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September 30th 2022

Why Is the Pound Falling and What Does That Mean for Me?

A sterling explainer for people who aren’t good with figures.RBby Ross Buchanan28 September 2022, 12:08pm

Is it just me, or does Liz Truss not really feel like prime minister? Like, I’ve experienced seven prime ministers in my lifetime – all of which I haven’t voted for – but this is the first I’ve truly felt ungoverned. Unhinged, you might say.

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Minimum Rage A Comment

by R.J Cook

One might have expected the British masses to be angry about the cost of living crisis but they have traditionally been the most passive and obsequious when it comes to protest. The arrogant upper and upper middle classes are doing very well, along side global corporations. Serious protest from the lower orders would invite the police, criminal records and possibly jail.

The masses had an extended period of isolation , fear & intense brain training with Covid Lockdown from March 2020 which has not gone away. There will soon be more enforced social distancing, curfews and mask wearing plus pressure for more health risking jabs. So on top of this we have the additional burden of financing the Anglo U.S NATO proxy war for the ruling elite violating the 2008 Minsk Agreement , encouaging persecition of ethnic Donbas Russians and land grabbing in Ukraine under guise of the same old freedom fighting garbage used to cover war crimes in Iraq , Syria and Latin America.

War on Russia, like war on Iraq, Libya Syria and Iran ( Iraq’s self destructive war on Iran was an Anglo U.S proxy war ) were all about controlling production and price of oil. Sanctions against a major oil producer , as with Iraq , Iran and Venezuela , are par for the Anglo U.S NATO course. But as a former truck driver, refuelling my truck far from the depot, I know how expensive transport is. I know its obvious relationship to prices of goods and costs to food production. I am more than an academic, writer and journalist. I know what I am talking about. I have walked the walk.

Because of all the anti Russia lies, with sanctions, the rich have to be protected in business and high living. The masses are expendable, as demonstrated not just on the battlefield , but everywhere else. They are also heavily policed.

In this context, the reasons for the falling value of the pound are far simpler than the above article wants you to know. Since the age of empires there has been international trade. In the modern sabotaged global economy, ( Where the west are most likely to have sabotaged Nordstream, blaming it on Russia to stoke up hate and war ) the international money market value of the pound depends on who wants to buy it and what for. In the old days it was a credible reserve currency, ‘as good as gold’ for foreign countries to store up. The pound got its name from being available in exchange for a pound weight of more cumbersome gold.Those days are long gone. The Tories had abandoned the Gold Standard by 1934. Now the sums for serious trade, business and government is measured in billions. Pounds are traded digitally with the Bank of England backing the currency.

Problem now is , other countries see the lingering impact of Covid lockdown and Britain’s absurd ideological involvement in the NATO proxy war on Russia. Currency experts working and speculating for profit at our expense in the markets realise that the U.K cannot afford another £2.4 billion in borrowing to supply more ordnance and weapons to Ukraine unless it is serious about helping toward the oblivion of World War Three. In the latter case, there is even less reason for other countries to buy pounds. The Pound’s international value will cease to matter along with everything else.

More fundamentally, while the rich are getting tax cuts and bankers have their bonuses protected , plus energy companies profiteering from inflated oil prices, people at home cannot afford to buy what little home produced , or imported goods like cars that there are. So who needs pounds ? The only way the Bank of England can respond is to protect the banks and attract international investment by raising interest rates. Inevitably it doesn’t work so the Bank of England uses tax payers money to buy pounds up to stop the value dropping further. Speculators know what is happening , so demand continues to drop. The price falls. The media doesn’t want us to know the truth. Speculators make massive profits from our mass ignorance.

This waste of public money and massively inflating serviceable debt for the benefit of arms dealers and land grabbing Anglo- U.S NATO, drains public money from other vital areas. Hence Truss & Co talking about cutting benefits where demand is continually rising due to economic migrants and an open door immigration policy. It doesn’t work because there is no future in it . Futures are what the markets are most interested in. Public servants like teachers , MPs, Civil Servants and police have their secure high pay inflation proofed so they are happy, moralising along with Liz Truss that our security is more important than rising prices. The Bank of England is State owned and the lender of last resort when other financial institutions are in trouble because of insane greed policies.

So when they increase bank rate, all other banks raise interest in case they need to borrow from the Bank of England. These banks will add at least 2% to their own lending rates, and possibly 5%.. People will lose their jobs and homes because of this. Lenders reduce mortgage products, foeclosing to protect profits and hideous bonuses. This impacts on the housing market along with all household related matters.We are far from equal and democratic. Class divisions, not unity, are what Prince Charles and the monrachy epitomise. The British masses can’t see this : easily duped or divided by multi culture , diversity and membership of LGBTQI.

There are similarities to the 1930s, which led to Nazism and World War II. But the world is now much more complex with consequences unpredicatble and potentially devastating. Arrogant world leaders, whever their colour, get too much pay and respect. Lying and secrecy goes with their jobs. They are a club, as the disturbing mawkish military Royal funeral demonstrated. Putin has broken the rules. He has been cast out and must be destroyed, along with his and many other countries if need be.

The rich elite have their luxurious well stocked bolt holes, much bigger than you think. Remember, 90% of the U.K population live on 10 % of the land. It is what happens on the other 90% of the land the masses must not know about – secrecyis all in the national interest ( sic ). That is what they want us to believe. The international western elite are very worried about Italy where the new leader should be most concerned for her security and good name. The ruling elite are conspirators. Women leaders are welcomed by them but must be on message. The female masses must be a blob married to The State, Call it the Great Replacement or ‘The New World Order ‘, but a rotten carcass would still smell just as rotten.

Undressing 1980s. I won’t say who the other man was taking the photograph.

R J Cook

September 27th 2022

Brilliant At Saying Nothing By R.J.Cook


Image by Miss R.J Cook / Appledene Photographics 2010. A 60% voter turnout is considered high in the U.K, but U.K media calls it low in Italy because they don’t approve of the far right victory, just as they do not approve of Russia’s Donbas referendum. Only the British and U.S are honest brokers. Their lies are always true – True Lies, hence locking away whistle blower Julian Assange because they have far too many horrible secrets, so need to deter others.
Pushing and crushing the masses is a dangerous business. On top of that, this smug Western elite are pushing Russia into a situation where nuclear and World War is increasingly likely Anglo/U.S led NATO has wound up Ukraine, causing carnage and sense of Ukrainian entitlement to involve the whole world in a fight for a corrupt regime led by its second Anglo U.S NATO placeman, Zelensky – a former actor and comedian enjoying the role of leading man defending Ukraine’s virtue ( sic )..

The following extract from England’s very snobbish Tatler glossy magazine is written by an upper class journalist for the upper classes. That class are worried people which is why they are so up tight about Russia. I had a history teacher who became a long term friend and got me a History lecturing job when I was 30. Yes, I do know what I am talking about , and have lost count of the number of history books I have written

However, in conversation, at my house, I suggested there was no need to have executed the Romanov dynasty. Romanovs were very close relatives to the rebranded Saxe Coburg Goethe British hypocritical Royal family , aka Windsors. Queen Victoria was the Russian Tsar’s aunt. Their infighting empires caused two World Wars, the second one being an outcome of blaming Germany’s people for causing the first one.

Having been a maths teacher, I attempted to teach history by the same logic. That was impossible in a country basically divided into a rich pompous patronising minority elite ( the only minority that actually matters in the U.K ) and the ignorant but colourful ethnically and gender divided dumbed down psychotic masses. The latter have been fawning over Royalty and their ‘feminist’ ( sic ) emblem the Queen, with silly women complaining there won’t be another hand waving upper class Queen in their lifetime.

My old history teacher – a mesmerising firebrand young Welshman when I met him as my teacher in 1967 – gave this caustic reply to my comment about executing the Romanovs. “They deserved it. They were vile decadent, oppressors, presided indifferently over the starving masses. The Tsars troops fired on protestors outside the Winter Palace in St Petersburg in 1905. This was the same year the Romanov incompetence lost their war with Japan. The Tsar’s wife went on to have a lurid relationship with the mad monk Rasputin. Rasputin needed the Tsar out of the way, persuading the Romanov inbred idiot to take command of the Russian army. The stage was set for the Russian Revolution. I not care if they did the same to the British Royal Family who are no better. They should be lined up against the wall and shot.”

As soon as the First World War was over , the British Elite led the war against Lenin’s Communist ideals. Lenin was assassinated following a British elite conspiracy. No surprise that Stalin was put in power, an ideal paranoid imbecile to discredit communism. Stalin then hounded his idealistic rival to death in Argentina, a British puppet state, and no doubt aided by British intelligence. Stalinism ruthlessly discredited , with Stalin joining forces with them against the deranged Hitler. Britain had fostered Nazism to block communism which was rising because they had helped bankrupt Germany as well as impoverishing their own people in the 1920s & 30s. Read ‘The Road to Wigan’ Pier’ by George Orwell.

But what Karl Marx called ‘the spectre of Communism haunting Europe’ (The Communist Manifesto 1848 ) still haunts the British elite who have engineered and led the proxy war against Russia to push further toward Russia and regime change. In this country, one causes offence by saying a word against Ukraine because it is a police state. I have just watched England assisted by a biased Dutch referee go from 2 nil down to a 1 goal lead. Both teams are appalling, selected according to the diversity manual – and health and safety code. England’s National team, especially Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, should have part time jobs in the U.K diving team. Tomorrow’s newspaper headlines will , like all the drivel about Platinum Jubilees and Royal multi million pound funerals, shout about how great this country is.

It works on the desperate in fighting masses because they are stupid. Anything will do for a delusional identity, England’s football team of Chav Playboys and the new king are more of the smokescreen covering for the consequences of the UK’s politically corrupt and arms profiteers. Some years ago as a delivery driver, I was sent in a van to a huge estate in the wilds of Oxfordshire. I had to phone security. Five minutes later a big black 4X4 with sinister black tinted windows drove down a long winding drive between the rolling lawns from the distant stately home, towards me on the other side of massive wrought iron gates. The Electronic Gates crept open and I was beckoned in, Pulling up alongside my driver’s window, an electric window opened to reveal a big man wearing shades and black combat gear. He commanded me to follow him at 10mph.

As I drew behind the Tudor mansion and alongside outbuildings , I saw open garages with a Rolls Royce and collection of big BMWs, then passed the police section where a large police 4X4 was parked. I was just delivering to the kitchen. The place was so intimidating that I didn’t like to ask what it was all about. I usually drove company trucks. This was a van route, so back at the depot I asked Arthur, the relaxed 70 plus veteran van driver all about the place . I asked why it had its’ own police station. ‘He’s an arms dealer.’ came rthur’s quick nonplussed response.

That is the essence of the ruling class, if it moves and you don’t like the look of it, as with the police killings at Stockwell and Streatham, shoot it. While your at it, take note of all those other police forces and governments that don’t like a lot of threatening lower order people. Maybe there should be regime changes and a second shot at the one that failed when Anglo U.S NATO installed drunkard stooge Boris Yeltsin to asset strip State industries then bring the booty west, especially money laundering London.

Become an oligarch, but don’t renege on Western elite ideology or we will take away your mansions, Premier League football clubs, take your millions for the U.K State elite, jet panes, luxury yachts and high class whores. When all is said and done, power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Speak out of turn, take note they never stop building jails, madhouses ,

Driving good people insane in the U.K feeds quack psychiatrists with their DSM bible If the U.K drives young school girls to the apparent insanity of suicide, don’t blame feminism, factory schools, broken homes or bad parents. As with the palliative of the late Queen and her fornicating sons Charles and Andrew, you need simple answers, propaganda, smokescreens, freak shows and more totalitarian solutions. So the answer to U.K teen girl suicides, blame the internet as an excuse for more controls.

As with the current news making story, elite media are shooting the line that a schoolgirl killed herself because she viewed ‘distressing content on the internet.’ There has been no discussion of the facts that she was so disturbed she actively sought out methods of killing herself. This issue is very personal to me, but for legal reasons and due to being subject to constant police monitoring for nearly 15 years, I cannot comment further on that at this moment.

Apart from personal experience, I was a teacher and lecturer for 18 years and have seen a lot through 12 years in logistics. Add to that my qualifications in social science, including psychology, as well as years in local politics at senior level, I know why suicide rates are rising. There is never sympathy for males who kill themselves because equality is a sham. Women are being empowered by the elite to help the elite police and psychologically castrate the male masses – hence their need for Viagra to please women when they demand it. That is why feminists and police have issues with transsexuals like me. The best we can hope for is to join the LGBTQI club – I dare not say exactly what I think about that alleged example of diversity. As I said, the only minority group who matter in Britain are the 10% who own 90% of the land. They use ‘diversity’ as the good old ‘divide and rule’ now their imperial slaves are all together on this tiny island where the masses are effectively in cages, including LGBQI , disingenuous state supported by the elite within strict parameters for the transgendered they secretly regard as freaks or fakes.

When the men kill themselves the elite media lackeys and feminists say they have all brought it on themselves as wife beaters deservedly divorced, weak willed alcoholics, drug abusers etc. You can’t argue with authority in authoritarian Britain. One of the most powerful depressants for young women, who want partners just like dad, is the rubbishing and scapegoating of males. Led by feminist harridans and lesbians, white men have been labelled as domestic abusers , adulterers , rapists, privileged white males, alcoholics, shiftless and drug abusers – unless they are in the saintly police force where the men don’t do anything like that and if they do , the media elite keeps it quiet in ‘the public interests. The ‘Undie Cover cops who basically raped animal rights protestors were only following elite police state orders.

One could go on because there is no feasible limit to what is wrong with this institutionally corrupt country. So , in the context of the following Tatler extract and link, the question should not be about what King Charles III is going to do for Britain or the wider world. It should be , Why on earth does King Charles III matter if Britain is a democracy ? The answer is that Charles and his historic and dubious family are disgustingly rich and rapacious. As for Boris Johnson’s ludicrous levelling up, he and his class mean making sure all the ethnic and white masses are equally dumbed down, fighting the perpetual racist and feminist wars, so conveniently distracted. King Charles and his Queen Consort have never forgotten the hungry Thatcher & Major years, when one night in Central London their Rolls Royce was stopped surrounded and shaken by an angry baying mob.

Paparazzi captured the look of horror on their pampered pompous pius faces. That is why the Tatler drivel matters for them. Their greedy over indulged class passes the buck for their wealth grabbing Imperialistic antics onto the lower orders, laughing their tits and socks off when the morons blame each other, fighting over religion and other tribalistic distractions. Their ignorance is entrenched by smug self righteous teachers and a government that tells people what to think, not how to think. In particular, females are told all the different things they can be. Young males are told what they are and why they must be so much nicer to girl who never lie, cheat or do anything else bad.

The same system tells the boys what they are. If it was actually working, then we wouldn’t have poisoned people and suicide kids on the internet. If women went beyond demanding husbands take Viagra to provide sexual and egotistical gratification and accepted being feminine – dressing accordingly , then there would be no need for Viagra. Truth is ugly and fake democrats don’t like it. Men are condemned for not keeping up with the new women. Fourth rate children’s book writers , pandering to mass bad taste, like J K Rowling, forbid transsexuals being accepted as real women. Meanwhile it is offensive to suggest that the feminist model for woman drives suicide, broken home and mass insanity – great news for psychiatrists who work in an industry that can put labels on disruptive abnormal psychology types much faster than the machine I saw putting labels on wine bottles while working in a wine bottling warehouse in the summer of 1968.

In this context, what King Charles thinks about anything should be seen for the hypocritical patronising gibberish from a privileged hypocrite with his ludicrous divine right, who has no understanding of common people beyond fear of them shaking his Rolls again. Over £50 million was spent on security during the period of his mother laying in state, and her long winded funeral so the masses could publicly grovel to their betters. If the masses really loved Royalty that security would not be needed.

Charles’s family are descented from murderous land grabbing psychopaths who evolved to assert that God chose them , so they have divine right. They were brought back after a brief Puritan Commonwealth between 1649 and 1660 , on the basis that they were just pampered figureheads. James II broke the rules because he wanted to bring back Catholicism, was defeated by good Ulster Protestants at the Battle of the Boyne. So a distant German relative and good Protestant was brought in from Saxe Coburg. He was happy to be a super Protestant Constitutional monarch, enjoying the privileges and pleasures of the job, agreeing to do nothing except being an emblem and psychological bulwark against Catholicism. That is where Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III came from. It is absurd to care what he and his class thinks. They will never tell you what they really think . My late father recalled an army friend who had been a sentry at Windsor when the Queen was a child. Her and her sister Margaret thought it funny running backwards and forwards to his sentry box to force his repeated salutes. ‘Give me the child until he is 7 and I will give you the man.’ Said the Jesuits. That is how the queen was brought up. The guards were just toys to the child Queen. Images of her mother, ‘Traitor King’ Uncle Edward and sister performing Nazi salutes have disappeared from the internet.

The Queen was brilliant at saying nothing beyond what her bland elite PR people told her to say. Her husband Phillip described himself as a top ‘plaque unveil-er ‘. The Queen was brilliant at cautious gloved hand waving and benign distant smiles. I saw her doing this in Edinburgh’s Princes Street in 1970. Going back to Holyrood House, gliding liding past in her magnificent custon Rolls Royce , she was wearing a diamond studded tiara, a stunning shimmering white satin dress and matching gloves. The woman in me could not help admiring her style and wishing I could be her and have her amazing wardrobe, jewels, limousines and grovelling subjects. I would have loved her life of service ( sic ). Being Charles does not seem so appealing. He is dull , posturing like his Kaiser Bill II close ancestor, loves military uniforms, is vain and a block on the concept of democracy.

Fallout from the Queen’s inevitable death exposes this country for what it is. If it appeals to Africans, so much that they cross land and dangerous waters to get here, then it tells me how awful Africa must be. Now the far right candidate has won the Italian election, a privileged white man Sky News reporter asserted that the new leader being a woman is far less important than what she stands for. Women at all levels are welcome so long as they stay on the elite’s deceptive agenda. Women are there to mesmerise , control , police and destroy men if necessary, on the mythical basis that they never lie.

Charles alone would have deserved problems , He is awkward, with a record of saying too much in a stiff condescending manner of his class, born of no real hard life experience beyond posturing in a selection of tailored military gold braided suits. His sons followed his examples, all getting free flying lessons at the tax payer’s expense , the Royal PR and BBC pushing the myth that they saw front line action. None of them did or faced the rigorous aircrew selection process I faced in the early 1970s in my misguided youthful years.

Charles will be saved by former lover and concubine Camilla. She has already jumped on the women’s rights and domestic abuse bandwagon. The facts of her brazen affair with the young Prince Charles and her advice that he should marry teenage distant relative to both of them, The Lady Princess Diana , which left the door open for both of them to cheat on their spouses continuing their sexual relationship. But that is British Royalty. Kind Edward VII’s wife was reckoned to have had 200 lovers , Prince Phillip and Princess Diana’s sexual dalliances were other well known examples of lewd behaviour. Royals are very sexual. Charles exiled Uncle Edward was arrested , along composer and impresario Noel Coward, in a nighttime London back street, both dressed and made up as women.

Prince Andrew is the latest to be exposed. Youthful Edward VIII , subject of a book called ‘The Traitor King’ and his older brother used to frequent the East End of London incognito , where Edward’s brother impregnated a pretty young whore. According to a long banned book of credible research, this brother who was Prince of Wales, became obsessed with this girl. He was half witted, then exiled and incarcerated on the Duke of Argyll’s Estate where he pursued his hobby of oil painting. As a reward , Argyll’s daughter was betrothed to King George VI who came to power when sex obsessed Edward VII abdicated rather than lose his satin and lace lingerie wearing lover, Mrs Simpson.

The nastiest part of this story was the only credible explanation for the surgical killings of young East End prostitutes who knew the impregnated Royal lover. Records revealed she was given a lobotomy at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington. Only one of her friends , Mary Kelly escaped the man known affectionately in folk lore as Jack the Ripper. Evidence that a Royal crested carriage was seen in the area of one murder, was suppressed, but suspicion pointed at the Royal surgeon.

One could go on and speculate on the mysterious death of Prince Charles’s estranged wife Diana. Diana was obviously pregnant by her Muslim millionaire lover. Official accounts of her death make no sense. The fact she was embalmed makes no more sense than the same Anglo – U.S clique insisting we could not see images of Bin Laden’s corpse because Muslims are always burred at sea. Moralising about Russian war crimes also makes no logical sense when you consider the fate of Julian Assange or refusal to prosecute the SAS soldiers known to have committed war crimes in the Middle East Oil wars. The Anglo U.S NATO elite make it up as they go along, taking the frightened down trodden masses for imbeciles.

So back to the following Tatler story. It is about the rich, their self interested lies about climate , migration and other key issues. In my view, the likes of King Charles III can be listened to as examples of the people who will say anything to placate the masses. They don’t have to say anything. It is what their class represents and does, things like shifty Charles with suitcase full of Saudi cash is but one example, that matters. If they weren’t fakes , they would not need all the clothes that me, as naïve young Roberta admired when she saw the Queen in Edinburgh. The Royal £5 million funeral exposed what those posh clothes and uniforms are about. They are about intimidation and keeping us admiringly in our place. They want mass immigration and overpopulation to cheapen labour. With that comes ever rising relative and absolute poverty. With that comes rising crime , more oppressive intrusive policing , propaganda , riots and fear of rebellion.

As in 1914 and 1939, there comes a time when elite leaders thoughts turn to culling us. That is what Ukraine is about. NATO broke the 2008 neutral zone agreement quite deliberately. Common people don’t matter. White masses are too educated. The blacks and Muslims must not be allowed beyond Islam and face up to the sort of inevitable environmental and over population disasters we currently see in Pakistan.

The absurd but dangerous King Charles and Camilla, like the moronic football religion and famous Aston Villa supporter Prince William are crucial to this new world order where Royalty will become ever more conspicuous. Half Spencer William’s mother’s family are just as ruthless as the Windsors who have a new lease of life. Harry Enfield’s satire ‘The Windsors was too close to the truth and probably already off Netflix. If not check it out and don’t laugh too loudly. Britain operates like a banana Republic came close to all out supporting the Nazis , as Hitler calculated. With the situations in Ukraine and Italy as they are, consequences may be extreme. Truss is facile and hubristic. Charles is there to delude. Like Charles II , he fears exile if the plebs revolt. Policing ever extending public spaces, including the internet , will intensify to keep women and children safe ( sic ).

Defining ages of Britain with Royal names is a brain training thing. Tatler wants us to see the nation through those misted lenses. Charles doesn’t need to much help to conjure up many tricks, but will not make this country a better place. Technology is not intended to benefit the masses. Under cover of the ridiculously named Carolean Age, with a government telling us ‘security’ is more important than not being able to pay bills and live decent lives, defines a very ugly ruling class attitude. I do not see matters getting better. If Russia turns off the gas there will be hell to pay. It is thus vital for the wealthy clique to pass ever extending new legislation because a girl sought assistance with suicide. Had she been older , she would have known all the options as I do , because I am seriously considering it.. The media has no interest in why this young girl killed herself, after all, she was one of the wonder gender and could be anything and anyone she liked ( sic ). Verdict , the Internet needs even more policing. I said at the outset, the state wanted the internet as ‘Disinformation a highway.’

Perhaps King Charles and Queen Camilla can help out. Then who knows, World War III is live ? Charles meanwhile offers a new world of love. Charles was as a love cheat , cuckolding his friend Major Parker Bowles. So the mind boggles. His gestures have been of little use. Windfarm profits go the monarchY and the Queen paid £12 million to save her arrogant sex offender son. This is a viLe corrupt country, where a privileged white Queen lingers in the mind as a reassuring symbol of a decent Britain that never existed. Our proper Charlie might at least offer comic relief and who knows what Queen Consort Camilla will do to help out. R J Cook

September 26th 2022

What can we expect from the new Carolean age?

Now the second Elizabethan age is behind us, what can we expect from the upcoming era of King Charles III?

By Annabel Sampson13 September 2022

Image may contain Charles Prince of Wales Human Person Hat Clothing Apparel Military Military Uniform and Officer

If the second Elizabethan era drew to a close on the 8 September, the second Carol or Carolean age began on Saturday 10 September with the accession of Charles III. Prior to that we – or more accurately our ancestors – have lived through Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian times to name but a few of the various ‘ages’ in England, branded by the sovereign at the time.

‘It’s inevitable that the period when Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne will be named after her,’ Sir Anthony Seldon, a constitutional expert, told Sky News. And through 15 passing prime ministers, Tories have governed for around twice as many years as Labour during the Elizabethan era and there’s been unprecedented technological advancement – from a brick-size phone to an Apple Watch. But what is in store for the second Carolean age, a period that is certain to be shorter than the previous reign?Advertisement

Image may contain Charles Prince of Wales Human Person Clothing Apparel and Prince William Duke of Cambridge

Most Popular

All the same, like his mother before him, who would gently plug a cause by virtue of her attendance (say Cop26) – these are the causes close to Prince Charles’s heart which we might see him quietly champion during his reign. Let’s take a look:

The Environment

A cause he’s been banging the drum about for a long time now – and one that at first had him labelled ‘dotty’ but time has only proved distressingly accurate. Forbes has called for him to make his mark as ‘the climate monarch’, a role which would also clearly differentiate him from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Although, saying that, in his first speech as king – he didn’t even acknowledge climate change.


September 25th 2022

War in Ukraine is a ‘gold rush’ for Western arms makers, experts say

Western arms manufacturers are racing to cash in on the billions of dollars of sales in a “gold rush” created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the likely increased militarisation of Europe that will follow, say industry experts.

Already, the US and other western nations are providing large sums to help Ukraine defend itself in the short term,

Comment Thus making it easier to make obscene profits off the backs of the dead. , in this NATO Anglo U.S Proxy war that the lower classes and absurd British merecnaries will pay for. Meanwhile Anglo U.S NATO is lining itself for Ukraine’s ( and Scandanavia ) ‘defence’ ( sic ) Ukraine in the long term -while vain comedian actor NATO placeman Zelensky sees his way forwaard to the high life as a key part of the E.U’s parasitical elite.

R.J Cook

Ukraine invasion is not the first conflict Western governments have used to showcase weapons to potential buyers, writes Andrew Buncombe

This article is more than 1 year old

£17bn of UK arms sold to rights’ abusers

This article is more than 1 year old

Weapons licensed for export to two-thirds of states on ‘not free’ register, including Libya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

A Challenger tank for sale at the DSEI Arms Fair in London, 2019

A Challenger tank for sale at the DSEI Arms Fair in London, 2019. Photograph: Amer Ghazzal/REX/ShutterstockMark Townsend, Home Affairs editor@townsendmarkSun 27 Jun 2021 06.30 BST

Two-thirds of countries classified as “not free” because of their dire record on human rights and civil liberties have received weapons licensed by the UK government over the past decade, new analysis reveals.

Between 2011-2020, the UK licensed £16.8bn of arms to countries criticised by Freedom House, a US government-funded human rights group.

Of the 53 countries castigated for a poor record on political and human rights on the group’s list, the UK sold arms and military equipment to 39.

Noteworthy recipients include Libya, which received £9.3m of assault rifles, military vehicle components and ammunition. Last week it was the focus of international peace talks to stabilise a country where armed groups and foreign powers compete for influence.

Further analysis by the London-based Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) found that £11.8bn of arms had been authorised by the UK government during the same period to the Foreign Office’s own list of “human rights priority countries”. Two-thirds of the countries – 21 out of 30 – on the UK government list of repressive regimes had received UK military equipment.

The Department for International Trade has also identified nine nations as “core markets” for arms exports that groups say are guilty of many human rights abuses, including Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Turkey.

The UK government has already admitted that a Saudi-led coalition has attacked Yemen using weapons made by British companies with the UK supplying more than half of combat aircraft used by the Middle East kingdom for its bombing raids.

“Right now, UK-made weapons are playing a devastating role in Yemen and around the world. The arms sales that are being pushed today could be used in atrocities and abuses for years to come,” said Andrew Smith of the CAAT.

Further arms deals are expected in the near future with many of the countries on the Freedom House list expected to send representatives to September’s international arms fair in east London.

“Wherever there is oppression and conflict there will always be arms companies trying to profit from it, and complicit governments helping them to do so,” said Smith.

“Many of these sales are going to despots, dictatorships and human rights abusing regimes. They haven’t happened by accident. None of these arms sales would have been possible without the direct support of Boris Johnson and his colleagues,” added Smith.

Russia was also among the beneficiaries of UK arms sales – in the last decade, it received £44m of UK arms including ammunition, sniper rifle components and gun silencers, analysis shows. Moscow last week claimed it had chased a British destroyer out of Crimean waters with warning shots and bombs.

The sales to Russia and Libya were, however, made before ongoing arms embargoes to both countries were introduced, a situation that critics say highlights the short-term thinking behind most arms sales.

The Department for International Trade has been contacted for comment

Elected by less than 0.2% of voters, British prime minister Liz Truss has a thin mandate for someone facing such a fat pile of problems: energy, inflation, strikes, the NHS, recession, climate. Heating and eating. These are urgent issues for Guardian readers. So every day, we will report on Truss and her team, vetting her administration for competence, fairness and judgement in these matters.

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Elected by less than 0.2% of voters, British prime minister Liz Truss has a thin mandate for someone facing such a fat pile of problems: energy, inflation, strikes, the NHS, recession, climate. Heating and eating. These are urgent issues for Guardian readers. So every day, we will report on Truss and her team, vetting her administration for competence, fairness and judgement in these matters.

Independent and unafraid of powerful people, the Guardian has an illustrious track record of scrutinising those in office. We have no shareholders and no billionaire owner, just the determination and passion to deliver significant, meaningful journalism, free from commercial or political influence. 

And we publish all this for free, for everyone to read. We do this because we believe in information equality. As a result, tens of millions read our work every month, turning to us in moments of crisis, uncertainty, solidarity and hope. 

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vTo sustain this model, we need people who can afford it to pay for it. So we can keep reporting. And everyone can keep reading the truth about our leaders, our communities, our world.

September 20th 2022

King Charles III’s people, from F.S in the Wild West.

Quote of the Day ‘I brought my mum’s ashes to see the queen.’

Spent much of Saturday night in Hereford A&E because of a family emergency.

At A&E there’s a fleet of old vans, cars and mobility scooters, parked at all angles right outside the front doors, and a milling group – a dozen to twenty strong – of traveller types, the sort who would do you a dodgy driveway because we’ve got a bit of tarmac left over. 

In the waiting room, taking pride of place, there’s Big Bob – a ravaged looking chap, with a head like a hairy potato, a large belly and a bad leg. He talks about his van a lot: there are extended eulogies to ‘smiley-face Transits’ and speeches about the pros and cons of cherry-pickers. Mrs Big Bob is at his side – also big, dyed black hair and a slightly alarming presence. It appears that Big Bob’s sister – the tribe’s matriarch – has been brought into hospital – and has just left intensive care. 

Surrounding Big Bob and his missus, there’s an ever-changing roster of nephews, their nephews’ blonde daughters, modelling heavy gold accessories and the best fake designer clothing and knock-off trainers Hereford market can offer, who float in every so often, speak in a dialect that the others appear to understand, cadge a smoke, then float out again, and their daughters’ children – too many to count, and the girls all sharing their mothers’ dress sense. Several youths come and go, completely silently. They sit for a while, gazing about, then get up and go, as if to a vital appointment: this usually involves the lavatory.  

One nephew is comparatively well spoken, belying his appearance – clean shaven, including his head, except for a grey chin beard about six inches long. It’s definitely a statement. The other nephew who’s with us most often is quite drunk and occasionally shouty. His name, as he proclaims, with vigour, is Henry Harry Smith – or Enry Arry, more correctly. His mother named him after her brother Enry, but wanted to call him Arry – so both names are on his birth certificate. However, Arry is referred to by all as Black Boy – or Big Black Boy (to differentiate him from his woman, who is known as Little Black Boy: I promise I’m not making this up). The name was given on his arrival in this world, when his mother regarded her new baby, and said ‘He looks like a Paki.’ 

About three-quarters of an hour is taken up with Big Bob recounting, in forensic detail, his trip from Stoke on Trent to Hereford. This took four days, with three nights sleeping in the back of his van, and cost him £200 in diesel. He got lost because he didn’t have a map, so he had to ask the way quite a lot. Sights included Spaghetti Junction, the M25 and the outskirts of London, the sea, motorways around Bristol, and the Severn Bridge, which he crossed en route for Cardiff. 

When Mrs Big Bob refers to Black Boy as ‘Nobby’, he explodes, for reasons that are unclear. Eventually he calms down – after quite a shouty episode. All A&E staff keep their distance. Both Mr and Mrs BB apologise to us later for the outburst, and explain, though explanation is unnecessary, that Black Boy has had a drink. They are decent people. 

Later in the evening, two police arrive, with a handcuffed chap between them: he’s been in a fight, during which he was knocked out. It’s difficult to tell whether his state is explained by drunkenness or head injury, but he’s under caution for some reason or other. He informs the police that he’s had no luck since he moved to Hereford and that he should have stayed in Bristol. Everyone is Hereford is a ‘country bumpkin weirdo’, apparently. 

As the police are sitting there, a girl arrives at the A&E door, walks in, observes the police, immediately turns on her heel and walks out, without breaking her stride. She doesn’t return. 

Also spotted during the evening: one of the fattest women I’ve ever seen. Proper freak show material. She is a nurse. 

With the Jubilee marking 70 years on the throne for the Queen, YouGov looks at the British public’s attitude to the monarchy: past, present and future

Queen Returns from her Coronation at Westminster Abbey 1953
Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. 1953
Britain is a militaristic country, verging on a banana republic. Emperors and tyrants came from all over the world in a psychological neo Imperialist Age where we are supposed to regard Russia as the evil outcast. So Truss has jetted off to the U.S to pledge £2.4 billion for more NATO War on Ukraine. Taxpayers will fund the required extra borrowing. She has said that security is more important than cheaper energy. The question is , whose security ? She said that a trade deal with the U.S is not important and not on the agenda. She also said that there should be no limit on banker’s bonuses and energy companies have a right to over £100 billion profits. She sees fracking as a solution to new energy supplies as NATO’s hypocritical resource and land grabbing war continues in UKraine. R J Cook
The propaganda that Britain is an egalitarian Democracy is absurd.

This week, the Queen will become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, after 70 years on the throne. Britons see the Queen in a very favourable light, and tend to be supportive of the institution of the monarchy in general: but what will the future look like for the royal family?

Should Britain continue to have a monarchy?

Six in 10 Britons (62%) think Britain should continue to have a monarchy in the future, with only 22% saying the country should move to having an elected head of state instead.  

More than eight in 10 (84%) Conservative voters and 77% of Britons aged 65 and older say the monarchy should continue, while just 9% and 13% respectively say we should have an elected head of state instead. Conversely, Labour voters are 48% in favour of a monarchy and 37% in favour of a head of state, and 18 to 24-year-olds are even more split: 33% favour a monarchy and 31% a head of state.

While the majority of Britons have consistently been in favour of continuing the monarchy, there has been a decline over the last decade, from a high of 75% in favour of a monarchy in July 2012, to 62% now.

While support amongst the general public remains generally high, young people have lost favour in a monarchical system over the last decade. In 2011, when YouGov first started tracking the issue, 59% of 18 to 24-year-olds thought the monarchy should continue in Britain, compared to just 33% today.

Is the institution of the monarchy good or bad for Britain?

A majority of Britons (56%) feel that the institution of the monarchy is good for Britain, although this percentage has also fallen since December 2012, when 73% of the public saw the monarchy as a good thing for the country.

Eight in 10 Conservative voters (80%) see the monarchy as being good for Britain, compared to 44% of Labour voters. Three-quarters of Britons aged 65 and older (74%) say the same, compared to just 24% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Will Britain still have a monarchy in 100 years’ time? Britons are split

Over the past decade, there has been a shift in opinion about what the monarchy will look like in the future.

Britons are now split on whether the country will still have a monarchy in 100 years’ time, with 39% saying the institution will still be around in a century, and 41% saying it will not. In 2011, when YouGov first started tracking the issue, two-thirds of Britons said they thought there would still be a monarch in 100 years’ time, while just 24% said there would not be one. As recently as 2015 – the last time this question was asked – Britons still had confidence in the longevity of the monarchy, with 62% expecting it to last another century.

Younger and older Britons alike have become less convinced that there will still be a monarch in 100 years’ time. In 2011, 67% of 18 to 24-year-olds thought there would definitely or probably still be a monarch in 100 years, compared to 39% today. Similarly, 57% of Britons aged 65 and older thought the monarchy would still be around in 100 years’ time in 2011, compared to just 33% today.

Today, those Britons who think that the country should remain a monarchy are more confident that Britain will still have a king or queen in 100 years: 52% say we will still have a monarchy, while 31% think we will not. Seven in 10 of those who believe we should move to having an elected head of state say we will not have a monarchy in 100 years (69%), while just 23% think we will.

The majority of Britons feel that the royal family is less important to the country now than in 1952

While Britons do think that the monarchy should continue, the public think the royal family is less important to the country now than it was when the Queen ascended the throne in 1952.

Today, 56% of Britons think the royal family has become less important over the Queen’s reign, while 11% think it is more important and 21% think there has been no change. In 2012, the results were almost identical – 53% said less important, 13% more important, 28% no change.

It appears, however, that the British public’s perception of the importance of the monarchy is affected by proximity to a Jubilee: in 2011, when YouGov first started tracking the issue, 71% saw the monarchy as being less important to Britain than they were in 1952.

Even those who feel that the monarchy should continue in Britain are agreed that the royal family play less of an important role today than they did 70 years ago (50%), while just 16% see them as more important and 27% think there has been no change. Eight in 10 (83%) of people who think the country should elect a head of state feel that the importance of the royals has diminished since 1952.

Are Britons still proud of the monarchy?

The years since the Diamond Jubilee have been rocky for the royal family. Britons have become more embarrassed of the monarchy over the last decade: one in six (18%) now say they are embarrassed of the Crown, compared to just 8% in 2012. Similarly, while close to half (47%) say they are proud of the monarchy today, this is a drop from 57% who said they were proud of the monarchy in 2012.

Seven in 10 Conservative voters (70%) say they are proud of the monarchy, while Labour voters are split: 34% say they are proud of the monarchy, 28% embarrassed, and 35% neither.

Similarly, six in 10 Britons aged 65 and older (61%) are proud of the Crown: that’s compared to just 23% of Britons aged 18-24 who say they are proud of the monarchy, 28% who are embarrassed and 30% who are neither proud nor embarrassed.

Is the royal family good value for money?

The royal family is funded by the ‘Sovereign Grant’ (formerly the ‘Civil List’), with the Queen normally receiving 15% of the Crown Estate profits and the rest going to the government. In 2020/21, the Crown Estate generated £269m in profit.

A majority of the public (55%) think that the royal family are good value for money, with 30% saying they are bad value for money. This figure has declined since the Diamond Jubilee, however, when close to two-thirds (64%) saw the royal family as being good value for money.

Conservative voters see the royal family as good value for money (75%), while Labour are split: 41% say they are good value, and 44% see them as bad value. Similarly, while 69% of Britons aged 65 and older see the royals as good value for money, just 34% of 18 to 24-year-olds feel the same, and 36% of younger Britons see them as not being good value for money.

Eight in 10 of those who think the monarchy should continue in Britain (80%) think the royal family are good value for money, with just 10% saying they are bad value. Conversely, just 13% of those who think the country should have a head of state think the royal family are good value for money, while 79% say they are bad value.

See full results here and historical results here

September 17th 2022

After the sympathy, British royals face something else: Scrutiny

Image without a caption

Analysis by Adam TaylorReporter September 14, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. EDT

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II sparked a wave of sympathy for the British royals. Tributes have come in from around the world, while the streets of London have been packed with mourners. Some queued up by the thousands to pay their respects across Britain. Polls show a surge in support for King Charles III, never the most popular British royal.

But amid all this, there are signs of something far more uncomfortable for the long-standing U.K. monarchy: Scrutiny.

In the days since the queen’s passing, there have been sometimes vicious debates about her family’s role in Britain’s bloody colonial history. The detail that Charles will not pay an inheritance tax on the assets passed down by the queen, an inheritance probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has raised new questions about the unusual and secretive financial arrangements of the family.

Comment Britain is a militaristic imperialist country built on the backs of ignorant multi ethnic masses. It is not and never has been a democracy. Britain’s Royal Family have a dubious history and are symbolic of everything that is wrong with Britain. It is interesting how they have plugged into the feminist cause, thanks to elite owned and elite staffed mainstream media. That elite led the Napoleonc wars, the wars against the Russian Revolution, two world wars and now another one. Officially there is no bad weather because that elite want the masses to keep turning up in London to mourn the Queen who, apparently, was responsible for everything good in the world, most notably Britain and its vile empire . Here the legacy more than lingers on thanks to their placemen – many of whom will be at the State Funeral to exemplify the establshments ant racist credentials. ‘Proud Irishman’ Joe Biden will be there too, riding in his £1.3 million bomb and rocket proof limousine.

R J Cook

September 14th 2022

British Police Routinely lie, conspire With CPS to fabricate and withhold evidence, truth, innocence and justice are no matter to them. It has been this way all through Saintly Service of Queen Elizabeth II & Nothing Will Change.



