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July 12th 2024

President Biden Shock Recognising President Putin As President Of Ukraine At Fellow Geriatric NATO 75 Year Summit – R J Cook

I had my best laugh in many years watching this morning’s news. Here the Western World’s U.S Commander in Chief, Josephine Biden self declared first black woman in the White House, introduced scowling Zelensky, President of corrupt Uktaine, to the NATO great and good, as President Putin of Ukraine.
Obviously in Josephine Biden – whose other famous personas included being a visiting Irishman made good – current decayed mindset, she is sensing the future. This comes on top of a recent Biden announcement that Donald Trump is her Vice Presidential running mate. What a dream team they would make should the Democrat elite and their obedient running dogs, including mainstream corporate and BBC State media, to pull the U.S even further apart before Nuclear War finsihes us all off.
R J Cook

July 11th 2024

Keir Starmer says Joe Biden ‘on really good form’

Sir Kier Starmer who earned his knighthood presiding over the U.K’s corrupt CPS, assures us that ‘Bioden’ is as bright and on the ball as ever. Maybe his hard drive just needs defragmenting ? Starmer has assured NATO of 2.5% of GP to deal with the alleged Russian menace and slaying the Chinese Dragon. For the U.K masses, it is a super football game. God help the world if England inflates England’s oversized ego with a Euro victory against Spain tomorrow. Starmer will milk the game whatever the result because England’s football team are politics apparently at play. The hubristic virgin U.K PM will. no doubt, achieve is first big cock up in due course. R J Cook

Biden introduced Zelenskyy. It didn’t go well: ‘Ladies and …Politicohttps://www.politico.com › news › 2024/07/11 › biden-…

11 hours ago — President Joe Biden mistakenly introduced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “President Putin” on stage at the NATO summit at a …

Sir Keir Starmer has described the US president as being “on really good form” after meeting Joe Biden at the Nato summit in Washington DC.

Asked whether the president was senile, as an increasing number of people are implying, Sir Keir answered “no”, and praised the president’s understanding during their bilateral meeting.

The prime minister said his US counterpart had “shown incredible leadership”.

Mr Biden is coming under continuing pressure to step aside from the presidential race due to concerns over his mental fitness.

Earlier this week, the actor and significant party donor George Clooney became one of the most high-profile Democrats urging Mr Biden to quit the contest.


Ukraine-Russia war latest: Dire warnings over ‘enormity’ of …Sky Newshttps://news.sky.com › story › ukraine-russia-war-latest-…

China lashes out at NATO after the alliance said it was a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war effort – amid warnings over Donald Trump’s plans …

Arrogant Planet Eating NATO fat cats are making Nuclear War ever more likely as they ramp up their existential Uktaine Proxy War on Russia.

Trump vice-president pick: Who will be the Republican’s running mate?

Donald Trump will announce within days who he has chosen as his Republican running mate.

His vice-presidential pick will be formally nominated at the Republican party convention which begins on Monday in Wisconsin.

Trump himself said on Wednesday that he would like to make the announcement “close to the convention”.

There are three names getting a lot of buzz – JD Vance, Doug Burgum and Marco Rubio – and they are reportedly in the final three.

By Holly Honderich and Sam Cabral

BBC News, Washington

Donald Trump will announce within days who he has chosen as his Republican running mate.

His vice-presidential pick will be formally nominated at the Republican party convention which begins on Monday in Wisconsin.

Trump himself said on Wednesday that he would like to make the announcement “close to the convention”.

There are three names getting a lot of buzz – JD Vance, Doug Burgum and Marco Rubio – and they are reportedly in the final three.

But there are plenty of others who could spring a surprise.


UK ‘greenlights’ strikes against Putin’s forces in Russia as …The Independenthttps://www.independent.co.uk › World › Europe

5 hours ago — British-supplied missiles can be used by Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia, the UK has told Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

NATO promises Ukraine $43bn in aid, ‘irreversible path’ to …Al Jazeerahttps://www.aljazeera.com › news › nato-promises-ukra…

NATO leaders have pledged to provide Ukraine with at least $43bn in military aid within the next year to bolster its defences against Russia

Ukraine war briefing: Path to Nato membership ‘irreversible’The Guardianhttps://www.theguardian.com › world › article › jul › u…

Nato allies at their Washington summit have said Ukraine’s “future is in Nato” and its path to membership is “irreversible”, making the …

July 9th 2024

Profits of War: Corporate Beneficiaries of the Post-9/11 Pentagon Spending Surge

Pentagon spending has totaled over $14 trillion since the start of the war in Afghanistan, with one-third to one-half of the total going to military contractors.

A large portion of these contracts — one-quarter to one-third of all Pentagon contracts in recent years — have gone to just five major corporations: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman. The $75 billion in Pentagon contracts received by Lockheed Martin in fiscal year 2020 is well over one and one-half times the entire budget for the State Department and Agency for International Development for that year, which totaled $44 billion.

Weapons makers have spent $2.5 billion on lobbying over the past two decades, employing, on average, over 700 lobbyists per year over the past five years. That is more than one for every member of Congress.

Numerous companies took advantage of wartime conditions—which require speed of delivery and often involve less rigorous oversight—to overcharge the government or engage in outright fraud. In 2011, the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan estimated that waste, fraud and abuse had totaled between $31 billion and $60 billion.

As the U.S. reduces the size of its military footprint in Iraq and Afghanistan, exaggerated estimates of the military challenges posed by China have become the new rationale of choice in arguments for keeping the Pentagon budget at historically high levels. Military contractors will continue to profit from this inflated spending.



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P +1 401 863 2809


Modi, Putin hold talks amid outrage over Ukraine strikesKNDUhttps://www.nbcrightnow.com › national › modi-putin-h…

7 hours ago — Modi, Putin hold talks amid outrage over Ukraine strikes. AFP; Jul 8 … Tory mayor Ben Houchen reflects on first meeting with Keir Starmer

Modi, Putin meet in Moscow amid outrage over Ukraine …TRT Worldhttps://www.trtworld.com › europe › modi-putin-meet-in…

12 hours ago — Modi, Putin meet in Moscow amid outrage over Ukraine strikes. Modi landed in Moscow hours after Russia launched a massive barrage targeting …

Modi and Putin cement ‘bonds of friendship’ despite …The Guardianhttps://www.theguardian.com › world › article › jul › m…

2 hours ago — … Outrage after Biden administration reinstates ‘barbaric’ Trump-era hunting rules · Assured Kamala Harris cuts a transformed figure in New …

Former New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern joins pro-war US think tank

Jacinda Ardern will lead a new fellowship to train European political leaders, as part of a Democratic Party-aligned think tank specialising in imperialist propaganda.

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Cuban government declares “war economy”, deepening austerity measures

Cuba’s economy deteriorates as Washington continues sanctions aimed at starving the country into submission.

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NATO to announce creation of Ukraine “command” at Washington summit

Biden Fit For Purpose Says Whitehouse aide.
Ms Biden embracing fellow black woman in the White House yesterday, on their way to a foregone conclusion in November.

The US-led NATO military alliance will establish a separate command dedicated to the war against Russia in Ukraine at next week’s summit in Washington, D.C., NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday.

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Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

South Korea: Samsung Electronics workers to hold three-day strike for higher pay; Bangladesh university workers hold national strike over pension scheme; Sri Lankan public sector workers still on strike over wages; Australia: Victorian ambulance paramedics intensify industrial action; NSW child protection workers strike over staff shortages.

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Australia: Victorian Labor government demands public hospitals slash budgets

Labor’s cuts will have a devastating impact on public hospital services and patients, as well as health workers’ jobs and conditions.

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Record-breaking heat wave hits 150 million in the US

Temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) hit the West Coast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast during the July 4th weekend, with 150 million people facing a record deadly heat wave.

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The WSWS recognized from the outset that the persecution of Assange was a spearhead of an assault on democratic rights and an attempt to criminalize opposition to imperialist war. Assange is free, and that is a victory, but the conditions that gave rise to his persecution—massive inequality and global war—not only persist, they have greatly expanded.

