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May 17th 2022

Lies That Life Is Black & White.

Biden urges all Americans to reject ‘poison’ of white supremacy after Buffalo mass shooting

Biden urges all Americans to reject ‘poison’ of white supremacy after Buffalo mass shooting (

R J Cook & her Trinidadian best friend V F Church. ‘We were close , but colour was not an issue for us way down in Hampshire in the 1970s. Mass migration has put it all back on the ‘liberal’ agenda..’

Politicians are not the ones to speak the truth. They pander to the lowest common denominator and fear among the masses. They want votes and the privileges of power .It is so easy to trot out the white supremacy label, makes Biden and followers feel better and good about themselves.

The Buffalo massacre had more to do with young white low self esteem than white supremacy. meanwhile Biden and his elite MAFIA are more interested in pouring hard pressed working class peoples’ taxes in to a money grabbing war for Anglo U.S supremacy across Europe , in to Russia and on to China, scaring Scandinavia into the fold along the way.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

May 16th 2022

New arms race speeds up as US tests hypersonic weapon

The US has successfully tested a hypersonic weapon, according to the US Air Force.Pic: US Air Force© Reuters Pic: US Air Force

The test was conducted on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern California, but it was confirmed in the early hours of Tuesday.

The US Air Force said that the air-launched rapid response weapon (ARRW) was released by a B-52 bomber.

“Following separation from the aircraft, the ARRW’s booster ignited and burned for expected duration, achieving hypersonic speeds five times greater than the speed of sound,” they added in a statement.

It comes just weeks after the UK, US and Australia agreed to work together on hypersonic and anti-hypersonic weaponry.

Read More New arms race speeds up as US tests hypersonic weapon (

Comment If the U.S has this technology then it must have come from a Russian traitor, otherwise it is propaganda likely to trigger an overreaction from Russia. This war is not going away. The extinction rebellion and climate activists need to pack up. The carbon foot print of all these Anglo U.S led wars is already beyond the pale. The western elite wants to dominate the east.

The east has never had global imperial ambitions. It simply tries to trade. The western masses are a nasty mix of greed , ignorance and morons. Russiahas the stark choice of having its culture degraded to western fake mukti culture moron level, or responding to the threat, with the world once agin divided into two armed camps.

This was my prize for being a brilliant political history student in 1968. Taylor is outré now , but was my hero of truth.
ANGLO U.S has no right to judge war crimes.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

May 16th 2022

Earth Ultimate Football : Is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a billionaire? Of Course He Is. However.

The Ukrainian president, for much of the world, is an admired leader guiding the Ukrainian resistance in the fight against Russia. However, he is not without his detractors, and some of them claim that the president of Ukraine has a fortune of suspicious origin.

Image result for Planet Earth. Size: 141 x 106. Source:
The Big Game Hunters Raping Earth 4 All It’s Worth.

Here is some BBC drivel about the last FA CUP Final :

Chelsea’s players have “come together even more” during the “tough times”with its ownership, Mason Mount says.

The club was put up for sale and its Russian owner Roman Abramovich sanctioned by the UK government following the invasion of Ukraine.

“You want to prove to people that we can stick together in difficult times,” says the midfielder.”

Moving words from the billionaire self loving football imbeciles who so stimulate moronic masses. Football is a metaphor for social hypocrisy with all its jargon about inclusiveness.. Football is about money and symbolic of western greed.

Sport as I knew the meaning of the word is not as I knew it to mean. The obscene wealth and earnings from football , along with the Neandertal supporters’ chanting’s, are symbolic of our grotesque bumptious little police state.

Reality check is that the dirty NATO proxy war on Russia which could engulf the planet. Look at the following :

Horror as Lukashenko orders first wave of Belarusian troops direct to Ukraine border

Ellie Cook 

Queen news – live: Tom Cruise commends Queen’s ‘tremendous dignity’Every Pixar movie, ranked

So far, although supportive of Vladimir Putin, President Aleksandr Lukashenko has been hesitant to commit Belarus’s troops to the invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. Lukashenko said in early March that Belarus would not be militarily involved in the war at any point.

However, Belarus was used as a position from which Russian forces launched their initial push on the Ukrainian cities of Chernihiv and Kyiv.

In a military update from the UK Ministry of Defence, intelligence reports show the country has now deployed “special operations forces along the Ukraine border, as well as air defence, artillery, and missile units to training ranges in the west of the country”.

The update suggested the troops will be stationed there to “fix” Ukrainian forces, meaning they “cannot deploy in support of operations in the Donbas”.

The Ministry of Defence predicted the move is one taken by Lukashenko to stave off pressure on all sides.

Read More Horror as Lukashenko orders first wave of Belarusian troops direct to Ukraine border (

What A Gas !

Photos published by Azov Regiment purport to show squalid conditions in steel plant; GTSOU declares force majeure on Russian gas flows.09:18

The European Union’s proposal on oil sanctions against Russia would destroy the Hungarian economy and does not offer a solution to the huge problems it would create for Hungary, foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said.

Reuters reports he said in a video on his Facebook page that after talks conducted so far, the European Commission does not have a solution, so the only way to an agreement on an oil embargo would be if it applied to maritime oil shipments, and all shipments of Russian oil via pipelines would be fully exempted.

Comment The situation is absurd and grotesque. Ignorant people, especially so in the U.K, will swallow the anti Russian propaganda- jsut as they did the Covid drivel to clap the clapped out NHS. Obviously Ukraine could not beat Russia by itself. This is a NATO resource and access war to restore Western Cultural ( sic ) economic and political control of the planet – which they will then eat away at until it is totally ruined.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook in her comedy performing days as Cheryl Cow, 1995.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Videos of Anti War Song Vdeo By Cheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow Duets With Johnny Cash

May 10th 2022

Manufacturers under pressure from surging dollar as Fed grapples with inflation


Major exporters in the United States are starting to be pinched by the strengthening U.S. dollar as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to push back on the soaring inflation afflicting the economy.

Since the start of March, right before the Fed started increasing its interest rate targets , the dollar has risen by more than 6%. The value has increased 8% since the start of the year and is now nearing the highest it has been in years, other than a short-lived spike at the outset of the pandemic .

The rising dollar has implications on global trade for U.S. manufacturers, who are already anticipating the negative financial effects that the strengthening currency will have on their international business.

Several of the biggest U.S. companies have mentioned the deleterious effects of the dollar’s increasing value in earnings reports.


During an earnings call earlier this month, Pfizer CFO Frank D’Amelio acknowledged that the rising dollar will cut into the company’s profits.

He cited $2 billion in “anticipated negative impact from changes in foreign exchange rates as the U.S. dollar continued to strengthen against other currencies since we last updated our exchange rate assumptions,” he said, according to a transcript .

Domestic manufacturers who ship products abroad typically like a weaker dollar so that overseas buyers are more willing to buy their products, while domestic retailers, who import cheaper goods from other countries to sell in the U.S., typically favor the dollar being stronger.

For example, a U.S. manufacturer that sells goods in Europe will find it harder to compete because people are going to have to pay more euros for the same dollar, so Europeans end up buying fewer U.S. goods.

Apple’s chief financial officer has said that the dollar’s growing value is having a negative 3% effect on the tech giant’s growth.

“With respect to foreign exchange,” said CFO Luca Maestri, “we expect it to be a nearly 300-basis-point headwind to our year-over-year growth rate.”

An analysis of earnings call transcripts on financial analytics platform Sentieo found that more than 20 companies with market capitalizations in excess of $100 billion have highlighted the adverse effects that the strengthening dollar has had since the beginning of April, according to Barron’s.

The number of companies mentioning the adverse effects is more than double the number that did so during the same period of time last year.

Read More Manufacturers under pressure from surging dollar as Fed grapples with inflation (

Comment As an economist , it strikes me that the dollar is overvalued.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 9th 2022

Poverty & Wealth Of Global Fake Democracies by Roberta Jane Cook.

The following story is another manifestation of mass popular unrest across the world. Globalisation serves the rich. The Ukraine war for control of sea and land routes to access resources with Russian regime change high on the agenda, is part of the same process. Recognising the threat to the wealthy ruling elites, the U.K Government has announced more laws, especially with the view to clamping down on the internet and controlling protests.

Britain’s elite is on a roll now it is outside the EU and very cosy with the United States. They have a plan to reshape the world order in their’s and the U.S interest. Europe is taken for a bunch of fools under the EU clumsy Police State. The EU bloc meekly follows Anglo U.S orders cutting its own energy and economic throat . More civil disorder inevitable because too many are beyond despair. A British woman got 29 months for counter protesting against BLM, giving a police officer the V sign and throwing a drinks can which sprayed contents in the direction of a police officer.. The knock on effect after Covid lockdown will amplify, but the rich won’t suffer. They will get richer. People would be wise to abandon protest because it is pointless.

So we have the inevitable rush of poor people from the Indian sub continent, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. BLM protests are allowed because they shift blame onto the white underclass who pay most of the taxes. To the Third World masses, Europe and U.SA are seen as El Dorado . White liberals have no master plan for honest balanced global development.

They get off on proclaiming and writing about racism. The undercurrent is gaining strength, with drivel about levelling up utterly absurd. As long as the current profiteering elite make the laws without accountability, enforced by a growing army of high profile mixed with secret police, along with a tame elite owned media, the situation gets worse. Hence we are effectively in World War 3, with Russia the scapegoat. The whole nonsense has replaced the war on Covid. Talk of our freedoms and values is a massive elite con trick. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook
May 9th 2022

MP dies in stand-off with angry protesters as homes of Sri Lankan politicians set on fire in escalating violence

An MP in Sri Lanka’s ruling party has died after a stand-off with anti-government protesters and the homes of a number of other politicians have been set on fire as violence escalated in the country.Anti-government demonstrators set fire to a house owned by minister Sanath Nishantha© Reuters Anti-government demonstrators set fire to a house owned by minister Sanath Nishantha

The prime minister has quit and his younger brother, who is the president, is also under pressure to go as the country grapples with its worst economic crisis in decades.A Sri Lankan government supporter carries a national flag after attacking anti-government protesters outside the president's office in Colombo. Pic: AP

Read More MP dies in stand-off with angry protesters as homes of Sri Lankan politicians set on fire in escalating violence (

May 8th 2022

Soros floods cash into Arkansas prosecutor race

by Andrew Kerr, Investigative Reporter

ProPublica Undertaxed Billionaires

A political group funded exclusively by liberal financier George Soros has dumped over $100,000 in support of a former public defender running to become a prosecuting attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Soros is the only contributor to the Arkansas Justice and Public Safety PAC, which was founded in mid-April around the same time the financier donated $321,000 to the group. The PAC has since spent about $100,000 on research, polling, and consulting work, and in late April, the group purchased $40,000 worth of television advertisements in support of Alicia Walton’s bid to serve as prosecuting attorney in Pulaski and Perry counties, the Arkansas Times reported

Read More Soros floods cash into Arkansas prosecutor race | Washington Examiner

NORTHCOM and DHS planned to deploy ‘a couple hundred thousand plus’ troops to border: Esper

by Mike Brest, Defense Reporter

There were conversations between the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Northern Command about deploying “hundreds of thousands” of troops to the southern border amid a migrant surge, according to former Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Without the Pentagon’s knowledge, NORTHCOM, which is the combatant command that covers North America, worked on “a concept to deploy a couple hundred thousand plus troops to the border,” Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Esper, the Trump-era secretary wrote in his upcoming memoir, A Sacred Oath, which the Washington Examiner obtained ahead of its planned release later this week.

Read More NORTHCOM and DHS planned to deploy ‘a couple hundred thousand plus’ troops to border: Esper | Washington Examiner

Bono says he trusts young Russians to throw Putin out of office (

NORTHCOM and DHS planned to deploy ‘a couple hundred thousand plus’ troops to border: Esper

by Mike Brest, Defense Reporter

Read More NORTHCOM and DHS planned to deploy ‘a couple hundred thousand plus’ troops to border: Esper | Washington Examiner

May 7th 2022

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter

North Korea conducts ballistic missile launch ahead of South Korean inauguration

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter

North Korea fired a ballistic missile off its east coast Saturday, a provocative move days before South Korea’s newly elected president Yoon Suk Yeol is to be sworn into office.

The short-range missile launch, fired into the Sea of Japan, is believed to have come from a submarine, which is harder to detect and follows another ballistic missile test the pariah nation launched Wednesday. The launch does not pose an immediate threat, military officials in the United States said.

Read More North Korea conducts ballistic missile launch ahead of South Korean inauguration | Washington Examiner

May 6th 2022


People in Sweden have been assured of support from Nato if their potential application to join the military alliance is processed.

Countries which have remained outside the bloc have been considering joining in response to Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

Prime minister Magdalena Andersson previously said the ‘goal is for Sweden to join NATO in June this year’.

But the commitment was met with threats from Moscow.

The Kremlin said if Sweden and Finland join Nato, it will be a ‘strategic mistake’.

May 5th 2022

Europe’s mission to Mars ‘could be on hold for years’ due to Ukraine war

Thomas Moore, science correspondent 

Europe’s first Mars rover delayed by two years The European–Russian ExoMars mission to search for signs of life was meant to launch in July — but it needs more testing time. Jonathan O’Callaghan The Rosalind Franklin rover will be able to drill two metres below the Martian surface. 

Comment Without Russian Resources & Cooperation the mission won’t happen . Miss Roberta Jane Cook

May 3rd 2022

RT News

RT News

Russia & Former Soviet Union30 April

Moscow outlines when ‘frozen’ dialogue with US may restartRussia says dialogue on strategic stability with the US may only resume after the end of Moscow’s military operation in UkraineRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union30 April
Ukraine sets out how security guarantees could work

Ukraine sets out how security guarantees could workUkraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky sets out view on how security guarantor countries should act, stressing the need for speedy decisionsRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union30 April
NATO weighs in on threat to Ukraine's neighbor

NATO weighs in on threat to Ukraine’s neighborNATO expects provocations in Moldova, but the nation isn’t under imminent military threat, the bloc’s deputy secretary general has saidRead more on the site

Business News30 April

Russia offers India way of bypassing Western sanctions – mediaRussia and India are reportedly working on ways of allowing the continuation of mutual trade despite Western sanctionsRead more on the site

World News30 April

Syria grants amnesty for ‘terrorist crimes’Syrian President Bashar Assad has granted amnesty to Syrians who committed “terrorist crimes” during the country’s civil warRead more on the site

World News30 April
Liz Truss's militant rhetoric is another sign that post-Brexit Britain is dangerously delusional

Liz Truss’s militant rhetoric is another sign that post-Brexit Britain is dangerously delusionalUK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has made dangerous comments about confronting China and Russia with the classic conservative imperial fervourRead more on the site

World News30 April

Germany takes Italy to UN’s highest courtGermany has filed a case against Italy in the latest round of a longstanding dispute over compensation for the victims of Nazi atrocitiesRead more on the site

World News30 April
Serbia promises decision on Russia sanctions

Serbia promises decision on Russia sanctionsSerbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that he will reveal his policy on sanctioning Russia in early MayRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union30 April
Besieged Ukrainian commander appeals to Turkey

Besieged Ukrainian commander appeals to TurkeyThe commander of Ukrainian marines in Mariupol has asked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to take his troops from there to TurkeyRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union30 April
Ukrainian strike on Donetsk market was a terrorist act

Ukrainian strike on Donetsk market was a terrorist actScenes of death and destruction after a strike on a Donetsk market are reminiscent of attacks on civilians in Gaza and SyriaRead more on the site

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Hundreds protest in front of Supreme Court amid leaked draft abortion decision

by Elizabeth Faddis, Breaking News Reporter & Cami Mondeaux, Breaking News Reporter & Abigail Adcox, Breaking News Reporter & Jerry Dunleavy, Justice Department Reporter & Zachary Halaschak, Economics Reporter |   | May 02, 2022 11:48 PM | Updated May 03, 2022, 01:18 AM

Read More Hundreds protest in front of Supreme Court amid leaked draft abortion decision | Washington Examiner

“Oh what hell to be a lady. Take the pill, forget the baby. Climb the ladder & look down, At the darker side of town. See the poor, see the pain, of a world that’s gone insane, nurse your womb, keep it healthy, till you find a man who’s wealthy. Don’t pretend to be a slave, tell the truth, you are a knave. ” R J Cook May 3rd 2022

CIS women feminists are up their NAZI arses. I welcome a good fucking.
Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

‘Hell no!’ Democratic governors mobilize to safeguard abortion

Harry Reid
Dreadful People

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter

Read More ‘Hell no!’ Democratic governors mobilize to safeguard abortion | Washington Examiner

May 2nd 2022


KYIV (Reuters) – Ukraine has formally closed its four Black and Azov sea ports, which Russian forces have captured, the Ukrainian agriculture ministry said on Monday.FILE PHOTO: A view shows a port in Mariupol© Reuters/Alexander Ermochenko FILE PHOTO: A view shows a port in Mariupol

The Azov Sea ports of Mariupol, Berdiansk and Skadovsk and the Black Sea port of Kherson were closed “until the restoration of control”, the ministry said in a statement.

“The adoption of this measure is caused by the impossibility of servicing ships and passengers, carrying out cargo, transport and other related economic activities, ensuring the appropriate level of safety of navigation,” it said.

All Ukrainian seaports have suspended their activity as a result of the Russian invasion in late February. Russian forces captured some ports and blockaded others.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday Ukraine could lose tens of millions of tonnes of grain due to Russia’s control of Black Sea shipping, triggering a food crisis that will affect Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ours ? What Right Have These Western Elite Media Moguls & Lackeys To Call This NATO Provoked Proxy War ‘Ours’ ? Missiles Are Giant Penises For Giant Cock Ups.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook 2003, She knows all about cock ups. She learned the ‘hard way’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The threat was just reiterated by Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov. Despite the catastrophic risks, would he? Suppose the latest Russian offensive in the east fails. What are Putin’s options? And what are ours?

If Putin used nuclear weapons, what would be his rationale, objectives and targets? Would a demonstration shot suffice to compel a Ukrainian surrender? Or would only destruction of a major city such as Kyiv impose enough shock and awe to force Ukraine’s capitulation?

These questions are no longer purely academic or hypothetical. Last week, when asked about Putin using nuclear weapons, CIA Director and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia William Burns’s answer was not to dismiss that possibility — a clear warning. What then would lead Putin to make this cataclysmic decision?

Read More How to stop Putin from popping a nuke (

Utah pushes back against pro-Putin ESG financial analysis

by Washington Examiner  | May 02, 2022 12:00 AM

Environmental, Social, and Governance, known widely as ESG, is a concept in finance that essentially uses “wokeness” as a measure of a company’s value or worthiness of investment. Thus, it is a form of financial malpractice. It is fundamentally dishonest to misrepresent a company’s financial soundness by subordinating financial considerations to political judgments and end-of-the-world superstitions.

But since corporate leaders may not be convinced based on what’s honest, here it is in the language they might understand: It could get you sued, and it could become very expensive.

Read More Utah pushes back against pro-Putin ESG financial analysis | Washington Examiner

Comment NATO is an Anglo U.S led rich persons club responsible for what is effectively World War 3. Zelensky is a stooge , too vain to appreciate how he is being sued like Joan of Arc. The vain Anglo Saxons ( I am of that tribe ) cannot contain their greed and lust for money and power.

What is Miss Roberta Jane Cook doing here in the bushes, not working as an escort again and about to inform on herself to the police, as she apparently did, according to Thames Valley POLICE, in December 2017, we hope ?

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

May 1st 2022

Pelosi makes surprise trip to meet Zelensky in Kyiv

by Christopher Hutton, Breaking News Reporter

Russia Ukraine War US

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a surprise trip to Kyiv as part of the first congressional delegation to the capital since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

Pelosi and her delegation, who made the visit on Saturday, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in person to discuss the United States’s efforts to support Ukraine’s defense.

Read More Pelosi makes surprise trip to meet Zelensky in Kyiv | Washington Examiner

Comment This image and story makes me feel sick. Why is this dreadful woman there on behalf of the U.S.A. It says it all about this war , NATO and the Anglo U.S conspiracy to provoke it. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.


Roberta Jane Cook.

The following story says so much about the dull world the NATO campaign for the free world has in mind. The only freedom will be for the super rich. Religious oppression is being brought back big time through mass immigration with Islam and base African Catholicism , taking us way back to the Dark Ages where you were burned alive or hung drawn and quartered for expressing anything like freedom of thought.

These people do not do imagination or tolerance, nor do the elites welcoming them on board of fake multi culture. In the U.K the government has announced intent to control and censor Netflix and other streaming services because the propaganda isn’t working.

Feminists in the media, as in the Murray case, are out to control debate and sexuality to the point of killing it.

Look out for naked pictures of me on here soon, except for stockings, suspenders and high heels , cumming soon, not joking.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

‘The world is different’: Bill Murray admits new film was suspended after a complaint about his behaviour from a woman on set

Rachel Russell,

Bill Murray has admitted that his behaviour on the set of his new movie sparked a complaint from a woman and the suspension of filming.Bill Murray said "the world is different than it was when I was a little kid"© Sky News Screen Grab Bill Murray said “the world is different than it was when I was a little kid”

The 71-year-old actor said the filming of Being Mortal had been shut down due to a “difference of opinion” on set, but did not provide more details on what happened

“I did something I thought was funny and it wasn’t taken that way,” he told CNBC during an interview at the annual shareholders meeting for Berkshire Hathaway.

Read More ‘The world is different’: Bill Murray admits new film was suspended after a complaint about his behaviour from a woman on set (

Comment There is a bourgeoise female point of view. Cross it and you are in serious trouble, professionally, socially, financially, privately and criminally. Take note, women are without sin, do not lie and are always right. which is why the world is such a mess and World War Three looms. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook on the rampage April 30th 2022.

EU leans towards Russian oil ban by year-end, diplomats say

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union is leaning towards a ban on imports of Russian oil by the end of the year, two EU diplomats said, after talks between the European Commission and EU member states this weekend.

Read More EU leans towards Russian oil ban by year-end, diplomats say (

Putin Preparing Russians for War With NATO

Jon Jackson 

Vladimir Putin loses ninth general in Ukrainian fightback – reportsKehlani: Blue Water Road review – slow and sensual

Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.Threatening comments to NATO made by Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials may have been made, in part, to rally the Russian public behind a possible war abasing NATO allies. In this photo, Putin is seen speaking during the Council of Lawmakers at the Tauride Palace, on April 27, 2022, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.© Getty Threatening comments to NATO made by Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials may have been made, in part, to rally the Russian public behind a possible war abasing NATO allies. In this photo, Putin is seen speaking during the Council of Lawmakers at the Tauride Palace, on April 27, 2022, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Recent threats made by Russian officials about retaliation against countries interfering in Ukraine may serve a dual purpose of warning off Western powers while also building favor among Russian citizens should a full conflict with NATO break out, according to experts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a Wednesday address that any countries who “create a strategic threat to Russia” during its war in Ukraine can expect “retaliatory strikes” that would be “lightning-fast.” Days before, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview that “NATO is essentially going to war with Russia through a proxy and arming that proxy.”

Read More Putin Preparing Russians for War With NATO (

To yield to Putin’s nuclear threats would be to yield the free world’s future

by Washington Examiner

Russia is upping its World War III rhetoric. Vladimir Putin has threatened any nation that directly intervenes in Ukraine with retaliation via “strategic” weapons — “strategic” meaning “nuclear.” At the same time, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says the risks of a nuclear war are now “very significant.”

On Russian state media, prominent commentators this week suggested that a nuclear war with the West wouldn’t be too problematic because Russians would go to heaven, whereas Westerners would simply perish. The fact that this was allowed on state media is also highly significant, and obviously, there is nothing more serious than nuclear war.

Read More To yield to Putin’s nuclear threats would be to yield the free world’s future | Washington Examiner

NATO must ‘take risk’ and be ‘prepared for the worst case’ by ‘ramping up’ capabilities

Tom Watling 

Videos of RAF Theme Song

Luftwaffe March – The Battle Of Britain – Bing video

Royal Air Force March

961K views · Dec 6, 2009SaveYouTubeTheMarches094:11RAF Music | Lightning II by Band of the RAF Regiment1.4K viewsDec 11, 2020YouTubeRoyal Air Force7:08RAF Provides Theme For

Nuclear Winter Is Coming – Be Prepared.

Former deputy supreme allied commander Europe Sir Richard Shirreff said that Ukraine is “fighting Europe’s war”, as well as a “global war” and NATO needs to do everything in its power to prevent the expansion of the conflict into neighbouring regions. Amid Russian suggestions that they would retaliate against further NATO member states if they continue to supply Ukraine with weapons and indirect support, Sir Richard said that the alliance needs to be “prepared for the worst case”, which is war with Russia.

He told LBC: “[Ukraine] are fighting Europe’s war. In a sense, it’s a global war against a blood-stained tyrant doing unspeakable things to his neighbour.

“The challenge NATO faces, and of course, NATO is absolutely the key to this, is to take risk with the support of Ukraine, not just weaponry but with indirect support as well, without a hot war in Ukraine turning into a hot war across the rest of Europe.

Read More NATO must ‘take risk’ and be ‘prepared for the worst case’ by ‘ramping up’ capabilities (

Comment Again it is an ossified old buffoon – with an assured place in the luxury VIP Fall Out Shelter -from Britain calling for an official World War 3 declaration. Putin , like me, knows what NATO and the west have in mind for Russia and, ultimately China. Nuclear War is a very real possibility. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook & Last Days On Earth

April 28th 2022

Wallace supports Truss and says Russia should be pushed out of ‘the whole of Ukraine’

Sophie Morris, political reporter 

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the UK is 'supporting Ukraine's sovereign integrity' which includes Crimea'
Horrible People.

Speaking at an event at Mansion House on Wednesday evening, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Western allies, including the UK, must “double down” and “keep going further and faster” to “push Russia out of the whole of Ukraine“.

Asked on Sky News if Ms Truss was referring to Crimea, which was invaded and annexed by Russia back in 2014, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace replied: “Well, the international community believes Russia should leave Ukraine.

Read More Wallace supports Truss and says Russia should be pushed out of ‘the whole of Ukraine’ (

Comment Does anyone with a brain still doubt this is World War Three ?Russia knows what the west wants from and to become of it. It will either have to respond dramatically or admit defeat , leaving the Plutarchs in control of a Global Liberal Democracy, where speech is free so long as they agree with you.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Western war aims are growing. But how much more will Nato commit to Ukraine?

Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor

Step by step, the west’s war aims are expanding. What began as an effort to supply “defensive weapons” to Ukraine has evolved into an attempt to provide heavier weaponry. This week Germany and the UK agreed to supply armoured anti-aircraft artillery vehicles to continue keeping Russia’s air force at bay.

On Monday Lloyd Austin, the US defence secretary, said the west’s goal was to “weaken Russia” to the point where it could no longer invade or threaten its neighbours.

Read More Western war aims are growing. But how much more will Nato commit to Ukraine? (

April 27th 2022

‘Entire EU edifice could collapse’ Macron warned of June humiliation set to ‘weaken’ bloc

Alessandra Scotto di Santolo 

32 Comments|39

Truss says West must overhaul approach to international securityRanking TV’s all-time best friends

France’s two-tier political system makes the parliamentary elections almost as critical as the choice of president. While the president sets the general direction of the country, the parliamentary vote determines the make-up of the government and can even force the president into an awkward coalition with a prime minister from a rival faction.

Should President Macron’s party lose its majority in Parliament in June, the risk of “two foreign policies” in France could mean the country loses credibility in and outside the EU.

According to Dr Thanassis Diamantopoulos, an expert on the French regime and politics : “the coherence of French foreign policy would be compromised […] and its credibility compromised in the eyes of Europeans”.

Read More ‘Entire EU edifice could collapse’ Macron warned of June humiliation set to ‘weaken’ bloc (

Pigeons Coming Home To Roost by Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Macron was elected on the basis of anyone but Le Pen. He is the president for the rich. The liberal fascist left in the establishment were going to do whatever it took to get him back in power. On the ground, France seems a little different and very divided. France is also being played by the Anglo U.S NATO alliance, as is Germany. Britain’s elite conned the masses to get outside of Europe to patronise and lead it toward more reckless regime change. Now the British posture , with the blustering posh boy Johnson playing Churchill, another war monger in anther rich man’s war at the expense of the masses on all sides.