Dalian Atkinson’s family say five-year wait for trial was ‘unacceptable’

This article is more than 1 year old

Police officer Benjamin Monk convicted of manslaughter of former footballer during disturbance in 2016

Dalian Atkinson

Dalian Atkinson was shot with a stun gun for 33 seconds, then kicked twice in the head as he lay on the ground. Photograph: PAVikram Dodd Police and crime correspondentWed 23 Jun 2021 20.31 BSTFirst published on Wed 23 Jun 2021 11.48 BST

Dalian Atkinson’s family told of their relief and continuing pain after a five-year battle for justice saw a British police officer become the first in 35 years to be convicted of manslaughter while on duty.

PC Benjamin Monk used excessive force when he fired an electric stun gun into the former professional footballer for 33 seconds – six times longer than is standard – and kicked him twice in the head as he lay on the ground, a jury found.

Monk was called to attend a disturbance in Telford, Shropshire in August 2016, when Atkinson was suffering an acute mental health crisis. His behaviour was erratic and out of character, the trial heard.

At the end of a six-minute clash, Atkinson was kicked with such force that his blood was found in the laces of Monk’s police-issue boots, the trial heard. The West Mercia police officer was accused of lying in court about his account.

Legal restrictions meant details of the incident were not made public until the trial began in May, almost five years after Atkinson, 48, died. After the verdict, his family condemned Monk, saying they were “sickened” by the officer’s defence, and that he had meted out violence to a man who needed help.

Monk told the jury he had been terrified by Atkinson and had acted solely in self-defence, as he was entitled to do.

The jury disagreed, and afterwards the Atkinson family said: “On the night he died, Dalian was vulnerable and unwell and needed medical attention. He instead received violence, and died with PC Monk’s bootlace prints bruised on to his forehead.

“We have been sickened to hear PC Monk try to minimise the force he used on Dalian and exaggerate the threat he posed … We would like to thank the jury members for all their hard work and attention.”

The family condemned the delay in achieving justice: “The fact that this case has taken nearly five years to get to trial is completely unacceptable, especially when you consider that PC Monk’s identity was known to the prosecuting authorities from day one.”

The jury at Birmingham crown court reached its verdicts on Monk after nearly 19 hours of deliberation over six days. They first acquitted him of murder, but then unanimously convicted him of manslaughter.

The last successful prosecution of an on-duty police officer for manslaughter was in 1986 following the death of Henry Foley. The retired bus driver from Southport was beaten by Alwyn Sawyer of Merseyside police while in custody.

On Thursday the jury will resume to consider their verdicts on Monk’s co-accused, PC Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith, who denies actual bodily harm for striking Atkinson with a baton while he was on the ground.

PC Benjamin Monk

PC Benjamin Monk outside Birmingham crown court earlier this month. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA

Atkinson was pronounced dead 70 minutes after the incident on 15 August 2016.

The trial heard he suffered an acute mental health crisis on the day he was killed. He had gone to his childhood home in Meadow Close, Telford, which he had bought for his father, Ernest, with the money he made from being a Premiership star. Shortly after 1.30am, a neighbour called the police because Atkinson was causing a disturbance.

The stun gun used by Monk initially failed to stop Atkinson, who remained standing, the court heard. Monk told the jury that Atkinson said: “You can put 100,000 volts through me. I am the fucking messiah. Your Taser won’t work,” and added: “I’m going to take you to the gates of hell.”

After Monk fired the stun gun for 33 seconds, Atkinson fell to the floor. Explaining the kicks to the head, Monk claimed he believed the former footballer had still been moving and trying to get up. If he had done so, the officer said, he feared he would die.

Monk said the six-minute clash left him the most fearful he had ever been in his life and he had run away. The prosecution said Monk grew angry because he felt humiliated by Atkinson.Advertisement

Atkinson, a former striker for Aston Villa, had developed severe health problems, the court heard, including an enlarged heart, and required regular kidney dialysis.

In their statement, the Atkinson family said: “We are hugely relieved that the whole country now knows the truth about how Dalian died. While it has been hard for us not to be able to talk about the details of Dalian’s death, it has been even harder to sit through this trial and to hear PC Monk try to justify the force he used.”

They added: “Our sincere hope is that now that the truth about his death is known, and justice has been done, we can start to remember him not for the manner in which he died, but for the way in which he lived.”

In his legal directions to the jurors, trial judge Melbourne Inman QC said they could only convict Monk if they were “sure that Mr Monk used unlawful force against Mr Atkinson” and were “sure that unlawful force caused his death”.

The judge said the jury should acquit Monk of murder if they were “not sure that Mr Monk intended to kill Mr Atkinson or intended to cause him really serious injury”. The judge said they should convict the officer of manslaughter “if you are sure that that force was an act which any reasonable person would realise was bound to subject another human being to the risk of physical harm”.

Monk, 43, denied inventing or exaggerating his account and accepted the evidence from officers who rushed to the scene as reinforcements. They say they saw Monk with his foot on Atkinson’s head as he lay on the ground.

Monk also declined to challenge the evidence of a colleague who said that immediately after the incident the officer had said: “I had to kick him in the head.” Later, in interview, Monk said he had aimed for the shoulder.

Prosecutor Alexandra Healy QC said Monk made up the story about kicking Atkinson in the shoulder when faced with the forensic evidence. The prosecutor said: “I suggest, Mr Monk, you had kicked Mr Atkinson in the head, because that is what you had chosen to do, not once or twice …”

Monk replied: “I would not choose to kick Mr Atkinson in the head … There was no conscious decision of mine to kick Mr Atkinson in the head.”

Atkinson achieved fame with Aston Villa and also played for clubs in South Korea, Spain and Turkey. He retired from football in 2001.

Comment West Mercia Police and local Trinity Mirror Cronies have an impressive record for cover ups and misconduct in public office, as we saw with the Plebgate Report re write to get 3 lying officers off of misconduct charges, leaving them to go on to do more harm to the public. R J Cook

  1. 23 October 2013 at 3:29pm

MP ‘plebgate’ hearing: senior officers ‘disagreed’

Chief Inspector Jerry Reakes-Williams, who investigated whether Midlands police officers lied after a meeting with Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell, has told MPs he disagreed with his senior colleagues.

“I thought the three Police Federation men had a case to answer and didn’t agree when my superiors concluded otherwise.”

– Chief Inspector Jerry Reakes-Williams, Professional Standards, Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Last updated Wed 23 Oct 2013

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The police watchdog has announced it will reopen an investigation into three senior officers involved in the “plebgate row”. Inspector Ken MacKaill, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton and Sergeant Chris Jones had been told they would face no action for misconduct over press statements they made after a meeting with Andrew Mitchell, the Tory former chief whip who quit after an altercation with officers in Downing Street last year. However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has said it will hold its own investigation after finding “procedural irregularities” in the way an earlier probe was dealt with. Mr Jones and Mr Hinton have been also called to appear again before MPs on Tuesday, after being accused of giving “misleading” answers when they gave evidence to the home affairs select committee on October 23. The three officers are all members of the Police Federation, which represents police officers and has been at loggerheads with the government over reforms and budget cuts. The select committee said in a report published on Sunday that it found the three officers’ testimony “misleading, possibly deliberately so, and lacking in credibility”. It said it was recalling two of the officials to apologise and correct their testimony. “The narrative of what we have seen could rival any great work of fiction,” the committee’s chairman, Keith Vaz, said in a statement. “At every point and at every level, instead of being transparent, we have uncovered a process that obstructs the truth. If this can happen to a cabinet minister, what hope is there for anyone else?” The three men were originally told that they would face no disciplinary action after senior officers disagreed with Chief Inspector Jerry Reakes-Williams, who found they had a case to answer for misconduct. But IPCC deputy chairwoman, Deborah Glass, said that evidence given on October 23 revealed “irregularities between the production of the draft and final reports” on their conduct. “On August 12 2013, a final report was provided to the IPCC. It contained a single set of conclusions to the effect that no case to answer for misconduct was made out against any of the three officers under investigation. “However, it is clear from CI Reakes-Williams’s evidence to the home affairs select committee that this conclusion did not reflect his opinion. His opinion was (and remains) that a case to answer for misconduct was made out. “However, he mistakenly believed that his report should reflect the view of the appropriate authorities – the senior officers in each of the forces involved. “The appropriate authorities are the final decision-making bodies, and they are entitled to reach a different decision to the conclusions of the investigator. However, this is an entirely separate process. The procedure described above has conflated the two.” Mr Mitchell had called a meeting with the three men to apologise for his altercation with an officer who had prevented him leaving through the main Downing Street gate on his bicycle. But the Police Federation representatives spent most of it debating whether the former chief whip used the word “pleb” as an insult against the officer. When Mr Mitchell denied using the word, the officers said they would have to report the issue as the Downing Street officer may have lied in formal notes, something they said would be a common-law offence. However, when they emerged from the meeting they instead called Mr Mitchell’s integrity into question and demanded he should be sacked from his cabinet role. He quit days later.

Chris Kaba: What Happened And Why It’s So Important

No.10 are refusing to comment on the issue right now, citing the national mourning period for the Queen.By Kate Nicholson12/09/2022 12:25pm BST|Updated September 13, 2022

A protest for Chris Kaba, who was killed last week, took place over the weekend

Chris Kaba’s death last week has shaken people across the UK.

The 24-year-old man was shot dead by police in London last Monday night after the car he was driving was found to be connected to a firearms incident.

Kaba was due to become a father, and was a rapper known as Madix or Mad Itch with the drill group 67. A criminal investigation into his death is now under way, and hundreds marched calling for justice for the murdered man on Saturday – although the government are yet to comment.

After the incident, the Met’s Assistant Commissioner Amanda Pearson said she “absolutely understands that this shooting is a matter of grave concern, particularly for our Black communities”.

She added that firearms officers have a “difficult and often dangerous” job, claiming: “I don’t underestimate the impact on them of this development.”

Kaba’s mother, Helen Nkama, told the BBC last Wednesday: “My heart is broken. I am speechless.”

Chris Kaba's parents, Prosper Kaba and Helen Nkama seen during the demonstration demanding for justice for Chris Kaba on Saturday
Chris Kaba’s parents, Prosper Kaba and Helen Nkama seen during the demonstration demanding for justice for Chris Kaba on Saturday

His family said they “need answers” and “accountability” as they called for an official investigation into Kaba’s death.

They added: “We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.”

They also said that they want a charging decision in “weeks or a few months, not years” and the suspension of the firearms officer responsible, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Kaba’s relatives pointed out that action needed to be delivered on a “timescale that delivers justice to all concerned” to restore public confidence.

The family added: “We do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.”

Since this statement last week, it’s been confirmed that the incident is being looked into as a homicide by the IPOC.

As of Monday September 12, it was reported that the officer responsible for firing the fatal shot had been suspended from frontline duties.

They also said that they want a charging decision in “weeks or a few months, not years” and the suspension of the firearms officer responsible, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Kaba’s relatives pointed out that action needed to be delivered on a “timescale that delivers justice to all concerned” to restore public confidence.

The family added: “We do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.”

Since this statement last week, it’s been confirmed that the incident is being looked into as a homicide by the IPOC.

They also said that they want a charging decision in “weeks or a few months, not years” and the suspension of the firearms officer responsible, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Kaba’s relatives pointed out that action needed to be delivered on a “timescale that delivers justice to all concerned” to restore public confidence.

The family added: “We do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.”

Since this statement last week, it’s been confirmed that the incident is being looked into as a homicide by the IPOC.

As of Monday September 12, it was reported that the officer responsible for firing the fatal shot had been suspended from frontline duties.

As of Monday September 12, it was reported that the officer responsible for firing the fatal shot had been suspended from frontline duties.

“This decision has been reached following careful consideration of a number of factors, including the significant impact on public confidence, and in light of the Independent Office for Police Conduct announcing a homicide investigation,” Pearson said.

Meanwhile, No.10 is refusing to comment on the incident at all, due the current period of national mourning for the Queen.


Downing Street Refuses To Comment On Police Shooting During Period Of National Mourning

Labour MPs Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy along with rapper Stormzy were just three among the huge gathering of protesters who took to the streets on Saturday, calling for justice for Kaba.

The march began in Parliament Square and ended up outside Scotland Yard.

During a speech to the protesters, Stormzy said: “Everyone here today, I would encourage everyone to have stamina, and I know it’s a very difficult thing to say… But when these people do these things, they get away with it, because what happens is we do this once, we get tired, we tweet, we get tired, we do it for a week, we do it for two weeks, we do it for a month, and they know we get tired.

“What they’ve done is they’ve killed someone. We can’t sugarcoat it.”

Abbott addressed demonstrators too, and said: “I don’t know how I would feel if it was my own son killed in cold blood.

“[Chris] is not the only Black man gunned down by the Metropolitan Police.”

Protesters hold placards expressing their opinion during the rally on Saturday
Protesters hold placards expressing their opinion during the rally on Saturday

The march through central London saw demonstrators hold up signs with messages including, “Justice for Chris Kaba” and “Black Lives Matter”.

> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18which has seen them carry out significantly
more independent investigations into
serious and sensitive cases. This has
had an impact on the number of deaths
recorded in the category of ‘other deaths
following police contact that were subject
to an independent investigation’. As a
result, we have changed the approach
to how this category is presented in
this report.
4 In January 2018, we became the IOPC.
Before this, we were the Independent
Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).
Since 2013, we have doubled in size
and now take on six times as many
investigations. This led us to ask the Home
Office for structural changes to better suit
our much-expanded organisation. These
changes were formalised in the Policing
and Crime Act 2017. You can read more
about this process and changes here.
Changes and revisions
5 In 2010/11, a change was made to the
definition of the ‘other deaths following
police contact’ category. It now includes
only those deaths following police contact
that were investigated independently by the
IOPC, or previously by the IPCC. Further
information about this category can be
found in the guidance document. No other
changes have been made to the definitions
of the death categories.
6 In 2007, the IPCC issued an operational
advice note to forces to address
inconsistencies in the referral of ‘apparent
suicides following release from police
custody’. Forces were asked to refer any
suicides that happened within two days of
release from police custody, or apparent
suicides that happened more than two
days after release, but where there was a
possible link between the time the person
spent in custody and their death.
7 This report presents the most up-to-date
set of figures for each death category. In
this release, 11 fatalities have been added
to previous years’ figures. In the category
‘other deaths following police contact’,
one fatality has been added for the year
2015/16, and a further eight fatalities to
the 2016/17 figure. Two ‘apparent suicides
following police custody’ have been added
to the 2016/17 figure. These deaths were
either not subject to an independent
investigation or they had not been referred
to us when the previous report was
Methods and definitions
8 For more detailed definitions and for
information about how the death cases
are categorised and recorded, see the
guidance document. This document also
provides suggestions for further reading on
associated themes.
Policies and statements
9 A number of policies and statements are
produced in relation to this report. These
are available on the IOPC website. They
include information about:
> confidentiality and security of data
> statement of administrative sources
> revisions policies
> announcing changes to methods
> quality assurance
31> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18> pre-release access
> user engagement strategy
> pricing policy
Users, uses and engagement
10 Information about key users of the data
contained in this report, and how it has
been used, can be found in the user
engagement feedback document. This
also summarises feedback received on the
annual deaths report, the IOPC’s response,
and any impact this may have on the
information contained in the report or on
the data collection process.
11 This report provides data and information
about a highly sensitive topic area. It is
used to promote and inform debate and
discussion among police forces and other
stakeholders and interested parties. It
provides users with an opportunity to learn
from the cases that appear in the report
and identify, take action, and/or review
policy to help prevent such deaths from
happening again where possible.
12 Additional in-depth studies and learning
publications have been produced to
help learning.
13 Users of the statistics should be aware
that care needs to be taken when looking
at the time series of the data. There
may be discontinuities due to changes
in category definition and the varied
nature of the circumstances of the cases.
The small numbers involved also mean
readers should be cautious about drawing
conclusions from trend analysis as
variances can be large.
14 We make every effort to make sure that
all relevant deaths are included in this
report through an extensive validation
exercise with internal colleagues and police
forces. However, at times, a case may
come to light after the report has been
published. Read our revision policies for
information about how we manage routine
amendments and errors to published data.
While comparisons to other countries and
jurisdictions can be made, care needs
to be taken because the data is unlikely
to be directly comparable. This is due to
differences in death classifications or how
other details have been collated.
15 The user engagement strategy is found in
section eight of the policies and statements
Further information
16 On 23 July 2015 the then Home Secretary,
the Rt Hon Theresa May MP announced
a major review into deaths and serious
incidents in police custody. Dame Elish
Angiolini DBE QC was appointed to lead
the review and examine ‘the procedures
and processes surrounding deaths and
serious incidents in police custody,
including the lead up to such incidents, the
immediate aftermath, and through to the
conclusion of official investigations’.
The independent review was published
on 30 October 2017 and contained 110
recommendations spanning policing,
criminal justice and healthcare sectors.
The investigation of deaths and serious
injuries following contact with the police
32> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18is one of the IOPC’s most important
functions. For that reason, we welcomed
the independent review and published our
response on the same day, which can be
read on our website. The findings from
the review are being used to inform the
organisation’s operational improvement
work. We are also supporting the work of
the Home Office and the Ministerial Board
on Deaths in Custody, which has been
given responsibility for taking forward the
Government’s response to the review.
17 In the findings of the independent review
Dame Elish Angiolini recommended that
the Government adopt the IOPC’s draft
guidance on ‘achieving best evidence in
death or serious injury investigations’. If
approved, it will be published on a
statutory footing.
18 In March 2017, we held a family listening
day. Working with the charity INQUEST,
which provides support to families who
have been bereaved following contact
with the police, the event gave families
the opportunity to feed back on their
experiences of the IPCC investigation
We listened carefully to what families had
to say and as a result we made a number
of changes to the way we work. The family
listening day report was published earlier
this year and can be found on INQUEST’s
19 In 2014 we reviewed the way in which we
investigate deaths. This reinforced the
principle that engaging with communities
and the wider public during an investigation
has important implications for confidence,
both in our investigations and in the police
complaints system as a whole. In response
to this, we developed and agreed an interim
approach to community and stakeholder
engagement during critical investigations.
In 2017/18, we provided engagement support
to 13 investigations. The purpose of this work
was to:
> increase community and stakeholder
confidence in the organisation’s work
> improve public and stakeholder
understanding of the IOPC’s role and remit
> contribute to the handling of local
community tensions, or concerns when
these are related to incidents requiring
independent investigation, or to the wider
police complaints system
20 The IOPC has a formal agreement, known
as a concordat, with Her Majesty’s
Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire
and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) and the
College of Policing. This sets out how these
organisations intend to work together to
promote best practice. Examples of where
the IOPC is working with HMICFRS and
the College of Policing to raise standards
are: sharing information with Her Majesty’s
Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) to support
HMIP/HMICFRS joint inspections of
custody facilities. These inspections
consider, among other things, the progress
the force has made in implementing
IOPC recommendations relevant to police
custody. We also worked with the College
of Policing on its revision of Authorised
Professional Practice (APP) on mental
health. The revised guidance was published
in August 2016.
33> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/1821 In August 2017 the IOPC, then the IPCC,
wrote to the College of Policing and the
National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC)
following a number of deaths involving
individuals suspected of swallowing
or attempting to swallow packages.
We highlighted that there was some
inconsistency in the guidance on whether
force should ever be used to deal with
someone who may have something in
their mouth. The NPCC are currently
reviewing their guidance in this area. The
Metropolitan Police Service additionally
has since suspended the practice of using
force to carry out mouth searches. We
have also issued a number of repeated
recommendations in recent years, stating
that forces must treat such circumstances
as a medical emergency.
22 In September 2017, the Home Office
announced their review of the law,
guidance and practice surrounding police
pursuits and emergency response drives.
The IOPC welcomed the review and
submitted evidence in relation to its work.
We will be responding to the proposals
for change set out in the consultation
published in May 2018.
23 The Policing and Crime Act amended
sections 135 and 136 of the Mental
Health Act. These came into effect on 11
December 2017. Owing to the changes, it
is now unlawful to use a police station as
a place of safety for anyone under the age
of 18 in any circumstances. Other changes
include; restricting the use of police cells
for adults to very specific circumstances,
such as when there is an imminent risk
of injury or death; and decreasing the
maximum detention time from 72 to 24
hours. Additionally, section 136 powers
may now be exercised anywhere other
than in a private dwelling. For guidance on
the changes please visit the Home Office
24 In March of this year, the IOPC published
the 32nd edition of Learning the Lessons,
which has specific learning relevant to the
issues that arise in custody and detention.
It also covers areas relevant to mental
health and personal safety.
25 Significant changes are due to be made
to the police complaints and disciplinary
systems. These will impact on the work of
the IOPC and the organisation itself. These
changes were given effect by the Policing
and Crime Act 2017.
26 All annual reports on deaths in or following
police contact can be found on our
27 Electronic versions of the tables in the
report are available on our website. In
addition, time series tables are available.
These look at the ethnicity, age, and gender
of the people who have died, and the
forces involved. The time series tables are
arranged by the category of death, from
2004/05 up to the current reporting year.
28 In addition to the annual reports on deaths,
the IOPC also periodically produces
research studies that examine in more
detail some of the issues associated with
these cases. To read these related studies
please visit the research and information
pages on our website.
34> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/1829 Following a recommendation by the
National Statistician in 2012, this annual
report was assessed by the UK Statistics
Authority and granted National Statistics
30 If you have any questions or comments
about the annual death reports, please
email the IOPC research team at
31 Estimated publication date for 2018/19
report: July 2019.
35Appendix A:
additional tables
> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18
Table A1 Incidents by type of death and financial year, 2007/08 to 2017/18
Category 07/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18
Road traffic
incidents 18 33 26 24 19 23 11 13 20 28 27
Fatal shootings 4 3 2 2 2 0 0 1 3 6 2
Deaths in or
following police
22 15 17 21 15 15 11 18 14 14 23
Apparent suicides
following custody 45^ 56 54 46 39 65 70 71 60 57~ 57
Other deaths
following police
30 33 37 49* 37 20 41 43 102**~ 129~ 164
^ Operational advice note issued in 2007 on the referral of these deaths.
* Change in definition of ‘other deaths following contact’ in 2010/11 to include only cases subject to an independent
** Expansion of IOPC investigative resource and capacity to conduct more independent investigations into serious
and sensitive matters – this has a direct impact on the number of other contact deaths that are reported.
~ This table presents the most up-to-date set of figures for these categories; any additions to previously published
data are indicated.
36> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18Table A2 Type of death by gender, 2017/18
Road traffic
Deaths in or
following police
Apparent suicides
following custody
Other deaths
following police
Male 20 4 21 55 112
Female 9 0 2 2 58
Total fatalities 29 4 23 57 170
* This category includes only cases subject to an independent investigation.
Table A3 Type of death by age group, 2017/18
Age group
Road traffic
Deaths in or
following police
suicides following
Other deaths
following police
Under 18 2 0 0 0 7
18 – 20 1 0 0 3 9
21 – 30 9 4 5 10 36
31 – 40 3 0 6 16 27
41 – 50 3 0 7 19 39
51 – 60 1 0 3 6 34
61 and over 10 0 2 3 18
Total fatalities 29 4 23 57 170
* This category includes only cases subject to an independent investigation.
37> Deaths during or following police contact: Statistics for England and Wales 2017/18Table A4 Type of death by ethnicity, 2017/18
Ethnicity group
Road traffic
Deaths in or
following police
Apparent suicides
following custody
Other deaths
following police
White 25 1 16 47 148
Black 1 0 6 6 4
Asian^ 3 2 0 3 8
Mixed 0 1 0 1 2
Other 0 0 1 0 1
Not known 0 0 0 0 7
Total fatalities 29 4 23 57 170
* This category includes only cases subject to an independent investigation.
^ Following changes to ethnicity classification by the Office for National Statistics, since 2015/16 the Asian ethnic group now includes
Chinese. This was previously recorded under the ‘Other’ ethnic group.
38Table A5 Type of death by appropriate authority, 2017/18
Appropriate authority Road traffic incident Fatal shootings
Deaths in or following
police custody
Apparent suicides
following custody
Other deaths following
police contact*
Avon and Somerset 0 1 0 0 0
Bedfordshire 0 0 0 2 3
Cambridgeshire 0 0 0 2 1
Cheshire 1 0 1 2 3
City of London 0 0^ 0 0 0
Cleveland 0 0 0 2 2
Cumbria 0 0 0 0 1
Derbyshire 3 0 1 0 1
Devon and Cornwall 0 0 1 1 9
Dorset 0 0 0 0 5
Durham 0 0 0 2 3
Dyfed-Powys 0 0 0 1 1
Essex 0 0 1 1 7
Gloucestershire 0 0 0 1 3
Greater Manchester 0 0 1 0 19
Gwent 0 0 0 0 1
Hampshire 0 0 1 3 1
Hertfordshire 0 0 1 3 3
Humberside 0 0 0 0 3
Kent 1 0 1 1 6
Lancashire 4 0 0 0 3
Leicestershire 0 0 0 1 2
Lincolnshire 0 0 0 0 1
Merseyside 2 0 1 1 6
Metropolitan 5 3^ 4 6 12
Norfolk 1 0 0 0 2
North Wales 0 0 0 1 2
North Yorkshire 0 0 1 2 2
Northamptonshire 0 0 0 0 3
Northumbria 0 0 0 1 3
Nottinghamshire 0 0 3 3 1
South Wales 1 0 0 3 5
South Yorkshire 1 0 0 2 2
Staffordshire 0 0 0 1 4
Suffolk 0 0 0 0 0
Surrey 0 0 0 1 1
Sussex 2 0 1 3 5
Thames Valley 3 0 2 3 3
Warwickshire 0 0 1 0 2
West Mercia 0 0 0 1 3
West Midlands 2 0 1 3 18
West Yorkshire 3 0 1 2 10
Wiltshire 0 0 0 0 2
Lancashire and Merseyside 0 0 0 0 1
Leicestershire and Derbyshire 0 0 0 0 1
West Midlands and Warwickshire 0 0 0 0 1
Humberside and Lincolnshire 0 0 0 0 1
West Mercia and Staffordshire 0 0 0 0 1
British Transport 0 0 0 1 1
Home Office~ 0 0 0 0 0
HMRC 0 0 0 0 0
Ministry of Defence 0 0 0 0 0
National Crime Agency 0 0 0 1 0
Total fatalities 29 4 23 57 170
* This category includes only cases subject to an independent investigation.
~ This includes UKBF, UKIE and UKVI.
^ Officers from City of London and Metropolitan Police, were involved in one incident that resulted in three fatalities.

Independent Office for Police Conduct
10 South Colonnade
Canary Wharf
E14 4PU
Tel: 030 0020 0096
Email: enquiries@policeconduct.gov.uk
Website: www.policeconduct.gov.uk
July 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9573365-9-9

Prince Andrew heckled by someone shouting ‘you’re a sick old man’ at procession

Joe Roberts

Prince Andrew was heckled as he joined his brother King Charles in a procession behind their mother’s coffin.

The disgraced Duke of York, who stepped back from his royal duties amid outrage at his relationship with paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, followed the hearse carrying the Queen’s casket as it slowly moved down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

‘Andrew, you’re a sick old man,’ someone in the dense crowd of people shouted as the duke walked by.

Footage posted on social media appears to show outraged mourners pushing the protester into the hands of the police.

The officers tackled him to the ground before dragging him away from the metal barriers.

Andrew has made few public appearances since settling a sex abuse case in New York, but he will be present at events throughout the period of national mourning.

He has been barred from wearing his military uniform for the historic procession and service at St Giles’ Cathedral, honouring the Queen’s life and her connection to Scotland.

Britain's King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, follow the hearse carrying the coffin of Britain's Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain September 12, 2022. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis
Prince Andrew appeared stony-faced moments after the heckling (Picture: Reuters)

The duke instead wore a black suit for the sombre occasion but he was permitted to wear medals from his time in the Royal Navy.

Princess Anne and the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, joined Andrew and Charles on foot in full military garb.

Police Scotland has since confirmed a 22-year-old man was arrested ‘in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile’.

Britain's King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, follow the hearse carrying the coffin of Britain's Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain September 12, 2022. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis
Prince Andrew wore a black suit for the procession (Picture: Reuters)
Prince Andrew joins King Charles walking behind Queen’s coffin
Prince Andrew, dressed in a black suit, was the only child of the Queen not wearing military uniform for the historic procession (Picture: BBC)

Family of London man shot dead by police demand homicide inquiry

No gun linked to Chris Kaba found at scene of his death as family say watchdog investigation being mishandledChris Kaba: family demand homicide inquiry into fatal London police shooting – videoVikram Dodd Police and crime correspondentWed 7 Sep 2022 22.45 BSTFirst published on Wed 7 Sep 2022 20.19 BST

The family of a man shot dead by police have called for a homicide investigation as it was revealed that a search of the scene had found no gun linked to the 24-year-old.

The family of Chris Kaba called for “answers and accountability” from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), which is investigating the shooting on Monday night in Streatham, south London, amid claims that the watchdog’s investigation is being mishandled.

Kaba was driving a car which was first rammed before being boxed in by police. He was killed by a single shot that entered through the driver’s side of the windscreen of the Audi.

The IOPC said the car Kaba was in had triggered an intelligence system indicating it was linked to a firearms incident days earlier, which led police to chase and then force the vehicle to stop.

A detailed search has been completed and “no non-police issue firearm has been recovered from the vehicle or the scene”, the IOPC said on Wednesday night.

The Guardian understands that the Met is monitoring community tensions in the area, and that IOPC investigators do not believe there is any indication of wrongdoing by the officers involved – who are being treated as witnesses.

In its statement, the IOPC gave new details about the lead-up to the shooting: “Police officers in an armed response vehicle attempted to stop the vehicle Mr Kaba was in, after the activation of an automatic number plate recognition camera which indicated the vehicle was linked to a firearms incident in the previous days.”

Police tape in street

Police cordon at the scene in Streatham, south London. Photograph: Andrew Quinn/PA

In a statement, Kaba’s family demanded that officers should be placed under criminal investigation by the IOPC: “The family of Chris Kaba seek a homicide investigation into his death from the outset.Advertisement

“We have today told the IOPC of that demand and that we do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.

We are devastated; we need answers and we need accountability. We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.”

Deborah Coles, the executive director of Inquest, said a criminal inquiry was needed: “It is essential that fatal use of force by police is examined with this high level of scrutiny.”

Police officers need to have a reasonable and honest belief that their or others’ lives are in danger before they open fire. The force they use must be proportionate, and they do not need to be right about the threat they perceive.

The IOPC is investigating who the car belonged to and what officers knew about its ownership and possible occupant at the time. Kaba’s family, and the officers involved, face a wait for the results of the investigation and then an inquest into the death.

The shooting happened in an area of London where trust in the Met has plummeted, and there was anger and concern at the shooting on Wednesday, as well as sadness at Kaba’s death.

The IOPC’s regional director, Sal Naseem, said: “We recognise that there is community concern following this incident … We are working hard to piece together all of the circumstances and we want to reassure the community that these questions will be answered in due course.

“While we have already undertaken some door-to-door inquiries in the neighbourhood, there is likely to be members of the public we are yet to speak to which may have information that could assist our investigation.”

On Wednesday, family and friends paid tribute to the “kind” and “happy” 24-year-old. Kim Alleyne, 49, whose daughter Karimah Waite was engaged to Kaba, said: “He was so loved. He was so funny. He was super-kind. Crazy. He was always happy. He would do anything for you.”

She added: “He was a fiance, he was due to get married in five months’ time. He’s got a baby on the way that he’s never going to see. It’s horrible and so shocking and so sad.”

Jefferson Bosela, 27, Kaba’s cousin, said: “He was a good person, a good, happy guy. He didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that. Nobody deserves to be shot by the police, whether they are a good person or a bad person.”

Once the IOPC starts an investigation, the force being investigated is limited in what it can say.

The Met’s commander, Alexis Boon, expressed sympathy to Kaba’s family for thedevastating and lasting impact this tragic incident will have on them”. He added: “I understand that this incident is extremely concerning and I would like to reassure the community that the Met is cooperating fully with the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

“I also recognise that the family and community want answers about what happened. I know the IOPC investigators are working hard to establish the facts, but also need some time and space to be able to progress their inquiries.”

Comment I know from terrifying and devastating experience that corrupt U.K Police breach legal requirements regarding PNC Criminal Vehicle Markers, going out of their way to create vile back stories, closing ranks to protect themselves and ruin lives. The U.K Police are an unaccountable vested interest, which is how the poiliticians need and want them to be. It is patronising and offensive to call the IOPC independent. However, violent gang crime involving people of colour, appears to be an increasingly serious issue in London with causes and roots sensitive and too frequently off limits for discussion.

Having been the recipient of a malicious PNC Criminal Vehicle Marker, thus the subject of countless police pursuits, I know the terror all too well. In this context, the following IOPC statement is seriously alarming and truly definitive of our police state. The monarchy is crucial to the smokescreen and everyday injustices of life in corrupt U.K. The female police officer subject to re trial for the unlawful killing of black former Premier League footballer, Dalian Atkinson, is falling back on her perceptions of danger on the night of the hideous police killing for which the lead officer has already been jailed after 5 years of police cover up and media censorship.

Police officers need to have a reasonable and honest belief that their or others’ lives are in danger before they open fire. The force they use must be proportionate, and they do not need to be right about the threat they perceive – Deborah Coles, the executive director of Inquest,.

Britain’s ruling elite and their underlings are the last people to lecture the world on democracy or Human Rights. Blaming white lower class people for slavery is grotesque, when our ancestors were no more than slaves and canon fodder. This country is a dangerous sham where 90% of the population live on 10 % of the land – while 10 % own the 90%. An hereditary head of state is definitive of a very sophisticated dictatorship over obsequious masses Here speech, spoken or written, is increasingly and dangerously censored.

R.J Cook

A vile testament to institutional police corruptin in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The masses do not want to know. The corruption goes on. It is in the elitist system DNA.

September 13th 2022

From F.S In The West.


The Met Office has announced it will publish fewer weather forecasts and warnings, ‘as a mark of respect during this time of national mourning’.

You couldn’t make it up…

And more: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/b-52-bomber-raf-fairford-7580266

Interestingly enough, in the last 5 minutes the plane’s been deleted from the flight radar website – and also its morning’s activities. It’s as if it never was. The sky is now quiet. If it had crashed I think I’d have heard the bang.

Queen Elizabeth’s death reignites debate over Scotland independence

The symbolism of Queen Elizabeth’s last journey is heavy for Scotland – a nation with deep royal links There is also a strong independence movement intent on severing the centuries-old union with the United Kingdom

Agence France-Presse

Agence France-Presse + FOLLOW

Published: 12:29pm, 12 Sep, 2022

Updated: 12:29pm, 12 Sep, 2022Why you can trust SCMP 77 Post

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin travels through Scotland on ‘last great journey’


Queen Elizabeth’s coffin travels through Scotland on ‘last great journey’

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin travels through Scotland on ‘last great journey’

Queen Elizabeth’s death in Scotland indelibly associates the nation with the handover to a new monarch, but her passing also reignites the debate over Scottish independence from the UK.

Thousands of people stood for hours on Sunday to see the 96-year-old’s coffin arrive from her Balmoral estate to Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse, and the formal proclamation of Charles as king.

But there is a strong vein of republicanism in Scotland, and a few heckles could be heard amid the crowds massed along the Royal Mile.

One 22-year-old woman was detained for a breach of the peace for holding a placard with an obscene antimonarchy slogan just before the proclamation, while there was also some booing.

For some in the crowd, Elizabeth – and her son King Charles – represent the strength of the United Kingdom of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

She was “one of the things that held (the UK) together”, noted Archie Nicol, 67, who had earlier paid his respects at the royal Balmoral estate where the queen died Thursday.

Yet many others who expressed their admiration for the late monarch saw it as separate from their desire to be an independent nation.

“The queen clearly had a respect for Scotland,” said Nicola Sandilands, 46, a primary teacher.

Foreign leaders asked to catch bus to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral 12 Sep 2022

“The royal family is as much Scottish as they are anything else,” she said, while urging them to become “more relevant and current”.

However, she acknowledged that the monarch’s death “will maybe make it easier to become a republic”. Every Friday A weekly newsletter dedicated to celebrating women in Asia and sharing stories that matter to all of us By registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy

“Some Scots will consider this end of an era a natural moment for a fresh start,” Scottish journalist Alex Massie wrote in The Times.

The governing Scottish National Party (SNP), which wants another independence referendum following the 2014 “no” vote, is not calling for a republic.

A flag in support of Scottish independence in Edinburgh on Sunday. Photo: Reuters

A flag in support of Scottish independence in Edinburgh on Sunday. Photo: Reuters

Its founder Alex Salmond coined the term “Queen of Scots” and built close ties with Charles.

And SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was quick to express her “deepest condolences” when the queen died, praising her “extraordinary dedication and service”.

But the transition to another monarch based in England – albeit one educated at a Scottish boarding school, with several Scottish residences and a penchant for kilts – risks fraying ties.

‘I cannot mourn’: former British colonies conflicted over the queen 11 Sep 2022

“The Union is probably in more jeopardy now she is gone,” noted veteran journalist Andrew Neil in the Daily Mail newspaper.

“King Charles will love Scotland just as much as the queen. But he simply doesn’t have her authority.”

A poll by the British Future think tank in June suggested that 45 per cent of Scots supported the monarchy while 36 per cent wanted a republic.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth, draped with the Royal Standard of Scotland, completes its journey from Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where it will lie in rest for a day, in Edinburgh. Photo: AP

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth, draped with the Royal Standard of Scotland, completes its journey from Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where it will lie in rest for a day, in Edinburgh. Photo: AP

Meanwhile 51 per cent wanted to stay as part of the United Kingdom.

Before becoming king, Charles was known for speaking out on a range of issues, including climate change – a stance praised by Scotland’s Daily Record tabloid, which urged him to make the environment his “defining mission” as king.

But as constitutional monarch, he will have to steer clear of anything remotely political, particularly independence.

“The passing of the Crown is a moment of frailty, perhaps even fragility,” Adam Tomkins, a constitutional lawyer and professor at the University of Glasgow, noted in The Herald newspaper.

The “burning question”, he said, was whether Charles could “emulate his mother in maintaining the discretion by which the monarchy stands or falls”.

King Charles begins reign as Britons mourn Queen Elizabeth 9 Sep 2022

Queen Elizabeth never spoke out about independence, although before the 2014 referendum, she told a member of the public she hoped Scots would “think very carefully about the future”.

Then-prime minister David Cameron was caught saying that she “purred down the phone” when he reported victory for the anti-independence campaign – an indiscretion for which he subsequently apologised.

Charles will have his first audience with Sturgeon on Monday when he returns to Scotland to lead a procession of his mother’s coffin to St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, and then hold a vigil.

On Tuesday, her coffin will be flown to London for four days of lying-in-state ahead of the funeral on September 19.

Charles will also visit Northern Ireland and then Wales, completing his tour of all four nations in the UK.

Back in Edinburgh, Theresa Brown, a 51-year-old receptionist, said she was happy for him to stay Scotland’s king.

“It’s mainly from Westminster I want independence. I don’t mind the royal family,” she said.



Royalty |

Queen Elizabeth |

King Charles

Read more Foreign leaders asked to catch bus to Queen Elizabeth’s funeralRead more Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrives in Edinburgh on final journeyRead more ‘I cannot mourn’: former British colonies conflicted over the queenRead more Queen’s state funeral set for September 19; heavy security planned

Comment According to U.K Police, the NHS and the PNC, i am a violent bi polar paranoid schizophrenic. I am not allowed to know how they came to this conclusion because I am delusional with a long history of alcohol abuse and delusion – according to records that would upset me if I saw them.

Therefore it is interesting that , at the same time, while these records are kept secret, medical opinion concluded me to be a transsexual with ‘a strong female identity.’ This is a very nasty country where the authorities look after themselves, making it up as they go along.

Over the last few days, I spent many hours reading some nasty books about the Queen’s comfy little Britain, including officiual sex abuse of young women, labelling them insane and despicable police lies about Hillsborough drunks causing their own deaths while saintly police fought to save them.

The Queen has spent 70 years sitting opn top of and aologising for the U.K dung heap., a Police State that hung innocent people until wind of police lies and corruption brought an even worse punishment for innocent people, the Life Sentence, so much worse than death.

It seems that with a a rich man’s media, nothing can shake faith in exceptional U.K. King Charles III has taken over for a new age of loving the people, and leveling up ( sic ). Phil Scraton’s account of Hillsborough contains interesting references to arrogant Oxford and Old Etonian disgraced liar P.M Boris Johnson referring to Liverpool as ‘self pity city.’ He references his then boss Michael Howard ordering him to apologise as ‘Operation Scouse Grovel.’ This is the reality of monarchic United Kingdom, united by its wealthy elite, lying media and police state lackeys.

As a teacher and college lecturer, I have taught many subjects, including political history at Aylesbury College of Further Education where I was student of firebrand young Welsh lecturer John Skinner, I have taught many subjects due to exceptional experience and qualifications. John Skinner dispelled my dyed in the wool slavish Royalism. Such inspiring teachers would never qualify these days, but he nominated me for the course prize in 1968. I chose‘The Struggle For Mastery in Europe’ by the great and now disgarced A.J.P Taylor – who I had the privilege to meet with at the college..

