Death After Life In Police State Britain – XIII

June 12th 2024

Edinburgh’s homeless forced from hotels as Taylor Swift …Third Force News › news › cruel-summer-exclusive-edinbu…

30 May 2024 — City of Edinburgh Council attributed their inability to provide hotel-style temporary accommodation to the upcoming Taylor Swift concerts at …

Homeless sent out of city to make room for Taylor Swift fansBBC › news › articles

29 May 2024 — Edinburgh City Council said it was “absolutely not” moving tenants out of temporary accommodation to make way for Taylor Swift fans but added …

Edinburgh council criticised for ‘removing’ rough sleepers for Taylor Swift fans ahead of Eras Tour stop

Competition for accommodation has been fierce ahead of Taylor Swift’s UK concerts

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour in Stockholm, Sweden on May 17

Maryam Kara30 May 2024

Several homeless people have reportedly been taxied out of Edinburgh to Aberdeen and Glasgow to make room for tourists ahead of Taylor Swift’s performances next month.

Shelter Scotland told the BBC that homeless individuals it supports were sent via taxi to Aberdeen and Glasgow amid a housing emergency – while one person was offered temporary accommodation as far away as Newcastle.

There was no evidence that homeless people were being removed from accommodation they were already staying at.

The housing charity wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Homeless families and tourists being forced to compete for the same accommodation is further evidence of The City of Edinburgh Council and indeed most of Scotland’s housing emergency.”

Speaking to the BBC, Shelter Scotland director Alison Watson said it was “a blatant injustice” for rough sleepers who are now “in direct competition” with the mass of Swifties heading to the city. She told the broadcaster: “In Edinburgh that emergency now places people experiencing homelessness in direct competition with tourists; a blatant injustice.”

The charity director added that families are already hearing they have to leave the city if they require temporary accommodation, even though the concerts are still a week away.

Watson also highlighted that the fault lies not with the tourists but with the Scottish government for failing to provide a solid solution. Similar disruptions for rough sleepers are expected to happen again in August when the city welcomes the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Some 200,000 fans are set to descend on the Scottish capital over three days between June 7 and 9. Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium will host what is expected to be the biggest of Scotland’s stadium shows in its history.

Fans arriving for Swift’s Eras tour concerts have been met with eye-watering prices for hotel rooms in Edinburgh, as competition over accommodation has taken flight ahead of the performances.

Postal workers discuss strategy to oppose Royal Mail takeover by private equity firm EP Group

Anne, from a large mail centre in west London, told Sunday’s Zoom meeting: “Starmer’s Labour and the CWU are both behind Kretinsky. The CWU are not working for the members.”

Housing convenor Councillor Jane Meagher, said: “It is a symptom of the housing emergency we face in Edinburgh that at times we must use tourist accommodation to house homeless households.

“We know it won’t be available year-round, particularly over the busy summer months, so we use it reluctantly as a last resort.

“We’re aware of the situation and are working with the affected households to find appropriate, alternative accommodation.”

Edinburgh City Council insisted, however, it is absolutely not “moving tenants out of temporary tourist accommodation to make way for Taylor Swift fans”.

Hotels are reserved for homeless individuals on a weekly basis and are considered a “last resort” solution, providing only short-term accommodation.

After Edinburgh, Swift is to peform in Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Dublin throughout June.

Her tour is expected to boost UK spending by £1billion.

For the 15-day UK leg alone, approximately 1.2 million tickets had gone up for sale.

Taylor Swift – A privileged white female with a life full of choices.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, to Andrea (Finlay), a one-time marketing executive, and Scott Kingsley Swift, a financial adviser. Her ancestry includes German and English, as well as some Scottish, Irish, Welsh and 1/16th Italian. She was named after James Taylor, and her mother believed that if she had a gender neutral name it would help her forge a business career. Taylor spent most of her childhood on an 11-acre Christmas tree farm in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

When she was nine years old the family moved to Wyomissing, PA, where she attended West Reading Elementary Center and Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School. Taylor spent her summers at her parents’ vacation home at the Jersey shore. Her first hobby was English horse riding. Her mother put her in a saddle when she was nine months old and Swift later competed in horse shows. At the age of nine she turned her attention to musical theatre and performed in Berks Youth Theatre Academy productions of “Grease”, “Annie”, “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Sound of Music”. She traveled regularly to New York City for vocal and acting lessons. However, after a few years of auditioning in New York and not getting anything, she became interested in country music.

Comment U.K is a hideous and institutionally corrupt country. This is another devloved matter which the SNP is not dealing with.

