‘We’ll never have Zero Covid. But yes, I believe the end is in sight’ – July 27th 2021

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Has the beast been tamed? Could the end of Covid really be in sight? The numbers certainly look promising.

Yesterday, it emerged that new daily infections had fallen in England for six days in a row. The numbers had plummeted 38 per cent week on week, with deaths happily down 24 per cent.

Every English region saw a significant drop in new infections.

The ever-gloomy modellers at the Government’s scientific advisory committee, Sage, had warned that new cases could reach 100,000 per day by the start of August, with ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson even suggesting this could surge to 200,000 per day.

Yet, yesterday, fewer than 25,000 positive tests were reported: less than a quarter of Sage’s bleak prediction. 

Even more reassuringly, unlike the first two waves, the new cases are not translating into a surge in hospitalisations or deaths — just 14 deaths were reported yesterday, down almost a quarter on the week before.

Last week, when the Prime Minister decided to lift the remaining official Covid restrictions, he was accused by critics of indulging in a ‘reckless’ experiment that could result in the virus spreading like wildfire across Britain, threatening the NHS.

Piers Morgan caused outrage by stating tht most people could not care less about the Olympics. Regarding the police being used as punch bags , the situation is a little more complex , especially in Yorkshire and many urban areas. Politicians , starting with Thatcher, changed and politicised policing , expanding its bureaucracy , and undermined the best of British society. The likes of Johnson argue that more tougher policing is the answer to everything. It is a sign of failure and will get worse. Robert Cook

Police Federation survey reveals more than three in four police officers admit to suffering mental health and wellbeing issues – July 26th 2021

By Ldn-Post July 26, 2021

Policing the pandemic has taken a major toll on police officers with more than three quarters admitting to having experienced mental health or wellbeing difficulties in the past year.

The devastating impact was detailed in a new report from the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) which followed a survey of 12,471 rank and file police officers.

The report revealed 69 per cent of all respondents linked ‘work-related difficulties’ to their distress. Of these respondents, 58 per cent experienced work-related mental health and wellbeing difficulties and cited heavy workloads as a factor.

The survey also illustrated a gap between those officers who sought help and those who chose not to do so, with just one in five respondents admitting to asking for help to manage their mental health and wellbeing. A perceived stigma around declaring mental health or wellbeing issues within policing was also evident, with 41 per cent of those who had received help admitting they didn’t share this information with their line manager, because they didn’t want to be treated differently in the workplace.

More positively, the results showed the police service was playing an increasing role in combating mental health issues, and proactive support services were having a constructive impact.

71 per cent of those who sought help for mental health and wellbeing had disclosed this information to line managers, with 67 per cent claiming they were ‘adequately’ supported by the police service after doing so.

A total of 74 per cent indicated they were aware of force provided support services, such as resilience training, mindfulness workshops, and mental health awareness programmes.

Officers who responded to the survey were asked about their awareness of national support initiatives within policing, with the Blue Light Project by Mind, Oscar Kilo, and PFEW’s Welfare Support Programme the most recognisable.

PFEW National Chair John Apter said: “The pandemic has put pressure on policing like never before. But while the negative impact on the mental health of police officers comes as no surprise, it should sound alarm bells.

“Police officers often feel as though their concerns are irrelevant. Policing and government therefore must do much more to make sure they can more easily access the support they deserve.

“On a positive note, there is more mental health and wellbeing support available than ever before -and it’s clear from the evidence more officers are seeking support.

“But we need to remove the stigma around these issues. We have to ensure every officer knows where they can reach out and get support no matter what time of day or night they need it.

“The Police Covenant, which is currently going through parliament, is the perfect opportunity to ensure that help and support is provided to officers. That’s why it is essential that what the Covenant delivers is both tangible and meaningful.”

Comment There are many in the police who do not like me – a matter explained elsewhere. This is a shame because I used to be one of their biggest apologists and supporters. They changed how I saw them , not the other way around.

The police themselves, as an organisation, have been changed by forces beyond their control. These days there is a tendency to put people into groups with no account to individuality.

Large organisations are always prone to corruption but it matters most with the police , who are not by nature racist anymore than I was as a tax man or school teacher.

But of all our public services, the police are the most vulnerable to corruption and destroy lives in the process. I kept my old fashioned view of the police for many years and even thought of joining the Met. But I wanted long holidays and time to write.

Looking back on what the police have become, I know I made the right decision. But working with the public, under a self seeking incompetent gimmick loving jargon spouting management , was my experience in teaching and I have reason to believe it is the same with the police. As a tax man, my line manager noted that I spent ‘too long talking to the taxpayers.’ As a teacher it was noted that I ‘agonised over the pupils’ – as we used to call them in olden times. I always saw my role as bringing harmony , not exploiting conflict for a pay rise and more showy life style.

Teaching is a form of policing and teachers can subtly destroy lives , as police officers can. When I was young I had no idea of how much responsibility I had , but a certain type of ambitious person in public service doesn’t care because promotion is everything.

A few years ago , I was friendly with a gentle giant of a police officer, a man well seasoned and eager to retire. One night , at my home , he said ‘I don’t like the police, Rob.’ Like a fool , I said , ‘How can you be a police officer and not like the police ?’ Then I amswered my own stupid question.

The police managemment have five key issues , Recruitement , training , promotion , retention and politcians. By and large , they understandbly do not like politicans who define their targets and rules of engagement. The head of the police college boiled matters down to recruitment and promotion with like recruiting and promoting like.

One , to be fair , has to suspect that it is the better more thoughtful officers who have mental health issues. The ones who get to the top , just do not care. A recent study has shown that narcissists and psychopaths flourish across the board. It was the same in teaching , where the damage is not so obvious but no less serious in the long term. Teaching , ultimately, is another form of policing , especially today. Robert Cook

The real threat to the UK isn’t asylum seekers, it’s the far right – July 26th 2021

Sarah Owen  

Labour moderates oust Jeremy Corbyn supporters to seize key London…Billie Eilish lands BBC special Billie Eilish: Up Close

The government’s Nationality and Borders Bill is as flawed as it is inhumane. It’s a clear signal that the UK government is more than willing to turn its back on some of the most vulnerable people on Earth, hitting a new low with the risk of criminalising even RNLI lifeboats saving people from drowning in the Channel.a small boat in a body of water: The government’s bill risks criminalising even RNLI lifeboats saving people from drowning in the Channel - PA© PA

The government’s bill risks criminalising even RNLI lifeboats saving people from drowning in the Channel- PA

A less publicised area of the bill focuses significantly on asylum accommodation centres, suggesting an expansion of their use and a move away from community accommodation. But as well as inhibiting integration, and the fact that institutional accommodation for asylum seekers has been so squalid they’ve been found unlawful, these proposals pose a significant terror risk from the far right.

Last year, a shortage of accommodation and compliance with Covid restrictions saw the Home Office become reliant on housing asylum seekers in contingency accommodation, using hotels, B&Bs and disused barracks. Almost immediately, the far-right seized on this to reignite their bored and fractured groups. We saw the rise of so-called “citizen journalists”, a group of activists joined by organised far-right groups like Britain First, who filmed the beaches of the south coast and “hunted” arriving migrants and asylum seekers.

Their videos, some showing arrivals being chased by cameras and others featuring angry activists ranting in the lobbies of bed & breakfast hotels, quickly spread across far-right social media platforms and whipped anti-immigrant activists into a peak of anger. Each new video has served to confirm the far-right’s belief that Britain is being “invaded”, while directly stirring fear among asylum seekers placed in hotels and barracks.

This threatening behaviour, with far-right groups actively breaking into accommodation sites and approaching boats with the sole purpose of harassment, underlines a growing threat from the far right. Proposals for replacing community accommodation for asylum seekers with out-of-town accommodation centres, not only inhibits integration and traps residents in isolated, detention-like settings, it also poses a risk for further harassment and violence.

Moreover, the Home Office should be aware of these risks, given recent charges against members of a new terror-advocating, far-right group that has allegedly been recruiting minors to its ranks via Instagram and Telegram. Last year, research by Hope not Hate revealed that the leader of an extreme far-right group had posted that he was planning an attack against migrants arriving in Dover, and received support from other members in the group. Others similarly stressed their willingness to commit violent attacks against migrants, discussing how to acquire weapons and how to hide their political views in order to enlist in the military.

New laws threaten asylum seekers (Sky News)

Far-right extremism remains the UK’s fastest-growing terror threat. In this light, the very real threat posed by the far-right against asylum accommodation, and the increased risk with the proposed move from community accommodation to accommodation centres, should be taken seriously as an active terror threat. At the height of Europe’s “refugee crisis” during 2015-16, the German organisation Pro Asyl counted 126 arson attacks on refugee accommodation – one every three days.

Yet the Home Office seems to have not yet grasped the potential threat that accommodation centres could pose. Having reached out to accommodation providers and asylum organisations offering direct support over the last year, Hope not Hate found many were concerned about the threat of the far right, yet were given no guidance on what they could do to mitigate risks.

In the Home Office’s equality impact assessment for using Ministry of Defence sites to accommodate asylum seekers – including Napier barracks – Hope not Hate found no mention of the far-right threat, or even local opposition. It found no mentions of “terror”, “extremism/extremist” or “far right” in the UKVI Suitability Assessment for Contingency Accommodation, nor in a letter from the home secretary, Priti Patel, on institutional accommodation and documents relating to Napier barracks from March 2021. It appears the threat has not been considered at all in the decision to move towards accommodation centres and away from community accommodation, where these threats are more easily mitigated.

In a hostile climate, where migrants and refugees have faced daily harassment from organised far-right political groups, the home secretary, it appears, has offered no safeguards. Rather, it seems she has pursued a line of inflammatory language that incubates the far right, relentlessly using the term “illegal immigrant”, and focusing on small vessel crossings, despite the numbers arriving via these routes still being very small.

The Home Office must take the threat of the far-right seriously when making a decision on accommodation for asylum seekers. Instead of ramping up hostile language and fuelling enmity and division with an inhumane and unworkable system – a system that puts asylum seekers at even greater risk in institutional asylum accommodation centres – the government should offer decent housing in communities across the country, allowing people to integrate and become part of our country.

If the Home Office is serious about keeping people in our country safe, it would rethink this unworkable Nationality and Borders Bill, and start putting some compassion into its policymaking: the starting point for any such policy should be the preservation of human life.

Sarah Owen is MP for Luton North and vice-chair of the Hope not Hate parliamentary group

Change ‘absurd’ rules so MPs can accuse each other of lying, says John Bercow – July 26th 2021

Adam Forrest  

Labour moderates oust Jeremy Corbyn supporters to seize key London…Billie Eilish lands BBC special Billie Eilish: Up Close

Former House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has defended the backbench Labour MP who was kicked out of the chamber for calling Boris Johnson a liar.John Bercow standing in front of a building: Former Speaker John Bercow - PA© PA

Former Speaker John Bercow- PA

Mr Bercow said Dawn Butler was entitled to claim the prime minister had lied – calling for “absurd” parliamentary rules to be changed so MPs can accuse one another of lying in the chamber.

Ms Butler was told to leave the Commons for one day last week after she refused to withdrawn her claim that Mr Johnson had “lied to the House and the country over and over again”.

In a joint piece with the Labour backbencher, Ms Butler and Mr Bercow wrote: “The glaring weakness of the system is that someone lying to tens of millions of citizens knows he or she is protected by an ancient rule.”

They told The Times: “They face no sanction. By contrast, an MP with the guts to tell the truth is judged to be in disgrace. It is absurd.”

Sir Keir Starmer has said he supported and “agreed” with Labour MP Dawn Butler when she said Mr Johnson had repeatedly lied to the country.

“I agree with what Dawn had to say – I think the prime minister is the master of untruth and half truths,” Sir Keir told LBC on Monday. “Dawn was simply giving some examples of that.”

Expressing his sympathy with the Labour MP, Sir Keir suggested that it was unfair she had been sanctioned for saying the prime minister had lied.

But the Labour leader also said it was “right” for the backbencher to have been ordered to leave the House of Commons for a day for breaking parliamentary etiquette.

Ms Butler was ordered to leave the House after refusing twice to take back her remarks, since it breaks current parliamentary etiquette to call another member a liar.

She highlighted disputed claims made by Mr Johnson – referring to his statements on economic growth, NHS spending and nurses’ bursaries, before adding: “It’s dangerous to lie in a pandemic.”

As explained on the UK parliament website, such language “breaks the rules of politeness in the House of Commons Chamber” and can lead to a member being asked to withdraw what was said or leave.

In a chamber where MPs must refer to each other as the “honourable member”, accusations of deliberate deceit and dishonesty are forbidden.

Many left-wing commentators and Labour MPs, including the party’s deputy leader, threw their support behind Ms Butler after the incident. “Just to confirm, Boris Johnson is a liar regardless of who calls him a liar or where they call him a liar,” Angela Rayner said.

Comment I think it is ironic that the lefty PC Woke feminists element in mainstream politics should complain about punishment for bad language. They are the ones who wanted this censorship and hate speech law inside and outside of the House of Commons. They never expected it to apply to them because they are so psychotic and intolerant that they believe that they own the truth and are the truth. Robert Cook

Covid news – live: Javid apologises for ‘poor choice of words’ after outrage over ‘cowering’ from virus remark – July 224th 2021

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LIVE – Updated at 15:23Sajid Javid et al. that are standing in the street: GettyImages-1325881667.jpg© Dan Kitwood/Getty Images GettyImages-1325881667.jpg

Sajid Javid has apologised “for his poor choice of words” and deleted a tweet in which he claimed the public should not “cower” from coronavirus, after the health secretary’s “deeply insensitive” remark sparked outrage, particularly among bereaved families and the clinically vulnerable.

