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Winslow Station on East West Rail December 1984
The new high level railway station on the East West Rail Link currently being rebuilt , here at Bletchley on November 12th 2021. Image by R J Cook
Building Winslow’s new railway station November 2021. Image Appledene Photographics/KC

November 14th 2021

Britain must learn to live with Covid as ‘endemic’ illness for years

Isabel Oakeshott For The Mail On Sunday  20 hrs agoLike161 Comments|94

Liverpool women’s hospital: three terror arrests after man killed in taxi explosionCardi B feared her hair would fall outMailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Britain will have to learn to live with Covid as an ‘endemic’ illness for many years, according to leaked documents obtained by the Mail on Sunday. 

The virus is expected to remain widespread within the population, with ‘seasonal surges’ in the winter like flu and other respiratory diseases. 

Britain must learn to live with Covid as ‘endemic’ illness for years (msn.com)

Comment Some of us were intelligent , educated and honest enough to say this at the outset. Covid 19 is a cold virus. Vaccines won’t defeat it. It is high risk for growing elderly , unhealthy and BAME populations. I am one of the elderly and have had my day. Covid lockdowns and vaccines are just another way of punishing the young , protecting a not fit for purposed bloated NHS- and enriching power hungry greedy vested interests.

R J Cook

Taking it Sleazy.

This is what they wanted Brexit for.

Oddly Enough.

Oddly enough, I was my PE teacher’s pet pupil. By my early teens, I was a County team athlete and member of Southgate Harriers. By age 15, I was training over 60 miles a week, rising to 100 miles at University. We competed every Saturday, went to the pub , drank too much then did 20 miles fast round Norwich ring road followed by weight training in the afternoon.

Fitness, like anything worth having , requires hard work. To many of my cool undergraduate and post graduate contemporaries, my enthusiasm for sport , seemed rather eccentric – after all, there was no money in it then. At Goldsmith’s, I took a subsidiary course in PE teaching. In my years of teaching this hated subject, I was most challenged. I taught many subjects, for 18 years, caught everything in the first term and haven’t been ill since. That’s how you fast track immunity , still need to be fit though.

But for all of my life long fitness – I still walk between 6 and 17 miles in a day – I have no ultimate immunity to death. The less fit a person is , the more vulnerable they are to any illness if you are over 50. The Covid jab is not an antidote to death, and .the jab – of which I have had 2 – is not going to prevent Covid getting you, with you passing it on. In my view it is at best a placebo. But , in spite of my awful reputation for law and rule breaking, I have always done my best to comply with laws and rules.

It is a pity the police don’t seem bound by them , with so many getting away with vile conduct. The idiot Crime Commissioner who said Sarah Everard she should have resisted arrest by that despicable killer cop, wasn’t fit for the job – not a surprise really.

Couzens police nickname was ‘The Rapist.’ He was seen as a joke. Had Sarah resisted, she would have tasered and the best she could have hoped for was a criminal record for her resistance. Our country is not only corrupt , it is sick. The Covid Catastrophe is a mere symptom of a systemic illness. From this wider sickness, we members of the lower orders have no immunity, which is why so many are going mad. Don’t worry , the nice doctor is there with anti psychotics and complex needs counselling – and there is always the hospital secure unit. If you don’t fit , you have abnormal psychology and must be dealt with. R J Cook

Anyone might be excused for thinking that Covid is our major health threat and this is a jab to abolish death. This is a very sick nation in a very sick world. Politicians , police and health experts have never appeared so untrustworthy in my view. R J Cook

U.K Not Corrupt Says Boris

( Sic )

Comment So Boris doesn’t believe the U.K or its institutions are corrupt. Well he would say that wouldn’t he ? He is in charge of Britain and its public services. Cox is the former Attorney General. He gets an MP’s salary plus expenses exceeding £89.000 per annum. Meanwhile he uses lockdown to vote remotely for a self interested political system. At the same time he is sunning himself in the Caribbean working as a top notch lawyer on a basic of £400, 000 per annum.

Cox is just the tip of a very dirty iceberg. These people preach equality and democracy. Their police priorities are vilifying working class men , calling for more sex and violence convictions and giving more time to women to come up with allegations. Meanwhile we are supposed swallow the line that the police are not corrupt , but all heroes putting their lives on the line everyday. Moralising Health Secretary gets filmed having sexual relations with the woman he chose to be his special adviser , and government doesn’t want to sack him. He wanted to find and punish the person who set up the camera. All in the good old fashioned ‘pubic interest; you know old boy !

The police joined with the NHS calling for more money for dealing with lockdown. Public services have exploded since Thatcher founded the New British Police State. Major construction projects are not properly scrutinised and the Crown Prosecution Service are target driven. Like the police they withhold evidence and use fabricated evidence provided by the equally target driven and institutionally corrupt police.

Lockdown has seen billions of taxpayer’s money wasted and disappearing into corrupt hands because contracts have been awarded to cronies and tests have been a disaster like the whole nonsense of lockdown. Vested interests don’t want Covid to go away. U.K’s masses have never been so watched, misled , over taxed and frightened. One could go on. If Boris really thinks these MPs rules , which saw Cameron and Patterson profit from lobbying , then Johnson appears to think this is normal and not a deviation from good practice. Starmer has no right to preach , having headed a CPS which knowingly withheld evidence to get convictions regardless of innocence.

Ultimately this is a class issue. All the poison about BLM, women’s rights, all men are rapists, they are wife beaters too, and so much more is all about faking equality. Britain is not a democracy , unless our elite mean the GDR model . The U.K is a world leader on police state methods and technology , lies and hypocrisy. Justice is an expensive game , paid for by the poor underclass, with loaded dice. R J Cook

Sheep are much like the common people.

November 9th 2021

Race Times – Comment by R J Cook

There is much danger in using elite sport to pacify white working class resentment. Clearly BLM and anti racism, along with LGBTQI inclusiveness propaganda, is more likely to create conflict than appease it.

I will dispose of the LGBTQI issue first. There is a lot wrong with the way the gender debate is presented, with effects of feminism actively ignored. Nature is binary and there are either transsexuals or there are not. LGBTQI likes to blur TS people like me with gays.

The gender identity clinic appears to believe all TS people are so desperate for female genitals that they will take anti psychotic drugs, believing , doing and seeing the world as their modern day Frankenstein creators want them to is key to better life – shutting them in a coral. I refused to do this , in spite of the GIC et al involving the police with whom I am in conflict – and their psychiatrist seeking contact with my ex wife, according to . If one is transsexual that should be that. So hopefully transition and go on making yourself useful.

Trans people are no more inherently brave than the rest of the masses in the police state age. That is why they form groups. In my view there are men , women and individuals. The latter are the only ones to bring hope of change and improvement. Blocking my transgender treatment because I won’t take 3 half hour so called psychiatric assessments after 15 hours truck driving is a big issue – especially since they crashed my home just after I arrived back. – as honest diagnosis , says much about State funded sex change processes and intentions. That is an ongoing and most serious situation. It is many things , including hate crime.

However , multi millionaire racing driver Lewis Hamilton’s daily bulletins that he is being obstructed in his efforts to prove blacks more than equal to whites , is something else. He knocked his rival out and nearly killed him at Silverstone , birthplace of Formula One which the British elite mindset still dominates.

Every day , Britain’s elite media remind us that tax exile Hamilton is an example of what every black can do. They airbrush all the black racist rappers, ones like the drunk who recently killed 8 while driving at 150mph in an urban environment. Creating black gods because you can’t or won’t deal with illegal migration is facile and ultimately foolish. I know from the incredible pressure building up on me because of the police lies over the last near 14 years, people snap.

The mind is an organ like anything else. It processes all important thinking as a prelude to action. Mental illness is inevitable in a sick society where elites make the rules under the illusion of democracy. Democracy is felt through , hope, housing, food , companionship, common culture, employment and community. White working class people have been losing this since Thatcher came to power. Today’s young are feeling the worst of it. Feminists and liberals think they are building a better world. Wider World politics paints a different picture. .

Britain’s sleaze took another turn down in the depths with revealtions that former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox used his long Brexit holiday, voting remotely from under the West Indain sunshine, drawing £89.000 salary and making £1.5 million for his legal practice.

Britain’s fake democracy, ever more visibly corrupt since BRINO BREXIT, is operated by a herd of politically correct back benchers,. It is led by bombastic inadequate nonentities like Boris Johnson.

It is against this background Hamilton’s virtue signalling on behalf of all blacks should be judged . The world is not about human equality and never will be. Justice would be helpful and the only hope. But there is too much money and politics in law , hence calls for more men to be jailed for rape and domestic violence. That isn’t equality.

Hamilton owes his success to obvious talent , which would not have thrived without a self denying father who took a second job to fund Hamilton’s karting career, where he was talent spotted. His father was a one parent family. It is a pity Hamilton has not more to say about the simple virtues of the average man – who these days is a target for all manner of false allegations which are automatically believed.

Hamilton is not promoting equality. He is promoting divisions and conflict by turning his sport into a theatre for BLM. Like Senna when Schumacher arrived on the scene, Hamilton cannot accept he as had his day, and it is not racist to say so. Some of us are risking our lives for truth and equality. In the police state we risk our freedom at the very least because equality is a joke when so few rich whites and blacks own most of the world and its wealth. The police, funded by the underclass, are their servants.

R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook’s gender reassignment surgery was blocked by police reports alleging psychosis & delusion about them. It could only proceed if powerful anti psychotic drugs were accepted. It appears that the London Gender Identity Clinic has a hidden agenda which may be wide ranging..

Wolff: Both drivers could have done with moving left

Michelle Foster  

Valtteri Bottas “could have defended better” against Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton should have moved for the slipstream.

Read More Wolff: Both drivers could have done with moving left (msn.com)

Lewis Hamilton fumed at F1 bosses for ‘bull****’ decision: ‘They are trying to stop me’

Charlie Bradley  

Hamilton came second to his rival Max Verstappen at the Mexican Grand Prix last night. Ahead of the race, the Mercedes driver called for “respect” during race weekends this week after Verstappen gave the Briton an unsavoury gesture at US Grand Prix last week. The Dutchman also called Hamilton a “stupid idiot” after the two remarkably went side by side in a practice session in Austin. During Thursday’s FIA press conference, Hamilton said: “I’ve been here for a long time, it’s not my first rodeo. “I think at the core of everything, there has to be respect.

Read More Lewis Hamilton fumed at F1 bosses for ‘bull****’ decision: ‘They are trying to stop me’ (msn.com)

November 5th 2021

Record number of people cross Channel to UK in small boats

Rajeev Syal

The name’s not Bond: where next for 007?Celebs who publicly apologized to their partners

A record number of people crossed the Channel to the UK in small boats on Wednesday, eclipsing the high numbers arriving daily during the summer

Read More Record number of people cross Channel to UK in small boats (msn.com)

Comment The majority vote to leave the EU was predicated on blaming Europe for Britain being so attractive to migrants. Within the increasingly oppressive laws that are becoming ever worse outside EU sanction it is a minefield. Finding words to simply explain this migrant phenomenon is almost impossible. In my view , there are no representative democracies in Europe, but if migration by certain ethnic groups continues at this rate into Britain, our elite and virtue signalling self proclaimed liberals will soon have changed the nation’s social structure into something they can claim to be representative of. Then all will be well, the threatening white ( and some Black natives ) will have died away. All will be well in carbon neutral evergreen paradise.

R J Cook

Sleazy Does It

Piers Morgan, 56, has hit out at the Government on Twitter after their latest U-turn, calling out Boris Johnson. The former Good Morning Britain presenter posted his views to his 7.9 million followers today.

The presenter originally posted a tweet with a picture of the Daily Mail front page, which read: “Shameless MPs sink back into sleaze.”

He captioned the image: “This is disgraceful.

Read More ‘Shows how little Boris cares for democracy’ Piers Morgan rages at Government U-turn (msn.com)

Comment Anyone who thinks Britain is any form of democracy is a fool or of very limited intelligence. East Germany called itself a Democratic Republic, or rather its leaders did. The Assange affair says it all. The obsession with labelling protestors , especially so called far right protestors as terrorists or people who raise voices as abusers. These are just a few examples of how controlled Britain is.

The causes of dissent and anger are not considered because they threaten ‘democracy.’ I come from the age of life on pampered university campuses, before those places became simply a cover for raising the school leaving age and a burden of debt for banker’s profit.

These days you can’t even watch TV advertisements without a subliminal lecture on morality and diversity. Those of us who like watching old films from our younger days have to read and hear a warning that we might be offended rather than get a real social history lesson.

No wonder people are going mad. As I know from experience , the State psychiatrists have a knee jerk response diagnosing paranoid schizophrenia and mind numbing anti psychotic drugs. I was told on the basis of three unrequested 45 minute visits from Dr C R Ramsay, a psychiatrist – specialising in ‘older people’ – that I am psychotic and delusional. I could not have my gender reassignment surgery without taking them, even though I had been on hormones and anti androgens for over 3 years. Significantly, Ramsay was the man who recommended me for sex change , which is mind boggling . Clearly he is incompetent or dishonest whichever way you look at it. Maybe both.

I discovered that police had been monitoring me for years and had advised – with lies about convictions -my GP to inform the London Gender Identity Clinic who then sent Ramsay round after I had been on 15 hour truck driving and unloading shifts over hundreds of miles , out since midnight. He appeared not to believe this or take sight of all the books and articles I had produced for publishers, clearly prejudiced by somebody that they were just more of my delusions. As time has passed, it appears that my psychotic delusion is linked , by these vested interests , to my concerns about the police.

Their view is that I am dangerous and delusional, likely to die by misadventure and would be upset if I saw all the records they have on me. That was in the report to the Gender Identity Clinic. I don’t wish readers to think I am banging a drum for LGBTQI or feminisms. they are very restrictive boxes. In a democracy we would recognise that there are men, women, and individuals. I would like to be considered as ticking the last two boxes without police interference because they are institutionally corrupt and can’t even be trusted to uphold the law. They need a police force to police them, as we had in the Inland Revenue and Education Services during my years in their employment.

Ramsay has survived lying that I refused a second opinion – implying that he was told what to find- and , by dint of police , cost me my truck driving job in the process.. This country’s elite have a concept of national interest. It enables them to close down inconvenient court cases and prosecute whistle blowers. Failing that they just leak unsubstantiated stories about sex and domestic abuse and you have destroyed the threat.

Piers Morgan does not know the half of what goes on in this country because he is part of that elite. But I thank him for his small contribution. It won’t change things, but as the judge said when I was let off for swearing at a CID officer – in September 2018 – who led a 7 man early morning raid on my home the previous February, looking for the brothel that I was allegedly working in and had anonymously informed them of, she said ‘You were doing what the Americans call venting.’ Well soon , if not already, the sleazy going U.K Government will make that illegal for those of us at the bottom.

R J Cook

How Boris Johnson’s pledge to end forest destruction ignores 25m trees Britain is burning for biomass

Hayley Dixon  

Britain will continue to produce electricity from burning the equivalent of more than 25 million trees a year – despite Boris Johnson’s pledge to end the destruction of forests, The Telegraph can reveal.

Britain will continue to produce electricity from burning the equivalent of more than 25 million trees a year – despite Boris Johnson’s pledge to end the destruction of forests, The Telegraph can reveal.

Read More How Boris Johnson’s pledge to end forest destruction ignores 25m trees Britain is burning for biomass (msn.com)

Comment What more evidence do you need that British elite leadership are conning the masses. Imagine the pollution required to make and dispose of electric vehicles. Note the mass hysteria at the last petrol shortage. How is electric going to replace all the big trucks used to satisfy consumders. Look at the recent crisis caused by Boris’s stupid clicking. Of course they need Covid lockdown. Look at the absurd London Crime Commissioner who suggested diminutive Sarah Everard could have resisted being arrested by that Neanderthal copper Couzens. If she had , he would have warned her of worse consequences at the police station. I have been arrested too many times , so know the reality and the mentality of U.K police.

This country’s authorities do not have to make sense because it is all about them and what they want. I know public servants have comfortable well rewarded lives because I was one. I also know , from doing the job over 14 years, that truck |& van delivery drivers face greater daily dangers than cops , for less money. They don’t get the respect that they deserve .

When are Britain’s police bosses going to give up their large chauffeur driven luxury limousines which they also use for personal business at taxpayer’s expense ? In a multi cultural country with low average literacy , it is very easy to fool most of the people most of the time. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook November 4th 2021

Insulate Britain Are “Anti- Democratic Extremists

November 4th 2021

One of Britain’s most senior former police officers says the protesters who have been disrupting roads and airports around London are extremists do not believe in democracy.

Richard Walton, former commander at New Scotland Yard, and head of the counter terrorism command up to 2016 tells Daybreak Europe’s Roger Hearing, the police need stronger legislation to deal with groups like Insulate Britain who he says do not respect the law.

Comment As an HGV driver I was frequently inconvenienced by protestors. I am not a supporter of this movement, but I do support the right to protest – although I never have. Any rank of police officer sounding holier than though and telling us what laws we should have, is something urgently need of protests.

The police are riddled with corruption at all levels. Using the criteria that if you catch one rapist then there must be hundreds of thousands getting away with it, it is fair to assume that the police cannot be trusted to uphold the law when they don’t want to , let alone make the laws. As for Britain’s precious democracy being under threat , then this old top cop is a fool or a knave. Britain is by no stretch of the imagination a democracy.

We now have the politically correct embracing the Royals for their fake consensus. The elite didn’t like it when Prince Charles started knocking Thatcher’s destruction of the social fabric. With such an appalling education system even affecting the now virtue signalling private sector, I see little hope for democracy. Any progression in that direction stopped dead in Thatcher’s 1980s – or should one say the nightmare haties ?.

Roberta Jane Cook November 4th 2021

R J Cook

Read More Bloomberg

‘When they break the rules, they just remake the rules’: Rayner attacks PM over bid to save ex-minister November 4th 2021

Greg Heffer, political reporter  

Patient 1 by Charlotte Raven review – living with Huntington’sFrom idol to true love! These stars married fans!

Boris Johnson has been accused of delivering “one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us” ahead of a Conservative bid to save a Tory ex-minister from an immediate House of Commons suspension.

Read More ‘When they break the rules, they just remake the rules’: Rayner attacks PM over bid to save ex-minister (msn.com)

Salisbury Rail Crash Major Incident Ongoing -November 1st 2021

Salisbury Rail Crash – October 31st 2021.

John Major’s Tory Government were desperate to privatise something and the railways were the only major target left , until Brown and Blair set about the NHS. And this is what we have. Someone leaves an obstacle on the track in a tunnel. A train derails knocking out signals. Then another train hits it.

Meanwhile work continues rebuilding the old Oxford Cambridge line which the arrogant stupid patronising Labour Transport Minister Barbara Castle closed in 1967.
Image Appledene Photographics September 2021

UK records another 38,009 COVID cases and 74 related deaths -November 1st 2021

Ministers’ conduct needs to be properly policed, review saysOn my radar: Elvis Costello’s cultural highlights

The UK has recorded a further 38,009 coronavirus cases and 74 related deaths in the latest 24-hour period, the latest government figures show.

Read More UK records another 38,009 COVID cases and 74 related deaths (msn.com)


One should ask the purpose of this alarming headline , noting the following.

  1. Tests are not reliable.
  2. People do not die simply from Covid 19.
  3. People are not statistics and we thus need to know more about these 74 people who died with comparisons to previous flu epidemics.
  4. If things really are that bad then clearly lockdowns and masks do not work.
  5. What is the specific effect of mass immigration on the NHS ?
  6. Is the NHS well managed and fit for purpose ?
  7. Who s making money off Covid measures ?
  8. Who has and is being ruined by lockdown?
  9. Why are BAME communities hardest hit ?
  10. Virologists are not the same as epidemiologists , why do the latter make spread predictions as if the nation is homogeneous and lock us all down ?
  11. Who is going to pay taxes for the consequences of lockdowns that massively benefit the rich ?
  12. What is to be done about the serious mental health consequences ?
  13. What is tto be done about all the other health conditions consequently neglected by the Covid fixation ? ,
  14. Will we be expected to clap the NHS gain this winter and will its staff want another pay rise for doing their jobs ?
Roberta Jane Cook in her winter hat. 2021

NHS ‘failing to use private hospitals’ to clear backlog despite £10bn scheme – November 1st 2021

Edward Malnick  

Gladys Berejiklian hits farewell note after ICAC grillingDavid Furnish poses with his two sons in a Halloween snap

The NHS is sending fewer patients for admission to private hospitals than before the pandemic, despite a £10 billion scheme intended to help reduce the backlog by using independent facilities. 

