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Donald Trump, guilty but not out

The former president has been convicted in a criminal trial. He could still win the White House.

By Jill Filipovic

Photo by Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Donald Trump is now a convicted felon. On 30 May, a Manhattan jury found the former US president guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump is the first US president to be convicted of a crime and faces up to four years in prison. He will be sentenced on 11 July, just days before the Republican National Convention begins on 15 July. 

It’s an extraordinary moment: not only has a former president been convicted of nearly three dozen felonies, but the Republican Party is now running a criminal for the presidency – and selected him after these and other charges were filed, and after he was found liable for sexual abuse by a civil court.  

Trump is certainly a felon among friends: “He joins his campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, national security adviser, foreign policy adviser, political consultant, and personal lawyer as felons,” political author Stuart Stevens tweeted shortly after the verdict came down. The man the GOP seeks to reinstall in office is a criminal whose previous campaign and administration was made up of other criminals.  

More extraordinary still is that this conviction seems unlikely to matter electorally to those same Republican voters who claim to care about morality, want to “drain the swamp” and champion law and order. It may, though, serve as a reminder of Trumpian chaos, and deter those in the messy, less-engaged middle. My impulse is to say that this conviction won’t move the needle with many voters and may in fact reinforce the sense of victimhood among Trump’s base – and leave them even more aggrieved. But the truth is, no one knows; this is a truly unprecedented series of events.  

Potential electoral impact aside, this moment is a relief for Americans who believe that, while our justice system is often imperfect, it is at its best when holding even the most powerful to the same standards as anyone else. Despite what Trump’s own team has argued, former presidents should not be immune from the rule of law. The prosecution put on a strong case, and a jury found that they demonstrated Trump’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. His status as a former president seeking to be a future one was not a get-out-of-jail-free card. This is precisely as it should be in a functional democratic state.  

But that doesn’t make this a moment to cheer. Whatever one thinks of Trump as a person or his guilt or innocence – and to be clear, I think he’s a terrible person who is very obviously guilty of the crimes of which he was just convicted – it is in no nation’s best interests to have leaders who are criminals. It is a sign of continued functionality when leaders who do commit crimes are tried, convicted and punished, but it’s also a sign of serious decline when bad actors are put into power in the first place – especially when one of two major parties seeks to put them back in office even after their crimes have been revealed.  

This conviction is a reminder of just how thoroughly Trump has degraded America, and – four years after he left office and tried to reinstall himself as leader on his way out – how degraded and broken the country remains. This is made worse still by the fact that Trump’s most loyal supporters are convinced that this trial, and the other three that the former president faces, are political farces, examples of a powerful Deep State trying to take down a heroic man. How does a country normalise when a large chunk of it believes a convicted criminal is the good guy, and the real problem is that the long-cherished judicial and democratic systems have told him he must play by the rules?  

It seems unlikely that Trump will actually go to jail before the November presidential election. Even if he is sentenced to time behind bars, he will no doubt appeal. It’s difficult to imagine that a judge will order the imprisonment of a presidential candidate just days before the Republican National Convention and four months before voters go to the polls. Crazier things, of course, have happened – like a former president being convicted of 34 felonies and running for office again. Perhaps he will indeed be campaigning from a jail cell. But even if Donald Trump remains a free man through the election, he will carry with him a new title: the first former president to be a convicted felon.  

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A Politically Weponised Corrupt New York Justice System

by R J Cook

Comment The Judge’s daughter in this so called example of U.S Justice is an established Democrat Political Consultant. As with the mysterious death of Pimp to the Anglo American super rich Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s latest conviction is no good reason to celebrate the U.S Justice system which turned a blind eye to the Clintons, notably so many sexual allegations against Saint Bill and his precious feminist warrior wife who immediately disputed her 2016 defeat and wrote a book about it along with all the wonders of her life story. The Democrats in Congress duly spent the entirety of Trumps term of office by working to have him impeached. In short , they were trying to overturn the election.

At the time, the Anglo U.S led Ukraine proxy war on Russia was well past the preparation stage. So every effort was made to fabricate evidence that Vladimir Putin had rigged the 2016 Presidential Election and that Trump was a Russian agent. U.S, U.K and EU elites and business leaders desperately need what Russia and Ukraine have. They don’t care about the risks because they and their ancestors got rich and powerful that way. They can rely on the masses with the frightened feminists and other ‘freedom fighters’to intimidate or force the masses into line.

Then we come to the Bidens, ‘Sleepy Joe’ is excused from leaviing secret files at his private address because he was just a ‘kindly forgetful old uncle’ type. U.S Justice, like the U,K is corrupt which is why Epstein customer and friend Prince Andrew escaped extradition and prosecution for sex with a minor on a regulat basis.

Western justice is all about money, power and privilege. This is another good reason to mock and laugh at those who tell us that we live in a democracy dedcated to our ‘choice and out freedoms.’ As for the above article, it is full of the same old smug feminist lecturing hectoring feminist and liberal white bias.

Those people had a field day when Trump was convicted of indecent assault on now ancient New York magazine diarist E Jean Carroll dragged up an alleged 1990s sexual assault when she took Trump into a ladies changing room to model lingerie. This renowned diarist could not even remember the date of the alleged offence, but the outcome was a foregone conclusion as the New Yprk Justice system, fully weaponised in the Democrat cause, swung into action.

R J Cook