’s imperialist mentality has not changed.  The ruling elite are mainly derived from the Normans and the Hohenzollern Saxe Coburg Goethes ( aka Windsors ).  Churchill, himself a bloated offspring of the Anglo American in bred aristocracy, famously said ‘Britain does not have enemies, it has business interests.’

The rather old fashioned Japanese, with a true sense of honour never really understood the British – ‘perfidious Albion’ as the French called this nasty small minded pretentious country.  They allied with Britain in the first World Trade War 1914-18.  They were betrayed by Britain in 1939, thu forced into bed with Nazi Germany – a regime created and fostered by Anglo French revenge and fear of Russian Communism.

As a former teacher, I know how difficult it is to impart any sense of history to the idiot British masses.  Most love the Queen and think Princess Diana was a martyr, rather than a pleasure bent woman with many equally stupid lovers, vacuous private school educated spoiled non entity.  Those people are their for group solidarity rituals, like all that absurd clapping for a crap over expensive NHS that can’t cope with mass immigration from the Third World with all its diseases, ignorance and religious stupidity.

So when the British betrayed Japan in the late 1930, with Churchill sucking up to his mother’s homeland version of aristocracy, Japan had no choice but war.

There is no doubt that on its last legs, Germany was sending its nuclear bomb research by submarine, to Japan.  There is no doubt that the Japanese regime would have used it, had they the means to make delivery – which by 1945 they did not.  As it happened the U.S intercepted the submarine carrying the deadly cargo.

This was no matter to the Anglo U.S Anglo Saxon and Norman in bred arrogant elite.  They were only concerned to stop the U.S.S.R making the relatively short hop into Japan’s ruins, finishing them off and establishing Communism.  

Japan Nuked

It was the beginning of the ‘Domino Theory.’  So they nuked Japan, with racist Churchill, some might say psycho, wanted to go on and nuke the U.S.S.R.  That would be another story if their were not those in power who still want to do it.  Some of us think the Covid Conspiracy and ludicrous lockdown is a build up to this.

This is a great time for bank robbers and pillar box impersonators, to paraphrase Joris Bonkerson.

Robert Cook

England’s planning changes will create ‘generation of slums’ August 6th 2020

Britain’s Population Growth iis fuelled by mass immigration , along with broken homes and single home occupiers, demand and prices boom, but standards inevitably fall.

RIBA and housing experts warn of erosion of building laws with fast-track proposals

Ben Quinn, Jessica Elgot and Oliver Wainwright

Land across England will be divided into ‘growth’, ‘renewal’ or ‘protection’ under the new scheme. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The biggest shake-up of planning for decades has caused fury that moves to fast-track the construction of “beautiful” homes across England will “dilute” democratic oversight, choke off affordable housing and lead to the creation of “slum” dwellings.

Under the proposals, unveiled on Thursday, planning applications based on pre-approved “design codes” would get an automatic green light – eliminating a whole stage of local oversight within designated zones.

Land across England would be divided into three categories – for growth, renewal or protection – under what Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, described as “once in a generation” changes to sweep away an outdated planning system and boost building.

New homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices would be allowed automatically in “growth” areas. In “renewal” zones, largely urban and brownfield sites, proposals would be given “permission in principle” subject to basic checks. Green belt and areas of outstanding natural beauty would be protected.

While the proposed changes are likely to appeal to developers, they prompted stinging criticism from housing charities, planning officers and architects who warned of a new generation of fast and substandard housing.

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) condemned them as disruptive and rushed, saying 90% of planning applications are currently approved but there are up to 1m unbuilt permissions. Labour called it “a developers’ charter” that will “set fire to important safeguards”.

The long-awaited government white paper touts a new streamlined process designed to reduce red tape and harness technology to deliver homes more rapidly, ministers said. Government sources insisted there would be no dilution in building standards.

Changes out for consultation under the white paper also include:

  • Requiring local housing plans to be developed and agreed in 30 months, down from the current seven years.
  • Extending the current exemption of small sites from having to make “section 106” payments – the means by which developers are forced to provide affordable housing.
  • Ensuring that all new homes are carbon-neutral by 2050.

At the weekend, Jenrick said the new regime drew inspiration from “design codes and pattern books” used in the construction of Bath, Belgravia and Bournville.

But the prospect of a modern-day application and use of such codes to give developers “permission in principle” in zones categorised as being for growth was greeted with alarm in some quarters.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) described the proposals as “shameful” and said they would do “almost nothing to guarantee the delivery of affordable, well-designed and sustainable homes”. “While they might help to ‘get Britain building’ – paired with the extension of permitted development rights last week – there’s every chance they could also lead to the development of the next generation of slum housing,” said RIBA president Alan Jones.

Proposals to extend the current exemption of small sites from having to make section 106 payments were slated as a way of helping smaller developers bounce back from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Read more

But Shelter said social housing “could face extinction” if the requirement for developers to build their fair share was removed. “Section 106 agreements between developers and councils are tragically one of the only ways we get social homes built these days, due to a lack of direct government investment,” said its chief executive, Polly Neate.

“So, it makes no sense to remove this route to genuinely affordable homes without a guaranteed alternative.”

The proposals contain scant detail on any alternative way to boost the number of affordable homes, promising only that they will not decrease.

The white paper proposes a consultation on developers making in-kind payments of affordable homes toward the levy or allowing local authorities to buy a proportion of affordable housing at a discounted rate.

Hugh Ellis, director of policy at TCPA, criticised the changes overall, saying: “This kind of disruptive reform doesn’t suit anybody, neither landowners nor developers. They’re turning the system on its head at a time when it’s working very well for the volume house builders – 90% of planning applications are approved and there are about a million unbuilt permissions.”

He added: “It’s about local democracy. When local people are walking down the street and come across a new development they didn’t know about, the answer will now be: ‘You should have been involved in the consultation eight years ago when the code was agreed.’

“It’s diluting the democratic process. At the moment, people get two chances to be involved: once when the plan is made, and once when a planning application is submitted. Now they’ll only have a chance when the code is being prepared.”

Zack Simons, a planning barrister at Landmark chambers, said there was a lot to welcome in a move towards digitising the planning system but added that “literally nothing” trailed in Jenrick’s public statements could not already be achieved under the current planning system.

“Promises of “radical reform” can grab headlines. But remember that of more than 400,000 planning applications which are determined every year, over 80% are granted permission and under 0.5% are appealed to the Planning Inspectorate.”

Polly Neate

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Polly Neate, Shelter’s chief executive, called for a guarantee of affordable housing. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian

A government source said it was misleading to suggest planning rules were not an obstacle to building. “The [90%] approval statistic masks the numbers of people who are put off applying altogether because of how bureaucratic and difficult this is,” the source said.

However, little has been announced on what measures, if any, will be taken against developers who do not use the permission they have been granted.

The white paper takes aim at the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act, which has acted as the basis for planning since it was passed by the Labour government of Clement Attlee.

A “complex” planning system has acted as a barrier to building the homes people need, said Jenrick. “We will cut red tape, but not standards, placing a higher regard on quality, design and the environment than ever before,” he said. “Planning decisions will be simple and transparent, with local democracy at the heart of the process. As we face the economic effects of the pandemic, now is the time for decisive action and a clear plan for jobs and growth.”

The Conservatives will hope the overhaul will be favoured not only by investors and developers, but also by the younger voters currently outside its reach.

The Tory manifesto commits the government to 300,000 new homes built every year and, before coronavirus hit, senior Tories saw housing as the key mission of the government as a way of targeting a primary concern of many under-40s and city-dwelling voters shut out of the housing market – those most likely to vote Labour.

“We are seeing a huge generation divide on housing,” one Tory source said. “The under-40s may have half as much chance of owning a home. That is being directly addressed by the first homes programme but the broader point is this planning system has held back homes being built on land that is ready to be built on.

“And we know the main concerns which local people may have are about good design, environmentally friendly, buildings that fit into the architectural landscape, ones people are proud to own. We are not cutting any building standards.”

The Partition: The British game of ‘divide and rule’ Posted August 2nd 2020

Before leaving India, the British ruling elite made sure a united India would not be Shashi Tharoor10 Aug 2017

more on India-Pakistan Partition

On August 15, 1947, India won independence: a moment of birth that was also an abortion, since freedom came with the horrors of the partition, when East and West Pakistan were hacked off the stooped shoulders of India by the departing British.

Seventy years later, it is hard to look back without horror at the savagery of the country’s vivisection, when rioting, rape and murder scarred the land, millions were uprooted from their homes, and billions of rupees worth of property were damaged and destroyed.

Within months, India and Pakistan were embroiled in a war over Kashmir, the consequences of which still affect us today.

There was an intangible partition, too. Friendships were destroyed, families ruined, geography hacked, history misread, tradition denied, minds and hearts torn apart.

The creation and perpetuation of Hindu-Muslim antagonism was the most significant accomplishment of British imperial policy: the colonial project of “divide et impera” (divide and rule) fomented religious antagonisms to facilitate continued imperial rule and reached its tragic culmination in 1947.

READ MORE: Memories of Partition – One man’s return to Pakistan

The British liked drawing lines on maps of other countries; they had done it in the Middle East after World War I, and they did it again in India. Partition was the coda to the collapse of British authority in India in 1947.

The killing and mass displacement worsened as people sought frantically to be on the “right” side of the lines the British were to draw across their homeland. More than a million people died in the savagery that accompanied the freedom of India and Pakistan; some 17 million were displaced, and countless properties destroyed and looted. Lines meant lives.

One of 30 special trains leaving New Delhi Station to take the staff of the Pakistan government to Karachi in 1947. Muslim League National Guards stand to attention in honour of the departure.

In that last, mad, headlong rush to freedom and partition, the British emerge with little credit. Before World War II, they had no intention of devolving power so rapidly, or at all. The experience of the elected governments in the last years of the British Raj confirmed that the British had never been serious about their proclaimed project of promoting the responsible governance of India by Indians.

When the elected ministries of the Indian National Congress quit office in protest against the British declaring war against Germany on India’s behalf without consulting them, the British thought little of appointing unelected Muslim Leaguers in their place and, in many cases, assuming direct control of functions that had supposedly been devolved to Indians. They openly helped the Muslim League take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to exercise influence and patronage that their electoral support had not earned them and to build up support while their principal opponents languished in jail.

This was all part of the policy of divide and rule, systematically promoting political divisions between Hindus and Muslims, defined as the monolithic communities they had never been before the British.

The British had been horrified, during the Revolt of 1857, to see Hindus and Muslims fighting side by side and under each other’s command against the foreign oppressor. They vowed this would not happen again. “Divide et impera was an old Roman maxim, and it shall be ours”, wrote Lord Elphinstone. A systematic policy of fomenting separate consciousness among the two communities was launched, with overt British sponsorship. When restricted franchise was grudgingly granted to Indians, the British created separate communal electorates, so that Muslim voters could vote for Muslim candidates for Muslim seats. The seeds of division were sown, to prevent a unified nationalist movement that could overthrow the British.

No one in any responsible position in Britain as late as 1940 had any serious intention whatsoever of relinquishing the Empire or surrendering the jewel in His Majesty’s Crown to a rabble of nationalist Indians clad in homespun. But the devastation of World War II meant that only one-half of the phrase could survive: bled, bombed and battered for six years, Britain could divide, but it could no longer rule.

The British – terrorised by German bombing, demoralised by various defeats and large numbers of their soldiers taken prisoner, shaken by the desertion of Indian soldiers and the mutiny of Indian sailors, shivering in the record cold of the winter of 1945-46, crippled by power cuts and factory closures resulting from a post-war coal shortage – were exhausted and in no mood to focus on a distant Empire when their own needs at home were so pressing.

OPINION: India and Pakistan’s independence day farce

They were also more or less broke: American loans had kept the economy afloat and needed to be repaid, and even India was owed a sizable debt. Overseas commitments were no longer sustainable or particularly popular. Exit was the only viable option: the question was what they would leave behind – one India, two or several fragments?

Britain’s own tactics before and during the war ensured that by the time departure came, the Muslim League had been strengthened enough to sustain its demand for a separate homeland for Muslims, and the prospects of a united India surviving a British exit had essentially faded. Divide et impera had worked too well: a device meant to perpetuate British rule in India ensured a united India could not survive without the British. Two countries was what it would be.

Indian Muslim League members demonstrating for the Partition of India and the creation of the state of Pakistan in London in August 1946.

The task of dividing the two nations was assigned to Sir Cyril Radcliffe, a lawyer who had never been to India before and knew nothing of its history, society or traditions. Radcliffe, perspiring profusely in the unfamiliar heat, drew up his maps in less than five weeks, dividing provinces, districts, villages, homes and hearts – and promptly scuttled to Britain, never to return to India. The British Empire simply crumbled in disorder. The British were heedless of the lives that would be lost in their headlong rush to the exits.

OPINION: The need for a museum on British colonisation of India

The scars of the partition have lasted 70 years, even though India has emerged as a thriving pluralist democracy while Pakistan – splitting into two with the secession of the East as Bangladesh in 1971 – and Bangladesh have encountered difficulties in maintaining democracy. But India’s flourishing democracy of seven decades is no tribute to British rule. It is a bit rich for the British to suppress, exploit, imprison, torture and maim people for 200 years and then celebrate the fact that they are a democracy at the end of it.

If Britain’s greatest accomplishment was the creation of a single political unit called India, fulfilling the aspirations of visionary Indian emperors from Ashoka to Akbar, then its greatest failure must be the shambles of that original Brexit – cutting and running from the land they had claimed to rule for its betterment, leaving behind a million dead, 17 million displaced, billions of rupees of property destroyed, and the flames of communal hatred blazing hotly across the ravaged land. There is no greater indictment of the failures of British rule in India than the tragic manner of its ending.

Shashi Tharoor is an elected member of India’s parliament and chairs its Foreign Affairs Committee. He is the prize-winning author of 16 books, including, most recently, Inglorious Empire: What the British Did To India.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own

Bliar Stink Tank Living With Covid July 24th 2020

Blair’s Stink Tank July 24th 2020

The Bliar

The coronavirus will not be eliminated and people will have to learn to live with it, Tony Blair has warned.

The former Labour PM said the UK required more “containment infrastructure” in case the virus resurges in the autumn.

His think-tank has recommended widespread mask-wearing to prevent a spike in cases as lockdown is eased.

Boris Johnson said the UK will be “well on the way past” the pandemic by the middle of next year.

But the prime minister told reporters there would still be “tough times ahead in keeping this virus under control”.

Speaking to the Press Association, Mr Blair – prime minister from 1997 to 2007 – said it was “absolutely essential” to prepare for a “50/50 chance” the disease would resurge in the autumn.

He said that action needed to be taken now to make sure the virus could be contained in the long-term, with a return to nationwide lockdown not possible.

“The reality is that we’re going to be living with Covid-19 – we’re not really going to be able to eliminate it,” he said.

“My anxiety about the government at the moment is that it has still not really put in place that infrastructure of containment that is going to see us through a resurgence of the disease if unfortunately that happens.”

On Friday, Mr Johnson said the planet had “faced a very nasty new foe in the form of a bug that we didn’t know about before”.

He added: “I think that by the middle of next year…we will be well on the way past it.

“But … I must be clear with people, I do still think that we have tough times ahead in keeping this virus under control.”

‘Visual sign’

In a report, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change argued scoring people A-D on their vulnerability would allow them to “take ownership of their own risk”.

It recommended people should be ordered to wear face masks in “all public environments”.

Key workers such as teachers, healthcare workers, and those who work on public transport should be supplied with plastic face shields, it argued.

And it said those most risk from the virus should be offered government-issued N95 medical masks in a special colour, as a “visual sign” they are shielding.

Face coverings are now compulsory for customers in shops in England, and have been in Scotland since 10 July. Shoppers are not currently required to wear them in Wales or Northern Ireland.

Coverings are already compulsory on public transport in England and Scotland, as well as most buses, trains and ferries in Northern Ireland.

They will be mandatory on public transport in Wales from 27 July.

Comment  Tony Bliar and his Stink Tank are as trustworthy as his dodgy dossier on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.  This is an opinion from a man who has made a fortune from a political career that set fire to the Middle East and ramped up Thatcherism doing even more harm to the social fabric than she ever did.  He , like other rich political liars, profit from this grotesque war on Russia and China,. Covid19, man made or not ( it is man made ) is being milked for the sake of grinding the masses further into the dirt, dividing, ruling and lying all the way to the bank.  Britain has joined the U.S Trade war to curry favour.  

Trump cannot grant a trade deal, but the U.S profits from an ally in blaming the Chinese for Covid19 – cold virus affecting only the old, obese, sickly and BAME, the latter suffering due to high density communities and other lifestyle issues.  Sure we can live with it, but not with continuous or on off lockdown.  

Africa, India and the Muslim world need to get their acts together, otherwise we of the massive underclass will all be down in the gutter with them, praying to God for a better ‘after life.’ Robert Cook

British so stupid, Parliament Committee Report suggests Russian Bots and news agencies, particularly RT, have told people who to vote for in Scottish Referendum, Brexit and the last General Election.

‘Britain is a country that prides itself on democracy and offering real choice,’ said the man in the street. ‘Shut down RT, stop brainwashing us when the BBC can do the job so much better ‘ said A woman in the street. July 22nd 2020

,Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer seems to be Britain’s new moral leader. This man got his knighthood – a nonsense that should have gone out with the Ark- for leading Britain’s corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, so corrupt that it regularly hid evidence that should have been given to the defence because Starmer’s out fit just wanted to fit up lots of men, in cahoots with corrupt police, most notably for offences against women- a real vote winner for Labour.

Now Starmer wants to revoke RT’s broadcasting licence because the political class are ‘almost certain’ Russia interferred in the last General Election, Brexit and the Scottish referendum on independence.

This is in the country where the BBC spends a fortune broadcasting its ‘post Imperial propaganda on the ‘World Service’. I listened regularly while driving my truck through the long dark nights – before Covid Lockdown put me out of a job.

Britain likes to think it invented democracy. Its elite has a vile past. They haven’t gotten over their relatives, the Romanovs getting their come uppance in the Russian Revolution – doing their best to undermine it, celebrating when Lenin was mortally wounded by a nutcase woman in 1921. Stalin was just what they wanted as a basis for ongoing attacks on Russia. Now without an empire, pretentious little elite run ‘multi cultural’ Britain is throwing its weight around about ‘taming the Russian Bear’ according to The Sun’s headlines today.
Under the influence ? ‘auch ay, maybe I had a wee dram, but nothing influences the people in Scotland more than RT , a demon worse than our much loved Iron Brew mixed with hair lacquer, now that is a good way to be influenced, we call it the Devils Brew, but none o’ that RT, thank you. You dunn ken what ye are doing under that sort of influence, makes you do anything the Ruskies ask ye’ said the Scotsman in the street, adding, ‘Gi’ us another independence referendum and some good old fashioned European influence, that’s what I call being under the influence, all those handouts, no jobs, pelnty o’ time for a wee dram and some more Iron Brew and hair lacquer.’ So said the Scotsman in the street.

Cummings Not Going, Oh Dear Liberals, What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Him, Please ( Sic ) ? July 8th 2020

Liberal Elite Wanted Rid Of Him

Last month, rumours across Whitehall had it that Dominic Cummings might take a less prominent role in No 10 following the humiliation of having to confess that he had travelled to Durham during lockdown. Instead, he appears to be front and centre again.

He and the cabinet minister Michael Gove have overseen the departure of Sir Mark Sedwill, the government’s most senior civil servant; folded the Department for International Development into the Foreign Office; made plans to cut the government communications team of 4,500 people across more than 20 departments; and introduced a White House-style plan for televised briefings.

There is more to come, say insiders. Following Wednesday’s announcement that Cummings has been granted permission to visit five of the UK’s top secret security sites ahead of the looming integrated review, he will have a role cutting waste in the ministry of defence.

Dave Penman, the general secretary of the FDA union which represents the UK’s most senior civil servants, said: “Dominic Cummings may or may not have the answers to the government’s and the country’s woes, but what appears increasingly clear is that the centralisation of power and policy is the means by which the prime minister intends to execute it.”
Cummings’ re-emergence has brought a sense of relief to some close to Downing Street. One source said: “It’s a bit like swimming with a shark – when you can see his fin, at least you know where he is.”
Cummings’s projects


Cummings has written extensively about the need to stop wasteful spending in the Ministry of Defence, a department regularly criticised by the National Audit Office for failing to deliver multi-billion-pound schemes on time or within budget.
Articles on his blog have argued in favour of using artificial intelligence and drone technology as opposed to traditional defence equipment.

So Whitehall officials may be concerned to see that he appears to be spearheading Johnson’s review of armed forces spending.
Any attempt to cut the budget or the personnel will face opposition from the military’s top brass and their supporters on the Conservative backbenches.

Air capture
Buried in the detail of Rishi Sunak’s summer statement on Wednesday was £100m of taxpayer backing for a leading-edge green technology known as “direct air capture”.

It involves removing carbon dioxide from the air and compressing it into a form that can then be buried or stored. Cummings is enthusiastic about the technology, colleagues say– as is another government adviser, Tim Leunig– hoping the UK could become a world leader in it.
It’s just one example of the government’s willingness to take bets on R&D with public money and one definition of what Johnson meant when he repeatedly promised to “unleash Britain’s potential” during the election campaign.

Cummings is pushing through the creation of a UK version of Darpa, the US Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, set up under Eisenhower in the 1950s, which backs new technologies and helped support the creation of technologies including the internet and GPS. The budget in March earmarked £800m to create the organisation, described as a “blue skies” science research agency.

Sajid Javid resigned during the February reshuffle, when he was told that his special advisers – including those dealing with the media – would be combined with No 10’s. Afterwards he joked that he wouldn’t comment on “Cummings and goings” – acknowledging the role of Johnson’s right-hand man in his departure.
Last week it became clear that the change was just the beginning of a dramatic reorganisation of government communications, which will put Downing Street in the driving seat.

While Cummings remains the lightning rod for criticism, the shakeup is as much the brainchild of Johnson’s director of communications, Lee Cain.
Scores of departmental civil service press officers will see their jobs disappear, and those who remain will be line-managed by the Cabinet Office, instead of their own, home departments. Johnson’s team are scathing about the quality of some Whitehall press offices and want to centralise and standardise the messages emerging from government. Critics say it is a further blow to the independence of cabinet ministers.

Recruiting scientists – and weirdos
The government announcement on Wednesday, that it had created a new Office for Talent based in No 10 as a way to help leading scientists, researchers and others live and work in the UK, will come as little surprise to those who have observed Cummings closely. His obsession with bringing in scientists and outside talent into the orbit of No 10 has been a striking feature of Johnson’s seven-month tenure.

In January, Cummings wrote a rambling blog calling for “weirdos and misfits with odd skills” to apply for new jobs in No 10. He wanted data scientists, economists, policy experts, project managers, communication experts and junior researchers, one of whom would become his personal assistant.

Special advisers, whose contracts have been changed to give No 10 more power over their jobs, have been ordered by Cummings to read books promoting superforecasting as part of a training regime he arranged for the summer.
At a recent briefing, they were told to read the 350-page book Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip Tetlock and High Output Management by Andrew Grove, which claims that “only the paranoid survive”.

Cummings’ obsession with superforecasting, which examines how historical patterns can be used to make accurate predictions, was blamed for his recruitment of Andrew Sabisky, who calls himself a “superforecaster”. He was recruited to No 10 earlier this year but quickly stood down after it was disclosed that he had previously praised eugenics and argued that intelligence was inherited.

Top Scottish Cop- beware the smile, or is it a smirk?- Ed Wylie drove 400 miles breaking lockdown, travelling to his second home. The cop loving upper middle class media pack did not call him to account, or to resign. That is because Britain is a VILE Corrupt police state. British police are Institutionally Corrupt, senior officers are overpaid, lazy, meally mouthed jargon speakers, , self important posers, politically correct, unaccountable and have high value perks in Police State Britain, which the lower classes pay for.

Bullshit Britain July 8th 2020

The following is extracted from another bland report from the BBC, Big Brother Calling.

Young people across the UK have had their work, studies and lives upended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many are working from home, while others have been furloughed or even made redundant.

There could be more than one million young workers who are without a job, if the overall UK level of unemployment goes up from the current 4% of workers to 10%,

according to the Resolution Foundation think-tank.

On top of that, under-30s have been hardest hit by a fall in their income during lockdown as more of their money goes on essentials.

As I have said, there is no evidence that lockdown has made any difference to the infection and Covid related mortality rates. What it has done is create all manner of social tension , opened the door to other illnesses, and done extraordinary economic damage.

If the people in charge did not expect or still do not realise that, then they are utterly incompetent. They were certainly choosy in which experts they used to bullshit the population and to infect the rest of the cowering nations of the world with their colonial style patronising advice to panic.

The dangerous noblese oblige moralising infected the U.S.A because its elites are intertwined with Britain’s. This has proven very helpful to the British who always interfere in U.S elections and who do not like Trump- who is getting the blame for Covid in high density and diabetic prone populations like New York.

The U.S originally coined the term bullshit, but it originated back in the days of Roman Catholic rule, and their Papal Bulls. Fake science is now dragged out as a new form of Bull and bullshit, and suckers believe it. Britain is built and sustained on deference and bullshit from on high.

I have no doubt that there is a hidden top down agenda for the ludicrous lockdown, which has appealed to humanity’s natural predisposition to fear and related Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Robert Cook

More Censorship Britain Major Force For Control July 8th 2020

Within a 48-hour period this week, many of the world’s internet giants took steps that would have been unthinkable for them even months earlier. Reddit, which spent most of its life as a lawless free-for-all, banned thousands of forums for hate speech, including the largest pro-Trump forum on the internet. Twitch — an Amazon-owned video-gaming platform not known for its political courage — suspended President Trump’s official account for “hateful conduct,” while YouTube purged a handful of notorious racists and punished a popular creator with a history of problematic videos. Facebook, under pressure from a growing advertiser boycott, took down a network of violent anti-government insurrectionists who had set up shop on its platform.

Covid 19 Fiasco, Lies, Fear, Panic and Deceit July 7th 2020

Boris Johnson has been accused of trying to shift the blame for coronavirus deaths onto care homes.

The prime minister said on Monday that “too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures”.

His words sparked fury in the care home sector, with one charity boss calling them “clumsy and cowardly”.

Business secretary Alok Sharma said the PM had simply been pointing out that “nobody at the time knew what the correct procedures were”.

Mr Sharma told BBC Breakfast there had been a lack of understanding of levels of asymptomatic transmission at the start of the outbreak and that is why “detailed guidance” was put in place for care homes to follow.

He added: “No-one is suggesting care homes have not done a great job under really difficult circumstances.”

But Mark Adams, who runs the charity Community Integrated Care, told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the prime minister’s comments were “cowardly” and a “travesty of leadership”.

‘Hugely insulting’

He added: “If this is genuinely his view, I think we’re almost entering a Kafkaesque alternative reality where the government sets the rules, we follow them, they don’t like the results, they then deny setting the rules and blame the people that were trying to do their best.”

Nearly 20,000 people are confirmed to have died of coronavirus in care homes in England and Wales since the beginning of the outbreak.

The National Care Forum said Mr Johnson’s remarks were “frankly hugely insulting” to care workers.

Vic Rayner, executive director of the forum which represents 120 social care charities, told BBC Newsnight that care homes followed the guidance “to the letter” but the government’s attention was focused on hospitals.

Labour’s Shadow care minister Liz Kendall told the BBC that care workers had been “abandoned” by the government, adding: “This attempt to shift responsibility is a new low.”

“Boris Johnson should be taking responsibility for his actions and fixing the crisis in social care, not blaming care homes for this government’s mistakes.”

Comment It is increasingly the case that Prime Ministers are figureheads. They must follow the elite and media agenda. People are educated into confrmity, dissenters ostracised, excluded, rubbished ridiculed and ruined. Former boss of corrupt CPS, Sir ( sic ) Kier Starmer, is the elite and media moral leader. This man repesents the pseudo liberalism that has paralysed the nation and enhanced police corruption and unaccountabilty. It is an age of unbounded mental illness because a system based on lies drives people mad.

The vileness and greed of the Thatcher years is airbrushed from history while the media focuses on removing and destroying statues of men no longer relevant to the elite’s ongoing lies, deception, domination and corruption. Thatcher has a statue safely ensconsed in Westminster, with feminists hailing her as an icon of women’s lib, not even knowing that this odious woman abolished the equal opportunites commission, smugly declaring she’ had no need of it. This dreadful icon of idiot Britain made no mention of the fact she married a rich man who was besotted with her.

The Thatcher years saw her govenment sell of so much of state assets to rich city cronies and party donors. This included starting up creeping privatisation of the NHS, including privatising cleaning, and selling off council elderly care homes. The former revived a state of hospital filth not seen since the Crimean war, the latter rushed in the age of inflated elderly care and stealing of old peoples’ houses, robbing families of their inheritances, transferring wealth to unscrupulous private care home bosses. Boris Johnson lives in a Churchillean fanatsy land, hence his gaffe. He will get more tongues lashings if he speaks out of turn again. He is not running the country, Starmer ‘The Harmer’ and the ‘experts ( sic ) are.

‘The Harmer’ has more power than Johnson will ever have. Covid 19 will not be allowed to go away or be put in perspective. The wealthy elite and fake liberal do gooders both feed off misery. They won’t go away either. The inveitable on going social economic msieries and divisions will feed their appetite for money and virtue signalling for many years to come.

Robert Cook

U.S Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, just one of the many faces of the western world’s fake liberalism.

Boris Johnson Should Do as He is Told say Liberal Lefties. Sir Kier Starmer ex boss of corrupt Crown Prosecution Service is the media ‘s moral voice. June 29th 2020

Boris Johnson suggested Sir Mark Sedwill still had “a lot to offer” as he faced a storm over the resignation of the country’s top senior civil servant.
Sir Mark is standing down from his role as both Cabinet Secretary and the UK’s national security adviser amid reports he was being undermined by Mr Johnson’s allies.

The Prime Minister played down the “negative briefing” and said he did not attach the “utmost credence” to the reports.
Former mandarins have criticised the shake-up, which will see Sir Mark’s role as national security adviser filled by the PM’s Europe adviser David Frost – a political appointment rather than an impartial civil servant.
Ex-cabinet secretary Lord O’Donnell said: “I’m worried about the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser because I’m not quite sure how putting a special adviser in that role works.”
He told BBC Radio 4’s Today that political appointees were “more likely to be yes-men” rather than “speaking truth to power”.

Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA union, which represents senior officials, said: “No 10, or those around it, has sought to undermine Sir Mark and the leadership of the Civil Service, with a series of anonymous briefings against him over many months.”
He blasted the tactics as “corrosive and cowardly” and said the Government would be “weaker as a result” of the departure.

Mr Johnson showered praise on Sir Mark, telling Times Radio: “He has seen the Government through all sorts of very tough stuff – changes in the premiership, an election, Brexit, dealing with the worst bits of the Covid crisis. He has got a lot more to offer and I am sure he will.”
In response to the reports surrounding Sir Mark’s exit, he added: “I try not to read too much of the negative briefing.
“There is an awful lot of stuff that comes out in the papers to which I wouldn’t automatically attach the utmost credence.”

Stormer Starmer The Harmer

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told Sky News: “It seems to me obvious that the Prime Minister wanted to move the Cabinet Secretary and was determined to do so.
“Why you do so in the middle of a pandemic and a crisis instead of actually focusing on the crisis, is a question the Prime Minister needs to answer.”
Education Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser would move the country towards a US-style model of political appointments. ( sic )

Defending David Frost’s position, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme it was “not unusual” as “that’s what you see in the United States, that’s what you see in many other countries”.

He also did not deny suggestions that Mr Johnson would fill the Cabinet Secretary vacancy with a Brexiteer. ( Why Not ? )
“The Prime Minister’s search is to get the very best person into that role and applications will be opening from next month to get someone of the very highest calibre to step into some big shoes,” he told Today.
But Mr Johnson said “who knows what his or her views will be?”.

On a construction site visit in west London he said: “The great thing about the civil service is that nobody should know, least of all me.”
Opposition MPs have pointed the finger at the Prime Minister’s chief aide Dominic Cummings, suggesting he played a role in Sir Mark being forced out as head of the Civil Service.

Hard Labour June 26th 2020

Dominic Cummings

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is to speak to MPs concerned about the sacking of former shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Mrs Long-Bailey was asked to stand down on Thursday after retweeting an article which Sir Keir said contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

She later said she had not meant to endorse all aspects of the article.

Jewish groups and some MPs welcomed the decision but her allies on the party’s left said it was an overreaction.

The row began when the Salford and Eccles MP tweeted “Maxine Peake is an absolute diamond” with a link to an interview with the actor and Labour supporter on the Independent website.

In the article, Ms Peake discussed the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, saying: “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.”

The Independent article quoted the Israeli police denying Ms Peake’s claim. She later acknowledged it was “inaccurate”, adding that she found racism and anti-Semitism “abhorrent”.

Three hours after Mrs Long Bailey’s retweet, a Labour spokesperson confirmed Sir Keir had asked her to stand down, saying he “has been clear that restoring trust with the Jewish community is a number one priority”.

Labour has struggled with allegations of anti-Semitism since 2016.