Assange may be free, but the fight for democratic rights continues. Can you make a generous donation to the WSWS to make sure this work can be expanded? Donate In hundreds of articles, the WSWS exposed the right-wing witch-hunt against Assange. Our articles on Assange’s persecution were read hundreds of thousands of times. The WSWS and ICFI organized rallies around the world, involving hundreds of participants and leading journalists, such as John Pilger, as speakers. In 2018, we held the webinar “Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship,” to which Assange sent greetings shortly before his internet access at the Ecuadorian embassy was cut. 

The WSWS recognized from the outset that the persecution of Assange was a spearhead of an assault on democratic rights and an attempt to criminalize opposition to imperialist war. Assange is free, and that is a victory, but the conditions that gave rise to his persecution—massive inequality and global war—not only persist, they have greatly expanded.

The assault on democratic rights associated with the war drive is deepening. In Ukraine, the fascistic Zelensky government has imprisoned Bogdan Syrotiuk, a socialist and internationalist opponent of the US-NATO war against Russia. Syrotiuk’s indictment on bogus treason charges refers to his writings for the World Socialist Web Site, in which he called for the unity of Russian and Ukrainian workers against the war, all the governments and the capitalist system. Since Bogdan’s arrest on April 25, Ukraine has banned the WSWS entirely.

In the US, the turn towards open dictatorship is rapidly developing. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the president cannot be charged for crimes committed in the execution of “official acts,” establishing in essence a presidential dictatorship.

There is mass opposition to war, inequality and authoritarianism. But to go forward, it must be armed with a socialist and internationalist perspective, directed against the source of the deepening barbarism, the capitalist profit system itself.

The role of the WSWS is decisive. To expand and deepen our offensive against the conspiracies of the ruling class, we need resources. This is why we appeal to you to give the most generous donation to the WSWS today, and consider an ongoing pledge. We must expand our coverage, our staff and our technical capabilities, to meet the challenges posed by the rapidly developing capitalist crisis.  
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UPS to close facilities in Portland and Baltimore, threatening thousands of jobs

The warehouses are to be retooled as automated facilities as part of the “Network of the Future,” made possible by the sellout Teamsters contract.

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Stellantis imposes “temporary” layoffs on over 4,000 in Michigan and Ohio in cost-cutting move

The new round of Stellantis layoffs is further exposing the administration of UAW President Shawn Fain as a tool of management.

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Contract negotiations in Germany’s metal and electrical industries a prelude to job cuts in automotive sector

IG Metall plans to use contract negotiations in the metal and electrical industries to slash corporate costs through lowering wages and cutting thousands of jobs.

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July 8th 2024

Germany’s new austerity and war budget

Although the exact figures will not be announced until July 17, one thing is already clear: It is an austerity and war budget that intensifies the government’s anti-working class and militaristic agenda.

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Racist attack leaves Chinese-New Zealand teenager badly injured

The rise in racist attacks coincides with escalating anti-China propaganda by the media and political establishment in line with NZ’s role in US-led preparations for war.

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The Democratic Party crisis and the civil war election

Commander In Chief Ms Joesphine Biden, the first black woman in the Whitehouse addresses the great and good and talking about her war on Russia.

Four months before the election, there are growing calls within the political establishment for Biden to step down as the Democratic Party candidate.

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German historian Mario Kessler denounces persecution of Bogdan Syrotiuk

Mario Kessler is an expert in Jewish history and the history of the workers movement.

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Iran’s run-off presidential election won by “reformer” advocating rapprochement with US imperialism as it sets Mideast ablaze

None of the competing factions of Iran’s bourgeois-clerical regime has any progressive answer to the mounting imperialist aggression against Iran and Israel’s genocidal assault on the Palestinians.

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Comment The U.S led west will only accept a Shah of Persia style relationship. Iran needs to look at U.S Foreign Policy toward Russia and China before they go too far in this direction.

R J Cook

Russian Spy Plot To Sow ‘Panic and Terror’ in US Leaked in Bombshell Report

Russian spies have dirt cheap strategies to manipulate Westerners

Explosive Russian Spy Plot Uncovered: Project Kylo’s Scheme to Incite Panic in the US

July 7th 2024

Un pas de plus vers l’enfer par R. J. Cook

Commentaire Les Français n'ont aucune idée de ce qui les attend. Cela se construit depuis des années. Les élites occidentales se voient toujours imposer les gouvernements qu’elles souhaitent voir donner aux masses blanches. Ils appellent ça la démocratie. Grâce au féminisme et à la guerre, le taux de natalité des Blancs est tombé en dessous du niveau critique. 

Toute opposition à une politique de consensus est déshonorée et considérée comme du sexisme et du racisme. Les jeunes, comme je l’étais à mon époque, sont naïfs, opiniâtres et faciles à manipuler. Les vieux sont des connaisseurs, cyniques, effrayés et généralement sectaires. 

Ce résultat n’est qu’un pas de plus vers l’enfer. L’élite britannique a des racines normandes. Ils savent protéger leurs énormes intérêts financiers et manipuler la France. C’est pourquoi ils ont manipulé le Brexit, sans aucune intention de contrôler l’immigration. Ils avaient besoin d’être officiellement hors d’Europe et aux côtés des États-Unis lorsqu’ils revenaient sur Minsk alors qu’ils se préparaient à cette guerre mondiale. Des avions militaires ont survolé ma ville tout l’après-midi. 

Ils ne sont qu’une ondulation avant le tsunami de destruction massive qui arrive bientôt si ces hommes industriels et militaires fous veulent obtenir ce qu’ils veulent. Comme l'a dit l'ambassadeur de Russie auprès des Nations Unies : « Peu importe qui est à la Maison Blanche ». Il en va de même au Royaume-Uni. Les élections britanniques et françaises visent à garantir des gouvernements en temps de guerre pour un conflit qui s’intensifie, soutenu par des fanatiques religieux, notamment des féministes.

R.J. Cook

“Political Establishment Wins In Cause Of Preparing France To Lead Russian Invasion For Western Elite Ukraine Proxy War On Russia.” R J Cook

The New Popular Front (NFP), a left-wing alliance formed at the last minute to fight the election, appears to have won the most seats. But it does not have an absolute majority.

This means it’s still not clear who will run France.

Much will depend on the balance of power within the NFP. Its constituent groups range from social democrats to hardcore anti-capitalists. Some moderate socialists could be tempted to peel off and join Macron’s group to form a centre-left government.

If no working majority can be cobbled together, then President Macron can ask the largest party to lead a minority government. Alternatively, he could appoint a technocratic government but it is unlikely to survive for long.

Instability could ensue, especially as the president cannot call a fresh parliamentary election for another year.

  • France’s far-right National Rally (RN) has failed to win a majority in the parliamentary elections, defying many political observers’ expectations
  • All major French outlets are showing early projections of a victory for the left-wing alliance, New Popular Front (NFP)
  • RN leader Jordan Bardella said France had been “deprived” of an RN victory and pushed towards “uncertainty and instability”
  • President Macron is analysing the results, the Élysée Palace said in a statement, and is not expected to comment tonight
  • This was the second round of voting in France’s snap parliamentary election, which Macron suddenly called a month ago
  • After the National Rally did well in the first round last week, left or centrist candidates in many places withdrew from the race – a tactical move to allow anti-RN votes to be concentrated on one contender
  • The election took place in a tense atmosphere, with 30,000 police deployed across France
  • The picture will continue to become clearer as actual results come in.

One Step Closer To Hell By R J Cook

Comment The French People have no idea what is coming to them. It has been building up for years. The Wetern elites always get foisted the governments that elites want the white masses to have. They call it democracy. Thanks to feminism and warfare, the white birth rate has fallen below the critical level.

Any opposition to consensus politics is disgraced and dimissed as sexism and racism. The young ,as I was in my day, are naive, opinionated and easily manipulated. The old are know alls, cynical, frightened and usually bigoted.

This outcome is just one step closer to hell. Britain’s elite have Norman roots. They know how to protect their massive financial interests and how to manipulate France which is why they manipulated Brexit, with no intention of controlling immigration. They needed to be officially outside Europe and alongside the United States when they reneged on Minsk as they prepared for this world war. Military aircraft have been flying and rumbling over my town all afternoon.