Read More NHS ‘failing to use private hospitals’ to clear backlog despite £10bn scheme (msn.com)

Passengers feared injured after trains collide in Salisbury – October 31st 2021

Emergency services are at the site close to London Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire Police said.

Passengers are believed to have been injured after a crash involving two trains in Salisbury.

The incident happened when a train carriage was derailed after hitting an object, and a second train then collided with it when signalling was affected.

There were unconfirmed reports that a train driver is trapped at the scene.

Read More Passengers feared injured after trains collide in Salisbury – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

France orders UK to pay eye-watering £6.7m bill for migrant checks in outrageous demand – October 31st 2021

Brian McGleenon

Jean-Marc Puissesseau, who runs Calais Port, said now the UK had left the EU, ministers in London should fork out for the checks on vehicles heading for Britain. The port chief says that his staff examine 900,000 trucks a year destined for the UK. Mr Puissesseau told BFMTV: “I agree there should still be checks in Calais.

“But I don’t think we should pay for them. The UK has left the EU.

Read More France orders UK to pay eye-watering £6.7m bill for migrant checks in outrageous demand (msn.com)

Speaking to Express.co.uk, James Shields, Professor of French politics at Warwick University explained how France’s long-running issue of tackling both legal and illegal immigration has been a virtually impossible battle for President Macron to win as he has struggled to win support for the actions he has implemented to tackle immigration from either the left or the right in France.

Professor Shields explained: “The Calais migrant crisis itself is not a high profile issue in France, accept for those who live in Calais.”

He explained how this is because migrants are trying to “get out across the Channel to Britain”, but not stay in France.

Bulb collapse: Millions of taxpayers face bailing out firm as ‘unprecedented’ crisis hits – October 31st 2021

Teresa Gottein Martinez  

The Government is believed to be speeding up plans for the collapse of Bulb, the country’s seventh-biggest energy supplier. If the company falls into administration in the coming days, it could be up to the taxpayer to keep it afloat through a temporary nationalisation, it has been speculated.

Read More Bulb collapse: Millions of taxpayers face bailing out firm as ‘unprecedented’ crisis hits (msn.com)

Comment We can blame Margaret Thatcher and the Thatcherite National Socialists , along with an absurd so called Labour Opposition Party preoccupied with nuclear weapons and burgeoning political correctness,, for the ruin of this country. Infrastructure should never have been privatised and asset stripped. As with the railways , about which I have just written a book, we see that the tax payer is the underwriter but sees none of the profits.

I treasure my copies of Thatcher’s two memoirs. They are massive essays in arrogance, conceit, narcissism , ignorance and utter stupidity. But by appealing to greed and short termism, she made the most of our outdated and appalling electoral system. New Labour was born and rode the wave to the current anomie, blaming Europe , so giving us Brexit. Now we have Brexit |( BRINO ) , perhaps some folk will glimpse political reality. RJ Cook

Britain’s Shame & Democracy Sham by R J Cook – October 30th 2021

Julian Assange back in High Court Friday October 29th 2021

The Julian Assange Affair is a telling tale as to the reality of what its leaders and elite media call democracy.

It seems incredible to me that the British Justice system has been pursuing elderly soldiers for alleged war crimes in Northern Ireland yet no mind is paid to the bare faced killing of civilian journalists during the second Gulf War. That whole war was illegal and all about oil prices just like the first one, yet sold to the public as a war to bring democracy to Iraq. How much more evidence must we see for such nonsensical propaganda ?

Of course Chelsea Manning’s activity as an intelligence officer with the U.S military revealed much more. It is a moot point as to whether she should have faced worse punishment for betraying her service with the military or should be treated as a humanitarian whistle blower. I don’t know. All I do know is that when I volunteered for a commission in the Royal Navy, it was made clear that I might one day be called upon to kill without questioning those in authority or spilling secrets. War is dirty and being mealy mouthed about humanitarianism helps nothing.

So we are talking Deep State here, and the State has never been bigger or more ruthless. It is a concept and term incompatible with any theories of democracy.

However, Julian Assange was not with the US or UK military. He was held on fake sex crime allegations in order to get him extradited from the U.K to the U.S , neither country being of which he is a citizen. At the time of his arrest he had changed from Australian to Ecuadoran residency, so the U.S organised bribes and regime change in Ecuador to have Assange extradited.

It is clear that Assange is guilty of no crime, but that apparent high level war criminals must be protected at all cost. It is also clear that when you put highly intelligent innocent people in jail , without hope, you will drive them mad and ultimately kill them. This is happening with Julian Assange and no amount of citizen protest will stop extradition or allow Julian’s freedom.

I was at a party in the House of Commons terrace marquee at the time the second Gulf War was brewing. I questioned the legality of the invasion with the senior New Labour MP who frequently invited me there. I criticised Tony Blair. My friend’s response was ‘Oh , the Boy is learning..’ This man’s cynicism ended our friendship. The last time I saw the man was at another party at the University of East Anglia IN 2005 when I met him with a mutual acquaintance and old Harrovian aristocratic actor. This MP roared out in ridicule ‘Oh my God , he is here, the last radical.’

R J Cook , 2018. She said ‘I am so glad I rejected the opportunity to stand for the Liberal Democrats in 1997 after being kicked out of Labour for questioning the sense of the mid 80s coal miner strike and obsession with Nuclear Disarmament. You pay a high price for principles in our alleged democracy. There is no place for principles in elite politics.’

Penelope Jackson guilty of murder for stabbing husband to death – October 29th 2021

Rachel Hall 

To deal with the climate crisis, the world needs more democracyThese are Hollywood’s best and worst mustaches

A retired accountant has been found guilty of the murder of her husband, a former army Lt Col.

Penelope Jackson, 66, has been found guilty at Bristol crown court of the murder of David Jackson, 78, who she stabbed three times at their home in Berrow, Somerset, on 13 February.

The jury delivered the verdict following a high-profile two-week trial in which Jackson’s defence lawyer, Clare Wade QC, had sought to persuade the jury she had suffered a “loss of control” after being pushed to the edge by decades of intermittent emotional and physical abuse.

More to follow …

Comment Women have carte balance to defend their violence and other domestic abuse with no obvious need for evidence. Feminists inside and outside Parliament want the statute of limitations for their allegations raised to 2 years. There is already no limit for rape. It is no wonder that men are increasingly avoiding marriage, changing sex , going gay and not having children. I most certainly wish I had changed sex when I first seriously thought about it aged 12. When Caroline Flack killed herself rather than face justice for domestic violence, The media luvvies went crazy calling the CPS the ‘Cruel Prosecution Service.’ The dangerous unjust myth is that women are inherently nice, honest and peace loving. That is not true.

Roberta Jane Cook October 25th 2021

R J Cook

M5 traffic nightmare as seven-car pile up sparks massive delays after horror crash

Bill McLoughlin  

Rural transport services to increase 25% under new proposalsBilly Joel paid his band members ‘full salary’ during thecoronavirus pandemicM5 traffic nightmare after huge crash© HIGHWAYSENGLAND M5 traffic nightmare after huge crash

An Inrix update reports: “All traffic being temporarily held and stationary traffic due to accident, seven cars involved on M5 Northbound at J30 A376 Sidmouth Road (Exeter / Service Areas). Congestion to A30 (Okehampton turn off). Traffic has been held since 14:10

Read More M5 traffic nightmare as seven-car pile up sparks massive delays after horror crash (msn.com)

Comment I spent 17 years as a member of my local council , most of the time as chair of planning and heading the North Bucks Town & Parish Council Consortium. During this time traffic congestion, speed and inadequate road policing were key issues in an increasingly populated area.

Working in haulage and logistics for 13 years , mainly as a truck driver, gave me opportunity to see the bigger picture. Some people are natural bullies and or stupid, deliberately putting other road users at risk. Others are under impossible pressure on motorways and A roads not built to cope – the planners use a concept called VC ratios which means vehicle to carriage rations. When planning Milton Keynes expansion , we were shown VC ratios of 160 predicted for the M1. That meant 60 vehicles per 100 over capacity. That is a big factor although idiots will see open roads as an opportunity to show off , so sometimes you just can’t win..

As a hard pressed driver with too many miles , lots of unkowns and too many drops for the time available, I have seen a lot of carnage and know what it is like to sit for hours in jams – often running out of legal driving hours. Politicians aren’t interested in this. Lockdown was totally unrealistic and made matters so much worse. People are on their limit and being fed far too many lies from elite media and the political cocoon.

R J Cook on the road , delivering to a farm on a very cold winter’s day. 2014

R J Cook

Extinction Rebellion protesters break into UK’s biggest oil refinery and lock themselves to 50ft silos

Gareth Davies   October 28th 2021

Man who organised doomed flight that killed footballer Emiliano Sala convictedAnthony Michael Hall: ‘Fame was off-putting and kind of scary – it’s not unlike a…Extinction Rebellion protesters break into UK's biggest oil refinery and lock themselves to 50ft silos - Extinction Rebellion© Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion protesters break into UK’s biggest oil refinery and lock themselves to 50ft silos – Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion protesters have broken into the UK’s largest oil refinery and scaled two 50ft silos where they have locked themselves to the structures. 

Early on Thursday morning, 15 activists cut the site’s electric perimeter fences and chained themselves to various structures at the ExxonMobil base in Hampshire. 

Some have scaled giant silos and unfurled two banners that proclaim: “Climate Emergency” and “No Future in Fossil fuels “.

Read More Extinction Rebellion protesters break into UK’s biggest oil refinery and lock themselves to 50ft silos (msn.com)

Comment The one thing these naïve and simplistic people will not confront is global overpopulation and wider effects on nature and earth’s resources. Carbon dioxide has a role to play in the balance of nature. There is not an endless supply of safe energy for the current growth rates , mainly in what should still be called the third world – because religion and its tyrants won’t allow development. Like dominant white super rich cronies they take it all for themselves. R J Cook

Calm down, calm down – talking like Harry Enfield to a Liverpudlian isn’t racism

Telegraph reporters   October 28th 2021

Sudan military leader fires six diplomats who criticised coupLady Gaga Says It’s Time For ‘New Blood’ In New ‘House Of Gucci’ TrailerThe famous 'calm down, calm down' catchphrase was made famous by Harry Enfield, the comedian - BBC© BBC The famous ‘calm down, calm down’ catchphrase was made famous by Harry Enfield, the comedian – BBC

A Liverpudlian bus driver has claimed being told to “calm down, calm down” in the style of Harry Enfield was racist, a tribunal has heard. 

Read More Calm down, calm down – talking like Harry Enfield to a Liverpudlian isn’t racism (msn.com)

Comment Although superficially this case seems absurd , it is an inevitable and justifiable outcome according to new laws. Such cases outrage media luvvies because they think these laws are only there to protect BAME and women. The elites who promote them as vote and sales winners are arrogant in believing they can use anti discrimination laws to promote selective discrimination. They are causing resentment and the racism they feed off.

Roberta Jane Cook- October 29th 2021

R J Cook

Budget 2021: Struggling Brits forced into debt, second jobs and redundancies

October 27th 2021

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Not Exactly the stuff of fairy tale princes – October 27th 2021

Prince Andrew’s lawyer has asked a judge to keep sealed a 2009 legal agreement that he says can protect the prince against claims he sexually assaulted an American woman when she was a teenager.The Duke of York's lawyer has asked a US judge to keep sealed a 2009 legal agreement© PA The Duke of York’s lawyer has asked a US judge to keep sealed a 2009 legal agreement

Read More Prince Andrew’s lawyer asks judge to keep 2009 legal agreement sealed (msn.com)

Endless Utter Drivel From British Elite Media – October 26th 2021

Brexit Britain’s minimum wage increase sparks furious Frexit uproar – EU and euro FAILING

The UK Government announced it will increase the minimum wage for around two million workers, with those aged 23 and over to see their pay increase from £8.91 an hour to £9.50 as of April 1. The 59p hourly boost to the so-called “national living wage” will mean a full-time worker on the lowest pay will receive a rise of more than £1,000 per year, according to the Government, in an inflation-busting 6.6 percent hike.

Read More Brexit Britain’s minimum wage increase sparks furious Frexit uproar – EU and euro FAILING (msn.com)

Comment I do not like Macron or what he stands for, but he is no worse that Johnson with his inflated delusional pumped U K. The latter has been a pernicious influence on Europe and remains so. Its minimum wage is commensurate with mass immigration and the cheap labour its rich ruling elite must have for their pleasure bent ultimately planetary destructive life styles. R J Cook

R J Cook

What ? by R J Cook October 26th 2021

Did Roberta kill Robert or was she him all along |?

What ? by R J Cook

Told I had that woman within

That I had her original sin

To be guilty of what I had done

Guilty of having fun

Drove me mad, put me in chains

No need for them to explain.

Tie me up then turn me loose

With a rope tied into  my noose

Leave me dangling on a wire

Keep laughing , my sex is on fire.

Burn us out, hide the shame of truth

Kill any still sign of our youth.

Turn us this way, inside and out

Make such noise don’ t hear us shout.

We are fish in a goldfish bowl

You are sharks to swallow us whole.

What is woman without Adam’s need ?

What is life if no one can bleed ?

What is stone in a world without sun ?

Where so few can have any fun

What is love if we cannot hate ?

Why do you hurry when you can wait ?

What is time if without waste ?

You die because of your haste .

Who asks questions but mustn’t know ?

Why you came and why you must go

What mother gave birth to 2 boys ?

Then drowned them in those toys ?

What mother would have her boy jailed ?

For her lies and all she has failed ?

I know but cannot say

If I do they will lock me away.

R J Cook October 26th 2021

Mercedes explain where US GP went wrong for Lewis Hamilton as investigation planned

October 26th 2021

Claire Cottingham 

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says they will “retrace” their steps to identify mistakes during the United States Grand Prix that saw Max Verstappen take victory over Lewis Hamilton in Austin. Hamilton initially had a good start over the Dutchman, sweeping up the inside into Turn 1 and taking the lead.

Read More Mercedes explain where US GP went wrong for Lewis Hamilton as investigation planned (msn.com)

Comment All these British BLM elite inspired press reports act as if Hamilton has a right to being more times World Champion. Schumacher only achieved the record by cheating. It’s not such a hard act to follow if you have fast twitch muscle response and at least one indulgent parent to take you on to the go kart circuit.

I have been following the trials and tribulations of Lewis Hamilton ever since he did a Senna and forced his rival off the track – with all the incriminating TV footage removed from TV news.

I am utterly sick of the media, especially U.K, using sport to advance BLM. All lives should matter and justice should prevail. It doesn’t and I am angry because justice doesn’t matter and democracy is a sham. We saw all the cr-p with Southgate’s moronic use of mainly blacks to take the Euro penalties. Hamilton is half white but is being set up as a totem for a more times winner of the dreadfully safe boring rich boy’s polluting F1. Hamilton is a tax exile.

The really interesting thing about Hamilton is his dedicated black father, rather than the white mother Hamilton understandably rejected. We mustn’t talk about male virtues and female failings. Hamilton’s success came from a very English black father. But the elite media is only interested in dividing and ruling the masses along race and gender lines. It is sickening and disgusting. R J Cook.

R J Cook

Ditch ‘impractical and potentially dangerous’ vaccine passport plans, Government told – October 26th 2021

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Sinn Fein ‘concerned’ after threat made to TD’s officeIreland Baldwin calls out Candace Owens over comments about fatal…

Vaccine passport plans are “impractical” and should be dropped, a music industry body has said amid a backlash over Government estimates that its Covid “Plan B” restrictions could cost the economy up to £18 billion.

‘A big problem’: Russia ‘at war’ with UK, says former British spy – who was left wedding rings ‘threat’

October 23rd 2021

Saudi Green Initiative Forum: Follow the action live from Riyadh‘Totally preventable and shocking’: props masters talk on-set shootings

Russia’s leaders believe they are “at war” with the UK and its allies but Britain is failing to deter the threat, a former spy who wrote an infamous dossier on Donald Trump has said.

Read More ‘A big problem’: Russia ‘at war’ with UK, says former British spy – who was left wedding rings ‘threat’ (msn.com)

Comment I think the opposite is true. Britain can’t accept no longer being a world power. Rather than making a useful contribution to Europe, having contributed massively to its bureaucracy, strong elements in its elite fooled the masses into Brexit. Now we have this drivel.

R J Cook

Online groups attempt to confront MPs over their ‘evil actions’ – October 21st 2021

Sanya Burgess,

Government concerned about trajectory of Covid-19 ahead of winter – TaoiseachQueen Elizabeth II in ‘good spirits’ after hospital stay

Anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protesters are organising themselves online to confront MPs in person, Sky News has found.People who are against how MPs have handled the coronavirus response are using online channels to find ways to physically approach MPs© Other People who are against how MPs have handled the coronavirus response are using online channels to find ways to physically approach MPs

One online group is going after politicians because of their “evil actions” – and shares tips on how to find constituency offices and MPs’ homes.

Read More Online groups attempt to confront MPs over their ‘evil actions’ (msn.com)

Comment I hardly know what to say or whether it is worth saying anything due to obvious dangers of saying anything out of line. I dropped out of being a parliamentary candidate after the Lib Dems bombarded me with courses on how to talk to the voters. That was in 1997, when Blair took us even further towards an elitist police state. following Thatcher and Major.

It is all about control and every opportunity is taken to crack down on social media. Covid was a gift in limiting social contact and this is the coup d’ grace. MPs ally with a shield of experts and ever increasing policing. They have to do something to protect themselves because lives among the masses are getting worse, with gender and race wars not reliable enough to keep them all preoccupied by blaming and fighing each other.

Roberta Jane Cook

Insecurity – October 19th 2021

A decade ago I used to hang out in pubs and clubs playing music , singing and talking to friends. In one such place I enjoyed the company of a friend in the security services. He offered the opinion , over drinks, that this country was heading for social collapse. His wife was in the same line of work and agreed with him. So did I, since I have cast a worried eye over events ever since Margaret Thatcher’s gang started destroying and asset stripping the social and economic fabric.

My old security services friend lamented that politicians had played to the gallery filled with ignorant frightened masses, to empower the police to incompetently take over their powers simply to create a visible vote winning presence. We both agreed that terrorism suited their purposes and they did not want a professional solution.

And so we have the self interested posturing going on hysterically in Parliament because an anti illegal immigration MP has been slaughtered by an Islamic lunatic from the Somalian war zone. Posturing Priti Patel is leading a campaign for a ludicrously named ‘David’s Law putting all the blame on social media.

Apart from the naked self interest of posturing incompetent self interested politicians frightened for their pampered pleasured lives, they grab any excuse to limit free communication among the masses. Personally, if I have anything to say I don’t hide my name, which is why I am currently facing jail. But some whistle blowers want anonymity and we should want to hear them roar.

The Somalian who killed MP David was not groomed over social media. We have serious issues with what goes on in the Mosques. Denying the reality of fundamental Islam and turning it on the white desperate masses will only make matters worse. This country is on fire. The elite don’t care. They have even brought back the Russian bogeyman. It is almost funny.

Roberta Jane Cook

‘Wave of terrorism in Europe moving towards the UK’, ex-counter terror chief warns – October 19th 2021

David Mercer,

Covid live: UK government says no to contingency measures despite highest…Marvel and Pose stars cast in new series produced by Saoirse Ronan

The UK’s terror threat level is likely to be raised and should have been upgraded before the murder of MP Sir David Amess, a former counter-terrorism chief has said.Forensic officers and police at the scene of Sir David Amess's murder on Friday© PA Forensic officers and police at the scene of Sir David Amess’s murder on Friday

Read More ‘Wave of terrorism in Europe moving towards the UK’, ex-counter terror chief warns (msn.com)

MPS who have welcomed open door , no questions asked mass immigration/asylum seeking, now fear for their lives.
Here is MP David AMess’s killer. He was known to security services who were powerless to deal with him. His crime had nothing to do with ‘ on line abuse’ so there is a hidden agenda here in Police State Britain that uses Islam to tighten the thought control grip and a plethora of highly selective hate laws.

