Winston Churchill’s Worst Mistake That We Are Still Paying For (2004)

Christopher Catherwood (born 1 March 1955) is a British author based in Cambridge, England and, often, in Richmond, Virginia. About the book: He has taught for the …youtube.com3 years ago

October 25th 2020

Cliif Richard has always been an enigma, and a very private person. Suspicions have been rife because he never married, in spite of being linked to two beauties.

When he was accused of being a paodophile for many years, the British Police State Police contacted the BBC ‘Ministry of Information’ to film and broadcast when they raided his luxury home in Sunningdale, Surrey.

That is the role of media in Police State Britain and why Sir Kier Starmer, former head of the CPS ( Corrupt Prosecution Service ) called to clamp down on social media and ban RT. The internet was meant to be a disinformation service. When I told my maths de;partment colleagues, back in the early 1980s, how dangerous computers would become, I was laughed at and called a Luddite. Nerds just don’t get it. R,J Cook

Mask of Truth, British Government stokes up the lies and panic, all they need do is quote ‘the science’ and the press pack and BBC ( Ministry of Information ) run with it.

Neither pure black or pure white, Meghan was the enigma meant to make the British Royal family acceptable, as a new Diana. Royalty are crucial to Britain’s fake history and solidarity. So the Meghan thing failed because even British morons did not like her brash vulgarity, divisive words and the money she cost.

The elite control history, painting the black population as whiter than white, white working classes as blacker than black and boosting BLM is their latest stroke of genius. Royalty may seem expensive but they impress and mesmerise morons.

Meanwhile, the man , accused without evidence of raping media luvvie weather girl Ulrika Johnson – John Leslie – continues to fight off allegations from women he has allegedly assaulted. Of course they don’t need evidence. To paraphrase Homer Simpson court ordeal when accused of sexual assault , the prosecutor says : ‘You tears say more than real evidence ever could.’ R.J Cook

This magazine used to be worth reading, now it is just lightweight psuedo science feminist complaining and advice on how to get the better of men. It’s bias is as thick dangerous and unpleasant as oil slick.

Economy with truth October 25th 2020

Mass media was invented by the people with money. They have always controlled the population.

The world is in the process of a massive insidious economic and social revolution.

The Economist must be read with its psuedo liberal democracy bias in mind.

Barbaric British October 24th 2020

Hard Times October 24th 2020

The Anglo-U.S elite have not gotten over the age of Yeltsin, when billions worth of the Russian peoples’ assets were stolen, with boozer Yeltsin’s connivance. They are playng a very dangerous game and it is Covid 19 connected..

They want the Yeltsin age of corruption in Russia back. Covid 19 is perfect cover for resetting the global economy in their favour. Lockdown and testing will be with us for years.

The lefty posh liberals are boasting that the nice British people will be clubbing together to feed starving kids because of this rich man’s con – I use the word man as a collective noun for mankind, because there are some horrible greedy lying women in positions of power.

Charlie Close
Hypocrisy and bullshit
This man is a coward, full of wind, wants to be liked. ‘Covid is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. The man is an utter failure, either a willing party to the Covid Con, or terrified it will strike him again. To compare this genneration of arrogant upper middle class fools and feisty foul feminists with those of my working class parents – who suffered many put downs and the horrors of World War Two, is sick and utterly disgusting. R.J Cook

October 22nd 2020 Re Write is Right

How much did this guy get from the Deep State to produce this re write of history? Fact, Gulf War one was about getting an oil crisis. Hussein had been breaking OPEC price fixing to raise money to repair damage caused by the 7 year proxy war he fought against Iran, for the U.S.

Gulf War Two was about using the dubious 9/11 attack pinned on innocent Saddam Hussein, to get regime change and oil. Now we have chaos. so we get this money grabber doing the dirty, avoiding the death penalty for war crimes by association if he is telling the truth – which is dubious. His book reads like a worm would write about life on a hook. R.J Cook

Headlines October 21st 2020

More Boris ‘Karloff’ Johnson Drivel
Covid 19 is about tightening the police state. A Brazillian testing a British vaccine has died and two others have inflamation of the spine preventing them from walking.
This lockdown is going to kill so many and ruin lives. Control should focus on BAME high density communities and diets, and filthy care homes with poor staff.
I read this self centred smug superficial drivel yesterday. Life is not ‘ what you make it for most of us from the lower orders. Other people do their best to make other peoples lives bad many of them malevolent.

Accidents of birth, looks and class are but a few of the issues. Schofiled is coming from the heroic ‘ I am being brave and coming out as gay, you can too, or reveal whatever peculiarity you have, tell the world, be a hero but you will not get a cushy well paid job on the TV like our Phil.

His book is more of this self help, your mad but you can get better if you admit what is wrong with you. Stop blaming society and fit in, take the pills

This will appeal to women because Phil’s softly spoken gayness is non threatening.
R.J Cook

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged Escapism & Feminists R.J Cook October 20th 2020

Robert Cook, standing, winter 1962. My father was at home just down the lane and across the road, bed ridden and dying. A month later they took him to hospital, where he died nine months later. Our poverty was extreme.

Feminists are despicable prejudiced self obsessed Nazis in my view. They have a weird obsession with their own sex and careers in planet & life destroying careers in the capitaist system.