History has been rewritten for a new black and white age. The truth of U.K Royal history, the dynamics and profiteers of empire are written out. It is all about nasty white men emslaving blacks and women. These vile untruths can only cause more misery.

Henry Tudor became Henry VII after directing battle from way behind the lines at Bosworth Field, where he benefitted from the Earl Of Warwick’s treachorous behaviour. Cowardly Henry, a Welsh Prince took the throne from much maligned Richard III establishing a vile and brutal line that wed them to the Scottish Stuarts, the latter never really embracing Henry’s son , wife killer and liar Henry VIII’S expedient invention of the Anglican Chuirch which created limited freedom, a Civil War and the Industrial Revolution. His daughter’s showed the same penchant for murder, Queen Mary burning Catholics alive at Smithfield and Elizabeth having her rival cosuin Mary Queen of Scots beheaded – by an incompetent axeman who took 3 strikes before leaving her body quivering on the blood stained floor of Fotheringay Castle..

The religious and consequent industrial ‘ agrarain revolutuion forced the masses off the land and into industrial and coal mining slavery, along with forced service into the master class’s wars for which comfortable white liberals blame their descendants.

When Oliver Cromwell died in 1660, the Parliamentarians had no better idea than to restore the Stuarts who eventually married into minor German Royalty in an age when Germany was just a collection of divided states. When James II made a stand to restore Catholicism, he was driven out at the Batttle of the Boyne in Northern Ireland – the age of sectarian luncacy was born.

In desperation, to ward off a Catholic revival led by ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ Stuart whose French supporters never arrived, the currnt Queen’s Germanic and Stuart distantly related ancestors came to Britain, its throne and privileges, on condition that they did exactly as they were told.

The German family name Saxe Coburg Goethe was dropped during World War One. This was in case the masses condemned to mechanised slaughter, like insects, by shells, machine gun or flame throwers, realised that the same Germanic princelings ruled Russia and Germany, in bred incompetent idiots and all first cousins, with Aunt Victoria of Tsar and Kaiser, as well as mother of the obese pleasure bent ‘Tum Tum’ Edward VII . The latter’s wife had 200 lovers. King Charles and his late wife did quite well too, a Royal tradition for these wonderful dedicated public serbants. On these matters we must never forget the British Royal ancestor, the last Tsarina and Rampant Rasputin ( his equipment was legendry as being like a steely straight hard rifle, ever erect for her Royal needs and service ) her lover while the Tsar was away losing the war for Russia, 1914-17.

The resulting Russian Revolution of 1917 terrified Europe and ultimately the U.S rich elite. So Britain ararnged to assassinate Lenin in 1918, fearing an uprising when their loyal warrors realsied they had been duped., opening the door for Stalin’s tyranny and the ongoing discrediting of Russia’s Communism, which is extant now in Ukraine.

The Western elite had no issue with Yeltsin’s oligarchs, until Putin decided that enough was enough. Years of plundnering the old Soviet Union, Middle East and Africa was and still is destroying the planet. But it is Putin who takes blame for reliving the old Cold War era, when in fact the Anglo -U.S elite never let it go. R J Cook

Paranoid Bi Polar Delusional Personality Disordered Schizophrenic
Miss Roberta Jane Cook – September 2022.

September 11th 2022

Cruel Brittania Brittania Rules The Graves – You Know It Makes Sense Sense.

Baby please stop lying, you hubristic vain arrogant incompetent cheat who lied about everything, especially Brexit, compounding it all with lies about your NATO proxy war on Ukraine, with all of the western backed human rights abuses in Donbas, along with Assange and SAS war crime cover ups. You represent a vile disgusting privileged class of people. There are too many questions you will not answer in U.K Corrupt Fake Democracy. Levelling down is the most cretinous thing I have heard from you patronising people and ‘strong independent media’ so far. The Queen is dead, but hey, all hail the new feminist PM who wants to give more weapons too Sainlly Ukraine, land of freedom fighters ( sic )..
Oxford Rules, so very British.
Britain is the land where scum floats and rules.
All you need to know about Britain’s police state land of bread and circuses Britain leads the world in conning women into the mindless idiocy of following football. It says it all that Chav women are being encouraged to aspire to this low level money grabbing world of idiocy and moronic behaviour. Football is balls..
This revealing page exposes incestuous link between U.K’s string independent media and the U.K Police State.

This article below is more than 2 years old. U.K’s Police State is even stronger. Lessons have been learned. The CPS routinely withholds key evidence and promotes police fabricatioins. The system has to be protected in fake Democracy Britain.

The acquittal of David Duckenfield endangers us all

This article is more than 2 years oldTony EvansThe not-guilty verdict over the Hillsborough tragedy has grave implications for society

Medical assistance at Hillsborough was woefully inadequate.

Medical assistance at Hillsborough was woefully inadequate. Photograph: Action ImagesSun 1 Dec 2019 05.30 GMTLast modified on Sun 1 Dec 2019 06.26 GMT

David Duckenfield can finally rest easily. The matchday commander at Hillsborough was found not guilty of gross negligence manslaughter charges pertaining to his role in the football disaster 30 years ago. Duckenfield’s ordeal ended at Preston crown court on Thursday.

The acquittal was not a shock. The families of the 96 Liverpool fans who died at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final, the survivors who managed to get out of the overcrowded pens at the Leppings Lane end of Sheffield Wednesday’s ground, and the campaigners who have fought relentlessly for justice for decades were expecting the verdict. They knew the law would let them down. It has dashed their hopes repeatedly over the years.Advertisement

The verdict defies logic. Ch Supt Duckenfield reacted to the build-up of supporters outside the ground by ordering the gates to be opened before the game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. It was a catastrophic and deadly error. Duckenfield then lied and told FA executives that fans had broken in to the stadium. That cowardly deceit set the tone for everything that followed. It was the founding myth of Hillsborough. Even while the dead and dying were lying on the pitch, barely attended to by the emergency services, Duckenfield was throwing the blame and trying to avoid the responsibility for a decision that caused the carnage.

He admitted everything at the 2015 inquests into the disaster, saying that his “professional failings … led to the deaths of 96 innocent men, women and children”. Duckenfield added that he had “no idea” what motivated him to blame other people for his mistakes. The jury at the inquests returned a verdict of unlawful killing, reversing the 1990 ruling of accidental deaths. Despite this, the retired officer was able to walk away last week in the face of overwhelming evidence and his own admissions.

It took some tortuous legal logic to create a courtroom environment where this could be allowed to happen. Sir Peter Openshaw, the judge, told the jury that the inquest’s findings – which were not discussed in court – were “quite irrelevant”. The most exhaustive and longest inquest in British history was dismissed as not being pertinent. The families watching in a conference room in Liverpool were aghast. It was even more dispiriting to hear the defence barrister, Benjamin Myers QC, recycle all the rancid myths that grew out of Duckenfield’s dissembling: that fans turned up late, alcohol was a factor and supporters ignored police instructions. All this had been comprehensively dismissed at the inquests. They were even more appalled when Openshaw called the defendant a “poor chap” after Duckenfield was forced to go to hospital with a suspected chest infection.Advertisement

Yet this was not a doddery septuagenarian being persecuted inappropriately for actions long buried in the past. Duckenfield was a public servant who failed in his basic duties to the people he was charged with protecting. Debate about Hillsborough should not be about football or the city of Liverpool; this is a matter of civic safety that has implications for everyone in British society. We need to be able to trust the emergency services and the systems that are set up to protect the populace. Those systems failed on 15 April, 1989, and no one will ever take responsibility for that failure.

If things go wrong it is important that investigations explain why and ensure the situation never occurs again

Why should anyone care about Hillsborough? Because any time you or your loved ones attend a public event it should be with the knowledge that the people responsible for maintaining order and safety will be competent. If things go wrong it is important that investigations explain why and ensure the situation never occurs again. For this to happen, there needs to be accountability. Duckenfield’s acquittal underlines that no one has been held responsible for Hillsborough.

What happened in Sheffield was beyond horrific. The stories of personal loss and individual pain have too often been overlooked. Jimmy Hennessey, a 29-year-old, had negligible medical attention and was placed in a body bag while still alive. He vomited inside the bag before he died. Minimal treatment would have saved many of the victims. Up to 41 of the dead might have survived had they been given oxygen. Only one ambulance made it onto the pitch; 42 remained in a queue outside. The only effective way to ensure this sort of scenario is not repeated is accountability. There has been barely any for those who were mindbogglingly inept at Hillsborough.

Who has been left to carry the weight and pain of the disaster? The agony of the families of the dead is unimaginable. Hennessey’s daughter Charlotte, who was six at the time of the disaster, has had the course of her existence changed. Her adult life has been dominated by the quest to find the truth about her father and gain justice for him. No one should have to suffer the emotional damage that comes with such a burden. It is hard to comprehend how the relatives have maintained their dignity in the face of numerous disappointments and crass treatment from the authorities.

Unlike Duckenfield, the families, survivors and those affected by Hillsborough cannot sleep easy. They live with the misery every day. The man who caused so much pain has escaped the consequences.

Tony Evans is a journalist and former football editor of the Times. A Liverpool fan, he was present at the Hillsborough disas

Sex abuse is O.K if it is official in madhouse U.K
U.K has lost its saintly Princess Diana, her spirit living on, now its the turn of the Queen to raise our dead spirits in her afterglow. Roberta Jane Cook commented : ‘Britain is a horrible class divided snob ridden society. Women are taught to fear white men and feel guilty about migrants they will never understand. They are trained to see white men as abusers and rapists, unless they come to heel. They are trained to see police as their proetctors, so don’t notice the likes of PC Benjamin Monk, his girlfriend who got off, or Wayne Couzens. Truth is only what is reported in the U.K’S strong indep[endent media. Remember the3 liberal mantar, black good, white bad and, women never tell lies You know it makes sense sense..’
Saintly Roberta Jane Cook in some of her expensive finery, -2022

September 9th 2022

Queen Elizabeth’s reign: golden age, or last embers of a bygone era?

Reuters London: September 09, 2022 09:10 IST Updated: September 09, 2022 18:22 IST

Messages of condolences and floral tributes to Queen Elizabeth are left at the gates of Government House, in Sydney, Australia September 9, 2022.

Messages of condolences and floral tributes to Queen Elizabeth are left at the gates of Government House, in Sydney, Australia September 9, 2022. | Photo Credit: Reuters

While some critics argue that she leaves no tangible mark, her legacy is remarkable in that it ensured the monarchy’s survival in an era of rapid change

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, broke many records as monarch, becoming an enduring symbol of the country over which she reigned for 70 years even as it changed beyond recognition, losing its empire and undergoing social upheaval.

Some commentators describe her reign as a “golden age” reminiscent of that of her namesake Elizabeth I, who ruled over England 400 years ago during a period of growing power and cultural flourishing.

“I think that we are partly viewed through the prism of the Queen: the consistency, the wisdom that she has shown, all of that has been apparent in the way that people view Britain,” said Valerie Amos, a former politician and the first Black person appointed by the monarch to the ancient “Order of the Garter”.A Flourish data visualization

Others say the 96-year-old’s impact on the nation was less profound than that of her illustrious forebear, the monarch’s powers having shrunk since the first Elizabethan age.

Some critics argue she leaves no tangible mark, only an institution unfit for purpose in a world of egalitarian aspirations, irreverent social media commentary and scrutiny by round-the-clock media outlets.

Yet her legacy is still remarkable: ensuring the monarchy survived an era of rapid change.

Elizabeth ascended the throne aged 25 on February 6, 1952, on the death of her father George VI, when Britain was emerging from the ravages of World War Two. Rationing was still in place and Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister.

Since then, Presidents, Popes and Prime Ministers have come and gone, the Soviet Union has collapsed and Britain’s empire has gone, replaced by a Commonwealth of 56 nations which Elizabeth was instrumental in creating.Also Read

Queen Elizabeth II cherished ‘warmth and hospitality’ of India visits

“None of the other imperial powers have achieved that … and in Britain, huge social and economic changes have been carried through on the whole peacefully and consensually,” said Professor Vernon Bogdanor, an expert in British constitutional history. “That’s very remarkable.”

Second Elizabethan age

Elizabeth I spent 44 years on the throne in the 16th Century, a period regarded as England’s Golden Age when the economy grew, the country’s influence expanded and William Shakespeare wrote his plays – still performed all over the world and regarded as some of the most influential in any language.

“Some people have expressed the hope that my reign may mark a new Elizabethan age,” the Queen said in her 1953 Christmas broadcast. “Frankly, I do not myself feel at all like my great Tudor forebear.”

In pictures | Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch

Having never given an interview or made her personal views on political issues known, her own assessment of her reign – the longest in British history – is hard to ascertain. A senior royal aide told Reuters she would regard her legacy as a matter for others to judge.

Constitutional historian David Starkey has said the Queen did not regard her role as embodying a historical period, but merely doing a job.

“She has done and said nothing that anybody will remember. She will not give her name to her age. Or, I suspect, to anything else,” he wrote in 2015.

“I say this not as criticism but simply as a statement of fact. Even as a sort of compliment. And, I suspect, the Queen would take it as such. For she came to the throne with one thought only: to keep the royal show on the road.”Also Read

Queen Elizabeth II death: Charles III to be formally proclaimed king tomorrow | Live updates

Other historians and biographers say Starkey’s views do not do justice to how she has performed in her role and moved with the times.

“In an increasingly chaotic world, she has given a sense of stability,” said Andrew Morton, whose 1992 biography of Princess Diana caused ructions in the royal family.

The Queen’s determination to perform her role as well as she could and restraint from voicing any views that might cause offence gave her a moral authority beyond anything she commanded merely through her position as queen, some say.

“What the Queen’s managed to do is … to bring the monarchy into the 21st century as best as she can,” grandson Prince William said in a 2012 documentary.

“Every organisation needs to look at itself a lot of the time and the monarchy is a constant evolving machine and I think it really wants to reflect society, it wants to move with the times and it’s important that it does for its own survival,” he said.

Soft power

Constitutionally, the British sovereign has few practical powers and is expected to be non-partisan.

However, historians say Elizabeth has wielded “soft” power and made the monarchy a unifying, focal point for the nation amid great societal divisions, exemplified by her broadcast to reassure the public at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While above the political fray herself, she still meets the Prime Minister for a private weekly audience.

“They unburden themselves or they tell me what’s going on or if they’ve got any problems and sometimes one can help in that way too,” she said in a 1992 documentary.

“They know that one can be impartial, so to speak. I think it’s rather nice to feel that one’s a sort of sponge.”

Former leaders have said her years of experience have proved of great help, allowing them to speak candidly without fear of their conversations ever being made public.

“You can be utterly, totally frank, even indiscreet with the queen,” John Major, the British leader from 1990 to 1997, said.

Tony Blair, who replaced Major and was Prime Minister for a decade, said: “She will assess situations and difficulties and can describe them without ever … giving any clue as to political preference or anything like that. It’s quite remarkable to see.”

Some historians say the Queen will be looked upon as the last of her kind, a monarch from a time of when elites commanded unquestioned respect. But she would still, perhaps, be one of the country’s greatest.

“There’s no doubt that she will be up there as one of the greatest monarchs not just for her longevity, but for the period of change which she has witnessed,” Anna Whitelock, Professor of the History of Monarchy at London’s City University, said.

“And like Elizabeth I … equally seminal for Britain and also Britain’s place in the world.”

Very Old Lady – Whose In Fighting Germanic Ancestors Gave Us 2 World Wars, Promising Another, Made A Fortune From Empire & Slavery Whilst Blaming Their Subject Masses – Dies After Saving Son From Sex Abuse Charges, Eldest Son Who Once Shared His Ambition To Be Wife’s TAMPAX , Took Bag Of Money From Shiekh, Takes Over As Charles III ; Just Another In Long Line Of Charlies That Should Have Ended With The First. Hope For New Levelling Up Truss Plan To Make All Kings & Queens In U.K Plc. Africa Looks Forward To Joining New Land Of Opportunity & Commonwealth. Small Boat Bookings At Record Level.

There is a lot of misplaced patriotism in the U.K, social breakdown, despair and chaos. Monarchy is the sticking plaster, the instrument of mass delusion.. It will be interesting to see what follows the mythical Neo Elizabethan Age, with its tales of past glories in a new age of elite money grabbing warfare on Russia in the names of ‘freedom and democracy.’ The Queen paying off her son’s abuse accuser has already been forgotten. That is U.K Democracy..
Image R J Cook / Appledene Phototgraphics.

A series of anti-monarchy billboards have been described as “offensive” ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Reading-based campaign group Republic raised £43,000 through crowdfunding to print and display the posters with the slogan “Make Elizabeth the Last”.

Its chief executive, Graham Smith, said it was “absolutely the right time to raise the issue and get people debating the future of the monarchy”.

But Reading councillor Clarence Mitchell said it was “disgraceful”.

Republic said on its website the first tranche of billboards would go up in Reading, Manchester, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Dundee, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle and Bristol.

Mr Smith told the BBC: “Seventy years of one person being head of state is not a great idea.

“It’s not healthy for a democracy and this is also probably the last major event of the Queen’s reign and we need to start thinking about what’s going to happen next.”

Republic chief executive Graham Smith
Image caption, Republic’s Graham Smith said he believed the timing was right to debate the future of the monarchy

The latest figures from YouGov, which tracks public opinion, show 61% of people in the UK support having a monarch, while 24% would prefer to have an elected head of state.

There has been a change in opinion over the last few years among 18 to 24-year-olds.

In 2019, 46% of that age group were in favour of having a king or queen and 31% wanted to have an elected figurehead.

By 2021, 31% supported the monarchy while 41% wanted to be able to vote for a head of state.

Mr Mitchell said the timing of Republic’s stunt “is as disgraceful as it is distasteful and sadly it’s tediously predictable”.

He added: “In a democracy, under a constitutional monarchy, Republic can make all the arguments they want and they have every right to do that.

“But this sort of stunt, offensive as it is, is going to alienate far more people than it brings towards their cause.”

September 7th 2022

In Slovak, ‘trus’ means horse shit.

All Hail U.K Plc”s new Presidente’. F.S


Could the ‘Don’t Pay UK’ Campaign Actually Work?

Don’t Pay UK wants to get a million people to boycott their soaring energy bill in October and force the government into action.by Emma GarlandLondon, GB31 August 2022, 9:00am

Life in Britain is grim for most, people considering themselves lucky if they have a box as small as this to live in at Coffee Hall Milton Keynes. For too many it is life on the street, in jail or the madhouse.Image R J Cook Appledene Photographics August 2022.

In September 1961, the Welsh philosopher, logician and anarchist Bertrand Russell was jailed (again). Russell, aged 89 at the time, was part of the anti-war group Committee of 100. After organising a campaign of mass civil disobedience against nuclear weapons – mostly sit-down demonstrations drawing crowds of up to 15,000, later followed by direct action blocking piers and Air Force runways – some members had been summoned to court for inciting the public to “commit breaches of the peace”. Rather than agree to 12 months of “good behaviour”, Russell spent seven days in prison alongside 31 others.Advertisement

Though unsuccessful on its own terms, the Committee of 100 has been cited as “the first major example” of mass nonviolent civil disobedience in the UK. Its tactics, rooted in anarchism and decentralised organisation, helped lay the foundations for the peace protest movement of the 60s and 70s, and echo through modern movements like Kill The Bill, Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain. Most recently, they can be felt in Don’t Pay UK – a grassroots campaign against the rise in energy bills.

Thirty-one British energy companies have capsized since the start of 2021. The energy price cap jumped 54 percent from £1,277 per year to £1,971 in April. On the 1st of October, it will rise again to over £3,500, which the National Energy Action (NEA) predicts will push 8.2 million – one in three – households into fuel poverty. Money expert Martin Lewis has been on TV literally begging the government to intervene to avoid deaths. Businesses from music venues to chip shops are already folding, unable to cover their bills. The situation is completely untenable, and it’s being met with government silence. Life

Gambling and the Cost of Living Crisis: A Perfect Storm in the Making

Adele Walton08.18.22

Emerging from the void of leadership, Don’t Pay aims to build a “mass non-payment strike of energy bills”. If the price hike goes ahead in October and the campaign hits one million pledges, those involved will cancel their direct debits. The movement hopes to become the “biggest mass non-payment campaign” since the civil disobedience around the Poll Tax in the 90s. 

Introduced by Thatcher’s conservative government and opposed by over 80 percent of the population, the Poll Tax was a fixed payment for all adults – regardless of income or resources – to their local council. It replaced the previous rates system, which was paid by residential property owners based on the value of their home. There were widespread protests and over 17 million people refused to pay, making it the biggest civil disobedience campaign of the 20th century. Between April 1990 and September 1993, over 25 million cases were taken to the magistrates’ courts for refusal or inability to pay the Poll Tax, overwhelming the legal system and making it impossible to enforce. Don’t Pay is modelled on the same principle.

 “I was part of the Poll Tax rebellion and I see many similarities with Don’t Pay,” says Glyn Robbins, 57, a Don’t Pay activist from East London. “Don’t Pay has attracted huge support and is already establishing a network of local groups of the kind that were essential for defeating the Poll Tax through community solidarity and mutual support.”

The Poll Tax was a colossal failure, ushering Thatcher towards resignation in November 1990 and scrapped when John Major became Prime Minister. One big difference between the Poll Tax and energy bills, though, is the potential financial risk. Many commentators, including Sean O’Grady, associate editor of the Independent and a former Poll Tax activist, have flagged that non-payment could shatter your credit score (which can make it harder to obtain housing, loans and phone contracts), and force households onto prepayment meters.

“All the council could do was send letters and take one to court,” O’Grady writes. “The energy companies, however, can cut you off […] They can forcibly enter your home to stop the supply of gas and electricity, and can also take you to court for the debt.”World News

How the Global Cost of Living Crisis Is Unfolding Across the World

VICE World News Staff05.27.22

For the significant chunk of the population who literally cannot afford to pay, these risks are unavoidable either way. Robbins argues they’re also overplayed. “It was the same with the Poll Tax,” he tells me. “I never paid a penny and nothing happened because there was too many of us. The courts were jammed-up and the thing became unworkable. With eight million households already in fuel poverty, many relying on loans and credit to get by, it’s a bit disingenuous to be warning about the risks of not paying.”

“People know the risks because they’re the same they’ve been facing for years,” Rebecca Winson, an organiser at the NEF, echoes. “The penalties for people who won’t pay their bills are the same as the risks for people who can’t pay. We should be asking ourselves as a country why energy companies and the government are outraged by the idea of people willingly risking poor credit scores, bailiffs and disconnection, but have been silent for decades about people who are forced to live that reality if they can’t afford to pay for a basic need.”

Not everyone will be in a position to take part in Don’t Pay (there are four million households on a prepayment meter, for starters), but for Robbins it’s “one thing people like me, on Direct Debit, can do to hit the energy robber barons where it hurts. Other people are in different situations, but the main thing, as it was with the Poll Tax, is that we stick together.”Life

What Would Happen If We All Just… Went on Strike?

Rhys Thomas07.13.22

This sense of solidarity is noticeable across all areas of the UK. There is strike action on a weekly basis – rail workers, postal workers, criminal barristers, journalists, refuse collectors. Students and pensioners have been on rent strike. Even right wing pundits have been slamming private water companies for “trousering million-pound salaries” while losing three billion litres of water a day to unfixed leaks.

“Millions of working people are struggling in practically every aspect of their lives at the minute,” says a spokesperson for Enough Is Enough, a campaign founded by trade unionists, football fans, tenants organisations and labour movement institutions to confront the cost of living crisis. “Normal people are sick of being asked to pay for every crisis coming along that they didn’t cause.”

Enough Is Enough says that by this weekend they will have “well over 100” local branches around the UK – in places like Blackpool, Stoke, Crawley, Luton, Basingstoke as well as big cities – mobilising workers and first-timers, organising mass demonstrations and days of actions against energy companies, as well as raising food collections. The campaign has declared a National Day of Action on October 1st, with protests across Britain. “This coming period will be ugly as well as inspiring,” their spokesperson says.

Energy bills are only one aspect of the cost of living crisis, but they are a significant one. Winson believes that a non-payment campaign like Don’t Pay “makes very clear what the real issue is around the energy crisis. It’s not necessarily that wholesale prices are high, it’s that they’re being passed onto all of us while shareholders and CEOs reap profits which reach into the millions and the government do nothing.”

Like the Poll Tax, Don’t Pay is a strength in numbers campaign. The action won’t go ahead unless one million people pledge to do it. At the time of writing, pledges stand at over 129,452 – a long way off the million mark, but it’s climbing by thousands every day. If the action does go ahead, campaigners say, it could present huge logistical problems. Would the government accept one million people having their credit tanked? Would it be feasible to put a million people on prepayment meters?

“It may very well be that there are simply no logistically or politically enforceable financial penalties and therefore companies and the government are forced to the negotiating table,” says Winson. “A non-payment campaign does far more than a peaceful protest or petition or letters to MPs. It hits companies where it hurts, and means there’s a real cost to them not engaging with the issue.” 

The hope is that the threat of non-payment action will force intervention ahead of October, so that no one will find themselves trying to cope with a 80 percent bill hike. However, with Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss stumbling over one another to court a minuscule online voting base preoccupied with the “culture wars” while Boris Johnson mostly posts about GCSE results, the threat would have to be a significant one.

“There’s still plenty of time for Big Energy, Ofgen or the government to do the right thing and reduce these totally unreasonable, unaffordable bills. I’m very confident they will have to, but only because of the pressure coming from Don’t Pay and others,” says Robbins. “I hope Don’t Pay will show that we don’t have to put up with the attacks on our quality of life – and our planet – and remind us that we are the real power in society and we demand better.”

“It [also] gives people a real sense of their collective power,” adds Winson. “One person not paying does little. One million people not paying creates a huge problem that has to be faced.”


Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo
While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo
While goin' the road to sweet Athy,
A stick in me hand and a drop in me eye,
A doleful damsel I heard cry,
Johnny I hardly knew ye.

With your drums and guns and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
With your drums and guns and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
With your drums and guns and drums and guns,
The enemy nearly slew ye
Oh my darling dear, Ye look so queer
Johnny I hardly knew ye.

Where are your eyes that were so mild, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your eyes that were so mild, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your eyes that were so mild,
When my heart you so beguiled
Why did ye run from me and the child
Oh Johnny, I hardly knew ye

Where are your legs that used to run, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your legs that used to run, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your legs that used to run,
When you went for to carry a gun
Indeed your dancing days are done
Oh Johnny, I hardly knew ye

I'm happy for to see ye home, hurroo, hurroo
I'm happy for to see ye home, hurroo, hurroo
I'm happy for to see ye home,
All from the island of Sulloon;
So low in flesh, so high in bone
Oh Johnny I hardly knew ye

Ye haven't an arm, ye haven't a leg, hurroo, hurroo
Ye haven't an arm, ye haven't a leg, hurroo, hurroo
Ye haven't an arm, ye haven't a leg,
Ye're an armless, boneless, chickenless egg
Ye'll have to put with a bowl out to beg
Oh Johnny I hardly knew ye

They're rolling out the guns again, hurroo, hurroo
They're rolling out the guns again, hurroo, hurroo
They're rolling out the guns again,
But they never will take our sons again
No they never will take our sons again
Johnny I'm swearing to ye

September 6th 2022

Streatham shooting live: Victim named as dad-to-be as windscreen shows bullet hole ‘at head height’. Mr Kaba’s death was inevitable from such close quarter aim. Racism not considered an issue by media reports.

The Met Police has referred itself to the IOPC over the incident in Streatham Hill

A MOBO nominated black rapper and soon-to-be dad has been shot dead by police after a car chase in south London which a witness said ended as the victim tried to drive his vehicle at officers after his car had been deliberately rammed.

Chris Kaba, in his 20s, was named by devastated friends as the victim of the armed police shooting in Streatham late last night, after a police chase. There has been no mention of the victim wileding a gun, so far.

The Drill artist, who is thought to be in his 20s, was shot in Kirsktall Gardens in Streatham Hill shortly before 10pm on Monday after a “tactical contact” to halt his suspect vehicle.

He received treatment at the scene and was taken to hospital by the London Air Ambulance but died early on Tuesday from a gunshot injury sustained in the incident.

Five police vehicles and a Met helicopter are believed to have taken part in the pursuit of the man’s own black Audi.

Black Lives Matter and Stand Up To Racism campaigners have called a protest to end the police practice of stop and search. Britain’s media have been vociferous in condemning U.S Police for ‘racist’ killings, but this is not considered a the sort of behaviour British police ever capable of. When White man Ian Tomlinson was killed on camera in 2008, the responsible officer who pushed Ian to his death, was successfully defended on the grounds that he was going to die at that moment, anyway because he was unfit and drank too much according to the police surgeon.

Labour MP for Streatham, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, activist, performer and rapper Drillminister, and other speakers will protest Section 60 Stop and Search laws in Brixton on Saturday.

The protest will begin at noon in Windrush Square and will be followed by a march to local police stations.

This will be the latest in a series of Stand Up to Racism events, supporting the Black Lives Matter protests spurred by George Floyd’s killing in the US in May.

Other speakers will be Brian Richardson of Stand Up to Racism, Patrick Vernon of Justice for Windrush, Anita Israel, ex-education officer of the University of the Arts London, and Nick Amin, of XR Lambeth

Rapper DrillMinster will also be joined by local artists Tizer and musician Wu Lu.

The groups said that under current legislation, introduced by Home Secretary Sajid Javid in March 2019, a black person is 47 times more likely to be stopped and searched than a white person.

They said Section 60 allowed police to stop any person in a designated area without the need for them to establish that they have “reasonable suspicion” for stopping that person – officers only need to believe that a crime “may occur”.

They said the orders are an “ineffective and overtly racist policing tool”.

On June 23, PC Benjamin Monk was found guilty of the 2016 manslaughter of Dalian Atkinson, a former professional footballer with an international career spanning 16 years, at Birmingham Crown Court. Monk, who has been sentenced to eight years, is the first police officer since 1986 to be found guilty of murder or manslaughter after a death in custody or following police contact in England and Wales.

It is possible, in theory, that a successful prosecution like this one might empower the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to authorise charges in more cases like this one. However, the prosecution of police or other state agents following a death in custody or police contact remain vanishingly rare.

Many activists are sceptical about the capacity of the state to hold itself accountable in the aftermath of police violence, and Monk’s conviction may not be the precedent it seems.

Since 1990 there have been 1,787 deaths recorded in England and Wales of persons in custody or following police contact. Over that 31-year period, the charity INQUEST found that in only ten instances were murder or manslaughter charges brought against police officers. None of these cases resulted in conviction.

Disinformation is dangerous. We fight it with facts and expertise

The jury in Birmingham acquitted Monk of the murder of Atkinson, before finding him guilty of manslaughter. Without being in the jury room, it’s difficult to assess their reading of the evidence of the case. But from the verdict, we can deduce that the jury must have concluded that Monk didn’t have the intention to kill or cause serious bodily harm sufficient for a murder conviction. At the same time, they clearly rejected the claim central to Monk’s case, that he had acted in self-defence.

Faced with what he testfied was an “erratic” and “threatening” Atkinson, Monk discharged his Taser three times – once for 33 seconds, more than six times the recommended length of time the Taser should be used. As Atkinson laid unconscious on the ground, Monk kicked him at least two times in the head, hard enough to leave an imprint of his shoelaces on his skin. Atkinson died after going into cardiac arrest on the way to hospital.

Monk’s conviction for Atkinson’s manslaughter comes at an important juncture in the history of policing in the UK. This history is one marked by criticism of and protest against the overpolicing and disproportionate application of state force against black and brown people.

Disproportionate force is applied to racialised and minority communities at every point in the criminal justice system. This is true of the police use of stop and search powers, arrest and prosecution rates, conviction and imprisonment, and disproportionate rates of deaths in custody or following police contact.

Atkinson’s partner, Karen Wright, has discussed how Atkinson was “hounded” by police who racially profiled him throughout his life.

A global wave of Black Lives Matter protests over the summer of 2016 and in 2020 saw thousands of young people on the street throughout the UK protesting racist policing and police violence. An investigation of the policing of those protests found that police disproportionately used excessive force at black-led protests, and against black protesters in particular.

Racist language and ‘self-defence’

Testifying in his own defence, I was struck by the language Monk used to describe Atkinson prior to causing his death. Monk described his fear being “through the roof” when he was faced with an “erratic, unpredictable, terrifying … very, very scary” Atkinson, who was in the throes of a mental health crisis when Monk and a colleague were called out to an incident in August 2016. The jury failed to reach a verdict on assault charges against the colleague.

In Monk’s words, Atkinson’s face was “one of utter rage … It was surreal, he’d got the biggest wildest eyes I’d ever seen, they were protruding from his head.” Monk gave evidence that Atkinson as “quite simply huge”. “The bloke was towering above me, absolutely towering. His shoulders literally filled the frame of the door.”

A common way disproportionate and deadly violence against black men has been justified and excused throughout history is by invoking exactly these tropes that Monk relies on in his defence: that black men are enraged, hulking, out of control, inhuman. Research into the disproportionate rate of deaths in custody and following police contact of black and brown people shows that these types of stereotypes are frequently used to justify the use of force, including of weaponry and untested or sanctioned restraint techniques.

Policing and mental health

Atkinson’s case again brings to the fore activist calls to defund the police in favour of better funding for mental health support, youth centres, social care and housing and domestic violence services.

Police watchdog the Independent Office for Police Conduct recently launched yet another inquiry into a death in custody, this time of 30-year-old Leighton Jones in Wales, who died after being restrained by police during a mental health crisis. Police are not trained to deal with or provide the care necessary for people who need mental health support, and medical neglect is another frequent cause of death for black and brown people who come into contact with the police or who are in prison.

Atkinson’s family had to wait five years for this conviction. There are literally hundreds of other families, like those of Mark Duggan, Paps Ullah, Azelle Rodney and Sean Rigg who have never seen any kind of criminal justice accountability for the deaths of their loved ones after contact with police.

Unfortunately there will be more. We can hope and continue to work together, however, for a change in policing and justice for victims, their families and society.

September 5th 2022

Russia says it’s ‘hard to imagine anything worse’ than Liz Truss in charge of UK as she’s confirmed as new PM

Liz Truss has been ridiculed by Russia for her geography and political style, now the Kremlin said relations with the UK could sink further in what she might take as a compliment

This handout photograph taken and released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on February 10, 2022 shows Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) welcoming British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss during their meeting in Moscow. - The talks between Lavrov and Truss in Moscow are the latest round of diplomatic meetings aimed at de-escalating tensions over Ukraine. (Photo by Handout / RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / Russian Foreign Ministry" - NO MARKETING - NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS (Photo by HANDOUT/RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY/AFP via Getty Images)
Liz Truss squared off with Sergei Lavrov in February in an incident that shaped attitudes to her in Russia (Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry/Getty)
author avatar image

By Victoria CrawSeptember 5, 2022 4:58 pm

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has said it’s “hard to imagine anything worse” for UK-Russian relations than Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister, as China urged her to focus on fixing the UK’s domestic problems rather than magnifying foreign threats.

Speaking ahead of the announcement that Liz Truss had been chosen as the next Conservative Party leader, Dmitry Peskov said the frosty relations between Moscow and London could deteriorate further.

“I wouldn’t like to say that things can change for the worse, because it’s hard to imagine anything worse,” he said.

“But unfortunately, this cannot be ruled out, given that the contenders for the post of British prime minister competed with each other in anti-Russian rhetoric, in threats to take further steps against our country, and so on. Therefore, I don’t think that we can hope for anything positive.”

The news of Ms Truss’s appointment as Conservative party leader was covered by Russian outlets Tass and Interfax, who noted that Ms Truss “regularly criticised Russia harshly.” Russian national newspaper Kommersant reported more extensively on her background, saying she would be “ready to use nuclear weapons if necessary.”

In an editorial piece on the eve of the vote, Ivan Yakunin said incoming leaders were often met with an unfounded sense of optimism in the UK.

Read More https://inews.co.uk/news/world/russia-hard-imagine-worse-liz-truss-uk-new-pm-1834283

At Oxford University, Ms Truss read philosophy, politics and economics. Friends recall a well-liked, if frenetic student.

Liz Truss
The teenage Truss caused a stir at the Lib Dem conference with her anti-monarchy stance

“I remember her determination which was very impressive for me,” says Jamshid Derakhshan, who was studying for a postgrad degree in mathematics when Truss was an undergraduate.

“She was very quick with everything. Going around the college quickly, being everywhere.”

As to what sort of prime minister his old friend will make, Dr Derakhshan says: “My feeling is she’s not going to be stuck with one particular idea, she’s very flexible in her mind and what will be best for the time.”

Ms Truss was involved in many campaigns and causes at Oxford but devoted much of her time to politics, becoming president of the university’s Liberal Democrats.

At the party’s 1994 conference, she spoke in favour of abolishing the monarchy, telling delegates in Brighton: “We Liberal Democrats believe in opportunity for all. We do not believe people are born to rule.”

She also campaigned for the decriminalisation of cannabis.

“Liz had a very strong radical liberal streak to her,” said fellow Lib Dem student Alan Renwick in 2017.

Liz Truss considers cutting taxes for top 10% of earners by raising tax threshold to £80,000


Raising the point at which people begin paying 40 per cent tax would save higher earners an average of £3,000 a year with someone on £80,000 or more taking home an additional £6,000

Liz Truss has claimed tax cuts will fuel economic growth (Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)
Liz Truss has claimed tax cuts will fuel economic growth (Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)
author avatar image

By David ParsleyChief News CorrespondentSeptember 5, 2022 6:00 am(Updated 1:25 pm)

The UK’s next Prime Minister Liz Truss is considering boosting the take home pay of the UK’s highest 10 per cent of earners with a tax cut that could see the basic rate threshold rise to £80,000, i can reveal.

Treasury sources have told ithat Ms Truss, who will enter No 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, is keen on cancelling Rishi Sunak’s freezing of the 40 per cent tax threshold at £50,270 and raising it by around £30,000.

The move would mean that those earning between £12,570 and £80,000 would pay just 20 per cent on their earnings on tax, while those earning less than £12,570 would continue to be exempt from income tax.

Britain Needs Much More Than A Truss.

Briatin looks forward to a new style of government and The Mekon.
It’s an open secret that, barring a stunning upset, the UK’s next prime minister will be Liz Truss.It’s also a given that the new Conservative Party leader to be announced today replaces Boris Johnson at a moment of immense jeopardy for the UK.A surge in energy prices has left millions of families struggling to pay their bills and thousands of small businesses potentially forced to shut down. Gas prices jumped 30% this morning after Russian energy giant Gazprom said that flows through the Nord Stream pipeline to Europe will remain halted.Key reading:UK Set to Find Out Next Prime Minister After Bruising Tory Race Truss Plan to ‘Turbo-Charge’ UK Economy Already Alarms Markets Even Liz Truss Supporters Worry She Could Wreak Havoc for the UK Markets Scream Warning Over New UK Prime Minister’s Mammoth Task Liz Truss Is On Course for a Collision With UK Economic RealityThe problem for Truss, currently the foreign secretary, is that she’s spent the campaign to defeat her rival, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, playing to the Tory’s right-wing base, promising no new taxes and railing against “handouts.” 

And there’s a growing consensus, including among her own MPs, that the desperate situation is going to require…new taxes and handouts.There is already pressure for a U-turn. Treasury officials (whom Truss has identified as one of her enemies) are preparing to try to steamroller her into a new windfall tax, to follow Germany’s announcement this weekend. All the same, investors are worried that her determination to cut taxes could destabilize the budget. The pound tumbled last month as a result and borrowing costs for British companies rose.Some Tory MPs — two-thirds of whom voted against Truss in the first phase of the leadership election — are considering submitting letters of no-confidence in her before she’s even got through the door at 10 Downing Street.Others say that if she flubs this first challenge, the start of her premiership will get messy and the end of it may be swift.  — Ben Sills
Truss speaking to Conservative Party members on Aug. 31. Photographer: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg UK politics are entering a new era. Get the latest in your inbox with The Readout from Allegra Stratton and share this newsletter with others. They can sign up here.
Global Headlines
Widening crisis | European ministers will discuss special measures to rein in soaring energy costs, from natural gas price caps to a suspension of power derivatives trading. They will be on a list of emergency intervention options to be canvassed on Friday, according to a draft document seen by Bloomberg News.Natural-gas prices surged as much as 35% today after Russia halted its biggest pipeline to Europe indefinitely. Germany’s government expects a big revenue boost by tapping windfall profits generated by energy firms if they keep benefiting from disruptions in Europe’s electricity market. Follow our rolling coverage of the race to stave off an energy catastrophe via this link. Covid closures | Chengdu, China’s sixth-largest city, extended the lockdown of most of its 21 million residents, while the southern technology hub Shenzhen remained under restrictions as Covid-19 continued to spread in the country. All indoor entertainment venues, schools and restaurants for dining-in remain shut in Chengdu and mass-testing will continue through Wednesday.China’s No. 3 official, Li Zhanshu, will visit Russia this week, becoming the nation’s most-senior leader to travel abroad since the early days of the pandemic. Climate concerns | US President Joe Biden’s top climate emissary is “hopeful” that talks with China will resume after stalling following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last month. The world’s two largest emitters must restart dialog “because that will shape the response of other countries,” John Kerry said in an interview. Best of Bloomberg Opinion Gorbachev Did Save One Communist Party — China’s: Minxin Pei NASA’s Artemis Is a Failure and Waste of Money: Adam Minter Homeless People Need Homes — and Money, Too: Francis WilkinsonConstitutional setback | Chileans voted to reject a new constitution in a blow to a three-year campaign to overhaul politics and temper free-market policies. The wide loss in the referendum marked a major setback for President Gabriel Boric and his plans to reform the tax, pension and labor systems, boost social services and cut inequality. ‘No’ voters celebrate in Santiago yesterday.  Photographer: Cristobal Olivares/Bloomberg Explainers you can use Why Gaza Is Epicenter of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Indonesia Finally Raised Fuel Prices. What Comes Next? Why the Yen Is So Weak and What That Means for JapanEasing rivalries | Israel’s longest-serving prime minister pops up on Saudi state-run television from Tel Aviv. A prominent Saudi family invests in two Israeli companies and doesn’t bother to hide it. These events would have been unthinkable not long ago. But previously clandestine links between Saudi Arabia and Israel are increasingly visible as some of the Middle East’s deep-seated rivalries cautiously give way to pragmatic economic and security ties.