It became a constant backdrop to the tenure of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Keir stood as his successor on a platform of being tough on anti-Semitism in the party.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told Sky News: “It seems to me obvious that the Prime Minister wanted to move the Cabinet Secretary and was determined to do so.
“Why you do so in the middle of a pandemic and a crisis instead of actually focusing on the crisis, is a question the Prime Minister needs to answer.”
Education Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser would move the country towards a US-style model of political appointments.
Defending David Frost’s position, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme it was “not unusual” as “that’s what you see in the United States, that’s what you see in many other countries”.
He also did not deny suggestions that Mr Johnson would fill the Cabinet Secretary vacancy with a Brexiteer.
“The Prime Minister’s search is to get the very best person into that role and applications will be opening from next month to get someone of the very highest calibre to step into some big shoes,” he told Today.
But Mr Johnson said “who knows what his or her views will be?”.
On a construction site visit in west London he said: “The great thing about the civil service is that nobody should know, least of all me.”
Opposition MPs have pointed the finger at the Prime Minister’s chief aide Dominic Cummings, suggesting he played a role in Sir Mark being forced out as head of the Civil Service.


Out of his Depth – A Comment on Sir Kier Starmer ‘The Harmer’ June 26th 2020

Big Brother Calling in Police State Britain

Out of His Depth June 26th 2020

This is more of the alarming behaviour which is, through endless new behaviour controlling and modifying laws, micro managing our society into tyranny and massive change..

Ever since Thatcher destroyed Trade Union credibility, Labour has relied on the ethnic minority vote. This voting block has been difficult to manipulate en bloc because of the division between Muslims and Jews – the die hard ancient belief systems that share a common origin and bigoted cultural system.

The realities and short comings of these cultures must not be discussed or dealt with according to currently advancing upper middle class white liberal elite global tyrannies.

Starmer is the epitome of this tyranny in Britain.  He is a bullying former Prosecution barrister in a legal system biased in favour of money.  As head of the Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS ), he was key to covering up cases against Asian sex grooming gangs who preyed on young white girls.

These girls were the product of a collapsed family system, a system destroyed by feminism and a plethora of anti white male laws, designed to judge all white men guilty of domestic violence and abuse until they were proved guilty.  Feminism has to be appeased because their support fits nicely, like a dovetail joint propping up the so called disadvantaged as Labour’s new power base..

In my view there are men, women and individuals.  Women in politics are supposed to think and talk only about how terrible it is being a woman or member of the ethnic minorities.  White men are allegedly all privileged. There has been no recognition of the vile rotten class system that underpins British society.

Privileged white upper middle class Sir Kier Starmer was head of the corrupt CPS. Accepting that he has base and brutal intelligence, not a fool, just a liar, he was therefore corrupt. Thus he has the bare faced cheek to sack his old leadership rival for merely re tweeting the truth about the origins of the foot on neck method that killed George Floyd.  It was a method learned from the Israeli military, pure and simple.

I write as victim of Starmer’s corrupt CPS and their nasty police lackeys. Corrupt West Mercia Police refused to explain an illegal PNC Criminal Marker, which took me nearly a year to discover via the CRB, along with malicious false intelligence planted by one of their top cops – third in command, or should I say Turd in Command – for personal gain.  After one year of trying to discover the truth, I published a leaflet about him, was taken to court and convicted of harassment.  

A year later, an honest member of West Midlands CPS sent me a massive bundle of malicious lies and statements form the Turd in Command and his family.  The matter is ongoing as corrupt police have twice more taken me to court and lost, following up with a nasty cretin of a psychiatrist declaring me paranoid. to add insult to injury, police have admitted never investigating allegations against me or mine against the lying Turd. They further admit that they have no intention of investigating. That is Starmer’s world.

Having written and had published the novel ‘Man, Maid. Woman’ the thought police have also labelled me as a sexual pervert because they have a very weird and hypocritical attitude to sex.  They are the thought police.  The ruling elite did not use Orwell’s ‘1984’ as a warning.  They have used it as a manual.

That is the nature of the vile fake democracy we live in.  Censorship spreads its tentacles like cancer.  Starmer presided over a CPS which routinely withheld evidence to get mainly working class white men convicted of things they had not done, vulnerable people that the police did not like.  Thanks to despicable war monger Tony Blair, conviction targets became all that mattered.  

Starmer is another Blair, a creepy bully and untrustworthy.  He is the CPS boss who said that disgusting cowardly police officer Steven Harwood should not face prosecution for killing innocent newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson.  

Coward Harwood was caught on several video cameras swaggering up behind homeless Tomlinson with bullying colleagues all in their G7 protection armour, whacking Tomlinson with his batton while police dogs snapped at his heels.  One powerful whack from Harwood- behind Ian’s knees – who stooped like a man possessed to deliver the blow, felled the innocent man whose nose collided heavily with the pavement.

The vile Harwood, with his sneering cronies, watched a dazed  Ian Tomlinson trying to get up.  They did not help. Others helped, and we saw Ian staggering away from the man , Harwood, his killer.  The police victim did not get far.  He collapsed and died within a few hundred yards.  Sir Kier Starmer ( Harmer more like ) agreed with the lying police surgeon who concluded that Ian Tomlinson was about to die, and would have died when he did even if killer Harwood had not pushed him over.

As it happens, the Turd in Command of West Mercia Police – who lied that my eldest son and I had been stalking him and his family over the weekend of October 4th/5th 2008 – studied karate together back in our Portsmouth days in the 1970s.  We were taught a dangerous move which was a special punch to the nose, with the warning not to make contact because this could push a bone into the recipients brain and kill them.  Thus, any competent doctor such as a police surgeon, would have known that Ian Tomlinson falling on his nose was very likely to cause a fatal brain bleeding.  But the Blairite police state was by this time well established.  

Starmer bought into the corrupt police version of events and blocked Harwood’s prosecution.  When they finally had to give in, a tame jury found Harwood not guilty.  That is the ultimate measure of Sir Kier Starner’s contribution to the law and a warning of what he will do to further ruin British society if he continues and ever achieves high office.  At the moment his natural bullying aura is working on Boris Johsnon who appears out of his depth.  Robert Cook

Wind Power, Britain’s secret weapon.

Divide and Fool – Cumming Together In One Giant Cock Up June 20th 2020

Divide and Fool June 20th 2020

Believe this and you will belive anything. The British ( Germans ) Royal family have been main beneficiaries of slavery.
According to Bacon she is old and white and should shut up. Sccording to me, asd a benefciary of slavery, her assets should be sold off to migrants and proceeds given to Africa and Muslims as reparations.
We children of white slaves deserve something too. Robert Cook

Actor Kevin Bacon’s comments that old white men like him should stop talking about politics is quite extraordinary. This former Hollywood pretty boy always struck me as vacuous.  In recent years he has been a regular on British TV advertising the profit hungry BT.

Since he wishes to make unfounded insults on old white men like me, I feel free to insult him.  He appears to be a rich arrogant prancing moron who has made one hell of a political statement telling the rest of us old white men not to talk about politics.

Politics has many erudite definitions. One is that political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.  This is a particularly useful definition if one extends it metaphorically to any form of force and incarceration behind stout walls.  

Another definition is that politics is the art of the possible.  This suggests pragmatism and manipulation by the powerful over their subjects.  Then there is religion.  For over 2000 years, Jesus’s meek and mild teachings derived from Judaism have been twisted by the perversions of Islam and Catholicism to frighten and control the masses.

In reality we have a mix of all these ideas.  Karl Marx thought that his ideal world of communism and equality would solve everything.  The U.S.S.R , immediately under siege from the rich western leaders, had little chance of success.  They fell quickly under the leadership and control of paranoid Joseph Stalin because idealist Lenin ( Vladimir Ulyanov ) was conveniently shot in 1924.

For its efforts against the Nazism which elitist Britain encouraged during the 1930s, Russia gained control of half Europe. The Anglo American Cold War on Communism brought down the Berlin Wall.  

So by 1990, the elite owned and run western media shouted proudly ‘End of History.’  That was a perfect excuse for massive British defence cuts.  But the downside was the loss of a common enemy.  

Here in Britain, Thatcher had already sold off nationalised industries to profiteers, while encouraging the rest to go abroad, ideally the Third World, where labour was cheap and health and safety of no concern to profiteers and sweat shops. In the process, Thatcher destroyed the Trade Unions and old Labour – the latter needed new underdogs, so started stirring up all women and ethnic minorities to see themselves as oppressed, and a new sex and race war began.The elitist media have been feeding off it ever since.

With so many new service jobs, selling the cheap imported manufactured goods, a new age of woman and marginalisation of men had begun.  This was the feminist heyday.  Women’s libbers never had it so good as families fell apart, men were either impotent or rapists according to media.

 Then, in the late 1990s came the rich man’s war for energy control, and the rigging of ‘The War on Terror’ led by Britain and the United States. Their arms industries and mad Generals have been loving it.  Bombed out Third World people have flocked to Europe and been a welcome source of cheap labour.  Bulls-it about Europe becoming a wonderfully diverse multi cultural society has been the new political agenda, reinforcing feminists fascism.

And so it came to pass, as the bible might say, that we find ourselves living in a global economy . This is a global economy where the tiny worldwide global elite gobble up the profits and the masses are on the receiving end of a tick box brainwashing system officially called education, where free movement is the oil of that system, and so much is imported from poor countries including their many diseases, like Covid19.

It is against that background and in that context that Kevin Bacon wants us to shut up.  Rather than face up to the fact that Britain and the U.S recruits their own versions of fascist morons to police the masses, what began as a revolt against police brutality has turned into a racist war on working class white men – especially old ones like me who did not sell out after our expensive education.  

Hand wringing virtue signalling billionaires like infamous George Soros are loving all the statue toppling.  It hides the rich thuggish cruel past that created industrialisation.  Blaming the little white men is more of the old ‘divide and rule’ political tactics that you are not supposed to notice.

Ironically we are living in a new and massive age of imperialism.  Part of Bacon’s poison will have been intended for Donald Trump who has lived his life in a cocoon.  He has little if any sense of history.  But like most British and Americans, he has a rose coloured picture of the past.  The British and U.S were not the first imperialists.  The later began life as part of the former, separating because the British Crown wanted too much tax – expanding west because the Scots and Irish wanted to get away from the arrogant English of the East Coast.

If Henry Ford , the first, ever said “History is bunk” he was a fool or a con man.  He would never have revolutionised car making had he been a fool. So he was a con man.  Con men thrive in media, business and politics.  To bid all old white men, especially those of broad experience and education, to keep out of politics makes Bacon a con man.  

Bacon is a con man with great influence.  He should not be trusted on anything, including selling BT junk via TV advertisements.  He should be prosecuted under Britain’s diverse hate crime laws for being anti age and anti white.  He is a racist against white men.  He is part of an elite who are out to take the heat of what the police have gone back to being all about – keeping the population down and locking up dissenters.  

The elite need to fragment the population, fill us with fear, men against women, women against men, blacks and whites against each other.  Women and blacks are presented as victims and people of virtue who must self actualise because they are the people of virtue.  It is a weird perversion of Marxism to keep the rich folk safe.

The ruling rich got rich by political trickery and thuggery. They fear communism. They fear exposure.

The elite have never thought twice about killing millions in their global wars – presenting them to the soundtrack of tunes of glory.  All they glorify is themselves, paying lip service to the GOD they say created us in his own image.  Believe that and you will believe anything.  

Too many people will believe anything if it comes from high enough up the food chain.  To paraphrase Republican President Abraham Lincoln.  “ You only need to fool some of the people some of the time.”  Professional politics is based on the principle of ‘Divide and Fool.’

Robert Cook

Political elites need to create fear.
British Police at Work. They are not prejudiced against blacks, they are just thugs liars cowards and bullies. Read ‘Love on the Dole’ by Walter Greenwood, a movel about working class misery in Britain’s 1930s.
My friend Mick Birrell recalls his father seeing a bare foot child break a baker’s shop window in Birkenhead Lancashire one night. A brave ( sic ) copper threw a milk bottle shattering on the pavement to cut the desperate child’s feet as he tried to run away. The mindest hasn’t changed, but the technology and propaganda is more sophisticated.


The Guardian facing calls to ‘shut down’ over founder’s use of slaves and siding against Lincoln in US Civil War

  • 15 Jun 2020, 16:26
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2020, 17:55

THE GUARDIAN is facing calls to “shut down” for hypocrisy after backing BLM protests when it branded Abraham Lincoln “abhorrent” in the US Civil War.

Originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves.

After his death in 1844, the paper is said to have then demanded Manchester’s cotton workers be forced back into work.

Now with a growing backlash against statues linked to slavery and racism, hundreds have signed a petition taking aim at the Guardian’s history.

This petition to shut the paper down has been organised by novelist Tony Parsons, who tweeted: “Shameful links to slave-owning Confederate south. Built on the profits of cotton fields. Shut down The Guardian Newspaper.”

During the US Civil War the paper had sided with the southern Confederates against President Lincoln who wanted to abolish slavery.

A leader piece said: “It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States.”

On January 2, 1863, it accused Lincoln of having “no desire to abolish slavery except as a means of extrication from the difficulties of government”.

A year and a half later it claimed: “Nor is Mr Lincoln’s re-election by fraud, violence, and intimidation rendered a matter of comparatively small importance solely by the fact that it reveals nothing with respect to the real wishes and thoughts of the majority of his fellow countrymen.”

The left-wing paper then responded to Mr Lincoln’s assassination by laying into his presidency.

On April 27 1865, it said: “Of his rule we can never speak except as a series of acts abhorrent to every true notion of constitutional right and human liberty.”

The campaign has nearly 1,000 signatures, including top author Peter Hitchens.

He said: “I do think this (beautifully honest) confession of the SuperWoke Guardian’s support for the slave-owning Confederacy (and its furious loathing for Lincoln) in the American Civil War is one of the great discoveries of the day.”

After the death of George Floyd, Confederate statues honouring slave traders are being vandalised and torn down across the country.

The past few weeks have seen the paper issue a fierce defence of those tearing down the statues, with articles such as “The Guardian view on Colston’s statue: a long time in going”.

It has even updated its financial contributions request at the bottom of every article in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, adding the paper has covered injustice against etComment Police are worst of U.K Hypocrites and have no right to an Opinion. June 15th 2020 hnic minority communities “for decades”.

The petition has attracted almost 1,000 signatures

Comment Police are worst of U.K Hypocrites and have no right to an Opinion. June 15th 2020

Police are worst of U.K Hypocrites and have no right to an Opinion. June 15th 2020

Events are becoming farcical. Slavery was rule of the day for the Romans and Normans,  the slaves were white.  Ruthless killers took control of ever bigger areas, then empires. A reformed church added to poor folks fears.  

Punishments were harsh.  The British Isles were united, and an empire begun by the Tudors dominated the world, with the monarch at the head.  The elite abused its servicemen and workers as much as the slaves.  Businesses were built on murder.  The British East India Company had its own soldiers.  

The original English settlers murdered native North American Indians just as the Spanish and Portuguese murdered the southern ones.  Sir Francis Drake was a slave trader in his spare time.  One could go on .  Britain is built on murder.  Its leaders were not nice.  History is written by the winners.  To remove all symbols is to abandon what has held it together.  Multi Culture is a nonsense. Covid 19 may be the last straw.  

The police have no right to an opinion.  It is amazing how a movement condemning the police has been turned into one where they have the audacity to insist on banning protests because of ludicrous lock down. Poor things might catch cold. How come we keep being told they are heroes.  In my experiece they tend to be dangerous liars. They are a big part of the problem, being one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.  As for the Guardian and all other hypocrites, ‘Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Robert Cook

Senior scientists have reported flaws in an influential WHO-commissioned study into the risks of coronavirus infection. They say it should not be used as evidence for relaxing the UK’s 2-metre physical distancing rule. June 14th 2020

The WHO are a vested interest who are only interested in the Third World and Third World freedom to migrate, where they want the richer countries to accommodate the risk factor they represent.

The hysteria about British racism is part of that process. They are too stupid, blinKered and overpaid to consisider that more lockdown will make the U.K even more inhospitable. The WHO should get the African house in order and stop poling its nose into the west. Charles Close.

Sad Bad Britain June 14th 2020

In a statement, Metropolitan Police Commander Bas Javid said: “We are aware of a disgusting and abhorrent image circulating on social media of a man appearing to urinate on a memorial to PC Palmer. I feel for PC Palmer’s family, friends, and colleagues.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan condemned the brutality aimed at police, writing on Twitter: “Millions of Londoners will have been disgusted by the shameful scenes of violence, desecration and racism displayed by the right-wing extremists who gathered in our city today.”

Metropolitan Police said it has launched an investigation after a man taking part in protests was pictured urinating next to a memorial to Pc Keith Palmer, who was stabbed to death in the 2017 terror attack in Westminster.


My parents moved out of London before I was born.  But in those days extended families were the rule. So North London was the only place we ever holidayed -sometimes we got as far as Southend on a day trip.

London was 50 miles away from my Buckinghamshire home town.  That was a long way in those days.  It was a very different world.  There were still lots of bomb sites and people remembering the war.

I must have been about five years old when I saw my first black man.He was wearing a hat.  I was with my parents on the top deck of a trolley bus. Later that day, playing on the streets with my cousin, I saw another black face.  I said to my cousin ( Ronnie Cook who went on to become a Metropolitan Police Officer ) ‘That man is following me.’  Ronnie said ‘How do you know ?’  He laughed when I mentioned the black face and the hat.

Black people were increasingly common in 1950s London.  They had been invited over from the British West Indian Islands where their ancestors had been transported as slaves.  Ironically it was a Tory Health Minister, Enoch Powell, later labelled as a racist, who invited them to make up for labour shortages in the health service.

My parents explained to me that these West Indians came from warm places so they were permanently sun tanned. A few years later came the Notting Hill riots.  Life was not to be so simple.  The white middle classes feared for their daughters and property prices.  By the 1970s Britain had the National Front.  The nation’s rich were cutting back on investment, the Empire was pretty far gone, the lower class whites were having a bad time.  Then came greedy despicable Thatcher and even worse divide and rule.

Poverty has never looked back.  The police evolved into running dogs for the rich, especially after the Coal miner’s strike.  Now the great and good are passing the buck back down to the badly educated white nationalists who have never been much more than slaves in this sad bad country – where Covid 19 has been re packaged to strike more fear as an illness/social control bio weapon that many more must have without showing symptoms.  

Every effort is being made to shift attention away from the despicable super rich tax dodgers and their corrupt bullying lying police who pick on the weak , mentally ill and poor of any colour.  It is all about protecting a vile nasty rich elite and the myth of Western democracies.

Tearing down statues of long dead Imperialist icons helps divert attention from today’s global multi ethnic slave masters. Such apparrent enlightement appeases or angers the stupid, serving to make the ruling class look good rather than expose the truth – they are no better and maybe worse than their predecessors. Removing the statues also covers their class’s tracks. Robert Cook

Read this. The text concludes ‘Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

Read it. It tells you all you need to know about politics. As Machievelli wrote in ‘The Prince’, ‘It is far better to be feared than loved.’ The rich need the stupid masses to love them because tehy are theb ones who are afarid. that is why they are now trying to play the black persons’ friend.
Tommy Robinson being interviewed on RT in Russia. He is hero to the British Far Right, and scapegaoat to our smug pampered liberal elite who purport to represent egalitarianism.
He is currerntly awaiting trial for pushing over a man who called him a vile racistsand spat in his face after saying he was going to ‘phlegm up-. The man who did this was not arrested. Robinson is high on the British police watch list, as am I, in Police State Britain.

British Elite Do Not want To Understand the Lumpenproletariat June 13th 2020

Robert Mugabee. empowered by the British, murdered millions of fellow blacks- through war or starvation. He bled the country of Zimbabwee. turning it into a desert feeding off the white world.
Black rule has not helped the starving breeding bleeding continent. Now Europe will pay a very high price, including from Covid 19 fall out. White liberals are either fools, or wishfull thinkers. Truth doesn’t come into it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer both condemned assaults on police officers after the protests in London turned violent.

Six officers were injured after aggressive clashes with far-right activists meanwhile the Met Police tried to disperse remaining protesters after they were told to be off the streets by 5pm.
Scotland Yard also said that, as of 5pm, five people were detained for offences including violent disorder, assault on police, possession of an offensive weapon, being drunk and disorderly and possession of Class A drugs.

It came after hundreds of people, including far-right groups, filled the streets, with some scuffles and clashes breaking out between protesters and police . The anti-racism protests, which are also taking place in cities such as Brighton, Newcastle and Reading, were sparked by the death of George Floyd in the US last month.

Not Playing Ball June 13th 2020

How very British 9 – 5 protests or else. No overtime allowed.


The British ruling elite, in media, business and politics cannot afford to understand what is happening. They are clever privileged people from a number of ethnicities.  They are well paid, well educated in British dumbed down uni know it all idiocy culture and comfortable.

It is rather amusing that what came from a ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign aimed at corrupt police in the U.S and U.K was supposed to shift seamlessly into the usual British media worship of the police.  Hence the squealing when arrogant police get hurt.

The global economy is built on modern slavery, Third World overpopulation, religious bigotry, Third World Black dictators, white elites’ schemes. mass migration, idiot fascist feminism and lies.  President Trump is out of his depth.  He is very unlikely to be re elected.  

Trump was never meant to win and had no chance. He is too logical. Politics requires scheming, lying and duplicity – as do the poliec. The self proclaimed Anglo US Liberal elite have blocked and ridiculed him all along the way.  They want Biddable Biden touchy feel her to his freinds in high office in the Whitewash House.

Johnson is a privileged Churchill worshipping lightweight overpaid jester. Starmer headed a British Crown Prosecution Service that routinely cooperated with corrupt lying police who were especially interested in jailing lower class innocent men through twisting, fabricating and withholding evidence.  Women like him because he is an arrogant bully who makes them feel safe however much they lie and manipulate.

Safe is an overused word.  It names a place where rich people put their money.  Rich people are only interested in their own safety.  They are worried.  Taxpayers money will be used in as many millions or billions as necessary to watch, control and jail the Far Right.  

The Black Rights activists have forgotten their original target was the police.  It is now all whites, especially men, who won’t kow tow to the liberal message.  

Problem is they. lower class whites, have not had the privilege of modern British ‘Uni’ education or comfortable homes. They are the white underclass who have been long cooped up in slums and tower blocks- by petty dangerous rules of ludicrous lockdown. Here in these tiny homes , lockdown was meant to deaden their senses and make them play ball .

For years the underclass has looked up to its betters, with all the statues and propaganada reinforcing fear and compliance. Now the elite, who don’t really give a damn about the past because they alone have a future for their families, are happy to pull the statues down to keep their black and Muslim slave underclass appeased.

The white underclass don’t like the landmarks of their oppressive past being removed. It is an OCD identity thing. That is a big problem and challenge for Police State Britain, its running dog police and other lackeys. So we can expect serious entertainment tomorrow on the streets of London, with lots of outraged upper middle class well paid for moralising media. Robert Cook

Covid The Fall Out June 13th 2020

Protests London June 13th 2020

Protesters in London have been told by police they must be off the streets by 5pm today.

The restriction is an attempt to avoid a repeat of last week’s violent clashes with police during Black Lives Matter protests.

Statues in Parliament Square have been boarded up to prevent them being targeted, as some were in recent days.

And protesters will have to keep to the planned march route, which runs from Hyde Park to Whitehall.

At Whitehall there will be a police barrier, with protesters asked to stay on one side and counter-protesters on the other.

The conditions have been set under section 12 of the Public Order Act.

Metropolitan Police Commander Bas Javid said he understood the depth of feeling of protesters but asked people not to come to London while lockdown rules are still in force.

“If you were planning to come to London, I again would urge you to reconsider, but if you are still intent, please familiarise yourself with what the conditions are,” he said.

“Please keep yourself safe by complying with government guidance on social distancing.”

He also promised a “robust” response to any disorder at protests this weekend.

“Protecting property, protecting people, particularly police officers, is really important and criminality will not be tolerated,” Mr Javid said.

“The reality is it was a very, very small number of people last weekend that resorted to violence.

“But quite naturally that’s what seems to get the traction on social media and in the media.

“A large, large number of people who came to London were peaceful. They demonstrated in a very peaceful and sensible way, under the current circumstances.

“But those who come along with the intention of, or they are able to be drawn into, violence when they come to London, that just won’t be accepted and it won’t be tolerated.”

The protests were sparked by the killing of American George Floyd, a black man who died in

Minneapolis last month after a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes.

The UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council said on Friday that more than 130 people have been arrested during almost 200 demonstrations across Britain since the death of Mr Floyd.

More than 60 police officers have also been injured.

An Ill Wind June 13th 2020

Police have imposed strict “conditions” ahead of planned protests in London this weekend, as officers fear clashes could take place between opposing groups.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and far-right marches are expected on Saturday and Sunday, with the Democratic Football Lads Alliance calling on supporters to travel to the capital to protect monuments after they were vandalised during previous demonstrations.

Scotland Yard announced on Friday that measures, including a 5pm cut-off time for events, will be enforced to avoid violent scenes such as those seen last week.

Meanwhile, the force urged protesters to reconsider attending entirely, stressing: “We remain in a health pandemic and people are asked not to gather in large groups.”

“We are asking you not to come to London, and let your voices be heard in other ways,” Met Police Commander Bas Javid added in a video plea. Read more Violent protesters could be jailed within 24 hours of arrest

The new conditions rolled out by Met Police apply to BLM and to left and right-wing affiliated groups that “advertised their intention” to demonstrate during the weekend.

Under the rules, the BLM march will need to follow a specially designated route between Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, where they will be permitted to assemble until 5pm.

Similar regulations applied to right-wing groups require them to assemble in Parliament Square and some parts of Whitehall and enforces the same curfew.

Read more

“Based on current information, and in order to keep those people safe who plan to come and protest, we have made the decision to impose conditions on the planned demonstrations tomorrow,” Commander Javid said.

“If you were planning to come to London, I again would urge you to reconsider, but if you are still intent, please familiarise yourself with what the conditions are.

“Policing demonstrations is complex and challenging, not least during a global health crisis,” he added.

“We will continue to police any protests with the aim of keeping people safe and preventing crime and disorder.”

Britain is mired in democratic crisis – but it goes much deeper than Brexit Extracted and Posted June 12th 2020

This article is more than 9 months old

Aditya Chakrabortty

Growing up, I learned that leaders who threaten democracy normally came decked out in khaki green, in front of troops toting shiny hardware. They commandeered broadcast studios, captured national buildings and imposed curfews on the streets. What is happening in Britain this week looks nothing like those grainy TV pictures, but it nonetheless marks an assault on our democracy.

The government wants to shut down parliamentary democracy, claiming it is acting for the good of parliamentary democracy. From within No 10 Dominic Cummings threatens to end the career of elected MPs. And David Gauke, the Conservative MP who just six weeks ago was secretary of state for justice, wrote to his former government colleagues on Monday to ask them to obey the rule of law.

In his own pseudo-bumbling fashion, Johnson is taking a leaf out of the book of Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro

Just because the paradoxes are so glaring makes them no less dangerous. The self-proclaimed party of law and order has this summer dropped the first bit to become merely the party of order. In this battle of Brexit-blocking politicians versus the people, the tribune of us plebs is none other than Jacob Rees-Mogg. His leader is Boris Johnson, perhaps the most slovenly would-be authoritarian in contemporary history.

Yet the public protests across the country against all this are not especially large; away from the keyboard warriors of social media, the mood is not particularly restive. A friend messaged from a bus in central Bristol last Saturday where two fellow passengers, “ladies in their late 60s or early 70s”, looked out at a march against Johnson’s coup and loudly advised the driver to run them over. Yesterday, while the world’s media camped out on College Green for wall-to-wall chaos coverage, another friend posted on Twitter from a dentist’s waiting room in Newcastle. “Three Tory MPs debating Brexit on BBC News channel. Nobody watching.”

Some of this indifference is both eternal and welcome. Amid the greatest disaster, wrote Auden in his poem Musée des Beaux Arts, “the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer’s horse / Scratches its innocent behind on a tree”. But there is a more pressing and profound puzzle with which we must wrestle. When renowned historians are comparing this attempted putsch to the Reichstag fire, when denunciations are raining down from constitutional experts, when MPs and BBC broadcasters speak of little else apart from Britain’s democratic crisis – why does such heated talk leave most of the public so cold?

I detect no signs that Johnson has become the people’s prime minister, capturing the hearts of a grateful nation. Rather, over the past five years he has gone from being the Heineken Tory – reaching the parts of the electorate other Conservatives just can’t reach – to a Marmite politician who sharply polarises public opinion. Nor do I believe that what is happening this week has gone either under-reported or misunderstood – it is blatant subversion of the British way of doing politics.

The approach to the answer lies again through Auden’s poem: “[T]he ploughman may / have heard the splash, the forsaken cry, / But for him it was not an important failure … ” If today’s residents of Downing Street can so easily gut our democratic institutions, it is largely because many of those institutions long ago lost their importance to the public. In his own pseudo-bumbling fashion, Johnson is taking a leaf out of the book of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Jair Bolsonaro: he is deliberately outraging the norms that have governed politics and society, safe in the knowledge that for much of his electorate those conventions have already rotted away to useless totems.

Put bluntly: yes, Britain is mired in a democratic crisis. But it is one that is older, wider and deeper than this week’s debacle over Brexit and parliamentary sovereignty, and it features across our everyday lives. It’s there in our privately run academy schools, which will get another wodge of cash in Wednesday’s expected spending round from chancellor Sajid Javid. Under the auspices of today’s arch-Brexiteers, Cummings and his then frontman at the department for education, Michael Gove, turned our schools system into what an LSE study calls “highly opaque”, marked by “little transparency, democratic accountability or public or parliamentary scrutiny”.

It’s plain as day in the London borough of Barnet, where the Tory council outsourced the vast bulk of local authority functions to giant private businesses and then – when the evidence of service failure and ballooning costs grew too thick – this summer gagged local residents from asking too many questions at council committee meetings. It’s there in the sweetheart deals big builders cut with local councils and the oneGeorge Osborne cut with Google over their tax bill.

Comment The vast majority of people do not view or understand politics in the abstract. Politics happens to them, as it did in Nazi Germany. People are too passive where well respected figures are concerned. Now, especially in the wake of Covid19 and Lockdown, the political and their trusted media elite have pretty much total control, though unintended consequences – especially in this top down global allegedly diverse socio economic world- will offer some surprises. The Black Lives Matter campaign may be just the start. Charles Close.

Barnsley police evacuate 50 homes and bomb squad called after ‘suspicious’ items found at house June 12th 2020

POLICE have evacuated 50 homes and called the bomb squad in after “suspicious” items were found at a Barnsley house today.

A 40-year-old man has been arrested by South Yorkshire Police, with the Army EOD team still on the scene.

Police scrambled to a house in Barnsley today before a man was arrested
Police scrambled to a house in Barnsley today before a man was arrestedCredit: MEN Media

The bomb disposal team raced to Coronation Avenue in Grimethorpe, after dozens of homes were evacuated.

Residents fear they won’t be able to get home and may have to spend the night elsewhere.

Barnsley Council has arranged an evacuation centre for those affected, with social distancing stuck to.

One person told the Mirror: “I think someone has been making bombs. They have the Army and everything here.

“They moved us out and said it could be hours before we’re allowed back home.”

Another resident said: “Especially for the older people who can’t leave their properties during this time and being made to leave it can be quite uncomfortable for some folk.”

A police statement said: “Members of the public are urged to stay away from the scene to keep the area clear for the police and our emergency services colleagues to carry out our work.

“Further updates will be issued when available.”

Around 50 homes have been evacuated as cops investigate
Around 50 homes have been evacuated as cops investigateCredit: MEN Media

Comment At least someone has a hobby during lockdown. I hope they observed social distancing when they collected the bomb making materials. Charles Close.

Exclusive: Global Media Staff Demanded ‘Racist’ Nigel Farage’s Removal From LBC

Staff member tells HuffPost UK they are glad to see former Ukip leader go, and calls for a person of colour to replace him on the radio.

Exclusive: Global Media Staff Demanded ‘Racist’ Nigel Farage’s Removal From

Some staff members at radio company Global Media called for Nigel Farage to be sacked from his LBC show for his inflammatory remarks about Black anti-racism campaigners, HuffPost UK can reveal.

The privately-owned firm – which has a stable of radio stations including Capital Radio, Heart and Smooth – has also come under fire for what is claimed to be its lack of diversity, despite Capital Xtra being the UK’s biggest Black music station.

Following an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Farage compared Black Lives Matter to the Taliban while criticising the toppling of statues of slave owners, prompting accusations of “inciting” bigotry.

Farage stepped down from his LBC radio show on Thursday, LBC announced on Twitter.

“Nigel Farage’s contract with LBC is up very shortly and, following discussions with him, Nigel is stepping down from LBC with immediate effect,” the statement read.

“We thank Nigel for the enormous contribution he has made to LBC and wish him well.”

A Black staffer at Global, who asked to remain anonymous, had previously told HuffPost UK that “many Global staff members want Farage out”.

The staffer said: “The man is vile and racist. I’m upset he’s working on a station across the corridor from the UK’s biggest Black music station and he’s allowed to say those comments on air.”

HuffPost UK put this concern to Global, among other allegations, on Tuesday but a spokesperson declined to comment at that time specifically about Farage.

Responding to news of the right-winger’s departure, a Global source told HuffPost UK: “I’ve been working at Global for more than two years now and still can’t believe why they brought Nigel Farage on the line up for LBC.”

“I’m very happy to see he has stepped down, I believe Nick Ferrari should do the exact same thing too. I also hope they start hiring more presenters of colour and I hope someone of colour will fill his spot,” the source added.

News of Farage’s departure has reignited calls for presenter Nick Ferrari to be sacked from LBC.

A clip of a panel discussion on The Pledge from two years ago resurfaced this week, in which LBC radio host Nick Ferrari asked journalist Afua Hirsch why she chooses to remain in Britain if she has an issue with slavery monuments.