Macron is not the only issue threatening Europe. Europe has made it very clear that what went from an economic union to a political one, is now a swaggering posturing war profiteering military union , subservient to NATO, effectively a U.S Colony, that has no time for its people except as slaves and canon fodder.. This war is collapsing the global economy – an economy that has been sucking in Third World Cheap labour for years. I am reminded of Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’ movie, when all the birds swarm in at once to reek fear and havoc. The EU pigeons are coming home to roost.

Six ways Elon Musk’s Twitter overhaul could fail

by Sarah Westwood, Investigative Reporter

Elon Musk’s move to buy Twitter and take the social media company private has touched off a fierce debate about whether expanding free speech on the platform is a good thing.

But a number of hurdles stand between Musk and his stated goal of opening up Twitter’s discourse to voices that have been silenced under the company’s current management.

Read More Six ways Elon Musk’s Twitter overhaul could fail | Washington Examiner

The Musk Do List

Comment The ruling elites with their plutocracy, along with Woke, Liberal Democrats and the politically correct really need Musk to fail. He may get away with some kind of consensus offering an illusion of free speech. Failing that Government will come along and Twitter will be back to square one. The Information Highway was always meant to be a disinformation Highway. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook , April 21st 2022

R T News

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RT News (24 April 2022)

World News25 April

Macron pledges to address voters’ ‘rage’ as police clash with protestersFrench President Emmanuel Macron pledged to become a leader for everyone, including Le Pen’s supportersRead more on the site

World News24 April
Le Pen comments on French election results

Le Pen comments on French election resultsNational Rally’s candidate Marine Le Pen has been defeated by incumbent French president Emmanuel MacronRead more on the site

World News24 April

Trump says he’d stop Putin from using the ‘N-word’Former President Donald Trump has said he’d stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from saying the word “nuclear” ever againRead more on the site

World News24 April

China to build space ‘defense system’China plans to develop an asteroid monitoring and defense system, Beijing has announcedRead more on the site

World News24 April

Australia warns China of ‘red line’Australian PM Scott Morrison has stated that a Chinese base on the Solomon Islands would be a “red line” for Washington and CanberraRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union24 April

Military explains capabilities of Russia’s new missileRussia’s Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile can carry several unique Avangard hypersonic gliders, the military have saidRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union24 April

A Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine: How likely is it?Speculation that Russia could use nukes in Ukraine is making headlines. This is unlikely, but NATO’s actions increase the threat to EuropeRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union24 April
Over two decades before Ukraine erupted, how another post-Soviet conflict set a bloody precedent

Over two decades before Ukraine erupted, how another post-Soviet conflict set a bloody precedentThe uprising in Transdniester came out to be most ‘romantic’ war in ex-USSRRead more on the site

Business News24 April
Extreme poverty in India has been cut by half, World Bank says

Extreme poverty in India has been cut by half, World Bank saysThe World Bank has revealed that extreme poverty in India has declined significantly over the past decadeRead more on the site

Former Marine, Trevor Reed, detained in Russia since 2019, returned to U.S. in prisoner swap

by Mike Brest, Defense Reporter

A former Marine who had been detained in Russia for roughly three years after being accused of crimes he denies committing has been returned to the U.S. in a prisoner swap.

Trevor Reed was arrested and charged with allegedly beating a police officerfollowing a night of heavy drinking in the summer of 2019 and he had been detained since then with both his parents and the U.S. government demanding his release. The U.S., in exchange for Reed’s release, which occurred on Wednesday, agreed to return Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot serving a 20-year federal prison sentence in Connecticut for conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Read More Former Marine, Trevor Reed, detained in Russia since 2019, returned to U.S. in prisoner swap | Washington Examiner

‘War means war’ Russia sends remarkable threat to West ‘European weapons will be targeted’

Jack Walters, Millie Cooke 

Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also accused NATO of being engaged in a “proxy” war with Russia, by supplying weapons to Ukraine, warning that “war means war”. However, he also claimed Moscow was doing everything it could to avoid a nuclear conflict. In an interview broadcast on state television yesterday, he said: “This is our key position on which we base everything.

Lucian Freud exhibition held at Freud Museum for the first timeThese celebrities used to be homeless

Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also accused NATO of being engaged in a “proxy” war with Russia, by supplying weapons to Ukraine, warning that “war means war”. However, he also claimed Moscow was doing everything it could to avoid a nuclear conflict. In an interview broadcast on state television yesterday, he said: “This is our key position on which we base everything.‘War means war' Lavrov issues threat to West ‘European weapons sent to Ukraine targeted'© Getty ‘War means war’ Lavrov issues threat to West ‘European weapons sent to Ukraine targeted’

“The risks now are considerable.”

“I would not want to elevate those risks artificially.

“Many would like that. The danger is serious, real.

“And we must not underestimate it.”

He also defended Russia’s rationale for invading Ukraine, saying: “The United States has practically ceased all contacts simply because we were obliged to defend Russians in Ukraine.”

Speaking about Western shipments of weapons to Kyiv, Mr Lavrov added: “These weapons will be a legitimate target for Russia’s military acting within the context of the special operation.

More on War

Mr Lavrov said that the US had attempted to “cross out” the basic foundations of the UN and violate the “basis of sovereign equality of state” by holding a closed meeting. He warned that “Nobody in New York or in the capitals of the member states will forget this”. He addressed state media after speaking to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who will also meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin later today.

Mr Lavrov said: “There is also an issue, it seems, between France and Germany, an alliance of multilaterlism, that’s in competition in the UN or the US.

“It was an initiative that conducted a summit of democracies , they had not consulted anybody, and we drew the attention of our colleagues today that this is a dangerous wake up call for the United Nations.

“This is an attempt to cross out the basic rules of the UN charter, the basic principles of the UN charter, which is that the organisation was created on the basis of sovereign equality of state.

The US has urged its allies to move “heaven and earth” to keep Kyiv stocked with weapons – as Russian forces continue to rain fire on eastern and southern Ukraine.

The U.S. has been feeding the Ukrainian military with real-time intelligence on Putin’s war plan, which allowed Ukraine to shoot down a Russian transport plane carrying hundreds of troops in the early days of the invasion. 

Ukraine’s successful attack on the Russian IL-76 transport plane near the Kyiv airport in February was conducted after receiving info from the U.S. in an unprecedented intelligence-sharing operation with a non-NATO partner, former and current U.S. officials told NBC

Two such planes were brought down around the same time. Details on which of the two aircraft were shot down thanks to US intelligence have not been shared. Russia hasn’t disclosed how many troops died, but the planes can each carry up to 150 troops.  

Comment European leaders either have their noses in the U.S elite trough or they are spineless. The high profile of U.K elite leaders and their sheople still dining out on the illusion that Britain and Churchill won World War Two, are a very bad influence. They had no intention of leaving Europe where it counted – just making sure that their sheople didn’t benefit, offering an illusion of ‘getting their country back.’ There are some very nasty people in charge of the west, people who one time had no problem with the Oligarchs. Their word cannot be trusted on anything. For such persons, national interest is class interest. Roberta Jane Cook

Roberta Jane Cook says ‘This war is happening because Zelensky & Co are on the Western Gravy Train.’

April 26th 2022

Western leaders pledge more heavy weapons to Ukraine but draw the line at aircraft

Claire Gilbody-Dickerson  

Western countries have pledged to send heavy weapons including tanks to Ukraine to help it fend off Russia’s aggression during a meeting in Germany, despite Moscow warning their support could lead to a nuclear war.

Officials from more than 40 European and Nato nations met in Ramstein, headquarters of US air power in Europe, on Tuesday to coordinate aid that would include heavy weapons such as howitzer artillery, as well as killer drones and ammunition, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, said.

Read More Western leaders pledge more heavy weapons to Ukraine but draw the line at aircraft (

Comment The U.S are crating up stinger missiles, Netherlands and Germany are also sending more goodies. It is collective opportunism and collective insanity from the elite. Roberta Jane Cook

Saudi royals’ Boeing 747 jet set for scrap after flying just 42 hours

David Averre For Mailonline 

A rare private Boeing 747 that used to belong to the Saudi royal family is destined for a scrap heap in the US, despite flying for a total of just 42 hours.

The distinctive all-white 747-8 was ordered by Saudi crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for a staggering £235million, but he died one year before the plane was set to be delivered to him in 2012.

Read More Saudi royals’ Boeing 747 jet set for scrap after flying just 42 hours (

Comment Obscene wealth in a world of so much grinding poverty.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

‘Big lesson’ Xi issued brutal warning as West intervenes in Ukraine fight against Putin

Dylan Donnelly 

Corrections and clarificationsHBO fires back at Jerry West: ‘Winning Time is based on extensive factual…

Putin launched its ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine on February 24, with the Russian president claiming his goal was to “demilitarise and de-Nazify Ukraine”. Since then, Moscow has claimed it had “generally accomplished” the aims of the invasion’s first phase.

However, Russia has failed to take control of Kyiv, and has lost previously held towns to Ukrainian forces in the weeks since the ‘operation’ began.

Now, experts have said the prolonged conflict between Russia and the West-backed Ukraine is a warning to China about a potential conflict.

Read More ‘Big lesson’ Xi issued brutal warning as West intervenes in Ukraine fight against Putin (

Oil giants braced for £24bn Russian hit: But campaigners say BP and Shell are still cashing in on cost of living crisis as profits surge

Francesca Washtell, Financial Mail On Sunday 

Energy giants BP and Shell are preparing to stomach the mammoth cost of severing ties with Russia, which threatens to overshadow bumper profits they have raked in from the surging price of oil and gas. 

Campaigners have blasted the FTSE100 firms for making huge profits as households battle a cost-of-living crisis. Trading profits are expected to show they made as much as £120million a day in the first quarter. 

Gathering storm: BP and Shell's combined cost of exiting their Russian partnerships is likely to be booked early next month
Read More Oil giants braced for £24bn Russian hit: But campaigners say BP and Shell are still cashing in on cost of living crisis as profits surge (

Comment It is the usual story. War is good for fat cats. They don’t believe Putin will take the Nuclear option. They are going to make proportionately more money from reduced investment and tax losses write offs.

These vile plutocrats cash in on the masses misery of rising prices, pumping out fear of problems like Covid, which they invent and hideous patriotism while denying Russia the same. Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Planet Eaters

by Miss Roberta Jane Cook

The Planet is in these vile power & money mad plutocrats dirty hands. Zelensky the second rate actor can’t believe his luck as he struts the world stage with those who don’t care about starving or freezing the masses – or nuking g them..

Today’s war stories featured below are more than an insight into the repellent self righteous mindset that wants to risk another World War. Many years ago, having transferred from maths to humanities teaching, I asked a class of 14 year olds if they thought there would ever be a nuclear war.

They all said a resounding ‘No’. I smiled at them all, before saying ‘You are wrong. There has already been one.’ ”What ? When ? ‘ said one of the brighter boys. , ‘World War Two went nuclear. Two bombs on two cities. Hideous outcomes. They don’t talk about it. The U.S dropped them because they were afraid the Russians would get in to take control of Japan before them. They also wanted to know what nuclear bombs would do to real people.’

The lessons weren’t learnt. The Western Masses still don’t see the danger and it wouldn’t matter if they did. Western style liberal democracies do not offer any real choice , only competing contractors all hell bent on world domination, mass delusions, mindless delusion, creating fear and profit for them.

There is a privileged white male in my home town who races his invalid tricycle along a straight stretch of cycle track. He appears to have very little lower body, but enormous tattooed arms. I am guessing from his determined tunnel vision expression he is an ex serviceman. That is what war does to the people who have to fight it. I recall doing my services medical back in the early 1970s, wondering why I needed to be so fit when I had a good chance of being mutilated and /or crippled in a war zone.

The fat cats ,pictured above , sitting around the big table, with their array of flags suits and uniforms are offering the lie that Ukraine is an innocent Party. The country is corrupt and has been killing ethnic Russians in the Donbas for years. The West wanted in there, and to get the Crimea off of its rightful Russian Government. Crimea has a history of strategic importance to Britain and France.

But history means nothing to these posh so called independent news hounds who re write it with every news bulletin. Biden’s son made a fortune from dubious Ukraine payments. This is what the west loves about it. This is what they loved about the drunkard backstabbing Yeltsin who brought the Oligarchs on the road to ripping off stare assets. Consequent money was welcomed in the west until Putin looked like not playing ball as junior partner to the Anglo U.S WASP elite.

So now we have the stupid U.K Government Minister Heapey saying it is OK to give Ukraine’s Corrupt government weapons to attack Russia. Russia is warning these arrogant cocky morons what they will do. The U.K and U.S have high hopes of undermining Russian society to cause an uprising and end to Putin.T hey have been working on this for years. That is why they wanted Ukraine on board, for the resources, the route up to China and Indian sub continent, and somewhere to plant their NATO missiles.

It is amazing how many homeless the U.K and U.S have, but there is always more money for rich men and deluded frightened women’s wars.. Ukraine is fighting NATO’s proxy war, which looks ever less proxy every hour.. Along with NATO, these people are threatening Russia’s integrity and culture. they have been working on it since the fall of Yeltsin.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Russia accused of shelling Mariupol humanitarian corridor

Daniel Boffey in Brussels and Lorenzo Tondo in Kyiv 

Russia has stepped up attempts to encircle defending forces in the east of Ukraine and stood accused of shelling a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol, as the US vowed to move “heaven and earth” to help Ukraine win the war.Photograph: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

Russia accused of shelling Mariupol humanitarian corridor (

Entirely legitimate’ for Ukraine to hit military targets in Russia using Western weapons – UK minister

Deborah Haynes, security and defence editor  

It is “entirely legitimate” for Ukraine to hit military targets in Russia with Western weapons, a UK defence minister has said.

Patel attended Bond premiere in her capacity as Home Secretary, says…Hull Truck’s ‘Grow Season’ announced with bold new theatre and artist…

It is “entirely legitimate” for Ukraine to hit military targets in Russia with Western weapons, a UK defence minister has said.Western nations have been supporting Ukraine with weapons systems© Other Western nations have been supporting Ukraine with weapons systems

The blunt comments, by Armed Forces Minister James Heappey, appeared to spell out the reality of Western support for Ukraine’s war effort, but they could also be seized upon by the Kremlin to fuel a false narrative about how NATO poses a threat to Russia’s security.

Read More ‘Entirely legitimate’ for Ukraine to hit military targets in Russia using Western weapons – UK minister (

Russian diplomat warns Ukraine against provoking third world war as ‘city falls’

By David Keyton and Jon Gambrell, Associated Press

Russia’s top diplomat has warned Ukraine against provoking a third world war and said the threat of a nuclear conflict “should not be underestimated” as his country unleashed attacks against rail and fuel installations far from the front lines of Moscow’s new eastern offensive.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Tuesday that Russian forces have taken the Ukrainian city of Kreminna in the Lukansk region after days of street-to-street fighting.

Read More Russian diplomat warns Ukraine against provoking third world war as ‘city falls’ (

Biden administration gets squeezed by both sides on southern border

by Haisten Willis, White House Reporter  | April 26,

Border Fence

Two gatherings on Monday illustrated the Biden administration’s difficulties in managing immigration at the southern border.

A group of nine House Republicans led by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy toured the U.S.-Mexico line to highlight what they call the “Biden border crisis.” Meanwhile, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with President Joe Biden at the White House to express their concerns and urge him to end the pandemic-era policy of turning migrants away.

‘The danger is serious’: Lavrov warns risk of nuclear war is ‘considerable’

by Victor I. Nava, Overnight News Editor |

Russia’s foreign minister warned on Monday that the risk of nuclear war is “considerable” and should not be underestimated, while accusing NATO of engaging in a proxy war against Russia by arming Ukraine.

In an interview with state television, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed that Russia has been striving to avoid a nuclear conflict since its Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, but he said communication with the United States has “practically ceased” and that the Ukrainian side is not negotiating for peace in good faith.

Biden Pledges More Aid to Ukraine

Read More ‘The danger is serious’: Lavrov warns risk of nuclear war is ‘considerable’ | Washington Examiner

Biden shut down Harris in meeting and took GOP senators ‘aback,’ book says

by Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter

When President Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate, he promised his former campaign rival would be one of the most influential voices in the White House.

But Harris quickly discovered the limits of Biden’s pledge when she waded into a sensitive negotiation over infrastructure spending, according to a forthcoming book by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns of the New York Times.

Read More Biden shut down Harris in meeting and took GOP senators ‘aback,’ book says | Washington Examiner

April 25th 2022

Twitter accepts buyout offer from Musk, giving billionaire control of platform

by Nihal Krishan, Technology Reporter

Twitter has agreed to sell the company to billionaire Elon Musk for $44 billion in cash, a deal with major implications for online discourse.

The social media giant’s decision to sell will give major influence over public debate to Musk, who has vowed to overhaul the platform to orient it toward free speech.

Read More Twitter accepts buyout offer from Musk, giving billionaire control of platform | Washington Examiner

Comment Let us wiser individuals hope that Elon Musk is true to his word or does not get taken before any more dreadful Senate Committees for permitting the wrong kind of free speech. If something doesn’t happen to break this vile consensus of rich NATO men and women masquerading as Democrats, then there won’t be a planet left from which Mr Musk can launch his spaceships to MARS. Roberta Jane Cook

Trump held in civil contempt of court, ordered to pay $10,000 a day

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter  | April 25, 2022 

Former President Donald Trump has been held in civil contempt of court and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 a day until he complies with the court’s orders to turn over key documents.

Trump had been ordered to turn over documents to New York Attorney General Letitia James for her investigation into his business practices, but he has failed to comply. Nearly three weeks ago, James filed a motion requesting that the court hold him in contempt.

Read More Trump held in civil contempt of court, ordered to pay $10,000 a day | Washington Examiner

Comment Interesting how the Bidens have gotten away with corrupt involvement in Ukraine , but they just won’t get off Trump’s back.

Roberta Jane Cook

Oil and stocks plunge as China COVID crisis grips financial markets

Oil prices and stock markets have fallen sharply, partly due to fears Beijing could soon join Shanghai in a damaging COVID lockdown.

The price of Brent crude, the international benchmark, was down by $6 or 5.5% by Monday evening, hovering just above $100 a barrel.

US crude was down by a similar margin and also building on losses of last week as attention focused firmly on demand in China as opposed to the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine that had driven prices to 14-year highs in March.

Read More Oil and stocks plunge as China COVID crisis grips financial markets (

R T News.

Turkey blocks Russian flights to SyriaTurkey has closed its airspace to Russian flights to Syria, with a resumption hinging on ongoing negotiationsRead more on the site

Explosion at illegal oil refinery kills 100 – reportsSome 100 people have been killed in a blast at an illegal oil refining depot in Nigeria, an official saidRead more on the site

Fears of lockdown in Beijing prompt panic buying as mass testing introduced

Amar Mehta, news reporter

Boris Johnson news – live: Tory rebels plot to oust PM as Partygate report loomsPrince Louis looks adorable in new photos released to mark his 4th birthday

People in Beijing have stockpiled food and other supplies, as the city’s biggest district began mass testing residents amid a new outbreak of coronavirus.

Read More Fears of lockdown in Beijing prompt panic buying as mass testing introduced (

Voices: Four in 10 French voters wanting to make a neo-fascist their president is no cause for celebration

Sean O’Grady 

Some sense of perspective is needed when peering across the channel.

Yes, France is saved, and Europe with it, thanks to the older generation of voters who turned out for Emmanuel Macron.

Macron will take his modest vote as a mandate to strengthen his political leadership of the European Union post-Merkel: “More Europe”, as he calls it. It’s not necessarily cheering news for the UK, by the way, to see the EU enjoying a sense of direction.

Read More Voices: Four in 10 French voters wanting to make a neo-fascist their president is no cause for celebration (

April 23rd 2022

Macron’s fury over Johnson Kyiv trip: president ‘ranted to advisers’

Mark Nicol Defence Editor For The Daily Mail 

Boris Johnson should go sooner rather than later, say top Tory MPsKim Cattrall celebrates sixth anniversary with partner Russell Thomas

Emmanuel Macron was left furious by Boris Johnson’s trip to Kyiv – as it ruined his own plans for a secret visit.

The French president reportedly threw a strop after seeing the PM arrive in Ukraine to show solidarity with Volodymyr Zelensky

Mr Macron had been working on travelling to Kyiv to pose as the EU’s de facto leader and bolster support in the tight national elections.

But Mr Johnson ‘cut the grass from under his feet’, French satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaine said. 

Read More Macron’s fury over Johnson Kyiv trip: president ‘ranted to advisers’ (

Comment Inévitablement, la campagne de diffamation des agents Russes est sortie pour discréditer Le Pen. Les crétins avalent mal cela. La démocratie signifie voter pour le choix de l’élite.

Le poison britannique est toujours là à se plaindre des crimes de guerre et du racisme en matière de droits de l’homme. Si tout le reste échoue, le décompte sera truqué comme il l’a été avec Trump. Macron doit gagner quoi qu’il arrive.

Si tout le reste échoue, Marie Le Pen peut toujours mourir dans un méchant accident de voiture.

Mlle Roberta Jane Cook, photographiée hier par son dernier amant. Elle dit : « J’adore Français mode, surtout Yves St Laurent. Mon parfum préféré est aussi Français, Chanel No 5.. J’adore ça, et mes amis hommes aussi quand nous faisons l’amour très passionné. Mais je n’aime pas l’huileux Emanuel Macron. Vive Le Pen.
Mlle Roberta Jane Cook avril 2022.

Mlle Roberta Jane Cook

April 22nd 2022

Last B-52 bombers leave Fairford but they’ll soon be used for ‘huge arctic NATO exercise’

Shortly before their departure, the B-52s stationed at Fairford celebrated the 70th anniversary of the strategic bomber’s first flight

See SWNS story SWBRmilitary. A U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortress flies alongside Royal Air Force of Oman Eurofighter Typhoons above Oman, March 29, 2022. The bomber’s flight originated at Royal Air Force Fairford, England, and flew over the East Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula, and Red Sea before departing the region.

This last of the US Air Force’s B-52 bombers have left RAF Fairford after months of being stationed at the Gloucestershire airbase. On Tuesday, the final “Stratofortress” long-range strategic bombers climbed into West Country’s airspace and made their way back to the United States.

Green high hopes teeter on edge of disappointment in Biden

by Breanne Deppisch, Energy and Environment Reporter

President Joe Biden promised the most ambitious green agenda ever, ending fossil fuels, pushing renewables, and forcing business to toe the line. As Earth Day 2022 arrives, the Washington Examiner offers alternative coverage in light of record energy prices and widespread criticism of the administration’s incoherent policy approach.

President Joe Biden campaigned and won on an aggressive climate agenda, winning support from the most committed liberal environmentalists.

On Earth Day in his second year in office, though, Biden is at risk of disappointing the green movement.

Une Jeanne d’Arc moderne de Mlle Roberta Jane Cook.

Marie Le Pen serait une percée pour l’UE ossifiée et intéressée. Mais le truquage électoral et l’ingérence sauvage des médias occidentaux sont un problème majeur. Je suis tellement heureuse que Marie parle des problèmes et non de l’absurde regard féministe sur le vagin. Mais c’est trop pour que cette femme merveilleuse puisse gagner. Elle valorise et respire la vérité.

Mlle Roberta Jane Cook.

Macron delivered hammer blow as poll finds Le Pen ‘more in tune with daily issues’

Ebun Hargrave

Gregory Doran to step down after a decade as artistic director at RSCFrom Better Call Saul to Derry Girls, don’t we all have shows we gave up on?

Journalist Caroline Connan discussed the poll results which were gathered after another debate between Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron. Ms Connan discussed the voting results and spoke about Ms Le Pen’s controversial policies involving immigration. Ms Le Pen claimed 70 percent of the vote, due to some French people claiming that their standards of living had dropped dramatically since the start of Mr Macron’s Presidential run which began in 2017. With the final vote-off taking place this Sunday, both Presidential candidates have been pulling out all the stops to secure crucial votes.

Read More Macron delivered hammer blow as poll finds Le Pen ‘more in tune with daily issues’ (

April 21st 2022

‘Tone-deaf’ Boris Johnson visits JCB factory amid outcry in India over demolitions using company’s bulldozers

Stuti Mishra and Andrew Woodcock

‘Tone-deaf’ Boris Johnson visits JCB factory amid outcry in India over demolitions using company’s bulldozers (

Nearly 3,000 of Russia’s notorious Wagner mercenary group have been killed in the war, UK MPs told

Read More Nearly 3,000 of Russia’s notorious Wagner mercenary group have been killed in the war, UK MPs told (

Ukrainian soldiers fire grad rockets from Kharkiv region as Russia attacks across eastern front | Watch (

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy urges world to send more heavy weapons

LISBON (Reuters) -Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday his war-ravaged country needed more heavy weapons to defend itself from Russia’s invasion that threatened Ukraine’s very survival, and he asked Western nations to impose further sanctions.

Read More Ukraine’s Zelenskiy urges world to send more heavy weapons (

Border crisis: Historically chaotic situation poised to get much worse

by Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security Reporter

The situation at the southern border, already a humanitarian and national security crisis, threatens to become far worse in the weeks ahead.

The number of migrants stopped attempting to enter the country illegally from Mexico in March was the highest in a generation. Yet rates of illegal immigration are expected only to rise as President Joe Biden prepares to end the pandemic policy known as Title 42, which requires all migrants crossing the border without authorization to be turned away.

Read More Border crisis: Historically chaotic situation poised to get much worse | Washington Examiner

Explainer-Why is Germany not sending Ukraine heavy weapons?

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is facing growing criticism at home and abroad for his government’s failure to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine to help it fend off Russian attacks, even as other Western allies step up shipments.

Read More Explainer-Why is Germany not sending Ukraine heavy weapons? (

April 20th 2022

Black Lives Matter’s financial transparency matters

by Washington Examiner

Police Shooting Michigan

To say that people “celebrated” Tax Day this week would be a bit misleading. Between the fact that taxes in general are simply too high and that the tax system remains too complicated even after the salutary 2017 tax reform, taxes are a subject that some people might even call “triggering.”

But should you really be triggered by the fact that there are tax laws everybody has to follow or that government has a legitimate claim to part of what you earn each year?

This appears to be the case with the Black Lives Matter organization, a tax-privileged 501(c)(3) corporation. Last week, its former leader, Patrisse Cullors, complained about the need for financial accountability in the nonprofit sector, speaking as if it is some kind of racist conspiracy that all 501(c)(3) organizations are required to file Form 990 to show where their donations went. She even claimed that the financial transparency that the IRS requires of tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations is “unsafe” for her and other activists.

Read More Black Lives Matter’s financial transparency matters | Washington Examiner

April 19th 2022

Reactions as Musk says ‘almost anyone’ can afford $100k to go to Mars
“This might be the only way he sleeps at night, to lie to himself.”

Elon Musk has demonstrated just how detached he is from reality after making comments that sent normal people (not literally) into orbit.

The Tesla man said that “almost anyone” can afford a $100,000 trip to visit Mars. Perhaps he hasn’t heard about the cost-of-living crisis in the UK where people barely afford to turn their heating on.

“We want to make it available to anyone who wants to go.”

Read More Reactions as Musk says ‘almost anyone’ can afford $100k to go to Mars (

April 18th 2022

EXPLAINED: Title 42, the policy at the center of the border debate

by Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security Reporter

The southern border is expected to see an unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis due to President Joe Biden‘s plans to end the pandemic policy of turning away migrants known as Title 42.

Biden’s decision has been met with fury from Republicans and even some Democrats who have accused the White House of setting up the U.S. immigration system for failure.

Here’s what to know about Title 42.

Read More EXPLAINED: Title 42, the policy at the center of the border debate | Washington Examiner

Florida judge overturns federal mask mandate for transportation

by Cassidy Morrison, Healthcare Reporter |

The federal mask mandate for public transportation and transportation hubs was vacated Monday by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa.

