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British History , Forged by Coming Together, or forced by keeping us apart ? March 21st 2020

Forged or Forced into Shaping British History ?

One might ridicule the Queen for the kind of drivel she has apparently spouted to inspire the ludicrous headlines featured below.  However, these are obviously the workings of her highly paid upper and upper middle class lackeys who run the Palace.

I think, by ‘doing my bit ‘ she means running ‘orf’ to Windsor Castle where she can help with propaganda bulletins.

As for ‘Our History is about being forged by being together’ she is either displaying monumental ignorance or she is a bare faced liar.  Her own family have an appalling and nasty long history of bullying,  murder, injustice, bullying, in breeding and dishonesty.

They make the Mafia look like a kindergarten. They should have no place in any territory claiming to be democratic.

As a published historian, currently working on a new book, I am well aware of Britain’s World War two mythology.  The Queen’s claims to having been a mechanic are as flimsy as her son’s claims to have risked life and limb in the Falklands War, or Prince Harry’s to have done little mre than sunbathe, ride a trail bike, pose for journos and talk to gullible posh female journalists in Afghanistan- or should I say ‘Orfghaanisthan’ ?

During A Levels, my economics teacher loaned me his copy of ‘The Peoples’ War’ by Angus Calder.  One anecdote from Calder’s book sticks in my mind.  He wrote of an East End Londoner working class family evacuated to a vicarage in a sedate Suffolk village.  The prim and proper invited the working class mum and her 11 urchin offspring, let’s call her Mrs Scroggins, into the lounge for tea and biscuits.

All was going very well until one of her brood, call him young Johnny, got up, undid his fly buttons to commence peeing on the Axminster deep pile carpet.  Of course the vicar’s wife was so shocked, she screamed ‘My God, doesn’t your boy know better than that ?’ ‘Course he does’ screeched scraggy Mrs Scroggins.  ‘Johnny, go and do it in the corner.

The point of this anecdote is clear to me, having grown up in a tiny terrace with an outside toilet where the cistern was broke, and back room floor with tiles laid on earth, is the class divide.

Since the Norman invasion, this country has been a vile class divided society.  Working class men fought for their so called betters, led by upper class morons in two world wars.  They would have been shot if they had rebelled.  

Working women were bereaved, posh women handed out white feathers to those who would not go and kill other young white men who had been equally oppressed by the elite’s lies and incompetence.

As for the disaster  Dunkirk, my father nearly died there.  As for the Blitz, people were robbed as they slept in tube stations, where they hid from Hitler’s bombs.  Britain is built on bullshit. And so it goes on.  Maybe the Corona virus is a biological weapon planted in China to discredit the country.  

Maybe, but without open borders and money grabbing globalisation, it would never have spread.  As for the risk, take a look at the graph here and the analysis.  Then ask yourself, Is there really any justification for the lockdowns .  Does it really make sense ?  Are idiots in charge or is there a hidden agenda.  Robert Cook

For the first time since 1832, my local pub in Winslow Bucks England, has been forced to lock its doors because of Police State measures. It stayed open through two world wars, but not so for this World War Three, the very secret warImage Appledene Photographics/RJC

Forged or Forced into Shaping British History ?

If any other geriatric apart from our ‘Noble Queen’ spouted the kind of sentimentalised drivel about the ‘Blitz’ and ‘Dunkirk’ spirit, they would be carted away to the ‘not so funny farm, like my local Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury- where they would be sectioned by the likes of equally creepy resident quack consultant ‘psych’ Dr C R Ramsay.

Hot Air Looking After the Wealth March 20th 2020

One of the thundering jets landing every 3 minutes coming in to Heathrow.
Image Appledene Photographics/KC

The government has drafted in City bankers to scrutinise the finances of Britain’s biggest airlines as they put the finishing touches to a multi-billion pound rescue plan. Sky News has learnt that Rothschild has been asked to advise ministers on a package of measures expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

Sources said airlines including easyJet, British Airways’ parent International Airlines Group, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic had held talks earlier this week with Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, during which they had made a series of requests for financial support.