R J Cook

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UK Labour Party’s pro-business austerity agenda heralds escalation in class struggle

Party leader Sir Keir Starmer and his shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, have insisted over the last four years that Labour will be the most pro-business government in history, which means it will be dedicated to attacking the working class and slashing public spending.

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Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley’s legal challenge to get gross misconduct hearing panel dismissed rejected after ‘careful consideration’

By Alison Bagley

Published 6th Jun 2024, 13:38 BS

A challenge that could have seen the panel deciding the fate of Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley dismissed has been rejected.

The three-man panel led by legally qualified chairman Callum Cowx had been accused of bias and pre-concluding evidence that had been put before the misconduct hearing.

Mr Cowx and panel colleagues tasked with deciding whether Northamptonshire’s Chief Constable Nick Adderley is guilty of gross misconduct had to listen back to proceedings to see if they should ‘recuse’ themselves after accusations of ‘bias’

Today, the independent panel – Callum Cowx, former Chief Constable of Merseyside Police Andy Cooke and member James Maund announced their findings.

A spokesman for the Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner said: “On Friday, May 31, the defence in the Nick Adderley gross misconduct hearing lodged an application for the chair and panel members to recuse themselves from the process.

“The chair and panel members have decided to reject the application and continue with the misconduct hearing, after careful consideration.”

The misconduct hearing is looking into the allegations Chief Constable Nick Adderley exaggerated his rank and length of service in the Royal Navy including asserting he served during the Falklands War – when he would have been 15-years-old.

Mr Adderley continues to receive his full salary – £176,550 a year – while he is suspended from his job as Northamptonshire’s top cop.

Yesterday it was revealed taxpayers have footed the bill of nearly £200,000 for the hearing that has so far sat for four days.

Panel members will reconvene on Thursday, June 20, in Northampton when the gross misconduct hearing resumes.

Accused of lying and deception, Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley

Comment Liars and fantasists are not unusual in the U.K Police. It is a high level and rewarding skill for them and therefore extant at high level. The fact that this man was able to fake an extraordinary careeer history says rather a lot about the people who interviewed and employed him. Sadly, politicians need the police to control our hideously fragmented excuse for society.

There will be no reform or truly independent oversight and accountability. So these things and worse will happen again and again. Criminal liars entrenched in our so called justice system says it all about this U.K excuse for a democracy. Police officers who lie should face jail time, with senior officers losing their pensions and facing a minimum of five years detention. These people are in a powerful position to destroy lives.

R J Cook

Nigel Farage’s post-democratic revolt He is pioneering a new sectarianism

Nigel Farage appears to have had objects thrown at him while on the campaign trail in South Yorkshire.

The Reform UK leader posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, which appeared to show objects being thrown at him while he was on top of a bus in Barnsley on Tuesday.

It is not clear what exactly the objects are. One of them appears to be a takeaway cup.

Another video of the incident, from a different angle, appears to show two objects missing Mr Farage, with one hitting the side of the bus.

South Yorkshire Police says it has arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences.

Nigel Farage flinches after an object is thrown at him.
Image caption, Nigel Farage was campaigning in South Yorkshire when the alleged incident happened

“It is believed that the man threw objects from a nearby construction area,” police said in a statement.

“I will not be bullied or cowed by a violent left-wing mob who hate our country,” Mr Farage wrote about the incident on X.

“These people want to stop my election campaign. That’s never going to happen,” he added.

The video posted on his X account showed a man in a red jacket throwing objects from a building site before being stopped by what appears to be construction workers.

He was later detained by police, who said the man remains in custody.

Police officers escort a person away
Image caption, Police officers escort a person after objects were thrown at Reform UK leader Nigel Farage on the Reform UK campaign bus

The incident happened as a crowd of Stand Up to Racism protestors interrupted Mr Farage as he spoke from the vehicle.

Reform UK supporters and Stand Up to Racism protesters both chanted against each other as crowds formed around the bus in the town centre.

Mr Farage had been warned by police not to get off the bus.

He had been touring Barnsley and had just left Hoyland, where he had had a warmer welcome. He called in at a beauticians and posed with staff while joking about having his nails painted.

Comment This is further evidence that Britain is not democratic. Consensus politics panders to the lowest common denominator. ‘Say no to racism’ is an acceptable pressure goup because it oozes kindness toward illegal immigrants. It is a blanket form of obsession used to cover up uncomfortable truths. Pressure groups are one issue tunnel vision organisations. The subtleties of languid smiling Nigel Farage are wasted across this excuse for a nation. ‘Say no to racism’ is about virtue signalling not discussing the appalling state of Britain in the age of consensus politics.