The mandate had recently been extended to May by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is a developing story.

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The War That Made America – recommended by Jessie Odawa,

Marine Le Pen and her father accused of embezzlement days before vote

Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline 

Would-be President of France Marine Le Pen was tonight at the centre of a major criminal fraud enquiry – after she and senior colleagues were accused of stealing more than half-a-million pounds from the European Union.

EU investigators have accused Le Pen, 53, and her own father Jean-Marie Le Pen, 93, of embezzling some €620,000 (£513,000) on behalf of their party, the far-Right National Rally.

Read More Marine Le Pen and her father accused of embezzlement days before vote (

In clash with Russia, U.S. and Europe revive Cold War ‘containment’

Ishaan Tharoor

Few experts are willing to predict how or when the war in Ukraine will end. But many foresee a protracted, bitter conflict, particularly in the country’s east as Russian forces retrench after the humiliating repulse of their advance on Kyiv. The Ukrainian government has clamored for greater military support from Western allies. President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to fight for years to come instead of bowing to Russian ultimatums. A tentative diplomatic process has faltered amid mounting reports of Russian war crimes and atrocities in Ukrainian cities and towns.

In Washington and numerous other European capitals, officials are planning to apply and maintain pressure on the Kremlin for years to come. Though most NATO leaders — with the notable, albeit ad-libbed, exception of President Biden — have not voiced an overt desire for regime change in Moscow, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has focused a newly galvanized West on a path of confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Read More In clash with Russia, U.S. and Europe revive Cold War ‘containment’ (

In an unprecedented move, Russia has been expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

A controversial voting

The United Nations General Assembly voted on April 7 to suspend Russia from the entity’s human rights body among accusations of war crimes during the Ukrainian invasion. The motion was proposed by the United States.

Read More In an unprecedented move, Russia has been expelled from the UN Human Rights Council (

Biden torn apart as key campaign promise broken in face of Putin’s aggression

Antony Ashkenaz

The US Government has caved to pressure and decided to reopen public lands for oil and gas drilling, breaking Biden’s key promise of “no more drilling on federal lands, period. Period, period, period.” This move was taken in an effort to combat the skyrocketing oil and gas prices, which were worsened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Just a week after being sworn into office, Mr Biden appeared to uphold his promise and placed a ban on new oil leasing.

Read More Biden torn apart as key campaign promise broken in face of Putin’s aggression (

Three injured amid unrest over planned Koran burnings in Sweden

At least three people were shot by police during protests against a far-right group in Sweden.

Three people have been injured during protests in Sweden

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April 17th 2022


‘We have the laptop’: GOP investigator boasts of Hunter Biden ‘treasure trove’

by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor |   | April 17, 2022 11:06 AM

Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings are under investigation in Congress.

Rep. Darrell Issa talked on Sunday about how GOP lawmakers are not waiting for the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel and apparently have a copy of the infamous laptop believed to have belonged to the president’s son.

Read More ‘We have the laptop’: GOP investigator boasts of Hunter Biden ‘treasure trove’ | Washington Examiner

Twitter resists takeover to avoid becoming ‘Musk Social’ 

by Nihal Krishan, Technology Reporter

The news of Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter to make it more free speech oriented has sparked a debate as to how effective the Tesla CEO could be at improving the platform and increasing its value, with skeptics fearing that he could diminish it by turning it into his own plaything.

“Twitter will be stronger by itself, keeping control, than if it becomes, you know, ‘Musk Social,'” said Mark Weinstein, founder and CEO of MeWe, an alternative social media platform that has been popular with conservatives and free speech supporters.

Read More Twitter resists takeover to avoid becoming ‘Musk Social’ | Washington Examiner

Imaginary Art

The receipt, dated Dec. 7, 1959, was part of Klein’s imaginary art series Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, in which buyers would see empty, vacant rooms filled with “pictorial sensibility in its pure state,” according to Sotheby’s. The unusual art form foreshadowed the rise of nonfungible tokens, also known as NFTs, the auction house said.

“Some have likened the transfer of a zone of sensitivity and the invention of receipts as an ancestor of the NFT, which itself allows the exchange of immaterial works,” the auction catalog reads. “If we add that Klein kept a register of the successive owners of the ‘zones,’ it is easy to find here another revolutionary concept — the ‘blockchain.'”


Exceptionalism ,

by Roberta Jane Cook

Poverty & Misery in Ohio.
MI6 plotting with Russian traitor to overthrow Putin – and the west have the cheek to whinge about Russia interfering i n their elections. If Le Pen had a fair chance and wins the presidency, they will blame Russia, with no need to explain how.
Read This Book If You Want To Know How Bad War In Europe Can Get.
Actual War Crime Being Committed by a U.S Helicopter gunship in Iraq. Julian Assange has been jailed by the Anglo -U.S elite for revealing this and other war crimes.

The United States were formed as an act of rebellion against the British Crown. Their first president , George Washington, was descended from a wealthy Northamptonshire family. The American colonies, very much an outcome the genocide of native Mongoloid Red Indians, were tired of paying taxes to an imbecilic British ( German ) monarchy. However, the umbilical chord to Britain was never cut. When it comes to guarding their elite’s fortunes and war, they think and act as one.

The small selection of pictures, from the RCONB archive, above tells quite a story. Youngstown represents the declining U.S iron and steel industries, a situation caused by the elite choice to import goods and materials from where labour is cheapest, so elite profits highest. The grim reality of life for ordinary working class Americans, as in Britain, does not make good TV.

The United States represents 6 % of global population. It accounts for 52 % of all natural resources consumed every year. This reality makes a mockery of ‘extinction rebellion’ and equality.

The second image shows FSB secret filming of a Russian traitor conspiring with a British posh boy MI6 agent, talking about how much money it would take ‘to make a difference ‘ in Russia.

Much is made of the obscene wealth of the Russian oligarchs, but they were welcome until they refused to damn Putin’s intransigence. The west has a big problem with Russian and Chinese plans to develop Africa. The west prefers Africa and the Middle East to wallow in religious bigotry, in fighting and poverty.

That way the elite get lots of cheap resources and cheap labour claiming to be asylum seekers. As we see with Sunak, these people don’t pay the price in taxes and lower wages. They look down on the masses, pumping out politically correct drivel via the media and all the ‘uni’ courses. This is an intolerable situation. The numbers don’t add up. We have reached critical mass. Nuclear War is a distinct possibility.

So we come to the third picture. Bevor’s book is a no holds barred account of life and death in Berlin as the Russians advanced to win the war for the allies. People behaved as the animals we all ultimately are, in spite of all the religious drivel about us being mini Gods. That can happen again, as it has been happening in certain parts of the Middle East.

The final picture is the ultimate image of Anglo – U.S hypocrisy. It beggars belief. It shows Reuters journalists about to be massacred by a U.S deployed helicopter gunship, because they were about to be shown the burial places of Iraqis killed by Anglo U.S War Criminals.

This, among other things, is what Britain has jailed Julian Assange for revealing. The vile plot to have him extradited included having him bailed for deportation to the U.S on fake rape charges. Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, so Trump backed funds for regime change in that country to allow the British police inside to arrest him. That is how exceptionalism works.

It is this ‘exceptionalism’ mindset that has brought us the NATO proxy war on Russia. They work on peoples ignorance and capacity for jealousy, hence all the garbage about yachts – most of which are built in the west. It as if western leaders and tax dodging billionaires’ don’t have yachts.. The western masses think they are educated because any fool can get a ‘uni’ education if they take out the big loans. The ‘Uni’ industry is now vital to the economy, brainwashing, inflating grades and egos.

The Anglo U.S led NATO wants the same moronic mass mindset in Russia and beyond. Ultimately they have the most secret wealth, biggest yachts and private jets. That will never be exposed. So one must stomach the endless hypocrisy along with moralising anti Russia hysteria. There is no clue in the Western media as to how Putin is thinking and will react to all this.

The west are confident that they can undermine Putin’s regime from within, which is what they were doing in the run up to this proxy war. They are now involving Finland and Sweden. The proverbial mind boggles as to what will come next.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook, laid bare.

Roberta Jane Cook

Russia demands surrender of remaining troops in Mariupol amid ‘catastrophic situation’

Read More Russia demands surrender of remaining troops in Mariupol amid ‘catastrophic situation’ (

April 16th 2022

Russia warns US and Nato of ‘unpredictable consequences’ over arming Ukraine

Steve Robson

Russia has formally warned the West of “unpredictable consequences” as a result of it arming Ukraine.

A diplomatic note was sent to the White House earlier this week claiming that shipments of the “most sensitive” weapons from the US and Nato are “adding fuel” to the conflict, the Washington Post reports.

Read More Russia warns US and Nato of ‘unpredictable consequences’ over arming Ukraine (

Putin’s grip on power under threat as Russian Orthodox churches vow to revolt over war

Oli Smith 

A growing conflict inside the Russian Orthodox Church over the war in Ukraine could plunge Vladimir Putin into crisis. President Putin counts the Russian Orthodox faith as one of his country’s greatest soft powers and has developed a strong personal alliance with the head of the Church, Patriarch Kirill. At the start of the war, Patriarch Kirill even blessed the invasion, turning a military conflict into a “holy war” in the eyes of many Russians.

However, a leading religious expert has warned that President Putin’s grip on power could be tested as more priests inside the Orthodox Church voice their anger at the war.

Read More Putin’s grip on power under threat as Russian Orthodox churches vow to revolt over war (

Dear President Biden, give Ukraine these weapons

by Washington Examiner  | April 16,

Facing a major new offensive by Russian forces, Ukraine is in desperate need of new weapons. President Joe Biden must stop making them beg.

The Biden administration insists that it is rushing the delivery of all the weapons Ukraine needs. Officials say that where U.S. weapons are incompatible with Ukraine’s needs, the United States will facilitate alternate deliveries from other nations. And to be fair to Biden, he has taken some positive new steps. These include the announcement this week of an additional $800 million in military aid for Ukraine that includes tactical drones, armored vehicles, and cannon artillery.

Read More Dear President Biden, give Ukraine these weapons | Washington Examiner

Comment What kind of idiot overpaid mainstream media person can seriously think this idiot plea is going to help stop setting fire to the planet ? Russia has a point of view and the Anglo U.S elite are money and power motivated war criminals in their own right. Ukraine is not the innocent victim here. It is opportunistic. R J Cook

Washington Examiner Presents

Restoring America Logo

Vladimir Putin - 030222COURAGE, STRENGTH, OPTIMISM

Read More Why the US should reject Russian threats over Ukraine arms and Scandinavian accession to NATO (

Why the US should reject Russian threats over Ukraine arms and Scandinavian accession to NATO

Violent Safety an intro

by Roberta Jane Cook.

Margaret Thatcher inadvertently created the British Police State. Tony Blair , of illegal Iraq War fame – with related crimes – formalised it. Everyday, when I log on to this site, I see the same police person monitoring me. Back in 2013, someone at West Midlands CPS sent me 1500 pages of police monitoring me. In one document West Mercia’s DCS Pepper described me as being like his 5 year old child. For such people , abuse equals argument. I have met a lot of people like him during my long and varies working life.

Decrying communism, as the NATO global elite do, won’t work in the end. Climate change protestors miss the point, as do the mass immigration luvvies. Religion, poverty, ignorance, elite hegemony and stupidity drives the way to Armageddon or Communism. It will be a matter of chance. We are in World War III , and have been for some time.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Meet Joe Tsai, owner of the Brooklyn Nets and propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party

by Zachary Faria, Commentary Fellow

ESPN has written a long profile about Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai, and it highlights how he has brought his support of the Chinese Communist Party to the NBA.

Tsai, the executive vice chairman of the Chinese tech company Alibaba, bought the Nets in 2019. According to ESPN, Tsai “personifies the compromises embedded in the NBA-China relationship, which brings in billions of dollars but requires the league to do business with an authoritarian government and look past the kind of social justice issues it is fighting at home.”

Read More Meet Joe Tsai, owner of the Brooklyn Nets and propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party | Washington Examiner

Lorry driver fights back by dragging climate activist off his truck

Kirsten Robertson

Fed-up lorry drivers have launched a fight back against eco-protesters trying to block an oil terminal.

Seven activists from Just Stop Oil targeted the Kingsbury terminal near Tamworth, Staffordshire, at around 4.40am today.

They climbed pipes and said their plan was to stay at the site ‘as long as they can’.

Meanwhile, another group in Essex set up roadblocks near the Navigator Oil terminal and the Grays oil terminal.

Campaigners wore orange high-vis vests to climb tankers and blocked the road while they brandished signs.

Read More Lorry driver fights back by dragging climate activist off his truck (

Comment I have long been mistaken for a leftie liberal for my years of having long blonde hair. The fact that I was too cowardly to admit being transsexual did not compute. I was never a hippy.

The above picture was taken during my days as an athlete, when I was frequently mistaken as being a girl. I was happy about that, accepting there would be sexual consequences, because without sex there is no life. Being dragged into van by three old men while on a training run during University days, masturbated by all of them, while being told I was asking for it and obviously enjoying it, is one memory that defined me. When morons make and see you orgasm, you are so fu-ked.

I have met my share of dominant men. I have been on the receiving end – literally- of testosterone, since I was young. But this world is now going to experience the biggest ever cock up.

Buckingham April 12th 2022

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

April 15th 2022

Russian state TV declares World War Three has started after sinking of Moskva (

Russian state TV declares World War Three has started after sinking of Moskva

Sean Seddon 

Russian state TV says World War Three has already started after the sinking of the Moskva.

The Kremlin’s main propaganda mouthpiece went into meltdown last night after the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet was taken out.

Officials have refused to acknowledge Ukraine’s claims it struck the ship with cruise missiles, an operation which would be one of Kyiv’s biggest military successes since the invasion began.

But despite Russia’s insistence it sunk because of fire, the Ukrainian capital was struck by rockets overnight, a sign Vladimir Putin wants revenge for the downing of the prized naval asset.

Russian state TV declares World War Three has started after sinking of Moskva (

Comment Like it or not, this is World War Three and it will get worse. Churchill saved his awful career by stoking up World war Two. There is no doubt he got carried away with his own bombastic speeches. Boris Johnson is the same. Britain did not enter what became World Wars I & II for idealistic reasons or the Jews. The allies would not have won without the Russians who did most of the fighting on the ground in World War II.

Incompetence and failure by the Russian Tsar Nicholas personally leading his army 1914-17, against his cousin Friedrich Wilhelm II’s German forces, facilitated the Russian Revolution in 1917. Wars are always about wealth and power. NATO is an aggressive force seeking world domination. Because it was created from the ruins of World War II , like the EEC ( Later EU ), westerners believe it is a force for good against evil. There was plenty of evil on all sides during those previous wars. There will be plenty more evil to come. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook at her desk now. April 15th 2022.

Why the sinking of Russia’s warship is an embarrassment for Putin – and what it means for the war

Deborah Haynes, security and defence editor

The sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship is a blow to Moscow’s war effort and a big embarrassment for President Vladimir Putin

The ship is believed to be one of four in the fleet. File pic
The Moskva became the first cruiser to be lost in conflict since the Falklands War when it sank off the coast of Ukraine on Thursday.

Read More Why the sinking of Russia’s warship is an embarrassment for Putin – and what it means for the war (

Comment What this sinking actually means is that NATO resources and expertise sank it. It means Russia is in a proxy war with NATO and can’t win unless it reacts accordingly. If it does, then all hell will break lose. If it doesn’t, then it should surrender and Putin make way for a pro western regime, because NATO want Ukraine and so much more. This conflict was coming way back when Trump said there was going to be no Nordstrea2. It is about wealth and power, with the little white people doing the dying.

Every outrage committed by Ukraine , will be presented in the media as unverified or fake news. Everything Ukraine and western media says about Russia will be taken as truth. Now we have the Sweden issue. It was a beautiful country when I was there many years ago. Neutral during World War Two, it made vast profits from weapons and trade with Nazi Germany. There is a fine line between neutrality and prostitution.

Meanwhile R J Cook

NATO wants Sweden’s military might ‘They’re more powerful than most countries’

Ebun Hargrave 

Dr Peter Caddick-Adams, a British historian explained what benefits NATO would have if Sweden joined the military membership. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been slammed for threatening Sweden and Finland not to join the alliance. Despite brutal warnings from the Russian dictator Sweden look to be taking the first step in the application process to join. Mr Caddick-Adams discussed NATO being happy with Sweden joining the military alliance as Sweden already makes a lot of the artillery used in the West.

Read More NATO wants Sweden’s military might ‘They’re more powerful than most countries’ (

More than 100 injured as tear gas and stun grenades fired at Al-Aqsa mosque

Amar Mehta, news reporter  

More than 100 people have been injured after clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound, the third-holiest site in Islam.

Read More More than 100 injured as tear gas and stun grenades fired at Al-Aqsa mosque (

April 14th 2022

National Anthem of France (FULL VERSION) – “La … – … · The national anthem of France (La Marsellaise/The Marsellaise) with lyrics in French and English (FR/EN)—– Lyrics in French:Allons enfants de la Pat…Author: Urumaxi AnthemsViews: 17K

La Marseillaise (France National Anthem) – YouTube · Mireille Mathieu – La Marseillaise (France National Anthem) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. 0:00. 4:13 …Author: michubullsViews: 1.7M

Biden arms Ukraine with £600m ‘biggest and most powerful’ arsenal to end Putin’s invasion

Callum Hoare 

Russia says Moskva cruiser has sunk after reported Ukrainian missile strikeCoachella 2022: Set times for California festival revealed, including…

The US president announced the additional measures last night as experts warn of an incoming Russian advance in the east of Ukraine. The package will bring the total military aid since Russian forces invaded in February to more than $2.5billion (£1.9billion). It will include artillery systems, rounds, armoured personal carriers and unmanned coastal defence boats.

Read More Biden arms Ukraine with £600m ‘biggest and most powerful’ arsenal to end Putin’s invasion (

Comment Keep pouring petrol on the fire. NATO needs Ukraine for its elitist planet eating policies. R J Cook

BLM’s $6 million mansion a clear violation of IRS law, watchdog charges

by Andrew Kerr, Investigative Reporter |   | April 14, 2022

EXCLUSIVE — Black Lives Matter and its co-founder Patrisse Cullors could face civil or criminal penalties for illegally using the organization’s $6 million Los Angeles mansion for Cullors’s private benefit, a watchdog group charged in a complaint filed with the IRS on Thursday.

The watchdog group, National Legal and Policy Center, said in the complaint it was “highly unusual” that BLM Global Network Foundation purchased the mansion in cash through a middleman in October 2020, transferred the deed to an obscure LLC one week later, then concealed the mansion’s existence from its donors for 19 months while Cullors stayed at the property for days at a time and used it in multiple videos posted to her private YouTube channel.

Read More Black Lives Matter’s $6 million mansion a clear violation of IRS law, watchdog charges | Washington Examiner

Why nurses are raging and quitting after the RaDonda Vaught verdict

Emma Moore felt cornered. At a community health clinic in Portland, Ore., the 29-year-old nurse practitioner said she felt overwhelmed and undertrained. Coronavirus patients flooded the clinic for two years, and Moore struggled to keep up.

Then the stakes became clear. On March 25, about 2,400 miles away in a Tennessee courtroom, former nurse RaDonda Vaught was convicted of two felonies and now faces eight years in prison for a fatal medication mistake.

Like many nurses, Moore wondered if that could be her. She’d made medication errors before, although none so grievous. But what about the next one? In the pressure cooker of pandemic-era health care, another mistake felt inevitable.

Four days after Vaught’s verdict, Moore quit. She said the verdict contributed to her decision.

Read More Nurses are raging and quitting after RaDonda Vaught verdict : Shots – Health News : NPR

Comment As ever more of the world’s poor third world religious population move into the promised land of the western developed world, health services will fail. scapegoats will be found. Liberals will moralise and the global elite will remain focused on NATO, to slay their so called evils of Russia and China.

The elite have always made money from war. The ignorant masses have always rallied to the martial music and speeches from the likes of Palmerston , Churchill, Hitler and Boris Johnson. It is pathetic that in a world of ever advancing technology, that world is still run by vacuous egotistical self centred morons and bullies. Roberta Jane Cook.

France’s Le Pen warns against sending weapons to Ukraine

Via AP news wire 

France Presidential Election - Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen warned Wednesday against sending any more weapons to Ukraine, and called for a rapprochement between NATO and Russia once Moscow’s war in Ukraine winds down.

Read More France’s Le Pen warns against sending weapons to Ukraine (

Vive la Guerre sur la Russie dit Boris Johnson. Arrêtez de verser de l’essence un le feu dit Le Pen.

Un commentaire de Mlle Roberta Jane Cook..

Marie Le Pen est ma femme parfaite et mon modèle. Elle est bien sûr le mauvais type de femme pour la politique moderne. Les femmes modernes sont censées être obsédées par le fait d’être des femmes et de mettre les hommes à leur place. À mon avis, il y a des hommes, des femmes et des individus. Marie appartient à cette dernière catégorie. Cela fait ressortir les soi-disant libéraux comme le soleil fait ressortir les mouches pondeuses d’asticots. La Grande-Bretagne, avec Boris jouant Churchill et esquivant la sorcellerie de son parti, est le leader numéro un de la guerre.

Mlle Roberta Jane Cook..

UN says Ukraine war threatens to devastate many poor nations

Via AP news wire

Russia’s war on Ukraine threatens to devastate the economies of many developing countries that are now facing even higher food and energy costs and increasingly difficult financial conditions, a U.N. task force warned Wednesday.

Read More UN says Ukraine war threatens to devastate many poor nations (

Russia threatens Zelensky: ‘We will strike decision-making centers’ in Ukraine

by Victor I. Nava, Overnight News Editor | 

Russia’s war on Ukraine threatens to devastate the economies of many developing countries that are now facing even higher food and energy costs and increasingly difficult financial conditions, a U.N. task force warned Wednesday.

The Russian military on Wednesday threatened to strike “decision-making centers” in Kyiv if Ukrainian forces continue attacks across the border in Russia.

The warning comes as Russia has begun to stage its forces just across the Ukrainian border for the next phase of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. The capital city of Kyiv has hosted several foreign leaders in recent weeks, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has refused to leave Kyiv since the start of Russia’s invasion.

Read more Russia threatens Zelensky: ‘We will strike decision-making centers’ in Ukraine | Washington Examiner

Jersey seizes $7bn in assets linked to Roman Abramovich

Alexa Phillips, news reporter 

A court in Jersey has frozen $7bn (£5.4bn) in assets linked to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

The assets being targeted are either located in the island, or owned by Jersey-incorporated entities, the Law Offices Department of Jersey said.

Police searched addresses suspected of being connected to Mr Abramovich’s business activities on Tuesday.

Read More Jersey seizes $7bn in assets linked to Roman Abramovich (

Putin on alert as Sweden and Finland eye NATO membership – dream to crush West ruined

United States officials said that NATO membership for both Nordic countries was “a topic of conversation and multiple sessions” during talks between the alliance’s foreign ministers last week attended by Sweden and Finland. Sweden’s ruling Social Democrat party, which has until now rejected membership of NATO, is reviewing its international security policy in the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it said on Monday.

Read More Putin on alert as Sweden and Finland eye NATO membership – dream to crush West ruined (

R J Cook wrote this song in 1986. It offended the Tory Council leader and Cook was threatened with the sack for politicising – at a time when Thatcher was out to destroy coal miners, so replacing mines with dangerous nuclear power,

Nuclear Attack

Gary Moore

Nuclear Attack – Greg Lake | Shazam

Out on the streets they’re all living in fear.
You can feel their hearts pound as the moment draws near.
One push of a button is all it would take
to dress the world in black.
One fault in the system, a fatal mistake,
and you’ll never come back from a nuclear attack.
The Russians are ready, the U.S. is armed.
They try and tell us there’s no cause for alarm.
If you think you can live like a rat in a sewer,
there might be a chance you’ll stay alive.
But no one can say, no one knows for sure,
just who will survive a nuclear attack, a nuclear attack.
You may never come back from a nuclear attack.
Out on the streets they’re all living in fear.
You can feel their hearts pound as the moment draws near.
You won’t know what’s hit you, it’ll happen so fast,
won’t be the time to even scream.
You’ll just be burned up by the heat of the blast,
a thing of the past in a nuclear attack.
A nuclear attack,
you may never come back from a nuclear attack.
You’ll never come back from a nuclear attack.
The world will just crack.
There’s no turning back from a nuclear attack.

alliance towing ottawa on World Matters

April 13th 2022

Inflation means bigger bills for groceries, gas, and rent — here’s the breakdown


Many families in the United States are finding it harder to get by as they see their bills for various goods and services shoot upward amid the worst inflation in more than four decades.

Inflation increased by 8.5% for the 12 months ending in March, according to data released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics . While that headline increase is the most since 1981, some essential expenses have increased by an even greater margin and are weighing heavily on consumers.

Families in the middle and lower classes are getting hit particularly hard. Here is what households are paying for a few recurring necessities.


The average price of food at home has ballooned 10% over the past year, according to the consumer price index, a brisker increase from the 6.1% growth in the cost of food at restaurants.

Average weekly grocery spending is now at $148 per week, a big leap from the average pre-pandemic amount of $113.50, according to data from FMI, the Food Industry Association. (People spent even more at grocery stores during the height of the pandemic when eating out was not an option, though.)

Those who are struggling financially are typically less likely to eat at restaurants, making the increased cost of food at home particularly pernicious. Staples such as poultry, fish, and eggs have increased by 13.7% on the year, while the price of beef has risen by 16%.

For example, someone who wants to purchase a gallon of whole milk is now paying $4.02 on average, more than half the federal minimum wage, according to the Department of Agriculture. That is a dramatic increase from last year, when a gallon of whole milk went for about $3.59 on average. If a family were to buy two gallons of milk per week, that translates to $44.72 in extra annual spending.


Read More Inflation means bigger bills for groceries, gas, and rent — here’s the breakdown (

Comment One of the most beautiful books I ever read during my time at the University of East Anglia , was Keynes The General Theory of Employment Interest & Money. I had already read his two other brilliant works, ‘The Economic Consequences of The Peace ( 1919 ) and the Economic Consequences of Mr Churchill. Keynes knew that high flying politicians are intellectual whores -nowadays we must add deranged feminists who think the world is all about ubiquitous superior girls on top. The idiot factor is still the same.

In the late 1970s, I lived in patronising economist Dr Sam Aaronovitch’s upstairs apartment and used to hear him and pretentious colleagues pontificating on a post Keynesian age. Sam was offended when someone called him a monetarist. These were the planning stages for New Labour. Sam and his cronies were right in there. But they were wrong of course.

We can see just how fragile and absurd the global economy is because it is slave to megalomaniacs’ in the west and at odds with instinctive conservatives in the east. So we see this dreadful Ukraine situation entirely the outcome of the western elite with their NATO chain saw ripping the world apart, blaming Russia for the bloodshed. R J Cook.

April 12th 2022

‘Not wanted in Kyiv’: Pressure mounts on Germany after Ukraine snub


Pressure was mounting on Germany to up its game over the war in Ukraine on Tuesday as Kyiv snubbed the country’s president and Chancellor Olaf Scholz was accused of a weak response to the crisis.

Read More ‘Not wanted in Kyiv’: Pressure mounts on Germany after Ukraine snub (

UK ‘working urgently’ to verify reports of possible chemical attack in Mariupol

Mariupol has been under siege for almost seven weeks
 Mariupol has been under siege for almost seven weeks

Britain’s armed forces minister has told Sky News that “all options are on the table” following unconfirmed reports of the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Read More UK ‘working urgently’ to verify reports of possible chemical attack in Mariupol (

Comment U.K is desperate to ramp up this war because certain elite interest groups see profit, power and distraction from Homefront failures. They are not beyond faking chemical attacks as they did in Douma. It was proven fake , but Western Media did not report it.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

Russia-Ukraine war latest: more than 20,000 civilians killed in Mariupol, says mayor

Léonie Chao-Fong (now) and Martin Belam, Samantha Lock (earlier) 

Mariupol mayor Vadym Boichenko says exact numbers difficult to determine; Russian president blames Ukraine for failure of peace talks.