Insiders said it was possible that not all of the measures requested by the industry would be approved as part of a rescue deal. However, they added that officials had been “stunned” to be told how rapidly some of Britain’s largest airlines would run out of cash if they operated on near-zero revenues but with their current fixed costs for more than a few weeks.
“It genuinely would be Armageddon for the industry – and now the government can see that for itself,” the director of one airline said. There was also speculation on Thursday night in the aviation industry that taxpayers could end up owning a stake in some carriers, although such a move would be particularly contentious.

A number of airline executives, including IAG’s Willie Walsh, Virgin Atlantic chief Shai Weiss and Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO, have taken temporary

pay cuts in the last week as the scale of the crisis facing their industry became apparent.

Mr Shapps said on Wednesday evening: “Coronavirus is having a crippling impact on the aviation industry and we cannot allow it to force world-leading, well-run, profitable firms out of business. “We are extremely grateful to airport and airline teams who are continuing to help passengers get home safely.
“We stand firmly behind the sector and expect to announce a series of support measures shortly.” Mr Walsh has insisted that IAG would have no need for state aid because of the strength of its balance sheet.

That message was at odds with a memo issued by BA’s chief executive, Alex Cruz, last week when he referred to making cost reductions that were necessary to ensure the company’s survival. BA staff were recently informed that they would not be paid bonuses for last year, despite reporting a near-record financial performance.

One insider said that that decision had been the result of the cost of the pilots’ strike that triggered the cancellation of thousands of flights last September. IAG did, however, pay bonuses to its executives, including Mr Walsh, for last year, it recently disclosed in its annual report.

In recent days, BA staff have also been asked to take one month’s unpaid leave in an effort to save cash. None of the airlines would comment, while the Department for Transport also declined to comment.

Coronavirus news: Flu a bigger threat than new virus, experts warn

THE CORONAVIRUS which is rapidly spreading across the globe should be the least of our concerns when compared to the flu, scientists have warned. Posted March 19th 2020

By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 06:55, Tue, Mar 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 08:05, Tue, Mar 3, 2020

The death toll for the new outbreak of the coronavirus has now exceeded 3,000, with almost 92,000 people infected across the planet. Medical authorities are still puzzled by the mysterious outbreak, dubbed 2019-nCoV or simply novel coronavirus, meaning it is a new strain which has yet to be identified and have been unable to identify a source.

However, the virus is not nearly as deadly as the common flu, which experts have warned should still take priority in the medical battle.

Influenza can lead to thousands of deaths a year, with the University of Oxford stating that in 2008-2009, there were 13,000 deaths in the UK alone related to the flu.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that an average of up to 500,000 people die annually across the globe due to the flu.

Since October alone, 20,000 people died from flu complications in the US, which has led to one expert describing the coronavirus as a “blip”.


Coronavirus news: Flu a bigger threat than new virus, experts warn (Image: GETTY)


Since October alone, 20,000 people died from flu complications in the US (Image: GETTY)

William Schaffner, a vaccine expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, told Kaiser Health News (KHN): “When we think about the relative danger of this new coronavirus and influenza, there’s just no comparison.

“Coronavirus will be a blip on the horizon in comparison. The risk is trivial.”

Peter Hotez, a virologist at Baylor College of Medicine, told KHN: “Influenza rarely gets this sort of attention, even though it kills more Americans each year than any other virus.”

Dr Schaffner added that the reason influenza is so easily overlooked is that we have known about it for thousands of years, and people have become complacent as a result.

READ MORE: Coronavirus outbreak: Infected patient writhes in Wuhan hospital 


“Because it’s new, it’s mysterious, and comes from an exotic place, the coronavirus creates anxiety.” (Image: GETTY)

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He said: “Familiarity breeds indifference. Because it’s new, it’s mysterious, and comes from an exotic place, the coronavirus creates anxiety.”

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses which included the likes of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

When the virus was first contracted by humans from a seafood market in Wuhan, experts believed it could not be easily spread from human to human.

However, a sharp rise in the disease since its initial discovery in December has proved the doctors wrong.

Coronavirus protection: Do N95 masks work? Should I wear a face mask?
Virus warning: DEADLY viruses could be unleashed as ice melts
Coronavirus outbreak: Virus to ‘spread with rapid increases’


What is coronavirus? (Image: EXPRESS)


Zhong Nanshan, a top Chinese expert investigating the virus, told state media it is certainly a “human-to-human transmission phenomenon”.