Boris Johnson’s next move: Making millions or a comeback?

By Sam Francis
Political reporter, BBC News

  • Published
  • 1 day ago
Boris Johnson
Image caption, Boris Johnson is unlikely to be requiring the services of his local job centre

Just three years after leading the Conservatives to their biggest election victory in 30 years, Boris Johnson is stepping down as prime minister. The man who dreamed as a child of being “world king” is now planning his next career move.

His biographer Andrew Gimson says he is not “the sort of person who would go to the country and do lots of good work for the local church and live a life of blameless obscurity”.

So what could he do next?

Return to writing

Mr Johnson had a highly-paid career in journalism before entering politics and continued to write for newspapers and magazines as he climbed the greasy pole at Westminster – only giving it up days before he became PM.

Read More https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-62547853?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB

August 15th 2022

Tom Daley blames British Empire’s legacy of colonialism’ for homophobic laws in Commonwealth nations

The four-time Olympic medallist condemned anti-gay laws during the 2022 Commonwealth Games after revealing it illegal to be gay in more than half of the 54 countries that competed.

In a new documentary exploring homophobia in Commonwealth countries, the diving champion said: “It opened my eyes to so many different things, where the laws came from, where that homophobia stemmed from in the first place and it is a legacy of colonialism.”

After researching ways in which he could campaign against homophobia within the Commonwealth, the athlete travelled across the world, speaking to athletes and advocates from Pakistan, Jamaica, Nigeria, Tonga and Singapore and asking their opinion on what more could be done.

The ‘Tom Daley: Illegal To Be Me’ BBC documentary is described as exploring how the Olympian “discovers the colonial legacy that first criminalised homosexuality and the toxic influence of slavery on attitudes towards LGBT+ people”.

Read more: British Transport Police faces backlash after suggesting people who question gender ideology should not work for them

Mr Daley, who came out as gay in 2013, led activists in flying the Pride flag at the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

He said that for many in the Commonwealth, seeing the Pride flag, which was on display by many nations and athletes at the opening ceremony, was a sign of “hope and safety”.

Bitch Back – R.J Cook

Comment The gender sexuality war gets ever more absurd. Clearly upper middle class humanities graduate females have been defining gender for years. To argue that women like Linda Belos talk and resemble the most authoritarian men and that Lesbians are effectively transsexual, -at least the male players in lesbian relationships are – is a hate crime.

The self styled liberal left proclaim that their views make countries democratic. Feminists have serious problems with male to female transsexuals, but only they can crack gender jokes – like the best thing to come out of a penis when it erects is the wrinkles.. I have done a lot of musical and comedy performing. I know how intolerant these WOKE folk are. My joke about a man having a sex change involving having half his brain removed and his mouth made bigger, went down very badly. The joke was included in my novel ‘Man,Maid,Woman ( 2003 )’ which was also offensive to the chattering classes who have so much to say about the importance of them having free speech.

Women are being encouraged to feel afraid of transsexuals ( and so much else ) as potentially considering a most elaborate form of rape. On the other hand there are vested interests who see males changing sex as a way of castrating troublesome white men. I have personal experience, being offered completion of my sex change treatment surgery on the basis of a ‘deal’ involving me taking anti psychotic drugs.

I am aware of two, in my view, highly intelligent well informed young men in my home town of Winslow, who are patients of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Centre, both diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and medicated accordingly. I am also aware that increasing numbers of young men are being prescribed Viagra to resolve impotence.

Aylesbury’s formidable Whiteleaf Psychiatric Centre and Secure Unit to which many disruptive young people, notably male, are sent for ‘treatment and therapy.’
Image Appledene Photographcs / R J Cook.

This seems to me like a rape drug to force men into having sex with women they no longer desire – obviously due to females being increasingly dominant with behaviours commensurate with what my generation perceived as the worst of male bullying. There is no underlying logic to this other than social engineering pushing all blame on to white men past and present. Ignorance is bliss for the ruling elite which is why the country’s summer term was extended this year to impose more of the brainwashing. I was a teacher for 18 years as well as being a school governer.

I know what it is about, training for teaching with liberal lefties in the late 1970s at London’s trendy Goldsmiths’ College of the University of London, where I also studied post graduate psychology as an extra in the evening. Tom Daly does not know what he is talking about, but he knows why he is talking about this. So does the media which promotes his nonsense.

Homophobia and Transphobia must not be blamed on black people, even though thesse people are more often than not obsessed with the Judaic/Christian/Islamic religious traditions and alliance in bigotry, whereby ‘buggery’ is specifically forbidden. It was so forbidden long before the British Empire and ludicrously named British Commonwealth. I make no such absoulte judgements about gays , lesbians or transsexuals.

In my novel ‘Man, Maid, Woman’ the hero cum heroine is treated with suspicion by myself as author, in the tradition of the only way to test a theory is to work hard to disprove it. The character’s mother ( not based on my overworked working class widowed mother ) was a spolied middle class snobbish adulteress who spoiled her son, making him hate his father who she conspired to murder before dying of cancer. It is a black comedy – no doubt that is a racist term now !

I had no problem accepting London’s Gender Identity Clinic ( GIC) , through the person of Dr Kirpal Sahota, when diagnosed as having a ‘secure female identity.’ But accepting myself as a paranoid schizophrenic, obviously down to malicious police input for some very interesting ‘reasons’ was too much to ask.

The very fact that the GIC could come up with that after 3 years of consultation and ‘treatment’ must raise suspecions about their motives and methodology. There is a great deal of difference between being a woman and wanting to be a ‘woman’ – whatever that means in a species sense when women are told they can be whatever they want to be. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Janer Cook practising for her Comedy performance in Southampton, as Camilla Parka Rolls,in 2003. This was at a Hen Night, involving strippers. One of the drunken working class worn out female audience told Roberta, afrterwards, that she ‘looked too much like a woman.’ Roberta was advised to bitch back at the audience. Comdey has become a much more serious business since then which is why Zelensky is no joking matter.

Edinburgh Fringe: Sadowitz hits back at venue over racism claims

The Pleasance axed the second of his two nights at the festival after receiving an “unprecedented” number of complaints about the show’s content.

But Sadowitz said he left the venue “with no hint of anything going wrong”.

The 61-year-old said his act had been “cheapened and simplified” by the decision.

Sadowitz, known for his provocative stand-up shows, performed in front of 600 people at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Friday.

The Pleasance said a “large number” of people walked out of the show as they “felt uncomfortable and unsafe to remain in the venue”.

The comedy show operator – which claimed it did not censor its comedians’ material when explaining why it cancelled Saturday’s performance – said Sadowitz’s act was “extreme in its racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny”.

‘Please stick to Carry On Films’

However, writing on his Twitter page, Fringe veteran Sadowitz said: “I did a 75 minute show for 600 people that went pretty well with no hint of anything going wrong.

“In addition to now being told there were multiple walkouts and abuse of staff my act is now being cheapened and simplified as unsafe, homophobic, misogynistic and racist.”

Sadowitz said his act contains “a lot of silly, exaggerated irony and nonsense, real fake and exaggerated anger and bile… for the purpose of the funny line which follows it”.

He added: “I have never once courted a mainstream audience to come to my shows because guess what? In real life I really don’t want to upset anyone.

“The show is what it is, for those who enjoy it. The rest of you…please stick to Carry On Films.”

Sadowitz also called on The Pleasance to apologise to the people who had bought tickets for the cancelled show.

‘Satirical show’

Mark Cameron, who was in the audience on Friday, told BBC Scotland that Sadowitz exposed himself on stage as part of his act but added that had also been part of the comedian’s previous shows he had seen.

He said: “Everyone around me was laughing, seemed to be enjoying the show. I didn’t get a sense of people being shocked, there was no heckling of him and there was a very positive reaction at the end.

“He used words that were racist, absolutely and I would say, defending him, that is the character he has created – if I for one second thought I was giving money to a person who was a racist I would not buying tickets.”

Mr Cameron added that his view was that it was “a character show, a satirical show and that is not who Jerry Sadowitz is as a human being.”

A stand-up and magician, Sadowitz made his name on the UK comedy circuit in the 1980s and 90s with deliberately offensive and aggressive stage routines.

He has performed at The Pleasance numerous times at the Edinburgh Festival.

The venue’s original listing carried the warning: “This show contains strong language and themes some may find distressing.”

‘Completely unacceptable’

However, The Pleasance said it did not vet Sadowitz’s material in advance and it “could not have known the specifics” of his act when he was booked for 2022.

Sadowitz has won the support of other comedians.

Katherine Ryan, the comedian and BBC presenter, tweeted: “Very strange to cancel someone’s entire run for apparent offense when there’s a content warning right on the booking page”.

Writing on his blog, Richard Herring, said: “To complain about him being offensive is like asking the actor who plays Macbeth to be arrested for murder.”

In a statement issued on Sunday, The Pleasance said: “We became immediately aware of content that was considered, among other things, extreme in its racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny.

“We will not associate with content which attacks people’s dignity and the language used on stage was, in our view, completely unacceptable.

“We received an unprecedented number of complaints that could not be ignored and we had a duty to respond.”

Analysis by Pauline McLean BBC Scotland Correspondent.

The Edinburgh fringe was born out of anarchy. A small band of theatre makers who hadn’t been invited, decided to gate-crash anyway.

Across the decades, it has continued to channel that spirit as a place where anything goes, from Avant Garde art to outrageously offensive comedy.

Stand-ups often use the festival to hone material for their mainstream shows. It’s a test lab for comedy, which doesn’t always make it into their mainstream shows. Audiences seem to know that. It’s rough and ready, and often pushes boundaries.

Stewart Lee, a veteran of this festival, has two shows at this year’s festival. One, a work in progress, and another Snowflake, a completed show which ironically is about 21st Century comedy and what you can and can’t say.

He didn’t want to comment on the Jerry Sadowitz cancellation but the show speaks for itself, as did the overheard conversations of young staff leaving the venue when I was at Lee’s show.

They weren’t offended but they didn’t enjoy the show either.

And it’s that disconnect which seems to be at the heart of the Pleasance cancellation.

According to the Pleasance “a large number of people walked out” and they “received an unprecedented number of complaints”.

Were they audience members – in which case they had been informed of the nature of the show?

Or members of staff, who had no choice in the show they were expected to attend?

Either way, the Pleasance’s decision to cancel has sent a ripple of anger and outrage through the fringe, which may prove even more damaging than the original show.

Meanwhile, Jerry Sadowitz is resting up ahead of his autumn tour, and tickets seem to be selling quite nicely.

August 12th 2022

Trigger Warnings

Leave a Comment / Comment / By Roger Watson

Reluctant as I am to kick over a ladder I have recently climbed, it has to be said, British Universities aren’t what they used to be. Having worked in a series of them myself, one can’t help feeling they are reaching their sell by date. At the very least, their politically correct antics are making them laughingstocks, tripping over each other as they are to be top of the woke pops.

The list is growing, but amongst the best, reported in The Express, was the University of Cambridge, which has put trigger warnings on such disturbing works as Little House On The Prairie for stereotypical depictions of Native Americans (you mean they don’t say ‘How!’ and wear feathers?), and on Titus Andronicus, because themes of gore and violence might be upsetting.

The University of London has warned that depictions of poverty and crime in Oliver Twist could cause ‘distress and anxiety’. The University of Northampton issued an alert about George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Salford University warned against Dickens’s Great Expectations and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, for reasons I have not ascertained. Perhaps Nineteen Eighty-Four is too close to the truth for general consumption, Great Expectations might give people unrealistic hopes of an anonymous benefactor. For sure, Jane Eyre has some disturbing references to ‘heaving breasts’ which certainly gives young men unrealistic hopes.

Now, placing itself well in the running for ‘Stupidest University of the Year’, the University of Aberdeen has ‘slapped’ a trigger warning on the Old English classic Beowulf. Apparently, there be monsters contained therein and them be a bit bloodthirsty. I have read two translations of this epic poem, the recent ones by Seamus Heaney and the brilliant feminist translation by Maria Dahvana Headley (Editor: enough virtue signalling).

I can confirm there be monsters galore, they kill copiously and violently and, inevitably, they meet their own gory and violent end. For example, Grendel’s mother (ever so slightly pissed off at Grendel’s killing) dies thus: ‘Beowulf seizes the huge sword and swings it in a powerful arc. The blade slices cleanly through the Grendel’s mother’s neck, and she falls dead to the floor, gushing with blood.’ Nice! And Grendel himself meets a very grisly end: ‘Beowulf’s men heroically hack at the demon as Beowulf fights with him, but no weapon on earth is capable of harming Grendel. Beowulf summons even greater strength and rips Grendel’s arm completely out of its socket. Fatally wounded, Grendel slinks back to his swampy home to die.’ Upsetting stuff, especially if you identify as a mythical Norse monster…which never existed!

For the love of God, this is the generation that watches The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Squid Games. I don’t watch these things myself because my children and grandchildren have slapped trigger warnings on them for me; the all-purpose ‘not your thing Dad’. I suspect that there may be generous lashings of teenage sex contained in these programmes from which they wish to protect my sensitivities. Little do they know!

So, what’s next for a trigger warning? Here is my top ten from a cursory glance at our bookshelves:

Humpty Dumpty – an egg gets broken

Mr Messy – may be triggering for people with OCD

Swallows and Amazons – dangerous unsupervised sailing by children

The Coot Club – ditto

Little Women – offensive to little women

The Charge of the Light Brigade – horses probably got killed

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine – depictions of Hell

The Holy Bible – ditto plus homophobia and quite a few other phobias

War and Peace – lots of words

Mein Kampf – where do I start?

Roger Watson is a retired academic, editor and writer. He is a columnist with Unity News Network and writes regularly for a range of conservative journals including The Salisbury Review and The European Conservative. He has travelled and worked extensively in the Far East and the Middle East. He lives in Kingston upon Hull, UK.

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August 5th 2022

Hot Stuff

Britain’s rail network was renationaised because privatisation didn’t work. So taxpayers subsidise private train operators for an overpriced incompetent conglomersation of private train operaato, profiteering at the taxpaper’s expense. That is British Democracy.
No need for further comment here.
This so called crisis has everything to do with the money grabbing obsceneley wealth western global elite and their proxy war on Ukraine. Russia is defending its interests against the most shamless hypocritical tyrannical fake democrats. These fakes are now stitirring up trouble with China. Pelosi’s perrformance in her Taiwan love fest was petrifying.
The consequences for ordinary easily duped masses are already dire but could get so very much worse. Over here in U.K and Europe we are supposed to be happy because women’s football is on the rise – bread and circuses in a police state.

August 4th 2022

Sussex PCs used elderly man in wheelchair

Donald Burgess
Image caption, Care home resident Donald Burgess had dementia and used a wheelchair

Gross misconduct notices have been served on two police officers who used a baton, a Taser and incapacitant spray on a man in a wheelchair.

Donald Burgess, who was also later handcuffed, died three weeks after the incident at a St Leonards care home.

The 93-year-old, who had dementia and one leg, was said to be threatening staff with a knife on 21 June.

A police watchdog probe is under way and both officers face a criminal investigation for manslaughter.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said this did not necessarily mean disciplinary proceedings or criminal charges would follow.

Graham Beesley, IOPC regional director, said investigators would look at whether force used against Mr Burgess was “reasonable, necessary and proportionate in the circumstances” and whether it was in line with policy.

He said: “We have advised his next-of-kin of our independent investigation and explained the steps we will be taking.”

The IOPC has not revealed which care home it was.

Police officer generic
Image caption, Both officers are being investigated by the police watchdog, and are facing a criminal investigation for manslaughter

The officers – both police constables – arrived to be shown by care home staff into a room where Mr Burgess was holding a knife, the IOPC said.

Officers briefly engaged with Mr Burgess before one used PAVA spray – which is like pepper spray – followed by a baton.

The second deployed a Taser before the knife was removed from Mr Burgess and he was handcuffed.

Mr Burgess was taken to hospital after the incident and stayed there until he died three weeks later on 13 July.

The incident was referred to the IOPC by Sussex Police amid allegations of excessive use of force.

Investigators have taken witness statements, reviewed body-worn video footage, and also attended the post-mortem.

Mr Beesley said the cause of death was not yet known and the watchdog was awaiting the findings of further cardio-pathology examinations.

Sussex Police said the incident took place in the room where Mr Burgess lived.

Assistant Chief Constable Tanya Jones said: “We are providing every assistance to the IOPC to allow for a thorough investigation and for the family to receive the answers they need.”

She said Sussex Police could not provide any further details as the investigation remained ongoing.


The kindest thing one can say about this appalling story is that this poor man has left this terrible country and the dreadful planet on which it exists. He has left forever. How many more of us face such an ignominious end in this fake Christian country where football is the real religion? The way elderly people of the lower class masses are treated beggars belief. It would not be so hard to stomach if we did not have to listen to all the pernicious brainwashing poisonous drivel abut Britain leading the world as an example of democracy and human rights.

When Black convicted criminal George Floyd’s failed efforts to pass dud cash to a shopkeeper ended in a deadly choke hold, it sparked a western world wide BLM explosion on the issues of racism and human rights. The responsible officer got jailed for killing him. President Biden insisted on it before the trial.

I would like to say that the U.K police are dodging this Donald’s Burgess’s death as their doing because he was simply white. However, West Mercia Police spent 5 years covering up for what was eventually passed off as the ‘unlawful killing’ of Dalian Atkinson, a black former Premier League footballer then mentally ill. A senior West Mercia police officer previously dismissed the tasering of a 12 year old girl as ‘awful but lawful.’ Cover ups are in U.K police’s DNA.. along with a genetic predisposition for bullying and lying. These guys are seriously weird.

British Police officer’s are chosen for their peculiar and obviously abnormal psychology, which is why the powers that recruit them reckon they need 200.000 applicants to source 20.000 vacancies. On top of that, we should be alarmed that government wants so many more officers, to keep us safe, the majority monitoring the internet and CCTV to ‘keep us safe’. This is a well developed police state which will get worse.

In my view, as I have said before, police officers should not be allowed within a mile of mentally ill patients. What they did to this one legged 93 year old man with dementia is an outrage. It is also a comment on privatised care homes, the product of the dreadful and vile Thatcher Government. I used to deliver food to care home kitchens with my truck. Patients appeared drugged in so many of those places, gazing dead eyed in to space.

Those profit motivated establishments are living hell for so many. Euthanasia would be kinder. Obviously staff, often poorly trained agency workers, called police for their health and safety as soon as this elderly man with dementia started being disruptive. Two ‘brave police officers’ (sic) arrived. They had their own health and safety concerns. Hence out came their pepper spray, batons and tasers. The man died soon after, in hospital.

But as the City of London police argued when officer Steven Harwood struck a deathly blow to the back of Ian Tomlinson’s knees, causing him to smash his nose on the pavement and haemorrhage, via their police surgeon , they asserted that Mr Burgess was about to die anyway That is British democracy and world of human rights. What a disturbing sickening joke Britain is. I can’t help wondering about Mr Burgess’s life journey from happy little boy, worker, no doubt national service and family man, into such a horrible end in police state elite run Britain. It makes me feel even more sick than I felt before I saw it.  R J Cook

August 2nd 2022

A Load of Balls – By R J Cook

Women play prettier football than men, particularly the English men, simply because men have the power to boot balls long distance. The woman’s game, as in so many other areas of her life, is more artful.

This very in one’s face display of modern English ‘in your face’ womanhood was thought perfection as introuction act for the Wembley ladies UEAF cup final on July 31st 2022.

Britain’s elite are the real emblem of the nation‘s inequalities, exemplified by the Queen and her grandson Prince William who is half Spencer. I had a series of books on Northampton and its elite, published from 1995- 2001. My research for Sutton Haynes Publishing revealed the power and the glory of a town that might have been the nation’s capital if the Roman’s hadn’t found London a more convenient location for their boats’ arrival.

Northamptonshire is the home county of the Spencer family, location of the stately home where Prince Charles responded to the young Lady Diana Spencer’s romantic overtures. It was an estate founded on the Spencer family’s historic grabbing of the peoples common land. Their thieving became such an issue that Parliament passed a law to protect Wimbledon Common from their clutches in the 17th century. The fact that a future king is half Spencer and making a show of himself at last Sunday’s UEAFA ladies cup final, says it all about Britain’s sham democracy with its posturing equality PR stunts.

BBC’s Gabby Logan described these lady English footballers, as role models for the nation’s girls.

Northampton thrived on the shoe making industry in slave like factory conditions, displaced farm workers flowing in when mechanisation and depression rendered them surplus to Capitalist requirements. A branch line from the LMS railway connected the masses and industry more speedily to a wider richer British Empire, promoting ever more exploitation and slums. One location was affectionately known as ‘The Warren’ because its inhabitants were said to breed like rabbits.

The writer Jeremy Seabrook was a hero of mine, giving full support to my first book on Northampton. I have read many books on the town, studied lots of pictures, newspaper records and old documents. However, it was Seabrook’s book, ‘The Everlasting Feast,’ that brought this South Midlands town I have known well since 1967, to life.

I first visited Northampton  when my schoolgirl sister was in a Roman Catholic run home for unmarried mothers, the culmination of following her instincts after our father died when she was 13 years old and a promising prize winning  grammar school girl. My parents both passed for grammar school pre World War Two. My mother’s grandparent guardians and father’s parents could not afford to finance their attendance, so both carried on a family tradition of working class slavery and deference. So, my late sister’s success was a matter of achievement and pride to both of them. My sister went on to have another five children, choosing a working class life of poor diet, no exercise, bitterness and resentment. Her lifestyle rendered her toothless by her 20s. My going on to attend two leading universities in the 1970s did not endear me to her. She had been told that she was ‘the clever one.’

I recall a school departmental meeting in the late 1980s where I told a deputy Headmistress that intelligence was not a virtue in its own right. It was taken as a put down because I was rubbishing her efforts to excuse a boy’s obnoxious behaviour simply because, in her words, ‘Mark is such an intelligent boy’. The reality behind her smarm was that he was a posh boy with powerful and noisy parents.

Time marches on but human nature doesn’t change, whatever cultural deviousness , assertions , denials and new laws from on high comes to pass.

It is human nature to take the easy course of blaming others, while cowering and grovelling to a ruling elite which will stop at nothing to raise scapegoats and lackeys for their self serving corrupt regimes. The masses must be kept in their places, ruled by fear. This rule by fear is currently stoked by reviving anti Russian quasi racist sentiment. In the wider U.K world, men outside of the elite are the scapegoats. Such men are born liars, their women folk are long suffering angels needing ever more legal and police protection. The ‘Families Need Fathers’ campaign was infiltrated by undercover cops and destroyed because it was labelled extremism, in the way that conservative women are so labelled.

The masses are expected to accept LGBTQI rainbow land as an emblem of Britain’s equality, along with equality in all sport, especially football because that male cultural bastion must be challenged. Nonetheless, for all of the equality talk, transsexuals cannot compete with sports women because that might lead to sex assault and disadvanatge – lesbians are angels too, so no worries there.

July 31st 2022, UEFA Ladies cup final ball being delivered for kick off in a rainbow LGBTQI diversity painted radio control car.

The contradictions in FAKE Britain are incredible but must not be mentioned. As for last Sunday’s game, England’s women had to win because they lead the worldwide ‘equality’ war.  Britain hasn’t left the EU when it comes to football, dirty deals, promoting war and cultural espionage. England hosted the ladies tournament, where their lady players equalled the men’s skills at diving and fouling, benefitting from an apparently neutral Ukrainian lady referee. They broke records for yellow cards but there was no danger of anyone being sent off in front of a rampant record 80,000 plus  Wembley roaring crowd.

Up against the big and forceful English girls, Germany’s girls, minus their star striker, looked like ballet dancers. In the post match analysis, we heard Gabby Logan praising these new great female role models. Veteran man’s player Ian Wright pronounced this proved the need to pay the women the same obscene rates as men. Their lies truth in modern Britain – leading the world when it comes to talking balls, and getting taken far too seriously for the planet’s health.  

R J Cook

July 30th 2022

Vile U.K Police, a culture of nepotism, bullying,greed unaccountability, perversion, lying and self congratulation.

Police College U.K Style.
The police officer featured on the front page of yesterday’s ‘The Metro’, is Wayne Couzens, a member of London’s elite Diplomatic Protection Squad. He was licensed to carry guns. This monster abducted young Sarah Everard in South London. Using his Police ID and handcuffs, he took her to woodlands at night, raped and broke her neck. Suppressed evidence suggests he was not a newcomer to this style of night lifeand had involvement with East European sex traffickers.
Politicians sell us the police we pay for, as protectors, esecially of women. The reality is very different, as my own experience makes me to p[ainfully awar of.

July 29th A Black Future – Comment By R J Cook

I have no time for political correctness, overpaid footballers and other fake heroes. Political correctness, as with the LGBTQI coral , is just a socio political device to distract the masses from the U.K and wider world class issues which is the essence of inequality. Although I used to be a very serious amateur athlete until my knee injury, I have never understood why people are so obsessive about what passes for elite sport. Sport, for those running it, is all about politics, greed, ego, money and symbolism.  For the masses it is about identity, fatefully extended into support for alleged Ukrainian freedom

The likes of Gareth Southgate have supercharged fading careers by forcing racism and sexism to the fore. Little girls are being told to identify with England’s Lionesses, But there is a problem. Unlike her predecessor Phil Neville or Southgate with the man’s team, the Dutch Lioness head coach chooses her team on talent. Some have accused her of racism.

Britain and Europe are white majority places, just as Africa is majority black. Africa’s population is growing massively due to an incredibly high birth rate sustained by charity and migration. Its rulers and masses discriminate against whites holding power in all of its chaotic backward countries from which thousands flee each year. But white liberal ideology loves the cheap labour, stigmatising criticism. It is in this context that young black females arrogantly assert their rights to more than proportionate and skill based representation.

The same liberal elite’s media trumpets the value of incoming growing populations of what they lovingly call Black Europeans. The fact that uncontrolled African immigration brings insoluble gang crime, violence, misogyny, drugs and assaults must never be mentioned. If a black person commits a crime it must be played down in the name of diversity. This is why so much is made of getting more blacks disproportionately represented in mainstream sport, in the ridiculous hope that their ideology can achieve what no police force on earth could achieve, however good its leadership. I trained as a teacher among these now ‘mature’ white liberals whose kids are now running the show. They feed their careers off this failing system while the masses are ground ever further into the dirt, scapegoats and called ‘privileged whites.’ One way or another it is a black future.  R J Cook

Euro 2022: Young players talk about diversity in England’s squad

Euro 2022: Young players talk about diversity in England’s squad

Euro 2022 has had us hooked to our screens and cheering the Lionesses on to victory.

But for some young players the lack of diversity in the England squad is a problem to be worked on, and one the team has recognised.

It’s a stark contrast to the men’s team – with a squad made up of more than 40% non-white players.

Players from Football Beyond Borders, an education and social charity, spoke to BBC Newsbeat about representation at the top level of the women’s game.

Reporters: Ellie Cleverley and Iqra Farooq

July 28th 2022

Psychological Imperialism – Comment By R J Cook

The following two stories are so obviously connected that it is a testament to mass stupidity that they cannot see it. Europe and U.S hyperinflation is a direct outcome of sanctions against Russia. Those sanctions are justified (sic) by vilifying Russia for war crimes. This is a western world of fake democracy where war crimes in Afghanistan and the Middle East are covered up. There is also a post World War Two history of war crimes in Latin America and withdrawal from Empires.

The world has moved on to a new psychological world of elite driven Imperialism. Two illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya are immune from the taint of a war crime label because the west has defined that ever since it excused Nazi war criminals like Von Braun because they were of strategic value. The same hypocrisy and pseudo religion justifies ( sic ) their war mongering moralising against Russia.

The western elite, including the 400 powerful British who own 90% of their country, and much else, lay down the law. This is while 90% of British – with elite inviting ever more from the poor countries, where Imperialism and religious bigotry held them in the Dark Ages -are crowded on to 10% of the land, struggling ever more to survive.

Our elite tells us the new war on Russia is for freedom. It is. It is for the elite’s freedom. As with the past two world wars, the elite do not care how much their greed and incompetence kills. They have been softened up by all the deviousness of political correctness, warped by the misuse of Marx’s false consciousness, with a new breed of political oppressors defining what passes for liberalism.

Britain’s ruling classes welcomed Russia’s post Glasnost oligarch asset stripper’s dirty money. They turned on Russia when their drunken lackey Yeltsin passed on. They violated the Minsk Agreement, supporting the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government in 2008, turning a blind eye to the genocide of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine’s Donbas region. The icing on the cake was applied when NATO invited Ukraine to join. An invitation to join the EU was ready to be fast tracked. Post Yeltsin, MI6 and CIA had worked overtime in Russia and its neighbours to promote regime change. That is what forced Russia’s hand to invade Ukraine. That war would have been over long ago had it not been for the vanity and arrogance of Britain’s elite, along with its murderous arms manufacturers who have shown no moral conscience in supplying Saudi Arabia against Yemen, once part of Britain’s old empire under a different name.

Names and name calling are significant when it comes to rewriting history, something Russia was mocked for, but can never compete with Britain in that dark art. Meanwhile, the masses will go on supporting war on Ukraine, oblivious of its rampant role in inflation, or potential for forcing Russia into the nuclear option. The myth is that the Anglo U.S led NATO elite are working to create a better world for anyone but themselves.  R J Cook

Newsletter Jul 28, 2022
Britain’s rail network hit by new strike action over pay dispute Britain’s rail network suffered major disruption again on Wednesday as staff walked out in a row over pay and conditions, the lateMaking Connections by R J Cookwith soaring inflation.


July 8, 2022

Post-Boris Britain will continue to stand with Ukraine against Putin’s war

By Peter Dickinson

News of Boris Johnson’s resignation has sparked concern in Kyiv and celebrations in Moscow. However, both reactions are probably wide of the mark. Far from heralding a geopolitical shift in Westminster, the departure of the UK Prime Minister is a strictly domestic affair that will not alter Britain’s staunch support for Ukraine in its fight for survival against Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion.

Russians were quick to toast Johnson’s demise on July 7. “The moral of the story is: do not seek to destroy Russia. Russia cannot be destroyed. You can break your teeth on it and then choke on them,” commented Kremlin foreign policy spokesperson Maria Zakharova. Russian parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin branded Johnson a “clown” and accused him of being “one of the main ideologues of the war against Russia.” “European leaders should think about where such a policy leads,” warned Volodin.   

This Russian reaction is understandable. After all, no single Western leader has been more outspoken than Johnson in their support for Ukraine and condemnation of Russia’s invasion. Nevertheless, any jubilation in the Kremlin is misplaced. In reality, the British PM’s resignation was in no way connected to his handling of the Russo-Ukrainian War and does not signal a coming change in the UK position. On the contrary, Boris Johnson’s successor is virtually guaranteed to maintain Britain’s current commitment to opposing Russian aggression and helping Ukraine defend itself.

July 21st 2022

UK officials warned government not to pursue Rwanda deportation plan, court told
British officials repeatedly warned the government not to pursue its plan to send migJulyJrants to Rwanda and the country was initially excluded from the shortlist of partner countries because of human rights concerns, London’s High Court was told on Tuesday.
Half of Britons changing food-buying habits to cope with cost-of-living crunch
Almost half of Britons are changing what they buy to feed their families as they try to navigate a worsening cost-of-living crisis, according to survey data published on Wednesday.
UK pay settlements hold at 4%, highest since 1992 – XpertHR
British employers agreed average pay rises of 4% with their staff in the three months to the end of June, the joint-highest since 1992 but falling further behind inflation, industry data showed on Wednesday.
The Tory elite had a hidden agenda over Brexit, and have one for Ukraine. It is all about money and power for the class interest they represent.

July 20th 2022

Britain Tops World Hypocrisy & Corruption League – by

R J Cook

Churchill ‘wannabe’ fantasist Boris Johnson announces his resignation, urging the nation to remember his legacy for ‘getting Brexit done’ and his contribution to the war on Russia in Ukraine. He also thinks his government have done their bit by announcing U.K’s zero carbon emissions by 2050 – speaking for a country that accounts for less than 1 % of global emissions. Meanwhile the Democratic Republic of Congo is auctioning off drilling rights in their rainforest. The money will not benefit their warring tribal masses, but the U.K’s masses will have to welcome more asylum seekers and pay increasing ‘environmental taxes.’ Global warming is already destroying massive forests through wildfire, now even in the U.K. R J Cook.

The women’s lib movement turned into rampant bigoted TERF feminism where it is laudable to accuse all male to female transsexuals as being pervert transvestites plotting to rape women in public toilets and other so called female ‘safe spaces.’ On the other hand to point out that migrant African blacks and other minority ethnics are over represented in rape statistics, to the extent that the press either accepts self censorship or gets censored, is a hate crime under the current politically correct tyranny.

White liberals get around the discrepancies by arguing that most rapes are unreported and domestic. When men are acquitted of rape, or other abuse, there is a feminists and media outcry. The reality that many, if not the majority, of men seeking sex change are running away from female prejudice only to run into another form of the same female precious bigotry, is not accepted by the British elite and media classes.

The following story concerning Prince Andrew, to be made into a film, concerns real white class privilege. But those toffee nosed types have similar privileged black friends to whom, post empire, they handed responsibility for keeping Africa and The Middle East in the religious obsessed dark ages so as to ensure a continuous flow of cheap Primary Products – crops and minerals, along with cheap labour. African women average 15 babies each, with a convenient surplus for cheap labour export. This surplus is packaged as refugees with recipient nation’s masses told to accept them all in the name of equality and multi culture. A prevalent section of opinion makers have involved football in the so called war on racism, where millionaire players patronise and preach to the masses. Promoting female football has been rolled into this programme of social engineering.

At the same time, BLM goes from strength to strength with male and female players taking the knee as a symbol of acceptance that the whites must pay the price for slavery and its legacy. Meanwhile the same sanctimonious British elite feed the flames of war with Russia, because their NATO Club wants control of Ukraine and its resources. They preach against Putin, as they did over Iraq and Libya, that NATO support for Ukraine in a war they have built up to since they engineered overthrow of an elected government, is a war for freedom. The British masses are poorly educated, in spite of all their ‘Uni’ degrees and believe it all.

People are not supposed to connect climate change, with current terrifying consequences that can only get worse, with Third World massive overpopulation, with ongoing wars, now extending into Europe.

Yesterday, I watched bombastic hubristic arrogant unrepentant upper class Tory Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, dissociating his country from the climate nightmare. He thinks he has led the country to the heroic target of zero carbon emissions by 2050. That impresses the ignorant British masses, with or without toilet paper degrees. It ignores the fact that trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and that expanding Third World, disease and poverty ridden people destroy so much forest. They aren’t able to connect just how much more greenhouse gas and other pollutants these rampant population expansions are doing to drive climate change. They can’t see the connection with these processes and so much war. Rolling wars have a massive carbon footprint. All that matters to the elite is their new psychological imperialism, power and privilege. We are not supposed to know that British Industry has been decimated or moved, like Dyson, have moved to heavily polluting old Third World countries and China, whose carbon foot print, with ever growing populations, races off the scale. Those moves are were for profit, also adding massive pollution from shipping goods to market. Johnson takes people for fools with posturing pomposity, suggesting U.K’s zero carbon goal by 2050, in a country responsible for less than 1 % o0f global emissions, is a solution. Shamelessly Johnson et al expect applause for provoking and prolonging war in Ukraine, never mentioning why and how NATO forced Russia’s hand from the moment they breached the Minsk Agreement.

Like Prince Andrew, these ruling classes, make the laws, considering them as only tools to subjugate and control the masses. Many of those driving slowly on the motorway in protest against a cost of living crisis caused by sanctions on Russia, now have criminal records. The more the elite abuse us, the more they shout about defending ‘our democracy.’

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew has no criminal record for sex abuse and paedophilia. He paid off his principal accuser with £12 million apparently provided by his mother the Queen. The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a chain saw. The likes of Gareth Southgate, ludicrously proclaiming a war on sexism and racism, in pursuit of equality, is the icing on the cake. It is the same old divide and rule methodology befitting this new and very sophisticated age of Imperialism.

R.J Cook

Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC interview to be made into film
THE STORY of Prince Andrew’s now-infamous BBC interview in which he discussed his friendship with…
BY: Connell McHugh

July 18th 2022

Mum’s The Word

My novel ‘Man, Maid, Woman’ was not popular with lefties or any form of liberal because some object to sympathetic portrayals of transsexuals and others took exception to a title and text that implied the boy was driven to feminisation due to his mother and a consequent sense of inadequacy with the opposite sex.. The title implied that all the, heroine’ managed to be was a ‘man made woman.’

The book was not so much inspired by my mother as by my longstanding wife who admitted, to court, hitting me on four occasions that she could remember because I had said unpleasant things about her mother – that is another long story. Suffice it to say that females have license to abuse, including physically, mentally or verbally, always being believed and excused.My book was written and published in 2003, the year my then wife told me I could not talk to my sons without her presence or permission and would not have a family if I did not do as I was told.

Women dominate the gender debate, having been involved and caught up in a process of virulent redefining feminism that began in the 1960s. This was the age of abundant contraceptive pills with females being encouraged to believe anything men could do they would do better if they were allowed positive discrimination. By the 1980s traditional male jobs had been largely obliterated or automated. Millions of men were on the scrapheap.

Divorce reform made it ever easier to make unquestioned allegations, including rape, against husbands, with a right to at least half of the husband’s estate. Men have thus become more wary of women and marriage. An increasing number of men are wary of being men, choosing to self identify as women. But feminists, many of whom are effectively transsexual, dress like men, and forming relationships with women and the feminists’ masses. One of the latest feminist quasi official statements is that female footballers can be role models for little boys.

My father died when I was 11. By this time, I had long ago concluded that a male’s lot was not easy, unless he was very rich. Way before then I had concluded I wanted to be female, but not as something to define me. I had other interests, many picked up from my brief years with my father. Fortunately he did not like football. After his death, I had other male role models, one uncle living next door with his sister. By age 12, i was a committed athlete, running for Southgate Harriers and the PE teacher’s pet. I did nothing about the conundrum regarding sex change until domestic marital horrors and misery drove me to write the book and visit a gender psychiatrist in the same year 2003. Even so, I took no serious action on the matter until 2016, when I was judged an ideal candidate, until 3 years later I refused the anti psychotic drugs. That was all down to my terrifying history of police harassing me and involving themselves in my medical care – a subject of current legal action. Police had lied to my doctor that I was a long time alcoholic, severely mentally ill and a sexual pervert.

Suffice it to say, those who make decisions about sex change are politically motivated. The whole process is part of an overall strategy of social engineering. When I visited the London Gender Identity Clinic, I was asked which part of my body I most disliked. I was never asked why I wanted to be a woman rather than be a man, and why? .I was asked why I was ‘not wearing women’s clothes or underwear.’ 

Psychiatrists, like politicians, do not like being asked questions and do their very best to avoid giving answers. More recently, a psychiatrist – apparently employed by my lawyer to help me – asked me if I wore female clothing for sexual gratification. Clearly he had been influenced by the police who would not accept me being transgendered until a court order. Police never accept being in the wrong, closing ranks to defend the many liars among them.

Many years ago, while studying post graduate psychology at the University of London, I read an interesting research paper in the Canadian Journal of Psychology. The research concluded that from a large sample of convicted rapists, 98% had serious issues with their mothers.

I have noted a similar phenomenon with mass shooters, starting with Michael Ryan in Hungerford, who ended his killing spree by shooting his mother. Funny mummies are a big issue, but because of ‘La Sacred Femme’ it never gets mainstream attention. Raoul Moat was another famous example. His mother barred contact between Raoul and his father.

