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Bad Attitude Posted November 7th 2019

My truck December 2017 In this image, me and my young driver’s mate are out on a foggy wet day looking for a client’s home down a narrow country lane. RJC

For reasons I cannot go into at the moment, the police have a very bad attitude to me. I was driving this truck through November and December 2017. My job was collecting high end electrical goods, delivering and installing them over a wide area of England.

Consequently I was away for long hours , not realising my remote home was under surveilance by the police and my phone and interent monitored. They had been passed letters, videos and images which had been sent to various important people, some of whom I had been associated with in the past.

An anonymous badly written covering letter bore a man’s name in type. The images were allegedly of my well connected ex wife, so there was the additional allegation that I was harassing her and her family, sending images of a private personal nature.

The letters alleged that I was working as as a gay escort in the service of my son who was running an escort agency from my home address. I experienced a terrifying police raid, involving seven officers on the morning of February 2nd 2018. My house was ransacked by them.

I was taken to the local police station, locked in a cell for 6.5 hours before being taken for interview, along with the duty solicitor. It transpired that no forensic evidence had been gathered over the previous months in a crime where I was obviously the victim.

The pictures shown to me were of a female who was a complete stranger in lingerie entitled ‘ My wife’, and allegedly my wife and the video did not exist. It was asserted that I or my son posted the material in Northampton on December 12th 2017. We have only one car, my son does not drive and there is no public transport to Northampton 30 miles away. My ex brother in law had also received the letter and images , declining to comment. One would have thought he might recognise his own sister!

Two I phones and laptops were confiscated, along with my HGV drivers digi card and debit card. I told the police the name and address of the woman who most likely sent the material, her motive and where I was on December 12 2017 when I allegedly shopped myself as a gay prostitute working for my son.

The lead officer was not interested. He said if I didn’t do it my son must have because we were mentally unstable. When I suggested that the woman who most likely sent the material would have committed an offence if it were proven that she sent them, he replied ‘Possibly’. Over the next three months I heard nothing and was kept under investigation.

Having told the lead officer where I was on that date, Decmber 12th 2017, the lead officer said it must have been a different day. When I told him my personal, employer and tacho records would tell where I was on any day, he said the material might have been posted somewhere else. Neither myself or solicitor were allowed copies of the material.

Three months later, after leaving messages for an update on the investigation, I lost patience and left messages involving bad language, due to extreme stress and uncertainty – coming on top of years of police harassment- on the officers answer phome.

I was forced to go for interview for swearing and causing him alarm and distress. Having rufused a caution, I was threatened with prison, I ended up in Crown Court where I was found not guilty. My property was returned with the officer returning it saying he had looked into the case and that ‘This job is going now nowhere.’

This episode is part of a twelve year old story and has seriously impacted on my health. One can only assume that the files on me are still open as a recent event siuggests. All of my complaints, over the years have been dismdismissed as malicious and I have faced jail four times. Obviously there is more to this than I can reveal at this point. Robert Cook

March 30th 2022.

Roberta Jane Cook was raped age 17, by another 17 year old.

All images Copyright Appledene Photographics.

Roberta Jane Cook is standing second left , standing out like a sore thumb from her fellow Wolverton Athletic Club award winning athletes. Roberta said : ” I had to work very hard to compete with male athletes. As many of us trans people do, we overcompensate, work hard at denial and drink. At school, other boys seemed to know something I did not. I was raped a week after this picture was taken, told I was a dirty bitch who was asking for it. I was dressed as a girl. I hint at this and the confusion afterwards, in my semi autobiographical novel ‘Man Maid Woman.’ Confusion came from my submission to a male act, where another had identified me as female – and I responded to his force. It was something that haunted me to this day. One cannot be what is supposed to be normal. “

Roberta Jane Cook pictured left , was in a long term friendship with a black Havant Tax Office colleague pictured right. She said ” This good friend , retired magistrate V F Church, told me that I was obviously a girl. We were both outsiders at Havant Tax Office. When I told him I was getting married, he was very worried.” The black colleague was not allowed to be my best man at the wedding because of his colour and I was too gutless to protest.