Women in power have not made the world a better place, but men are too scared to argue with them, the unaccountable police state police are on the female side, on behalf of the ruling elite who use the poor people’s taxes to over fund them, R.J Cook

Image Appledene Archives

The article, below this one, reminds me of a seminar at the University of East Anglia in 1973. My course was U.S Economic History 2. I survived The previous module U.S Economic History 1, with a dreary English pedant. I fully expected module 2 to be as boring.

Luckily I had a rather pleasant surprise, meeting the most interesting and stimulating lecturer I had ever met there. His name was Dr Alan O’Day, an Irish American from Chicago. He was not only stimulating in the seminar room, but excellent company in the bar.

I recall in particular that a pair of dull feminist students reported him for deviating from the curriculum. As with many of these prototype 70s feminists, they expected knowledge to be off a shelf in a library, pre digested and spoon fed so that they coud vomit it all up in the final exam.

Alan had done his Phd research in Dublin, becoming expert on aspects of Irish history. I asked him what he thought of Ireland, the place where my maternal grandfather had been forced to leave or starve in 1919. Without hesitation he said, stifling a yawn : ‘Boring.’

Alan was anything but boring . Years later, going through my nightmare divorce, made absolute hell by my senior police officer ex brother in law’s involvement, I met a young American lawyer Jack Hadley. He took me to lunch at an Olde Worlde Inn near his office. We chatted about the United States, where fall out from lobbying encouraged him to leave.

Jack Hadley was another Irish American. He explained what he considered the difference between the Irish and the Irish American. He said an Irishman will say ‘It was terrible. It got worse and they all died.’ Whereas the Irish American will say, ‘It was terrible. It got worse, then we did something about it.’

Back to Dr O’Day. Obviously his ancestors did something about it when they left the old country for the U.S. Thankfully he popped back across the Atlantic to liven up the U.S 2 seminars. But those two dull feminist girls didn’t like his approach, so they did what feminists do best – those sort have hell of a cheek calling anyone a Nazi- they reported him, quoting the rules and curriculum.

On one occasion I recall one of these dullard girls responding to Alan’s digression onto interwar pop culture and the sort of Hollywood films being produced. One of them asked, with a deadpan expression and monotone voice : ‘ With millions of Americans in dire poverty, why did they go and watch Hollywood glamorous musicals and romances Why were they made.’ Alan looked puzzled. So I took the the opportunity of cutting in to say what should have been obvious to anyone outside the feminist perspective ( box ). ” It was because of their misery and hopelessness that they enjoyed escapist films. “

Having grown up in a very poor 1950s household with parents whose young lives were traumatised by World War Two, I recalled watching a lot of these old American films when mum, dad and my spolied sulky sister went next door to watch the matinee on my Uncle Charlie’s little black and white 405 line TV. Few people had TVs back then because they were expensive. Poor Uncle Charlie afforded his by being unlucky enough ( or lucky depending on point of view ) to be on high level scaffolding when it collapsed. He was laying bricks at the time. So when he fell, they fell, along with the scaffolding, with him. So, he bought the TV from his compensation.

My point is simple, people need escapism. They also need romance. Feminism, like Covid 19, is an elite engineered virus – all be it social, it clearly alters brain functioning and behaviour – to keep the masses down.

Consumerism had the same function. I recall watching the BBC news when the mid 1980s miners strike involved their wives. One of them said, in her Northern accent : ‘We shall have us ( pronounced uz ) colour tellies ( television ), we shall have us videos.”

If you were a coal miner, television was about as much colour as you could hope for in your dreary life. These nasty vile feminist, led by upper middle class English literature graduates, however, are preoccupied with their breasts and genitals. For them, class is not an issue. The only colour they care about is black. They see and patronise BLM because they see them as gullible allies in playing the victim card. As I said, these people have a cheek calling anyone a Nazi. As it is written in the much maligned Bible, Old Testament, Book of Judges : ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’ R,J Cook

Feminist Says Hallmark Christmas Movies Are ‘Fascist Propaganda’

By Erin Evans – December 28, 2019 Posted here October 20th 2020

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon.

She recently wrote a book called “Troll Nation: How the Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set on Ratf*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself.”

So you know she’s a peach.

She also wrote an article all about how Hallmark movies “constitute the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda.”


When most of us think about fascistically propagandistic movies, we think of the grotesque grandeur of Leni Riefenstahl’s films celebrating the Third Reich – grand, but cold sweeping shots of soldiers goose-stepping and flags waving, all meant to inspire awe and terror.  But the reality is, even in Nazi Germany, the majority of movies approved by the Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, were escapist and feather-light, with a Hallmark movie-style emphasis on the importance of “normality.”

Instead of real feelings and love, Marcotte says, Hallmark movies are driven by “the guiding hand of normalcy.”  

It’s all “empty-headed kitsch” that “fits neatly in the authoritarian worldview.”

Or maybe, people are tired of literally EVERYTHING being about politics and the liberal cultural agenda.  

Maybe people are looking for lighthearted, predictable, “empty-headed kitsch” they can enjoy over the holidays.  Maybe the attraction of the movies is the “normalcy” Marcotte decries.

Of course, that’s part of the problem.  

Marcotte is quick to acknowledge that not everyone who watches Hallmark movies is a fascist themselves – yet.  