Symptoms of the disease are generally flu-like, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) listing the following symptoms:

Runny nose



Sore throat


A general feeling of being unwell

The CDC added: “Human coronaviruses can sometimes cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

“This is more common in people with cardiopulmonary disease, people with weakened immune systems, infants, and older adults.”

Effectively Marshall Law March 19th 2020

Total lockdown looms for ‘city of superspreaders

Boris Johnson insisted Britain remains a “land of liberty”. But he has refused to rule out a draconian lockdown for London expected as early as the weekend. The Government is drawing up plans to enforce the emergency closure of restaurants, bars, pubs and cinemas in the capital and restrict the use of public transport to only “key workers” – effectively turning London into a ghost town. Early this morning, Transport for London

nounced up to 40 Tube stations could be closed from today. Chief Reporter Robert Mendick reports that officials believe London has become a “city of superspreaders”. And Defence Correspondent Dominic Nicholls explains the Army could draft in 20,000 personnel to help police the capital and ensure delivery of vital supplies.

This is what more police are for, and watching our internet/mobile phone calls. So you thought you got your country back ?.

Only the elite will benefit from all the knock down asset stripping, mortgage repossessions etc because they have the spare billions.

In the name of saving the elderly, our lying politicians will kill more than the virus ever could have. Image Appledene /RJC

British Commander, Frank Kitson’s (1971) “Low Intensity Operations; Subversion, Insurgency, and Peacekeeping”: Blueprint For American State-Sponsored Terrorism Against Internal Enemies

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Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, and Peacekeeping

Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, and Peacekeeping

Reviews: Classic Rendition of an Old Saga

1) January 28, 2006

I find it rather amazing that I, in early 2006, am the first to review this classic in asymmetric warfare. As current events in Iraq and elsewhere show, the Americans are not as adept as their former colonial masters in using stealth and deception to achieve military victory. Kitson, as a serving officer of the Crown, witnessed Britain’s largely successful counter insurgency moves in places as diverse as Kenya, Cyprus and the North of Ireland and he formalized much of the approach militarily dominant powers like Britain and Israel should take to their militarily weaker opponents. He stresses the dirty tricks department: psychological warfare, fifth columns, double agents and anything that weakens or demoralizes the enemy or cuts off their logistics. Kitson was an officer in Britain;s shadowy Special Air Services (SAS) who have been credited, rightly or wrongly, with all kinds of undercover military actions, some brave, other nefarious. This book is definitely worth a read and worth buying for anyone interested in the historical evolution of asymmetrical warfare, where Britain has an impressive record.

2) May 15, 2012

Kitson on COIN

Frank Kitson, a British officer and veteran of numerous counter-insurgent operations, analyzes the evolution of typical insurgent campaigns in his book “Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency and Peacekeeping.” Connecting with a grievance that resonates with a goodly proportion of the population is central to subversive campaigns. As a result, counterinsurgency measures should address the causes of unrest and thwarting the leadership seeking a revolution that extends beyond a particular grievance. Kitson also highlights the importance of intelligence operations for planning tactical operations as well as the types of units, equipment, and specialized personnel required for effective counterinsurgent operations.

3) Frank Kitson, Low intensity operations: subversion, insurgency, peacekeeping (1971)

Reviewed by Dale Wharton, Montreal <>, 11 January 1966

Low intensity operations: subversion, insurgency, peacekeeping, by Frank Kitson, 1926-. Harrisburg PA: Stackpole Books, 1971. 208 pp, bibliography, index. SBN 0-8117-0957-4, LC call number U 240.K53 1971

Riots broke out in 100 US cities in 1967. (It was the year before Martin Luther King Jr died.) Inner cities have since decayed. The poor have sunk even deeper. Yet North America’s underclass has not risen. How could a ruling group keep the lid on civil unrest?

The circle near Her Britannic Majesty does it–and fends off social change–using warriors like Frank Kitson. The author fought subversion and insurgency (S&I) and tried peacekeeping in Kenya 1953-5, Malaya 1957, Cyprus 1962-4, and Northern Ireland 1970-2. He explains that traditional methods may fail against S&I. Gradually the more intelligent officers find themselves developing a new…deviousness, patience, and…determination to outwit their opponents by all means … (p 200). Their two main means: stealth and fraud.