EWR / HS2 RAILWORKS – Counting it out October 18th 2021

Fleets of 18 tonner tipper trucks have been pounding the roads around Buckingham as they hurry the aggregate needed for the new rail developments. The privatised ventures offer big profit and bounty from rising property values and massive new housing estates as those who can afford it flee to the vanishing countryside. R J Cook October 18th 2021.

The east west link will cross over the northern stub of the Great Central via a new bridge.  HS2 have powers over a three and a half km section of the EWR south and west of Calvert. They also have powers over 1.5 km beyond the old Claydon loop east of HS2 for earthworks signalling and track laying. This is called the HS2 / EWRA integration area.  A maintenance facility is planned for HS2, meaning the waste plant had to be moved with the old line replaced. Nearly 2 million cubic metres of earth had to be excavated along with 4 million cubic metres of back fill in this area alone.
HS2 had the advantage of importing aggregates by pre existing railway. Between December 10th 2020 and july 2021 , 300 trains carried 1650 tons of stone, each , from Tytherongton Quarry in South Gloucestershire.   – unloaded by massive grabs. HS2 worker Brian Smith said . ‘That much coming by road would have taken years to deliver. But EWR has no choice and there has been impact on the local roads.  
 R J Cook October 2021

Covid live: UK reports close to 50,000 new cases as government warns of ‘challenging’ months ahead- October 18th 2021

Harry Taylor (now); Tom Ambrose, Martin Belam and Samantha Lock

Corrections and clarificationsCorrie car smash stunt praised as fans compare epic moment to Line of Duty

LIVE – Updated at 20:00The UK reported close to 50,000 new Covid cases on 18 OCtober.© Photograph: Maureen McLean/REX/Shutterstock The UK reported close to 50,000 new Covid cases on 18 OCtober.

UK reports 49,156 new cases, highest since mid-July, and 45 Covid-linked deaths; Britons warned of difficult months ahead as cases rise.

Schools and hospitality venues to close in Latvia as curfew introduced

Read More Covid live: UK reports close to 50,000 new cases as government warns of ‘challenging’ months ahead (msn.com)

Energy bills set to be slashed: Rishi Sunak to use Brexit powers to cut cost for millions – October 18th 2021

Dan Falvey,

In the face of fears of a cost of living crisis in the coming months, the Treasury is looking at ways to help families. The cost of wholesale gas has skyrocketed in recent weeks, pushing up energy prices for millions across the country.

Read More Energy bills set to be slashed: Rishi Sunak to use Brexit powers to cut cost for millions (msn.com)

Raab vows European court will not be allowed to ‘dictate’ to UK – October 18th 2021

James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline  

Emiliano Sala death flight: Man who organised trip goes on trialEve expecting first child(© Provided by Daily Mail (

Dominic Raab today vowed European judges will no longer be allowed to ‘dictate’ to British soldiers, police and the NHS.

Read More Raab vows European court will not be allowed to ‘dictate’ to UK (msn.com)

Make A Claim – DRM Legal – Data Breach Compensation Experts

Psychosis cases soar in England as pandemic hits mental health – October 18th 2021

Helen Pidd

Cases of psychosis have soared over the past two years in England as an increasing number of people experience hallucinations and delusional thinking amid the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic.Photograph: Alamy© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Alamy

There was a 75% increase in the number of people referred to mental health services for their first suspected episode of psychosis between April 2019 and April 2021, NHS data shows.

Read More Psychosis cases soar in England as pandemic hits mental health (msn.com)

HS2 rail’s eastern leg to finally be killed off in Tory ‘levelling up’ betrayal – October 17th 2021

John Siddle  

I rejoiced in Blair’s triumph in ’97. Will I ever get the chance to cheer again?Gandhi in heels? Maria Callas statue hits the wrong note

The eastern leg of HS2 rail is set to finally hit the buffers next week.

The rapid route, linking Birmingham with Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds will be axed to save £40billion, as previously reported by the Sunday Mirror.

A Whitehall source said: “They’ll say it’s being put on hold – but in truth it’s being killed off. There’s no money left. It’s an embarrassment for the Tories – what on earth does it say about Boris ­Johnson’s pledge to level up the country?”

Read More HS2 rail’s eastern leg to finally be killed off in Tory ‘levelling up’ betrayal (msn.com)

Railways at risk of ‘master-slave dynamic’ – October 17th 2021

Oliver Gill 

One of Grant Shapps’ top civil servants has said that the Government’s decision to axe rail franchising will create a “master-slave” relationship with train companies in thrall to the state.

Read more Railways at risk of ‘master-slave dynamic’ (msn.com)

William Shatner addresses Prince William’s space tourism criticism: ‘He’s got the wrong idea’

Banksy painting that shredded itself at auction sells again – but this time…Adele makes music comeback with new single ‘Easy On Me’

William Shatner thinks the Duke of Cambridge has the “wrong idea” following his criticism of space tourism.William Shatner© Bang Showbiz William Shatner

Prince William said this week that entrepreneurs should be focusing on saving the planet we’re living on instead of investing billions into finding “the next place to go and live”, with the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk both chartering leisure trips into space in recent months.

Read More William Shatner addresses Prince William’s space tourism criticism: ‘He’s got the wrong idea’ (msn.com)

Comment The rights and wrongs of space tourism are one thing and nothing to do with global ruin. An expensive Royal lecturing on fixing a planet where human overpopulation and impossible demands are the basis of the destructive process are what must never be addressed. R J Cook

Police officer sacked after underpaying for Jaffa Cakes at charity stall – October 15th 2021

Joe Middleton 

Banksy painting that shredded itself at auction sells again – but this time…Adele makes music comeback with new single ‘Easy On Me’

A police officer who took two packets of Jaffa Cakes from a police tuck shop without paying full price has been sacked.PC Chris Dwyer paid 10p for the two packets of Jaffa Cakes  - PA© PA

PC Chris Dwyer paid 10p for the two packets of Jaffa Cakes- PA

PC Chris Dwyer paid 10p for the sponged-based sweet treats at a charity confectionary stall at Halifax police station on January 21 last year, as reported by the BBC.

But the actual price of the Jaffa Cakes at the stall – which was raising money for a charity trip to Uganda – was £1.

Read More Police officer sacked after underpaying for Jaffa Cakes at charity stall (msn.com)

Comment One has the right to expect total honesty and accountability from the police. R J Cook

Tommy Robinson handed five-year stalking ban after turning up at Independent journalist’s home – October 14th 2021

Chiara Giordano 

Tommy Robinson has been slapped with a five-year stalking ban after turning up at a journalist’s home “screaming and agitated” late at night in a bid to stop the publication of an article.

The English Defence League founder “crossed the line between mere harassment and acts associated with stalking” by threatening to repeatedly return to Independent journalist Lizzie Dearden’s address, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram said he did not find Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, to be a “credible witness” and that he “continues to pose a risk to the complainant’s physical and psychological wellbeing”.

Read More Tommy Robinson handed five-year stalking ban after turning up at Independent journalist’s home (msn.com)

Town council votes to change Victorian road name as tourists deem it ‘racially offensive’ – October 14th 2021

Millie Cooke 

How to expose corruption, vice and incompetence – by those who haveDuchess WHAT?! The fake monikers of the British Royal Family

The holidaymakers complained to Dorset County Council, who then consulted with Swanage Town Council, as they found “Darkie Lane” to be an “offensive” road name. The street, which is in Swanage near Ulwell Holiday Park, was originally named due to the trees lining it, making it dark and shady.

Read More Town council votes to change Victorian road name as tourists deem it ‘racially offensive’ (msn.com)

Christmas presents may not arrive in time as cargo vessels turned away from UK – October 13th 2021

Bill Gardner, Alan Tovey, David Millward  

UK economic growth picks up after July drop; GDP remains below…Enough Said, Friends With Money and The Last Duel: post your questions for…

The world’s largest shipping firm has diverted giant cargo ships away from the UK, leading to fears of a shortage of toys, clothes and electronics at Christmas.

Read More Christmas presents may not arrive in time as cargo vessels turned away from UK (msn.com)

Comment There is no doubt that Britain’s elite leadership are clever in the nastiest money grabbing ways. Those at the top are arrogant and many trace their upper crust ancestry back for centuries. They decide what happens.

Britain’s elite with their media wanted Middle Eastern and Afghan wars for power and oil, not the democracy and women’s rights they feigned it to be. Dividing and ruling the masses along gender and race lines is a time honoured trick for these people who patronise and frighten the masses as routine. They multiply laws to protect their deceit.

Everything is about them and their monopoly of wealth. gender and BAME equality is setting the masses on an internecine war without end. As for HGV drivers, I spent from 2008- 20 fully employed in the logistics industry, mainly as a driver. I know that Britain was not interested in training home grown drivers who needed at least £2000 to qualify for Class One. They preferred to import drivers on the cheap from the EU. Leaving the EU has caused a crisis compounded by Covid lockdown.

Elite politicians have no interest in the hard realities of the HGV world. They are patronising and incompetent which is why they fooled so many into Brexit chaos and confusion. It is never their fault. More rules and more police are their answers to everything. They have done such harm to the EU, infesting them with rules , regulations and secrecy before disconnecting but still blaming them.

R J Cook

R J Cook Bristol Old Docks Christmas 2016

Why reopening one train line in Devon is only the start of a much-needed rail revolution – October 13th 2021

Simon Calder

Henrietta Lacks’ memory honoured by special WHO awardLa La Anthony won’t marry again

“After 50yrs the Dartmoor Line is back!” So wrote the transport secretary, Grant Shappsin an excited tweet.Fast track: Okehampton was once on the trans-Devon rail link - Department for Transport© Department for Transport

Fast track: Okehampton was once on the trans-Devon rail link- Department for Transport

“Services will be running from Exeter to Okehampton from 20 November. It’s all part of the DfT’s #RestoringYourRailway programme – reversing historic cuts like those of Dr Beeching to reopen lines for local communities once more.”

Read More Why reopening one train line in Devon is only the start of a much-needed rail revolution (msn.com)

Tuesday morning UK news briefing: How your taxes could rise again – October 12th 2021

Danny Boyle  

Danny Boyle  12 hrs agoLike16 Comments|8

‘Joke’ PM did not push through changes to improve Covid response – CummingsAnya Taylor-Joy Is Electrifying In 60s Drama-Horror ‘Last Night In Soho’

Brace for more tax rises. That is the warning from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which says further increases will be necessary to tackle the health and social care crisis because those announced by Boris Johnson are not enough to fund the NHS. 

Brits in France: Expat slams ‘the French way’ after finding shops closed – ‘wasted time!’ – October 11th 2021

Millie Bull 

Cop26: world poised for big leap forward on climate change, says John KerryAll The Best Moments From Adele’s Instagram Live

More than 150,000 Britons live in France, having swapped the dreary British weather for the French dream. The first episode of Allo Allo! Brits in France aired tonight on Channel 5 which saw three sets of Britons share their story behind their move to France from the UK. During this episode, viewers were introduced to Andy, Richard and Kelly, three men who are attempting to open a British restaurant in the heart of rural France.

Read More Brits in France: Expat slams ‘the French way’ after finding shops closed – ‘wasted time!’ (msn.com)

Northern Ireland: Lord Frost accused of engineering breakdown of Brexit agreement ahead of crunch EU talks – October 11th 2021

Emily Ferguson  

Man, 34, admits to manslaughter of hotelier Sir Richard SuttonI Am Belmaya review – uplifting story of a Nepali woman following her film-making dream

Lord Frost has been accused of laying out red lines he knew the EU could not accept, to deliberately engineer “a breakdown in relations”, by a leading Irish minister.

It comes as the Brexit chief accused the EU of “not listening” to the UK’s demands, as he prepares to doubledown on his bid to make amendments to the Northern Ireland protocol.

On Saturday night the Brexit minister called on the EU to make “significant” changes to the post-Brexit agreement, in a late-night Twitter spat with Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney.

Read More Northern Ireland: Lord Frost accused of engineering breakdown of Brexit agreement ahead of crunch EU talks (msn.com)

Met Police ‘drop investigation into Prince Andrew sexual abuse allegations’, reports claim – October 11th 2021

Liam James

The Met has examined Ms Giuffre’s allegations at least twice since 2015 but has never opened an investigation, saying that the matter is for US authorities.

The force reportedly said it would continue to work with the US police on matters relating to Epstein.

A statement reported in The Mirror said: “As a matter of procedure MPS officers reviewed a document released in August 2021 as part of a US civil action. This review has concluded and we are taking no further action.

“We also reviewed information passed to us by a media organisation in June 2021. This review is complete and no further action will be taken.”

Read More Met Police ‘drop investigation into Prince Andrew sexual abuse allegations’, reports claim (msn.com)

France calls for creation of a migration treaty between the EU and Britain – October 12th 2021

50% of UK theatres streaming shows online during Covid revert to…Katie McGlynn second celebrity to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin on Saturday called for the start of negotiations for a migration treaty between the European Union and Britain.© Francois Lo Presti, AFP

Darmanin also urged the British government to “uphold its promise” to finance the fight against the illegal immigrants who gather on the northern French coast seeking to cross into England.

Read More France calls for creation of a migration treaty between the EU and Britain (msn.com)

Comment What France doesn’t get is that Britain wants as many illegal immigrants as possible. When I say Britain, I mean the ruling elite. Their obsequious masses just didn’t see this coming when they voted Brexit. The elite want to mess up Europe for their own advantage. They also want an anti Russia obsession which is why they are out to make the Pandora papers look as if they are all about Putin and push the lie that only Russia has sports drug cheats.

Roberta Jane Cook

University pays students £15 an hour to decolonise curriculum – October 11th 2021

Ewan Somerville

Read More University pays students £15 an hour to decolonise curriculum (msn.com)

The University of Edinburgh is hiring students part-time to review course materials and curricula “through the lenses of equality, diversity, inclusion, and decolonisation”.

They will be paid £14.66 per hour and work six hours a week within one of the 16th century university’s most prestigious faculties, literatures, languages and cultures.

The recruits will report to academics on the faculty’s board of studies to help diversify courses such as English literature and foreign languages, focusing on issues such as race, gender, sexuality and disability.

University pays students £15 an hour to decolonise curriculum (msn.com)

Baroness Louise Casey to lead independent review into Met Police following Sarah Everard murder – October 9th 2021

Amy Coles,

Chris Packham and 100 children to deliver Buckingham Palace petitionShannen Doherty: I was written off because of my cancer diagnosis

Baroness Louise Casey of Blackstock will lead an independent review into the Metropolitan Police’s culture and standards in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, the force has announced.

Read More Baroness Louise Casey to lead independent review into Met Police following Sarah Everard murder (msn.com)

Police commissioner faces hundreds of complaints over comments after Sarah Everard murder – October 9th 2021

India McTaggart 

Chris Packham and 100 children to deliver Buckingham Palace petitionCan you recognize these famous signatures?

The office of a police commissioner who said women “need to be streetwise” about powers of arrest in the wake of the Sarah Everard murder has received hundreds of complaints.

Read More Police commissioner faces hundreds of complaints over comments after Sarah Everard murder (msn.com)

Comment Anyone who has never been arrested has no right to an opinion about being streetwise on the matter. I have been, several times. My current situation is sub judice, so I must limit my personal observations. Suffice it to say that the police come on very strong. PC Benjamin Monk’s killing of a black former premier League footballer and the attempted police cover up which lasted 5 years, rather demonstrates that. The police and CPS have been exposed as conspirators and liars.

White Men , not just blacks , are the usual victims. Women do not expect it , which is why a police officer using Covd lockdown to ‘arrest ‘ , abduct , rape and murder Sarah Everard caused such outrage. The police are dangerous and being given increasing powers. During my last 18 hour session in a dirty cold police cell, dark and hearing other prisoners screaming, banging and shouting, I nearly succeeded in strangling myself under the covers. I would rather die than live in a police state. Current protests and lockdowns are being used to further advance police powers. Their concurrent increasing lack of accountability is terrifying to me. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook October 7th 2021

‘As overt as you could get’: Sky News witnesses police watching on as migrant boats launch near Calais

October 8th 2021

The Guardian view on children’s books: take them seriouslyJohn and the Hole review – total-dysfunction movie as kid dumps family in the ground

Read More ‘As overt as you could get’: Sky News witnesses police watching on as migrant boats launch near Calais (msn.com)

As they came past us – panting, cajoling, shouting – it was hard to believe what we were seeing.Children were placed at the front of the vessels by parents attempting to remain calm

Comment Britain’s foreign policy in alliance with the U.S ,along with its elite’s insatiable desire for more religion dominated Islamists from the Middle East and North Africa, plus its PC benefits and hospitality has created this problem.

The British masses fell for rubbish and lies about Brexit getting ‘our country back’.’ So with all of this in mind , why should the French Police do anything to stop them \? Oh I know, they should stop these illegals putting lives at risk. So why not just provide a Royal Navy ferry service under tame elite media blackout ? Mass immigration benefits the rich at the poor masses expense.

The elite are responsible for making Africa a dumping ground for consumer waste and rubbish on a continent ruled over by black dictator cronies. This won’t get mentioned in BBC’s Black History Week. It doesn’t suit their white upper Middle Class agenda. R.J Cook

Where does Britain gets its gas from and why does Russia matter? October 8th 2021

Tom Batchelor 

A major hike in global gas prices has sparked alarm in the UK about the stability of the country’s supply as the temperatures drop and winter demand kicks in.The disused framework of a storage tank at a former gasworks in Brighton - Getty Images© Getty Images

The disused framework of a storage tank at a former gasworks in Brighton- Getty Images

National Grid Gas Transmission – the company that owns, manages, and operates the network – has said Britain will have a “positive supply margin”, meaning it can access more gas than is being used during peak demand.

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Clearing will determine if Brexit self-harm goes both ways – October 8th 2021

Helen Thomas 

Senate avoids US debt disaster, votes to delay borrowingReality TV star Kaitlynn Carter welcomes first childThe London Stock Exchange© Provided by The Financial Times The London Stock Exchange

The UK knows well that the political ideology of Brexit can trump both economics and plain old common sense. What is less familiar is to see this phenomenon so clearly across the waters of the Channel.

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Energy crisis: National Grid warns of winter power shortage and ‘significant price spikes’

October 8th 2021

Bird of the year 2021: superb fairywren crowned winner of Australia’s…Reality TV star Kaitlynn Carter welcomes first childBreaking news© DX Breaking news

In two separate “winter outlook” reports, the energy company sought to offer reassurance that Britain should not face blackouts but said the risk of power shortages this winter will be the highest in five years. They said that Britain should not run out of gas, but must be prepared to outbid other countries to secure scarce global supplies. It comes following a global squeeze of supplies that has seen prices reach record highs.

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The lessons Sweden could teach Boris Johnson about a high-wage economy – October 8th 2021

Richard Orange 

As Boris Johnson calls for Britain to become a high-wage, high-productivity economy, the obvious models are not the US, Canada or Australia, but over the North Sea in Sweden and Denmark.

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Galileo warning: UK faces £1.7bn a DAY bill as search for EU replacement ‘narrows down’ October 8th 2021

Sebastian Kettley 

Boris Johnson and Galileo satellite© GETTY/ESA Boris Johnson and Galileo satellite

The hunt for Britain’s own satellite tracking and positioning system has so far procured about 10 options, some of which will be presented to the Government in November. After former prime minister Theresa May pulled out of the EU’s signature GNSS in 2018, her government announced plans to investigate the feasibility of Britain launching its own alternative. 

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Heavy industry leaders call for ‘urgent action’ as electricity supply set to be tighter than last year

October 8th 2021

Industry leaders have called for “urgent action” amid warnings the electricity supply in the UK is set to be tighter this winter than last year.

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Revealed: Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses – October 6th 2021

Sarah Knapton  

Scientists from Wuhan and the US were planning to create new coronaviruses that did not exist in nature by combining the genetic codes of other viruses, proposals show.

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EU plot to rush through new border rules in migrant crackdown exposed – October 6th 2021

Aleks Phillips 

What the papers say – October 6Dame Arlene Phillips set to replace John Barrowman on ‘Dancing On Ice’

Meanwhile, one German NGO has said the new pact “threatens to abolish the rule of law at the external borders”. According to the Commission’s roadmap for changing EU migration policy, it expects the migrant proposal to be adopted by the European Parliament in “Q2 2021”.