They are just a ripple before the Tsunami of mass destruction coming soon if these industrial military mad men are to have their way. As the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations said, “It doesn’t matter who is in the White House.” The same is true of the U.K. The U.K and French elections are to secure war time governments for an intensifying conflict, underpinned by religious bigots, including feminists.

R J Cook

Conservative supporters show higher susceptibility to …The Globe and Mailhttps://www.theglobeandmail.com › politics › article-co…

23 minutes ago — Conservative Party supporters in Canada are more exposed to Russian propagandadisinformation said they believed the narrative that …

Comment This reminds me of a feminist study I read many years ago. A sample of men and women were asked whether they told lies. All of the women said they never lied. The men all said that they did. So how do you spot the liar ? This is a connundrum that was pumped out as the truth, with the headline ‘Women Never Lie.’

R J Cook

July 6th 2024

All sides aiming for a long war of attrition in Ukraine – Asia Times

Both sides are thus girding for an open-ended, long-haul conflict, analysts say. Ukraine’s Western allies believe Kiev can outlast Moscow’s assaults on civilian and military targets, so long as it receives enough weapons.

Comment Can anyone doubt that this is World War Three under the apparent command of President Joesephine Biden, the first black woman in the Whitehouse ? Biden who represents the deluded democrats seems to have dementia, working with her fellow black woman Kamala Harris, bungled the war in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless having two black women directing the U.S power centre, reassures us that the United States is a perfect democracy leading us all into heaven.

We should be grateful that they are taking humanity and all the lesser beings of the world toward Armageddon with full support from U.K Prime Minister Sir Kier Starmer, former head of the still corrupt U.K Crown Prosecution Service. The cost of dying in this way will be very high, but at last our esteemed western leaders will have finally solved the cost of living crisis. They are worth every cent of their inflated salaries. It is a big WELL DONE to all of them.

R J Cook

July 5th 2024

Dark Times May Return to France — the Allies Cannot Just …Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)https://cepa.org › article › dark-times-may-return-to-fran…

9 hours ago — … threats, including death threats against lawyers who called for opposition to the RN — in a document published on a website hosted in Russia.


EU, UK and U.S pretend democracy but unite to discredit and block any alternative to the cultural destruction of their nations for the sake of their oppressive greedy grasping ideologies and absurd multiculture. Above all, these elites want war and hegemony over Russia and China. Their war has only just begun after years of subversion and preparation.

R J Cook

Listen: I’m proud to be first black woman in White House, says Biden

President’s latest gaffe comes as pressure grows on him to stand down from bid to be re-elected in November

Andrew Buncombe 

5 July 2024 • 3:29am

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Mr Biden speaks into a microphone outside the White House
Joe Biden has endured a difficult week after his disastrous debate with Donald Trump Credit: Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters


Joe Biden has said he is proud to be the first “black woman” to serve in the White House, in his latest interview gaffe.

The US president made the slip-up on Thursday night as he battled to save his re-election campaign, amid claims he is too old and confused to remain president after November’s election.

On Friday night Maura Healey, the governor of Massachusetts, became the most high-profile sitting Democrat to publicly call for Mr Biden to consider his position.

“The best way forward right now is a decision for the President to make,” she said.

“Over the coming days, I urge him to listen to the American people and carefully evaluate whether he remains our best hope to defeat Donald Trump.”

But at a campaign rally in Wisconsin, Mr Biden gave a forceful speech declaring he would not stand down.

“I’m staying in this race,” he told a crowd of supporters. “I’m not letting one 90-minute debate wipe out three-and-a-half years of work.” 

Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris

The Supreme Court and the Counter-Revolution of July 1, 2024

Issued days before the Independence Day holiday, two years shy of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Republic, the decision guts the American constitutional framework.

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As calls mount for Biden’s withdrawal and resignation, White House pushes ahead with war policies

Crisis meetings at the White House and in the Biden campaign reveal the increasingly beleaguered position of the Democratic president.

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Democrats and Republicans unite to block RFK Jr., Jill Stein and other third parties from Illinois ballot

Unable to brook any democratic challenge to their political dominance, the preferred parties of Wall Street and the Pentagon are trying to remove all third party and independent candidates from the ballot.

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US puts military bases in Europe on second-highest alert ahead of Washington NATO Summit

The United States has put its military bases at the second-highest level of alert ahead of next week’s NATO summit in Washington, which is expected to see a significant escalation of direct NATO participation in the war against Russia in Ukraine.

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Record breaking Hurricane Beryl is a warning of the consequences of unchecked climate change

Fueled by a warming climate, Hurricane Beryl became both the earliest Category 4 hurricane and Category 5 hurricane in history as it left Caribbean communities in ruin.

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Ukrainian refugees talk about the war and the fight for Bogdan Syrotiuk’s liberation

Above all, the vast majority of the refugees wanted an end to the war. Many supported the WSWS campaign to free Bogdan Syrotiuk and the call for the unity of Russian and Ukrainian workers.

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Australian spooks and their media mouthpieces bemoan Assange’s freedom

The complaints have a pathetic character to them, but also underscore the fact that the assault on democratic rights associated with the persecution of Assange persists and deepens.

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The Wuhan “lab leak” fraud: A political witch-hunt against science and public health

The hearings before the House subcommittee have been a bipartisan effort to foment anti-Chinese hysteria.

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Problems mount in Russian economy as government tries to finance war machine

Moscow’s decision last fall to double military and security expenditures to 40 percent of the federal budget is unsustainable and requires a massive assault on the living standards of the working class.

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US Economy | Costs of WarWatson Institute for International and Public Affairshttps://watson.brown.edu › costsofwar › costs › economic

War spending created fewer jobs than similar spending investment in clean energy, public education and health care. Federal investment in military assets during ..

ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES of WAR on the U.S. …Institute for Economics & Peacehttps://www.economicsandpeace.org › 2015/06


One of the enduring beliefs of modern times is that war and its associated military spending has created positive economic outcomes for the U.S. economy.

20 pages

How will the war in Ukraine affect the US economy?

The Russia-Ukraine war is likely to exacerbate and elongate global supply chain disruptions. Although the U.S. does little direct trade with Ukraine or Russia, certain U.S. businesses and industries face significant exposure from the war: energy, food, and semiconductors are likely to be most affected.

Xi, Biden and the $10 Trillion Cost of War Over Taiwan

Bloomberghttps://www.bloomberg.com › news › features › if-china…

8 Jan 2024 — Bloomberg Economics has modeled two scenarios: a Chinese invasion drawing the US into a local conflict, and a blockade cutting Taiwan off from …

Transcript: Has the US declared economic war on China?

Financial Timeshttps://www.ft.com › content

15 May 2024 — This is an audio transcript of the Rachman Review podcast episode: ‘Has the US declared economic war on China?’ Gideon Rachman

July 4th 2024

Site logo imagewinter oak

The military-industrial guilt complex

By winter oak on July 3, 2024 by Paul CudenecWhen the smoke cleared in Europe in 1945 it revealed a continent in physical and psychological ruins.Millions lay dead from the second terrible war in a couple of decades; surviving populations were traumatised by bombing raids and invasions; great cities had been reduced to rubble and the US and Soviet military empires were dividing up the spoils between them, imposing economic, cultural and political control over their respective spheres of influence.Added to that was a sense of guilt for what people had learned about the concentration camps – this was centred on Germans, of course, but shared by the rest of Europe, the West, humankind even.This guilt smoothed the way for the long-planned creation of the Zionist state on Palestinian soil, reining back criticism of the project and its supporters.

The spectre of the Nazi regime and its crimes was also used to discredit political movements that could plausibly be accused of sharing some aspect of its ideology.

Any nationalistic tendencies – whether against US domination, European centralisation or the power of transnational corporations and institutions – could easily be demonised as a resurgence of the Hitlerian horrors.

This device was later extended to non-nationalist criticism of the international financial system – we were told that using the term “banksters” was hate speech and that any reference to a global financial mafia was clearly an anti-semitic trope.

Even environmentalism (the real, nature-loving, kind) has been depicted as a slippery slope to fascism, as I have previously described at some length.