But if we don’t watch out, these propagandistic movies will subtly convert us all into racist MAGA-hat wearing Nazis.

Still, it’s critical to be mindful of the role that Hallmark movies are actually playing in our society.  The very fact that they’re presented as harmless fluff makes it all the more insidious, the way they work to enforce very narrow, white, heteronormative, sexist, provincial ideas of what constitutes “normal.”

It’s easy to spot fascist propaganda when it’s goose-stepping Pepe-the-frog memes.  It’s a lot harder to notice how it’s working when it’s tied up in Christmas cheer and suggesting grinchood of anyone who questions the rigidity of its worldview.

Everyone needs to chill out and stop looking for racism and hatred in everything that can be seen as stereotypically “normal.”

Entertainment used to be a way to ESCAPE from the worries of everyday life for a few hours, instead of a way to cram a political agenda down on the masses.  

The vast majority of Americans still look to movies for that kind of escape. Let’s let them.ShareTweetA lot of common sense, no bull sense. Get Mock and Daisy’s UNIQUE take on the world, from the dinner table to the swamp on the new Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast. Listen on Apple Podcasts, iHeartor your favorite podcast app!

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Headlines October 19th 2020

Lead story, men leaving teaching in record numbers. The head of University admissions notes white working class boys underachieving, wondering why feminists clamour for strong female role models but do not apply their feminazi logic to boys. The reason why men leave teaching is no mystery to me, nor is the underachievement of boys. R.J Cook
I noted that it rained for 300 days between last September and now. HAAP is a serious cause for concern with weather modification, so is religious and profit driven overpopulation which is at the root of all climate, migration and Covid problems.

A Glaxo Smith Kleine whistle blower has suggested that research into a vaccine – which is being trotted out by mainstream media and mouthpiece puppets like Boris ‘Karloff’ Johnson – as the only solutino, is a backdoor into eugenics promoting sterility in 97 % of women.

I think we are going to see a programme where having a vaccination, as with the masks, will be compuslory in the name of ‘saving lives’. This is highly credible to those of us who have worked for the state, with such intelligence as to know what vile antics they are capable of. That’s why they make us sign ‘The Official Secrets Act.’ R.J Cook
The elite, with their ‘scientists’ are promoting vaccination, rather than herd immunity while isolating only BAME, elderly and sickly, as the only solution. That is why they stir up fear and panic among the ignorant masses. R.J Cook
The quality of NHS care, and quality of staff, has seriously declined along with massive demand from BAME and immigrants crippling the NHS.

Th pathetic solidarity ritual of handclapping and awards to people in this dreadful service is part of an appalling but laughable con.

Another story on this front page about ‘boomerang offspring’ trivialises the declining opportunities for young people living legiiamtely in Britain.

Covid is a device to make matters worse, pretending that the virus happened naturally, when obviously it didn’t and is not a serious threat to healthy people anyway.

Add to this the other disgusting story on this page, the Shiekh’s – no doubt he is one of many in that nasty elite-£5 billion property empire and we have a thumbnail sketch of a vile Britain in a vile world.

People like this exploit their otherwise Third World popualtions, using first world experts for high pay, pushing up London house prices.

They romp and rave around London – fast cars fast girls, breaking all the rules of Islam, and partying with posh white natives. Then they dump their surplus impoverished religious biogted population on the British masses, who get the blame for racism and a so called right wing response.

To call this a democracy is pathetic. Filling political / Public service positions with women and blacks is an excellent way to shift attention on to bogus problems, invented to protect the elite. R.J Cook.

Love on the Dole, a film and novel by Walter Greenwood. R.J Cook October 19th 2020

At this moment I am watching a film adaptation of Walter Greenwood’s novel ‘Love on the Dole.’ It is set in a film is set in Hanky Park, part of Salford, in 1930 at the height of the Great Depression.

Young lovers, the girl became pregnant when the boy uses his racing winnings to take the girlfriend for her only ever holiday in Blackpool. Whne he gets home he is sacked from his job = such a privileged white male.

It is the first English film showing the police wielding batons against protesting public. The BLM is about blackwashing the abuse and exploitation of the English working classes.  

Poor hopeless young men consider crime as a means of surviving Salford and the Great Depression – something the elite have in mind to repeat, using BAME and the elderly as an excuse for them to reset the economy in their favour, as they did by creating a war in 1939, then re wrote the history – turning classist and racist Churchill into an iconic hero. Churchill was terrified that there would be a post war socialism to harm his money grabbing and hoarding class interest.

My father grew up in the grim back streets of Islington, North London.  That area is trendy and affluent now, but I recall how awful it was in the 1950s, and the bomb sites.

One wonders what men like my regular soldier father thought he and his kind were fighting for. He used to frighten me with stories of children my age dying from starvation.  There was no National Health Service.  

My friend Mick Birrell from near Ormskirk told me a story of his dad when he was coming home from work in Birkenhead. He told his son about a starving boy, without shoes, breaking a cake shop window for food.  A policeman saw him running away, picked up a milk bottle from a doorstep, threw it in front of the scampering child.  It shattered, with the screaming infant ripping open his feet and falling to the ground – then off to the police station.

Police confront and beat anti means test protesters in 1930s Salford, Manchester.

