Sexy Me

A Lesser Life September 6th 2020

Roberta Jane Cook 2003. For more on her sexy striptease on a Saturday night in a seedy Southampton pub, see ‘Man,Maid,Woman’
by R.J Cook
Roberta’s Image by Khalid

I have been researching, teaching, pursuing my art, performing in small venues and writing for over thirty years – building up a massive archive along the way. I am currently weeding and reorganising as I approach the inevitable end of my life.

As an academic, I became aware of Freud during my UEA days. Even in the 1970s, I concluded that the so called sexual revolution was not quite the mini skirts, pill and pop it was hyped up to be. The Female Eunuch was advertised around campus, with stocks piled up in the university bookshop.

So I concluded that there was more to sex and sexual behaviour than what was allegedly obvious and advertised. So not surpsrisingly, I did much research, collecting cuttings, stories and much other data.

Thus comes the inspiration for this new page. I found in a massive box of old papers, a school exercise book of cuttings on the subject of what was then contemporary female sexuality with many grumblers featured. So i am going to gradually copy the book on to this page, and possibly a second page. Here is the cover.

My book cover, just found in an old storage box.
Page 1 This interesting image is from Madonna’s published collection of erotic images of herself. Sexual fantasies, including rape, are common to both sexes. Feminists don’t accept this or the fact that some women turn fantasy into lies, often getting away with it.
Page 2 Something else womens’ groups don’t like, ladies in pretty undies, all the worse for this one apparently enjoying showing herself off with a man.
Page 3 Another Shocking Image from Madonna’s notorious 1980S sexy book. Madonna has undoubted talent, but used shock tactics to blow open the doorway to fame. No doubt she can reconcile her early life with her inevitable regrouping with feminists harridans.
Page 4
Mother & Daughter
Page 5

Page 5 Curiously I spent most of my life pretending to be a man, hating the absurd power of being seen as female, the cultural bias and lack of truth. Roberta Jane Cook
Roberta’s image by Khalid

Image od Roberta Jane by Khalid

Page 6 Shapewear is about getting men to notice you, then you complain about unwanted attention.
Page 7 Roberta Jane Cook in sensuous satin. Image Appledene Photographcs/Khalid

Page 8 Daily Mirror Image, 1980s age of innocence and traditional non PC femininity, but the undercurrent of fanatical feminism was getting stronger.

Page 9 Totally Female Cindy Crawford, ideal and icon.
Page 10 Why are some women so deliberately provocative in their dress, pose and choice of dangerous places ? Roberta’s image by Khaild
Page 11 One might wonder, if the sexes are equal, why and how lingerie was ever invented, along with why devout feminists hate it so much. Roberta Jane’s image by Khalid.
Satin and lace lingerie like this does not come cheap.
Roberta Jane Cook’s image by Mustafa K
Page 12 The ugly or beautiful truth, depending on your point of view, is that penises- as we see above left, -swell up at the sight of young females dressed or undressed like the one centred here.
Page 13 Back in the bad oldays when ‘real man’ Robert Maxwell owned the ‘Daily Mirror’ and before new owners pretentiously dropped the word ‘Daily’ from their redtops, then turning the paper into a police loving feminist rant, images like the ‘shocking ‘ one above were common and ‘daily’.

During and well after the war, the paper commissioned the stories about ‘Jane’ the British spy who was always losing her outer clothes – this exposing her lavish Janet Reiger like frillies, camisoles, stockings and suspenders. Luckily for ‘women they are protected from all of that sexism now, not even needing to watch their weight , thanks to doughty feminist warriors- which is why so many are obese and vulnerable to bio engineered Covid 19.
Page 14 Janet Reiger lingerie used to be the upper middle class lady’s lingerie of choice. Founder Peter Reiger committed suicide.
Page 15
Pamela Anderson should be noted for her heroic support of Julian Assange. These stories are written by hypocrits.
Page 16
Page 17 Roberta Jane Cook pictured right. Her image by Mustafa Khalid
Page 18 Roberta Jane Cook performing in a Southampton pub. Image Mustafa Khan
A more refined Roberta Jane Cook, 2019 at her remote luxury home .
Image Appledene Photographics/CC
Page 19 Roberta Jane Cook 2018 Image by Mohammed K
Page 20 A sketch by R.J Cook, 1982
Page 21
Page 25

More to come later on. R.J Cook