The foe, S&I, aims …to overthrow those governing the country…or to force them to do things which they do not want to do. [S&I] can involve the use of political and economic pressure, strikes, protest marches, and propaganda, and…the use of small-scale violence for the purpose of coercing…members of the population into giving support (p 3). Subversives stop with harassment, insurgents take up arms.

Growth in S&I–that is, in modern warfare–may stem from the new ways of getting people to think and to act. Literacy, radio, and television are now widespread. S&I can use them to aggravate social discontent, racial ferment, nationalism, contempt for authority, etc. (High order conflict, on the other hand, has lost favour since refinement in weapons of mass destruction.) Kitson argues that S&I has three phases.

PHASE I. Preparing to protest, …the enemy [a section of the country’s people] is likely to be occupied in spreading his cause… (p 71). Set agents to work now! In normal times, and in the very early stages of subversion, the intelligence organisation has got to be able to penetrate small…highly secure targets (p 72). It may have to invent new ways to do it. (At a Rand Corporation symposium in 1962 the author found a consensus: field officers prefer lots of low grade information to a small amount of higher quality.)

Next, the army should help with psyops (psychological operations– propaganda, PR). Psyops can offset the popular appeal of S&I’s cause and enhance the government’s story. Experts develop policy; technicians put the policy into films, programmes, articles, leaflets; machines spread the results by broadcast, print, and projection. At this early stage, the army may even counterorganize. It can build controls over the civil community and frustrate any efforts by S&I to do so. The method adds to psyops with good deeds. It sends out persons whose tasks are …doing work [to] help remove sources of grievances and at the same time making contact with the people. The…jobs… range from teaching to the setting up of clinics, advising on simple construction works, and working on agricultural projects (p 79).

PHASE II. Nonviolent disorder–mass meetings, marches, strikes– requires persuading multitudes to do something. This phase focuses on crowds, usually in cities. Kitson suggests a …judicious promise of concessions [to split the many from S&I leaders, while] imposing …calm by the use of government forces [then announcing] that most of the concessions can only be implemented once…life…returns to normal (p 87). Civilians must look upon troops with …respect and awe…. If an impression can be built that although [they] have used little force so far, they might at any moment use a great deal more, the people will be wary and…fewer men will be needed (p 90).

PHASE III. Open insurgency erupts. The army’s job is first to find armed groups and their supporters, then to smash them. It collects and studies background information, developing it to enable contact with the opponent. Kitson tells how to fish for information and to snuff out …very small groups…in large urban rabbit warrens… (p 127). An example of a simple Special Operation would be the cordonning of a [community] and the examination of occupants by…informers concealed in hoods… (p 100). Technology helps. Suppose a central computer kept watch lists–data on S&I throughout the country. If a remote interrogator could search them by wireless, he might …get the information he needs to break down a prisoner without delay (p 142).

Empty Streets will soon be full of soldiers and armourd cars. Already there in Paris. This is the global elite afraid of the masses rising up.

Then a brigadier, Frank Kitson wrote this as UK forces steadily shrank. He dwells on controlling costs. The book casts 11 chapters into three parts: trends and background, the army’s contribution, and preparation required. There are four organisation charts. Two maps illustrate a scenario of S&I. A lawyer in the US says LOW INTENSITY OPERATIONS is the leading treatise on nonstop spying and deceit.* The author seems selective with charges of terrorism, but he respects sensibilities: he omits details of interrogation and wetwork (torture and disposal of captives). Kitson’s other books are GANGS AND COUNTERGANGS (Barrie and Rockliff, 1960), BUNCH OF FIVE (Faber, 1977), WARFARE AS A WHOLE (Faber, 1987), DIRECTING OPERATIONS (Faber, 1989), and (editor) PRINCE RUPERT: portrait of a soldier (Constable, 1994).

WHO’S WHO 1995 sums up the career of General Sir Frank Edward Kitson. He rose to Commander in Chief, United Kingdom Land Forces 1982-5 and Aide-de-Camp General to the Queen 1983-5. In 1985 he became Knight Grand Cross, Order of the British Empire. Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, Farnham, Surrey… Club: Boodle’s (p 1086).