Read More Russia-Ukraine war latest: more than 20,000 civilians killed in Mariupol, says mayor (

Comment I blame NATO’S Anglo-U.S puppet masters. R J Cook

NATO country poised to supply Ukraine with Russian-built jets in Putin hammer blow

Kyiv has asked for heavy weapons and planes as part of its defence against Vladimir Putin. The West has boosted the supply of weapons to Ukraine but previous discussions about providing MiG-29s – which are also used by Poland and Bulgaria – were halted because the plans were seen as too risky in increasing tensions between Russia and NATO.

Slovakia, which neighbours Ukraine, operates a dozen MiG-29 planes and has already given Kyiv its Soviet-designed S-300 air defence system.

Slovakia, which neighbours Ukraine, operates a dozen MiG-29 planes and has already given Kyiv its Soviet-designed S-300 air defence system.

Read more NATO country poised to supply Ukraine with Russian-built jets in Putin hammer blow (

Inflation rises to 8.5% in March, highest in more than four decades

by Zachary Halaschak, Economics Reporter

Consumer prices increased 8.5% in the 12 months ending in March, a number that is sure to fuel consumer anxiety and further erode support for President Joe Biden’s agenda.

The much-anticipated numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday revealed the extent of the inflation that has afflicted the United States during its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pace of inflation is the highest it has been since December 1981.

Read More Inflation rises to 8.5% in March, highest in more than four decades | Washington Examiner

Comment This is totally unsustainable , and all for the Anglo-U.S NATO war on Russia. R.J Cook

The Fed knows it’s lying to you

by Tiana Lowe, Commentary Writer | 

For even the most sycophantic supporters of the current White House, the writing has been on the wall about our mounting inflation crisis for months. But less tribal-minded liberals such as Larry Summers saw this coming before Joe Biden recklessly infused the economy with $1.9 trillion in extra spending at the beginning of his presidency.

But for those who understand, contrary to the decadelong consensus of progressives that inflation is a monetary phenomenon, it’s been years.

Learn More The Fed knows it’s lying to you | Washington Examiner

April 11th 2022


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Marine Le Pen urged France to take on Britain over Brexit: ‘We must raise our voice!’

Charlie Bradley 

Marine Le Pen is hoping to finally defeat Emmanuel Macron as the French election commences this week. The polls suggest the election could be tight as a new YouGov survey this week shows that more than half (56 percent) of voters aged 18 to 24 would back Ms Le Pen. Other polls project Ms Le Pen taking 47 percent of the vote to Mr Macron’s 53 among the general population – a much closer gap than when the President beat her in the election five years ago. Ms Le Pen winning would represent a huge moment in European politics – her far right politics has polarised opinion both in France and abroad.

In November last year, Ms Le Pen had the UK in her sights as she urged France to be more forceful when confronting Prime Minister Boris Johnson over their countries’ post-Brexit disputes.

Vive LePen

On craint que l’élection ne soit truquée parce que l’élite a un intérêt direct dans Macron. Le Pen comprend l’importance de l’histoire, de la culture Français et du nationalisme. Pour cela, les soi-disant libéraux la qualifient de raciste. Je ne peux pas l’imaginer choisir la guerre avec la Russie simplement parce que les États-Unis lui ont dit de le faire.

Mlle Roberta Jane Cook.

Students who oppose free speech and contracts should lose professional prospects

by Washington Examiner

Law students who oppose the twin constitutional pillars of free speech and the sanctity of contracts should never work as lawyers. Journalism students who oppose free speech should also never work in a professional newsroom.

Colleges that encourage their students to embrace illiberal positions against two of the things that make America great are depriving the nation of a new generation of competent professionals. They are doing the nation a grave disservice, to say nothing of the students they are misleading. And they should not be permitted to get away with it.

Read More Students who oppose free speech and contracts should lose professional prospects | Washington Examiner

April 10th 2022

‘Something is up’: Jim Jordan spots major shift in Hunter Biden story

by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor

A top House Republican thinks “something is up” as the federal investigation into Hunter Biden and his financial practices heats up.

Rep. Jim Jordan said on Sunday it “sure seems” the president’s son is on his way to being indicted, though the congressman acknowledged he could not say for certain. He pointed to an upswell in reporting on the authentication of contents on a laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden, coinciding with a wave of grand jury activity.

Read More ‘Something is up’: Jim Jordan spots major shift in Hunter Biden story | Washington Examiner

China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia

By DUSAN STOJANOVIC, Associated Press

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Russian ally Serbia took the delivery of a sophisticated Chinese anti-aircraft system in a veiled operation this weekend, amid Western concerns that an arms buildup in the Balkans at the time of the war in Ukraine could threaten the fragile peace in the region.

FILE - A Y-20 transport aircraft of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force performs during the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China 2018, in Zhuhai city, southern China on Nov. 7, 2018. Media and military experts said Sunday, April 10, 2022, that six Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport planes landed at Belgrade's commercial airport early Saturday, reportedly carrying HQ-22 surface-to-air missile systems for the Serbian military.(AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)
© Provided by Associated Press FILE – A Y-20 transport aircraft of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force performs during the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China 2018, in Zhuhai city, southern China on Nov. 7, 2018. Media and military experts said Sunday, April 10, 2022, that six Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport planes landed at Belgrade’s commercial airport early Saturday, reportedly carrying HQ-22 surface-to-air missile systems for the Serbian military.(AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)

Read More China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia (

US rubbishes Imran Khan’s claims of ‘foreign conspiracy’ to oust him from power

By Reena BhardwajWashington [US], April 1 (ANI): White House Director of Communications Kate Bedingfield on Thursday (local time) rubbished the allegations of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding Washington’s role in an alleged “foreign conspiracy” to oust him from power.

“There is absolutely no truth to that allegation,” Bedingfield told reporters.

Read More US rubbishes Imran Khan’s claims of ‘foreign conspiracy’ to oust him from power (

Comment The U.S are hardly going to say they have conspired – that is the definition of conspiracy. This is a remarkable coincidence because Imran Khan recently signed a gas supply deal with Russia. Pakistan is of strategic importance to containing China. All hell will break loose if China starts to respond. Western politicians excel at wearing expensive suits and fine dresses. They are about power and privilege and want the whole world under their hegemony.. Some of us think overt World War 3 is the only way this can be stopped. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

‘Firms will go bust’: Germany prepares for a future without Russian gas

Kate Connolly in Berlin 

In Germany, they call it “Day X”. Businesses up and down the land are making contingency plans for what is seen as a growing likelihood that Russian gas will stop flowing into Europe’s biggest economy.

Read More ‘Firms will go bust’: Germany prepares for a future without Russian gas (

Comment This is the time for ordinary Germans to make a stand. Ukraine provoked a war with Russia because they were in bed with war mongering NATO. In this part of the world , only one opinion is allowed. But reality is closing in. Comfortable smug fake liberals voices should and hopefully will be seen for what they are. R J Cook.

NATO planning expansion to repel Russia and mitigate rise of China in wake of Ukraine invasion

Max Channon 

NATO is reportedly drawing up plans that would enable it repel an invasion by Russia – and that specifically acknowledge ‘the rise of China’ as part of its “strategic concept”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, second from left, with Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak before G7 leaders' family photo during a Nato summit in Brussels, Belgium to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
NATO Top People, Fat Cats & Chief War Mongers Who Brought you war in Ukraine, with more to come. Look up to them, they are your better. They are living it up and never been so important. These people want world government according to the Anglo U.S EU Creed – a world super police state to keep you safe, especially from alternative non approved thinking.
R J Cook.

Read More NATO planning expansion to repel Russia and mitigate rise of China in wake of Ukraine invasion (

Mental health crisis lies ahead for Ukrainians ravaged by war

Sarah Neville in London 

Oleg Chaban, a Ukrainian psychiatrist, has witnessed at close quarters the emotional devastation caused by Russia’s war against his country.

The head of psychology and psychotherapy services at Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv recalled a recent patient who just two days earlier saw her only child, a toddler daughter, die when the bus on which they were attempting to escape from the suburb of Irpin was shelled.

“I was trying to help her find another reason to live because, of course, she lost a sense of life with her daughter,” he said.

Read More Mental health crisis lies ahead for Ukrainians ravaged by war (

Right-wing Marine Le Pen closes in on Macron in French election

by Abigail Adcox, Breaking News Reporter

A man walks past presidential campaign posters of French President Emmanuel Macron and French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Anglet, France, on Wednesday.

As French voters head to the polls this Sunday in the first of what is expected to be a two-round presidential election, polls suggest far-right leader Marine Le Pen is zeroing in on incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen, who has worked to soften her image since the 2017 election and appeal to France’s moderate base, has seen a surge in support in recent weeks with one poll showing the two in a dead heat for the presidency in a potential runoff with Le Pen receiving 49% of the vote compared to Macron’s 51%, according to a YouGov and Datapraxis poll published Friday.

Read More Right-wing Marine Le Pen closes in on Macron in French election | Washington Examiner


Nous Tous, We All.’ That is a joke. Marie is through to the next round so election rigging may be necessary. Nothing must be allowed to break the European Police State consensus. It is interesting how prevalent Boris Johnson is in the Ukraine. He was second to Biden declaring that Nordstream 2 isn’t going to happen.

Brexit was an almighty confidence trick. It keeps the lower class Brits at bay, leaving room for British toffs and making it easier for Boris to posture alongside Biden. This the Blair Bush bulls-it all over again. But the difference is Boris is a born U.S National, Churchill was half posh American. Johnson’s idol. R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook

April 9th 2022

China and Russia could trigger ‘devastating’ global depression as ‘greatest bubble’ bursts

Tom Hill  

“We’ve had the greatest bubble in history and it’s been extended since the 2008/9 recession by just massive stimulus” warns economist and forecaster Harry Dent. Mr Dent has a long history of predicting market crashes having previously called Japan’s 1989 recession and the bursting of the dot-com bubble in the early 2000s. According to Mr Dent the conflict in Ukraine is now “the type of trigger that central banks can’t control”. While he doesn’t believe Russia’s war will be a long term crisis in itself it could serve to burst a bubble which he suggests central banks have allowed to build up unsustainably.

Read More China and Russia could trigger ‘devastating’ global depression as ‘greatest bubble’ bursts (

Comment Matters are much worse than Dent seems to think. The whimpering simpering moralising fake liberals are taking us to the brink.

R J Cook

European, Asian coal users scramble for new sources ahead of EU Russia ban

By Nelson Banya 

Aerial view of a dry bulk terminal with coal along the river Rhine
Read more European, Asian coal users scramble for new sources ahead of EU Russia ban (

WW2-style ‘neutrality patrols’ by Nato could help food and aid get through Russian Black Sea blockade

Taz Ali 

Nato “neutrality patrols” could help keep supply routes open for Ukraine, a defence expert has said, after an ambassador invited the alliance to send ships to “unblock” the Black Sea from Russian vessels.

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko said Nato countries needed to take a more active role in opening up the Black Sea south of Ukraine to cargo ships, saying it would help humanitarian aid reach the country.

Read More WW2-style ‘neutrality patrols’ by Nato could help food and aid get through Russian Black Sea blockade (

Huge majority of Russians believe Putin propaganda ‘and cannot be reached’, says head of shut-down TV station

Adam Forrest 

Putin is keeping the support of a large majority of Russians thanks to increasingly powerful state propaganda, said the head of an independent TV channel that was shut down by the regime.

Natalia Sindeeva, founder of the Dozhd TV station, told The Independent that a draconian censorship law introduced last month had destroyed any chance of reaching a large Russian audience with the truth about the Ukraine invasion.

Read More Huge majority of Russians believe Putin propaganda ‘and cannot be reached’, says head of shut-down TV station (

Comment Are they any different from the British who are among the most easily fooled and censored.. The BBC still beams into Russia, along with their reporters. RT was instantly closed down so that we could see only one side of the story – it had already been shut down in Europe and the U.S. Our media was so into censorship of the Middle eastern wars, it has no intention of supporting the release of illegally held war crime whistle blower Julian Assange.

Obviously recipients of today’s dumbed down education system will never have heard the word epistemology. It means the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

Uncovering the truth is far more difficult than burying it, as Assange and many more of us have discovered to our cost. Demonising Putin’s Russia does not make the U.K , U.S or EU democracies. It merely exposes their crass hypocrisy. R J Cook

Macron calls Polish PM ‘far-right anti-Semite’ after criticism of his Putin calls

Poland has summoned the French ambassador after the country’s prime minister was called a “far-right anti-Semite” by Emmanuel Macron.

Read More Macron calls Polish PM ‘far-right anti-Semite’ after criticism of his Putin calls (

Comment Ukrainians take note, there is no room for dissidence in the E.U. R J Cook

Germany begins upgrading bunker system in wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Colin Drury

Germany is to begin strengthening its bunker and basement infrastructure following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country’s interior minister has said.

The government will improve its public shelter systems while also building up new crisis stocks, Nancy Faeser revealed.

Read More Germany begins upgrading bunker system in wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine (

Drunk With Power – A Comment By Roberta Jane Cook

Then known simply as Winston Churchill, he surveys the rubble near Portsmouth Dockyard in 1940. Churchill’s ego thrived on war but he made many incompetent decisions starting during the previous World War at Gallipoli.
Portsmouth people struggled for compensation for loss of their homes. The fire bombing in North Porstmouth, on the dockyard bombing run were hell on earth. R J Cook interviewed some of the survivors for the book ‘Tricorn Life & Death of a Sixties Icon, co written by Dr Celia Clark of Portsmouth University. This image is from Cook’s ‘Portsmouth Past & Present ( 2003 ).
After wickedly punishing German people for causing World War One, Britain was happy to keep Hitler in power because they were afraid that the 1930s mass unemployment would threaten them with the spread of communism. unfortunately Hitler ran out of control , drunk with power. Nothing has changed. The rich are still in charge. Britain was in the front of the queue when Russian oligarchs arrived with millions stolen from State assets under the Western friendly Yeltsin in the 1990s. Now they are ostracised because they won’t denounce Putin. No one does hypocrisy like the British elite. Roberta Jane Cook.

British leadership is headed by a Churchill fantasist , Boris Johnson. Johnson’s recent creepy comments about transsexuals reminds us that his main adviser is wife Carrie. Trump described power as fear.

So on the home front men must fear for for the women , while abroad all should fear the Russians. This is World War. The EU leadership have said Ukraine must be given even more weapons because ‘Ukraine is fighting Russia for all of us.’ They are upping the language of violence. This is World War Three and the masses will pay.

I have a new book awaiting publication. It has a chapter on World War Two which is entitled ‘Heaven & Hell’.  Wars are heaven for the rich, especially arms makers, and hell for the minions who are bombed and slaughtered. Hypnotic martial music and tales of past glories work wonders for these solidarity rituals. The elite tested fear of Covid for 2 years. It worked well. Now we have this.

Britain’s elite’s real view of Ukrainians is obvious from their need to scrutinise refugees. Problem one is they are white , conservative and possibly fascists. This war is not about humanitarianism. It is about an elite endgame of global dominance.

We have heard a lot of drivel about women’s equality and how even grannies would fight for the homeland. In fact women were the first to leave and young men were trapped as cannon fodder.The West, via NATO provoked the war and aim for Russian humiliation followed by regime change and a pathway to surround China.

On the face of it Russia has the ace of energy, but western elites are happy to cut it off, freeze their people, push up living costs massively , to further damage climate with another massive carbon footprint of war. Death in war, however caused, is packaged as glorious except for the enemy’s death of course.

On the face of it, China has the aces of global manufacturing dominance and ownership of U.S debt. But only the masses need the cheap Chinese goods and the debt can be written off. The aim again is regime change. As I know from my own forays into politics, it requires almost alien lizard like qualities to succeed. The West has a global network of these shameless profiteering hypocrites.  Tame ambitious mainstream media journalists are there to handle the propaganda through tawdry tabloids and toadying television. As for Zelensky, he is a placeman who keeps calling for more weapons. His line on war crimes is disingenuous given his government’s record covering up years of murder in the Donbas. So are the British and U.S on these matters.

It is incredible that the U.K , U.S and EU have found so much money to send massive weaponry, vehicles and ordnance to prolong this conflict. They are of an arrogant class of righteous ones claiming to represent the people. Macron hopes that by linking LePen to Putin he will clinch the election. France like all Europe needs cheap labour mass immigration to profit the rich at the masses’ expense. Talk of human rights is talk of their rights. Now we have Finland rushing to join NATO. Next will be Sweden. You can’t be legally allowed drunk in charge of a truck, but you can, like Churchill and party boy Boris, be drunk in charge of a nation. Being drunk with power is the worst of all  intoxicants.  R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook April 6th 2022

PM and German Chancellor hold talks on reducing dependence on Russian gas

Patrick Daly 

Man in 30s killed in Co Cavan crashEddie Murphy ‘set to star in Beverly Hills Cop 4’

Boris Johnson is meeting the German Chancellor as they look to discuss how to help European countries wean themselves off Russian gas following the attack on Ukraine.

The Prime Minister was hosting Olaf Scholz at Downing Street on Friday, with a press conference planned for later in the afternoon.

Mr Johnson is expected to offer assistance to Berlin, which is still heavily reliant on Russian gas, to reduce its dependence on Moscow’s energy exports in a bid to starve Vladimir Putin’s war machine of funds.

Read More PM and German Chancellor hold talks on reducing dependence on Russian gas (

Russia’s war against Ukraine war ‘may end much sooner than many think’, says President Zelensky

Max Channon 

In his daily video address, the Ukrainian leader said that the “victory of freedom” can be hastened “if Ukraine simply receives the weapons” it has “repeatedly asked for from the West”. Mr Zelesnky said: “Any delay in providing such weapons to Ukraine, any excuses can mean only one thing: the relevant politicians want to help the Russian leadership more than us Ukrainians.”

The speech was released after President Zelensky met with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell in Kyiv. All three opined that Ukraine was fighting Russian “for all of us” in Europe.

Read More Russia’s war against Ukraine war ‘may end much sooner than many think’, says President Zelensky (

‘No one to sanction Russia’ Macron hits out at Le Pen party’s ‘ambiguity’ over Russia

Thibault Spirlet

European Union countries agreed to push up new sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, with the latest salvo including a coal embargo. But French President Emmanuel Macron noted the European Parliament plenary session was noticeable for the absence of Marine Le Pen‘s party. President Macron told RTL: “I noted the guilty absence of all the National Front parliamentarians in the European Parliament when it came to sanctioning Russia, which shows you the ambiguity of some people with Russia despite the war.”

Read More ‘No one to sanction Russia’ Macron hits out at Le Pen party’s ‘ambiguity’ over Russia (

Finland to apply for Nato membership ‘within weeks’, former PM claims

Emily Atkinson 

 is preparing to apply for Nato membership “within weeks”, the country’s former prime minister has claimed, despite warnings from Moscow it would result in “the destruction of their country.”

The Northern European nation, which shares a long border with Russia, has never been a member of the defence alliance and, until now, has organised its own protection.

But in the wake of Russia’s fierce military operation in Ukraine, public opinion has taken a sharp turn as the majority are now in favour of making an application to join the alliance, opinion polls commissioned by Finnish media outlets found.

Read More Finland to apply for Nato membership ‘within weeks’, former PM claims (

April 8th 2022

France’s Macron says Le Pen’s programme will scare international investors

The Independent raises Melissa Lucio death penalty case before the White HouseStars who were fired from major movie and TV roles

PARIS (Reuters) – If French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is elected this month, her social programme will drive away international investors, President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with daily Le Parisien.French far-right presidential candidate Le Pen campaigns in Perpignan© Reuters/ALBERT GEA French far-right presidential candidate Le Pen campaigns in PerpignanShow "10 Minutes pour Convaincre" (10 Minutes to Convince)© Reuters/POOL Show “10 Minutes pour Convaincre” (10 Minutes to Convince)

Read More France’s Macron says Le Pen’s programme will scare international investors (

Comment Western media will always gang up to destroy this woman, in favour of more EU police state.. R J COOK

BLM middleman stonewalls on $6M mansion purchase: ‘I don’t owe you an explanation’

by Andrew Kerr, Investigative Reporter

The middleman who facilitated Black Lives Matter’s secretive purchase of a $6 million Los Angeles mansion in October 2020 said the purchase was “all done above board,” but he refused to answer any questions about his involvement in the transaction.

Public real estate records show that Dyane Pascall, a self-described nonprofit real estate investor with close ties to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, purchased the property for $5,889,000 in cash Oct. 21, 2020. Six days later, the records show that Pascall transferred the property’s deed to an LLC owned by Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the charity that represents the national BLM movement.

Read More BLM middleman stonewalls on $6M mansion purchase: ‘I don’t owe you an explanation’ | Washington Examiner

Comment As with the western political media elite version of the Ukraine war, BLM stands for BIG LIES MATTER. Here in Britain we have had 2 years of clapping an appallingly bloated incompetent NHS and now it is clapping Ukraine – and all the arms being sent to prolong a war NATO caused. Johnson is leading the nation into developing a mindless group solidarity culture – which they call freedom and democracy.

It is another version of the U.K’s dreadfully addictive TV Soap Operas. R J Cook

Analysis-Easy Russia sanctions exhausted, U.S. and allies face economic bite

By David Lawder

By David LawderNATO foreign ministers meet in Brussels© Reuters/EVELYN HOCKSTEIN NATO foreign ministers meet in Brussels

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As the world’s wealthy democratic powers roll out a new round of sanctions against Russia in response to horrifying images of executed Ukrainians in the city of Bucha, it has become clear that the easiest options are now exhausted and stark differences have emerged among allies over next steps.

Read More Analysis-Easy Russia sanctions exhausted, U.S. and allies face economic bite (

Putin has ‘achieved zero’ and Ukraine can ‘absolutely’ win war, says US

UK energy strategy – live: Kwarteng to unveil nuclear power plan as he admits…The best movies set in Ireland

Ukraine can “absolutely” win the war against Russia as Moscow continues to struggle to make key breakthroughs, the Pentagon has said.An elderly woman walks past an apartment building destroyed by Russian shelling in Borodyanka. Pic: AP© Associated Press An elderly woman walks past an apartment building destroyed by Russian shelling in Borodyanka. Pic: AP

Russian leader Vladimir Putin “has achieved zero of his strategic goals” and is “really only taking control of a small number of population centres”, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

Read More Putin has ‘achieved zero’ and Ukraine can ‘absolutely’ win war, says US (

Prepare for ‘mass-overdose’ events from fentanyl, DEA warns police nationwide

by Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security Reporter

The leading U.S. drug enforcement agency issued an unprecedented warning to law enforcement nationwide to brace for a spike in “fentanyl-related mass-overdose” deaths as Mexican cartels push the drug into the United States.

The Drug Enforcement Administration sent a letter to federal, state, and local law enforcement departments nationwide Wednesday, alerting officials they should prepare not only for deaths caused by fentanyl to rise but also for mass-casualty events in which a group of people dies as a result of knowingly or unknowingly overdosing.

Read More Prepare for ‘mass-overdose’ events from fentanyl, DEA warns police nationwide | Washington Examiner

April 7th 2022

Biden faces challenge overcoming Democrats’ election year enthusiasm gap

by Christian Datoc, White House Reporter |

President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders are doing everything they can to hold on to congressional majorities ahead of this year’s election, but several signs suggest party turnout will be significantly lower than in 2020.

Despite seeing an average 3- to 5-point bump during the early weeks of the war in Ukraine, Biden’s approval ratings have sunk back to term lows and currently hover around 40%. A Marquette University Law School poll shows his approval within the black community, one of the most historically reliable Democratic voting blocs, at just 56%, a more than 30-point dip since he entered office.

Read More Biden faces challenge overcoming Democrats’ election year enthusiasm gap | Washington Examiner

April 5th 2022

EU warned: Marine Le Pen’s French border plans branded ‘Frexit in disguise’

Alessandra Scotto di Santolo 

The French far-right leader of National Rally is closing in on Emmanuel Macron in the latest election polls, and is expected to be the candidate facing the French President in the second round. Le Pen has apparently moved on from her 2017 strong eurosceptic policies. Once a proponent of abandoning the eurozone, Le Pen now aims to show herself as someone prepared to reform the EU and work with Brussels.

Read More EU warned: Marine Le Pen’s French border plans branded ‘Frexit in disguise’ (

April 4th 2022

BLM purchased $6 million Los Angeles mansion with donor money: Report

by Andrew Kerr, Investigative Reporter

Patrisse Cullors films herself baking a peach cobbler inside BLM’s $6 million Los Angeles mansion in a video uploaded to her personal YouTube channel on April 26, 2021. (YouTube/Screenshot)(YouTube/Screenshot)

The national Black Lives Matter group purchased a $6 million mansion in a Los Angeles neighborhood with donor cash in October 2020 and then maneuvered to keep the purchase a secret, according to a report Monday.

BLM Global Network Foundation used a man with close business ties to the charity’s co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, to purchase the luxury mansion with the charity’s cash resources, according to a report by New York magazine. The property purchase came just two weeks after BLM received a $66.5 million cash infusion from its former fiscal sponsor on Oct. 6, 2020.

Patrisse Cullors films herself baking a peach cobbler inside BLM’s $6 million Los Angeles mansion in a video uploaded to her personal YouTube channel on April 26, 2021. (YouTube/Screenshot)(YouTube/Screenshot)

The national Black Lives Matter group purchased a $6 million mansion in a Los Angeles neighborhood with donor cash in October 2020 and then maneuvered to keep the purchase a secret, according to a report Monday.

Read More BLM purchased $6 million Los Angeles mansion with donor money: Report | Washington Examiner

Kremlin’s kind words for Hungary seen as likely to increase tensions in Europe

by Max Thornberry, Homepage Editor

A sweeping victory in Hungary further empowered a divisive European Union and NATO member’s leader over the weekend, and approving comments from Russian leader Vladimir Putin could inflame the situation more.

Viktor Orban, the nationalist prime minister of Hungary, secured his fourth term on Sunday, winning by a larger margin than experts predicted, and he saw his party pick up two-thirds of the seats in the National Assembly. Orban has walked a fine line in recent months, signaling a friendliness with Moscow that his EU and NATO colleagues, with the exception of Turkey, haven’t shown in the face of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Read More Kremlin’s kind words for Hungary seen as likely to increase tensions in Europe | Washington Examiner

Comment When we see headlines like ‘Seen By’ , whoever wonders as to who is doing the seeing. The answer is that it is the ruling political wealthy elite and their media who are doing the seeing. That mentality is absolutely no better than the old Soviet Union.

Oban’s victory is no different from the western backed 2014 Ukraine Coup. It is less unpleasant because it is reactive. The Anglo U.S led NATO has no claim to the moral high ground. It is money motivated which is why it welcomed the Russian oligarchs in the first place. Problem was Putin had this thing about Russian identity and culture. He never quiet did the Yeltsin thing to become one of them. R J Cook.

Martin Luther King, Jr. : I Have a Dream Speech (1963)

Martin Luther King JR

On August 28, 1963, some 100 years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, a young man named Martin Luther King climbed the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to describe his vision of America. More than 200,000 people-black and white-came to listen. They came by plane, by car, by bus, by train, and by foot. They came to Washington to demand equal rights for black people. And the dream that they heard on the steps of the Monument became the dream of a generation.

As far as black Americans were concerned, the nation’s response to Brown was agonizingly slow, and neither state legislatures nor the Congress seemed willing to help their cause along. Finally, President John F. Kennedy recognized that only a strong civil rights bill would put teeth into the drive to secure equal protection of the laws for African Americans. On June 11, 1963, he proposed such a bill to Congress, asking for legislation that would provide “the kind of equality of treatment which we would want for ourselves.” Southern representatives in Congress managed to block the bill in committee, and civil rights leaders sought some way to build political momentum behind the measure.

A. Philip Randolph, a labor leader and longtime civil rights activist, called for a massive march on Washington to dramatize the issue. He welcomed the participation of white groups as well as black in order to demonstrate the multiracial backing for civil rights. The various elements of the civil rights movement, many of which had been wary of one another, agreed to participate. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee and the Urban League all managed to bury their differences and work together. The leaders even agreed to tone down the rhetoric of some of the more militant activists for the sake of unity, and they worked closely with the Kennedy administration, which hoped the march would, in fact, lead to passage of the civil rights bill.