The rise of feral youth, as well as an explosion of gender identity patients, not to mention gays and lesbians, has much to do with the marginalisation of males in family and the wider social world. Women’s groups and vote grabbing fawning politicians are afraid or unwilling for selfish reasons, to confront the causes. Their answer is always more laws, more censorship and police to control males. Women never do bad things unless forced by men to do so. When women abuse or even kill men, the official view, as espoused on BBC ‘Woman’s Hour’ is that ‘they asked for it. Religion is being revived and entrenched to support this adoring view of womanhood, with the myth of a world becoming more peaceful when they are totally in charge, which is what feminists and media cronies mean by ‘empowerment.’

Men can never hope to change sex and reach such elevated standards and indomitable innocence. So now we have fresh directives – see next article – to make the internet a  safe place for women. And that is all in the name of ‘equality.’ Testosterone is a powerful hormone, combined with human intelligence it tamed and directed nature. That is why humans’ dominate the planet. Testosterone fought many battles, across the board of human development. Now it is to be tamed, in a world where war  , like disease, is endemic and the globe a developing fiery overpopulated hell hole. Who cares so long as idealised women can be lulled into a false sense of security ? Don’t argue. Mum’s the word.

Further down the page is what Google customers on Chrome see if they look for this website. It is virtually banned, outside of police circles, in the U.K.

R.J Cook

EE has unveiled its Hope United campaign, ‘Not Her Problem’.

EE has unveiled its Hope United campaign ‘Not Her Problem’ which is aimed at combating online sexist hate ahead of the UEFO Women’s European Championships.

To do this a new team of footballers – men and women – was assembled and managed by Gareth Southgate highlighting the role of men to act as an ally to women during the Euro’s.

Comprised of male and female players, EE Hope United will highlight the role of men to act as an ally to women during the Euros, encouraging them to own and challenge the problem of sexist abuse online and elsewhere: as the central perpetrators, online sexist hate is a man’s issue to solve as the campaign leads with the statement ‘Not Her Problem’.

It’s a multi-million-pound integrated PR and marketing campaign that will see a team of footballers committed to combatting online sexist hate, unveiled ahead of this summer’s UEFA Women’s European Championships with a series of digital skills on how to take a stand against the issue.

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by EE, has revealed that 52% of the UK public don’t feel the internet is a safe space for women, and 60% of the UK believe that not enough is being done to tackle online and offline misogyny*.

Running throughout the UEFA Women’s EURO, the campaign will activate across EE’s social and digital channels, and be displayed via bespoke OOH buys across the UK.

A new TV advert will officially premiere on the same day and will be broadcast across commercial television channels, during programmes including Love Island, Celebrity Gogglebox and Bake Off: The Professionals.

The EE Hope United squad will also feature in a video content series sharing digital skills such as free online resources that will educate on how to challenge and report online hate against women. The topics covered will include how to block accounts, report online hate, mute and filter offensive content and how to diversify your social media feed by following more female voices.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, commented, “While the majority will be rightly giving their support to the athletes competing in the Women’s Euros this summer, there will be the vocal minority trying to denounce and discredit the women’s game. Now, more than ever, it is imperative we come together to champion hope over hate, placing the onus on men to own the problem: this is why EE Hope United will continue to help shape a safer online world, giving others the confidence and knowhow to help call out and put a stop to online sexist hate.”

Pete Jeavons, Director Marketing Comms, EE, added, “It is increasingly important for brands to use their voice to instigate social change and draw attention to those topics which, although potentially uncomfortable, must be confronted and discussed. EE will not shy away from using our platform to do just that and, through campaigns such as Hope United, help educate and upskill the nation in whatever way we can in order to help create a healthier and more positive digital community.”

Franki Goodwin, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi said: “Hope United was born during the Men’s Euros in 2021, and this year, we’re bringing our fight against online hate to the Women’s Euros, because we, like many, believe not enough is being done to tackle sexist hate. So, while we cheer on our Lionesses this summer, we’re also using the opportunity to inspire men to take more of the burden and help tackle the issue of online and offline sexism, helping our partners at EE continue to make life online safer and happier for people in the UK.”

EE Hope United – full squad

  • Manager – Gareth Southgate
  • Coaches – Rio Ferdinand and Rachel Brown-Finnis
  • Jordan Henderson – England
  • Dan James – Wales
  • Andy Robertson – Scotland
  • Lucy Bronze – England
  • Demi Stokes – England
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold – England
  • Rebecca Sellar – Scotland para-footballer
  • Jamal Lewis – Northern Ireland
  • Charlie Fogarty – Northern Ireland para-footballer
  • Lauren James – England
  • Aaron Ramsdale – England
  • Declan Rice – England
  • Caroline Weir – Scotland
  • Natasha Harding – Wales
  • Michail Antonio – Jamaica
  • Ellen White- England
  • Marissa Callaghan- Northern Ireland

Britain’s Conservative party leadership race is turning into a transphobic spectacle

Analysis by Tara John, CNN

As the race to replace Conservative party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson tightens, candidates have been leaning into culture war issues including transgender rights.

(CNN)Britain’s Conservative leadership contest kicked off this week, a weeks-long process that will result in the country’s next prime minister. Besides the standard pledges of tax cuts or a slimmed down state, there has also been an enthusiastic promotion of anti-trans positions, potentially marking an intensification of the current government’s “war on woke.” Leading the pack of hopefuls is Rishi Sunak, Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer whose resignation from the government last week contributed to the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. After the second round of voting among Conservative Party lawmakers earlier this month, Sunak topped the list of the five candidates who remain in the running. One of Sunak’s first policy pledges, after he announced his intention to run, was protecting “women’s rights,” he wrote in a Twitter post, linking to an article in which an unnamed Sunak ally was quoted as saying the lawmaker was “critical of recent trends to erase women via the use of clumsy, gender-neutral language.” Sunak will create a manifesto, this ally told British tabloid the Daily Mail, that will oppose trans women competing in women’s sport and “will call on schools to be more careful in how they teach on issues of sex and gender.” Rishi Sunak, who won the first two rounds of the Conservative leadership contest, will oppose trans women competing in women's sport in his manifesto, an ally told the Daily Mail.Rishi Sunak, who won the first two rounds of the Conservative leadership contest, will oppose trans women competing in women’s sport in his manifesto, an ally told the Daily Mail.The Johnson-led government leaned into culture war issues during the pandemic as it attempted to play to its traditional, southern Conservative Party base and new northern English voters won over from the center-left opposition Labour party in the 2019 general election. Even if polling suggests culture war issues, like trans rights, do not preoccupy the day-to-day lives of the British public, many of the candidates have taken up the government’s mantle, staking their positions in the debate over sex and gender identity. Over the past week, Conservative candidates are more likely to have been asked “what is a woman” by British journalists than to have been tripped up by more traditional questions, like the cost of a pint of milk. On Wednesday, Sunak’s biggest rival in the race, the once relatively little-known junior minister Penny Mordaunt, was asked if she would continue with culture war issues like trans rights.”Let me deal with the issue floating around in the background. It was (former UK Prime Minister) Margaret Thatcher who said that ‘every Prime Minister needs a Willie,'” Mordaunt said in reference to Thatcher’s deputy, William “Willie” Whitelaw. “A woman like me doesn’t have one,” she added. Mordaunt has spent a lot of time this week rowing back on her past pro-trans views. She told online newspaper Pink News in 2018, for example, that “trans women are women.” In a 10-part Twitter thread posted last Sunday, Mordaunt u-turned, stressing that trans women might be legally female by law but “that DOES NOT mean they are biological women, like me.” She added: “I am biologically a woman. If I have a hysterectomy or mastectomy, I am still a woman. And I am legally a woman.” Penny Mordaunt has come under fire for walking back on her statement that "trans women are women."Penny Mordaunt has come under fire for walking back on her statement that “trans women are women.”Descriptors like “biological woman” are considered slurs by trans advocates when they are deployed by gender critical activists, who believe the sex one is assigned with at birth is immutable, and any rights or privileges associated with it cannot be extended to those who choose to identify as that gender. The repeated misgendering of trans people in the public sphere is not only harmful to their wellbeing, but suggesting gender does not exist and that a person is the sum total of their reproductive organs is reductive, erasing the existence of trans and non-binary people, say advocates.

Boris Johnson has left a hellish task for his successor. But British Conservatives are delirious with relief

Boris Johnson has left a hellish task for his successor. But British Conservatives are delirious with reliefYet these gender critical views, parroted by a largely sympathetic British press, have helped restrict efforts to broaden trans rights, say campaigners. This includes trans people potentially being left out of plans for a ban on conversion therapy, and the Conservative-led government scrapping efforts to make it easy for trans people to change their gender marker without medical requirements. “Not in my adult lifetime can I remember a situation where in a leadership election or selection process, there’s been this amount of focus on LGBTQ+ rights measures,” Nancy Kelley, chief executive of LGBTQ rights group Stonewall, told CNN. The British public is more tolerant than some politicians or the press care to acknowledge, she said. “I think it’s part of a wider phenomenon that we’re experiencing in the UK where we have really progressive, positive public attitudes to lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, but we’ve got plenty of media and political conversation quite obsessively talking about trans people, and largely in a negative way,” Kelley said.

‘Disproportionate and scary’

Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley told CNN "negative" media and political rhetoric surrounding trans people in the UK is at odds with "positive public attitudes" to LGBTQ+ rights.Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley told CNN “negative” media and political rhetoric surrounding trans people in the UK is at odds with “positive public attitudes” to LGBTQ+ rights.A study by think tank More in Common, published in June, found that “few Britons spend very much of their time thinking about issues of gender identity.” It added that in focus group conversations “most Britons, even those who are opposed to trans people using single-sex spaces, look for common sense ways of handling issues around changing rooms and toilets that involve being aware of people and treating one another with respect.”

Almost every focus group participant “asked why there were not also now more unisex toilet options available, which seemed for many to be a practical solution to the issue of single-sex spaces,” it wrote. What is dominating public discourse is the state of the UK economy, where inflation hit a 40-year high of 9.1% in May, the highest among the G7 leading economies — and is forecast to climb above 11% later this year despite a series of interest rate hikes. The country is in the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, forcing households to choose between eating or heating this winter amid no real wage growth for over a decade, say economists. “We’ve got major cost-of-living crisis, we are facing down a global climate emergency, there is war in Ukraine… (and we are) dealing with the aftermath of Brexit — the fact that the media are asking so obsessively about (trans) issues, and candidates are all being expected to pronounce their views on trans people’s place in society is so disproportionate and scary,” for a group that only accounts for an estimated 0.6% of the population, Kelley said. While Liz Truss has avoided culture war issues in her bid for Conservative party leader, her allies have positioned her against Penny Mordaunt's pro-trans record. While Liz Truss has avoided culture war issues in her bid for Conservative party leader, her allies have positioned her against Penny Mordaunt’s pro-trans record. Transphobia might not be an electorally viable strategy, but that has not stopped this year’s leadership hopefuls. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who placed third in the second round of voting, has been vocal in her opposition to making it easier for trans people to change their gender markers in England and Wales. While she steered clear of culture wars issues in her leadership speech on Thursday, her allies have been briefing against Mordaunt’s pro-trans record. Behind Truss was former equalities minister Kemi Badenoch, a spirited culture wars proponent who warned in 2020 that teaching “critical race theory as fact” would be against the law. There is no evidence however that schools have been doing that. Vice News reported this week that Badenoch urged the country’s financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to drop its policy on trans inclusion. Badenoch’s spokesperson did not deny the allegation, telling CNN in a statement that “In response to a FCA consultation, and in her capacity as Equalities Minister, Kemi wrote to the FCA on how they could comply with the Equality Act and improve the representation of women on city boards.”At the conservative think tank Policy Exchange, where Badenoch launched her leadership campaign on Tuesday, journalists noted handwritten signs scrawled in black ink with the words “men” and “ladies” taped to the doors of gender-neutral toilets.

Sacred Femme is a movement, an initiation, an artistry, and an activation to awaken the Divine Feminine Leader within. All of her.

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Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

July 16th 2022

Guisborough mum jailed for life for toddler’s murder .

Daniel Green
Image caption, Daniel Hodgson Green was murdered by his mother Carol Hodgson in February

A mother who murdered her two-year-old son the day she was due at an access hearing has been jailed for life.

Daniel Hodgson Green was found suffocated next to his mother at home in Guisborough, Teesside, in February.

Teesside Crown Court heard Carol Hodgson, 40, who admitted murder, tried to take her own life afterwards.

Sentencing her for at least 18 years and four months, Judge Paul Watson said it had been a premeditated killing and not done “in the heat of the moment”.

He said Hodgson had deliberately killed Daniel and then tried to take her own life, which was only prevented when her own mother arrived at the house Upper Garth Gardens and raised the alarm.

Despite pleading guilty, Hodgson has never revealed to police how her son died although experts believe he was suffocated.

Forensic pathologist Dr Louise Mulcahy had told the court Daniel was likely to have been suffocated with a plastic bag from a vacuum cleaner, which was also found on the bed.

Carol Hodgson
Image caption, Carol Hodgson had previously given no details about how her son died

Hodgson had been due that day at a court hearing to discuss Daniel’s father Stefan Green having increased contact with his son.

Mr Green had been applying to have more access to his son and to stop Hodgson changing Daniel’s surname, relocating or taking him on holiday without notifying him.

The judge described the murder as “a horrifying and truly awful crime”.

The court heard emergency services arrived at Hodgson’s home to find her mother performing CPR on her in her bedroom, with a paramedic then noticing Daniel lying lifeless next to his mother.

Desperate attempts were made to save him at the scene and in hospital, but these were in vain.


Here’s Another One

Mainstream media played down the mother’s role in this vile torture and murder of a defenceless infant boy.

July 12th 2022

The Political World Never Stops Spinning.

Boris Johnson’e leveling up legislation is basically leveling down, essentially positive discrimination against so called privileged white males. Politics is about lies, deception and spin. Why has Ghislane Maxwell got 28 years when Prince Andrew, who descibed himself as her boyfriend, used wealth , status and power to get away with serial sex abuse of at least one minor ? When is there going to be a peoples’ action group against Boris Johnson’s beloved institutionally corrupt police? Why did the pervert elite Metropolitan Police Officer Couzen’s perverted attack and murder of Sarah Everard get passed of as symbolic of inherent white male vioLence toward women? The elite and their running dogs take the masses for imbeciles and educates them accordingly, reinforced through life via facile elite mass media. That is why the obedient frightened masses followed lockdown rules then rallied to Ukraine’s very dubious cause. in both instances, the war profiteers have made forttunes at the lower order’s expense. R J Cook

July 9th 2022

An Outsider To Lead Fight On Metropolitan Police Corruption (Sic )

Mark Rowley, the latest London Police Chief, absurdly packaged as ‘ an outsider’ and new broom to clean up the U.K’s largest police force. I won’t say it’s the most corrupt because there is so much U.K corruption, so little investigation and cover ups, involving senior officers, are sophisticated – plus it is easy to fool a gullible, fearful down trodden mass of people who know there will be ever more laws to control them –

Our self interersted media elite and politicians think only of their own safety,jobs & luxurious life styles – £ 400,000 has been ring fenced as severance pay for recently promoted Governement Ministers if they lose their jobs when a new Tory leader is in post in 2 months time. Britain is institutionally corrupt and an advanced Police State. Meanwhile a new ‘blonde bomber’ Liz Truss, has emerged as front runner for the new P.M job. Russia, ‘get ready. a new ‘Iron Lady’ is emerging fresh from the same old mould.’ R J Cook.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan appeared self satisfied once again, as he announced the newly appointed Metropolitan Police Chief yesterday. He described the new appointment as bringing an outsider’s perspective to London’s policing.

The British government on Friday announced a new head for the country’s biggest police force, ordering him to rebuild public trust after a spate of scandals.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said Mark Rowley had been appointed as the next commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police.

Patel called Rowley, a former head of the Met’s counter-terrorism unit, a “distinguished and exceptionally experienced police officer”.

But she said the commissioner’s job was “one of the most important and demanding jobs in policing”, particularly given the force’s recent “failings”

The British government on Friday announced a new head for the country’s biggest police force, ordering him to rebuild public trust after a spate of scandals.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said Mark Rowley had been appointed as the next commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police.

Patel called Rowley, a former head of the Met’s counter-terrorism unit, a “distinguished and exceptionally experienced police officer”.

But she said the commissioner’s job was “one of the most important and demanding jobs in policing”, particularly given the force’s recent “failings”

The British government on Friday announced a new head for the country’s biggest police force, ordering him to rebuild public trust after a spate of scandals.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said Mark Rowley had been appointed as the next commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police.

Patel called Rowley, a former head of the Met’s counter-terrorism unit, a “distinguished and exceptionally experienced police officer”.

But she said the commissioner’s job was “one of the most important and demanding jobs in policing”, particularly given the force’s recent “failings”

Former commissioner Cressida Dick stood down in February having lost the backing of London mayor Sadiq Khan after months of pressure over the conduct of her officers.

Chief among them was the jailing of a diplomatic protection squad member for the high-profile kidnap, rape and murder of a young woman — and the heavy-handed policing of a vigil for her. She was appointed from an effective short list of two female officers, one tainted by covering up a paedophile scandal, the other by the unlawful killing of an innocent young Brazilian electrician at Stockwell Tube Station.

Exactly how Rowley can be called an outsider beggars belief since he only spent 4 years away from the Met where he was anti terrorist expert, while enjoying the lucrative world of private security, as senior police officers often do. He is part of the system.

Rowley, 57, said he was “deeply honoured” by the appointment, which puts him in charge of more than 43,000 police officers and staff, and a budget of £3.24 billion ($3.9 billion).

The Met polices a population of more than eight million people over 620 square miles (1,605 square kilometres) of Greater London.

Britain’s police, along with the Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS) – previously headed by Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer -has a record of institutional corruption. They are adept at cover ups, corrupt practice, lies and target driven. Senior Officers are unaccountable t5o the public and rarely challenged by politicians.

Disgraced PM Boris Johnson sees more police as a solution to Britain’s broken society. When Sarah Everard was raped and murdered, the crime was used to discredit all white men as potential rapists, woman beaters and killers, with need for more laws and Me Too activity, but not to discredit U.K’s corrupt police culture which is sacrosanct. It doesn’t matter who is in charge of the Met until all police forces, from which the Met Recruits, are made accountable to a real outside independent monitoring agency. We need to get past this rubbish about keeping us safe and hero worshipping cops who are paid to do a job.

R J Cook

July 7th 2022

UK Conservatives say ‘toxic’ Boris Johnson should be replaced now

Former British Prime Minister John Major said Boris Johnson should be replaced immediately rather than be allowed to remain as P.M

Former British Prime Minister John Major said Boris Johnson should be replaced immediately rather than be allowed to remain as a caretaker leader because his cabinet may struggle to “restrain him”, amid wider calls for him to be removed now.

Johnson announced his resignation as prime minister on Thursday after he was deserted by cabinet ministers and many Conservative Party lawmakers who said he was no longer fit to govern.

Speaking outside his Downing Street office, Johnson announced his “painful” resignation but defied pressure to step down immediately, insisting he planned to stay on as prime minister while his party picks his successor.

Major released a letter saying it was “unwise, and may be unsustainable” for Johnson to remain in power for several months.

That call was echoed by several Conservative members of parliament, who said Johnson’s behaviour this week when he refused to resign, means he should be forced out before the leadership contest, a process that could take months.

“The proposal for the prime minister to remain in office – for up to three months – having lost the support of his cabinet, his government and his parliamentary party is unwise, and may be unsustainable,” Major said in a letter.

“Some will argue that his new cabinet will restrain him. I merely note that his previous cabinet did not – or could not – do so.”

The prime minister’s decision to quit marks the end of a rollercoaster political career in which he led Britain out of the European Union and took his Conservative Party to the largest election victory in three decades.

It follows three years of scandals, including anger over parties held at his Downing Street office during coronavirus lockdowns, accusations of breaking international law over his threat to override parts of the treaty governing Britain’s exit from the European Union and, most recently, his handling of sexual harassment allegations against a lawmaker.


Tim Bale, a professor of politics at Queen Mary University in London, said that British prime ministers ousted outside of general elections are normally allowed to remain in power until a successor is chosen.

But Bale said there was a lack of trust between Johnson and his members of parliament (MPs) after he refused to step down this week even after several cabinet ministers told him to quit.

“A lot of MPs simply don’t want to risk him saying and doing anything over the summer that will tarnish the party’s reputation further,” Bale said.

Simon Hoare, a Conservative member of parliament, said Johnson’s behaviour meant he had forfeited the right to remain as a caretaker leader.

“Ministers resigned because of the PM. The party lost confidence because of the PM. It is beyond credulity that Mr Johnson can stay in office … He has to go and go means go.”

Another Conservative lawmaker said: “We need to be rid of Boris as soon as possible. He’s too toxic.”

Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister, would be a suitable temporary replacement, Major and several Conservative lawmakers said.

A third Conservative lawmaker said if Johnson tried to stay on as caretaker premier, he would ask the executive of the 1922 Committee, an influential group of Conservative lawmakers, to tell the prime minister to go now.

Chris Bryant, a member of parliament for the opposition Labour Party, said Britain needed an established government to deal with the twin challenges of a cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine.

Bryant said, for example, that a caretaker government would be unable to deploy troops. “A caretaker government can’t do that. It simply can’t, the rules forbid them from doing that. So can we please, please have a proper government soon.”

By Andrew MacAskill

July 7th 2022

U.K P.M B.J Forced to Resign but will stay in charge until September.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes his long overdue resignation speech today.
U.K Defence Minister Ben Wallace is tipped to replace Boris Johnson. This former army officer wants more defence spending and has been a loud voice, alongside Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, for direct action against so called Russian aggression.

In other words Wallace wants the U.K ready for a fully fledged World War Three. Truss is also expected to stand for Tory leadership and the P.M’s job, looking for and expecting the female vote from TORY PARTY and in the next General Election.

The Tories elected the first female leader, Margaret Thatcher. She ripped the social fabric apart, selling off state inbdustries which were asset stripped by the wealthy elite whom she and her party served , as with the Tories now.. U.K exported that mentality to Russia in 1991, welcoming the oligarch’s dirty money until too many of them backed Putin.

Now we have U.K super morality turning on Russia, supported by ignorant brainwashed poorly educated masses who don’t realise the Ukraine secenario, with all the anti Russian sanctions, are the reasons for the cost of living crisis etc. It is a U.K elite top down cultural control problem. Boris Johnson’s resignation won’t lessen this. The likes of simplistic Truss and Wallace will make it much worse.
R J Cook.

July 6th 2022

Top British cabinet members resign

Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak announced their resignations almost simultaneously

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (R), former Britain’s Health Secretary Sajid Javid (L) and former Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (C). © AFP / TOBY MELVILLE

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned on Tuesday as ongoing scandals plague the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The pair have issued a call for Johnson to quit, declaring he is no longer worthy of leading the country.

“Conservatives at their best are seen as hard-headed decision makers guided by strong values,” Javid wrote in his resignation letter. “We may not always have been popular, but we have been competent in acting in the national interest. Sadly, in the current circumstances, the public are concluding that we are now neither.”

Sunak struck a similar tone, declaring that “the public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously” – implying that the current administration was none of the above.

READ MORE: Johnson government could break up UK – Ireland

The senior officials’ resignations came just hours after an admission from 10 Downing that Johnson had known of multiple complaints about the “predatory behavior” of MP Chris Pincher before appointing him deputy whip earlier this year. Pincher quit in disgrace last week after it emerged that he had drunkenly groped two men at a private members’ club.

The scandal is only the latest in a series of controversies circling Johnson’s government, the most prominent of which are the repeated violations by the PM and his administration of their own Covid-19 lockdown protocols.

The Conservative Party was trounced in by-elections last month, a resounding defeat that Johnson seemed unaware of when he made a comment about leading the UK into the 2030s that some party members initially assumed was a joke.

Sunak had served as chancellor of the Exchequer since 2020, when he replaced Javid in the role. Sunak was previously chief secretary to the Treasury and served as a Conservative MP since 2015. Before entering politics, he worked at a hedge fund following a stint with Goldman Sachs. Prior to his appointment as chancellor of the Exchequer, Javid was home secretary and had been a Conservative MP since 2010. Before entering politics, he was a banker with Deutsche Bank.

Javid and Sunak were not the only high-ranking Conservative Party members to resign on Tuesday. Vice chairman Bim Afolani resigned live on air during a Talk TV program, declaring that he “can’t serve under the prime minister” and calling for Johnson himself to resign. 

“I just don’t think the prime minister any longer has, not just my support, but he doesn’t have, I don’t think, the support of the party, or indeed the country any more,” Afolani said. “I think for that reason he should step down.”

Comment Boris Johnson has , among other unpleasant characateristics, Margaraet Thtacher’s signature superficiality, hubris, and arrogance. Both of them have done immense damage to Britain and the world beoynd. Johnson obviously has a Churchill fantasy. His Ukraine escapade has done much harm, leading the west with hideous empty rhetoric. His purpose has always been to hide his utter class bias and incompetence as leader.Hehas a flair for melodrama , but never speaks without speeches written by flunkeys. Every time he gets a direct question, he smirks and waffles. he is a perfect partner for fellow comic actor, Zelensky. The British bourgeoise satarists don’t lampoon the establishmemnt anymore because they have joined it. Otherwise some of this smug clique might consider a comic oopera called Blonde Bomber. Support artists would be modelled on Wallace & Truss in a tale of destruction, despair and depression. R J Cook

July 1st 2022

More On Britain’s Feral Police

My son Kieran walkinng 7 miles to shop in Buckingham yestersday because feral police, having forced us close to bankruptcy, forced us to\ sell the car, and made it illegal for me to drive with with corrupt malicious PNC records datig back to 2008.

They also maliciously recorded that I had informed senior police officers and related sensitive parties of the following : They arrested me for being a ‘gay prostitute’ working for Kieran and his associiates in a home based brothel . I was a truck driver at the time, before police ongoing malicious lies got bot me the sack and completion of my sex change blocked uinless I admitted being psycho, accepting zombie drugs.

There was a 7 officer CID raid, with search, property seizure including driving licence , CPC and tacho card to stop me working – also my debit card was seized, me being locked in a cell aagin and bailed for obscene malicious communication, featuring anonymous letters obviously written by an aggrieved ex partner who actually told me the police visited her regularly to warn her about me,also to check my wherabouts.

Allegedporn videos were recorded as fact but poloice admitted they never existed and there was and still is no evidence of investigation. It is vile ongoing polic. The photos were of a strange woman, allegedly my ex wife, and one of me laying on a friend’s bed fully clothed.
I had allegedly posted the pictures, videos and letters on December 12th 2017, 30 miles away from my home.

This is harrassment driven by malice and justified by ong. When I told the lead officer that I was part of a two man long distance HGV driver working around East Anglia that day, he said “It must have been a different day.” I was taken to Crown Court for 3 months later for leaving what the police called indecent messages on that offiers answer phone – the judge described my language as venting, starting off in the first message quite mild for the first three messages, simply asking for information and property.

I got a congitional discharge for 6 monts. It should have disappeared from my records 6 months latere according to court orderbut my lawyer drew my attention to disclosures previously denied to me – for interesting serious malicious reasons I cannot go into at this stage. What I actually said, and why, on those mesasages, is a matter of record and for good reason. I had been subject of a false arrest, malicious communication implicating Kieran as a gangster, against me which they refused to investigate for interesting reasons used as furher malice to condemns my son and I.with the absurd malicious viles lie that I reported him and his fictitious associtaes for being my pimp in a brothel.

This is tantamount to calling him a gangster & sex offender , with inevitable associations with drugs, coercion and violence – not to mention tax fraud. and planning violations. The whole process was corrupt, slander, libel and defamtion. They have had to keep it open, ensuring we can’t work, forcing us into the tutter and worse..

The icing on the cake was telling my doctor to inform all parties concerned with completing my sex change that; I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic, bi polar , delusional, with a history of alcohol abuse and related peripheral neuropathy. None of this is true, but it has been recorded on my medical records along with insanity.

The police are also working hard to convince doctors, my lawyers & court that I am a fake transsexual because they need to portray me as a violent sex pervert. hence there had to be two court orders court order to stop the police and CPS calling me Robert, he aand him.” Hence, acting on police records, a psychiatrist recently asked me : ‘Do you feel comfotrtable wearing female clothing. Do you wear female clothing for sexual gratification ?’ These questions offered further insight into how the police think and report matters concerning me, and their overall banal mindest. There was something pervy about those questions, clearly based on police records passed to him..

The British police are institutioanlly corrupt, self obsessed egomaniacs, and above all, infested by liars from top to bottomm. It is hard to believe that PC Wayne Couzens was the only violent sex pervert. I have come across quite a few cases recorded on this site. They are unaccountable because the wrong people get to the top, according to the Chief Constable of the Police College, like recruits like and top officers are respoinsible for professional standards.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Psychiatrist Asks

Miss Roberta Jane Cook if she is ‘Comfortable Wearing Female Clothing And If She Wears It For Sexual Gratification ? Roberta is also asked whether identifying as ‘he or she, Robert or Roberta?’

Only 3 people had access to this image of Miss Roberta Jane Cook laying on her friend Oliver Lasio’s bed, fully clothed in 2017. They were Oliver, who took the picture, e mailing it to Roberta because he had taken it for her memoirs, an aggrieved ex partner who had access to Roberta’s e mails, and Roberta herself . Thames Valley Police had made themselves known to this female ex partner in 2014, following a Claire’s Law application. They preferred to believe that Roberta had sent the image and other offensive material to police chiefs et al as revenge on her son for whom she was allegedly working as a ‘gay escort.’ Police inferred that Roberta had argued with Kieran and so outed herself as a whore to harm him and his gangster ‘associates who were helping run the mythical brothel. Police have very dirty minds, so police rushed to report Roberta’s arrest ‘for etc ‘was reported as fact -Roberta’s GP and Whitleaf,, leading to severe mental health affirmations, blocking completion of her sex change without an agreement to zombie drugs,, and a conditional discharge for swearing on an answer phone belonging to the devastating whore case’s lead officer, because after 3 momths, police refused to explain what they were doing. Once Roberta had been arrested for swearing, threatened with a long jail term if she did not plead guilty to an inappropriate charge, the police announced to Roberta. ‘This job ( the whore case ) is going nowhere. When do you want your property back ?’ It would be an unusual person who was still sane after 14 plus years of such difficulties.

‘Are you comfortable wearing female clothing ?. Do you wear it for sexual gratification ?’ Psychiatrist asks Miss Roberta Jane Cook, June 2022. Roberta recalls her first attendance at the London Gender Identity Clinic when she was asked why she was not wearing ‘female clothing or underwear ? Roberta replied that ‘gender dysphoria is about one’s body, not one’s clothes.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

June 30th 2022

Britain’s Feral Police

Crime tsar savages ‘feral’ police force: Plebgate scandal shows officers are too politicised, says top commissioner

  • Christopher Salmon, Police and Crime Comissioner for Dyfed Powys Police, said the culture around police officers was too secretive
  • His comments were in response to a row which saw Andrew Mitchell resign at Conservative Chief Whip after an argument with officers
  • They come amid a series of revelations over the scandal

By Martin Beckfor Thed for The Mail on Sunday and Abul Taher

Published: 00:09, 20 October 2013 | Updated: 11:34, 22 October 2013

An elected Crime Commissioner has accused Britain’s police forces of being ‘feral.’

Christopher Salmon has waded into the Plebgate row by saying that the scandal that led Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to resign ‘appears uncomfortably close to a police conspiracy’.

Mr Salmon, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys, said: ‘The culture around them  [police forces] is too closed, too defensive, too politicised and, in some cases, feral.

‘In our ancient democracy, an elected Minister has had his career ruined by what appears uncomfortably close to a police conspiracy. It doesn’t get much more serious.’

He added: ‘For the sake of all those dedicated officers who wince every time they read a Plebgate headline, we must break open that culture. That requires greater transparency and fresh leadership.’

Mr Salmon’s comments came as it emerged that a senior police officer blocked disciplinary action against three officers who forced Mr Mitchell to resign, that an officer who investigated them will appear before MPs, and that a review of how the Met police handled the Plebgate affair has not been made public.

Mr Mitchell was forced to resign after an argument with officers at Downing Street who refused to let him ride his bike through its gates. Mr Mitchell was accused of calling the officers ‘f***ing plebs’ – a claim he has always denied.


Mr Salmon’s comments came as it emerged:

  • The Deputy Chief Constable of Mercia Police blocked disciplinary action against three officers who apparently lied to force Mr Mitchell to resign.
  • A devout Christian officer at West Mercia who investigated the three officers has been ordered to  appear before MPs this week.
  • A review of the Met’s handling of the Plebgate affair by Greater Manchester Police has not been made public by the Force.

The Crown Prosecution Service is considering whether to charge five of the officers involved after they were arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office and unauthorised disclosure to the media.

Mr Salmon, 35 – an Oxford-educated former Army officer who served in Kosovo and Iraq before becoming a businessman – made his comments after a week-long row between the chief constables of West Mercia, Staffordshire and West Midlands, and the watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The IPCC has accused the chief constables of refusing to discipline three officers – Inspector Ken MacKaill, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton and Sergeant Chris Jones – who held a meeting with Mr Mitchell at his Sutton Coldfield constituency and then allegedly lied about what he had said to force him to resign.

West Mercia Police launched an investigation helped by Warwickshire Police and West Midlands Police, and supervised by the IPCC.

Last week, IPCC deputy chief Deborah Glass revealed that the West Mercia report first recommended the three officers should be disciplined, but a later version said they should not.

The IPCC then ordered West Mercia to discipline the officers but it was ignored.

The Mail on Sunday has established that the Deputy Chief Constable of West Mercia, Simon Chesterman, blocked the disciplinary action.
Plebgate: Officers accused Mr Mitchell of insulting them when they did not open a gate for him to cycle through

Plebgate: Officers accused Mr Mitchell of insulting them when they did not open a gate for him to cycle through

The row is likely to escalate this week as the three chief constables – David Shaw of West Mercia; Andy Parker of Warwickshire and Chris Sims of West Midlands – face the Home Affairs Select Committee.

This weekend it emerged that a church-going policeman, Inspector Jeremy Reakes-Williams, wrote the West Mercia report, recommending disciplinary action.

But a month later, his recommendation was changed. He has also been ordered to appear before the Committee.

Separately, this newspaper has established that Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe ordered Greater Manchester Police to conduct a review into its initial handling of Plebgate.

The probe was completed in June, but Scotland Yard has refused to make it public even though Sir Bernard said the review was ordered to create ‘more openness’.

Last night a Met spokesman said: ‘We are not prepared to comment on the review in any detail at this time.’

Dominic Raab, the Tory MP for Esher and Walton, said: ‘The danger in not releasing this information is that it will fuel fears  of another level of cover-up.’

Two of the lying police officers protected by West Mercia Police senior management who re wrote a church going inspector’s report aupporting the Plebgate three to face discipline for gross misconduct in public office. Their tee shirts reeveal what Plebgate was really all about.

Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell was on their case for overtime scams. Another officer from the Metroplitan Police committed perjury andwas jailed for lying that he heard Mitchell call officers ‘Plebs’ – i.e common people.. That officer was demonstrably at home 40 miles away in Aylesbury at the time, off duty. Police liars, particularly at senior level ,act in the confidence – as Brian Padick pointed out in his memoirs, ‘In The Line Of Fire’ – to always be believed. This is a dangerous situation and the hallmark of dictatorship, not democracy.

Mitchell was the Plebgate trio of officer’s local MP and on their case for overtime scams. Evidence suggests that police targeted him in the Downing Street bicycle row, ordering him to dismount and identify himself before being allowed through the gates of power. The conflict exposes yet more about how the police tail wags the political dog. Mitchelll’s political career was halted by police lies. Three lying officers were left loose to inflict their bad character on the general public, with high risk of perpetuating and normalising corruption in police state Britain..
Miss Roberta Jane Cook
Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell was ordered to identify himself and get off his bike in Downing street. Three Police were conspiculously lied to U.K broadcast media that Mitchell admitted calling officers ‘fu—ing plebs.’. Such levels of imagination , derogatory language and dishonesty in police, backed by equally corrupt CPS, should seriously concern the general British Public.
These people are well paid public servants, not heroes, and with power to destroy innocent lives for self protection and career advancement. It is ironic that Ukrainians are being told and taught that Britain is a land of the free.

At least Russia is an open book , worthy of national pride after so many years of the west attacking to subvert its ideals, starting with complicity in the death of Lenin and Stalin’s rise No nation does secrecy or propaganda like the British elite .Orwell’s satire on the rise of Stalin – ‘Animal Farm’ – along with 1984, appears to have been identified as a blueprint for Britain and the modern world, where its’ elite exert rather too much influence – as we see with NATO and Ukraine. Britain’s elite allowed the rise of Hitler in the 1920s & 30s, encouraging NAZIs as a foil against the dreaded Soviet Communism,. They did not go to war to protect Jews.

Hitler never expected to fight the BritishEmpire where he knew there were so many Nazi sympathisers, including members of the British ( German ) Royal Family – even King Edward VIII
https://www.france24.com/en/20150718-queen-elizabeth-ii-UK-seen-giving-nazi-hitler-salute-childhood-film-the-sun. . Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching Nazi salute to Queen. Watch EXCLUSIVE video FREE http://t.co/cfKKZYCjNp pic.twitter.com/NiPG5UiImQ
— The Sun (@TheSun) July 17, 2015

The images come from a 20-second black and white home movie which The Sun reported was shot at the royal family’s rural Balmoral estate in Scotland in 1933 or 1934, when Hitler was rising to power in Germany. the Sun newspapeaper reported It was unclear how the Sun, the same newspaper that ten years ago published a photograph of Prince Harry wearing a swastika armband to a friend’s fancy dress party, had obtained the foootage.
“It is disappointing that film shot eight decades ago and apparently from HM’s (her majesty’s) personal family archive has been obtained and exploited in this manner,” a spokesman for Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook
Cash & Grab , Britain’s deputy head of state in fake democratic moralising institutionally corrupt elitist Britain.

The Guardian published the following story yesterday.


Six police forces in special measures

Fiona Hamilton, Crime Editor | Matt Dathan, Home Affairs EditorThursday June 30 2022, 12.01am, The Times

Forces will face heightened scrutiny during the special measures process
Forces will face heightened scrutiny during the special measures processALAMY

A crisis gripping the Metropolitan Police spread to other areas yesterday with another two forces revealed to be in special measures.

Six forces, almost one in seven of the 43 in England and Wales, have been put in what the watchdog calls “engage” status, which signifies that it has concerns about “serious or critical shortcomings”. The Met was placed under such special measures on Tuesday, a process that results in heightened scrutiny and the need to come up with a remedial plan, after scandals and a failure to record 69,000 crimes.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services confirmed yesterday that it had also recently placed the Wiltshire and Staffordshire forces under special measures. Greater Manchester police had already been put in

The Daily Express reported the following on July 15th 2018.

Police ‘conspired to withhold evidence’ MPs investigating disclosure scandal told
SCORES of people have been wrongly convicted after police and prosecutors conspired to withhold evidence that could have cleared them, MPs have been told

A committee of MPs investigating the disclosure of evidence in criminal trials scandal have been swamped with claims of police and prosecution corruption leading to miscarriages of justice.

Members of Parliament’s Justice Committee launched an inquiry into the disclosure of evidence in criminal cases after it emerged a number of rape trials had collapsed following last-minute disclosures of evidence that proved the defendant was innocent.

The scandal broke in December when the trial of Liam Allan was halted at Croydon Crown Court after texts emerged which showed his alleged victim begging him for sex.

A series of other rape cases then collapsed on similar grounds.

It largely concerns evidence not used by the prosecution, that could help the defence, and should be provided to it.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) vowed to review evidence in all current rape prosecutions in light of the scandal, with around 50 already stopped before reaching court.

However, Alison Saunders, director of public prosecutions, claimed there was no evidence any late or undisclosed evidence had led to anyone being wrongly convicted.

Now, the committee has been inundated with written submissions from people claiming to be innocent and behind bars or on bail for years due to a lack of disclosure by the prosecution.

Many claim that police and prosecutors conspired to withhold evidence from the defence, if it would damage the chance of a conviction, even if it meant jailing an innocent person.

The committee has since received written evidence from more than 60 individuals and organisations. Many claim police and prosecutors conspired to withhold evidence from the defence in order to get a conviction.

The Daily Express reported the following on May 24th 2018

Lives torn apart by false rape allegations
ROBERT Adlington’s ordeal follows in the wake of a number of other cases where rape trial have collapsed after detectives failed to disclose vital evidence.

A really innocent victim. It amuses and angers me when police officers play victimto avoid investigation. Police “tales ” wag the dog in Police State Britain.

Last year 22-year-old criminology student Liam Allan had his life “torn away” after being charged with 12 counts of rape and sexual assault.

His trial at Croydon Crown Court collapsed when the Metropolitan Police were ordered to hand over a computer disk containing 40,000 messages which revealed the alleged victim pestered him for casual sex.

The student said everything in his life had been “flipped upside down” by the process, which included being on bail for two years and being warned he faced the prospect of a 12-year jail term and being put on the sex offender’s register for life.

Prosecution barrister Jerry Hayes accused police of “sheer incompetence” over the case.

Before the trial the defence team had repeatedly asked for the phone messages to be handed over but was told there was “nothing to disclose”.