It came as an NHS executive said hospitals are experiencing a “perfect storm”, as rising Covid hospitalisations and record-breaking demand for A&E collide with holiday season, amid warnings of a summer of venue closures, travel disruption and food supply woes as a result of worker shortages caused by the so-called “pingdemic”. The British Medical Association blamed the government for allowing cases to “skyrocket”.

And MPs cautioning that taxpayers will be spending money on the pandemic for decades to come have warned that the government is still spending millions on unusable personal protective equipment (PPE), with some 7 per cent of items failing quality checks – totalling more than 2.1 billion wasted purchases.

Meanwhile, Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, said that “there are younger people really getting seriously ill at the moment”, citing the nearly 200 people recently admitted to hospital in Bristol, who he said have a mean age of 40.

Key Points

  • Anger over health secretary’s ‘cower’ remark
  • Government has wasted £2.1bn on unusable PPE
  • ‘Perfect storm’ for hospitals as Covid and holiday season collide

15:23 , Andy Gregory

The foreign affairs committee’s Tory chair Tom Tugendhat has warned that vaccine passports “risk a social credit system of control”.

Vaccine passports risk a social credit system of control.

If we need a vaccine to for events like a party conference or a nightclub – why not to travel by a train, or go to a university lecture or a shop? What other choices will result in denial of service?— Tom Tugendhat (@TomTugendhat) July 25, 2021

Comment So I conclude that the powers behind the government including mainstream media, wants us to cower. Robert Cook

Anti-vaxxer’s son condemns her comments about executing NHS workers – July 24th 2021

15:15 , Andy Gregory

The son of Kate Sherimani – an anti-vaxxer whose comments at yesterday’s protest in Trafalgar Square were condemned by the mayor of London as “utterly appalling” – has also spoken out against his mother.

In a speech yesterday, Ms Sherimani, a former nurse who was was struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in June for spreading false information about Covid, said that she was drawing up a list of nurses names in connection with the vaccines, adding: “At the Nuremberg trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial and they hung.”

Her son, Sebastian, has told the BBC: “It’s only a matter of time before a follower of my mum’s lies decides to take matters into their own hands and hurt one of our NHS professionals.”

Comment There is no reason why the boy should agree with his mother. One can just imagine mintream media rushing to get the woman stitched up by her son. But ,the boy is rather missing his mother’s point and I am sure she was being a lot more abstract in her comments. Putting an appalling NHS on a predestal because they can’t do the job is pathetic , as is exxaggerating the death risk. Because of this futile smokecreen lockdown many more are dying from other causes. Poverty and mental health issues are off the scale. Viruses cannot be defeated which is why we still have colds, flu and AIDs. the powers behind this scenario know that. Australia is an even more absurd situation.

Robert Cook

Britain heading for biggest cut to social security since WWII, think tank warns – July 23rd 2021

Adam Forrest 

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Britain is heading for the biggest cut to the basic rate of social security since the creation of the welfare state at the end of World War II, a leading think tank has warned.Boris Johnson wearing a suit and tie: Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak - PA© PA

Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak- PA

Boris Johnson’s ministers must use the parliamentary recess to rethink plans to cut universal credit by £20 a week in October, said the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).

New analysis from JRF shows how damaging the changes will be to working families – who make up the majority of those who will be affected by the looming cuts to universal credit and the working tax credit.

In the JRF’s illustrative scenario, a family with three children, where one adult is working full-time, and the other is working part-time, living in a medium cost area, would be left £150 per month below the poverty line if the planned cuts go ahead.

Katie Schmuecker, deputy director of policy for the JRF, said: “The new analysis should act as a stark warning of the immense, immediate and avoidable consequences of what amounts to the biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the Second World War.”

She added: “Ministers cannot hide the fact that they are ploughing ahead with a cut despite knowing it will be devastating for millions of families.”

The reversal of the £20-a-week uplift in universal credit – introduced at the outset of the coronavirus lockdown last year – will cost £1,040 a year for some of Britain’s poorest families, including many in low-paid jobs.

Covid UK news – live: Train services to be reduced due to ‘pingdemic’ as new variant under investigation

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LIVE – Updated at 20:50graphical user interface, website: Coronavirus - Thu Jul 22, 2021© PA Coronavirus – Thu Jul 22, 2021

Rail leaders across the country are planning to reduce train services from next week because of staff shortages caused by the “pingdemic”.

Already, dozens of trains, including a London Tube line, have been forced to suspend service amid the related staff shortages.

Figures on Thursday showed that more than 600,000 people had been alerted by the NHS Test and Trace app to self-isolate following close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Public Health England has confirmed that a new coronavirus variant is under investigation in the UK.

Sixteen cases of the variant known as B.1.621 have been identified across the country, most of which have been linked to overseas travel, with no apparent community transmission.

PHE has said that it does not appear to make vaccines less effective or cause more severe illness.

Key Points

  • BMA calls for ‘urgent rethink’ of government’s plan to ‘let Covid rip’ through UK
  • No self-isolation exemptions for retail, hospitality or supermarket staff, minister says
  • Food industry workers to avoid self-isolation through testing scheme
  • New Covid variant under investigation in UK, PHE says
  • Daily Covid testing for school children just as effective as isolation, study suggests
  • Eight-week dose interval is ‘sweet spot’ for Pfizer vaccine, scientists say
  • UK food industry at ‘crisis point’ over self-isolation chaos and Brexit issues

Comment There is always going to be a new variant. Positive tests are not reliable but used to pump up the numbers, especially because they are falling. There are lot of vested interests making money from controls and others , namely the carefully selected experts ruling the roost , with at best guesswork, and avoiding key variables regarding the spread because they are unpalatable. the NHS don’t like the extra work , nor do GPs. The reality is that deaths are at worst ‘with Covid’ with the avrage age at 82.

No mainstream media or authority figure wants to talk about wider deeper damage. The NHS workers and police are showing just how much they are not heroes as they seek to milk the situation for extra money without proper accountability – with the lower orders inevitably set to pay for it because they pay most of the direct and indirect taxation. It is superficially nonsense , but the masks and lockdown keeps people apart, with dissenters facing masssive life destroying penalties for serious disobedience and protest.

Multi culture is a cage under the control of the elite culture and well paid lackeys. We have hero footballer Harry Kane preaching equality as he looks forward to a new team with over £400,000 a week. Why does anyone watch these people ? We have an MP banned from Parliament for using really strong language – she called the PM a liar. I am too stunned by events to say more at the moment. – other than the Pfeizer vaccine had some rather nasty side effects on me and a lot of others , and it is apparently still not enough. So obviously giving the virus its freedom is the only solution as with all other viruses unless this bio engineered eample is expected to turn very nasty as it was designed to do , perhaps ! Robert Cook

Not a Pretty Sight – July 23rd 2021

Patel has attempted to position herself as a champion for the police, declaring in her 2019 Conservative party conference speech that the Tories had taken “their rightful place as the party of law and order in Britain once again” and pledging to give police the powers they need to tackle crime.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, placed policing at the heart of his campaigning ahead of the last general election, pledging to recruit 20,000 police officers as well as expanding stop and search powers and increasing sentences for assaulting police officers.

VThe prime minister, Boris Johnson, placed policing at the heart of his campaigning ahead of the last general election, pledging to recruit 20,000 police officers as well as expanding stop and search powers and increasing sentences for assaulting police officers.

Rank-and-file police officers have overwhelmingly supported a vote of no confidence in the home secretary, Priti Patel, the first such move in more than a decade.

In a scathing announcement, the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), which represents 130,000 officers, said Patel and the government “could not be trusted” and warned “warm words were not enough”.

The move comes after Wednesday’s confirmation that officers earning £24,000 or more would be hit by a pay freeze in 2021-22.

The PFEW’s national chair, John Apter, said: “As the organisation that represents more than 130,000 police officers, I can say quite categorically – we have no confidence in the current home secretary. I cannot look my colleagues in the eye and do nothing.”

Fears for hundreds of steel jobs as famous firm calls in administrators

July 22nd 2021

Hundreds of jobs are under threat at a steel firm which helped build the Wembley arch, the Shard and Dubai International Airport.

Cleveland Bridge, a 144-year-old company in the heart of the Tories’ Red Wall, called in administrators – triggering fears for about 200 staff.

The company, whose plant straddles the Darlington and Sedgefield constituencies seized by the Conservatives from Labour in December 2019, said it was “actively taking advice and exploring a range of options”.

Shadow Business Minister Seema Malhotra said: “This is extremely worrying news and my immediate thoughts are with every affected employee who may be feeling anxious about their livelihood.


By Patrick Lawson -July 22, 20211 0

English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson has lost a defamation case brought by a Syrian schoolboy who was caught on camera being attacked at a school in Huddersfield.

After the video went viral in 2018, Robinson claimed in two Facebook videos that Jamal Hijazi was “not innocent and he violently attacks young English girls at his school.”

His lawyers said the comments had “had a devastating effect” on him and his family, who had come to the UK as refugees.

A judgment by Judge Nicklin on Thursday ruled in Jamal’s favor and awarded him £ 100,000 in damages.

Robinson’s Facebook videos in response to the attack at Almondbury Community School in October 2018 have been viewed nearly a million times.

He also claimed Jamal “beat up a black and blue girl” and “threatened to stab” another boy – allegations the teenager denies.

The case went to trial in April and Robinson – who represented himself – argued his comments were essentially true and claimed to have “uncovered dozens of accounts of aggressive, abusive and deceptive behavior” from of the teenager.

Jamal’s lawyer Catrin Evans QC said Robinson’s comments in the videos led to death threats and “extremist agitation” against him.

She had claimed damages of between £ 150,000 and £ 190,000.

More information about this article Read More
This notice was published: 2021-07-22 13:12:00

Comment Libel and perjury are serious issus and , either line of publicity , even if it comes from the police, deserves serious punishment. I have not seen evidence to support Tommy Robinson on this matter. Robert Cook

What do you expect from a track and trace system souped up to make freedom day unworkable ?.
It is not about worth. It is about sharing in the nightmare of Covid and the ridiculous lockdown. It is more than the British collapsed society, with an economy benefitting the super rich , can afford. These people are not heroes. They were and are paid to do a job. If they were heroes then they would not be asking for more when so many are living in poverty and misery.

The National Health Service is bloated expensive and failing. It cannot , or even afford , to cope with the social and economic reality of multi cultural fragmeneted Britain. Even large numbers of its staff have fitness and mental health issues that more money will not solve.

The elite respond with more Draconian agenda setting eecrecy and punishment if threatened by reality. The minstreaam media does its best to promote and protect their image – mainstream journalists and other professional safe with their privae health plans . Robert Cook

Lex Greensill given ‘extraordinarily privileged’ No 10 access, inquiry finds – July 22nd 2021

 Rajeev Syal Changing of the Guard returns to Windsor CastlePrince: Welcome 2 America review – the best album of his last two decadesScreen grab from showing Lex Greensill giving evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee. Picture date: Tuesday May 11, 2021. Lex Greensill has apologised and said he takes "complete responsibility" for the collapse of Greensill Capital. (Photo by House of Commons/PA Images via Getty Images)© PA Wire/PA Images Screen grab from showing Lex Greensill giving evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee. Picture date: Tuesday May 11, 2021. Lex Greensill has apologised and said he takes “complete responsibility” for the collapse of Greensill Capital. (Photo by House of Commons/PA Images via Getty Images)

The businessman Lex Greensill was given “extraordinarily privileged” access to Downing Street while the government’s process for managing lobbying is insufficiently transparent and allows access to a “privileged few”, a report into the Greensill lobbying scandal commissioned by the prime minister has concluded.

The former prime minister David Cameron and the late cabinet secretary Jeremy Heywood have been criticised in the 141-page review drawn up by the City solicitor Nigel Boardman.

Cameron “understated” the nature of his relationship with Greensill when lobbying officials, the report said.Former British Prime Minister David Cameron returns home, as investigations continue into the collapse of Greensill Capital and his failed attempts, as a Greensill employee, to persuade the British Treasury and the Bank of England to include the firm in the UK's COVID rescue programmes, in London, Britain, May 12, 2021. REUTERS/Hannah McKay© Thomson Reuters Former British Prime Minister David Cameron returns home, as investigations continue into the collapse of Greensill Capital and his failed attempts, as a Greensill employee, to persuade the British Treasury and the Bank of England to include the firm in the UK’s COVID rescue programmes, in London, Britain, May 12, 2021. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

A covering memo to the prime minister in 2012 points to Lord Heywood as the person primarily responsible for Greensill being given a role in government, the report claims.

Comment The British Political system and its associated elite are rotten to the core. Th police are seriously corrupt and dishonest – in a symbiotic relationship with this vile system that abuses lower claass whites , especially men , in the name of equality and human rights.

It is a dreadful example to the world where it uses its myths and Upper Middle class dominated mainstream media , most notably the BBC, to sread its fake democracy poison.

As Bob Dylan wrote and sang : ‘All the criminals in their coats and their ties are free to drink Martinis and watch the sun rise.’ Robert Cook

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Very Worrying – July 22nd 2022

It will take until October to vaccinate all under-30s under current vaccination rates, worrying figures reveal.