Comment London is a global city, which – unfortunately for Nigel Farage and his followers – does not include upper middle class middle aged white men. That is not an opinion, simply a matter of fact. Robert Cook

U.K Corona June 11th 2020

“Coronavirus is in retreat across the land,” Mr Hancock told MPs. “Our plan is working and these downward trends mean we can proceed with our plans.

“But we do so putting caution and safety first. Even at the peak of this pandemic we protected the NHS and ensured that it was not overwhelmed, and we will not allow a second peak that overwhelms the NHS.”

He added: “Sage confirmed on Friday that their estimate, taking into account 10 different models, is that R remains between 0.7 and 0.9 and that it is below one in every region of the country. This means that the number of new infections is expected to continue to fall.”

Comment  There are calls from business to scrap the two metre rule.  Government says they might halve it.  How many more businesses must collapse before they stop the damage ?  They may be able to fool the masses that recent protests have nothing to do with ludicrous lockdown, but that is the case.  

They are wheeling out disgraced so called expert Prof Neil Ferguson who broke lockdown to have sex with his married lover on a number of known occasions.  He is a performing monkey saying how many lives his advice has saved.  How stupid are the Brits ?  

Now they are reviving the war on racism as a distraction.  The British elite – of whom so many owe their privileges to an empire that abused low class whites as well – seek to deflect police bias, corruption, brutality and prejudice away from the police and have them fighting each other.  It is the same old trick.  As Sir Winston Churchill’s son Randolph said ‘ We built an empire on the cheap.’  Winston himself said said ‘Britain doesn’t have enemies, it has business interests.’

Queen Victoria, a German, headed a British Empire which killed millions of whites and blacks, so don’t call her a racist please ! The pampered patronising eliete are creating a climate for real racism just as they planted the seeds of Islamic Terrorism. Robert Cook. Image Appldene Photogrphics/Portsmouth

There are so many reasons to hate the police, but violence is no way to fight racism or discrimination

Trust in the police seems to be at an all-time low in Britain and abroad, but bringing about change should never end in violence

For many years I have fought discrimination and wrongdoing within the police force. I have done this on the inside as an officer, and on the outside as a civilian, campaigner and writer. But when I saw a video yesterday showing officers in London coming under attack while trying to detain two people, it reminded me that policing, for all its mistakes, is still a difficult and dangerous job.

Policing is challenging and in some communities – especially those of colour – trust and confidence in the force is at an all-time low.

Before writing this article, I asked an acquaintance if he had heard about the police incident in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets and, if so, what he thought about it. He had, yet his response shocked me – more so, because he is someone I would consider a respectable, middle class, law-abiding person.

He told me that it’s about time the police got some of their own medicine because they dish enough of it out.

What struck me was that he isn’t the only person who thinks like this. Many are frustrated and angry with the police, and the attack in east London echoes the situation in the United States, where violent attacks on police officers are becoming more common. I have witnessed the same relationship between the police and communities deteriorate here in the UK.

With the explosion of social media, many people see those who are meant to uphold the law as its chief law-breakers. We are seeing more and more negative interactions between officers and the public, especially non-white communities. I have lost count of the number of videos I have seen in America in which a black person has been shot dead by officers. Britain is not immune when it comes to police violence, and brutality. Since 1990, 1500 people have died in police custody and not one officer has been held accountable for those lost lives.

But does all this mean open warfare on the police is justified? Absolutely not. Attacking officers – even if it’s because you don’t agree with what they have done to you or are doing – is never acceptable. Do we really want to live in a world in which we no longer care for our police?

My own experiences of London’s police, both as a former officer and a black person who lives in the capital, means I, too, no longer trust the force. I would think twice about calling them in my time of need. But I wouldn’t wish harm upon any individual.

For many, however, lashing out is the only way they know to express their frustration when they feel they are being oppressed. That can often occur at the moment of arrest.

There are some who say you should always do what the police tell you to do – but not all police action is lawful. Equally, you have to question the motive of those making such statements. The relationship between police officer and citizen is more complex and fraught than ever, and it must be acknowledged that the criminal justice system doesn’t work for all people.

For many young black men in Britain, their first interaction with police is with stop and search, which overwhelmingly leads to no arrest. After the third or fourth time you’re stopped, you’re left dehumanised. But these are the same people the force later tries to recruit; it’s a vicious circle of anger and discrimination.

There are some people who simply hate the police. Hate is a strong word, but we have to look at the reasons why it is used. There are reasons for harbouring contempt towards those who are employed to protect us. For example, I’ve seen people who have been stopped by officers but have known and exercised their rights as a citizen, later find themselves failing what is known as the “attitude test”, leading to an arrest. However, there is no offence of “contempt of cop” when ensuring your human rights are not breached. Respect should be afforded to officers for the job they do, but that respect is a two-way street.

No reasonable person could justify the callous attacks we have seen of late on the police in the UK and America. The resistance towards the police is growing in Britain, but much of it is peaceful, such as the Black Lives Matter protest at Heathrow Airport last week. The killing and harming of police and peaceful protesting against police brutality are two different things.

People are fed up with the police, especially the black community, and given the dynamic between the two parties, I have no doubt the police are fed up with them. The police are paid public money to do a necessary job. They must be called to account, but they are not fair game for mindless violence.

Comment There are no excuses for the police or any other public service having people at any level who commit crimes of corruption, brutality and dishonesty. It is a fact that there has never been a truly independent complaints system. The police are not racist. They pick on the weak and vulnerable which happens to include a lot of blacks. The police have a group mentality and a very strong tendencey to think they should be judge and jury. They are target driven and harassment is a standard police technique. They are what the socioligist R K Merton described them as many years ago : perspectivist thinkers.
They like putting things in boxes, which includes innocent people. W H Whyte came to the same conclusion in his work ‘Street Corner Society’

How secret group Freemasons has kept grip on Britain for 200 years

The names of royalty, statesmen, judges, military top brass, bishops and police have been found in a secret archive.

The huge influence Freemasons had in ruling British society for almost 200 years has finally been revealed.

The names of royalty, statesmen, judges, military top brass, bishops and police have been found in a secret archive which lists two million Freemasons.

The masonic records – from 1733 to 1923 – are set to be made available to the public for the first time.

They show Kings Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI were all Freemasons.

Military leaders the Duke of Wellington and Lord Kitchener were also members of the clandestine group founded by a group of men in a London coffee house in 1717.

Winston Churchill, a vain arrogant militarily incompetent man, on a par with Haig. Image from Portsmouth Voices by Robert Cook 1997

More than 5,500 police officers, thousands of military figures, 170 judges, 169 MPs, 16 bishops and an Indian prince are listed in the Freemasons archive to be made public by family history website Ancestry.

The extent to which Freemasons wielded power over the British Empire may lead to a re-examination of two centuries of our history. There are believed to be six million Freemasons in the world today – including two million in the United States. sir Winston Churchill’s beloved mother was an American.

Yachtever Next ? June 6th 2020.

Because of vested interests, a need to protect the dreadful NHS and by doctoring the figures, Britain appears to have the highest Corona Virus infection and death rate in Europe. But don’t worry a bloated patronising Tory lord has come up with a surefire way to cheer everyone up.

Now Non-politically aligned, this ‘End of the peer’ sideshow and haircut conspiracy theorist Lord Digby Jones has called for £100 million to be spent on a new Royal Yacht Britannia to “boost morale”.

The old yacht which was built especially for the new Queen back in the austere 1950s ship, is now is a visitor attraction in Edinburgh and was decommissioned in 1997.

I was there when she was decommisioned and took the picture below, in Portsmouth dockyard, her home port. Robert Cook

The Royal Yacht Brittania Portsmouth Dockyard 1997 Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

For more on this subjct please see World News Page.

A revaamped ‘Titanic’ design would be most appropriate, complete with on board fire as seen in this historic photo- note the scorch mark jus back from the stern. It is z shaped and a group of men are looking at it. The shipowners and operators knew about this massive coal bunker fire before saiing but prize money and reputation were at stake.. The Board of Inquiry said the fire had nothing to do with weakening the ship’s structure when it hit an iceberg.

Government denies report into ethnic minority coronavirus deaths delayed over racial tension fears as Keir Starmer says ‘stop the excuses’ June 4th 2020

A report into the disproportionate deaths from coronavirus of people from ethnic minority backgrounds will be published this week, officials say, after accusations of delay.

Keir Starmer has led criticism that the crucial inquiry – which set a timetable of “initial findings” by the end of May – has been held up, telling ministers: “Stop the excuses: publish the review.”

And the British Medical Association said its findings were badly needed to “make sense of why this dreadful virus” was hitting ethnic minorities harder and “most importantly, what needs to be done to urgently protect them”.

But the Department for Health and Social Care insisted a report that the review had been shelved because of fears it will stoke racial tensions, amid global outrage over the death of George Floyd, was false.

“Ministers received initial findings yesterday,” a spokesperson told The Independent.

“They are being rapidly considered and a report will be published this week. It is not true to say this has been delayed due to global events.”

The review, led by Professor Kevin Fenton, is investigating why black men and women are almost twice as likely to die from coronavirus as white people, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Its study found the much greater risk even after accounting for factors such as age, wealth and disability.

It also showed similar results for men from Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic groups, who were 1.8 times more likely die than white males. For women from the same ethnic backgrounds, the risk of death was 1.6 times more likely.

Comment The truth hurts and no bodies cover it up better than the British elite and their upper middle class owned and operated mainstream media.

Professor Angus Dalgleish , his team and a Norwegian scientist came to the conclusion that Covid 19 was man made, with genetic strand insertions. Their report was redacted by the British government whose scientists disapproved. He effectively concluded that Covid 19 was a weapon targeting the elderly and poor ethnic groups.

Britain has been importing poverty since Tony Blair came to power, with his Home Secretary stating that there was no obvious limit to immigration. the resulting cultural shift, politely called diversity, has increased urban population densities with resulting squalor, increased crime, social conflict, depressed wages and increased prices, especially housing.

The resulting hyper inflation has been passed off as economic growth – profits for the rich have certainly grown. Consquently the NHS cannot cope, it is an appalling organisation for a western country, but very appealing to immigrants from the Third World.

One must also point out that destabilising then bombing the Middle East and selling arms to Saudi Arabia and African dictators has not helped, to put it mildly.

Add to that the way the Western elite have encouraged religious bigotry, overpopulation, third world dicatorships, bombing the ones it doesn’t like and you have a recipe for Covid 19 and so much more. Robert Cook

Crowning it all  June 4th 2020

Lockdown Luxury, one of the rich locals enjoying a spin in his Morgan Sports car, turning round at Swanbourne Station last Monday afternoon. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Rough Sleepers Commercial Road Portsmouth March 2020
Image Appldene Photographics/Portsmouth
Rough Sleepers Outside Windsor Castle 2018 Image Appldene Photographics/RJC
Young Man living in a van, outside Cheltenham 2018 Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Crowning it all  June 4th 2020

Before I say anything else, let me remind my readers that the police in collusion with the local GP surgery Norden House and The Whiteleaf Mental Health Centre have decided that I have a paranoid personality disorder and abnormal psychology- because of my allegataions of high level police corruption.  Therefore, anything I write should be read with this health warning in mind.  I have very few readers on this site from my native British Isles. There is, however, one daily stalwart whose browser suggests it is the police.  

Of course that might just be me being paranoid.  The fact that the police still refuse to admit their involvement in labelling me mad, even though I have seen their correspondence and have information to incriminate them, does not bring any written response.  

The last word I had from a Thames Valley Officer, on the subject of their lates effort to have me jailed, i.e of me allegedly working as a gay prostitute, for my son, from this address, and shopping myself to them et al, was ‘This job’s going nowhere.  When do you want your property returned’.  I am quoting PC Grainger of Thames Valley Police Bucks Division. As far as I know, their so called investigation ( fit up ) is still ongoing.

I think this preface is important when considering the value of what HRH Prince Charles has to say about this country.  I was brought up to believe in this country.  Having to go through the hell of the British Injustice system, on the receiving end of its police bullies, gaolers and prosecutors, I have seen it for what it is.

So to Prince Charles, whose full interview with Sky, is published below.  It amazes me that the man who was a prime target to vilify for criticising the Tories back in the 1980s, is treated with so much respect nowadays, with drivel about us all getting a better relationship with the planet and climate change.  

Many of us are certainly facing a new relationship with the planet as our businesses collapse ( my problem made all the worse by having the police and courts on my back ) .  We will be so close to the planet earth that we will be in the dirt sleeping rough, having our heads beaten in, living with filth and starvation.  We won’t show up on the ONS figures because we won’t have died of Covid19.  Some of us might just take the short cut of suicide.

If Prince Charlie Boy really cared about the planet, he would be the first to lead a campaign to abolish the ridiculous Royal Family and sell of their assets to raise funds for the lower classes who are paying and will go on paying for this ludicrous lockdown.  

As an ardent fan of Channel 4’s ‘The Windsors’ ( aka Hohenzollern Saxe Coburg Goethes’ ), I must say that Harry Enfield has Charlie Boy off ( or should I say ORF ? ) to a T. I would like to say that Charlie is an irrelevance to Britain, but unfortunately he defines it.  The people are obsequious and simply don’t know what is going on.  Charlie Boy’s utterances crown it all.

For more on him read below.  For more on me, read the ‘About RJ Cook’ page. Robert Cook

Coronavirus: Prince Charles says we’re paying the price for loss of biodiversity

In an exclusive interview, the prince also described being ill with coronavirus and how he “got away with it quite lightly”. June 4th 2020

Rhiannon Mills

Royal correspondent @SkyRhiannon

The Prince of Wales fears we could see further pandemics if we don’t put our relationship with the planet at the centre of the post-COVID recovery.

In an exclusive interview via video call from Scotland, Prince Charles said he sympathised with the “bewilderment and anxiety” felt by many in the UK as a result of the COVID-19 crisis but also shared his fears that we could see more global pandemics if we don’t tackle climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

He also spoke about his own experience of contracting the virus saying he believes he was “lucky” and “got away with it quite lightly” but it has motivated him to “find a way out of this”.

The prince was speaking as part of the series After The Pandemic: Our New World being aired this week.

Due to the current social distancing restrictions the interview was carried out via video call, with the prince dialling in from Birkhall, his home in Scotland, where he’s been living with the Duchess of Cornwall since lockdown began.

Despite a couple of computer glitches, and the odd frozen screen, which we’ve all experienced as more of us work from home, the prince passionately talked about his genuine concern that we could see further pandemics if we don’t stop neglecting the planet.

He said: “The more we erode the natural world, the more we destroy what’s called biodiversity, which is the immense diversity of life, plant life, tree life, everything else. Marine life. The more we expose ourselves to this kind of danger. We’ve had these other disasters with SARS and Ebola and goodness knows what else, all of these things are related to the loss of biodiversity.”

He added: “It’s one of the reasons that I tried to get the point across that we should have been treating the planet as if it was a patient long ago.

“So no self-respecting doctor would ever have let the situation, if the planet is a patient, reach this stage before making an intervention.

“I think we’re slightly paying the price as a result.”

Usually, talking to members of the royal family about their health is deemed to be off limits, but the prince spoke openly about contracting the virus and admitted it has motivated him even further to push on with his environmental agenda.

“It makes me even more determined to push and shout and prod if you see what I mean. Whatever I can do behind the scenes sometimes. I suppose it did partly, I mean I was lucky in my case and got away with it quite lightly.

“But I’ve had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through. And I feel particularly for those for instance, who have lost their loved ones and have been unable to be with them at the time. That to me is the most ghastly thing.

“But in order to prevent this happening to so many more people, this is why I’m so determined to find a way out of this. In order to bring the world and all of us back to the centre, back to understanding what we have to do in relationship to the natural world.”

The call had started off just like any other online meeting we’ve all had to get used to recently. A bit of “can you hear me ok?” and “can you see me alright?” as both of us acknowledged how strange it was to be speaking to each other in that way.

It soon became clear that even the future king has had to adjust to working in new ways and seems to be enjoying the challenge of doing things differently.

But this wasn’t a casual chat, it was his most wide ranging interview about the post-COVID world – a rare chance to get his views on the pandemic and significantly his thoughts on what should be our priorities as the world aims to recover.

The prince believes that a “green recovery” should be at the centre of global efforts to rebuild economies and could be integral for getting people back to work in the post-pandemic world.

In January he launched the Sustainable Markets Council at the World Economic Forum in Davos, an initiative aimed at showing that economic growth and protecting the environment can go hand-in-hand.

This week he launched a new phase of the initiative under the banner of The Great Reset. He told Sky News he’s been talking to world leaders during lockdown about the challenges they face and the benefits of putting sustainability at the centre of any recovery.

He said: “I haven’t exactly been wasting my time during this lockdown if you know what I mean. I’ve been in connection with a lot of people during this pandemic, so I have been able to do a lot, using this technology.

“I have been in communication with a lot of people around the world on the issues. For instance, I’ve been speaking to leaders in the Caribbean which is chiefly commonwealth countries and they are facing immense challenges.

“I was talking to the prime minister of St Lucia recently because he wanted to talk about the horrors facing the islands where the tourism sector has disintegrated completely, they’re under the most appalling economic pressure.

“They’ve also got the risks and dangers of every year of hurricanes.”

But he expressed some frustration that it has taken a global pandemic to make some wake up to the threats.

He said: “It’s only catastrophes which concentrate the mind, which means, that for once, there might be some real real impetus to tackle all these things that have been pushed to one side because everyone said, ‘oh it’s irrelevant’.

“For instance, you could never get the G20 to concentrate very much on agriculture, forestry or fishery because it wasn’t considered very sexy. But these are crucial things.”

During the pandemic the royal family have had to adjust the way that they work. Usually at times of national crisis they would be meeting those on the front line, carrying out engagements to show sympathy.

Instead they have sent virtual messages of encouragement and support, with the Queen rallying the country with unprecedented messages to the nation, reassuring us that life will get better.

There is a contrast between the style of monarch and heir, and that is again apparent in this interview, as Prince Charles laid out what he believes is the best environmental and economic strategy for a post-COVID recovery.

He does however acknowledge that this has been a human tragedy as well as an economic one, and like his mother was keen to praise the “remarkable” way that people have supported each other.

He said: “I can’t tell you how much I sympathise with the way that everyone has had to endure with this unbelievably testing and challenging time.

“I know that so many people have had the agony of losing their loved ones and the bewilderment and anxiety that surrounds everything and so it is the most awful aspect of a pandemic like this, and yet we’ve seen at the same time people being quite remarkable and wonderful people in the national health service and all the other key workers who kept everything going.

“And that is the remarkable thing about all this it always produces the best of everybody in so many ways, and that I think is something which is so special about the reaction. But at the same time we have to make sure we try to do better in the future.”

Elite Want Indefinite Lockdown June 4th 2020

The Government is facing renewed calls to revert back to a virtual Parliament after the Business Secretary was forced to self-isolate after appearing visibly unwell in the House of Commons. 

Senior MPs on Wednesday branded the decision to force MPs to return to Westminster as “reckless” as Alok Sharma was tested for coronavirus and returned home to await the results. 

It came after Mr Sharma was seen repeatedly mopping his forehead with a handkerchief at the dispatch box shortly after 4pm. 

During the debate, Mr

The senior member of the Scientific Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which advises ministers on the pandemic, warned the vast majority of every population in every country remains susceptible to coronavirus – and if there is a second wave, many would be at risk of becoming infected.
Speaking on Sky’s After The Pandemic: Our New World, he said: “This is now a human endemic infection. In the UK and much of the world, actually only about 6 or 8% of people have seen this infection and we hope are immune.
“That means over 90% of people have not seen yet this infection and are probably still susceptible to it.

Sharma’s counterpart, shadow business secretary Ed Miliband, passed him a glass of water at one point.

One of the government’s scientific advisers has told Sky News that people have to assume a second wave of coronavirus “is coming”.
Sir Jeremy Farrar said that, although lockdown in the UK has suppressed COVID-19, it has not changed the fundamental way it transmits between humans and “we have not got rid of it”.

Former chief medical officer for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said some nations that have got the virus under control have had more outbreaks and she said there could even be a third wave coming.
She said: “The countries that seem to have got rid of it still have cases popping up, and while it’s rattling around the world it will be very difficult to get rid of
“If you think about flu, it’s in the northern hemisphere, then it goes to the southern, it may mutate, but then it comes back round. And it just goes round year after year with different strains, and different changes.”

DEATH rates in Britain ‘could already have returned to normal’ as coronavirus continues to fizzle out, an expert predicts.

Prof Carl Heneghan said he would expect to see zero ‘excess deaths’ when figures from the Office of National Statistics are published next week.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

 A member of staff prepares a coronavirus testing swab ready for staff at a legal firm in London today

Scientists calculate ‘excess mortality’ by looking at all the deaths in the country – and then taking away the average number of deaths over the same period in the previous five years.

It’s thought to be one of the most reliable ways to measure the real impact of a pandemic.

As Sun Online reported, the UK has suffered the highest rate of excess deaths during the coronavirus crisis among countries with comparable data.

The findings show that Britain has registered 59,537 more deaths than usual since the week ending March 20, just before the lockdown began.

The figures equate to 891 people per million – a higher rate than any other country with the same quality of data.

But now Prof Heneghan says that, as of last week, he’s expecting to see that there are no more deaths in England and Wales than there was in previous years.

The academic, who is the director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, also believes there may be no coronavirus deaths nationwide by the end of the month.

But he warned this depends on health chiefs getting a grip on outbreaks in care homes.

His claims come on the day the ONS published its latest deaths figures for England and Wales this morning.

It showed the weekly coronavirus death toll has plummeted by 1,221 in a week to its lowest level in almost two months.

There were 12,288 deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending May 22, known as “Week 21”.

This was 2,285 less than the previous week – but 2,348 more than usual for this time of year.

The reasons for the drop aren’t yet known, although it’s believed more people could be going to hospital for serious conditions that aren’t related to the virus, such as heart attacks.

Coronavirus: Loved ones reunite and children begin return to school – despite warnings over lockdown easing

Ministers insist it is safe to ease the lockdown, but critics say coronavirus infections could start to rise again. June 1st 2020

Children are starting to return to school in England and people are being reunited with loved ones from today, despite warnings it is too soon to start easing lockdown measures further.

The wider easing of measures now in place in England will allow groups of up to six people to meet in public spaces or private gardens, while extremely vulnerable “shielded” people can have more social interaction.

Primary school children in reception, year one and year six will return to class, and car showrooms and outdoor markets are reopening.

The government has stressed it is still vital to stick to social distancing measures, particularly staying two metres apart from anyone outside your household.

But scientists have criticised the further easing of measures, saying it is too much, too soon, and could cause Covid19 infections to rise rapidly again.

Ministers insist the government has met its five tests for easing the lockdown and say the rate of infection R value, has been consistently below one.

Coronavirus: Scientists who advise government warn lockdown being eased too soon

The warning comes as the government prepares to ease coronavirus lockdown measures in England, saying it is safe to relax them. May 29th 2020

Two scientists who advise the government have warned lockdown is being eased too soon in England.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week announced further relaxations to restrictions on movement in England, despite new coronavirus cases and deaths still being reported each day.

Professor John Edmunds and Sir Jeremy Farrar, who sit on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), said ministers were taking risks by allowing the gradual reopening of shops and schools and larger gatherings to meet in private.

They also agreed a further risk was posed by easing the lockdown measures with an “untested track and trace system.

Comment People learn behaviour by repetition creating pathways in the brain. the more an action, physical and/or mental is repeated then the broader and faster the pathway works. Hence the phrase practice makes perfect.

This can be a good thing, but it is also the basis of habituation , obsessive compulsive disorder and social conditioning/institutionalisation. The comfort blanket of society offering help with mental health issues consequent of ludicrous lockdown is all part of the fake caring process.

Calls for censoring social media is all about helping mainstream promote and enforce the idea that government sceintists know best, even when they contradict themselves like Neil Ferguson. Even the politicians are afraid of the scientists. It tiurns out that Ferguson’s married lovver is associated with geriatric oligarch Gerge Soros, we all know what he feels about democracy. Robert Cook.

Blocking off the road along Southsea beach did not stop these people enjoying the sun yesterday – in spite of ludicrous lockdown , for which there is no evidence that it saves lives. Image Appledene Photographics/Portsmouth

Scots Transport Police chief makes 480-mile round trip to second home in Yorkshire during lockdown May 27th 2020

Edward Wylie, Scitland’s Ytansport Police Chief and the open road created by Lockdown

The chief of British Transport Police in Scotland is facing criticism after making two trips from Glasgow to Yorkshire to visit his family home during lockdown.

British Transport Police (BTP) have confirmed to The Daily Record that Eddie Wylie made the 480-mile round trips between his Glasgow flat and his other home in Holmfirth, but lockdown rules on travel and second homes.

In a statement, BTP said: “British Transport Police is a national police force with its headquarters in London, and as such our officers are required to regularly travel across England, Scotland and Wales for essential meetings or as operationally required. In these instances, Chief Superintendent Wylie will stay at whichever address is the most convenient.

“Our officers can be posted anywhere in the UK, at any time. This means it is not unusual for them to have their family home in one part of the country and rent other accommodation nearer to where they are currently stationed.

“Crucially, the restrictions state that people should only leave the place they are living if they have a reasonable excuse. This includes travelling for the purposes of work where it is not reasonably possible for that person to work from the place they are living.

“It would not be reasonably possible for Chief Superintendent Wylie to perform his role solely from either the Glasgow address, or his home in Yorkshire.”

READ MORE: Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood spotted flouting coronavirus lockdown rules in visit to second home

Deputy Chief Constable Adrian Hanstock said: “We are satisfied that there has been no breach of the Covid-19 regulations in this case, and there will be no misconduct investigation into Chief Superintendent Wylie’s travel or his leadership.

“Furthermore, Chief Superintendent Wylie is a highly respected officer and I have full confidence in both his integrity and his ability to perform his duties.”

It comes after Scotland’s former chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood resigned after it emerged she had twice visited her second home in Fife contrary to her own warnings to avoid unnecessary travel.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said on the matter: “British Transport Police officers are currently playing a crucial role as guardians of the lockdown. Alongside the Scottish Government and Police Scotland, the BTP’s message has rightly been to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary travel.

“People across Scotland and the whole UK have made huge sacrifices during this time, including missing family funerals and spending precious time away from their loved ones.

“But it seems as if the BTP’s top officer in Scotland has failed to learn the lessons of the Catherine Calderwood debacle, and believes there is one rule for him, and one rule for the rest of us.

“This could have serious consequences for the BTP’s ability to police the lockdown, which could in turn endanger public safety in Scotland.

“Eddie Wylie has serious questions to answer.”

The Daily Record also reports that a complaint has been made about the BTP head’s trips via the force’s confidential whistleblower system.

Last month Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood spotted flouting coronavirus lockdown rules in visit to second home.

BLASPHEMY LAW: Scots Face Up To SEVEN YEARS In Jail for ‘Criticism’ Of Religious Groups BLASPHEMY LAW: Scots Face Up To SEVEN YRS In Jail for ‘Criticism’ Of Religious Groups Jay Beecher Politicalite May 27th 2020

Yet the measures have already been condemned by freedom of speech activists who fear that the move is a draconian attempt to introduce blasphemy laws and to criminalise often justified criticism of certain issues – including the ongoing debate into the homophobia, extremism and sexism that currently plagues the Islamic faith worldwide. SCOTLAND’S Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, announced the measures which are intended to also ‘protect’ members of the LGBT community and the elderly from discrimination.

As part of Scotland’s overhaul of its hate crime legislation, if passed in Holyrood (as is expected), the Hate Crime Bill will make any “stirring up” of hatred offences illegal; with citizens no longer able to criticise groups based on their age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and “variations in sex characteristics”.

Nothing has so far been mentioned as to what constitutes as a “stirring-up” of hate crimes – with some Scottish citizens said to be concerned about not being allowed to express their own personal views and opinions, and many also worried that Scottish social media users will be heavily affected as a result.

Rules are for the Guidance of Wise Men and the Obedience of fools

May 27th 2020

Boris Johnson faced an extraordinary and growing revolt from within his own party on Tuesday over his refusal to sack his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, for breaching lockdown rules.
On a day of dramatic developments, a junior minister resigned and more than 30 other Conservative MPs called for Cummings to go, many citing inboxes overflowing with hundreds of angry messages from constituents.

A further eight Tory MPs were publicly critical of the senior aide’s actions, and three said privately that he should be forced out.
Downing Street had hoped Monday’s lengthy statement from Cummings in the rose garden of No 10 would convince the public he had acted as any concerned father would in driving 260 miles to his parents’ property in Durham when his wife was experiencing potential coronavirus symptoms.

He added: “I have constituents who didn’t get to say goodbye to loved ones; families who could not mourn together; people who didn’t visit sick relatives because they followed the guidance of the government. I cannot in good faith tell them they were all wrong and one senior adviser to the government was right.”

Cummings insisted a caveat about parents looking after young children legitimised his decision to drive to Durham, saying: “The guidance says you don’t have to just sit there.”

The prime minister has staunchly defended his most senior aide, whose advice was critical in sweeping the Conservatives to an 80-seat majority, with the “Get Brexit done” slogan, at December’s general election.

Significant revolts are rare at such an early stage after a thumping election victory, but Cummings was already a divisive figure and his refusal to apologise for an apparent breach of the rules appears to have touched a nerve with the lockdown-weary public.

The government has denied it will launch a review into fines issued to parents who breached lockdown rules to seek childcare, according to reports. The move came after Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said he would “look at” refunds for people penalised for making similar journeys to Dominic Cummings.

Ministers have spent days insisting that Mr Cummings, who contradicted government advice by driving 260-miles to his parents’s estate in Durham at the height of the pandemic, did nothing wrong – insisting he needed to make the journey for childcare reasons.

Asked at a daily Downing Street press conference whether people who were fined for doing the same thing as Boris Johnson’s top aide could have their charges refunded, Mr Hancock pledged to go over the issue with the Treasury.

Hinting that the discussions could lead to a formal announcement, he said: “I will have to talk to my Treasury colleagues before I can answer it in full, and we’ll look at it. And if we can get your details, we’ll make sure that we write to you with a full answer and make an announcement from this podium. I think we can make this commitment.”

Comment Cummings knew as well as the other few with functional brains down here at the bttom of the pile, that most would conform to the simple constant hypnotic TV message of ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’. The fact that delightful Dominic thought he could pick and choose where he stayed and for how long, says it all about elitist Britian. Most don’t have a choice and the police state’s running dogs would catch lecture threaten bully and fine anyone lucky enough to have and caught on their way to little mobile homes on Hayling or Canvey islands.

The message that anyone can get and die of Covid19 is a disgusting lie, intended to hide some rather unpleasant truths about diverse ( sic ) Britain and the Lockdown Lies – intended to create fear, submisiveness, compliance with big brother, bankruptcy, unemployment, asset stripping ,smokescreen, cover up NHS incompetence and lack of equipment and a modification of the New World Order and Global Economy.

Cummings was singled out by the media and civil service leaks for Brexit blame. They don’t like Brexit and lockdown is ceratinly a game changer. He is thus now being used as a peculiar excuse to prolong lockdown.

Robert Cook

Cummings & Goings May 26th 2020

British PM Boris Johnson’s brain, otherise known as Dominic Cummings, exposed in Police State Britain’s No 10 Garden Command Centre.

He pleaded that he did what any reasonable man would have done under such difficult circimstances, including a 37 mile drive, relaxing by the river, with his family – driving to a castle, to test his eyesight because he was feeling ill after Covid and needed to drive 300 miles back to London where he was desperately needed by the government, especially Boris who needed Cummings brain to make decisions for him.
BBC Head Honcho of the Big Brother Corporation ( BBC ) questions Boris Johnson’s brain as it was exposed on the lawns of Number Ten yesterday.
Former Big Brother Corporation man and top gun for hire, Robert PESTon questions Dominic Cummings on his Lockdown Breakout yesterday afternoon in Number 10’s garden.

Should Lockdown Man Dominc Cummings be locked up? ‘I have done nothing wrong and will not apologise’ says Cummings. Full report later today.

The Report May 26th 2020

A government minister has resigned over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trips, piling on more pressure for the top Downing Street aide to be sacked.
Douglas Ross said the embattled adviser’s claim he had a valid excuse to travel during the coronavirus outbreak was “not shared by the vast majority of people who have done as the government asked”.

A government minister has resigned over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trips, piling on more pressure for the top Downing Street aide to be sacked.
Douglas Ross said the embattled adviser’s claim he had a valid excuse to travel during the coronavirus outbreak was “not shared by the vast majority of people who have done as the government asked”.

A senior Conservative figure predicted more resignations will follow as an MP yet to go public with their concerns told Sky News “this is our black Wednesday” – in reference to the 1992 financial crisis that stained the party’s economic record.
Mr Ross stepped down as a junior Scotland Office minister in a letter to Boris Johnson published on Tuesday morning.

He wrote: “I have never met Dominic Cummings so my judgement on this matter has always been open and I accept his statement on Monday afternoon clarified the actions he took in what he felt were the best interests of his family.
“However, these were decisions many others felt were not available to them.

“I have constituents who didn’t get to say goodbye to loved ones; families who could not mourn together; people who didn’t visit sick relatives because they followed the guidance of the government.
“I cannot in good faith tell them they were all wrong and one senior adviser to the government was right.”

His letter was followed minutes later by praise by the former Scottish Tories leader Ruth Davidson, who said she was “sorry” to see a “talented” minister go.
Adam Tomkins, a Tory MSP, called the resignation a “disaster” and warned: “It shows exactly why Cummings should be sacked. I suspect others will follow where Douglas has led.”

Conservative backbencher William Wragg added his voice to the calls, tweeting: “We cannot throw away valuable public and political good will any longer. It’s humiliating and degrading to their office to see ministers put out agreed lines in defence of an adviser.”