On August 28, 1963, under a nearly cloudless sky, more than 250,000 people, a fifth of them white, gathered near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to rally for “jobs and freedom.” The roster of speakers included speakers from nearly every segment of society — labor leaders like Walter Reuther, clergy, film stars such as Sidney Poitier and Marlon Brando and folksingers such as Joan Baez. Each of the speakers was allotted fifteen minutes, but the day belonged to the young and charismatic leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

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Racists , like Transphobes and Islamophobic are good at hiding their true colours. Equality is a nonsense. The logic of that statement would see an end to the British Monarchy for a start. Transsexual women are not all equal and by definition are not CIS women. That , however, is not an excuse for legitimating hate preacher J K Rowling for supporting the TERF slander that male to female transsexuals ( MTF ) are out to rape CIS women. This has added a new twist to the contentious area of rape, where there is no statute of limitations or need for evidence. This empowers the likes of Rowling to encourage anti trans hate. It encourages women to take revenge on men, their every word taken as truth.

It is notable how the 5 year efforts by Mercia Police senior management were made to cover up their force’s 2 officers responsible for killing mentally ill former Premier League footballer Dalian Atkinson. While the British Press jumped on the bandwagon about George Floyd being a victim of racism, they all denied that Dalian’s grotesque long painful degrading killing was racist.

The Floyd killing was appalling, but the officer was obviously frightened and incompetent because he knew he was dealing with a known violent criminal in a hostile neighbourhood. There is no evidence that the hapless Derek Chauvin intended murder.. That was not the case with Dalian, yet the liberal elite’s press used it to fuel BLM activists. Equal treatment was not on offer here.

The Press are currently conducting a very biased campaign against Vladimir Putin’s regime, safe in the knowledge that few people will know about the West’s decades of war crimes. Class , money and power are the big issues. Equality is bulls-it. R J Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook, after visiting her lawyer in Bletchley , Milton Keynes, March 30th 2022. Roberta can no longer drive due to police inspired Paranoid Schizophrenia allegation and ‘diagnosis.’
Image Appledene Photographics.

10 Reprehensible Crimes Of Ronald Reagan

by Nathan Woldfact checked by Jamie FraterShare15KTweetWhatsApp

Although conservatives have recently tried to revive the image of former president and actor Ronald Reagan, his legacy includes details that are a little less glossy than those they talk about. In fact, Reagan’s presidency was marked by a record-setting number of scandals and crimes.

10 Throwing Mental Patients Onto The Streets


Reagan’s mass purging of mental health hospitals first began when he was the governor of California. As governor, Reagan threw more than half of the state’s mental health patients out of hospitals and onto the streets. He abolished the hospitals’ ability to institutionalize patients with severe mental illness. With nowhere else for these mental patients to go—most with disabilities that prevented them from working—they simply became homeless.

As a result of the actions of Ronald Reagan and others like him, America’s mental health system as a whole deteriorated so much that Congress was compelled to act. President Jimmy Carter signed into law the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980. The legislation sought to reform and rebuild America’s mental health system by developing community mental health programs and provide mental health services for Americans suffering from chronic mental illnesses.

Curiously enough, one of the first major legislative actions Reagan undertook as president was to repeal this reform of America’s mental health system and slash federal funding for mental health care by 30 percent. As his presidency progressed, Reagan continued his former practice of throwing patients out of mental health hospitals, albeit on a much grander scale than what he undertook as California’s governor. During his presidency in the 1980s, some 40,000 beds in state mental hospitals were eliminated.

During the aftermath in 1988, the National Institute of Mental Health estimated that 125,000–300,000 mental patients with chronic mental illness were homeless.

As a result of Reagan’s actions, America’s mental health care system remains debilitated. Despite lawsuits, states like Nevada continue to illegally empty their mental hospitals and place their mental patients on buses that take them out of state, thus avoiding the bill.

9 Supporting And Creating Islamic Terrorists


At over 13 years in length, the War in Afghanistan is the longest war that America has ever fought. Over those 13 years, the United States has spent as much as $4 trillion, lost the lives of 3,500 troops, and injured another 23,000 fighting the Taliban. But amid all of this protracted chaos, we seem to have forgotten how Afghanistan got into such dire straights.

Before Reagan, Afghanistan more closely resembled Ohio than a Stone Age war zone. In 1978, the Saur Revolution saw the Middle Eastern country turn from an Islamic monarchy into the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The new DRA government modernized and secularized Afghanistan in a way no other Middle Eastern government had in history. One of the most noticeable of these revolutionary reforms was a massive leap forward in women’s rights that has yet to be matched in the region, let alone Afghanistan. Needless to say, these reforms were not without their detractors, which included the odd alliance of both Islamic extremists and United States President Ronald Reagan.

It just so happens that the Soviet Union supported these advances. Therefore, the Reagan Administration sought to overthrow the DRA government. Publicly and privately, Reagan and the CIA began to support, fund, and even arm a series of jihadist militants in Afghanistan, loosely known as mujahideen. Reagan was so fond of these Islamic jihadists that after arming and funding them with almost $5 billion of taxpayer money, he invited them into the White House and called them “freedom fighters.”

With the blessing of Reagan, the mujahideen militants violently overthrew the DRA government and instituted a repressive Islamic state in its place. They removed all advances in women’s rights, economic reforms, and education reforms.

However, the mujahideen would soon fracture. Some of the mujahideen forces became the Taliban, which the United States has spent countless dollars and American lives fighting. Others worked with Osama bin Laden and became Al-Qaeda, which carried out a litany of terrorist attacks including those of September 11. Perhaps one of the most notable figures supported and paid by the Reagan Administration and CIA was Ayman al-Zawahiri, whose group of jihadist fighters received a portion of the $500 million that the CIA sent to Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri was closely associated with Osama bin Laden and orchestrated a variety of terrorist attacks, earning him the title of “terror mastermind.” After September 11, the State Department placed a bounty on his head, offering $25 million for any information leading to his capture.

One of the mujahideen fighters was even Osama bin Laden himself. In fact, bin Laden got his start in the terrorism game by joining the mujahideen bolstered by Reagan and the CIA. Before joining the mujahideen, bin Laden wasn’t even ensconced in terrorism or Islamic radicalism; he was studying to get a degree in economics and business administration at a Saudi Arabian college before he abandoned his education to join the mujahideen in 1979.

Controversy remains to this day as to whether or not Reagan and the CIA directly funded bin Laden himself, particularly because bin Laden was fighting with the mujahideen based in Pakistan, while the initial mujahideen forces bolstered by Reagan were based in Afghanistan. In 2004, the BBC claimed that bin Laden himself was not just supported by, but given military training from Reagan’s CIA. Others have corroborated the claims, including British government officials and an FBI whistle-blower. Unsurprisingly, United States government officials have denied the reports.

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Comment I don’t like politicians, and that includes Vladimir Putin. But I hate lies and injustice. Until we have an international society based on human truths, logic, honesty and reason, we will have the sort of war happening at the moment, where deaths are just numbers, not fear, terror , bereavement and agony. NATO started this. Why ?

Mass media pious drivel about humanitarianism and war crimes will get us nowhere. Nor will cornering Vladimir Putin.

I spent nearly 20 years as a senior member of my local council and turned down the opportunity to stand for Parliament. I knew I didn’t have the ‘right stuff.’

R J Cook

April 1st 2022

WATCH: ‘Handwringing is part of the Democratic DNA,’ says Hillary Clinton

by Heather Hamilton, Social Media Reporter

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged that the Democratic Party finds itself in a nervous place heading into the midterm elections, blaming a messaging problem for the public’s lack of knowledge on the positives coming out of the Biden White House.

“I do think handwringing is part of the Democratic DNA. That seems to be in style whether we’re in or out of power,” Clinton told Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning. “We’re in power, and there still is handwringing going on.”

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Biden’s ‘wartime’ oil decisions rattle green energy activists

by Christian Datoc, White House Reporter

President Joe Biden’s efforts to stabilize the global oil market while simultaneously decreasing gas prices for drivers have baffled and infuriated some green energy activists.

Biden announced Thursday that the United States would release 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months, use the revenue from the sales to refill the stockpile, and called on Congress to pass legislation fining oil companies with unused federal drilling permits or dormant wells on federally leased land. The president also utilized the Defense Production Act to surge domestic procurement of critical minerals the administration says are essential to achieving clean energy independence.

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April 2nd 2022

Biden wish for Trump prosecution leaked as Democrats mount pressure campaign on DOJ

by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor & Jerry Dunleavy, Justice Department Reporter |   | April 02, 2022

A new report claims President Joe Biden has told people he wants former President Donald Trump to be prosecuted.

The leak was published in the New York Times on Saturday as Democrats mount increasing pressure on the Justice Department to take action against Trump and people within his orbit in relation to the Capitol riot. At focus are Attorney General Merrick Garland and his “deliberative approach,” as the report put it, which is causing frustration.

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Welcome the Hispanic voters fleeing a sad, lost Democratic Party

by Washington Examiner  | April 02, 2022 

Over the years, Republicans have shown that they know how to do token diversity outreach efforts. The only thing they have persistently failed to do is field credible candidates in heavily nonwhite districts and make serious efforts to persuade and court the votes of minority constituents. One often gets the sense that some Republican politicians would rather just pack these voters into gerrymandered districts designed to elect Democrats, shrug, and ignore them.

This needs to change now because Republicans are starting to find more and more of these constituents banging on their party’s door as the Democratic Party loses its mind. It’s time to answer in good faith and show some manners.

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Psaki psuccessors: Who will be the next White House press secretary?

by W. James Antle III, Politics Editor

White House press secretary Jen Psaki may be headed for the exits amid reports she is in the final stages of talks with MSNBC, creating an opening to succeed her at the podium.

Psaki, who has not confirmed her departure, has previously said she expected to stay in the role as President Joe Biden’s top spokeswoman for a year, though she later said she can stay longer and “likely will stay longer.”

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Psaki’s reported MSNBC deal fraught with ethical landmines, experts say

by Andrew Kerr, Investigative Reporter

Reports that White House press secretary Jen Psaki will soon leave government service to join MSNBC as a pundit raise serious ethical concerns, multiple experts told the Washington Examiner.

Rumors have circulated for months that Psaki has been courted by MSNBC and CNN as she simultaneously worked with the outlets as President Joe Biden’s chief liaison to the press. Those rumors came to a head Friday when Axios reported that Psaki was in “exclusive talks” with MSNBC to become a network pundit and to host a show on NBC’s online streaming platform around May.

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Watch: Tommy Robinson ‘arrested’ and faces deportation ‘on national security charges’ from Mexico

After saying he is a journalist and pleading his case, he adds: ‘I’ve never broken a law here. All I do at home is talk about Islam’.

Image R J Cook / Appledene Photographics 2010.

Tommy Robinson has claimed he is being deported from Mexico for ‘national security reasons’ after he says he was arrested while on an Easter getaway with his family.

He has shared footage of him allegedly being arrested at Cancun Airport while on a half term holiday with his three children.

In clips shared to Telegram the 39-year-old films an interaction between himself and a man purported to be an immigration officer, while also showing off the ‘holding cell’ he is said to be held in.

‘I have been arrested, separated from my kids and now I’m being deported as a matter of national security’, he says.

Comment I am not sure whether or not I am lucky to have had a privileged education at a good school and two excellent universities. My late mother and father were the poor relations of two wealthy families. We had very little, but my parents valued education and love. They taught me scepticism, and religion. My schools reinforced that. Along the way, I was one tine head of Religious Education at Grange School Aylesbury Bucks. These days, having been labelled a paranoid schizophrenic, I am loathe to declare my faith in God for fear of it being used as evidence of my insanity.

Tommy Robinson is obviously intelligent. But he lacks education and is as obsessive about Islam as any Islamist. As the very religious and famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton opined, action and reaction are equal and opposite.

Human consciousness requires something to believe in and hope. Without that people die or become very unpleasant. We are animals, and in my view not created in God’s Image. God has no image as far as I can tell, and am at one with Islamists who share my view. God has no more of an image than the wind.

As a teacher of many Christian and Islamic pupils, and one who has worked with all sorts, i know people are passive in their beliefs and disbeliefs. They do not want discussion.

So Tommy Robinson obsesses on Islam , making himself a perfect target for the politically correct. He blames Islam for loss of better days before mass immigration. He doesn’t have a global picture, sense of class or global demographics. Our elite want religious delusions to blot out social truth. The above picture implies a high level process to Islamify Britain, without reference as to who wants that to happen or what it means. It is a simplification.

England is the dominant element of elitist U.K, which has ruled and exploited the Islamic World, exploiting factions, for centuries, as two illegal Gulf Wars, war crimes and current Saudi policy attest. The Global economy focuses on cheap labour, exemplified by the current P&O scandal .

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world, running and hiding from a power structures wars and nightmares, thinking the U.K is a benevolent motherland.. Here they meet the long oppressed white working classes. The stupid Brexit mentality is no answer. Tommy Robinson and his followers are ignorant and deluded. R J Cook

What is Islamification ?

April 1st 2022

Saudi Arabia offer ‘assurances’ to F1 after tension and controversy during Grand Prix

Liam Llewellyn 

Saudi Arabia has offered assurances to F1 after a controversial weekend. Following a rebel missile attack on an oil facility only 12 miles from the Jeddah Corniche Circuit during qualifying, many began to speculate on the circuit’s future in the sport.

Read More Saudi Arabia offer ‘assurances’ to F1 after tension and controversy during Grand Prix (

Comment How i it OK to vilify Russia at such global cost and excuse this vile despotism, engaged for years in Yemen genocide using U.K and U.S weapons? I ahte being alive in this world. roll on death. I just wish someone would cone and save my son Kieran before go, which will be quite soon.

It puzzles me why anyone reads this depressing website. I am allegedly bi polar but have yet to experience any ups.

R J Cook.

Matters of Balance.

As a maths teacher , one first established, tables and the 4 rules of arithmetic before moving on to equations and matters of balance. Moving in to the related world of physics, there is the matter of critical mass, as in the U.K Aberfan disaster

It is clear that there is no interest in equations or balance when it comes to reporting Russia and Ukraine. NATO has a record of blowing things up, yet is outraged when a war they provoked has the same outcome.

Just how close must NATO’s NUKES need to be to Russia’s borders Who would honestly believe that NATO’s elite winding up Zelensky is all about freedom and democracy.

There is the mentality that elite has to herd people into pens. They do it on a mini scale with LGBTQI. They never factor in individuality and the power of mass frustration. The Ukraine war, like Covid measures, has had some unintended consequences. Matters are well out of balance and do not add up. Critical mass is also building. Media folk, of which I used to be one and among , skate the surface, contriving their stories. Truth doesn’t sell well.

R J Cook

Russia & Former Soviet Union31 March

Ukraine says its defense industry has been destroyedUkrainian president’s advisor Alexey Arestovich claimed that Russian forces has almost destroyed the country’s defense industryRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union31 March
Russia presents new evidence on Ukraine biolabs, comments on links to Biden and US

Russia presents new evidence on Ukraine biolabs, comments on links to Biden and USDisease vectors researched at US-funded biolabs in Ukraine may have been tested on Ukrainians, while Kiev sought to arm drones with themRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union31 March

US doesn’t understand how Russia works – KremlinRussia has dismissed claims by US officials that President Vladimir Putin was misled by his own defense chiefsRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union31 March

Azerbaijan planning ‘large-scale’ attack, Armenia claimsArmenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of trying to create a pretext f

Russia and China are out to undermine the US dollar, and if they succeed it will change the world for ever

Michael Day

here is only one true superpower. Since the end of the Second World War, we’ve seen the United States bestride the world like a colossus.

What makes the US such a potent ally and formidable adversary? Its nuclear arsenal? This helps. As does its incomparable navy and huge, hi-tech army. The soft power from its ubiquitous contributions to culture is clearly important. But none of these really explains America’s unique ability to project power globally. This is conferred by the mighty US dollar.

Its status as the undisputed reserve currency (it accounts for around 60 per cent of world reserves, compared with just 20 per cent for its nearest rival, the euro) means that Washington’s tendrils extend into almost all banks and financial institutions.

Few, if any, major companies are safe from its influence. As a result, the US can slap crushing financial sanctions on foreign firms or governments anywhere in the world.

Read More Russia and China are out to undermine the US dollar, and if they succeed it will change the world for ever (

March 31st 2022

Woman arrested for setting gas station clerk on fire in horror attack

Johanna Chisholm 

Betty McFadden was arrested for setting a convenience store clerk on fire in Florida. - Twitter/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

Florida woman was charged with attempted murder after she lit a convenience store clerk on fire, local authorities reported.

Jean McFadden, 30, was reportedly begging for money outside the Pensacola Circle K station when she was asked by the gas station clerk “not to panhandle”, local ABC affiliate WEAR-TV reported.

Ms McFadden then went outside and grabbed a canister of gasoline and doused the woman behind the counter with its contents and proceeded to throw lit matches at her until she caught fire, Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said in a statement.

The Circle K employee was taken to hospital with “serious, horrific, life-threatening” burns, the sheriff’s statement added.

Read More Woman arrested for setting gas station clerk on fire in horror attack (

NATO chief defends alliance against claim Russia was allowed to ‘trample all over Ukraine’

Sunita Patel-Carstairs, news reporter

A fire burns in a building after a shelling, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, in the town of Irpin, Kyiv region

NATO’s chief has defended the 30-nation alliance against criticism that it has failed to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces from “trampling all over Ukraine”.

Read More NATO chief defends alliance against claim Russia was allowed to ‘trample all over Ukraine’ (

Comment NATO caused this war by proxy. Idiots who want direct intervention want World War 3. Only epsilon semi morons would support this insanity. Ukraine’s government deserve what is happening and Zelensky is a front man powerless to stop it. R J Cook.



Here’s some news from the US. After a FOI request to the NIAH documents and emails were released which showed that Fauci with another person deleted DNA sequence data supplied by China in 2020, so scientists couldn’t identify the laboratory origins of the fake virus, also confirmed by the fact that Moderna had patented sequences found in the spike protein in 2017. Fauci has already been caught lying to Congress and now he is in big trouble. Other news, Hunter Biden has appeared before a Grand Jury set up by John Durham and he testified that the laptop from Hell was his and the information was real. He will now be indicted and Joe Biden will be either impeached or removed under the 25th Amendement.

Emails also show Hunter Biden acting as the bag man for the Democrat Party and the Obama government as well as the CIA/FBI/Pentagon in Ukraine. There is also a straight bribe in the Laptop from China, $250,000 a payment for which there is no invoice or work. Remember the Big Guy, Joe Biden got 50% of everything. The FEC (Federal Election Commission) has just fined Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party for their illegal activities during the 2016 election when they used a fake dossier and disinformation with FBI help to fix and then overthrow President Trump after his election. A rap on the knuckles but a huge piece of evidence to bring forward Trumps legal action against the two Parties.

Info released from the UK government, 92% of all those that have died from the fake C19 were fully vaccinated and this is being confirmed in other countries. Zelensky has surrendered to Putin and is in peace talks, but watch out for false flags. There are a number of them expected especially cyber attacks. I see Biden is in the fake White House movie set again getting another false covid jab. I hope someone doesn’t switch it for the real thing like they did to Newson the Governor of California. He nearly keeled over permanently after that. Another question, has Nancy Pelosi been ‘turned’ by Durham? That might explain why she has been permanently drunk when appearing on camera.

EU must be joking! Price of goods set to soar up to 75% as bloc unleashes new green tax

Antony Ashkenaz 

Read More EU must be joking! Price of goods set to soar up to 75% as bloc unleashes new green tax (

If you’re not afraid you must be drunk, says British fighter in Ukraine

Merissa Richards 

Read More If you’re not afraid you must be drunk, says British fighter in Ukraine (

Allies abandon Pakistani premier Imran Khan ahead of no-confidence vote

By Associated Press Reporters

Legislators in Pakistan appear poised to push Prime Minister Imran Khan out of power in an upcoming no-confidence vote, after a small but key coalition partner abandoned him and joined the opposition.

Imran Khan (Anjum Naveed/AP)
Imran Khan has remained close to Russia, seeing NATO for the wealth grabbing arm of the planet eating elite, for what it is.

Read More Allies abandon Pakistani premier Imran Khan ahead of no-confidence vote (

March 30th 2022

Project Veritas scandal sparks scrutiny of federal courts’ secret spying warrants

by Nihal Krishan, Technology Reporter

The recent covert seizures of Project Veritas emails has led to new criticism from conservatives and civil rights groups alike of law enforcement’s use of Big Tech companies to spy on the communications of journalists and media organizations.

The Trump-era Department of Justice, which was investigating the theft of Ashley Biden’s diary during the 2020 election campaign, forced Microsoft to turn over emails from nine accounts associated with Project Veritas, according to court filings from the project that Microsoft confirmed.

Read More Project Veritas scandal sparks scrutiny of federal courts’ secret spying warrants | Washington Examiner


Zelenskyy Dismisses Russian Military Pullback; NIH Deleted Info from Wuhan Lab, Watchdog Finds | NTD News TodayNTD NEWS TODAYKEVIN HOGAN

No end in sight for the conflict in Ukraine after Tuesday’s peace talks. Ukraine and Western allies are dismissing Russian claims of a military pullback.

Russia and China have agreed to expand cooperation further. And a poll shows that a majority of Americans agree to sanctions against Beijing if it chooses to aid Moscow.

Florida is leading a multi-state lawsuit against the Biden Administration. Twenty-one states are suing over the mask mandate for public transportation, which extends to planes, buses, trains, and Uber rides.Read More

Zelenskyy Dismisses Russian Military Pullback; NIH Deleted Info from Wuhan Lab, Watchdog Finds | NTD News Today (

March 29th 2022

Thoughts & Messages From F.S, Our West Country Correspondent.

Just found: someone who is thinking much the same way as me. First couple of paras relevant to world view comments.
The comment appeared below this article:

interrogare omnia • 

I don´t feel about this war the way we are “educated” to feel about it – the way we are ordered to feel about it by the UK government. My mind does not work that way instead I indulge in the really ridiculous habit called thinking. Maybe I am not a really good Brit because I like to form my own opinion rather than just roll-over when told to, not like others who appear to roll-over on command.

I have a few rules to live by: the first rule is don´t believe anything the government tells you – nothing, nunca, zilch! Second rule is do not take any notice of the BBC and media who operate as a coordinated public relations agency for the UK government. My third rule is not to get excited about all the flag waving and jingoistic speech making by those whose main interest is to sell guns to lunatics.

War is just a lot of men standing in a field waving their dicks at each other – men are so unsure about the size of their dicks that they have to go to war about it. And the foremost person behind the Ukraine horror has the smallest dick in the world. Alas (owing to the Nazi brigades involved) this war is likely to escalate into the inhumanity and barbarity not seen in wars since the eastern front in WW2 – of which the Russians have very long memories …

Also on article I’ve just sent through. Much good sense is appearing below the line.

Also on article I’ve just sent through. Much good sense is appearing below the line.
Mojo • 5 hours ago

The opening statement of this article says it all. Negativity has been the base of every conversation held in meeting houses and working class venues since the 1990s. I have watched as British men and women become more and more despondent. We have tried to turn the tide by our votes and our protests. Nothing happens. Governments move on oblivious to the needs of their citizens.

Since 2008 most of us have quietly given up. No one in power gets punished or sacked for their heinous policies or greed. We sit and watch as politicians, bankers, teachers and indeed the whole Public Sector become bloated with self importance whilst the real business of keeping this country’s head above water is treated with contempt.

Our politicians are chosen for us. Our educators are trained to hate us. Our law enforcers are given ridiculous powers of authority that benefit no one but a globalist destabiliser.

As far as political labels are concerned, it is a misnomer that conservatives run this country or that liberalism is lost. This country has been run by foreign interests for nearly 50 years. The Glitch of Thatcher was (like Trump in America) a thorn in the side of Globalist interests and needed to be destroyed. Every subsequent Government we have had has been carefully chosen to create a World Order controlled by a small cartel.

President Putin has bulked against this Globalist control so therefore needed to be destroyed. The 14 years of poking the Bear and eight years of destabilising the Donbass. The 2014 Ametican coup in Ukrain has created the situation we are now in. Hungary also stood strong as did Poland until recently threatened by sanctions. Every single country that has stood against the Globalist Cartel has been destabilised, destroyed and regime changed by the assassination of the leaders who stood up for their people.

The fact that Biden is now calling for Putin’s assassination should send shivers down every British spine. The Globalists are tired of those who stand against them. The British Government now has two choices. 1. Do as they are told and trained for OR 2. Stand strong for UK and the world outside EU and America which means the Government will be destroyed and a new regime planted. This is the reality that we should ALL understand.

Johnson had the unique opportunity of standing with Trump and creating an axis with Putin. He could have changed the West. He could have used Sunak’s Indian connections to break the Globalist Evil. Instead, as a weak and unprincipled man, he chose to take the money and sell his country to the devil.

The sensible hard working classes of the United Kingdom chose to leave the corruption of the EU and join the rest of the world again. We had a wonderful opportunity. Once again the working classes knew best what to do for their country. Once again their intelligence and patriotism was denigrated by ignorant academic ideology. Our strength has always been in our entrepreneurs, our small independent businesses, our freedoms to choose our own path, spend our own money as we see fit and create ideas that can be traded throughout the world. This is conservatism in its truest form. Not a political agenda or party.

We have been controlled by greed, hatefulness and contempt. Our labour has been stolen, our ideas have been stolen, our children have been stolen, our communities have been stolen. It is time to stop this wanton destruction so that a few at the top of the tree can live an ideology whilst the rest become serfs. No wonder we live in a century of misery, negativity and mental stress. We have been driven into poverty of mind and spirit but sold a lie of wealth and opportunity that was ever a hollow dream.

F.S, March 29TH 2022.

What Ukraine Is Really All About – The Western Elite’s Fear Of Communism As Global Population Overloads & Elite Wealth Totally Obscene. R J Cook.

LIVE: Sen. Rick Scott Hosts Roundtable on the Threat of Communist ChinaEPOCHTV LIVE

On Tuesday, March 29, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) will host a roundtable with subject matter experts to discuss ideas on how the United States can combat the threats communist China poses to human rights, democracy, America’s national security, and global markets.

Read MoreLIVE: Sen. Rick Scott Hosts Roundtable on the Threat of Communist China (

Biden’s confuser in chief problem

by Washington Examiner  

Presidential gaffes are tolerable and even amusing when they relate to matters of domestic politics or culture. When a president speaks on matters of war and peace, however, there is little room for confusion. President Joe Biden lacks due appreciation for this concern.

In just a few days, Biden has made three serious, avoidable, and utterly pointless slips of the tongue in relation to the Ukraine crisis, all of which are causing substantive problems.

Read More Biden’s confuser in chief problem | Washington Examiner

Comment There is nothing at all confusing about Biden. The western elite media, along with the U.K are trying to bounce the United States into World War 3. U.S & U.K self styled liberal hypocrites had Biden for a fool. He was supposed to be their puppet. What makes him look confused is how he has to bat the smug reporters off when they are asking leading questions – stressing the urgency of more U.K style Russian Bear baiting.

This is the road to hell on earth. As for the United States having chemical weapons, they used British invented napalm in Vietnam and there is no reason to suppose that Porton Down, where Novochok has been made, haven’t shared their secrets. Biden knows NATO set this war up. He is uncomfortable displaying the same level of hypocrisy as his more sophisticated upper class British cousins – who still think they run the world. R J Cook

Are we heading for nuclear obliteration?

by Dan Hannan, Contributor

If a rifle makes an appearance onstage in Act 1, observed Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, it will be fired before the end of Act 3. Which is, if you ask me, a pretty alarming thought in a world with nuclear weapons.