Demand for the jab among young adults has plummeted by 80 per cent as the rollout slumps to its slowest pace yet.

Just 18,100 under-25s a day have come forward to get their first dose in the past week, NHS England figures show.

This is a dramatic fall since the vaccine programme was first opened to all adults a month ago. In the week to June 18, more than 90,000 under-25s got jabbed every day, but just 31,000 people a day on average have received their first dose so far this week.a group of people looking at a phone: (© Provided by Daily Mail (

Overall, the UK’s vaccine rollout is crawling along at its slowest level since it began eight months ago. In March, more than half a million people were getting vaccinated every day with first doses peaking at 752,000 shots in a single day. Some GPs have even had to redistribute doses of the vaccine after struggling to fill appointments, despite all over-18s being eligible.

Experts believe the fall in demand shows Britain is ‘getting close’ to the limit of uptake, amid rising concerns over vaccine hesitancy in the young, with three million under-30s still unjabbed.


I learned today that government papers reveal reform proposals to tighten up official secrets , with grave implications for independent journalism. We are well along the road of Police State dictatorship where mainstream journalism is all about setting and reinforcing an ongoing repressive agenda for the sake of a national and interwoven global elite who have made incredible extra billions from lockdown whilst setting the masses against each other on gender and racial lines.

This country’s governing elite have shown their true colours through their treatment of war crime whistle blower Julian Assange. The way mainstream media have avoided this story speaks volumes for their complicity in this Anglo-U.S conspiracy and cover up.

Brainwashing us , of all ages into mass vaccinations – unless you have religious objections as many Mulims do – is a key part of the process. To doubt the vaccines safety is to challenge the system. Young people are supposed to have been brainwashed into State compliance by the dreadful education system.

When Hancock came out with the rules and brazenly broke them for sexual pleasure at work with his posh female assistant, a Whitehall purge was called for to shoot the messenger. Hancock’s sex at work with a girlfriend handpicked and paid for by the taxpayer was an official secret.

There are far too many contradictions about lockdown , vaccines and increasing infections, as well as the ongoing welcome to illegal migrants , not to conclude either a) Conspiracy or b) Government idiocy & incompetence.

I have felt very ill since my double pfeizer jab ,with viral fatigue , vertigo and brain fog. They tell us it isn’t a block on catching or spreading the virus – so why bother ? We know it hits unfit old folk – I am nearly 71 and am ready to leave the planet but many of my generation want to live forever.

Last Saturday , I found myself having to share a bench in Buckingham Town Centre sitting near to an 80 year old white female who had moved up from London. She told me how boring the town was. She said she cravd the excitement of being able to visit London every week for stimulation. It was a most revealing conversation.

As a retired teacher, she felt that young people were being selfish by not having the jab and making the country safer for older people like her. This is just another twist on the Covid con trick. We must not be allowed to question the authorities on the matter or protest without permission and following the rules , including no shouting or bad language – rather defeating the object of protest. Robert Cook

Who defines the term British Democracy or Nazism in this country where the impoverished ignorant white masses are blamed for colonialism and racism while its main white beneficiaries , headed up by Royalty and fellow aristocrats soak up the applause for ridiculous claims of fighting for equality?
What you see in this above image is the former health service boss ,Matt Hancock, hard at it in his Whiteall Office , where everything that happens is an Official Secret. Nothing improves without self criticism , but there are key sectors in the U.K who do not want improvements because it is all great and good healthy fun for them. So they demand more laws to protect them. Robert Cook

Lydon tells Sex Pistols court case – July 22nd 2021

 Anita Singh|7LIVE: Nurses ‘consider protest’ over 3% NHS pay rise in EnglandDizzee Rascal wants to make music until he’s 80

The producers of The Crown tried to invent scenes of a rioting crowd pelting the Queen with bottles during her Silver Jubilee procession, John Lydon has claimed.John Lydon standing in front of a building talking on a cell phone: John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, smokes outside the Rolls Building at the High Court, London - Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire© Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, smokes outside the Rolls Building at the High Court, London – Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The former Sex Pistols frontman said he refused to allow God Save the Queen to be used in the Netflix drama after learning how it was to be used.

“It was a very perverse interpretation of the history of the Jubilee,” Lydon told the High Court, where he gave evidence as part of a dispute with his former bandmates.

It is the latest accusation of falsehood to hit the show, which has been accused of a series of inventions that portray the Royal family in an unflattering light.

On June 7 1977, the day of the Jubilee procession, the Sex Pistols staged a publicity stunt to perform God Save the Queen on a boat down the Thames.

Lydon said he was open to the idea of the song being used on The Crown’s soundtrack.

But in his witness statement to court, he said: “Then it turned into the producers wanting to use actors for a re-enactment of [the] famous boat trip.a drawing of a man: Court sketch of John Lydon - Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire© Provided by The Telegraph Court sketch of John Lydon – Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

“The producers of The Crown wanted to distort the history of the day and depict me as a political protester and to show scenes of protest in front of the Queen in the middle of her Jubilee celebrations. Events that simply did not happen.

“The story that they presented was with the Queen in despair in her carriage, and all those ugly scenes on the streets of crowds fighting and chucking bottles, whilst others were celebrating the Queen.

“Nobody was rioting, and here is my real, serious problem with it. This never happened. This is a lie about history.

“There were no bricks and bottles thrown at the Queen… it’s a lie. The only people making any demonstration at all about the Royal family that day were the Sex Pistols on a boat trip down the Thames – lovely songs of protest in front of the Houses of Parliament, and that’s it.”

“They can mish-mash history all they want, but they can’t do it using my name.”

The episode eventually broadcast showed the Queen in her carriage, with no protests around her.

‘Hamilton knows he will be dethroned by Verstappen’ – July 22nd 2021

Finley Crebolder  

McCarthy threatens to pull Republican picks from Capitol riot committee…Hayden Panettiere reunites with Brian Hickerson after jail release

Dutch racing driver Tom Coronel says Lewis Hamilton is getting “stressed” by Max Verstappen as he knows the Red Bull man will dethrone him.a close up of Max Verstappen wearing a hat: Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton PA© PA Images Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton PA

The title fight between the two was taken to another level at the British Grand Prix where the two made contact soon after the start, causing Verstappen to crash out of the race.

Hamilton went on to win and afterwards, the Dutchman slammed his celebrations as disrespectful, while the Mercedes man criticised his rival for being too aggressive.

Coronel feels the incident was further proof that Hamilton is struggling with the pressure put on him by Verstappen and the fact he knows he will be “dethroned”.

“I just see that Hamilton is getting stressed by Verstappen,” he told the Dutch branch of

“We’ve known that for three years because if he leads the way, he will ask where Max is.

“He just knows he is the all-time best and that he will be dethroned. We also know by whom.”

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The collision from both angles


— Channel 4 F1® (@C4F1) July 21, 2021

The stewards decided to award Hamilton a 10-second time penalty for the incident at Copse, which the Briton and his team felt was unfair.

In the aftermath of the race, he remained adamant he did not do anything wrong and that Verstappen should not have been so aggressive.

Coronel disagrees, thinking the seven-time World Champion should own up to making a mistake and that while he races hard, Verstappen always races fairly too.

“Just say ‘I made a mistake’,” he added.

“Then the race goes on and take the points from Verstappen and laugh about it. But don’t go back and say ‘yes, but there was a fierce battle….’

“Max has always fought fair. He never hit Hamilton. He did break open the door a bit with a crowbar. Look at Barcelona, look at Imola. But there, you see they understand and respect each other. That was not the case now.

“Max gave him space, thought ‘well then, we’ll just go through Copse together’. And then Hamilton makes the mistake. Then it’s very simple – then you also have to say you are wrong.”

Coronel feels the main issue was that Hamilton missed the apex of the corner and says his successful overtake on Charles Leclerc at the same corner later on shows that.

“Hamilton also overtook Leclerc. Only when he did it with Max, he missed the apex by one-and-a-half metres,” said the Dutchman.

Comment Hamilton is very British in his lack of sportsmanship. We saw the same mood with the footballers and the European Cup. BLM is an egotistical virtue signalling issue for Hamilton and Southgate et al . There is such smug self righteous arrogance about sports people and the U.K commentators today. But there is also the age issue. Senna could not handle the rise of young Schumacher. His driving as always on the dangerous side, but he was suddenly one of two Dick Dastardlys.

The incredible greed and egotism of these people appalls me. I remember motor racing whene there were real British and foreign heroes. The quiet modesty of super talent Scot Jim Clark was my hero. It was so sad when he was killed at Hockenheim.

Cars were rather dangerous back in the 1960s and there was rather a lot of manual gear changing. Those days are gone. Hamilton is very much of the new era. His dad was the hero , doing extra jobs to support his son’s go karting.

The real message to the BLM merchants is not to listen to Hamilton’s victim of blackness story , but follow the example of what families of all colours should be doing for their kids. Hamilton’s parents were divorced , but that didn’t stop his dad being a good parent. Sadly female egotism , with all its excuses, is a bigger problem in creating problems for society, not skin colour or the likes of Hamilton – but that is another story. Robert Cook

Government offers NHS staff in England 3% pay rise – July 20th 2012

 Denis Campbell Health policy editor 30 mins agoLike3 Comments|10Business leaders say UK and EU must reach ‘urgent agreement’ over NI ProtocolDerek Hough to perform Las Vegas show this Autumn

Ministers have offered more than 1 million NHS staff in England a 3% pay rise, three times higher than its initial 1% offer, which sparked fury among frontline workers.LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 03: NHS staff march through central London during a protest demanding a 15% pay rise for healthcare workers, focus on patient's safety and an end to privatisation as part of a national day of action coinciding with the 73rd birthday of the NHS in London, United Kingdom on July 03, 2021. (Photo by Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)© 2021 Anadolu Agency LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 03: NHS staff march through central London during a protest demanding a 15% pay rise for healthcare workers, focus on patient’s safety and an end to privatisation as part of a national day of action coinciding with the 73rd birthday of the NHS in London, United Kingdom on July 03, 2021. (Photo by Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

However, nurses are likely to reject the award as too low and may take industrial action in protest. Other health unions also plan to ballot their memberships over possible strike action.

The government dropped plans to make only 1.5% of the 3% uplift a permanent increase to salaries, with the other 1.5% in effect a one-off bonus, after staff groups warned privately that structuring the deal that way would lead them to condemn the deal.

However, the government’s decision to exclude the NHS’s 61,000 junior doctors – all medics below the level of consultant – from the award is certain to cause deep unease among a key group of staff who undertook a series of strikes in 2015-16 in protest at a proposed new contract.

What is the SNP’s policy on immigration? – July 20th 2021

Scotland needs an immigration policy suited to our specific circumstances and needs. Scotland needs people to want to work here, in our businesses, our universities and in our public services. The current UK one-size-fits-all approach to immigration is failing Scotland.

UK immigration policies do not take into account Scotland’s unique circumstances and they are harmful to our communities and future prosperity. Tory immigration proposals would be disastrous for Scotland. They will send our working-age population into decline, threaten tax revenues and cause serious staffing shortages in our NHS, care services and key sectors such as tourism, agriculture and construction.

With independence, and full power over migration policy, we can build asylum and immigration systems geared to meet Scotland’s needs and founded on fairness and human rights.

Until then, we will continue to call on the UK Government to introduce a fair and humane asylum and refugee system where people have the right to work and to contribute to society, and to lift the harmful restrictions caused by No Recourse to Public Funds.

The UK Government should also review family migration, looking at the definition of family members, costs, and children born here, and extend the rights of EU nationals in the UK automatically, or at the very least to cancel the deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme.

Comment: It is a great shame that those within Scotland who campaign so tirelessly with such determination and committment for the rights and needs of economic migrants – have so little care and concern for native white Scots. The majority of whom are now living lives of pitiful hardship.

The working age population of Scotland has been falling for a number of years now. As the SNP has held power at the devolved Scottish Parliament since devolution why have they done nothing to arrest this decline?

Many young Scots move south into Engalnd and Wales every year seeking better economic opportunities than those presently available at home. Others are so addicted to alcohol and hard drugs incapable of sustained work. Death by suicide or violence continues a steady rise also in Scotland.

Scotland’s circumstances are not unique within the context of the UK as a whole. There are many industries and sectors – such as tourism agriculture construction and public services – that rely on an ever growing unskilled pool of cheap foreign born labour to control wage costs and fill manpower.

Where is the fairness in Scotland – the humanity – to place the needs of its own desperate downtrodden underpriviliged white working – and lower middle – classes who have borne the brunt of economic crises caused by the greed and corruption of their masters – on an equal priority at least to those primarily economic migrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asia?

The priviliged upper class Scots – of all colours, faiths and persuasions – do not care at all for their own people. The continued demographic decline of white working age Scots – a possible intentional policy of the fascist like SNP – should be addressed before any consideration is given to their immediate replacement by those born overseas. It amounts to ethno-cultural genocide. Robert Cook

The Guardians – July 20th 2021

Cressida Dick inspecting some of her force. Has anyone ever wondered what U.K Police get their medals for and why they flaunt them in public ?
Rubbishing Trump and stoking up Russia parania is all part of an obvious smokescreen. Protest must now be state approved, and the Anglo U.S elite continually stokes up dissent in the east. That elite are very dangerous and probably untoucable. Hence the ongoing drivel about ‘our democracues.’
Britain’s smug Guardian journalists claim to be the moral voice of the western world At least 530 migrants claiming to be asylum seekers landed on England’s south coast yesterday as Britain continues to be number one attraction for men ‘escaping’ the chaos of Black Africa..
They claim to be seeking saftey from a Third World that has descended into corrupt dictatorships since the colonial powers began withdrawal in the late 1940s. The elite do not want to discuss srious issues because the pseudo liberals don’t want themselves or the rest of us to be alarmed. Hence the explosion of ongoing laws to control social media , criminalising dissent. Lockdown stops people meeting , sosoical media activity has expanded – much to the alarm of the elite and their lackeys.
In the last analysis all of this fake liberal dictatorship is about power and secrecy. That is why the Guardian and the rest of the elite do not want to talk about the Julian Assange conspiracy and outrage.
Robert Cook.

