Aylesbury – County Town

Aylesbury a very modern up to date crime venue.
Aylesbury has a brand new council in the same old 1960s offices, the original 1888 County offices reflected in the highly polished glass doors at the top of these mighty steps of power, Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Covid Rapid testing centre, Aylesbury Market Square, May 14th 2021 , lots of worried well queuing ‘safely’.
Life is cheap now. High Street Aylesbury May 14th 2021. The same homeless man is in the shop doorway , dog on his lap, where he was yesterday, when he told me his sad life story.
Robert Cook
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Aylesbury was a jobs boom town for London overspill in the 1950s and 60s, Times changed rapidly as Thatcher came to power, jobs were lost, marriages failed or didn’t happen and the age of feral youth was upon us. Aylesbury would become a haven for crime. Here what’s left of Aylesbury’s working class enjoying a meal out once again. Lockdown has compounded poverty . Still council officials are more than comfortable , headed by a CEO with a package in the region of £200.000 heads up the Bucks Council gravy train. Robert Cook
Still proud.
Buses enter the grim grey once ultra modern Friar’s Bus Station.
A poor man with his only friend walks away from the bus station rubbish bins and vandalised bicycles , toward the once thriving market square. The posh ‘Bell Hotel’ and old Crown Court where many low class people , including the ‘Great Train Robbers’ faced their doom. Robert Cook
The junction of High Street and Exchange Street, known by ‘old foggies’ like me as ‘Co-op Corner before the 1960s dual carriageway and office block on the right replaced the Co-op. The offices have been empty since the insurance company occupant liquidated in the 1990s. The luxury flats peeping into the left hand side of this picture were built on the old North & Randall soft drinks site. High value flats are the new face of a dreary sad dying old town centre.
This is the view heading along the High Street away from the town centre.
This is a little something I spotted as I walked along the High Street last Thursday. Aylesbury is class and racially divided. Multi culture is ‘faulty culture’ but maybe the parasites in local and national government want it that way, go0od for jobs. Across my native county of Buckinghamshire, there has always been a feudal out look and class divide.
All that’s left of once proud and major Aylesbury employer Hazell Watson & Viney print works, taken over by infamous North Bucks Labour MP, Robert Maxwell, it fell into oblivion when Maxwell fell into the sea. It is now a major Tesco store.
Across the road from the last site is where another Aylesbury stalwart employer once livd. Starting out as ‘The Aylesbury Evaporated Milk Company’ it was taken over by Nestle and closed in the mid 1990s. All that remains is the clock tower, atop mre expensive high density flats.
Misfortune , due to causes mentioned elsewhere on this site, has plunged me back down into the subterranean world of bus travel. This is Friars bus station waiting room where a screen announces arrivals and departures – a summary of life & death , perhaps.
Image appledene photographics/rjc May 13th 2021
A rosy coloured view of old Aylesbury, viewed through the window of Aylesbury’s Metro Bank , New Friar’s Square.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC May 13th 2021.
A very different town. Rapid change and growth followed designation as an ‘expanded town’ for London overspill in 1945.
Aylesbury’s County Offices under construction in 1965. One of builder Percy Bilton’s Ford Thames vans peeps into the foreground.