During the 1930s, the rich closed up shop, using vast wealth for fun.  That same elite did not give a damn about Hitler and the Nazis. They feared communism more than that.  The first Me109s had Rolls Royce engines, the first BMWs were Austin 7s. Through the 20s and early 30s, working class Germans were also suffering the consequences of their own elite’s second greed World War One..World War Two War brought jobs and empty promises.

Workers protest against the dole being cut and means tested in Salford 1930. The police lackeys to the rich, beat them, causing serious injury and death. What;s changed ? The propaganda and fake science on Covid are redolent of Nazi Germany. Mass BAME immigration has led to massive Europe wide protests and health service overload. Britain’s police state leads the fight back against protest, with spying, media self righteousnes, LGBTQI. Feminist/BAME diversions and repression

Working people were bombed and slaughtered on the battlefield because they were given no choice on either side.  Hitler was the German rich man’s puppet and ultimate scapegoat. Russia – U.S.S.R took the worst of that war with Churchill wanting to bomb this ally afterwards – because he represented the rich and feared communism .

Trading on that war and the Churchill myth, windbag Boris ‘Karloff’ Johnson tells us we are all in it together.  Well, to paraphrase George Orwell and Animal Farm, some of us are more in it than others.  The reality is that my parents generation were not all homogenus nasty slave trading whites.  They were mostly slaves living squalor.  Covid is the elite acting to type. From 1930-45 they pretended to care for the Jews.  Now they pretend to care for the elderly and BAME – whose numbers increase massively every year, naturally and through immigration.  

The vulnerable groups should be the ones isolated if they fear Covid.  Twelve boat loads of migrants arrived yesterday, from the old Third World, the old rich mans empire and bombing targets for the ast 20 years.  The rich are the problem and will sacrifice and con , kill and bully the masses as they did for centuries past. They have brought religion back, in the guise of diversity, to suppress freedom of thought with hate crime consequences for dissidents redolent of Tudor England.

The film was made as propaganda in 1941, using Greenwood’s lament for the British working classes as something to rally the troops because Communism and Fascism so threatened the rulers. Read the book, there was and still is no hope for the divided masses. Sally Hardcastle, the young miner’s daughter having lost her idealistic beau due to police violence, sells out becoming an old bookie and money lender’s concubine – outraging the working class community’s narrow minded and self defeating sense of morality which means more to them than lack of money, that’s religion for you.  R.J Cook

U.K Headlines October 16th 2020

A book display, Morrisons, Westcroft, Milton Keynes U.K Diversity Police State Plc. ‘Lies tnat life is black & White’ Bob Dylan. No mention of E.R Braithwate or James Ba;dwin because femininazis have taken over the ‘Black Cause’ on behalf of the Global Elite ‘Divide & Rule’ Police State. R.J Cook
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

‘Outbreak’- Demorats. October 15th 2020

Patients dying in agony from the mystery virus which has actually been bio engineered as a weapon by their own government scientists.

Demo’rats at work, sealing fate of dying town, planning a massive fire bomb for them. That is western style demoratcy – the spelling of the last word is intentional !

Donald Sutherland giving a fine perfrmance as the cold blooded General and State paid killer in ‘Outbreak’.

Movies can move, excite or simply distract. There was nothing like that about ‘Outbreak’ made back in the 1990s, which I watched last night on Netflix.

In my experience, the more stupid or mentally ill they are, then the more deluded and conceited people tend to be. That is because doubts or questions just never occur to them.  Sadly these idiot or robotic qualities are what the ruling elite look for in teachers and police officers. There is a reason for that. There are no such excuses for the devious exploitative arrogant politically correct mainstream media,

‘Outbreak’ has alarming relevance to our world of Covid Lockdown. I can’t really get the measure of Donald Trump because he had no chance of doing what he wanted to do.  What C Wright Mills called ‘The Power Elite ‘ back in the 1960s, has made sure of that, fronted by the patronising so called ‘Democrats -miss out the C, and you get Demorats. – made sure of that.

So when Trump set out to appeal to the U.S Blue collar, especially the ‘Rust Belt’, I suspect he thought attacking China and Latin America might help get them jobs back.

If Trump had been more intellectual he would never have salvaged his bankrupt companies or made a show of himself in the media.  He has shown qualities that don’t fit the system.  In so doing, he has revealed possible and real truths, without intention.

One of those is his insistence that Covid 19 is ‘the Chinese virus.’ All too conveniently, it struck in Wuhan at a meat market, and not many miles from a bio research lab.  To conclude that it was China’s intention to make this virus, and kill millions in the west, is sophistry.  It makes more sense to suspect that it was an Anglo U.S concoction released in Wuhan because China – exploited by the west for cheap goods, but refusing regime change or to release Hong Kong- is a global threat to Anglo U.S elite imperialism.

Our elite were too eager to back worldwide lockdown.  They knew too much about it.  Maybe they just want to destroy millions of the masses economically.  Maybe they know how the virus is supposed to mutate and who it was supposed to kill. The elite know far more about genetic engineering than we might imagine.

‘Outbreak’ is the story of a genetically engineered virus, for U.S weapons purposes.  They have the antidote, but when a captured exotic monkey brings the virus to the U.S, the dark agents of the U.S Deep State frighten the President into bombing  to extinction a small town where the virus has spread like wildfire, mutating – so making the antidote useless.  Donald Sutherland is magnificent as the power mad arrogant General who sneers, ‘We are all at war.’  

