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April 10th 2022

Belfast protest calls for ban on conversion therapy for transgender people

By Jonathan McCambridge, PA

More than 200 people gathered in the centre of Belfast to call for the inclusion of transgender people in a ban on conversion therapy.

Protesters carried placards which read ‘Ulster says no to transphobia’ and chanted: “Boris Johnson must understand, without trans people it’s not a ban” at the front gates of Belfast City Hall.

The Government has faced criticism over a series of U-turns on promised legislation to outlaw conversion therapy, and its backtracking on commitments to include transgender people in the ban.

Read More Belfast protest calls for ban on conversion therapy for transgender people (msn.com)

Comment Britain is a very nasty rapidly advancing police state. Boris Johnson is a dangerous person, stupid and blowing with Carrie’s wind. Transsexuals are a threat to the feminist agenda, so crucial to our dumbed down poorly educated simplistic society. If Britain actually is a democracy, then the authorities would not have to keep reminding us. R J Cook

Now Javid! Health secretary was non-dom for six years

He also benefited from an offshore trust while he worked as a banker.

Sajid Javid had non-dom status and did not pay tax in the UK on his overseas income for six years, it was revealed last night.

The health secretary, who earned up to £3 millon a year at the time working for Deutsche Bank, admitted that between 2000 and 2006, before he began his political career, he had non-dom status.

Javid said he was entitled to this because his father was born in Pakistan. He issued a statement explaining he also benefited from an offshore trust while he worked for the bank.

Read More Now Javid! Health secretary was non-dom for six years (thelondoneconomic.com)

Rishi Sunak ‘moves belongings out of Downing Street’ amid tax row

Jordan King 

Rishi Sunak is said to be partially moving out of Downing Street so he can split his time between his work and family flat (Pictures: Getty)

Removal vans were seen moving the under-fire Chancellor’s belongings out of his Downing Street flat, it has been claimed.

Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy have recently refurbished a flat in west London, which will reportedly be the family’s new base as it is close to their daughter’s primary school.

As this is her final year at home before heading off to boarding school, Mr Sunak is said to be planning to split his time between the family home and Downing Street so they can spend more time together.

Read More Rishi Sunak ‘moves belongings out of Downing Street’ amid tax row (msn.com)

April 9th 2022

Top Tory peer says it is ‘morally responsible’ to pay as little tax as possible

Following a week where the Chancellor’s wife and her tax affairs have dominated headlines, Tory peer Lord Moylan has leapt to her defence.

The top Tory has made these comments in the wake of a tax row that has rocked the Chancellor’s Office. Akshata Murty, wife of Rishi Sunak, was found to be enjoying ‘non-dom’ status for her overseas assets, excusing her from paying dues to HMRC.

It’s estimated that this loophole saved Murty around £2.1 million in tax each year. She has since agreed to make payments to the Inland Revenue, saying that she does not want the non-dom issue to serve as a distraction for her husband.

Read More Top Tory peer says it is ‘morally responsible’ to pay as little tax as possible (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment I spent a few years working for HM Inspector of Taxes as it was then known in the 1970s, before joining a London accountancy practice helping rich people avoid taxes. I was paid well. There is nothing new about all of this. Tory Chancellors are well placed to help their families. It is reprehensible, especially given how much tax the lower classes pay, especially funding mass immigration, MP pay rises, bloated public services and war. But it is very British and we are not allowed to talk about class anymore. That stopped with Thatcher. Mealy mouthed drivel about equality is a sick joke, showing how much the gullible masses are patronised.

R J Cook

True Faces – Comment By Roberta Jane Cook.

The true faces of people running Britain’s political , business, media and financial system is the ugly face of ruthless greed. It is facilitated by ‘on the make’ minions. War in Ukraine has nothing to do with freedom for anyone’s masses. Britain is ruled by the same sort of people overthrown by the Russian revolution. They are a poison in a system of their own creation. It is the true face of human nature, not the nonsense about God and love.

Here we have the case of a simple generous soul wanting to help. Reality is that a woman has no right to challenge the system. Property letting is about profit. The people running the business are heartless and cruel. they are the essence of what Britain is.

The multi culture mantra is garbage, as the latest rows about transsexuals attests. Politics and business are about distractions. The Ukraine hysteria is a bandwagon. It is a proxy war NATO wanted. No one with power gives a damn about Ukrainian refugees and they don’t even want them here – ironic given the welcome offered to economic migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. The different treatment is for obvious reasons.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Row erupts after woman offers safe home to Ukrainian refugee

Chris Grundy

A row has broken out after a woman offered to open her home to a Ukrainian refugee.

Moved by the scenes she was watching on her TV, Louise Gamble, from Waterloo, wanted to offer a safe home for someone fleeing the war with Russia. But after getting permission from her landlord to apply to house a refugee, she was shocked to receive a letter from a third party company, telling her she could ‘not proceed’.

Read More Row erupts after woman offers safe home to Ukrainian refugee (msn.com)

April 8th 2022

Wife of UK finance minister agrees to stop avoiding UK tax

By David Milliken and Michael Holden

FILE PHOTO: British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy attend a reception to celebrate the British Asian Trust at The British Museum

(Reuters) – Akshata Murthy, the wife of British finance minister Rishi Sunak, said on Friday that she would stop avoiding British tax on her foreign income — bowing to pressure which her husband had earlier dismissed as a political smear.

The public anger over Murthy’s tax status has been heightened by her husband’s decision to increase payroll taxes at a time when surging inflation leaves Britons facing the biggest cost-of-living squeeze since records began in 1956.

Read More Wife of UK finance minister agrees to stop avoiding UK tax (msn.com)

Rishi Sunak’s £200 ‘energy rebate’ is really a ‘loan-not-loan’ that fools no one


When energy minister Greg Hands appeared on BBC’s Question Time on Thursday, one excruciating exchange felt like a panto that had gone horribly wrong.

Hands was trying to defend the Government’s plan for what it calls an “energy rebate”, to cut £200 from every household’s bills this autumn. But host Fiona Bruce pointed out that because future bills would go up by £40 a year for five years to pay back the reduction, the whole thing really felt like a loan. The audience agreed. “What are you all shouting?” she asked. “A loan!” they yelled back.

Read More Rishi Sunak’s £200 ‘energy rebate’ is really a ‘loan-not-loan’ that fools no one (msn.com)

April 7th 2022

Police raid powerful trade union Unite’s headquarters as part of bribery and fraud investigation

Joe Pike, political correspondent 

Joe Lycett: sites such as Airbnb and eBay must do more to stop scamsSpiderbait celebrate bandmate Janet English: ‘She’s one of the greats of Australian music’

Police have raided the headquarters of Unite, one of the UK’s largest and most powerful trade unions, as part of a bribery, fraud and money laundering investigation.An employee's office at Unite's headquarters in Holborn, central London was raided on Wednesday© Other An employee’s office at Unite’s headquarters in Holborn, central London was raided on Wednesday

Sky News understands 15 to 20 officers attended the search yesterday at the union’s central London headquarters and left the building with boxes of files, paper and a computer.

A Unite spokesman confirmed to Sky News: “A Unite employee is subject to a criminal investigation by the police.

Read More Police raid powerful trade union Unite’s headquarters as part of bribery and fraud investigation (msn.com)

Woman jailed for creating ‘to-do list and toolkit’ in plan to murder ex

By Ben Mitchell, PA

A 20-year-old woman who created a “meticulous” to-do list and a “murder toolkit” has been jailed for plotting to kidnap, torture and kill a former lover.

Sophie George was sentenced to 13-and-a-half years in prison at Lewes Crown Court after pleading guilty to attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

The defendant, of Highbrook Close, Brighton, East Sussex, had arranged to be picked up by the 23-year-old victim on October 10 2020.

George, who was 18 at the time, then insisted that he drive her to a location where she collected two filled shopping bags.

Read More Woman jailed for creating ‘to-do list and toolkit’ in plan to murder ex (msn.com)

April 6th 2022

 Met Police sergeant raped and abused 2 women but continued to serve in the force for 4 years

Two women complained about Storey to the police in November 2017, but he was never suspended by the Met Police
The face of a smug laughing policeman. They pick on the vulnerable, then label them mentally ill when their victims complain. It is always the same old story when these creeps are defended in court ‘He is a well respected police officer’ they always say.

A Metropolitan Police officer who raped two women will not be prosecuted after he continued to serve in the force for four years before resigning. A misconduct hearing heard how former Sergeant Paul Storey breached the force’s standards after his “abhorrent” behaviour was proven.

The 11-day hearing heard that Storey, who once served as his local police unit’s mental health lead, grabbed one of his victims by the throat, and hit the other over the head with a whisky bottle, before throwing her against a door frame and a chest of drawers.

Met Police sergeant raped and abused 2 women but continued to serve in the force for 4 years – MyLondon

Comment I fear this vile despicable man is the tip of the corrupt police iceberg. We keep hearing that London’s Metropolitan Police are the U.K Gold Standard. So what does that tell us about the rest ? What a two finger sign to the people they pretend to serve, This horrible man has escaped prosecution because he resigned – no doubt his pension is assured.

It is incredible that this monster served for 4 years after complaints, but that is in the nature of the type of, mainly, men who get to the top in U.K policing. The IOPC are simply a mailing service and , like Crime Commissioners, are anything but independent.

As a consultant psychiatrist, who found me suffering from no known mental illness in 2013, warned me : ‘ I have worked with these people for many years. Do not go on challenging them because you are up against a monolith.’

Boris Johnson is just the man to head a corrupt country riddled with nauseating hypocrisy. He announced his plan for 20,000 new officers to keep us ‘safe.’. The police hierarchy, noted that very special people were needed for the police, so it would take 200,000 applicants to find the ‘right’ 20,000. Only the Chief Constable of the National Police College differed in his opinion. He reported that the wrong people get to the top and promote officers just like themselves. This story is utterly incredible. R J Cook

It’s not over yet: Channel 4 privatisation plans could face Tory revolt

Sir Peter Bottomley, who represents Worthing West, said he opposes the sale “because I am a Conservative”.

Channel 4 privatisation plans could face Tory revolt (thelondoneconomic.com)

East Lothian: First cracks discovered in the Torness nuclear reactor

Beth Murray 

The Ferret reported the operator of the plant, EDF Energy, said three cracks had been found in the graphite core of one of the reactors in a letter to a local liaison group in February.

According to EDF the cracks were expected and would not “on their own” impact the safety of the power station. Despite this, campaigners are calling for its closure date to be brought forward from 2028.

Read More East Lothian: First cracks discovered in the Torness nuclear reactor (msn.com)

Bucha scenes do not ‘look far short of genocide’-UK’s Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) – The sight of tied bodies shot at close range in the Ukrainian streets of Bucha do not “look far short of genocide,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

The deaths in Bucha, outside Kyiv, have triggered a global outcry and pledges of further sanctions against Russia from the West.

“When you look at what’s happening in Bucha, the revelations that we are seeing from what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has done in Ukraine, which doesn’t look far short of genocide to me, it is no wonder that people are responding in the way that they are,” he told reporters.

Read More Bucha scenes do not ‘look far short of genocide’-UK’s Johnson (msn.com)

Boris Johnson dives into trans row saying ‘biological males’ shouldn’t do women’s sport

Rachel Wearmouth 

Boris Johnson has waded into the trans rights row, saying “biological males” should not take part in women’s sport and venues should have women-only spaces.

The Prime Minister said that was “as far as my thinking has developed” on trans rights and “seems to me to be sensible”, though he acknowledged he may be “in conflict with some others”.

He was speaking at a hospital in Hertfordshire on Wednesday after more than 100 organisations pulled out of a major LGBT conference – Safe To Be Me, planned for June – in protest over his failure to include trans conversion therapy in a government ban on the practices.

The PM said he was “sad about the reaction”, which came after a partial U-turn in which the government banned all gay conversion therapy,

But he refused to back down, adding he believed women-only spaces should be protected and “biological males” should be excluded from women’s sport.

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges has spoken out after being banned from the National Omnium Championships this weekend.

The 21-year-old was due to compete in her first women’s event against the likes of Olympic legend Laura Kenny. Unfortunately for the athlete, she was denied the chance to race by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), who claim she is not eligible to participate under their current guidelines.

Read More Boris Johnson dives into trans row saying ‘biological males’ shouldn’t do women’s sport (msn.com)

BBC Sport | Scores, Fixtures, News | Live Sport

April 4th 2022

‘A very big blow!’ Tim Martin slams Rishi Sunak’s tax hike as industry ‘at its weakest’

Pubs are struggling and closing down in record numbers,
Image Appledene Photographics.

Tom Hill  

For nearly two years since the pandemic pubs have benefited from a cut to VAT, however this has now returned to 20 percent after Rishi Sunak left any extension to the cut out of his Spring Statement. Despite widespread pressure, next week will also see a rise in National Insurance, adding to business wage bills. Founder and chair of JD Wetherspoon Tim Martin warned: “In the circumstances it’s going to be a very big blow” Speaking to Express.co.uk he explained the pandemic had put pubs under their “greatest ever pressure” while supermarkets “in contrast have had possibly their best time ever” being able to avoid the closures and many of the restrictions pubs faced.

Tim Martin
Tim Martin and millionaire Chancellor Sunak.

Read More ‘A very big blow!’ Tim Martin slams Rishi Sunak’s tax hike as industry ‘at its weakest’ (msn.com)


Tim Martin Is one of Britain’s greatest and most innovative entrepreneurs’. My own business, Appledene Services was highly dependent on the hospitality sector. Writing. education and journalism are not my first loves, commercial driving was – specifically delivering to the hospitality sector. I cannot afford to pay my tax bill, which is based on my own assessment, as an ex Inland Revenue employee and according to the rules. I will soon be bankrupt and lose everything I have spent a lifetime building.

I am lucky because I am near the end of my natural life span. But the future does not look good for younger people.

At this moment we are paying for a war that should be none of our business and which would not have happened but for NATO provocation and Putin taking the bait. In a sane world there would be a common culture. A benign NATO without the U.K and U.S being classed as exceptional and above international law , which would apply to all. Leaders would not live in mansions and be paid more than average. They would share the hardships and reality of average people.

This war has revealed unpleasant facts about both sides, especially the obscene wealth of the Russian oligarchs welcomed by Britain in the Yeltsin days.

I see no hope for humanity in such a hypocritical world and , but for my lingering hopes of helping my sons, I would have gone long ago or taken the anti psychotics so generously offered by the Gender Identity and Whiteleaf Clinics;

As I pointed out to the many psychiatrists who have supported the idea of me being a paranoid schizophrenic, ‘just tell me what I am deluded about. Show me the evidence. I am certainly not deluded about Covid 19. It is a cold virus, though maybe man made. I wish I could catch it and die. However, I was too long a schoolteacher and have all the anti bodies, as well as being breast fed. Lockdowns, masks and injections do not work. Only natural immunity and honesty works.

Wetherspoons prestigious Market Square Bell Hotel , Aylesbury , is up for sale.
Image Appledene Photographics/R J Cook

This website is closing on May 1st 2022. Sorry to advertisers waiting for my attention, but I cannot be bothered any more. Who reads this shit anyway. Only the police and maybe MI6 in the U.K. R J Cook

  1. Videos of Find The Cost Of Freedom Neil Young Journey Through …bing.com/videos

OhioNeil YoungTin soldiers and Nixon coming,We’re finally on our own.This summer I hear the drumming,Four dead in Ohio.Gotta get down to itSoldiers are cutting us downShould have been done long ago.


April 1st 2022


Boris Johnson led the BRINO BREXIT and has been toadying to the U.S over Ukraine. But when it comes to the money, the U.S offers only bread crumbs. Serves him and all who voted for him, right.

Britain has been pushing the administrations of former US president Donald Trump and current incumbent Joe Biden for a free trade agreement (FTA) for years. The United States and Britain ended a four-year dispute over US steel and aluminium tariffs on March 23, leading some to believe it could smooth the way towards an FTA. It hasn’t. Johnson was four square behind Biden killing Nordstream 2 and freezing Europe. What has that achieved ?. China is right. History is on the side of Russia. R J Cook

Criminal and civil investigations opened into P&O Ferries after it sacked 786 employees

The government’s business misconduct watchdog has launched criminal and civil probes into P&O Ferries, adding to pressure on the embattled company.© PAP&O Ferries the Pride of Canterbury (left) and the Pride of Kent (right) moored at the Port of Dover in Kent, as services remain suspended following P&O Ferries sacking 800 workers without notice.

The move comes two weeks after P&O Ferries sacked nearly 800 workers and replaced them with lower-paid crew, a decision that the government called illegal.

Read More Criminal and civil investigations opened into P&O Ferries after it sacked 786 employees (msn.com)

March 31st 2022

EU must be joking! Price of goods set to soar up to 75% as bloc unleashes new green tax (msn.com)

How Did This Little Boy End Up Sectioned To An Aylesbury Mental Hospital ? Hopefully To Be Explained At The Trial Of Roberta Jane Cook – May 9th 2022.

Happy Days For Edward Cook On A Day Out With His Father R J Cook , in Northampton. So how did he end up sectioned to life in a mental hospital, now aged 34 and without hope ?

Met officer avoids jail after headbutting barman trying to enforce Covid rules

Harrison Jones

Luke Wilson headbutted a worker at a cocktail bar in central London (Picture: Central News)
What else would you expect from the British police and legal system ?

Read More Met officer avoids jail after headbutting barman trying to enforce Covid rules (msn.com)

March 29th 2022

Prince Andrew escorts Queen in and out of Philip’s memorial service 
The Duke of York paid a multi-million dollar out of court settlement just a few weeks ago to settle a civil sexual assault case brought against him.

The Duke of York took centre stage at the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial after he accompanied the Queen to the poignant occasion.

Andrew travelled with his mother by car from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey.

The decision comes despite Andrew paying millions out of court earlier this month to settle a civil sexual assault case.

Read More Prince Andrew escorts Queen in and out of Philip’s memorial service (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment If Andrew is innocent he should not have paid the girl off. If he hadn’t been Royalty, this would have been a criminal, not a civil case. This tells us all we need to know about British Royalty, how it fits with so called British Democracy and the relevance of Royalty. One can see where this is going. Citizen Andrew will creep back into the public domain, history will gradually be rewritten to obliterate a very significant blot on the Royal landscape. R J Cook

Disbelief as Sunak tells MPs he drives an ‘ageing VW Golf’
According to Mirror reports he forgot to mention his Range Rover, BMW and Lexus when telling MPs he drives a beat up hatchback.

Read More Disbelief as Sunak tells MPs he drives an ‘ageing VW Golf’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

March 25th 2022

‘Following in Putin’s footsteps’: Fury at Raab plans to tackle ‘wokery’
“Totalitarianism doesn’t goose-step to your front door in jackboots. It shuts down protest and removes legal safeguards like the EU and Human Rights Act.”

Dominic Raab has said his plans to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act will guarantee the principle of free speech becomes a legal “trump card”.

The justice secretary said his proposals will protect free speech from being “whittled away” by “wokery and political correctness”.

The government plans to replace the landmark Human Rights Act with a new UK Bill of Rights, with Raab claiming free speech had to be given “different status in the pecking order of rights”.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the deputy prime minister said: “Effectively, free speech will be given what will amount to ‘trump card’ status in a whole range of areas.

“The thrust is going to be making sure that when we balance rights, whether it’s the right to free speech and the right to privacy or other rights, we make sure that the greatest overriding importance and weight is attached to free speech.”

Read More ‘Following in Putin’s footsteps’: Fury at Raab plans to tackle ‘wokery’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

March 24th 2022

Sunak staged another cringe PR stunt and people are fuming
What does the chancellor love more: PR stunts or cutting benefits?

Read More Sunak staged another cringe PR stunt and people are fuming (thelondoneconomic.com)

March 23rd 2022

Watch: Boris Johnson chuckles as Sunak talks about Ukrainians huddled up in basements
The prime minister was seen smirking and making a face at one of the MPs across from him inside the house.

Read More Boris Johnson chuckles as Sunak talks about poor Ukrainians (thelondoneconomic.com)

Daily Mail concludes that Royal trouble in Caribbean is the fault of…. Meghan Markle
Dan Wootton described Markle as a “propagandist” who used the “fantasy that the Royal Family is racist to derail Wills and Kate’s Jamaican tour and destroy the Commonwealth”.

Read More Daily Mail blames Royal trouble in Caribbean on Meghan Markle (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment The British Royal Family certainly made money from slavery, but blacks were not the only slaves. The Royal Family are classist. R J Cook

P&O Ferries says mass sacking wasn’t illegal because ships registered outside UK

Dan Bloom & Gregory Ford  

P&O Ferries bosses have insisted that did not break the law when they sacked 800 seafarers last Thursday because their ships are registered outside the UK.

Read More P&O Ferries says mass sacking wasn’t illegal because ships registered outside UK (msn.com)

Comment This is a sample of what it means to live in Britain’s democracy. R J Cook.

Scottish Power to exit the UK industrial and commercial energy market

By Susanna Twidale 

LONDON (Reuters) – Scottish Power, owned by Spanish energy giant Iberdrola, is set to stop selling energy to British industrial and commercial (I&C) customers, it said on Tuesday.

Energy suppliers have struggled in the face of soaring wholesale prices which hit record highs following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on fears of possible gas supply disruptions.

Read More ScottishPower announces plan to pull out of business market – Business Insider

UK set to criminalise illicit refugee crossings after Commons rebellion averted

Peter Walker

The UK appears set to criminalise illicit refugee crossings and could ship asylum seekers for processing in other countries after ministers easily saw off a potential rebellion in the Commons over the controversial borders and nationality bill.

Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA
Read More
UK set to criminalise illicit refugee crossings after Commons rebellion averted (msn.com)

Military expert tells Govt: ‘we warned you about Putin but you listened to the City instead’
“This long dark march to war was obvious,” Air Commodore Carl Scott wrote in a brutal critique of the government.

Read More Military expert tells Govt: ‘we warned you about Putin’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment It is interesting how, like the United States, Britain’s elite define the wonders of British Democracy in terms of what is wrong with Russia and China. That way they don’t face scrutiny concerning what a horrible class divided dictatorship, with all its secrecy and injustice, that Britain actually is.

Britain was at the forefront of the previous two world wars, pedalling myths about fighting for freedom when they had a history of oppression starting with their own Industrial working classes, let alone the Normans and Romans beforehand. It is highly symbolic of our times that once venerated comic actor John Cleese, had his microphone removed for talking about Normans and Romans enslaving the white masses and wanting reparations.

Russia is fighting most of the world and idiots like the pompous patronising Air Commodore are rubbing Putin’s nose in it. I met people like him years ago , at RAF Biggin Hill when they still had wartime pictures of posh public school boy fighter aces on the wall.

This guy was probably there when I was. Obviously he has never been , let alone thought outside of his upper class box. The City knew exactly what they were doing. They made a fortune, just as fortunes are again going to be made from misleading the masses with another rich man’s war between their definition of good and evil. R J Cook

March 22nd 2022

Major diesel changes coming ‘at the worst possible time’ as drivers call for a delay

Felix Reeves 

From April 1, rebated diesel, which is also referred to as red diesel, and rebated biofuels will no longer be authorised for use as they are currently. Drivers and organisations have called on the Government to delay the restrictions, fearing that some companies may go out of business due to the higher costs.

Construction Alliance North East, in conjunction with the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) are requesting that the Chancellor considers deferring this legislative change for at least 12 months as a matter of urgency.

Stuart Miller, CAN board member and North East regional director for CECA, warned of the impact it will have on drivers around the country

Read More Major diesel changes coming ‘at the worst possible time’ as drivers call for a delay (msn.com)

Comment I left my job with H M Inspector of Taxes in Portsmouth to go to London where I worked for an accountant helping rich people avoid tax. i was paid a high salary. The rich do not like paying taxes and new ways of cheating the system have proliferated for the upper middle classes. It is the poor people who pay the bulk of taxes used for ever expanding public services. it is the well off who insist that all the BAME floating in the Channel should be ferried in. The lower classes will be paying the bill for all the extra school, medical care and accommodation.

Such virtue signalling is all well and good, but the government is ceaseless in finding new ways to tax and harass those struggling to help their families to survive. This war has made matters worse and the U.K elite will , as they did with Covid, profit morally and materially as they feed Ukraine with more arms and manpower, making sure that their mainstream media never tells the masses what this war is really about.

Zelensky is a pawn in the game. He is not free to deal with Russia because NATO want Ukraine and Russia too badly. If the Russians don’t kill him, the CIA probably will. This is because China, NATO’s ultimate regime change goal, has way overtaken the U.S in computers, other technology and weapons. NATO has to have Zelensky frightening Europe into fearing a full scale Russian invasion, which they could not do even if they wanted to , but they could be pushed into such a corner that they use nukes. They have given the warning signs.

Meanwhile, British Government reached a new low with Boris Johnson and boy blunder Gove. Then there is Wallace who looks like one of the undertakers his policies are designed to please. They came up with this diesel money grab in 2020. In the circumstances they should scrap it , but they won’t. Covid lockdown, roping in the Queen with her Dunkirk Spirit ( Dunkirk was a disaster and only Hitler’s insanity saved this country from invasion ) has softened up the masses for another stand against who they call a dictator. Their forebears opened the doors to Stalin and Hitler. Nothing is ever our western elites fault because they are exceptional.

R J Cook

John Cleese hits back at backlash over slavery joke after ‘microphone taken away’

Louise Griffin 

John Cleese made a joke some found shocking (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

John Cleese has clapped back at backlash he faced following a joke he made about slavery during a SXSW talk, after he had his ‘microphone taken away’ from him.

The 82-year-old Monty Python star fronted his titular event, John Cleese in Conversation, at SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, on March 11 – alongside fellow comedians Dulcé Sloan, Jim Gaffigan, and Ricky Velez.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Cleese, along with his fellow comics, discussed colonisation in the talk.

‘[People] get competitive about this business of being oppressed,’ the Rat Race actor said. ‘You do know the British have been slaves twice, right.’