Boris Johnson news – live: PM refused autumn lockdown because Covid victims ‘all over 80’, claims Cummings – July 20th 2021

Chiara Giordano  

Bezos blasted for traveling to space while Amazon workers toil on planet EarthShailene Woodley is in no rush to get married

a man looking at the camera: BBC Cummings© Jeff Overs/BBC/PA BBC Cummings

Boris Johnson resisted a second national coronavirus lockdown because he believed those dying were “essentially all over 80” and denied the NHS was overwhelmed, Dominic Cummings has claimed.

The prime minister’s former chief adviser shared WhatsApp messages with the BBC in his first broadcast interview as he accused his one-time boss of putting “his own political interests ahead of people’s lives”.

Mr Cummings has repeatedly accused the prime minister of being too slow in imposing the second lockdown, which came into force on 5 November.

The political adviser, who left Downing Street during a bitter row in November, shared a series of messages from 15 October that appear to be from Mr Johnson to aides.

Mr Cummings also claimed the prime minister wanted to meet the Queen early in the pandemic despite signs the virus was spreading in his office and the public was being told to avoid all unnecessary contact, particularly with the elderly.

Key points

  • PM refused autumn lockdown because Covid victims ‘all over 80’, claims Cummings
  • Boris Johnson’s leaked WhatsApp messages
  • Boris Johnson has had some ‘really difficult’ decisions to make, says business minister
  • Plan to hike national insurance payments to fund social care attacked as ‘tax on the young’

NHS staff in England set to be offered 3% pay rise

10:01 , Chiara Giordano

The government is expected to announce a pay rise of 3 per cent for NHS staff in the coming days, triple its original offer earlier this year.

The Department for Health and Social Care originally told the independent NHS Pay Review Body in March it could only afford a 1 per cent pay rise this year for doctors, nurses and other NHS workers.

My colleague Tim Wyatt has more details:a group of people posing for the camera© Provided by The Independent

NHS staff in England set to be offered 3% pay rise

Plan to hike national insurance payments to fund social care attacked as ‘tax on the young’

09:40 , Chiara Giordano

A plan to hike national insurance payments to tackle the social care crisis has been attacked as unfair on younger workers – while older people would escape paying more.

The Resolution Foundation condemned “a terrible way to raise the funds required” and both senior Tory and Labour politicians echoed the criticism.

Paying for social care must be ‘fair to all income groups and ages’, says shadow economic secretary

09:31 , Chiara Giordano

Shadow economic secretary Pat McFadden said paying for social care must be fair to all income groups and all ages.

The Labour MP told Sky News: “There’s been a social care problem in the country for many, many years. We know we’ve got to fix it, the Covid pandemic has shown us the problems in the system, and we understand that’s got to be paid for.

“And again, with a tax proposal, which has been briefed to one or two newspapers, the best way to judge it is on two criteria.

“One: does it really fix the problem in social care? And secondly, is it fair to people of all ages, and all income groups? And at the moment, we’ve got one story briefed, but we’ve had this quite a few times, so again, on this, it’s better to wait to see what the proposal is.

“But if we’re going to affect social care in this country, it will have to be paid for.”

He added: “I think any proposal, as I said, has to be fair to all income groups and people of all ages.”

Eleven arrested as protesters clash with police outside parliament on ‘Freedom Day’ – July 19th 2021

Tom Batchelor  

PM could announce 3% NHS pay rise unions say is a ‘small step forward on…Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will perform two One Last Time concerts

Anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police during a demonstration outside parliament on the same day that Covid restrictions in England were eased.a man standing in front of a crowd of people: SEI88303383.jpg© Anadolu Agency via Getty Images SEI88303383.jpg

Video showed an angry confrontation between crowds of predominantly men and police near Downing Street on Monday afternoon.

The Metropolitan Police said 11 people had been arrested “for a variety of offences”, adding that “sadly officers have been met with hostility while engaging with crowds”.

Police were earlier forced to close roads in Westminster after a group of demonstrators gathered to voice their opposition to coronavirus curbs and vaccines on so-called Freedom Day.

Protesters chanted “arrest Boris Johnson” and “shame on police” while holding signs saying “say no to the Covid vaccine” and “vax passport = digital slavery”.

Prince Harry to write ‘intimate and heartfelt’ memoir – July 19th 2021

Victoria Ward  

Strong El Nino turned section of Amazon into major carbon polluter –…Reese Witherspoon thrills fans in a hot pink dress we want too

The Duke of Sussex is to write an “intimate and heartfelt” memoir of his life, from childhood to the present day.Prince Harry looking at the camera: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex - Invision© Invision Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex – Invision

The book, to be released late next year, will share the “definitive account” of his “experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons,” publisher Penguin Random House announced last night.

Prince Harry, who will donate the proceeds to charity, said he was “excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”

The book marks the first time a senior royal has ever written such a personal account of their life and the prospect is likely to send shockwaves through the Royal family.

Buckingham Palace aides declined to comment last night. It is not known if the Queen, or other senior members of the family, were informed about the project before it was announced.

The Duke has reportedly been working on it for almost a year, since he and Meghan confirmed that they would not be returning as working members of the Royal family.

He is said to have joined forces with Pulitzer-winning ghostwriter JR Moehringer, an American journalist and novelist.

The Duke said: “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become. 

“I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story—the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned—I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.”

He added: “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the course of my life so far and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”a man wearing a suit and hat: The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry attend Royal Ascot in 2018 - Getty Images Contributor© Provided by The Telegraph The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry attend Royal Ascot in 2018 – Getty Images Contributor

The first draft of the manuscript, currently untitled, is said to be almost completed, with the deadline in October.

Publication in late 2022 year could bring a dramatic end to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

It follows a raft of television and podcast interviews in which he has spoken extensively about his life, often focusing on the damage he believes he suffered as a member of the Royal family and his mental health struggles following the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Sussexes have accused the Royal family of racism, while Meghan said the pressure of royal life left her sudical, claiming the institution offered no support.a person sitting on a horse: Prince Harry Works in n Australia wearing the traditional Akubra leather hat - Tim Graham Photo Library© Provided by The Telegraph Prince Harry Works in n Australia wearing the traditional Akubra leather hat – Tim Graham Photo Library

More recently, the Duke said on his new AppleTV mental health series that “forces working against” them had tried to make it “impossible” for them to leave the UK.

The Duke did not disclose which charity he had chosen to donate the proceeds to, although it is thought unlikely they will be channelled into his own Archewell Foundation.

The publisher said the book would cover his military service and the joy he has found in being a husband and father.

It added: “Prince Harry will offer an honest and captivating personal portrait, one that shows readers that behind everything they think they know lies an inspiring, courageous, and uplifting human story.”

Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House, said: “All of us at Penguin Random House are thrilled to publish Prince Harry’s literary memoir and have him join the world-renowned leaders, icons, and change-makers we have been privileged to publish over the years. 

“Prince Harry has harnessed his extraordinary life experience as a prince, a soldier, and a knowledgeable advocate for social issues, establishing himself as a global leader recognised for his courage and openness. It is for that reason we’re excited to publish his honest and moving story.”  

The book will be published in both print and digital formats and an audiobook edition will be released simultaneously by Penguin Random House Audio.

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Freedom day: From nurses to shop staff, the people not looking forward to restrictions lifting today – July 19th 2021

Chiara Giordano 

World’s feral pigs produce as much CO2 as 1.1m cars each year, study findsHalsey welcomes first child: Meet Ender Ridley Aydin!

While many of us will be eagerly anticipating the lifting of almost all coronavirus restrictions on so-called “freedom day”, for others 19 July is a date that has been filling them with dread.a person standing in front of a crowd: Some people are anxious about coronavirus restrictions lifting in England on so-called ‘freedom day’ - Dominic Lipinski/PA© Dominic Lipinski/PA

Some people are anxious about coronavirus restrictions lifting in England on so-called ‘freedom day’- Dominic Lipinski/PA

England will move to step four of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown today, when social distancing and mandatory mask wearing will come to an end, although people will be advised to continue wearing face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces such as public transport.

But the clinically vulnerable and those working in customer-facing roles such as retail, hospitality and healthcare have grave concerns about the “confusing” new guidance.

Claire Saunders, convenience store manager

Claire Saunders, who manages a convenience store near a pub in Essex, said her colleagues were “more anxious than ever before” as freedom day loomed.

The 41-year-old said the level of abuse her team has faced has “increased massively” during the pandemic as they have tried to enforce the use of face masks and social distancing by asking people to wait outside.

“Convenience stores are a lot smaller than supermarkets so it’s more difficult to socially distance, we are open until a lot later, you get a variety of people coming in, it’s not a big supermarket where you have guards on the door,” she told The Independent.

“People are still scared,” she added. “We’re in the community and especially get elderly customers and they’re still very anxious, as are colleagues, because Covid hasn’t just thought, ‘oh, I’m going away’.”

Lockdown exit news – live: Current wave could see 200,000 cases a day warns Ferguson on eve of freedom day – July 18th 2021

Celine Wadhera 

The current wave of coronavirus infections could see up to 200,000 new cases a day, Imperial College London epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has warned.

Prof Ferguson told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show that it was “almost inevitable” that daily infection rates would hit a record 100,000 within a week, and that cases could spike at more than double that figure.

His frightening announcement comes just hours ahead of England’s “freedom day”, where all remaining coronavirus restrictions are set to be lifted on Monday.

All adults in the UK have been offered a Covid-19 vaccine ahead of the planned lifting of coronavirus restrictions on Monday, the government says.

The latest figures show that 46.2 million adults (87.8 per cent of the population) have had a first dose of a vaccine, and 35.7 million (67.8 per cent) are fully vaccinated.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the vaccination target had been met, and called it an “extraordinary achievement”.

UK Covid figures

16:05 , Celine Wadhera

As of 9am on Sunday, a further 48,161 Covid cases were recorded by the government.

While lower than Friday and Saturday’s figures which were higher than 50,000, it is not far from the highest number of daily cases ever recorded, which stands at 68,053, reported on 8 January.

In addition, there were also 25 new deaths of people within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus.

This new data brings the total of people confirmed to have caught Covid in the past week to 316,691, an increase of 43.3 per cent compared to the previous seven days.

There have also been 283 deaths in the last seven days, an increase of nearly 39.4 per cent.

Hospitalisations have also been increasing with 740 reported on 13 July, representing a week-on-week increase of 39.4 per cent.

Boris Johnson shares video on Twitter asking public to ‘take the appropriate course of action’ when pinged by NHS app – July 18th 2021

15:42 , Celine Wadhera

On Sunday afternoon, hours after the prime minister tried to dodge self-isolation through a pilot programme, Boris Johnson released a video on Twitter, where he pleads with the public, asking people to “stick to the rules”.

He said: “Like so many of hundreds of thousands of people across the country I’ve been ‘pinged’ I’ve been asked to self-isolate by the Test, Trace and Isolate system.

“We did look briefly at us taking part in the pilot scheme which allows people to test daily, but I think it’s far more important that everybody sticks to the same rules.

“I really do urge everybody to stick with the programme and take the appropriate course of action when you’re asked to do so by NHS Test and Trace.”

He added that he would be in self-isolation until 26 July.

Boris Johnson pleads with people to ‘stick to the rules’ – hours after trying to escape self-isolation

15:37 , Celine Wadhera

Boris Johnson has issued a remarkable plea, asking everyone to “stick to the rules” hours after he tried to dodge self-isolation rules.

Comment Some freedom Day. It’s the new freedom. By the above logic, there will be some form of lockdwon indefintely. In the U.S , Ted Cruz has been mocked by the mainstream for stating the obvious about on going mass economic migration will raise case numbers. Robert Cook

Fear , Mainstream U.K Press Fights The Woke Fight – July 18th 2021

In Trump’s Jan. 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes

No Arguing with PC Liberal Woke Folk. Britain’ s elite media Biden Democrats without question.

Via AP news wire  

‘Bank robber Boris Johnson’s latest bout of chaos will cause more needless deaths’Ian McKellen’s Hamlet loses two actors amid claims of bitter disagreement

A cocktail of propaganda, conspiracy theory and disinformation — of the kind intoxicating to the masses in the darkest turns of history — is fueling delusion over the agonies of Jan. 6.a group of people riding on the back of a motorcycle: Capitol Breach Delusion - Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Capitol Breach Delusion – Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Hate is “love.” Violence is “peace.” The pro-Donald Trump attackers are patriots.

Months after the then-president’s supporters stormed the Capitol that winter day, Trump and his acolytes are taking this revisionism to a new and dangerous place — one of martyrs and warlike heroes, and of revenge. It’s a place where cries of “blue lives matter” have transformed into shouts of “f— the blue.”

The Guardian is the voice of the deceptive WOKE heavily policed state. Here in Britain, Donald trump was and still is seen as a threat to the WOKE elite bbacked consensus. Robert Cook

The Anglo U.S elite and their other five eyes membership , are hell bent on Russian regime change. Hence the ongoing vanishing Skripal mystery.

Cloth face masks are ‘comfort blankets’ that do little to curb Covid spread, Sage adviser warns – July 18th 2021

Justin Stoneman 

Long Covid might strike half a million people during current wave, Neil…The week in TV: This Way Up; Naomi Osaka; Our NHS: A Hidden History…

Standard face coverings are just “comfort blankets” that do little to reduce the spread of Covid particles, a scientist advising Sage on ventilation has said.a close up of a person wearing a mask: Boris Johnson wears a cloth face mask© Provided by The Telegraph Boris Johnson wears a cloth face mask

Dr Colin Axon, who has advised the government on minimising the risk of cross-infection in supermarkets, accused medics of presenting a “cartoonish” view of how how tiny particles travel through the air.

He warned some cloth masks have gaps which are invisible to the naked eye, but are 500,000 times the size of viral Covid particles.

“The small sizes are not easily understood but an imperfect analogy would be to imagine marbles fired at builders’ scaffolding, some might hit a pole and rebound, but obviously most will fly through,” he told The Telegraph.

The mask debate has been reignited this week after the Government published ‘Freedom Day’ guidance recommending their continued use. It led to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, enforcing their continued use on the London Underground.

Dr Axon said the public need to be offered a wider view of the science behind face masks, rather than the “partial view” of information being pushed by medics over their effectiveness.

‘Medics have a cartoonish view of how the world is’

“Medics have this cartoonised view of how particles move through the air – it’s not their fault, it’s not their domain – they’ve got a cartoonish view of how the world is,” he said.

“Once a particle is not on a biological surface it is no longer a biomedical issue, it is simply about physics. The public has only a partial view of the story if information only comes from one type of source. Medics have some of the answers but not a whole view.”

Dr Axon, Brunel University’s senior lecturer in engineering, said that the true mechanisms involved are best evaluated through science.

“When the particle enters another body it returns to a biomedical issue but the mask debate is about the particle journey,” he said.

“Masks can catch droplets and sputum from a cough but what is important is that SARS CoV-2 is predominantly distributed by tiny aerosols.”a group of people standing in front of a crowd: Passengers wear face masks on a platform at Canning Town underground station in London© Provided by The Telegraph Passengers wear face masks on a platform at Canning Town underground station in London

Dr Axon said that medics were “unable to comprehend” the miniscule elements at play, adding: “A Covid viral particle is around 100 nanometres, material gaps in blue surgical masks are up to 1,000 times that size, cloth mask gaps can be 500,000 times the size.”

Dr Axon, whose report on ventilation in supermarkets was used by both Nervtag and Sage to aid decisions, says that medics “cannot have it both ways” over asymptomatic spread.

He added: “Not everyone carrying Covid is coughing, but they are still breathing, those aerosols escape masks and will render the mask ineffective.”

Droplets from coughs are much larger, and more likely to be stopped by a properly used mask, Dr Axon says. An Oxford study last summer concluded that masks were “effective” in reducing the spread of the virus.

‘We are entrenching bad behaviour’

However, other studies have cast doubt on their effectiveness. A subsequent Danish study involving 6,000 people concluded that there was no statistical difference in infection spread in non-wearers, while data on US states with non-mandated usage failed to show a correlated uptick in cases.

“The public were demanding something must be done, they got masks, it is just a comfort blanket,” Dr Axon noted. “But now it is entrenched, and we are entrenching bad behaviour.

“All around the world you can look at mask mandates and superimpose on infection rates, you cannot see that mask mandates made any effect whatsoever.

“The best thing you can say about any mask is that any positive effect they do have is too small to be measured.”

Tube line suspended and bus services cancelled as NHS COVID app pings leave them short-staffed – July 17th 2021

Revealed: police trainees’ violence and dishonesty

The London Underground’s Metropolitan line has been suspended and others are facing disruption after the amount of people being pinged by the NHS COVID-19 app left the service short-staffed.a passenger train that is sitting in a subway station: London's Metropolitan line has been suspended after the COVID-19 app left it short-staffed© Imagebridge London’s Metropolitan line has been suspended after the COVID-19 app left it short-staffed

The Piccadilly and District lines have also been affected by the coronavirus contact tracing app.

There are also problems beyond the capital, with bus services in East Yorkshire among those impacted by the sheer number of people being pinged after coming into contact with a COVID case.graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message: The NHS COVID-19 app has been alerting an unprecedented number of people recently© Imagebridge The NHS COVID-19 app has been alerting an unprecedented number of people recently

Richard Jones, London Underground’s head of network operations, said: “Due to a shortage of control room staff who are having to self-isolate following notification this morning via the Test and Trace app, there will be no service on the Metropolitan line for the rest of the day.Whitty warns we’re ‘not out of the woods’ on COVID

“This will also impact the Piccadilly line, with no service between South Harrow and Uxbridge and no service on the District line between High Street Kensington and Edgware.

“Services are expected to resume on the Piccadilly and District lines at 2100 this evening.

“We apologise to customers for the disruption. London Underground tickets will be accepted on local bus services.”

The Piccadilly line serves the tourist areas of central London, including Covent Garden and Leicester Square, and Heathrow to the west, while the District line runs between west and southwest London through to Upminster.

Meanwhile, bus services in East Yorkshire are also being cancelled as a result of staff shortages.

Ben Gilligan, the area manager for East Yorkshire Buses, wrote on Twitter: “Apologies to all of our customers who are currently facing disruption. The team have worked so hard to minimise the impact of this.

“Please be considerate to those colleagues who are working today.”

Elsewhere, trains could be altered on some Northern Rail routes this weekend due to the number of app alerts and positive tests.

Trains between Huddersfield, Sheffield and Lincoln, Sheffield and Leeds, Retford and York, and Leeds and Doncaster, are all facing cancellations in both directions, according to National Rail.

It comes amid the chaos caused by the app, with people dubbing it “pingdemic”.

Latest figures to 7 July show that 530,126 people were alerted by the app to isolate after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 – the highest figure recorded to date.

Despite Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggesting last week a tweak to the app was in the offing, Sky News understands there are no plans to reduce the sensitivity of the app in line with new social distancing guidelines.

But transport unions have warned of “dire consequences” in the coming weeks as infections rise and the number of people being told to isolate rises.

Cases are rising across the UK – more than 50,000 infections were reported yesterday and the health secretary has revealed that he is now among those isolating after testing positive.

Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) general secretary Mick Lynch had previously warned that Monday, when restrictions ease in England, “will see a surge in workers pinged with a self-isolation instruction next week”.

“Even at this late stage, the government, the train operators and the bus companies should issue a clear, legally backed instruction that levels up the rest of the UK to the safety standards that will remain in force in Wales and Scotland,” he said.

With the government having decided to drop the legal requirement for masks to be worn on public transport, several operators including Transport for London have taken it upon themselves to maintain the rule.

Multi Culture – July 17th 2021

Multi Culture Lies by R.J Cook

A brave young man and his idealistic daughter express hopes for a better world. Their hopeful faces make me feel very sad. Parenting is the most important job in the world. Life withut hope is worse than death. Eldridge Cleaver once wrote ‘There are two sorts of people, those who are part of the problem and those who are part of the solution. ‘ Robert Cook.

Quite simply , there is overwhelming evidence that multi culture is a big lie. It is a confidence trick. The whole process is designed and promoted by the mixed race global elite. Every time some moron defaces a plaque or statue to an ethnic group hero, like Marcus Rasford, is feeding the elite’s deliberate distraction policy.

That elite has violent roots in European history which saw the Industrial Revolution change the world. The reason why the revolution started in the English speaking British Isles ( English is a mix of German and French resulting from two invasions following Rome’s decline ) are complex , involving the overthrow of the Catholic’s oppressive religion. The Celts continued to be oppressed and treated as inferiors.

Industrial change was funded by a self interested elite who protected their own privileges to this day. Divide and rule tactics were essential to the process , hence the Norman’s strict social hierarchy known as the Feudal system. The elite conquered the world , all the time fighting amongst themselves, so bringing us two World Wars for their class’s freedom at the expense of the fooled white masses on both sides. Uniforms have a peculiar effect on people – hence enforcing them in school.

The European Community was an idea to institutionalise a new hegemony protecting against their little inbred cliques and the nouveau riche who had married into them, with a planned new super state . It was brought in under the wire as a free trade con. The United States loved the idea , along with the rich clique, to protect against communism.

While I was growing up in snobbish Winslow , we lower class people were told that culture was the high art , literature , music and language of the upper classes who ruled over us. It was not until I got to Aylesbury College , where I added Sociology to my existing 3 A levels during my last 6 months there, that my brilliant teacher , Janet Skinner, taught me the precise definition of the term culture. It means ‘ attitudes and values.’ There were no hidden messages with Janet or her equally brilliant husband John.

I owe a lot to my teachers from that long gone age. The wonderful local librarian Ruth Hall, diligently ordered sociology books from Central Library. I couldn’t stop reading it , managing a Grade B in that short period of study.

Along with culture , I learned about sub culture and the work of people like Basil Bernstein. Bernstein’s concept of restricted and elaborated language codes was particularly stimulating.

It is easier to explain the concept with a simple story. Imagine an image in side cross section. A child is playing ball in a front garden. He is on a path, chasing his bouncing ball toward an open gate. Outside on the road a big truck approaches.

With this image in hand, Bernstein’s sample of working and middle class four year old children were asked to describe the scene. The middle class children predicted that , having lost control of the ball, the child would chase it out into the road and be hit by the truck.

In contrast, the working class children’s vocabulary had no words to analyse or predict. Life chances and longevity were thus limited by class. Back immigrants were typically unskilled working class. Asian immigrants had Islam which defined their culture and has increasingly separated them from the rest – in western world having long abandoned Christianity as anything but a pose.

Bernstein wasn’t the first to link achievement with home environment. Unskilled parent’s conversation was limited and parenting was performed according to how they saw the world – a hierarchy.

In the 1960s , youthful working class frustration was give the safety valve of youth culture , increasingly sexualising clothes and behaviour in the age of contraceptive pills. Unskilled work was available along with high rise inner city housing – as what was left of the old community terraced housing made way for money grabbing property developers.

Into this 1960s barren landscape was born the world of multi culture nd the Notting Hill race riots of 1959. Until the consequences and pigeons of globalisation came home to roost , one might have thought all was well. But the elite are frightened and can not live without privilege . That’s why there was a 1960s Vietnam War and revival of the Irish Troubles.

So now the elite are rewriting history, amplified by mainstream media , state education and gullible young campaigners , to shift blame on to the white working classes. Anyone understanding foot ball could see Gareth Southgate’s scheme to put three black footballers up to take penalties in last week’s Euro Cup final. One was too young and inexperienced and another nursing a serious shoulder problem. All three missed. The cup was lost. Obviously Southgate aimed to use these players to show how much we owed , as a nation to multi cultural football, regardless of the game’s reliance on working class white support. It is a simple and long standing solidarity ritual. The backlash was quickly used to support the Southgate agenda.

But all the time the real issues are ignored. Using an anti racist mission during ludicrous lockdown and all the related consequences of globalisation , including mass illegal immigration represneted as asylum seeking, is just another manifestation of the multi cultural con. The elite are still setting the agenda. The black and white masses do not have the language code or interest to understand what is being done to them.

The migrants may be black , but have no more in common with back British than I have with the Queen. There is a clear softening up process going on. The elite are overseeing a distortion of history for the purposes of symbolic knee bending and scapegoating the white masses. Their public sector minions will make sure of compliance until enough people go totally mad.

To call all of this multi culture is a joke. It doesn’t matter how many little sub groups are encouraged or criminalised , the inhabitants of these little boxes are increasingly watched and legislated for. People may not understand what I happening to them or why , but thy will feel the pain nd despair. It is still the old us and them culture.

All of us with expertise in social science and statical modelling know what is happening, but the arrogant elite have sacrificed millions of lives before and will happily do it again. Their true attitude to equality in Britain, is exemplified by the on going media fawning to Prince Harry and Meghan ( who don’t know where the next million dollars is coming from ), Wills and Kate. This is all about protecting the ruling class and their culture.

Robert Cook

Boris Johnson pursuing Covid policy of mass infection that poses ‘danger to the world’, scientists warn – July 17th 2021

 Adam Forrest and Jon Stone Tory jitters mount at political drift of Boris Johnson’s governmentBiz Markie death: ‘Just a Friend’ rapper dies, aged 57Boris Johnson wearing a suit and tie: The prime minister has set out plans to end all restrictions in England from Monday - PA© PA

The prime minister has set out plans to end all restrictions in England from Monday- PA

Boris Johnson’s government has come under pressure to urgently reconsider its plan to end Covid restrictions in England on Monday, as international scientists warned that the move poses a “danger to the world”.

More than 1,200 scientists from around the globe have condemned the prime minister’s decision to forge ahead with so-called “freedom day” on 19 July, describing it as “unscientific and unethical”.

Some of the experts convened an emergency summit on Friday, warning that the UK government’s decision to lift its rules on social distancing and masks amounted to a “murderous” policy of “herd immunity by mass infection”.

The group of scientists – who all signed a recent letter to The Lancet warning against the plans – fear next week’s reopening in England will allow the Delta variant to spread rapidly around the world.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics suggests that 1 in 95 people in England had Covid last week, with 67.5 per cent of the adult population now fully vaccinated and 87.6 per cent having received their first jab.

Professor Michael Baker, a member of the New Zealand government’s Covid advisory group, said his colleagues were “amazed” and “astounded” that the UK had decided to lift curbs when transmission of the virus was rising so rapidly in the country.

Official advisers to the governments of New Zealand, Israel and Italy all expressed alarm at the UK government’s strategy.

Professor Baker claimed the UK had started the pandemic “with an approach of herd immunity … rapidly identified as unacceptable”. He added: “It seems now, strangely, that the UK is going back to that approach.”

Professor Stephen Duckett, Australia’s former health secretary, said the UK and other governments should make sure transmissions were under control and the population was protected through vaccination before lifting restrictions.

“If you open up when either one of those is not the case, you are doomed to an exponential rise in [Covid] cases,” Prof Duckett said, adding that it “defied logic” to open up when the virus was spreading rapidly.

Professor Jose M Martin-Moreno, from the University of Valencia in Spain, said: “UK policy affects not only UK citizens, it affects the world. We cannot understand why this [unlocking] is happening.”

The public-health professor claimed Spain had already made the mistake of allowing transmission to rise by ending compulsory face coverings. “Our prime minister in Spain decided to remove on 26 June the mandatory use of masks outdoors … It is an experiment in disaster to remove the tools to contain transmission.”

The international experts were joined by some of the scientists from the UK’s Independent Sage group, which has urged Downing Street to rethink the end of restrictions.

Professor Christina Pagel, a member of the group, said: “Because of our position as a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the UK will likely spread to the rest of the world.”

She added: “We saw it with the Alpha variant. I’m absolutely sure that we have contributed to the rise of the Delta variant in North America and Europe. UK [government] policy doesn’t just affect us – it affects everybody.”

Speaking at the online summit, she said: “What I’m most worried about is the potential for a new variant to emerge this summer. When you have incredibly high levels of Covid, which we have now in England – and it’s not going to go away any time soon – and a partially vaccinated population, any mutation that can infect vaccinated people better has a big selection advantage and can spread.”

William Haseltine, an eminent US scientist renowned for his work on HIV/Aids and cancer at Harvard University, said: “We have always looked to the UK for good, sensible policies. Unfortunately that has not been the case for the Covid pandemic.

“It is leading to disaster as we can see in the numbers. I follow the numbers daily in the UK and I am extremely dismayed to see the very rapid rate of increase in infections in a population which is vaccinated like we are.”

He added: “I believe that the strategy of herd immunity is actually murderous: I think that’s a word we should use, because that is what it is; it is knowledge that you are doing something that will result in thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of people dying. It is a disastrous policy, it’s been clear that that’s been the case for some time, and to continue to espouse that policy is unconscionable.”a man wearing a suit and tie: Professor Chris Whitty has said the UK could ‘get into trouble again surprisingly fast’ (PA)© Provided by The Independent Professor Chris Whitty has said the UK could ‘get into trouble again surprisingly fast’ (PA)

And Professor Walter Ricciardi, president of the World Federation of Public Health Associations, warned: “This is becoming international, because from England and the UK the virus is spreading all over the world: there are flights from London every day in Europe; we have already seen in the past that from the UK the virus spreads all over Europe.”

The warning comes as Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, conceded that the number of people in hospital with Covid in the UK is currently doubling about every three weeks and could reach “quite scary numbers” soon.

Speaking on Thursday evening, Prof Whitty said: “I don’t think we should underestimate the fact that we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast.”

Prof Whitty has said there is “no clear evidence” that delaying the next step of England’s road map out lockdown would make a difference in reducing the spread of Covid transmission.

But Lancet editor-in-chief Richard Horton said Prof Whitty was “wilfully misrepresenting scientific opinion” with claims that there was widespread support for the prime minister’s approach.

‘Pingdemic’ could lead to food shortages as millions face self-isolation- July 17th 2021

 Christopher Hope, Alan Tovey, Max Stephens 12 hrs agoLike16 Comments|4Tory jitters mount at political drift of Boris Johnson’s governmentDavid Harbour reveals the best thing about Las Vegas wedding to Lily Allen

The chaos caused by the NHS Test and Trace app could cause food shortages, the leader of one of the UK’s biggest ports companies has warned.a truck is parked on the side of a building: Lorries arrive at the Port of Dover in Kent - Gareth Fuller/PA© Gareth Fuller/PA Lorries arrive at the Port of Dover in Kent – Gareth Fuller/PA

There is mounting alarm at the economic impact of the disruption caused by more than 500,000 people being forced to stay at home for up to 10 days after receiving an alert telling them they have been near someone who tested positive for Covid-19, as it was predicted that the numbers could rise to up to five million. 

In urgent meetings between government officials from three departments and business groups in recent days, it was stressed that an app alert is advisory, whereas contact from the official Test and Trace service is legally enforceable.

However, Number 10 continued to publicly insist that anyone pinged by the app had to self-isolate, despite The Telegraph revealing some people are being identified as contacts through walls.  

Tim Morris, chief executive of the UK Major Ports Group, described what has been dubbed the “pingdemic” as the most “significant threat to ports’ resilience we have seen yet”.

He said: “If the current trajectory of absences continues without the Government taking any action, there has to be a risk of disruption to important supply chains, including food.”

Meat processors also reported that one in 10 of their workforce were being told to self-isolate by the app, in a development that could require firms “to start shutting down production lines altogether”.

Elsewhere, trains were cancelled and councils warned residents that garden waste bins would not be emptied for 10 weeks because of staff shortages caused by the requirement to self-isolate.

Even holiday destinations such as Padstow – which had hoped to benefit from a “staycation summer” owing to the pandemic cancelling foreign holidays – have been affected.

Alarms and warnings

The scale of the disruption has alarmed economists, with one warning that it would set back the post-pandemic recovery by “a few months”, costing the economy billions of pounds in lost growth.

The chaos comes as millions of people prepare to return to work on Monday, when most Covid restrictions in England are lifted on what has been dubbed “Freedom Day”.

Lorry catches fire and people feared dead in crash on A1 – July 16th 2021

People are feared to have been killed after a multi-vehicle crash in which a lorry caught fire on the A1.a truck that is driving down the road: Police at the scene of the collision on the A1 motorway. Police at the scene of the collision on the A1 motorway.

The collision involved several vehicles including two lorries.

It happened on the northbound carriageway at Bowburn, County Durham, at 6.20pm on Thursday evening, Durham Police said.

“Sadly, there appear to have been fatalities,” the force said.

Highways England tweeted on Friday morning that the A1M would remain closed in both directions – north from J60 to J61 and south from J62 to J60 – throughout the day.a truck that is driving down the road: A number of vehicles are said to have been involved in the crash. Other A number of vehicles are said to have been involved in the crash.

“We do not have a time for reopening,” the tweet said.

The road was closed in both directions between Bradbury and Carrville immediately after the collision, while emergency services worked at the scene.

Motorists have been asked to avoid the area and use alternative routes.

Drivers with video of the incident are being urged to contact police and witnesses should call 101, quoting incident number 322 of July 15.a group of people riding on the back of a truck: Police said there were fatalities after the incident on Thursday evening. Other Police said there were fatalities after the incident on Thursday evening.

Comment Lockdown is making some peculiar things happen in Little Britain. Robert Cook

Alcohol-related deaths surged during Covid lockdowns – Posted July 15th 2021

Joe Pinkstone  

Mick Jagger backs report calling for sugar and salt taxCooking With The Stars: ‘Just imagine an hour-long advert for a retail giant’

Alcohol-related deaths jumped by a fifth during lockdown as people bought more to drink at home with pubs forced to shut. text, letter: Closed pub lockdown - Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Europe© Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Europe Closed pub lockdown – Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Europe

Statistics from Public Health England (PHE) reveal that nearly 7,000 people died due to alcohol misuse last year – up 20 per cent from 2019.  There was a similar spike – 21 per cent – in deaths due to alcohol-induced liver damage.

PHE found that while pubs and restaurants were shut for several months, the amount of alcohol bought from shops increased by 25 per cent from 2019 – around 12.6 million extra litres.

“We saw increases for all product types, with the largest relative increase for beer (+31.2 per cent), followed by spirits (+26.2 per cent), wine (+19.5 per cent), and cider (+17.6 per cent),” the PHE report said. 

Further analysis found the bulk of the extra alcohol was purchased by the heaviest drinkers. The top 20 per cent of at-home drinkers bought 5.3 million extra litres of alcohol during the pandemic than in 2019, accounting for 42 per cent of the total year-on-year increase. 

Dr Katherine Severi, the chief executive of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, said: “This report highlights the shocking increase in alcohol harm following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“A 20 per cent increase in deaths directly caused by alcohol must be an alarming wake-up call for the Government to act. Alcohol harm in England has, for too long, been neglected – but these data show it can no longer be ignored.”

Dr Severi called for the Government to introduce minimum unit pricing, which has already been rolled out in Wales and Scotland and will soon be in force in Northern Ireland.

Experts also found that increased and higher-risk drinking was maintained for much of last year after an initial surge during the first lockdown. However, there are now signs that people are returning to drinking levels similar to those seen before the virus crisis hit, according to the study.

Rosanna O’Connor, the director of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and justice at PHE, said: “Our research suggests that lockdown has affected heavy drinkers the most and that they are drinking more.

“Liver disease is currently the second leading cause of premature death in people of working age and this is only set to get worse if the Covid-19 pandemic results in a long-term increase in drinking.”

Jo Churchill, the public health minister, said the evidence of increasing harm during the pandemic was “deeply concerning”, adding: “I am committed to addressing this and widening the availability of treatment services at both a local and national level.”

Comment Firstly the scaremongering infection rates are extrapolated and exaggerated as a projection average based on dubious samples and dubious testing. Secondly there are profound reasons why our over expensive inefficient top heavy NHS can’t cope – mass immigration is not without impact.

Lockdown has hit working and young people hard. The elite and the vested interests of Covid lockdown profiteers won’t let go. The NHS cannot cope with demand regardless of Covid. It is all very well for the 1960s ‘got lucky’ Rolling Stone Jagger to moralise about tax. From my experience of working for the Inland Revenue and a London accountant, I know wealthy people avoid tax. I doubt Jagger is an exception. The lockdown disaster has gotten the ruling elite and patronising PC MPs looking for new ways to tax us – in our own interests of course and still getting their Parliamentary cheap booze and fat cat salaries with generous expenses. I have drunk in the House of Commons and know what they are doing.

Taxing the working person’s meagre pleasure from drinking , especially with rising male unemployment , marital breakdown and loneliness is pure evil elite greed. They , including Royalty and footballers of all races should pay much more tax and stop telling the rest of us how to live. Covid hits old people like me ,if they are not fit. Obese people won’t stop eating sugar by taxing more. The thesis that salt causes high blood pressure is just more extrapolating from known cases.

There is no certain connection between salt and blood presure. Same goes for cholestorol – different people have different rates and levels of storing it. People don’t read about these things because mass education is appalling and school kids have all sorts of attention issues. I know. I was a teacher for 18 years, including maths and science. Science is a methodology , not a fixed body of knowledge as the elite would have you believe. You are not supposed to think. Current stress levels are pushing up cancers. You can’t get back time for treatments cancelled by this ludiccrous obsession with ‘defeating the virus.’ It is absolute drivel , but politically motivated drivel.

The NHS just doesn’t want you in their hospitals and the GPs would prefer you kept your distance. With the matter of salt and high blood pressure, it is a question of considering other variables. I love salt and have lots of it. I have always had low blood pressure because I have always had lots of exercise , including training since I was 12, running 60 miles a week aged 14 and up to 100 miles a week by 16. Running. Not jogging. I taught P.E , among other subjects.

I was still very healthy until I had a double dose of Pfeizer. Covid lockdown has caused many life threatening ailments. It is an outrage. Few , if any die from Covid by itself and flu is obviously been written down as Covid – because it hasn’t gone away. The average age of Covid death is 82. As for the imponderable issue of Third World Covid , take a look at the Africa page on this site and open your minds. The government only tell you what they want you to know and if they want you to know then it is most likely a lie. Robert Cook.

Britain Without Equal – July 15th 2012

John Major oversaw lowest foreign aid spending in 50 year span despite attack on Johnson

Charlie Bradley 

Covid-19 pandemic: Deaths caused by drinking in England rise by a fifthTikTok users are creating a crowdsourced Fast & Furious musical

This week, Boris Johnson’s Government won a key vote meaning foreign aid will be cut from 0.7 percent of national income to 0.5 percent. MPs voted by a majority of 35 in favour of the policy, but there were also a number of Conservative rebels who joined Labour in trying to maintain foreign aid spending. Prime Minister Johnson has argued that the cuts are needed to keep public debt down amid the pandemic. However, former prime ministers have criticised the impact the cuts will have around the world.

One person to attack the plan is Mr Major – he took aim at the Government for spending public money on a national yacht while claiming public finances need to be kept in order.

He said: “It seems that we can afford a ‘national yacht’ that no one either wants or needs, whilst cutting help to some of the most miserable and destitute people in the world.

“This is not a Conservatism that I recognise. It is the stamp of Little England, not Great Britain.”

However, Mr Major has been challenged on his criticism, given his government’s record on foreign aid spending and his own calls for a “Royal Yacht” in 1997.

At the time, Mr Major said: “We have taken that decision because we believe that a Royal Yacht is an important national asset and projects a prestigious image of Britain which adds powerfully to official occasions.


In my near 71 years of life , I cannot recall one political era where British politicians carried out a plan with reforms intended to benefit and give opportunities to all. Britain is undoubtedly high up in the world corruption league and without equal at hypocrisy.

Foreign aid does little if anything to repair the damage caused by rapid elite withdrawal from empire – under pressure from elite U.S cousins who wanted to take over their markets and cheap resources.

The chaos that is the old third world will not be remedied by any amount of foreign aid. Third World dictatorships are not benign just because they are run by dark skinned people. Same goes for whites ruling whites. Racism and anti racism , using obscenely rich pampered opinionated footballers as gurus and moralisers is a laughable smokescreen so that the rip off and deceit may continue.

A cursory glance at the Africa page on this site says it all. Religious bigotry with African women having an average of 15 babies each , exporting all the problems west , is a recipe for ongoing and worsening disaster. Self important failed leaders like Sir John Major – who did more to ruin the railways than Dr Beeching – are utterly nauseating.

Britain is , I repeat for emphasis, without equal in the world of elite hypocrisy and mass stupidity. Robert Cook

No freedom , no end to restrictions- July 15th 2021

Flu deaths could double this winter as a “triple-threat” of viruses is set to push the NHS to breaking point, a report has warned.

Covid cases are expected to surge in the winter, and experts are also predicting an unprecedented spike in influenza and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) infections due to a lack of natural immunity as a result of lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, commissioned the report which was spearheaded by Professor Sir Stephen Holgate, Medical Research Council clinical professor of immunopharmacology, and involved 29 leading experts.

The report projected flu deaths could reach 60,000 this winter in a worst-case scenario, more than twice as many as the record-breaking figures of the winter of 2017/2018.

Those arriving in Wales from England will need to don a face covering, says First Minister

Mark Drakeford said people arriving from England by train would be required to don a face covering as soon as they entered Wales.

The Welsh First Minister told BBC Breakfast he hoped people in England would observe the “clear” advice on face coverings given by Boris Johnson but that the practice would be a legal requirement in Wales.

“The people who run the transport system will make sure that people are aware that as they come into Wales different rules apply,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“If you travel into Wales by road now you will see signs that say ‘Welsh rules apply’. That will be true on trains and other forms of transport as well.

“I hope people will observe the clear advice of the prime minister in England, that they should continue to wear face coverings on public transport.

“Here in Wales the rule will be clear, it isn’t simply advice, it’s what the law will require.”

This is England ‘ a special country’ indeed. July 14th 2021

England fans launched “random attacks on Italians” after the final of the Euro 2020 tournament, police have said.

Forces across the country are still collating figures on the number of incidents targeting supporters of Italy, who won the tournament on penalties.

More than 2,300 police incidents linked to the Euros have so far been recorded, surpassing the 2018 World Cup to make it the worst football tournament on record for crime.

They include stabbings, glassings, fights and assaults on police officers, with at least 622 people arrested so far in England and Wales.

Cheshire Constabulary chief constable Mark Roberts, who is the national lead for football policing, told The Independent: “We have seen random attacks on Italians … Italians celebrating the win have been attacked.

More than 125,000 people sign petition demanding England v Italy Euro 2020 final be replayed

Greg Evans

Police name woman stabbed to death at holiday siteRobin Roberts announces huge career news that gets fans talking

petition demanding that the final of Euro 2020 be replayed has been signed by more than 125,000 people.a group of people watching a football ball: SEI87135328.jpeg© Laurence Griffiths/Pool via AP SEI87135328.jpeg

As you’ll probably know by now, England lost their first appearance in a major final for 55 years to Italy via a penalty shootout after the game had finished 1-1.

However, many complained during the match that at least two of the Italian players should have been sent off for fouls on the England players.

The two instances that particularly aggrieved fans included a studs-up challenge from Jorginho which caught Jack Grealish on his upper thigh leaving the midfielder in some agony. The second came from Italy’s captain Giorgio Chiellini, who shamelessly grabbed the neck of Bukayo Saka’s shirt as the winger raced away from the veteran defender.

These two moments that were punished with only yellow cards build the basis of the aforementioned petition on that is demanding that the final be played again.

The petition that has been created by Sharon Guilmen states: “The match on 11/07/2021 was not fair at all. After Italy only receiving a yellow card for dragging England players like they were slaves. All the pushes, pulls and kicks and Italy was still allowed to win? Definitely biased. Italy should have been given a red card for their gameplay and the rematch should happen with a non-biased referee. This was not fair at all.”

Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers gave five yellow cards to the Italian players during the match, whereas Harry Maguire was the only player to receive a yellow card for England.

Despite more than 125,000 people signing the petition (at the time of writing), which has a goal of 150,000, we doubt that Uefa will actually take any notice of this petition as replaying the match would be a logistical nightmare and would open the floodgates for other long-standing football gripes about players not being sent off in matches.

Comment will follow just as soon as I have considered this outrageous pathetic England demand – which raises a number of issues cocnerning how and why England got to the final in the first place. Robert Cook

Covid UK news – live: Scientists accuse PM of ‘criminal’ mass infection plan, and London transport keeps masks – July 14th 2021

Akshita Jain and Jon Sharman  22 mins ago

Police name woman stabbed to death at holiday siteRobin Roberts announces huge career news that gets fans talking

LIVE – Updated at 09:46a group of people standing in front of a store: UK To End Covid-19 Social Restrictions Despite Rising Cases© Getty Images UK To End Covid-19 Social Restrictions Despite Rising Cases

Scientists have accused the UK government of pursuing a “mass infection” strategy in a bid for herd immunity from coronavirus. Some 1,200 experts wrote in a letter to The Lancet that this alleged approach was “unscientific and unethical”, with one calling it “criminal”.

On Monday Boris Johnson announced that most remaining Covid-19 restriction in England would be lifted, including the mandatory wearing of face masks.

However, Transport for London will still require passengers to wear face coverings. Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, said: “I’m not prepared to stand by and put Londoners, and our city’s recovery, at risk.”

Key Points

  • Scientists accuse government of chasing ‘herd immunity by mass infection’
  • TfL will still require passengers to wear face masks
  • Vietnam and Thailand to mix Covid-19 vaccine doses
  • Sydney’s lockdown extended by at least two weeks
  • Children in Delhi report post-Covid symptoms like brain fog and headache

Union threatens to ‘name and shame’ MPs who don’t wear masks at Westminster

Jon Sharman

A union representing civil servants plans to “name and shame” any MPs who refuse to wear face coverings in parliament once legal requirements are dropped next week, writes Adam Forrest.

FDA general secretary Dave Penman said he would write to all MPs warning them that his union was willing to “call out” those ditching their masks, even after Covid restrictions are lifted on July 19.

It comes as leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg said he would no longer wear his mask around the parliamentary estate from Monday – suggesting many MPs had already ditched their face coverings.

Comment to follow in due course.

Boris Johnson gave two reasons for lifting all restrictions. Both are wrong – July 13th 2021

Christina Pagel 

There were almost 194,000 new cases of Covid-19 reported in England last week, which is 35% more than the week before. At the time of writing, 52% of the UK population had been fully vaccinated. Perhaps another 20% have some immunity from one dose of vaccine or previous Covid infection. If this level of population immunity was enough to contain the pandemic alongside public health measures, cases would be falling. They aren’t falling and it isn’t enough.

So cases will keep rising, currently doubling every fortnight or so, until either population immunity is high enough or public health measures are effective enough – or a combination of both – to halt Covid’s spread. The government yesterday announced a removal of all public health measures next Monday, meaning that population immunity has to do all the work. With millions of people still without the protection of full vaccination or previous infection, it is inevitable that a good chunk of that immunity will come from new infection rather than vaccination.

Comment The above is extracted from the moralising patronising Guardian. These writers have good regular pay cheques and live in a comfortable bubble. Life is very certain and dogmatic for them. She makes no mention of the damage already done by lockdown and absence of evidence it achieved anything claimed or worthwhile.

She just insists on not that facing facts about who are most vulnerable and why , the influence of mass migration and the global economy and the fact that herd immunity can only come from close human contact. Vaccines are never going to keep up. Tests are not reliable in any sense except fueling fear.

They cannot distinguish Covid from flu which is why no person has officially died from flu since March 2019. It is also a fact that few if anyone has died from simple Covid 19 and no related causes. It i also a fact that large unaccounted numbers have died and are still dying because of lockdown. It is notable that a large number of Muslims , including those working for the NHS fear that vaccines will reduce their all important fertility.

Robert Cook.

‘Justice has been done’: Italian papers celebrate Euros victory and hit out at English fans – Posted July 13th 2021

Julia Buckley

“We are the champions,” read the front page of the Corriere della Sera. “Europe is ours,” crowed La Repubblica, while Il Messaggero and La Stampa went one further: “We are Europe”.

Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini on the plane during the journey back to Rome

That was just the quality dailies. Italy’s sports newspapers were even more exuberant. “It’s ours!” screamed the Corriere dello Sport, its leading article reading, “Football came home! To ours, though.”

“All roads lead to Rome,” was the front page of Il Romanista, self-styled “newspaper of the world’s most hardcore fans”.

Inside, they were jubilant. Donnarumma was “the giant who shut Wembley up”, according to Il Messaggero.

There were also harsh words for the England fans who, having trashed Leicester Square earlier in the day, booed the Italian national anthem – against the wishes of Gareth Southgate, who had begged them not to.

Justice has been done against these unpleasant English who booed our sacred national anthem,” Il Messaggero said, calling them “hooligans who, brexit or no brexit, are all the same.”

“The night before they sacked London in all conceivable ways, with smoke bombs, wild choirs, beer that overflowed from their bottles and their stomachs and ended on the pavement amid broken glass and the stench of alcohol – and, what’s more, trampled our flag throughout the city.

“Better to beat them like this, on penalties, under their lovely drizzle.”

La Repubblica mentioned “shameful scenes outside the stadium” from “dozens of drunk England fans”.

Not all Italians were so harsh, however.

“There’s always someone stupid,” Roberto Pola, who runs a newspaper kiosk near the Trevi fountain, told The Independent.

“Italy does it too. Sadly sport is followed by people who don’t have a sense of sportsmanship. It’s ugly but it’s not only the English who do it. You can’t judge a nation on that.”

And the night before, Italians celebrating in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo had even apologised to England fans for winning and called England “a great team”.

As fans brandishing Italian flags and honking horns converged on Piazza Venezia, the symbolic centre of Rome, the atmosphere was one of elation, not menace – even at 3am.

However, he only England flag to be seen had had an expletive spraypainted over it, and two more fans carried a banner with an obscene comment about the Queen.

But overall, it was a relaxed night, with fans waving their flags and lighting flares in front of the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, known as the “altar of the fatherland”.

Police lined the monument, where an eternal flame burns at Italy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but, other than some instances of bottles being thrown at police, there was none of the trouble that had been forecast.

In fact, the local Rome section of Il Messaggero called it a “magic night”.

Although the atmosphere is one of delight in Italy, it’s not gleeful – and in places it’s generous, too. “The Great Shame of 2018 [in which Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup] is now forgotten,” said the Corriere dello Sport, which also devotes an entire page to Roberto Mancini’s end-of-match tears.

And La Repubblica called Italy “an immortal cat that sees the lorry’s headlights on the motorway but manages to dodge it”.

The paper’s London correspondent Antonello Guerrera, meanwhile, labelled Jordan Pickford “extraordinary” and said that “gentleman” Gareth Southgate was “a good patriot, the glue sticking a split country back together”.

“The calm manager has transformed a nation of clans and primadonnas into a group of extraordinary harmony and competence,” he wrote – although he couldn’t help noting that England’s “curse” continues.

In fact, “Wembley was a puddle,” wrote journalist Marco Evangelisti in Il Messaggero. “Everyone cried – winners and losers. Happiness and desperation, after a history so long and intense that… it’s impossible not to understand how much a success like this means.”

Romans agreed – and they also knew how much it meant to England.

“I’m sorry – I really thought we would lose,” said one newspaper seller on Monday morning.

Eike Schmidt, the football-loving director of the Uffizi Galleries, said that Italy has now “assumed the role of fighting for and speaking for the whole of Europe.”

He added that Dante – who died in 1321 – was the man to do it “on a cultural level”. A day earlier, on their Facebook page, the Uffizi had compared the final to a contest between the two nations’ cultural heavyweights, captained by Dante and Shakespeare.

They weren’t the only ones getting poetic. So excited was newspaper-seller Pola that he had written a poem to his customers in Roman dialect, and pinned it up in his kiosk.

Wembley “suddenly became the Colosseum”, he wrote.

“We thought we were going under after two minutes, but we weren’t lost.

“We pulled out our pride and partisans, and then we made it on penalties.

“We’re champions! It’s true, and it’s beautiful too.

“And the hurricane [of the English]… was only a little breeze.”

Italy ,remember your Roman heritage and war for indendence in 1860.

Andrew Lawrence: Comedian’s shows cancelled after racist joke about England footballers Posted July 13th 2021

Louis Chilton  

PM to urge social media firms to take tougher action over online racism

KNEE BENDING for blacks labelled gesture politics by Home Secretary Priti Patel , sparks WOKE BLM outrage

Comedian Andrew Lawrence has had scheduled performances pulled by venues after making a racist joke about England’s Black footballers on Twitter.

Lawrence tweeted: “All I’m saying is, the white guys scored.”

He then added: “Equality, diversity, s*** penalties.”

In another tweet, the comedian wrote: “I can see that this has offended a lot of people, and I’m sorry that black guys are bad at penalties.”

His comments drew criticism from Twitter users and fellow comedians, and several venues announced that they were cancelling his bookings forthcoming tour.

Hampshire’s Hanger Farm Arts Centre wrote on Twitter: “Following the racist comments made by comedian Andrew Lawrence on Twitter we made the decision to cancel his show. As a part of learning disability charity Minstead Trust, we work hard to promote inclusivity, provide safe spaces for everyone and have zero tolerance for racism.”

Joking Apart  : Comment  Calling and labelling all whites as racist is a cornerstone of BLM and Critical Race Theory. It is a statement adumbrated as a simple eternal all encompassing truth. It is in harmony with the sort of feminist comedian who makes jokes like ‘What is the best thing to come out of a penis when it is erect ? The wrinkles.

Humour has been steadily politicised and aimed at white men because they are , unless of the ruling elite , guilty.

Gareth Southgate made it very clear that under his rule England’s team would be about the politics of racism. He presented his team to the world with a strong sense of moral superiority. Obviously it was absurd and ignorant to say blacks can’t take penalties. As with whites , some can , some can’t. But my concern here is that blacks appear to be exempted from charges of racism because we must assume they are underdogs and fragile.

England adopted this attitude following the police killing of George Floyd with the media ramping the matter up as white racism rather than the dangerous minds of western police officers. On the other hand , the media never mentioned racism when West Mercia Police senior management joined in the lies and cover up , over a five year period , to protect two of their officers from murder and man slaughter charges.

As Southgate said .’England is special.’ In that connection , worshipping and sanctifying the police is as mandatory as worshipping the  England football team , turning a blind eye to its cheating and Southgate’s obvious politically correct penalty shoot out player choice of 60% black.

I don’t think politics has been so involved in sport since Hitler and the 1936 Olympic Games. It is almost incredible , until you take note of how the human mind works and entrenches behaviour patterns, that people are so easily distracted from Britain and the wider world’s , most serious socio economic and resultant environmental problems. Africa is in the hands of many corrupt blacks – who don’t care about their people- and multi national corporations- 500 of the latter dominate the global economy.

The elite see no problem with third world over population driven by religion and associated ignorance of true science. That’s where the likes of self righteous Southgate come in. The elite see the Third World overpopulation being solved by mass migration into western countries. People need softening up for this because the lower classes will take the strain as they are with Covid nd the crumbling NHS.

England is the cheer leader for mass immigration and diversity ( sic ) which is why so many cross two seas to get here. The British , and most notably English elite cum chattering classes , see the likes of Salvini and Italy as the enemy of their cause. That is why losing to Italy is even more painful. The English wanted Italy cut down to size. Italy needs to remember its Roman heritage and the mindset of the Celts they civilised. But by modern standards , that is a racist statement because the word race has been redefined by the elite as a weapon of tried and trusted divide and rule.

The mechanism extends everywhere which is why the Euro stadiums were lit up in rainbow colours. To the extent to which sex change or the vague gender reassignment is possible, it is only acceptable and encouraged in so far as candidates take appropriate medication , including anti psychotics , and relate to fellow transsexuals ( not CIS Women ) as defined by the LGBTQI community.

Community now is a word like democracy. It offers false hope and solidarity that is easily manipulated. It serves the serious goals of the dominant elite culture who make and enforce the laws. Protest must be government approved , like comedy. My old landlord Humphrey Barclay was head of London Weekend  TV Comedy. One of his series was called ‘Mind Your Language.’

It was about a group of mixed ethnic London immigrants at an evening class for English class students. It wouldn’t be allowed now. Humphrey shared his three storey house in Stockwell , with a black actor called Christopher Asante. I saw Chris play a West Indian gangster in an episode of Hazell. He was awful. That wasn’t because he was black. He was from black African aristocracy and Oxford educated. He had nothing in common with British West Indians.

I was a post graduate student at Goldsmiths’ College , London University, at the time , frequently cycling to and from New Cross to my flat in Bromfelde Road, which was Humphrey’s basement.

It was 1979. I arrived back on my bicycle one afternoon to see an anguished Chris outside on the paving fronting the house, telling my wife how a black chippy ( carpenter ) from neighbouring Brixton , who was working for Humphrey, had refused an offer of  Earl Grey tea. He also had implied that Chris and Humphrey were gay because they were living together – Chris was rather elegant. Waving hiss arms in despair , Chris shrieked ‘And him a fellow black !’ I would like to say that times change. Maybe they will under current brainwashing , anti psychotics, rising mental illness , crime and disease related to globalisation.

Whatever , Southgate became legend for missing an easy penalty as a player for England. He will now become legend for choosing the wrong three because he was making an anti racist point. One of the black players had only been on pitch for less than the last 10 minutes of play , so had not even warmed up. Clearly he had been brought on , by Southgate , for the inevitable penalties.

This has fed racism on both sides. Meanwhile Italy have every right to be proud because England fouled their way into the final with lots of help from the ref. Had the ref done his job during the final in which one Key Italian player had to be stretchered off after an ignored foul, then England would quickly have been down to 9 men.

That is what you get for overtly politicising sport. Europeans take note , the U.K has not left Europe. Its elite have simply had Brexit ( Brino ) opportunity to disband membership of an EU Parliament that they never wanted to help working class Brits in the first place.

That elite are still with you , lurking behind the expensive scenery, in Europe , seeing themselves , with their minions , as ambassadors for International football and everything else. They and their millionaire footballers preach human rights and equality , but they have no intention of freeing Julian Assange. The U.K is ruled by hypocrites using the masses as pawns, then acting surprised when the masses riot about losing a football game that was going to ‘put the swagger back into England.’  The people who say this sort of thing are the truly tacky comedians who need banning.  

Robert Cook.

No Foot Out Of Place July 13th 2021

The government needed a victory. I heard on Sunday that some schools indicated last week that pupils were only expected in after 10am on Monday, because they expected the poor babies would be up watching the match – and would be tired. F.S

The following is taken from two mainstream media reports today.

A lock of John Stones’ hair or a fingernail within Jordan Pickford’s glove. Marcus Rashford’s penalty with Gianluigi Donnarumma committed and the goal gaping. Small margins are inevitable after the narrowest of defeats as England picks up the pieces.

There is a danger in reading too much into a loss that could clearly have gone the other way. Yet, perhaps mistakes can also be made if lessons are ignored as Gareth Southgate’s impressive team came up just short for a second major tournament in a row.

The minutiae will dominate the discussion in the aftermath. What had looked to be a bold call in bringing Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho on specifically to take penalties appeared folly within minutes when both men failed to find the net with their spot-kicks.

Southgate comforts a young England star. The team tore off runner up medals on camera showing exactly how un sporting and un heroic they are. But the mythology goes on. One team memeber has produeced a book on how we can all be better people. This is a very dangerous social climate. Robert Cook

Tyrone Mings has accused the home secretary Priti Patel of ‘pretending to be disgusted’ by racist abuse aimed at England players, after she branded the taking of the knee “gesture politics”.

Bukayo SakaMarcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho have all been targeted on social media after missing their penalties during Sunday night’s Euro 2020 final shootout defeat to Italy.  Malik Ouzia 

Throughout the Euros, England have continued to take the knee ahead of kick-off in a stand against racial injustice, but as debate raged over whether they should do so ahead of the tournament, Patel labelled the practice “gesture politics” and suggested fans had a right to choose whether to boo while players made the stance.

On Monday, Patel said she was “disgusted” by the abuse of “players who have given so much for our country this summer”.

Quoting her condemnation on Twitter, however, Mings wrote: “You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens.”

Mings has been one of England’s most outspoken figures in the fight against racial injustice, having been subjected to abuse from Bulgarian fans during his international debut in 2019.

The defender started the first two games of England’s Euros campaign, keeping clean sheets against Croatia and Scotland, before losing his place when Harry Maguire returned from injury.

“I’m still struggling to find the words to express my emotions from the past month,” Mings tweeted. “I’m so proud of everyone who has contributed to the joy and togetherness this team has bought to millions. We have celebrated, smiled, cried and cheered together & for that, I’m so so proud.

“But waking up today and seeing my brothers being racially abused for being brave enough to put themselves in a position to help this country, is something that sickens, but doesn’t surprise me. We have literally made history. We’ve gone where no one else has gone. Take that in.”  ‘

Covid Lockdown Never Ending -July 13th 2021

Lifting England’s coronavirus lockdown could have “devastating” consequences, a doctors’ union has warned. The British Medical Association said ending legal restrictions on masks and other measures would allow Covid-19 to “re-tighten its grip” because many people have still not been fully vaccinated.

The comments came after Boris Johnson announced that legal requirements for social distancing and wearing would end on 19 July in England, even as he urged people to continue to observe the practices and admitted the pandemic was not over.

The PM was accused of sending “mixed messages”.

Meanwhile, analysis by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies found that up to 200 people were likely to die per day in a summer wave of the virus.

Key Points

  • Mixing and matching Covid vaccines a ‘dangerous trend,’ says WHO
  • WHO review process for India’s homegrown vaccine ‘Covaxin’ begins
  • Lockdown lifting ‘potentially devastating’, says BMA
  • Coronavirus summer wave could lead to hundreds of daily deaths within weeks, officials warn

Nightclub chain won’t ask for Covid passport despite rules

A nightclub chain has said that it will not ask customers for vaccine passports when it reopens its doors on 19 July as restrictions lift.

This comes despite the UK government’s advice that businesses and large events should use the NHS Covid Pass to ensure that event-goers are either fully vaccinated, or have tested negative for Covid.

Government should be more comforting in its approach, sociologist says

Jon Sharman

Robert Dingwall, professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University, has said it will take people a significant period to conquer the fear and anxiety that Covid-19 has caused.

“It’s going to take some time for those to subside as people get used to Covid as an endemic infection that sits in the background, that doesn’t really represent the sort of catastrophic threat that it might have presented when it first appeared last spring,” he told Sky News.

He added: “I think the government needs to make a much more conscious shift towards positive messaging – the message that Covid is now generally a mild illness, that it rarely requires people to go to hospital, that this is something that we can get on with our lives with (it) in the background, and that almost every situation that you might find yourself in carries with it a minimal risk of picking up infection.

“I think we need to concentrate on pressing the message about safety, rather than pressing the message about risk.”

Retail sales grow at record pace as restrictions ease and shoppers flock back to stores

Retail sales grew at a record pace in the past three months as lockdown restrictions eased and shoppers returned to high streets, according to the latest industry data.

Total sales rose 10.4 per cent in the three months to June, the latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) monitor showed.

The research also indicated that the recovery gathered further pace in June, which saw a 13.1 per cent increase in spending, writes Ben Chapman.

More to come : Comment  The Covid crisis is being run by vested interests.  The anti racists cause is being run by vested interests. The word democracy is a word with no honestly defined meaning beyond ‘one person one vote.’

Julian Assange cannot and will not be released because others must live in abject fear of consequences for publishing official secrets that confirm what intelligent honest people can see happening on the ground.

To compare the WOKE brigade and their ongoing outcomes with real Nazis would be judged a hate crime. But this is the road to a totalitarian State where the worst is inevitable.

Britain’s elite have always been the most ruthless  after years of inbreeding extending to their cousins in the United States which they founded. This hegemony rules most of the world. Russia and China are obstacles that they thought they had removed when they backed Yeltsin, opening up the old U.S.S.R to gangsters and corruption.

Britain’s Queen looks and sounds like she is still living in a 1950s fantasy world of Empire and Commonwealth. During those years , I grew up among the common folk , she grew up among the wealth. It was an era when  young men were still being conscripted to fight for her class interest during an ignominious retreat from empire – where Britain’s rulers solved the power vacuum with ethnic rich brital place men and today’s legacy which they do not want to talk about.

The reality of wars is always hidden by smokescreens and propagandists. That’s why we have BLM , taking the knee and lockdowns.  Meanwhile the super rich get ever richer and more protected. Every new Covid lockdown bankruptcy is more wealth repossession by elite owned banks , along with more misery , poverty , homelessness unemployment and premature deaths for the common people.

This global society we live in is not as crazy as it seems. Mass education is actually mass indoctrination. Power comes , as Trump told Bob Woodward , from instilling fear – which covid and its curiously never ending and fast developing variants , does very well. Covid has created some powerful vested interests. The fact that former (W)health Secretary ( Where his view of being hard at work was having sex with his personal appointee at taxpayr’s expense ) Matt Hancock stuck two fingers up to his own Draconian rules is now forgotten.

As former British Prime Minister , Harold Wilson said ‘Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper. A week is a long time in British politics.’  I might add that it is also a long time in jail. The rate at which vested interests create new crimes means that will become an experience for many more men. Arguing with this system is very dangerous and protests must be government approved.  You need to know where to tread, as Priti Patel has discovered. Women above all people are expected to stay on message and part of the feminists blob.

England’s team of patronising young millionaires. were not the best team at the Euro final and should have been punished for cheating – with only 34% possession during the final- had a lot of help and blind eyes to foul play on the road to and during the European cup final. The black players were supposed to score the majority of penalties to prove Gareth Southgate’s mission was a good one in the war against racism. Even though they failed , the attention moves against comment because we are in an age where lower class whites must repent , by order of ruling elites , to repent for sins of the whites and blacks who prospered from empire building. We are in a social and economic minefield and must not put a foot out of place. If we do then our lives will be forfeit. It is total lockdown and not just of our person. As mainstream media flunkies like saying ‘More to come.’  Robert Cook