He had bombed an infected African village in the 1960s, when the US Deep State first tested the virus. He wants to do it again.  Check out the movie.  As one of my favourite old teachers, John Skinner, used to say, back in the 1960s ; ‘ Robert, the truth is stranger than fiction.’  R.J Cook

Outbreak Donald Sutherland Video Results

  • 2:02Outbreak movie – USA Pandemic – Coronavirus in America – Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Donald
  • 2:00Outbreak Trailer
  • 2:08:12Outbreak

October 14th 2020

More nonsense that a virus can be suppressed.

This is either ‘the great replacement rich man’s agenda’ or corona is a very serious bio weapon and the elite expect a yet more very serious outcome for BAME and the elderly.

Some take the view it was engineered in the west to target China, with whom the U.S UK partnership are at war, backed by Europe.

This is either ‘the great replacement rich man’s agenda’ or corona is a very serious bio weapon and the elite expect a very serious outcome for BAME and the elderly.

Some take the view it was engineered in the west to target China, with whom the U.S UK partnership are at war, backed by Europe.

Liberal comfortable lefties love Starmer because he led the CPS – Corrupt Prosecution Service – which, in cahoots wih corrupt police – conspired to convict men of crimes they hadn’t committed, especially offences against lying women.

It is hard to imagine Britain’s police state getting any more oppressive, but Starmer is a big influence even in opposition. He appears to intimidate weak Johnson.

The elite encourage BLM as part of their trusted ‘divide and rule’ policy which they now call the rainbow diversity/multi culture. There is only one culture that matters and defines the rest, it is the elite.

October 13th 2020

So lift the lockdown, isolate the vulnerable if they want it and let us all take our chances. Otherwise there will be even worse outcomes than we have now. Vaccine has not stopped flu.

Saying we can’t be ‘normal’ until we have a vaccine is a con because this is a an elite Europe wide conspiracy to subjugate the masses and enrich them. The same is happening in the U.S. It is also to protefct an appalling health service across Europe, U.K and U.S – which cannot cope with mass immigration. The same is happening in the U.S.A. RJ Cook

Covid, Acceptable Prejudice , Feminism & Diversity – Comment to follow. October 12th 2020

Comment Multi culture and diversity is a con. Diversity is a diversion so that the global elite can do as they like. Religion is not truth and undermines mass logic, making divide and rule so much easier. Women are supporters of a new fascism in feminism.

They cannot be treasoned with. The distraction of saying all we whites are guilty of racism- if we don’t go around interrogating and accusing other whites of racism – won’t solve mass unemployment, poverty and homeless problems. Class is the ultimate issue. Muslims are not multi culturalists.

Women like Avari and Sarpong are stupid, racist, arrogant and naive if they believe we can create a better world by demonising all non elite white men, calling them privileged.

These women would not be writing these dreadful racist divisive arrogant patrtonising books if they were not privileged. But the new mantra tells us that women and blacks are the only ones oppressed. Their work is part of the oppression. R.J Cook

October 10th 2020

Some interesting headlines and front pages . Inevitably the New York Times is relishing cracks in Trump support. The election will be rigged as Trump & Co are being labelled as Far Right by liberal rich folk leading blacks and women up the garden path with scapegoats and false hopes. If they get rid of Trump they will miss the one biggest and best scapegoat.

I was ridiculed , as a geography teacher in a nasty Tory Grange school in Aylesbury, for saying climate change was a big issue back in the 1980s. I was told my promotion was being withdrawn because the really right wing Education boss Gillian Misscampbell heard my BBC interview broadcast and song about the dangers of nuclear power after Chernobyl in 1986 – her party were desperate to build more Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors to get rid of troublesome coal miners.

The Rail magazine chooses to blame climate change for its collapsing infrastructure post money grabbing privatisation. The Irish Post is still banging the drum for revenge over the seventies ‘Bloody Sunday’ killings. One of the paras on duty that day, told me that he and others had the job of picking up the bodies and some had been dead for days because the IRA had already killed them for not following their bullying line.

What hypocrisy that these then young soldiers put between a rock and a hard place, face so called justice yet there is no support for Julian Assange exposing cold bloodied killers.

Finally, I must comment on the continuing hectoring of the left wing press winding up the gullible moronic British masses over the need for worse covid lockdown. Their alleged surveys are about as reliable as the rest of thier bullshit about the virus spread and how we can all get it. They have their sacred cows and hidden agenda, medical neglect by our so called boasting cowardly incompetent NHS, and its worth it for them to kill us via bankruptcy, anxiety and homelessness. R.J Cook

Today’s Covid Front Pages October 9th 2020

There is no evidence lockdown does anything to control the virus, but it does block the way to herd immunity. Those who want tougher rules, as expressd by the Express and Guardian, are either liberals or selfish cowards – also quite a few morons among them because they don’t see the greater danger of lockdown or consider the hidden agenda.