It is true that there has been no nuclear strike since the cataclysms in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Perhaps the very enormity of those attacks was enough to alter the calculus. Perhaps, as Steven Pinker has argued, a taboo has grown up, strengthened with each successive year of nonuse — a taboo apparent in the biblical language with which a potential attack is usually described (“armageddon,” “apocalypse,” “holocaust,” etc.)

Read More Are we heading for nuclear obliteration? | Washington Examiner

Comment We are in the hands of politicians, a proven band of charlatans , liars, crooks and the equivalent of used car salesmen. The U.S is led by an old man whose son made a fortune from corrupt Ukraine. The U.K is led by a dangerous Churchill fantasist from a privileged background, like his Chancellor. The EU is something else and hard to pin down behind the glitter and opulent offices. They don’t realise that they are on the same planet as the rest of us. R J Cook

Watch: Ukrianian cartoon mocks Russian invasion as tractor pulls tank
“I can’t stop laughing and watching this!” wrote one person after watching the clip on repeat.

Read More Watch: Ukrianian cartoon mocks Russian invasion as tractor pulls tank (

Comment Utterly moronic. Does anyone of intelligence seriously believe this kind of undergraduate humour ( for want of a better word ) will make Vladimir Putin more likely to back off ? He is is clearly a person of high intelligence and knows the west is using Ukraine in a proxy regime change war against Russia. One wonders, from Zelensky’s recent statements, whether he knows he is being used by NATO. R J Cook

Photo shows Biden’s ‘Tough Putin Q&A’ cheat sheet

by Abigail Adcox, Staff Reporter

President Joe Biden was photographed holding a printed cheat sheet Monday while clarifying a previous statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not remain in power.

The paper, labelled “Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points,” directed how he should address questions from reporters after saying Putin “shouldn’t be in power” in an unscripted moment during a speech in Poland on Saturday.

Read More Photo shows Biden’s ‘Tough Putin Q&A’ cheat sheet | Washington Examiner

Joe Biden’s gaffes are a liability


For years, President Joe Biden has downplayed his tendency to misspeak, dubbing himself the “gaffe machine,” as if this is an endearing trait rather than a problematic one. But this weekend, we were reminded that Biden’s ad-libbing is a real liability — especially in the middle of a foreign crisis.

Speaking in Poland on Saturday, Biden went off-script and ended his speech with a declaration that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin needs to be deposed. “For God’s sake,” he said, “this man cannot remain in power.”

Just moments later, the White House walked back Biden’s statement in an attempt to make it seem like Biden had not said what he just plainly said.

“The president’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

Read More Joe Biden’s gaffes are a liability (

Comment Biden, in my view was at his best yesterday. He was animated and spontaneous . Saying this does not mean I support the Democrats. However, I always try to be fair. It is clear that Biden does not want Global War. So when he says as much , the press call it gaffes, because he has to stay on message.

In this respect , he is unlike some of his team and apparently all of the U.K except me and one other. They are crazy about having World Three.

Every day we read more propaganda blaming it all on Russia, when there is a clear sequence of events leading up to this, starting with the western NATO backed coup to put oligarch Petro Porsoshenko in power in 2014. The issues are quite simple. Britain’s government , which doesn’t look after its own oppressed and needy people, is fuelling a war from which Russia cannot retreat.

Britain’s media is pumping out the propaganda. Money is being made, but they are still not too keen on white refugees because they have other migrant priorities, along with hiding from national issues and helping the lethal destruction of Ukraine – which feeds their virtue signalling.

Britain and U.S have fought illegal wars and incarcerated Julian Assange for exposing them. Oil and money through regime change is the motive, with NATO the thin end of their rupturing wedge. R J Cook

March 28th 2022

World War Three Gets Closer .

Russia investigates alleged footage of Ukrainian troops torturing POWs
Ukrainian troops shooting and torturing Russian POWs.

Russia investigates alleged footage of Ukrainian troops torturing POWsRussian authorities have launched a probe after emergence of extremely graphic videos from UkraineRead more on the site

Business News27 March
Japan baffled by demand to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Japan baffled by demand to pay for Russian gas in rublesAsian gas buyers expressed concerns over the goals and means of switching to rubles in payment for Russian gas

UK reveals conditions for lifting Russia sanctions

UK reveals conditions for lifting Russia sanctionsUK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has told the British media that London could lift its “crippling” sanctions if Russia withdraws from UkraineRead more on the site

Macron reacts to Biden’s Putin ‘butcher’ commentsFrance’s Emmanuel Macron has warned against a verbal escalation in the Ukraine conflict, after Joe Biden’s harsh words about Vladimir PutinRead more on the site

Russia & Former Soviet Union27 March
Zelensky suggests Ukraine's Western backers lack courage

Zelensky suggests Ukraine’s Western backers lack courageUkrainian President Zelensky says NATO allies lack courage because they won’t send him warplanes with which to fight RussiaRead more on the site

Will Smith Violence laughed off by luvvies.

Chris Rock being slapped by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars CREDIT: Reuters

“Iwant to be a vessel for love,” said Will Smith at last night’s Academy Awards, clutching his new Oscar in a noticeably trembling hand. It was the same hand which, minutes earlier, had connected sharply with the face of Chris Rock, after the comedian had jokingly referred to Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith as “GI Jane” because of her closely cropped hair, during a monologue on stage. 

In what the audience initially assumed was a scripted sketch, Smith rose from his chair, strode towards Rock mid-monologue, and slapped him soundly across the face, before returning to his seat and shouting twice: “Keep my wife’s name out of your f___ing mouth.” 

A short while later, he was receiving a whooping standing ovation from his Hollywood peers after it was revealed he had won Best Actor for his performance in King Richard, a biopic of Venus and Serena Williams’ troubled but determined dad.

“Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family,” he begun, with a loaded look, before going on to apologise to the Academy and his fellow nominees – but not Rock. “Love will make you do crazy things,” he added. For the last decade, the Oscars’ at-home audience has been dwindling, and a string of producers have all but broken the ceremony trying to engineer gobsmacking live TV moments with viral potential and goose the viewing figures. Well, Academy, gobsmacking was what you finally got.

It’s the sort of catastrophic moment from which a meaningful recovery would have required the surgical talents of Steve Martin or Billy Crystal: imagine one of them opening the Best Actor envelope and beginning “And the winner, by TKO…” Instead, the plough-on mentality turned the whole incident into the worst advert imaginable for an industry that prides itself on bringing supposedly enlightened, progressive values to the world.

Placeholder image for youtube video: _gMjRS08Ujk

What happened in the aftermath of the slap? Actors and publicists flocked to console Smith, not Rock. Rather than being escorted from the building, he took his seat again on the front row and was seen laughing and cheering for the rest of the event. There was no update for viewers on how poor Chris was faring. (Some Twitter wags wondered if his black and white headshot was being hurriedly grafted into the In Memoriam sequence.) Rock has a history of making jokes at Pinkett Smith’s expense – at the 2016 ceremony, which the actress boycotted for its lack of diversity, he said: “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.”

So there’s bad blood in the background – and arguably Smith had every right to be hurt, since his wife’s baldness is a result of alopecia, which she has spoken about on a number of occasions. So why not sit tight and address it in the victory speech everyone (correctly) anticipated was mere minutes away? 

A famous actor striking someone and his peers being seen immediately excusing it will, for many, resonate uncomfortably with the #MeToo scandals of recent years, which revealed that powerful Hollywood men could more or less behave as they pleased. Will Smith hit someone on live television and got away with it, because he’s Will Smith. That’s the event for which the 2022 Oscars will be remembered.

March 27th 2022

Republican governors nixing trans sports bans reveal party split

by Kate Scanlon

Two Republican governors have recently vetoed legislation to ban transgender student-athletes from participating in sports on teams corresponding to their gender identity rather than their biological sex, a stark departure from a trend many governors of their party have embraced.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb faced outrage from conservative activists over their vetoes. Utah lawmakers voted Friday to override Cox, and the Indiana Legislature may do so later this spring. But the two governors’ reluctance to sign these bills into law signals wider divisions within the party on the hot-button culture war issue.

Read More Republican governors nixing trans sports bans reveal party split | Washington Examiner

Comment Republicans are supposed to be bigots. Democrats are the enlightened ones ( sic ). If I ever achieve my dream of moving to Wyoming, then I will vote Republican and so will my son.

It is amusing to read or hear females bleating on about the never ending war for equality. You would think this was a dream come true for them, men so hell bent on femininity ( sic ) they want to join the girls’ world.

I know a bit about sport – I taught P.E for 3 year – and know how it has deteriorated into a money grabbing egotistical industry. That is the problem because feminism is about money, power and scapegoating men.

R J Cook , County Team athlete, at 1968 award ceremony, standing second left, conspicuously feminine in a male club. Three years later, blood tests revealed I
R J Cook had more oestrogen tan testosterone.
R J Cook representing her university as a male in , London, 1971, crossing the finishing line first. She said, “I was aware I was lacking in something, so I just trained harder, running 100 miles a week , quite fast ,averaging 5 minutes per mile, but I had no sprinting power.

I did lots of weight lifting and working on building sites during vacations, giving me some upper body strength. These days, sport is about ego and money.

Equality s a political con trick. I was lucky to have gone to university when it was for only 3% of the population and suited academics like me. Now it is just another money making con which also makes dole queues look shorter while offering the illusion of knowledge. Hence the brits slavish support for Ukraine, because they cannot think for themselves. “

Putin Bashing , Toxocariasis  Politia & Killing Transsexuals Like

Roberta Jane Cook.

It is with regret that Roberta Jane Cook announces she has a terminal illness with less than two months to live. It is called toxocariasis  politia  ( poisonous police ). Therefore this website is running down as she does not feel fit to work anymore. She has had 14 years of extreme stress and police harassment in so called free democratic Britain and they have taken their toll.

The illness has unpleasant and at first invisible effects. It spreads through society destroying the justice system. The larvae breeds malicious false evidence, burying and smothering the precious seeds of truth. This is because this is because toxocariasis  politia the poisonous larvae multiply around the victim surreptitiously and increasing numbers. By the time the illness has taken effect it is too late because toxocariasis  politia infects the victims health carers with blinding them by creating fake mental health , alcoholic neuropathy , liver disease , non engagement with state bodies , alcoholism and fake crime reports. The disease is known to mimic truth and blind people to injustice committed in their name.

The effects are to destroy the victims professional credibility, social isolation, bankruptcy, loss of will to live. The pernicious state funded disease replaced truth with lies and can cause severe mental illness unless the victim commits suicide, the only known cure to an otherwise long lingering , painful and humiliating death. The disease thrives in Western Style democracy like Britain’s- where government hopes to legalise transphobia as a toxin disguised amusingly described as free speech – as with Julian Assange showing many of the symptoms. One only has to look at all the ‘free Assange protestors’ being ignored by British Democracy to realise that toxocariasis  politia is more rife and deadly than Covid 19.

Roberta has been the subject of a police, mental health and her doctor’s so called ‘multi agency approach’ , with medical and police records denied her for many years, so the disease is in an advanced stage. There is no hope. Therefore she has decided that there is no alternative but for her to end her life.

Roberta said ” I very much regret having to leave my equally vilified son alone, but have no choice due to ramped up harassment. My other adult son was in his mother’s care until sectioned. The State has refused disclosure of records for the last 14 years. I am now very ill and cannot continue.

‘Powerful’ explosions on outskirts of Ukrainian city of Lviv after ‘rockets fired from Crimea’

Lucia Binding, news reporter –

Read More ‘Powerful’ explosions on outskirts of Ukrainian city of Lviv after ‘rockets fired from Crimea’ (

Comment What else does the west expect ? They put Ukraine NATO & EU, with all its perks for the privileged, membership on the agenda. Now Zelensky wants planes and tanks because of ‘butcher Putin.’ We had nothing like this level of coverage for U.K and U.S atrocities in the Middle East and Saudis – who’s people were responsible for 9/11 – in Yemen. We even have war crimes whistle blower Assange still locked up and effectively a dead man. That is Western style democracy ( sic ). Mainstream media’s posh boys and girls are just not interested.

The soon to be late Roberta Jane Cook who is not allowed to see her police and medical records – which the CPS say are marked ‘sensitive.’ That is British Democracy at work. Its elite have the cheek to condemn Russia.

R J Cook

Drivers allowed not to race if ‘uncomfortable’ with Saudi events

Frank Parker – Yesterday 16:00

Several F1 teams have allowed their drivers to not compete in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix if they do not wish to race under the current circumstances.

Read More Drivers allowed not to race if ‘uncomfortable’ with Saudi events (

The Bottom Line – Saudi Arabia is a British and U.S supported vile dictatorship.

Comment This is OK so long as those drivers who do score points have them notched against the championship. Sainted Hamilton, who wrecked Verstappen’s number one car last season was treated as victim, the latter being penalised for obeying orders to let Hamilton pass. Hamilton only qualified 16th for this race , but there will still be those who think the sport’s priority is for him to be helped to break Schumacher’s record. Sport is now about obscene money and politics.

The bottom line is that British created Saudi Arabia is a vile dictatorship that has been bombing and killing in the Yemen for years – with British weapons. Russia who was the target of U.S and U.K regime change, being pushed into war over national security and the genocide of ethnic Russians and has been the subject of vile U.K & U.S propaganda. Biden has come into the open calling for Russians to topple Vladimir Putin.

This because they and the U.K want control of Ukraine and Russia’s resources, land and people. Their big lie is that the corrupt U.K and U.S are beacons of freedom. They lie that only Russian leaders have massive wealth, mansions and yachts. The U.K and U.S welcomed the creation of Russia’s oligarchs and would welcome them now if they would simply support the United States and U.K. R. J Cook

Legalising Hate In U.K

Rowling’s work is about fantasy.
Without evidence in spite of constant police monitoring, the British Police State accused and arrested Roberta Jane Cook for prostitution in February 2018. Britain is not a democracy. It is a plutocracy. It appears she has no right of defence since their multi agency approach labelled her a bi polar delusional paranoid schizophrenic not needing hospital yet. Under current U.K Police state legislation, she can be sectioned at any time and cannot earn a living.
Hate preachers squeal when the hose is turned on them.
U.K Free Speech law change for soft targets in response to Putin Claiming to have something in common with J K Rowling & Cancel Culture.

Roberta Jane Cook

March 25th 2022

Turkey won’t transfer Russian missile systems to Ukraine – Erdogan

Turkey won't transfer Russian missile systems to Ukraine – Erdogan
A wise decision unless Erdogan wants a just Russian response which I will leave to readers imagination. The world needs a balance of power, not a U.S led World dictatorship.
Today’s U.K Metro newspaper revelled in news that Lavrov’s stepdaughter’s London mansion has been sequestrated. These rich Russians and their ill gotten Yeltsin money were welcomed.
They are no better or worse than the U.K and U.S idle rich or absurdly spoiled monarchy. They are beside this particular point, beyond this war. R J Cook.

Ankara called use of Russia’s S-400s “a done deal”

Turkey’s long-planned use of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems will not be reversed, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told journalists on Friday as he was flying home from a summit of NATO leaders in Brussels. Western media claimed the US was negotiating a possible transfer of the weapons from Turkey to Ukraine, while offering various defense concessions in return.

“This is a done deal for us. They are our property serving our defense, so it’s over,” the Turkish leader said, when asked about the S-400 systems.

Donald Trump’s US government kicked Ankara out of the F-35 program in retaliation for buying Russian military hardware, back in 2019.

Read More Turkey won’t transfer Russian missile systems to Ukraine – Erdogan — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Qatar says replacing Russian gas is impossible

Qatar says replacing Russian gas is impossible
What a Gas !

The country refuses to take sides in the Ukraine crisis

Replacing Russian natural gas on the European market is “not practically possible,” Qatari Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi said in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

The official, who is also the president and CEO of state-owned QatarEnergy, noted that “from 30 to 40% of the total volume of gas supplied to the world market comes from Russia.”

The EU imposed economic sanctions on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine, and announced it would move towards gradually slashing consumption of Russian natural gas this year. Over 40% of the EU’s gas imports come from Russia.

Read More Qatar says replacing Russian gas is impossible — RT Business News

Ukraine requests 1,000 missiles per day from US – media

The reported move comes as Russia’s military offensive enters its second month

Tensions finally erupted into open warfare along Russia’s border with Ukraine on Thursday 24 February after Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the eastern regions of the neighbouring state, confirming fears that had lingered since December that he was amassing troops intent on an invasion.

Read More Why does Russia want to block Ukraine from joining Nato? (

Why does Russia want to block Ukraine from joining Nato?

Joe Sommerlad 

Tensions finally erupted into open warfare along Russia’s border with Ukraine on Thursday 24 February after Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the eastern regions of the neighbouring state, confirming fears that had lingered since December that he was amassing troops intent on an invasion.

The Kremlin leader said he believed that Russia had to take decisive action to extinguish a threat to its national security and that Moscow planned to carry out the “demilitarisation and de-Nazification” of Ukraine by toppling its leadership, also promising to put an end to eight years of war in which government forces have been battling pro-Russian separatists.

Read More Russia news – RT International

March 24th 2022

Boris Johnson snubbed as Macron and other EU leaders completely ignore him at Nato meeting

Thomas Kingsley 

Boris Johnson snubbed as Macron and other EU leaders completely ignore him at Nato meeting (

Boris Johnson  was awkwardly stood alone as EU leaders apparently ignored him ahead of the Nato family photo.

A clip of the meeting shows EU leaders greeting one another cheerfully at the start of the Nato summit while Boris Johnson stood looking on with his hands in his pockets.

Emmanuel Macron could be seen shaking hands and smiling with other EU leaders only a few feet from the UK prime minister who looked around awkwardly as he waited for a greeting from the French president.

A Party Boy – Roberta Jane Cook

Comment Britain left Europe to get one up on the EU with the U.S and NATO. His rhetoric is going to get Europe into ever deeper excrement , if they listen.

The Ukraine issue was simple enough to start with, but it was to be Boris’s fantasy ‘finest hour.’ Now thousands are dead and millions displaced. The Brits have exchanged clapping the NHS for clapping a Ukraine most know little about. If Boris has his way, it will get a lot worse. He can rely on fellow American Jo Biden to help lead us through the gates to hell.

Europe needs to put its own immediate interests before a Britain that is as shambolic as Johnson looks and sounds. For all of his privileged background, he only managed a 2:2 at Oxford, because he was, and still is a ‘Party Boy.’ R J Cook

Threat looms of Russian attack on undersea cables to shut down West’s internet

Sébastian SEIBT  

US President Joe Biden warned this week that Russia is considering attacks on critical infrastructure. One of the scenarios that has been mooted since the start of the war in Ukraine is that Moscow will attack undersea cables in order to cut off the world’s internet. But this worst-case scenario is more difficult to implement than it sounds.© Alexander Zemlianichenko, AP

“Based on evolving intelligence, Russia might be planning a cyber attack against us,” Biden said at a press conference on March 21. 

Read More Threat looms of Russian attack on undersea cables to shut down West’s internet (

Comment The key word here is ‘might.’ In this U.S U.K led proxy war, Russia might be doing or about to do anything. The same ‘might bes’ are also true of the United States. Their CIA are capable of anything , as Latin America knows all too well.

Biden has given two important clues as to their pseudo moralising motivation in this matter. Biden made clear that Nordstream 2 was not going to be certificated . This pipe line, most significantly, by passes Ukraine. It has been a festering sore for the U.S who are out to empower Ukraine to their advantage. Nordstream 2 would weaken its control of Russian gas into Europe and further dim the prospects for selling Europe United States liquified shale gas.

Secondly, Biden announced their road to a ‘New World Order’ which the United States must lead. That is what this is all about, with Brexit Britain’s elite well and truly on board – so much so it is difficult to know who is leading who because on both sides of the Atlantic we are talking a about a very small mega rich dominant elite. R J Cook.

March 23rd 2022

Border officials expect Biden to end Trump Title 42 border policy in April

by Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security Reporter |   | March 23, 2022

ACLU vs Trump
FILE – In this Jan. 3, 2019, file photo, a migrant from Honduras pass a child to her father after he jumped the border fence to get into the U.S. side to San Diego, Calif., from Tijuana, Mexico. As of this week, the ACLU has filed nearly 400 lawsuits and other legal actions against the Trump administration, some meeting with setbacks but many resulting in important victories. Of the lawsuits, 174 have dealt with immigrant rights, targeting the family separation policy, detention and deportation practices, and the administration’s repeated attempts to make it harder to seek asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza, File)
Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP

Border officials are expecting and preparing for an April announcement of plans to end a pandemic policy implemented by the Trump administration that allows for immediately turning migrants back to Mexico, multiple government officials told the Washington Examiner.

Democrats and immigrant advocates have pushed President Joe Biden to end the policy, saying that it unfairly prevents migrants from making legitimate asylum claims.

Republicans, though, have warned that undoing the policy, known as Title 42, will further overwhelm Border Patrol agents and facilities, pulling agents from the field and leaving the border wide open and easily penetrable.

Read More Border officials expect Biden to end Trump Title 42 border policy in April | Washington Examiner

Book on Anne Frank betrayer withdrawn after historians publish disproval


The Dutch publisher of the controversial book ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’ by Canadian poet and biographer Rosemary Sullivan has withdrawn the book, after a detailed disproval by a team of historical experts.
Ambo Anthos publishers, while apologizing in Dutch and English, said that “based on conclusions of this report, we have decided that effective immediately, the book will no longer be available, and bookstores should return their stock.”

Meanwhile, Rosemary Sullivan and the granddaughter of Jewish notary Arnold van den Bergh, who was accused of betraying Frank, called on publisher HarperCollins to stop global publication.
At a presentation in Amsterdam on March 22, 2022 the team of historians refuted the claim that Bergh betrayed Anne Frank’s family and other Jewish people in hiding.

The historians have also claimed that there is no credible evidence that there were lists of addresses of Jewish people in hiding. Furthermore, they have given evidence that months before the raid on the secret annex, Van den Bergh had gone into hiding in Laren, Netherlands, and an anonymous note accusing him contains factual inaccuracies and is unreliable.

“It is without exception very weak, sometimes based on an evidently erroneous reading of the sources, fabricated additions to sources, and has not in any way been subjected to a critical assessment,” the report concluded.

For the unversed, ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation’ has been widely dismissed by experts since its release in January. Last month, the main umbrella group for Europe’s national Jewish communities urged HarperCollins to pull the English edition, saying it had tarnished Anne Frank’s memory and the dignity of Holocaust survivors.

Meanwhile, Frank’s diary about life in hiding has been translated into 60 languages. She and seven other Jews were discovered in August 1944 after they had evaded capture for nearly two years in a secret annex above a canalside warehouse in Amsterdam. All were deported and Frank died in the Bergen Belsen camp at age 15.

With inputs from Reuters

US, Ukraine quietly try to pierce Putin’s propaganda bubble

Via AP news wire 

The U.S. and Ukraine have knocked back Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to falsely frame the narrative of his brutal war, but they are struggling to get a more accurate view of the Kremlin‘s invasion in front of the Russian people.

Read More US, Ukraine quietly try to pierce Putin’s propaganda bubble (

Fear Is Power by Roberta Jane Cook

Comment What they really mean is that they are desperately working to undermine the Russian’s morale. Here in the U.K it is non stop NATO and Ukrainian propaganda. Ukraine is not a democracy. It is a dangerous NATO puppet that has banned opposition parties and is in bed with the far right. We are getting a very one sided view over here. It is pathetic how people fall for all this nonsense about Dunkirk and making sacrifices.

The great British , U.S and EU public revealed how sheep like and compliant most are with COVID. It is easy to scare them and fear is POWER. There is no free speech. We have to obey the rich ,powerful and their laws – or else. They are out to frighten the Russian public. Putin needs to face up to a truly horrible situation which he did not cause, but will be blamed for. NATO is full of pompous disingenuous self righteous people. They want Ukraine now and aren’t worried about the cost. R J Cook

Iran’s FM in Syria to discuss Ukraine war, ties with Arabs

Via AP news wire

The foreign ministers of Iran and Syria, two allies of Russia, will discuss the war in Ukraine and other developments during a meeting in Damascus on Wednesday, Syria’s foreign minister said.Syria Iran - Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved© Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved Syria Iran – Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved

Faisal Mekdad spoke to reporters at Damascus airport shortly after his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, arrived for talks with top Syrian officials.

Read More Iran’s FM in Syria to discuss Ukraine war, ties with Arabs (

Comment The west fermented and prolonged Syria’s war because they wanted the oil and regime change. NATO war crimes are always ignored or covered up. They also want regime change in Iran. The recently released British Iranian was called a spy by Boris Johnson. R J Cook

‘Humanitarian disasters’ if Russia and Ukraine wheat exports are stopped – OECD

John-Paul Ford Rojas, buisness reporter 

Some countries could face humanitarian disasters if Russia and Ukraine stop wheat exports, according to an OECD report on the economic impact of the war.Russia and Ukraine account for 30% of all global wheat exports© Reuters Russia and Ukraine account for 30% of all global wheat exports

Read More ‘Humanitarian disasters’ if Russia and Ukraine wheat exports are stopped – OECD (

The E.U. Is United Against Russia—With One Notable Exception

Amanda Coakley/Budapest 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in the Moscow Kremlin on Feb 1

On a warm day in June 1989, Jozsef Gulyas stood in Budapest’s Heroes’ Square and heard a speech that gave him hope. Then in his forties, the miner wanted freedom and for his country to throw off the shackles of communism. He wanted out of Russia’s sphere of influence and to join the West.

Giving the speech that day was a 26-year-old Viktor Orban, wearing a scruffy suit and a head of thick dark curls. He too wanted out from under the core state of the imploding Soviet Union. “Nobody should believe that a party-state will spontaneously change,” Orban told the crowd that day. “We cannot accept the empty promises of Communist politicians.”

Read More The E.U. Is United Against Russia—With One Notable Exception (

Ukraine’s far right are real and growing. Many would welcome them in the U.K which is why the government are so fussy about refugees. These people have legitimacy in Ukraine and NATO is happy to have them as proxy warriors.

Where Oban Is Coming From – by Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment Oban has , in my view, much to commend his opinion. This is not a war of good versus evil. This Old Testament biblical simplification is pap from the rich for the masses.

The elites on both sides are not paragons of virtue. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Bertrand Russell wrote in his study ‘Power.’

Mansion dwellers on both side of the arguments illustrate that issue, along with their yachts. However, the west are running out of control in competition with Russia and, more importantly China. The West are ahead on war crimes, but they make and enforce war crime law. The City of London could not wait to soak up Russian oligarch’s money stolen under the western placeman Boris Yeltsin. They are ahead on lies and hypocrisy. They invented the global economy.

Those people have the wherewithal to starve and have us hating each other. They are putting 18 – 21 year olds in the firing line when the worldwide white population is at an all time low. Meanwhile Africa and India’s sub continent are being exploited by the global rich, where west and east are in competition. This is not to mention the horrors inflicted on the Middle East. The outcome is cultural chaos and populations all seeking Nirvana in Europe.

That is where Oban is coming from and he is right to sense danger. Interestingly, Ukraine recognises the Fra Right Azov battalion with its political wing. This, apart from the U.K’s anti white policy, is why the U.K government is suspicious of Ukraine’s refugees. The U.K elite are happy to deny Ukrainian Nazis exist , yet knowingly approve their brutal and leading role in this NATO proxy war. R J Cook.

Amore Vero, seized by French officials last Thursday - AP
The global elite on both sides make and break the rules. Corruption and lies are on both sides, but there needs to be a new age of reason or humanity’s leaders will destroy the masses.

March 22nd 2022

The Democrats’ radical, undemocratic agenda

by Washington Examiner  | March 22, 2022 12:00 AM

Harsh reality for too many ‘privileged white’ Americans, where manufacturing was shifted to China for cheap labour, where cheap steel comes from,. The coal mines were closed down because they didn’t need steel and oil billionaires saw a fortune from planet busting shale gas, which they want hawked , under cover of ‘democracy’ to Europe because they fear Russia, and, ironically China. They , like U.K’s political elite, are short termists profit and pleasure seekers.
R J Cook.

For all their talk about protecting democracy, Democrats sure are proving quick to abandon it by sidelining Congress and pushing President Joe Biden to enact a far-left agenda unilaterally through executive action.