This ridiculous claim is based on the fact that the Nazis, like today’s climate racketeers, used “green” language to initially sell their ultra-industrialist project to the public.

The “anti-semitic” smears have become increasingly far-fetched in recent years.

Anyone speaking up against the mass-murdering ethnic cleansing in Palestine, no matter how obviously non-Nazi and non-racist they are, is treated as if they were personally responsible for events at Auschwitz 80 years ago.

And any challenging of general official agendas is now likely to be met with the same hysterical response, as I reported at the beginning of this year.

There I described how the EU Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life (2021-2030) justified its claims that anti-semitism was on the rise by applying the label to questioning of the Covid “pandemic”.

The authors of that report, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (whose dubious connections I detailed in the article), is also one of several Zionist organisations behind a more recent document.

The “anti-semitic” smears have become increasingly far-fetched in recent years.

Anyone speaking up against the mass-murdering ethnic cleansing in Palestine, no matter how obviously non-Nazi and non-racist they are, is treated as if they were personally responsible for events at Auschwitz 80 years ago.

And any challenging of general official agendas is now likely to be met with the same hysterical response, as I reported at the beginning of this year.

There I described how the EU Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life (2021-2030) justified its claims that anti-semitism was on the rise by applying the label to questioning of the Covid “pandemic”.

The authors of that report, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (whose dubious connections I detailed in the article), is also one of several Zionist organisations behind a more recent document.

Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates basically warns that the rule of the global military-industrial complex is threatened by people finding out what it is and what it is up to.

It phrases it slightly differently, of course: “Conspiracy theories can pose a danger to democracies, public health, social cohesion, public safety and more; they reduce trust in democratic institutions, in governments, and in mainstream, regulated media outlets. Conspiracy theories can also reduce political participation and conformity to the rule of law”.

I won’t go into all the detail, because it is similar to that in the EU report, but it represents a startling culmination of the way in which allegations of “anti-semitism” are used to defend the dominant system.

Needless to say, it continues to plug the lie that even to challenge the activities and influence of specific Jewish individuals amounts to hostility to all Jews.

Thus, in a section describing anti-semitism, it states: “The Rothschild family, a wealthy Jewish family that rose to prominence for its success in banking, has also become synonymous in far-right and far-left circles, with corrupt Jewish power that seeks global domination and undermines governments and existing social order”.

But it goes even further by effectively coming up with an all-embracing conspiracy theory of its own – namely that anti-semitism lies behind all conspiracy theories!

It also triumphantly produces a diagram to show how it thinks this works.

As you can see, it regards questioning of Covid-19, The Great Reset, 5G, 15-minute cities, the climate agenda and global control as all revolving around anti-semitism.

The accompanying notes, unsurprisingly, do not justify this conclusion.

For instance, the category “The Great Reset” is awarded the anti-semitism tag on the basis of the following description: “Originally a plan by the World Economic Forum to encourage governments to move toward fairer and more sustainable policies. Highjacked [sic] by conspiracy theories claiming the plan is used to control populations and economies to benefit a small group of powerful people”.

Anti-semitism can only be identified here if the “small group of powerful people” is automatically assumed to be Jewish.

Given that the authors of the document would no doubt argue that this assumption is anti-semitic, why do they themselves make it?

Could it be because they are well aware that there is indeed a small group of powerful people behind the Great Reset agenda and that, while they are not all Jewish, they are all beholden to Rothschild-dominated (and thus Zionist) interests?

The same applies to the whole of their framing of anti-semitism as uniting all varieties of what they term conspiracy theory. When they hear people expose fake pandemics, smart cities and global totalitarianism, they know full well that their own Zionist mafia network is behind them and they therefore hear criticism of that entity.

So they simply wheel out the labels they always use to silence criticism, regardless of the fact that this criticism is not based on hostility to Jews but on hostility to criminocracy and that describing reality cannot logically be termed either “conspiracy theory” or “anti-semitic”.

I see this as an expression of their own guilt – and a projection of that guilt on to those whom they smear as conspiracy theorists.

The authors of the report know, deep down, that they themselves are liars with callous contempt for anyone not belonging to their in-group (including anti-Zionist Jews).

So they accuse their enemies – those they feel are threatening their control – of faults that are really their own.

In the grimy and distorting mirror of their own guilty consciences, those of us who seek to discover and share the truth in the interests of freedom and humanity are therefore depicted as spreading “misinformation” and being motivated by “hate”.

Although this gaslighting projection of guilt is not meant to be an admission, it effectively plays that role.

Because the guilt is projected, it is also inverted and thus their diagram labels the factor uniting all the various conspiracies as “anti-semitism”, the term they use to smear opponents of Zionism.

Try looking at it again, but imagining that the term in the central yellow box is “Zionism”, thus inverting the inversion.

Since October 2023, the Zionist affiliation of worldwide power has been plainer than ever to see and this kind of propaganda merely confirms what many already suspected.

As for the additional hypocrisy of dishonestly tainting your political opponents with a supposed ideological connection to a genocide from eight decades ago, while fervently cheering on one that’s happening right now in 2024… well, it defies description.

The louder the propagandists shout that talking about the global criminocracy is anti-semitic, the clearer the reality becomes.

Their desperate and panicky narrative does not speak of a confident and stable world governance.

Instead it tells us of a massive criminal endeavour that has arrogantly been pushed too far, too soon.

The greedy and over-fed globalist serpent has tied itself in knots of lies, has swallowed its own scaly tail, is choking on its own culpability and is spewing forth the awful truth that had to be kept hidden from its mind-manipulated victims.

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July 3rd 2024

Putin ‘is prepared to SHARE Crimea with Ukraine according to new peace plan that has been presented by Russia to the US’

  • Putin is ready to share Crimea with Ukraine, according to reports
  • He sent interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to the US
  • The plan will likely be deeply unattractive to Ukraine

By Will Stewart

Published: 14:07, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 14:59, 3 July 2024

Vladimir Putin is ready to share sovereignty of Crimea with Ukraine, according to an astonishing ‘new peace plan’.

The dictator sent his trusted interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to the US with new proposals to end the war that the dictator started, say sources in both Moscow and Kyiv.

Despite being sanctioned, Kolokoltsev was allowed into the US ostensibly to attend a UN meeting of police chiefs.

Putin ‘is prepared to SHARE Crimea with Ukraine …Daily Mailhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk › news › article-13596493

5 hours ago — Vladimir Putin is ready to share sovereignty of Crimea with Ukraine, according to an astonishing ‘new peace plan’.

Comment If I said what I really think about this deal, the U.K police, who moinitor this website 24/7, would arrest me as a traitor. Suffice it to say that I see no future for an independent Russia in this deal. Minsk proves that Russia cannot compromise with the Anglo U.S led western hegemony hiding behind the NATO fake peace keeping banner.

This war, if it is not to go nuclear, and no acceptable peace to both sides can be found, comes down to who has the most young working class men to waste. It is appalling, but we on this site cannot blame Russia for starting this war. If the west manages to neuter Russia, their hegemony will make this world even more like hell for the lower classes.

The Third World masses will go on wallowing in ignorance, religious bigotry, exporting its ever growing surplus population by fair means or foul, to Europe and the U.S.A where unscrupulous employers and confortable bourgeoise liberal virtue signallers will welcome them. Ukraine is already being earmarked for a big share of immigrants, who The Economist magazine called ‘The New Europeans’. to replace the genocide effects of the NATO Ukraine proxy war on Russia.

Living on the African Congo.

A grovelling Russian peace agreement may well save the doddering puppet U.S President Biden. Anything is possible in these exciting times where the politcal actors create their own satire everyday.

Third World Non White Ethnic Overpopulation is the major environmental and climate issue.

R J Cook

Putin, Xi Vie for Influence at Central Asian Summit

The Moscow Timeshttps://www.themoscowtimes.com › News

2 hours ago — The leaders of Russia and China on Wednesday hailed their efforts to harden their anti-Western alliance at a summit in Kazakhstan, seeking …

Mounting pressure within Canada’s Liberals for Trudeau to quit as PM, party leader

The Liberal debacle in the June 24 Toronto-St. Paul’s by-election confirmed what polls have been indicating for well over a year: support for the Trudeau-led minority Liberal government has hemorrhaged.