In my view lockdown is not reasonable or proportional. It exploits human weakness for ritualistic and docile conformist reponses to the incessant British Police media State propaganda. In short, the draconian denial of civil liberties propensity for obsessive compulsive disorder is what is needed and the media are most concerend that Cummings breach will undermine its hegemony in this respect.. The Cummings case shows how disingenous the Government is. Lying dishonest politicians don’t normally get sacked in institutionally corrupt Britain, but this case is something else.

None of the posturing elitist British screen media journalists expressed any doubt as to the wisdowm of an economy crippling socially destructive lockdown and the impact that this egotistical defunct colonial power’s lingering and corrupting power is having on on the EU, U.S and the wider world.

There is no evidence that lockdown has had any reducing influence on Covid’s spread or mortality rates. Pity Cummings did not have the guts to admit he ignored the rules because he knew they were rubbish and that herd immunity is the only serious and long termsolution to the virus .

Mainstream media at the Cummings press conference were not interested in the wider issues, only showing more anger toward this Brexiteer they most hate. Lockdown is a band wagon for some. Police State Britain and the overpaid media lackeys want you to know how much they care about pampered old folk dying in expensive privatised poorly staffed care homes because the filthy incompetent NHS hopsitals could not cope – that is why we have cr-p about clapping them.

The British Police State is a class society with the masses poorly educated and easily controlled as lockdown demonstrates. It is a perfect way to control dissent and contain protest from the likes of Tommy Robinson – the latter would no doubt regard continuing free movement open door immigration, including boat people, as an issue related to this problem.. However, his perspective from the bottom is a menace from which lockdown and police vigilance protects us. If Britain must be called a democracy to please the elite, then it is of the GDR variety.

Many of us know how dangerous and damagaing lockdown is. Police State Britain’s elite must be hoping that the rest of Europe will run into serious problems through their dramatic easing of restrictions. Over here in Britain we are told that we might have access to more shops if the R rate stays no higher than 0.5, but must be ready for urgent retrn to total lockdown if anything goes wrong, – .i.e more old, seriously ill obese , diabetic and ethnic minorities having an upsurge in Covid 19 related or probabaly related cases- then wemust expect a return to total lockdown.

Forget other claims on the useless NHS and other causes of death. An obsession with covering for the terrible health service. The minority of risk factored minority people is more important than the ineviable collapse of society, unemployment is all that matters to our ruling elite, including the Brexit hating pampered upper middle classes who infest the British Police State the upper echelons of the ‘s Civil Servants who just love lockdown.

Many little cliques are loving it, but the poor will lose many jobs and pay the taxes. Many will lose more than that. So the people in charge are either idiots or have a hidden agenda, If Cummings means what he said then he knows the lockdown doesn’t save lifes, so there must be a hidden agenda.

The elite are making fools of the masses. as the Cummings annd Ferguson affairs demonstrate. Meanwhile, the media takes no notice of key reserach by mathematical virologists at Cambridge University, or the reality that there will never be a viable vaccine in the near future. One top scientists said that there are now so few new cases to test it on. But the elite and their SAGE hangers on don’t want the masses to hear about it.

Today my local Supermarket was crowded with fools wearing their useless masks, looking terrified, walking like Thunderbird puppets. The masks do not work, the only mask that matters is the one the British Police State is hiding behind. No European country has ever done police state better than the British, not even the NAZIS – so so subtle polite and pleasant smiley faced. Robert Cook.

Dominic Cummings: ‘They are the elite’, says former Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell

Tuesday 26 May 2020 11:41, UK

The former Labour communications chief tore into Dominic Cummings and the whole cabinet in his feisty interview with Kay Burley.


We’re all in this together you know, what ! what ! Inside the Queen’s lockdown life: 22 members of staff, horse riding and planning Prince Philip’s 100th birthdayThe Queen and Prince Philip are self-isolating at Windsor Castle

All in together indeed !

he Queen and Prince Philip have been self-isolating at Windsor Castle since March, and now, details have emerged about how the pair are spending their lockdown days.

Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are locked down with just 22 members of staff, which Master of the Household Tony Johnstone-Burt, a former Royal Navy officer, has referred to as “HMS Bubble”. The team have had to remain separated from their own families for the duration of isolation, to make sure that the royals are safe from COVID-19.


The Queen moved to Windsor Castle in March

Despite the strict measures in place, the Queen has been taking part in her favourite past time most mornings – horse riding. The monarch has been driving her own car and heading to the stables located in Home Park without police, servants or family to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus, the Daily Mail has revealed.

MORE: Where the royals are self-isolating during the coronavirus lockdown

At the stables, head groom Terry Pendry is on hand to ensure that her ponies are ready, whilst maintaining a safe two metre distance.


The Queen loves horse riding, pictured here with Prince Andrew in November last year

“The monarch’s ride of choice is a black pony called Carltonlima Emma, named after the stud near Leeds where she was bred, and the routine gives the queen a sense of both freedom and normality,” Rebecca English writes.

According to the publication, the royal couple have also been brushing up on their FaceTime skills in order to keep in contact with other family members. Back in April, the Queen spoke to grandson Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Archie Harrison on her birthday.

The 94-year-old has also started planning her platinum jubilee which will take place in 2022 as well as Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, which fall on 10 June next year.

“Although he’s sure to resist pressure for public celebrations for his centenary, the palace – and his family – will want to make a fuss,” the Daily Mail writes.

Rough Sleepers have been moved on from the street outside Windsor Castle, in the interests of keeping some people safe. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

PM To Lead Press Conference As Calls Intensify For Dominic Cummings To Resign May 24th Huffington Post

Senior aide stands accused of twice breaking the lockdown.

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Boris Johnson is set to lead the Downing Street press conference as pressure mounts on him to sack his senior aide Dominic Cummings. 

The prime minister is likely to face a barrage of questions over Cummings, who is alleged to have twice broken the coronavirus lockdown, when he appears before the cameras at the daily briefing at 5pm. 

The PM has been under pressure to act since it emerged on Friday that the former Vote Leave boss travelled 260 miles to Durham to self-isolate at his parents’ home in March. 

Cummings was seen entering Number 10 on Sunday afternoon, as a string of Conservative MPs broke ranks to call for his resignation.

Number 10 had initially defended him, saying the trip was justified as Cummings, who later tested positive for Covid-19, needed help with childcare for his four-year-old son.

Reports in the Sunday Mirror and Observer today, however, claimed that Cummings returned to County Durham on April 19 and witnesses saw him in a town called Barnard Castle. 

Transport secretary Grant Shapps later told Sky News it was “completely untrue” that Cummings went back to Durham. 

But calls from Labour, the public and key Tory backbenchers for a clear explanation have been continuing to pile up. 

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth told the BBC: “This is a deadly, deadly virus which spreads with speed, which is why we went into a lockdown and it’s why the government told us and put into law a rule that we should stay at home, a rule that Dominic Cummings helped design with Boris Johnson.

“His behaviour is utterly irresponsible. He has undermined that rule, as have a whole chorus of cabinet ministers including the health Secretary, extraordinarily, undermined that public health rule which is about keeping people safe.”

Labour’s Rachel Reeves, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, meanwhile, has written to cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill to ask the top civil servant to investigate whether Cummings’ actions breached the lockdown and the code of conduct for special advisers. 

It reads: “The British people have made important and painful sacrifices to support the national effort, including being away from family in times of need.

“It is therefore vital that the government can reassure the public that its most senior figures have been adhering to the same rules as everyone else.” 

Coronavirus ‘disappearing’ so fast Oxford vaccine has ‘only 50% chance of working’

Professor Adrian Hill describes the efforts to create a vaccine as a “race against the virus disappearing, and against time”.

Monday 25 May 2020 00:54, UK

Professor Adrian Hill, director of Oxford University's Jenner Institute, says the vaccine trial could be thwarted by the decline in UK cases
Image: Professor Adrian Hill, director of Oxford University’s Jenner Institute

There is only a 50% chance of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine working because cases in the UK are declining so fast, one of the scientists behind it has warned.

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group began developing a COVID-19 vaccine in January using a virus taken from chimpanzees.

But with the number of UK coronavirus cases dropping every day, there may not be enough people to test it on, according to the institute’s director Professor Adrian Hill.

He told The Sunday Telegraph: “It’s a race against the virus disappearing, and against time. We said earlier in the year that there was an 80% chance of developing an effective vaccine by September.

“But at the moment, there’s a 50% chance that we get no result at all. We’re in the bizarre position of wanting COVID to stay, at least for a little while.” How is Oxford vaccine being trialled and when will we know if it works?

On Saturday, 282 people were reported to have died of the virus in the UK across hospitals, care homes and the community.

The figure has fallen dramatically since the peak of Britain’s outbreak, when almost 1,000 people were dying every day in hospitals alone.

Comment The British Police State government will not ease off on lockdown in any significant way, vaccine was never going to work, the 5 tests will never be met, not least because the NHS is appalling and not up to everyday demand let alone a crisis which is why ill patients were sent back to care homes to infect others and die.

So the device of lockdown will linger. Britain’s elite and their lackeys have always been one step ahead when it comes to NAZI style social control, all very devious and subtle, but with an iron fist inside the velvet glove. Of course they don’t lie, just very economical with the truth to the point where they give the plebs no truth at all. They do not have to make any sense because the plebs in feminazi Britain don’t like the truth. They want to stay safe. If the cave men had listened to the cave women, humans would have been extinct by now.

Robert Cook

UK migration: Net migration from outside EU hits ‘highest level’ May 22nd 2020

What was the point of leaving the EU ? What is the real purpose of lockdown, which so many vested interests in U.K want to keep, while the rest of Europe does the sensible and sane thing, easing restrictions ?

Net migration to the UK from countries outside the European Union has risen to its highest level for 45 years, the Office for National Statistics says.

Figures show an estimated 282,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in 2019, the highest since the information was first gathered in 1975.

The ONS says a rise in students from China and India has driven this.

In contrast, the number of people arriving from EU countries for work has “steadily fallen”.

In 2019, an estimated 49,000 more EU citizens came to the UK than left – down from the “peak levels” of more than 200,000 in 2015 and early 2016, the ONS says.

In total, an estimated 270,000 more people moved to the UK with an intention to stay for 12 months or more than left the UK in 2019.

The ONS says more than 677,000 people moved to the UK and about 407,000 people left.

Jay Lindop, director of the Centre for International Migration at the ONS, said: “Overall migration levels have remained broadly stable in recent years, but new patterns have emerged for EU and non-EU migrants since 2016.

“For the year ending December 2019, non-EU migration was at the highest level we have seen, driven by a rise in students from China and India, while the number of people arriving from EU countries for work has steadily fallen.

“We know the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on travel since December and new analysis today shows how international travel to and from the UK has decreased in recent months.”

The ONS says overall migration levels “have remained broadly stable” since the end of 2016, but patterns for EU and non-EU citizens “have followed different trends”.

“This in part reflects the different trends in immigration for employment and study, with EU migrants predominantly arriving for work-related reasons and non-EU migrants arriving for study,” its report says.

Pandemic impact

Rob McNeil, deputy director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, said it was “too early to quantify how the pandemic will affect migration to the UK”.

But he said it was clear that the consequences of coronavirus “already reach right across the immigration system – from workers’ inability to travel to take up work and employers’ difficulty bringing seasonal workers to British fields, to sharp reductions in the number of people detained and deported”.

He said the crisis raised questions on whether employers in the UK will still want to recruit from overseas or if international students will still apply and take up places at British universities.

Matthew Fell, chief UK policy director of the Confederation of British Industry, said businesses were “currently prioritising safety and protecting jobs during this period of unprecedented stress”, saying: “For now, some businesses are less likely to hire from overseas than before the crisis.

“But many others will need to access the new immigration system to help grow the UK economy and have little capacity to prepare for it.

“Time is running out if government and business are to implement this well.”

He called for the publication of more information on how the UK’s new points-based immigration system would work to enable a “pragmatic conversation about the time it will take to implement”.

Betsey Wynne is a winner May 22ND 2020

This posh pub in swanky Swanbourne North Bucks is named after Ian Duncan Smith’s wife. She is a leading member of the famous Freemantle family, her father a former Lord Lieutenant of the County. They own most of Swanbourne, the pub built for them on their land.
They have just sold 50 acres to the East West Rail project for £1.5 million.
In the nineteenth century, the then Lord Freemantle used to chair Winslow Magistrates Court, transporting petty offenders, who were desperate for food, to the family’s estates in Australia. This country has always been a fake democracy.

Dozens of anti lockdown protests broken up and protestors moved on by U.K State Police May 16th 2020

State Police move in on protestors in Hyde Park Central London AP

A protestor holds up a banner during a mass gathering protest organised by the group called ‘UK Freedom Movement’, in Hyde Park. (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

It appears that the UK protests could also have roots in the far-right. Speculation has arisen that Jayda Fransen, former deputy leader of Britain First, is behind the UK Freedom Movement group as she was listed on the government’s Companies House website as the director of a new organisation of the same name on April 30. Fransen has flatly denied being behind the group. 

The correspondence address listed for Fransen under Freedom Movement Ltd also matches a registered office address listed by Britain First Merchandise Ltd, which cites Britain First leader Paul Golding as a director and Fransen as a resigned director. 

Nineteen people were arrested and another 10 given on-the-spot fines in Hyde Park, the Metropolitan Police said.

Some women see beyond bourgeoise pseudo Marxist feminist smokescreen. Police are ready to pounce. AP

Deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor said: “With the easing of restrictions we fully expected open spaces to be busy this weekend.

“It was pleasing to see that people were largely compliant with the government guidance. Where they weren’t, and after we engaged with them, they quickly were.

“It was disappointing that a relatively small group in Hyde Park came together to protest the regulations in clear breach of the guidance, putting themselves and others at risk of infection.

“Officers once again, took a measured approach and tried to engage the group to disperse. They clearly had no intention of doing so, and so it did result in 19 people being arrested, and a further ten being issued with a fixed penalty notice.”

Protesters holding a Union Flag, a Flag of St George and a placard that reads “I am a free man, I am not a number” in Hyde Park. (Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images)

Fransen has been a vocal opponent of the lockdown on her social media channels, although both she and another far-right figurehead called Richard Inman – who claims to be the actual founder of the UK Freedom Movement – have denied they are running this weekend’s events.

At least six people were arrested at the gathering in central London, including Piers Corbyn, brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

He was taken away by police after showing up with a megaphone and proclaiming 5G and the coronavirus pandemic were linked, calling it a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”. 

He also said “vaccination is not necessary” and that “5G towers will be installed everywhere”, adding: “5G enhances anyone who’s got illness from Covid, so they work together.”

There is no evidence to link 5G and Covid-19 and scientists fear that a rise in measles among children can be attributed in part to unfounded fears about vaccines.

He was taken away after declining to leave when asked by a police officer and refusing to give his details when asked.

A flyer advertising the protest called for “no to mandatory vaccines, no to the new normal, and no to the unlawful lockdown”.

Ultimately we have no rights in Police State Britain. Even the government must cower to vested interests and the media. Today’s Andrew Marr show saw Marr browbeating Michael Gove, accusing him of putting teachers’ lives at risk by expecting them to go back to work. his interview with a female Labour MP was rather a contrast, with Labour treated as the nation’s moral conscience as long as it doesn’t notice the poor white underclass or vile privatised care homes..

This country is for the rich, hence their neeed for open door immigration and the importation of deprivation and illness from the Third World.

An elite, media- especially BBC and State run Channel 4- decided this and other priorities. It is insane and will be diasterous if we go on another week like this. AP

David Samson, 50, who said he works in finance, told the PA news agency he went because “I never thought I’d see in my generation the suppressing of civil rights” over a “fake virus”.

“This is nothing compared to what’s coming,” he said.

There was a large round of boos whenever protesters were arrested, and repeated shouts of “jail Bill Gates”.

While several dozen people attended a protest in London, other events consisted of a much smaller number.

A separate protest in Southampton saw about a dozen protesters gather on Southampton Common, holding placards saying “Stop the Lies”, “Say no to tyranny” and “Fight 4 Freedom”.

One protester, Dee, who did not wish to give her surname, said her job in the hair and beauty industry had been hit by the crisis.

She told PA: “I am here because I am worried about civil liberties being taken away.

“Reading the coronavirus act that has gone through Parliament, it seems there are changes being made which infringe our freedom.

“And I am worried the media has run away with the Covid-19 thing and blown it all out of proportion.”

Two gatherings were organised in Bristol, with one attended by around a dozen people, and another in the city centre was attended by no one at all, according to the Bristol Post.

In Belfast, police monitored a crowd of about 20 people who had gathered in Ormeau Park to denounce the lockdown measures, which broke up after an hour without incident.

A small number of protestors also attended events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with the Daily Record reporting chants of “Nicola Sturgeon is a traitor” and “we are not livestock.” 

Pictures and videos of the protests have been shared widely online, where they were met with anger and derision. 

“People are dying and these stupid people are protesting about giving them freedom,” wrote one Twitter user, while one placard in particular attracted hundreds of tweets. 

The arrangement of the placard, which was supposed to read “I am a free man, I am not a number”, instead appeared to read: “I am a free, I am not man, a number”, and quickly began to trend on Twitter.

I am a FREE. I am not MAN. A NUMBER— beth mccoll (@imteddybless) May 16, 2020

practicing to try and impress my virus nonce friends:
“I am a free man not a number, I am a free man not a number”

Out loud:
“I AM A FREE I AM NOT MAN A NUMBER”— James Felton (@JimMFelton) May 16, 2020

‘I am a free I am not man a number.’ Lovely to see that even in lockdown the annual outdoor surrealist poetry convention is still popular.— Matt Haig (@matthaig1) May 16, 2020


Coronavirus Has Left Dentistry In Crisis, And The Fallout Could Prove Disastrous For The NHS

‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author Spells Out Why Coronavirus Deaths ‘Don’t Matter’ To Trump

UK Records 468 More Coronavirus Deaths In 24 Hours As Latest Care Home Data Released

Huffington Post May 16th 2020

Moving Goalposts No Normality Until Impossibe Vaccine, Follow Rules or No Easing May 18th 2020

Protestors in Hyde Park The PM warns that if people keep doing this there will be more, higher fines and no easing in lockdown.

The public are urged to report on lockdown violations. Only a vaccine can restore anything like normality says Boris.

So now we know there are worse things than the EU and the British Government always used it as a smokescreen for elite corruption and their police state.
Robert Cook

Boris Johnson has told Tory MPs he wants to return to ‘near-normality’ in July as he hails British ‘good sense’ over the lockdown and announces £93million to bring forward the opening of a research centre to fast-track a coronavirus vaccine.

Speaking to 100 of his colleagues via video link, the Prime Minister said he would take ‘grandmother steps’ to ease the rules, but only if Britons comply with the current lockdown measures. He also confirmed that Commons discussions will resume on June 2. 

Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, Mr Johnson also announces that an Oxfordshire research centre will be opening a year ahead of schedule in an attempt to fast-track a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, Mr Johnson also announces that an Oxfordshire research centre will be opening a year ahead of schedule in an attempt to fast-track a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The British government will invest up to £93million to accelerate construction of a new vaccines centre, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said on Saturday.
The funding will ensure the new centre opens in Summer 2021, a year ahead of schedule, the department said.
The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), which is currently under construction, is a key component of the government’s programme to ensure that once a coronavirus vaccine is available it can be rolled out quickly in mass quantities, the department said.

Mr Johnson’s exclusive article will be seen as an attempt to draw a line under the chaotic days in Westminster which followed his televised address to the nation last Sunday, which left many people confused about the rules about meeting friends and family.
The Prime Minister clarifies today: ‘You can now spend as much time as you like outdoors, for example sitting and enjoying the fresh air, picnicking, or sunbathing. You can meet one other person from a different household outdoors, provided you maintain social distancing. 

‘You can exercise outdoors as often as you wish and play sport. Even with these changes, it’s vital that people stay alert, keep their distance from others and carry on washing their hands regularly’.
Mr Johnson’s remarks come as he is understood to have started work on a major speech to be delivered in the middle of next month, which will lay out his detailed plan to rebuild Britain after the crisis. 

One official involved in the work said that the speech would use the ‘three pillars’ of education, technology and infrastructure to set out his vision of a post-Covid Britain – although a senior source cautioned that it was ‘far too early’ to say what the speech would contain.

The Prime Minister is also battling to contain a series of territorial battles in his Cabinet over the response to the crisis, with Michael Gove at the centre of most of them. 

Mr Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has been engaged in a long-running turf war with Health Secretary Matt Hancock over issues such as the supply of medical equipment and protective kit.

Boris Johnson today announces the Government is investing £93 million to bring forward the opening of a pioneering new vaccine centre by a year.

The lab should now be open by summer 2021 with the hope it will be able to produce enough vaccines to serve the entire population by the end of next year.

Advisers say life in Britain will not return completely to normal until more than 70 per cent of the population have been immunised against the virus.

The Lower Classes Pay for the ludicrous lie based lockdown while big business and tfl get big bail out May 17th 2020

BORIS Johnson told MPs there would be no public sector pay freezes yesterday – but tax hikes are still feared in the coronavirus fallout.

The PM spoke to about 125 members of the 1922 Comittee and declared there would not be a return to austerity to cover the costs of the £300billion pandemic.

The Telegraph reports he said “absolutely not – anyone who suggests that can sit on it” when asked if NHS workers would face a pay freeze.

Talking to the backbench MPs he reportedly also hinted at longer-term reform of how Public Health England (PHE) is run.

And he suggested a huge focus would be put on developing the Northern Powerhouse Rail to ensure the economy gets going again.

He said he did not intended to go back to austerity, adding: “We are going to make sure we level up right across the country and keep faith with the people who voted for us.”

Last week Rishi Sunak refused to rule out tax rises for millions of workers to help pay for the coronavirus crisis.

Leaked Treasury documents revealed that an end to the triple lock on state pensions and a two-year freeze on pay for nurses, teachers and police were part of a menu of options the Chancellor is looking at to balance the books.

But yesterday the PM seemed to confirm a pay freeze was not the way to go, however remained tight-lipped about tax rises.

He reportedly said the Chancellor is looking at “innovative” solutions, with one MP saying “they are looking at liberalising the tax regime rather than tightening it”.

Coronavirus deaths in the UK rose to 33,998 yesterday after 384 more people died – but the weekly death toll is the lowest since the end of March.

In the past week, a total of 2,757 people died in care homes and hospitals across the UK, figures from the Department of Health show.

As numbers slowly fall, Mr Johnson said yesterday: “We mustn’t let the mugger get back off the floor, and we’re going to play Whack-a-Mole across the country wherever coronavirus flares up.”

Britain’s economy shrunk by two per cent in the last three months overall, and plunged by 5.8 per cent in March in the fastest monthly slump on record.

In the next three months, the UK is set to go into another recession, partly thanks to the impact of the virus.

Mr Sunak has said it is “very likely” that the UK will face a “significant recession” as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus: Former Pizza Express boss angers Question Time audiences by referring to ‘government propaganda’

Businessman Luke Johnson implies UK has overreacted to Covid-19 crisis  May 15th 2020

The former chairman of Pizza Express has been strongly criticised on social media for saying the government has been running “a campaign of fear” during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking on BBC One’s Question Time on Thursday evening, the entrepreneur Luke Johnson implied the UK has overreacted to the threat caused by Covid-19.

Among other claims, he suggested that only 350 people below the age of 60 without “other morbidities” have died from coronavirus in the UK, adding that people were “more likely” to die by drowning.

Fiona Bruce, who presents Question Time, said in response that more than 4,000 people under 65 had died from Covid-19.

She also emphasised that people with other “morbidities” were not necessarily “going to die anyway” and could have lived with their conditions.

As well as his comments on the coronavirus death toll, Mr Johnson said the UK is facing an economic “depression”, adding that he would not be surprised if two million more people became unemployed within a year.

But Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, told the programme it was a “mistake” to put economic considerations against public health.

Ms Sridhar said: “These are both on the same side. Containment and public health is good for the economy.”

She said this was demonstrated by countries that enforced lockdown quicker than the UK, which are now opening up again.

Comment May 16th 2020

It is interesting how comments on social media are quoted mainstream when they fit the official agenda. Those that support Tommy Robinson spark outrage and calls for more conrols and censorship. Those frightend folk -who we are supposed to believe are fighting folk like those being bombed and bereaved etc in World War II- bleating about this man’s obvious scepticism and warnings, must be taken seriously.

Social Media is Good when the moaners are moaning about what officials want them to moan about- so that is defintely not this guy who has a lifetime facebook , twitter and You Tube Ban

Bruce is not stupid, even though I find her smugness loathesome, so she deliberately avoided Luke Johnson’s question ‘How many over 65s have died from Corona who did not have pre existing conditions ? ‘ She replied with ‘I can tell you how many have died who were over 65.’ When confronted with a figure of just over 300, and less than those drowned each year in U,K, she took no notice.

Nor did any of the panel respond to warnings of global deperssion and more deaths from the cure than the virus. Instead Bruce and co drooled over Devi Sridhar, who is head of global health at Edinburgh University. This is a person with a third world agenda. Stridhar said it was a ‘mistake to put economy before public health’.

But we are not allowed to talk about what lies behind all the global health and environmental issues because that would be racist and uspet ‘nice people’. Better hide behind the smoke, pretending there is no fire. Obviously this high powered do gooder doesn’t see the relationship between the economy society and public health. What a moreon.

The government went out of its way to frighten people from the word go on Covid, pushed on by comfortable media folk. they don’t come much more comfortble and well paid than the tax avoiding BBC’s Fiona Bruce. These people have a lot to live for and are not going to die for their country. So why don’t they just cut the cr-p about this being a re run of World War Two and the Dunkirk Spirit.

If Hitler had not been paranoid about his ally USSR, and followed through with an invasion, no amount of bombastic speeches from the likes of wimdbag blusteringly incompetent Chrchill would have saved the day. Most British people would have cowed and cowered, with all too many ready to report on their neighbours to Nazi High Command, loving the uniforms and jobs as concentration camp guards. Britain was ultimately saved by the U.S.A. Robert Cook

A very modern British magazine Vick Tory aka Sir Win Some Churchil, re writing the past to help re write today and tomorrows – if we have many left.
As the Neil Young Lyric goes “It’s easy to get buried in the past, when you try to make a good thing last.” from ‘On the Beach’ 1974.

The government just made a decision which will mean coronavirus is never eradicated in the UK

Boris Johnson is effectively going to cull rough sleepers, says Fleet Street Fox. And rough sleeping is about to rocket

Deep in the government’s strategy for lifting lockdown – page 39, to be exact – is its sole mention of the homeless.

It states: “Outbreaks amongst the socially excluded – whether through poverty or homelessness – are likely to be especially difficult to detect and harmful, since people in these groups may lack the means to isolate themselves when ill.”

And, er, that’s it.

No suggestions of what to do about it. No plan for avoiding what sounds like thousands of deaths among the most vulnerable people it is the government’s job to look after.

Just an acknowledgement they will fall ill, infect others, and die in ways that are unknown and untraceable.

As anyone who doesn’t use chauffeur-driven cars knows, the homeless are in fact easy to find. They are in every bus and train station. They ride the Tubes, trams and metros. They do not cycle. They do not walk to work. They do not isolate, or recover, in their holiday home.

Comment The above comment is extracted from The Mirror. It’s comfortable outraged overpaid reporters still write in the mythical context that Corona can be eradicated. May 16th 2020

There is only one solution to this, as with so many other viruses, HERD IMMUNITY. It only kills old folk like me and those with serious pre existing conditions. The whole drama of Corona has been about creatinga climate of fear and extreme social control. The official figures are vastly exaggerated, but if it is a military purposed and engineered virus, the secretive governing classes may have reason to expect worse to come. they are trying to have it both ways, they don’t know anything about it yet they also know all about it !

The virus cannot be eradicated. But its effects and spread can be ameliorated by restoring border controls, looking at reducing the absurd population gtowth among third world and religiously deluded peoples, along with other serious environmental issues, and reducing and redsitributing vile elite profiteering. Immigration controls are vital. Corona is not the only danger. Reforming the NHS is crucial. The concept of Trusts, Devolution and a National Health Service is absurd, wasteful and hopelss. The whole world needs political reform, and the whingeing self interested opportunistic World Health Organisation needs abolishing.

Finally, there is too much worldwide elite secrecy, and repulsive organisations like Bildeburg. Governemnts use secrecy and fear to divide and rule, which is what the Corona Con is all about. Robert Cook

Revealed: New guidelines for using public transport
Passengers wearing face masks at Canning Town underground station in London. Credit: PA
Millions of Britons have been urged to return to work tomorrow, leaving many wondering how they will get there. New Government guidance released today indicates public transport will look very different as we enter the next phase of lockdown. Commuters will be advised to wear face masks, with queuing systems and one-way flows through stations set to be implemented. The Government guidance also covers what to do when sitting, buying tickets and when to wash your hands. The Prime Minister’s advice at the weekend to avoid public transport has been a coup for Brompton, the largest British bicycle manufacturer, which has seen its sales surge since the start of the lockdown. If you have not got hold of a face mask for your morning commute, here is how to make a government-approved one, without the need for any sewing.

With the return to work comes the inevitable yearning to get away to somewhere sunny but the Health Secretary appears to have dampened any hopes of a summer break. Matt Hancock said it is “unlikely that big, lavish international holidays are going to be possible for this summer”. It comes as the UK death toll increased today by 627 people to 32,692. Despite this, Ryanair announced today it plans to resume flights from July 1 but with some unusual new rules for passengers.
Furlough scheme extended for longer than expected   The Government’s furlough scheme will be extended to the end of October but with changes from the end of July to share the burden of paying salaries with employers, Chancellor Rishi Sunak told MPs. Mr Sunak said it will include “greater flexibility” in the later months, allowing employees to bring furloughed employees back part-time. Crucially, he said “workers will continue to receive the same level of support”, at 80pc of their salary up to a £2,500 monthly cap. Read on for everything you need to know about the scheme. Meanwhile, bosses cautiously welcomed the plan but warned the “devil is in the detail”.
Queen stars in first video call as royals thank nurses   In 1940, she gave her first public broadcast on the wireless, speaking to the children of the Commonwealth in an address captured by a solemn black and white photograph. Eight decades on and the Queen has broken new ground once again at the age of 94, permitting the first broadcast of words from her video call to thank nurses for their “very important” work. The Queen has led her family in a major royal effort to thank nurses across the world for “keeping the show on the road” during coronavirus. Click here to see the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Princess Royal and Countess of Wessex as they appeared in a lively montage of video calls.

PS: Keep up to date with what is happening in the Covid-19 crisis with a daily roundup of the big issues in our podcast Coronavirus: The Latest. Also, we have a special offer when you take out a Telegraph subscription, giving you access to all our articles without leaving home. Sign up for a free one-week trial – then save 50pc on your first three months.
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The Science of Corona Spread according to Neil Ferguson et al of Imperial College London Posted May 14th 2020

The full Imperial College Report is published on the Science page of this website. Reports of the Government’s SAGE meeings will be published very soon on the same page. Note this report is about guessing the spread and more guesswork as to the nature and structure with particiuar regard to mutation and effect, of the Corona Virus. It is about a maths model of predicted spread, and rate of spread, with R representing the reinfection rate. R at 1 means each person with Corona can be expected or predicted to infect one other person who will go on to infect one other etc.

Britain’s police state takes the view that lockdown can only be significantly releaxed if R is well below 1, preferably in the region of 0.05. More credible scientists believe that lockdown has gone on so long, coming too late, so that there is no reasonable hope of herd immumity – which means the serious prospect of a second wave this autumn along with more lockdown.

It doesn’t take algebra to see where this is going. Meanwhile a lot of money is being made, and asset strippers are waiting. The Rt Hon Rees Mogg is with an investment company promising to make a killing from the Corona effect.

What Ferguson does know for certain, while making this report and as a bassis for his modelling is is that the virtually privatised, asset stripped debt laden poorly equiped run down and management heavy NHS will fail massively especially in densely populated urban areas of high ethnic diversity, religious bigotry, poverty and squalor

He also knows the Thatcher privatised very expensive profit based care homes will fail hideously, so those already close to natural death, especially if they have previous health conditions will die sooner with corona, which given the squalor of the homes will make sure they get it.

So operation smokescreen needs the Ferguson maths to justify putting key at risk voters’ peace of mind above the wider national interest – to hell with the young, scare them to death, blind them with science like the following report which they won’t understand, upon which there will be further analysis and comment here soon.

On the wider scene, Britain has been a massively malign influence on Europe, the U.S and beyond, so Ferguson must factor in no limit to borders, air traffic or illegal immigrants. Though he clearly did not believe his own advice because he broke it at least twice for sexual contact with his mistress , a married mother.

The maths of his assessment here was simple : M + F = S where M represents male F represents female and S represents sex. But we do not need algebra to explain the obvious anymore than we need what is below, from Fergusoon’s 14 page report on Corona.

We might also consider that M + F , because of other human factors/variables, could equal D where D reresents divorce, or MB where MB represents Male Bankruptcy or a number of other possibilities.

But for Ferguson, ‘operation smokescreen’, blinding people with science, has only one possibility, LOCKDOWN because that is what the government wanted, the media wanted it and now a lot of workers want it, especially teachers who do not want to go back to work. Britain is ridiculing and patronising European countries for doing the sensible thing and easing out of lockdown. People with brains should fear the British elite more than Europe’s.

Public sector workers are paid to stay at home. Furloughed private sector workers are going to be bankrolled by the taxpaper the Chancellor said so. Lockdown is costing £14 billion a day. Imagine if all that money had been invested in an NHS fit to cope with all the illegal and legal mass of third world immigrants and an ageing population. But moron politicians are always economical with the truth, out to feed their own egos and winging it.

