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Junius was my pen name back in the 1980s. writing an educational column for the ‘Aylesbury Plus’ newspaper. I became a hate figure for ridiculing emerging political correctness, national curriculum, GCSE ( which I called ‘the greatest con since the eleven plus ) SAT testing and declining standards in Tory Buckinghamshire schools.

At the time, I was a secondary modern school teacher with an army of spies working in other local schools. My words of warning were ridiculed, but it gives me no pleasure to see so much of what I prophesied come true, and matters getting worse across our multi cultural Britain.

The story below comes as no surprise to me, reported yesterday in the Liverpool Echo. Britain has always had a weird hypocritical attitude to sex. Feminism and multi culture has made matters worse.

I wonder how any man would now risk his reputation and freedom to teach in a school system increasingly undermined by PC idiots and feral children from feral homes. Robert Cook aka Junius June 10th 2019.

Teacher wrongly accused of pupil sex attack details how decade-long smears ruined his life

Runcorn dad-of-five Philip Day incorrectly alleged the staff member had raped a girl on a skiing trip and misguidedly labelled the Cheshire school a “playground for paedophiles”

By Luke Traynor

  • 14:04, 9 JUN 2019
  • Updated14:13, 9 JUN 2019

This man is a weirdo and moron, but there are many more like him.

Runcorn man Phil Day posted video online before burning down school Get the biggest daily stories by emailSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters

A teacher wrongly accused of raping a female pupil on a school skiing trip has revealed how the decade-long claims ruined his life.

The staff member at The University of Chester Academy (UCAN) in Northwich, Cheshire, was devastatingly smeared by delusional parent .

The dad-of-five embarked on a bizarre and damaging social media campaig n to incorrectly blame the teacher for a non-existent sexual assault and allege the school was “a playground for paedophiles”.

It led to 56-year-old Day setting the school on fire, causing £3 million worth of damage, and stalking the teacher in question and the school’s headteacher.

Last week, the Runcorn man was jailed for 15 years, and ordered to serve a further five years extended sentence due to the severity of his crimes

Source Liverpool Echo