Met Police chief warns officers could be moved from frontline to tackle rape cases

METROPOLITAN Police Commissioner Cressida Dick claims police officers could have to be moved from frontline duties to tackle the growing crisis associated with disclosure in rape cases

Scotland Yard launched a review of 600 sex assault allegations amid fears that scores of investigations could have been tainted by a failure to fully investigate and disclose digital evidence.

But Commissioner Dick warned that the extra workload this is placing on her officers means she will have to consider moving resources from other areas of policing.

The Commissioner insisted said she took the non-disclosure matter “very seriously” but said the vast amount of material that had to be examined during investigations made the task extremely difficult.

She said: “This is something that’s causing I know, the public a lot of concern, not just in London, but beyond. Something I’m taking very seriously indeed. I’d like to say that I’m absolutely clear, my officers do act fairly, they do act impartially.

From Daily Express May 24, 2018.

June 24th 2022

23 Jun, 2022 16:09 HomeWorld News

Death row UK fighter in Donbass warns family ‘time running out’

Aiden Aslin has told his relatives that British officials have failed to make contact

British mercenary Aiden Aslin in a courtroom in Donetsk. © AP

British national Aiden Aslin, who was captured in the midst of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, has told his family that his death sentence will likely be carried out.

Earlier this month, the court in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) sentenced Aslin, his compatriot Shaun Pinner, and Moroccan Saaudun Brahim to death. The three men, who fought on the Ukrainian side, were found guilty of mercenarism, terrorist offenses and attempting to overthrow the government of the republic.

Aslin’s family told the BBC on Wednesday that he called them on the phone and said he had been warned by DPR representatives that his “time is running out.”

“There are no words; just no words. It’s got to be everyone’s worst nightmare to have a member of your family threatened in this way,” the fighter’s grandmother, Pamela Hall, said.

She told the outlet Aslin was “extremely upset” while talking to his mother. “The bottom line is Aiden has said the DPR has told him nobody from the UK has made contact, and that he will be executed,” she said.

Russia condemns ‘arrogant’ note from London

Comment The British ruling classes are arrogant. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told U.K war fantasists it was laudible to fight as mercenaries in Ukraine where they could kill Russians. This was on top of endless calls to supply weapons and ordnance to prolong the necessary war on Ukraine. That war was provoked by NATO. If these glory hunters had returned, we would never have heard the last of the boasting.

We are not supposed to know that U.K rabble rousing for Ukraine moralising hypcritical profit motivated war war. The resulting sanctions , especiakky on oil and gas, are the main reason for the cost of living crisis, inflation and strikes. Ukraine should be noyhing to with U.K. But blustering Boris, all you see is a blussterringg toggrr nordrd pstroniing buffoon interferring more in Europe than before Brexit.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

June 22nd 2022

June 20th 2022

Act The Part

by Miss Roberta Jane Cook

More Tortuous Drivel From Churchill wannabe Doris Johnson.
As a former truck Driver -before fascists police state Britain’s NAZI police and Dr C R Ramsay of Whiteleaf Aylesbury, to which my youngest son was sectioned for having a brain,had me labelled a paranoid delusional bi polar schizophrenic with ‘abnormal psycholology – I learned how much fuel diesel trucks use.
So using all of my officially diagnosed insanity – which means I must bet be telling the truth – it is obvious that anti Russia sanctions on oil and Potash are driving the astronomical rise in food and other pricies..
The elite rely on the masses having normal moron chav consumerits zombie psychology, which is how they expect to get away with it. We are supposed to care that some of these morons took the appropriately named Truss at her word. Theywent on to break international\law to fight as mercenaries against Russia for Donbas human rightights abusing ‘Brave Little Ukraine.’
There are obviously a plethora of Blairite laws that dictate that I must know or should have known, which means i cannot fully express myself regarding these caged men pictured above.
I have to say, however, that I have no sympathy for them.The logoic here is that the U K Foreign Secretary Truss, supporting such ignorant people in their vain glory hunting, means that she would approve all U.K men going to kill Russians in Ukraine if they wanted to. Tthat is an effective declaration of war on Russia, addded to all the rabble rousing and arms shipments.
Julian Assange, takinng refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy until Trump’s government organised regime change in Ecuador to have him evicted into the hands of U.K’s facist polic for a show trial and extradition to U.S.A.
This picture shows a group of people, notably Reuters journalists and their guides, about to be murdered by U.S helicopter born forces during the second Anglo U.S led illegal war on Iraq. The purpose of this war crime was to stop the media seeing evidence of more war crimes by the Anglo American forces.
The first Gulf War was justified by lies about human rights issues when it was all about pushing up oil prices, Iraq having breached the OPEC agreement – and Iraq violating the so called democracy of Kuwait, which the U.S encouraged Iraq to invade..
The second Gulf War was bsed on lies about Sadam Hussein being responsible for 9 / 11 and having weapons of mass destruction. The British senior U.N weapons inspector Dr David Kelly died myseriously as a result of announcing that no such weapons existed. All bar one of the 9 / 11 hi jacking Twin Tower mass killers were from Anglo U.S favourite; Saudi Arabia- a place well known for human rights abuses and war crimes..
Now, Julian Assange is to be extradited to the United states for a show trial based on trumped up charges of spying. This is a human rigthts issue, but the Anglo U.S elite decide on what constitutes justice. These are matters where their monety and power comes first. It is the same story in Ukraine.
Tory Prime Minister John Major & his baying government, followed on where tyannical know all Thatcher left off, selling off the State railway system to city financiers. Members of the public also bought the cheap undervalued shares and sold them on cheaply at twice the price. The whole process was a disaster for the railways and public safety.

Winslow’s new rail station nearing completion on the old Oxford Cambridge railway line. this vital rail linkj was was closed in 1967 by the arrogant vain selof important feminist Labour Transport Minister Dame Barbara Castle, the very same year they started building the giant new town of Milton Keynes – into which it ran on the western side from Oxford , exiting east to Bedford and Cambridge – see ‘More of Milton Keynes, Building on the Vision’ by Robert Cook. There seems to be no end to Britain’s appalling self centred governments, or their lies.

Following weeks of negotiations between the union Rail Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and employers – Network Rail, various train companies and the London Underground – over pay and benefits schemes, the organization said in a statement that “no viable settlements to the disputes have been created.”

The union accused the Conservative government of “transport austerity.” According to the RMT, cutting £4 billion of funding from Britain’s transport system has resulted in decreased benefits for workers, job cuts, worsening practices and even pay cuts.

“In the face of this massive attack on our people the RMT cannot be passive. So today, having heard the reports on the discussions that have been taking place we are confirming that the strike action scheduled to take place on 21st, 23rd and 25th June will go ahead,” the union announced.

UK disposable income to fall at fastest rate since 1950s – report

Peaceful protest doesn’t work where emotions are involved and achieves nothing from the powerful beyond platitudes. Peaceful protest also makes the system look tolerant, as if it cares and really is a democracy.

Police powers to control reporting protests where tempers are rising or the subject and motives not to police or political elite taste, have been significantly enhanced under a series of governments starting with Blair and reaching totalitarian powers under Doris Johnson.

Doris has a team of script writers but never seems to memorise the lines. Hence Doris is always looking down at the expertly written lines and acting the part of a cloned Winnie Churchill.

Government response to the three planned rail strikes is to make striking illegal and allow agency workers to step in just like the good old days of the General Strike in 1926, when posh students drove the buses. How these comfortable people bleat and rage over rail strikers. Meanwhile the system modernises and is even rebuilding the Oxford to Cambridge railway line which was closed in 1967 by arrogant bourgeois tax inspector’s daughter, feminist Labour Transport Minister Dame Barbara Castle.

Nerdy boffins and endless wars have done wonders for technology. Sadly, however, the promises of better lives for all of us, made in the swinging sixties, have only benefitted the rich and greedy. Computers are used to monitor everything we do : linked to cameras that keep watch. Of course it is all in the name of our safety.

Diversity is another great con. Transsexuals, for example, are encouraged to see themselves as part of the LGBTQI community of politically correct people. They are not supposed to see themselves as women. If they do, the likes of bigot feminist goddess – author of the polarised good versus evil Harry Potty upper class school drivel – will descended with her thought and public toilet police. This is because transsexuals have gone to all the trouble of exposing themselves to vicious narrow minded feminist nut cases – as well as the ‘he 4 she brigade – so they can rape all of the nation’s gorgeous sexy irresistible women over the lavatory pan. You cannot be an individual. The elite have brought religion back big time, under cover of tolerance for Islam – telling us we can all worship God in our own way.

Consequently god’s existence can now no longer be questioned or ridiculed.  Diversity is top down. The elite can do as they like, regardless of race. Monarchy is back big time, with new born saint Prince Charles, acting the part and memorising his script. Prince Andrew, like certain Royals before him, has been written out of the Royal script , at least for the time being. Meanwhile, Doris Johnson is doing all he can to prolong and exploit Russia’s inevitable response to NATO ‘s interference and lust for Ukraine.

The rich have their parts, writing their own scripts. The masses are puppets speaking obedient nonsense along with acceptable prejudices, wired in like talking dolls and teddy bears. Pull the string and they say the right thing. Defective people like me get the label, paranoid personality disorder, schizophrenic, delusional and bi polar.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

June 16th 2022

Fag packet politics  – By Jack Peat
From The London Economic.
Good morning. Boris Johnson’s landmark food strategy for England, aimed at tackling the soaring cost of food, childhood hunger, obesity and the climate emergency, contains virtually no new measures to do any of that, early analysis of a leaked white paper shows. Among the measures included are proposals to ramp up intensive fish farming practices and increase the amount of “responsibly sourced wild venison” that makes its way to our plates. The strategy has been described as “bordering on preposterous” by Labour, while Greenpeace described it as “worse than half-baked”. 

The leaked food strategy, which could spark a mini rebellion in the farming communities of Tiverton and Honiton in the by-election next week, comes during a busy policy week for the Conservatives, who are seizing this moment of relative calm to deliver their agenda. It will give voters the chance to see what the party is made of away from the successive scandals that have rattled the administration without (yet) toppling it. 

On Tuesday, the first flight will depart the UK headed for Rwanda with an estimated 30 migrants on board, many of whom will have spent their life savings reaching our shores only to be sent back to a country with a questionable human rights record and bleak economic prospects. When the policy was first announced by Priti Patel, whose own parents arrived in England ‘with literally nothing’, most people thought it was a dead cat policy designed to distract voters from the ongoing Partygate scandal. But, as it turns out, it isn’t. That was actually their idea – to combat people trafficking by, effectively, becoming people traffickers themselves.

Then there is the new housing policy, announced last week, the self-styled ‘Benefits To Bricks’ initiative that shows little more than faux concern for those on low incomes and is shamelessly Thatcherite in its conception. The Conservative’s grand idea to fix the housing crisis and play lip service to their ‘levelling-up’ credentials effectively amounts to giving Universal Credit claimants – who have been pretty occupied with the escalating cost-of-living crisis – the right to buy their own homes in future by “turning benefits into bricks.” While the proposals might sound attractive on the surface, mainly due to their simplicity, all they will succeed in doing – at least without a plan to increase the number of social houses – is choke the supply of affordable housing when homelessness is rising and over a million households are stuck on the waiting list. Genius, right? 

You might wonder how plans to deal with food security, immigration and housing can be so woefully hashed out, but the answer is quite simple. Boris Johnson has no interest in the details of his policies. As long as they can fit on the back of a fag packet – send them to Rwanda, turn ‘benefits into bricks’ – then he’s confident he can get voters on side, even the ones who will be poorer for it. 

His disdain for the minutiae will be put on a pedestal over the next few weeks in relation to the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was the prime minister’s fag packet solution to one of Brexit’s most pressing problems. Legislation to override parts of the deal will be set out today and could have far-reaching consequences for the UK’s standing on the international stage. But whatever the outcome, the move is mainly symbolic, as it represents the tectonic shift that has occurred within British politics since the Good Friday Agreement was brokered by groups of people who cared about one thing over anything else: detail. Bereft of that, it all comes crumbling down, and so we have seen. 

Comment by Miss Roberta Jane Cook. The Johnson Government is utterly appalling. Lockdown was ludicrous, with Britain leading the panic, destroying small businesses. Then Churchill Wannabe, head jutting forward of his expensively suited bulk, Boris breaks his own rules. during lockdown , an innocent, maybe foolish youg woman, is raped and murdered by one of the Met Police’s sick and seedy officers whose nickname was the rapist, using lockdown darkness for false arrest. He was all kitted up for the crime..

Brexit never really happened, but the Irish deal is an outrage. Still the greedy bankers got the best of it – 22 % increase in their bonueses this year.. The masses lost all the advantges of easy travel to and in Europe. Johnson took it on himself with Trusty Truss Witless Wallace, to make the most of NATO’S regime change war on Russia. Meanwhile the ‘asylum seekers’ still come in large numbers from the chaos of Africa, a convenient source of cheap labour for profit hungry capitalists who have no time for the idigenous masses. Their idea of quality is about divide and rule, levelling people down to the gutter if possible. The infrastructure cannot cope with mass immigration, where the burden falls at the bottom

The Platinum Jubilee was about looking up and knowing our place. God is back to , via a religious tolerance for Islam and freedom to worship in choesn way. Worship is another ritualistice distraction, along with knee bending footballers, driving home our ‘white guilt’ for slavery and racism which so benefitted the masses of nineteenth century Britain, but apparently not the rich and Royalty.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook, returning from Stoke Mandeville Hospital today, after cancer investigations. Her mother died in this hard pressed hospital, in a mixed sex ward in August 2008. In an ever expanding town the NHS struggles to meet demand. Roberta commented ‘ I can’t complain about how I was treated today. The staff were kind courteous, , competent, efficent and nice to me.A Nigerian nurse told me ‘ I like it here. I feel safe. There was too much violence in my country. There were criminals with guns. A lot of shooting.’

June 14th 2022

Simplistic Symbolism

I took the above picture of the 1960s revolutionary BMC ( British Motor Corporation ) 1100 over the Jubilee weekend , when it was returning from a nostalgia event. Those were the days just before BMC merged with asset strippers Leyland. The rest is history. Donald Stokes gave way to Thatcher’s hatchet man Sir Michael Edwards. This was all part of Thatcher’s purge on State industry and revenge on the Trade Unions.

So we come to the rail strike. I was a frequent visitor with business in London during the last major tube strike. Being trapped with the masses getting in or out of London during such events isn’t pleasant.  However, the British money grabbing elite – including bankers with their 22 % rise in bonuses this year – have wrecked the railways as a safe public service. Railway Modernisation from their point of view means less and ever cheaper labour working on Britain’s very expensive inefficient railways. Not for the elite the hardships of financing Boris Johnson et al vote grabbing and their hypocritical role in NATO’s proxy war on Russia. The Jubilee has been a wonderful  emotional smokescreen all the more remarkable because some leading Royal figures wanted the disgraced Prince Andrew to out front with the rest of these simplistic symbols of past glories.

The British Empire and its U.S offspring, was built on extreme violence. This Anglo U.S joint enterprise did much to promote conditions form World War Two, by punishing the German people for World War One- when Germany was headed by Kaiser Wilhelm II, an inbred cousin of the British and Russian Kings squabbling over the empires. As now, the masses had to pay with their lives when needed. So we roll on with drivel about the Britain only getting 9% of its oil from Russia – having squandered its own on big oil conglomerates from the 70s to 90s. They rely on indoctrinated masses to miss the reality of a global oil market, so with majority supplier shut out by the simplistic symbolism of sanctions, Britain’s creation, serial human rights abusing Saudi Arabia reap record profits through Draconian price rises for little extra investment. I know, from 12 years as a truck driver, before official police lies – a very prevalent and nasty evil in Britain’s per version of democracy – that trucks consume a lot of diesel which is a key factor in delivering goods at every stage of production.

Maybe more people will have to use buses wherever they can, but who will pay for the extra fuel costs. Then there is the question of who pays for all\ the self righteous supply of British weaponry and ordnance to the alleged victims of Russian aggression. The rich are getting very rich and only selective miseries from Ukraine will be reported in the so called free west.

The average westerner, especially lie loving Britain, lives in boxes. That it is why LGBTQI , Terf feminists and BLM are so useful. It is the thinking behind stoking up Royalism, footballers knee bending, drivel about levelling up and diversity. Behind it all is elite greed. The elite do not like individuals. Requiring me, under police direction, to take anti psychotic drugs to complete my sex change, thus to join the LGBTQI crowd, says it all.

As I wrote yesterday, only 7000 people own 90% of Britain, with the masses, 90% of U.K population living on the other 10%.  The pampered protected elite , claiming to act in national interest, have no problem condemning and labelling those affected by mass immigration for alleged asylum seekers – and those bombed out by Anglo British elite neo colonial wars. These are wars where the crimes are so bad that Julian Assange, who get no serious mainstream media coverage, is unlikely ever to be freed = because he exposed them. This is the way of life Anglo U.S led NATO thought it had entrenched in Russia. Yeltsin fell to Putin, so this moralising hypocritical elite, with brilliant propagandists, provoked Russia over Ukraine, which according to international law, should never have been a candidate for NATO. These hypocrites roll on to frighten Scandinavia into joining their club. The feminisation of weste4rn politics means that those countries are easily scared. We are being ruled by con merchants and simplistic symbolism. 

Miss Roberta Jane Cook June 14th 2022

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

June 12th 2022

Nothing Left To Lose

by Roberta Jane Cook

Education is something I took for granted while growing up in 1950s rural England.  Myths about British Empire gave kids something to believe in and a world where one might aspire toward worthwhile living.

Though never seeing myself as poor, we had little more than hope. Reality was an empty stomach. Frequent visits to our family’s numerous North London relatives meant seeing lots of bombs sites, with lessons about ‘the war.’ The welfare state had its limits.  Laws were made and ultimately administered by the rich and powerful.  Simply from my earliest observations onwards, school taught me about power, with its associated phenomena of tyrannical teachers, liars and bullies.

In my day, the University of East Anglia was a small elitist establishment of 3000 students.  My student era was the one of ‘peace and love’ with posturing spoiled students protesting against the Vietnam War.

These people reverted to type and lucrative careers, many going into law, the Civil Service and politics. ‘Peace & Love’ became ‘ethical foreign policy’ but didn’t rule out war. This became the age of pseudo moral wars, sophisticated propaganda deluding masses into a new belief , a new inclusive psychological empire for which common folk could suffer and die as of old.

So from the carnage of Thatcher’s election winning 1982 Falklands War, the Anglo U.S  War Crimes in Middle East, to their NATO engineered proxy war on Russia, the masses obediently rally to support Ukraine, responding to BBC outrage that 3 British mercenaries- a type egged on by Stentorian Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, to break international law- face the death penalty in Donbas.

British elites are relishing their role in Regime Change Russia. The cost of living crisis due to anti Russia sanctions , is just one more worthy sacrifice for the greater good of the British elite. It will take a lot of time and luck to offset the carbon footprint of this war, so prolonged by British elite meddling and mass stupidity.

Only 7000 people own 90% of the United Kingdom and its extreme wealth. They are the voice of the nation. They are the people represented by what our elite media and gravy train politicians like to call our ‘representative democracy’  The same is true in the United States. Britain is already the most densely populated country in the western world, where 90 % of the population live on 10% of the land.  Wealthy ‘liberals’, most notably now Prince Charles, suggests that the 90% should welcome an endless flow of Third World alleged asylum seekers, with all the social , health and economic impact, into their10% of the land. Facts of how recent elite western resource and power grabbing wars have caused that migrant flow, so handy for cheap labour and elite profit, are never mentioned – the masses mostly unable to make connections, facing labels and prosecutions if they do.

Hence ,it is essential to sell the myth of multi culture, as childhood me was sold those of empire, to a new generation of school kids.  In this respect, Gareth Southgate’s famous fouling, knee bending, diving, diverse , equality loving team of football playing millionaires play a key role. Icing on the cake is Prince William of half Spencer lineage – a family of dubious and ruthless history- as head of the F.A ( Football Association ) . He is cement  to keep people fixed in their place, with him destined to be king of the hill. In this increasingly repressive social order, with all its clever ‘democratic’ word play, we are supposed to blindly support more powerful arms to and even risk world war over Ukraine.

All of this for a smokescreen and military mythology, so that NATO can consolidate Ukraine’s puppet status, grab more resources for its elite , then march on through Russia to China and the ultimate New World Order . The mystery of Covid 19, with all the NHS hand ritual hand clapping, should be seen in this context. All of this is to the rallying cry of ‘protecting our occasional freedoms’ not our freedom, which we have never had and never will have.

Even free thinking is effectively wiped out because if something cannot be said, it cannot be repeated, remembered, consolidated with others, or thus form the basis of any action that the ruling elite do not approve.  This is a new world order, where borrowing from Kris Kristofersen, ‘Freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose and nothing don’t mean nothing when its free.’

Epitome of an unequal British Society and Perversion of the term democracy. This is the land of ever increasing public space, right into your home, Draconian Police Powers, all in the name of protecting women, children and ethic minorities. Innocent people are routinely arrested, framed and prosecuted by institutionally corrupt and target driven police and a prosecution service all in the name of the Crown.

Mainstream media recently described the conveniently
Covid stricken and absent Prince Andrew as a disaster rather than a person known to have had sex with a minor on numerous occasion, allegedly causing the girl vaginal bleeding. Mummy Queen paid the £12 million to shut down the case. This is the country that has gone out of its way to escalate a highly profitable war in Ukraine, provoked by NATO because they would not respect the MINSK AGREEMENT or do anything about their puppet government’s human rioghts abuses in the Donbas. No country does hypocrisy, corruption, propaganda and cover ups better than the British.
Miss Roberta Jane Cook
Queen Elizabeth II ends historic Jubilee with vow to carry on The 96-year-old monarch, who has been troubled by mobility problems, appeared for the first time in person since Thursday on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the Trooping the Colour military parade.
As Britons thank Queen Elizabeth for 70 years, monarchy looks to future
While millions watched the Platinum Jubilee festivities to thank Queen Elizabeth and reflect on her 70 years on the British throne, for the monarchy itself, the four-day celebrations have also very much been about looking to the future.

UK’s Sainsbury’s faces investor vote on workers pay amid cost of living crisis Shareholders in Sainsbury’s will get to vote on a resolution at next month’s annual meeting calling for Britain’s second biggest supermarket group to commit to paying the so-called real living wage to all its workers by July 2023. READ FULL ARTICLE ›

June 6th 2022

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken (Paperback)
The Secret Barrister (author)

Shortlisted for Waterstones Book of the Year 2018.  Doing for the law what Do No Harm did for medicine, this explosive exposé brilliantly uncovers the cracks in British justice’s legal crown.

I’m a barrister, a job which requires the skills of a social worker, relationship counsellor, arm-twister, hostage negotiator, named driver, bus fare-provider, accountant, suicide watchman, coffee-supplier, surrogate parent and, on one memorable occasion, whatever the official term is for someone tasked with breaking the news to a prisoner that his girlfriend has been diagnosed with gonorrhoea.

Welcome to the funny, often moving and ultimately life-changing stories of life inside the courtroom. Welcome to the world of the Secret Barrister.

How can you defend a child-abuser you suspect to be guilty? What do you say to someone sentenced to ten years who you believe to be innocent? What is the law and why do we need it? And why do they wear those stupid wigs?

From the criminals to the lawyers, the victims, witnesses and officers of the law, here is the best and worst of humanity, all struggling within a broken system which would never be off the front pages if the public knew what it was really like.

The Secret Barrister does for criminal justice what Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm did for medicine, moving beyond the arcane jargon, televised drama and shaded mystery that cloaks the realities of the British legal system to get at the truth beneath. A tour de force of lived experience and knowledge, it reveals the hidden cracks in our once-formidable legal crown. The result is a powerful indictment of the British justice system that emerges as one of the year’s truly necessary releases. Both a searing first-hand account of the human cost of the criminal justice system, and a guide to how we got into this mess, the Secret Barrister wants to show you what it’s really like and why it really matters.

The Secret Barrister is a fiery, first-hand account of the human and fiscal costs of the criminal justice system in this country and the havoc it wreaks on individuals and communities; it should be required reading.” – Richard Humphreys, Waterstones Biography Buyer

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781509841141
Number of pages: 320
Weight: 273 g
Dimensions: 196 x 130 x 31 mm


‘A vicious polemic, a helpful primer and a cringe -inducing account of one barrister’s travails’ – The Daily Telegraph

‘…this entertaining book is delivered with great skill…at once a lament and a celebration’ – The Times

‘Fluently and engagingly written…a copy of this book should be placed on the desk of every judge, every trainee lawyer, every would-be lawyer, every politician, and every minister responsible for the legal system’ – The Literary Review

‘An expert and eloquent account of much that has gone wrong with our criminal law procedures: this book is accurate, informative and sensibly points the way to pragmatic reforms’ – Geoffrey Robertson QC

‘Funny, angry, mordant, social satire, reform manifesto – The Secret Barrister offers them all in this legal tour de force. Told through often heart-rending stories of victims and victors in a game of legal roulette, a quest for decency and proper standards of legal service shines through the bleakness. If the Secret Barrister has her or his way, it might happen a bit more often. Read this book, hope and pray’ – Andrew Adonis

‘Its stories of how the law often fails those whom it is meant to protect – how do barristers feel when someone they believe to be innocent gets banged up for five years? – make for gripping reading.’ – John Crace, The Guardian

‘Funny, frightening, frequently infuriating but above all profoundly human. As a sensitive and knowledgeable storyteller, the Secret Barrister does for lawyers what James Herriot did for vets.’ – James O’Brien

‘Stories of The Law and How It’s Broken is mordantly clear, chillingly well-observed and terrifyingly funny. I have rarely read a book that filled me with greater fury. Read this, give it to friends, share the Secret Barrister’s testimony with strangers – it’s a rare and righteous thing’ – A.L.Kennedy

‘Dishes the dirt – or serves up a slice of reality – on what barristers do’ – The Times

‘Eye-opening, damning and hilarious’ – Tim Shipman, author of All Out War and Fall Out

‘This book takes the reader deep into our battered criminal justice system.’ – The Times            

‘Above all a plea to rescue a justice system that is utterly broken.’ – The Guardian

Comment I have over 14 years of police taking me to court with intent to use fabricated evidence and withhold anything that would help me. I cannot detail my current trial excpet to say I am facing up to 5 years, or the mental hospital if I am lucky. Obviously I will die before in in one such place, and am already suspected of bowel cancer Julian Assange is anothert example of Britain’s PerVersion of Democracy. Nice Tory Grandees like Julian Rees Mogg like to casll it Representative Democracy. If it represents anything, it is corruption neo imperiaslism and the very rich. I have struggled this far in the hope of saving what is left of my sons lives, but I am beyond hope now. Most lawyers are in it for the money. British justice is a contradiction in terms, an absurdity. It is a strange feeling, facing death. My son Kieran shares the same thoughts, wondering why he should bother anymore oin a country where a secret malicious criminal record has deprived him of the chance of a reasonasble living, commensurate with his hard won and excellent qualificstions. Britain has advanced way beyond the start of a NAZI Police State. Me Too does not apply to high ranking swtate officials. The likes of popular Johnny Depp are something else. His torrid masculinity is too popular with feminine females who need feminist brain washing. He is also an unacceptable and dangerous male role model in this age of dumbed down people who must be herded into one of the sheep pens.

Britain’s elite are oppressive con artists. They love using words like democracy and community.The massses are desperate for a sense of identity and rallying point. The war in Ukraine suits Boris, not the cost of living created by U.K interference there has caused.
The LGBTQI have a community where they can be safe from Islamic Communities who see them as an affront to God’s order. The platinum celebrtaion was all about bringing together the irreconcileable in a solidarity rituls of fancy dress. Thatt is how desperate the elite are , to fool the sheeple of Britain, where you can be anything but individual, need a licence to protest as do journalists to report of what protestors are doing. New Labour opened the door to extending public space and a plethora of new laws every year, for the sake of youu ‘freedoms’ not your freedom.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 17th 2022

Private papers show extent of row between Patel and police leaders

Vikram Dodd Police and crime correspondent

Ukrainian fighters evacuated from besieged Mariupol steel plantCelebrity sorcerers! Find out WITCH stars dabble in the occult…

The home secretary faces fresh criticism over plans described by chief constables and police and crime commissioners (PCCs) as a “power grab”.Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

It comes as the Guardian publishes private documents at the centre of an extraordinary row between Priti Patel and police leaders.

The backlash came after an attempt by the government to redraft a written protocol that tries to define where the responsibility lies in policing.

The row at the top of the criminal justice system in England and Wales centres on the Home Office’s attempt to revise the policing protocol, which was first produced in 2011 and came into force in January 2012.

The Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael, accused the home secretary of trying to micromanage policing around England and Wales from her office in Whitehall.

Read More Private papers show extent of row between Patel and police leaders (msn.com)

What a Police State Britain Is In- Comment

By Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

One wonders why we have a Police College with its own Chief Constable because no one in the crucial feminazi media world listens to it. A while ago , reported on here, the college argued that the wrong people were at the top and promoting more of the same. Now they report that the police should back away from being thought police to fight real crime. But in these enlightened times ( sic ) , that is an outrageous idea. Thought control is vital to elite dominated ‘liberal democracy Britain.’ It would fall apart without it.

It says on the back of my press card that I am a police approved news gatherer. I am not so insane as the State wishes to label me, to think we don’t need police. They have helped me with books and stories. I was sufficiently respected for a Chief Superintendent friend to invite me on to the Crime Prevention panel. But old fashioned officers like him are ridiculed today.

The Police are sold to women as protectors. When officers are revealed as sex offenders, Couzens being the latest known worst case, all men are blamed. The police must remain unaccountable, free to lie to an equally corrupt Crown Prosecution Service (CPS ) which Starmer used to head. ‘Public ( Class ) interest is used to shut down action against vile corrupt police. Frightened females, oblivious of where this is leading, excited by the men in uniforms, will egg this vile process of further empowering an already unaccountable police force which will happily lock up their sons, fathers and husbands without need of evidence, as I know from 14 years on the receiving end of their malice and lies.

As for Patel making a power grab, it is the other way round. The Police and Crime Commissioners have made the power grab. Like feminists, they don’t want to give it up and want more. That is POLICE STATE BRITAIN. People who are not rich or brain dead should be very afraid – but not of Russia and the neo McCarthyism..

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook, living in fear of the British Police and Police State BRITAIN.

RAF orders Typhoon fighter jets to Yorkshire to ‘rapidly defend UK airspace’ from threats

James Lee 

Trump news – live: Ex-president makes last ditch effort to save Madison…Julia Fox sparks debate by saying Amber Heard was not ‘powerful’ enough to…

With tension building over the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the application of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, fears are mounting that the conflict could spill over into mainland Europe. Normally based in RAF Lossiemouth, two Typhoon jets have now been moved to RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

Writing of the move, the RAF’s website hinted the move was to be more prepared on a national scale.

It said the aim was to “ensure the fighter jets are always ready to respond at a moment’s notice”.

Read More RAF orders Typhoon fighter jets to Yorkshire to ‘rapidly defend UK airspace’ from threats (msn.com)

A Finest Hour Moment, Comment From Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Videos of Churchill finest hour speech in full

Hitler made enormous mistakes, starting by alienating and scapegoating the Jews. Britain did not enter the war to save Jews anymore than entering this one to save Zelensky. Germany could have overrun toff led Britain in 1940, and lots of U.K toffs and oppressed despised working class people would have welcomed Nazism – which we have now anyway.

I had my illusions about Britain and deferring to my betters , brainwashed at school, the where the classroom globe was mainly painted red for the British Empire. BLM are helping the elite cover all that up now.

So enter Churchill MKII, buffoon Boris – BJ to his Bullingdon Club hearty toff friends who run this U.K excuse for a democracy. His class have no concern for the lower orders. They must make way for the greater good of the rich.

‘Never in the field of human hardship

‘Was so much taken from so many for so few

‘We shall fight the masses on all the media

‘Lie to you that we’ve freed yah

‘We shall never surrender

‘We will have a great endless bender

‘We make the laws you must obey

‘You will never have your say

‘You have football and too much booze

‘We elite must always win, you must lose. ‘

Miss Roberta Jane Cook Writing in fear.

Trembling Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 16th 2022

Dr Strange actress Zara Phythian and husband jailed for abuse of underage girl

Dr Strange actress Zara Phythian has been jailed for eight years for the historical sexual abuse of a girl who was aged between 13 and 15.Phythian (left) and Marke deny all the allegations© PA Phythian (left) and Marke deny all the allegations

Her husband, Victor Marke, has been given a 14-year sentence in prison by Judge Mark Watson at Nottingham Crown Court after the couple were found guilty last week.

The judge told Marke: “I regard you as the driving force behind the abuse.

“You were clearly aware of this first incident but pretended to be asleep.”

Read More Dr Strange actress Zara Phythian and husband jailed for abuse of underage girl (msn.com)

Judy Murray has talked for the first time about being indecently assaulted

Bev Lyons

Celebrity tennis coach Judy Murray has talked for the first time about being sexually assaulted

Judy Murray has talked for the first time about being indecently assaulted, as she has asked more men to challenge sexism and misogyny.

Tennis coach Judy, who is mum to Wimbledon champs Andy and Jamie, told The Sunday Post she was ‘badly shaken and distressed’ following the assault at a function.

Judy said she had been inspired to speak out following recent news of a sexist after-dinner speech at the Scottish Football Writers’ Association Awards, where people walked out.

She added that she was dismayed women were still expected to tolerate such behaviour in 2022 and men who join women in to condemn it can change things.

Judy, who was sat beside the man at a function, said: “Towards the end of the meal, it was clear he had quite a bit to drink and he put his hands on my knee.

Read More Judy Murray has talked for the first time about being indecently assaulted (msn.com)

Comment More to follow on Hate Male Page.

Labour MPs accused of deafening silence over booing of Prince William

Richard Marsden And Andy Russell For The Daily Mail

Labour MPs have been criticised for failing to condemn Liverpool football fans who booed Prince William and the National Anthem at the FA Cup final.

When contacted by the Daily Mail, none of the city’s MPs responded to requests for comment – a situation one Tory MP described as ‘disappointing but not surprising’.

There were jeers as the Duke of Cambridge, president of the Football Association, was introduced to Chelsea and Liverpool players before kick-off on Saturday afternoon.

Read More Labour MPs accused of deafening silence over booing of Prince William (msn.com)

May 11TH 2022

Sir Keir Starmer is hit by mass Labour walkout

Harriet Line For The Daily Mail  

Sir Keir Starmer has been hit by a Left-wing revolt in Wakefield as the entire 16-strong local party executive walked out in a row over candidate selection.

Ahead of a forthcoming crunch by-election in the Red Wall city, the constituency Labour Party executive committee said it was quitting en masse in protest at the lack of a local candidate.

Members also claim the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) have not kept to the party’s rules about by-elections.

Read More Sir Keir Starmer is hit by mass Labour walkout (msn.com)


As former Head of U.K’s Corrupt Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS ) , Starmer is not fit for public office. In am in battle with the CPS at the moment, facing 5 years in jail , with the inevitability of my suicide. The stress of this situation has led me to reduce my correspondents and the rate of new stories and comments. This is because the problem with the CPS , under police direction, routinely withholds key evidence to ensure convictions and promotion. I have witnessed this first hand. They and the notoriously unaccountable corrupt police decide what is relevant because they are taking advantage of usually vulnerable working class and ethnic alleged offenders.

I used to lecture in criminology at Aylesbury College. The majority of offenders in those days were , and still are, working class. But as Chief Prosecutor that didn’t bother Starmer, Because of women’s rights and protecting the system , as Harriet Harman said : ‘Better lock up an innocent man than let a guilty one go free.’ As my Crown Court case progresses , I see the CPS have not reformed. It is a frightening experience.

Starmer’s family background was aspiring upper working class, but his legal background put him above all that. He comes across as a Champagne socialist talking down to working class voters. But in the last analysis there is no worthwhile alternative. Starmer has had it easy. There is little distance between him and the Blairites. Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 11th 2022

Cops appeal jail terms for taking pictures of murdered sisters at crime scene

Faye Brown

Democrats lose Senate vote to codify abortion rights 49-51 – liveOlivia Attwood breaks down in tears as she admits she has ‘layers’ fans haven’t seenDeniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis were jailed for two years and nine months at a hearing last December after pleading guilty to misconduct in a public office (Picture: PA/SWNS)© Provided by Metro Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis were jailed for two years and nine months at a hearing last December after pleading guilty to misconduct in a public office (Picture: PA/SWNS)

Two former police officers who took pictures of murdered sisters at a crime scene they were guarding are appealing their prison sentences.

Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis were jailed for two years and nine months at a hearing last December after pleading guilty to misconduct in a public office.

The police constables were assigned to guard the scene after Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were found dead in bushes in Fryent Country Park, Wembley, north-west London, in June 2020.

Comment When I think of all the appalling misconduct of senior officers and their favourites , I see this as anther attempt to divert attention from the real misconduct in the U.K police. Obviously their behaviour was a breach of trust and appalling, with the added sensitivity to BLM. But when so much else is wrong and unpunished it is a cause for concern. For example a senior West Mercia Officer overturning a report that three lying officers in the Plebgate affair should not face gross misconduct hearings suggests some are protected species.

But lying seems to be part of a police officers job, so long as he is not marked as someone whose face doesn’t fit. The Sue Sim affair should not be forgotten, nor the strange death of Dalian Akinson, followed by a five year cover up. It works both ways. A female protestor making a V sign at police and throwing a drink that sprayed in the direction of a police officer got 29 months. The whole policing issue and system is Orwellian. In this light , along with Jailing Julian Assange, it is a bit rich to talk of our freedoms. We will soon have to pay to breathe.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Pressure mounts on PM as Tories push for tax cuts

John-Paul Ford Rojas, political reporter 

Tory backbenchers are pushing for tax cuts after Boris Johnson was said to have shown “more than a bit of ankle” on doing so to address the cost of living crisis.Mr Johnson was accused by Labour of being 'bereft of ideas'© Reuters Mr Johnson was accused by Labour of being ‘bereft of ideas’

Jake Berry, the Conservative MP who leads a group of Tories representing northern constituencies, said it was “now or never” for Mr Johnson to act to address the squeeze on household budgets.

Sky News revealed earlier that the PM told MPs who attended a garden party in Downing Street that he thought cutting taxes was the way to address the crisis.

Read More Pressure mounts on PM as Tories push for tax cuts (msn.com)

Rayner Legs It by Roberta Jane Cook

Labour frontbencher Angela Rayner must have the most famous legs in Parliament . Allegedly she used them to mesmerise the top Commons orator Blundering Tory Leader Boorish Boris who wants funds bombing Russian troops.
Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has been sacked from her role as party chairman. She also called the Tories scum. Basically she was the better candidate for party leader than Starmer, former head of the still corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, lackey to U.K’s corrupt police and their target based prosecutions. Women leaders have to tow the Tory New Labour consensus in Police State Britain.

Labour received a drubbing in the local elections in England, losing control of a host of councils and suffering defeat at the hands of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in the Hartlepool by-election – the first time the constituency has gone blue since its inception in the 1970s.

The sacking signals cracks at the top of the party, with rows over who was to blame for the election strategy.

Speaking on Friday, leader Sir Keir Starmer said he was “bitterly disappointed” with the results and vowed to take responsibility and to fix Labour’s election woes.

Comment Voter turn out is ever lower. Britain’s so called liberal democracy is a dictatorship. Their elite’s favourite phrase is ‘defending our freedoms.’ Semantically, this elite expression is deceptive. It means you are not actually free beyond the narrow band of dubious freedoms they condescend to lend you until it suits them to withdraw whatever whenever they like, as in the name of Covid or war on Ukraine which is making the rich richer and poor poorer as did Covid.

Condescending Starmer , former head of corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, who I now know from ongoing personal experience perverts the course of justice by working hand in glove with the corrupt police to withhold crucial evidence and twist accounts in their favour – because convictions are good for careers in law , police and politics.

Blaming a woman with guts and presentable distracting female legs in a Parliament where illicit sex, drugs , war mongering, money wasting self indulgent overpaid imbeciles and porn users appear rife, is astounding hypocrisy. Arrogant rule breaking Beergate Starmer is to blame for losing local council seats in bulk. He tells his potential voters what they want, just like Blair he doesn’t care what they really need.

The media want the new National Socialist Labour and Tories. They do not like the real left, so different from the fake democrats. It is no wonder so many of us don’t bother to vote. Politicians and public servants don’t care. They are self centred and abuse the rules and laws – the police are no exception to this. Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook May 11th 2022 , with some of her paintings in the background.

Reaction as Angela Rayner sacked as party chairman
Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the decision to remove Ms Rayner was a “cowardly avoidance of responsibility”.

Angela Rayner

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has been sacked from her role as chairman after the party’s poor showing in the Super Thursday elections, PA news agency understands.

Labour received a drubbing in the local elections in England, losing control of a host of councils and suffering defeat at the hands of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in the Hartlepool by-election – the first time the constituency has gone blue since its inception in the 1970s.

The sacking signals cracks at the top of the party, with rows over who was to blame for the election strategy.

Speaking on Friday, leader Sir Keir Starmer said he was “bitterly disappointed” with the results and vowed to take responsibility and to fix Labour’s election woes.