* Glick, Brian, WAR AT HOME: covert action against US activists and what we can do about it (South End Press, 1989), p 37. Glick includes an FBI memo of 3/4/68–some goals of COINTELPRO: Prevent the rise of a `messiah’ who could unify…the militant black nationalist movement …. You must discredit these groups and individuals (p

Emergency Coronavirus Bill March 19th 2020

‘More cock ups please’ says says Polly Sexual. Image by Abdul

Emergency Coronavirus Bill that sets out measures aimed at slowing the virus spread and supporting the NHS is set to be published after Boris Johnson announced the closure of schools and cancellation of exams – the first countrywide school shutdown in modern British history. (Evening Standard)Dozens of London Underground stations are to be closed indefinitely.

TfL said up to 40 tube stations that have no interchange, including St James’s Park, Hyde Park Corner and Covent Garden face being closed. (The Guardian)Up to 20,000 service personnel will be put on standby with troops gearing up to drive oxygen tankers, support the police and boost hospital capacity.

(Sky News)Millions of households are set to get relief on their energy bills as part of emergency measures to protect those at risk of being cut off. (Mirror) In Wuhan, the Chinese city where the disease originated, there were no new cases to report, showing just how much the outbreak has pivoted toward Europe. (Associated Press)Meanwhile Italy, the new epicenter of the outbreak, recorded its deadliest day with 475 deaths. (The Guardian)

Editorial Comment If we continue to be put at the mercy of open borders and globalisation, then we might as well shut up shop for good. As long as most of the money is in the hands of the few, with elite blocks playing Monopoly, the masses being the plastic pieces, then humaity is doomed on this planet. A whole army of little ‘plasic Gretas’ won’t save it by spouting on about ‘the science’- the new buzz phrase and such appealing bull-it .

Polly Sexual

‘Eat Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die ‘Polly Sexual Image Appledene Photographics/Abdul

The media is more dangerous than Coronavirus March 19th 2020

I’ve been following the unfolding situation on the Coronavirus like millions of people but, I suspect, unlike most spend a lot of time trying to sift through BS to get real info on the topic and stay educated on its mechanisms of infections, where it’s spread etc etc.

Seriously, the garbage being reported by virtually all main stream media is atrocious fear mongering at the highest level. And it’s dangerous considering 99% of people go no further than this and some, no further than the terribly misleading headlines.

“Deadly pandemic spread by droplets!” “Photos from Wuhan look like a horror movie” “People dying in the streets” On and on. If it’s not a complete over embellishment it’s a headline that would also pertain to the yearly flu just as much as Caronavirus.

20% truth inflated and twisted to be 100% attention grabbing. Normal media garbage yes, but doing this with something like this is just straight irresponsible. The media is causing undue panic. Yes the virus is serious, yes it can kill but it’s not, based on the real info we have, anything that we need to be even close to panicking about.

With the information at hand at present it does look like it could be as bad as a very bad flu. And that’s bad, but do streets empty during a bad flu season? Do people buy all the masks off the shelves?

Worst case scenario here I see is this virus spreads globally, people panic, they get it themselves along with most people they know and they realise it was as all an over reaction being so panicked and scared. It means if the same thing happens again in a couple of years, with something having a mortality rate of 10%+ it won’t be taken as seriously by the world population as it needs to because they’ll remember the overreaction to the Coronavirus.

Don’t get me wrong, this is to be taken seriously and it should be followed closely because it’s still early days, but the media are inciting undue panic given what we do know as of now. They’re even starting to report now on “the poor reactions of people to the Coronavirus scare”…. you’re causing this you fools!!

The TL:DR – find a coupe of non sensational Chanel’s on YouTube and follow them for real info on the topic. You’ll be less likely to panic and more likely to be educated enough to protect yourself as much as you feel you need to. Joel

Taxpayers to fork out £156m for Thomas Cook collapse March 19th 2020

Taxpayers to fork out £156m for Thomas Cook collapse

Taxpayers will foot a bill of £156m ($185m) for the collapse of travel company Thomas Cook in September last year, a report by the Whitehall spending watchdog has found.

The Department for Transport (DfT) will pay an estimated £83m towards the total cost of bringing stranded customers who were not Atol-protected back to the UK, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

March of Madness Corona Virus Scaremongering Forcing Us Up against the wall, laying us bare to all manner of other dangers.