Not surprisingly the relatively impoverished north, with its high proportion of BAME and elderly people appear hardest hit – if you believe these guesswork and even deliberately dishonest figures. Government and press are very selctive on the subject of experts – more of whom consider lockdown a bad and dangerous resposne, though it does shut down anti elite protests. Charles Close

Liar Education October 8th 2020

Sad as this story is, it raises the question as to whether the right people are being sent off to university. As a former Oxford University Board A Level examiner, teacher and lecturer, I formed the conclusion that by the 1980s higher educstion and the way into it was something of a production line. Thatcher converted Polytechnics into universities, which then became ‘unis.’

The scheme was based on lies about raising standards and opportunities, whereas in fact it was hiding unemployment and shutting the doorway to excellence by talented working class kids. Anyone who wanted to stand out from the crowd needed the parental support and money to go on for a masters and PHd

Over the years, these ‘unis’ like the one in Portsmouth, have taken over huge areas of city centres. Accommodation costs have gone through the roof, especially due to so many wealthy foreign students. Luxury apartments have been built in Portmouth for these young people while the less fortunate live on the street.

‘Admiralty House’, student accommodation in Queen’s Street, Portsmouth 2020.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Very intelligent students, unless they go to elite schools with gilded route to Oxbridge, are being ripped off by a dumbed down system. Degrees are a devalued currency, teaching in the humaities biased dogma and brainwashing. Student sub culture resembles a moronic youth club.

Drugs were a problem in my days at the University of East Anglia. For the start of my first term, my widowed mother walked with me and my luggage, to the bus stop. On the way, she looked up at me, face full of anxiety, saying : ‘Don’t go getting mixeed up with those drugs.’ I had no idea what she was talking about. My shy world , up until then, had been messing about with electronics, radios, my violin, athletics club and model making.

I have to admit that even in the 1970s, drink and drugs were issues for some. My student contemporaries were spoiled upper middle class. They were rebelling aginst their parents. By graduation day, all the long hair and beards had gone, the girls turned up in twin sets all looking up sweetly at their ever so nice parents who turned up in expensive clothes and big cars.

These students transitioned effortlessly into the selfish young fogies who went on up the career ladder to create the rather nasty excuse for a society that we have today. They succeeded because of their class background, knew how to mix work and play, lesrned from their parents how to use the system. They bore the children who are today’s politicans and senior civil servants, comfortable, well paid, multi culturalists and anti protests unless it is by BLM.

They benefitted from an education that youngsters are deprived of today. So these two young girls went off to ‘uni’ -overdosing on ketermine -but one wonders at the reason for encourging these young women into a world, where they must prove themselves better thn men, where they were obviously not able to cope .

Had they been young men, then they would have been villified by the media as wasters, denying good students a place, who got what they deserved. That is because equslity is s lie in a LIAR Education system.

R,J Cook

Front Pages October 1st 2020

When comfort reading won’t cut it: books to restore hope in humanity Posted October 4th 2020

From Man’s Search for Meaning to a celebration of life in the face of death, Cathy Rentzenbrinkpicks the books that confirm her faith in people

Cathy Rentzenbrink

‘In the struggle lies the joy’ … Maya Angelou. Photograph: The New York Post/Getty Images

The most hopeful thing about books is that they exist. Is it not a miracle to look at a shelf and see the vast range of human experience laid out before us? How remarkable that someone picked up a quill or a typewriter or a laptop and set about distilling their thoughts and ideas into such a perfect delivery mechanism. Every first page functions as the wardrobe door that will open up and show me a new Narnia.

There are periods when I’m not up to the journey, when hope is too much to ask for and I am only fit for rereading Georgette Heyer in the bath or cowering under the covers with PG Wodehouse or Nancy Mitford on audio. But the comfort reading does comfort, and then I am ready to re-engage, to explore, to look for something new.

Humankind by Rutger Bregman really did make me feel hopeful about humanity and reinforce my long-held resolution – under threat from the effects of consuming too much social media and news – that we should try to give our fellow humans the benefit of the doubt, and that it is better to be occasionally screwed over than move through the world full of suspicion and mistrust. Black and British by David Olusoga, an erudite exploration of racism and how it continues to mutate, is hopeful because it is exhilarating to read a fine mind at work, and because, as Olusoga says in his conclusion: “Knowing this history better, understanding the forces it has unleashed, and seeing oneself as part of a longer story, is one of the ways in which we can keep trying to move forward.”

I like reading about people who have witnessed the worst of humanity and found a way through. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl has kept me company through many a long night, and The Choice by Edith Eger, who survived Auschwitz and became a therapist, is generous and wise. Maya Angelou lights the way with grace. I love this from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: “She comprehended the perversity of life, that in the struggle lies the joy.”

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Being close to death can help us to notice what really matters. With the End in Mind by Dr Kathryn Mannix takes us into the world of palliative care and shows there is little to fear and much to prepare for when it comes to death: “There are only two days with fewer than twenty-four hours in each lifetime, sitting like bookends astride our lives: One is celebrated every year yet it is the other that makes us see living as precious.”

This is what I hold on to. What can I be doing now to make my deathbed reckoning more satisfying? How do we maintain a faith in humanity? Books help. The feel and the smell. That they exist, that people write them and read them. That always offers me a glimmer of hope on a dark day.

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Comment Society in the so called free world, has never been so obviously top down. We have U.K PM Boris Johnson warning us :

“It may be “bumpy through to Christmas” and beyond as the UK deals with coronavirus.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, the PM said there was “hope” in beating Covid, but called on the public to “act fearlessly but with common sense”.