Shove over, stale males! Meet the working-class women storming TV

Hollie Richardson 

Television is meant to be for everybody – but it isn’t. How can it be when, after nearly a century, it remains predominantly male, stale and middle-class? For decades, the industry has been talking about nurturing working-class writers at scale, rather than actually doing it. The lack of working-class voices – particularly female ones – has become so bad that the BBC admitted just two years ago that “often those from lower socio-economic backgrounds are depicted negatively, fuelled by stereotypes and seen as the object of ridicule” on screen.

But now, finally, working-class women are spearheading a big shift. So exciting is the rollcall of recent and upcoming TV shows written by working-class women that when I list them for Kit de Waal – whose BBC drama My Name Is Leon is among them – she utters two words of pure relief: “Thank fuck.”

Read More Shove over, stale males! Meet the working-class women storming TV (msn.com)

Priti Patel’s attempt to stop us protesting shows that Extinction Rebellion is winning

Aimee Meade

It really takes something to make you feel truly sorry for The Prince of Wales, but today’s Queen’s Speech is that special kind of something. Charles may be a man of unbelievable and indefensible wealth, but he also appears to be a man who understands what is happening to our planet. Yet there he was, standing in for his mother in the mother of all parliaments, delivering the mother of all low blows to his subjects.

The Government’s announcement of the public order bill seeks to reintroduce the curbs on protest recently thrown out of the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill by the Lords. It is legislation apparently designed to shut down Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain. 

Read More Priti Patel’s attempt to stop us protesting shows that Extinction Rebellion is winning (msn.com)

Uneasy times for the nation and the PM as Queen’s Speech presages tough times to come

Her Majesty watching the Queen’s Speech on her television set in Windsor Castle rather than delivering it in person.© Sky News Screen Grab

This is the first time the 96-year-old has missed the event in 59 years; uneasy times for the Royal Family and the Nation.

Uneasy times for this prime minister too.

His party suffered a drubbing in the local elections, losing nearly 500 councils seats across England, Scotland and Wales.

Read More Uneasy times for the nation and the PM as Queen’s Speech presages tough times to come (msn.com)

May 9th 2022

Keir Starmer to make statement pledging to resign if fined over Beergate claims – UK politics live

Andrew Sparrow 

Latest updates: Labour leader will promise to resign if Durham police conclude he broke lockdown rules in Durham.

Starmer to promise to resign if police conclude he broke lockdown rules


Keir Starmer will promise to resign if Durham police conclude that he broke the lockdown rules in Durham last year when he had a curry and a beer with Labour workers at the end of a day campaigning, my colleague Jessica Elgot reports.

Sir Keir Starmer pulls out of keynote speech as pressure mounts over beergate

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has pulled out of a keynote speech he is due to give today – as pressure mounts on him over so-called “beergate” claims.

After being a hugely vocal critic of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the “partygate” Downing Street gatherings during COVID lockdown, Sir Keir is now facing allegations that he too had a beer in a room with colleagues.

Sir Keir has said he was working and stopped to eat when he was filmed having a drink in Durham in April last year – at a time when rules banned household mixing indoors, apart from working.

Politics Hub: Starmer ‘will be vindicated’ over lockdown beers – latest updates from Westminster

Durham Police are now investigating the event after a leaked memo obtained by the Mail of Sunday revealed it was in fact pre-planned, in contrast to Labour’s earlier claims it was decided on the night as “nowhere served food”.

And now, the Institute for Government think tank has confirmed Sir Keir has pulled out of its event to discuss the “challenges the country faces”.

Labour did not offer an explanation as to why its party’s leader was no longer attending the gathering, which was timed to precede Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech.

Sinn Fein accuses UK government of holding people of Northern Ireland ‘to ransom’

Philip Whiteside, news reporter

Sinn Fein has told the British government it must not “hold the people and society” of Northern Ireland “to ransom” by delaying the formation of an executive to govern the country.Michelle O'Neill, who stands to become first minister of the Stormont Assembly if a government can be formed© PA Michelle O’Neill, who stands to become first minister of the Stormont Assembly if a government can be formed

Michelle O’Neill, who stands to become first minister of the Stormont Assembly if a government can be formed, urged ministers in Westminster


How Britain Wants to Rebuild the World

Tom McTague 

With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces bogged down in Ukraine, apparently unable to defeat one of the poorest nations in Europe, and China locking up millions of people in a seemingly never-ending battle to contain COVID-19, the once-ubiquitous idea of inevitable Western decline has suddenly been called into question. Out of nowhere, the free world once again stands for something, and is even showing signs of shaking itself out of its decades-long torpor.

That, at least, is the message Britain wants the United States and its allies to take from the bloody chaos and confusion that characterizes global politics today. More than that, Britain wants the West to raise its sights. Forget trying to get Moscow and Beijing to play by the rules of the game; they won’t. Forget the idea that the United Nations and the World Trade Organization are fit for purpose; they aren’t. And forget utopian beliefs about the inevitable progress of democracy; they’re mistaken.

Instead, Britain’s leaders believe that NATO should expand its mission, that the G7 should be turned into an economic weapon, and that the West, for so long embarrassed about its history and wealth, should start trusting itself again—and acting like it does.

The message is a striking one from a country that, perhaps more than any other, has over the past few years been paralyzed by its own division, strategic confusion, and myopic self-doubt. But the war in Ukraine appears to have given London an injection of energy and ambition (or, as its critics might prefer, hubris and self-delusion), a shift that has caught the attention of Moscow and Kyiv, where Britain’s sudden sense of hawkish self-belief has sparked equal measures of opprobrium and delight.

In Moscow, Britain is now portrayed as one of the West’s leading belligerents determined to stop Russia’s reemergence as a great power. State news features clips of the U.K. being annihilated with nuclear weapons. Analysts decry London as one of the two heads of the great Anglo-American dragon, more evil than Washington, while displaying images of the government’s leading hawks—Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his lesser-known foreign secretary, Liz Truss.

Before rising to her current position, Truss was often mocked in the British press for her self-promotion, particularly on Instagram, as well as for a viral video of her, tongue planted somewhere in cheek, condemning the country’s dependence on imported cheese as a “disgrace.” She has also been criticized as a shape-shifter who backed remaining in the European Union before becoming one of the government’s chief proselytizers for Brexit. Yet Truss has been as forceful as Johnson in pushing Britain’s response to Putin’s invasion, and promoting the reimagination of an international order that she admitted to me she had taken for granted.

Truss’s central idea is that the West has grown complacent since the end of the Cold War, because of a spiritual crisis in which it has forgotten what it stands for and how to defend its ideals, allowing its opponents to take advantage of its institutions and openness. She believes that the West needs to start fighting back. To do so, Truss called for the G7 to be “more institutionalized” and turned into an “economic NATO” that can defend its members from Chinese economic coercion. She also wants NATO itself to become more global in its vision, reflecting the fact that thinking of European security is now impossible without taking into account Beijing and its deepening alliance with Moscow.

“This is consciously saying the UN and the WTO have not worked to challenge this behavior,” she told me in a wide-ranging interview in her office. “This is why we really need to lean into these groupings, these partnerships—coalitions of the willing, if you like—to get things done.”

For many officials and experts in Paris, Berlin, and even Washington, Britain’s ideas are not new, just a different take on self-serving attempts to protect British influence. Leaving the EU has made Britain more dependent on the international organizations it still belongs to, such as NATO and the G7. France, in particular, believes that the real lesson of the Ukraine crisis is to empower the EU to be less reliant on the U.S., in turn freeing Washington to focus on its rivalry with Beijing.

Truss, however, countered that the last time Europe cut Britain and the U.S. out of its diplomatic efforts—when Germany and France brokered the so-called Minsk agreements between Ukraine and Russia-backed separatists following Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea—was a disaster. Truss suggested that things might have been different had London and Washington been involved from the start. “We should’ve been there,” she said. “The U.K. is the biggest European spender in NATO. The U.S. is the major force in NATO. Both the U.K. and the U.S. should’ve been involved, and we’re not going to make that mistake again.” Implicit in this is a message to the U.S. that its leadership is still needed.

Such stark language is unlikely to go down well in Paris and Berlin, where Britain’s hawkish stance toward Russia has been quietly criticized since the beginning of the conflict. According to some diplomats and officials I spoke with, Britain’s position has made reaching a cease-fire more difficult, driving up the price of peace that will be paid for with Ukrainian blood, and all in a fairly see-through attempt to restore Britain’s reputation after Brexit. Even within the U.K. government, officials have voiced concern to me that Truss’s hawkishness is partly a political play to improve her standing ahead of any contest to succeed Johnson. (British diplomats, by contrast, argue that French and German reluctance is little more than weakness dressed up as sophistication.)

Yet it is hard to dispute that the Western position on Russia’s invasion has moved in line with Britain rather than the other way around. Instead of suggesting that Britain look for “off-ramps” for Putin, Truss echoed Johnson, who has said the Russian leader “must fail and be seen to fail.” Putin, she told me, “has ambitions to create a greater Russia that is threatening to all of continental Europe and the United Kingdom. So we have an interest in both helping the Ukrainians in restoring their sovereignty and territorial integrity, making sure in the future that they are properly defended, but we also have an interest in containing Russian aggression, because that is what we have failed to do since the end of the Cold War.”

She was critical not only of the French and Germans but, implicitly, most Western leaders since the turn of the century, listing the decision to allow China into the WTO under Bill Clinton and the failure to respond adequately to Russia’s annexation of Crimea under Barack Obama as significant mistakes. Such weakness, in Truss’s view, meant that by 2022, Russia did not believe warnings from Washington, London, Paris, and Berlin. “Putin had got the message by the West’s inaction in 2014 and subsequently believed that we would carry on doing, or rather not doing, what we hadn’t been doing before,” she told me. “So they didn’t take the warning seriously.”

How Britain Wants to Rebuild the World (msn.com)

What is the UK life expectancy?

The most recent data from the ONS, published in September this year states that life expectancy at birth in the UK in 2017 to 2019 was 79.4 years for males and 83.1 years for females.

The report states that England, Wales and Scotland have among the lowest annual improvements in life expectancy at birth for both males and females.

With Sinn Féin’s victory, tectonic plates have shifted in Northern Ireland

Susan McKay

Photograph: Liam McBurney/PA

The Irish taoiseach, Micheál Martin, put it politely. It would be “undemocratic” for the Democratic Unionist party to refuse to form an executive in Belfast after the elections, he said. But the DUP will refuse to enter an executive, now that Sinn Féin has massively outpolled it, and a majority of Northern Ireland’s people has voted to have as first minister a republican whose party wants a united Ireland. Sinn Féin gained an astonishing 29% of first preference votes in Thursday’s assembly elections. The DUP got 21.3%, a drop of 6.7% on its last performance.

Read More With Sinn Féin’s victory, tectonic plates have shifted in Northern Ireland (msn.com)

May 8th 2022

Stormont future clouded in uncertainty following Sinn Fein triumph

By David Young, PA

Sinn Fein has become the largest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the first time after a historic election triumph.

While the republican party is entitled to the first minister’s role, uncertainty continues to hang over the future of the devolved legislature in Belfast.

Here are answers to some of the questions about the Stormont election result and the prospects of a return to powersharing.

– Will Michelle O’Neill become first minister?

She will certainly be entitled to the post but there is a distinct possibility Sinn Fein could be prevented from taking up the first minister’s job, in the short to medium term at least, due to a lack of a willing partner in government.

Read More Stormont future clouded in uncertainty following Sinn Fein triumph (msn.com)

May 7th 2022

Reality of New Labour Starmer Police State .

Public interest immunity is a common law principle allowing a litigant to refuse to disclose evidence to other litigants on the basis that it would be damaging to the public ( Class ) interest. During an investigation, the police may collect sensitive material which could undermine the case for the prosecution, and/or assist the case for defence. Nonetheless, it may be withheld by the Crown under the public interest immunity (PII) principle.https://www.inbrief.co.uk/police/public-interest-immunity.

Comment I have first hand experience of this and am facing jail and suicide accordingly. So stop being stupid and knocking Russia. Get wise to the reality of the U.K . Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Starmer – THE CPS HARMER- beer claim ‘smears’ could drag on for weeks, top Labour figures warn ( Who in their right honest minds should care about these fake socialists ?)

Michael Savage 

Frustration is mounting within the shadow cabinet over Durham police’s decision to re-examine lockdown breach allegations against Keir Starmer, amid claims it has robbed them of the chance to herald Labour’s progress at the local elections.

Senior figures have already been dragged into debates over the conduct of their leader as they attempted to argue that Labour’s gains signalled it was on the road to building an election-winning programme.

Read More Starmer beer claim ‘smears’ could drag on for weeks, top Labour figures warn (msn.com)

Comment Having direct experience of corrupt CPS( Crown Prosecution Service ) practice I have no time for Sir Kier Starmer. As former head of that feminist vote grabbing lying CPS, he should be seen for the hypocrite that he is. Starmer used his CPS post as his springboard into politics.

Starmer was first in line to attack idiot Boorish Johnson for his Party Gate. Lives were ruined by ludicrous lockdown Covid paranoia. Starmer should be prosecuted and sacked. Labour have nothing worthwhile to offer, but Starmer has a glamorous bourgeoise wife to collect the aggressive feminist vote. The media and some police chefs want their old CPS friend to stay in power, as one retired Durham Top cop ranted the other day. It is all about strengthening the British fear based police state. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

‘Why did the police kill my beloved boy?’: Professor wants answers

Barbara Davies for the Daily Mail 

Arthur Holscher-Emert, pictured with his adorable pet dog, was hit by a police car last week
Police killed this young man.

The call that every parent dreads came in the early hours of last Sunday morning, waking Bournemouth University Professor Jens Holscher from the depths of sleep.

‘It was 4.15am,’ he says, checking the exact time on the call list on his mobile phone. ‘A police officer asked if I had a son called Arthur and then she said that he had been in an incident involving a police car and that he was dead.’

Professor Holscher’s son, Arthur Holscher-Ermert, is the 27-year-old who died in Peacehaven, East Sussex, last Saturday night after being struck by an unmarked police BMW.

Read More ‘Why did the police kill my beloved boy?’: Professor wants answers (msn.com)

Comment Wars and Covid lockdowns are perfect cover and distraction from what is really seriously wrong with British Society. The police are a major problem. This case reminds me of Benjamin Monk. They inflict fatal injuries and then try making it look like the boy was resisting arrest. He was dying so they handcuffed him .The stories that come to light are inevitably the tip of the iceberg. Senior police officers are the root of all misconduct because they define and reinforce the culture of corruption and cover ups. West Mercia Police spent five years covering for killer cop Benjamin Monk and his partner ( a former lover ) . The inevitable ‘lessons will be learned’ smarm was delivered by the force’s new female boss.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Closing Down Soon

This site was intended to be a North Bucks News and Local History site. It has turned into a monster , read across the world but by few in Britain , no doubt due to State controls. No matter, I have done nothing to advertise and will not do so. The site will certainly close by June as I refine my suicide plan.

Coming back from Crown Court yesterday, I was mesmerised by the innocent looking two rail electric system at Amersham rail station, where the London Underground heads south to Baker Street. I realised that all I had to do was straddle those to live lines and my misery would end. My first memory of Amersham was in 1961 when visiting my poorly father at Harefield Hospital. We changed from a steam train to electric heading on to Rickmansworth. Those days were worrying. My father died the following year when I was 12.

Anyway, I have wanted to die since 2003, when my marriage was dead and thoughts of sex change seemed to me like insanity. I had written the published novel ‘Man, Maid ,Woman’ as part of a coping strategy. I should have had the courage of my convictions. Too late now. The police made sure I wasn’t taken seriously in that. So I have no choice but to kill myself. I can’t help my sons , especially Kieran, now. I am worn out like my mother was.

So I checked out death by electroction. I have had electrc shocks a few times due to messing with stuff. But electrocution is something else, replacing drowning as my preferred choice. The following is how it works.

First there is a difference in being electrocuted, and being shocked. Electrocution will always result in death. A shock, while having various degrees of pain, will not result in death.

The time it takes for you to actually die from being electrocuted, depends on the amount of amperes running through your body. Lower voltages are much more dangerous than higher voltages, as the lower the voltage the more likely it is to “grab” you and hold you. The higher voltages, while still extremely dangerous, will most likely knock you or the body part (such as your hand) away from it. The path of the electricity also depends on how quickly you die. For instance if your left hand touches a live wire that has 120 volts and your left elbow is touching a suitable ground then the path is from your hand to elbow of the same arm. This would take awile for you to die if you do at all. However if you are touching a suitable ground with your right hand, right elbow, or anywhere on your right leg, or your head then it could be anywhere from instantaneous to a minute or two, depending on your weight and health. Any voltage higher than that will almost certainly be instantaneous, provided the path of the current crosses your brain or heart.

Now just because you survive the initial electrocution, does not mean you will not die. If the path crosses your heart it can cause your heart to start beating irregularly, and you must be defibbed, in order to get it beating regularly again. If you don’t then you will die sometime later from the electrocution, even if everything seems okay.

Two men electrocuted on railway line – Mail On Line May 7th 2022

Two men, believed to be Royal Marines, were killed after they were electrocuted on a railway track early today.

The men, both in their early twenties, were found after a member of the public saw smoke and reported the smell of burning at around 1am.

British Transport Police were called to investigate and the bodies were found on the track, close to Poole station, Dorset.

Inspector Richard Allison said: “It looks at this stage as though the men were trying to take a short cut when this tragic accident occurred.

“Neither of them was on duty at the time. We are not treating it as suspicious at this time and we are giving out no details of the men until their next of kin have been informed.”

He said that the men were believed to be from the Royal Marine barracks in nearby Hamworthy. About eight police officers, ambulance crews and firefighters were called to the scene.

The line was closed and the power turned off while the emergency services dealt with the incident. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene and their bodies were taken to a mortuary.

A post-mortem examination is expected to be carried out today. The line was reopened at about 4.30am. No train services were affected.

Comment As long as I don’t upset train services, this will do me. Book into a hotel and visit the line in the early hours, time to clear up my slime. Sounds good. I do not want to live in this western style liberal democracy anymore, where my sex change is contingent on accepting being deluded about things the State won’t name, but I must take the anti psychotics. This is just one of the suicide notes I will be writing over the next two weeks , along with a new will. I really do need to leave the planet and envy the dead. I do so hope there is no reincarnation..

Miss Roberta Jane Cook May 2022

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

May 6th 2022

France DID lie to Britain about Exocet ‘kill switch’ in Falklands War

Harry Howard, History Correspondent For Mailonline 

France did refuse to tell Britain how to disable Exocet missiles that Argentina used to kill British sailors during the Falklands War, a French defence official has confirmed. 

Argentine forces targeted ships including HMS Sheffield with the French-made guided missiles during the 1982 conflict with Britain. 

The ship sank six days after being hit by one of the projectiles, leading to the deaths of 20 sailors. Tuesday marked the 40th anniversary of the attack.  

Exocets became the Royal Navy’s most feared threat after also being used to sink the supply ship the Atlantic Conveyor, killing a further 12 sailors.  Another 14 sailors died when the HMS Glamorgan was struck.

Senior Tory MPs had this week called for an inquiry into the existence of an alleged ‘kill switch’, the details of which could have been handed over to Britain by France. 

Details about what the French government did or did not share with the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher were unclear, but French president Francois Mitterrand is said to have denied that a ‘kill switch’ existed. 

Now, French former defence official Pierre Razoux has admitted that there was a device that could defeat incoming missiles, but president Mitterrand refused to share it with Britain, the Telegraph reported. 

Mitterrand did not share the technology because he did not want to hand over the ‘keys to the safe’ to a rival in the arms trade, Mr Razoux claimed. 

Read More France DID lie to Britain about Exocet ‘kill switch’ in Falklands War (msn.com)

France did refuse to tell Britain how to disable Exocet missiles that Argentina used to kill British sailors during the Falklands War, a French defence official has confirmed. Above: HMS Sheffield after being hit by an Exocet. The attack killed 20 British sailors

France DID lie to Britain about Exocet ‘kill switch’ in Falklands War (msn.com)

Comment I was on board HMS Sheffield in 1974 little imagining the Royal Navy would ever return to war. I went for Naval helicopter training but it didn’t work out. I was never sure about war. I just had a death wish – and still do.

I went on the work for a U.S Defence Company on Portsmouth Airfield as a progress chaser. Micro electronics were advanced even then. Before that, at Havant Tax Office near Portsmouth. Plessey were one of my major tax responsibilities. As a matter of fact the Exocet missiles relied on a Plessey Radar guidance system.

The only part of the Exocet that worked for the one that sunk the Sheffield was the Plessey guidance system. It hit the kitchen and the arsenal causing a fire and massive explosion.

Another aspect of this hideous and down played war is the Birmingham ordnance supplier given time to load its shipments to Argentina before hostilities were formally declared. An old schoolfriend of mine died in that war. Jingoism and World War Two nostalgia is alive and well

Miss .Roberta Jane Cook

Woman banned from road after driving at Insulate Britain protesters

By Rebecca Speare-Cole, PA

Piers Corbyn fined over ‘murder’ claim at Covid vaccine clinic30 years without Marlene Dietrich: The making of a silver screen icon

A woman has been banned from driving after using her Range Rover to try to move Insulate Britain protesters who were blocking the road while she was on the school run.

Sherrilyn Speid, from Grays, Essex, pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to dangerous driving over the incident last October.

The 35-year-old, who appeared for sentencing at Basildon Magistrates’ Court on Friday, was disqualified from driving for a year, handed a community order and ordered to pay a total of £240.

The court heard that she had been at the wheel of her black Range Rover Sport when she came across an Insulate Britain protest in Grays at about 8.30am on Wednesday October 13.

Woman banned from road after driving at Insulate Britain protesters (msn.com)

Cost Of War

British Masses Have No idea What This Proxy War Is Costing Them and How Rich It Is Enriching The Ruling Global Elite.
Covid and Ukraine Are Making Life Unbearable.

May 5th 2022

Sandhurst instructor kicked trainee officer who kept making mistakes

Stephen Wynn-davies For Mailonline

An ‘overzealous’ female Sandhurst instructor kicked a trainee officer and yelled ‘get a grip’ at him when he kept making mistakes during basic training, a court martial has heard. 

Captain Ruth Cork, 35, lost her temper during a field exercise, then stood over the kneeling officer cadet and ‘steadied herself’ before booting him, Bulford Military Court was told.

The decorated Army officer became increasingly frustrated with the cadet and was seen ‘pacing up and down’ and shouting ‘come on’ at him before ‘boiling over’ at the Royal Military Academy, in Sandhurst, Berkshire.

Officer Cadet Charles MacAllister said he did not report the assault as he ‘thought it was part of being in the Army’.

Read More Sandhurst instructor kicked trainee officer who kept making mistakes (msn.com)

Priti Patel’s plan to use RAF base to create ‘migrant camp’ blasted by angry locals

Ros Wynne Jones & Claire Donnelly

U.K. shares higher at close of trade; Investing.com United Kingdom 100 up 0.13%Paul Merson A Walk Through My Life – star’s marriages, addictions and net worth

In Linton-on-Ouse, men in hi-vis jackets are already at work behind the ­wire-mesh security fence of the Home Office ’s latest “migrant camp”.

After high-profile failures at Napier Barracks in Kent and Penally Barracks in ­Pembrokeshire, Home ­Secretary Priti Patel intends to use a mothballed RAF base in rural North Yorkshire to create the UK’s biggest-ever camp for people seeking sanctuary.

Plans to double the local population by housing around 1,500 asylum seekers in a “Greek-style reception centre” in the village have been branded ­“Guantanamo-on-Ouse”.

As James, a Linton local in his 40s, says: “It’s like NASA saying, ‘we’ve failed to achieve the moon, so for our next mission we’re heading even further, to Mars. Even if they were talking about bringing 1,500 troops in, we’d be saying the same, ‘it won’t work’.”

Read More Priti Patel’s plan to use RAF base to create ‘migrant camp’ blasted by angry locals (msn.com)

Police and crime commissioner for Merseyside declares her force racist

Jack Wright For Mailonline  

A Left-wing police and crime commissioner has branded her own force institutionally racist, in a move which has put her at odds with the chief constable and rank-and-file officers.

Emily Spurrell, the elected Labour PCC for Merseyside, insisted that it was right to make the claim and that ‘the sooner we just accept that, we can move on to putting it right’.

The commissioner said that while the ‘vast majority’ of officers were ‘incredibly dedicated’ and ‘not racist’, the institution had been ‘designed by a certain group of people’ and ‘did not take into account’ the experiences of black and ethnic minority (BAME) people.

Merseyside Police’s Chief Constable Serena Kennedy flatly denied the force was institutionally racist, while Merseyside Police Federation called Ms Spurrell’s comments ‘deeply disappointing’.

It comes as police leaders are due to publish their national race action plan, which will contain a series of reforms.

Read More Police and crime commissioner for Merseyside declares her force racist (msn.com)

Comment Police recruit certain types, many are psycho.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Police officers dismissed for having sex ‘on a number of occasions’ while on duty

Tom Gillespie, news reporter 

Two police officers have been dismissed for gross misconduct after they “engaged in sexual activity” on a “number of occasions” while on duty.© Other

The officers, who worked for Cambridgeshire Police, admitted the behaviour took place at “differing locations”, a misconduct hearing was told.

The officers were referred to only as “PC A” and “PC B” during the hearing due to “concerns about their mental health”.

Read More Police officers dismissed for having sex ‘on a number of occasions’ while on duty (msn.com)

Comment I have to keep saying this, the police are institutionally corrupt. The most serious corruption is at the top, with the small fry being fried to make it look as if something is being done. I find the police culture so disgusting I cannot say more without wanting to be sick.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Pair admit being in charge of dog that killed 10-year-old boy

By Bronwen Weatherby,

A man and a woman have pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog that mauled a 10-year-old boy to death.

Jack Lis was attacked by the American bully or XL bully dog called Beast while playing at a friend’s house after school in Pentwyn, Penyrheol, near Caerphilly, on November 8 2021.

Amy Salter, 28, and Brandon Hayden, 19, appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday.

Salter, of Trethomas, Caerphilly, admitted being a person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury resulting in Jack’s death.

Comment Pair admit being in charge of dog that killed 10-year-old boy (msn.com)

Mother of Baby P set to be released from prison after government challenge rejected

Tracey Connelly and Baby P. Pics: PA/ITV News

Chelsea sale: Supporters’ group urges swift deal after Sir Jim Ratcliffe talksCelebs with May birthdays

Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P, who died after months of abuse, will be released from prison after the Parole Board rejected a government challenge against its ruling.

Read More Mother of Baby P set to be released from prison after government challenge rejected (msn.com)

Comment I have no idea whether this hopeless woman should be released from jail. What I do know is that social services and police ritually turn blind eyes to female abusers. There is always going to be a syndrome to protect them. Social services are particularly appalling. Their knee jerk response to every tragedy , like the police and NHS, is ‘Lessons will be learned.”

There was much head scratching and official puzzlement a few months ago when a 20 something man shot the mother for whom he was effectively her slave. Women just can’t be seen to do wrong. If it does look like it then find a man or men to blame. Women’s groups reserve the right to define men , moralise and forbid transsexuals from being recognised as women. Feminism is at the root of so many problems, with its selfish ugly fixation with empowerment. If a man kills a baby or child there are no excuses.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

May 4th 2022

‘Don’t punish us’: Local Conservatives re-brand to win votes
‘Local’ Conservatives in Hartlepool pleaded with voters not to punish them for the mistakes made in Westminster. The Red Wall town only turned blue this time last year!

Conservative local election candidates are re-branding themselves in order to distance themselves from Westminster and win key votes.

Campaign posters spotted in Wandsworth – a hotly contested seat in London – show an emphasis has been put on ‘local’ and the colour has been changed to teal.

One leaflet in the Red Wall town of Hartlepool, which only fell into Tory hands this time last year, read: “This Thursday, please don’t punish local Conservatives for the mistakes made in Westminster, we are local and proud of where we live and, like you, we want the best for Hartlepool.”

Comment Votes for Tories in the council elections are more votes for Boris. Problem is Starmer’s Labour are no better an option. Violence and chaos as in the following story are a developing normality.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook Summer 2003

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Rioting Black Lives Matter counter-protesters left Newcastle city centre police officers, horses and dogs hurt

Police officers, horses, dogs and members of the public were injured during a riot caused by thugs demonstrating against a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest.

Member of a counter-demonstration chose to attend Grey’s Monument in Newcastle city centre at the same time as the planned show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and some came prepared for a violent showdown. Ugly and frightening scenes on a Saturday afternoon were captured on CCTV as a barrage of bottles, cans and smoke grenades were thrown while around 1,000 people gathered and 180 police officers were verbally abused as they tried to keep the two groups apart.

Several Northumbria Police officers, animals and members of the public were hurt in the appalling outbreak of violence. Now three of those responsible – children’s football coach Christopher Bone, then-council worker Craig Hornsby and ex joiner Neil Drummond – have been sentenced for violent disorder at Newcastle Crown Court. Around 30 people have pleaded guilty and are to be sentenced in the coming days.

Energy crisis: UK opens North Sea taps to slash household bills and end Russia reliance

Antony Ashkenaz 

The Secretary for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng announced will launch another licensing round for North Sea projects later this year. The UK will launch more oil and gas projects in the North Sea, in a bid to end the UK’s dependence on Russia’s fossil fuels. Russian President Vladimir Putin has relied on Europe’s dependence on his oil and gas exports to fuel his invasion of Ukraine.

Read More Energy crisis: UK opens North Sea taps to slash household bills and end Russia reliance (msn.com)

Comment Thatcher’s vile greed creed corrupted the world, including Russia. Energy should be a human right, not something for the vile greedy elite to start a vile sanctimonious Third World War for control in the name of freedom and democracy. What a pathetic lie and deception. But the masses are moronic. For them morality is all about sexual hypocrisy.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Voices: The PM’s response to a cold, hungry pensioner tells us all we need to know about Boris Johnson

Tom Peck

It was 1,719 days since the prime minister last appeared on Good Morning Britain and, on this morning’s evidence (no pun intended), it will be at least that until he does so again.

Johnson did his best to sit there in dutiful silence, live from his own Downing Street study, while Susanna Reid told him a story about a 77-year-old woman called Elsie, who has featured on Good Morning Britain, who has been reduced to eating one meal a day, who is losing weight, and who spends her days getting up early to get out of the house and ride around on buses so that she doesn’t have to have the heating on at home.

The prime minister’s response was to remind Susanna Reid that the “24 hour freedom bus pass was something that I introduced.”

Reid, if anything, seemed less flabbergasted than the rest of the watching nation, pausing only to point out ask, “So Elsie should be grateful to you for her bus pass?” To which the prime minister answered “no”, even though he had made abundantly clear that he believed the answer to be “yes”, not three seconds previously.Johnson did his best to sit there in dutiful silence - ITV / Good Morning Britain© ITV / Good Morning Britain

Johnson did his best to sit there in dutiful silence- ITV / Good Morning Britain

And this was hardly the worst of it. At one point he even said, in the span of two sentences, “We are doing everything we can… but we can do more.”

Most prime ministers, most people even, would not consider being publicly embarrassed about a pensioner who rides the bus to nowhere, just to keep out of her cold house, to be an opportunity to brag about a minor local policy tweak they introduced fourteen years ago. But most people are not like Boris Johnson.

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May 3rd 2022

Former elite British soldiers in Ukraine rescued targets from Russian forces

Josh Layton 

A team including former soldiers from some of the UK’s most elite regiments rescued key individuals from Kyiv as Russian forces hunted targets on a hit list at the outset of the invasion.

As the Kremlin’s troops sought ‘high value targets’ in the opening days of the war, emergency assistance and response company Inherent Risks swiftly evacuated the civilians to safety in Poland.

Russian special forces and mercenaries were said to have aimed for a rapid elimination of individuals – including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – as the invasion began on February 24.

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Police should reopen investigation into Starmer lockdown beers, minister says

Durham Police should reopen an investigation into whether Sir Keir Starmer broke coronavirus laws, a minister has said.Footage shows Sir Keir drinking a beer with colleagues at a time when restrictions were in place© Associated Press Footage shows Sir Keir drinking a beer with colleagues at a time when restrictions were in place

The Labour leader has come under pressure since footage emerged of him drinking a beer with colleagues at a time when restrictions were in place.

Speaking on Sky News, International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said officers should “look at it again” with “all the new evidence” that has come forward.

She added that if the police “consider a fixed penalty notice should be issued then clearly that would be the tool available to them to do so”.

But Ms Trevelyan said that Sir Keir should not have to step down as leader of the Labour Party if he were to be awarded a fixed penalty notice, adding: “I don’t think that is a I don’t think I don’t think that’s a resigning matter, personally.”

Read More Police should reopen investigation into Starmer lockdown beers, minister says (msn.com)


Sir Kier Starmer is not fit for public office following revelations that he was head of U.K’S Crown Prosecutions Office ( CPS ) when it was revealed that they were ( and still are in my experience of currently being prosecuted by them with threat of an unlimited fine and 5 years in jail for what I have written about important people and a key institution of the police state ) withholding evidence in order t convict and jail innocent men.

These arrogant people make the increasingly repressive laws to control our thoughts and movements. If they wish to perpetuate the lie that we live in a democracy, then they should be bound by their laws. Starmer is much more dangerous to freedom than the idiot Boorish Johnson. He is highly intelligent which is how he climbed to where he is now.

Fuck me hard before I die,
Make me live,
Make Me Cry,

Don’t pretend you ever loved me,
Just be true and

then you free me.
Hate me well for who you saw
Hanging up behind the door.
Hanging there, no
words to say
All night long and in to day.
is light in my dreams
Nothing there is what it seems.
Now I don’t know where I am going

or what it means to be knowing.
blind’ so cannot see,
When I am dead, I
will be free.
Free at last to
judge me lost,
You won’t want to count the cost.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook May 3rd 2022

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 2nd 2022

Idiocy Without Limits – The Unbound Boorish Johnson.

It is impossible for me to picture Boorsish Johnson without the words Moron, Imbecile , Poser, Buffoon, privilege , opportunist and Oaf springing to mind. He has a most arrogant expression and irritating nasal vocal qualities. Great orator he is not, but he does see himself as Churchill, a man who wanted to nuke the USSR in 1945. So he is very very dangerous and even more absurd than the posturing vainglorious Churchill – the man who would rather have seen men, like my father in the BEF, wiped out at Dunkirk than evacuated.

So we have the same mindest with Johnson , Truss, Heapy and Wallace. All of them are absolute idiots. Ukranaine is none of Britain’s business. If this was a democracy outside Europe, it would focus on it s own problems, injustices and miseries. But it isn’t. It is government by the rich , of the rich, for the rich. Utterly hypocritical with an opposition obsessed with WOKE , feminism and fighting the racism that they actually cause.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Russian TV warns Britain will be ‘drowned in radioactive tsunami’ missile strike

Jordan King 

Britain will be ‘plunged into the sea’ if Russia were to launch a nuclear attack, Kremlin propaganda has warned.

In what would have been unthinkable just three months ago, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened the West with nuclear war.

Most recently, Russian state TV broadcast a bizarre video threatening to attack Britain with a hypersonic missile, known as Satan-2, and an ‘underwater robot drone’, known as Poseidon.

Dmitry Kiselyov, dubbed Putin’s propagandist-in-chief, said: ‘What will happen after Boris Johnson’s words about a retaliatory strike on Russia?

Read More Russian TV warns Britain will be ‘drowned in radioactive tsunami’ missile strike (msn.com)

Boris backed into corner over alleged ‘Sexist of the Year’ award
As per reports, an illegal Downing Street party also featured a ‘Sexist of the Year’ award, leaving Boris Johnson in an awkward position.

Did Boris Johnson’s office hand out a ‘Sexist of the Year’ award

On the 18th of December that year, a raucous bash at No.10 took place. It features in Sue Gray’s report, but we’ve now got an added element of chauvinism to add to this initial flouting of the rules. According to the Sunday Times, the mock ceremony involved many members of Johnson’s staff.

The allegations come at a time where Parliamentary culture has come under intense scrutiny. Rayner herself has been targeted by the abhorrent use of sexist language, and just a few days ago, Tory MP Neil Parish admitted to watching porn in the Commons.

Read More Boris backed into corner over alleged ‘Sexist of the Year’ award (thelondoneconomic.com)

Rayner Sexist Smear Is Sexism Directed At Boorish Johnson.

Four Tory MPs have claimed that Angela Rayner was the origin of stories that she had been using her legs to distract Boris Johnson.

The Mail on Sunday, the newspaper claimed that four Tory MPs have told party whips that Rayner compared herself to Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct during a conversation with them on the Commons terrace.

Labour rejected the suggestion that the deputy leader of the opposition had initiated “vile sexist smears”.

A Tory source told the BBC Rayner had “made the comments” to an unnamed Tory MP, who passed them on to The Mail on Sunday.


So has Rayner been caught with her legs out? Well perhaps not.

Last night she tweeted a thread about the Basic Instinct smear and it first appeared in the Mail…back in January.

She tweeted: “Well well well… The original source of the vile Sharon Stone smear? 7 January.

Read More ‘Well, well, well:’ Rayner reveals Basic Instinct smear first appeared in…the Mail (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment This whole story makes Boris seem perverted.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 1st 2022

Acid Rayner Again

The Sunday Times reported that a 'Sexist of the Year' award was handed out during a lockdown-busting Downing Street event in 2020
U.K Prime Minister Boorish Johnson , stooping and lurching forward like his hero Churchill , but there is something about his ferret eye. His jowls are heavy , just like Winston’s. His speeches are staccato and melodramatic like Winnie Windbag’s. Yes Boorish Boris has the Sleaze Factor. Ukraine is going to save him even if it leads to Armageddon. ‘Never in the fields or human dung heaps, has so much stench been owed to so few of us , to so many of you hapless underclasses. We will fight you in the courtrooms, lock you in the new jailhouses, We will never surrender until we have killed you all.’

Meanwhile, don’t you feel so sorry for poor Angela Rayner, so beautiful and innocent in a sea of male sex ?????s

Angela Rayner has called on the PM to respond to the allegation
Labour Front Bencher ‘Acid ‘ Angela Rayner, a beauty among Tory Beasts. In September 2021, Rayner strongly criticised senior members of the Conservative Party, stating: “We cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute pile… of banana republic… Etonian… piece of scum”. Some Labour MPs, while saying it was not the language that they would have used, defended her comments, including Steve ReedJohn McDonnell and Lisa Nandy. Starmer distanced himself from her remarks, but said it was up to Rayner if she wanted to apologise or not.
Miss Roberta Jane Cook applauds Angela’s oratory, far superior to Boorish Boris. His legs are no match for her’s either.

Watch: Minister denies culture of misogyny in Westminster as males accused of acting like ‘animals’
The scandals have triggered women working in Westminster to share accounts of their treatment, with Cabinet ministers describing men acting like “animals”.

Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has denied there is a culture of misogyny in Parliament, instead pointing to a few “bad apples” despite a series of scandals over the behaviour of MPs.

The Cabinet member insisted it is a safe place for women to work as he backed the resignation of Tory colleague Neil Parish for twice watching pornography in the Commons.

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is calling for “radical” reform to working practices after a string of bullying and sexual misconduct offences involving MPs.

Comment The simplest and most obvious solution is to ban men from Parliament. We should all know by now that women never lie and should lead the way to world peace, as all the most aspiring ‘Miss World’ contestants used to say back in the good old days..

Women like Angela Rayner should be allowed to display their womanly legs , crossing and uncrossing them, in Parliament without leering lust filled men making them feel uncomfortable. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.
However, my legs are better than Angela Rayner’s and I am flattered when men leer at me,I would love to to mesmerise Boorish Johnson see sense and the ugly truth. Reality check, women are not equal to each other, and feminism is an elitist con to drag the mass of them down to moronic level ,rather than let them explore their sexuality…
Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Four in five people in the UK believe in being ‘woke’ to race and social justice

Michael Savage

An overwhelming majority of people in the UK hold the “woke” belief that it is important to be alive to issues of race and social justice, according to a new analysis of public attitudes.Photograph: ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy

Four in five Britons believe in being attentive to those issues – the definition of “woke” used by the Merriam-Webster dictionary – leading researchers to claim the country is not as divided by culture wars as is often assumed. An overwhelming majority of Conservative voters and those who backed Brexit also said it was important to be attentive to the issues.

Read More Four in five people in the UK believe in being ‘woke’ to race and social justice (msn.com)


I can’t argue with these sentiments. However, these surveys are highly selective and ignore social class miseries. The notion that a tiny crowded island like Britain – where the class system ensures that 90% of the population live on 10% of the land – can take all this influx without social collapse is absurd. The elite rule and fool us, They won’t feel it because they have 90% of the land , the yachts, the jets, the police, the armed forces etc. That same system ensures that the places where migrants and asylum seekers have come from remain as resource bases for greedy planet eating plutocrats.

That is why Mugabe was empowered along with all the other Latin American and African dictators. It is why the western elite wound up their moronic masses to support war on Ukraine. Ukraine is more wealth for the global elite. They don’t care how many people are killed on either side.