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Israel orders mass displacement of Palestinians from Khan Younis

Israel ordered the mass displacement of another 250,000 people from the city of Khan Younis in Gaza on Monday, in the latest stage of its genocide against the population of Gaza.

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Why doesn’t western liberal media ever report that Palestinians have wanted and attempted Jewish genocide since the Balfour Declaration, and when the State of Israel was recreated in 1948.

October 2023 presented Israel with a stark choice in defending what is their historical homeland, not the Palestinian’s.

R J Cook

Biden campaign in free fall as Democrats privately and publicly call on president to withdraw

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett became the first Democratic lawmaker to publicly call on Biden to withdraw from the race Tuesday morning.

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No to Macron and Le Pen! The French election crisis, the threat of fascism and the treachery of the New Popular Front

The New Popular Front is setting a political trap for left-wing workers and youth, leaving them no perspective but a coalition government with France’s despised “president of the rich.”

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Democrats downplay Supreme Court immunity ruling, while Trump doubles down on plans for dictatorship

The chilling implications for the working class of the Supreme Court’s legal counterrevolution have already begun to emerge in the immediate aftermath of the 6-3 ruling by the court’s far-right supermajority.

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Comment When the Democrats convict Trump put of obvious bias, that is democracy. When the Supreme Court does not back their prejudice they are acting illegally and are therefore part of a fascist dictatorship that is rushing the west towards the horror of nuclear war. It is about their terrible greed, power mania and massive egos. It stinks.

The real fascists are in charge and rushing us towards the terrible horror of nuclear war. The U.S, EU and U.K are already ruled by dictatorships which is why oppressed white masses are looking for hope elsewhere. The smug in bred ruling elite are determined to put down opposition and overcome understanable apathy – which is the best the fascists ruling hypocrits deserve- through weaponising smug mealy mouthed speeches, condemnataions and self righteousness.

This patroniising attitude has created a powerful sense of non white ethnic entitlement and raised expectations, this promoting consequent mass immigration into the west out of the corrupt Third World. The powerful elite who define and legsilate the world of human rights have created a situation that can only get worse.

Their pathetic world of diversity has floundered on the bedrock of fascist feminism with their hate filled defamatory, but amusing attitidude to transsexuals. The fact that wealthy fantasy writer J K Rowling says she will withdraw her funding from the U.K Labour Party if they do not do as she tells them, is more evidence that the U.K has no right to advertise itelf as a democracy.

Fantasy writer J K Rowling with male security staff and being phographed by a female admirer.

R J Cook

July 2nd 2024

Human Rights Are Women’s Rights by R J Cook

A Privileged White Male Cut Down like many thousand others during the American Civil War.

During her U.S Presidential campaign, in a rare moment of honesty for a top flight world class politician, Hilary Clinton told her feminist supporters in 2016 : “Women’s rights are Human Rights. Human Rights are Women’s Rights.”

Fantasy writer J.K Rowling is the Trans Exclusionary Feminists ( TERFs ) darling. She has opened up a whole new front in the Women’s Rights War on white men. Other ethnic males are currently immune from her attacks because TERFs regard them as automatically fellow victims and ‘survivors’ of privileged white male oppression.

Rowling’s calculated attitude to transsexuals reveals the true and absolutist nature of feminism. I have read and written much about transsexuals, as well as studying psychology at post graduate level in the years before British Universities were dumbed down to admit as many students as possible who had excelled at an equally dumbed down politically correct A Level system – and who thought it worth running up student debt because they had contacts to fit them into the professions, like law. I know this is the case because I had 18 years working in the education system, witnessing its decline.

This is the age of women. The sky is not just the limit for the ‘uni girls.’ It is the gateway to the stars and limitless future. Feminists are the trail blazers for humanity’s future. As the cover blurb on the ‘Barbie’ video makes clear; women can be anything they want to be. ‘Barbie is everything. Ken is nothing.’ These people set the moral tone. These people run western governments. So Rishi Sunak rushed to back J K Rowling’s demand for a change to the equality law and has threatened to withdraw financial support for the British Labour Party if it does not promise to do the same.

Sunak is representative of and an outcome of the Hindu Caste system where women are worshipped and poverty is seen as the rightful place due to past lives. He is typical of the Indian upper caste system that collaborated with and facilitated the British colonial elite’s exploitation of India. Gandhi was an upper caste lawyer and no saint. Gandhi had exactly the same patronising attitude as the British in looking down on the lower caste Indians but did not want to share the pleasure or profits of keeping them down with the British. His Congress Party governed India for years but did nothing for the poor.

If Modi dared to tax India’s rich to help the poor, he would very quickly get the same treatment as Imran Khan in Pakistan. Britain’s ruling class have never cared about poverty in their old empire, just happy with any dictator who serves their interests. Surplus populations are welcome in the U.K, the worst educated and religiously bigoted the better because they are a perfect fit for all the planned changes to modern Britain.

Have you noticed how Britain’s main party leaders always use the words ‘Vote for change.’ They

never say :’Vote for Reform’ because that is the last thing they want ?

Women have been vital to this policy of change, freedom and democracy in the western world. They are rampant in Eastern Europe. Their preoccupations are simplistic proclamations to fight against sexism, misogyny and racism. Their concerns are all about themselves. Women are hot on the need for sensitivity readers in the world of publishing and bleeping out words they don’t like on re runs of old TV Shows, dramas and documentary. They must never be offended.

At the same time it does not matter if white men feel offended. White actor Lawrence Fox destroyed his career because he offended a mixed race feminist college lecturer on BBC Question Time. She had denounced and rebuffed his response to a question by calling him a ‘privileged white male.’ Feminist Law, which has much in common with the Islamic Sharia Law , does not recognise differences between one white man and another. Their prejudice, as members of a protected gender status group, is more than just acceptable. It is sanctified.

So the sanctified protected female, so much more than just an equal gender, deserves safe spaces. That is the collision point for the TERFS and male to female transsexual ( mtf ). This an age many decades removed from those once famous mtf James Bond girls, April Ashley and Tula. J K Rowling has become a world leader when it comes to informing mainstream media, fellow feminists and political elite, that mtf transsexuals are all rapists in waiting for the opportunity to get into female safe spaces like sports changing rooms and public lavatories. This is assuming that they can find any left in the U.K outside of department stores.

Given the mtf’s inclination – for whatever of many reasons which I have discussed on the transexual archive pages and posts – they will lack the hormonal drive and eventually the equipment to commit rape. It is amusing that Rowling apparently believes that the average British woman is so desirable that mtf’s will overcome their disability and do it anyway. At the same time Rowling makes no mention of the far greater risk that lesbians pose for heterosexual women through grooming and assault. In my view, butch lesbians are transsexuals. Some lesbians even choose some form of limited gender reassignment surgery, though it cannot so far be made as fully functional and convincing as the mtf, but there is always the ever popular strap on.

It appears to me that the nonsense of mtf transsexuals, a term Rowling seems to confuse with transvestites. Her famous Potter books are a long winded circuitous politically correct ramble into her world of black and white, good and bad. That is how she sees mtf transsexuals. Lesbians are not on her agenda because whatever they do and however misguided, they will always be biological women and so fundamentally good. If they do anything bad it will always be a man’s fault somewhere back along the line.

Rowling’s world view sees no need to explain or understand the brutal degrading murder of teenage trans girl Brianna Ghey. Her mother seems to have been persuaded that this was all the fault of social media, so another reason for internet controls. That was absolute nonsense. Brianna and her killers shared the same space at their school. A teenage female brain was behind the plot to have and help her teenage boyfriend plan and commit the hideous crime. She noted in her plan that she wanted to see ‘how big its’ ( Brianna’s ) dick is.”

Whether she likes it or not, Rowling has contributed massively to transgender hate crimes across U.K and beyond. This is because she has demonised transsexuals as having serious potential and intent to assault and rape, by dint of transitioning Transgender hate crime England and Wales 2023 .


https://www.statista.com › statistics › transgender-hate-c…

11 Oct 2023 — The number of hate crimes committed against transgender people in England and Wales has increased in recent years, reaching 4732 offences in 2023. This phenomena is down to feminist authoritarianism which is preoccupied with the fascist idea of superiority by birth. In other words, being female is a high status awarded by God at the instant of creation. By feminist order, such status cannot be achieved by surgery and medicine.