As an ex maths teacher, I could convert all of this into alegbra and probable outcomes. British people are more likely to belive what they can’t understand which is why so many still believe in God. So if God made everything, then God made ‘the science’ so it must be true

It is not is necessary to tell us that if someone catches a cold it is an airborne virus which will spread to anyone in its path, the poorly and old being vulnerable to a cold turning fatal. That is the reality of Corona.

Ferguson made his report on the basis of probability, some limits to the masses, regardless of the damage caused long term, because he got paid, would look good and enhance his and pompous Imperial College’s reputation.

Robert Cook

When governments can create bogus laws in the name of democracy to cover up hidden agendas and/or incompetence, protests are no surprise. PC liberals and global elites are destroying society and the planet. Robert Cook
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  6. ‘Stop, Children:’ Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For What It’s …… There‘s something happening here / What it is ain’t exactly clear… The ominous words of Buffalo Springfield‘s For What It’s Worth, followed by the cautious line Stop, children, what’s that sound’ make it a ’60s anthem. It seems to sum up a mood that was permeating the country — even though it was written about a distinctly local event, the Sunset Strip Riots of 1966.
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Comment Whatever happened to the upper middle class student protestors of my generation ? The women discovered the self interest of feminism, the men went for the top jobs like the parents who had spoiled them, and they all created police state liberalism. Robert Cook

Robert Cook running for elitist University of East Anglia, in an international student event, London 1971. In thse days, Robert was training over 100 miles running and weights each week.

Lockdown fines rise to £100 as Government ramps up crackdown on social distancing rule flouters May 11th 2020

U.S Citizens made desperate people by elite self interested Corona propaganda and lockdown. As Britain is set for leockdown extension until October, when a fresh wave of the bug afflciting the very old, sickly and densely populated ethnic communities will be expected to rise again, so the measures will roll on, until we are either habituated, on the streets, dead or criminalised by lockdown.
Meanwhile select employees and politicans -0ur MPs voted themselves an extra £10,000 to work at home for three months during first phase of lockdown- wil be paid, with an elite making huge profits from this elite made and orchestrated emergency.
Robert Cook

Lockdown fines will rise to £100 in England this week as the Government draws up tougher punishments for anyone flouting the rules.

Anyone breaching social distancing restrictions will have their first fine lowered to £50 if paid within 14 days, but fines will double for each repeat offence, up to a maximum of £3,200, Boris Johnson confirmed in a speech to MPs on Monday afternoon.

The new changes will come into affect on Wednesday, when existing emergency coronavirus legislation is updated to reflect the changes.

The plans come as a 50-page exit strategy document published by the Government said it was “examining more stringent enforcement measures for non-compliance”.

Setting out limited changes to some rules from Wednesday, the paper said the higher fines “reflect the increased risk to others of breaking the rules as people are returning to work and school”.

But some MPs and police chiefs raised concerns and one lawyer warned the unclear directions to officers and the public could be a “recipe for disaster”.

The new guidance says people will be able to:

– Exercise outside as many times a day as they want – although a limit on the number of exercise sessions has never been enforced by law in England

– Spend time outdoors, other than for exercise, as long as they are not meeting more than one person from outside their household, while observing social distancing measures by keeping two metres apart, and continuing to wash their hands regularly

– Drive to outdoor open spaces “irrespective of distance” as long as they observe social distancing rules when there, and do not travel over borders to other parts of the UK where rules are different. Previously, the public were urged not to travel long distances to visit beaches, countryside and beauty spots

Lunatics Running Asylum May 10th 2020

Whiteleaf NHS Mental Health Unit, Aylesbury March 2020. Mental health is big business in U.K today, but who is to say who the mad ones are ?

In this changing social and natural environment, social engineering is of paramount importance to the ruling elite and their lackeys like Whiteleaf’s Dr C R Ramsay who still refuses to answer my questions. I have accused him and his employers of gross misconduct, reporting them to the GMC who also refuse to answer my questions – over a year since my first time of asking.

Behavioural Psychologists and pyschiatrists ahev been involved with government advising on the effects of lockdown . The police were given enhanced powers to deal with alleged mental health issues, by Tony Blair’s Government.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Britain’s biggest trades unions Boris Johnson that they will not recommend a return to work for their three million members until the government and employers agree a nationwide health and safety revolution as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to the Observer, leaders of the “big four” – Unison, Unite, the GMB and Usdaw – together with the Trades Union Congress, say many of their members have already lost their lives “transporting people and goods, protecting the public and caring for the vulnerable”.

To minimise further deaths at work they are insisting that health and safety – something they say “used to be mocked by the free marketeers” – needs to be radically overhauled and stepped up in all workplaces if they are to back the government over easing, and eventually ending, the lockdown.

The union leaders say that all employers should have to draw up and publish risk assessments and state what measures they have taken to make work safe for their employees. They also demand sanctions be imposed on rogue employers and call for government investment in health and safety inspections.

“The trade union movement wants to be able to recommend the government’s back-to-work plans,” they say. “But for us to do that we need to ensure that ministers have listened and that we stay safe and save lives at work too.”

Their intervention follows warnings from teaching unions on Friday that they will not support the reopening of schools until a system of “test, trace and isolate” is fully underway – something that is still some way off being fully operational.

The letter is evidence of the dilemma facing the government as it tries to balance safety with getting as many people back to work as possible.

In a speech tonight, the prime minister is expected to qualify the government’s “stay at home” message that has been central to its appeals to the public to adhere to the lockdown.

It is understood that Johnson will say people can leave home to take exercise and fresh air more than the one time a day allowed at present.

He will outline a route to a gradual easing of restrictions when the infection rate allows, and announce plans for new guidance on safety at work. Some non-essential retail outlets, such as garden centres, will be allowed to reopen.

However, Johnson will also announce some tightening of rules, including higher fines for people who flout lockdown instructions and plans to place people arriving on flights into UK airports in quarantine for 14 days.

The prospect of these measures sparked immediate controversy, with the Airport Operators Association chief executive Karen Dee saying they would have a “devastating impact” on the aviation industry and the wider economy.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the UK rose by 346 to 31,587 – still the highest of any European country. A separate figure, the number of deaths involving COVID-19 that have been registered, currently stands at 33,021. The true figure is believed to be much higher.

Some 215,260 people have tested positive, an increase of 3,896 cases since Friday. A total of 96,878 tests were carried out on Friday, the sixth day running that the government has failed to reach its target of 100,000 tests a day.

Last night scientists warned that it would be some time before new infections fell into the hundreds – the level they say is necessary to allow contact tracing and isolation to work effectively. Experts say the current level of 4,000 new cases a day would overwhelm the system.

“Getting new cases down to a few hundred a days is a sensible ballpark figure,” said Edinburgh University epidemiologist Professor Mark Woolhouse.

“However, given the current rate of decline of COVID-19 infections, it will be an awfully long time before we get down to that level. And that is a real concern.” Some estimates suggest it could take a further six months of lockdown to cut new daily cases to their hundreds.

Woolhouse said there were alternative approaches that could be taken.

One would be for the government to introduce a new, very harsh version of lockdown like the one imposed in China. Another would be “to really get to grips with contact tracing,” according to Woolhouse, who is one of the UK’s leading experts on infectious diseases: “Otherwise I do not see how we are going to get any further forward and get out of this situation.”

Downing St insisted Johnson was determined to proceed with “maximum caution” – despite mixed messages last week about a relaxation of measures from Monday. A No 10 source said: “This is a critical moment – so having assessed the evidence carefully, and scrutinised the data, the PM will address the public and ask for their resolve as we continue to do whatever is needed to defeat this devastating disease.”

With polls showing the public anxious about ending the lockdown, and the unions increasingly worried about their members’ safety, businesses are said to be considering temperature tests for staff as part of the gradual return to work.

Companies are also being warned about a spike in harassment claims as workers adjust to operating under social distancing rules. There are also concerns about the psychological impacts of returning to work, as well as a lack of awareness among employees about how to raise the alarm if they are being asked to work in unsafe conditions.

A coalition of more than 250 charities and other organisations is calling on ministers to ensure that any easing of the lockdown doesn’t create new divisions in society. The Connection Coalition, which includes Age UK, Mind and the British Red Cross, warns that segmenting the population risks fracturing the united response that has brought communities together in response to the virus.

A new Opinium poll for the Observer shows people in this country now view the UK as having performed worse than Italy, Spain and France in the COVID-19 crisis. 

Professor Ravi Gupta, a Cambridge University microbiologist, said that while maintaining lockdown for a few more weeks might still seem tempting, there were growing worries about the timing of a likely second wave of infection: “There is almost certainly going to be a second wave of COVID-19 cases after lockdown is lifted. That is inevitable though it remains to be seen how serious it will be.

“However, the longer we leave the lifting of lockdown then it is inevitable that this second wave will occur later and later in the year. And we need to make sure we don’t let that happen in winter on top of the flu, norovirus and other outbreaks.

“That means there is pressure for the government to think about lifting lockdown soon.”

Comment  A lot of vested interests are getting on the bandwagon.  Many will be enjoying getting so much paid leave, especially the public sector.  Who can blame teachers for not wanting to go back to an impossible job ? The rich have more space to move around, on private jets and above the law – haven’t heard about Neil Ferguson being fined.  I am also not surprised that the vested interests of the unions are making threats.  

Meanwhile, there is no evidence lockdown – if it was the figures wouldn’t keep rising, can’t have it both ways – is working, but it is causing other massive economic and health problems.  The reality that herd immunity, and most infected recover, is the only answer just doesn’t stick.

The truth , also unacceptable to nice people ,is that it strikes those of poor lifestyle mainly old, poorly and the massive immigrant communities who have brought poverty, poor lifestyle etc from a part of the world overwhelmed by population growth, religion consequent disease and ignorance.  It seems for all of their sakes the baby must be thrown out with the bathwater.  

One might also add that care and hygiene in profit focused  euphemistically named care homes and NHS hospitals is not good.  Death rates among vulnerable groups have always been high, and the statistics are made all the alarming by calling most of current deaths among these groups as ‘covid related.’

Robert Cook

Nubar Gulbenkianon horseback. This wealthy Armenian Jew was quite local to me and a familiar site. One could decribe him as eccentric, but ‘Beware the smile on the face of the Tiger’ as the old saying goes.

He once described his job as ‘keeping people on their toes.’ Many wealthy Russians and East Europeans fled to Britain following the 1917 revolution. The Russian Monarch was first cousin to the British and German Monarchs, all of them pleasure bent in bred arrogant and incompetent. Only the British King survived because of the excellent state mafia.
Britain had led the field in spying and suppressing rebellions and revolutions that plagued the rest of Europe, ever since the denmise of Charles 1st.

Tsar Nicholas II was vacilating, seeking inspiration from the west. When the Bolsheviks asked Briatin to give him and his family asylum, the ruling British Mafia said ‘No’ so they were slaughtered at Ekaterinburg. The British elite have whinged about it ever since, but they didn’t care, fearing brininging rivals into the famous German House of Windsor.

The new Bolshevik Russia set about creating a workers paradise, slaughtering the peasant Kulaks, with Stalin taking over after Lenin ( bourgeoise Vladimir Ulyanov ) in 1924. Stalin set about creating a rather clumsy and obvious polie state. this became the bete noir of the Western Capitalist elite. Russsia became and still is, in spite of Glasnost, the bogey man.

Paradoxically, this clumsy Soviet system was an excellent excuse for Western Elites to justify their own highly developed secret services and spy systems. Britain’s Police State is second to none, and George Orwell saw it coming. For an insight into the reality of British Secret Service style skills and mentality, look to John le Carre’s work, not James Bond tosh. Not even its creator Ian Flemming expected his work to be taken that seriously.

My Russian has never been good, though my limited skills were fun when joining forces with Russian co workers at City Link, a justifiably defunct parcel company. My comrades taught me some wonderful Russian words to share jokes about the stupid ex RAF sergeant in charge of our nightshift.

However, my Russian will never be good enough to read its great writers in their own language. So when I became interested in Russian literature in my late teens. I had to take the translators on trust. My best friend Stephen, an English lierature student. gave me Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ as a 21st birthday present.

But for me, the most relevant and least abstract was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. His work is still so today and should be seen as such by anyone concerned about the workings of a police state, its origins and dictators. The British Royal Family are direct descendants of a family that included the Russian Romanovs, despots in their own right who ignored reality.

My old copy of Solzenitzyn’s ‘First Circle’. Britain is pretty close to this world, and books like Cancer Ward could be written about out mental health system. Our prisons are vile, incarecrating mainly poor inadequate humans, many young. They may not be quite Ivan Denisovich, but close enough. But British book editors are posh and usually female, they decide what the population want and need, calling themselves gatekeepers. Britain still has the audacity to moralise across the world. Robert Cook

NHS Cover Ups May 10th 2020

From 2003-8, I was political editor of a website called MK Zero. It was the year my book, ‘More of Milton Keynes- Building on the Vision’ was published by Sutton Haynes. I was also Chairman of the North Bucks Town & Parish Council Consortium and an adviser on the Richardson Milton Keynes Planning inquiry. My ex brother in law had been head of Milton Keynes CID, once telling me that it was built for crime, and a good stepping stone for promotion. The police need criminals just as my old employer ‘Rentokil’ need rodents etc.

For various reasons I have been looking through my archives. In doing so I caame across an interesting piece on the NHS. My mother picked up the fatal c difficile infection in Milton Keynes Hospital.

In March 2008, in my editorial role, I published the following article. My mother had yet to be taken to Milton Keynes Hospital with pneumonia, so I was not biased in my reporting by the later tragedy involving the incompetence of three NHS hospitals and Norden House Surgery. Here is an edited version of the story from that date:

Hospital Filth- March 13th 2008

On March 12th our waste of space toffee chancellor Alligator Darling told us that record sums were being spent on the NHS and that waiting times were coming down. Well that is only because they have reached record levels under New Labour.  Our hospitals are actually filthy and disgusting and most of the staff are under motivated, cheap labour and slovenly.  Milton Keynes and Stoke Mandeveille in Bucks are high on the filth register.  Bring it on you two, because we know what you are like.

Because it is a pathetic knee jerk pro New Labour paper, the once great Daily Mirror went mad when Lord Mancroft stated the obvious about our disgusting money wasting filth ridden hospitals.  That was because he was a Tory.  The Mirror doesn’t think, it stinks.

NHS all about cock ups.

When Mancroft attacked the vile hospital in which he had been a patient, for its grubby and drunken nurses, the hospital in question defended its crap staff to the hilt. The Royal United Hospital in the pompous city of Bath said that its staff was ‘extremely distressed and upset’ by the peer’s account of his stay in their filth-ridden wards.  They demanded evidence to support his allegations.

The joke was on them on March 11th 2008, when the filth hole was forced to defend its standards once more. Novirus closed 2 wards in November 2007.  This followed its third disease outbreak in five months.  It experienced another outbreak of norovirus has forced 3 Royal united wards to close.  A second outbreak in February closed 9 wards.

Lord Mancroft said he had been dismayed by the heartless attitude of lazy and promiscuous staff.  He said the nurses were mostly grubby with dirty fingernails and hair.  He said the wards were filthy and tables, beds and bathrooms were not cleaned.  

No doubt we shall hear from apologists from Milton Keynes hospital.  We look forward to it, along with an invitation to send our trained health and safety expert to have a look at just what goes on in MK General.  We also expect folk to complain about our nearly nude nurse picture, because we know that good English folk care more about sexual filth than hospital filth.

The Good Old Days, the 1960s NHS

British Stupidity May 10th 2020

More people in this country now believe the UK has performed worse than Italy, Spain and France in the Covid-19 crisis than say it has done better than its European neighbours, according the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.
The data shows that only the United States is judged by a majority of people in the UK to have fared worse. While two weeks ago more people thought that the UK had done better than Italy and Spain, now the reverse is the case.
The findings come after a week in which the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that the UK had the highest total of deaths from Covid-19 of any European nation.

The ONS said 29,648 deaths had been registered in England and Wales with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate by 2 May. With the addition of the official death figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland, this took the total to 32,313 – the highest of any country in Europe.

While ministers have been keen to point out that international comparisons are difficult to make, it appears that the rise of the UK death toll above those of other nations has shifted public opinion about the effectiveness of the UK response.
Two weeks ago, when Opinium asked people whether the UK had responded better or worse than Italy, 30% said it had done better and 22% worse. When asked the same question between Tuesday and Thursday of last week, 29% said the UK had done worse and 25% better.

There was a similar turnaround in relation to Spain with 29% believing the UK had handled things worse and 22% better in the latest poll. Opinium also found that more people had come to the view that the UK had done worse in comparison to South Korea, Japan and Australia than two weeks ago.

There was a similar turnaround in relation to Spain with 29% believing the UK had handled things worse and 22% better in the latest poll. Opinium also found that more people had come to the view that the UK had done worse in comparison to South Korea, Japan and Australia than two weeks ago.

With some lockdown restrictions potentially being eased from Monday, the majority of people are still cautious about reopening public places. Fewer than one in 10 think schools (8%), offices (8%) and non-essential shops (9%) should reopen immediately. 

Similarly, the public seem uncomfortable with the idea of visiting public places or using public transport even after restrictions are lifted. Three in five (60%) say they would not feel comfortable eating in a restaurant, while over half would feel uncomfortable using the underground (55%) or travelling by bus or train (59% and 56% respectively).

Meanwhile, opinion is more divided on returning to offices; over a third (36%) would feel uncomfortable going back to working in an office, while 30% would feel comfortabl

With some lockdown restrictions potentially being eased from Monday, the majority of people are still cautious about reopening public places. Fewer than one in 10 think schools (8%), offices (8%) and non-essential shops (9%) should reopen immediately. 

Similarly, the public seem uncomfortable with the idea of visiting public places or using public transport even after restrictions are lifted. Three in five (60%) say they would not feel comfortable eating in a restaurant, while over half would feel uncomfortable using the underground (55%) or travelling by bus or train (59% and 56% respectively).

Meanwhile, opinion is more divided on returning to offices; over a third (36%) would feel uncomfortable going back to working in an office, while 30% would feel comfortable.

Comment True Brits May 10th 2020

The British, Who ate they ? What are they ? They don’t talk of social class anymore. This old farm labourer’s cottage in Buckinghamshire would cost over £500,000 nowadays.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

The methodology of this survey is clearly biased in favour of harsher methods having been applied sooner. With that in mind, the key phrase in this article is ” The ONS said 29,648 deaths had been registered in England and Wales with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate by 2 May .

The British are generally sepaking rather stupid obsequious self important deferential and horde like. The government have gone out of their way to frighten them, exaggerating and double counting deaths, ignoring the majority of cases where Covid has not been the prime cause of death.

They continue with daily frighteners, sneering at other countries for easing off. The British, self preserving masses, at last one body in fear of the common Covid enemy, respond to the government’s fear tactics without any other question than ” Why didn’t you do something sooner ? ” Robert Cook

DEMOCRAT May 9th 2020

It is a matter of record that I am on a police watch list. A senior member of West Midlands CPS sent me a most interesting file in 2012. It is a matter of fact that they monitor my internet, guaranteeing me at least two hits a day.

The latest from them is to send a letter to my GP ( which their Dr Ramasamay showed me ) informing them that I am mentally ill. I apparently have a paranoid personality disorder, so this site comes with a health warning, either against me or against them ! This is after two police forces and two regional CPS bodies spending a fortune to get the CPS and courts to jail me for telling the truth – which you may read in some detail on the Police State Page.

I realise that most of my readers are in the United States. On both sides of the Atlantic there is something of a mutual admiration society fueled by media illusions. Both sides watch media faked versions of life abroad, but the irony is that most on both sides enjoy the same limited life styles and prospects as each other. In short, they/ we are the same but most don’t know it. So there is very little difference between both nations ( if that word has meaning anymore ) other than size.

Their ruling elites are interwoven, exploiting the underclass as slave labour, casting them aside as with the Corona Affair. Then sending them to war for resources, particulary oil, brininging many home in body bags. Both countries have the same post 1066 Norman Class structure, with media pap, sport, drugs, religion and booze for the masses.

There was hope on both sides after World War Two, but looking back on it, the propaganda was offerring fakery back then, with more wars and elite bull-hit to hide the truth.

Now we have Corona, another war on the helpless ignorant masses. In this new era of prosperity for a tiny elite, with globalised misery disease, war and death, I have never heard the word democracy and democrat bandied around so much. Many have written on the subject. I have mentioned it in my books. However, as Shakespeare wrote, ‘ Me thinketh the lady protesteth too much’ ( The Merchant of Venice )

So I have come up with my own pneumonic definition of the word democrat as these elite rulers look down and dictate, as follows

Denying Everyone More Of Class Rights And Truth – Democrats

Corona Virus Fear Goes on in UK, where the door remains open to all sorts of immigrants. To object is to be a racist hate criminal. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC May 2020

A record 150 migrants are picked up from 10 boats in English Channel trying to get to UK in the last 24 hours – including 50 in one vessel

  • First boat with 50 migrants understood to have been picked up off Kent at 2am
  • Conditions perfect for crossing with calm seas, good visibility and a full moon
  • Search and rescue mission, including a helicopter and drone, is today underway
  • Official figures yet to be confirmed by Home Office, with current record at 102

They are the latest Channel crossings this month – with 76 refugees already landing in the first week of May.

April also saw a record figure cross the busy Dover Strait shipping lane, with 523 crossing in total.

It comes despite Home Secretary Priti Patel recently announcing a fresh crackdown on crossings – but they have continued. 

A record-breaking 150 migrants have been picked up today from 10 boats in the English Channel trying to get to the UK in the last 24 hours, including 50 in one vessel.

The first boat is understood to have been picked up off Kent at around 2am, with 50 migrants believed to have been on it. Conditions were perfect for crossing with calm seas, good visibility and a full moon. 

A huge search and rescue mission is underway involving the Coastguard helicopter, at least two Border Force vessels, a drone from Lydd Airport and two lifeboats from Dover and Littlestone. 

Official figures are yet to be confirmed by the Home Office – but should the 150 stand it would beat the current record for a single day, which was 102 in February.

Comment Makes a joke of lockdown as we have descended to Third World level , with all the associated issues of poverty, overpopulation, deprivtion , religious bigotry , failing health service, appalling education, police statism food shortages, drugs , gang crime violence and disease that their own religious obsessed warring countries will not deal with. Robert Cook

Cuckoo’s Nest Britain May 12th 2020

Aylesbury’s stark utilitarian mental health facility, where patients can often be seen taking to themselves as they amble or shuffle across a car park crowded with the staff’s expensive vehicles. Curiously called ‘Whiteleaf’ the place issues pills, dubious therapy and incarceration. Image Appledene Photographics March 2020

It looks what it is, a beacon of Oxfordshire’s NHS Mental Health Trust ( Trust ? I wouldn’t trust them to tell the difference between an onion and a cabbage, but that’s another story ! ), this is Aylesbury’s stark utilitarian mental health facility, where patients can often be seen talking to themselves as they amble or shuffle across a car park crowded with the staff’s expensive vehicles. Curiously called ‘Whiteleaf’ the place issues pills, dubious therapy and incarceration – under the diredtion of some very interesting indivicuals and teams.

It is almost next door to the town’s old prison, where 10,000 people wandered in from surrounding villages to watch the last public hanging from the main archway entrance – see ‘Around Aylesbury’ by Robert Cook or ‘Ayesbury Through Time ‘ by Charles Close. Now it’s a young offenders institution in a town riddled with drug addicts and homelssness -in spite of a council chief on over £250.000 a year with benefits and flexi time.

A young female lawyer from CDMK Criminal lawyers told me ‘It is a terrible place, one gets the feeling “abandon hope all who enter here.” An ex pupil of mine from the Grange School was beaten to death by a drug pusher in his Aylesbury bedsit. His father tried to jump in the boy’s grave as he was buried. Drugs offer an escape into insanity, but the Whiteleaf doesn’t hold back issuing their poison- rather than look to causes of which a feminist and elite rules are prominent. Robert Cook

Coronavirus: Deaths in mental health hospitals double as Covid-19 spreads May 8th 2020

Deaths in mental health hospitals have doubled compared to last year after 54 deaths linked to coronavirus in just three months, it has emerged.

The care watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, has issued a warning to mental health hospitals that they must take action to protect vulnerable patients.

New data published by the regulator showed there was a total of 106 deaths of people in mental health hospitals between 1 March and 1 May compared to 51 in the same period in 2019.

In total 54 of these deaths are from confirmed or suspected coronavirus infections.

The CQC has now written to all mental health hospital providers highlighting its fears over the spread of the virus within secure hospitals and units and patients who are under Mental Health Act restrictions in the community.

The data has been published by the CQC as NHS England has separately refused to make public the weekly data it receives from hospitals and learning disability units about the deaths of learning disabled patients. It had said the data would be published in 2021, sparking outrage from charities and politicians.

Labour’s shadow care minister Liz Kendall said: “This is extremely worrying and shows Covid-19 has now reached mental health units. Families and the wider public deserve to know what is happening, and why.

“The full weekly data must now be immediately published, to identify how big the problem is and how fast it is spreading, so services can take all necessary action to keep people with learning disabilities and autism safe.”

Dr Kevin Cleary, deputy chief inspector of hospitals at the CQC and its lead for mental health said: “That a number of people detained under the Mental Health Act have died from suspected or confirmed coronavirus is a particular worry as these are some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“We want to be clear what we expect from providers in term of their management of coronavirus and we will be asking some providers to urgently confirm the action they are taking to manage coronavirus outbreaks.”

He said the CQC would be reviewing the data to understand what may be driving the infections and whether other action could be taken.

Daily coronavirus briefing

No hype, just the advice and analysis you need

Deborah Coles, from the charity Inquest, told The Independent: “The refusal to publish the data points to the historical longstanding failure to provide detailed information about deaths of people in the care of the state in mental health and learning disability settings.

“People in closed institutions are completely reliant on others for their care and treatment. At a time of no external scrutiny because the CQC is not inspecting units and family visits are restricted there is the ever present risk of abuse and ill treatment. These organisations have clear human rights obligations and it is unacceptable that there is just no transparency about what is happening.”

She added: “The other key issue is the indirect impact of Covid-19 on therapeutic services, use of restraint, medication and seclusion and self-inflicted deaths. They need to publish more comprehensive data than numbers disaggregated by gender, race, age, provider. Such a dramatic increase in deaths is deeply concerning and we need to understand the context. Data is meaningless without analysis.”

On Thursday Harriet Harman MP, chair of Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, wrote to health secretary Matt Hancock demanding the government publish data on the deaths of people with learning disability and autism.

She said: “We are very concerned about the lack of transparency over the number of those who are autistic and/or have learning disabilities who have contracted and have died from Covid-19.”

The letter added the committee wanted to see this data ahead of a hearing it was planning to hold on 18 May.

Campaigners have threatened to launch legal action against NHS England to seek a judicial review over its refusal to publish data.

Dr George Julian told The Independent the group, including the mother of 18-year-old Connor Sparrowhawk, who died in an NHS unit run by Southern Health Foundation Trust in 2013, were planning to crowdfund money from next week to support a legal case.

She said: “The main argument is that NHS England hold data about deaths of learning disabled and autistic people that is reported to them weekly, that they’re refusing to publish. We consider that decision is irrational and discriminatory, given this information has been published in relation to various other protected characteristics such as age, sex and ethnicity. We will also consider whether NHS England are in breach of human rights obligations.”

Public Health England is expected to carry out analysis deaths of those with learning disabilities and autism as part of its wider work looking at why some groups are more susceptible to severe Covid-19 infections than others.

Comment Later re Cuckoo’s Nest Britain . It will precede this post.

World War Three May 7th 202

German Me109 fighters of World War Two

Since the beginning of this Corona affair, the media have talked about a war across the world, to beat the deadly virus.  The British have invoked the memory of Britain’s amazing military disaster at Dunkirk as if it were a victory.  

British Jungle Warriors Face the Japanese in Burma, World War Two, these men had known years of hardship on Britain’s paltry dole, while the rich lived on in style. the nation drifting into war that the lower orders would bear the brunt of-.

They haven’t mentioned Britain’s role in provoking World War Two or their absolute lack of preparedness.  Incompetent arrogant upper class fools were in charge then, as they are now.  Some more useful folk had warned of a possible pandemic, so there was a temporary period of stockpiling, depleted by the Tories over the last ten years.

Back on the Home Front, the bombs rained down on the working urban classes, looting was commonplace.

The British were cheerleaders for globalisation, with Goddess Thatcher leading the charge to make industry leaner and fitter.  That is why the country has relied on PPE from Turkey which turns out not fit for purpose.  Britain relies on all sorts for supplies including the Chinese who they and the U.S have been blaming for this so called crisis.

Women did there bit, this lady is working a lathe, as my late mother did in a munitions factory.

To compare lockdown to the horrors and miseries World War Two brought to Europe is grotesque.  There is only one solution to the pandemic, herd immunity- which Neil Ferguson had the audacity to use as his excuse for breaking lockdown to see his married lover. Bankrupting the nation creating terrible other problems is not the solution to Britain’s dreadful care homes and NHS which are not fit for purpose.  

The bombs were dropped on German civilians by U.S and RAF, causing fires and infernos, in revenege for Germans bombing Britain.

The nightmare of Coventry could have been avoided because Enigma Machine capture meant the Brits rulers knew they were coming on masse. Churchill over ruled sending up fighters and mass evacuation because he didn’t want the German High Command to know Britain had broken their code.

There are a lot of elderly, sickly and poor in this country.  They have been neglected for years.  Lockdown is not the answer.  When an elderly ex soldier called modern Britons pathetic on Question Time, his mike was quickly turned off.  Britain’s BBC still leads and dominates the world with propaganda.

During the last few years of the war, idealist William Beveridge drew up plans for Britain’s Welfare State. It relieved hardship for many poor people, opening up hospitals and improving them.
Over the years, the NHS has become bloated, top heavy with self important officious time wasting management.
It has not kept up with mass immigration and other interesting demands like gemder reassignment. It has a reputation as the international home of health tourism from poorer countries who are treated free, even if they get a bill many do not pay. Britain is a land of censorship, political correctness and poilce state methods.

Here is one of the nice faces of the wartime BBC, enthusiasm for her propaganda work all over her face. She would have had an upper crust accent, with tones as smooth as Tate & Lyle Syrup. The BBC has never been biased against employing women, so long as they are from a good background.

Nothing has changed. George Orwell ( aka Eric Blair ) quit the BBC for his more important writing, pressaging the sort of Big Brother Police State we are now in. He was injured fighting for freedoms in the Spanish Civil War of 1936, so not just a theorist. he believed in walking the walk and risking his life. Now, of course it is all about stay safe and protect the ill equiped and inadequate NHS.

Why do people eat too much, and usually the wrong sort of food. Kind Edward VII ate nine course meals every day. His nickname was ‘Tum Tum’. His son George VI died of lung cancer, from chain smoking. If either of them had cold or flu, then that would have been blamed for their deaths by todays standards. ‘Together Apart’ is the new war mantra ‘Stay Safe’. This is war, and as always there are the war profiteers and vested interests.

A lot of money has always been made on the side, from war and misery.

Robert Cook

Covid 19, apparently invented by the Chinese in Wuhan Lab, is racist as well as a killer says Britain’s Office of National Statistics May 7th 2020

Black people in the UK are four times more likely to die from coronavirus than white males and females, startling new figures reveal.
When taking age into account, black women are 4.3 times more likely to die and black men are 4.2 times more likely to die, a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found.

The figures show that people of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and mixed ethnicities are also at significantly greater risk of dying from Covid-19 than white people.

The figures were revealed as new research suggests people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are two to three times more likely to die from Covid-19. 

The likelihood of death from Covid-19 is significantly higher among England’s BAME groups than the general population, analysis by University College London (UCL) scientists indicates.

They found the risk of death from the virus for black African groups was 3.24 times higher than the general population.
In people of Pakistani background it was 3.29 times higher, 2.41 times higher for Bangladeshi, black Caribbean was 2.21 times higher, and Indian was 1.7 times higher.

According to the study, which has not been peer reviewed, there was a lower risk of death from Covid-19 for white populations in England.
After accounting for region and age, the risk of death for white British was 12% (0.88 times) lower than that of the general population and white Irish was half (0.52 times) lower.

Co-author Dr Delan Devakumar, of the UCL Institute for Global Health, said: “Rather than being an equaliser, this work shows that mortality with Covid-19 is disproportionately higher in black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.
“It is essential to tackle the underlying social and economic risk factors and barriers to healthcare that lead to these unjust deaths.”
Lead author Dr Rob Aldridge, of UCL Institute of Health Informatics, said: “Our analyses show that several minority ethnic groups have a substantially higher risk of death from Covid-19 and that regional differences in where they live may explain some, but not all, of the differences between ethnic groups.
“After we took account of age and the geographical region for those people that died from Covid-19, there remained large differences in the risk of death between ethnic groups.
“White British and white Irish groups had a lower risk of death, but Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, black African and black Caribbean ethnic groups all had a substantially increased risk of death.”

According to the researchers, the findings are consistent with emerging global data and support the need for the UK Government to take urgent action to reduce the risk of death from Covid-19 for BAME groups.
Published in Wellcome Open Research, the study used NHS data of patients with a positive Covid-19 test who died hospitals in England from March 1 to April 21 this year.

Over the study period, the NHS data showed the total number of people who had tested positive for Covid-19 and died was 16,272.
Ethnicity was missing for 9.4% (1,537/16,272) of NHS England hospital

The largest total number of deaths in minority ethnic groups were Indian (492 deaths) and Black Caribbean (460 deaths) people.
The Government’s official Covid-19 death toll is 30,076 as of 5pm on Tuesday, but it is much higher.
More than 33,000 deaths involving coronavirus have now been registered.