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Comment Britain’s elite played a key role in destabilising the Islamic world just as it set up black elite dictatorships post empire. Withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a war that was a great success for arms and plane makers, is being used as an excuse to encourage more waves of Muslim migrants. The British elite don’t want Europe to disrupt this.

Cheap labour and rise of religion has always been their choice as a basis for their exploitation and profit of and from the ignorant masses. Europe was perfect cover. Brexit shows them for what they are – unscrupulous liars. Their idiocy knows no bounds.

The government couldn’t wait to tear down its power stations, blaming Europe and in the name of reducing carbon footprint. They don’t mind whose carbon footprint they profit from , which is why they are happy to import cheap Chinese goods.

The absurdity of the British is manifest in so many ways, which is why they posture and moralise to Europe, especially France, while depending on the continent for 47% of its increasingly expensive power supply. They are also proponents of keeping Russia isolated along with its cheap natural gas. The elite hate the white masses and pretend to care about BAME . This group is a stick to beat the white masses with and a wonderful distraction from political heavily policed repression. R J Cook,

Undocumented migrants with HGV licences are sent official letters encouraging them to work – October 5th 2021

May Bulman  

Image Appledene Photographics / R J Cook

UK weather: rainstorms to turn to dry conditions by WednesdayDoctor Who’s Colin Baker on Big Finish, Jodie Whittaker, and who should play the…

Undocumented people who hold HGV licences have been sent official letters encouraging them to help stem the fuel shortage – despite the fact that they have no right to work.

Migrants who have overstayed their visas have been told their “valuable skills and experience have never been more needed than they are now” and asked to “consider returning” to work in the HGV sector.

The letters, sent by the Department for Transport (DfT), were part of the same mass mailout that also asked ambulance drivers and paramedics to become HGV drivers.

It comes afterThe Independent revealed that thousands of Germans residing in the UK had also received the letter, even if they had never driven an HGV vehicle before.

Comment I said at the time, that Brexit was about a nasty echelon of the British elite wanting to drag down the masses with the absurd delusion that they would get their country back. There is a lot wrong with Europe .with Britain having done more than their share of the damage. But Britain is worse and a far more effective police state. Now they are making it all up as they go along, with Covid exaggeration , BLM , racism and domestic violence always handy as a distraction from a rotten system that causes all of these problems in the first place. R J Cook

Goodbye Brexit Britain – Europeans like me are moving on – October 5th 2021

Andrea Mammone 

The UK’s 2035 net zero electricity target: how could it be achieved?Who were the most beautiful women of the 1960s?

I never imagined witnessing food shortages or the absence of fuel in petrol stations in a western industrialised nation. This usually happened in European countries in wartime. However, this is what Britain is currently experiencing. The official story (or lie?) is that this is because of the Covid pandemic, or that it is a Europe-wide issue. The truth is that Brexit is causing a shortage of workers, including truck drivers, many of whom were from eastern Europe.

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Who needs food or fuel? Welcome to the Tory party’s grand ‘British renaissance’ – October 5th 2021

Tom Peck  

The UK’s 2035 net zero electricity target: how could it be achieved?Who were the most beautiful women of the 1960s?

Welcome, one and all, to the British renaissance. It’s already started, in case you didn’t know. It’s happening right now. The “British renaissance” is the term Britain’s Brexit negotiator David Frost now uses to describe the food- and fuel-free times that he has personally bequeathed us through his towering statecraft.

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Priti Patel launches crackdown on eco-activists with new Asbo-style travel ban – October 5th 2021

Charles Hymas, Mason Boycott-Owen  

GPs in England failing to urgently refer patients with ‘red flag’ signs of cancer –…Who were the most beautiful women of the 1960s?

Priti Patel launches crackdown on eco-activists with new Asbo-style travel ban – October 5th 2021

Charles Hymas, Mason Boycott-Owen  10 hrs agoLike1 Comment|4

GPs in England failing to urgently refer patients with ‘red flag’ signs of cancer –…Who were the most beautiful women of the 1960s?

Eco-activists face new Asbo-style court orders that will ban them from travelling around the UK to mount disruptive protests under plans announced on Tuesday by Priti Patel.

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London Cops & Their Helmets – October 4th 2021

Cressida Dick ‘deeply concerned’ after Met police officer charged with rape

PC David Carrick to appear in court on Monday over incident in Hertfordshire in September 2020

New Scotland Yard
Cressida Dick said: ‘I am deeply concerned to hear the news today that an officer from the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command has been arrested.’ Photograph: Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/Rex/Shutterstock

Euan O’Byrne Mulligan and agencySun 3 Oct 2021 21.34 BST

A Metropolitan police officer serving in the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command has been charged with rape.

PC David Carrick, 46, of Stevenage, allegedly attacked a woman in St Albans on the night of 4 September 2020 while off-duty.

Dame Cressida Dick, Metropolitan police commissioner, said she was “deeply concerned” by the news.

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Comment Police are chosen for certain qualities. Many if not all, see themeselves the law . Extreme caution is needed before going into a bedroom with one of them , even with lesbian officers, R J Cook

UK asylum seekers in hotels should have been given money …


Imagine the cost and who is paying – not the Pandora People, that is for sure .

1 hour ago · High court decision could cost Home Office millions in back-payments Last modified on Mon 4 Oct 2021 10.41 EDT A Home Office decision not to give thousands of asylum seekers

Passenger mutiny forces packed train to reverse

Rail passengers launched a mutiny on Sunday night and forced a train to reverse course after their service failed to stop at a scheduled station.A Great Western Railway train - Jason Alden/Bloomberg © Jason Alden/Bloomberg A Great Western Railway train – Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Travellers on the packed 2.19pm high-speed Great Western Railway (GWR) service from Penzance protested after it failed to stop at Swindon on the way to Paddington.

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Brexit panic: Now City of London fears banker exodus after crippling petrol shortage

Ciaran McGrath 

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Tributes paid as former head of Royal Marines ‘takes own life’ aged 54

Harry Howard For Mailonline 

Conservative conference: Rishi Sunak declines to rule out further tax hikesAt my first live concert in 18 months, songs about divorce have never felt so…

Tributes were paid last night to a former head of the Royal Marines who has died suddenly.

Highly decorated Major General Matthew Holmes CBE served in all the UK’s recent conflicts and was one of Britain’s most senior military officers.

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Albania angrily denies deal with ‘anti-immigration’ Britain to process Channel migrants – October 4th 2021

Daniel Keane  

Pandora Papers: UK urged to tighten defences against ‘dirty money’ after…At my first live concert in 18 months, songs about divorce have never felt so…

Albania’s foreign minister has furiously denied reports that migrants arriving the UK on small boats will be flown 1,500 miles to Albania to have their asylum claims processed, labelling the plans “fake news”.

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Comment This was no doubt a leak from our virtue signalling self styled liberals sitting comfortably in the system . Fact is ‘asylum seekers’ are encouraged by these people. It is at best absurd. The logic of an endless flow into the U.K boat named ‘Multi Culture’ will a sinking due to overload and so many contradictions. R J Cook

Majority of England’s rivers polluted with sewage – October 4th 2021

All of England’s rivers are currently failing to pass cleanliness tests in a crisis that has seen swimmers falling ill and wildlife choked by algae, as calls grow for rules around the release of raw sewage to be properly enforced.

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Oliver Rudgard

‘Men aren’t even a part of it’: Why we need to change the way we talk about gendered violence – October 2nd 2021

Women should not become the statistic

The now-confirmed murder of Sarah Everard has rattled everyone I know. Friends have been in touch with safety tips, I’ve timed jogs so I don’t have to go outside alone at night, and women have taken to social media in their thousands to bravely share their own stories of sexual harassmentassault, and violence.

Read More ‘Men aren’t even a part of it’: Why we need to change the way we talk about gendered violence | Evening Standard

Comment It is particularly nauseating and telling with regard to how opportunistic women and mainstream media are pushing this young woman’s murder as being an issue for all men. The issue is with the arrogant institutionally corrupt U.K Police culture where fake well paid self conscious heroes thrive , preen , strut and posture. It is against this background that this sicko cop and those who knew him, that we should be talking about what is wrong and how systemically rotten the police are – the London Met being one of the worst. It is the police who should be up for investigation and reform. Couzens was a repeat offender. The police are the problem. Until they are reformed it matters not what the officer’s gender or race happens to be. men are scapegoats.

Patel has made matters worse by renewing Dick’s contract. This dreadful conceited woman gave a remote order for her imbecilic sub moronic plain clothes forearms officers to shoot an innocent 28 year old Brazilian , while he sat on tube train at Stockwell. She should have been sacked , not given a secret job then brought back to the London top job. What a two finger sign to the young man’s devastated mother. But she wasn’t posh so who cares ?.

The killer cops in this case, chose to rubbish a female eye witness’s reputation. Women should not trust the police. No decent member of the public should. The precious bond mentioned by overpaid Dick, was broken for those of us with a brain long ago. How do so many awful people get into the police.?

Couzens was a repeat offender. People will have forgotten how vile police thug Steven Harwood got off of killing innocent Ian Tomlinson in broad daylight on camera. Their tame police surgeon said Ian was going to die at that very moment mad Harwood attacked him anyway.

West Mercia’s senior management team spent years trying to protect their PC Monk from justice for his brutal killing of a black footballer. With so many young male migrant gangs running out of control in London, the police and their appalling politicians see clamping down and condemning all lower class men as a female vote winner and convenient way of avoiding being called racist by targeting the real criminals.

Meanwhile female violence against men is blamed on the men victims for provoking it. But it doesn’t work the other way around. These are very dangerous times to be a white man.

Roberta Jane Cook

Second probe into David Cameron’s role in Greensill lobbying – October 2nd 2021

David Cameron is reportedly being investigated for the second time this year by the lobbying regulator over whether he should have registered as a consultant lobbyist.

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Comment There are always excuses for high ranking offenders in fake democratic UK Plc. It is almost funny. The native British underclass are renowned for grovelling to their betters and cosnuming patronising drivel from their teachers and mass media. So long as they have beer , football and telly they will be pacified. If things get too tough there are always anti psychotics – with women heading the queue for these and other mental health tretament palliatives to their depressing lives. Cameron represents so much of what is wrong with Britain and the rest of the global elite which talks up protecting the environment – when all they really care about is their own with more cops , laws and spying on the masses to protect it. Meanwhile, Cameron will get away with it , along with all the money he made.

Roberta Jane Cook

Government asks German residents to drive lorries even if they never have before – October 2nd 2021

Before 1974 Car Drivers had an automatic right to drive HGVs and accidents were legend. Image Copyright Appledene Photographics R J Cook

The government has asked thousands of Germans residing in the UK to drive lorries to assist with the HGV shortage, even if they have never driven one before.

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World’s longest under-sea power cables begins bringing hydropower from Norway to UK – October 2nd 2021

Thomas Kingsley

The world’s longest under-sea power cable, bringing hydropower from Norway to the UK, has been switched on.

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Boris Johnson says public ‘can trust police’ after Sarah Everard murder – October 1st 2021

Boris Johnson says the British can trust the police following the conviction of officer Wayne Couzens for the murder of Sarah Everard and said hiring more female officers “can make the most fundamental change”.

Read More Boris Johnson says public ‘can trust police’ after Sarah Everard murder | ITV News

Comment You can’t trust Boris Johnson let alone his police. Johnson looks and talks down his nose. Here we have the same old rubbish that you can fix our institutionally corrupt police with more females and BAME. Dick and her contemporary Sarah Thornton are wonderful examples of why women officers are no more trustworthy than men. A police officer friend told me years ago how corrupt officers had ganged up on his girlfriend, who was in his view the best CID officer on his force. Chief Constable Sue Sim was hounded and driven out by senior officer bullies.

Pandering to this usual simplification that women are somehow morally superior in a public body that I know from experience, to be institutionally corrupt, tells us more about what a menace Johnson – the man who sold the Brexit rubbish- is to progress. He is an arrogant privileged menace to what is left of our freedoms. He knows it won’t be him locked up for years for a rape he didn’t do – unlike the Irishman who did 17 years because corrupt West Mercia Police had to meet its targets. Only a fool or another police officer would trust the British police.

Roberta Jane Cook – undie cover- 1990.
e Photographics

Dame Cressida Dick, the commissioner of the Met Police, is no stranger to such demands. When a two-year extension to her contract was announced, a number of well-known people who had fallen foul of Met malpractice signed an open letter urging the prime minister to have her replaced.

R J Cook

Wayne Couzens may have committed more crimes, including one just days before he killed Sarah Everard – October 1st 2021

Wayne Couzens may have been responsible for more crimes, including an indecent exposure just 72 hours before he kidnapped, raped, and murdered Sarah Everard.

The 48-year-old was linked to the incident at a McDonald’s in Swanley, Kent, but, although his car was reported to officers, he was not named as a suspect and the investigation remains incomplete.

Read More Wayne Couzens may have committed more crimes, including one just days before he killed Sarah Everard (msn.com)

Comment It is interesting how this dreadful murder was media acceptable to be described as reason for an all male curfew. No hint of prejudice there and no whiff of comment upon what sort of special qualities Police Chiefs boast of seeking from prospective recruits.

It is very difficult to get complaints against the police investigated let alone to stick. The higher up the accused officers are , the more they close ranks to accuse their accusers. They will do anything to avoid exposure, with underlings desperate to curry favour by corrupting so called investigations into high level exposure. Even if there were officers decent enough to try , they would become isolated , with corrupt officers making their lives impossible. They even did this to Chief Constable Sue Sim , driving her out of office and harassing her in civilian life.

The so called Independent Office for Police Complaints is not independent. Chief Constables have over riding power to block, fabricate & hide evidence and corrupt. Very little effort has been made to deal with this horrendous social and justice issue. When it threatens to happen , the Police Federation and Chief Officers come out in force to remind us how brave they are and that their job is difficult enough without having to be truly accountable. Once in a blue moon their corruption and miscarriages of justice , in hand with target driven CPS, are revealed. Most of the time they get away with it because of the gullible frightened masses.

R J Cook

Oh My God ! More from F.S – October 1st 2021

It’s been reported recently that high gas prices have led to large chemical manufacturers shutting down operations until prices stabilise. This includes things like food grade CO2, hence shortages of fizzy drinks. What I didn’t know: these companies buy huge quantities of gas in advance, at a very low price. If prices go up enough, they resell their allocation on the wholesale market rather than using it themselves. Even if they have to shut down production for a few weeks, they make more money. And then the government weighs in – and pays them £20 million to encourage them to start production again..

A theory I’ve heard. Petrol and diesel have a relatively short shelf life. Fuel sales dropped dramatically last year because of lockdowns. Therefore, fuel companies need to offload old stock – and also clear the way for new formula E10 storage. So what better way than creating a panic so you get through that stockpile double quick? All it needs is a word or two in the right ears, and this all started because of BP and Shell releasing statements about driver shortages.

YouTube says it will soon remove any content that argues the Covid vaccine can cause serious side-effects and is unsafe to use. Matt Halprin, the Global Head of Trust and Safety at the Google-owned company, is alarmed by the presence of “vaccine misinformation” across the world. For example, vaccine scepticism relating to concerns over infertility will be struck from the platform.

Presumably this means the official government data here and in the USA that lists all side effects up to and including death, and provides numbers affected, is misinformation.
This is exactly what the Soviet Union did.

Boris Johnson dealt brutal blow as US, China and India snub climate meeting – October 1st 2021

Aleks Phillips  

Victorian Covid numbers keep jumping after protests but there is still a way out…The bizarre reasons why actors turned down rolesBoris UN General Assembly© Getty Boris UN General Assembly

The Prime Minister is due to host a meeting on the fringes of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday, alongside Secretary-General António Guterres. However, the premiers of China, the United States and India will miss the meeting, despite being invited.

According to his public schedule, US President Joe Biden will be at his beach house in Delaware on Monday morning.

Read More Boris Johnson dealt brutal blow as US, China and India snub climate meeting (msn.com)


Britian’s elite and chattering classes are the only ones who seem to take political correctness seriously and regard hypocrisy as an art form. Its lawmakers excel with a production line of new laws to keep ‘us’ safe , promising ever more police to enforce the process as we see with Andy Burnham’s Manchester.

Facing up to real issues and their causes are not for U.K Plc. So we come to Boris being snubbed on climate change. For years Britain’s ruling class were a pernicious rule obsessed influence on Europe, blaming the EU for every form of pettiness so imposed , whilst blaming Europe for the migrant crisis which they want. They championed money making Middle Eastern wars in the name of women’s rights and democracy , whilst in reality native rights and democracy were a myth.

Their negative impact has been massive. Mass migration into this fake Nirvana land serves this bumptious truly privileged people like Boris with cheap labour, a resurgence of religious morality with all its controls and an underclass they can use to lambast the native masses as racist if they object.

Brexit, especially in the light of the Good Friday Agreement was an absurdity. But Britain’s elite preferred it to playing a positive role in EU reform. The EU makes an even better whipping boy when you are on the outside and to hell with the masses who can be relied on not to understand what is going on and why.

So we have this nasal voiced Boris windbag posturing to appear Churchillian , pontificating on climate change. Other countries of note , know they cannot abandon fossil fuel just like that. The world population , notably where religion has grip and force , is out of control. That is the root of climate change.

This appallingly dangerous situation is compounded by political and mass media deceptions that migrants coming here can have everything they desire , just like that on this crowded little island where 90 % of the population live on 10 % of the land. Meanwhile , the other 10 % live a life of jet setting highly polluting patronising privilege telling us lower orders to love one another and suck it up. It is utterly sickening. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook , September 2021
Image Appledene Photographics.

Dominic Raab ‘open-minded’ about allowing asylum seekers to work in UK – September 30th 2021

Jessye Norman’s family sue over treatment that allegedly left her paralysedAll About That Mom Life: Meghan Trainor wants twinsPhotograph: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Dominic Raab, the new justice secretary, has said he would be “open-minded” about allowing asylum seekers to work to help tackle the UK’s labour shortage.

In what would be a major departure for the government, the former foreign secretary said such a move would allow people waiting for their claims to be processed to integrate and make a positive contribution to the UK.

Read More Dominic Raab ‘open-minded’ about allowing asylum seekers to work in UK (msn.com)

Comment The U.K doesn’t have a labour shortage, it has a minimum slave labour issue.

R J Cook

Taken For Granted – From F.S September 30th 2021

Grant Shapps, Minister of Transport – from Wikipedia. His other alleged misdeeds include bullying, for which he was fired from a ministerial post, and (under a pseudonym) re-editing his Wikipedia entry so it was less embarrassing.If this was fiction it would be hilarious. From now on I shall refer to him as Corinne.  

Grant started his working life as photocopier sales rep. In 1990, aged 22,[19] Shapps founded PrintHouse Corporation,[24] a design, print, website creation and marketing business in London,[11][25] based on a collapsed printing business he purchased from the receiver.[26] He stepped down as a director in 2009,[27] but remained the majority shareholder.[26]Shapps founded a web publishing business, How To Corp Limited, with his wife while he was recovering from cancer.[28] 

The company marketed business publications and software. The existence of at least three people who allegedly provided testimonials for the company has been questioned.[29] Shapps stood down as a director in July 2008; his wife remained as director until the company was dissolved in 2014.[30]In September 2012, Google blacklisted 19 of the Shapps’s business websites for violating rules on copyright infringement related to the web scraping-based TrafficPayMaster software sold by them.[31][32] Shapps’s web marketing business’s 20/20 Challenge publication also drew criticism. It cost $497 and promised customers earnings of $20,000 in 20 days. Upon purchase, the “toolkit” was revealed to be an ebook, advising the user to create their own toolkit and recruit 100 “Joint Venture Partners” to resell it for a share of the profits.[33]Shapps’s use of the names 

Michael Green,Corinne Stockheath and Sebastian Fox attracted controversy in 2012. He denied having used a pseudonym after entering parliament and, in 2014, threatened legal action against a constituent who had stated on Facebook that he had. In February 2015 he told LBC Radio presenter Shelagh Fogarty, “Let me get this absolutely clear … I don’t have a second job and have never had a second job while being an MP. End of story.”[34]However, in March 2015, Shapps admitted to having had a second job whilst being an MP, and practising business under a pseudonym.[35][36] In his admission, he stated that he had “over-firmly denied” having a second job.[37] 

Under the name Michael Green, Shapps had offered customers a “get-rich-quick scheme” costing $497, and promised customers a “toolkit” that would earn them $20,000 in 20 days, provided they followed its instructions.[38] In March 2015, Dean Archer, the constituent previously threatened with legal action by Shapps, threatened Shapps with legal action.[39][40][needs update]…In August 2018, the Financial Times reported[94] that it had discovered a “secret pay deal” between Shapps and OpenBrix, a

British blockchain property portal company. The story alleged that Shapps would have received a payment in cryptocurrency tokens with a future value of up to £700,000. Shapps resigned from OpenBrix and from his position as chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on blockchain which he had founded. Subsequently, Jo Platt, an opposition politician, called for an enquiry into Shapps’ conduct, although Shapps maintained that he had confirmed with the standards commissioner that he was not required to register the interest, and that he had recorded the conversation with the relevant official.[95]

Banking on Profit – September 30th 2021

Barclay’s mobile banking facility on Buckingham Market Hill , September 29th 2021. The recently closed Barclays’s bank , stripped of all signage and up for profitable redevelopment is in the immediate background.
Image R J Cook Appledene Photographics.