Read More John Cleese hits back at backlash over slavery joke after ‘microphone taken away’ (msn.com)

Qatar: The US’s new non-NATO ally – opinion


 QATAR’S EMIR Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani meets with US President Joe Biden at the White House in January.
Qatar , a loveable Middles Eastern tyranny cosy with Biden’s NATO.

“Major non-NATO Ally” (MNNA) is a US legal designation conferred on nearly 20 countries including Australia, Israel, Japan and Brazil. On March 10, President Joe Biden formally fulfilled his promise to grant this status to Qatar.

The MNNA designation, a powerful symbol of friendship and close collaboration, provides foreign partners of the US with a range of benefits and privileges, especially in the areas of defense, trade and security cooperation. By conferring the designation on Qatar, the Biden administration is signalling it wants an even closer relationship with the Gulf state than it already enjoys.

Read More Qatar: The US’s new non-NATO ally – opinion (msn.com)

Beenie Man says Jamaica ‘doesn’t want’ Prince William amid slavery protests

Alicia Adejobi 

Beenie Man will not be welcoming Prince William and Kate Middleton with open arms when they arrive in Jamaica ahead of the slavery reparations protests. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to continue their Caribbean tour in Kingston on Tuesday, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

However, they may be met with a frosty reception as protests are scheduled to take place near the British High Commission. Many Jamaicans are seeking to remove the Queen as head of state and for the country to be made a republic, with the sovereign accused of perpetuating slavery. 

Sharing his thoughts on the controversy, Jamaican dancehall artist Beenie Man told Good Morning Britain: ‘If Harry was coming people would react different… people are going to meet Harry, but William.. we don’t want to see that.’ 

Read More Beenie Man says Jamaica ‘doesn’t want’ Prince William amid slavery protests (msn.com)

Comment It is slightly nauseating that Beenie Man finds Harry and Meghan acceptable but not Kate and Wills. The whole travelling Royal Circus is outdated to put it mildly. Our elite are frantically using them as mouthpieces for the U.K’s hypocritical foreign and domestic policies. The Meghan marriage was all about blame the white man and Harry’s revenge for his mother’s death.

Harry is a privileged whiner. BLM was about blaming the lower class whites for racism and slavery. This German Royal family were imported as distant relatives of the Stuart family, rightful heirs but Catholic. Changing their name to Windsor , they headed up war on German cousins, on the side of another cousin, Tsar Nicholas II.

Along the way, a money making empire had been built on the backs of the immiserated white working class far more than on the slaves who were of no real relevance after America’s independence. But Royalty cannot wash their dirty hands of slavery because they made massive profits from the empire.

D J Beenie obviously knows little of what he is talking about. Jamaica should simply have no Royal visits. The Prince Andrew affair should be the end of the monarchy. Britain cannot approach the road to democracy until this state propaganda machine has gone. Wasteful parasitical egotistic BBC should go with it. R J Cook

Partygate Part II: Johnson cut Saudi trip short to get back for his wife’s bday
It comes as the Met Police start compiling evidence and interviewing key witnesses on alleged lockdown-busting gatherings in No 10. By Jack Peat.

Detectives investigating alleged lockdown-busting parties held in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office have begun interviewing key witnesses, it has been reported.

The Metropolitan Police said more than 100 questionnaires have been sent out so far to people at the alleged gatherings, which have to be completed and returned within seven days.

A No 10 source said on Monday evening that prime minister Boris Johnson has not been interviewed.

Investigators have started reviewing all available evidence but have not yet made any referrals for potential fines to be issued.

But the PM may soon have Partygate Part II on his hands following a little cheeky revelation in the Sunday Times this weekend.

Read More Johnson cut Saudi trip short to get back for his wife’s bday (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Boris Johnson is the very embodiment of British class privilege and hypocrisy. His sort , like Biden, have no right to preach on the subject of democracy and tyranny. Their proposed ‘New World Order’ has brought is this latest hellish war.

If Britain and the U.S were remotely democratic they would stop lecturing Russia on war crimes and free Julian Assange – whose crime was exposing vile Anglo U.S war crimes in their illegal Gulf War. Ironically, all bar one of the 9/11 conspirators were Saudi Arabian. There was no evidence that Iraq had anything to do with it. There was , however, much evidence against the CIA.

If the British masses could be bothered to think and step out of line, they would realise that they are being taken as fools. The Anglo U.S NATO gang are the real tyrants. Zelensky is no hero. He is their stooge, just as Saddam Hussein had been, before the oil situation necessitated his removal, along with a need to play games with the divided Islamic rulers and populations – a poisonous situation set up by the colonial British elite. R J Cook

March 21st 2022

Safety checks for P&O vessels amid claims new crews earning below £2 an hour

By Richard Wheeler, Neil Lancefield, David Lynch and Elizabeth Arnold, 

P&O Ferries vessels will be blocked from sailing if they fail safety checks, the Government said, amid claims Indian seafarers to replace sacked crews are being paid 2.38 US dollars (£1.81) an hour.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has been instructed to inspect the company’s ferries prior to them being able to re-enter service to ensure the new crews proposed for them are “safe and properly trained”.

British arm of Russian energy giant Gazprom facing collapse as major customers head for doors

Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter 

The British arm of Russian energy giant Gazprom is facing collapse as major customers head for the doors. 

Gazprom Energy, based in Manchester, supplies more than a fifth of the gas used by UK companies but does not serve households. Slow burn: Gazprom Energy, based in Manchester, supplies more than a fifth of the gas used by UK companies but does not serve households© Provided by This Is Money Slow burn: Gazprom Energy, based in Manchester, supplies more than a fifth of the gas used by UK companies but does not serve households

After the firm’s boss, Alexei Miller, was sanctioned by the UK this month over his ties with Vladimir Putin, businesses such as McDonald’s, Siemens and Biffa have tried to cut ties. 

Read More British arm of Russian energy giant Gazprom facing collapse as major customers head for doors (msn.com)

Comment Nice people forget, assuming they ever knew, how their nice parents backed the vile Thatcher regime who sold off state assets, including energy, to money grabbing people who were and still are no better than the oligarchs they welcomed into Britain, with their ill gotten Yeltsin gains. Today’s Oligarchs are logically irrelevant to the crucial Donbas and balance of power issues, that Vladimir Putin is forced to fight for. We do not live in a democracy here. Governments rule by edict and fear. That is why they want more unaccountable police and a corrupt CPS which withholds and uses fabricated police evidence. Comfortable people don’t want to know. Now the heat is on.

R J Cook

Who are the real Nazis in this U.K mindlessly supported Ukraine War ? Would Nazis really have been defeated without U.S.S.R ?

Pastor Martin Niemöller at his desk in his home. [LCID: 63455]
Pastor Martin Niemöller

Martin Niemöller was born in the Westphalian town of Lippstadt, Germany, on January 14, 1892. In 1910 he became a cadet in the Imperial German Navy. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Niemöller was assigned to a U-Boat, of which he was eventually appointed the commander. Under the stipulations of the armistice of November 11, 1918, that ended hostilities in World War I, Niemöller and other commanders were ordered to turn over their U-Boats to England. Along with many others, Niemöller refused to obey this order, and was, as a consequence, discharged from the Navy.

In 1920, he decided to follow the path of his father and began seminary training at the University of Münster.

Niemöller enthusiastically welcomed the Third Reich. But a turning point in Niemöller’s political sympathies came with a January 1934 meeting of Adolf Hitler, Niemöller, and two prominent Protestant bishops to discuss state pressures on churches. At the meeting it became clear that Niemöller’s phone had been tapped by the Gestapo (German Secret State Police). It was also clear that the Pastors Emergency League (PEL), which Niemöller had helped found, was under close state surveillance. Following the meeting, Niemöller would come to see the Nazi state as a dictatorship, one which he would oppose.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation1:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Visitors stand in front of the quotation from Martin Niemöller that is on display in the Permanent Exhibition of the United States ... [LCID: img4857]

Museum visitors in front of the Martin Niemöller quotation

Who & What Are Nato ? They have gotten us here. Why ? What are their real reasons ? Where next ? Roberta Jane Cook.

March 20th 2022

Britain drew the map for the Gulf States & Everyone is a wealth obsessed tyranny. The west has no problem doing business here. It sees Islam for the masses as a useful antidote to facing truth – which is why it is so keen to import it. Roberta Jane Cook.

No danger of the UAE’s Manchester City, a pillar of wealth in a squalid part of Manchester, being sanctioned and taken into government ownership. That is is because UAE are an acceptable authoritarian regime, they are on ‘our’ side ( sic ). A UAE company own P & O. Expect worse and remember P & O’s ‘Herald of Free Enterprise. P & O changed the name so we would forget. The ferry boat’s name is quite specific and appropriate. Britain is a sophisticated tyranny, like the EU and U.S.A. Roberta Jane Cook

WATCH: Tory MP heckled by P&O protestors over fire and rehire practices
“She tries to join in the chant of ‘shame on you’ before realising it’s aimed at her. Lovely stuff,” one Twitter user noted.

A Tory MP was heckled by union members who shouted “you voted for fire and rehire” at a P&O protest.

It comes after the UK shipping company, which has been owned by a Dubai firm since 2019, suddenly fired 800 people.

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke attempted to join the protest against the sackings, but was met with people chanting against her.

One person shouted “you voted for fire and rehire” before others joined in to tell Elphicke “shame on you”.

Read More WATCH: Tory MP heckled by P&O protestors over fire and rehire practices (thelondoneconomic.com)

P&O European Ferries was formed after the Townsend Thoresen ship, Herald of Free Enterprise, capsized outside Zeebrugge in 1987. P&O owned the whole of European Group who marketed their ferry services as Townsend Thoresen.

MS Herald of Free Enterprise was a roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ferry which capsized moments after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on the night of 6 March 1987, killing 193 passengers and crew. The eight-deck car and passenger ferry was owned by Townsend Thoresen, designed for rapid loading and unloading on the competitive cross-channel route.

P & O was originally Pacific and Orient , a well established old British shipping company. It is now owned by a Dubai based wealthy profit hungry elite..

Comment This is just more of the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ 1987 disaster mentality. Assistant Bosun Mark Stanley was blamed and scapegoated for the disaster because he was asleep in his bunk – probably because he had been working too many hours and was exhausted. Why did this justify turning the ship around so quickly for profit, that some idiot, like the captain maybe, thought that was O.K. Didn’t anyone else notice the open doors ?

The following is an extract from a BBC report where three crew members were blamed for the disaster, having done their best to block the truth because P & O were major Tory Part donors. This was the heyday of the vile Thatcher regime. This was the beginning of the New World Order.

1987: Zeebrugge disaster was no accidentA coroner’s inquest jury into the capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise has returned verdicts of unlawful killing.

The outcome into the ferry disaster in March, which killed 187 people, has now opened the possibility of a criminal prosecution by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

In summing up, coroner Richard Sturt said the verdicts could be returned only if the jury believed a criminal act had been committed and that there had been gross negligence.

The coroner had stressed that the purpose of the inquest was to establish facts not blame, but insisted only the actions of three crewmen could have led to the deaths.

But many of the victims’ families have made it clear they wish to see the Townsend-Thoresen company directors (now part of P&O) face prosecution, and not individual employees.

BBC ON THIS DAY | 8 | 1987: Zeebrugge disaster was no accident

Roberta Jane Cook.

15 Sketchy And Horrible Facts About Dubai

Not everything is perfect in Dubai. I mean, do you think that all those enormous skyscrapers and malls just appeared out of nowhere in an instance.BY KASPARAS ASMONAITISPUBLISHED MAR 20, 2017

Read More 15 Sketchy And Horrible Facts About Dubai | TheRichest

Repression and injustice in the United Arab Emirates

“This is a dictatorship. The royal family think they own the country, and the people are their servants. There is no freedom here.”
Dr Mohammed al-Mansoori, lawyer in the UAE

Think of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and you are likely to picture glittering skylines of wealthy cities and perfectly crafted beaches – a man-made paradise developed by an affluent nation in its economic prime.

But there are few outspoken activists sunning themselves on Sharjah’s beaches, no human rights lawyers wandering the shopping malls of Dubai – many, if not all of them have been imprisoned or silenced if they give any hint of supporting democratic rights that conflict with the views of the UAE’s rulers.

2011: Crackdown begins

In 2011, people took to the streets en masse to demand change in many Middle Eastern and North African countries in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. From demonstrations in the streets of Tunis to sit-ins in Cairo’s Tahrir Square – people were demonstrating their frustrating with their political rulers and the way they were governing.

In March of the same year, while political change was sparking protests across the region, 133 people in the UAE signed a petition which they handed to the country’s authorities. They were prominent UAE citizens – judges and lawyers, academics and journalists. A small number of them were women.

They called for a start to democratic reform to replace the current monarchy. They asked for everyone to be given a vote, and for an elected parliament to represent and answer to its people in the UAE.

The authorities responded by harassing or imprisoning many of the signatories, whose calls for democratic reform in the UAE have been muffled, then silenced altogether.

Authorities shut down all dissent

Read More Repression and injustice in the United Arab Emirates | Amnesty International UK

P&O Ferries new foreign crew paid only ‘£2.60-an-hour’ and ‘don’t have clearance to sail’

Harry Ingham

Replacement P&O crews will be offered wages as low as ‘2.60-an-hour’, it’s been claimed.

Read More P&O Ferries new foreign crew paid only ‘£2.60-an-hour’ and ‘don’t have clearance to sail’ (msn.com)

Comment Britain is a profit focused police state tyranny. It is a pot calling the Russian kettle black. R J Cook.

March 18th 2022

Cost of Living – From F.S

Russia’s War Will Make the Cost of Living Crisis Even Worse
And the Tories are doing nothing to stop it.
by James Meadway
16 March 2022

Rising higher than the sky, to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say.

We’ve had our new utilities deal through. 

Our monthly payment for gas and electricity is going up from £108 to £293. 

That’s up from £1296 a year to £3516. 

I was expecting it to double, but triple…? We’ve shopped around, and this is the best deal we can find. 

An extract: BP and Shell made £40bn in profit last year, whilst research by Common Wealth shows that the household gas distribution companies, which are little more than intermediaries, are the most profitable companies in the whole country, making an incredible 42.5% profit on their sales last year. (For comparison, the average UK company profit rate, outside of the North Sea, is 9%.)

Also: the 56% rise in average energy bills scheduled for April. If only…

A large portion of this is nothing to do with Ukraine but deliberate policy: see

Headline and first three paragraphs, even if you read no more… 

I give up. F.S

P&O’s Dubai-based owners paid shareholders £270m dividend before mass sacking
P&O has blamed yearly losses of £100 million for the sacking of 800 workers – despite paying out huge dividends to shareholders.

Calls are being made for a boycott of P&O amid growing anger over the sudden sacking of 800 workers.

Demonstrations are being held at ports on Friday and outside the Conservative Party’s spring conference in Blackpool on Saturday, with unions saying they are receiving massive support for the move to be reversed.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union said there should be a widespread public and commercial boycott of the ferry giant until the jobs are reinstated.

Read More P&O’s Dubai-based owners paid shareholders £270m dividend before mass sacking (thelondoneconomic.com)

Ukrainian refugees to travel for free on UK trains

Jon Stone 

Britain has joined other European countries in offering free onward travel for Ukrainian refugees on its rail network.GB rail operators will give Ukrainians fleeing the conflict free travel - Getty Images© Getty Images

GB rail operators will give Ukrainians fleeing the conflict free travel- Getty Images

A statement issued by the rail industry on Friday said the concession would allow Ukrainians to get “to a safe place”.

Under the scheme people will have to show a Ukrainian passport and boarding pass or ticket, and be given 48 hour to travel to their destination from their arrival in Britain.

Read More Ukrainian refugees to travel for free on UK trains (msn.com)

March 17th 2022

Ukraine refugees to get free NHS care and Covid vaccines on entry to England

Paul Gallagher

Edinburgh council makes Volodymyr Zelensky a freeman of the capitalBBC EastEnders: What happened to every single Ben Mitchell actor from…

All Ukrainians arriving in England will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge, including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services, and urgent care centres, the Government has announced.

The changes, which include Covid vaccines and medical screenings, will also cover any treatment that has taken place since the start of the Russian invasion.

Those benefitting will include any Ukrainian who uses an alternative temporary visa route outside of the family or sponsorship routes; is on a family or sponsored route to England; chooses to extend their visit or seasonal worker visa temporarily without going through the Immigration Health Surcharge system; or is in the process of switching visas.

Read More Ukraine refugees to get free NHS care and Covid vaccines on entry to England (msn.com)

March 16th 2022

PMQs – ‘Tell me, what first attracted the PM to billionaire oligarchs?’

Boris Johnson jumps out of oil barrel and into the sludge. Joe Mellor.

The prime minister wasn’t at PMQ’s today, he was going petrol cap in hand to the Middle East trying to ensure we can get enough fossil fuel supplies to keep the lights on. Cutting off one great dictator means cosying up to a swarm of others. 

Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people, as Charlie Chaplin once said.

Twelve years of rule from a party that claimed to be green (you didn’t buy it either, I know) our reliance on the compacted ancient remains of dead animals and plants burns as bright as ever. 

Heads chopped off

Did the PM mention that the weapons we sell to Saudi Arabia are destroying neighbouring Yemen or the 81 heads that were chopped off last week? I doubt it. 

Read More PMQs – ‘Tell me, what first attracted the PM to billionaire oligarchs?’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

PM arrives in UAE in bid to end West’s ‘addiction’ to Putin’s oil and gas

Greg Heffer, political reporter 

Boris Johnson will hold talks with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as he bids to end the West’s “addiction” to Russian oil and gas.

With Vladimir Putin’s increasingly barbaric assault on Ukraine set to enter a third week, the prime minister is visiting the Gulf in a stepping-up of his efforts to starve Moscow of its income from fossil fuels.

Boris Johnson arrives in UAE
British Elite Hypocrisy & Corruption Knows No Bounds.

Read More PM arrives in UAE in bid to end West’s ‘addiction’ to Putin’s oil and gas (msn.com)

March 14th 2022

Lockheed Gains on Likely German Order for 35 F-35 Fighters (msn.com)

Economic hardship awaits millions living in Europe and the world beyond this year as authorities battle mounting political chaos. The issues stand to bite Britons the hardest, as the Government also cements plans to hike National Insurance rates to fund social care. Interest rates could add another aggravating factor into the mix as people struggle to borrow money from leading banks.

Read More Will interest rates go up in 2022? Russia war sends economic ‘shock waves’ (msn.com)

That Won’t Happen –

by Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment According to a YouGov poll published today, 57 % of British people think Russia should face stronger sanctions. There is no social class or gender breakdown as to how the poll sample was taken. U.K Mainstream media, Sky , BBC and ITN showed a lot of comfortable well dressed well spoken , mainly women, being interviewed in the streets of London, all saying a big yes to getting tougher on Russia.

My training as a social scientist , specialising in economics, taught me that there are different types of sampling , basically : Stratified, random and targeted. If you do the latter, as you would when selling products to specific types of customer, you maximise profit. The size of the sample is also crucial. This YouGov Poll was obviously small and targeted because it was about selling a product called Anti Russian Propaganda.

However , if the purpose of a sample is to gauge how the nation feels about more sanctions, the questions must be clear on the implications for all classes, not the comfortably self important who have too much of everything anyway , including security. In the U.K much is being made of the Dunkirk spirit and everyone doing their bit to defeat tyranny.

The reality of the Russo Ukrainian War is rather more complicated than that, not least the current President being the second product of a Western backed coup. To call Ukraine a democracy is absurd but it works on ignorant Brits with an overblown sense of noble wars led by great leaders. The lower classes see the world very differently from the middle and upper.

I spent many years in the front line of British education and know what I am talking about. Due to malicious police records, I went from top back to the bottom of British society where I started, spending 12 years driving a truck until the police nobbled my GP , having me labeleld a paranoid delusional schizophrenic bi polar psycho.

So I have experienced life way beyond my academic training. In the U.S and U.K , the news is collected by pretty and comfortable people, packaged for prejudice.

I have no doubt that a stratified sample to include the high percentage of people barely living at the bottom of Britain’s demographic pile, would have thrown up a very different result. This would be even more profoundly different if the lower orders had any idea of the post 2008 Ukrainian history , the coup and the bombing, by Poroshenko and Zelensky of the Donbas, with war crimes never investigated.

Why should U.K’s or anyone else’s poor pay for that ? Why shouldn’t the pretty people working for billionaire’s media, take a massive pay cut if they think we should all suffer ? An accurate sample for an opinion poll would make sure there was a representative socially stratified sample of properly informed respondents.

That won’t happen because the elite mainstream media are a major part of the war on Russia. If people were properly informed that all the U.S , U.K , E.U and NATO had to do to stop the war, was to stop encouraging their Zelensky place man, with ideas of him prancing around the world stages of E.U and N.A.T.O , so ending an unnecessary threat to Russia’s security.

They can’t do that because they want their rules based ( sic ) democracies globally. They, the money & power mad elite make the rules. As we see with today’s news about rejecting Julian Assange’s extradition to the U.S for exposing Anglo U.S war crimes, this rule making clique are above their own rules and laws.

The ignorant masses are mesmerised into fantasies about their nation’s past, then called upon to fight for freedoms only the likes of Prince Andrew, the Bidens , Clinton and Johnsons will ever know. As for the oligarchs, of which Poroshenko was one, why were they welcome in the first place – with money stolen from the Russian peoples assets under the rule of the west’s placeman Boris Yeltsin ?

They would be welcome again if they would join the war to get Russia a Yelensky or new Yeltsin, because this freedom loving heroic NATO aim to run the world. As I write, I am getting news feeds about taking arms against China’s alleged human rights abuses. The western planet eaters are worried about a Russo China alliance, especially in Africa. They had to destroy Gadhafi because he was in danger of making North Africa prosperous .

They are talking about sanctioning China if they help Russia, but China can see where this is going. Britain gets 40 % of its manufactured goods from China. Our mindless consumers and fast fashion tasteless chav women will suffer. The Global economy will shrink faster than an old man’s penis without viagra.

The masses live in their multi culture boxes fixated on their race , gender, LGBTQI status, watching out not to say the wrong things, mindful of all the cameras , confident that GCSEs and Uni has made them clever. We are not supposed to join up all this war mongering money grabbing drivel , making arms dealers ever richer, with the rape of the Middle East, the chaos caused for oil , under the fake banner of freedom. Has anyone calculated the carbon footprint of war, or the hideous profits ? R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook 2003

Russell Brand calls Trudeau a hypocrite for criticising Putin after ‘tyrannical’ crushing of trucker protest

Graig Graziosi 

Comedian Russell Brand called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “tyrant” for dismantling the nation’s “Freedom Convoy” trucker protest, and a hypocrite for allegedly posing as an “exemplar of democracy” in opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine.

Read More Russell Brand calls Trudeau a hypocrite for criticising Putin after ‘tyrannical’ crushing of trucker protest (msn.com)

Our reliance on Russia has come back to bite us – the same will happen with Saudi Arabia

Mark Wallace

It has long been obvious that it was a bad idea to become energy dependent on a dictatorship that oppresses its own people, commits war crimes against civilian neighbours and hunts down and murders critics overseas.

I’m speaking, of course, of Saudi Arabia. The theocratic state that beheads gay people and flogs democrats, whose troops bombard and starve civilians in Yemen, and which had Jamal Khashoggi kidnapped, murdered and cut up with a bone-saw in Istanbul for the crime of being a critical journalist.

Read More Our reliance on Russia has come back to bite us – the same will happen with Saudi Arabia (msn.com)

Comment Boris Johnson sees no problem chasing Saudi Arabia for more oil. R J Cook

Watch: Riot police enter oligarch’s mansion making mockery of Tory plans to house refugees in Russia owned homes
One protestor said: “We have opened the building to house Ukrainian refugees and refugees from all nations.”

Riot police are attempting to evict squatters who have occupied the London mansion of a Russian billionaire who has been hit by sanctions.

Banners on the £25,000,000 property in Belgrave Square, near Knightsbridge, read: ‘This property has been liberated’, Putin go f*** yourself’ and ‘power breed parasites’.

Answering reporters’ questions, one of the men said there are five of them inside the mansion but they have a “way bigger group coming”.

He added that they broke into the property at around 1am.

“We stay here until Putin stops the war,” one man said.

He continued: “We have opened the building to house Ukrainian refugees and refugees from all nations.”

He also said the owner of the building “wants to destroy Ukraine homes”.

Read More Watch: Riot police enter oligarch’s mansion making mockery of Tory plans to house refugees in Russia owned homes (thelondoneconomic.com)

‘Putin go f*** yourself:’ Squatters move into oligarch’s London mansion
‘This property has been liberated’ and ‘power breed parasites’, read the other banners.

‘Putin go f*** yourself:’ Squatters move into oligarch’s London mansion (thelondoneconomic.com)

March 13th 2022

British defence firms scrambling to supply Ukrainian forces

Alex Lawson, Financial Mail On Sunday 

British defence firms are scrambling to supply Ukrainian forces with equipment as they battle Russian troops. 

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that officials have drawn up a list of vital military kit, which has been distributed to more than 1,500 UK suppliers in recent days. 

Companies have been asked for body armour, helmets, military-grade medical kits, night vision goggles and 24-hour ration packs. 

Read More British defence firms scrambling to supply Ukrainian forces (msn.com)

March 9th 2022

This map tells you all you need to know about UK’s attitude to Ukranian refugees fleeing war
The cruel reality of “Global Britain,” tweeted Best for Britain along with a pic of the map of refugee intake across Europe.

Grant Shapps has said he is “proud” of the government’s approach to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in eastern Europe as he revealed only 760 visas had been granted for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion.

Asked why the UK was still insisting on visa checks which had been dropped by EU countries, Mr Shapps told Sky News: “President Zelensky has asked us to proceed in the way we are doing.”

Read More This map tells you all you need to know about UK’s attitude to refugees (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment If I were Zelinsky, I would not want my country depopulated, nor would I argue with Russia regarding genocide in Donbas or their right to insist on neutrality. But Zelinsky is a posturing puppet. If the U.K is doing as he asks then it is revealing.

My view is that if the people have fled, they have a legitimate claim to asylum with no checks, after all the BAME economic migrants are waived through. It was clear during Brexit, that a major part of the elite did not like free movement of white people from Eastern Europe.

Our elite government are anti white racists, that’s how it seems to me. These people have fled the shelling, gunfire and bombing in a war the U.K helped fire up. The morality of that war is beside the point. The fleeing Ukrainians are refugees. Racism is the only possible explanation for blocking them.

R J Cook

UK faces large EU bill over Chinese imports fraud

Jennifer Rankin and Daniel Boffey in Brussels 

The British government faces paying a hefty charge to the EU after the European court of justice ruled it had been negligent in allowing criminal gangs to flood European markets with cheap Chinese-made clothes and shoes.Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA

Publishing its final ruling on Tuesday, the court concluded that the UK as member state had “failed to fulfil its obligations” under EU law to combat fraud and collect the correct amount of customs duties and VAT on imported Chinese goods. The failures by HMRC date from 2011 to 2017.

Read More UK faces large EU bill over Chinese imports fraud (msn.com)

Britain announces new aviation sanctions against Russia

LONDON (Reuters) -Britain unveiled on Wednesday new aviation sanctions giving it the power to detain any Russian aircraft and banning exports of aviation or space-related goods to Russia.Trails are seen in the sky as a plane flies over London© Reuters/MAY JAMES Trails are seen in the sky as a plane flies over London

Britain will also strengthen its ban on Russian aircraft, making it a criminal offence for any to fly or land in the United Kingdom.

Read More Britain announces new aviation sanctions against Russia (msn.com)

March 8th 2022

Videos of Neil Young Find The Cost Of Freedom

‘Glory to Britain !’

by Roberta Jane Cook

Who cares about extortionate power bills , losing jobs and not being able to pay the bills or buy food ? This is western style democracy, well worth starving and dying for. God save the Queen and all her extended family, poor woman is still working for us aged 95..
We are worker ants pledged to fight for the elite’s freedom to oppress and destroy us. Project Ukraine is going to NATO / NUKUS plan. A brilliant follow up to Covid measures softening us up with obedience training, insanity and paranoia.
Soon there will be a new moronic Russia as stupid as our ‘democraacy’ in the west, with ever more police to watch us ,with their ‘new evidence gathering methods’ , keeping s ‘safe.’. Soon death will seem even more attractive for those of us with intelligence and worthwhile education and principles. Glory to Britain !
R J Cook
Russia is fighting NATO and has lost another Major General. NATO have got Ukraine. China will be next with an existential threat because a new Russian regime will want changes, and NATO will be on to them. This is the logical step for consolidating the global elite’s economy and global police state.
Africa and India’s overpopulation and religions will be fostered and imported in to Europe, including Russia as the new worker ants, s they have proved themselves to be in the Third World remnants of European Empires. It is a white and black rich elite con. South America has pretty much the same prospects.
The upper classes don’t care what colour the slaves are and ignorance is a positive, hence religion is back big time with consolidating garbage about Islam being a race rather than a rip off of Judaism and the Old Testament. .
BLM is an elite divide and rule tactic. The masses will have the credit to buy the consumer junk and latest gadgets , mobile phones and lots of Apps. This is the future, cues from one sided posh people on mainstream media. R J Cook

Ben Wallace says he would support Poland in supplying jets to assist Ukraine if they chose to do so

Sophie Morris, political reporter

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said he would support Poland in supplying jets to assist Ukraine if they chose to do so.Ben Wallace said the Ministry of Defence will offer support to the Home Office in checking the identity of fleeing Ukrainian refugees to speed up the visa process© Associated Press Ben Wallace said the Ministry of Defence will offer support to the Home Office in checking the identity of fleeing Ukrainian refugees to speed up the visa process

Mr Wallace told Sky News he would support a decision by the fellow NATO member to supply MiG-29 jets to Ukraine – but that it would have to be their choice.

Read More Ben Wallace says he would support Poland in supplying jets to assist Ukraine if they chose to do so (msn.com)

Comment Wallace is a self important reckless war monger, typical of the U.K’s current PC brand of hypocritical virtue signalling U.K political elite on all sides, and their ambitious on message backbenchers , along with elite biased media crones. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

March 7th 2022

Rishi Sunak under pressure to soften impact of Russia sanctions, with experts predicting 1% fall in pay

Chloe Chaplain

Rishi Sunak must set out plans to mitigate financial impact of sanctions on Russia which could lead to further cost of living pressures on families, economists have warned MPs.

Experts said UK sanctions imposed on Russia could cut GDP growth by up to 0.5 per cent and cause a real-terms pay cut of one per cent – or higher if, as predicted, the energy sector is also hit.

This must be countered by some kind of fiscal response from the Treasury to prevent further financial strain on struggling families, they warned.

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Churchill Fantasy World Of Cliches.

Sir Winston Churchill surveys the damage in North of Central Portsmouth during World War Two. Image from Portsmouth Past & present by Robert Cook, copyright Portsmouth News. 2003

Half American , half British toff Sir Winston Churchill could coin a good phrase , with a flair for melodrama , understatement, exaggeration and inspiring the masses.

His wartime phrases were turned into long lasting British clichés , and often mixed up and twisted. No one does this better than our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. So now he opines :

We must prepare for darker days ahead in Russian aggression, PM warns allies

Geraldine Scott  

Restaurant receives threats after patrons thought signature poutine dish was…Holly Willoughby, Lorraine Kelly and more back Neighbours following axe

The West has “failed to learn the lessons of Russian behaviour” that have led to the invasion of Ukraine, the Prime Minister said as he warned world leaders: “We need to prepare now for even darker days ahead.”

In a nearly 1,300-word essay in the New York Times published on Sunday, Boris Johnson appealed to his counterparts to do more to resist the normalisation of the Russian offensive.

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Further Comment From R J Cook

Johnson , having misled us out of Europe, gravely warns of darker days and, mealy mouthed, pronounces ‘We must stop the normalisation of Russian aggression.’

This is more than just a drift into war, but sadly idiot self important, self seeking, money orientated glory hunting politicians with no concern for seriously opposing points of view, have been normalised. NATO double speak and highly profitable war mongering have been normalised.

Absurd mass population shifts have been normalised, effectively shifting everyone from one side of the planetary boat to the other , leaving space for ever more third world religion driven overpopulation to fight one another before joining the flow of open handed refugees.

And so it goes on with hellish environmental problems far worse than driving SUVs because plants need carbon dioxide to produce our oxygen. BAME and Third World religion driven overpopulation aligned to western elite driven resource exploitation has decimated forests , firing up global warming. The more humans, then the more greenhouse gases and imbalance in nature. Population growth will ultimately be limited by nature if this greed driven elitist fake democracy continues to rule.

Who is going to pay ? Most certainly not the rich. Social media was meant to reinforce state propaganda. That is why dissident voices like RCONB are monitored and prosecuted. The irony is that people like me are the real conservatives and environmentalists who knew immediately where the likes of Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher were leading us.

I have written much about Portsmouth at War , interviewing survivors. It was not glorious. People lost their loved ones homes and struggled for compensation. Others were roasted by bombers aiming for the dockyard. They experienced hell, making fodder for the arrogant racist Churchill’s speeches, turning misery into glory. Here we have another toff talking it up , when he should have resigned if had any real principles. He is typical of what NATO is about. All Johnson needed to fulfil his fantasy world of playing Churchill was to find his Hitler. He believes he has found him and has convinced rather too may peers and common folk for comfort. Johnson fancies himself as a historian and man making history. He would do well to examine what happened to Napoleon and Hitler when they turned on Russia. He might like to read Tolstoy’s great War & Peace. If he has, he has obviously learned nothing. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

PM to move ‘faster and harder’ against Putin at home and on world stage

Geraldine Scott

Boris Johnson is set to embark on a week of intense diplomatic efforts with foreign leaders to build a united front against Vladimir Putin, while at home ministers scramble to go “faster and harder” with sanctions levelled against the Kremlin.

The Prime Minister will host Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at Downing Street on Monday.

Mr Johnson is expected to put more pressure on international leaders to take further action to remove Russia from the Swift payment system, while pushing them to back his six-point plan to tackle Russian aggression.

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March 6th 2022

CHOMSKY: “If Corbyn had been elected, Britain would be pursuing a much more sane course”
The father of modern linguistics speaks exclusively to The London Economic about Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and most pressingly: the climate crisis.

Noam Chomsky is among the world’s most eminent political rebels. For decades, his stark criticisms of the United States’ foreign policy have troubled presidents, both Republican and Democrat.

Just last year, the self-proclaimed anarchist called Donald Trump “the worst criminal in history” for his refusals to act on the climate crisis in a controversial interview with the socialist publication Jacobin Magazine.

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Reactions as Mail reports Tories are calling this Johnson’s ‘Falklands moment’
“This apparently is his ‘Falklands moment’ they forget to mention the fact his party is knee deep in Russian roubles”


Well, the Dail Mail is getting excited about the PM’s actions. Their front page reads: “Boris’s 6-point plan to defeat Putin. This is his Falklands moment, say Tories as PM holds war briefings under Maggie’s portrait.”

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Putin saying same thing? Sir Tony Blair: I thought Iraq invasion was right thing to do
A petition to strip him of his knighthood gathered more than one million signatures.

Former prime minister Sir Tony Blair has admitted he “may have been wrong” about the decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, but insisted he thought it was “the right thing” to do.

Speaking to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby as part of BBC Radio 4’s The Archbishop Interviews series, Sir Tony defended his decision to intervene in the Middle East alongside former US president George W Bush.

“People often say over Iraq or Afghanistan that I took the wrong decision but you’ve got to do what you think is right,” the 68-year-old said.

Read More Putin saying same thing? Sir Tony Blair: I thought Iraq invasion was right thing to do (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment There is the not so small matter of Julian Assange never being mentioned in the U.K’s so called independent media. He has been locked away for years for, aided by Chelsea Manning, exposing vile Anglo U.S war crimes. There is also matters of Iraq being of no strategic danger or interest to U.K, so fake evidence was produced and Dr David Kelly who contradicted it, ‘mysteriously’ seemed to have killed himself leaving no known suicide note. Unlike Russia with Ukraine , there were no strategic issues

There is the ultimate truth that this war was illegal and Blair is a a war criminal, yet he is knighted. He even admits he might have been wrong but had to do what he thought was right. Having set fire to the Middle East, created real Islamic and CIA backed terror, along with mass migration, he had the audacity and shameless cheek to accept the job as Middle East Peace envoy, Meanwhile, back at home, his ‘Iron Chancellor ( a title that was an insult to Bismarck ) continued wrecking the social fabric in the style of New Labour’s much admired Margaret Thatcher. Watching and listening to these hypocrites is entertaining but nauseating. These sort of people want to reshape all of Eastern Europe and Russia with this maggot mentality, eating away at living flesh. R J Cook

How London became the place to be for Putin’s oligarchs

Rowan Moore 

For years, if not decades, the luxury property market in London and south-east England has been feasting on investment from Russia and former Soviet states. The oligarch’s mansion, with fantastical multi-level interiors containing swimming pools, art galleries and vintage car collections, has become the stuff of legend. Estate agents, lawyers, accountants, financial institutions, property companies, public relations agencies, architects and interior designers have all done well out of this abundant cash.

Read More How London became the place to be for Putin’s oligarchs (msn.com)

Comment All of this money was stolen from the Russian people’s State assets under the western backed corrupt Yeltsin regime – which resulted from a western backed coup against reformer Gorbachev. The West does not have the moral high ground. Oligarchs are being punished if they won’t denounce Putin. The West wants more corruption and abuse of the masses in eastern Europe. NATO provoked this war.

They represent the wealthy global elite and cannot be trusted. They own and control the ‘free’ ( sic ) world’s so called independent media. I repeat, ‘The Bidens are just some of the people who have made a fortune from corrupt Ukraine where war crimes in the Donbas don’t matter and are not reported, by so called independent media..’ R J Cook

Brexit boon as UK beats Germany to £1.4BILLION contract – Poland turns to British warships

Michael Curzon 

FTSE 250 company Babock has won a key contract which will see it supplying the EU country with three new warships. The contract is worth £1.4billion. But more than the monetary value, the deal has been touted by the Telegraph’s Industry Editor as a “vote of confidence in Britain’s defence industry” after Brexit.

Read More Brexit boon as UK beats Germany to £1.4BILLION contract – Poland turns to British warships (msn.com)

Comment War is always good for business and Britain is no friend of Germany which is why it rushed to war in 1914, then having the cheek as cheer leader to blame and punish Germany for causing it, thus causing the conditions for World War 2, just as it is a cheer leader for World War 3, which has actually started, though the masses don’t realise it yet. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

March 5th 2022

Plan for civil emergencies, water industry told, amid concerns Ukraine war will exacerbate supply chain issues

Jane Merrick 

Water companies have been ordered by ministers to draw up fresh contingency plans for shortages in the event of a national security threat, cyber attack or other emergency, as war in Ukraine fuels concerns in Whitehall about a knock-on effect on critical infrastructure and supply chain issues in the UK.

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Climate activists deflate tyres of SUVs in rich London neighbourhoods
“We disarmed these SUVs because they are a growing and needless part of the system that is killing us. Nobody needs a planet-wrecking SUV,” a spokesperson said.

Climate campaigners have deflated tyres of SUVs in some of London’s richest neighbourhoods to protest against the environmental impact of the vehicles.

Activists have caused flat tyres for around 40 SUVs in Kensington and Chelsea, Dulwich, Primrose Hill and Marylebone and left fake parking fines in windscreens, telling owners that “if SUV drivers were a nation, in 2018 they would have been ranked as the seventh biggest emitter of CO2”, according to The Guardian.

SUVs are often called “Chelsea tractors” because 4x4s were initially meant for off-road use but are now common in cities, where they contribute to higher traffic congestion and pollution.

Read More Climate activists deflate tyres of SUVs in rich London neighbourhoods (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Interestingly I saw a seriously vandalised monster SUV in Buckingham’s Meadow Walk car park last week. I wondered what had happened to it. Maybe this is the beginning of a trend. R J Cook

March 3rd 2022

Russian commanders ‘will be hunted down for war crimes’, justice secretary warns

Alix Culbertson, political reporter

Russian commanders will be hunted down for war crimes if they follow Vladimir Putin’s orders in Ukraine, the justice secretary has warned.Dominic Raab said the UK will help hunt down Vladimir Putin's commanders© Reuters Dominic Raab said the UK will help hunt down Vladimir Putin’s commanders

Dominic Raab said the UK is already planning to help identify and find fugitives suspected of war crimes.

The UK and 37 other countries referred Russia on Wednesday to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor to investigate “war crimes in Ukraine” in the largest referral in the ICC’s history.

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March 2nd 2022

Toilet Paper Panic As BBC Warns of Nuclear War – From F.S West Country Editor For RCONB.


I’ve decided that if I have to keep up with world events this is the way to do it. 
On the Radio 4 news just now (I’ve been told – still not listening to it myself), we’ve been exhorted to stockpile toilet paper because Putin is going to use nuclear bombs.

OK, the thought of all-out nuclear war is enough to give anyone a touch of the old brown arse water, but surely we’re going to have other things on our mind if this comes to pass. Like death.

TV Channel Russia Today was taken off the air this afternoon as the French Satellite used for broadcasting was switched off. Russia has retaliated blocking BBC and other propaganda broadcasters. F.S

Comment from Roberta Jane Cook.

MI6 meeting with a traitor plotting against the Russian government.
No alternative views please. Britain’s Labour ( sic ) opposition party has warned any MP who criticises NATO war mongering against Russia, will be sacked from the party. Leader Starmer, former head of Britain’s corrupt CPS, has said this is all in the cause of our freedom. R J Cook

Having just come in I immediately turned on RT and it said it was unavailable.  This situation is rapidly worsening.  Among other things it is the militarisation of space. Boris J  has cancelled all scientific cooperation in space..

Logically Russia shut down the BBC and presumably they could shoot down satellites. Chelsea’s Abrahamovitch has to sell the football club giving proceeds to Ukraine war victims. France’s decision is cowardly and dangerously stupid.

All the previous elite vested interest mistakes in the run up to the previous two world wars are being repeated. What happens when the gas gets turned off. A Russian tanker has been turned away from Wales. What happens when they just opt to steal the cargo ?

Europe is a much more efficient dictatorship than Russia. One imbecile wrote to my website telling me I would not be allowed to be transsexual in Russia. I said if they left Russia alone and I lived there, I wouldn’t need to be transsexual.  But that is far too abstract for morons.

RT has been very enlightening to me over the years. I have told Kieran I refuse to watch BBC or Sky News ( Propaganda ). Starmer has said that anyone who criticises NATO will be kicked out of the party and lose the whip.  He says this is about protecting our freedom against tyranny. I have just learned that Russia has retaliated.

This level of secrecy is world war. NATO started this. There is much more to the vanishing Skripals and the Olympic, and all sports drug stuff. Biden is a nasty creepy man and Johnson is a revolting individual.  We know from both of them that they said Nordstream 2 ‘ain’t gonna happen.’  Navalny’s alleged poisoning was another western con.  

We are told we must endure whatever privations this war causes.  Russia is lined up to become another LGBTQI feminist BLM hugging overspill for the chaotic Third World. Covid was part of the softening up process with the whingeing WHO.

We know that Boris, Biden et al exempt themselves from restrictions. So the war can go on, more genocide in Donbas and sob stories about Russian war crimes. Forget about Assange. He is yesterdays censored news. Obviously the CIA are in the Ukraine, on the ground acting as ‘trainers’. It is disturbing. During my brief contact with the military I was told it was about being ready to kill without question. Meanwhile Anglo U.S war crimes in the Middle east and Africa are not news.

This is Western Imperialism, with Ukraine a colony . They are worried that the Russians are disputing their control. How can anyone other than moron or liar, call the post 2014 Ukraine coup democratic ? It is absurd, but is being used to justify the NATO provoked carnage which we are now only allowed to see news of from the official U.S , U.K and EU sources ?

R J Cook

U.K World Leading Hypocrisy

Last autumn, his city investment firm cashed in its shares in a Russian bank. £44 million profit. Since then the shares have dropped in value by more than 30%.
Apparently Rees Mogg doesn’t involve himself in investment decisions. Yeah, right.

Tory MP praises Patel for refusing to offer asylum to Ukrainians – saying we have ‘done our bit’

A Conservative MP has praised Priti Patel for refusing to offer asylum to all Ukrainians fleeing war in the country, saying the UK has “done our bit in terms of migration from eastern Europe”.

Yesterday the home secretary announced that the government was further relaxing the immigration rules to allow more relatives of Ukrainians in the UK to join their family members.

However, she again stopped short of entirely waiving the existing rules for those trying to escape the Russian bombardment in Ukraine.

Patel said security concerns meant she could not take the risk of Russian troops trying to enter the UK by pretending to be Ukrainian.

Read More Tory MP praises Patel for refusing to offer asylum to Ukrainians (thelondoneconomic.com)

“Everybody wants to be humanitarian”

Farage wades into the Ukraine debate and is laughed out of town
“Why aren’t you in Moscow blowing kisses to Putin?” wrote Emma Kennedy in response to Nigel Farage’s comment.

oe Biden vowed to make Vladimir Putin “pay a price” for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his first State of the Union address.

The president made his remarks to highlight the bravery of Ukrainian defenders and the resolve of a newly reinvigorated Western alliance that has worked to rearm the Ukrainian military and cripple Russia’s economy through sanctions.

He delivered an ominous warning that without consequences, Russian president Putin’s aggression would not be contained to Ukraine.

“Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos,” Mr Biden said.

“They keep moving. And, the costs and threats to America and the world keep rising.”


The State of the Union address won widespread plaudits among pundits, but one was (as ever) left with egg on his face following previous comments made just days before.

Nigel Farage tweeted: “Why is Biden not in Europe taking the lead?”, much to the bemusement of people on social media.

Read More Farage wades into the Ukraine debate and is laughed out of town (thelondoneconomic.com)

Whipping Boy by Roberta Jane Cook

Comment It says a lot about Britain’s WOKE FOLK and chattering classes that they think there is anything to laugh at about the Ukraine horror which was triggered by the Anglo U.S resulting in the Minsk deception and 8 years of Ukrainian fascist war on ethnic Russians in the Donbas – whose culture was supposed to have been protected. Zeliensky is a western place man fronting a puppet government backed by the Anglo U.S war mongering Nato and the likes of Geoge Soros who believe they have the right to run and ruin the world.

It is very worrying how the media speaks for the nation. The BBC’s smug female news interface is broadcasting now, and there is intent to shut down RT. There is an assumption that the authorities have the truth and we are free as long as we obey. Careers depend on obsequiousness or the masses will be turned against dissenters.

The witch hunting mentality is as strong as it ever was. The reality of history in Ukraine and all the post 1990 illegal regime change wars are never up for discussion. Nor are the human rights crimes by the U.S and U.K in Latin America because they are exceptional. It is the elite’s freedom that counts. As they get richer and the poor get more rules and crumbs,. Stern controls are needed to suppress risk of communism.

In this context, Russia is the symbolic whipping boy. Putin will be the sacrifice in the name of defeating all tyrants. It s quite funny. I hark back to my situation with regard to my near complete sex change treatment in February 2019. I was told I could have surgery f I agreed to accepting powerful suppressant drugs for being a paranoid deluded bi polar schizophrenic – almost comical considering the week before I had been told in writing that I have a secure female identity. Read between the lines, it tells us much about zombie Britain and fake democracy. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook December 2021

March 1st 2022

Russia Today hit by 15 Ofcom investigations, as Liz Truss warns Putin could ban BBC

Adam Forrest  

Britain’s media regulator Ofcom has announced 15 separate investigations into the impartiality of RT, the Kremlin-backed network which continues to be broadcast in the UK.Vladimir Putin on RT, formerly known as Russia Today  - Kremlin.ru© Kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin on RT, formerly known as Russia Today- Kremlin.ru

The watchdog said it would probe 15 editions of the hourly news programme on the state-controlled channel – formerly known as Russia Today – broadcast on 27 February.

MPs to get £2k raise the day Brits battered by cost-of-living crunch
MPs will see their annual pay hiked to £84,000 the same day Brits are hit by new taxes and higher bills.

MPs are set to have their pay hiked by £2,000 on 1 April – the day struggling Brits will be battered by spiralling bills.

Despite the coming cost-of-living crisis, parliamentarians will enjoy a bumper pay rise to their £81,932 just as higher bills and new taxes squeeze the public.

April will see families hit with a National Insurance hike, higher gas bills, more council tax – and a million extra Brits dragged into higher income tax brackets.

But MPs will be shielded from the pain, with their salaries set to hit £84,000 for the first time after the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority approved a 2.7 per cent pay rise, in line with average increase in pay for public sector employees.

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Prince Charles issues blistering attack on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – statement

Katie Sewell 

Prince Charles has spoken out over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion last week. The heir apparent is visiting Southend-on-Sea today to mark the area’s new city status.

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Freedom under attack in ‘most unconscionable way’ in Ukraine, says Prince of Wales

Hannah Furness  

Decisions by BP and Shell to exit their investments in Russia, along with Norway’s $1.3tn sovereign wealth fund and Australia’s $143bn Future Fund, have thrown the spotlight on other major international companies yet to disinvest.Fuel prices have been rising as the cost of oil soars© PA Fuel prices have been rising as the cost of oil soars

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Freedom’s Just Another Name For Nothing Left To Lose. Keir Starmer warns Labour MPs anyone attacking Nato will be booted out.

Sir Keir Starmer has warned his MPs that any of them who attempt to attack Nato or indulge in “false equivalence” with Russian aggression will be kicked out of the party.

Sir Keir said there would be “no room” in Labour for anyone who seeking to blame the western alliance for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Labour MPs who criticise Nato will be tossed out of party, Starmer warns…but is met with backlashLabour MPs who attack Nato to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be kicked out of the party, Keir Starmer has warned.

Read More Labour MPs who criticise Nato will be tossed out of party, Starmer warns… but is met with backlash (thelondoneconomic.com)

Perspective – Forget It. From F.S.


This may seem obvious but democracy requires clear information from a range of perspectives if a balanced view is to be achieved.

Most people in the West have limited knowledge at best of the present crisis and are having their opinions formed for them by government controlled news media which oversimplifies and takes sides.

There is freely available knowledge online from many sources, but it takes effort to explore and understand it.

ODT members are well-placed to do this and several have expressed strong views against the prevailing one-eyed view.

This email from Rhys Jagger to his MP is a good example:

“Mr Simmonds

I have been profoundly horrified at the totally brazen lack of ethics of our Foreign Secretary Liz Truss the past fortnight. Having distinguished herself as the most ignorant f***wit allowed to hold senior office in my lifetime by stating that she did not recognise Russian Sovereignty over Voronezh and Rostov (both of which are oblasts in the Russian Republic entirely akin to Hampshire and Kent in the UK), she is now encouraging UK citizens to fight for a Nazi regime in Ukraine.

Far be it for me to have to educate MPs and the SoS of the FCO in basic facts of life, however:

1. In 2014, the USA organised a coup d’etat to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. There is no possibility of any discussion about this historical fact, indeed Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt had their conversations leaked to the British Press. That told the world that the USA had zero respect for democratic elections of people it didn’t want in office. Think about that, Mr Simmonds. In the UK, that would mean the SNP supporters overthrowing Boris Johnson, Theresa May or David Cameron. That’s right, that’s the UK equivalent. OK, the population of Scotland is less than that of Western Ukraine vis a vis the rest of the country, but the principle is identical. Joe Biden arming Nicola Sturgeon and her bunch of fiscally incompetent racists to overthrow the democratic will of many, many more people.