He said the government was taking a “balanced” approach between saving lives and protecting the economy!

Boris Johnson, a big disapointment.

The government is doing nothing except publicly pander to BAME, the obese, and old people who are most at risk due to lifestyle and age related pre existing illness. They are destroying jobs purveying the lie that we can all get covid and die. Johnson talks in cliches. Many are impressed that he is bi lingual. All that means that this overweight over 50 something person has had a privileged up bringing and can talk bullsh-t in two languages.

So, here we have a book to restore our faith in human nature. Is this book out to rival the bible and its offshoot and derivative Koran ? Neither of those books inspire my faith in human nature. They are full of violence, sexual hypocrisy , politics and dogma to gain obediece through fear.

This is more typical Guardian pseudo libera patronising upper middle class crap designed as a kind of opium or anti psychotic. Back in my philosophy student days we debated whether it was best to have a fool satisfied, or Socrates dissatisfied. In modern society it is clearly the elite and their governments’ intention for the system to pander to the former. R.J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook in a multi cultural diesease ridden world where one cannot find hopes in one book.
Image Appledene Archives

Selection and comments by Charles Close

One rule for the rich in Britain’s self congratulatory democracy ( sic )
Same Again – this is ‘Animal Farm’ made real.
British moron culture
Really ! What a surprise you stupid Brits.
Now remember, Britain must be kind to asylum seekers. This won’t do. Put more of our natives on the streets, tax the lower classes more, but for goodness sake let all of those poor asylum seekers come and get the best out of Britain.
Read the terrible asylum plan in full and start protesting – following social distancing rules of course.
How wicked . We owe these people so much better lives than we owe our massive underclass and street sleepers. So many are saintly Muslims, representing God/Allah on earth. They are the future and must be prioritised for all our sakes.
Wonder Women of our idiot vulture cukture.
Girl Power is now.
It is all the man’s fault, women’s rights mean the right to fool and rule men.

Front Pages September 30th 2020

Covid panic is a vitall elite smokescreen
Boris is a blustering overpaid incompetent multi lingual menace.
Posh people in Buckinghamshire, my home county, do not like inconvenience.
The Times Politically Correct Literay Supplement puts the boot into China, as part of the leite camapaign for regime change. They particularly hate the way China treats its Islamists. The British Upper Middle Classes just love multi culture and beautiful Islam. The might be better known as multi vulturists. R.J Cook

Bruce Springsteen has long communicated style, through his music, obviously, but also through his clothing. So we’re taking things back to the early days. His stardom earned him the nickname “The Boss” in the mid-1970s when Born To Run was released, but, frankly, that song needed a fashion flair to match and we all know the singer has never shied away from a statement look. So today, as Springsteen celebrates his 71st birthday (and another year of inherent coolness), we’ve travelled right back to the days that birthed this unwavering fashion icon. Cue the style lessons…

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (Official Video) – YouTube › watch

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Is the movie Born on the Fourth of July a true story?
What is the movie Born on the Fourth of July about?How old was Tom Cruise in Born on the 4th of July?
How long is born on the Fourth of July?Feedback
Born on the Fourth of July – › wiki › Born_on_the_Fourth_of_July
Born on the Fourth of July, published in 1976, is the best-selling autobiography by Ron Kovic, … See also[edit]. Births on July 4th …‎Origin · ‎Differences from the film … · ‎Cultural references

Go sleeveless

First things first: sleeves. Springsteen is the master of letting them go, taking most of his iconic checked shirts and tearing off the arms, DIY style. It’s a big yes from us. Not only was it a practical way for him to dress for a warmer weather forecast (or, more likely, an energetic concert), but it also communicated the most carefree look possible. Paired with some distressed jeans and, of course, a bandana wrapped round his head, the sleeveless finish served as his ultimate style statement.  

© Ebet Roberts

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, and Shorts


You need a buckle belt

If your trademark look is total Westernwear, it’s highly likely you’ve got a fair few buckle belts sitting in your wardrobe. Springsteen certainly has and he’s long used them as a central focus for a more relaxed outfit. Case in point: the image above, where his stellar silver belt sat in between a black corduroy shirt and dark, straight-cut jeans. This is a brilliant reference if you’re wanting to make a subtle nod to the cowboy – make sure your shirt is unbuttoned for insouciance and tuck it into your jeans to show off that mega accessory.

Image may contain: Musical Instrument, Guitar, Leisure Activities, Human, Person, Rino Gaetano, and Bass Guitar


Head-to-toe black is a fail-safe

Springsteen has never been afraid of a bold ensemble, but he also knows how to make the simple ones look incredibly cool. His favoured classic look? It’s got to be head-to-toe black. Pictured here during his American tour in 1978, he proved the power of the most classic shade, styling a generously unbuttoned (to say the least) black shirt with skinny black jeans and a single-breasted black blazer. A smart style move in our eyes, as its effect was effortless and also highlighted his colourful companion: a Fender Telecaster. 

© Michael Putland

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Add a vest to your wardrobe, stat

Sure, Harry Styles might have been advocating the vest this year (and as a result, we have too), but there’s one man who was selling it long before: Bruce Springsteen. Back in the Seventies – the decade of countless style statements – the rock star oozed confidence in this exposing white number. The colder seasons might be on their way, but this is a mainstay in menswear: style it under a billowing blue shirt for a weather-appropriate take. For the best current option, turn your attention to Dior.