When I was a young student of A Level Economics – where I was top of the class – I learned about the concept of abnormal profits. It was the late 1960s, when the Slater Walker partnership made asset stripping acceptable. By 1979, the vile greedy Thatcher government was in power en route to abolishing exchange controls and the Monopolies & Mergers Commission were soon thrown out of the window.

Thatcher and her nasty clique had overthrown Ted Heath, the only Tory leader to nationalise anything for the public good – later to be smeared as master of a child sex abuse ring. When Heath had referred to the unacceptable face of capitalism , he was doomed.

He was way out of time. After Thatcher came the Blair Brown partnership, full blown globalisation , more evil spin doctors , oil wars and the Covid con trick. That con trick made the super rich ever more hideously rich. The banks have never had it so good and they want more. Local branches are no good to them which is why Buckingham Barclays and TSB up the road in Winslow, are two of hundreds closed down. This absurd little van is just a sop to the gullible masses. They have followed the Post Office example.

Meanwhile the government and tame elite owned media have the gall to talk about ‘the communities’ and democracy. Common People have to embrace on line banking , as we ‘progress’ to a cashless society , with our privacy violated , vulnerability to fraud and more taxation – because the super rich won’t be paying for more wars , heavy handed corrupt policing or our other cash hungry lumbering inefficient intrusive public services.

R J Cook


Engineering Crises by F.S – September 29th 2021

Cars & vans queue for fuel , Buckingham in another government engineered crisis offshoot distraction from the Covid lockdown lunacy.
Image R j Cook, Appledene Photographics – September 29th 2021.


Latest U.K Covid figures make for interesting reading. A 99.9% survival rate – you could mistake Covid for just another common cold virus if you were not careful – albeit a modified one.

It means that the government/deep state etc are deliberately fabricating – and then prolonging – a health emergency so as to create a public climate of fear. Why would they do this in a so called western style democracy? Are they really all that stupid?

One of the sub committees that reports to the SAGE characters is one that specialises in behavioural psychology. Those clowns are responsible for the lockdown measures, then easing before the plebeian riots start. This is a calculated suppression of the plebs.

I can’t find any fault with this analysis.

If people are scared they are easily controlled – and they also don’t engage logic (to the limited extent this is possible, after decades of tick box education). Those of us who are less susceptible to the programming/more cynical can quote indisputable facts and figures until we’re blue in the face – and after blank and uncomprehending looks, what response do you get? ”Well, you may be right, but…’; ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry…’; ‘But it’s only a mask/vaccine/short lockdown…’; ‘But they wouldn’t do that…’.

Add to this attitude media suppression – so where there are riots (France, Australia, etc.) they’re not reported. The attached indicates why censorship is so easy: when advertising revenue is shrinking all the time, media bosses aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them.

The genocide will be more difficult to explain away. My guess is it will be blamed on ‘a variant’, if anyone even notices – and the unvaxxed will be rounded up because it’ll all be their fault (thereby disproving decades of received wisdom on viruses and their transmission – but let’s not split hairs). You may have seen that someone who’s been vaccinated doesn’t count as vaccinated until 14 days later. This means all deaths that occur in that window are being put down to Covid or other causes – not the vaccine. Handy. There’s also growing evidence that if the initial jabs don’t get you, the boosters will. As people are jabbed four, five or more times, deaths will gradually increase. It won’t be one big cataclysmic event, and I imagine no one will join the dots. 

Also relevant: in Israel the number of people vaccinated has dropped from over 70% to 20% in a week. How is this even possible? Well, they’re now defining ‘vaccinated’ as having had the booster. If they do this every time, it’ll be a reason to keep on stabbing people to get back to the 80% target. And as there’s a vaccine passport system in place now, you have to play along to keep your privileges. Those of us who know anything about history would have thought the Israelis would have been slightly averse to state behaviour like this.

This is all beyond Orwell.

Meanwhile if you track certain stocks, wealthy individuals and other privileged groups etc, then Covid has done wonders for many of their investments: they keep going up.

Tightening funding, cuts to government spending will cause a dramatic collapse in the prices of the assets held by the global population beneath the global ruling class. They will then sweep in and buy up everyone else’s former property in a banker led fire sale. Their own money is held in a shadow global banking system behind a opaque firewall.

The global population – now surplus to the elite’s needs thanks to technology and global free movement of people in the south to replacing the ageing northern slave classes – will decline as people starve to death, die prematurely from ill health or suicide.

If anyone notices this genocide in the developed north then another terrorist threat will be invented or given birth to by the CIA/MI5/whatever the five eyes governments can manufacture. It will be absurd but the brain dead conscious less public will believe it all. 

Failing that another unwinnable war like Afghanistan will be started to distract attention. It’s bed for me now so will speak more tomorrow.  

On Careers by F.S

My feeling is that conventional careers are probably finished. As for staying in the same job for your whole working life – people just don’t expect to do that now. The next few years are going to be interesting. Many more jobs will disappear because of robots, including things like truck driving. Then universal basic income will come in – to disguise the massive unemployment, if nothing else. Most people will become serfs – completely dependent on the state for food and shelter, and any other basics the government deigns to hand out (for good behaviour?), but with absolutely no money for anything else. Crime will rocket, because people will still want more than just basic existence. The uber-wealthy will withdraw to their islands and guarded estates. There will be almost no one left in the middle ground.

I’m reminded of the classic opening line of J.G. Ballard’s novel High Rise: “Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the dog, Dr Robert Laing reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building during the previous three months.”

Brexit: Labour abandons free movement as shadow chancellor says ‘we moved on’ (msn.com)

The fuel crisis is the price of Brexit and the British aversion to economic migration (msn.com)

Home Office fails to remove more than 4,500 migrants with ‘inadmissible’ claims (msn.com)

Trucking it up , A Trucker’s Tale from F.S – Posted September 28th 2021

Murphy Truck , one of hundreds of aggregate deliveries every month to EWR rebuilding, Buckingham September 29th , Image by R J Cook , Appledene Photographics.

So, you are running out of food on the shelves, fuel in the garages, you can’t buy things you need, because the shops can’t get their supplies.

Why is that?  

A shortage of goods?  No

A shortage of money?  No

A shortage of drivers to deliver the goods?  Well, sort of.

There isn’t actually a shortage of drivers, what we have, is a shortage of people who can drive who are willing to drive any more.  You might wonder why that is.  I can’t answer for all drivers, but I can give you the reason I no longer drive.  Driving was something I always yearned to do as a young boy, and as soon as I could, I managed to get my driving licence, I even joined the army to get my HGV licence faster, I held my licence at the age of 17.  It was all I ever wanted to do, drive trucks, I had that vision of being a knight of the roads, bringing the goods to everyone, providing a service everyone needed.  What I didn’t take into account was the absolute abuse my profession would get over the years.

I have seen a massive decline in the respect this trade has, first, it was the erosion of truck parking and transport café’s, then it was the massive increase in restricting where I could stop, timed weight limits in just about every city and town, but not all the time, you can get there to do your delivery, but you can’t stay there, nobody wants an empty truck, nobody wants you there once they have what they did want.

Compare France to the UK.  I can park in nearly every town or village, they have marked truck parking bays, and somewhere nearby, will be a small routier, where I can get a meal and a shower, the locals respect me, and have no problems with me or my truck being there for the night.

Go out onto the motorway services, and I can park for no cost, go into the service area, and get a shower for a minimal cost, and have freshly cooked food, I even get to jump the queues, because others know that my time is limited, and respect I am there because it is my job.  Add to that, I even get a 20% discount of all I purchase.  Compare that to the UK £25-£40 just to park overnight, dirty showers, and expensive, dried (under heat lamps) food that is overpriced, and I have no choice but to park there, because you don’t want me in your towns and cities.

Ask yourself how you would feel, if doing your job actually cost you money at the end of the day, just so you could rest.

But that isn’t the half of it.  Not only have we been rejected from our towns and cities, but we have also suffered massive pay cuts, because of the influx of foreign drivers willing to work for a wage that is high where they come from, companies eagerly recruited from the eastern bloc, who can blame them, why pay good money when you can get cheap labour, and a never ending supply of it as well.  Never mind that their own countries would suffer from a shortage themselves, that was never our problem, they could always get people from further afield if they needed drivers.

We were once seen as knights of the road, now we are seen as the lepers of society.  Why would anyone want to go back to that?

If you are worried about not getting supplies on your supermarket shelves, ask your local council just how well they cater for trucks in your district.

I know Canterbury has the grand total of zero truck parking facilities, but does have a lot of restrictions, making it difficult for trucks to stop anywhere.

Do you want me to go back to driving trucks?  Give me a good reason to do so.  Give anyone a good reason to take it up as a profession.

Perhaps once you work out why you can’t, you will understand why your shelves are not as full as they could be.

I tried it for over 30 years, but will never go back, you just couldn’t pay me enough.

Thank you to all those people who have shared this post.  I never expected such a massive response, but am glad that this message is getting out there.  I really hope that some people who are in a position to change just how bad it is for some drivers, can influence the powers that be to make changes for the better.  Perhaps some city and town councillors have seen this, and are willing to bring up these issues at their council meetings.  It surely cannot be too much to ask of a town/city to provide facilities for those who are doing so much to make sure their economies run and their shops and businesses are stocked with supplies.  I never wanted any luxuries, just somewhere safe to park, and some basic ablutions that are maintained to a reasonable standard.  I spent my nights away from my home and family for you, how much is it to ask that you at least give me access to some basic services.

There are tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of licence holders just like me, who will no longer tolerate the conditions.  So the ball is firmly in the court of the councils to solve this problem.

Have just read that the DVLA has a backlog of 40,000 HGV licences. How convenient. F.S

Europe sees fuel crisis as result of Brexit and has no plans to ‘help the UK out of the s**t they created’ – September 28th 2021

Europe sees fuel crisis as result of Brexit and has no plans to ‘help the UK out of the s**t they created’ (msn.com)

Fight breaks out at fuel pumps as petrol stations run dry
September 28th 2021

Tensions rise at one petrol station in north London on Sunday, prompting a scuffle to break out on the forecourt, as thousands of petrol stations run dry.

Army tanker drivers have been put on standby in preparation to deliver fuel in order to ease the chaos at petrol stations, the Government has announced. Military drivers will get specialised training in preparation for their deployment while certain HGV licences will be extended to help tackle the issue, ministers announced on Monday. The move comes after many filling stations ran dry after drivers made a dash for the pumps amid fears a shortage of tanker drivers would hit supplies.

“Panic buying is underpinned by the fear of scarcity,” says Dr Gregory Warwick, chartered psychologist at Quest Psychology Services. “The motivation is for us to panic buy in order feel as though we are back in control of the situation.”

In the case of petrol shortages, filling up your car is how you gain control, explains psychologist and author of The Leader’s Guide to Resilience, Audrey Tang: “It’s ‘I don’t know what’s going on here, everything’s going a little bit crazy, but if I go and get my petrol, I’m in control’.”

Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe this secret document can save him in sex abuse case – September 28th 2021

After avoiding court papers for over two weeks, Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe that they might have just found another legal loophole that could save the British royal in the sex abuse case against him.

Read More Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe this secret document can save him in sex abuse case (msn.com)

Is Britain running on empty? Here’s what we’re short of and the industries under threat – September 24th 2021

From “cancelled” Christmas dinners to numerous energy suppliers collapsing and items missing from supermarket shelves, many industry experts claim Britain is in crisis.

The UK economy has been disrupted by several factors including labour shortages, new immigration rules and the lingering effects of the pandemic.

There is estimated to be a shortfall of around 100,000 lorry drivers, and soaring energy costs have also added to the cost of food production and logistics

Read More Is Britain running on empty? Here’s what we’re short of and the industries under threat (msn.com)

Comment When I was a young reporter working for the Aylesbury Plus newspaper in the 1980s, I became a hate figure for my criticisms of Margaret Thatcher’s governments profiteering destruction of the infrastructure. As a a trained economists, the horrors being lined up were crystal clear. It is comic that the above report implies a need for more migrants. We have never had so many migrants and hopeless young people. the people in charge do not want to face facts. R J Cook

R J Cook September 21st 2021

Pfizer booster shot: The ‘unexpected’ side effect after third dose – Pfizer finding – September 19th 2021

Solen Le

Universal Credit: Top Tories stage last-ditch Commons vote tomorrow to stop cutAlma Cullen obituary

A drop-off in antibody levels after a second dose of the vaccine has informed the recommendation of a third booster shot for over-50s and younger adults with health conditions in the UK. Invitations to book the third coronavirus vaccine will today be sent out to more than a million Britons in a bid to “strengthen the wall of defence” against COVID-19 created by the vaccine. Higher protection in vulnerable groups offers hope of avoiding a spike in hospital admissions during the approaching winter months. In new data submitted to the Food and Drug Administrations [FDA], Pfizer has outlined the different side effects to expect from a third dose of their vaccine.

Read More Pfizer booster shot: The ‘unexpected’ side effect after third dose – Pfizer finding (msn.com)

Closure of government’s Covid taskforce leads to ‘brain drain’ ahead of feared winter surge – September 18th 2021

Anna Isaac 

The government’s Covid taskforce, which drives crucial decisions on lockdowns, PPE, and emergency planning is facing a ‘brain drain’ just as the country gears up for a potentially brutal winter, The Independent can reveal.

Read More Closure of government’s Covid taskforce leads to ‘brain drain’ ahead of feared winter surge (msn.com)

Comment This so called Independent article tells me all I need to know about these saints advising the government. They are in it for the money. If they are that good they will have other jobs. Ferguson’s Imperial College has made a fortune from Covid chaos. there is no evidence that lockdowns do any more than scare people. Age , pre existing conditions and life style are key infection cause and only 1% who catch it actually die with it as an associated cause.

Influenza , which has a higher kill rate than Covid, has officially disappeared – but tests can’t accurately tell the difference. Figures have been deliberately inflated by these tests and now we have virtually mandatory testing for children. I know from experience of the Pfeizer double jab , that there are side effects. These jabs are not even protection.

It is clear that the upper middle class Whitehall clique are out in support of their buddies on lucrative secondment. These buddies are not clinicians. they model spread but must be careful to stay WOKE , so not link it to high density BAME lifestyle areas , mass Third World immigration, poverty, appalling hospitals where C difficile and MRSA kill rate gets no attention or the vile old peoples privatised care homes. They work simply on numbers taking no account of key differences. The object of the exercise is to avoid natural herd immunity , stoke up fear, modify behaviour to control dissent and cut work load in the public sector. It is always about money and control.

Roberta Jane Cook September 2021

Roberta Jane Cook

Health minister at centre of cronyism allegations sacked in reshuffle

Andrew Woodcock  

A health minister at the centre of a series of controversies over the government’s handling of coronavirus has been given the sack in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle.

Lord Bethell said he was “sad to be standing down” from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), where he was a surprise appointment as minister for innovation at the outset of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020.

He became a lightning rod for cronyism allegations in relation to multi-million pound contracts for PPE, tests and equipment, after telling the House of Lords that in the hunt for supplies ministers used “a very large network of contacts” and “informal arrangements”.

Dido Harding (L) and Lord Bethell (R)
Picture shows Dido Harding and Lord Bethell.

Read More Health minister at centre of cronyism allegations sacked in reshuffle (msn.com)

Comment Britain is a world leader and example to corrupt governments everywhere , hence their poisonous effects live on in the Third World. Hypocrisy is a major element in the operating system. Our dreadful State education system , for which I worked over 18 years , ensures a mindset that never asks questions. R J Cook

Horner: Hamilton could have been penalised too – September 18th 2021

Jon Wilde

Christian Horner believes there was a case for the Italian Grand Prix stewards to have given Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton the same penalty.a man riding a motorcycle on a track: Lewis Hamilton at Monza crash scene planetF1© PA Images Lewis Hamilton at Monza crash scene planetF1

Verstappen has received a three-place grid drop at the Russian GP for the crash in the middle of Monza’s opening chicane that took both of this season’s World Championship rivals out of the latest race.

Read More Horner: Hamilton could have been penalised too (msn.com)


Hamilton is a prominent champion of the BLM movement which will gain massive kudos if he beats Schumacher’s world title record. Hence there is enormous media bias in his favour. His selfish driving in a previous incident wrote off his rivals car and footage of this crash seems to have disappeared. This rival could have been killed , but our WOKE media doesn’t want to know.

People are being played here. Gareth Southgate did the same by picking the wrong players to take the Euro Cup final penalties. This was to make a point about black players being important and sparking outrage when the inevitable happened. Sport is bread and circuses . It is about an elite making money and distracting groups of people into a false sense of identity or awareness of what is really going on.

Roberta Jane Cook pictured in the 1980s. She says it is time for a TLM movement , separate from the LGBTQI box because we are binary, suffering from moronic bigotry , violence , marginalisation and abuse.

R J Cook

Historic tower just handed listed status to be demolished this weekend – September 18th 2021

By Tom Wilkinson

a clock tower in front of a building: (PA)
The doomed tower.

What the papers say – September 18Finalists in John Lennon-inspired song contest to battle it out at Cavern Club

A piece of industrial heritage, which was only granted listed building status last week, is to be demolished on Sunday after new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries overturned the decision.

The Dorman Long Tower, a 1955 brutalist concrete coal bunker, had been given Grade-II status by Historic England and was considered a Teesside landmark.

Read More Historic tower just handed listed status to be demolished this weekend (msn.com)

Comment Dr Celia Clark of Portsmouth University and myself encountered this mentality in our book ‘The Tricorn, The Life and Death of a Sixties Icon.’

There are so many ludicrous references to Britain being a democracy these days. It is a class system ruled by a wealthy paranoid elite with multiple lackeys, including the barrow boy property developers who have no interest in Britain’s industrial heritage.

Britain’s industrial revolution changed the landscape and life styles with harsh consequences for many. For worthwhile progress , doing away with a lot of the old is arguably a good thing. However, it is the automatic greed driven mindset of the few that should cause concern , along with their ability to override laws that are obviously only extant to control the masses who worry them. So it was no big problem for Nadine Dorries to ignore the listing.

Had it been a householder wanting to fit plastic window frames to an old listed thatched cottage , or even get rid of the cumbersome costly thatch, there would have been an inquiry and prevention order. That is life in Britain , which may be better than Afghanistan in some ways , but it is awful compared to the Britain I grew up in – and getting worse as a police state.

Roberta Jane Cook – life s a bum job for lots of us.

R J Cook

No 10 accused of sidelining behaviour experts on latest Covid measures

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent 

Senior scientific advisers have publicly accused the government of sidelining behavioural experts and appearing unwilling to listen to “uncomfortable truths” on vaccine passports and masks during the pandemic.

The scientists told the Guardian that their input to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) was apparently no longer wanted owing to the expansion of in-house expertise.