March 18th 2020

It’s all a big distraction. This is the march of madness. The panic will lay us all bare and force us up against the wall, revealing our animal nature and weaknesses in more ways than one ‘ says Polly Sexual, pictured here.
Image Appledene Photographics?Abdul

I am talking about the Coronavirus and the lock down situation.  This is quite serious.  The logical outcome is mass unemployment, even more desease, accicidents and social collapese, hence 10,000 troops on standby. 

Why cause such panic if there is not a hidden agenda?  Conspiracy theorists are always ridiculed because most people are like lemmings.  The collapse of capitalism has been predicted since the 1970s. The technology is there to force it. 

The global elite have their rivalries and the masses are atomised.  It is not the logic of war to create mass panic.  Governments are always secretive about these things, hence the Assange Manning situation.  So why this ?  There has to be a hidden agenda. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual, all dressed up in expensive tastefull clothes and exposing the truth. Image Abdul

Right-wing conspiracy theorists see coronavirus as a plot against Trump

The president’s supporters believe the ‘deep state’ is hyping the disease to damage the U.S. economy.

Feb 26, 2020, 5:25 pm IRL  Mikael Thalen

President Donald Trump and reporters outside the White House

White House/Flickr (Public Domain)

Conspiracy theorists online believe that concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are being overblown as part of a secret plot to damage President Donald Trump.

The debacle began this week when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that “disruption to everyday life may be severe” if the disease were to rapidly spread throughout the country.

The announcement and previous updates from the CDC, however, have enraged Trump, according to the Washington Post. Growing public concern over the coronavirus has negatively affected the stock market, leading Trump to accuse outlets such as CNN and MSNBC of purposely exaggerating the issue in order to damage the economy.

The two outlets, Trump claimed in a tweet on Wednesday, “are doing everything possible” to panic markets. The president’s tweet, which misspells coronavirus, went on to also blame Democratic lawmakers.

Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible. Likewise their incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action. USA in great shape! @CDCgov…..— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 26, 2020

Conspiracy theorists and defenders of the president have spread the same talking points as well, increasingly portraying the disease as a tool of the “deep state” to politically hurt Trump.

Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio host who recently received the Medal of Freedom from Trump, took aim at Dr. Nancy Messonnier on Wednesday over the fact that Messonnier, who is a CDC official, is also the sister of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Limbaugh went on to insinuate that Dr. Messonnier’s warning could have been influenced by her relation to Rosenstein, who was involved in the special counsel investigation into alleged ties between the president’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

“So you’ve got here the CDC urging Americans to prepare for a coronavirus virus outbreak…” Limbaugh began. “Okay. This person running this agency, who does she donate to? Well, her brother is Rod Rosenstein.”

Limbaugh added that listeners should “do what you want with” the information.

“It may mean nothing. Might…Who knows?” Limbaugh said. “It’s just in that town, I’m telling you, everything is incestuous. Most of that town is establishment oriented or rooted, which means they despise Trump.”

Other figures such as YouTube prankster turned conservative talking head Joey “Salads” Saladino claimed Democrats would “take Trump out of office” by exaggerating the disease’s danger.

“I don’t think Coronavirus will kill us all, but I know the Democrats will use this scare to cause panic and crash the markets to take Trump out of office,” Saladino said. “Dems have already admitted it!”

I don’t think Coronavirus will kill us all, but I know the Democrats will use this scare to cause panic and crash the markets to take Trump out of office. Dems have already admitted it!

I would rather be safe than sorry by preparing food for a few weeks.— Joey Saladino (@JoeySalads) February 26, 2020

Mark Dice, a prominent conspiracy theorist and Trump adherent, also claimed that liberals would take advantage of the deadly outbreak in their efforts to topple Trump.

“Liberals are now hoping the #COVIDー19 coronavirus causes a global pandemic and crashes the stock market in order to point the finger at Trump for a ‘bad economy,’” Dice said. “These people are sick (no pun intended).”

Liberals are now hoping the #COVIDー19 coronavirus causes a global pandemic and crashes the stock market in order to point the finger at Trump for a “bad economy.”