Last week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus released “Recommendations for Executive Action,” a six-page document outlining policies that left-wing Democrats failed to persuade even a Democratic-controlled Congress to pass. They now want Biden to use presidential power alone to implement what has been rejected by the representatives of the wider public. Can there be a more crystalline example of elitism over equality?

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Biden says US must lead ‘new world order’

The 46th president highlighted the role Washington would have among the “free” states

US President Joe Biden raised eyebrows on Monday after he claimed a “new world order” would soon be established and that it was up to the United States to lead it.

During a speech at Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting, Biden claimed the world was at “an inflection point” which “occurs every three or four generations” and that it was up to the US to determine the outcome.

“As one of the top military people said to me in a security meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946, and since then we’ve established a liberal world order and that hadn’t happened in a long while,” the president said.

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Aid convoys struggling to reach ‘encircled’ Ukrainian cities, UN claims

Blocking cities is “unacceptable in the 21st century,” an official with the World Food Programme has said

Aid agencies are struggling to reach civilians in Ukrainian cities blocked by the Russian military, Jakob Kern, an emergency coordinator with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Saturday.

“The challenge is to get to the cities that are encircled or about to be encircled,” Kern told the news agency AFP, describing the humanitarian situation on the ground as “dire.”

Ukraine’s food supply chain has effectively been broken amid the ongoing conflict, he said, with the WFP having to stock its warehouses “from zero.” He condemned what he described as Russia’s tactic of blocking cities, stating that it was “unacceptable in the 21st century.”

“The closer you go to these cities, the more worried [truck drivers] are about their safety,” Kern said. “And that means we’re not able to reach people in Mariupol, Sumy, Kharkiv… in the cities that are almost encircled by now – or completely, in the case of Mariupol.”

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‘Something happening here.’

From F.S

Wuhan, where Covid 19 allegedly originated in a meat market , was the first place to switch on a 5G network. Read on.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is the main
problem this year involving the entire world (1).
This is an infectious disease caused by a newlydiscovered coronavirus. This virus is a member of
related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and
birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory
tract infections that can be mild, such as some cases
of the common cold (among other possible causes,
predominantly rhinoviruses), and others that can
be lethal, such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.
Among them, COVID-19 is an enveloped virus with
a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and a
nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genome size
of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 27 to
34 kilobases, the largest among known RNA viruses
(2, 3). To date, many scientists have tried to find a
method to cure this disease (4, 5); however, without
success. COVID-19 may have effects on different
types of cells. For example, it has been argued that
this virus may have some effects on dermatologic
cells (6). On the other hand, it has been known that
some waves in 5G technology have direct effects on
the skin cells (7). Thus, there are some similarities
between effects of COVID-19 and waves in 5G
A new question arises regarding a relationship
between 5G technology and COVID-19. The 5G
technology is the fifth-generation mobile technology
in which its frequency spectrum could be divided into
millimeter waves, mid-band, and low-band. LowKey words: dermatologic antenna; COVID-19; 5G technology; millimeter wave; DNA; inductor
In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting
like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological
cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure
could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic
waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to
shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in
liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced.
These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce
these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size
of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like
structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.
Corresponding Author:
Dr Massimo Fioranelli,
Department of Nuclear,
Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics,
Guglielmo Marconi University,
Via Plinio 44-00193, Rome, Italy
5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells
M. Fioranelli1
, A. Sepehri1
, M.G. Roccia1
, M. Jafferany2
, O. Yu. Olisova3
K.M. Lomonosov3
and T. Lotti1,3
Department of Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics, G. Marconi University, Rome, Italy;
Central Michigan Saginaw, Michigan , USA; 3
Department of Dermatology and Venereology, I.M.
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
Received May 13, 2020 – Accepted June 9, 202

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March 21st 2022

Russia threatens to cut ties with US after Biden labels Putin a ‘war criminal’

Jennifer Rankin in Brussels and Julian Borger in Washington

Russia has warned of a breach of its relations with Washington and summoned the US ambassador in Moscow for an official protest over Joe Biden’s labelling of Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, as the US president held talks with European allies on efforts to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Fact-checking Biden’s claim that oil and gas companies are price gouging

by Sarah Westwood, Investigative Reporter

As rising prices at the pump continue to squeeze wallets, President Joe Biden has stepped up attacks on oil corporations that he claims are charging motorists more just to pad their pockets.

It was the latest scapegoat for the high fuel costs that have put political pressure on Democrats. Biden and his aides had previously attempted to pin the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine prompted Biden to ban imports of Russian oil and gas earlier this month.

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EU has enough gas to survive through summer without Russian supplies

by Breanne Deppisch, Energy and Environment Reporter  | March 21, 2022

The European Union has enough gas in storage to last through the summer without curtailing demand even if Russia cut its gas flow today, according to a new analysis by energy consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie.

Though EU nations remain deeply dependent on Russian supplies, the report found it is in a decidedly better position to cope without Russian piped gas now than it was several months ago.

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More of the same – by Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment Reality is a little more complex than propaganda and press release journalism would have us believe . I agree with China that history is on Russia’s side. But that is no comfort for the misery , bereavement and hardship that this NATO provoked rich man’s war has caused and is perpetuating. Political education in the west has become progressively one sided. Very few understand anyone east of Berlin. West Ukrainian’s have been given an idealised view of so called western democracy and its asinine multi culture. Only the rich and super rich count here.

No honest informed person could blame Russia for this hell on earth war. But it could easily get worse. NATO want Ukraine. I do not believe Zelensky was ever free to negotiate. Poroshenko had better things to do, so handed over the NATO poisoned chalice. Britain’s political elite are as one in their support for resourcing and prolonging this war. The propaganda machine is 24/7. They and their U.S counterparts have a lot riding on this. I am not so sure about the misguided EU. They feel too close for comfort. My generation and the one below are still infected by myths about World War Two.

I have made clear RCONB’s sympathy for Russia. However, I always thought it incredibly stupid to harness Western Europe to a region so culturally different from its’ own. The same is true for western dependency on China’s manufactured goods. Britain and its self righteous climate change fighting elites have brazenly shifted manufacturing pollution into the old second and third world. Apart from the profitability of cheap labour, this is to please naïve easily fooled bourgeoise and especially their student offspring. Now, because of this and NATO greed, we have a carbon foot print to end all carbon foot prints,

Russia has two terrifying options, to ignore western moralising and go for broke, or to give in and face the wraith and diminished world status which will open the door to NATO and cultural denigration to end all that Russia ever achieved. That was where it was going under Yeltsin. Navalny was to bring it all back.

Arrogant Navalny facing court after the fake NOVOCHOK incident intended to incriminate Vladimir Putin. He was being groomed for a Poroshenko style coup.

I don’t like war , as the Royal Navy were quick to discern in my case. However, war happens because rich powerful people set it up. World War One started out as a clash between two first cousins, Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II, and their Russian and German empires. Both men were obviously Germans. Their other first cousin, Edward VII and his British Empire were quick to join.

It was about theirs and their class’s freedom. Tsar Nicholas II was an incompetent vacillating inbred idiot , like his cousins. He paid the price for years of neglecting his people and then being vain enough to take command of the Russian army because mad monk Rasputin told his wife to tell him to do so.

Rasputin wanted him out of the way because he was having an affair with the Tsar’s wife – the Tsarina. Nicholas’s price was the Revolution and execution along with his wife and family. Europe’s elite found the French Revolution alarming enough. This was too much.

So as they import an apparently unending supply of cheap labour, grinding the masses into the dirt, they fear for their privileges and lives. That is why they , and their war mongering arm, NATO, want to push on through Ukraine, with or without Zelensky, who they will martyr if they have to. Western conglomerates got rich off the feeding frenzy following from Yeltsin’s western backed coup. This is more of the same. R J Cook

An MI6 agent is secretly filmed briefing a Russian collaborator on how to subvert Vladimir Putin’s government for the west’s advantage. They were secretly filmed and voice recorded by the FSB. We are supposed to believe only Russians send agents overseas. It is intriguing that the Skripal’s have never been seen since their alleged poisoning by the FSB, just a few miles down the road from Britain’s premier chemical weapons establishment Porton Down near Salisbury.
The Skripal’s Salisbury home was bulldozed out of existence. I was told the restaurant where the Skripal’s were poisoned, had a secret room. The person telling me made frequent deliveries and heard muffled voiced discussions and arguments from behind a wall in the early hours.
It always puzzled me why a senior scientist in the 1970s, with the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment at Portsmouth ( ASWE ) , known to me personally , had business at Porton Down. I mention it here because I think it is dangerous to portray Russia as the only country which uses bio and chemical weapons. This sort of talk riles and inflames the masses.
Britain is far too secretive, hypocritical and elitist to call itself a democracy. Britain was the first country to use mustard gas in World war One – often when the wind was in the wrong direction according to World War One Officer , Oxford academic and acclaimed writer Robert Graves in ‘Goodbye to all that.’

March 20th 2022

Fallujah During the Iraq War

The United States bombardment of Fallujah began in April 2003, one month after the beginning of the invasion of Iraq. In April 2003 United States forces fired on a group of demonstrators who were protesting against the US presence. US forces alleged they were fired at first, but Human Rights Watch, who visited the site of the protests, concluded that physical evidence did not corroborate US allegations and confirmed the residents’ accusations that the US forces fired indiscriminately at the crowd with no provocation. 17 people were killed and 70 were wounded. In a later incident, US soldiers fired on protesters again; Fallujah’s mayor, Taha Bedaiwi al-Alwani, said that two people were killed and 14 wounded. Iraqi insurgents were able to claim the city a year later, before they were ousted by a siege and two assaults by US forces. These events caused widespread destruction and a humanitarian crisis in the city and surrounding areas. As of 2004, the city was largely ruined, with 60% of buildings damaged or destroyed, and the population at 30%–50% of pre-war levels.

US and Iraqi forces kill hundreds of IS fighters fleeing Fallujah

Coalition commanders say vehicles, men and weapons destroyed in air raids against huge convoys of IS fleeing Iraq in defeat

Iraqi soldiers inspect destroyed IS vehicles south of Fallujah (AFP)

Fallujah: US Marines – Further Allegations of War Crimes Surface

Opinion » Columnists

As the US-unleashed Grim Reaper continues to cull Iraqis in ever rising numbers, this month of the twenty third anniversary of the 1991 US led onslaught on Iraq and just weeks away from the eleventh woeful wake for the 2003 illegal invasion, yet another atrocity in a litany of those under the illegal US-UK occupation has come to light.

Fallujah: US Marines - Further Allegations of War Crimes Surface. 52012.jpeg

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Fallujah, now under attack from US installed tyrant Nuri al Maliki’s sectarian militia armed with US supplied weapons, with the US also: ” … looking to provide additional shipments of Hellfire missiles to Iraq … as well as ten Scan Eagle drones and forty eight Raven drones” (Guardian, 7th January 2014) now, another previously unreported US war crime of the myriad heaped on the city in 2004, also returns to haunt them. 

The Americans invaded, chillingly: “house to house, room to room”, raining death and destruction on the proud, ancient “City of Mosques.”

One correspondent wrote: “There has been nothing like the attack on Fallujah since the Nazi invasion and occupation of much of the European continent – the shelling and bombing of Warsaw in September 1939, the terror bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940.”

Further: ” …the ‘battle for Fallujah’ was entirely one-sided. US military and technical superiority over the Iraqi resistance (was) as great, if not greater, than the American army’s advantage over their Indian opponents in the 1870s and 1880s.”(i)

Seventy percent of houses and shops were reported destroyed, with those still standing damaged. Iraqi doctor, Ali Fadhil, described a city: ” … completely devastated, destruction everywhere. It looked like a city of ghosts. Falluja used to be a modern city; now there was nothing. We spent the day going through the rubble that had been the centre of the city; I didn’t see a single building that was functioning.”(City of Ghosts, The Guardian, January 11, 2005.)

Nicholas J. Davies, author of  “Blood on our Hands – the American Invasion and Destruction of  Iraq”, has written: “The Fallujah Compensation Committee reported in March 2005 that the assault destroyed 36,000 homes, 9,000 shops, 65 mosques, 60 schools, both train stations, one of the two bridges, two power stations, three water treatment plants and the city’s entire sanitation and telephone systems.”

A US Marine Sergeant had told Channel 4 News: “We’ll unleash the dogs of hell, we’ll unleash ’em… They don’t even know what’s coming – hell is coming! If there are civilians in there, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.” (November 8, 2004) Welcome to liberation, freedom and democracy, US style..

The horrors of 1991, 2003 and the subsequent years will haunt Iraq for decades to come, possibly, as the Mongol invasion, to which it has been compared, for all time, as the US-UK multiple atrocities ring on down the years, with further unearthing of the lies, blood, massacres and bestialities.

Those responsible for the litany of crimes against humanity appear currently on US television and give interviews in publications, talking of their trauma and sacrifice in Fallujah’s near destruction and their wholesale butchery, as the city suffers yet further.  “Most veterans are deeply disappointed that the struggles and the sacrifices they made…have seemingly been for naught”, Peter Manor, a retired US officer who served in Iraq as a brigade Commander and on the staff of Gen. David Petraeus, is quoted as saying. 

“The images of al-Qaida militants surging back into cities that were secured at an enormous sacrifice has chilled Americans who fought in Iraq”, is a typical comment. Try burying you husband, wife, children in the garden or yard, pinned down by US fire, unable to even transport them to a remaining Mosque, then cemetery, to weep them farewell – or watching them eaten by stray dogs, and under US fire, unable to rescue their remains.

In context, that unnamed US Marine again: “It wasn’t a war, it was a massacre.”

As late as September 2010, American soldiers were still murdering the inhabitants of Fallujah, including an eighty five year old man and seven souls described as “youngsters.”

That same month a Report was presented to the 15th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva entitled: “Testimonies of Crimes Against Humanity in Fallujah – Towards a Fair International Criminal Trial.” 

The document: “…pleads and implores”, the United Nations in : “…respect for the memory (of the) victims, to investigate the crimes and violations”, in the document, and all that: “has been inflicted upon Iraq, placing the country at the top of the world’s daily list for deaths, displaced persons, both internally and externally, the ensuing savage corruption, child molestation, rape, rampant kidnapping, contrary to the noble goals and (founding aspirations) of your Organization.” (ii)
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P&O Ferries chaos sparks backlog at ports with fresh food set to go off before it reaches supermarket shelves

Katie Grant

Gaps could begin to appear on supermarket shelves within days after P&O Ferries’ shock firing of 800 employees threw the UK food supply chain into disarray.

Supermarket chains and haulage firms are braced for backlogs at ports after the embattled ferry company cancelled sailings in the wake of its decision to sack all its staff without notice and replace them with lower-paid agency workers.

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Comment More failures in the global capitalist system. P & O are owned by members of the Dubai billionaire tyrant’s club. That is O.K because they are very much not socialists. Britain loves Middle Eastern dictators as long as they do as they are told. Saddam Hussein never did know what he did wrong. His country experienced NATO war crimes first hand, which is why they locked up whistle blowers Assange and Manning, as I feel obliged to keep saying. R J Cook

How British ‘tank-busters’ are helping Ukraine halt Russian attack

Michael Savage, 

It has become a common sight in the first three weeks of the invasion of Ukraine – Russian tanks, transporters and supply trucks burnt out at the side of the road, picked off by lightweight weaponry. While intrepid Ukrainian troops have been deploying the tactics, Britain has played a role in supplying the tech and the knowhow. While Britain’s response to the refugee crisis in Ukraine has been heavily criticised, it is now widely acknowledged in the world’s defence ministries to have played a leading role in arming Ukrainian troops with the most effective weapons, as well as training.

Read More How British ‘tank-busters’ are helping Ukraine halt Russian attack (

Comment Britain is very much at the forefront of prolonging this war, but it doesn’t want the refugees on the same open door basis as the cheap labour economic migrants from North Africa and Middle East. Britain’s Labour Party has decided that the government’s ‘Homes for Ukranians’ scheme is unworkable.

I have just watched Stephen Sackur. patronising the EU energy minister on the BBC. This privileged self styled BBC hardman joined the BBC in 1985 after Cambridge and Harvard Universities. His precise wealth and pay is a guarded secret, but it is , along with his pay cheque rather substantial like all leading mainstream media mouthpieces.

So not surprisingly , leaning forward earnestly , looking over his spectacles , presumably like his old elite Grammar School headmaster, pen and notes in hand, he interrogated and berated the young female minister. She quite reasonably said that they could not replace Russian gas overnight. He said it should happen tomorrow and people should consume less.

My conclusion is that these spoilt protected elite people should not have an opinion. They, public servants and senior directors along with managers should take massive pay cuts. So should trigger happy politicians. Energy companies should be subject to massive profit taxes. Owners of large luxury vehicles, like SUVs , yachts , private jets, second homes and helicopters should be similarly penalised.

The arrogance of the elite and so called BBC talent is the essence of the problem. There are interesting and specific reasons why the likes of U.K and U.S.A have no problem trading with tyrannies like Kuwait , UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This s because they do not present a strategic threat and was one of the reasons they defended Kuwait in the first Gulf War of 1990 – offering the absurd excuse that Kuwait was a democracy.

They get away with it because people are astonishingly stupid and ignorant. But those same stupid ignorant people could turn very ugly when the consequences of this fake NATO engineered war for Ukraine’s freedom turns into food shortages, massive energy bills, tax rises and more. If they knew the truth, the rebellion and riots would be immediate.

We are being led by a bunch of privileged idiots on all sides in the U.S , U.K and E.U. They are important, us lower order folk are not. Being part of LGBTQI , BLM or TERF feminism will be no help if this push for global conflict goes any further. It is quite simple in the last analysis. NATO represents the western global elite who harbour an updated , post Yeltsin, Domino theory. NATO wants Ukraine , for resources, to weaken and retake Russia’s government , then march on to China, Biden and Johnson have spelt it out many times, Nordsteam 2 will not be certified until they get rid of Putin. Europe must accept U.S Liquified shale gas. These pious policemen of war crimes, do not give a damn about Yeltsin’s genocide policy in the Donbas – which is why this region wants to be reunited with Russia.

Russia has to be re made in the EU image. Freezing out Europe to starve Russia of revenue is worth the risk as far as the elite are concerned. Killing millions in a war led by 3 first cousins, Tsar Nicholas II , Kaiser Wilhelm II and King Edward VII , was no big deal for this comfortable power mad elite and their competing empires full of conscripted minions. Nor is this current war , except for their concerns that they are fighting the world’s second strongest military power, by proxy, and that they may end up facing the third strongest military power , China, alongside.

As I write, I have had a news update that the U.S and U.K are preparing for new Covid measures because a new strain has allegedly been identified and is ‘more transmissible.’ More measures will be needed and the NHS must be protected. Very convenient, I think. But then I am officially paranoid and due for trial. So don’t mind me. I am just another mad conspiracy theorists. Our elite would never lie. They tell us the way it is. They are our democracy and know what are acceptable truths. So trust the experts.

R J Cook

Post Script – hope.

“We can say we are hopeful for a ceasefire if the sides do not take a step back from the current positions,” the minister added, although he did not elaborate further on those positions.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin claimed during a Saturday interview on Al Jazeera television that the two sides were approaching compromises on four particular issues. These include Russia’s demand that Ukraine legally ratify its constitution to include the decision not to join NATO, that Ukraine demilitarize, that Ukraine seek “de-Nazification,” and that Ukraine maintain the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine.

China could soften blow of Russian sanctions, US warns

by Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter

President Joe Biden warned Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping to hold back from throwing Moscow an economic lifeline during its war against Ukraine, blunting the West’s penalties in a move the United States believes Beijing is eyeing.

U.S. officials have raised concerns about Beijing’s ability to supply Moscow with support, warning that China could face repercussions for aiding Russia as it continues its assault on Ukraine. Western sanctions have crushed Russia’s economy, but a lifeline from its trading partner and neighbor could help Moscow weather the storm.

Read More China could soften blow of Russian sanctions, US warns | Washington Examiner

Comment Any one who wants this war to stop any time soon, should hope that China does intervene. British , European and American people are being misled , to unite them , by the old ‘common enemy’ principle, which is why Britain did nothing to stop World War II. They feared their elite life style would provoke communism due to mass unemployment ,and saw the rise of Nazism, which many of the elite supported in principle, and feared for their lives.

That is what is happening now as the unsustainable global economy, relying on massive non white , no Chinese, overpopulation, is getting out of control. As Attenborough put it in his film ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ , ‘It is time for the ever popular war game.’ R J Cook

No longer neutral? War in Ukraine tests Finland’s stance on Russia

Grégoire SAUVAGE 

No longer neutral? War in Ukraine tests Finland’s stance on Russia (

Finland has traditionally walked a careful line of neutrality to avoid confrontation with its Russian neighbour. But the war in Ukraine is changing public attitudes, and joining NATO is becoming an increasingly realistic possibility. 

Ludovic Marin , Norway’s Prime Minister.
Sanna Mirella Marin was born on 16 November 1985 in Helsinki.She also lived in Espoo and Pirkkala before moving to Tampere. Her parents split up when she was very young; the family faced financial problems and Marin’s father, Lauri Marin, struggled with alcoholism. After her biological parents separated, Marin was brought up by her mother and her mother’s female partner.
Marin graduated from the Pirkkala High School in 2004 at the age of 19. Marin joined the Social Democratic Youth in 2006 and was its first vice president from 2010 to 2012.[12][6] She worked in a bakery and as a cashier while studying, graduating with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Administrative Science from the University of Tampere.

Twenty years ago, joining NATO would have been unthinkable in Finland. But a historic shift in public opinion is now under way, with a survey released on February 28 finding that, for the first time, a majority of the population (53%) was in favour of joining the Atlantic alliance – an increase of 25% since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

By March 14, a second poll found support for joining NATO had jumped again – to 62%.

Read More No longer neutral? War in Ukraine tests Finland’s stance on Russia (

Dripping with fat & fighting to the last knitting needle – by Miss Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment This should worry any intelligent person. It is, as I have written before, very easy to misrepresent and or to influence public opinion. Clearly dark forces for NATO recruitment are at work here.

It is precisely this kind of subterfuge for NATO expansion that has created a far more dangerous situation than people realise. NATO membership is a life insurance from a war mongering gang with deep ties to western arms manufacturers.

The Anglo American elite made it quite clear, long before this war came into the open, that Nordstream 2 was never going to come on line until there was regime change in Russia. They also insisted that Europe should be shipping in U.S liquified shale gas to stop. Europe fulfilling their contract for the expensive Russian pipeline. This was the opening round of the current World War III. The west has no claim to morality here. Putin’s wealth has no more relevance than British Royalty’s. Such regime change is not in China’s interest. So as with World War One, the world is dividing into two armed camps.

The British are advertising for foolish or desperate men to join the army volunteer reserves – women have disappeared from the adverts as women front line soldiers just would not cope. I was warned as I embarked on sex change treatment that female hormones would destroy muscle mass.

Females, however, understanding vulnerability , are, especially as politicians, very likely to call for men to fight wars to protect them and their children. They don’t appreciate the reality until their male relatives are killed, blinded or crippled. The same goes for spoilt buffoons like Johnson and Biden – the latter’s son having made a fortune from the corrupt Ukrainian genocidal regime. The first victim of war is the truth.

I grew up in the early 1950s, spending much time in my parent’s native Islington North London, where I also had a German aunt whose mother lived with her. I saw and played on the bombsites. As a small boy, I heard stories about both sides. My father was fluent in German.

My child’s acute ear spotted the similarities of the language and the people. I was led to believe , at a very early age, that the working people on both sides had been conned. Still , in my early 20s. I was stupid and ignorant enough to offer my self to the British armed forces, as an officer. I was told very brutally that I would need to be willing to kill or be killed without question. That absurd British mindset is very much alive among Britons looking for a cause after the ‘war on Covid19, a bio engineered weapon to soften us up for the current insanity.

We are supposed to forget how Putin held back from invading Ukraine in the hope that the perfidious west would implement Minsk, stop bombing Donbas and assure Ukraine’s neutrality. They would not because they want regime change before moving on to their greater and more alien target of China. It is about wealth, elitism and power – shrouded in secrecy and hypocrisy and just the thing for the gullible young female Norwegian Prime Minister. Such talk can only strengthen Putin’s resolve. It is absolutely clear that the western led world is at war with Russia and , therefore, anything is possible. Meanwhile , we not only have the massive carbon foot print of this war , we have global energy firms rushing to enhance their already war inflated profits, to explore every insane planet busting energy scheme they can get away with. R J Cook

Miss Roberta Jane Cook in summer 2008, when she was allegedly terrorising a senior police officer and his pre teen daughters, according to police & CPS withheld statements made in that year.
However, the purpose of using this image here – apart from to cause outrage and /or titillation – is to illustrate my obvious lack of muscle. This was because , as the gender specialist Dr Russell Reid had warned me , female hormones would destroy my muscle mass. It also , as you can see, wastes away something else ! Obviously if I had drunk gallons of alcohol, as police have lied that I do, or comfort eaten as many women do, then my body would be dripping with fat sacs.
In any of these events, I would be useless as a front line soldier. As we saw in Ukraine, the mums and grannies who were going to fight to the last knitting needle, actually turned and ran as fast as they could go, to western safe havens. Roberta Jane Cook

Russia-Ukraine war latest: thousands in Mariupol ‘deported to Russia’; China says it is on ‘right side of history’ – live

Helen Davidson

LIVE – Updated at 05:22

Mariupol council says civilians being sent away against their will; China criticises western sanctions and says its position is ‘objective and fair’.05:22

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said Russia’s siege of the port city of Mariupol was “a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come”, Reuters reports.

Read More Russia-Ukraine war latest: thousands in Mariupol ‘deported to Russia’; China says it is on ‘right side of history’ – live (

Comment I am afraid China’s opinion is quite correct. You can cut the Media and political bias in the U.K with a chain saw, it is that thick. The Western system is for rich elite benefit, which s why NATO provoked this war. They are responsible for war crimes across the world, if you count Anglo U.S activity in Africa, Latin America and the Falklands. They are hideous liars and are killing Assange to cover up war crimes. R J Cook.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook

March 19th 2022

Boris Johnson: Russian win would bring ‘age of intimidation’

By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at the Conservative Party Spring Forum in Blackpool, England, Saturday March 19, 2022. (Peter Byrne/PA via AP): Britain Politics

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Saturday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a “turning point for the world,” arguing that a victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces would herald “a new age of intimidation.”

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Arrogant Supercilious Clas Interested – by Roberta Jane Cook.

Comment NATO’s provocation of this war has brought death and ruin to Ukraine. Boris Johnson is an appalling and dangerous Prime Minister. He and his clique positioned themselves for this moment so that they could act against Russia, outside the EU in harmony with the U.S so called Democrat elite.

The above picture of Johnson is of an arrogant supercilious class interested bully. It is not difficult to spot the real Hitler. Boasting of getting the Islamist CIA trained Chechens on side is an indicator of where the NATO elite want Russia to go. The Chechens are war criminals. This war is escalating. The only way Chechens could reach Ukraine is via Germany where they have been hiding. Johnson does not know the difference between rhetoric and reaction. He is getting off on this. I find the bulbous sight and nasal sound of Johnson sickening . I can’t begin to imagine what effect this would be Churchill bombast and bluster has on Vladimir Putin. I have said it before : Zelinsky could not negotiate even if he wants to. He is fighting a proxy war for NATO and the western elite.

These foreign mercenaries is an escalation to which Russia must respond. The U.K elite are revealing their true colours having whipped up the masses. Today ,I watched the revolting spectacle of Ukrainian flags draped and waved for corrupt Ukraine, with sports nerd commentators talking up Ukraine before getting on with the Six Nations Rugby commentary. Just nauseating virtue signalling about a NATO colonising operation to work its way to the dreaded China.

The fact his war mongering clique do not care about the hardships they are already inflicting and their refusal to discuss how he and NATO have spent several years subverting Russia and bringing about this war. Ukraine has immense historical significance to Russia, It is where Russia almost single handed fought through and concluded World War Two in Germany by having their young soldiers ground into the mud by Nazis.