Morons will, if they bother to vote, choose Labour because their beloved Conservatives lied about Brexit, with things getting so bad that we face Nuclear World War III. No one mentions that, because the U.S is expected to sort it out.

Taxes have levelled out at the highest level since 1945. The elite welcome migrants for cheap labour to push wages down and all the other prices up. NATO’s proxy war on Russia is making it worse. Public services, like the banks, are wasteful and corrupt. So along comes an angry 28 year old moron throwing junk at Nigel Farage, then everything is good because he is a ‘freedom fighter.’ The young woman who threw a milkshake over Farage has earned £40,000 from her U Tube fans.

Farage has always been a target for the virtue signallers. Loveable feminist and BBC celebrity comedian Jo Brand responded to the man who threw water over Farage, with the comment “Pity it wasn’t acid”. A black male political pundit on last night’s BBC Newsnight, said that Farage provoked these situations because he preached the politics of far right hate.

R J Cook

June 11th 2024

Exclusive polling
Britain doesn’t want to go to war Eighty years after D-Day, the nation’s mood has changed

They said it’s the immigration election. It is now.

Why not start by cutting your birth rate ?
Third World Culture Moving in. The ruling elite and their media call it diversity. Critics are clled ‘far right.’
They said it’s the immigration election. It is now.

So, Mr. Brexit has returned. Nigel Farage is back in charge of Reform UK after a lengthy hiatus, succeeding Richard Tice. He is not only going to lead the party but also going to stand in Clacton – a seat once held by Douglas Carswell, who defected to UKIP from the Conservatives, resigned his seat, stood in the by-election and was returned as UKIP’s first elected MP.
According to Farage, it’s the “dullest’ and “most boring” election he’s ever seen. Few people would argue with him. His flash-flood arrival on the election stage has certainly invigorated a campaign laced with tedium and mediocrity, capped on Tuesday night by a vacuous TV debate replete with puerile jibes.
Mr. Farage has of course stood before (seven times) but we do believe he is going to do it this time. So his sudden decision to run wasn’t a shock, indeed, we saw it coming.
But this time around, his impact on a convulsing Conservative Party, led by a Prime Minister who has shown himself to be out of his depth, is what’s really grabbing attention. It’s all very well to grab a few headlines, with vows to “clamp down” on immigration or “to stop the boats” but where were the robust policies and long-term strategy? As ever, chickens do eventually come home to roost, as we warned would happen when the loose points-based system was being devised some six years ago.
Farage has put his finger on what is fuelling so much of the frustration and cynicism towards politicians. They are fed to the back teeth with promises made at election time only for them to be reneged upon once politicians are elected and and behind the iron gates of the Palace of Westminster. Yes, sky-high immigration – both legal and illegal is what’s aggravating prospective voters. They experience daily the immense strains on our public services, the housing market, national security and national unity.
Speaking to the press, Mr. Farage framed this as an “immigration election,” backed by recent polling data and the broken promises of successive Tory governments. As we at Migration Watch have said over so many years, we simply don’t have enough homes, enough infrastructure, or enough money to deal with the government’s policy of Infinity Migrants. Moreover, we’re losing a sense of who we are as a nation, and immigration is making everything worse – like pouring petrol on a fire or salt on an open, bloody wound.
A week earlier, Mr. Farage stirred controversy and attracted opprobrium from the usual quarters when he told Sir Trevor Phillips (who had himself made remarks along similar lines some years before) on Sky-News that a “growing number” of young Muslims in the UK don’t align with British values. He cited an April poll by the Henry Jackson Society showing only a quarter of Muslims believed Hamas had committed murder and rape in its October 7 attack on Israel. Other polls, not mentioned by Farage, reveal concerning attitudes among British Muslims about free speech, the Holocaust, Sharia law, and even sympathies with terrorists.
Farage argues that these issues are exacerbated by unchecked immigration. We agree. If you don’t have control of your borders, you don’t have control of population growth. And if you don’t have control of this, you don’t have control of your country. It’s as simple as that. You can’t ‘integrate’ people with a few strokes of the Whitehall pen. It takes years and it’s a two-way street. New arrivals must show willing and be ready to accept the ways and values of the country they or their parents have chosen to live in.
Capping immigration
Right at the last minute, after parliament has been dissolved and no new policies can be formulated, the Tories have had a road-to-Damascus conversion to the policy of capping visas. Funny that!
Under new plans, MPs will get a vote on annual government proposals aimed at steadily reducing numbers, based on recommendations from the expert Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). They are of course right to tackle out-of-control mass immigration with a cap. But shoving the onus on the MAC is a cop-out. Net migration well-below 100,000 (Farage is calling for net-zero) is absolutely the right approach. Such a policy objective will allow the planners and strategists to devise the necessary rules and measures. We warned some years ago that without a cap on numbers, the points-based system will likely fall apart and lead to historic levels of legal migration. As Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet pointed out in a 2020 article for The Conservative Woman:
“Without a cap in place – at least until the economic situation is clearer – the numbers could increase very rapidly indeed and be very difficult to bring back under control.
No cap on work permits and no requirement for advertising of jobs in the UK is a gamble that poses a huge threat to the prospects of British workers, at the worst possible time. They have every right to feel betrayed.”
We’re glad the Tories are changing their tune, but it makes you wonder: why not sooner? Mr. Sunak sat on his hands for a year and a half, while also clashing with cabinet colleagues like Robert Jenrick and Suella Braverman, who were pushing for a cap all along.  And why is he outsourcing this policy to the MAC, who will doubtless be encouraged to consult ‘stakeholders’ on what the numbers should be – NGOs, business groups, public sector lobbyists, and members of the higher education establishment. This happened with Sir Sajid Javid’s White Paper consultation in 2018, which led to the appallingly loose points-based system. The stakeholders consulted were from groups, organisations and vested interests overwhelmingly in favour of more immigration.
What about Labour?
We haven’t heard much from Labour on legal migration. What they have said so far has largely focused illegal migration with some asides, mostly in reaction to Tory policy pronouncements. They won’t stop the boats and they won’t smash the gangs. Their intention to speed up the processing of those already here will simply encourage more to come take the risk of crossing the Channel illegally to get here.

Responding to Sunak’s proposed cap, Labour MP Yvette Cooper criticised it, saying,

“All they are doing now is rehashing failed announcements from David Cameron and Theresa May, while doing nothing to tackle the skills shortages and their failures in the economy and immigration system which have pushed net migration up.”

Theresa May’s cap on non-EU workers was a successful policy, maintaining high-skill numbers at around 20,000. The only reason we didn’t hit the ‘tens of thousands’ target promised by David Cameron was EU free movement, a stance Sir Keir has long supported. Secondly, Ms. Cooper’s remark about job vacancies shows a misunderstanding of economics and immigration’s role in filling skills gaps, as highlighted by Executive Director Dr Mike Jones in a recent Migration Watch paper:

“Encouraging immigration in response to shortages might hinder the natural adjustments that can occur in the labour market. For instance, economic theory suggests that when employers face labour shortages, they might choose to increase wages, enhance job conditions to attract more workers, or adjust their production methods to rely less on scarce workers (such as through automation or changing what they produce).”

Ultimately, immigration will not effectively solve job shortages because it often creates more job openings. Immigrants both work and consume goods in the economy, which boosts demand for things like food and housing and public services. So, if you bring in 1 million immigrants to fill 1 million job vacancies, you might end up with just as many vacancies again! And that’s precisely what has happened. The tried-and-tested way to fill a job ‘vacancy’, as discussed by Mike, is to raise wages, improve job conditions or adopt new production techniques to rely less on low-skill labour.
Donate to Migration Watch  Migration Watch relies entirely on the generosity of our supporters who fund our work. If you would like to help us with our efforts, pleaseclick here to donate.
We particularly liked this article by the fabulous Lionel Shriver in The Spectator – What will Europe look like in the future? If you read nothing else this weekend, do read this:

“This massive demographic shift is this century’s most momentous development, yet it’s barely ever discussed. Right on Europe’s doorstep is a fast-rising population of poorly educated, unemployed young people with lousy prospects. The more these desperate people make it to the prosperous West, the more friends and relatives will also be incentivised to try. They all have smartphones, whose pictures of glistening martinis, fast cars and glamorous advertising models are beamed to dusty villages and urban slums. ‘What’s there for us here?’ asked a young Senegalese man trying to convince his parents to let him go to Europe in last weekend’s New York Times. ‘We all have migration in mind.'”

We also liked:

Ben Sixsmith, The Critic – No one will believe the Conservatives on immigration
In an interview with Sky News, Mike discussed Mr. Sunak’s proposed cap on legal migration. He felt it was too little, too late, arguing that the Prime Minister missed the opportunity to implement the cap on migrant visas while parliament was still in session:
The election has been rather dull so far, but Nigel Farage’s return promises to spice things up. We’re hearing a lot about policies to stop mass immigration, but as always, the devil’s in the detail. It’s crucial to hold parliamentary candidates accountable, so we encourage you to reach out to those after your vote in your constituency and ask them where they stand on the immigration issue. Ask them if they understand the risks that come with uncontrolled, mass and rapid migration?

Next week, the manifestos.

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