White men outside of the upper and upper middle classes must know their place and face serious consequences if they think there is such a thing as sex change and dare to try that escape route from villified maleness,.

No doubt Rowling, as her admirers have told her, is very brave standing up to mtf transsexuals, one of the most vulnerable groups in western societies – where they are labelled sew perverts, fetishists and rapists. This is all in the name of women’s rights, which says it all about feminism.

Women’s rights have no meaning,like all human rights, outside the political system granting them and political structure created by a western world ancien regime fearful of its demise. This global ruling elite, with so much wealth and power in too few hands is mindlessly supported by a range of obsequious saluting old men, happily existing with romanticised memories of Dunkirk and D Day fantasy land, so supporting mindless nostalgia for a golden age delusion that never existed. The reality of these romanticising relics is that they choose to forget what was the massacre and genocide of millions of white men on both sides – a situation being repeated and developing in Ukraine. These deluded old fools are hypnotised and flattered by official lies and propaganda from a planet eating global elite. World War III is underway.

NATO must not lose and nor must Russia. But NATO is determined to inflict strategic defeat on Russia, so how will nuclear war be avoided ? Donald Trump recently declared that Ukraine should never have been offered NATO membership. He said “That is how the war started.” He said he had no love for Ukraine and even less for NATO. Feminists,with all their growing rights, privileges and ever expanding powers, seek to hog the agenda. They love the war for this vague cause of freedom in a country even more corrupt than the U.K , U.S and EU. Women have their rights because the ruling elite allowed them. This was and is to suit their vile deep state divide and fool agenda.

Ultimately, when the war comes west, these self obsessed self righteous feminists will sing a different song. At the moment, the white man is their only enemy with or without a penis, with or without breasts. White men must accept their place. That includes being cannon fodder in the cause of their sacred female rights. White men are privileged, so the story goes. They have no need of rights and will serve in the front line whenever the need arises.

R J Cook

Lockheed Martin Boasts to Investors: Ukraine War Fueling …stroudsburgherald.comhttps://stroudsburgherald.com › lockheed-martin-boasts…

Lockheed Martin, which is set to receive nearly $2.3 billion of contracts to restock depleted U.S. weapons stockpiles, is the biggest recipient of contracts.

Comment More taxes and debt for United States white lower classes. More profits for the industrial billionaires and military mad men. R J Cook

Ukraine war: Sanctions against Russia failed to achieve …Sky Newshttps://news.sky.com › story › ukraine-war-sanctions-ag…

6 hours ago — Sanctions imposed against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have failed to achieve any of their aims, the country’s ambassador has told Sky 

Ukraine to be told it is too corrupt to join NatoMSNhttps://www.msn.com › en-gb › news › world › ukraine…

1 hour ago — Ukraine will be told it is currently too corrupt to join Nato, in a major blow to Volodymyr Zelensky. The alliance will request “additional steps” from Kyiv …

The Supreme Court’s disastrous Trump immunity decision, explained

The Court’s Trump immunity decision is a blueprint for dictatorship.

by Ian Millhiser

Jul 1, 2024, 6:10 PM GMT+1


Former President Donald Trump greets Chief Justice John Roberts before the 2020 State of the Union address.Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Ian Millhiser

Ian Millhiseris a senior correspondent at Vox, where he focuses on the Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the decline of liberal democracy in the United States. He received a JD from Duke University and is the author of two books on the Supreme Court.

The Court’s six Republicans handed down a decision on Monday that gives Donald Trump such sweeping immunity from prosecution that there are unlikely to be any legal checks on his behavior if he returns to the White House. The Court’s three Democrats dissented.

Trump v. United States is an astonishing opinion. It holds that presidents have broad immunity from criminal prosecution — essentially, a license to commit crimes — so long as they use the official powers of their office to do so.

Broadly speaking, Chief Justice John Roberts’s majority opinion reaches three conclusions. The first is that when the president takes any action under the authority given to him by the Constitution itself, his authority is “conclusive and preclusive” and thus he cannot be prosecuted. Thus, for example, a president could not be prosecuted for pardoning someone, because the Constitution explicitly gives the chief executive the “Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States.”

One question that has loomed over this case for months is whether presidential immunity is so broad that the president could order the military to assassinate a political rival. While this case was before a lower court, one judge asked if Trump could be prosecuted if he’d ordered “SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival” and Trump’s lawyer answered that he could not unless Trump had previously been successfully impeached and convicted for doing so.

Roberts’s opinion in Trump, however, seems to go even further than Trump’s lawyer did. The Constitution, after all, states that the president “shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” So, if presidential authority is “conclusive and preclusive” when presidents exercise their constitutionally granted powers, the Court appears to have ruled that yes, Trump could order the military to assassinate one of his political opponents. And nothing can be done to him for it.

As Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson writes in dissent, “from this day forward, Presidents of tomorrow will be free to exercise the Commander-in-Chief powers, the foreign-affairs powers, and all the vast law enforcement powers enshrined in Article II however they please — including in ways that Congress has deemed criminal and that have potentially grave consequences for the rights and liberties of Americans.”

Roberts’s second conclusion is that presidents also enjoy “at least a presumptive immunity from criminal prosecution for a President’s acts within the outer perimeter of his official responsibility.” Thus, if a president’s action even touches on his official authority (the “outer perimeter” of that authority), then the president enjoys a strong presumption of immunity from prosecution.

This second form of immunity applies when the president uses authority that is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and it is quite broad — most likely extending even to mere conversations between the president and one of his subordinates.

The Court also says that this second form of immunity is exceptionally strong. As Roberts writes, “the President must therefore be immune from prosecution for an official act unless the Government can show that applying a criminal prohibition to that act would pose no ‘dangers of intrusion on the authority and functions of the Executive Branch.’

Much of Roberts’s opinion, moreover, details just how broad this immunity will be in practice. Roberts claims, for example, that Trump is immune from prosecution for conversations between himself and high-ranking Justice Department officials, where he allegedly urged them to pressure states to “replace their legitimate electors” with fraudulent members of the Electoral College who would vote to install Trump for a second term.

Roberts writes that “the Executive Branch has ‘exclusive authority and absolute discretion’ to decide which crimes to investigate and prosecute,” and thus Trump’s conversations with Justice Department officials fall within his “conclusive and preclusive authority.” Following that logic, Trump could not have been charged with a crime if he had ordered the Justice Department to arrest every Democrat who holds elective office.

Elsewhere in his opinion, moreover, Roberts suggests that any conversation between Trump and one of his advisers or subordinates could not be the basis for a prosecution. In explaining why Trump’s attempts to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to “fraudulently alter the election results” likely cannot be prosecuted, for example, Roberts points to the fact that the vice president frequently serves “as one of the President’s closest advisers.”

Finally, Roberts does concede that the president may be prosecuted for “unofficial” acts. So, for example, if Trump had personally attempted to shoot and kill then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in the lead-up to the 2020 election, rather than ordering a subordinate to do so, then Trump could probably be prosecuted for murder.

But even this caveat to Roberts’s sweeping immunity decision is not very strong. Roberts writes that “in dividing official from unofficial conduct, courts may not inquire into the President’s motives.” And Roberts even limits the ability of prosecutors to pursue a president who accepts a bribe in return for committing an official act, such as pardoning a criminal who pays off the president. In Roberts’s words, a prosecutor may not “admit testimony or private records of the President or his advisers probing the official act itself.”

That means that, while the president can be prosecuted for an “unofficial” act, the prosecutors may not prove that he committed this crime using evidence drawn from the president’s “official” actions.

The practical implications of this ruling are astounding. As Justice Sonia Sotomayor writes in a dissenting opinion, “imagine a President states in an official speech that he intends to stop a political rival from passing legislation that he opposes, no matter what it takes to do so,” it follows from Roberts’s opinion that the ensuing murder indictment “could include no allegation of the President’s public admission of premeditated intent to support” the proposition that the president intended to commit murder.