Roberta Jane Cook, wearing sensible shoes that do not flatter her legs, leaves ASDA on the outskirts of Bletchley, for the long walk back into town. The proud name of Marshall adorns the MK Dons stadium. Roberta interviewed and enjoyed the company of rock icon Jum Marshal and his board, including a generous lunch at a top Milton Keynes Restaurant, when Jim was helping her with two of her new -books in 1996. Roberta has been accused, including a Chief Constable of Police, of being a violent alcoholic during a 20 year period from 1988-2008. The police submitted no evidence, but top cops don’t need evidence in corrupt U.K’s version of democracy. Roberta says : “I am the victim of a vile transgender hate crime.”.
There are some seedy dangerous places in the amorphous blob of Milton Keynes, which has engulfed and degraded the old community of Bletchley. This is one such place. Roberta recalls cutting through here, cycling from Winslow, en route to 10 hours shifts building a dual carriageway from Woughton on the Green to Newport Pagnell in 1972- a life recalled in her 3 books on the new city. Roberta will be 72 next birthday, if she survives her latest court and police nightmare , in December 2022. Roberta said : All my life I have known hard work, but none harder than my last 14 years.”
A weary young mother waits for dreary the Lakes Estate bus. Her infant holds the ubiquitous I Phone , transfixed by the content of the screen and state approved images.
Roberta waits in the cold soulless bleak windswept Bletchley bus station. The building in the background is Brunel House, named in celebration of the great Railway engineer IK Brunel and the town’s illustrious railway history. Converted to flats in 2003, there is now the problem of removing flammable cladding..
So many places to go in life, if you can beat jail or the madhouse.
Rather than freeze waiting for the z & S number 50 service back to Winslow, I took it on its way up to Milton Keynes, in the company of a RCONB photographer. He caught this image of the MK Dons football stadium, as we rode back down to Bletchley and back to Winslow. Football stadiums are the new cathedrals, players are the mini Gods..
Our photographer took this picture from the bus station. It is the new high level Bletchley rail station on the reopening Oxford Cambridge Railway line.

This commentary from my past and today’s journey is by way of preface to the following article about a Tory MP coming out as trans, and hpw traumatic that is..

I watched the Sky News report on Wallis outing himself as trans. It was also noted that nowadays, due to high demand and other NHS priorities, there is a 5 year waiting list for Gender Identity Clinic Appointments ( GIC ) , let alone the surgery that has been denied to me because of the vile police lies, compounded by lies concerning investigation and 14 years of their refusal to reveal their alleged records of investigation and appropriate police processes..

The point was made as to how much bravery this coming out takes. Hopefully, those involved in the ‘multi agency’ approach to ‘my case’, will realise that I am perfectly at ease being recognised as female. I had over 2 years with the London based GIC before the self interested police intervened in my life on October 4th /5th when senior police initiated vile stalking and intent to commit sex crime on female minors were made, recorded, with no records and an illegal PNC Criminal Marker, all kept secret. A senior consultant psychiatrist, Mr Maganty, of Rednal secure unit, reported that I was suffering from ‘no known mental illness’ and should be shown files relating to sex attack and stalking allegations that led to the PNC Marker etc. The courts refused to make an order and the police still refuse disclosure. In 2011, Trinity Newspapers were briefed to report all as fact, along with a line that I had a bizarre sex change secret.

My full address was published nationwide and I was abused bin the street. I even had a brick thrown so hard at my front window, it penetrated my double glazing, landing on the sofa where my girlfriend would have been sitting if she had not been late on her journey up from exclusive Woldingham School in Birmingham. Of course my mental health is now an issue after all of this. Of course it is only concern for my youngest son Edward that stops me committing suicide.