No doubt I would be arrested if I called NATO Nazis because I have been subject to ongoing police surveillance for the last 14 years and have been labelled paranoid schizophrenic but not needing hospital yet – so they have turned again toward having me jailed. Johnson has a cheek calling Russia a tyranny. If Russia loses we will find out just how tyrannical NATO intends to be – it s bad enough already. British democracy, as with the United States it begat, is Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. That is the tyranny to look forward to. To achieve this ,NATO will risk nuclear war if they have to. R J Cook

Boris Johnson: Russian win would bring ‘age of intimidation’

By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press

Biden tells China’s Xi of ‘consequences’ if Beijing gives Russia material support for Ukraine war

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Russia says it has used hypersonic missile; Zelenskiy urges ‘honest’ peace talks – liveEd Sheeran is taking his baby daughter on tour

Joe Biden has told China’s president of the “implications and consequences” Beijing faces if it gives Russia material support for its war in Ukraine, as Xi Jinping said the conflict needs to end as soon as possible.President Biden and President Xi spoke in a video call© Reuters President Biden and President Xi spoke in a video call

The pair spoke for almost two hours in a video call as the US sought to deter China from providing military or economic assistance for Vladimir Putin.

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History Repeats Itself

– Roberta Jane Cook

Comment Those who live in glasshouses should not throw stones. The Anglo American elite are greedy hypocrites. They are as one. Johnson is a dangerous patronising buffoon. Vile allegations are being made about Russians war crime. China is not allowed to offer Russia support in a war NATO provoked ,funding with weaponry, , ordnance , mercenaries and expertise – rather than deal with corrupt Ukraine’s years of war crimes in Donbas.

NATO pre armed and has continued backing Zelensky on the same old basis of Anglo U.S exceptionalism. They want the Yesltsin corruption back. I am not going to vent western propaganda on here . Their poison is to make matters worse, the more misery their support causes, the more their media virtue signals. They claim exceptionalism. This is high tide for them.

As for Putin and Oligarch’s having yachts, the question should be why so many worldwide have yachts and why so many western boat builders provide and maintain them. Putin is a head of state, like so many others in the west, he has privileged transportation.

The west only has problems with oligarchs who won’t join the attack on Putin. they have no problem with Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko. He was their first placeman in Ukraine, overthrowing the elected government. That was the start of it all. The Western elite enjoyed seeing Russian infrastructure sold off by their Yeltsin regime to the benefit of the oligarchs whose money was welcome in the west – where governments from Thatcher onwards, had raped Britain’s public services for private gain. That is what the NATO protected elite want world wide. They don’t care about overpopulation, war , famine and disease. These lying hypocrites have their plans for moralising carbon neutrality , mainly through shifting all the polluting industries to so called developing countries.

Vladimir Putin may have supply issues, which is normal in war and cost Rommel victory against the 8th army. Arguably Putin waited too long expecting a diplomatic solution to his reasonable concerns – putting it mildly. That is because NATO wanted war over Ukraine for the purposes of regime change in Russia as a means of closing in on China. Putin’s hesitance lost him the upper hand because he trusted the west to see his reasons.

In a western world oozing with poverty, NATO’s elite really don’t care. For the last two years they gave the masses the distraction of ludicrous lockdown , useless social distancing, masks and money making useless injections – useless in killing the virus, but a means to a very profitable end .

Now they are doing their best to bring on World War 3. What the above report does not point out is that the majority supplier of manufactured goods to the west, including computer chips and related equipment and clothing, comes from China. Gates was happy to have his computers etc, assembled there with girls paid 34p an hour. Now they moralise. It is sickening. The west has never had a problem with exploiting Chinese cheap labour and has been biding time on gaining regime control.

Whilst turning a blind eye with all their – in spite of all their humanitarian agencies – when it came to Ukraine’s provocative activity in Donbas – which is why they had stooges like Yelensky in place – they are lining Xi up for genocide war crimes against the Ughur Muslims and in Taiwan.

Britain told criminal lies to lead the United States into the second illegal Gulf War and are complicit in jailing resulting war crimes whistle blower Julian Assange to shut him up. Now I hear that Britain’s super hypocrites, former New Labour Leader Brown( Blair declines to comment ) broadcast that he and former Gulf War supporting Tory leader Major want Putin facing a Nuremberg style war crimes trial.

Brown and Major are spouting about Britain’s democracy and rule of law- they ignored 1.5 million anti war protestors jamming Westminster streets, both voting with Blair for war and ultimate war crimes. It was a war to rape and steal Iraq’s oil and gas industries, killing, crippling and displacing thousands in the process. So their hypocritical moralising is a sure way to get Putin to raise his hands, and take his finger off the nuclear button ( sic ).

As my old and most inspirational history teacher , John Skinner, often said History repeats itself. History repeats itself. Robert ! ” In the U.K , the authorities do not allow teaching of history. They prefer teaching correct opinions and deference to ones betters. Do that well enough and you can have an expensive toilet paper degree in women’s studies, sociology , politically correct literature or media studies – going on to brainwash others. It is a brilliant elite driven system at the masses’ expense.

The masses are already paying for this war. Worse is yet to come, taxes ever higher. I got a bill for another £1200 only the other day. Ukrainian refugees will be another massive expense that the rich won’t pay for, even though, as always, this is a rich man’s war. In this context, Russia is a place the western rich still fear because of the well deserved Russian Revolution which killed Britain’s Royal family’s first cousins following years of corrupt rule. The west took revenge by subverting and promoting the assassination of Lenin, leading to the tyranny of Stalin.

Our western media want us to believe that the paranoid Stalinism they put in power is back in the form of Vladimir Putin. Total vile propaganda. Directly challenging Russia in its own back yard is dangerous in the extreme. Russia has been airbrushed from its stoic and heroic role in defeating Nazism. This is a new world order built on criminal lies. By Biden’s argument, Obama , Blair et al should be on trial for war crimes .

R J Cook

Roberta Jane Cook , former lecturer in political history at Aylesbury College.

March 18th 2022

Erdogan opens huge suspension bridge linking Europe and Asia

By Daren Butler 

Turkish President Erdogan attends opening ceremony of the 1915 Canakkale Bridge

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – President Tayyip Erdogan opened a massive suspension bridge across Turkey’s Dardanelles Strait on Friday, the latest in a series of major infrastructure projects which he has prioritised during his two decades in power.

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Comment Will make it much easier to spread the Holy Word of Islam. It will also speed up Afghan drug traffic. R J Cook

Chinese carrier sails through Taiwan Strait hours before Biden-Xi call

By Yimou Lee 

TAIPEI (Reuters) -A Chinese aircraft carrier sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Friday, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said, just hours before the Chinese and U.S. presidents were due to talk.

China claims democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory, and has over the past two years stepped up its military activity near the island to assert its sovereignty claims, alarming Taipei and Washington.

A source with direct knowledge of the matter, who was not authorised to speak to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters the carrier Shandong sailed close to the Taiwan-controlled island of Kinmen, which sits directly opposite the Chinese city of Xiamen.

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Taiwan’s Imperfect Democracy

Taiwan’s recent elections were mostly free, but not completely fair. There were built-in advantages for the KMT.By Julian Baum & Gerrit van der Wees

Taiwan last month concluded its fifth presidential election in a confirmation of the momentous transition to democracy that began in the 1990s under former President Lee Teng-hui. Since then, the island republic has been a beacon of democratic practices in Asia, and passed through two changes of power between political parties. Observers in the United States and other Western countries routinely and justifiably praise the island and its people for their democratic achievements.

Taiwan’s democracy is indeed vibrant and often colorful and rambunctious. Yet a closer look reveals built-in hurdles and impediments that tilt the playing field heavily in favor of the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT). These obstacles strongly work against a healthy public discourse and fair competition, and especially against the opposition Democratic Progressive Party and other smaller parties that would like to have their voices heard.

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Military chief arrested and head of Russian Central Bank resigns as Putin’s inner circle crumbles

Lucy Williamson & Ashley Summerfield 

President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle appears to be crumbling after he arrested his own military chief and the head of the Russian Central Bank resigned. Elvira Nabiullina, 58, reportedly handed in her resignation after arguing with Putin over the devastation caused by Western Sanctions on the Russian people.

The war in Ukraine is into its third week and it is rumoured the president did not expect Western sanctions to be so severe. General Roman Gavrilov, deputy chief of Russia’s Rosgvardia Unit, has been arrested by the Federal Service of the Russian Federation – with the reason for his imprisonment unclear, according to Christo Grozev, a Bulgarian investigative journalist.

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March 16th 2022

Biden Announces Additional Military Support to Ukraine, Including Small Arms Meant to Arm Civilians

By Nick Ciolino March 16, 2022

LIVE: Biden Gives Update on UkraineEPOCHTV LIVE

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the assistance the United States is providing to Ukraine; the Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff attend.

President Joe Biden announced an additional $80 million in new support to Ukraine Wednesday bringing the total U.S. military aid to Ukraine this week to $1 billion.

The defense package meant to fend off the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine includes 800 anti-aircraft systems and 9,000 anti-armor systems, Biden said. It also includes 7,000 small arms and 20 million rounds of ammunition meant to arm Ukrainians “including the brave women and men who are defending their cities as civilians,” said Biden.

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‘Mo Brooks is disappointing’: Trump mulls pulling Alabama Senate endorsement

by David M. Drucker, Senior Political Correspondent | 

EXCLUSIVE — Former President Donald Trump is unhappy with Rep. Mo Brooks, the Republican he endorsed for Senate in Alabama, and is mulling a switch to primary rivals Katie Britt or Mike Durant.

“Mo Brooks is disappointing,” Trump told the Washington Examiner Tuesday evening during a wide-ranging telephone interview from Mar-a-Lago, his private social club and political headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida. “I’m determining right now, has Mo Brooks — has he changed?”

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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Chip Roy to Seek Impeachment Proceedings Against DHS Head Mayorkas

By Joseph Lord

Roy calls Mayorkas ‘an accomplice to the violation of our laws and our national sovereignty’

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) will attempt to bring impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, documents obtained by The Epoch Times show.

The move caps off a full year of Republican dissatisfaction with Mayorkas, who as the DHS secretary is in charge of border security.

In the past year, the United States has seen unprecedented levels of illegal immigration.

Estimates of how many illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office vary, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection data show that about 2 million people illegally crossed the border in 2021, a nearly fourfold increase from illegal crossings a year earlier.

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March 15th 2022

The Conservative Woman

Was the Covid crisis a fraud to cancel global debt?

BySally Beck

-March 14, 2022

WALL Street executive Edward Dowd alleges the Covid crisis was manufactured to solve governments’ out of control debt crises. His 20 years’ experience with high-profile financial crashes alerted him to a potential underlying fraud being used to wipe the books clean.

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Peace or War – R.J Cook

A reader has sent an unsigned message asking if I choose peace or war ? The answer personally is I don’t have the option to choose either. The British Police State chose to make war on me. I would prefer peace.

Multiplying this up to Ukraine’s level of war with Russia, I have no doubt Russia would prefer peace, but the NATO Global Police State prefers war on Russia. It has provoked this after spending years and money trying to subvert it.

Here in the U.K , we are constantly bombarded with anti Russian propaganda completely out of context. It is ironic that this situation coincides with the U.K’s High Court decision to deny Anglo U.S war crimes whistle blower Julian Assange. His case never gets discussed in mainstream media, so is forgotten now that RT has been closed down. It is effectively treason to give the Russian point of view. Zelensky’s regime committing war crimes in the Donbas. The oligarch forced to give up Chelsea Football Club, donating proceeds to charity, is likely to see it pass to a Saudi bidder – a hideous regime run by real tyrants.

This is another example of incredible British hypocrisy. Nobody talks about the Saudis continuously bombarding Yemen, using Anglo U.S arms, because they don’t like the elected government. Suffering children and the British link are never mentioned.

So, here follows some of the latest from Ukraine in the words of mainstream media because there is no other permitted view :

Ukraine war: large explosions heard in Kyiv; Zelenskiy calls on Russian troops to surrender – latest news

Martin Farrer

LIVE – Updated at 05:37

Beijing says story about shipping arms to Russia are ‘false’ but US fears financial aid already on the way; Russian TV employee stages antiwar protest on air.05:37

China has denied claims by US officials that Russia had sought military assistance in Ukraine and accused Washington of spreading “malicious disinformation” that risked escalating the conflict.

After a tense day-long meeting between Chinese and US officials in Rome on Monday, Washington said it feared China had already starting supplying arms and equipment to Russia.

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March 14th 2022

Erdogan says too early to comment on more Russian arms purchases given Ukraine war

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday it was too early to comment on Turkey’s possible purchase of more Russian weapons given Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, and Ankara would decide after seeing what conditions arise.

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China is watching the West’s response to the Ukraine crisis and is ready to take advantage of Nato weakness

Hugo Gye  

While the war in Ukraine has continued to rage, Russia has appeared short of allies with only a handful of pariah states backing the Kremlin’s aggression.

But that does not necessarily mean all Russia’s friends have deserted it: the biggest of all, China, continues to take a wait-and-see approach, refusing to commit itself to a side in the conflict.

Beijing abstained in the UN’s vote on censuring Russia, and has made statements defending Ukraine’s right to self-determination – but has also pushed Kremlin conspiracies theories about US chemical weapons, and censored public discussion of the war.

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Russia-Ukraine war latest news: peace talks to resume; deaths as residential building in Kyiv hit by shell – live

Tom Ambrose (now) and Samantha Lock

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: peace talks to resume; deaths as residential building in Kyiv hit by shell – live (

March 13th 2022

German finance minister open to new oil, gas drilling in North Sea

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany should rethink its ban on allowing new drilling for oil and gas in the North Sea as it tries to reduce its dependence on Russian energy due to the invasion of Ukraine, Finance Minister Christian Lindner said on Sunday.

Under the coalition deal between Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats, the Greens and Lindner’s Free Democrats (FDP), Germany will not grant any new permits for oil and gas drilling in the North Sea beyond the existing framework.

“We have to question the decision in the coalition agreement,” Lindner told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. “Due to global market prices developments, this looks more economical.”

Read More German finance minister open to new oil, gas drilling in North Sea (

Planet Torching – The Intercept.

Even before Russia’s tanks started rolling into Ukraine, we were already hearing that the best way to stop Vladimir Putin’s aggression is to ramp up fossil fuel production in North America.

Within hours of the invasion, every planet-torching project that the climate justice movement had managed to block over the past decade was being frantically rushed back onto the table: every canceled oil pipeline, every nixed gas export terminal, every protected fracking field, every Arctic drilling dream.

Since Putin’s war machine is funded with petrodollars, the solution, we are told, is to drill, frack, and ship more of our own — no matter the cost to our planet and our future.

Oil CEOs and politicians like Sen. Joe Manchin are advocating for more drilling at home to help supply European allies like Germany, which just announced its own construction of two huge import terminals that could lock in emissions for decades to come.

With politicians and pundits scrambling to bring back the failed oil dreams of the past, I’m more committed than ever to The Intercept’s ongoing investigation of climate criminals and corporate polluters. Our reporters don’t just lament rising temperatures, they name names and follow the money, from the billionaire donors that obstruct climate action to the front lines of protest against pipeline construction and fossil fuel extraction.

There are no corporate advertisers bankrolling The Intercept’s ongoing coverage of the climate emergency. In this moment of crisis, we rely on reader donations to continue this critical reporting.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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We’re told the push for new fossil projects in North America is about helping Ukrainians and weakening Putin. But the real reason all the old pipe dreams are being dusted off is far more crass: This war has sent the price of oil soaring and has made them vastly more profitable overnight.⁠

We need journalists to have the time, resources, and editorial encouragement to expose who profits — and how we all suffer — from the continued destabilization of our planet.

Just as urgently, we need to tell the stories of the social movements and insurgent politicians who are fighting for a world no longer based on extraction and the fantasy of endless growth.

These stories are being told with rigor by The Intercept — and almost nowhere else. The Intercept’s nonprofit newsroom looks beyond the surface to challenge the corruption and self-serving orthodoxies of the powerful.

We rely on readers to support this essential journalism. Make a donation today and help us continue to report from the front lines of war profiteering, disaster capitalism, and climate injustice.


Thank you,

Naomi Klein

More From F.S

All Along the Watchtower

Would the Russian invasion of Ukraine be justified if it were for biodefense?

Robert W Malone MD, MSMar 91,611292

“There must be some way out of here”

Said the joker to the thief

“There’s too much confusion

I can’t get no relief

Businessmen, they drink my wine

Plowmen dig my earth

None of them along the line

Know what any of it is worth”

Before I was de-platformed by Twitter for posting the famously accurate Canadian COVID Care Alliance video, before I was de-platformed by LinkedIn for the same reason, before the infamous Joe Rogan hit #1757 where I said the three little words “mass formation psychosis” that caused the Silicon Valley overlords to loose bladder control, many feared that I was “controlled opposition”.  And for good reason. 

I have spent most of my career deeply involved in the US Biodefense enterprise.  I have worked closely with biodefense research teams at USAMRIID, DTRA, and MIT Lincoln Lab. I was once a business partner with a retired CIA officer who was deeply involved in the DoD biodefense enterprise, and I have co-published with another.

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We always need an enemy.

Thought we’d gone beyond behaviour like this. Demonising a whole nation because if its leader is crazy.

From F.S RCONB West Country Correspondent.

Old China Plate

News Analysis

As the world focuses on Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine—along with the climbing civilian death toll and growing refugee crisis—it’s also witnessing a seismic shift in the global geopolitical landscape.

Russia’s actions in Europe have drawn the eyes of the United States and its allies to the West, as they did in decades past, as meanwhile a larger, more formidable force gathers strength in the East, setting its sights on dominating the Indo-Pacific, and then the world.

For decades, the Chinese communist regime has been building its economic and military might so as to replace the United States as the sole superpower by mid-century. With the regime acknowledged by the U.S. administration as America’s primary threat, posing its ​​“greatest geopolitical test,” Washington has been shifting its resources and energy to the Indo-Pacific region in a bid to check Beijing’s rising influence there.

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Why is Belarus supporting Russia and how is it involved in Ukraine?

Joe Sommerlad  

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Nurse goes viral after speculating that Putin has Parkinson’s symptoms

Harry Fletcher 

A TikTok video speculating that Russian president Vladimir Putin could have Parkinson’s has gone viral.

It was posted by a nurse, who goes by the user name Haus of Petty or @musclesandnursing, and has since racked up more than two million views.

“Nurses and medical professionals, I’m gonna show you a video and this is why we should be terrified,” @musclesandnursing said in the video.

The clip then shows what they perceive as Putin stumbling slightly on his right leg.

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Biden putting ‘rest of us in danger’ with ‘ludicrous’ Ukraine message ‘Don’t tell enemy’

Aurora Bosotti

The Rear Admiral accused Joe Biden of showing his hand to Vladimir Putin by announcing the US Army would not intervene in Ukraine. Chris Parry did not question the failure to commit troops but denounced the announcement of Mr Biden’s position for losing the United States and its allies the advantage of the element of surprise. Speaking to LBC, the Rear Admiral said: “One thing you never do is tell your enemy about your intentions.

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How likely is it that Russia will launch a nuclear attack?

Isobel Frodsham

Vladimir Putin put Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons forces on high alert on Sunday, prompting fears over what could happen next in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian president blamed “unfriendly actions in the economic sphere”, a reference to international sanctions, and claimed leading Nato members had made “aggressive statements” towards the nation, prompting him to take the action.

Read More How likely is it that Russia will launch a nuclear attack? (

Pro-Russia students form giant ‘Z’ during Damascus University demonstration

Kate Gill 

Syrian students and professors formed a giant ‘Z’ during a pro-Russia demonstration at Damascus University.jwplayer-thumbnail-9c1c252b.jpg© Provided by The Independent jwplayer-thumbnail-9c1c252b.jpg

Dozens of people were filmed waving Russian flags at the university march before crowds formed the shape of a Z.

Read More Pro-Russia students form giant ‘Z’ during Damascus University demonstration (

PM and Irish premier share ‘deep concern’ over Ukraine crisis

By Amy Gibbons, PA Political Correspondent 

Boris Johnson and Irish premier Micheal Martin have discussed their “deep concern” about the “intensification of hostilities” near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in a bilateral meeting in London.

The Prime Minister said this was a “critical moment” for Ukraine, as well as for wider European and international security, when he joined the Taoiseach for talks on Saturday afternoon.

Read More PM and Irish premier share ‘deep concern’ over Ukraine crisis (

Putin propagandist news host has British home and citizenship

Jon Ungoed-Thomas 

Photograph: Russian Look/Alamy

One of Russia’s most popular television news presenters, who has been accused of being a propagandist for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has British citizenship and a family flat in west London.

Sergei Brilev has been reporting on the war in Ukraine on the state-controlled Rossiya 1, which tightly follows the Kremlin’s messaging. The channel describes the war as a “special military operation” launched to protect Ukrainian citizens from “abuse and genocide”.

British government ministers are coming under pressure to impose sanctions on Brilev.

Read More Putin propagandist news host has British home and citizenship (

March 12th 2022

Durham report ‘could lynch Hillary Clinton, and it wouldn’t change a thing’, says congressman

by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor

Hillary Clinton appears to be off the hook in terms of special counsel John Durham’s criminal inquiry, according to one House Judiciary Committee Republican.

In the view of Rep. Darrell Issa, the politically charged review into the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation has taken too long for there to be full accountability. He specifically name-dropped Clinton, whose 2016 presidential campaign and lawyers helped foster the specter of collusion between her rival, former President Donald Trump, and the Kremlin, as evidence has shown in the years of investigations that have followed.

Read More Durham report ‘could lynch Hillary Clinton, and it wouldn’t change a thing’, says congressman | Washington Examiner

Russian students wearing Z coats flood shopping centre for chilling pro-war flash mob

Sam Courtney-Guy 

Footage has emerged of a so-called ‘patriotic flash mob’ by Russian students chanting in support of Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Shoppers at a department store in the city of Kazan were met with hordes of young Russians wearing coats featuring the letter ‘Z’, a symbol of support for the onslaught.

Pumping their fists in the air, they chanted ‘Forward Russia!’ and ‘Russia for peace!’.

The stunt is believed to have taken place on Wednesday and appears to have been carefully coordinated to maximise exposure.

Read More Russian students wearing Z coats flood shopping centre for chilling pro-war flash mob (

Comment So what ? Why can’t Russians be patriots. NATO set up this war. U.K’s MI6 has been striving to subvert Russia ever since Yeltsin fell, Ukraine’s regime was established by a coup putting oligarch Poroshenko in power. Joe Biden’s son Hunter was paid a fortune by this billionaire whose wealth came from the Ukrainian peoples State assets. This corrupt political culture is very much in harmony with the west. Russia is being punished for taking a step backwards.

We are supposed to pay dearly for this Anglo U.S Nato scheme to undermine Russia by provoking another resource grabbing war in Ukraine -using gibberish about one of Britain’s greatest defeats , Dunkirk. Churchill fantasist Johnson is .puffing up his bloated self, relishing every moment. He and all the UK MPs have voted themselves a £2000 pay rise for dealing with disaster they did so much to cause are loving it,.
R J Cook

The EU’s pompous strutting posturing elite are being led up the garden path by the supercilious British elite and the trigger happy wild western Washington swamp monsters. They have no reasonable right to claim the moral high ground. Their constantly doing so is sickening.

They are jointly responsible for illegal wars, war crimes, lies and cover ups which is why whistle blower Julian Assange is still behind bars. While our elite media churn out endless biased propaganda masquerading as independent news, there is no mention of the horrors inflicted on the Middle East or the constant flow of arms to Saudi Arabia to kill people in Yemen. Even so Boris Johnson is planning a junket to persuade Crown Prince MBS to boost oil production lost from Russian Sanctions.

Navalny was clearly bought by the west to be their new Yeltsin. Putin knows NATO , CIA and M6 have been working for regime change, to pull it down the level of moronic internecine Multi Culture. The whole fake Novochok incident was designed to humiliate and condemn the Putin regime.

Amusingly in a black comedic way, Saudi Arabia executed 81 people today including those involved in ‘deviant behaviours and lifestyle ‘ – gays. They are also the people who chopped Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi while he was alive. The regime s barbaric as was the Anglo U.S alliance who have lied and killed their way through Iraq, Libya and Syria. The death and destruction from these illegal wars makes Russia in Ukraine look like a school playground fight.. Trouble is the Anglo American masses are easily fooled and aroused by martial music. R J Cook

Courting Disaster

On my way home from Crown Court yesterday, I stopped of to chat to old friend at her shop in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. She said ‘What I don’t understand is why they did not just agree for Ukraine to not join nature. She added, they also should have been made to stop bombing and shelling ethnic Russians in The Donbas.

Miss Roberta Jane Cook on her return from Crown Court yesterday, March 12th 2022.

Britain and the United States dominate NATO and have provoked this war, which could so easily become World War 3. The Global Economy has driven a massive population explosion which becomes a huge issue if this war goes on and spreads.

The United States on Saturday said it would rush up to $200 million in additional small arms, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine, as Ukrainian officials pleaded for more equipment to defend against The Navy shelling by Russian forces.

The Russians have indicated that they will fire on convoys bringing weapons and ordnance to Ukraine. In the context of all out war, what is the alternative ? Anyone bringing such goods into the war zone are operating on the enemy side i.e NATO who set up this war for well paid Zelensky. This man is looking forward to all the perks from posturing on the EU and NATO world stage. It is about the western global elite. Some posturing politically correct idiots are still harping on about a ‘no fly zone.’

The reality of Britain’s fake liberal immigration policy for BAME economic migrants posing as refugees, is exposed by our government setting obstacles for genuine refugees from this war, because they are white and not fodder for cheap labour and elite profit, or as servants and prostitutes.

These people are mostly from a conservative white culture, so their traditional values are threatening to multi culture – the primary role of which is to destroy White European Christian Culture and traditions. Pathetic excuses about filtering out terrorists is nonsense.

The U.K have imported rather too many radical Islamists whose religion is actually based on Judaism. Islam is very useful to the elite who use rapid overpopulation and multi culture to promote more restrictive laws. It is a pity they do not have the kindness to offer Euthanasia to those of us who have had more than we can stand. It would be so much kinder than forcing us to commit suicide – which many of us spend time considering as a rational escape from the U.K Police State.

R J Cook

Seven killed including child after Russian troops fire at evacuation convoy…Rod Stewart repairs potholes outside home because can’t use FerrariTucker Carlson says Ukraine is “not even a democracy,” calling it “corrupt” as Russia moves its troops into eastern regions of the country. - screengrab© screengrab

Tucker Carlson says Ukraine is “not even a democracy,” calling it “corrupt” as Russia moves its troops into eastern regions of the country.- screengrab

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been accused of using his platform on the network to push pro-Russia talking points.

The allegation came from ABC News‘ chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl during an interview with MSNBC.

Karl said Carlson’s talking points were indistinguishable from Kremlin propaganda.

Read More Reporter calls out Tucker Carlson for ‘word for word’ Russian propaganda (

Zelensky proposes talks with Russia in Israel

by Ryan King, Breaking News Reporter  | March 12

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for Israel to serve as a mediator for negotiations with the Kremlin amid neighboring Russia’s invasion, reports say.

Zelensky told reporters that Jerusalem could be an ideal location for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war and hinted that Moscow was amiable to the proposal, the Kyiv Independent reported.

Read More Zelensky proposes talks with Russia in Israel | Washington Examiner

Deutsche Bank warns Swift ban on Russia will ‘complicate trade and amplify jitters’

Astha Saxena  

In its latest research paper published on Friday, Germany’s largest lender warned that excluding Russia from the Swift international payments system would pose an economic “danger”. The report said that the move could “precipitate the expansion of rival messaging networks and payment methods that circumvent sanctions”.

The report’s author, Marion Laboure, said: “In the long run a danger may lurk – countries displeased with Western allies flexing their financial hegemony may club together to set up a rival system with infrastructure they can control.”

Comment Deutsche Bank warns Swift ban on Russia will ‘complicate trade and amplify jitters’ (

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