These people are sick (no pun intended).— Mark Dice (@MarkDice) February 26, 2020

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Ut.) was also tied into the deep state conspiracy for suggesting that the Trump administration was unprepared for a coronavirus outbreak.

“Romney is screaming ‘pandemic’ to hurt the Trump economy by affecting the stock market, but we see what you are doing deep state snake Romney,” said Dawn Michael, a popular pro-Trump Twitter user, and advocate of the QAnon conspiracy.

While the disease has been contained so far in the U.S., health officials believe that it’s only a matter of time before the coronavirus spreads.

“Current global circumstances suggest it’s likely this virus will cause a pandemic,” said Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC.

Current statistics show that there have been 59 confirmed cases in the U.S., with a global total of 81,322. At least 2,770 people have lost their lives as a result of the disease.


Elite at War With the Masses Posted March 17th 2020

All very sinister, if police see an over 70 year old on the street, they have power of arrest, incarceration and fine. All very ageist, but if government can invent a crisis, they can suspend civil liberties.

Is their a hidden agenda ? Planning is for another 18 months of this. The elite are at war with the masses, it seems.
Milan, like Britain, in lock down
Please Please panic government and mainstream media insist. Miracle any of us working class oiks survived all of those 1950s deseases, whooping cough, diptheria, measles, German measles, chciken pox, flu, pneumnia and mumps.

I had them all. I also grew up in a house with rising damp, outside toilet and no central heating. We slept under piles of old coats during winter, in a very draughty little house.

My parents generation had the war. So what is all this really about ? Robert Cook

Brits love Rules and regulations March 17th 2020

Polly Sexual at home. Image Appledene Photographics/Abdul

The Corona Virus was made for the British. They will feel so much safer until the food riots start, the power cuts come and they can’t pay the mortgage because work has shut down. It is because they are stupid, trusting authority, believing this is a democracy and they have ‘their cuntree back ‘.

Consider the folloowing :

A pro-EU peer has said the UK needs immigration because native Britons are “bloody stupid”, provoking a backlash from Eurosceptics and the right-wing press.

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, who co-wrote Article 50, said Britain needed “an injection of intelligent people from outside”, and claimed the Leave campaign won the referendum only by “cleverly outsourcing xenophobia and racism”.

Speaking at an event organised by the Institute for Government, Lord Kerr said: “In my view, immigration is the thing that keeps this country running. 

“We native Brits are so bloody stupid that we need an injection of intelligent people, young people from outside who come in and wake us up from time to time.

Politics needs undressing and exposing like Polly Sexual here. Close scrutiny is required. Image Appledene Photographics/Abdul

His Lorship MelvynBragg has said Britain is becoming a stupid country, in part because its university system is being destroyed.

The broadcaster and Labour peer criticised the state of British higher education in an interview with the magazine Radio Times.

“We have, per capita, the best university system in the world, but it’s being – carelessly and utterly stupidly – destroyed very slowly,” he said. “We used to be the clever country and now we’re clearly the stupid country. Except for certain highlights.”

Bragg, the host of The South Bank Show and the presenter of Radio 4’s discussion programme In Our Time, told the magazine he saw some hope in the UK’s current television output, especially in the work of the actors Hugh Grant and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Patrick Melrose and A Very English Scandal were sensationally good,” he said. “Those were great productions with main actors on top form. You could talk about the Redgrave-Olivier years – well, now you can talk about the Grant-Cumberbatch years in equal terms.”

Bragg, 78, also revealed he had recently spent some time in hospital. “I had a hip replacement. And after that I got pneumonia, which is still hanging on. It’s a bit of a pain.”

The broadcaster, officially known as Lord Bragg of Wigton after the Cumbria town where he grew up, was recently appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honour, an elite group of 65 individuals recognised for their contribution to the Commonwealth.

Bragg, whose South Bank Show was aired by ITV for decades, told the Daily Mail this month that he had yet to see the network’s latest hit, Love Island.

“The popularity of series like Love Island show that we’re becoming increasingly eccentric and increasingly incompetent – in equal measure,” he said. “I mean to watch it. I haven’t yet, but I will. I always like to watch things that are very popular. Maybe I’ll get addicted.”

Bragg is being far too polite.

‘Love Island’ hostess ccused of trying to kill lover in jealous rage, then killed herself after arrest and trial date confirmed.. