Rambling Robert

Images and thoughts on my daily travels.

I used to run 100 miles a week during my serious athletics days. Now I enjoy a leisurely five mile walk on my days off. Here I am with my friends the sheep. I often talk to them, as I am doing in the picture below.
Me running for the University of East Anglia, Hyde Park 1972.
Me stuck in heavy traffic in Marylebone Road, while trying to get out of London at 9 am last Friday June 7th 2019. Then, much to my delight along came a real old Routemaster as if through a time warp. Robert Cook
When I made criminal allegations against senior police officers, they sent the psychiatrists around rather than investigate themselves- how sick a country is this that the police investigate themselves?- o
These people did not listen to a word I said and sent me an interesting report which will lead to more interesting stuff. But for now, here is the sheep I talked to the other day, so much more rewarding than talking to bent cops and their NHS lackeys.
Me back home in Winslow after ten years of travelling. I am a simple man, used to be a romantic. I get it now, life is a game and I am off to the next level very soon. Image Vernon F Church
Image When I was a schoolteacher, Bucks Thatherites were always trying to sack me for being political. They thought I was the type who could not put a nut on a bolt, or know what a ‘nut’ was for. I did. So I carried on making stuff in the school woodwork room, like this classical guitar for sale- which I can actually play, and have taught many to play- but these careerist idiots just follow the control tunnel to get promoted and enjoy the smug hypocritcal pointless lifestyle as the elite did in NAZI Germany, seeing nothing outside the box. Had they not been so fixhated (sic) they would have got me very easily. Image Copyright Appledene Assoicates.
I caught this image of a man up a ladder on top of the tower crane’s control box, in Acton last week. Who says men are only good for one thing? Copyright Appledene Associates.
Acton. Appledene Assoicates

Yesterday, June 3rd when the Sheeple were protesting about Trump in the London bubble, all my troubles did not seem so far away, but my destination did as I approached gridlock going south from Watford on the M25.

Today, June 4th, I went to an obscure place near Oakham in Rutland. nearly there, I saw this amazing railway viaduct. My thoughts went back to the 19th century engineer who designed it, the political morons who closed the line in the 1960s, and the men who built and died building it.

Oscar Wilde famously wrote that tarvel narrows the mind, I suggsest that idea depends on the mind in question. It is my view that politicans have very narrow selfish simple greed patronising minds that could never have built this bridge. Copyright Appledene Assoicates.
Sometimes when I am driving I get on quiet roads where the rich people live, enjoying driving their slow old cars from yesteryear, without traffic jams to stop them going flat out at 50 mph (sic) Here I am in the coddled Cotswolds. When I see this stuff it is like going through a time warp. Drivers dress the part too.