Read More No 10 accused of sidelining behaviour experts on latest Covid measures (msn.com)


SAGE are a vested interest which would have Britain and the world on permanent lockdown regardless of the fact they do not defeat the virus. Their references to behavioural scientists is creepy. We are not supposed to notice the wider field of damage caused by these arrogant self identifying experts. They are on bonuses from all of this while the dreadful bloated NHS wants to be clapped for not being able to do the job. It is all just too appalling to say anymore.

Roberta Jane Cook taking her Covid beating morning exercise today.

R J Cook

Brexit red tape bonfire to scrap driving licence cards and share certificates – September 17th 2021

Louis Ashworth, Oliver Gill, Julia Bradshaw, Russell Lynch  

Physical driving licences face the axe and farmers may be allowed to spray pesticides from drones as part of a package of post-Brexit regulatory reforms.

Read More Brexit red tape bonfire to scrap driving licence cards and share certificates (msn.com)

Comment Best to be wary of anything that puts even more of our information on State computers i n the name of Brexit freedom. The reality of Brexit is our own secretive wealthy elite flexing their muscles and keeping more secrets.

R J Cook

Army veteran, 80, in stand-off with council after refusing to chop down wildflower garden – September 16th 2021

Josie Ensor  

An 80-year-old US military veteran in Kansas who planted wildflowers in his garden to attract bees before being ordered to mow them down by the city council has united gardeners around the world in anger.

Read More Army veteran, 80, in stand-off with council after refusing to chop down wildflower garden (msn.com)

Comment When people voted for Brexit they were being conned about getting their country back. The elite put this on the agenda because the EU were talking tough on taxing the rich.

The proof of the pudding is there in the face of ever more Draconian police state measures, while people are fooled by blaming the white masses for all of the problems in Africa and BAME in general. Immigration is at record levels, although it has been made difficult for white East Europeans.

British justice was party to sex crime lies about Julian Assange and still has him locked up on behalf of the U.S deep state. EU’s progressive laws are vanishing under the cloak of Covid care. It’s just what the ever richer minority wanted so watch out for ever more laws and pettiness like the one above.

Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

What we know about myocarditis and the Covid-19 vaccines – September 15th 2021

What we know about myocarditis and the Covid-19 vaccines

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations for children aged 12 to 15 is due to begin in schools next week after being approved by the UK’s four chief medical officers.

The decision-making process has been “long and, at times, seemingly painful”, said the BBC’s health correspondent Nick Triggle, because it is a “finely balanced call”.

Healthy children are at a low risk from Covid, meaning the benefit of vaccination is only marginal, with efforts to avoid school disruption just tipping the balance in favour of jabs.

Read More What we know about myocarditis and the Covid-19 vaccines (msn.com)


These big science words scare people. A key phrase here is that the risk to children and young people is very low but jabs are about avoiding school disruption. As with feigned concern about us old folk and protecting the NHS, the tail is wagging the dog in police state Britain.

Roberta Jane Cook – September 15th 2021

Roberta Jane Cook

Man has hand ‘chopped off at the wrist after Whitechapel vigilantes corner him’ – September 15th 2021

Barney Davis  

Most drivers want hard shoulder back on smart motorways, poll finds20 movies that fans think are better than the books

man had his hand cut off after being attacked with his own machete by angry vigilantes, according to locals.

Cllr Khayer Chowdhury, crime lead for nearby Redbridge council, said on his Facebook page that locals had cornered a man who had reportedly brought a machete to the scene.

He wrote: “Yeah…you don’t mess with the people of Tower Hamlets.

Read More Man has hand ‘chopped off at the wrist after Whitechapel vigilantes corner him’ (msn.com)


What Does this tell us about Britain ? It is a feral society and one Crime Commissioner even wrote in ‘The Mail’ that there is a feral police force. We certainly saw that with PCs Monk and Couzens recently.

R J Cook

Labour’s shadow equalities secretary quits as does junior minister

Jessica Elgot Chief political correspondent  1 hour agoLike29 Comments|25

Corrections and clarificationsNicki Minaj ‘forgives’ Boris Johnson amid row about COVID-19 vaccine

Marsha de Cordova, the shadow equalities secretary, has resigned from Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet with immediate effect citing a desire to focus on her marginal constituency.

One senior MP said the role would be difficult to fill, citing tensions at a senior level over the party’s stance on transgender rights.

Read More Labour’s shadow equalities secretary quits as does junior minister (msn.com)

Comment Labour’s difficulties with transgender rights exposes the essence of their hypocrisy and what equality means to the party’s essence. Feminists generally don’t like transsexuals which is why they are not in the LGBTQI coral. Enough will never be enough for them because they are not about equality. They combine ongoing complaints about being victims with obvious assertions of superiority. It is interesting how many new laws have been made to support this. Labour’s support for BAME and BLM is disingenuous.

For all of its alleged modernisation, the Labour Party always has to have underdogs , the problems must never be solved. Mass immigration and virtue signalling over Afghan refugees s perfect for them. But when it comes to transsexuals, the Labour cloistered and self centred feminist contingent sees them as all potential rapists, sadly trying to disguise themselves to look like the abundant and intoxicatingly irresistible British beauties. Then they pounce. Feminist prejudices are inductively O.K and politically correct. Masculinity is toxic and all white men are privileged. The idea that equality should be about equality of responsibility is like showing the cross to Dracula.

R J Cook

Army veteran, 86, died after being punched in the face when confronting youths near his home

Gareth Davies  3 hrs ago

Families with young children ‘facing steep rise in poverty’A Brixton Tale: the making of this year’s must-see independent film…

A teenager has been charged with the manslaughter of an Army veteran who was assaulted outside his own home. Read more Army veteran, 86, died after being punched in the face when confronting youths near his home (msn.com)


This country is run by awful people, family life is broken and the establishment and services like the police are corrupt. The education system was a shambles and PR stunt when I worked in it. It is worse now.

R J Cook

Exclusive: Highest-paid NHS managers could be cleared out in Treasury audit

Christopher Hope, Tony Diver 

Queen mourns death of close friend Sir Timothy ColmanCharlie Sheen confirms daughter Sam has moved in

Ministers have ordered an audit of NHS jobs as part of a probe into departmental spending on civil service jobs which could lead to a thinning out of highly paid posts in the health service.

Read More Exclusive: Highest-paid NHS managers could be cleared out in Treasury audit (msn.com)


Margaret Thatcher and her government came up with the idea of hiring so called talent to head up state services and businesses,. In the case of British Leyland , NCB and the British Steel Corporation, with whom I dealt in my capacity as an engineering buyer for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile, to run them down.

In the name of cutting public spending, State sector bosses had a pathway to riches. A whole new layer of parastical bureaucracy was added to the police, NHS and education , with pay rises all around even the lower ranks because they were ‘serving the public.’

The arrogance of people leading these ‘services’ is palpable, corruption and failure rife. Whitehall is the icing on the cake. There are so many vested interest leaching of a desperate private sector it is hard to have hope for improvement.

Roberta Jane Cook 2006

R J Cook

From F.S – September 13th 2021

At the weekend I found a book called ‘Woke’ in a charity shop. It’s a masterly mickey-take. Copy here: https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/titania-mcgrath/woke/9781472130846

This was another interesting discovery  https://anti-empire.com/vaccinated-brits-aged-40-to-79-more-likely-to-be-covid-positive-than-unvaccinated-peers/

M25 traffic latest: Carnage as fights erupt between drivers and protesters – severe delays – September 13th 2021

Chloe Davies  

Sharper casta car driving on a highway: m25 traffic update© NATIONAL HIGHWAYS m25 traffic update

There is build-up on the M25 in both directions near the junction for the A22 due to demonstrators. A demonstration is preventing access to a roundabout at Godstone on Monday morning, blocking both exit slip roads in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Climate change protesters are understood to be behind the demonstration which is taking place on either side of the A22/M25, and violent scenes between drivers and protestors has emerged.

Read More M25 traffic latest: Carnage as fights erupt between drivers and protesters – severe delays (msn.com)

Comment The country has been run by a national elite that has joined with the global elite in seeing oppressive laws , feral police and custody as the answer to everything. Protest has to be officially approved , we must accept ongoing mass migration, rolling wars ,continued exploitation of the Third World, religious bigotry and anything else that they make up as they go along – like on off lockdowns. I know the M25 all the way around. That junction and the A22 are busy dangerous places. I am not surprised tempers have snapped. People are being driven mad, then offered pills. Can our global society get any worse ? I think so and it will.

Robert Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

Five teenagers and a woman arrested after fatal stabbing in town centre fight – September 13th 2021

Scott d’Arcy  

Boris Johnson news – live: NI hike ‘to hit hospitality staff worst’ as minister defends…Britney Spears engaged

Three 15-year-old boys are among six people arrested over the fatal stabbing of a man during a fight, police said.

Read More Five teenagers and a woman arrested after fatal stabbing in town centre fight (msn.com)

Russia’s staggering military spending exposed as Putin’s army over takes USA – chart

Pip Murrison

Russia’s military expenditure is alarming; the amount it spends as a percentage of its GDP has overtaken the US for at least six years now. As the US’s defence budget diminishes will it be able to keep pugnacious Putin in check? Should the West be concerned?

Our World in Data has tracked the military expenditure of countries from around the world.

Their data from 2014 has revealed a worrying trend.

From 2003 to 2013, the US managed to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin in check by spending a higher percentage of its GDP on its military than Russia did.

However, since 2014 Russian spending in proportion to its GDP has remained higher than the US.

This spiked to an alarming 5.45 percent compared to the US’s 3.42 percent in 2016.

Comment Are there still people who think ‘west good, Russia bad.’ North Americans should be concerned by Deep State cover ups and military waste than Russia’s targeted spending. This is about the west’s worried wealthy’.

Roberta Jane Cook 1990

Brexit protocol: Boris Johnson warned full implementation would mean ‘chaos on streets’ – September 12th 2021

Loyalist activist Jamie Bryson has warned the ongoing row over the Northern Ireland protocol poses a “serious threat to peace and security” in Northern Ireland. He has argued that the Brexit deal as currently agreed between the UK and EU amounts to the “colonisation” of Northern Ireland into an “economic union.” It comes amid much anger from the Loyalist and Unionist community at what they see as the altered constitutional status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

Read More Brexit protocol: Boris Johnson warned full implementation would mean ‘chaos on streets’ (msn.com)


When I was a young student , the Northern Irish question seemed simply answered by persuading the two sides that religion should no longer be relevant. I have a lot of experience now.

So I realise riding rough shod over Northern Irish identity has similarities with what two British police forces are doing to me by deciding I am nuts and ridiculing and blocking my female gender identity.

The current Northern Irish flare up illuminates the idiocy of our ruling classes by allowing a Brexit referendum and the stupidity of the masses in believing a yes vote would solve the migrant issue and ‘get our country back.’

Roberta Jane Cook 1984

Murder victim named as police apologise after family cleaned his blood- September 12th 2021

Jacob Thorburn and Dan Sales For Mailonline 

The spy writer who held a grudge against Le Carré comes in from the coldJ Lo And Ben Had A Dramatic Fan Encounter At The Airporta man that is standing in the street: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

The first pictures have emerged of a teenager who was brutally stabbed to death as police officially named him and announced they have arrested a suspect. 

A murder investigation was launched after Abdirahim Mohamed, 18, was found suffering with stab wounds in Melbourne Street, Leicester on Wednesday evening.

Also In Leicester , Woman Found Murdered – September 12th 2021

Police were called to a property on Lincoln Street just before 6pm yesterday.

East Midlands Ambulance Service also attended the incident. where a woman was found murdered.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the investigation is still in its early stages.

Read More Murder victim named as police apologise after family cleaned his blood (msn.com)


#NotInMyName trends as people object to government’s ‘turnaround tactics’ for migrant boats in the Channel – September 12th 2021

Liam O’Dell  

The government’s latest efforts to address migrant boats crossing the English Channel has sparked outrage, as the prime minister’s spokesperson suggested the new “turnaround tactics” are supported by the general public.

Read More #NotInMyName trends as people object to government’s ‘turnaround tactics’ for migrant boats in the Channel (msn.com)


Most of us older people – Trump is an exception – do not use Twitter and Twitter should not decide anything in a so called democracy. The majority who voted against Barmy Brexit voted to stop the migrant chaos.

The illegals should be stopped in Europe , but Europe is overwhelmed and Britain’s liberals and elite have been sending out welcome signals. They have used and abused Europe creating an unsustainable situation.

They have also destabilised the Islamic world and would attack Afghanistan and Iran if they could. Yesterday’s 9/11 remembrance misses the points raised by the likes of Michael Moore concerning the mystery of how and why the tragedy happened and how steel girders melted from an aviation fuel fire.

To those who wonder about the little pictures of me at the end of some stories, it is to emphasise who I am and to stand up to the hate criminals who have and still are making my life hell. I don’t believe that transsexuals should hide in the LGBTQI group, They should be and assert themselves as individuals and make a personal stand about their identity – and most certainly not take anti psychotic drugs as the GIC have tried to make me do. I expect this site to be closed down soon. Unfortunately , in this country, charity does not begin at home.

Roberta Jane Cook

British monarchy could be gone in two generations, says novelist Mantel – September 11th 2021

‘Despite being responsible for law and order Priti Patel can’t obey rules herself’Famous actresses share their audition horror stories

LONDON (Reuters) – The British royals, who trace their history back more than 1,000 years, could be gone within two generations, writer Hilary Mantel said in an interview published on Saturday.

Read More British monarchy could be gone in two generations, says novelist Mantel (msn.com)


Two Generations is too long to wait. As author of many history books covering English history and a lecturer in British Political history, I recognise the role of kings , for all their brutality , cruelty, murder , sex outrages, hypocrisy and failings, in creating the kind of order we have now. But they have no worthwhile role these days beyond being museum pieces.

They are an expensive nonsense wheeled out for dubious government propaganda and confusion. They should go. Their history is not unblemished and Queen Victoria presided over the heyday of empire. If the statues must go , so should the monarchy. World War One was a mass murderous deluded squabble between three in bred greedy monarchies that gave us World War Two and the horrors of today.

The monarchy is an absurd smokescreen obscuring truth and any hope of equality ,social and economic progress. In short , it is pretentious bullshit. Prince Andrew’s dilemma says it all about these irrelevant parasites. Britain needs cutting down to size before it does any more harm.

Teacher Roberta Jane Cook in her classroom , 1988, Grange School, Aylesbury

Roberta Jane Cook

Armed police ‘arrest Afghan special forces commando at Manchester hotel’ – September 11th 2021

Daniel Keane  

Armed police have arrested an Afghan special forces commando at a hotel in Manchester, according to reports.

The commando is said to have been in quarantine with his family after arriving on an evacuation flight from Kabul.

He was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on or around 31 August and is being held under immigration powers, according to multiple media reports. An investigation is said to be underway and the individual is believed to still be in detention.


Not really a surprise. This is rule by the Idiocracy.

Roberta Jane Cook

UK Covid deaths soar by 30% in days as fears of new lockdown explode – September 11th 2021

Dylan Donnelly  

Ferrari?Covid deaths have risen by 30 percent in a week© GETTY Covid deaths have risen by 30 percent in a week

On Saturday September 11, the UK recorded another 29,547 cases and 156 deaths within 28 says of a positive Covid test. The figures represent a 30 percent increase in fatalities from Saturday September 4, where 37,179 cases and 120 deaths were recorded.

It comes as reports suggested the UK could re-enter lockdown in October to curb hospitalisations.

Read More UK Covid deaths soar by 30% in days as fears of new lockdown explode (msn.com)

Comment Very Convenient for the social controllers and ruling elite whom they serve. The number of Covid patients currently in hospital account for less than 8% of beds and deaths from Covid alone are almost non existent. There are too many vested interests and elite fear of protests to stop this little gem of fear. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

Oxford Covid jab faces to be withdrawn from Britain’s vaccine rollout – September 11th 2021

Eleanor Hayward Health Correspondent For The Daily Mail

he Oxford jab could be largely withdrawn from UK’s vaccine programme as millions of Britons who were given two doses are likely to be offered a Pfizer booster shot.

The booster programme is expected to rely mainly on the Pfizer vaccine under a ‘mix and match’ strategy to top-up immunity.

Research has suggested combining the two different vaccines can provide better and longer lasting protection against Covid-19.

Read More Oxford Covid jab faces to be withdrawn from Britain’s vaccine rollout (msn.com)

Nearly half of all NHS staff have no medical qualifications

Gordon Rayner, Mason Boycott-Owen, Lizzie Roberts, Alex Clark  22 hrs ago

Ex-police officer jailed for assaults on two people while on duty

Almost half of all NHS staff are managers, administrators or unqualified assistants, it has emerged, as Boris Johnson came under pressure to insist on health service reforms as the price of increased funding.

The proportion of clinical staff who are professionally trained has declined from 55.5 per cent in 2013 to just 52.5 per cent now, meaning 47.5 per cent of staff have no medical qualifications.

Separately, it has emerged that the number of NHS managers paid more than the Prime Minister is about to rise to more than 400. Some hospitals have as many as nine managers earning more than Mr Johnson’s £157,000.

MPs said the figures showed that with £36 billion extra going to the NHS and social care, funded by a 1.25 percentage point increase in National Insurance, it was time to have a root and branch review of NHS spending.

Read More Nearly half of all NHS staff have no medical qualifications (msn.com)


During my first year as an undergraduate when Universities still deserved the name, I was compelled to study five subjects for examination in my first year. These subjects included philosophy. Moral philosophy was part of this course.

Given the society my privileged greedy hypocritical student contemporaries went on to create, it all seems to have been rather pointless. I went in to public service for security , a mortgage and to do good. Nowadays public servants expect inflation busting pay rises with an easy life.

Corruption is rife , as we see with the jailing of yet another corrupt U.K police officer for faking and signing witness statements. It seems O.K to assume every man accused of rape as being guilty, along with the prejudice that for everyone caught thousands go free.

But we are not allowed to argue that for every PC Wayne Couzens caught there are thousands of bent police officers up to all sorts of corruption and criminality. Like the NHS who just must be clapped , the police must be seen as heroes.

It is not good enough. Teaching was difficult and stressful but I was privileged and grateful for the work, senior staff left a lot to be desired and had stupid ideas, but at least they had done the job. What we have with the NHS is the tail wagging the dog. As with being a well turned out woman, foundations are everything or the whole thing eventually collapses. Expensive clothes are wasted otherwise. Seeing what is on underneath should be enlightening but not shocking.

Roberta Jane Cook says the right foundations are crucial to our appearance.

R J Cook

New post on The Slog
Posted by F.S September 8th 2021
TAKING LIBERTIES: FROM BLAIR TO BEZOS IN 25 YEARSby John WardTony Blair with Jeff Bezos’ Dad Mike in 2014It comes as no surprise at all to me that former Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos is pouring millions into life longevity – “eternal life research” as he so modestly puts it. It does, after all, fit the psychographic profile of the 0.001% like a moleskin glove.


‘After the death of cyclist Marta Krawiec it’s time to take a stand’

Philip Pank  2 hrs agoLike4 Comments|1

Council leader asked if other comics will face ‘purge’ like Chubby BrownLily Allen celebrates her first anniversary with David Harbour

Dr Marta Krawiec lived in the flat upstairs. She was a wonderful neighbour who baked us Polish cakes at Christmas, planted flowers in the communal areas of our house and greeted us with a cheery ‘Good morning’ every day as she unchained her bicycle and left for work as a children’s allergy consultant.

Read More ‘After the death of cyclist Marta Krawiec it’s time to take a stand’ (msn.com)


This is a tragedy and much to do with terrible Capital infrastructure. I was a cyclist in London during the late 1970s , riding as fast as possible oblivious of my vulnerability. The worst thing that happened was when I was riding in rain, from Goldsmiths College, where I was a post grad, to my home in Stockwell. I hit the back of a taxi when it suddenly stopped without signalling , to turn right. I ended up in the gutter and the taxi drove on.

London is worse now. Until lockdown I was a truck driver, regularly crossing London via Westway, delivering in Charlotte Street near Tottenham Court Road, then on to Covent Garden to collect and out to Brighton. Very tricky and cyclists , like my younger self , oblivious of danger and almost ubiquitous. Coming down on to the Marylebone Road from the flyover , the traffic was heavy by 6 a.m. The motorbike and scooter riders equally hazardous , weaving in and out. That is the reality of London , a city my parents and sister were born in and where I once lived, north and south. It has changed so much and is one of the most testing places on earth for drivers. Truck drivers are not perfect and need to be treated with consideration.

I was living in London when they went on strike in the late 1970s. Too many people see them as a nuisance and an obstacle rather than what delivers the goods. It is time cyclists had professional training , high vis vests with registration numbers and paid to use the road , especially in big cities. There are some terribly dangerous junctions and an international population. Their attitude to the road needs some common basis and training. Improving roads is not enough. It is also a fact that London cyclists have killed or injured pedestrians. Action to regulate cycling is way overdue. R J Cook

Cyclists in Tottenham Court Road approaching a busy junction , impatient and taking chances in 2019.
Image by R J Cook Appledene Ptotographics.

No Escaping The Experts & Scientists – September 8th 2021

London transport staff warned of razors inside Covid conspiracy posters‘I was a hypocrite on the make’: unheard John Lennon interviews up for auction

October lockdown: Smaller gatherings would be first rule introduced in potential firebreak, Sage expert says

Reducing the size of gatherings would likely be the first measure in the event of a firebreak lockdown in October, a SAGE expert has said.

Read More October lockdown: Smaller gatherings would be first rule introduced in potential firebreak, Sage expert says (msn.com)

All in this together – September 8th 2021

Read More : https://in-this-together.com/inalienable-rights/ 

Met Police officers face misconduct probe over disappearance of Richard Okorogheye – September 7th 2021

Gareth Davies  

‘I am in the same boat’: anger and empathy greets Dungeness migrant arrivalsThese celebrities are also great artists

Two Metropolitan Police officers are being investigated for possible misconduct over the investigation into the disappearance of Richard Okorogheye, his family’s lawyers have said.a man wearing a suit and tie: Richard Okorogheye - PA© PA Richard Okorogheye – PA

It is claimed that one officer failed to pass on the fact that Mr Okorogheye suffered from sickle cell anaemia to the missing persons team after being contacted by his GP..

Read More Met Police officers face misconduct probe over disappearance of Richard Okorogheye (msn.com)


I have direct and ongoing experience of Thames Valley and West Mercia Police, who have a very big axe to grind with me, interfering in my health care – via my appalling GP- very seriously indeed- see Toxic Transgender Clinic and Trans Action pages.

They still won’t tell me why I was given a secret PNC Criminal Marker on my car and soft intelligence records on October 9th 2008. I found out , in 2012 that I had allegedly stalked , threatening violence, a well respected senior officer over the weekend of October 4th/5th 2008.

I was hundreds of miles away from Shropshire , north of Liverpool at the time and could prove it. But if the police don’t like the evidence they will ignore and even destroy it. The police even made a press release with malicious lies about domestic violence which they also don’t want to talk about.

They still won’t tell me why because it is malicious and life wrecking act, seriously affecting my hard working and honourable son’s life chances too. But ‘nice’ sanctimonious people in Norden House Surgery and the Gender Identity clinic, dote on the police. So they reported all to the Gender Identity Clinic who stopped my medication and gender reassignment surgery because I won’t take antipsychotics.

The British police are not recruited for their sensitivity. Many are bullies and accomplished liars. T hat fits well with the job. At best, they are what the sociologist R K Merton called ‘perspectivist thinkers’. Their new methods of evidence gathering include framing people by profiling, bugging phones and watching the cameras. They are also interested in what your neighbours might think and hacking your computer.

They are recruited to look after very powerful vested interests. So it is a nightmare to think that they are called upon and trusted to make judgements about peoples’ mental health. They cause more mental health issues through harassment , fabricating and withholding evidence to get innocent people jailed. The frightened comfortable members of the public are reassured, which is why Sarah Everard got into killer PC Wayne Couzens’ car. He already had four complaints of sexual misconduct against him. These were ignored.

The BLM claiming to be their only victims is obscuring a dangerous and developing police mentality with some very serious issues attached.

PC Benjamin Monk , of notoriously corrupt West Mercia Police, was protected for nearly 5 years from the consequence of brutally killing a black Premier League footballer – in spite of a record of abusing the taser with four other suspects which West Mercia Police ignored.

West Mercia’s Deputy Chief Constable also rewrote a report clearing three officers of perjury and misconduct in the Plebgate affair. Add to that them jailing an Irish man for forcing a young clubber to masturbate him, when he was of the wrong ethnicity, not there and with no forensic evidence. The Irish man got 17 years and received no compensation, because he couldn’t prove he hadn’t done it,

Senior officers have too many privileges and too much public trust. There are lots more cases on this site’s police station pages , with links, and archive. Yesterday , a female officer was filmed kicking a downed suspect. One must ask who are the paranoid schizophrenics here ? She told the person filming the viral video , to get lost, in rather coarse terms.

Robert Jane Cook out and about with a man friend’.

BBC Admits Documentary on Syria Chemical Attack Contained ‘False Claims’ – September 7th 2021

 orinocotribune bbcBBC propagandachemical weaponsChloe HadjimatheouDaily MailDoumaECUfake newsOPCWPeter HitchensPropagandaSyriaUKwikileaks

UK’s propaganda outlet BBC has admitted that a Radio 4 documentary about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, in 2018 contained serious inaccuracies.

On Sunday, the UK corporation’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) upheld a protest by Daily Mail columnist Peter Kitchens following the broadcast on the program Mayday: The Canister On The Bed last November.

The judges agreed that BBC investigative journalist Chloe Hadjimatheou’s show failed to meet the “corporation’s editorial standards for accuracy” by reporting false claims.

Read More BBC Admits Documentary on Syria Chemical Attack Contained ‘False Claims’ – Orinoco Tribune – News and opinion pieces about Venezuela and beyond


These were not just inaccuracies. The whole story was a pack of lies. The BBC was originally the Ministry of Information and the model for Orwell’s ‘Big Brother.’ They wanted a full blown regime change in Syria because they feared Russia would get its hands on the oil. All the innocent dead from that Anglo American motivated carnage didn’t matter. The BBC smeared Peter Hitchens as a Russian agent.

They also lied that Wikileaks were paid £100,000 by Russia to deny the BBC’s lies. Britain’s elite still think they are born to rule the world but do not understand cotemporary Islam. Their mindset is back in 1919 when they set about sealing the Arab world’s fate – possibly involved in killing T E Lawrence of Araba for being such a post war nuisance.

Orwell – real name Eric Blair – had seen the British Empire at work first hand , as well as fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and could not stomach working for the elite’s BBC. Unfit to have his life wasted in the services, he fought for truth using his typewriter.

His dire warnings were never meant to be instruction manuals , as they now seem to be.

Britain’s elite ruled and controlled the Islamic world for years. They now follow curious lines of invading them while hanging on U.S shirt tails and inviting them all to Britain if they want to come. Hence all the angst about needing to make the Channel crossings safer for them.

Why not just follow the logic of collecting them all from their home ports, bring all who want to come ? Those left behind will make up the shortage in nearly no time and wages in the U.K should plummet along with rising property prices, taxes and so much else to benefit the elite and immiserate the masses. As mono culturalists , these migrants will eventually sort the country out as the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan.

Roberta Jane Cook enjoying the sunshine while it lasts , back in 2007.
Image Appledene Photographics

R J Cook

Coal plant fired up as concerns mount over energy prices

Emily Hawkins  

a group of clouds in the sky© Provided by City AM

Energy insiders are concerned after two coal facilities have been taken off standby and Britain looks ahead to a cold, costly winter.

The amount of electricity coming from wind farms has dropped considerably due to calm weather and there has been a global shortage of natural gas. 

National Grid ESO asked EDF to switch on two coal-fired units at its West Burton A station on Monday morning to help meet demand, according to The Telegraph.

Read More Coal plant fired up as concerns mount over energy prices (msn.com)

Comment Another deliberately engineered crisis to benefit the elite, all in the name of climate protection. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

Bank holiday testing dip sends UK’s daily Covid cases surging 56% – September 7th 2021

Connor Boyd Assistant Health Editor For Mailonline and Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Mailonline  21 hrs agoLike3 Comments|8

Covid news – live: NHS leaders welcome cash injection as deaths jump…David Baddiel writing new memoir based on his stand-up showdiagram: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Daily coronavirus infections across the UK surged 56 per cent in a week today, official figures show — but the rise is due to a dip in testing last Monday.

The Department of Health’s daily update showed there were 41,192 new cases in the past 24 hours compared to just 26,476 on Bank Holiday Monday.


Pure alarmist drivel. These dubious tests with statistically biased projections are used to cause alarm and keep up the smokescreen to hide a demographic socio economic nightmare.

Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

Brexit WARNING: London at risk of LOSING global financial crown in next five years – September 7th 2021

Paul Withers 

That is the huge warning in a new report from TheCityUK, which is the Square Mile’s most influential lobbying body. The group has formed a strategy working with 60 financial services groups that will help the UK “regain financial centre leadership in five years”. But TheCityUK has warned UK capital has fallen relative to some of its biggest rivals around the world such as New York and Hong Kong over the past decade. The country’s local share of markets such as cross-border bank lending, insurance premium-writing, pension and hedge fund assets have all fallen, the report warned.

Read More Brexit WARNING: London at risk of LOSING global financial crown in next five years (msn.com)

Tory MPs urges Priti Patel to return illegal migrants to France – September 7th 2021

Rajeev Syal Home affairs editor  1 hour agoLike89 Comments|80

Read More Brexit WARNING: London at risk of LOSING global financial crown in next five years (msn.com)

What are the Government’s NHS and social care plans and how will they affect me?See the stars of Death in Paradise and their familiesa group of people on a boat in the water: Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Conservative MPs have urged the home secretary, Priti Patel, to send back immediately anyone including children who boards an illegal crossing of the Channel from France.

Extreme views and conspiracism rising among England’s pupils, research finds September 7th 2021

UK’s Troubles amnesty plan goes further than Pinochet’s, study saysZendaya splurged on Bulgari yellow diamond ringa group of people sitting at a table: Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

Teachers are reporting a rise in extremist views and conspiracy theories among pupils, which they warn will be left to fester unless schools equip them with training and resources to tackle dangerous thinking and ideologies, according to research.

Read More Extreme views and conspiracism rising among England’s pupils, research finds (msn.com)

Comment Who decided what is dangerous thinking or ideology ? Will Islam be on the list ? History is full of religion fed wars and conspiracies. Who defines conspiracy ? Teachers were bad enough when I was doing the job. This is well off the road to democracy. It is the road to tyranny and related mental illness. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook in teaching days , on the school stage.

Parent tells school board that vaccines are Deep State conspiracy to depopulate the world – September 7th 2021

Gino Spocchia  

UK’s Troubles amnesty plan goes further than Pinochet’s, study saysZendaya splurged on Bulgari yellow diamond ring

A parent at a school board meeting in Seminole CountyFlorida, told members that Covid vaccines were a “deep state conspiracy” and that scientists and the medical community wanted to “depopulate us”.

Read More Parent tells school board that vaccines are Deep State conspiracy to depopulate the world (msn.com)

Is there going to be an October ‘firebreak’ lockdown in the UK? – September 7th 2021

Kate Plummer 

News published yesterday said that there could be a potential lockdown in the UK in October to deal with a potential rise in cases of coronavirus.

Read More Is there going to be an October ‘firebreak’ lockdown in the UK? (msn.com)

Comment It is ludicrous but inevitable given the vested interest and media induced sheep like mindset of the British masses. This virus cannot be defeated by lockdowns or jabs.

It is not a mass killer of healthy people but the British NHS , like so many other health care systems , is totally inadequate by negative virtue of its structure, along with massive demands from an unfit ageing and ever expanding BAME population where lifestyle and densely urban communities are a major issue.

The cowardice and dishonesty of a leadership that simply wants to be seen to do ‘the right thing’ is appalling and will continue to inflict and retard our socio economic structure. Their so called experts and other vested interests are enjoying a very profitable ride. Less than 7 % of U.K hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients and 80% of the population are double vaccinated.

Robert Jane Cook

What would happen if there were a new wave of UK Covid cases

Alex Finnis  14 hrs agoLike18 Comments|34

Public inquiry begins into plans for new coalmine in CumbriaKanye West and Andre 3000’s Donda collaboration cut due to profanity

Scientists are hopeful there will not be another UK lockdown this winter, even if there is a fresh wave of Covid-19 cases.

Boris Johnson called the roadmap out of lockdown “cautious but irreversible” when he announced it back in February.

Rules are now all but back to normal across the UK. England and Scotland both scrapped limits on social contact back in July.

Read More Will there be another lockdown in winter? What would happen if there were a new wave of UK Covid cases (msn.com)

Comment I think lockdowns will always be there in the background, in spite of evidence they achieved nothing other than there being zero cases of flu during that period. They also covered for the dreadfully inadequate and self righteous higher wage demanding NHS. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

Millions of vegetables thrown away as labour shortages hit farmers – September 6th 2021

Holly Bancroft  

Read More Millions of vegetables thrown away as labour shortages hit farmers (msn.com)

Rapper Dizzee Rascal pleads not guilty to assaulting ex-girlfriendThe Wire actor Michael K Williams found dead in New York apartment – reports

Scottish vegetable growers are having to throw away millions of cauliflower and broccoli heads due a shortage of farm workers and lorry drivers.a group of people riding on the back of a train: PA-53320269.jpg© PA PA-53320269.jpg

Brexit Disaster – September 6th 2021

Muslims have an identity and no obligation to blend in with multi culture. Working class white have lost their jobs thanks to the Thatcher/Blairite revolution. in Ireland there is the added complication of Protestant history and association with the ‘Papism.’ As an Irish colleague told me, ‘They take the union with Britain so seriously in Northern Ireland, they paint the kerb stones red , white and blue.’ Very sad. R J Cook

Former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Lord Trimble has written to the US President urging him to help stop “political uncertainty” and damage to “the Northern Ireland economy” caused by post-Brexit trade compromises with the EU. The Northern Ireland Protocol was negotiated by the EU and the UK as part of the Brexit agreement. It has instituted customs checks on the sea border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and has been called a threat to the identity of unionists in Northern Ireland, who argue that it creates the conditions for an “economic” united Ireland

Read More Joe Biden fury as US President’s Brexit meddling to ’cause civil unrest’ (msn.com)

At least 1,000 Channel migrants arrive in a single day – September 6th 2021

Telegraph reporters 

a group of people that are standing in the water: Migrants are led ashore at Dungeness in Kent - Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Lifeboats at ready make the migration process much safer , as we see here today.

Police officer investigated after going viral on TikTok for ‘kicking man in legs’…Nightbirde urged to stay strong as she shares radiant beach photo alongside…

Migrant crossings have hit a new record high with at least 1,000 men, women and children reaching the UK across the Channel on Monday.

Read More At least 1,000 Channel migrants arrive in a single day (msn.com)

The risk factor that makes you ‘twice as likely’ to get Covid post-jab – and it’s not age – September 6th 2021

Adam Chapman  

Keir Starmer rules out supporting national insurance riseAngelina Jolie says “it hurt” when Brad Pitt worked with Harvey Weinstein

The UK has enjoyed a restriction-free summer, which stands in stark contrast to most of Europe, where varying degrees of restrictions remain in place. Evidence suggests Britain is paying a heavy price for its wholesale lifting of all measures aimed at curbing COVID-19. The rise in cases, as well as hospitalisations and deaths, is one of the highest in Europe.

Read More The risk factor that makes you ‘twice as likely’ to get Covid post-jab – and it’s not age (msn.com)


Britain is the most densely populated country in the world. Most of its people live on 10% of the land. The rich all powerful elite have free run of the rest in a very advanced police state serving their interests.

So they are well in with the conspiracy to force mass vaccination. I have never had flu and stopped getting colds when I became a teacher in 1979. In that job I was exposed and caught most things that I had not already had as a child. My father did not approve of vaccinations. He was a free thinker, having seen mass hunger and poverty growing up in the 1930s, and military incompetence as a regular soldier wounded at Dunkirk.. The equally incompetent NHS killed him when he was 40, and killed my mother – also doing me great harm. All the staff seem to care about , like the police , is more money for their role with the Covid lockdown con.

Being breast fed in the pre feminist age, I had a strong immune system , but the jabs made me feel very ill. Now we know, in spite of all the tame media folk brought out – the latest being Sacha Baron Cohen who wants more state control of social media – to endorse it, the jabs are actually bad for us.

The people who die are already vulnerable and the NHS needs protecting because it is an appalling organisation which cannot cope with scrutiny, cost benefit analysis, rising migrant and old age demands. Of the latter elderly care crisis, we have much to thank Thatcher’s greedy privatisation of local authority old folks care homes in the 1980s.

These places are poorly staffed, extortionately expensive , profiteering and overcrowded. Euthanasia would be kinder for many -but God wouldn’t like that , would he ? R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook , visiting a friend.
Image by Appledene Photographics / Oliver Lasio.

Apocalyptic Britain by R J Cook – September 5th 2021

The following thread of images and words in today’s About Britain posts create an interesting picture when you join up the dots. But first a quote from ‘liberal’ Andrew Rawnlsey from today’s Guradian. He is arguing that Britain wants to go on with its never ending regime change wars ( regime change everywhere but Britain ) then we must join forces with Europe. This is because the U.S.A can no longer be relied on to back up the British elite’s refusal to let go of its old Empire , whatever it might say as atonement for slavery.

Here is the quote : After the rout, the recriminations. British fingers furiously jab at the Americans for a shaming scuttle from Kabul that will embolden the west’s adversaries. Sir John Major yesterday called the withdrawal of western forces a “strategically very stupid” decision. Tony Blair, the prime minister who sent British forces into Afghanistan 20 years ago, goes so far as to call the precipitous exit “imbecilic”

Blair is the man who used lies to encourage George Bush Junior into the Iraq war which has had terrible consequences – of which Britain’s complicity in jailing Julian Assange for warning of the idiocy of going into Afghanistan and exposing Anglo U.S war crimes in Iraq, is but a part.

The only things I remember John Major for are an affair with sexy Janet Reiger luxury lingerie wearer married MP Edwina Currie, Black Friday currency and stock market crisis with Norman Lamont’s help and the destructive rail privatisation.

These men did enough damage as Prime Ministers , so it is alarming that so called liberal left media republish their appalling views and utter incompetence as wisdom for the rest of us to follow.

The sequence below begins with the puffed up self righteous British leadership , backed by comfortable and or ignorant voters displaying a view that Afghanistan’s current situation is anyone’s business other than the Taliban and the U.S.A.

The Private Eye cover image encapsulates their bloated pomposity. In this far from just democracy where there are 600.000 homeless and so many socio economic evils, these characters – like their opposition are desperate to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon ,. They are keen not to mention the two recent Islamic terror attacks in New Zealand and Berlin.

The sequence goes on to display British tabloid front pages from yesterday, covering the police state’s insistence of forcing dubious Pfeizer jabs on young people. The government also plan to make Covid passports compulsory for mass events.

Next we have the latest recruit to so called anti anxiety drugs, Jeremy Kyle. This ex car salesman man, who got TV lucky, made his name and a fortune bear baiting so many hapless hopeless Chav white working class men , for being so beastly to their partners, children or both , on live TV, that one of them killed himself. Mercifully this led to his garbage show being axed.

Then , shock horror , we have the leak of all leaks. The Queen is actually expected to die and her lavish funeral arrangments have been leaked to the press. With everything else going on , how will we Brits across the Commonwealth, survive ? It is terrible news coming so close to the revelation that a BBC journalist triggered a chain of events that killed our beloved Northamptonshire aristocrat, Princess ( formerly Lady |) Diana.

Can this country get any worse ? Of course it can. It is already in the pits for the poorly educated masses who are now so dependent on government diktats because they are not encouraged to think for themselves. They even need police approval to protest.

Never mind. All will be well. The tried and trusted ‘New Scientist’ magazine’s latest edition informs us that we must stop blaming secret mad state sponsored scientists for the devilish Covid 19 virus. We must go back to blaming another specie link – the old chestnut that a virus just jumped , mutated spontaneously into something new and began to kill.

The magazine’s top story is that all will be well when we are fully carbon neutral. Not a word about deforestation cutting oxygen and rainfall among other things to facilitate religion driven overpopulation along with demand for more living space. Only 2 % of Afghanistan survives as forest. No mention that humans and their cattle emit a lot of greenhouse gas. Don’t argue or doubt. The esteemed publication is written by scientists. ( sic ).