© Rick Diamond

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Coat, Jacket, Human, Person, and Leather Jacket


A knitted scarf is a must for winter

Sounds simple enough, but knitted scarfs aren’t just about practicality. They’re a finishing touch, a way to inject sophistication and fun into an otherwise utilitarian outfit. All you need to do is take a leaf from Springsteen’s book – layer a slim scarf (go for some colour; we’re into the orange hint here) through the collar of your shirt and then tuck it into a battered biker jacket. A bit of elegance goes a long way and we can bet that he was feeling more fit for a cold day too.

© Mark and Colleen Hayward

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As is a ribbed knitted T-shirt, for that matter

Springsteen’s style mantra is an obvious one: the tighter the clothing the better. Makes sense, then, that his short-sleeve knitwear was clingy too, but we’re all for it. We’re not denying that slouchy jumpers look great, but there’s a coolness in opting for pieces that just fit to the natural form (especially when they’re in a colour such as grape). Make sure your accompanying denim jeans are cut straight. If you’re feeling extra bold: maybe emulate the headband.

© Time & Life Pictures

Always expose your collar


Always expose your collar

Al Pacino may have set the cuban collar statement with Scarface in 1984, but Springsteen was light years (well, three years) ahead of him. Performing at Wembley Arena in 1981, he stepped on stage looking, literally, sharp. A white shark collared shirt was layered over a boxy tweed blazer, slim black jeans and some brown Western boots (bold buckle included). The top tip to take is simple: embrace some sartorial nonchalance through an unbuttoned shirt and exposed collar. Keep it out, always.

You need a bandana


You need a bandana

If you thought double denim was a statement, try topping it off with a bandana. Springsteen was synonymous with the scarf accessory, most often used as a headband and always clad in red. Here he opted for the necktie edition, the perfect finish to his effortless denim shirt (roll your sleeves up and keep it slightly unbuttoned for maximum effect). We see your white vest there too, Bruce – strong starting layer. The time to invest in a vest is back and the trend is bigger than ever right now. Style it under a jean-centred look or a sharp cream suit if you dare. Summer dressing done right.

And a newsboy cap


And a newsboy cap

Ever the fan of those all important finishing touches, in 1977 Springsteen opted to top off his look with a newsboy cap. It boded well with the rest of his attire: hip-hugging jeans, a striped T-shirt (cropped just the right amount) and a little leather jacket with an eye-catching collar. His look had taken a bit more of a rugged turn at this point, with a longer mop of hair, his flat hat sealed the oh so cool deal that he brought to Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom in Atlanta. The head accessory has recently resurged thanks to the popularity of Peaky Blinders, but, frankly, it’s a timeless essential to your wardrobe. Style it like Springsteen.

Keep the shirts unbuttoned


Keep the shirts unbuttoned

If you’re opting to style a shirt with heartwarming connotations, why not take it one step further? AKA: undo a few more buttons? Springsteen has long mastered this blasé approach to loose shirting and, frankly, we’re all for it. Alongside some slim black jeans and silver accessories (it’s time to start wearing an earring again, FYI), this is the uniform of a serious musician. To re-create, scale up on the size of your shirt a tad, expose some chest and, ideally, strum a few charming chords on a guitar.

Top it off with a leather jacket


Top it off with a leather jacket

We’ll say this time and time again. Leather. Always. Works. Living proof of that? Springsteen, for who the inherently cool material has long served as a go-to style companion. We’re rather fond of his design choice here: appearing less like a mega motorcycle jacket and more like a laid-back shirt, it communicates the act of not overly caring (even though you’re intent on dressing well). Black jeans, a white T-shirt and a straight-cut leather jacket with rolled-up sleeves… it’s a smart approach to style and one that isn’t likely to fade any time soon.

A white T-shirt never goes out of style


A white T-shirt never goes out of style

It’s been a wardrobe mainstay among all our favourite stars, Bruce Springsteen included. There’s an endless enduring quality to the most basic piece in our wardrobes, the white T-shirt, and that’s mostly because it can be framed around pretty much any outfit. Opting for a suit? Base it with a white tee. Going to the beach? Style your swim shorts with a white tee. You get the idea. Springsteen has basically lived by that style sentiment and here he tucked his tee into some high-waisted cargo-esque trousers before finishing the look with some oversized shades. His top tip? Keep it simple at centre and have some fun with your surrounding pieces. Oh, and don’t forget a cap – the sun’s on its way out.

Don't be afraid of the denim


Don’t be afraid of the denim

Bruce Springsjean. Not his official name, we know, but if there was another nickname to give him other than “The Boss”, this would be it. Why? Because time after time, Springsteen proved the power of rocking a classic pair of denim jeans. As a rock’n’roll musician with a Western soul, it was in his nature, plain and simple. How someone could take such a wardrobe staple and turn it into an eternally cool part of their uniform is beyond us, but 40 years later, he’s still doing it. We advise you take a styling tip from this 1994 concert in Los Angeles and keep the sartorial confidence flowing by tying your boots up over your jeans. We’re heading to the Levis’s store as we speak.

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