Monday’s decision, in other words, ensures that, should Trump return to power, he will do so with hardly any legal checks. Under the Republican justices’ decision in Trump, a future president can almost certainly order the assassination of his rivals. He can wield the authority of the presidency to commit countless crimes. And he can order a subordinate to do virtually anything.

And nothing can be done to him.

Demonic Democrats by R J Cook

Comment I am glad that nothing can be done to Donald Trump. The hypocritical Democrat Elite and their war mongering media big business and weapons industry backers made Trump’s first term impossible. There were huge discrepencies and issues relating to Biden’s 2020 election and no evidence that Trump orchestrated insurrection, The New York Justice system is a travesty of justice and the mainstream media, including the incestuous U.K, are a travesty of honest journalism.

The United States, like the U.K and EU, already has an authoritarian dictatorship. Trump is certainly a danger to them, just as Farage and Reform U.K threatens the same elite in U.K, as AFD does in Germany and Le Pen does in France.

This greedy sanctimonious clique of demonic democrats fear for their power and lifestyles. That is why they smeared Trump by weaponising historic sex allegations out of the blue with only hearsay evidence, to discredit Trump with women, and a production company working for Channel 4 conveniently recorded an actor, Andrew Baker pretending to be a UK Reform supporter, ranting vile racist abuse while allegedly representing U.K Reform in Clacton where party leader Nigel Farage is standing.

Consensus parties in Europe and U.K brazenly admit that they are working on strategies to deny any chance of what they patronisingly call the Far Right. Above all, they need the cheap migrant labour and consensus support for the global elite’s Ukraine Proxy War on Russia, whatever the consequences for the masses. While those masses struggle with the consequent cost of living crisis, they face a future where their young men will be slaughtered in that war, assuming there is no nuclear holocaust beforehand.

In the U.K, the UK Reform candidate, Georgia David, has resigned her candidature for West Ham because she has apparrently met all 600 U.K Reform Party Candidates and knows them well, judging them racist and sexist. All the mainstream nedia have to say about U.K Reform is : They are racist, misogynistic, Putin apologists and homophobic.

This is all the evidence and proof that I need, informing me that the U.K will never reform or progress. Unfortunately, because of its ruling elite, the U.K has massive influence of the wider world. They are the epitome of demonic democrats.

R J Cook

SCOTUS, Explained

Russian interference in UK general election will likely ramp …The Independenthttps://www.independent.co.uk › UK › UK Politics

19 Jun 2024 — While the infamous Internet Research Agency troll farm – linked to the late Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin – was reportedly …

The Coming Russian Escalation With the WestTime Magazinehttps://time.com › Ideas › world affairs

Vladimir Putin has proved quite reluctant to strike directly at the West over its support of Ukraine. But that may not change.

Is the risk of nuclear escalation rising between Russia and …The Guardianhttps://www.theguardian.com › article › jun › nuclear-e…

10 Jun 2024 — Is the risk of nuclear escalation rising between Russia and the west? … Putin’s views aren’t set in stone – no leader’s are – and can shift …

Comment The Western masses are deluded and high on Dunkirk and D Day nostalgia. My father was an NCO at the Dunkirk evacuation and the first man to tell me about the reality of war and incompetence of British leadership. He told me so much during his last days at home, when I stayed off school and he was on his deathbed, me 11 and my father 40. I learned how poorly valued working men were and still are in Britain.

R J Cook

EU, U.S & U.K Elite arrogance deserves the so called Far Right just as they did in Hitler’s Germany – by R J Cook

The smug fake democratic ruling western elite, who brought us two previous imperialistic world wars, pile misery upon misery, blame upon blame onto the white indigenous masses.

They do this as they focus their latest phase of Post Imperialist Enrichment & Virtue Signalling onto their White Underclasses.

Their claims to be acting in the interests of freedom and democracy are absurd and further evidence of their insults to the masses they govern.

By the way, what is the difference between the ‘cost of living crisis’ which is actually a ‘cost of war crisis’ and hyper inflation ? Macron has already stood down 60 of his party’s candidates to avoid splitting the anti ‘far right’ vote.

That is not democracy. It is election rigging as France plays its part in ramping up the elite’s war profiteering in the NATO Ukraine Proxy War on Russia. Meanwhile Europeans, including the pugnacious English, cling to the Euro Football distraction as they grope for a sense of identity.

Pampered overpaid elite media puppets and their billionaire and State media are experts at divide and rule methods, police state tactics. propoganda, virtue signalling, oppressing, exploiting and scapegoatig the masses for their self interested policies.

This os all for their self interested policies

Working class resistance is treated and denigrated as ‘nationalism’ whch must be denigrated as far right then put down by the power of the elite political party consensus.
R J Cook

Image by R J Cook

R.J Cook

France’s far right National Rally (RN) made big gains in the first round of the parliamentary election, winning 33.4% of the vote

Political leaders across the spectrum are now calling for tactical voting ahead of the second round to block RN from winning an outright majority

The left wing coalition New Popular Front came second with 27.9%

While Macron’s centrist alliance trailed in third with 20.7% of the vote

It is unclear if the RN will be able to garner enough support next Sunday to take full control of the National Assembly

The party’s co-leader Jordan Bardella, 28, aims to become the next PM

Voter turnout in Sunday’s poll soared – the highest in a parliamentary election since 1997

For Greens leader Marine Tondelier, she found herself on the verge of tears during a radio interview earlier, when she reacted angrily to a Macron minister’s call not to back the biggest party in the left-wing alliance.

She was responding to Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire’s comment, who said that voters should steer clear of France Unbowed, whose critics denounce it as extremist, as much as they should not vote for the National Rally.

Tondelier went on to say the Macron alliance had misunderstood the issue and had chosen dishonour and cowardice.

“Does National Rally have a chance of winning an absolute majority in the National Assembly? The answer is yes,” she said, adding that on the other hand France Unbowed are not in a position to win an absolute majority.

June 30th 2024

The Democrats who could replace Biden if he steps aside

Kamala Harris? Gavin Newsom? Pete Buttigieg?!?

by Nicole Narea

Jun 28, 2024, 7:10 PM GMT+1


Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the Constitutional Convention of the Unite Here hospitality union in New York on June 21, 2024. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Nicole Narea

Nicole Nareacovers politics and society for Vox. She first joined Vox in 2019, and her work has also appeared in Politico, Washington Monthly, and the New Republic.

Following a disastrous performance in Thursday night’s presidential debate, President Joe Biden is facing a flood of calls from Democratic pundits and strategists to step aside and make way for a different Democratic nominee amid real doubts that he is fit to defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

Biden’s time at the debate was full of nonsequiturs, rhetorical errors, off-topic asides, and extended pauses to gather his thoughts. He spoke quietly and with a scratchy throat — his aides say he had a cold. Overall, his performance only added fuel to existing concerns about his age and ability to perform his duties.

To be clear, Trump’s performance was a horror too; it was full of outright lies and rambling incoherence as well. He once again made clear that he poses a grave threat to US democracy — which is, in part, why some Democrats are saying Biden must step aside and allow a stronger candidate to lead the party in November.

Replacing Biden as the Democratic nominee would be difficult, but not impossible, as my colleague Christian Paz writes. It would require Biden himself to direct delegates at the convention this summer to vote for someone else and hand over his campaign funds. No party operative can force him out.

On Friday, Biden indicated that he does not intend to drop out and remains committed to a second debate in September. But if Biden changes his mind, there is a roster of potential candidates who could replace him — the most obvious being Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris would be the most practical alternative to Biden

Voters have already grappled with the notion that Harris is just one 81-year-old heartbeat away from becoming president. Only a little over a third of voters said in a September CBS News/YouGov poll that they thought Biden would complete a second term.

Comment The U.S and Global Democrat nightmare looks set to continue with someone even more dangerous to world peace. But that is what she was selected for. She will be marketed as just your average black woman and testament to the wonderful world of U.S egalitarianism and social progress. She will also continue the march to all out nuclear war.

Her feminist credentials will be used to woo the feminist vote, her skin colour will be used to win over all the blacks. Nuclear Armageddon won’t feature in Harris and the Democratic manifesto, because all that stuff is national security and more about keeping women safe.