I have studied and taught many subjects. I gained 6 Advanced Level GCEs before university – 2 down to study while I was working in a paint factory, where I returned to train as a paint chemist. Maths was essential to acceptance for Economics. Everything comes down to numbers. My physics A Level was pure pleasure.

World population is expanding too fast, especially in the poverty stricken old Third World and Catholic impoverished U.S exploited Latin America, This mentality gives us rolling NATO expansionism. War in Ukraine makes a mockery of fighting climate change. Do you really think all those high explosives have no carbon foot print ? Now we have the regime change war to change all regimes – that of the largest nuclear power.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Macron SNUBS Johnson’s ambition to fix ‘broken’ relationship

Olivia Stringer, Tara Fair, Sean Meleady , Astha Saxena

Mr Johnson has reportedly told colleagues he expects the relationship between France and Britain to improve now that Mr Macron has fended off far-right competitor Marine Le Pen. One ally of the Prime Minister told the Financial Times: “While Macron was facing a challenge from the right, there wasn’t much of an incentive for him to stop migrants getting in small boats and heading to Britain. Our expectation is that Macron’s re-election will take the heat out of things and there might be scope for more from the relationship.” But Mr Macron’s inner circle has been less positive about the future of the relationship. Bruno Le Maire, Macron ally and French finance minister, said: “Our first challenge will not be the relationship between the UK and France,” Meanwhile Britain’s former ambassador to Paris, Lord Peter Ricketts, said: “The relationship between Johnson and Macron is basically broken. Macron doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t think he’s serious.”

Comment Johnson’s superficiality is clear from his thinking that Macron defeating what he calls the far right would enamour him to Macron. Boorish Johnson is infantile and untrustworthy. He and crones, like Gove lured, a small majority of fantasisers about Britain’s glory days, into voting Brexit. The outcome has been appalling for the masses, but the elite have their unstoppable flow of economic migrants and ongoing financial free for all.

Meanwhile , Johnson cosies up to the U.S and NATO in a Churchillian fantasy world of fighting his own personal Hitler. He is, among other despicable things , a salesman for U.S Shale Gas. His government talks of abolishing the State pension , does nothing for the homeless, imposes rising living costs, absurd Covid Lockdowns that only destroy lives and can afford to fund an internecine war on Russia – keeping arms industry and military mad men very happy. In this context, Macron should go on giving pompous posturing Boorish Johnson & Co a very wide berth.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Britain ‘more committed than ever’ to Ukraine Johnson assures Zelensky

Natalie Chalk 

Boris Johnson has promised to provide additional military aid to Ukraine as President Volodymyr Zelensky told him what was needed to defend his country against Russian forces.

In a call on Saturday afternoon, the Prime Minister offered Mr Zelensky the UK’s “continued economic and humanitarian support”, a Downing Street spokesperson said.

Mr Johnson is said to have told the Ukrainian President that he is “more committed than ever to reinforcing Ukraine and ensuring Putin fails”.

Britain is one of the largest suppliers in Europe of arms to Ukraine, having already sent more than 5,000 anti-tank missiles, 1,360 anti-structure munitions, five air defence systems with more than 100 missiles, and 4.5 tonnes of plastic explosives, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Ukrainian forces have also been using Starstreak high-velocity and low-velocity anti-air missiles supplied by the UK.

Read More Britain ‘more committed than ever’ to Ukraine Johnson assures Zelensky (msn.com)

Commons Speaker urges ‘radical’ reform after MP Neil Parish quits over porn ‘moment of madness’

Trevor Noah mocks Washington for hosting ‘superspreader’ eventThe most satisfying movie endings of all time

“Radical” reform is needed to working practices in the Commons, the Speaker of the House has urged, following a series of bullying and sexual misconduct claims against MPs.Neil Parish has resigned as the MP for Tiverton and Honiton after admitting watching porn twice in parliament© Sky News Screen Grab Neil Parish has resigned as the MP for Tiverton and Honiton after admitting watching porn twice in parliament

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s call for urgent action comes as Conservative MP Neil Parish resigned from his post after admitting to watching pornography in a “moment of madness” in the Commons on two occasions.

Read More Commons Speaker urges ‘radical’ reform after MP Neil Parish quits over porn ‘moment of madness’ (msn.com)

April 29th 2022

RCONB Is Not At War With Russia

We reserve the right to state the truth of the Russian cause in this war

This book is basically western propaganda to justify Anglo U.S Imperialist expansion. The west is big on moral justification for war. They have been belittling Russian culture for years, which was manifest in making out Russia were the only sports drug cheats.
Making the Russians the evil demons again means it doesn’t bother comfortable westerners when Western arms are used to slaughter Russians. They want to deconstruct Russia and its culture. They are exceptional and will do as they like. Any war crimes on their part will never come to light because whistle blowers will be jailed and die. The past is being rewritten and historians are their whores.
Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

The One Show hit with over 100 complaints after Dan Stevens’ dig at Boris Johnson

Annie Roberts & Jessica Sansome

BBC’s The One Show has been hit with more than 100 complaints after former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens’ made a jibe at the Boris Johnson, live on air earlier this month. At the time the actor was being interviewed by The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas about his latest acting role.The One Show hosts were left speechless as Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens makes savage dig at Boris© BBC The One Show hosts were left speechless as Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens makes savage dig at Boris

But the 39-year-old actor left viewers and his fellow hosts in shock on April 13, when he decided to poke fun at the PM following the news, just a day earlier, that Boris Johnson and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak were to be fined for breaking lockdown restrictions. Dan’s dig came about when the hosts asked the Beauty and the Beast star to explain what his new TV series ‘Gaslit’ was about, reports The Manchester Evening News.

Read More The One Show hit with over 100 complaints after Dan Stevens’ dig at Boris Johnson (msn.com)

Comment It amazes how little by little a smug self righteous group of comfortable old fogies , mainly women, want to clamp down on ridiculing our appalling politicians. Poor old dears are shocked by satire. Were these bourgeois women ever sex mini skirt girls sexing it up , getting drunk and taking the piss out of the establishment. Hypocrisy is British Gold. Now the government wants streaming services like Netflix censored for ‘our protection’ and to make a level playing field for State controlled so called independent mainstream broadcasters. This is censorship.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

April 28th 2022

Russian state TV claims Putin is more likely to launch nuclear war than accept defeat in Ukraine

Thomas Kingsley 

British Virgin Islands premier arrested on cocaine charges in US sting operationThe definitive Journey playlist

Vladimir Putin is more likely to pursue all-out nuclear warfare rather than concede defeat to Ukraine, a top Russian state TV editor has said.

Read More Russian state TV claims Putin is more likely to launch nuclear war than accept defeat in Ukraine (msn.com)

Allies must ‘double down’ with heavy weapons and air power for Ukraine, says Foreign Secretary

Aircraft like the Polish Air Force's MiG-29 are ideal for the conflict, as Ukrainian pilots are already trained to fly them

In a keynote foreign policy speech, Ms Truss said the international architecture intended to guarantee peace and prosperity had failed Ukraine in the face of an attack by a “desperate rogue operator” and now Kyiv must be given what it needs “to push Russia out”.

Speaking at Mansion House in London said: “The war in Ukraine is our war – it is everyone’s war because Ukraine’s victory is a strategic imperative for all of us.

“Heavy weapons, tanks, aeroplanes – digging deep into our inventories, ramping up production. We need to do all of this.”

Read More Allies must ‘double down’ with heavy weapons and air power for Ukraine, says Foreign Secretary (msn.com)

Russia-Ukraine: 8,000 British troops set for biggest deployment to Europe since the Cold War

By Sam Blewett 

Around 8,000 British Army troops will take part in exercises across eastern Europe to combat Russian aggression in one of the largest deployments since the Cold War.© UK military personnel boarding an RAF Voyager aircraft at RAF Brize Norton

Dozens of tanks will be deployed to countries ranging from Finland to North Macedonia this summer under plans that have been enhanced since the invasion of Ukraine.

Joining them will be tens of thousands of troops from Nato and the Joint Expeditionary Force alliance, which includes Finland and Sweden.

Read More Russia-Ukraine: 8,000 British troops set for biggest deployment to Europe since the Cold War (msn.com)

UK warns Putin that he will be ‘outgunned and outnumbered’ after frightening nuclear hint

Dan Bloom & Chloe Burrell 

NATO forces “outnumber and outgun” Russia, the UK Defence Secretary said on April 28 after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued his latest frightening nuclear hint.

Ben Wallace warned that the crews onboard Britain’s nuclear weapon-armed submarines were “deep underwater, hiding, waiting, in case Britain needs to be protected”.

Russia’s President warned on April 27 that he would mount a “lightning-fast” retaliation if the west decided to intervene in the Ukraine conflict, stating “we have all the tools” and “we will use them if necessary”.

Read More UK warns Putin that he will be ‘outgunned and outnumbered’ after frightening nuclear hint (msn.com)

The Sex Factor

We used to find beauty contests in the U.K entertaining if not erotic. The U.S had beauty pageants. In none of these activities, now outlawed , would Angela Rayner have been a likely contender. The idea that her mundane dress sense and robust lower limbs would distract the average sexist is absurd. But perversions are idiosyncratic , so anything is possible.

So giving the less than well spoken and mundanely dressed Ms Rayner’s demeanour, I find it amusing that posh totty loving visually and audibly un sexy Boris Johnson, could be distracted by the stern Ms Rayner.

Obviously Ms Rayner , like her Parliamentary sisters – especially on the Labour side – are up in arms over the insult to the U.K’s political womanhood. Apparently the stern faced Theresa May was not pleased by all this sexism deployed against the vulnerable flowers of British political beauty.

These women are humourless because they have important careers as women to perfect. As for me, I have always lacked ambition. As my once close friend and ex father in law once said sadly to me ‘You are looking for success with integrity. That is nearly impossible to achieve.’ He sounded like a man who had tried and failed.

Women are the worst of all for ambitious tactics. They have an unpleasant edge and no sense of humour or fair judgment of the human condition. For them it is heavy handed righteous pseudo morality and hypocrisy. So Ms Rayner was shocked and disgusted by the absurd suggestion that any man could have been distracted to the point of sexual excitement from watching her cross and uncross her legs.

So she came to work the next day in loose fitting trousers. Personally, I would have gone with the flow and returned to work next day in a much shorter skirt, shimmering black stockings and high heels. I might even have flashed my stocking tops, suspenders and a glimpse of lacy black under slip. I would have exercised my power over gullible men to the limit.

However, I have to finish with a few lines on the defence of men. Today I returned from shopping in Buckingham struggling with two packed ruck sacs, and four carrier bags . Because the police had me labelled a s paranoid deluded schizophrenic, I can no longer drive. So I had a three quarter mile walk from the bus stop to home. I was struggling , having to stop and put the bags down. Then I met a mixed race workman from the new railway line works who had just parked his huge 4X4. ‘Are you alright love. Do you need a lift ? ‘ he asked in his northern accent. ‘Oh yes please’ I gasped ,smiling and looking so helpless. Without hesitation, he made space in his truck, loaded my bags and me, then drove me home.’ As a writer, I have tried hard to find a murderous misogynist for my new novel ( much delayed by police intrusion and stealing my computers ). As a woman, i have encountered far more care and concern from men than I have from other women. This country’s feminist culture is poisonous to gender relations , fair comment and justice.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook’s legs as she would display them to Boris Johnson if she was on the opposition benches in Parliament. It would be a job well done to distract this war mongering buffoon.

April 27th 2022

Legs , more than just to stand on – Sex War – more comment to follow.

More Comment To Come on this absurd story that is being used to promote more women’s rights and more female MPS to make the world a safer place from sex.
Roberta Jane Cook at Potters Bar 2016.

Roberta Jane Cook and her legs, Potters Bar 2016.

Top Tory ‘watched porn’ in the Commons – while sat next to female minister

A Conservative frontbencher was caught watching porn in the Commons in the last few months, it has emerged. By Henry Goodwin

A Tory frontbencher watched porn on his mobile phone in the House of Commons – while sitting next to a female minister, it has emerged.

The shocked minister told colleagues about the incident, which happened in the last few months, at a fraught meeting of Tory MPs at Westminster last night, according to the Daily Mirror

Three sources told the newspaper that around a dozen female MPs at the meeting shared accounts of alleged sexism and harassment by their colleagues. 

It comes amid reports that 56 MPs – including three Cabinet ministers – are facing sexual misconduct allegations after being reported to Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance system.

‘Face like thunder’

And it follows a sexism row in which Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, was accused of a ‘Basic Instinct’ plot to distract Boris Johnson at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Last night’s meeting of between 40 and 50 Tory MPs – known as the 2022 group – was attended by chief whip Chris Heaton-Harris, Tory party chair Oliver Dowden and Commons leader Mark Spencer.

Read More Top Tory ‘watched porn’ in the Commons – while sat next to female minister (thelondoneconomic.com)

When It Rayners It Bores

The editor of The Mail on Sunday has refused to attend a meeting with Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Holyle over the paper’s controversial report about Anglea Rayner.

Sir Lindsay told MPs on Monday he had arranged a meeting with David Dillion following an outcry over claims the Labour deputy leader crossed and uncrossed her legs during Prime Minister’s Questions to distract Boris Johnson.

In his reponse to the Speaker, published in the Daily Mail, Mr Dillon said he would not be attending as journalists should “not take instruction from officials of the House of Commons, however august they may be”.

In his letter, he wrote: “The Mail on Sunday deplores sexism and misogyny in all its forms. However journalists must be free to report what they are told by MPs about conversations which take place in the House of Commons, however unpalatable some may find them.”

Miss Roberta Jane Cook has frequently used her legs to distract men from their boorish behaviour. ‘Why is it sexist to be appreciated by men ?’ She said.

April 26th 2022

Brexit ‘major shock’ hits UK as imports from EU fall 25% in first year of deal

Ben Hatton 

The first year of the UK’s post-Brexit trade agreement with the European Union saw a “major shock” with imports falling by 25% relative to those from elsewhere, research by academics has found.

Read More Brexit ‘major shock’ hits UK as imports from EU fall 25% in first year of deal (msn.com)

April 25th 2022

If it is true that Ms Rayner can mesmerise Boris Johnson by crossing and uncrossing her shapely legs .What does it tell us about a man who wants World War Three ? How might an army of elegant Russian Female leg crossers help to turn this buffoon away from his dream of World War. Three. It says a lot about the banality of British Politics. Maybe Zelensky’s got nice legs and has mesmerised Boris accordingly, undermining his famous Oxford Union Debating Skills
( Sic ) Roberta Jane Cook

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle is set to meet with the Mail on Sunday’s editor to discuss an article which claimed Angela Rayner tries to district Boris Johnson in the Commons by crossing and uncrossing her legs.

Sir Lindsay said the claims were “misogynistic and offensive” and could well deter women from standing for election.

The Mail on Sunday’s piece included a quote from one anonymous Tory MP who said that Ms Rayner “knows she can’t compete with Boris’ Oxford Union debating training, but she has other skills which he lacks”.

Miss Robert Jane Cook November 2016. Roberta said :” Do you think I might use my legs to confuse PM Boris Johnson.? I would be flattered and amused if that was true.

Read More Speaker Lindsay Hoyle demands explanation over ‘demeaning and offensive’ Angela Rayner article (msn.com)

News about Angela Rayner Crossing Her Legs In Parliament

bing.com/newsSpeaker brands Angela Rayner Mail on Sunday article ‘demeaning’ to women in ParliamentSir Lindsay Hoyle demands to meet newspaper’s editor over ‘misogynistic’ and ‘offensive’ story on …The Daily Telegraph · 4h

Comment This whole episode reminds me of the 1980s Kenney Everett Show and his character Cupid Stunt. My generation of free loving bourgeoise drugged up pseudo rebels and championing sexual licentiousness have turned into the most repressive paranoid intolerant fascist sex police ever.

I am getting very old, so every day when men still tell me I have nice legs, I am pleased and flattered. It is wonderful to be the focus of male desire, so much of it coming from younger men who find their female peers dull, drab, career obsessed , self centred tyrants who see men as inferior slaves. Roberta Jane Cook

Videos of Kenny Everett Cupid Stunt CHARACTER

Look Here At Cupid Stunt If You Are A Female Politician And Want to Make Fools Of Men Like Boorish Johnson.

Kenny Everett as “Cupid Stunt” on “Parkinson” ’82 (pt.1/7) HQ




#FreeAssange: Sign to urge UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to reject Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States!

#FreeAssange: Sign to urge UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to reject Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States! | RSF

On 20 April, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court signed an order confirming the alarming next step in the more than decade-long case against Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange. Following more than two years of extradition proceedings in UK courts, Assange’s fate has once again become a political decision for the Home Secretary – the very office that made the political decision to green-light the US extradition request in 2019.

Assange’s legal defence team now has four weeks to make representations, meaning that after 18 May, Home Secretary Priti Patel could approve or reject the extradition order at any time. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urges #FreeAssange supporters around the world to mobilise during this crucial four-week period by signing this petition calling on the Home Secretary to refuse the extradition request.

If extradited to the United States, Assange could face up to 175 years in prison on 18 charges related to Wikileaks’ publication in 2010 of hundreds of thousands of leaked classified military and diplomatic documents, exposing war crimes and human rights violations and informing extensive public interest reporting around the world. RSF fully believes that Assange has been targeted for this important contribution to journalism.

Assange’s extradition and prosecution would set a dangerous precedent for journalism and press freedom around the world. He would be the first publisher prosecuted under the Espionage Act, which lacks a public interest defence. The same precedent could be applied to any journalist, any publisher, or any source working with leaked classified information, which would create a distinct chilling effect internationally.

Although the case against Assange has been brought by the US government, the UK government has also failed to protect journalism and press freedom in its treatment of Assange, keeping him detained on remand for more than three years at London’s high-security Belmarsh prison, in sharp contrast to the UK’s stated commitment to promote and protect media freedom globally.

Meanwhile Assange’s mental and physical health remain at high risk in prolonged detention, in particular following a mini stroke that he suffered in Belmarsh prison during the High Court’s consideration of his case in October 2021. The serious risks to his mental health would be severely exacerbated in conditions of extradition to the United States, even if the US government honoured its diplomatic assurances regarding his treatment. Put simply, Assange’s life is at risk if he is extradited to the United States.

It is time now, more than a decade after the case against Assange was opened, for the UK government to protect journalism and press freedom by refusing to extradite him to the United States and acting to #FreeAssange without further delay. 

Over 90,000 #FreeAssange supporters signed our previous petition from 2020 urging the UK not to comply with the US request to extradite Assange. Can you help us beat that number now, with just four weeks left before the Home Secretary must act?

As a matter of urgency, please sign this petition before 18 May calling on Home Secretary Priti Patel to refuse the extradition request and #FreeAssange!Share the petition 

#FreeAssange: Sign to urge UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to reject Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States! | RSF

Russia has made ‘no major gains’ in past 24 hours as Ukraine counterattacks, says UK

Russia has made “no major” gains in the past 24 hours in Ukraine as Kyiv’s forces counterattack Vladimir Putin’s invaders, UK defence chiefs said on Saturday.

They said Russian air and maritime forces have failed to establish control and that heavy fighting was continuing in Mariupol – despite the Kremlin’s claim last week to have conquered the southern port city.

Read More Russia has made ‘no major gains’ in past 24 hours as Ukraine counterattacks, says UK (msn.com)

No enemy of Russia has invested more in this hypocritical war then law breaking PM Johnson and his U.K elite, rabble rousing and jingoistic. Zelensky was the outcome of an anti democratic coup, taking over from oligarch Poroshenko., It is significant that the U.K Government has deep pockets for Ukraine’s pseudo democracy but ignores and immiserates so many of its own people.
Ukraine is riddled with corruption, so it is no wonder their cosseted elite love it , the masses enjoying a revived sense of Britain’s dubious past glories. Zelensky , like Boris, is a small minded big headed poser enjoying strutting the world stage under the false flag of freedom. Both of these dreadful ‘men’ are third rate actors in a play all about arms dealers, liars , land grabbers and mass slaughter for empire building. R J Cook.

Eric Bogle – And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Eric Bogle – And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – YouTube

Eric Bogle: Why I wrote an anti-war song about Gallipoli

My father and uncles never talked about the war. That didn’t stop me joining the Air Training Corps and my first chance to feel the controls of an RAF aeroplane. Only my years at an elitist university surrounded by anti war protestors made me think more carefully at the brutality and absurdity of war – unless one strips it down the greed and power maniacs behind it all. So here we are again. Roberta Jane Cook

Videos of Eric Bogle video Green Fields of France The Furies


Priti Patel claims critics of exporting asylum seekers to Rwanda are resorting to ‘lazy xenophobia’

Nick Duffy

A Fabergé egg and a jade frog: the treasures of Polesden Lacey revealed‘Totally lost plot’ William left ‘furious’ over Harry’s ‘trapped’ claim in Oprah…

Priti Patel has claimed that criticism of her plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda with a one-way ticket are motivated by “lazy” xenophobia.

The Home Secretary made the claims after her proposal, unveiled earlier this month with no clear costings, managed to unite opposition parties, human rights campaigners, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the United Nations refugee agency against it.

Of the selection of Rwanda, whose president Paul Kagame has been branded a dictator responsible for human rights abuses, Ms Patel claimed that opponents were resorting to stereotypes.

Read More Priti Patel claims critics of exporting asylum seekers to Rwanda are resorting to ‘lazy xenophobia’ (msn.com)

Man stabbed and at least 10 others injured in ‘nasty’ town centre attack

Kirsten Robertson 

A man was stabbed and several others injured in a shocking attack this morning.

Officers rushed to Bedworth town centre, in Warwickshire, at 8am.

They had received reports that ‘a number of people’ had been assaulted.

Police confirmed today that a man in his twenties had been stabbed and taken to hospital.

He remains in a stable condition.

Ten other people suffered minor injuries and are assisting officers with their investigation.

Detective sergeant Rich Simpkins said: ‘This was a nasty incident which has left a number of people with injuries and I know this will cause the community great concern.

Read More Man stabbed and at least 10 others injured in ‘nasty’ town centre attack (msn.com)

UK sends AS90 Howitzer tanks and 20 artillery guns to Ukraine to crush Putin

Marco Giannangeli 

Sources last night confirmed that 45,000 British-made high explosive shells will be sent along with the AS90 self-propelled Howitzers to Poland this week, where Ukrainian forces will be taught to use and maintain them before they are deployed to the front. It comes as all three of Britain’s regular tank regiments and its reserve regiment find themselves deployed on Nato’s flanks in a robust show of force against Russia.

PM Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be sending artillery last week, following an appeal from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for more firepower to counter Russia’s new offensive in the eastern Donbas region.

Read More UK sends AS90 Howitzer tanks and 20 artillery guns to Ukraine to crush Putin (msn.com)

April 22nd 2022

Gay man beaten up for wearing ‘girl’s jacket’ after moving to ‘inclusive’ city

Jimmy Nsubuga 

Morgan Fevre, 22, was left for dead following a homophobic attack in Manchester (MEN)
Real Life & Death Britain

A man who moved to Manchester because it is so inclusive was almost killed in a homophobic attack.

Morgan Fevre, 22, ended up with a bleed on the brain and a severely fractured eye socket and cheekbone following the attack in the early hours of April 10.

Paul said: ‘The man said to him “Why are you wearing a girl’s jacket you f**king f*g?”

Read More Gay man beaten up for wearing ‘girl’s jacket’ after moving to ‘inclusive’ city (msn.com)


TERFS Say O.K In Brutal Brain Dead Britain – a comment by Roberta Jane Cook..

Manchester is as moronic as most of Britain, which is a vile classist society, not in the least egalitarian or faintly democratic. The morons and fake egalitarians bourgeoise males love their famous football teams. Its elite are obsessed with virtue signalling for BAME, Migrants and WUMIN. The Ukraine diktat says it all about Britain’s smokescreen mentality.. The idea that the U.K is inclusive is ludicrous. Multi culture and LGBTQI is organised chaos and deception.

When one reads of an an incident like this , one knows the perpetrators are either white working class morons or rampant religious bigots. This is where the likes of J K Rowling and her self obsessed preening TERF feminist hate criminals need calling to account.

This is the fascism that they feed. No lower class person is included where it counts, so that’s why the morons take it out on vulnerable gays and transsexuals, with the likes of Rowling preoccupied with the nonsense of trans women lurking in ladies toilets to ravish the best of Britain’s Beauties – they wish.

Come on, beat me up, the police will agree with you that I am asking for it because I AM TRANS WOMAN FAGGOT – R.J Cook.
Beautiful CIS Women, weight watchers heading for Burger King to tone up and increase their figures, Commercial Road Portsmouth, so beautiful and sexually exciting it is dangerous for them to be on the streets, so lets have a 5 pm curfew on men – to stop them reproducing.
As for trannies , like me, and gays, well, enjoy inclusiveness as you like. Whatever that means -and it means just one big elite con.
Hopefully you are a serious masochist because you are asking for a big kicking -and possible brain damage, maybe a wheelchair.. State approved if the way they are fawning over Rowling is anything to go by – with Boris and Carrie on side.
Roberta Jane Cook

R J Cook

April 20th 2022

Met Police officer sacked after he ‘touched’ female colleagues while on duty

Beth Gulliver  

A Metropolitan Police officer has been dismissed for sexually inappropriate behaviour. PC Nathan Hind’s actions were discussed in a gross misconduct panel. The panel found he had touched two female police constables in a sexual manner.

The former officer, who worked on the South West Command Unit, covering Wandsworth, Richmond, Merton and Kingston, has been dismissed without notice following an investigation by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS). There were four occasions that were found to be non-consensual. The sexual assaults took place both on and off duty.

The panel found he had committed gross misconduct. He is no longer a serving Met Police officer.

Assange extradition a ‘political case’, says wife | Watch (msn.com)

PMQs – For the Pinocchio PM when no fridge is big enough you need… India
Boris Johnson’s cunning plan is to run away to India. The jewel in the crown of cowardice.

Boris and his Ukrainian friends are worried about Russia and China having influences in India. They don’t care about poverty. Pakistan’s Imran Khan has paid the price for choosing a gas deal with Russia. This NATO proxy war on Russia is about the Western led global elite’s dominance and control -masquerading as democracy. R J Cook

Today’s PMQs began with the prime minister wishing the Queen a happy birthday for tomorrow. You felt that this was going to be wielded as another reason why he can’t be sacked. “You can’t fire me on Liz’s special day it wouldn’t be fair on her”.

The PM had done humble yesterday while refusing to resign about 80 times as his MP’s quickly vanished after showing initial support.

He wants to move on but the Partygate scandal isn’t going to go away as quickly as he allegedly spent at his ambushed-by-a-cake party.

Read More PMQs – When no fridge is big enough you need… India (thelondoneconomic.com)

Priti Patel told quaint Yorkshire village ‘not the place’ to put new asylum centre

Dan O’Donoghue 

Home Secretary Priti Patel has been told the North Yorkshire village of Linton-on-Ouse is “not the appropriate place” to locate a specialist ‘Greek-style’ reception centre for asylum seekers.

The centre will be built in the village’s former RAF base, with much of the existing infrastructure expected to be used to house new arrivals and process their asylum applications.

Read More Priti Patel told quaint Yorkshire village ‘not the place’ to put new asylum centre (msn.com)

Julian Assange’s extradition to the US moves a step closer

Assange extradition a ‘political case’, says wife | Watch (msn.com)

Julian Assange’s extradition to the US has moved a step closer after a court order.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court has formally issued an order to extradite the WikiLeaks founder after years of legal toing and froing.

Home Secretary Priti Patel will need to approve the order, although defence lawyers may yet appeal to the High Court.

An extradition order was issued by chief magistrate Paul Goldspring during a seven-minute hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Read More Julian Assange’s extradition to the US moves a step closer (msn.com)

Stay in France if you don’t want to go to Rwanda, minister tells asylum seekers

Asylum seekers in France should stay there if they want to avoid being sent to Rwanda by the UK, a government minister has warned.

For Jewish Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Passover’s message felt all too realThe 25 best musicals of all time

Asylum seekers in France should stay there if they want to avoid being sent to Rwanda by the UK, a government minister has warned.Business minister Paul Scully - LBC© LBC

Business minister Paul Scully- LBC

Home secretary Priti Patel’s plan to fly migrants arriving on small boats to east Africa has sparked outrage from opposition parties, migrant groups, senior bishops and some senior Tories.

Business minister Paul Scully defended the controversial move by suggesting it would help discourage people in Calais from making the crossing across the English Channel.

“Where they are in France, they are in a safe country. They can – if they don’t want to go to Rwanda – can claim [asylum] in France,” he told LBC.

Stay in France if you don’t want to go to Rwanda, minister tells asylum seekers (msn.com)

Comment It is significant that well paid media folk, with all of the best tax avoidance specialists, think it such an outrage to control economic migrants aka asylum seekers. If these people were asylum seekers, France or Rwanda should be good enough. It isn’t because they are heading for established migrant communities and would not get the benefits if they stayed in France. France is more realistic, but still has a massive problem. Multi culture is organised chaos. R J Cook

April 19th 2022

Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms

Charity calls for people who arrived on seasonal work visas and are now undocumented to be offered protection

Hundreds of Ukrainians are believed to be living and working informally in Britain after escaping from farms they were working at, with many claiming to have been subjected to conditions of modern slavery.

Ukrainians made up by far the largest proportion of workers in the UK on seasonal worker visas in 2021. Of the 29,631 visas issued under the T5 seasonal work scheme, two-thirds (19,920) were given to Ukrainians. The Scottish Refugee Council estimates there are up to 6,000 Ukrainians in the UK.

The farm workers are not eligible for the two main government schemes that support Ukrainian refugees – the family scheme and the community sponsorship scheme.

Read More Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

April 18th 2022

Energy bosses call for overhaul of bills and aid to prevent ‘horrific’ winter ahead

Bosses of the UK’s largest energy firms have called on the government to intervene with “unprecedented” measures to prevent a fuel poverty crisis next winter.

Read More Energy bosses call for overhaul of bills and aid to prevent ‘horrific’ winter ahead (msn.com)

Comment The Power companies should never have been privatised and run for profit. Coal fired stations could have been environmentally friendly, with more forests planted. The Global Economy was forced on us for private profit. Now these moralising hypocrites want to turn it off because we have to believe that Russia is evil , not worthy of a point of view until it joins the ultimate home for oligarchs and plutocrats – NATO / EU / World Bank.. R J Cook

Priti Patel could spark Home Office exodus following controversial immigrant deal

Bill McLoughlin

Priti Patel could face an exodus of staff from the Home Office following the announcement of a controversial immigration deal with Rwanda, unions have warned.

The deal, which has been deemed “unworkable” by the UN refugee agency, was signed off by the Home Secretary using a ministerial direction due to concerns raised by civil servants . A ministerial directive has rarely been used and means Ms Patel must take personal responsibility for the policy.

However, union bosses have labelled the immigration deal as “divisive” and said some civil servants may leave in protest against the policy which will see those who cross the Channel illegally, sent to the east Africa state.

Comment The continuous flood of African migrants into Europe and United Kingdom is unworkable. The lower classes pay the price. The cost is massive. There are big issues in Africa, which Russia and China have been trying to resolve with development, whereas the west simply sets up military bases with spy networks and promotes conflict in order to keep a strangle hold on resources.

It is a pretty pass when Civil Servants think threatening to leave their well paid cushy jobs should alter government policy. It s clear from the report that the Home Office favours diversity of a particular kind which must not be offended. The top cats in that place symbolise the U.K class structure. meanwhile we are supposed to think all is well here because we face the common enemy of Russia. It is an old elite ruling class trick. Like multi culture, it is organised chaos. R J Cook.

Partygate: Fury as it’s claimed PM ‘poured drinks’ and encouraged staff to ‘let off steam’

Read More Partygate: Fury as it’s claimed PM ‘poured drinks’ and encouraged staff to ‘let off steam’ (thelondoneconomic.com)

April 17th 2022

Boris hit by ‘indefensible’ fresh Partygate allegations
Johnson didn’t just attend lockdown-busting celebrations in Downing Street, it has emerged…


Read More Boris hit by ‘indefensible’ fresh Partygate allegations (thelondoneconomic.com)

April 16th 2022

Boris hit by ‘indefensible’ fresh Partygate allegations
Johnson didn’t just attend lockdown-busting celebrations in Downing Street, it has emerged…

Labour has called Boris Johnson’s involvement in the Partygate saga “indefensible” as fresh allegations emerged about the prime minister’s conduct.

The Sunday Times said Johnson is expected to deliver a statement when MPs return to the Commons on Tuesday, where he will not deny wrongdoing but will point towards the wider context, including the war in Ukraine.

But the newspaper also revealed fresh claims that Johnson was not only present at a leaving do for his former press chief but that he led the celebrations.

Read More Boris hit by ‘indefensible’ fresh Partygate allegations (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Boris Johnson’s defence that he is too important to account for himself because he is running a war. is absurd. R J Cook

Rwanda plan puts UK on ‘road to fascism’, charity warns


The policy is all about “saving this Government’s skin”, Positive Action in Housing said.

The UK’s immigration policy is not about “saving refugees’ skins, it’s about saving this Government’s skin”, a charity has said, after it was revealed Priti Patel overruled the concerns of civil servants to push ahead with the controversial plans.

As part of the plan designed to curb migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats, those who are deemed to have entered Britain by unlawful means since January 1 may be sent to Rwanda where they will be permitted to apply for asylum in the African country, the Home Secretary and Prime Minister announced earlier this week.

Read More Rwanda plan puts UK on ‘road to fascism’, charity warns (thelondoneconomic.com)

Comment Firstly, Britain is already a fascist police state, as my experience with police and law has taught me. The black thing is more ‘liberal’ ( sic ) politically correct drivel.

This migrant / asylum policy has nothing to do with this. Africa is a vast under developed space run by vile black western place men. It is absurd to think moving all of Africa’s vast culturally different overspill to the U.K is a solution. The majority are economic migrants. Nothing is being done to face up to the nightmare global issue of Africa.

Secondly , Western elites in hoc with black tyrants are on to a good thing. So long as the average African woman has 15 babies, there will be a massive environmental problem. But ‘liberals’ don’t want to talk about it. Fascist NATO doesn’t like Russia and China trying to develop Africa. They need its people to be ignorant God worshippers. They had the same problem with Gadhafi , which is why the west ganged up to depose him.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook , April 12th 2022, Buckingham.

Roberta Jane Cook

April 15th 2022

Furious responses as Patel brags about sending asylum seekers to Rwanda
“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bleak to my bones,” wrote Armando Iannucci.

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have set out widely criticised plans to fly migrants who cross the Channel in small boats more than 4,000 miles to Rwanda.

The eye-catching scheme announced on Thursday comes after the Home Secretary has come under sustained pressure to stop asylum seekers making the perilous journeys.

And it comes as the Prime Minister battles to hold on to his job after being fined by police for breaching his own coronavirus laws.

The taxpayer will foot the bill, including for the cost of chartering flights to remove detainees, but ministers are not saying how much the programme will cost.

Britain has promised Rwanda an initial £120 million as part of an “economic transformation and integration fund” but the UK will be paying for operational costs too.

The Home Office said a set amount of funding will be provided for each relocated person.

But it declined to say how much, other than to say it will be comparable to current processing costs in the UK and cover case workers, legal advice, translators, accommodation, food and healthcare.

More than 160 charities and campaign groups have called on the Government to scrap “shamefully cruel” plans to send asylum seekers who cross the English Channel in small boats to Rwanda. It comes as a Home office Minister was slammed on Good Morning Britain.

Boris Johnson has insisted his scheme to detain and fly migrants more than 4,000 miles to East Africa at the expense of the taxpayer is not “draconian and lacking in compassion”.

But Bond, the UK network of NGOs, and more than 160 other British organisations have condemned the plan, claiming it is “fundamentally out of step with widespread public support for refugees in the UK”.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary Priti Patel, the signatories demanded that the Government scrap the scheme, cease plans to overhaul the Human Rights Act, and “instead create humane and effective solutions” for those seeking refuge in the UK.

“Sending people seeking asylum to Rwanda will cause immense suffering, with the most vulnerable people bearing the brunt,” they wrote.

“This is a shamefully cruel way to treat people who have come to the UK to seek protection, fleeing persecution or conflict.”

They said to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda would be “cruel and immoral”, criticising the country’s track record on human rights.

Comment Interesting implications here. R.J Cook

April 14th 2022

Frankie Boyle responds to govt sending refugees to Rwanda and it’s brutal
The comedian hit out at Priti Patel and the UK government over their decision to send asylum seekers to another country to have their cases processed.

M25 Dartford Crossing traffic pictures show drivers stuck in six-mile gridlock

Sam Honey  

Rightwing populist parties blight climate policy, study findsPeter Andre shares candid photos of wife Emily and rarely-seen children after…

Motorists on the M25 have contended with hefty queues and lengthy delays today after a tunnel of the Dartford Crossing was forced to close after a spillage. At around 7:30am this morning (April 14) a broken down lorry began leaking its load onto the carriageway, causing the closure of two lanes of the M25 and the east tunnel.

At approximately 8:30am, traffic monitoring service Inrix said: “Two lanes closed, long delays and queueing traffic for four miles due to broken down lorry and spillage on M25 Dartford Tunnel anticlockwise between J1a A206 (Dartford) and J31 A1306 (Lakeside / Purfleet). Congestion to J3 M20 (Swanley Interchange), and back down the A2 Fast Link. Travel time is 40 minutes.”

Read More M25 Dartford Crossing traffic pictures show drivers stuck in six-mile gridlock (msn.com)

April 13th 2022

Woman’s fury over ‘extortionate’ £150 fine for throwing sandwich crust to pigeons in Piccadilly Gardens

Paul Britton

A woman has told of her fury after being fined £150 for throwing two small crusts from a sandwich to pigeons in Piccadilly Gardens. Hazel Kirby said her punishment was triple the fine paid by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for breaching coronavirus restrictions at a Downing Street party during the pandemic.

Retired Hazel, 61, said she wanted to speak out to ‘air’ the issue in public – and she called the fine ‘disproportionate’ to the current minimum penalty of £100 for a speeding offence in a vehicle in the UK.

Read More Woman’s fury over ‘extortionate’ £150 fine for throwing sandwich crust to pigeons in Piccadilly Gardens (msn.com)

Comment It might seem like a triviality, but it is a profound sign that Britain is an advanced police state. WOKE isn’t liberty. It is more control.

R J Cook

British Democracy

Roberta jane Cook makes a stopover in one of Buckinghamshire’s wealthiest towns. Originally Bucca’s Town, it became the County Town until the obese sex mad wife killer Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn ,daughter of the Aylesbury Lord of the manor. So Henry, currying favour, transferred County Town Status to Aylesbury, a market town built around the old Roman Akerman Street ( A41 ) to London.
Image Appledene Photographics.
Here Roberta Jane Cook pauses in front of Buckingham’s Old Gaol, nowadays a museum, but once a hell hole for working people tried by the local aristocracy for trivial offences like poaching. Many were parted from loved ones and transported to Australia. Miss Cook has written 3 books on the town’s history and development..
Image Appledene Photographics.
The Mail tells it the way it is.’ We are at war with Russia’ over Ukraine.’ Did anyone take a vote on this and all the other regime change wars, all the dead , blinded, brain damaged and crippled. So now Russia and China are cooperating in militarising space and Australia is in with the EU, U.K and U.S to build hyper hyper sonic missiles. So forget all the bulls-it about climate change and carbon footprints. Now they are scaring Sweden and Finland into joining their NATO. R J Cook

April 12th 2022

Britain is about wealth , power & the right sort of oligarch. This guys wife looks great in Leopard Skin.

Watch: Why was Sunak so keen on Brexit? Does this clip give you the answer?
Alastair Campbell pointed out that European Union moves to curb tax avoidance could be why the chancellor “fought so hard for Brexit”.

Why was Sunak so keen on Brexit? Does this clip give you the answer? (thelondoneconomic.com)

Rich man Sunak tells us to tighten our belts.

Met detective ‘caught grooming schoolgirl, 13, for sex in undercover sting’

Sean Seddon 

A senior Metropolitan Police officer has denied attempting to meet a 13-year-old child after ‘grooming’ her.

Francois Olwage exchanged sexually explicit messages with what he believed was a schoolgirl, prosecutors allege.

The 52-year-old detective constable met the ‘child’ on a forum, a court was told, but it was actually an undercover police officer operating a sting operation.

At the time of the alleged offence, he was a member of the counter-terrorism command unit.

Read More Met detective ‘caught grooming schoolgirl, 13, for sex in undercover sting’ (msn.com)

Asylum seeker who stabbed six people made 72 phone calls before attack – report

By Katharine Hay, PA Scotland reporter

An asylum seeker who was shot dead after stabbing six people called the Home Office and various migrant support groups more than 70 times before his attack, it has been reported.

Badreddin Abadlla Adam, 28, was one of hundreds of asylum seekers moved into hotels in Glasgow at the start of lockdown.

It is understood he had contacted the Home Office, the housing and social care provider Mears, and the charity Migrant Help 72 times about his health and accommodation in the period leading up to the attack.

An internal Home Office evaluation, seen by the BBC, said his calls “should have acted as a warning”.

Read More Asylum seeker who stabbed six people made 72 phone calls before attack – report (msn.com)