2. In the subsequent seven years, the ‘Government’ of Ukraine has increasingly sought to remove all traces of the Russian language from the country, despite the fact that a large minority of the country see Russian as their first language and having had several generations of ties to Russia. Again, this would be equivalent to banning English in the SE of England just because some gaelic-speaking nutcases from some hotbed of English-hating jock-city thought that the whole of the UK should be under Gaelic rule. Seven years of this took place with the full support of the USA.

3. In 2014, two Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine, namely the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, held referenda as they could not accept the results of the US-inspired coup d’etat. They voted for independence, no matter what you, Liz Truss, the US Government or the US ambassadors of every single nation in Europe might wish to say. As a result of that, over 10,000 citizens of that region have been murdered by a Kyiv-based government fully supported by the USA and not objected to by a supine UK government incapable of espousing a single principle whatsoever, despite the ability of Governor Ron de Santis of Florida doing just that at CPAC 2022 this week (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Ba47MLw14). Ron de Santis has no more power than Boris Johnson, what he has, however, is infinitely more moral balls. He is also Governor of a US state with a budget surplus, something most conservative politicians are supposed to approve of……

4. Despite the UK and NATO/the USA engaging in 5 genocidal wars of aggression since 1991 (when the Republic of Russia emerged from the Soviet Union’s ashes), there have been no punishments whatsoever for the UK, the USA, other members of NATO, despite murdering several million people for no better reason than to assert US global hegemony, to assign mineral looting rights to a variety of TNCs and to make out like the West is ‘bringing democracy to the world’. What they brought to the world was mass murder, puppet regimes and a legacy of depleted uranium causing untold damage to foetuses for we do not know how long.

So quite why Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, the mentally deficient lunatics in the EU and the increasingly senile Joe Biden think that what Vladimir Putin has just done this past week is an act of unique evil quite simply beggars belief. He is clearing up the festering tumour of US/NATO malevolence and quite frankly, you would do the same if Macron decided to infest Kent, Surrey and Sussex with French-speaking Napoleonic troublemakers.

I no longer consider myself to live in a free and democratic country. This country has a completely neutered media, redolent of the worst of the Soviet Union in the 1970s when I was growing up. In fact it is worse, as the UK public are credulous enough to actually believe that the nonsense being spewed out every day is actually the truth, rather than carefully crafted government propaganda.

I am deeply ashamed to be part of a totally degenerate nation, totally incapable of being a place to live that decent people would look up to. You have committed crimes against humanity in your criminal approach to Covid19 and if you have not already read RFK Jnr’s book dissecting the crimes of Fauci, Gates et al, not to mention the collusion of a number of UK miscreants, then you are not doing your job as an MP. Fauci and Gates need the death sentence and a large number of people, including but not limited to: Peter Horby, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Jonathan Van Tam, Matthew Hancock, Sajiv Javid, at least 250 criminal members of the UK media; need putting in prison for a very, very long time indeed.

You can lie all you like but the truth is simple: multiple off-patent, cheap-as-chips drugs with decades of human safety data, proven in multiple geographies to have incredible abilities to either prevent- or treat Covid19 suffers, were actively banned by scientists and governments to ensure that killing drugs like Remdesevir, not to mention the totally ineffective covid19 vaccines of Moderna, Pfizer, AZ and J&J could be used under ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’. The effect? Killing at least 500,000 people who would not have died had proper medical practice been followed. There are no ‘we didn’t know’ get out clauses. The advice was given, not just by US doctors but by UK ones too. It was all ignored to make billions for drug companies at the expense of killing UK citizens. There is no worse crime that could be committed by UK Government officials.

There is no sign that the criminals are backing off in their attempts to bring in digital passports; digital currencies; net zero energy nonsense; economic crises aimed at depopulation; and wars up to and including nuclear armageddon.

The time is now for any Representative in the House of Commons not prepared to stand up for the interests of the British People to resign and let others do so who DO care about the people and not the brown envelopes of the global elites dead set on destroying the lives of the majority of people on earth.

Each and every one of you in Westminster now has a choice to make. You can support US Warmongering, the WEF psychopaths, the world bank/IMF asset strippers, the climate catastrophist fraudsters and the woke trans-sexual insanity; or you can support honest hard work and endeavour; stable societies made up of interlinked communites; the SME innovation ecosytem rather than the TNC asset strippers; and those who actually promote human health rather than those aiming to kill people and make money from doing so.

I hope you make the right decision personally, Mr Simmonds.

I will not be voting for either the Conservative Party nor the Labour party at any future elections short of absolute clearing out of the filth found in the ethics of both parties.

I have given both parties decades of chances to show they care about British people rather than US masters. Both have categorically failed the test. Labour is now run by a Zionist slave who should emigrate to Israel. The Conservative and Unionist Party is still led by a mongrel who wouldn’t recognise ethics if it were tattoed onto his chest.

That’s life.”

Participatory Democracy Project at https://ourdecisiontoo.com

Tory councillor panned for claiming Boris is ‘on the frontline’ of Ukraine war
A Tory councillor claimed Johnson is on the “frontline” of the Ukraine conflict. Twitter was unimpressed.

As Russia’s invasion escalates, Volodymyr Zelensky – Ukraine’s president – has been widely praised for his bravery and leadership.

It emerged over the weekend that Zelensky was offered the chance to evacuate Kyiv by the US, but turned it down. “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride,” he reportedly said.

And Zelensky’s fortitude has given rise to inevitable comparisons with Boris Johnson, who has been accused of posturing in his response to the crisis.

However one Tory councillor sought to put those allegations to rest by touting Johnson’s strong will.

Sharing a photo of the prime minister with members of the Armed Forces at RAF Prize Norton as they prepared to fly aid to Ukraine, Joe Porter hailed Johnson for “true global leadership” – and said he was “on the frontline”.

Read More Tory councillor panned for claiming Boris is ‘on the frontline’ of Ukraine war (thelondoneconomic.com)

February 28th 2022

Fake is of course a value judgement , especially in war.

Patel rejects call for visa waiver as Ukrainian compares Kyiv shelling to the Blitz 

“To the people of Britain, I ask you that when you come home from work today, hug your family, hug your kids, close your eyes and for a second just imagine there are explosions outside your house.”

Priti Patel ruled out a visa waiver for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict with Russia because of fears that Moscow’s troops and extremists could seek to come to the UK.

The Home Secretary, who has come under intense political pressure from MPs across the Commons to do more to allow Ukrainian refugees to reach the UK, insisted she was taking action to open safe routes.

She told MPs she was following the “strongest security advice” as she rejected the call to scrap the need for visas.

Read More Patel rejects call for visa waiver as Ukrainian compares Kyiv shelling to the Blitz (thelondoneconomic.com)

Truss lampooned for ANOTHER cringe photo opp as her plea to fight in Ukraine is illegal
“The uncertainty, the sleep deprivation and the knowledge at any time you may be called into action. Spare a thought for Liz Truss’ personal photographer today.”

Liz Truss has been criticised for saying she would back Britons going to Ukraine to join the fight against the Russians, with Conservative colleagues saying this would be reckless and illegal.

Ben Wallace, the UK defence secretary, contradicted the foreign secretary’s assertion that Britons should be able to join the fight in Ukraine, saying this was primarily for Ukrainian nationals and that people without military experience should stay away.

Truss told BBC One’s Sunday Morning programme that she would “absolutely” back anyone wanting to volunteer to help the Ukrainians fighting for their freedom.


She said: “That is something people can make their own decisions about. The people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy, not just for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe. Absolutely, if people want to support that struggle, I would support them in doing that.”

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Support The Truss – the truss you might trust , if ??

Comment My favourite boss, Conrad Davies was one of many who told me that I was always overthinking every problem. He was infinitely better than all those state and police inflicted psychiatrists who persist in their view that I am a paranoid schizophrenic bi polar deluded person. That is what passes for thinking in the British Police State. If these parasites had been correct I would never have had my complex demanding job and got anything done.

I was pleased to have my gender identity as a woman confirmed , but not one who has to accept being psychotic needing zombie drugs. Maybe I should have said ‘Yes Please’ and mumbled stumbled into top flight politics.

Liz Truss’s latest drivel regarding the Ukraine conflict is not surprising. She doesn’t need to know what you are talking about. The implications of supporting anyone who wants to go from the U.K to fight and maybe die for the Ukraine’s puppet government is intriguing. The Foreign Enlistment Act of 1870, prohibits British people fighting in foreign wars against countries the UK is at peace with. Such has happened before, but is illegal unless the U.K is at war with the country she wants them free to support. Therefore the best interpretation one can put on this is that she thinks the U.K is at war with Russia. Absolutely incredible in my view, but as we know, I tend to overthink. Why not just stand function on its head and ‘Support the Truss.’

Roberta Jane Cook February 21st 2022

‘We must fight back’ Furious Britons push back against ‘bully’ Putin’s nuclear threats

Millie Cooke 

This came after Moscow ordered nuclear deterrent forces to be on “high alert”. Putin said the escalation was in response to “unfriendly economic sanctions” and “aggressive statements” from Western countries. In a televised meeting, the Russian leader said: “Western countries aren’t only taking unfriendly economic actions against our country, but leaders of major NATO countries are making aggressive statements about our country.”

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Comment As one of my Primary School teachers used to say ‘Empty vessels make the most noise.’

It is my experience the British masses have no idea what is happening in Ukraine or why, beyond the incessant mainstream media propaganda pumped out by smug overpaid upper middle class journalists.

There is no discussion or presentation of the last 8 years western backed genocide in the Donbas or the fact that the Ukrainian Government is the product of a western backed coup. I am furious about Britain’s attitude, policies and money spent backing Ukraine. Our elite are working to suppress RT because they only want the official view.

This is more totalitarianism with U.K ruling classes enjoying the benefit of avoiding any worthwhile EU laws whilst acting as U.S proxy for more devastating destabilising regime change for which the masses will pay while the elite profit and virtue signal. One BBC reporter in Kiev even shed a theatrical tear, of which much was made in close up on official social media. Pity they haven’t spent any time reporting the last 8 years of Donbas hell. For the British hypocrites the only morality and politics that matter is all about sex and gender in its world of fake democracy, along with fake muklti culture when only ruling class culture counts. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

February 27th 2022

‘Have the courage’ Germany challenged by furious Ukraine as it fails to back SWIFT ban

Brian McGleenon 

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Russia-Ukraine latest news: Russian troops enter Kharkiv; west cuts off…The 25 best Meryl Streep films

Speaking at a press conference today, Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy said his nation is still in control of Kyiv. Today he announced that the capital Kyiv was still under Ukrainian control after Russia launched an invasion on Thursday. He said: “We have withstood and are successfully repelling enemy attacks.

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Comment, It is sickening how this western plant, the man behind Donbas genocide is being presented as a hero rather than a power mad western lackey. The Anglo U.S elite are in this for money. Joe Biden’s son made a fortune from Ukraine’s corrupt puppet regime. The fact that the western hyenas are at one on this issue should ring alarm bells, but it won’t. Our media is totally run by state and wealth interests and utterly based.

R J Cook

What does the UK import from Russia?

Read more: Sadiq Khan wants ‘hardest possible sanctions’ against Putin allies in London as Russia invades Ukraine

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced sanctions against five Russian banks and three billionaires linked to Vladimir Putin after he sent troops into eastern Ukraine.

The PM said these would be ‘just the first barrage of UK economic sanctions’ as he expected ‘more Russian irrational behaviour to come’.

According to the latest government data, Russia was the UK’s 19th largest trading partner over a 12-month period up until September 2021 – accounting for 1.3 per cent of total British trade.

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February 26th 2022

Russia Today hit by resignation of several UK-based journalists within hours of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Claire Gilbody-Dickerson 

Several Russia Today journalists in the UK have resigned from the broadcaster following Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the pretext that it had to be “de-Nazified”, i understands.

has been told five employees based both in Moscow and at RT’s bureau in London have handed in their notice in the past few days, including broadcast journalists and news producers.

Shadia Edwards-Dashti, a TV correspondent, has also left the company after joining in 2015 as a broadcast journalist.

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British Airways cancels all short-haul flights from Heathrow
The airline said it was ‘extremely sorry’ about the Saturday morning cancellations.

British Airways has cancelled all short-haul flights from Heathrow until midday and further disruption is expected throughout Saturday due to ongoing technical issues.

The airline said the problem, which may also cause delays for its customers using Gatwick and London City Airport, is related to a hardware issue and is not because of a cyber attack.

The major outage has caused cancellations and delays of flights, pile-ups of luggage and passengers stuck on planes after landing at Heathrow.

It said long-haul flights are still operating, but customers may experience some delays.

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Peace in our slime – Roberta Jane Cook

Comment The British elite have never gotten over the well deserved Russian Revolution. Stalin was welcome to discredit it. Hitler was welcome to threaten it. Expediency in the wake of Hitler’s insane attack on Russia led to an alliance which gave way to the Cold War.

The Western backed Yeltsin coup ruined Gorbachev’s idealistic Glasnost ( openness ), paving the way for the west’s much loved asset stripping Tory donating , football club buying, oligarchs’.

Putin saw the dangers to Russia’s social and economic stability, but once the Anglo Americans are in you don’t get rid of them. The EU was always a scapegoat and easily manipulated by the Anglo U.S Elite. Brexit was a con on the masses because the elite made sure the common folk got little more than cheap fish n’ chips flights to Sunny Spain.

So that elite are churning out the fake history & news to the sound of the old Imperialistic martial music. But don’t worry, Britain is inclusive for all of the gullible masses. You can all join the front line, going to war in your best dress with well made up faces. You can be real Rainbow Warriors fighting for the goodies ( sic ). It will be ‘peace in our slime.’

Roberta looks forward to ‘peace in our slime.’

Roberta Jane Cook

February 25th 2022

Labour MPs drop backing for statement criticising Nato after Starmer warning

Peter Walker Political correspondent

A group of 11 Labour MPs from the left of the party have removed their names from a statement about the invasion of Ukraine, which heavily criticises Nato after being warned they risked losing the party whip.Photograph: DW Images/Rex/Shutterstock© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: DW Images/Rex/Shutterstock

In a rapid victory for Keir Starmer over MPs still linked to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour chief whip wrote to the 11 backbenchers asking them to remove their signatures from a statement drawn up by the Stop the War group.

It is understood that Alan Campbell told the group, including Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Richard Burgon, that they risked losing the Labour whip if they did not remove their names.

A party spokesperson later said all the MPs had agreed to do so.

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Liz Truss ‘boots Russian ambassador from meeting saying he should be ashamed’

Sam Courtney-Guy

Russia-Ukraine invasion news: explosions in Kyiv as city expects Russian tank…The DukeAndrei Kelin was accused of ‘spouting Kremlin propaganda’ to the Foreign Secretary (Picture: PA/Getty)© Provided by Metro Andrei Kelin was accused of ‘spouting Kremlin propaganda’ to the Foreign Secretary (Picture: PA/Getty)

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is understood to have ejected Russia’s ambassador from a meeting after he began ‘spouting propaganda’ about his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Andrei Kelin had been summoned to Whitehall for the second time in a week after Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale assault which went onto kill 57 people on its first day.

Read More Liz Truss ‘boots Russian ambassador from meeting saying he should be ashamed’ (msn.com)

February 24th 2022

Johnson hits Russia with ‘largest’ sanctions to punish ‘blood-stained’ Putin

Sam Blewett 

Boris Johnson is hitting Russia with the “largest and most severe” package of sanctions it has ever faced to punish “blood-stained aggressor” Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.

The Prime Minister extended punitive measures on Thursday to hit five further oligarchs, including the Russian President’s former son-in-law, and to tackle more than 100 businesses and individuals.

Mr Johnson said he was sanctioning “all the major manufacturers that support Putin’s war machine”, will imminently ban Aeroflot from touching down planes in the UK and will freeze the assets of all major Russian banks, including immediately against VTB.

His second barrage of measures designed to “hobble the Russian economy” and punish Moscow’s ally Belarus came as the Kremlin hit Ukraine with a wide-ranging attack, targeting cities and bases with air strikes.

“Putin will stand condemned in the eyes of the world and of history. He will never be able to cleanse the blood of Ukraine from his hands,” the Prime Minister told the Commons.

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Bloody Lies by Roberta Jane Cook


It is amusing how Britain’s ruling and historic elite , with their student offspring, lecturing the white working classes on their evil role in slavery from which they made nothing, except for scraps from the rich man’s table because they were no more than slaves themselves.

Humans are animals , not mini Gods. If we accept natural selection rather than religious drivel, then right and wrong is drivel too. Politics is about expediency lashed with hypocrisy.

The United States was a British Colonial invention built on the blood of indigenous Red Indians ( Mongoloids ). The colonies broke away because they did not want to pay mad King George’s taxes. Britain’s African Empire was built through connivance with powerful African leaders who sold off their young, after herding them into stockades waiting for the slave ships crewed by white slaves.

As Africa was carved up by white Imperialists, bloodshed was normal. Britain fought two world wars over empire, betraying its old Japanese ally in World War Two. That Empire was mortgaged to its U.S offspring . The fallout has been horrendous, with Britain and U.S keen to foster African tyrants, mass religious idiocy and superstition overseen by vile black tyrants who have fortunes invested in cities like London.

As a truck driver, I used to look down on these black aristocrats at home in London into their top notch BMWs and Mercs gridlocked in Marylebone rale, expensive suits and bling displaying their wealth. Cross these arrogant pigs on the London city centre roads road at your peril.

Queen Victoria’s Statue stately and imposing outside Portsmouth Civic Offices, 2020. Victoria presided over the great and bloody British Imperial age, with Disraeli presenting her with Jewel in the Crown.
Image R J Cook /Appledene Photographics.

London Marylebone Road 2018, here I saw Privileged Black tyrants in the top range Mercs and BMWs, Bling contrasting with black wrists, expensive shirt cuffs , gold cuff links and Rolex watches as these people take time out from the squalor of homelands where they work with white rich to exploit and retard the African continent. Stealing resources and perpetuating moron religion keeps it all ticking over, with silly little student boys and girls believing we are all going green.
Image R J Cook Appledene Photographics.

It is not just the past where throwing slave trader statues in the dockside is about purging the past, and absolute nonsense. The statues are irrelevant. It is where the wealth has gone, with all the concentration of power. We are supposed to believe that there is no blood on British and U.S elite hands. While Boris and the BBC have been moralising their own war in Syria has been busy killing women , children and men this very day. Yemen is even worse, with BAE systems making a fortune. Boris has blood on his hands with far less justification. This all started with Anglo U.S objections to Nordstream 2 and to force regime change in Russia. Blood on hands is just utterly ridiculous, but people are stupid enough to believe it. R J Cook


UK politics live: Boris Johnson promises ‘massive sanctions’ after Russian invasion of Ukraine

Andrew Sparrow 

Latest updates: prime minister condemns Russian president Vladimir Putin and promises to stand with Ukraine.13:21

Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, has said the new sanctions being imposed on Russia will be “significant”. Delivering the Mais lecture in London, he said:

The whole world is rightly appalled at Russia’s aggression.

When the freedom of one democratic nation is threatened, wherever they may be in the world, democracy everywhere is challenged.

We must apply severe economic costs to these actions and you can expect significant further sanctions to be brought forward.

Read More Ukraine crisis: Putin and the kleptocrats fear democracy in Russia, not sanctions abroad (msn.com)

4 takeaways from Johnson’s TV address to nation about invasion of Ukraine

Read More UK politics live: Boris Johnson promises ‘massive sanctions’ after Russian invasion of Ukraine (msn.com)

Keir Starmer under pressure to act on 14 MPs who have condemned Nato – who are the 14?

Aliss Higham

Prince Harry launches libel action against Mail on SundayOlivia Rodrigo has a title and a ‘few songs’ for her new album

Starmer and Corbyn© PA Starmer and Corbyn

Sir Keir Starmer has put considerable effort into convincing the public that his party has moved on from Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-war, anti-NATO rhetoric. However, there have been calls for him to remove the whip from several Labour MPs – who are said to oppose NATO.

Speaking during PMQs on Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Sir Keir should remove the whip from “14 Labour MPs” who oppose NATO.

Backing the PM, Conservative MP Oliver Dowden tweeted: “Labour MPs and their union paymasters ‘refute the idea that NATO is a defensive alliance’ and say ‘Britain needs to change its policy’ on Ukraine.

Read More Keir Starmer under pressure to act on 14 MPs who have condemned Nato – who are the 14? (msn.com)

Comment everyone is supposed to be on message. So much for ‘democracy ‘ Starmer has a case to answer in relation to the U.K Crown Prosecution ( CPS ) , which I am still on the receiving end of. He is not representative of Britain’s working class or the intelligent idealistic young. This current scenario in Ukraine is very revealing. Labour MPs stepping out Of line must be whipped back into line with the correct opinion over provocative aggressive NATO and banning Russia Today ( RT ) .

Starmer has described the BBC propaganda World Service. Starmer like Blair and Brown before him, is a Thatcherite. Why should working class people or hopeful young be led and brainwashed by him and his kind ? His CPS were and still are, protective of the powerful and out to convict the underclass to make the statistics look good. They use police fabricated evidence and block key documents and witnesses. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Young Labour activists clash with party over Keir Starmer ‘backing Nato aggression’ in Ukraine

Rob Merrick

Young Labour activists have been rebuked by their party after attacking Keir Starmer for “backing Nato aggression” over the Ukraine crisis.Guests Attend 'Sunday Morning' With Sophie Raworth© Getty Images Guests Attend ‘Sunday Morning’ With Sophie Raworth

The Labour leader has been condemned for “celebrating” closer cooperation by the 30-country strong alliance while “attacking Stop The War and other pro-peace activists”.

“Nato’s acts of aggression both historical and present are a threat to all of our safety,” the party’s youth wing has claimed, in a series of

of tweets.

“Stoking up tension, macho posturing & trying to ‘outdo’ the Tories on hawkish foreign policy will only lead to further devastation, loss of life and displacement of people across the world.”

Read More Young Labour activists clash with party over Keir Starmer ‘backing Nato aggression’ in Ukraine (msn.com)

Comment Just because Lammy is black doesn’t mean he has principles. Blacks sold blacks into slavery. The system would never have worked otherwise. R J Cook

  1. Videos of Dubliners Joe Hillbing.com/videos2:49The Dubliners ~ Joe Hill34K views · Feb 20, 2013SaveShareYouTubeAlec JohnLyricsI dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
    Alive as you and me
    Says I, ‘But Joe, you’re ten years dead’
    ‘I never died’, says he
    ‘I never died’, says he.In Salt Lake, Joe, says I
    Him standing by my side
    ‘They framed you on a murder charge’
    Says Joe, ‘I never died’
    Says Joe, ‘I never died.’The copper bosses they shot you, Joe,
    They filled you full of lead
    ‘Takes more than guns to kill a man’
    Says Joe, ‘And I ain’t dead’
    Says Joe, ‘And I ain’t dead.’And standing there as big as life
    And smiling with his eyes
    Says Joe, ‘What they forgot to kill”Went on to organize’
    ‘Went on to organize.’Joe Hill ain’t dead, he says to me
    Joe Hill ain’t never died
    Where working man are out on strike
    Joe Hill is at their side
    Joe Hill is at their side.In San Diego up to Maine
    In every mine and mill
    Where working men defend their rights
    It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill
    It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill.I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
    Alive as you and me
    Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead
    I never died, says he
    I never died, says he.Songwriters: Earl Robinson, Alfred Hayes, John Loesberg
    For non-commercial use only.
    Data From: MusixmatchSee more songs by The Dubliners

February 23rd 2022

Britain to send more weapons to Ukraine as threat of full Russian invasion mounts (telegraph.co.uk)

Bank of England boss on £575k wage defends comments that staff shouldn’t get pay rises

Graham Hiscott 

The Governor of the Bank of England urged financial giants to show pay “restraint” – on the same day Barclays announced a more than £1.9billion bonus bonanza.Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey© POOL/AFP via Getty Images Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey, who is on more than £575,000 a year, came under fire recently for suggesting workers should not ask for big pay rises to help control soaring inflation.

Read More Bank of England boss on £575k wage defends comments that staff shouldn’t get pay rises (msn.com)

Comment This is Britain’s democracy, a wonderful world of equality. So what does this guy do that is so valuable and why should he need so much money ? This is the democracy we are supposed to believe in. The media men and women are earning six figure salaries while record numbers are living – for want of a better word – on the streets. The example of Newsnight presenter Miss Emily Maitlis is significant. She is believed to have landed a hefty pay rise from her salary band of up to £329,999. One source described the deal as an ‘irresistible package’. R J Cook

Nord Stream 2: Russia tells Europe ‘welcome to brave new world’ of soaring gas prices after pipeline sanctions (msn.com)

Clip of Ian Hislop pointing out extent of Russian money in Tory Party resurfaces
“The Tory party are almost entirely funded by Russian oligarchs, most of whom are sanctioned,” he said.

A clip of Ian Hislop discussing Conservative Party funding has resurfaced after British sanctions aimed at Russia were heavily criticised.

Foreign secretary Liz Truss faced calls for her party to hand back donated cash with Russian connections reportedly worth nearly £2 million.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, Ms Truss was presented with a photograph appearing to show her standing alongside Conservative Party donor Lubov Chernukhin, wife of Mr Putin’s former deputy finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin.

The picture, which was posted to Ms Truss’s Instagram page in April 2019, has the caption: “And it’s ladies night…#cabinetandfriends #girlpower

Read More Ian Hislop points out the extent of Russian money in Tory Party (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Clearly lacking with all of this knee jerk anti Russian hysteria is coverage of Ukraine’s genocide toward the breakaway Russian Republics, it has lasted for 8 years. Britain’s political elite want censorship and are out to close down RT. Britain’s elite wants to feed its masses on elite BBC propaganda. R J Cook

Nicola Sturgeon ‘appalled’ after Alex Salmond continues to broadcast on Russian-backed TV channel

Simon Johnson 

Nicola Sturgeon has said she is “appalled” by Alex Salmond continuing to broadcast his chat show on Kremlin-funded TV channel Russia Today (RT) as she backed the channel being banned in the UK.

The First Minister said she had always opposed her mentor’s decision to broadcast his programme on RT but it was “even more unthinkable” he should continue following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Read More Nicola Sturgeon ‘appalled’ after Alex Salmond continues to broadcast on Russian-backed TV channel (msn.com)

Comment This woman has the mentality of a dictator as she has shown throughout her office. Her previous conduct toward Salmond was malicious and reprehensible. We are in a dictatorship where only certain views are allowed. R J Cook

Will the UK go to war with Russia? Why Ukraine invasion response is likely to stop at sanctions against Putin

Poppy Wood

The EU has approved a set of sanctions hitting 27 Russians and entities after Moscow recognised two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine as independent, a move feared to lead to an escalation of conflict in the former Soviet country.

Read More Will the UK go to war with Russia? Why Ukraine invasion response is likely to stop at sanctions against Putin (msn.com)

Comment Vested interests, self righteous morons and imbeciles. This is not the nineteenth century. R J Cook

What war in Ukraine could mean for you on the home front

Luke Mintz, Eleanor Steafel, Tom Rees, Rachel Millard, Dominic Nicholls, James Titcomb, Joe Barnes, Lauren Almeida  

Boris Johnson has unveiled a “first barrage” of economic sanctions against Russia, after Vladimir Putin ordered troops into two breakaway regions of Ukraine and signed decrees recognising their independence.Here's how Putin’s invasion could echo around the streets of Britain© Provided by The Telegraph Here’s how Putin’s invasion could echo around the streets of Britain

In the UK, almost 2,000 miles away from the action, it’s easy to feel complacent about how war could affect our lives. Indeed, Britain is very unlikely to be drawn into a “hot” military conflict. But experts say that war between Russia and Ukraine will change everyday life in the UK in ways most people have not yet fully understood.

Read More What war in Ukraine could mean for you on the home front (msn.com)

Comment You want this do you, to prop up a fake NATO ‘democracy’ puppet Ukraine government ? You hear the martial music, Dunkirk crap, where my late father was wounded and nearly killed by moronic ‘leadership’ ( sic ) ? Does it make you feel proud to be British in a country of widespread division, homelessness more crime , corruption and violence, along with all the rampant propaganda brainwashing ? You rejected the EU but cannot see the real evil of NATO? Do you know why the elite wanted you out of EU or why NATO was invented ? Do you not see it wants worldwide Anglo US (NUKUS ) financial hegemony ? Do you not understand the point and purpose of multi cultural religious , feminism and diverse sexuality drivel ? R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook.

February 22nd 2022

Emily Maitlis quit BBC because she was ‘frustrated over impartiality’

Paul Revoir Media Editor For The Daily Mail  

Friday morning UK news briefing: ‘Stay indoors’ storm warningFoo Fighters to headline Victoria’s live music revival but concerns remain for…

The BBC was thrown into disarray yesterday as two of its biggest news stars quit to co-present a show and podcast for radio station LBC.

The former bosses of Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel are understood to have found out just hours before media group Global announced the deal.

The pair are now set to land a huge cash boost. Outgoing North America editor Mr Sopel is thought to have nearly doubled his BBC pay of up to £234,999.BBC veterans and good friends Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel (pictured) are leaving the corporation to join Global, owners of LBC, where they will front a show and a podcast together© Provided by Daily Mail BBC veterans and good friends Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel (pictured) are leaving the corporation to join Global, owners of LBC, where they will front a show and a podcast together

Newsnight presenter Miss Maitlis is also believed to have landed a hefty pay rise from her salary band of up to £329,999. One source described the deal as an ‘irresistible package’.

Comment How can anyone seriously believe it is about BBC impartiality when it is clearly all about the money. Having said that, the BBC are not impartial. With the Ukraine situation extant it is obviously a propaganda organisation, which is why it was established as the Ministry of Information and why fake Labour Man Starmer supports shutting down RT.

Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook.

Jeremy Corbyn backs criticism of Britain for ‘provocative’ role in Russia-Ukraine crisis

Ben Riley-Smith  

Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday promoted a statement from the Stop The War organisation that criticised the Government for its “provocative role” in the Ukraine crisisJeremy Corbyn - NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images© NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images Jeremy Corbyn – NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images

The former Labour leader, a prominent critic of Western interventionist foreign policy, called on the UK to oppose further expansion eastwards of Nato – one of Russia’s key requests in the current stand-off. 

The group’s statement also condemned the Russian troop incursion in Ukraine and called for the restoration of diplomacy.

The comments come after Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, took steps to distance himself from Stop The War, a peace group criticised by some as too anti-American. 

Read More Jeremy Corbyn backs criticism of Britain for ‘provocative’ role in Russia-Ukraine crisis (msn.com)

Comment Anyone who thinks Starmer is leading a party for working people is a a fool. The man’s record at the CPS, which has not improved since he left, should make him unfit for public office.

It is not anti American people to oppose war with Russia who have more moral right to invade Ukraine than any of the Anglo U.S led attacks on the Middle East. Those have had devastating on going consequences. The Anglo U.S are an incestuous elite motivated by wealth and power, camouflaged by pseudo moralising lies. R J Cook

Fury as Rees-Mogg says senior civil servants should not show support for Black Lives Matter
“It is however perfectly fine for him to express the view that rapid growth in foodbanks is rather uplifting.

Top civil servants should not put out messages of support for campaigns such as Black Lives Matter, Government Efficiency Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has said.

In his fortnightly Moggcast for the ConservativeHome website, he said the permanent secretaries who run Whitehall departments must be “completely apolitical”.

Mr Rees-Mogg was asked about the former permanent secretaries at defence and education – Sir Stephen Lovegrove (now the national security adviser) and Jonathan Slater – who were criticised for putting out messages with the Black Lives Matter hashtag.

He replied: “Permanent secretaries should be completely apolitical. They can remember state events, they can remember Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday and the Queen’s Jubilee.”

Mr Rees-Mogg said he believed officials should be allowed to include their preferred personal pronouns on emails if they wanted to, although they should never be required to do so.

Read More Fury as Rees-Mogg says senior civil servants should not show support for Black Lives Matter (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Rees Mogg is absolutely right. BLM is a vile corrupt racist organisation orchestrated from on high to distract from class issues and smooth the way for mass migration from the backward religion obsessed over populating cheap labour war torn infighting Third World. R J Cook.

What will happen if Russia chooses all-out war?

Read more What will happen if Russia chooses all-out war? (msn.com)

Ukraine crisis live: ‘an invasion is under way’, US says of Russian troop…Fans worry over Death in Paradise star Ralf Little in latest Instagram video

There is no doubt Ukraine’s armed forces will fight to the death if attacked but the superior firepower of Russia’s military means they could be quickly overwhelmed.

Comment This is the story of ‘Brave Little Belgium’ when inbred European aristocracies waged an Imperial War from 1914-18, which led to the immiserating of working class Germans in interwar Germany. That led to World War Two, with the myth that Russia did nothing to defeat the Nazism that Europe’s rich created.

As I write, I am watching the nauseating Sir Kier Starmer, former head of Britain’s CPS ( Corrupt Prosecution Service ) turned Labour ( sic ) leader calling for stronger sanctions on Russia and closing down Russia Today ( RT ) television servce – the only news channel worth watching.

Starmer has the effrontery to argue that RT is not benign like BBC World Service. What a laugh/I listened to that vile BBC propaganda channel while I was truck driving out into the darkness. Starmer was an overpaid lawyer ending up with the CPS. I confronted the CPS as a barrister yesterday. I was reminded as to how shifty they are – how they work to hde evidence on the corrupt police’s behalf. Britain and its U.S offspring has no claim to moral superiority. R J Cook.

Roberta Jane Cook dressed for the Criminal Crown Court yesterday.

Birmingham hit by earthquake: Reactions & memes were ground breaking
“Bloody hell, it’s all happening tonight. Putin, World war 3, end of Covid restrictions and now an earthquake in Birmingham.”

UK politics live: Johnson confirms UK to impose sanctions on Moscow after…Justin Bieber set for Italy’s Lucca Summer Festival 2022

If you live in the West Midlands and felt the Earth move on Monday night, you weren’t imagining it.

An earthquake has been confirmed to have occurred near Birmingham late on Monday evening.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What happened in Birmingham?

An earthquake of magnitude 2.8 struck the West Midlands late on Monday night, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.

According to the BGS, the quake hit the town of Walsall, near Birmingham, at a depth of 7km (4.35 miles) at 10.59pm.

The service said the effects of the quake were felt in a 20km radius from its epicentre, with tremors being detected by residents in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Dudley.

Residents who were affected told the BGS the quake shook their homes, while one person said it “was like a wardrobe had fallen over or an explosion blast against the window”.

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Top reactions as PM unveiled his ‘Living with Covid’ plan

‘“Everyone needs to take personal responsibility” – man who is currently using the “I don’t know what a party is” defence whilst being under investigation by the police for six lockdown parties.’

The axing of self-isolation laws and the end of free universal testing in England will cause uncertainty, anxiety and hardship, according to unions and charities.

Boris Johnson set out the Government’s strategy for “living with Covid” on Monday as he hailed the development of vaccines and treatments for coronavirus as “possibly the greatest national effort in our peacetime history”.

But the Prime Minister said “we should be clear that the pandemic is not over”, warning “there may be significant resurgences”.

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Comment Joe Mellor’s The London Economic’ reflects the capital’s vested interests and delusions. It also reflects in its headline the hierarchical nature of Britain’s culture and slavishness to anyone who has climbed the ladder, achieving expert status.

Testing and lockdown measures have created massive mental and other significant health issues. They have concealed real problems. The elite media like it that way. This virus , like AIDS and all the cold viruses cannot be defeated.

By the way, the Covid tests have never been free. like everything else Covid related, payment comes out of the lower class taxpayer’s pocket.

R J Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook February 21st 2022

‘Completely contradictory’: NFU leader attacks UK farming policy

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent 

The government has shown a “total lack of understanding of how food production works”, introduced “completely contradictory policies” on farming, and risks “repeatedly running into crises” through the lack of a post-Brexit plan for UK farming, the leading representative of British farmers will say today.The NFU president, Minette Batters, seen here on her farm near Salisbury with her herd of Simmental Cross cattle, will make an unprecedented attack on government farming policy.© The Observer The NFU president, Minette Batters, seen here on her farm near Salisbury with her herd of Simmental Cross cattle, will make an unprecedented attack on government farming policy.

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Met Police officers who allegedly shared offensive messages with Wayne Couzens named

Martin Evans 

Three Metropolitan Police officers accused of sharing racist and misogynistic social media messages with Wayne Couzens have been named following a secrecy row.Sarah Everard - METROPOLITAN POLICE © METROPOLITAN POLICE Sarah Everard – METROPOLITAN POLICE

PC Jonathan Cobban, 35, PC William Neville, 33, and former officer Joel Borders, 45, will all appear in court next month charged with sending grossly offensive material on WhatsApp to 

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February 20th 2022

Slide 1 of 27: After the prosperity of the 1920s and the economic downturn of the 1930s, World War II brought enormous change to the lives of the super-rich. For some, that meant allowing their stately homes to be used for the war effort, while for others giving up valuable family heirlooms was a small price to pay for safety. Read on to find out how some of the world's richest people lived between 1939 and 1945.
Good old Blighty Spirit as we lign up to fight the reds. Cue Martial Music, (o ( sic), come on this is an Islamic Country now.)

What the super-rich really did during World War II

Frances Carruthers  

How did the conflict affect the ultra-wealthy?

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ByNational Coordinator

In WW1 the trench system on the Western Front extended from the North Sea to the Swiss Frontier. Over the course of the war there occurred many local agreements, or truces, between the opposing forces. Sometimes, just to give each side a little peace, or to enable each other to gather up their dead for burial. But occasionally fraternization between opposing forces broke out from time to time in no man’s land.

Videos of Celtic Women

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Videos of Bombers Moon Mile Harding

Bombers Moon. A song by Mike Harding.

Corbyn and Diane Abbott condemned in furious rant over Ukraine crisis ‘Fifth columnists!’

Tim McNulty

Home Office immigration contractor failed to investigate racist staff…BFI Flare: 10 must-see films at the Southbank’s LGBTQ+ film festival

Former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been blasted along with a number of leftwing Labour MPs for supporting the Stop the War Coalition after the campaign group accused the UK government of “pouring oil on the fire” in the Ukraine-Russia Crisis. Mr Corbyn and the former Shadow Home Secretary were amongst those labelled a “fifth column” during a fiery rant by LBC host Iain Dale.

Mr Dale told LBC: “We have people in this country who seem to think that Russia doesn’t pose a threat to anybody that it is our country that is posing a threat to Russia.

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Comment And they tell us this heavily censored vile police state is a democracy. What a joke. My generation are no better than the morons who brought us the previous money grabbing elitist world wars, pretending to be about the Jews they had already sold down the river – just as the Queen’s relatives and her great grandfather caused World War One.. It is all about money and power.

R J Cook

Videos of Harding Christmas Truce Song


Christmas 1914 by Mike Harding

Videos of green fields of france


Trying to emulate Churchill? PM says Russia planning ‘biggest war in Europe since 1945’

Churchill’s greatness was a myth the British masses need to believe in. He was classist, racist and wanted to Nuke Russia after World War Two.

Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine would lead to the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War, the Prime Minister has warned.

But his comments have drawn criticism from some people who think he is trying to emulate his hero Winston Churchill…again.

Boris Johnson said he wanted people to “understand the sheer cost in human life” that an incursion into Ukraine would bring, with casualties on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides, as he continued to urged Moscow to engage in peace talks.

Sheer scale

He told BBC News: “The plan that we’re seeing is for something that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale.

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Comment Churchill hated socialism. He claimed more than his due for war mongering in 1945, warning working class voters ‘Gestapo in Britain if Socilalists win.‘ As Home Secretary he ordered troops to fire on striking miners in 1911. He was the bombastic idiot who organised the ill fated Gallipoli campaign and took Britain off the Gold Standard due to his incompetence as Chancellor of the Exchequer after he idiotically took the bankers’ advice and returned Britain to the gold standard in July 1925. The problem with Churchill’s action was that the United States held most of the world’s gold. That mean the US Federal Reserve and Wall Street had indirect control of the British economy, as the great economist John Maynard Keynes pointed out.

The mentality has not changed.

Christmas Eve in 1914.

Videos of Video Christmas Eve in 1914

Comment I struggled practising to sing this song at acoustic music clubs because I kept crying. My Uncle Jim rescued my German aunt Irene from the ruins of post war Germany. She was his cousin and he married her. I spent a lot of time in immediate post war London, playing on bomb sites. War is just a game to these rich ares-holes. They are never the ones directly under the bombs when they are landing. R J Cook

Priti Patel vows to shield Britain from Russia’s malign influence – ‘Irrefutable risk!’

Astha Saxena 

The UK Home Secretary has issued a grim warning to RussiaLink as the situation in Ukraine remains critical. She wrote: “As Home Secretary, keeping the British public safe remains my number one priority and I will continue to discuss with my Five Eyes counterparts – as well as other allies – the further collective action we can take to protect our homeland security.

“The UK continues to work tirelessly alongside our allies to persuade Russia to step back from the brink, ensuring that we support the sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as protect ourselves at home and British nationals in Ukraine.

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Comment Imagine going on record about the malign influence of Islam. The hate crime police would be swiftly at my door. Russia needs to realise that NATO ( NUKUS ) mean serious business, Very soon they will be up against a combined NATO force. Soon we will be cut off from Russian media and totally subjected to Anglo U.S money grabbing elite war mongering propaganda. In the west, we have elite owned media who all tow the same line. Therefore I welcome a Russia correspondent to this website if there are any. Even this site faces closure. I am in Crown Court tomorrow as a result of its content. To those who tell me I could not be trans in Russia, my reply is, who cares ? There are more important things in life than me expressing my sexuality. In a sane society, I would not need to.

R J Cook

West could cut U.S. dollar access for Russian companies, UK’s Johnson says

LONDON (Reuters) -The United States and Britain would seek to cut off Russian companies’ access to U.S. dollars and British pounds if the Kremlin orders an invasion of Ukraine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the BBC.Munich Security Conference, in Munich© Reuters/POOL Munich Security Conference, in Munich

“The plan that we are seeing is for something that could be really the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale,” Johnson said.

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Comment this man is dangerous. Television has been very bad for British politics, with this privileged man playing to the gallery. If war starts, he will be in the well stocked bunker. God help us. R J Cook

Angry reactions as RAF aircraft flown 330 miles for Boris Johnson photoshoot
“We can’t afford getting all the homeless people off the streets but we can afford fighter jets to fly down so Johnson can have his PR photoshoots. We all paid for that.”

A Royal Air Force aircraft travelled hundreds of miles from a base in Scotland ahead of a photoshoot with the Prime Minister, before flying straight back. The news sparked fury at the PM who claims he is at the forefront of tackling climate change.

Photos of Boris Johnson with two RAF aircraft made newspaper front pages on Friday after his visit to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire on Thursday.

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Comment This is all part of the war mongering role Johnson is playing. he thinks he is Churchill leading the U.S Empire because Britain no longer has one. He is reckless, dishonest and irresponsible. R J Cook

February 19th 2022

Pilot suing MoD for £200,000 claims heavy body armour ruined his sex life

Patrick Sawer, Sarah Limbrick  

A former RAF helicopter pilot who flew in peacekeeping missions in Mali is suing the Ministry of Defence for damages, claiming the heavy body armour he had to wear ruined his personal life.An RAF Chinook helicopter in action - PA© PA An RAF Chinook helicopter in action – PA

Louis Warburton was forced to wear 20-kilogram body armour when flying Chinook helicopters during the UN-backed Operation Newcombe, which he says pressed against his thighs, damaging his sciatic and femoral nerves, causing intense pain and numbness.

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Comment Interesting. I will bear this in mind when I sue Norden House Surgery, Whiteleaf Centre and the London Gender Identity Clinic for medical malpractice directed by malicious lying police who have a big problem with me being transsexual… R J Cook

Green Party spokesman sues after being sacked for transgender views

Ewan Somerville 

A Green Party spokesman is bringing legal action against his former colleagues after he was sacked because of his views on the transgender debate.Shahrar Ali is suing the Green Party, alleging discrimination of gender-critical beliefs - Eddie Mulholland© Provided by The Telegraph Shahrar Ali is suing the Green Party, alleging discrimination of gender-critical beliefs – Eddie Mulholland

Shahrar Ali, 53, was removed as the spokesman for policing and domestic safety on February 5 after activists complained that his tweets about women’s sex-based rights were transphobic.

Read More Green Party spokesman sues after being sacked for transgender views (msn.com)

Comment The essence of this vile bigot’s views is his reference to ‘his beliefs.’ He is clearly coming from his Islamic thought base. As a former secondary school religious studies boss who transferred from maths and science teaching, I have experience of teaching young bigoted Islamic teenagers and of teaching the logic of science. The two things are not compatible.,

In all of my teaching years, I concluded that maths and science curricula were designed to bore and alienate bright pupils. Nerds like me could see through it. Religious education was designed to appease BAME bigotry and hypocrisy. There was no aspect of the curriculum that explained how religion is politics, or that Christianity was a break away from Judaism exploited by a decadent failing Roman Empire – hence Roman Catholicism. There was no aspect of curriculum that explained that a half Roman half Arabic opportunist broke away from this church to create Islam. He called himself Mohammed, relegating Jesus to the 9th Prophet. He made himself number one.

Imagine the outcry if one attacked Islam as unnatural in what should be a progressive modern age. Islamophobia is their knee jerk response. This Green bigot wants a world where Islamists can carry on propagating for what I consider a non existing God. His sort do not tolerate diversity back in Islamic States. And they do not tolerate it here, even in their own communities.

Their countries are ruled by a mix of tyrant and ritualistic closed minds. Their countries are backward,. Their Green politics is a form of fascism that doesn’t want to talk about overpopulation. Muslims are intolerant of minorities or even majorities. They ‘believe ‘ they have the only truth , will and have killed for it.

Islamic Crusades have been ongoing since the ninth century. they should not be welcomed or tolerated here.. They do not tolerate U.K traditions, with PC imbeciles backing their moronic attitudes.. Islamic countries have horrendous blasphemy laws and death penalties for disbelief in their OCD religious rituals.. If this Islamic person doesn’t like trans women like me, he should go back to the poverty stricken Islamic world, and cease his work to drag us down to that level. He is a hate preacher and should be punished as such. R J Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook laying on a male friend’s bed . That friend was Oliver Lasio. the image was downloaded by a woman I considered to be a friend with access to my e mail address, where Oliver sent the picture he had taken.
The woman , whose dress I am wearing, sent it to various police, along with hate mail, and other parties – because I rejected her ultimatum to dump my son for her . T
hey arrested me using the woman’s malicious typed letters to accuse me of writing them outing myself for being a ‘ gay’ prostitute ( watching my house for 3 moths while I was out at night working as a truck driver ), lying to court in 2021 & 22 that I had been convicted, and wrecking my credibility for sex change surgery in 2018 – police actually write to my doctors and killed my sex change surgery..
Police and CPS are repeating these lies as a basis, and more, for my trial this May in Aylesbury Crown Court. That is British democracy and diversity, I have had 14 years of hate crime from police and related parties. My police connections at senior level are the key factor . R J Cook
Miss Roberta Jane Cook 2003 Miss Cook says, England is my country I have paid its taxes since 1967. Why should I be ruled and humiliated by Islamic bigots who go mad when anyone criticises their Dark ages bigotry and oppression. They should follow our rules. Multi culture is bull sh-t.’ They don’t accept it Religion is not a race..’
Stop The Islamification of Britain.
Image Appledene Photographics/Miss R J Cook 2010.

MI5 boss: Struggle against hostile nations is undermined by outdated laws

Pa Reporter  

The director general of MI5 has pushed for an overhaul of the UK’s espionage laws to combat what he called a “struggle” for the country’s “values” and “system”.

Although Ken McCallum said it was “important not to frame this as Cold War II” he added: “We do need to stand up for our values, for our system, for the benefits of the democratic way of life that we, and our allies, hold dear.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he said the UK’s Official Secrets Act was outdated and meant “we are in effect operating with one hand behind our backs on state threats.

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Comment This comes at a time when Russia is being set up as the greatest ever threat to our so called freedom and democracy. It also comes at a time when it is necessary to revise laws in order to justify miscarriage of justice and human rights abuses in relation to Julian Assange.

Britain is punching way above its weight now its elite are free of Europe – that is what Brexit was for. ‘Our values’ means elite values. There is far too much official secrecy in the U.K to call it a democracy..

Most people are not intellectual but sense there is something deeply wrong here. Institutional and CPS corruption are significant enough to cancel out claims to democracy . Prince Andrew being able to buy is way out of serious criminal allegations says much about what heads the British State. More secrecy will mean more serious corruption. R J Cook

Violent crime rises as ‘feral youths’ stalk streets of British city leaving ‘no-go areas’

Brian McGleenon 

Residents say they fear going into the city centre, amid concerns over “feral youths who do as they please”. The city centre has been blighted by numerous high-profile violent incidents in recent memory. The increase in antisocial behaviour has led to calls for a more visible police presence on the streets.

New data that crime across the district fell slightly in the year up to September.

However, there has been a rise in certain types of antisocial behaviour.

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EXCLUSIVE: Romanians in UK are ‘victims of modern slavery’, group reveals

Migrants at Work raised the issue with the Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom, tweeting it goes against the Brexit deal signed by the UK and the EU.

Read more Romanians in UK are ‘victims of modern slavery’, group reveals (thelondoneconomic.com)

Why calling teachers ‘sir’ and ‘miss’ is old school

Nicola Thorp 

Since time immemorial, the meaning and usage of certain words have evolved to mean different things.

‘Nice’ used to mean someone who was foolish, stupid or ignorant, being ‘silly’ meant you were blessed with worthiness and the word ‘girl’ was actually first used to describe a child of both the male and female gender.

This week, when it was suggested that schools avoid using the titles of ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ in the classroom and move towards a ‘gender-free model’ in education, those who formed the predictable backlash had clearly forgotten the number one rule of the English language: change happens.

Read More Why calling teachers ‘sir’ and ‘miss’ is old school (msn.com)

Comment The article goes on to blame trans activist for yet another idea to destroy British culture and the precision of language. It is testament to the declining quality and increasing bigotry of modern British teachers, especially feminists who are preoccupied with themselves.

The whole point of being trans female is to be addressed as and treated as a woman. The difficulty is that feminists, especially TERFS have chosen to abuse and ridicule any female who does not accord to their fascist dictates.

Any woman who cannot see this as the cultural attack to further destroy British conservative traditions is moronic. I will take the risk of offending transwomen, of which I am one, by suggesting that denying one is trans in favour of pretending to be cis, is to obscure the understanding of being trans, by others and by ourselves.

As for seeing transwomen as sexual predators in female toilets and refuges, which has never happened , then why is not acceptable to make the same slur against lesbians, which includes man hating TERFS, who have an inordinate interest in all aspects of female life ? As for calling teachers Sir , Miss or Maam, I was happy to be called Sir, Cookie, Wolfie and many other things. But I would have preferred Miss. I didn’t mind because , within the structure, I allowed tolerance and credit to individuals’. This is something these new age tyrants with toilet paper politically correct doctorates cannot accept. For them it is their right to dictate change and to condemn those they consider deviants. R J Cook ( Miss )

Two modern females enjoying each other’s company in a major Buckinghamshire bus station. Why are transsexuals seen as a danger to women in toilets and not lesbians ? There is no reasonable answer. Our fake Christians might note ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’ Image Appledene Photographics / R J Cook 2022
Miss Roberta Jane Cook at her teacher’s desk in the classroom, 1988. “This was the year I realised absolutely that I was transsexual, but was dissuaded from following through by my then wife – a major mistake forced on me by convention. I do not want our gender traditions and customs abolished by people with toilet paper doctorates in prejudice.” R J Cook.

Rex Whistler’s ‘racist’ mural to stay in place at Tate Britain

Craig Simpson  

Australia live news updates: Victoria records 20 Covid deaths, NSW 12 and Qld…Megan Fox was ‘a little surprised’ by Brian Austin Green’s baby news

British painter Rex Whistler’s “racist” mural at Tate Britain will remain in place, the gallery has confirmed, with trustees determined to keep the artwork despite the controversy surrounding it.The controversial mural on the wall of the Rex Whistler restaurant at Tate Britain - Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group Editorial© Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group Editorial The controversial mural on the wall of the Rex Whistler restaurant at Tate Britain – Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group Editorial

Read More Rex Whistler’s ‘racist’ mural to stay in place at Tate Britain (msn.com)

Comment The very fact that anyone could possibly construe this image as racist informs us that we live in an increasingly oppressive anti white police state where white culture is under attack, while black and Islamic culture are sacrosanct . In spite of everything our related and oppressive quack psychiatrists may tell us, nothing happens without reason or potential explanation. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

February 18th 2022

Angela Rayner denounced for controversial ‘shoot terrorists and ask questions second’ remark

Tony Diver , Mason Boycott-Owen

Angela Rayner has been accused of supporting “mandatory death sentences” by Diane Abbott after she said police should shoot terrorists first and “ask questions second”.

Comment Angela Rayner denounced for controversial ‘shoot terrorists and ask questions second’ remark (msn.com)

WATCH: Andy Burnham hailed for viral takedown of Johnson’s Tories
“Andy Burnham take a bow,” wrote one supportive tweeter. Joe Mellor.

Andy Burnham launched a withering broadside against Boris Johnson last night in a head-turning appearance on BBC Question Time.

Addressing Tory MP Jake Berry, who was on the panel with him, Burnham said: “Your government’s policy, your policy, is to place the directives on local councils and we’ve worked in good faith to try and implement it.

Read More WATCH: Andy Burnham hailed for viral takedown of Johnson’s Tories (thelondoneconomic.com)

Aer Lingus plane forced to land sideways at Bristol Airport amid storm winds

The pilots were on a training flight from Exeter when they had to battle Storm Dudley

Aer Lingus plane forced to land sideways at Bristol Airport amid storm winds – Gloucestershire Live

Curbing political topics in English schools will harm minority students, say critics

Richard Adams, Education editor

Australia news live updates: WA hard border to come down on 3 March; nation…My streaming gem: why you should watch Other PeoplePhotograph: Andrew Fox/Alamy© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Andrew Fox/Alamy

Restrictions on political topics in schools will harm young people by curbing discussions about the polarised arguments and issues they are exposed to on social media, according to the government’s former mental health champion.

Natasha Devon said young people from minority backgrounds stood to be the biggest losers if the new guidelines meant teachers in England were afraid to provide students with a safe environment to debate issues.

Read More Curbing political topics in English schools will harm minority students, say critics (msn.com)

New Clear Rules On Education – a comment on the above by R J Cook

There have always been rules on what can and cannot be said in the class room. I trained and began my first teaching in London Schools, in the late 1970s. They were in the grip of left wing teachers who were paid up members of the militant NUT. I was a curiosity at Goldsmiths College because I had been working for a Chilean Organisation during its very fascist years. I soon became labelled as right wing.

London’s schools were mainly single sex. Vauxhall Girls School students seemed preoccupied with boys and were often violent toward one another because of their rivalry. Spencer Park Boys C stream was all black bar on average, two white students. It was excellent recruiting ground for National Front membership.

I recall two particular teachers from Spencer Park. One was Victor Kanu, an African, Oxford Graduate in PPE and a magistrate. he told me that he could not understand why black students so lacked motivation. The other was a white woman who I will not name, but have not forgotten. She was in charge of social studies. leading the charge against sexism and racism. One day. I accompanied her on a school trip to the Old Bailey with our C stream forms. The bus was a DMS type, with a bus conductor.

I asked my female colleague why the pupils kept changing seats, going up and down the stairs. She smiled , then said, ‘They are confusing the conductor to avoid paying their fares.’

When we got to the Old Bailey, she took her class of all boys into a rape trial. I took mine into a GBH case. When we later met for lunch at The Mermaid Theatre restaurant, she was distressed because her boys had been laughing at the white girls evidence of what the rapists had done to her. After lunch we queued up to go back into court. Her class were late, turning up with piles of glossy magazines which they were trying to sell to the queue. She explained very calmly, ‘They have been shoplifting.’

My C stream class had two tiny effeminate boys , one white , one black. they wore librarians badges on their blazer lapels. At break they ran to the library to avoid the bullies. Eventually the little black boy was separated from his white friend. The little black boy was sent to the educational psychologist and the white boy kept playing truant.

Meanwhile, the whole school was being fed an abundant diet of anti sexist and anti racist teaching. All whites were allegedly racist and the empire was evil, with all whites to blame. The curriculum on these matters was a sledge hammer. There was no diversity of opinion allowed.

I failed to get a full time post in London because inner London School teachers were a clique with a common do gooder culture that, in my view , ignored children and inflamed racist and sexist attitudes. It was all dictated to opportunistic blacks and lazy girls, as a grievance culture. I had the wrong opinions.

Arriving back in my native Buckinghamshre , where teachers and my local vicar recalled my younger self’s innocent and angelic qualities, I walked into a job at the Grange School in Aylesbury. Margaret Thatcher and her henchmen were on the rise. The County Council was , as I had been, True Blue. But experience had changed me. I was soon seen as a leftie, even though my views were the same as they had been in London. Had I stayed in the maths and P.E departments, I would have had no problem. But I transferred full time to humanities teaching geography.

In this connection, I fell foul of the Tories obsession with Nuclear Power in order to smash the coal miners. The Tory Minister, Jim Prior, told the nation that high unemployment was to become the norm. I joined the Labour Party in protest. In 1986, Chernobyl Power station exploded and I wrote my Nuclear winter song , also in protest, as part of a school project on chance factors influencing agriculture.

I was also working as a journalist and the song, recorded with 3 young Grange school pupils, was broadcast on BBC Radio Oxford and national radio. I was chastised for preaching politics against Nuclear power. My promised promotion was withdrawn and I was pressed to find another job, a good reference on offer. I was not amenable and suffered considerable harassment from school management for the next 10 years, until I took early retirement to become a full time writer.

Also in 1986, I was squeezed out of the Labour Party because I questioned Arthur Scargill’s motives in calling a miner’s strike in a summer when coal stocks at power stations had never been higher, so asking why Scargill had not balloted the miners. I pointed out that there were also issues concerning monies deposited in a French Bank account.

By the time I quit teaching, PSHE brainwashing had taken root. My son fell foul of it at a local Grammar school, because he asked questions. It is farcical to suggest that teachers are able or willing, in most cases, to encourage wide debate and alternative opinions.

The whinge in the above article is because the new left have a feminazi and so called anti racist agenda. They victimise any school student, along with parents, who does not accept the correct officially approved opinions. The idea that powerful blacks connived in slavery, profited from empire and are still tyrants holding the continent back is anathema to self styled white and black liberals. they are on a virtue signalling kick.

The same goes for the negative effects of religious obsession. We are no longer allowed to hold Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  view’s that ‘God is Dead.’ We are on our own on this planet. If you want to take issue with racism, forget the statues and face facts about the aristocracy with their great estates, headed up by the Royalty, that you are still encouraged to fawn to. How is that for diversity and freedom of expression in school ? Obviously not at all acceptable. What the liberal whingers want is to promote black and female resentment. They want white working class boy scapegoats. No wonder youth suicide is on the rise. R J Cook

School Teacher Roberta Jane Cook, in the classroom, 1988.

February 17th 2022

“Masks were to soften you up for Plan B”

A government whistleblower lets the mask slip

Laura DodsworthDec 8, 2021103119

‘Masks were a softening up exercise for Plan B,’ according to a government whistleblower. He told me that while there is little appetite in the Cabinet for a full lockdown, Covid Passes are ‘oven-baked’ and ready to go.

Read More “Masks were to soften you up for Plan B” (substack.com)

The Grand Old Duke Of York by F.S

Oh, the Grand old Duke of York

He had 12 million quid

He gave it to someone he never met

For something he never did .


Rees-Mogg claims there’s little proof Brexit harmed UK trade – but there’s plenty
The new minister for Brexit Opportunities argued it’s Covid’s fault: “We’ve had containers simply being stuck in the wrong place, being stuck in Chinese ports, being stuck in the port of Los Angeles.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg said there is little evidence to conclude Brexit has harmed UK trade – despite a mountain of proof suggesting otherwise.

During a trip to the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, the new Brexit opportunities minister said the UK’s exit from the EU has been “extremely beneficial” and “already a success”, whilst promising to “cut through the thicket” of bureaucracy.

But the Tory’s statements seemed to contradict the government’s own report by the Public Accounts Committee, which said the “only detectable impact” of Brexit has been a heavier burden on businesses – and that it is “clear” that Brexit “has had an impact” on UK trade.

‘It’s Covid, not Brexit’, Mogg insists

Read More Rees-Mogg claims there’s little proof Brexit harmed UK – but there’s plenty (thelondoneconomic.com)

UK citizens were ‘not fully informed on implications of Brexit’, EU report concludes

MEPs say any other country wanting to trigger the Article 50 process should have to provide a “a blueprint of the future relationship”. Jack Peat.

British voters were not fully informed on the implications of Brexit during the referendum in 2016, a European Parliament report has concluded.

MEPs believe they could have swung the vote for Remain if they had campaigned and warned the “often misled” British voters of the risks of leaving.

They have asked the European Commission to bring forward legislation to allow European political parties to finance future referendum campaigns on EU treaties in order to make it a more equal fight.

Read More UK citizens were ‘not fully informed on implications of Brexit’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

English Defence League was founded on Islamophobia. religion is not a race. Islam is an offshoot of Christianity dating from c600 AD. Religion is not about truth. It is about politics and it is back, big time.

Comment The whole process was an elite con pandering to mass ignorance and fear of an endless flow of Islamic migrants – which is now a flood.

R J Cook

Led by Donkeys – the road to misery, mental illness & ruin.

Campaign group Led By Donkeys have held the government to account again, this time with two billboards next to each other in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

One billboard has a picture of a medic looking after a patient with Covid with the word ‘Duty’ on the poster.

The camera pans across to the neighbouring billboard where there is an image of the PM at the infamous zoom quiz, with the words “Duty free” next to it.


It comes as the number of fines issued for alleged parties in Downing Street and across Whitehall will reportedly be made public by the Metropolitan Police.

Read More ‘Some served patients, others served Prosecco’ – Led By Donkeys (thelondoneconomic.com)

F.S Reporting on the Djokovic Effect.

From the Participatory Democracy Project.


Leaving aside our work on rights for now, let’s consider what the plotters might do next.

What do ODT members think might happen?

It is clear that ‘they’ are using deliberate tactics – if you think not this should disabuse you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzfJGC1_yPo. It seems – one hopes – they have exhausted the Covid scam, but we are now softened up for the next attack on our liberties. It could be climate change – getting us all to drive cars they can track and rationing fuel, and so limiting travel, for which we will be made to feel grateful.

Do they want to create a situation where we must all be seen to be ‘socially responsible’, regardless of evidence? A sort of Djokovic effect where he is presented as irresponsible for not wanting a ‘vaccination’ even though the evidence is quite clear that these jabs stop neither transmission nor infection. And this evidence is hidden as far as possible.

Are they employing a sort of good cop bad cop technique, whereby we are grateful for what is in fact a right, and comply with more and more nonsensical stuff as a result – the ‘fear-then-relief’ strategy: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313087069_Cognitive_Structuring_and_Its_Cognitive-Motivational_Determinants_as_an_Explanatory_Framework_of_the_Fear-Then-Relief_Social_Influence_Strategy – it is very sinister.

A quote from the above paper:

“From the perspective of the practical application of fear-then- relief, we may posit the careful hypothesis that it should be particularly successful in situations involving conditions of uncertainty and confusion (this carefulness results from the fact that in our study we did not apply situational stimulation of NFC, and we treated this construct as a stable individual trait). It is also worth observing that practitioners of social influence usually do not apply individual techniques, but a chain of various methods, and they modify their selection of persuasive strategies based on the development of the situation (e.g., Goldman, 1986; Howard, 1995). It would therefore seem that if the fear-then-relief fails in respect of a particular person, this will be someone characterized by a low NFC rather than someone with a high NFC. Practitioners of social influence should thus apply measures that are appropriate for people with low NFC (e.g., present them a large amount of new and complex information – see: Luttrell et al., 2014 for review).”

NFC is defined as “an individual’s desire for a firm answer to a question and an aversion toward ambiguity” – a need for closure/certainty.

“NFC is an epistemic motivation which governs the “freezing-unfreezing” activity. When high, NFC increases the individual’s tendency to employ faster epistemic freezing and achieve faster certainty in the validity of the hypothesis. High NFC is also characterized by the use of “category based” processing (Fiske and Pavelchak, 1986; Brewer, 1988), non- systematic and heuristic processes. High-NFC individuals prefer to use holistic and rapid processing, crudely differentiated categories, black-and-white type solutions, and over-simplified dichotomizations. All these enable the individual to achieve the goal of avoiding uncertainty. In contrast, low NFC is associated with unfreezing. That is, low NFC is associated with a longer process of validation and extended period of uncertainty regarding the validity of the hypothesis in question. Low NFC is often associated with the use of “piecemeal” or “systematic processing…”


Most people – it seems clear from experience – want certainty and many are prepared to believe pretty much anything to get it and feel safe. Some people are less susceptible and wish to come to their own conclusions when things are uncertain. It is these guys you need to worry about BUT you can overcome this group too, so long as you saturate them with ‘new and complex’ information and, one might add, if you deliberately and continually give them inconsistent, incoherent, continually changing information so that even they are so daunted they give up.

Sound familiar???

Follow The Money , from F.S

Justin Trudeau has become a very wealthy man on his profits from the BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. He is invested heavily in the Canadian company that holds the patents for the lipid nanoparticles. The Canadian government is also profiting nicely from these companies – from their patent royalties.
As so often, follow the money…

Rupert Murdoch waited years for a pliant government – now he’s got one

Jane Martinson 

We are living in the age of the nonagenarian: the Queen continues to gain popularity against her elected officials, and Rupert Murdoch has been given everything he’s ever asked for, just a few weeks from his 91st birthday.

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Don’t promote Black Lives Matter to pupils, says new guidance for schools

Camilla Turner  11 hrs agoLike173 Comments|169

Covid news live: Hong Kong battles surge in cases; Canada warns truck…Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard declares himself Motley fan amid Vedder’s Nikki Sixx…

Teachers have been forbidden from promoting Black Lives Matter to children as part of a crackdown on politics in the classroom.

Schools must ensure that any “contentious and disputed” historic periods such as the British Empire and imperialism are taught in a “balanced” manner, according to guidance published by the Department for Education (DfE) on Thursday.

It is the first time in a generation that ministers have addressed the issue of impartiality in education and comes amid mounting concern in Whitehall about the politicisation of lessons.

Read More Don’t promote Black Lives Matter to pupils, says new guidance for schools (msn.com)

Comment I absolutely agree with the Government on this. I was brainwashed into thinking my job was to fight sexism and racism during teacher training at London University’s Goldsmiths’ College, 1978 / 79. I was politically naïve and made to feel guilty about my upbringing in white dominated Britain. I took it seriously for several years until certain colleagues overstepped the mark and were making the job impossible due to creating ethnic antagonism and their overwhelming sense of entitlement. As with the feminists, which I was also brainwashed into supporting, enough was and still is, never enough. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook, School Teaching days , 1988.

Teachers told to be ‘balanced’ in teaching about British Empire and not to back Black Lives Matter

Will Hazell 

Australia politics live news updates: Victoria easing restrictions; Moderna…Tyneside to host debut BBC After Dark Festival with dawn to dusk music

Teachers will be told not to contest the legacies of historical figures such as Sir Winston Churchill or advocate for groups like Black Lives Matter under new Government rules aimed at clamping down on ‘woke’ classrooms.

New guidance on political impartiality from the Department for Education (DfE) will also tell teachers in England to be “balanced” in their teaching about the British Empire.

The move comes after a handful of cases in which teachers have been accused of overstepping their duty to be politically impartial.

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Supreme Court ruling on privacy for people under investigation ‘has far reaching implications’ for media

Liam James 

Supreme Court ruling against a news site for its reporting on a businessman under criminal investigation has “far-reaching implications” for the British media, industry figures have warned.Media lawyers have said the Supreme Court judges’ decision follows a growing legal trend to favour individual privacy - Getty/iStock© Getty/iStock

Media lawyers have said the Supreme Court judges’ decision follows a growing legal trend to favour individual privacy- Getty/iStock

An appeal to the UK’s highest court by Bloomberg pitted an individual’s right to privacy against the right to freedom of expression in the press.

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Hamlet holds ‘racist’ views of black people, Globe claims in drive to decolonise Shakespeare’s work

Craig Simpson  

Hamlet holds “racist” views of black people, experts have claimed as part of a Globe Theatre project to decolonise Shakespeare’s work.Hamlet is being staged at the Sam Wanamaker theatre - Johan Persson© Johan Persson Hamlet is being staged at the Sam Wanamaker theatre – Johan Persson

Laurence Olivier once dubbed the play the tragedy of “a man who could not make up his mind”, but modern academics have argued the Prince of Denmark’s famous hesitancy was due to him “wrestling with ideas of blackness”.

Hamlet embodies of “white masculinity” who holds “racist” views by equating “blackness” with negative qualities like violence, it has been argued in an Anti-Racist Shakespeare seminar at The Globe aimed at decolonising the bard’s work.

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February 16th 2022

Exclusive: Prince Andrew agrees to never again repeat his denial that he raped Virginia Giuffre

Victoria Ward, Josie Ensor

The Duke of York can no longer repeat his denial that he raped Virginia Roberts Giuffre, due to the terms of their out-of-court settlement.It is understood that the Duke’s main concern during the settlement negotiations was to ensure that nothing overshadowed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A gagging clause means neither side can discuss the case or the financial deal, which was signed off at the weekend. 

It prevents the Duke from even repeating his claim that he had no recollection of meeting Ms Giuffre.

Read More Exclusive: Prince Andrew agrees to never again repeat his denial that he raped Virginia Giuffre (msn.com)

A must read for Royal Watchers.

Prince Andrew should ‘simply stop using’ Duke of York title as MP ‘inundated with constituent complaints’

Emily Ferguson 

Prince Andrew is under mounting pressure to stop using his Duke of York title after making a multimillion-pound settlement with his sex abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre.

York politicians have called on the Queen’s son to renounce the title himself, to avoid the legalities involved with a formal removal of the title.

Read More Prince Andrew should ‘simply stop using’ Duke of York title as MP ‘inundated with constituent complaints’ (msn.com)

Comment Quite simply it is time for the U.K to become a republic. Leaving aside Prince Andrew, Brexit made it perfectly clear that the Queen was not supposed to be troubled by or to have any opinion on this or any other issue. The Monarchy is neither check nor balance on any matter. At the very best, it is a rubber stamp and propaganda machine. But now we have seen some of the worst about Royalty, an esteemed Prince paying off a sex abuse victim in the sum of £12 million and Prince Charles Trust involvement with the vile Saudi Arabia regime. R J Cook

Police investigating after video shows officer kicking fan after Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Wolves

Chris Burton 

A police investigation has been opened following the posting of a video on social media that shows an officer kicking a supporter after a Premier League match between Wolves and Arsenal.

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Teenager who dragged doctor out of house and stabbed him jailed for life

Tess de La Mare 

A teenager who dragged a doctor out of his house and stabbed him nine times in a random, unprovoked attack has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years.

Chanz Maximen was 17-years-old when he knocked on Adam Towler’s front door in Clifton, Bristol, and shone a light through the letterbox on October 30 2019.

Read More Teenager who dragged doctor out of house and stabbed him jailed for life (msn.com)

The dark secrets of the British royal family

Stars Insider 

The dark secrets of the British royal family

Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement with the accused sex-trafficker and abuser Jeffrey Epstein is one of the most shameful scandals ever to embroil the British royal family. A woman called Virginia Giuffre was one of Epstein’s most outspoken accusers, and she’s coming after Prince Andrew as well. Giuffre claims that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s home when she was 17 years old and was abused by him on two other occasions. She filed a lawsuit against the royal in the US in August of 2021.

Read More The dark secrets of the British royal family (msn.com)

Comment There is no mention here of the book connecting the Royal surgeon with Jack the Ripper, his task being to find and kill the best friend of the lobotomised girl ( he did this in St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington ) who had the half witted Prince of Wales baby. The ‘Ripper’ killed a number of young East End prostitutes, but the wanted victim , Mary Kelly, escaped to Canada. The half wit Prince was locked away on the Duke of Argyll’s estate, with the man who became the short lived Edward VIII stepping into his shoes. This Edward was arrested with his friend Noel Coward, on London Streets, both dressed as females – against the law at the time..

He was later believed to have colluded with Germany while exiled in Paris and Portugal during World War Two. This now demoted Royal had been given a tour of the Maginot Line weeks before the Germans drove round it. Edward, like the rest of his family, were of German origin and he was fluent in the language. Leaked 1930s photos revealed Edward teaching the current queen and her sister Margaret, the Nazi salute. R J Cook.

Inside the woke world of school headteacher who has banned meat

Jamie Phillips For Mailonline 

The woke headteacher of a school in Lancashire has imposed a ‘ludicrous’ rule forcing pupils to become vegetarian to ‘help the planet’.

Read More Inside the woke world of school headteacher who has banned meat (msn.com)

Schoolteacher Miss R J Cook on stage in the School Assembly Hall in 1988.

Sun columnist calls on woke UK youths to be sent to the frontline in Ukraine – but it didn’t go down well
“Ukraine’s peril isn’t fodder for your culture war on people you decided are less equipped to handle war than you baselessly fantasize you are.”

Former ‘Loose Woman’ Jane Moore called on Generation Z youths to be sent to the frontline of the conflict in Ukraine in a bizarre Sun column today.

Swapping ‘Wife Swap’ for ‘Strife Swap’, she pitched the first episode as:

“A bunch of Gen Zs might be torn away from their war on free speech in our universities for a lesson in how so many young lads their age fought in the Second World War precisely so they could enjoy the freedom they have today.

“Perhaps a posting to the Ukrainian border with Russia might help them to understand the fear of facing down a deadly force that might kill you?

“Here’s a gun, kids. You have a choice — kill or get killed.”

The rest of the article is on this link if you want to read it all, but I think you get the point.

Sun columnist calls on UK youths to be sent to the frontline in Ukraine (thelondoneconomic.com)

Another royal mess: Prince Charles charity in cash for honours probe

The same Met team investigating Partygate is now looking into the Prince of Wales Foundation.

By Henry Goodwin

The Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation into allegations of a ‘cash for honours’ scandal involving Prince Charles’s charity.

The investigation was launched following reports that offers of financial aid were made to the Prince of Wales Foundation to secure honours for a Saudi national.

It has been claimed that Michael Fawcett, the former chief executive of the Prince’s Foundation and one of Charles’s closes aides, tried to secure a knighthood and British citizenship for a billionaire Saudi owner.

The inquiry is being led by the Met’s Special Enquiry Team – the same unit in charge of the ongoing Partygate investigation.

Read More Another royal mess: Prince Charles charity in cash for honours probe (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Just more sign of Britain’s high level institutional corruption.

R J Cook

Blistering James O’Brien monologue sums up Prince Andrew affair perfectly
“It’s astonishing, the most vulnerable people in society have £20 a week taken off them by the government but the Queen can find £12m to bail out her deviant son.”

James O’Brien concisely summed up the Prince Andrew affair on LBC this morning with a blistering monologue.

According to media reports, the Duke will have to shell out £12 million deal to halt the sex claim brought against him by Virginia Giuffre.

Buckingham Palace say that Andrew is defending the case “as a private citizen”, but a number of commentators have claimed that would not stop him having been helped along with money from the Queen’s private wealth.

Commenting on the matter on LBC, O’Brien contrasted the figure with the £20 a week Universal Credit money that is set to be stripped away from some of the poorest in society.

Read More James O’Brien monologue sums up Prince Andrew affair perfectly (thelondoneconomic.com)

From F.S Our West Country Correspondent.

Another fine petrol car bites the dust, as R J Cook’s beloved Mercedes is taken away for scrap – basically because police action has caused her near bankruptcy. Police have had her doctor collude in labelling her a paranoid bi polar schizophrenic alcoholic – even though the doctor signed her off as fit t drive HGVs. You can’t make it up, but they can..

I’ve just been reading about electric cars. In 2020, the Ionity charger network put its prices up by 500%. Instead of a fixed rate of £8 per charge, you now paid 69p per kwH (have just checked and that’s still the price). Usual domestic supply (at that time) was 15p per kwH. Charging a nearly empty Audi e-Tron with 80 kwH (total capacity 95 kwH) therefore costs £55.20. That gives you a 160 mile range. Spend £55 on diesel for your 45mpg car, and you’d expect to get 380 miles. If my maths is right, paying that much for electricity equates to 18mpg in your diesel. The moral – never charge when you’re away from home. Great for all those people who live in flats or houses without driveways…

Brainless Britain

I have to share this. Much new to me – including the protests in Leicester.

Quite a lengthy piece, so there’s no chance the unintelligentsia will read it.

A quote:

Presumably God had the ultimate dirty mind, with the titillating Adam & Eve Story and all that followed ?

In an interview with the Guardian, Starmer has said dozens of Conservative MPs contacted him expressing dismay at Boris Johnson’s false claim he had failed to prosecute the child abuser Jimmy Savile.

Did Starmer prosecute Savile? No. Therefore this is not a false claim.

What am I missing? F.S

BBC royal correspondent sparks outrage after he maps out Prince Andrew’s route back to public life

He also said the settlement was a “huge relief to the royal family in a very special Jubilee year”, much to the bemusement of people on social media. Jack Peat.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell has stirred controversy after he mapped out Prince Andrew’s route back to public life.

The disgraced royal reached a “settlement in principle” with Virginia Giuffre yesterday, with speculation that Andrew has agreed to pay an eight-figure sum.