If the writer of the above found Trump incoherent, perhaps one should take his liberal left drivel for what it is. These people, across the western world are terrified of any alternative to their planet eating global corruption and hypocrisy.

R J Cook

June 27th 2024

Fact check: Biden received multiple draft deferments from …USA Todayhttps://www.usatoday.com › factcheck › 2020/09/16 › fa…

Claim: Lifeguard/football player Joe Biden got five draft deferments for asthma during Vietnam

Claimed by: Marietta Mitchell

Fact check by USA Today: True

Three-Five-Zero-ZeroWikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Three-Five-Zero-Zero

This article is about the anti-war song from the 1967 musicalHair“. … it’s a dirty little war“, echoing Ginsberg’s lines: The war is over now …

Three-Five-Zero-Zero (3-5-0-0) – Hair (The New Broadway …

U.S. Supreme Court wades into gender-affirming care bans in states

The justices’ action comes as Republican-led states have enacted a variety of restrictions on health care for transge…

Comment On U.S Western Transphobia – By R J Cook

Republicans have a problem with transsexuals.

There is much wrong with the United States and much to applaud. The indistrial miltary complex with its self interested mad people are the big issue. On the battlefield this white dominated group fear no one. Not even Russia so long as NATO keeps expanding to do most of the dying. But when it comes to issues of race, sex, lesbians – who are effectively transsexual – and gender they tie themselves up on nots.

The white ethnic elite love black cheap labour and cannon fodder.They like them rapping, selling and taking drugs. As with the white working class, who are supposed to occupy themselves with internecine race wars on their, especially Biden’s Democrats, behalf, they serve the planet eating capitalist hegemony.

But deep in the average elite Republican mind, and many of their rank and file, they quite rightly fear the massive drop in the white birth rate, with white men often choosing black partners who are less likely to be hectoring, coercive and controlling competitors than white women.

So when the convincing white transexual woman comes along, Republican and TERF feminist bigots go into hysterical overdrive with hate speech about them simply being out to rape women. They would never say this about blacks or Muslim grooming gangs.

They have a hideous fantasy based on them over estimating their attractivness, esepcially as so many increasingly resemble and behave like the worst of men. Here in the U.K nurses are suing the NHS because they argue that treating trans women puts them at risk.

These people really don’t want to understand the rising western transsexual upsurge or what it has to do with aggressive feminism and single parent female dominated families. Their answer every time is calls for more laws to control and condemn all white men. It is all rather amusing in a black comedy sort of way.

As for the officially benign lesbians, they are angry hate filled people who blame men for everything, so cannot tolerate the political and economic threat of male to female transsexual, as favoured by an increasing number of men who are sick of women who call the police every time their partner argues with them or otherwise upset them.

The Transgender lesbian is far more of a danger to heterosexual women and her children than any male to female transsexual. Unfortunately moronic transphobes can’t or won’t distinguish transsexual women from transvestites.

R J Cook

More Dead On The Road To Ruin – By R J Cook

It was good news for Julian Assange and his family that he has been released. However, Do not trust enemies who bring you presents — they could very well be playing a trick. The saying is adapted from the words of Laocoon in the story of the Trojan horse .

Julian Assange sought asylum at the London Ecuardorian Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape allegation that he denied. It was a ploy to hand him over to the US because the corrupt ruthless British Ruling Elite were party to weaponising rape allegations, bailing him before extradition to Sweden.

His real alleged crime was espionage for receiving and publishing documents embarrassing to the Anglo U.S deep state – including war crimes in their illegal war on Iraq for control of theirs and ultimately Syria’s oil fields and oil prices. Syria became the ultimate clash point between the Anglo Americans.

For France, the big issue was Russia being seen as a threat to their covert African Empire. The masses only relate to football, which is why the western elite banned Russia from International competition. The western ruling elite have infected women with the same dumbing down foot ball virus

The 52-years old, Australian, Julian Assange was arrested in April 2019 when police entered the embassy in force, where he had been staying since 2012, having been granted Ecuador citizenship.

This brutal U.K government facilitated action became possible because the U.S deep state had arranged a coup in Ecuador in favour of a more U.S friendly regime. So, the British Government deployed their police troops and Assange spent the past five years in the nightmare Bellmarsh Prison. When he saw the light of day and boarded a plane to a U.S Island in the Pacific, a cursory glance suggested he has been tamed.

The reasons why the U.S and U.K are happy with the plea bargain is down to Australian Govenment pressure. The U.S gave way because they need a more powerful ally in the Pacific region than they have in Japan which could be wiped out by North Korea any time soon.

A Japanese White Paper, in 2023, stated : ‘”North Korea’s military activities pose an even more grave and imminent threat to Japan’s national security than ever before,” the document said.

“It is believed that North Korea has the ability to attack Japan with nuclear weapons fitted to ballistic missiles.”

The white paper, approved by the cabinet of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, came as North Korea ramped up the frequency of its missile tests.

NATO’s Ukraine proxy war on Russia was phase one of their World War III, on their way through Russia to Phase III. That is overt war on China. They expect to avoid a war on two fronts by beating Russia first.

All sorts of stupid analogies and inspirational diktats are being made by NATO’s press puppets, comparing this global nightmare and the NAZI phenomenon. Nazism was not simply about Hitler. It was created by western elite ancestors’ inter war policy on Germany. Germany was not supposed to rise and nor is Russia. That is why vengeful France worked hard to frighten pre Commnunust Russia into what became World War One.

The only analogy with more than a grain of truth, is that Exceptionalist NATO are behaving like authoritarian Hitler – a leader who would never have been beaten without Russia, a people who suffer, fight and die for their existential cause.

There is also the matter that since Anglo U.S led NATO, wanting to avoid being called to account for persecuting Assange while they are hypocritically moralising about Russia and war crimes. Assange was persecuted along with his U.S military intelligence source, Chelsea Manning. It was over their exposing Anglo U.S War crimes, which are normal excpetionalist practice on the Anglo U.S part.

So the U.S wipes the slate clean by releasing a suitably reconditioned Julian Assange, on a plea bargain of accepting guilt for espionage. There is no telling what hell British lackeys subjected him to in Bellmarsh and no doubt that he will be under a gagging order for the sake of western elite global policies and strategies.

One thing that no moral and thinking person can ignore is that, the U.S and U.K deep States had a lot of vile data and unscrupulous personnel to to hide when they went after Assange and Manning.

Releasing Assange now is also a warning to any other would be whistle blower, as Jake Txeira’s case exemplifies. If the west was democratic this would not be so. But it is not.

It is a world for the billionaires who are now out to extend hegemony into space. The Plutocrats are eyeing up the moon and Mars for their pleasure. It is all rather like the movie ‘Total Recall’. But this time there will be no happy ending and many more dead on the road to ruin.

Billionaire’s Football

*World map showing all the countries with political boundaries.

About the Author

Robert Cook
facebook https://www.facebook.com/rj.cook.9081 I went to school in Buckinghamshire, where my interests were music ( I was a violinist ), art ( winning county art competitions ) athletics and cross country ( I was a county team athlete ). My father died as a result of an accident- he was an ex soldier and truck driver- when I was 11. It could be said that I grew up in poverty, but I did not see it like that. As a schoolboy, I had my interests, hobbies and bicycle, worked on a farm, delivered news papers, did a lot of training for my sport, painting, and music. I also made model aeroplanes and was in the Air Training Corps, where we had the opportunity to fly an aeroplane. I had wanted to be a pilot, but university made me anti war. At the University of East Anglia-which I also represented in cross country and athletics- I studied economics, economic history, philosophy and sociology. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of manual, office and driving jobs. My first job after univerity was with the Inland Revenue in Havant, near Portsmouth. I left Hampshire to work for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile, then lecturing, teaching and journalism - then back to driving. I play and teach various styles of guitar and used to be a regular folk club performer. I quit that after being violently assaulted in Milton Keynes pub, after singing a song I wrote about how cop got away with killing Ian Tomlinson at G7, in broad daylight and caught on camera. The police took no action, saying taht my assailant had a good job. The pub in question was, and probably still is, popular with off duty police officers.

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