Meanwhile , on a more fundamental level, I had a bad week riding the buses. I missed an Arriva X60 on Tuesday, having waited half an hour for it before being told it had left 10 minutes earlier from a different bay to the one advertised. So I waited an hour and twenty minutes in a grim filthy diesel fume filled bus station for the next one. I would have missed that too if a fellow passenger hadn’t called to me that he had seen it about to leave from yet another wrong bay.

Then yesterday I waited one hour and a half at Buckingham Tesco stop for my return to Winslow , when the sign switched from the bus being due in one minute to disappearing from the board and never arriving. Luckily a neighbour passed in her car and gave us a lift with all our shopping.

Buckingham Bus Station September 5th 2021
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Inside Arriva Service X60, Buckingham September 5th 2021
The bus company is now owned by DB, a German Financial group.

Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

I had arrived in Buckingham that day , from Stony Stratford , an historic old North Bucks town , now swallowed up by Milton Keynes. The historic part is now a trendy middle class suburb with lots of charity shops and some ancient pubs. But you don’t have to go far south along the old A5 Watling Street , joining the new by pass and you will see some interesting ‘quick build’ high density mass housing curiously called the Crofts. Developers and planners , along with self important councillors, love invoking the area’s historical attributes , including tales from the Cock and the Bull inns where middle class folk singers and players join in promoting an illusory past. Richard III apparently stayed over in the town, with the captive two princes he later had murdered to secure his throne. There is Queen Eleanor Way nearby , named after Edward ‘Long Shanks’s ‘ wife. Her body was carried through the town en route to London. She gave Edward 22 children.

Quaint little pub, Watling Street , Stony Stratford, September 5th 2021
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
View North along the old A5 Roman Watling Street , September 5th 2021.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC
Cycle King, old A5 Watling Street , Stony Stratford, September 5th 2021 .
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

It was undertaker faced Tory Minister Norman Tebbit who told the 1980s rising unemployed to do as his dad did in the hungry `1930s, ‘Get on your bike.’ This bike shop in Wolverton Road is the only one for miles around in North Bucks. It has some very expensive stuff.

A good bike will cost around £1000. I was asked for £9 just for tape to wind around my drop handle bars. My old Raleigh Lenton Sports was built by low white working class slaves in Nottingham and cost my dad £20 in the 1950s. The Raleigh factory , made famous in the 1960s film ‘Saturday Night & Sunday Morning’, is no more. The bikes are made by Third World slaves now, in the Far East.

There is no place for that sort of novel on school English literature courses now. The British working class culture must be buried , along with increasing numbers of young suicides, in this New World Order of censorship and rewrites. R J Cook

R J Cook September 2021

Nearly 50 shops closed per day in first half of year, research shows – September 5th 2021

a building with a store on the side of a road: Coronavirus© PA Archive Coronavirus

Almost 50 chain stores per day closed down on British high streets, retail parks and shopping centres in the first half of the year, according to research. Read More Nearly 50 shops closed per day in first half of year, research shows (msn.com)

New EU driving law set to launch in the UK make it ‘hard for drivers to concentrate’ – September 5th 2021

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has warned new EU speed limiter rules could make driving “unpleasant” and “boring” and comes with massive safety risks.  Read More New EU driving law set to launch in the UK may make it ‘hard for drivers to concentrate’ (msn.com)

Sky News reader perfectly sums up post-Brexit Britain in ‘most apocalyptic terms’ – September 5th 2021

Sky News presenter Ian King has summed up the current state of post-Brexit Britain in what he called the “most apocalyptic terms”.

While reporting on the food and drink shortages in supermarkets and pubs on Friday, King summarised the situation in a brilliant 17-second clip that has since gone viral.

“When expressed in the most apocalyptic terms, England has become a country where the pubs have no beer, farmers don’t have anyone to pick their fruit and even if they did there aren’t enough lorry drivers to get it to the shops,” he said.

‘This is going to be serious’: Doctor issues STARK warning about UK flu jab delay – September 5th 2021

The delivery of flu vaccines in the UK has been met with a potentially catastrophic delay due to a shortage of HGV drivers. Seqirus, one of the world’s largest flu vaccine companies, said it had told customers about delays of up to a two weeks. Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, one doctor underscored the seriousness of this delay. Read More ‘This is going to be serious’: Doctor issues STARK warning about UK flu jab delay (msn.com)

Covid warning as new ‘most mutated variant so far’ MAPPED – and it’s already in UK – September 3rd 2021

Sebastian Kettley  

Council chiefs voice concern as HGV driver shortage hits bin collectionsFans Think Kanye West Hints He Was Unfaithful To Kim Kardashian On New Song

The newly identified variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus first emerged in South Africa last May as a potential variant of interest (VOIC). C.1.2 has been described as the “most mutated so far” with changes to genetic code that could make it more transmissible and potentially more dangerous. Even more worryingly, the coronavirus has already been identified in a handful of countries outside of Africa, including the UK.

Read More Covid warning as new ‘most mutated variant so far’ MAPPED – and it’s already in UK (msn.com)

Comment There is a conspiracy to end all conspiracies through ridicule, ostracism and ultimately more law. The Covid Crisis is becoming absurd. Death rates from Covid 19 by itself are much rarer than road deaths, but we don’t ban cars because the socio economic system would not work without them. Same goes for ludicrous lockdown.

Meanwhile we continue with virtue signalling mass immigration ( costs falling on the lower orders ), air travel and an open door to disgruntled and opportunistic people from Afghanistan because the virtue signallers say so , rather than accepting that there is a problem with Islam.

Academics recognised years ago that bigoted religion had to go before humans could fulfil potential. Now we are setting the clocks back. ‘Go forth and multiply’ may have made sense for specie survival in biblical times , but not now because over population is the root of humanity’s and the planet’s eco problem.

Britain’s elite and virtue signallers are dumping on the indigenous masses. They are saying ‘aren’t we nice’ as they come between the warring factions of Islam , both of whom believe that they are custodians of the ultimate truth and meaning of life.

The idea that the planet, everything on it and the universe was made by a God without permissible image or definition is logically utterly absurd.

However , our elite and intellectually lightweight lefties have forced laws to ban comment or criticism. The Covid Crisis is grist to the mill. Meanwhile , the NHS collapses under the weight of over promoted arrogant managers and impossible ever increasing surging popular demand.

R J Cook

Gareth Southgate condemns ‘unacceptable’ racist abuse of England players – September 3rd 2021

Mark Mann-Bryans  

Afghanistan news – live: Afghan women protest against Taliban rule as…The Electrical Life of Louis Wain review – Cumberbatch’s cat artist…a group of people jumping in front of a crowd: England’s Raheem Sterling is abused by Hungary fans after opening the scoring (Attila Trenka/PA). - PA Wire© PA Wire England’s Raheem Sterling is abused by Hungary fans after opening the scoring (Attila Trenka/PA). – PA Wire

Gareth Southgate insists supporters who jeer the taking of the knee and aim racist abuse at players will be regarded as “dinosaurs” after his England side were once again subjected to monkey chants.

Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were the reported targets of a number of Hungary supporters inside the Puskas Arena as England turned in a fine performance to win their World Cup qualifier 4-0.

Read More Gareth Southgate condemns ‘unacceptable’ racist abuse of England players (msn.com)

Comment Yesterday I posted a story about Oxford University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Louise Richardson , who said campuses must be places in which “open debate on controversial topics” can flourish.

That is a laudable statement, however quite hopeless in Britain. I said at the time of the Brexit referendum that this country’s elite would become more dictatorial and that mass immigration would rise massively if the vote was to leave. I have been proven right. Britain’s ruling class – better called the predator class- have one moral code for themselves which is called hypocrisy. They have another for the masses which is blind obedience to the rules or face ostracism , despair, humiliation and destruction.

Gareth Southgate reminds me of a 1960s progressive vicar and fits well with modern Britain. Football is assumed to be our religion , unless we have taken a step up to join Islam – which is a religion not a race whatever dopey schoolteachers might be telling the kids, as they did during my 18 years as a teacher.

West Mercia Police’s appalling senior management team spent nearly five years protecting their PC Benjamin Monk who had killed an obviously unwell former Premier League black footballer. When it eventually came out, the tame press and BBC- who hardly touched the story- never mentioned or attributed this to racism. Monk had a record for abusive use of the taser on at least 4 other occasions , but that did not worry West Mercia Police top brass whose only concern was their sanctified image. That is Britain.

Meanwhile, that same media had been feeding of the George Floyd killing in the United States, were telling all of us whites that our ancestors were all slave traders or slave owners and we must atone by bending the knee.

The reality of British history and life for the average white British Person is rather different. But that history is being re written. We must accept white guilt and bend the knee. Righteous Gary Southgate is in the vanguard of the new morality which suits the elite agenda who pay him and his players rather a lot of money.

The mystery for me , is why to white working class people bother to support British football. Southgate’s assumption is that anybody who doesn’t accept his and his paymaster’s damning judgements that will be seen and written off as dinosaurs. You don’t need a good education or high intelligence to be good at football. I spent three years as a PE teacher and know what it takes. I know footballs were a lot heavier in my day. Now it s just a show. Southgate is using football , blatantly in the Euro Cup, to the New World Order cause.

The acid test here, for Southgate’s dinosaur cliché and the future , is how are East Europeans taking the new EU and British moralising dictatorship ? Hungary , for one , doesn’t like it. As someone who spent years working with East Europeans and not ‘playing’ football , I think I have a better idea of what is going on – and why. As for Prof Richardson, I am afraid academics dare not tackle controversial subjects with an open mind – unless they want the Southgate treatment. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook September 2021

Tax rise for 25 million to pay for social care

Ben Riley-Smith  

Boris Johnson is next week expected to announce a manifesto-breaking tax hike to pay for the biggest overhaul in social care in a generation and bring down NHS waiting lists.Boris Johnson wearing a suit and tie: Boris Johnson, Downing Street - Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pool via Reuters© Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pool via Reuters Boris Johnson, Downing Street – Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pool via Reuters

In a major political gamble, the Prime Minister will reveal a rise in National Insurance that will see around 25 million people pay extra tax.

In return, he will promise to cap the amount an individual will ever pay in social care costs – possibly at between £60,000 and £80,000 – and better protect people from having to sell their homes to meet care bills.

Read more Tax rise for 25 million to pay for social care (msn.com)

Comment People don’t realise that things like open door immigration and lockdowns are very expensive. The rich elite won’t be paying. Social care is mainly privatised , making vast profit from very poor provision.

When I worked – in Portsmouth where life was and still is grim for the masses- for HM Inspector of Taxes in the early 1970s, the marginal rate of tax was over 80% and basic rate was 30%. I left to work for a London accountant helping rich people to avoid tax.

Tax avoidance is even more sophisticated nowadays in the global economy. Meanwhile the little people pay, the rich play and the Whitehall set blind us with the science of economics. As a famous man once said : ‘If governments want you to know something you can be pretty sure it is a lie..’ R J Cook

The basics don’t Change, the elite just get more sophisticated with their lies and manipulations.
Controversial subjects must not be discussed.

John Cleese criticised after claiming ‘London is no longer an English city’ for supporting the EU

Thousands of Afghans to be held in hotels indefinitely as councils left ‘in dark’ over…New South Park movies are coming as soon as this year

Actor, comedian and Brexiteer John Cleese has lashed out at the city of London for its continued support of the European Union and being firmly against Brexit.John Cleese wearing a suit and tie: jcbrexit.jpg© Clemens Bilan/Getty Images/Twitter jcbrexit.jpg

The 79-year-old, best known for his role in Fawlty Towers and as a part of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, has been a strong advocate of leaving the EU even prior to the 2016 referendum.

However, in an outburst on Twitter on Wednesday morning, Cleese claimed that ‘London was not really an English city any more’ [sic] and that ‘virtually all of his friends from abroad have confirmed my observation’.

Read More

John Cleese criticised after claiming ‘London is no longer an English city’ for supporting the EU (msn.com)

Comment It depends what one means by English. the Predator Class makes it up according to their needs. Anyone can be English. But I know what Ckeese means. R J Cook

Afghanistan news – live: Taliban call for surrender of final rebel province as Raab seeks global coalition- September 2nd 2021

Paul Prudhomme et al. posing for the camera: AFGHANISTAN-CONFLICT© AFP via Getty AFGHANISTAN-CONFLICT

The Taliban has called for the surrender of the last province of Afghanistan held by rebel forces.

Read More Afghanistan news – live: Taliban call for surrender of final rebel province as Raab seeks global coalition (msn.com)

Comment Raab is under pressure from Woke folk. Britain presumably wants another invasion. It can only afford meddling in places like this at the expense of its own suffering masses. It is all about woke and the predator class rule. They want more ethnics for cheap labour and to show nice we are. R J Cook

Universities will lose support without more ‘ideological diversity.’ September 2nd 2021

Camilla Turner

Universities need more “ideological diversity” or they will lose the support of the public, the University of Oxford’s vice-chancellor has warned.Louise Richardson in a blue shirt: Prof Louise Richardson -  Andrew Crowley© Andrew Crowley Prof Louise Richardson –  Andrew Crowley

Prof Louise Richardson said campuses must be places in which “open debate on controversial topics” can flourish.

She said that if universities are unable to foster an atmosphere in which discussion can take place freely, they risk “losing the public argument” over whether they are out of touch with society.

Speaking at Times Higher Education’s World Academic Summit, Prof Richardson said the perception among some people that universities are “bastions of snowflakes” was damaging for the sector.

Read More Universities will lose support without more ‘ideological diversity’, says Oxford vice-chancellor (msn.com)

Covid Con Con-tinues – September 2nd 2021


The French resistance will prevail winter oak

by Paul Cudenec

Posted here September 2nd 2021 – F.S

It has been eight years now since I left England to come and live in France.

A lot has happened back in the UK since then (not least the whole Brexit pantomime), but the period has been a dramatic one here as well, as I will set out.

Moreover, with hindsight, what often felt at the time like a disorientating jumble of events now appears to me as one clearly-visible phenomenon, namely a vast wave of growing popular resistance to the dominant system which those in power have been trying to crush by all possible means.

Now, in 2021, this struggle is coming to what could well be its final stage, a make-or-break moment which will decide not just the future of France but also play a decisive role in determining which direction humankind as a whole will take in the decades to come.

Read More The French resistance will prevail winter oak

Scottish Singer, Aged 22, Wants Over-40s To Be Banned From Nightclubs – September 1st 2021

Annie Hayes

Michael Gove has made headlines once again, but not over Brexit claims or PPE contracts. This time the cabinet minister was spotted raving in an Aberdeen nightclub at 2am over the Bank Holiday weekend. Wearing a suit, no less.

The clip, which shows Gove alone on the dance floor – arms aloft, flailing wildly, out of time with the music – sparked a social media frenzy that culminated in a debate on Good Morning Britainshould over-40s be banned from nightclubs?

Speaking to show hosts Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins, 22-year-old Scottish singer Tallia Storm said that older people should leave club nights to “us youngsters”.

Read More Scottish Singer, Aged 22, Wants Over-40s To Be Banned From Nightclubs (msn.com)

Comment I haven’t been in a night club since 2007, after watching Welshman Jo Calzgahe defeat a Dane for the super middle weight title. On account of Welsh ancestry on my father’s side. I supported Joe but had great fun drinking before hand with the Vikings.

So after leaving the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, it was off to a club and a lot more drinking and dancing with some girls at their invitation, the Welsh flag draped around me like a cape, my long blonde hair flying. I was 57. I was a brilliant dancer along with my new student girls friends.

So I think this Scots singe rather dull. But if that is how she feels, we should be thinking of places where young women should not be allowed, for the safety of older clientele who might be accused on inappropriate behaviour. There is a certain breed of young female seeing sexual threats everywhere. New laws and controls are forever being wrought as the police state tightens its grip. Young women love them. R J Cook

Rail chaos in southwest England set to continue after Tesco truck hits bridge – September 1st 2021

Simon Calder  

Great Western Railway has warned of days of disruption for rail travellers to, from and within Devon and Cornwall following after a Tesco lorry hit a bridge in Plymouth.a sign on the side of a building: One strike: the refrigerated lorry that hit a bridge in Plymouth, blocking the main rail line in Devon and Cornwall - Network Rail© Network Rail

One strike: the refrigerated lorry that hit a bridge in Plymouth, blocking the main rail line in Devon and Cornwall- Network Rail

The refrigerated truck became jammed on bank holiday Monday, halting trains on the only rail line between western Devon, Cornwall and the rest of the UK. The lorry was removed on Tuesday afternoon, but Network Rail says “huge cracks have developed” after the crash.

Read More Rail chaos in southwest England set to continue after Tesco truck hits bridge (msn.com)

Comment Twice I ended up facing a low bridge with traffic behind me. The first was under the railway in Didcot , following my car sat nav. It is silly to try forcing your way through even if it is embarrassing and can anger motorists behind you.

I recall a tricky one going to the back of Bath station. while delivering to GBK. A Bidvest driver hit it with a 7.5 tonner. That stopped the trains. The problem was the road was slightly inclined before the turn right into the station car park so there was very slight clearance. You could just about do it in a small 11.5 feet tall truck as I did until a height restriction notice was put in place. R J Cook

Coronavirus: New Covid strain Mu lands in UK with 55 cases in England so far , Michiel Willems – September 1st 2021

A new Covid mutation called Mu has been detected in the UK, as 55 cases have been identified in England so far.

Read more Coronavirus: New Covid strain Mu lands in UK with 55 cases in England so far (msn.com)

Comment Here we go again. Lockdowns and social distancing do not work to control the virus and its mutations, but that is not what they are for. This won’t end. It gives the elite more control , more space and more profit,

Roberta Jane Cook after her work out this morning.

RJ Cook

Why did I get so ill with Covid even though I’ve had both jabs?

Jo Macfarlane for The Mail on Sunday  

Chief medical officer seeks to reassure parents as children return to schoolNot3s: 3 Th3 Album review – as pop as rap getsa person sitting on a table: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

It began, oddly enough, with a painful shoulder – a deep muscular ache right in the spot where I’d been vaccinated. That might have been easy to dismiss. But then came agonising muscle pains in my legs that kept me awake, intense bouts of shivering and a yo-yoing fever.

Read More Why did I get so ill with Covid even though I’ve had both jabs? (msn.com)

‘Clock is ticking’ BBC funding crisis as viewers ‘no longer willing to pay licence fee’ – August 20th 2021

The Minister for Media and Data has reported a “decline in willingness to pay the licence fee” of the BBC. Campaigners against the BBC licence fee, including Defund The BBC, said that the remark showed that “the clock is ticking for the BBC”. Rebecca Ryan, the campaign director at Defund The BBC, told talkRADIO last night that the demise of the licence fee was “inevitable”.

Read More ‘Clock is ticking’ BBC funding crisis as viewers ‘no longer willing to pay licence fee’ (msn.com)

Comment The BBC is new left sneering upper middle class Woke PC social engineering. Why would anyone seeking serious news or honest drama watch it , let alone want to pay for it pay for it. R J Cook

Coronavirus cases rise by just 1.1% in a week to 32,406

Holohan seeks to reassure parents as children return to schoolNot3s: 3 Th3 Album review – as pop as rap getsdiagram: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Britain’s daily Covid cases rose just one per cent today compared to the same time last week, but deaths jumped by almost a third.

Read More Coronavirus cases rise by just 1.1% in a week to 32,406 (msn.com)

Comment The British authorities are desperate to keep anxiety levels high. They need a Winter panic. Obviously the country appears to be doing worse than Europe because it manipulates the figures to make it look as if cases equal deaths and that the tests are actually reliable – also ignores that there are vulnerable age and life style groups. R J Cook

MOS COMMENT: Let’s unite with EU to crush curse of border bureaucracy – August 29th 2021

Mail on Sunday

Holohan seeks to reassure parents as children return to schoolNot3s: 3 Th3 Album review – as pop as rap getsa truck on a city street: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Bureaucratic rigidity threatens to condemn this country, and the EU itself, to a wholly needless crisis over trade between the UK and the Brussels-ruled bloc.


It is ironic that the majority voted leave to stop mass immigration and multi culture. Now immigration is at record levels , albeit non European, which is how certain parties in power wanted it to be.

RJ Cook