With the case effectively now buried, questions have been raised over what is next for the Duke of York, who has been stripped of his prestigious honorary military titles and royal patronages.

Commenting on the matter, Whitchell said: “What of Andrew’s future, could there possibly be a route back to a public role. I have to say it’s hard right now to see one.

Read More BBC royal correspondent sparks outrage after he maps out Prince Andrew’s route back to public life (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Britain is a pathetic country if it so needs fairy-tale Royals to hold it together. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha headed three warring Empires headed each by first cousins in World War One, leading to World Two.

Those wars were about wealth and power for elites, at the cost of the masses. Stupid fetishist uniforms and pompous measured martial music are the cover up for more. Prince Andrew, who never got near danger in the silly little tory vote winning Falklands ‘Conflict’ loved it all, where more working class servicemen were sacrificed by idiots on both sides – e.g Belgrano and Bluff Cove.

Reality check, people of both sexes need to f-ck, just as lightning needs earth. It is nature. If God has anything to do with it, then blame God. In the words of the song, ‘It’s the rich what gets the pleasure, it’s the poor what gets the blame.’ You don’t pay a person £12 million to shut them up if you are innocent.

But for the Royal bulls-it, Prince Andrew should be seen for what he is. British Royalty have a history of hedonism and sex obsession . Victoria’s son , George VII became too fat for sex but his sexy wife had 200 lovers . Britain masses still lives in Cinderella land. This handsome Prince has been hiding an ugly truth. If every man accused of crime could use the excuse of choosing bad friends, the courts would go out of business. R J Cook

Thug bites teen’s ear off in savage brawl at York’s Kuda nightclub

Victoria Scheer 

UK museum in urgent appeal for funds to finish repairs on 17th-century naval tapestryCelebs Go Dating’s Miles and Chloe make surprising decision

A teenager was repeatedly punched in the face and had part of his ear bitten off during a brawl at a city centre nightclub in York.

Police said the 18-year-old was attacked inside Kuda at around 12.30am on January 26.

He was punched in the face several times and had part of his ear bitten off by the attacker.

For more crime news click here

The York teen was rushed to York Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to his face and is still undergoing treatment for his ear.

Read More Thug bites teen’s ear off in savage brawl at York’s Kuda nightclub (msn.com)

15-year-old arrested in shopping centre murder inquiry

Craig Paton

A 15-year-old has been arrested after a man was killed in a shopping centre.

James Ross, 27, was seriously injured during a disturbance at the Abronhill Shopping Centre in Cumbernauld at around 4.30pm on Monday.

Mr Ross was later pronounced dead nearby, police say.

Read More 15-year-old arrested in shopping centre murder inquiry (msn.com)

Queen to help pay for £12m Prince Andrew settlement

Victoria Ward, Josie Ensor

The Duke of York will pay his accuser more than £12 million using money from the Queen, The Telegraph can disclose.The settlement means Prince Andrew will no longer face a jury trial - Paul Grover/ for The Telegraph© Paul Grover/ for The Telegraph The settlement means Prince Andrew will no longer face a jury trial – Paul Grover/ for The Telegraph

It was announced on Tuesday that Prince Andrew, 61, had reached an out of court settlement with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, meaning he will no longer face a jury trial on claims that he sexually abused and raped her on three separate occasions when she was 17.

The terms of the deal prevent either side from discussing the case or the settlement itself in public.

However, The Telegraph understands the total amount that will go to Ms Giuffre, who was trafficked by the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and her charity exceeds £12 million.

The Queen has already privately funded the Duke’s legal fight to the tune of millions of pounds and will now partly fund the settlement in order to allow her son – and the entire Royal family – to draw a line under the case that had threatened to overshadow her Platinum Jubilee year.

Read More Queen to help pay for £12m Prince Andrew settlement (msn.com)

Comment This is good news because it is an admission of guilt. Bloated men in high office and banana republic uniforms, including corrupt senior police officers. R J Cook

UK diplomat found dead in woods was under ‘extreme stress’, inquest told

Steven Morris 

An experienced British diplomat whose body was found almost four months after vanishing from his Hampshire home had been under “extreme stress” working on the sensitive Harry Dunn case and the Covid crisis, an inquest heard.

Richard Morris, the former ambassador to Nepal, worked 15-hour shifts six or seven days a week for the Foreign Office and began to suffer from night sweats, worrying he was going to make a mistake that could land him in prison, the hearing was told.

The father-of-three, who had a distinguished 30-year career, felt he could not take more time off and instead needed to “man-up”, the inquest in Winchester heard.

Read More UK diplomat found dead in woods was under ‘extreme stress’, inquest told (msn.com)

Comment This makes no sense. As for the Harry Dunn case, that was simple. The Blair extradition treaty without cause was one way. The woman could not be extradited. So what is this really all about ? Answer is, wherever the British Hypocracy is concerned you will never know.

R J Cook

R J Cook 1962. Her working class soldier truck driving father died 8 months later,.
Death where is thy sting ?.

Some officers are racist, Metropolitan Police boss admits

Telegraph reporters 

A senior officer in the Metropolitan Police has admitted that racism is a problem in the country’s largest force.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bas Javid also acknowledged that “people who have racist views and are racist” are among the force’s staff.

When asked on BBC Newsnight if he accepted racism “is a problem in the Metropolitan Police”, Mr Javid replied: “Yes, I do.”

He added: “Let me be really clear on this: There’s absolutely no room for racism in policing, and especially here in the Metropolitan Police, we made that very, very clear to our people, anyone who works for us and demonstrates any type of racism or discrimination behaviour will be removed from the organisation.”

Read More Some officers are racist, Metropolitan Police boss admits (msn.com)

Comment The basic problem with the U.K police is lack of real outside accountability, corrupt hiring and promotion system leading to appalling command and control. Senior management encourages obsequious officers with no concern for justice, while bullying and scapegoating anyone who rocks the boat.

Prattling on about racism is all part of the cover and makes the politician’s look good. Promoting Dick to the job and driving out Sue Sim from Cleveland defines the U.K police and its bogus equality window-dressing.

The self important perk crazed hierarchy leaves no room for intelligent fair minded officers in today’s police force. I derive my analysis from some old friends retired from the police, working on the Buckingham Crime Prevention Panel, terrifying experience and much study of the data. The police have too many ranks and vested interests along with hideous fringe benefits, with the chauffeur driven cars , large offices and big empty desks starting at Assistant Chief Constable Rank.

These people write appraisals, so anyone ambitious must please them before the public. They are only one step down from God and pretty much autonomous because the Chief Constable chose them for their ‘special qualities’ and trusts them. Like recruits like in the U.K Police. Racism is a red herring, but the witch hunts on constables makes policing London’s streets pretty near impossible.

R J Cook

Ageing population will turn Britain’s economy into Germany’s

Russell Lynch, Tim Wallace 

Soaring healthcare spending on an ageing population risks turning Britain into Germany by the end of the decade, economists have warned. 

The Resolution Foundation predicts that demographic shifts will lead to an extra £76bn a year in public spending by 2030, pushing the UK towards a more typically European-style social democratic model. 

The think tank expects government spending as a share of GDP to climb from 41pc to 44pc, close to Germany’s pre-Covid level of 45pc.

Higher spending will heap more pressure on ministers already under attack for April’s looming £12bn a year rise in National Insurance, and frustrate proponents of a smaller post-Brexit state.

Read More Ageing population will turn Britain’s economy into Germany’s (msn.com)

Comment I studied economics at university level before universities were dumbed down into redefined money making ‘unis.’ Economics is not a science. Early economics was predicated on Marshall’s faulty concept of Rational Economic Man’. Economics developed into pseudo science, the only worthwhile economists being , in my view, Rev Thomas Malthus and John Maynard Keynes.

Malthus warned of overpopulation outstripping food supply , leading to war, disease and famine. That has happened and is happening. Not enough was known about environmental issues because there were no aircraft or motor vehicles in his day. Nor was warfare possible on an industrial scale.

One of the requirements for worthwhile economic analysis is high competence in maths. Keynes excelled in this area. For him there needed to be a balance between saving and investment. There also needed to be a balance between private and public spending. Another economist of interest was J K Galbraith who coined the phrase ‘private wealth and public squalor.’

The difficulty with today’s western based economists is that they select key variables according to their so called liberal goals. The term liberal in the nineteenth century meant laissez faire . So it does today, to serve the needs of the same wealthy ruling classes of fake liberal democrats. Their think tanks are there to serve the ruling class. In this case they will not admit that they want to justify mass immigration, pretending social stresses can be absorbed by multi culture, with repressive laws for any objectors.

Nor will they admit that indigenous white women have been encouraged to see men as the enemy with rape, oppression and career rivalry in mind. This gives us feminism and the TERFS. It also encourages many men to seek out a more acceptable female image which will then be ostracised by the TERFs and homophobes. The very best you get from this is rising numbers of one parent parent mothered families with maladjusted children going on to create more costly social problems. These people become more feral and anomic with every subsequent generation.

Meanwhile, you get more selfish old people who think the Covid jab is anti death jab, so they expect the young to join them in lockdown. Many from my generation pursued unhealthy hedonistic life styles, others grew up in ignorant working class homes where health issues were unrecognised .

For the think tanks, it is very simple. They model to create fear of looking like the far better German model. The U.K elite spent years making the EU look bad and undermining social progress. The people who lead the U.K are arrogant and the feminist herd are vacuous and want laws to stop people like me saying that. They serve without question, confident that uni has taught them all they need to know. They welcome mass immigration on humanitarian grounds, believing all the wars destabilising the Third World are for democracy, because the nice media tells them so.

So here we have another report basically saying we need more migrants to push prices up and wages down. Any objections will earn a criminal record for racism. The maths of demography must not come into the equation. Africa and Middle East must export its ever growing surplus population rather than reform. Result is reversion to religion, levelling down into a teeming mass of human sludge, farting out gases, destroying the planet, overseen by the master class who have all the money – and make all the rules. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

February 14th 2022

Big Nose Britain –

Russia war threat: Furious LBC host schools caller blaming US ‘beating drums of war’

Ebun Hargrave

Airbnb host charges for air conditioning as energy prices soar throughout…BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke shares rare pic of his two kids – and…

LBC host Tom Swarbrick battled with phone-in caller Ahmed who claimed the US is “beating the drums of war” with Ukraine and Russia. Mr Swarbrick explained to the phone-in caller that Russian President Vladimir Putin has amassed nearly 130,000 troops on the Ukraine border. Caller Ahmed praised Russia and started to discuss world war two history, claiming that Russia sacrificed 28m people to strop Hitler’s directorial plan to take over Europe with his fascist ideology.

Ahmed insisted that America was pulling all the strings behind the tense situation, claiming that America will decide if a conflict takes place between Russia and neighbouring Ukraine.

Caller Ahmed said: “I mean, their military complex they’re the ones that benefit who sell billions of dollars of weapons all over the world.”

Read More Russia war threat: Furious LBC host schools caller blaming US ‘beating drums of war’ (msn.com)

Comment Ahmed is very foolish if he thinks the British mainstream media including LBC, even though it is nominally for a London audience only, is about offering a range of opinion.. Local radio phone ins should be avoided, along with letters to newspapers unless you are reinforcing the consensus. If you are a Muslim you are only expected to talk about racism. If you are transsexual you are expected only to be interested in transphobia. Then they can show how liberal and understanding they are.

Muslim opinion is only welcome if it is predictable and controllable. Jumped up LBC hosts are ambitious. I used to do a lot of BBC local radio broadcasts for a number of stations in my younger days.. One gets very clear advance notes. My last was broadcast was in December 2010 after which the police destroyed my journalism career. One always knew the boundaries and that the object of the exercise was to underline appropriate thinking. It was the same during my teaching career. Journalism is quite simply a career, its success stories tow the line or they end up sacked like Katie Hopkins, who went rather far.

Ms Hopkins was sacked as a newspaper columnist and radio host in the United Kingdom for comparing migrants to cockroaches and calling for a “final solution” for Muslims, and was permanently banned from Twitter in 2020 for breaching the platform’s “hateful conduct” policy.

While in hotel quarantine, ahead of appearing on Channel 7’s Big Brother VIP, she boasted about the ways she was undermining the hotel’s safety protocols, describing the lockdown as a “hoax.”

Kate Garraway  was branded “anti-politicians” by LBC presenter Iain Dale as they shouted over each other on an ITV breakfast show.

The 55-year-old friend of the MP Damien Green appeared after it was revealed the first secretary of state and minister for the Cabinet Office had breached the ministerial code amid porn claims.

However, Garraway, 50, was having none of it: “He’s been brought down by lying… he’s now a liar and you can’t have that. Why did he do it? Is he a bit of a twit?”

When it comes to free speech, where do you draw the line ? Answer is defined by elite media and the State.

The British elite see themselves as the epitome of multi culture and freedom , but only according to their rules. In the case of the Ukrainian so called crisis. the stakes are very high. The British elite have a track record of backing the U.S Industrial Military Complex in wars enriching their class. In the process, they stir up and exploit religious differences, force migration through wars, and so benefitting from resulting cheap labour – creating increasingly awful racial and religious conflict – RACE IS NOT A RELIGION. RELIGION IS NOT A RACE.

The British ruling classes protect themselves, creating another distraction after Covid to avoid truths they do not want us to know. Some people, like Katie Hopkins appear to flip, but she is a consequence of a major problem, not the cause. Now we have our elite comparing Russia to Hitler’s Germany, so arming Ukraine and stoking it up. Pumping all the money and resources into Ukraine is aggression and promoting war. The west’s intentions are obvious, with stupid arrogant vain British politicians representing war mongering with big noses in Europe. LBC hosts are their unthinking overpaid lackeys. R J Cook

‘Very imminent’: Bombs could drop on Ukraine minutes after Putin gives order, armed forces minister says

Alix Culbertson, political reporter 

Bombs could drop on Ukraine within minutes of Russian President Vladimir Putin giving the order, the armed forces minister has warned.

Comment With Britain & U.S mainstream media, who are not in Europe, it is always what could happen, with misleading headlines like ‘Imminent’ ‘followed up in small print with ‘Could drop bombs.‘ Putin sees this, quite correctly as the propaganda arm of regime change and control of Ukraine and Russian resources. The western elite treats its subjects like garbage and expects them to be interested in Prince Harry and Princess Meghan as some kind of microcosm of the world at its best. Distractions are essential to the fake democracy ( Hypocracy ) surviving. That is why Covid lockdown measures , making the rich richer while destroying livelihoods, was so useful and will never truly go away. R J Cook

Call to tackle racism in the NHS

Niamh Lynch For The Daily Mail

Radical action is urgently needed to tackle racism in the NHS, experts have warned.

The calls come after a damning study found that discrimination and poor data collection about ethnicity have ‘negatively impacted’ the health of millions of patients.

A 166-page report, which was commissioned by the NHS Race and Health Observatory, warned that racial health inequalities are ‘evident at every stage… from birth to death.’


The comments below have been moderated in advance.

blacktrilby, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

What the devil is the “NHS Race and Health Observatory”? I have just spent 10 days in hospital and was treated with nothing but respect, courtesy, professionalism and kindness. These quangos make this stuff up to keep themselves in their high paid comfortable jobs.ReplyNew Comment3217Click to rate

JS, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

The usual BS report written by a group whos very existence depends on the findings supporting their future activity.ReplyNew Comment2215Click to rate

Dee7773, UK, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

Let’s include widespread belittlement of women in the NHS, where we are seen but not heard. The costs to our health are devastating. Watch the autobiological drama “Tell me when it hurts”, that says it all.ReplyNew Comment1586Click to rate

BroadswordTwo, S.Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

“Radical action is urgently needed to tackle racism in the NHS, experts have warned.” – urgent action is also needed to treat 5.5 MILLION people all of whom have PAID THEIR NHI FOR YEARS TO BE TREATED.Broken Britain.

Raise Interest Rates, Higher Pound Reduces Prices, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

Why do people keep falling for this. The percentage of immiigrants working in the NHS exactly matches the percentage of immigrrants in society. We don’t need immigrannts to keep the NHS going, the NHS needs immmigrants because of immiigration.ReplyNew Comment4154Click to rate

Anna, kent uk, about 3 hours ago

What a load of rubbish.ReplyNew Comment2136Click to rate

Relaxedathome, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

So you can see where all the extra billions are going to be spent..on non jobs.ReplyNew Comment1157Click to rate

Totallyunoffended, Northampton, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

For God’s sake give it a rest!ReplyNew Comment3114Click to rate

johnnyc, wigan, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

examples pleasReplyNew Comment398Click to rate

Pip pirrip, Ilkeston, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago

Yes let’s employ lots more inclusion, diversity and equality staff on huge salaries instead of doctors and nurses.That will improve the NHS.

Read More Call to tackle racism in the NHS | Daily Mail Online

Britain working to provide more military support to Ukraine

By Andrew MacAskill

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is working on a package of military support and economic aid for Ukraine as the threat of a Russian invasion grows, a government spokesperson said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a trip to Europe later this week to build support to end the standoff with Russia. Although there were no details of where Johnson would visit, his office said he wanted to engage more with Nordic and Baltic countries.

“The crisis on Ukraine’s border has reached a critical juncture. 

Read More Britain working to provide more military support to Ukraine (msn.com)

Comment It is a pity our self serving governing class isn’t more concerned in helping the people of Britain. Brexit was a con because the elite are still in their for their own interests = they just don’t want the lower classes to benefit , not that we ever did thanks to them. R J Cook

Ukraine crisis: ‘Whiff of Munich’ warning from Ben Wallace
Defence secretary likens desperate western efforts to prevent Russian invasion of Ukraine to appeasement

The defence secretary has likened last-minute western diplomatic efforts to stop Russian aggression to appeasement, saying there is a “whiff of Munich in the air”.

Ben Wallace said Russia invading Ukraine is “highly likely” and warned that the military presence on the border has now reached such a size that they could “launch an offensive at any time”.

Wallace added: “It may be that he [Putin] just switches off his tanks and we all go home but there is a whiff of Munich in the air from some in the West.”

Read More Ukraine crisis: ‘Whiff of Munich’ warning from Ben Wallace | News | The Sunday Times (thetimes.co.uk)

Comment The crack down on what one can say about our politicians makes a comment, on him, impossible. However, he does not grasp either the historic or current situation and in is an example of poor calibre U.K politicians. Britain chose to leave Europe. This a European issue and should have nothing to do with the U.K and U.S ( NUKUS ). Nor should have Nordstream 2. NATO is posturing and has caused this problem. Motives are power, resources and a quest for Russian regime change. Motives regarding allowing the NAZI build up to 1939 were fear of Russian communism. So the two events have that much in common. R J Cook

Tory peer sparks anger by suggesting Yorkshire is full of ‘whingers begging for handouts’

Alannah Francis 

Tory peer has been criticised for insulting the people of Yorkshire after he said he feared the county had been transformed by “leftist whingers begging for handouts”.

Lord Moylan, a former merchant banker and ex-diplomat, made the comment on Twitter in response to The Yorkshire Post‘s criticism of the Government’s ‘levelling up’ strategy.

The publication’s weekend edition ran the headline: “Levelling up plan ‘fails to aid rural economy’”.

Lord Moylan quote tweeted the front page with the words: “I’m going to Yorkshire for a short break next week. Everything I’ve read recently in [The Yorkshire Post] makes me fear I’m going to find it transformed into a county of leftist whingers begging for handouts.

Read More Tory peer sparks anger by suggesting Yorkshire is full of ‘whingers begging for handouts’ (msn.com)

February 13th 2022

Woman jailed for calling Grenfell Tower fire ‘Jewish sacrifice’ in antisemitic Facebook rant

Emily Pennink 

Tahra Ahmed, 51, posted “virulently” antisemitic conspiracy theories on social media days after the fire in west London that claimed the lives of 72 people.

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, she was found guilty of two counts of stirring up racial hatred by publishing written material.

On Friday, Ahmed was jailed for 11 months, a court official said.

Read More Woman jailed for calling Grenfell Tower fire ‘Jewish sacrifice’ in antisemitic Facebook rant (msn.com)

Black Britons in documentary still boxed in by race, report finds

Ben Quinn 

Racial tropes and stereotypes have continued to loom large in documentaries centred on black people despite pledges by the BBC and other broadcasters to change after the killing of George Floyd, according to new research.

Senior black professionals working in British television also voiced concern that the commissioning of ‘black programming’ was predominantly viewed through the interests of white commissioners.

Read More Black Britons in documentary still boxed in by race, report finds (msn.com)

Comment Many of us, particularly from the educated working classes, like myself, are getting very sick and tired about all the media luvvie agonising about black people. As with working class white people, who are stereotyped all the time in the media, the stereotypes exist.

Class must never be mentioned. It was abolished as a subject for the media when Margaret Thatcher’s vile Tories came to power. The other parties followed the mantra of a classless society which quietly morphed into multi culture. But the implication coming from so called black professionals is that blacks need more of the best while whites accept their place, kneel and atone for causing slavery because they are stereotypical of whites across the ages. This is incipient Nazism.

I have worked in may spheres and travelled over Britain as a truck driver meeting many people. I have also seen the BBC at work from the inside, being very careful what I said when interviewed about my writing.

The BBC are hideously upper middle class, and even their black seniors are bourgeoise. There is a myth that all blacks have unrivalled potential, which if true would have seen Africa in China’s position, instead of mired in religion, tribalism , ruled by tyrants.

There is utterly dangerous rubbish being talked about blacks. I struggled to teach not just the black , but the white stereotypes. Pumping out endless self interested garbage about fighting racism and creating role models makes matters worse for the masses. People are pushed to the point where they have nothing to lose. That’s when the riots , real far right and gang crime get out of hand. Many of us do not follow BBC content because it is already blatant indoctrination. When black editors totally set a black washing agenda, even fewer will bother. R J Cook

Cabinet ministers voice security fears as Boris Johnson seeks closer ties to China

Anna Isaac 

A cabinet split over UK-China relations has deepened after it emerged Boris Johnson is seeking to boost trade with the Asian superpower.

Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak are looking to form what sources close to them describe as a more pragmatic and balanced approach to ties with Beijing.

The tone adopted by No 10 and 11 is at odds with what some cabinet figures view as a mounting threat to British security from the world’s second largest economy.

Comment These peoples concerns are all about money. They are not representative of the people at large. They have not accepted that all the countries their ancestors annexed have gone into the hands of tyrants who have kept them in the dark ages. Meanwhile, China has escaped western shackles and frightens them. This is so much so that an idiot former U,K diplomat has advised Russia to attack China instead of Ukraine. Maybe when they get rid of Putin, they will get their wish. R J Cook

Mixed-race civil servant claims he was called racist by Whitehall

Georgia Edkins Whitehall Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday 

A civil servant has hit out at woke Whitehall after an NHS quango urged staff to attend unconscious-bias training sessions over Zoom.

Andrew Scarborough, 36, who is mixed race, fears the obsession of his employer NHS Health Education England (HEE) with politically correct causes such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘toxic positivity’ distracts workers from doing their jobs.

The project support administrator – who is still being asked to work from home along with his colleagues, despite the Government urging people to return to their desks – said he found it increasingly difficult to carry out his duties due to the barrage of woke emails and bulletins received almost daily from his bosses.

Read More Mixed-race civil servant claims he was called racist by Whitehall (msn.com)

February 12th 2022

For Me Dick Was Defined By The Unlawful Killing ( some called it Murder ) Of Innocent Young Brazilian Charles De Menezes – the killing was on a London Underground Train At Stockwell. Dick Gave The Order To Kill. The Female Witness To Charles Being Shot 9 Times, Was Rubbished By Police As An Alcoholic Prostitute Video Recordings Disappeared. Mainstream Media Never Mentions This. The Then Commander Dick Should Have Been Fired. The Other Female Candidate Sara Thornton Was Implicated In Paedophile Sex Ring Cover Up For Race Relations In Oxfordshire. The Appointment Had To Be Female For A Fake Equality Image. Meanwhile The Rancid Force Continued To Rot. R.J Cook.

Those who believed in hysterical COVID measures must now face the tax hike. The rich were in it for obscene profits. The poor will carry the burden for all the fraud and wasted money.

A good laugh , by F.S

Wales’s First Minister Mark Drakeford has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating, the Welsh government has said. He’s been triple-jabbed and is a fanatical mask wearer.

The Prince of Wales has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now self-isolating, Clarence House has said, in spite of being triple-jabbed, religiously observing mask mandates and having had it before.

Everyone deserves a good laugh.

Dick has been a disgrace to the human race, even given the usual low standards. Best headline I’ve seen: Dick’s Out.  

Aaronovitch Challenge from F.S

Sometimes, Bamber Gascoigne could be irritated by the attention-seeking antics of those who appeared on his University Challenge Show show. An especially notorious example of this occurred in 1975 when a University of Manchester team, with the writer and broadcaster David Aaronovitch amongst its number, deliberately tried to sabotage the episode in which they appeared by answering “Marx”, “Lenin”, “Trotsky” or “Che Guevara” to every question. Their rationale for so doing was as a protest at Oxford and Cambridge being allowed to enter a team per college, rather than per institution. Aaronovitch subsequently recalled meeting the host beforehand and realising that “he was a legendary figure, for all that he was the class enemy… and yet we were going to have to destroy his programme, his baby”. Gascoigne dealt with the impertinence in suitably authoritative fashion by ensuring that Manchester was banned from participating in the programme for several years, until the rebellious taint had been expunged.


David Aaronovitch’s divorced father Sam was my landlord back in the late1970s, in a residence named Bramshill Mansions. His ex wife lived a short distance away in the direction of Parliament Hill Fields. Her home was also splendid in a gated community. Sam lived a pleasant capitalist fed life as an economics lecturer at South Bank University. Lavish dinner parties hosted by himself and younger girlfriend Cathy were normal, with distinguished academic and political guests. Sam was then writing a new economics book criticising monetarism.

Weighted Moet champagne bottles were used as door stops. Sam kept fit for his new love life by running round the park. His ex wife Lavender created quite a disturbance on what should have been her silver wedding anniversary. I well remember that day, going off to Tufnell Park tube station on route to my office in the city. The front door, flagstones out side the front door and Sam’s Vauxhall Viva had been sprayed in silver paint with the words ‘Sam & Lav 25 years.’ Poor Lavender had obviously worked the night shift declaring her broken heart after Sam abandoned her for one of his son Ben’s teachers. R J Cook

R J Cook Battersea Park London Transport Bus Rally, Easter Monday 1978. The vehicle behind is a preserved London Transport Trolley Bus.

‘Kill the bill’: surge in Bristol riot charges prompts alarm over civil liberties

Tom Wall 

Dozens of mainly young “kill the bill” protesters have been charged with riot – the most serious public order offence – following clashes in Bristol last year. The decision by Avon and Somerset police and the Crown Prosecution Service appears to be the biggest use of riot charges against demonstrators since the 1980s.Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

The force launched one of its largest investigations after a confrontation between riot police and protesters opposed to the police and crime bill – which will allow the police to curb protests – spiralled into violent clashes outside a police station in Bristol on 21 March last year.

Read More ‘Kill the bill’: surge in Bristol riot charges prompts alarm over civil liberties (msn.com)

‘We’re living off sandwiches’ Woman says state pension leaves her struggling. ‘Insulting!’

Jackie Annett 

Unfortunately, 68-year-old Benita isn’t the only pensioner who has been forced to cook less and eat fewer meals. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk she said her entire generation “feels insulted” by the lack of financial assistance they are receiving and “cooking will soon become a pastime for the wealthy”.

Read More ‘We’re living off sandwiches’ Woman says state pension leaves her struggling. ‘Insulting!’ (msn.com)

Comment Feminists do not care about starving female pensioners. They care about themselves, power, money, destroying masculinity, careers , victimising and putting transsexuals at the risk of violence , isolation and suicide. R J Cook

Moonlighting BBC stars rake in thousands in outside fees
Emily Maitlis earned £40,000 on top of her £325,000 salary last year, reports suggest.

BBC talent might look high quality but it doesn’t come cheap. Emily Maitlis pictured above.

Details of how much cash the BBC’s top journalists made in outside earnings last year have been revealed.

According to The Times, the corporation’s highest paid hacks accepted a total of 480 jobs last year – including speeches and appearing on non-BBC shows.

The broadcaster revealed that some stars earned as much as £10,000 for single events.

Emily Maitlis, the lead anchor of BBC Two’s Newsnight, is believed to have earned more than £40,000 for external events – on top of her £325,000 BBC salary.

Meanwhile BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty, who is paid over £255,000 a year, took in more than £50,000 on top of her salary.

Read More Moonlighting BBC stars rake in thousands in outside fees (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment These people sit in judgement on us of the lower orders. We have no political representation . The BBC are the Ministry of Information. All of their output conforms to so called British values , which they define on behalf of government and other vested interests. They have no security or financial worries.

Mass immigration does not affect their housing, general living costs and wages. Female MPs and BAME MPs are lauded in the name of equality and must never be criticised.

Transsexuals are vilified by rabble rousing TERF feminists as a threat to female dignity, when in reality no bona fide transsexual has ever assaulted women in hospitals or public lavatories. The problem is that a lot of us are more traditionally feminine than they are. The fact that BAME migrants are the majority of rapists in Naples and an issue for wider European sex offences against white women, must not be mentioned because it is deemed racist.

Meanwhile transsexuals are fair game. It is an issue for me because I refused to accept anti psychotic drugs following a malicious police led ‘diagnosis’ that I am a bi polar paranoid schizophrenic. As I pointed out to them, if I took those drugs I would not know whether I was a monkey or mouse, let alone a woman. The whole point of being a woman is not to rape women –

I will refrain from comment on the subject of TERF lesbians. The point of being a woman is to work with men, bring out the best in them, not to destroy them and leave them in gender limbo, to be brought out of the cupboard like a ‘rampant rabbit’ when the mood takes you. It is no wonder that men need viagra, but not when I am around.

Roberta Jane Cook 1986, with a male admirer. That was not a gun in his pocket.

The transsexual world is a political minefield. TERFS ( Trans exclusionary radical feminists ) are free to invade and police male spaces, then retreat like virginal angels to their own little worlds where they cast judgement from temples like the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

No one seems to notice how would be masculine and anti individual those ‘women’ are. They are beloved of the BBC who preach do as we say, not as we do because we are expensive talent and you are not. For more detailed comments on transgender today, see my Trans Action page.

No one would dare call all BAME males potential rapists because it might encourage racism . Meanwhile anything goes with trans girls , even though an officially assessed and medicated transsexual has never sexually assaulted any woman. There is TERF political motive here.
R J Cook
Roberta Jane Cook 2018. Roberta says, ‘Most of us mature transsexuals simply want to be appreciated by men as women. We are not sexually attracted to increasingly masculinised and belligerent women. I knew that I needed to express myself as a female pre teen age, when I first wore female clothing. Society made me feel it was wrong.
Ironically , the more trans women are confronted by aggressive TERF feminists, the more we are aware of our femininity and them as the most unpleasant example of bigoted hypocritical bullies posturing as the worst of men.
There is a conservative female saying, ‘Strong men don’t hurt you. It is the weal ones who do that..’. My mother was my role model. I wanted to be like her,
because I hated my worn out prematurely dead late father, who was neglected by our appalling excuse for an NHS – after serving and nearly dying for his country in the rich elite’s World War Two.
But society is not truth. It is a structure that needs to adapt to an ever more crowded and dangerous world or it will collapse like the Roman Empire. Old elites stifle changes that don’t suit them. Elites like the TERFs, are the same, and will not like me name calling them toxic, whilst claiming right to label masculinity as toxic.
In my view, if they can accuse me of being a potential rapist as one senior police officer has done, for political reasons and on record, then I feel obliged to call TERFS and the police rancid.
Rather a lot of radical feminists are militant lesbians.
They are preying on cis females’ vulnerabilities, trying to convince then that all men are out to harm them physically, sexually and mentally. they want to control them, they want power and an army. Mothers should fear for their sons & daughters and fathers of daughters need to get their idolatry of women in perspective. We are not mini Gods. religion is not truth. We are civilised animals. Unfortunately , it seems that the more moronic a person is, the more they think otherwise.
R J Cook

R J Cook

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen under investigation over alleged paid lobbying

Sam Blewett 

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen is being investigated by Parliament’s standards watchdog over claims of paid lobbying and failing to properly declare interests.

The investigation into the backbencher comes after a report in The Times alleged he lobbied Government minister Andrew Stephenson to help with Mere Plantations’ tax affairs.

Read More Tory MP Andrew Bridgen under investigation over alleged paid lobbying (msn.com)

Comment Another fine example of British Democracy at work. This is what they have set up in Ukraine and hoped to take root in Russia under Boris Yeltsin. The point f the story about Vladimir Putin’s yacht was to make him look as an out of touch exploiter of the Russian masses. Minions in the west need to take note of the luxuries’ and pleasure, along with the waste created by their ruling classes. It is an outrage that we should suffer massive energy cost rises simply because NUKUS doesn’t want Nordstream 2 to operate unless it is controlled by them. Starving Russia out will only strengthen their China alliance and make world war more likely. R J Cook

Veterans’ fury as Mirror reveals truth about committee which denied them a medal

Susie Boniface 

Establishment figures who refused a medal to Britain’s nuclear test heroes have been showered with honours themselves – for overseeing Whitehall budgets, running sports events, and reintegrating the Taliban into Afghan society.

It comes after their secretive Whitehall medal committee denied the veterans’ request for a medal for a third time, saying there was not enough “risk and rigour” for men who walked, flew, and sailed through radiation for Queen and country.

Read More Veterans’ fury as Mirror reveals truth about committee which denied them a medal (msn.com)

Labour MP Rosie Duffield: Keir Starmer no better than Corbyn and it could make me defect.

Christopher Hope 

Sir Keir Starmer is no better than Jeremy Corbyn in failing to speak up for MPs being bullied on social media, a leading Labour MP said on Friday.Labour MP Rosie Duffield: Keir Starmer is no better than Jeremy Corbyn and it almost made me defect© Provided by The Telegraph Labour MP Rosie Duffield: Keir Starmer is no better than Jeremy Corbyn and it almost made me defect

Rosie Duffield, the Labour MP for Canterbury, accused the Labour leader of failing to do enough to stop a minority of local activists who have mounted a campaign of harassment against her.

Read More Labour MP Rosie Duffield: Keir Starmer no better than Jeremy Corbyn and it could make me defect (msn.com)


Firstly one doesn’t know exactly what has caused the harassment Ms Duffield is talking about. The powerful and the power centres are anxious to control, and some even want to abolish, social media.

Our political system is misrepresented as a benign fair democracy. It is not so. There was a sea change in 1979. It washed away any vestiges of democratic practices. Thatcher manifestly politicised the police and paved the way to mass migration.

Major, Blair, Brown, May and Johnson improved on the propaganda whilst intensifying the social control processes and laws. The migration flow became a tide because of so many NUKUS wars and elite demand for cheap labour – with the spin off bringing back respect for religion and God as long it wasn’t Christianity.

Thatcher, for all of her greed and destruction, was put above criticism because she was a woman. This was used to encourage and favour women as MPs who also demanded to be treated as women on the one hand and equals on the other.

There is so much more one could say, Suffice it here to say that the maths do not add up. Female MPs appear to put their feelings first. There is a large rubbished white underclass who have to watch money wasted on preparations for war with Russia to save the fake Ukrainian ‘democracy’ put in place by a western coup. Meanwhile, Covid insanity has led to major health issues being ignored, massive unemployment, homelessness and food bank queues so long that they are out on the pavement.

In my view Blair has no right to a knighthood or respect , let alone an opinion. Bullies in his party hounded a female New Labour MP to alcoholism and early death. Then there is the small matter of his illegal Iraq war which set fire to the Middle East, killed honest weapons inspector Dr David Kelly and put Assange in jail for publishing leaked war crime evidence.

We have even heard poor Sir Kier Starmer protesting because the Prime Minister has drawn attention to his conduct heading a viciously corrupt CPS. This CPS used fabrication and withholding evidence to prosecute lower class men and protect the likes of Jimmy Saville and the BBC.

There are no viable political alternatives. Female MPs tend to be preoccupied with women’s issues, while oblivious of what working class women endure or what conservative women want. There used to be a saying, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ These days , politicians are supposed to have a consensus, be terribly polite to each other and ignore the masses enduring and developing misery. Victor Hugo would find much inspiration here. R J Cook

Another Fine Example From Westminster.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen is being investigated by Parliament’s standards watchdog over claims of paid lobbying and failing to properly declare interests.

The investigation into the backbencher comes after a report in The Times alleged he lobbied Government minister Andrew Stephenson to help with Mere Plantations’ tax affairs.

The timber firm donated £5,000 to the North West Leicestershire MP’s local Tory association following a call to the then-Foreign Office minister in August 2019.

Mr Bridgen accepted a £3,300 trip to Ghana paid for by the company that month and is listed as an unpaid adviser for it on business and international politics.

February 11th 2022

Questions raised over Liz Truss ‘giving Russians her DNA’ after Macron declines PCR test at Putin meeting

The Foreign Secretary has raised concern she may not have followed in Mr Macron’s footsteps by refusing to be tested upon arrival in Russia

Liz Truss visited Moscow this week to hold talks on Ukraine
Where did you get that hat ?

Read More Questions raised over Liz Truss ‘giving Russians her DNA’ after Macron declines PCR test at Putin meeting – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos (online-news.co.uk)

Comment Will the Russians be able to clone this new Wonder Woman ? What exactly are the risks ? What secrets will the dastardly Russians discover ? Maybe the secrets of her genius. More importantly, how many dutiful members of the British public have been terrified or bulled into PCR testing without realising they were putting themselves on a National DNA databank. Same goes across the world. Macron, who thinks everyone entering his country should have one – apart from the migrants only passing through to catch Britain’s Border Farce ferry service via collapsible rubber dinghy. Coming during the run up to World War 3 makes matters even more intriguing. R J Cook

‘Lady No’: Russian media attacks ‘macho’ Liz Truss over failed Ukraine talks

Kieran Guilbert 

Covid live: UK to announce new recommendations for jabs for younger children…Adele hints at having children with ‘fiance’ Rich Paul

Russia’s media has been scathing in its analysis of British foreign secretary Liz Truss, calling her visit over the Ukraine crisis a “complete failure” and claiming that Moscow finds it easier to hold diplomatic discussions with Kiev than London.

Read More ‘Lady No’: Russian media attacks ‘macho’ Liz Truss over failed Ukraine talks (msn.com)

Comment Russian media have it right. Here in Britain it is black and white for the comfortable middle classes, one of whom is a neighbour. She told me today no need to worry about the B52s arriving in Britain, because ‘The Russians are horrible people.’ So un prejudiced and egalitarian are our U.K chattering classes. It is the same old story. working with Russians taught me to respect a great people. But Britain’s ruling classes can’t forget the Russian Revolution , which is why they give them no credit for a major definitive role in World War Two. R J Cook

Wrong Dick? Reaction as Dame Cressida resigns as Met Police Commissioner
“Cressida Dick never broke the law. Boris Johnson did. Guess which one just resigned,” James O’Brien tweeted. By Jack Peat

Dame Cressida Dick’s resignation as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has sparked polarised reactions, with critics “delighted” while supporters are “deeply saddened”.

In a statement on Thursday, Dame Cressida said she will stand aside because London Mayor Sadiq Khan “no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue”.

Read More Reaction as Dame Cressida resigns as Met Police Commissioner (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment It is a moot point as to whether Dick has ever broken the law. Senior Police officers are a clique, adept at covering one another and bullying lower ranks where necessary. There is no doubt that she gave the order which led to the unlawful killing of 28 year old Brazilian Charles DE Menezes , a far more serious matter than Boris’s Party.

The issue of his resignation is irrelevant. We have a corrupt ruling elite. It can’t be about and or. Obviously Dick’s resignation will have no positive effect on improving the corrupt Metropolitan Police. Appointing a woman was never going to solve an historic institutional corruption problem.

Sue Sim, a gentler more feminine soul followed her principles in efforts to clean up Cleveland Police Force, because she thought she was in charge. Senior officers closed ranks, drove her out, having the audacity to then direct harassment of herself and daughter,. R J Cook

Nothing new here. Dick was window dressing. Her face tells it all.
Sue Sim, driven out of her Chief Constable’s post in Cleveland because she wanted to reform institutional cultural corruption and bad practice. It isn’t just a London problem. Sue Sim threatened the ‘boy’s club’ mentality ( the police have plenty of girls who wanna be boys and they copy ). Sue Sim was spot on and paid the price for wanting reform.
Labour likes the police are and the Tories are scared to upset them. Starmer presided over joint CPS Police collusion and corruption, which is what the fuss has been about. He has been part of the problem and should not lead Labour.

It is stalemate, with London’s problems worsening. Sadiq Khan is glib and patronising. They are not going to solve this simply by getting rid of Dick anymore than they did by dumping Sir Ian Blair. London is being overwhelmed by multi culture and gang crime. political correctness stifles and punishes talking truth to power. The wrong people have been getting to the top in the U.K police and they continue recruiting their own kind. There is no genuine body to independently police the police. The Police Federation operate like a Mafia as, Plebgate demonstrated. Never mind , there is always Liz Truss and World War 3 to distract us. That will sort it. R J Cook

‘Britain in 2022’: Long lines form outside food bank with people forced to collect supplies from boxes on the pavement

“Show them a little bit of dignity. They’re all queuing up on High Street and everybody in the buses could see them, should be done in a community centre,” one person said. By Jack Peat

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The Tory Truss

Britain’s Foreign Secretary bears the expression of her ruling class arrogance and self righteousness . She leads the charge on the U.S behalf for the bogus cause of democracy. One must tread carefully with criticism because gender equality includes never criticising any woman, let alone the powerful.

NATO has obviously provoked this so called crisis, led by NUKUS ( a better name for NATO ). The trigger issue is Russian gas and how the west can get a friendly government to control it or block it in favour of more expensive U.S liquified gas – as most of us know, gases are liquified through dropping temperature.

However, we are supposed to believe that nuclear war is being risked for the sake of defending the corrupt Ukrainian puppet government put in place by a western backed coup – then presented as another wonderful democracy. Can’t people have seen what became of all those other bogus wars for democracy ? Have they forgotten Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya ? That’s why we have a migrant crisis – not France’s fault. People should google the effects of two primitive nuclear bombs dropped from aircraft on Japan in 1945. Nuclear bombs are bigger now and rocket propelled.

Truss has already demonstrated ignorance of Russian geography but has all the small minded certainty one would expect from an Oxford graduate in PPE and the easy charm of being a stern faced glamorous blonde.

In Britain’s famous democracy and mother of Parliaments, Starmer leads his so called Labour Party of the people four square behind the Tory Truss and party boy hypocrite Johnson. Starmer, whose discredited reputation leading a dishonest target driven class and gender biased CPS, is well deserved, is all for conflict – condemning discarded socialist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for leading an anti war coalition.

These people are living the illusion that World War Two was ever necessary and glorious. This war will happen if they can’t cower and destroy the Russian Government – and ultimately drag it down to their level. R J Cook

Truss goes nuclear as she unveils new law to cripple Russia in explosive warning to Putin

Ellie Cook  

Liz Truss
Tory Truss, all for the nuclear option.

The new laws mean further individuals close to the Russian leadership and implicated in the tensions over Ukraine could face heavy penalties.

The Foreign Office said: “The UK can now sanction not just those linked directly to the destabilisation of Ukraine, but also Government of Russia affiliated entities and businesses of economic and strategic significance to the Russian government, as well as their owners, directors and trustees.”

Read More Truss goes nuclear as she unveils new law to cripple Russia in explosive warning to Putin (msn.com)

Starmer condemns anti-war coalition with links to Corbyn

Amy Gibbons

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Kirsty O’Connor/PA) (PA Wire)
Corbyn Leads campaign against war mongers who are prepared to launch the nuclear option if Russia won’t cower to their fake democracies. The fact that the campaigners are being disparaged as ant western should tell anyone just how fake the ruling classes are. R J Cook

Sir Keir Starmer has condemned an anti-war group with links to Jeremy Corbyn further distancing himself from the former Labour leader as he declared his party’s “unshakeable” support for Nato

The Stop the War Coalition, which was initially launched to oppose US military action in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, says it stands against what it describes as Britain’s “disastrous addiction to war”.

But it has repeatedly come under fire for alleged anti-Western sentiments.

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‘Is it worse than racism?’: Michail Antonio defends teammate Kurt Zouma after cat video outrage

Lawrence Ostlere 

A teammate of Kurt Zouma, the West Ham footballer shown violently abusing his pet cat in a disturbing video, has compared the ferocious response to the incident to those caused by players’ racist outbursts.Kurt Zouma has been fined by his club, West Ham, but has so far escaped censure by the FA  - Getty© Getty Images

Kurt Zouma has been fined by his club, West Ham, but has so far escaped censure by the FA- Getty

Michail Antonio asked whether players guilty of abusing other players had been punished more lightly than the 27-year-old Frenchman, who is facing calls to be sacked.

The disturbing footage, which showed Zouma drop-kicking and slapping one of his Bengal cats in front of a child, while his brother laughed behind a camera, caused a strong reaction on social media and elsewhere.

Read More ‘Is it worse than racism?’: Michail Antonio defends teammate Kurt Zouma after cat video outrage (msn.com)

What a lot of Balls – by R J Cook

Comment Kicking the cat is worse than racism if you are the cat. It also displays a rather unpleasant attitude, not untypical of glory and pleasure obsessed Premier League football. I am no fan of football. Players’ wages are obscene and too many players are louts. If one is going continue the discriminatory language of BLM to discredit whites en masse, then we can see where this mentality is going. Do we excuse black player Greenwood of the violent rape and threats he is accused of against a white female because racism is the worst thing in the world ?

My late father used to drill into me that ‘two wrongs do not make a right. My old history teacher, the wonderful John Skinner, used to say ‘You cannot have a lesser of evils. Blacks sold blacks into slavery. Whites were enslaved by the ruling classes. The argument that blacks can’t be racist because they have no power is grotesque, obscene, an absurd simplification and a recipe for injustice.

This is a world so insane, the British Government are even superficial in the contemplation of a nuclear war for their class power and greed. Of course minions will rally to the flag, marching to martial music and all the tunes of glory. R J Cook

February 10th 2022

Metropolitan Police Lose Their Dick, But It Won’t Stop The Cock Ups

– by R J Cook.

Dame Cressida Dick’s appointment was political from a short list of two female tarnished senior officers. Her responsibility for the unlawful killing of 28 year old Brazilian Charles DE Menezes, which some of us consider murder, should have ended her career. It is a disgrace that she got the job. She should have been sacked way back for Charles’s killing. Instead, the police bosses added insult to injury by promoting this arrogant and incompetent woman. The best one can say about Sadiq Khan’s comment is that he realises there have to be large scale change.

However, it is hard to imagine that happening. The Police Federation are an arrogant self glorifying bunch of bullies, as their response to former Home Secretaries May and Clark’s efforts t reform the U.K Police attest. The police are institutionally corrupt. They have worked in hoc with Sir Sneer Starmer’s Crown Prosecution Service which victimised males by withholding and offering fabricated evidence to courts simply to get convictions. Dick has bathed in this culture confident that she was no worse than her underlings or predecessors like Sir Ian Blair.

The police need a hard external police force to rout out corrupt and punish incompetent officers, Dick being an outstanding example of the latter. London is on par with the violence, squalor , ignorance, crime levels and depravity of the nineteenth century. I have known it since the 1950w, living in north and south, working in the City , studying at London University as a post grad and as a teacher in its violent schools. I have visited frequently, day shift and night, as a truck driver. It is a horrible place, R J Cook

From F.S

Dame Cressida Dick resigns as Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Shock announcement comes just hours after Dame Cressida Dick said she had “absolutely no intention of resigning”.



Prince Charles tests positive for COVID for second time

Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now self-isolating, Clarence House has said, just minutes before he was due to arrive in Winchester on a visit to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy met Charles at last night's reception at the British Museum
Prince Charles with fellow millionaires , the Sunaks. Many ‘liberals’ are eager to see Mr Sunak anointed as the U.K’s first ‘black’ PM,

February 9th 2022

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Neighbours of ours both quite sick with Covid – as in confined to bed level of illness. Both triple-jabbed.


A comment I saw recently seems relevant: ‘Both my daughter and I are very ill with Covid. Thank goodness for the vaccines and boosters.’ The level of cognitive dissonance required to come out with something like that is mindblowing.

Conversation with an author friend yesterday, whose doctor advised him to be vaccinated as he’s had a kidney transplant and is classified as vulnerable. This means his immune system is suppressed. He spoke to a friend of his who’s also a medic, and she told him in no uncertain terms NOT to get vaccinated – because the vaccine (at least initially) suppresses your immune system. He took her advice.

Everything you always wanted to know about Ukraine*by John Ward*But were afraid to askAJC Boone is back with the kind of post that is destined to become the default reference for everyone trying to separate propaganda from empirical reality over the manufactured Ukraine crisis. A former diplomat, Boone is very much on her home turf here, and it shows: for the first time you will read about the real nature of Ukraine – its history, culture, leadership disaster and political corruption; and you can follow the evidenced blow-by-blow story of just how little Putin really ‘wants’ in relation to the country – as well as just how much diplomatic demonisation has been used by American and European media-military machines in search of an ethereal ‘threat’. In a theatre where Truth long ago left by the back door, Amy Boone is a class act. Enjoy.
From F.S our West Country Correspondent.

West Ham condemned for selecting Kurt Zouma after cat kicking video as thousands sign petition

More than 150,000 people have signed a petition calling for Kurt Zouma to be prosecuted for kicking his cat – as West Ham’s decision to play him in their Premier League match last night has been branded “disgraceful”.West Ham's Kurt Zouma in action last night against Watford - his selection has been widely condemned© Reuters West Ham’s Kurt Zouma in action last night against Watford – his selection has been widely condemned

Essex Police and the RSPCA are carrying out “urgent enquiries” after footage showed the 27-year-old Frenchman dropping, kicking and slapping his pet cat.

Read More West Ham condemned for selecting Kurt Zouma after cat kicking video as thousands sign petition (msn.com)

‘They all blame each other’: little sympathy for Starmer after Savile slur

Matthew Weaver

The morning after Keir Starmer was barracked by anti-vaxxers and accused of being a “paedophile protector”, there was surprisingly little sympathy for the Labour leader in Talacre Town Green, in the heart of his Holborn and St Pancras constituency.Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

Starmer plays football in the park most weeks, but there was no sign of the supporters who gave him almost a 28,000 majority at the last election. “If I see him playing I’ll boo him,” said Tony Walters, 62, who was out walking Coco, his staffordshire bull terrier.

Read More ‘They all blame each other’: little sympathy for Starmer after Savile slur (msn.com)


Starmer is incapable of relating to ordinary people. Starmer is a fake and fraud, like too many politicians. He does not talk to the traditional white working classes who are written off as white working class scum, The country is falling to pieces and we are supposed to think the enemy is Russia.

Those who keep telling me I could not survive as a transsexual in Russia, I really could not care less because there are more important things than my sexuality. I have no time for the LGBT QI coral, Total boredom.

If I can become a full blown transsexual woman, wonderful, but I have other concerns which the stupid police and NHS cannot understand. This is why I would not take the drugs for my sex change surgery.

Societies need values bigger than sexism, racism, and egotism to survive. Sir Sneer Harmer was head of the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service jailing innocent MEN.. End of story. Stars like Saville were not prosecuted because the BBC covered him up.

So much for Boris having to apologies, have you ever heard fake socialist Sir Sneer Harmer apologise for his role overseeing the CPS body jailing innocent men ? However awful Boris Johnson is, Britain does not need another Tiny Blair.. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook, accused by Thames Valley Police of ‘outing’ herself as a prostitute and inviting them to prosecute her . They even lied that she was convicted.