I have been fighting high level police corruption for the last 14years. The situation is complicated because most of my accusers, along with myself, have signed the ‘Official Secrets Act.’ So technically, anything I am believed to know about the corrupt British Police State must be kept secret. The British elite are sophisticated in their methods. If you read the New York edition of Wright’s’ Spy Catcher’ as I re read yesterday, one learns that British Civil Scientific Servants involved with weaponry have to be MI6 approved. I was very close to one of these people in the 1970s and after his retirement. Heaven knows what they think I know. Same goes for my connections to the police.

Transsexual Roberta Jane Cook’s passport back in the 1970s. Roberta said, ” My first experience of life behind the Iron Curtain was interesting. when they saw my passport it was as if the words ‘Government Service’ translated into ‘Spy. The best think about those regimes was ‘what you saw was what you got. The problem is now, is whether my fair criticism of the U.K is seen as treachery ? I have to admit that I used to believe in this country and the monarchy. I don’t now. It is a plutocracy that originally welcomed Russian oligarchs and their money. “

Never mind , there is always suicide. I never wanted to get this old. I thought being 21 was bad enough, that was 50 years ago.

But my major issue now, apart from state sanctioned determination to have me convicted for things I have not done, so getting me jailed or sectioned, is the fact that the police intervened in my transgender treatment. Morons at all levels of our society think transsexuals and transvestites are the same. It is very hard to explain anything to people who do not want to know. Transvestites simply enjoy female clothing usually for masturbation purposes.

Obviously, I like wearing classic female clothing and being viewed as a woman. I used to think it was nuts that I wanted my body to be female and would have loved to have been a mother. I was married to a very masculine woman who dressed like a man, after having retreated from two other Portsmouth women who I envied too much. I would never have had a rift with the woman I married if it had not been for what was happening to my sons. The eldest has had his life destroyed by vile police lies. The youngest, now 34 has been sectioned by parties I dare not mention – for legal reasons , because the police , and possibly MI6, are my only U.K readers..

“I wrote this semi autobiographical novel in 2003, in despair as to what was being done to what was happening my youngest son and the effects on his brother. For the record, I did not pay for publication, I was an accomplished author by this time. I wrote another desperate novel, along with 3 other books that year. It was called ‘Little Terrors’ and very much about a son being left shut away by his mother , up in his room, and and taken to the toilet and washing him. I couldn’t cope and saw a psychiatrist who told me I am a woman.”
This is what happens when people are sectioned. Irene Phillips was one of the gentlest people I ever knew. This is what happened to my beloved youngest son 2 years ago, . One of the police morons walked on my son Edward’s laptop. His mother, who had him shut away for years, justified her request on the grounds of ‘fear of violence.’ I wonder why ? I was right and knew I was. The NHS, Norden House, Whiteleaf and GIC believed the corrupt police. Still no one in authority has listened. The in laws and police could not face the truth and implications of me being female so they had to nobble the Gender Identity Clinic, who willingly based their malicious diagnosis of me on March 19th 2020 on vile police lies. This is what the sociologist Durkheim would have called ‘pathological factors.’ TERF feminists are a big part of the problem, with vile hate speech against transsexuals and weirdo obsessives like Linehan on a religious campaign to rehabilitate hate preacher J K Rowling. Feminists are a big problem. It will not be trans women who rape in ladies loos, it will be lesbians.
The Divided Self
Psychiatrist R.D Laing called his fellow professionals prostitutes because they did whatever the state wanted them to do, There are too many morons and pseudo professionals now. Each year the ‘unis’ teach the students less and less, making these imbeciles over confident and perfect lackeys to a corrupt money & power obsessed system serving the elite..

Meanwhile, although us transsexuals coming out is regarded as traumatic and brave, the GIC changed course for me after nearly 3 years of transgender recognition , away from recording my ‘secure female identity’ because the police saw an opportunity of protecting themselves from my criminal allegations by writing to my cop loving GP that I am mentally ill. This had been going on for some time, but as a result of a serious rows about me making excuses for my ex wife over Edward, Kieran became very cross. So I phoned the police warning again to deaf ears that Edward was at risk. Reading Police Station wasted no time informing my GP that I am nuts.

That was 2017, and they were already smarting from me being found not guilty of breaching a restraining order for alleging that certain senior police parties were guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office and perjury. This verdict was based on the facts that I was telling the truth, but it was blocked from the press in the ‘public interest.’ This followed 7 Crown Court Hearings where I was berated for not pleading guilty. They even faked domestic violence allegations – which they will still not substantiate. I had no opportunity to defend myself. I was given no details. It transpired the police had fabricated evidence on behalf of alleged victims.

The police went on to recruit an ex partner to keep watch and report on me, following her Claire’s law application in 2014. In December 2017, anonymous typed letters, with peculiar alleged porn pictures and videos led to my remote home being staked out while I was either sleeping or doing night into morning trucking shifts. I was accused of sending them from Northampton, when I could prove being hundreds of miles away in my truck. No finger prints or other forensics were taken.

It was alleged that I was a ‘gay escort’ working for Kieran and his associates from an home based agency. Interesting words from a transsexual, who would either be lesbian or straight female. According to police, I sent them myself. But the police raided regardless in February 2018, with an immediate report to my GP insisting they inform the GIC. They did as ordered by the British Police State. The GIC ordered a psychiatrist to my home, named Ramsay, Ramsay arrived with a burly mental health nurse and medical student. It was all taken as proven, with police criminal lies, perverting the course of justice, were sent to health carers and ultimately the GIC.

I was declared a paranoid personality, schizophrenic with bi polar disorder, deluded and therefore my long overdue sex change surgery could not happen until I took zombifying anti psychotics. I waited years to come out and my sex change surgery is now 3 years overdue. I am not male and have no route to becoming one , and wouldn’t want one. Suicide is an option. I cannot abide this appalling secret police state. As for the baby killing NHS, I cannot express enough disgust. Their watchword is always about lessons will be learned, just like the police. There is nothing scientific about anything the GIC do. During Covid , we were exhorted to clap a seriously failing bureaucratic NHS. Now we must clap Ukraine. Remember, we live in a ‘democracy.’ This pathetic word is used with hypnotic and monotonous regularity.

R J Cook

November 2021

The Time Has Come – R J Cook

Having been labelled to the NHS, by the police without offering evidence in spite of being asked, as a paranoid schizophrenic bi polar delusional person, I cannot legally drive. So the time came to dispose of my Mercedes E Class – so I have also lost my job. The time has come for a lot of things. February 14th 2022. R J Cook
I am centre stage in the top picture, wearing the striped blazer and straw hat, entertaining the over 60s club in 1988. Below that, I am performing on Winslow Market Square , 1998.
R J Cook

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Roberta jane Cook , Aylesbury Bus Station December 29th 2021
Robert Jane Cook returns home after delivering important legal papers –
December 29th 2021.
Extract From the semi autobiographical novel ‘Man Maid ,Woman’ by R J Cook
R J Cook’s Workshop during years as a luthier & cabinet maker supplying shops in Milton Keynes , Oxford, London, Bicester & Aylesbury as well as private customers from 1984- 2000 . This workshop has all gone now, replaced by private residential use.
R J Cook was also a successful private music teacher from 1988 – 2008 , here teaching using a mahogany music stand of Cook’s foldaway professional design and build.
Chappell of Bond Street were a major customer for Cook’s stands, later rebranded from C Major stands to Nicola Stands. Chappells , like another major customer, Russell Acott in Oxford High Street, demised through the internet sales age. Business limped on until 1993, the last stand being built for Winslow’s St Laurence Church , amore sturdy custom model for the choir, delivered in December, made in sold Oak..
R.J Cook at work building a new smaller workshop in 2000..
R J Cook with one of Cook’s hand crafted guitars 1980.
A special Order Classic Music Stand by R J Cook
R J Cook , then in charge of property and site maintenance relaxing and holding court at Norden House Surgery Summer barbecue in 1998. Dr J F Fairfield stands to the right.