Comment Unpalatable truths here, and how do the Government know that the deaths are much higher ? They don’t. It is a scare tactic to keep the controlling nightmare going, feeding on peoples fears and ignorance.

Latest news is lockdown will be eased to staggered working and ‘social bubbles.’ No doubt some people, no doubt working from their pleasant homes, are getting paid a lot to come up with this drivel for police state Britain. Robert Cook

The Colds War May 6th 2020

Authorities play down, virtually ignoring underlying health conditions linked to Covid 19 deaths because they are using it to divide and control the population. Creating fear is their thing. The real war is between rich of the West and Russia/China and the Middle East is a major battlefield.

The authorities have define this Covid affair as a war situation. Indeed it is. It is The Colds War rather than Cold War, with 15 new strains apparently discovered in U.K.

The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) represents the diesease ridden old Third World, where 15 babies per woman is normal in Africa. If the WHO can’t use moral force to keep draconian laws on lockdown across the globe, they will have the problem of how to get rid of Africa’s surplus population. Their rich black African dicators certainly don’t want them and have no intention of reducing their lifestyle or doing anything else about it – 5 rich black families own 55 % of Africa’s wealth. The rest is owned by giant corporations.. That is why we currently have so many TV ads about suffering in Africa. The only riposte so called liberals have to these facts is to cry RACISM.

That means either endless recurring lockdowns of varying degrees or let it rip for the sake of herd immunity, or all of the following :deal with the dreadful NHS, deal with underlying health causes, stop behaving as if there can be no limit to net migration from the sickly religious obsessed old Third Word, and do something about an education systeme fixated on brainwshing and stupid targets.

Make the rich pay for improving the country and planet they have been sucking the life from, like a giant swarm of Draculas. Stop the rich grinding people down, stop driving working people mad, stop stirring up feminism and the sex war so that you can control people better.

The U.K is very sick and increasingly dangerous to those of us who can still think for ourselves. Had Hitler ever invaded it would have been a walk over. There is so much rubbish talked about World War Two. It was appalling and happened because Britain led the charge to get Germany punished for causing World War One. Ordinary German people were immiserated by that rich man’s treaty, driven to hatred and facism. Politicians were supercilious rich self obsessed idiots then, and they still are.
Robert Cook

Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist whose modelling convinced Boris Johnson to press ahead with a UK-wide lockdown, stood down from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) after allegations emerged in TheDaily Telegraph.

It was claimed that Prof Ferguson allowed a woman – described as his ”lover” – to visit him at home in London on at least two occasions during the lockdown despite strict rules against mixing households. The woman reportedly lives with her husband and children.

Prof Ferguson’s research with Imperial College London colleagues was influential in Boris Johnson’s decision to impose a lockdown in the UK, after it forecast that 250,000 people could die in the UK without drastic action.

n a statement, the professor of mathematical biology said on Tuesday night: “I accept I made an error of judgement and took the wrong course of action.

“I have therefore stepped back from my involvement in Sage. I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus, and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms.”

‘Fear is power’ Donald J Trump


It is interesting and significant that Ferguson argues that he considered himself immune because he believed he had caught the virus and thus had immunity. This dubious academic has been top man in Sage, pushing the mantra that there is no possibility of herd immunity from Covid19, that re infection and several peaks are inevitable. Our lives must change irrevocably because of it.

The government have scraped the barrel in order to get the infection/death rate up to Ferguson’s predicted expensive 250,000 – by counting suspected cases and using those dying of old age and other ailments. He has been paid handsomely, at taxpayers expense, for his guesswork. As if that were not enough, they double count by publishing overlapping periods of fatality to alarm and confuse the public. they go from saying that masks do no good to saying they may become compulsory for a significant time ahead. This is to advertise teh fear they want us to feel.

The fallout from ludicrous lockdown, championed by the WHO vested interests, because the Third World is not going to look after and reform itself, has been massive.

Jobs have been lost never to return, domestic stress has led to men being blamed and ruined by allegations of dosmestic violence, police and press have become preoccupied by it to the detriment of other causes, firms have shut down fo good or with significant damage, daily shopping has become a nightmare, people face losing their homes, public sector workers are being paid to do nothing, schools and colleges are shut down, the NHS has been exposed as incompetent, expensive, not fit for [purpose and shambolic, open door immigration has been exposed for the danger that it is, our cities have been exposed as havens for disease and violence. The government has been exposed as incompetent and dishonest.

The fact that many of us suspect they have a hidden agenda appears to be the only way to ameliorate ones sense of their utter stupidity and craven cowardice in the face of a hectoring corporate mass media.

Ferguson’s misconduct and duplicity is symbolic of our corrupt state and is much more serious than the ignorant masses will ever comprehend. That is why the other serious consequence of ludicrous lockdown rolls on . I mean the very expsnsive media camapaign with all its sibilant agonising voice over adverts on TV, with that melodramatic socila worker style message ‘Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.’ So very George Orwell.

Oxford and Cambridge academics disputed Ferguson’s methodology and conclusions from the outset, but mainstream media and government did not want to know. Fact is there is no evidence lockdown has reduced infections, with government going out of the way to show how bad it has been with worse to come. Lockdown suits their wider purposes.

Not every one has unlimited funds, sinecures, fake jobs like being an MP or bent commodities dealer/finacier/armsdealer, or other life in luxury. Predictions are that at least 18,000 will die from untreated cancers in the U.K, among other things. This nasty country already has record numbers of mental illness, largely due to social engineering and the promotion of one parent female headed so called families, along with the smallest homes in Europe and record violent crime. Still the authorities pump out the war myths and VE Day nostalgia.

Britain’s elite have specialised in promoting ignorance, war and fear across the globe. There are other dreadful countries, but none beat them for hypocrisy, ruthless self interested politicans, police state methods, propaganda and bull-hit. The icing on the cake is that they have the effrontery to call it a democracy and land of equal opporunity for its diverse population. The diversity is another expensive lying mantra because, at the end of the day, the lower orders are herded together like sheep ready for slaughter. .

Robert Cook

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Don’t Get Excited. Lockdown is the new norm. May 6th 2020

The number of people who have died across the UK after contracting coronavirus has risen by 288 in 24 hours – the lowest daily reported increase since March 30.

It brings the total to 28,734 as of 5pm on Sunday, and includes deaths in care homes and the community as well as in hospitals.

But health secretary Matt Hancock cautioned against over-optimism at the daily coronavirus press briefing, telling reporters a delay in reporting deaths over a weekend was standard.

Here’s a quick primer on how to understand the UK’s daily updates.

On March 30, 180 deaths were reported by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), rising to a peak of 980 on April 10.

As of 9am 10 April, 316,836 tests have concluded, with 19,116 tests on 9 April.

256,605 people have been tested of which 73,758 tested positive.

As of 5pm on 9 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 8,958 have sadly died.— Department of Health and Social Care (@DHSCgovuk) April 10, 2020

Meanwhile, 85,186 tests were carried out on Sunday – a second day below the government’s 100,000 daily target, which was hit on Friday to some fanfare despite the revelation it included postal tests that had simply been sent out rather than necessarily received, used or returned.

There were 3,985 new positive results.


Most, if not all of these cases involved old and already sick people- and a lot of guessing the diagnoses if one looks at past statements. However, the only phrase that matters in this report is this : But health secretary Matt Hancock cautioned against over-optimism at the daily coronavirus press briefing, telling reporters a delay in reporting deaths over a weekend was standard.

Since Herd immunity only comes through contact, and lockdown blocks that, the authorities will be able to terrify and keep people apart for years to come.

People believe in experts because education and health care in the U.K is so bad – I am not preoccupied with the wider sickly world here . Exposing the governments top man Neil Ferguson as a liar and hypocrit in his attitude to lockdown will make no difference to a gullible public. Robert Cook

‘Professor lockdown’ Ferguson resigns after violating quarantine he designed to meet married lover May 5th 2020

5 May, 2020 19:08 / Updated 15 minutes ago

Professor Neil Ferguson, author of apocalyptic coronavirus models, has resigned from his position as adviser to 10 Downing Street after revelations that he violated quarantine himself to meet with a married lover.

Following Ferguson’s resignation on Tuesday night, the Daily Telegraph made it public that the man known as ‘Professor Lockdown’ had allowed a married mother with whom he was having an affair to visit him at least twice during the quarantine. The woman was identified as Antonia Staats, 38.

Following Ferguson’s resignation on Tuesday night, the Daily Telegraph made it public that the man known as ‘Professor Lockdown’ had allowed a married mother with whom he was having an affair to visit him at least twice during the quarantine. The woman was identified as Antonia Staats, 38.

🔴 Prof Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) May 5, 2020

The first visit was reportedly on March 30, as Ferguson warned the British public that lockdown measures – in effect for a week at that time – would have to remain in place until June.Her second visit was on April 8.

“I accept I made an error of judgment and took the wrong course of action,” Ferguson told the Telegraph, confirming that he has resigned from the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). He maintained the need for the continued lockdown, however.

“I deeply regret any undermining of the clear messages around the continued need for social distancing to control this devastating epidemic. The government guidance is unequivocal, and is there to protect all of us,” he said.

Ferguson’s team at Imperial College London is behind the computer model that predicted more than half a million Britons would die from the virus unless the country was locked down, a view which eventually prevailed over the ‘herd immunity’ approach initially floated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

With Johnson himself contracting the virus and being sidelined for weeks, the government has continued to follow Ferguson’s recommendations, repeating the mantra “Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives” for seven weeks now.

Comment by Robert Cook

Cock Up or Cockdown ?

Ferguson is a prime example of the arrogant elite ruling class, in his case trading on the old ‘blind them with science’ adage. He either knows he is lying about the risks to all of us, or he doesn’t mind killing people with his and the married mistress carelessness. He has made a lot of money and boosted his career with lockdown and should now be well and truly locked up.

Either way he is a lying hypocrit, as well as an adulterer who has broken the law he is responsible for creating with his ludicrous self interested guesswork. Of course he is not the only one. However, he is behind the lockdown bull-hit that has ruined livelihoods, caused so much misery and opened the door to other illness and crime. He should be sacked from his Imperial College post as an example and prosecuted.

As with the lying hypocritcal British corrupt police, too many highly paid officials get away with their misconduct and criminal behaviour. Given how many others have been prosecuted for breaking the vile lockdown laws- that are really about training people to obey, hence all the false death figures, lies we are all at risk, double counting, and adding so called ‘probable covid deaths, what a scandal – Ferguson and his mistress should both be urgently prosecuted.

To those who would use France as an example as to why we must contiue vigilance, let me point out that Macron the Moron is obviously making the most of it to contain the yellow vests. Merkel has a similar motive, because mass immigtation and capitalist elite exploitation have made life intolerable for so many, whilst making a nasty minority obscenely rich, and transparently hypocritical.

Robert Cook, December 2019, A Light in the Darkness. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Some sleep in luxury hotels, others beg at traffic lights – Manchester’s homeless reveal how lockdown has changed their lives

While a £5m scheme has given hundreds of homeless people a once in a lifetime opportunity – and a glimpse of how the rough sleeping crisis might be solved – others are struggling to adjust

Salvatore Raimo’s lived-in face suddenly cracks into a brilliant smile, exposing yellowing crooked teeth that hint at a life that has gone wrong.

I’m sitting in the reception of Innside hotel, in city centre Manchester, where rooms can cost up to £245 per night and visitors, in normal circumstances, can enjoy a gym, a spa, a restaurant and fantastic views of town.

But the hotel, like so many businesses, is closed to paying customers.

For now, the only occupants are about 40 homeless people who have been plucked from the streets or hostels around the city to save them from the coronavirus pandemic. They get three meals a day here and access to council services to address drug and alcohol problems.

Salvatore, 37, a chef from Naples, has been here four weeks now and I’ve just asked him what he thinks of his new surroundings.

“Amazing,” he says, that face suddenly transformed by that infectious, semi-toothless grin.

In broken English, he enthuses about his room with its flat screen TV, power shower with a dinner plate-sized shower head, fridge and a double bed.

“We don’t share nothing with somebody else,” Salvatore tells me.

What he means is that he has own room , not something he’s used to these days. He explains the comparatively cramped conditions of the hostel he had been staying in previously where he had to share the facilities.

What about food? “Loads,” he beams.

He is a pizza chef who tells me he worked at Piccolino’s in the city centre and The Metropolitan in Didsbury before landing a job at a new restaurant in town which failed within a few months. He lost his job and, when he could no longer pay the rent, his home in east Manchester some 18 months ago, he tells me.

It left him on the streets.

I apologise and ask whether, like so many other homeless people, he has had problems with drugs or alcohol.

He says he stopped taking cocaine ten years ago and now only smokes weed. He wants to go back to work.

What he means is that he has own room , not something he’s used to these days. He explains the comparatively cramped conditions of the hostel he had been staying in previously where he had to share the facilities.

What about food? “Loads,” he beams.

He is a pizza chef who tells me he worked at Piccolino’s in the city centre and The Metropolitan in Didsbury before landing a job at a new restaurant in town which failed within a few months. He lost his job and, when he could no longer pay the rent, his home in east Manchester some 18 months ago, he tells me.

It left him on the streets.

I apologise and ask whether, like so many other homeless people, he has had problems with drugs or alcohol.

He says he stopped taking cocaine ten years ago and now only smokes weed. He wants to go back to work.

Coronavirus: Staggered work times considered when lockdown eases May 3rd 2020

usinesses could be asked to stagger employees’ working hours when the coronavirus lockdown eases, the transport secretary has said.

Grant Shapps told the BBC that the move would help to prevent crowded commutes.

He said more buses and trains would run but he hoped to encourage cycling and walking.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said a “staged” easing would mean measures could be reintroduced to tackle “localised” outbreaks.

The government is expected to announce the next steps in its response to the epidemic next Sunday.

Speaking at the government’s daily coronavirus briefing, Mr Gove said consultations are under way with employers, trade unions and public health experts to ensure that people return to work in the “safest possible” environments and understand official guidance.

Business groups and unions received draft government guidelines on Sunday, and have until 21:00 BST to respond.

Mr Gove stressed that the UK’s approach would not be “flicking a switch and going… back to the old normal”.

“A phased approach is one which allows us to monitor the impact that those changes are having on public health,” he said.

“And – if necessary, in a specific and localised way – that means that we can pause or even reintroduce those restrictions that might be required in order to deal with localised outbreaks.”

It comes as businesses called for a “carefully phased” plan for lifting lockdown restrictions to be set out immediately, as many say they need weeks to prepare for resuming operations.

Rail bosses said last month that social-distancing of any kind would be “extraordinarily difficult” to manage and police, and could reduce the capacity of an individual train by between 70% and 90%.

Earlier, Mr Shapps told the Andrew Marr Show that the government was looking at a range of options for people to travel to work, including encouraging what he described as a “massive expansion” in interest in “active travel” such as cycling or walking.

“There are a series of different things that we can do including staggering work times, working with businesses and organisations to do that,” he said.

He also said he was working with train companies and unions on maintaining social distancing rules on platforms and at bus stops.

Hand sanitiser could also be made available and one-way systems for passengers introduced, he told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday. Image copyright Getty Images

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the UK stands at 28,446 – an increase of 315 on Saturday’s figure.

The government said only 76,500 coronavirus tests were carried out on Saturday, falling short of its daily target of 100,000.

Mr Shapps said with testing now available to all staff and residents, infection rates were now falling in care homes as well as other parts of the community.

For that reason, he said he hoped the country would avoid care homes transmitting the virus back into the rest of society.

Asked whether fewer people would have died if testing capacity had been greater sooner, he said: “Yes.

“If we had had 100,000 test capacity before this thing started and the knowledge that we now have retrospectively I’m sure many things could be different.”

But he said that although the UK has a big pharmaceuticals industry, it does not have a testing industry like Germany’s, making it more difficult to increase test numbers.

Defending the decision not to close airports or introduce screening for international arrivals earlier in the pandemic, Mr Shapps said the advice was that a “complete lockdown of the borders” might only have delayed the virus by three to five days.

“We had millions of people abroad who needed to return home,” he said.

But he said that now the infection rate was falling to a more manageable level, plans for screening and quarantining people travelling to the UK from abroad were “a serious point under consideration”.

Representative body Airlines UK said a 14-day quarantine period would “effectively kill air travel”.

Chief executive Tim Alderslade said it would be a “blunt tool measure” that would “completely shut off the UK from the rest of the world when other countries are opening up their economies” and the UK should be leading the way on common standards such as health screening, which would enable the sector to restart.

In other developments:

Comment Total Bull-hit

Why bother ? These experts are overpaid, get most things wrong. This will go on and on under their command. Democracy Shamocracy.

Total Bull-hit from Government experts in Totalitarian Britain. Forget Brexit. It was a con.
Image Appldene Photographics/RJC

No Forseeable End To Lockdown May 3rd 2020

A further 358 people have died of Covid-19 in hospitals in the UK.
In England, 327 more people lost their lives, while there were 14 deaths in Wales, 12 in Scotland and five in Northern Ireland.
The number of deaths, now almost a third of the highest daily peaks reported in hospitals, will further fuel calls to ease lockdown measures. 
The 327 patients who died were aged between 46 and 101 years old, with 17 of them – aged between 47 and 97 years old – having had no known underlying health condition.

Of the new deaths in England, 56 occurred on May 2, 125 on May 1 and 43 occurred on April 30, with the remainder taking place throughout April and March. 
Sadly the real number of lives lost to Covid-19 will be higher when the Department of Health confirms it later, as the above total does not include those who died in care homes, hospices and private addresses.
The official UK tally yesterday stood at 28,131. 

The latest figures come after 469 deaths were announced yesterday, with 423 on Friday, 482 on Thursday, 610 on Wednesday and 653 on Tuesday.
The government has said it will not consider lifting the lockdown until the death rate and daily infection rate drops dramatically.
Ministers are anxious that a second peak could lead to restrictions being put back in place.
It was announced today that the Government is considering placing people who fly into the country in quarantine.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, said he would need to ensure the UK is not “importing” coronavirus once the infection rate here begins to come down.
Asked if travellers to the UK will be asked to go into quarantine, he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think it’s important as we’re seeing the numbers decrease and the R rate we hope decrease… that we do ensure that the sacrifices in the sense of social distancing that we’re asking the British people to make are matched by anybody who comes to this country.
“So I am actively looking at these issues right now so that when we have infection rates within the country under control, we’re not importing.”

On Friday research by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that the rate of fatalities in poorer areas is double that of their more affluent counterparts.
Nick Stripe, head of health analysis at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said: “People living in more deprived areas have experienced Covid-19 mortality rates more than double those living in less deprived areas.

“General mortality rates are normally higher in more deprived areas, but so far Covid-19 appears to be taking them higher still.”
According to reports, the Prime Minister is considering allowing Brits to return to work at the end of the month.

But it is likely that those who can work from home will still be required to do so, as the government seeks to avoid a spike in the number of infections.
Germany has seen a rise in cases since lifting its social distancing measures, prompting concerns that strict rules could be reintroduced to bring the outbreak back under control.


Once again a group of deaths are rolled together to make it look like one day’s mortality. The next batch published will include some of these reported here again, so it has maximum fear impact. The fact that Germany has been overwhelmed by Merkel’s on going love of migrants , with consequent relapses in slowdown of Covid 19 spread, has to be ignored by our luvvie PC elite.

The NHS is appalling so there is the matter of protecting it from criticism, demand and spinning it up- hence the stupid solidarity ritual of clapathons. Also this latest fear report notes that most of these latest reported deaths, double counted, were of people between 47 and 93- but with ‘no previous known health conditions/’ The word ‘known’ is crucial because the unhealthy and recent economic migrants, especially illegals, don’t tend to see the doctor – in this country it is hard for any of us to get to see the doctor !.

Old age is a medical condition. I am old. I know. Also this is a nation of heavy drinkers , mentally ill high cancer rates and smokers , many not knowing or having the means to afford a good diet. The message keeps getting diluted, the disease thrives in our dirty over crowded multi ethnic cities, with old age, poverty, ignorance and prior health conditions a big factor.

Our elite run slave labour economy has created and sustains this vile situation for minority elite profit. I know London well, and have been a weekly visitor in my truck driving work, Both my parents and sister were born there, and I used to live. work and study there. It has become a horrible greedy pretentious place.

With all of this in mind, it should be obvious to anyone of average intelligence that lockdown won’t solve the problem.. The best we could hope for would be to ease of and go for herd immunity.

That won’t happen because it suits the elite and waiting asset strippers to go on wrecking society and economy. Finally, I note that they are talking about newcomers being subject to stringent tests and requirements. There should be no newcomers in these circumstances. Those who come will impact the already vulnerable crowded dirty areas of conglomerations like London, where there has been another stabbing today, a woman having her stomach ripped open. Robert Cook

Charlotte St, Central London 2019, a dirty place. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Police watchdog investigating ‘serious corruption and malpractice’ in Scotland Yard’s own standards unit

Whistleblower claims senior officers covered up and turned blind-eye to wrongdoing

New Scotland Yard
New Scotland Yard ( PA )

The police watchdog is investigating allegations of “serious corruption and malpractice” within Scotland Yard‘s own standards unit, a director has revealed.

The probe was launched after whistleblowers raised concerns that senior officers in the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) – the department tasked with rooting out misconduct – were interfering with investigations and turning a blind eye to wrongdoing.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said it was also investigating claims of racism in the DPS.

Read more

So far, gross misconduct notices have been served on three officers, one of who is also under criminal investigation. A “number” of other officers are also being assessed.

Jonathan Green, the IOPC’s London director, said: “I can confirm we have begun an investigation into allegations of serious corruption and malpractice within the Directorate of Professional Standards of the Metropolitan police.

“The investigation includes alleged interference in, and curtailment of, investigations by potentially conflicted senior officers, failure to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, systemic removal of the restrictions of officers under investigation and racial discrimination.

“As part of this investigation three officers have been served with gross misconduct notices and one of those officers is also under criminal investigation. Assessments on the status of a number of other officers remains ongoing.”


I have been on the receiving end of extreme police harassment and corruption, orchestrated and organised at very senior level, since 2008. I know the problem is much more serious than depcited here.

Senior officers and their unaccountability are serious issues. Throwing small fry weirdo and misfit lower ranks to the wolves is not an answer to the British Police’s Institutional Corruption, Institutional Racism, lying and a sick symbiotic relationship with the target driven- ‘who cares about justice?’- CPS, once headed by the self important bombastic Sir Kier Starmer.

Call this country a democracy ? Depends what one means by the word. I have heard it called a Totalitarian Democracy and Represenetative Democracy.

Well, it is certainly totalitarian, and it represents something alright, but it doesn’t represent me. It is a very sophisticated lying, bloated, corrupt police state feeding off feminism and domestic violence causes- all of the latter an indictment of our very sick society. The corrupt police are just one aspect of the sickness. The Assange affair is another. Robert Cook

Relentless Propaganda May 3rd 2020

Boris Johnson says his health deteriorated so badly after contracting coronavirus that a strategy was drawn up in case he died.
In an interview with The Sun On Sunday, the prime minister revealed he was given “litres and litres of oxygen” after going into intensive care with COVID-19 on 7 April.
Mr Johnson said: “It was a tough old moment, I won’t deny it. They had a strategy to deal with a ‘death of Stalin’-type scenario.

So far more than 28,000 people have died in all settings across the country.
In his first appearance at the daily Downing Street briefing since returning to Number 10, Mr Johnson signalled the government was following Scotland’s lead and switching its advice on non-medical face covering.

He said they will be “useful” when enforced social distancing measures are eventually eased to “give people confidence they can go back to work”.
It came two days after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said there was only “weak science” to support people wearing face coverings in shops and on public transport.


The relentless propaganda is exasperating. The daily death rate, in normal circumtances is areound 1800 for the U.K, mainly old and or sickly. these is also roots Covid. Add to that the negligence of our appalling NHS and extortionate private care home system and you have part of the Covid mortality explanation.

However, one must add the squalid over crowded conditions of some community areas in cities like London and Birmingham. Unmentionable mass imigration has played a big part. Add to that all the guess work and the ‘it was probably Covid’ then rolling figures from past weeks, then presenting them as if they all happened on one day, then you get a better idea. Following Scotland’s lead on masks is about making fear more visible and contagious. People are used to media and official messages. it starts in kindergarten – literally children garden.

Now throw in Boris Johnson for good measure and you have a nightmare, destroying the social fabric, planting neurosis in all age groups, mass unemployment, reinforcing our police state and offering a field day to the asset strippers.

In my experience as a senior local council politician and prospective parliamentary candidate, politicians are drawn from ego maniacs, self interested, greedy, dishonest, theatrical in the worst sense and narcisistic posers. Hitler and Churchill are extreme examples, the former adding the extra ingredient of insanity – and he is not the only example of that characteristic, which has given humanity so many wars.

Boris is a big man in most senses. He did not die, but ticks a few of the vulnerable boxes. Boastful in all he does, he now plays the ‘Almost killed me, this war old boy. Of course there are those who could step in after me, but you and I are lucky I am back in charge. The war on Corona goes on. Has to be fought, even if many die homeless and jobless. Me, Your C.O will still be here. The country will go on and on, like me. Carelsss talk on social media will be cut off, sociaL distancing might ease, but you won’t be able to talk much through the mask experts previosly said was useless. The mask will keep up the fear, will keep you apart. Good show old boy, keep calm and carry on.’

Turn up the martial music, remember the Blitz, another jolly good show, brought people together in the rubble, furnaces of the Blitz and down on the underground where irrepresible Cockneys were robbed by others, while they slept. Robert Cook

Two of these featured senior politicians admitted taking sex enhancing Class A drugs: COCAINE. Hypocrisy is an essential quality for political success.

More Drivel May 2nd 2020

Commuters could be asked to take their temperatures before travelling under plans to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission on public transport.
The measure is one of a number reportedly being considered by the government to ease lockdown measures when the time comes.
A body temperature of over 37.8C is one of the two main symptoms of Covid-19 infection other than a dry, persistent cough.

Downing Street is expected to set out a road map detailing how restrictions can be eased this Thursday.
Another measure under consideration is thought to be the relaxation of the “two-metre rule” stipulating that people stand apart from one another.
Ministers have asked the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) to probe whether the measure is an effective and proportionate tool for controlling the spread of the virus, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Comment People are getting a lot of taxpayers’ money to come up with this useless drivel. Mind you, keeping people apart and terrified is a good control tactic. This is a new kind of diversity, all in their own little world taking instructions from the media. It reminds me of the lyric in Pink Floyd’s ‘Brick in the Wall’. ” Mummy’s gonna put all her fears into you, mummy won’t let anyone dirty get through. “

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David Ike Must Take a Hike May 2nd 2020

Former professional footballer and media pundit David Ike has had his You Tube Channel closed down, along with Facebook and Twitter. His offence has been questioning Government Policies on Corona, arguing that it is an elitist conspiracy to divide thence destroy working people, reinvent society for elite benefit, bankrupt the lower orders and put more assests in the hands of the rich elite.

Don’t go out without police permission. The Police State is very Real. Don’t ask questions. There used to be a saying, ‘If you want to know the time asks a policeman. The reason for that was because the police used to steal watches off their victims and sell them.

Ike has argued that it is a Global Conspiracy. The World Health Organisation, which represents old Third World diciatorships, and concerned home grown liberals have complained about him.

It is apparently illegal to suggest that social distancing does no good and is not eliminating the virus – collapsing society and economy instead.

The rich live well in U.K, make the laws and the money, treating the rest of us like rubbish. This is Sunningdale, Surrey. The white building is a Rolls Royce BMW Bentley Dealership. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Clearly our BMD democracy is all about expressing the government, liberal and WHO opinions and agenda, whatever the cost. Warnings have been issued to trust only state approved media, avoid bloggers and stay safe. Robert Cook

Show Time  Posted May 2nd 2020

Show Time  Posted May 2nd 2020

Corona Queue Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Listening to the sibilant voices of two female professors talking about why we need apps on our phones, for tracking purposes was nauseating. The Channel 4 news anchors were equally disturbing, looking and sounding like the Simpson’s news anchor caricature, Kent Brockman.

This is the age of bowing and kow towing to the State’s chosen experts.  Politicians are clones, chosen ones.  Doesn’t matter about gender or race, they wouldn’t have gotten through with the wrong mindset.  If one does say the wrong thing, call him, her or whatever Rainbow gender, a Russian agent.  That will scare this nation of fools.

Channel 4 News was all about Corona Virus.  What a smokescreen for whatever is going on in the Middle East now and everything else, like 30 million new unemployed in the U.S.  To talk about needing one sort of app or another, with no mention of civil rights and privacy means the authorities and state approved media have no intention of coming out of lockdown any time soon.

The sibilant voices are meant to be soothing and reassuring.  They are usually female because they can fake caring much more easily, reminds us of mummy, or nanny if you are rich.

Experts are important to reinforce the idea that the whole Corona Show is too far above our heads for us to understand.  All we need to know is that it is out there, invisible and can kill any one of us.  The fact that it got Boris Johnson, Prince Charles and Tom Hanks proves it.  Don’t bother your pretty little heads about the science.  We force you into crap multi cultural schools preoccupied with social engineering, so you will never understand ‘the science.’  

Anyone who mentions conspiracy has a paranoid personality disorder.  So much mental illness about you know.  Don’t worry, Prince William is on the case.  The Royals are back in business.  It is show time in BDM – British Democratic Monarchy.  Robert Cook

No Evidence to Support Absurd Social Distancing May 2nd 2020

The two-metre social distancing rule is being reviewed by the Government in the hope that relaxing the restriction could allow more businesses and schools to reopen, The Daily Telegraph understands.

Ministers have asked the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) to look again at whether people need to stay so far apart, amid growing evidence that coronavirus does not transmit well in the air.

The review is seen as increasingly important in government as the Cabinet prepares to agree the exit strategy from lockdown.

Business groups have been asked this weekend to provide feedback on government blueprints for how they might get back to work and the Prime Minister is considering gathering ministers for a summit at Chequers in the coming days to discuss the way forward.

The Green Fields of France – The Fureys & Davey Arthur …

30/12/2008 · Finbar singing The Green Fields of France written by Eric Bogle, 1976. Filmed at Grand Opera House, Belfast, 1990. Title: GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE (RE 1) Artist: THE FUREYS WITH DAVEY ARTHUR Label …

Dirk Bogarde » King and Country (1964)

In Losey’s compelling, claustrophobic drama, Dirk plays Captain Hargreaves, the initially reluctant defending officer at the court-martial of a First World War deserter (Tom Courtenay). The film, which belongs firmly in the tradition of Paths of Glory and La grande illusion, and was chosen as the British entry for the Venice Festival, has a renewed topicality.

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King and Country: Death By Shooting – YouTube

04/06/2014 · In this stirring anti-war film set during WWI, a tough, no-nonsense British Army lawyer (Dick Bogarde) is assigned to defend a lowly private (Tom Courtenay) at his court martial. Dirk Bogarde, Tom …

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King & Country (1964) – Hamp gives evidence – YouTube

28/01/2017 · Private Hamp (Tom Courtenay) gives evidence at his court-martial, with his defence (Dirk Bogarde) and prosecution (James Villiers) having their say, in Joseph Losey’s film.

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King & Country (1964) — (Movie Clip) It’s No Worse For You

King & Country (1964) — (Movie Clip) It’s No Worse For You From the first interview by British military attorney Hargreaves (Dirk Bogarde), who began with little sympathy for accused deserter Hamp (Tom Courtenay), near the front in Belgium, circa 1917, in Joseph Losey’s <B>King & Country</B>, 1964. King & Country, 1964.”>

NHS not fit for purpose anymore & must be reformed Posted from Archives May 1st 2020

First Published 5 July 2018

Institute of Economic Affairs > Media posts > Policies > Healthcare

IEA comments on the NHS’s 70th birthdayOn the 70th birthday of the NHS, Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs, says:

The National Health Service is one year older, but none the wiser. No level of adoration or praise around its 70th anniversary can gloss over the fact that the system’s poor performance is costing thousands of lives each year.

“You know a system is broken when pouring an extra £20 billion into it annually is only projected to keep it afloat. Britain cannot settle for the status quo – the NHS is an international laggard in regards to health outcomes, ranking in the bottom third of comparisons for health system performance

“As demographics continue to shift and pressures on the NHS become more burdensome, it is time to look to the Social Health Insurance systems in Europe, under which thousands more people survive serious conditions every year, including strokes and common types of cancer. 

“Tomorrow, the balloons will have deflated, the cake will be stale, and the NHS will be back to business as usual – that is, dealing with perpetual crises, one day after another. Let’s be honest about the NHS’s failures now, while there is still time to fix it.”

NHS England’s workforce planning is “not fit for purpose”, according to a report that found a high turnover of staff was hurting the health service financially and reducing continuity of care.

The Health Foundation found the number of nurses and GPs had fallen at a time when the NHS was struggling to cope with growing demand, although a rise in managers and consultants contributed to an overall increase in the NHS workforce by 2% in the year to April.

In Rising Pressure: the NHS workforce challenge, the charity says that almost a third of staff are leaving some trust each year. This left management fighting and spending huge amounts of money “just to stand still”, it adds.A&E wait times of more than four hours to affect a million more peopleRead more

Anita Charlesworth, the foundation’s director of research and economics, said: “There is a growing gap between rhetoric about the government’s ambitions to grow the NHS workforce and the reality of falling numbers of nurses and GPs.

Notes to editors:

For media enquiries please contact Nerissa Chesterfield, Communications Officer: or 0207 799 8920 or 07791 390 268

The IEA’s NHS briefing released earlier this week can be downloaded here.
For more on the IEA’s work on healthcare spending & reform, click here.

The mission of the Institute of Economic Affairs is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems and seeks to provide analysis in order to improve the public understanding of economics.

The IEA is a registered educational charity and independent of all political parties.


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Man who died after benefits cut ‘had pulled out own teeth’ May 1st 2020

Errol Graham, a 57-year-old grandfather who died of starvation when his benefits were cut off, had become so mentally ill that his family believe he pulled out two of his own teeth with pliers, they have revealed.
Fresh details of Graham’s decline, and the traumatic impact on his relatives of his lonely death and subsequent inquest, are revealed in a witness statement filed as part of the latest phase of a legal action taken by the family against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
Graham weighed just 28kg when he was found dead at home by bailiffs sent to evict him in June 2018, eight months after all his benefits were stopped because of his failure to attend a fitness for work assessment. His flat had no gas, electricity supply or working phone, just one lightbulb, a broken fridge and no food.


As long as there is enough money for wars and police to spy on us, who cares ? Britain is a cruel country where the rich get richer, make and run the injustice system and blame the poor. Robert Cook

British Democracy At Work May 1st 2020

British Democracy at Work enit ?

Western leaders love the word democracy.  They use it as a hypnotist would use a trigger word activating a post hypnotic suggestion.  That is why we have all those wars for regime change in the Middle East, then on for more of the same- by any means- in Russia and China.  More of the money goes into ever fewer rancid breathing power folk’s hands.

If you asked the average British person what the word democracy meant, they might say at best : “Well we got the right to vote ‘ent we, know what I mean. Tha’s what we fought for hundres o’ years ago ent it ? Gotta vote, I’s you way of havin’ a say, ent it.”

So the majority voted Brexit. “Gotta get the cuntree back ent we, know what I mean, ent it ? Yeh. Cool.”

So the majority voted for Boris Johnson and the Tories. “Gotta get a good deal from them foreign f-ckers ent we, know what I mean, en it.  We’s English ent we, gotta stand up for our rights ent we, know what I mean ent it, cool.”

So the majority support social distancing.  “ Gover’ment’s keepin’ us safe, ent it, know what I mean.  They got all that science ent they, experts an that enit. Tha’s wot we votin’ for enit ? Cool.”

Boris Johnson will outline his “roadmap” for exiting the coronavirus lockdown next week after declaring that Britain is “past the peak and on the downward slope”.

The Prime Minister said he would make clear to the nation the “menu of options” he will have to choose from when he eventually decides to begin lifting the current restrictions.

He said it was still too early to say when there would be any easing of social distancing measures but that plans were in place to restart the economy, reopen schools and enable people to travel to work safely.

Boris Speaks Freedom Lost, The Lies Continue April 30th 2020

Boris Johnson has said the UK is ‘past the peak’ of the coronavirus outbreak – and that he will reveal a comprehensive plan on coming out of the lockdown next week.
At the Prime Minister’s first appearance at the daily coronavirus briefing for more than a month he said: “I can confirm today for the first time we are past the peak of this disease.”
Last month the PM was forced to self-isolate for more than a week after contracting Covid-19 himself.
The 55-year-old’s condition worsened and he was taken to hospital.

He ended up spending two nights in intensive care at St Thomas’ hospital in central London.
This week has been his first back at work.
On Wednesday morning he and fiancee celebrated the birth of a baby boy and he subsequently missed Prime Minister’s Questions at midday with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab deputising.
Mr Johnson also returned to host Cabinet this morning as he summoned ministers, many virtually, to discuss the latest scientific advice on the lockdown.
Earlier today, in a significant move, one of his top ministers backed Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – who has warned she can’t see any restrictions being eased on May 7.
Boris Johnson ’s official spokesman did not deny the possibility of lockdown continuing until June. 
Social distance and empty spaces: UK life under lockdown (Photos)
Asked if it would, he replied: “I think we will have to wait for the review to take place and I don’t think it’s wise for me to pre-empt that.
“What you’ve obviously heard from [Chief Medical Officer] Chris Whitty is that this is a disease that’s going to be around for a significant amount of time.
“He said we have to be realistic, we’re going to have to do a lot of things for a long period of time.”

Evidence April 30th 2020

Swedish Ambassador Says Stockholm Is Close to Reaching “Herd Immunity”

HeadlineApr 28, 2020

Sweden’s ambassador to the United States has said that Stockholm could reach “herd immunity” sometime in May. In contrast to many of its European neighbors, Sweden has imposed much more relaxed restrictions, keeping most businesses open. Over 2,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Sweden — a significantly higher death toll in relation to its population than neighboring Denmark and Norway, which both imposed strict lockdowns. The World Health Organization has warned there is no evidence that patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are immune to reinfection.

Comment The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) is a biased party focused on the disease ridden over populated religion obssessed old third world. If that is the benchmark, then God help us all. We will never get out of this, descending ourselves to the same level- ruling elites obviously excepted. To my mind the WHO has a big chip on its many shoulders.

The British elite play with words. If the police fail to fit somone up in court, they use the phrase lack of evidence, playing the good guys with the line that their victim is really guilty because they are never wrong or malicious.

In the case of Corona, they say there is no evidence that antibodies give immunity. But you can’t tell them that there is no evidence that lockdown will destroy the virus. In the global fast travel economy, with all its migrants and so called refugees, that is not going to work. They know that, they want that impasse to keep the police state measures going.

The British authorities, be they cops or science lackeys, will only find the evidence they want to find. Like the police, they make their minds up and fit up the arguments accordingly. If there is no route to herd immunity, there is no point in lockdown.

However, there is evidence of herd immunity. Sweden may have bigger problems per head than neighbours because it is bigger, more socially and economically complex ( I have been there and won a place at Stockholm’s International Graduate School ) and has more migrants thanks to the EU. However, it has a lot less problems than Britain, the third worst infected and third highest death rates in the world- though the Brit Government is cooking the books and lying that we are all at the same risk. The British police set the standard for official dishonesty, the whole system is elitist and rotten with corruption.

When Corona hit Britain, it revealed that our expensive NHS, badly managed flatulent bloated poorly equiped with poorly trained very expensive staff, could not cope. So bring in the spin doctors. Turn the staff of the dreadful NHS into heroes, have clapathons, which would be better named crapathons.

Anything will do to create a smokescreen , with a new Winnie Windbag ( Churchill was a disaterous leader, starting with Gallipoli ) and Johsnon is living up to his hero’s dubious and inflated reputation. If there is any worthwhile comparison with World War Two, it would be how the authorities lied to make Dunkirk look like a victory, and todays cowardly mask wearing terrified slaves to the lockdown rules. If these are supposed to be indicators of a fighting spirit, then we can guess what their ancestors would have done if the Germans had invaded in 1940.

Britain’s achievements in World War Two are remarkable for their failures. To mention one more of many, General Percival had his big guns facing out to sea when the Japs force of 40,000 atatcked Singapore from the jungle behind them – impassable to whites because of Tropicl diseases to which the Japanese had herd immunity. What a laugh .

Posh Percival quickly surrendered his massive force of troops ( over 100,000 ) to the nightmare of becoming Japanse prisoners of war. I could go on, but my point is, Lockdown is prison jargon, and the nation has surrendered to yet more elitist bull-hit with all the frustrated jealous little Hitlers of the police and concerned neighbour Dads and Mums Army on watch to ensure no one steps out of line. Robert Cook

What a joke, what nonsense. This fine old lady has some very brutal ancestors. Her father and husband’s in bred family were Germans, which is why they changed their name from Hohenzolern Saxe Coburg Goethe to fool the very foolish and easily fooled frightened largely ignorant British people.

Look up an old 1960s film about soldiers and class, in World War One,starring Ditrk Bogarde and Tom Courtenay. it is called ‘King and Country’ . By the way, the British did not win World War Two, their leaders were utterly incompetent. Had the U.S, Russians and East Europeans not been involved, they would have lost. Robert Cook

Staggering April 30th 2020

Boris Johnson -A Very Pleasant Life

Boris Johnson will on Thursday warn the nation not to expect major changes to the lockdown after it emerged Britain has one of the world’s worst coronavirus death rates.
The Prime Minister will use his first Downing Street press conference since his return to work to explain why social restrictions must largely remain in place.
Data published by the Cabinet Office on Wednesday show Spain and Belgium are the only two countries with a worse per-head death rate than Britain.

On eight separate days this month, more than 1,000 people died of the virus, detailed statistics for accumulated deaths in hospitals, care homes and other settings showed.
Mr Johnson will chair a Cabinet meeting on Thursday morning at which ministers will discuss the way forward, but it became clear on Wednesday that they favour a highly cautious approach to lifting the restrictions.
Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, said that in Germany – which contained the virus better than any other European country – the transmission rate had gone up after it eased its lockdown. He said: “Chancellor Merkel has made it clear that they might need a second lockdown in Germany if the infection rate continues to rise.
“So this is a very real risk, and it’s vital we proceed carefully … we mustn’t gamble away the sacrifices and the progress that we’ve made.”

Mr Johnson, who has delayed his paternity leave after the birth of his son, will explain that the key to exiting lockdown is to keep the virus’s reproduction rate – the R value – below one, meaning each infected person passes it to fewer than one other person on average.
Sage, the Government’s scientific advisory panel, is expected to present evidence early next week of the effect on the R value of lifting different restrictions, such as allowing children back to school or more people back to work.
Only then will Mr Johnson make a final decision about what changes he can make to the lockdown at its scheduled review on May 7.
The Prime Minister had hoped to strike a more optimistic note, having earlier this week promised to “fire up the engines” of the economy. However, the latest death figures, coupled with the worrying reports from Germany, forced ministers to rein in their plans.
No 10 played down the possibility of Mr Johnson announcing imminent major changes. A source said: “It will very much be in the area of how we satisfy our five tests for coming out of lockdown, chief among which is making sure we don’t risk another exponential rise in infections. It’s still too early to be setting out any details of what any easing of the lockdown might look like.”
A blueprint for what ministers call “phase two” of the lockdown started to take shape on Wednesday, with plans for schools, workers, transport and outdoor gatherings becoming clearer. However, the timing of such changes has not yet been decided.


It is staggering how the government gets away with all of their bull-hit. They start out lockdown, sneering at Sweden, who have a far better record on this but did not close borders. If closing borders was going to do any good, they should have been closed in January along with air and seaports to passenger traffic. Borders are still not closed.

As for the figures, they are deliberately confusing. Their basis keeps changing. The NHS could not cope- thanks to outdated structure, petty rule bound overmanagement, hospital closures, waste and not keeping up with mass immigration from Europe and ( more importantly ) thesickly despotic corrupt war torn old Third World.

Because of this, elderly sick – who make up the bulk of government numbers for Corona- were sent back to care homes. Care homes are profiteering establishments – since greedy Thatcher sold these council assets and contarcts off in the 1980s. They do not enhance the elderly’s lives, just prolong misery in many cases.

Rational heathen people like me should be offered euthanasia as a better alternative. Care is an interesting word to describe those places. Here they died of accumulated issues of which Corona may have been a contributing factor. There is a lot of guess work and manipulation used to justify hideous lockdown which is being used to panic people across the age and class spectrums.

If we take the latest misleading figures at face value, leaving government lies, incompetence and hidden agendas to one side, we have 8000 deaths in 8 days. If we ignore the fact that an average of 1800 people die every day, of every year, in this country, we have 14,400 – most being very old and/or sickly with many from care homes over the same time period.

Let us also consider that government’s revised statistics have drawn heavily on counting more care home deaths as Corona when other more prominent factors are involved including old age, and that their figures refer to separate not consecutive days. This distinction is important because word play and propaganda is important to government. So with all of this in mind, Britain has the third worst official world record on Corona Virus deaths. The government and its meally mouthed so called experts want it both ways, and are telling us that lockdown is working, and so we need more of it. At the same time, they cook the figures to show us deaths much higher in spite of lockdown.

Johnson has a very pleasant life with his partner, new baby, rich friends and colleagues. He doesn’t want it to end. He has had a shock. He thinks his case proves anyone can get it- that he never fitted the at risk profile. But look at him and his lifestyle. Consider where he lives all of his travel. He, his rich colleagues and cronies don’t want the patronising party to end. Read Boris’s book on Churchill, he thinks this is his finest hour as he and his support club drag out the old World War Two propagnda. He is more like Captain Mainwearing . This is more ‘Dad’s Barmy’ than ‘Dad’s Army.’

As with Johnson’s hero Churchill, Johnson doesn’t care how many jobs and lives are destroyed by lockdown. When people like him talk about the country emerging stronger and greater than ever, he is giving us the bull-hit about unity when in fact lockdown feeds poverty, division and different kinds of death. For his class, however, it helps the asset stripping with good stuff going at knock down prices. The door for mass immigration stands ready to be opened for a new sort of high profit low wage economy.

For years, badly educated young Brits and stupid rose colour spec wearing older folk have dined out on the myths of empire, freedom and winning World War Two. Churchill’s BEF would have been slaughtered if commanding officer Gort had obeyed Churchill’s bombastic orders. His retreat led Churchill to sack him. Looney Hitler then turned on Russia who ultimately defeated him, with Britain and U.S playing support roles. Britain got into that war, allowing it and World War One to start because of incompetent politicians like Chrchill and Johnson. History repeats itself. Wars start with official lies. and are sustained by propaganda. The foolish ignorant masses always follow their leaders. Robert Cook

Same old Bull-hit. Britain is built on it. Churchill’s son said the Empire was built on the cheap. Winston said ‘Britain doesn’t have enemies, it has business interests.

Lockdown No Solution April 29th 2020

We are being bombarded with an amazing amount of media and related political progaganda about the need for lockdown or more of us will die. I saw and smelt the fear while out shopping in B & Q in Milton Keynes yesterday.

Masks were being worn like a moral statement to shame heathens like me. it is hard to imagine people fee;ing safe again. The sight or sound of someone with common cold will strike fear in the average British heart. To compare these people with those who survived World War Two is ridiculous. If Hitler only knew it, all he needed was to drop cases of flu and cold germs, then it seems Britain would have given up.

There are so many mysteries about this Covid thing.

The public will give up on social distancing measures unless there is a clear end in sight, a leading expert on public health interventions has warned.

Professor Linda Bauld, of the University of Edinburgh, said the public’s strong support for lockdown measures “won’t last” unless the Government finds a way to explain to the public how Britain will be released from the restrictions.

She said: “The social, economic and health effects of lock down are accumulating.

“There will come a tipping point when the cost of the current restrictions outweighs the benefits.”

With no official indication of how long the lockdown may last, Prof Bauld added: “Sooner rather than later, Government needs to share the possible options with the public and be transparent about the costs and benefits of each, rather than continually evading questions on this, as is currently the case.”

Clear information on what the next steps in the battle against coronavirus will be could help people to plan their lives while also offer some reassurance, she insists.

This would be “particularly important for our young people who feel huge uncertainty about education and employment options in the short term, as well as those experiencing the most adverse outcomes from the restrictions”.

As far as I can see, there is no evidence that lockdown will render this version or any mutations of Covid19 extinct. Governments are using the crisis for theor own ends, really making the most of it. Obviously the Third World, elderly, poor and migrant communities will suffer most. Britian’s Tory Government ( Labour are no better ) have to cover for the fact that the NHS resources, resource focus and management style have not kept pace with open door third world immigration because it couldn’t adjust and the politicans would not admit that their virtue signalling selfish policies were unsustainable.

Bombing the Middle East in the name of their fake democracy has made the virus an even bigger problem. Never have there been so many poor ignorant billions across the developed and undeveloped world ( they call it developing now ) ready to swallow the pampered rich ruling global elite’s lies. that is why it is so easy to get the slavish gullible Brits to clap for the ‘clapped out NHS, rather than face the reality that it could not cope with Corona, in spite of many months advance warning. The borders should have been closed as soon as China annoucned the problem. why were they not ? It is either conspiracy, stupidity or both. Robert Cook

Full Impact April 29th 2020

The full impact of Covid-19 on the UK is set to be revealed as the Government prepares to unveil the combined number of daily deaths in hospitals, care homes and the community linked to the killer virus.
There is currently an 11-day time lag for the Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) data on the number of people who have died in care homes and their own homes after contracting coronavirus.

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the public would receive up-to-date figures to go alongside the number of hospital deaths as of Wednesday, while the Department of Health and Social Care said figures dating back from early March up to April 28 would also be declared.

Sturgeon Lays Down Law On Lockdown April 28th 2020

The Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested she could ask to close the border if the UK government ends the lockdown prematurely. Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the First Minister was asked if she had the power to close the border with England. She said: ‘I don’t have the power to close borders but these are discussions of course we want to continue to have with the UK Government. ‘And on this question of will Scotland do things differently — not for the sake of it, we won’t. Only if the evidence and our judgement tells us that is necessary. ‘Now that would mean, if — and it is an if — the UK Government took decisions that I thought were premature in terms of coming out of the lockdown, then clearly I would want to make sure Scotland did what I judged was best to protect the population.’ But following a backlash from political rivals, Ms Sturgeon’s Health Secretary Jeane Freeman later claimed the First Minister was talking about external UK borders, not the 108-mile border between Scotland and England.

During the daily briefing, Ms Freeman said: ‘Just for clarity, can I be clear that what the First Minister was talking about was international borders, ie entry into the UK from outside of the UK and liaising and discussing with the UK Government what more could be done there.’ But Ms Freeman added to the confusion when she refused to rule out the possibility of SNP leaders asking to shut the border. Scots Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie told The Sun: ‘The First Minister should have crushed this madcap suggestion at the first time of asking. ‘But the fact the Health Secretary failed to crush it at the second time of asking is extra­ordinary. I can’t believe they are seriously considering this. ‘Choking off the supply lines for food, drink and essential supplies or the flow of key and essential workers back and forth would cause massive harm.’

Read more:

Nicola Sturgeon suggests closing border if UK lockdown ends prematurely

Twitter: | Facebook:


It is time to close the border with Scotland permanently. This place has received far more from the U.K than England and Wales has. Its Scottish King Charles 1st caused a Civil War, their mad Catholic James II caused more problems. Then came Blair and Brown. Sturgeon has all the makings of a dictator and has been holding the country to ransom since Brexit.

Meanwhile, there is no evidence that Lockdown does more good than harm to the masses, but there will be ever more evidence of its harm. Meanwhile Gove reassures us that open borders into the EU will be restored with a free flow of poor immigrants and asylum seekers fleeing Covid 19 and so much else- many from the countries they are still bombing -and thence to soft touch U.K liberal elite land. No one loves elite driven petty rules and laws more than the British underlings. The British have contributed so many to Europe.

Corona is the smokescreen, Sturgeon needn’t be worried. They talk of relaxing lockdown until winter- when they will have an excuse to ramp it up again.

Queuing to leave Morrisons in Covid Mad OCD Britain April 2020 Appledene Photographics/RJC

Dreadful Propaganda while people’s livelihoods destroyed. April 28th 2020

Boris Johnson will lead the nation in tribute to fallen frontline workers who have died in the coronavirus crisis, the day after he returned to Number 10 after beating Covid-19.
The Prime Minister, who spent three nights in intensive care earlier this month, will observe the minute’s silence at 11am on Tuesday. More than 90 NHS and social care workers have died during the pandemic.
Mr Johnson is also reportedly planning to refine lockdown rules in the coming days, amid mounting pressure for theQueing Government to set out the next steps before they must be reviewed on May 7.

The Times reported that schools will remain shut next month, but shops selling non-essential items will be allowed to reopen if customers can be kept two metres apart. People could also be allowed to mix with a wider group of friends or family, according to the paper.
A total of 21,092 patients have died in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Sunday, up by 360 from 20,732 the day before. However, the true number is likely to be significantly higher when deaths outside hospitals are included.

The latest figures on deaths in care homes and the community will be published by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday.
In other developments:
– The NHS will restart some vital services, including cancer care, which had been paused due to the coronavirus outbreak, from Tuesday
– Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a life assurance scheme to pay £60,000 to the families of frontline NHS and social care workers who have died in the course of their duties

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said small businesses will be able to secure a loan worth up to £50,000 with the Government guaranteeing 100% of the risk in the latest emergency scheme aimed at helping firms survive the crisis
– Health experts were asked to look into reports that a coronavirus-related syndrome – thought to be similar to Kawasaki disease – among children may be emerging in the UK

Unison, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal of College of Nursing launched a campaign last week for the nation to take a moment to honour frontline staff who have died during the Covid-19 crisis.

Between them, the organisations represent more than a million NHS and public service workers including porters, refuse collectors and care staff.
On Monday, the PM’s official spokesman said: “We will be supporting the minute’s silence. We will be asking everybody who works in the Government to take part and we would hope that others will take part nationwide as well.”

Coronavirus alert: Rare syndrome seen in UK children Posted April 27th 2020

NHS doctors have been warned to look out for a rare but dangerous reaction in children that may be linked to coronavirus infection.

An urgent alert sent out to GPs said that intensive care departments in London and other parts of the UK have been treating severely sick children with unusual symptoms.

This includes “multi-system inflammation” with flu-like symptoms.

Some, but not all, tested positive for coronavirus.

It is unclear how many children have experienced the reaction, although the numbers will be low.

NHS England medical director Stephen Powis said they had become aware of reports of rare, severe illness in children. “It’s only in the last few days that we have seen those reports. We have asked our experts to look into this as a matter of urgency.”

The alert, issued by NHS England, said there was “a growing concern” that a coronavirus-related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infection linked to these cases.

These young patients of varying ages were extremely ill. They had similar features to toxic shock syndrome, which can include a high temperature, low blood pressure, a rash and difficulty breathing.

Some also had gastrointestinal symptoms – tummy pain, vomiting or diarrhoea – and inflammation of the heart, as well as abnormal blood test results.

Experts say these are the signs you can see when the body becomes overwhelmed as it tries to fight off an infection.

The alert advises these cases need urgent treatment.

But experts stress that very few children become severely ill with coronavirus – evidence from around the world suggests they are the population least affected by the disease.

Dr Nazima Pathan, a consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care in Cambridge, said colleagues in Spain and Italy had been reporting similar cases: “Some of the children have presented with a septic shock type illness and rashes – the kind of presentation we would expect to see in toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease (which affects blood vessels and the heart).

“Overall, children seem to be more resilient to serious lung infection following exposure to coronavirus, and the numbers admitted to intensive care units are relatively low.”

NHS England said it knew of fewer than 20 such cases in the country where an association has been noted by clinicians. Investigations will continue, but no link has yet been established, said a spokesman.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) said parents should be reassured by this, but if they are concerned about their children’s health for any reason, they should seek help from a health professional.

Prof Simon Kenny, NHS national clinical director for children and young people, said: “The advice to parents remains the same: if you are worried about your child for whatever reason, contact NHS 111 or your family doctor for urgent advice, or 999 in an emergency, and if a professional tells you to go to hospital, please go to hospital.”

When to seek help

Whilst coronavirus is infectious to children, it is rarely serious. If your child is unwell it is likely to be a non-coronavirus illness, rather than coronavirus itself.

NHS doctors have been warned to look out for a rare but dangerous reaction in children that may be linked to coronavirus infection.

An urgent alert sent out to GPs said that intensive care departments in London and other parts of the UK have been treating severely sick children with unusual symptoms.

This includes “multi-system inflammation” with flu-like symptoms.

Some, but not all, tested positive for coronavirus.

It is unclear how many children have experienced the reaction, although the numbers will be low.

NHS England medical director Stephen Powis said they had become aware of reports of rare, severe illness in children. “It’s only in the last few days that we have seen those reports. We have asked our experts to look into this as a matter of urgency.”

The alert, issued by NHS England, said there was “a growing concern” that a coronavirus-related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infection linked to these cases.

These young patients of varying ages were extremely ill. They had similar features to toxic shock syndrome, which can include a high temperature, low blood pressure, a rash and difficulty breathing.

Some also had gastrointestinal symptoms – tummy pain, vomiting or diarrhoea – and inflammation of the heart, as well as abnormal blood test results.

Experts say these are the signs you can see when the body becomes overwhelmed as it tries to fight off an infection.

The alert advises these cases need urgent treatment.

But experts stress that very few children become severely ill with coronavirus – evidence from around the world suggests they are the population least affected by the disease.

Dr Nazima Pathan, a consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care in Cambridge, said colleagues in Spain and Italy had been reporting similar cases: “Some of the children have presented with a septic shock type illness and rashes – the kind of presentation we would expect to see in toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease (which affects blood vessels and the heart).

“Overall, children seem to be more resilient to serious lung infection following exposure to coronavirus, and the numbers admitted to intensive care units are relatively low.”

NHS England said it knew of fewer than 20 such cases in the country where an association has been noted by clinicians. Investigations will continue, but no link has yet been established, said a spokesman.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) said parents should be reassured by this, but if they are concerned about their children’s health for any reason, they should seek help from a health professional.

Prof Simon Kenny, NHS national clinical director for children and young people, said: “The advice to parents remains the same: if you are worried about your child for whatever reason, contact NHS 111 or your family doctor for urgent advice, or 999 in an emergency, and if a professional tells you to go to hospital, please go to hospital.”

By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online

Comment The NHS are desperate to prolong lockdown, hence dragging in this nonsense. Lockdown has made the inadequate failing NHS look good, thanks to government propaganda and peoples’ gullibility. Money will be made here and elsewhere, in this phoney war. Robert Cook

No Problem ! April 27th 2020

Five dinghies carrying 76 migrants have been intercepted in the Channel by Border Force.

All those on board were brought to Dover and will be monitored for signs of coronavirus, the Home Office said.

Footage showed officials at the port in personal protective equipment escorting people from Border Force vessels.

The Home Office blamed the crossings on criminals “using false promises to take advantage of desperate situations and illegally smuggle people into the UK”.

Charities have warned that people are living in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions in migrant camps in northern France, leaving them vulnerable to being infected by coronavirus.

Governments on both sides of the Channel last year pledged to make crossings an “infrequent phenomenon” by the spring.

More than 450 people have made the crossing in April, the busiest month on record since November 2018.

Immigration minister Chris Philp said: “We are continuing to support the French to deploy extra patrols on French beaches, drones, specialist vehicles and detection equipment to stop these boats leaving European shores.”

The Home Office said the virus crisis was having no impact on its operational response to the crossings.

Life Jim But Not As We Knew It April 27th 2020

Central london during tube drivers’ strike. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

More doctors are being forced to treat coronavirus patients without protective equipment, it has been revealed, as Dominic Raab refused to say when shortages would finally end.
A third of physicians working in high-risk settings have reported running short of long-sleeved gowns or full-face visors – a situation that has “worsened over the past three weeks”, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said.
Of those working in other hospital areas, 40 per cent are not always equipped with eye protection, while 15.5 per cent are sometimes left without fluid-repellent face masks.


People still speak well of the Thatcher years when all of a sudden we didn’t need coal miners or manufacturing. Britain’s future was in IT, Finance and other services. Public sector industries and services were privatised or shut down. The dirty stuff was for China’s exploding slave population. China could provide all the goods, burn all the coal while countries ( Cun-rees really ) like Britain could have it all, cheap goods, maximum untaxed profit and head for zero carbon emissions – claiming the moral high ground for its sheeple.

Along comes environmental young female Greta, like a navigator without a map, telling us all about what must be done. People must be sheeple or face the consequences. All because another version of ( possibly bio engineered by one of the super powers and/or its lackeyes like Britain ) flu has run wild, doing what flu does, kill the almost dead, sickly and those living in congested ignorant squalor. Forget the fact that around 1800 people die in Britain everyday anyway, just say probable Covid 19 or covid linked. that will scare the bleating flock. Just say many more have died at home and it was probably Covid, even though we can’t test for it.

Mass panic is essential to create fear and obedience. Forget that masks don’t work, then tell evryone to wear them, so they can see the fear in other people and replicate it. Remember, if big old Champagne high living Boris can get it, YOU CAN GET IT TOO.. Forget what this is leading to, an economic and social nightmare world.

If the NHS can’t cope, no one is supposed to blame it for not keeping up with all the unlimited mass immigration, privatisation and over expensive management. Remember what former Home Secretary David Blunkett said ‘There is no obvious limit to immigration.’

There is an obvious political and media campaign to distract us all with bull-hit about NHS/Police heroes. If these ‘heroes’ -who are not working for free – we pay their wages, have to wait for PPE from China, ask yourselves some serious questions about how we got here.

We got here on the Starship ‘Free Enterprise’ and ‘this is life Jim, but not as we knew it.’ Meanwhile the government chooses to ignore scientists who question the purpose and probable consequences of lockdown. This is more science faction than science fiction. Robert Cook

British Sheeple Must Be Kept Safe from corona, other medical social and economic dangers don’t matter, British angry with those who ignore the rules. April 26th 2020

The public has been urged to stay at home during the UK’s fifth weekend under lockdown, or face stricter rules. Forecasters have predicted warm conditions for most of the country over the weekend, prompting concerns people may ignore the coronavirus Government rules which began on March 23. It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to condemn those ignoring the travel ban on Saturday, and show data of the number of people flouting the rules. The Daily Express reported she has not ruled out granting police additional powers to enforce lockdown measures.

During Friday’s Downing Street press conference, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged people to stay at home despite apparent improvements in the crisis. Mr Shapps said: ‘The country has done incredibly well in adhering to social distancing and there is a danger as we go into yet another warm sunny weekend that people think that perhaps these graphs are showing that the peak is over. ‘It isn’t over, we’re riding perhaps, we hope, a downward trend but it is by no means, no means established yet.’

A spokesman for the store previously told the Standard it is following “best practice” and operating outlets with “social distancing measures in place”.

Photos depicting long lines of customers waiting to enter shops under the hot sun have surfaced online.

Taking to social media, one Twitter user said: “Hardly a surprise. Hordes of people descending onto B&Q was always going to happen when they reopened.

“Other countries’ Government’s have eased them out of lockdown, the UK has been eased out by B&Q and a bunch of selfish idiots who are risking undoing most peoples good work.”

Another added: “Unlocking the lockdown … by the backdoor. I missed this. Why are B&Q opening stores to the general public?

“Understandable for essential service personnel to be able to use them atm, but for the rest of us? Once one starts, they’ll all follow suit.”

One user said: “Went past my local B&Q today. Car park rammed full. #lockdown is going to fully collapse within a couple of weeks if Boris Johnson & co don’t get a grip.”

One person claimed the lockdown will last longer now that the stores have reopened. 

“I would just like to say well done to B&Q & Homebase for opening up at the peak of the virus,” he said.

“We will be in lockdown for longer due to greed and not people’s safety.”

Coronavirus: Cancer patients ‘helpless’ amid fears more will die from delayed treatment than COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has forced the NHS to cancel non-urgent surgery or delay some treatments to prevent being overwhelmed.

By Tamara Cohen, political correspondent, and Emily Mee, news reporter

As experts warn tens of thousands of cancers are going untreated and undetected due to coronavirus, Sky News speaks to some of the patients who fear they are losing precious time. 

Lesley Stephen, 54, from Edinburgh was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer six years ago and given just months to live.

She made memory boxes for her four children, now aged 11 to 20, but her situation was transformed by taking part in a successful clinical trial.

In recent months, however, the cancer has started to spread to her lungs and liver, and COVID-19 has limited her options.

“I’ve already been told that if I need surgery on my lung that’s likely to be delayed by a couple of months because of resources being diverted to the COVID virus,” she said.

If she has to come off her current clinical trial, recruitment to new trials has stalled.

“There’s constant anxiety at the back of my mind anyway. Will this be my last summer, will this be my last Christmas?

Victory ??? My backs-de !!! April 25th 2020

There is clear evidence that people dying from Corona, bearing in mind diagnosis is not accurate, in most cases have pre existing medical conditions and are usually elderly. Elderly people like me, have had our time so I think this alarmist lockdown panic is appalling and hides a hidden agenda.

Comparing all the current cowardice with World War Two is sick in itself. Not much if anything has been made of the ridiculous situation that Britain’s leaders long ago sold out British manufacturing to slave states like China- then having the audacity to blame them for the virus and lack of equipment. ‘Talking about my generation’, !!! I thought them appalling drug ridden hypocritical upper middle class posers during my elite university days, and I have been proven right. Robert Cook

Thousands of cancer cases ‘may be going undetected each week amid coronavirus fears’

More than 2,000 people each week may be missing cancer diagnoses and possibly losing vital treatment time due to coronavirus fears, a leading cancer charity has warned.

Cancer Research UK said that the number of urgent referrals by GPs for cancer treatment has dropped by 25 per cent – meaning an average of around 2,300 people every week will have missed a cancer diagnosis.

Screening services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been paused, while Cancer Research said they have also been “de facto” halted in England, with appointments not being made.

Around 200,000 people were screened for cancer every week before the outbreak, finding about 2,300 cases.

The charity said pausing screenings meant there were “a significant number of early cancers left undetected”, which meant that surgery to remove cancerous tissue may no longer be an option

Cancer Research is pushing for the NHS to resume screening once safe, and for “cancer hubs” to be established in private hospitals.

These are areas in hospitals where staff and patients are regularly tested for Covid-19 to ensure that cancer patients are safe from the virus.

Professor Charles Swanton, chief clinician at Cancer Research UK, said: “This pandemic is having a major impact on patients suffering from cancer and the direction it’s heading is really concerning. Delays to diagnosis and treatment could mean that some cancers will become inoperable.

“But it’s not too late to turn this around. Cancer patients shouldn’t need to wait for the pandemic to pass before getting the treatment they need.” 

He added: “We can create a safe environment for both staff and cancer patients now that testing efforts are escalating quickly.

“Staff in hospitals around the country are working extremely hard and with more testing of staff and patients – with and without symptoms – we will have hospitals and centres relatively free from COVID-19 where patients can be treated safely, and post-operative complications can be minimised.”

Peter Johnson, NHS clinical director for cancer, said: “We know if cancers are caught earlier more lives are saved which is why early referral for suspected cancer is essential and a major goal for the NHS Long Term Plan.

“Although the NHS is working day and night to tackle coronavirus, it is also open for business in other vital areas such as cancer diagnosis and treatment – if you have worrying symptoms, you should still contact your GP and be referred for further checks.”

The Secretive Group Guiding the U.K. on Coronavirus April 24th 2020

The British government frequently says it’s “guided by the science,” but the members of its scientific advisory group, SAGE, are a secret.

Stephen Castle

By Mark Landler and Stephen Castle

  • Published April 23, 2020Updated April 24, 2020, 8:42 a.m. ET

LONDON — As the British government comes under mounting criticism for its response to the coronavirus — one that has left Britain vying with Italy and Spain as the worst hit countries in Europe — Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his aides have defended themselves by saying they are “guided by the science.”

The trouble is, nobody knows what the science is.

The government’s influential Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies — known by its soothing acronym, SAGE — operates as a virtual black box. Its list of members is secret, its meetings are closed, its recommendations are private and the minutes of its deliberations are published much later, if at all.

Yet officials invoke SAGE’s name endlessly without ever explaining how it comes up with its advice — or even who these scientists are.

That lack of transparency has become a point of contention, as officials struggle to explain why they waited until late March to shift from a laissez-faire approach to the virus to the stricter measures adopted by other European countries. Critics say the delay may have worsened a death toll now surging past 20,000, and they fault the government for leaving people in the dark about why it first chose this riskier path.

With all the secrecy, even some of Britain’s top scientists say they don’t know whether they can trust the government’s approach.

“Is the science being followed by the government on coronavirus?” said David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government. “I don’t know, because I don’t know what the advice is, and there isn’t the freedom for the scientists to tell the public what their advice is.”

Professor King, who counseled Prime Minister Tony Blair on the foot-and-mouth disease that infected British farm animals in 2001, said there was no justification for the government to withhold either the advisory group’s membership or the minutes of its meetings. Doing so, he said, eroded public trust in the government, especially given the bewildering twists and turns in its response.

It also raises questions about an academic group that ought to be a point of pride for Britain: the country’s best scientific minds, in fields from epidemiology to behavioral science, assembled from cutting-edge labs at Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“The names are likely to come out at some stage,” said David Lidington, who served as a deputy to Mr. Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May. He warned that the government’s lack of disclosure would only cause more headaches later. “There is the risk that if names leak out after a time it becomes a great shock-horror,” he said, adding that it would be better to make a virtue of transparency.

Post-lockdown life in Wuhan is a warning to the world April 24th 2020

Life in Wuhan is governed by your health code status. And fear by Winston Lee

Though restaurants have reopened, Wang Lan, who works for a Wuhan-based media company, hasn’t eaten out since the city’s 76-day lockdown was lifted on April 8. “People generally choose to get food delivered,” she says. Back when the epidemic was at its worst, only one person from each family was allowed to leave the apartment compound, for a two-hour window, to buy groceries.

Wang worked from home for two months, returning to the office in April. Her company organised testing for the whole staff and implemented new rules. With more than 1,000 employees, before the outbreak you could go to the cafeteria buffet, but now lunch is packed for each person and employees go in shifts to collect their lunch, then eat it separately. Wang still avoids going to places with a lot of people and continues minimising time at the supermarket.

When she arrives or leaves her office, she scans her “health code” – accessible through Alipay and WeChat. Her code is green, meaning she is allowed to travel domestically. Those with yellow or red codes have to stay at home. The codes have become crucial to everyday life. She scans it to get onto public transport, to go to the supermarket, and to enter and leave her residential compound.

However, the name “health code” is somewhat misleading. The closest thing to the colour-coded health codes being used in China are immunity certificates Western countries are discussing. While a green code allows you to travel, it does not mean you are immune from coronavirus. It is a “probably not infected” pass for those that want to get back to work.

While local governments have each launched their own health code mini-programs, the interface is the same for the user. In essence, departments have integrated data on travel (from bus, train, and flight bookings), contact with known, suspected or confirmed cases, and self-reported symptoms to generate the traffic light colours – red, yellow or green – which indicates how high-risk the individual may be.

In Wuhan, it takes into account hospital-visit data. At the end of February, Li Jiaying’s mother went to the hospital for a check-up, fearing she had the virus. Though a doctor found her virus-free, Li’s mother found her health code went red soon after she returned home – probably because hospitals were high-risk areas for transmission. She had to stay inside for the next 14 days (during this time, codes of family members she was living with remained green).

Almost two months later, most people Li knows, herself included, have a green code. For inter-city travel, residents of Hubei reported that while a green code was enough to leave the province, they still had to undertake quarantine or testing once they arrived. They also obtained approval from the neighbourhood Party committee that managed the address to which they planned to move. Universities that have yet to open their doors have ordered students currently in Hubei not to come back until they give notice.

During the epidemic’s peak, students started reporting their health status on platforms they usually used to check in for lectures. Li saw that her name was in red on her teacher’s interface, a visual note for the university’s Party secretary and counsellors to personally check on her health status, which she still submits digitally everyday.The UK’s coronavirus lockdown, and how long it will last, explained

Nationally, many employees self-reported their health status, answering single-choice questions on whether they had coronavirus symptoms, their current location, and whether they had been to, or had any contact with people from Hubei. That data was filed to local governments to establish which employees were allowed to return to their offices.

The anonymised location and movements of confirmed new cases continue to be posted on trackers embedded into popular apps such as Toutiao and Baidu. As Chinese nationals continue to return from outside the country, many of the latest updates are of new cases flying into airports who are sent straight into mandatory quarantine, which returnees have to pay for. The last few confirmed cases for Shanghai, at time of writing, were students returning from the UK.

A month or so before, these maps were more dynamic. Citizens could see just how far they were from confirmed cases, how many cases each district had, and whether people in their apartment buildings had been infected. They could also check whether they had taken transport with someone who tested positive.

Telecom providers have been involved in public health messaging. They have pushed lengthy SMS messages to Wuhan residents on how to troubleshoot problems with the health code. They have also sent advice signed off by the city’s prevention and control department on mask-wearing, hand hygiene, and using contactless payments where possible. Local governments have tacitly admitted the system has teething problems by instituting channels for people to apply to have their colour changed to green, if they think they have been wrongly assigned yellow or red.

Coronavirus–related tech experiments in Europe are having their own issues. Researchers are torn over how to implement privacy protecting contact tracing. A report on one such app under development in Germany, found it could “only be installed on up-to-date Apple and Android phones, which will reduce its coverage to roughly 60-65 per cent of the general population,” says Sven Herpig, director for international cybersecurity policy at Berlin-based thinktank SNV. People may not want to be part of these infrastructures, or not have the means to join. If apps don’t work and scale, at some point we may have to decide to go non-digital.

None of the apps rolled out in China are replacements for traditional epidemic-fighting strategies such as human-led contact tracing – identifying those who fall ill, finding those with whom they have recently been in contact, and quarantining them. Despite the attention given to the health code, the country’s virus mitigation strategies are rooted in boots-on-the-ground management. Tech experiments have been layered over other epidemic-fighting infrastructure, so judging their utility is difficult. Often left out of the conversation is at what point tech applications become useful, and when they are no longer. “We don’t have proof that any of it really worked,” Herpig says.

China’s health code is not the precise contact tracing that Apple and Google want to roll out. In fact, it is surprisingly low-tech. That its initial questionnaire includes whether you have had contact with people from Hubei shows that the authorities managing the app don’t know. Workarounds for Wuhan’s grey-haired residents are even more low-tech. Li’s grandparents who don’t own smartphones use health certificates issued by their community as a health code substitute. Other neighbourhood committees have their non-smartphone residents print out a paper-version of the health code.

The health code is far from a silver bullet. Ultimately, what generates a green code is the commitment of individuals to stay at home for 14 days, and residential committees, which manage apartment compounds, to manage their designated inhabitants. But even as a pass to help with reopening, it has returned many to some level of normalcy.

The UK’s coronavirus lockdown, and how long it will last, explained April 24th 2020

When will the UK lockdown end?

The UK’s lockdown is not due to end any time soon. On March 16, Dominic Raab, standing in for the prime minister, said that the initial three-week lockdown period would be extended for another three weeks. This means the restrictions put in place across the UK will not change until the end of the first week of May.

“Now is not the moment to give the coronavirus a second chance,” Raab said at the daily press conference. The UK’s lockdown measures have been working to reduce the spread of the virus, he said. In many cases the UK’s coronavirus infection rate had been reduced but it was not yet low enough for people to be allowed to return to a life without restrictions. However he added that it would be “damaging” for both public health and the economy if the lockdown rules were lifted at the current moment.

The country is currently at a “delicate and dangerous stage” where if the lockdown measures are lifted too early there is a risk of a second peak of the virus happening very quickly. If another peak of the virus happened a second longer period of lockdown would be required, Raab said.

Raab also ruled out putting any date on the lockdown being lifted at the current time – saying it would be “irresponsible” to do so. The decision of when to lift the lockdown is being made based on the data that is available to the government and the advice of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage).

Health officials have consistently been keen to emphasise there is not a rush to end the lockdown. Other countries have set out clearer timetables of when they will reduce lockdown and social distancing measures. The UK is reluctant to do this, with Raab saying “we don’t have the data yet”.

On March 29, England’s deputy chief medical officer, Jenny Harries, said it will take “two or three months” to determine whether the lockdown has been successful in slowing the spread of the virus and it could be up to six months until the country returns to “normal”.

“This is not to say we would be in complete lockdown for six months,” Harries said. It is likely that when the lockdown conditions are removed from the UK, they will be done slowly. Some groups may be allowed to return to work sooner than others and social distancing measures are likely to stay in place for a longer period of time. Neil Ferguson has said some of the measures are likely to be needed until the end of May – “maybe even early June,” he added.

This is no laughing matter.

How will the UK’s coronavirus lockdown end?

Deciding when to end the lockdown is complicated. But how the lockdown ends will prove even more tricky. The government and health officials in the UK have not revealed a plan for ‘exiting’ the lockdown and are basing their response on how the spread of Covid-19 continues.

“There is no master plan in the background being followed here,” Neil Ferguson, one of the Imperial College London academics advising the government, told the Financial Times on April 7. “Obviously what we would like to find is a strategy which allows us to go back to – it won’t be normal life – but a bit closer to normal life, and suppresses transmission,” he said. As Ferguson hinted, the UK won’t suddenly see the lockdown ended with all shops, pubs, restaurants and businesses going back to normal straight away. What is much more likely is a transition period, where certain restrictions are lifted at a time.

Raab has, however, set out five “principles” that the UK is looking at as key measures it will consider before deciding how and when the lockdown will end. The first of these is ensuring that the NHS is in a position to be able to cope with the demand for critical care. The second is a “sustained and consistent” fall in the death rate across the UK. As of April 16, when the UK’s five key points were introduced, deaths from coronavirus have not started to fall on a consistent basis. Raab also said there needs to be a decrease of the rate of infection across the country, in hospitals, care-homes and in public life.

Comment Our elite will not end lockdown. It gives ultimate control in police state Britain. Comfortable and very old people have been frightened into accepting this dubious response to a questionable situation, and the ones going bankrupt or becoming unemployed are expendable. The British Police are second to none in enforcing soical control and lying to get convictions. This isn’t China or U.S, the goalposts will keep moving. Robert Cook

Bulls-IT  So Orwellian April 24th 2020

Being a simple country boy, having to study philosophy, during my first year at university, was challenging.  I knew something about the subject because my parents bought a set of encyclopaedias for my sister and I when we were pre teenagers.  One whole volume was dedicated to the subject.  I read it, aged 10.

A Bull, with cows and calves. His instinct is to protect them, but hasn’t a clue what’s going on in the farmer’s mind, who put up the fences, who grew the hedges etc . It is easy to frighetn the biggest of beats if you have the knowldege and resources.
Appledene Photographic/RJC

Both my parents were Londoners, in the original sense of the word.  They remembered the blitz, I remember the bomb sites and listened to a lot of wartime stories when I was young.  That war, like the world war before it it changed society and the economy. Some got very rich off it. Like this Covid 19 panic, those wars were the consequences of greedy self important blustering bullshitting politicians talking down, using the masses as pawns in their vile games.

There is a myth that war was abolished in 1945, with Europe keeping the peace.  There is a myth that Churchill was anything more than a blustering bombastic egomaniac, a narcissistic patronising buffoon and drunkard.

You can’t beat the Brits for bulls-it and propaganda. The BBC have trotted out warmongering braggard drunk Winston Chrchill in their ‘let’s re write history’ magazine. All part of this rather interesting war on a mystery virus. Robert Cook

His style worked well on the obsequious British.  His name, like Royalty’s must not be besmirched .  So we come to the latest stage of World War Three, where Russia and China are the enemy, with the script and laws being written by the elite, as always.  The cowering masses, body builders among them, are up for it.  Questions must not be asked.

My father, a wartime soldier, from London’s slums, knowing his place, was killed by the system aged 41. I had to work after school, aged 12, delivering newspapers and then on a farm – people’s choice of paper was a big clue to class pretensions.  My father hated living in the countryside, often complaining that everything was knee deep in cow shit and you could never buy what you wanted.  He wrote me off as the only member of the family born in the countryside, calling me a country bumpkin.  Londoners, like my cousins, did seem to have the edge when it came to acting smart.  Then over the years, Londoners came to my little town – white flight e t c – bringing their snobbery and greed, while I went off for 10 years, to live in various cities, including London.

Nowadays city and rural culture is blurred, with so much immigration, their are no clear lines about behaviour, even gender is blurred, with one parent female led families seen as cool and commonplace.  Religion has made a massive comeback through government gesture ,directives and laws, as a means of manipulating the masses of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.  Those who see the contradiction between science and religious bigotry are marginalised as racists. The natives must integrate with the immigrants, not the other way round, so must respect religions of the world.

Many years ago, aged 15, I observed in an English O class discussion, that ‘We have to remember that we are all animals.’  A posh girl, and farmer’s daughter, who should have known better, responded dismissively ‘You may be an animal Cook, but I am not.’

Back in Primary school, where Christianity and religious hypocrisy was literally beaten into me – see my story of Winslow on the localand Robert Cook page- animal behaviour in the playground was as obviously displayed as it was in the fields surrounding the school.  In religious lessons, there was much talk of Jesus and God, the good shepherds, and shepherds watching their flocks by night.

Cattle and sheep being herded along the street were still a common sight during my early years.  The street I lived in was called ‘Sheep Street.’ I was herding sheep for miles by the time I was 14.  The last work I did on a farm was in 1990, catching a bull that had escaped from a farmer’s field, rounding it up and into the back of a truck.  Fairly straight forward work, because bulls are predictable, so never get too close and you will be safe.  Panic is dangerous in these situations.

But panic over Covid 19/Corona is what the authorities want us to do.  They know the biggest of men tend to fear death.  During World War Two, they played down disasters and death, pretending that Dunkirk was a victory.  In the current circumstances, they want panic and compliance.  Criticism of the lockdown is presented as downright dangerous and life threatening. Mustn’t question why Covid 19 is more important than other causes of death or why the expensive NHS cannot cope.

The philosopher Heidegger wrote that ‘For authentic living, what is necessary is the resolute contemplation of death’.  As a boy visiting my father in hospital for his last nine months of life, I heard men’s death rattles at least once a fortnight, until one autumn day, it was my father’s turn. I knew it was coming. He was never told that he was dying, we kept up a brave face for him.  

On the farm, I learned how easily one could trick and bully the largest of farm animals, getting them to do what was best for the farmer.  

So now, out walking, I see the largest of men jumping into hedges to comply with social distancing rules.  They have been programmed to fear for their lives.  Governments across the world have never had a better opportunity to herd and train the human animals, separating them, driving them into mass unemployment, homelessness and slaughter.  

They only have to fool some of the people some of the time to achieve this.  These cowards can be relied on to inform the police if they see non compliance .  Only recently police arrested those displaying posters bearing the words ‘Borders Open, Pubs Closed.’  That is a fact, but not be drawn attention to, the good shepherds are shepherding themselves, following farmer’s orders.  This is all so Orwellian. Robert Cook

Robert Cook, Winslow 1964 Appledene Photographics

You Thought You Got Your Country Back ! They Keep Moving The Goal Posts. April 22nd 2020

The UK is going to have to live with some form of “socially disruptive measures” for at least the rest of the year, England’s chief medical officer has said.

Speaking at the daily government coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, Chris Whitty explained that an exit from the lockdown and social distance measures imposed since the outbreak required a “highly effective vaccine and/or highly effective drugs”.

The chance of having both by the end of this year was “incredibly small” and until then the UK would need to rely on disruptive social distancing measures, he said.

“This disease will not be eradicated, it will not disappear.

“In the long run, the exit from this is going to be one of two things, ideally.

“A vaccine, and there are a variety of ways they can be deployed… or highly effective drugs so that people stop dying of this disease even if they catch it, or which can prevent this disease in vulnerable people.

“Until we have those, and the probability of having those any time in the next calendar year are incredibly small and I think we should be realistic about that, we’re going to have to rely on other social measures, which of course are very socially disruptive, as everyone is finding at the moment.


There is obviously a hidden agenda and much money to be made by asset strippers. It is also a brilliant smokescreen for the US/UK led global elite and regime change, They want Russia and China too. This has been building up since 9/11. Read Michael More’s ‘Stupid White Men.’ Robert Cook

Britain’s first conviction for breaching lockdown was ‘ILLEGAL’: Bungling police used ‘wrong law’ to fine 41-year-old woman £800 when she refused to say why she was at Newcastle Station

  • Marie Dinou, 41, from York, was arrested by a British Transport Police (BTP) 
  • Found ‘loitering between platforms’ at Newcastle Central station on Saturday
  • Charged with failing to comply with requirements of the Coronavirus Act 2020
  • But lawyers say officers used the ‘wrong law’ linked to people who are infectious
  • Kirsty Brimelow QC: ‘The police seem to have applied powers they don’t have’

By Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter For Mailonline

Police have today been accused of using ‘powers they don’t have’ to arrest a woman at a railway station as ‘overzealous’ enforcement of new coronavirus laws came under the microscope again today.

Marie Dinou, 41, from York, was fined £800 after allegedly failing to tell police her name and why she was at Newcastle Central station – and is believed to be Britain’s first prosecution for breaching the lockdown.

British Transport Police, who carried out the arrest, said she was detained because she ‘refused to speak’ to officers after being seen ‘loitering between platforms’ on Saturday.

On Monday she was fined at North Tyneside magistrates’ court after she was found guilty of ‘failing to provide identity or reasons for travel to police, and failing to comply with requirements under the Coronavirus Act’.

But legal experts say this is the ‘wrong law’ and Ms Dinou should not have been taken to magistrates’ court and handed a criminal record. 

Kirsty Brimelow QC, one of Britain’s leading human rights lawyers, told The Times: ‘Powers under the Coronavirus Act [do not] relate to a direction to provide identity or reason for a journey. So it seems that she has been prosecuted and convicted for an offence which does not exist under this act. She has an option of appeal.’ 

Published: 11:56, 2 April 2020 | Updated: 14:26, 3 April 2020

Authorities Say 6 More Waves of COVID-19 Expected- Which Is Proof It Is Planned April 21st 2020

April 20, 2020 MIT Technology Review, Breitbart and BBC 1

Author David Icke reminds us that the coronavirus is a serious threat only to the elderly and those with preexisting health conditions or compromised immune systems. He argues that lockdowns are a monstrous over reaction. He suggests that those who are most vulnerable should be given medical care and protection against infection, but the rest of the population should not be prohibited from working, which already has sent the economies of entire countries into a tailspin. This will lead to far more poverty, suffering, and death than the coronavirus. Virus hysteria is being created for an excuse to redesign the world based on a totalitarian model. -GEG

Last month, Gideon Lichfield, the Editor-in-Chief of MIT Technology Review, wrote about a proposal from the Imperial College of London, the institution that created the fake models that warned the US would suffer 2-million deaths from COVID-19. A new model shows six spikes that are projected to continue through to November 2021. The discredited staff now concludes that isolation and school closures will be needed two-thirds of the time, roughly two months on and one month off, until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months.

A Chinese study showed that the country’s PCR swab test is so inaccurate it gave a false positive 80% of the time for those who were diagnosed based on contact only. Nevertheless, authorities can use these tests to claim a pandemic and shut down society. Last week, Professor Anthony Costello, of University College London’s Institute for Global Health, made essentially the same prediction, apparently based on the same computer models. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the government will soon release a contact-tracing app to track everyone’s movements and show the identity of everyone they come near. According to he BBC, cell-phone users will be required to answer an on-screen questionnaire. If judged to be ‘at risk’ of infection, alerts will be sent to everyone they have been near, ordering them to immediately go into self-isolation. A similar app was used in China during the initial phases of the pandemic. Citizens who refused to install it were banned from entering public spaces and from using public transport. -GEG

MIT Technology Review
To stop coronavirus we will need to radically change almost everything we do: how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our kids, take care of family members.
We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will.
It’s now widely agreed (even by Britain, finally) that every country needs to “flatten the curve”: impose social distancing to slow the spread of the virus so that the number of people sick at once doesn’t cause the health-care system to collapse, as it is threatening to do in Italy right now. That means the pandemic needs to last, at a low level, until either enough people have had Covid-19 to leave most immune (assuming immunity lasts for years, which we don’t know) or there’s a vaccine.
How long would that take, and how draconian do social restrictions need to be? Yesterday President Donald Trump, announcing new guidelines such as a 10-person limit on gatherings, said that “with several weeks of focused action, we can turn the corner and turn it quickly.” In China, six weeks of lockdown are beginning to ease now that new cases have fallen to a trickle.
But it won’t end there. As long as someone in the world has the virus, breakouts can and will keep recurring without stringent controls to contain them. In a report yesterday (pdf), researchers at Imperial College London proposed a way of doing this: impose more extreme social distancing measures every time admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) start to spike, and relax them each time admissions fall. Here’s how that looks in a graph.
Read full article here…

Making it up as they go along April 21st 2020

Coronavirus-related deaths were 41% higher in England and Wales than the government’s hospital-only figures in the week to 10 April.
The new figures, revealed in an Office for National Statistics report, take into account deaths outside of hospitals.

That’s the official view, no evidence needed in Police State Lockdown Britain, with people terrified of a virus previously held to account for only 2.9% of deaths since January, mainly of elderly, poor, crowded urbanites and already sickly. Obviously there is a hidden agenda.

We have to tell the authorities whatever they want to know about us and can’t find out by spying. They have to tell us nothing unless it serves their elite purpose. So they just know Corona deaths are 41 % higher, which if true means we are well passed the peak, but not meant to notice that because they make it up and change it as they go along. Robert Cook

Masking the Truth April 21st 2020

Below is an extract from a Guardian report, the headline is my own, I am not suggesting that the Guardian is accusing the government of dishonesty or incompetence, but I am.

Ministers will today face criticism over a failure to ensure NHS staff treating coronavirus patients have vital protective equipment as Parliament returns following an extended Easter break. (Evening Standard) A “virtual parliament” is being set up for MPs and up to 120 MPs will be able to quiz ministers on Zoom, while a maximum of 50 will be allowed into the main House of Commons debating room itself. (Sky News) Amid the crisis, hospital leaders have warned that telling everyone to wear face masks in public could put the supply to frontline staff at risk. (Sky News)  Meanwhile cabinet remains split over how quickly to ease restrictions as government scientific advisers warn that any relaxation of lockdown measures could trigger an exponential rise in coronavirus cases. (The Guardian)

When news of this virus broke from China, we were told it would not be a problem for Britain. Air travel and free movement was unabated. By January, government apparently knew there could be problems, but Corona related deaths would not match normal flu.

As this developed into a crisis, the issue was clearly about our appalling NHS, which has not kept pace with massive immigrant fuelled demand ( which we are not supposed to mention because it is a ‘hate crime’ to do so ) and our awful over priced Thatcher privatised so called ‘care’ homes.

That is where deaths have been concentrated, among people with very short life spans left – I am one of those old people and happen to think we should not be scaring the young and putting them last. A good person should not be concerened about inevitable death, only about how they die and what they leave behind. My generation are generally pleasure bent selfish greedy stupid know alls and self centred, which is one of the reasons for this mess. The government and police chiefs are shameless and grotesque in this respect.

At the outset of the ensuing government stage managed panic, the real issues- including our dirty crowded slave labour/high finance cities- were ignored and still are being ignored. Masks were originally discounted as a form of protection because microbes get through their fabric. Now, suddenly, as deaths reduce, it is necessary -say government- to make them compulsory in public. This is obviously to make fear more visible and to mask the truth. Robert Cook

Ever Receding Horizons April 21st 2020

Downing Street officials are reportedly referring to steps after May 7 as the “next phase” while barring any use of the word ‘exit’ from discussions.

Restrictions are going to be lifted, but slowly, the Sun reports.

One senior figure told the newsppaer : “We will try a bit at a time, and then pause, so we can see what effect that has on the transmission rate. The pace will be very gradual.”

There is even the possibility for tougher restrictions in places where Covid-19 cases are still particularly high.

One Government source told The Sun due to the virus’ spread varying, there are essentially three different epidemics at the same time.

It’s slower in the wider community but quicker in care homes and hospitals.

There is still potential for schools to re-open before the end of the academic year, but the earliest would be June 1, according to reports.

The nation’s workforce may be urged to remain home well into the summer months to avoid crowding on public transport.

Despite fears for the economy, the PM’s spokesman has emphasised “the big concern is a second peak”, which he said would do the most damage in the long-run.

Over the coming weeks, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) – chaired by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance – has been tasked with working out the affect on transmission rates of lifting certain measures.

While stand-in PM Dominic Raab is meeting twice a day with Michael Gove, Rishi Sunak and Matt Hancock as they keep on top of planning Britain’s next steps.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, meanwhile, said sports stadiums are unlikely to be re-opened for mass gatherings until the autumn at the earliest.

Priti Unpleasant Affair April 21st 2020

Priti Patel is facing an employment tribunal claim for constructive dismissal and whistleblowing from the former head of Home Office civil servants.

Sir Philip Rutnam submitted a claim to the tribunal on Monday, almost two months after dramatically resigning his post, accusing Ms Patel of “a vicious and orchestrated briefing campaign” against him.

He stated at the time that he intended to bring a constructive dismissal case, but his union has now made clear that he will also argue that he was effectively punished for whistleblowing.

This allows the tribunal to award unlimited compensation, rather than the £86,000 maximum for unfair dismissal.

The case against the home secretary is believed to be the first time a cabinet minister has been forced to defend a unfair dismissal claim from their own department’s permanent secretary.

In his resignation statement on 29 February, Sir Philip said that he had confronted Ms Patel over her behaviour, after receiving complaints of “shouting and swearing, belittling people, making unreasonable and repeated demands” which caused fear among staff in the department.

Rutnam also said that he did not believe Ms Patel’s denial that she was involved in briefing the media against him.

Announcing the launch of the tribunal case, the general secretary of the FDA senior civil servants’ union, Dave Penman, said: “On 29 February 2020, Sir Philip Rutnam resigned as permanent secretary of the Home Office, indicating that he intended to pursue a claim of constructive dismissal. “Following his resignation, the FDA instructed Gavin Mansfield QC, head of Littleton Chambers and employment law specialist, as counsel to advise Sir Philip, supported by Clive Howard, senior principal lawyer, employment and partnership at Slater and Gordon.

“This morning, Sir Philip, with the support of his legal team and the FDA, submitted a claim to the employment tribunal for unfair (constructive) dismissal and whistleblowing against the home secretary.

“Sir Philip will not be making any further comment at this time.”

A Government spokesperson said: “We do not comment on ongoing legal proceedings.”

Land of Hope & Crosby April 20th 2020

An RAF aircraft has departed the UK for Turkey to pick up a delayed delivery of protective kit amid a row over a shortage in the NHS.

The plane left at around 17:00 BST on Monday to collect 400,000 gowns.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told the daily No 10 briefing the government was working “around the clock” to address the lack of protective gear.

It comes as another 449 coronavirus deaths were recorded in UK hospitals, taking the total number to 16,509.

But the number of new confirmed infections were “flattening out”, the UK’s deputy chief scientific adviser, Prof Dame Angela Maclean, told the briefing.

Meanwhile, more than 140,000 firms have applied for help to pay their wage bill through the government’s job retention scheme, which went live on Monday morning.

The row over a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the NHS has intensified over the last few days.


Before I met my young acerbic Welsh history teacher, John Skinner, history bored me. Skinner brought it all to life. He taught me the dynamics of human history, which we lower class folk are not supposed to know, and the counter to conscious raising now is bourgeoise feminism which infects and preocuppies our Parliament. Luckily PC stupidity and brainwashing – of which I hope to write more when I get the Junius page under way- had not taken hold.

John Skinner was a firebrand from ‘The Valleys’. He debunked all the patriotic bull–t that I had been brought up with, with comments such as ‘This country, under Sir Alec Douglas Idiot, could not afford a foreign police East of Margate let alone East of Suez. It is more ‘Land of Hope and Crosby, than land of hope and glory.’ He made me believe that my opinion counted. He was one of a number of teachers I am indebted to, but education today is worse than the nineteenth century for dogma and brainwashing.

And so we see it all played out 50 years later, with even bigger idiots and megalomaniacs recreating the mythical ‘Dunkirk spirit’, wrecking the economy and society in the name of protecting the useless over managed over funded NHS. God knows what else is behind their policies, but the asset strippers cannot believe their luck.

I argued with colleague Charles Close about the dangers of Brexit putting us in the hands of the British money grabbing public school Oxbridge elite and their PC feminist lackeys. He said “We already are, and they have helped damage Europe. “

This is one hell of a disaster for ordinary people. Meanwhile the clever overpaid- MPs have an extra £10,000 a month for working at home at our expense in more ways than one- while their spin machine is working overtime to scare simple minds, warning them of no let up to lockdown. With our very dangerous corrupt police as running dogs, we shall see no let up, and should understand that if they can lock us down over this spurious self protecting cause, they can do it for anything.

They will never let their new powers go, but will shout all the louder that this is also about defending our wonderful ‘western style’ democracy, a style they wish to inflict across the globe for the sake of their elite freedom, not those of us at the bottom, who exist to take the blame and nasty consequences if we step out of line. Robert Cook

Robert Cook, a light in the dark. Appledene Photographics

The five targets the government says it must hit before lifting the coronavirus lockdown – as we’re told ‘there is light at the end of tunnel’ April 20th 2020

Lockdown is with us for at least three more weeks – and the government has outlined FIVE key targets it has to acheive before it will consider lifting restrictions.

In the daily coronavirus press briefing from Downing Street, Foreign secretary Dominic Raab outlined five areas ‘the government will need to be satisfied of before we consider it safe to adjust any of the current measures’.

He said the ‘principles can give a bit of hope to the country’.

These are:

  1. To ensure the NHS can cope
  2. To reach a point where the death rate is consistently falling
  3. To be sure the infection rate is falling
  4. To make sure there is enough virus testing and PPE, such as face masks, for the future
  5. To be sure there won’t be a second peak of the infection

The press conference heard that the number of people in hospital beds with coronavirus was now levelling off, with about 2,800 beds occupied by coronavirus patients in hospitals across the north west. The figure has remained about the same for a week.

However, scientists remain concerned that although the infection rate appeared to be falling generally, this was not the case in some hospitals and areas.

Outlining his five points, Mr Raab said: “First, we must be satisfied of the NHS’s ability to cope. We must be confident we can provide sufficient critical care and specialist treatment right across the UK.

“The NHS staff have been incredible. We must continue to support them as much as we can.

“Second, we need to see a sustained and consistent fall in the data in daily death rates from coronavirus so we’re confident that we’ve moved beyond the peak.

“Third, we need to have reliable data… showing that the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels across the board.

“Fourth, we need to be confident that the range of operational challenges including testing capacity and PPE are in hand with supply able to meet future demand.

“Fifth, and this is really crucial, we must be confident that any adjustments for the current measures will not risk a second peak of infections that that will overwhelm the NHS.”

He insisted ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’ but refused to set out a ‘definitive timeframe’ for easing the lockdown measures.

People have noticed significant changes during the lockdown, including cleaner air, more wildlife and stronger communities.

More than half (54%) of 4,343 people who took part in the YouGov poll hope they will make some changes in their own lives and for the country as a whole to learn from the crisis.

Comment Blue Sky thinking !

So we have five impossible tests and the ‘science says’ to hell with peoples’ jobs and what will come next. It is hardly worth commenting. Apparently only 9 % said they wanted things to go back to normal, too nice listening to the birds singing and looking at the blue sky etc.

I doubt they had much reponse from the chav underclass, homeless and newly unemployed. Domestic violence has apparently risen by 25 %. British democracy is the domain of our elites, thus highly selective in its commentary and propaganda. The very fact they have revived all the old Dunkirk bull–it says it all.

Keep praising and clapping the NHS, in a silly display of so called community solidarity – Britain is about to become even more fragmented- don’t wonder why the NHS is so inadequate after all the tax money it gets, rather like the police and education, just keep telling the public sector how wonderful they are.

I was a public sector worker for over 20 years all told. After years of PC recruitment, inflated management, the police state, targets, private sector contractors, consultant and agency workers, they are all so much more expensive, hyper sensitive, with great PR Depts and lawyers. but appalling in their service delivery as Corona demonstrates. Robert Cook.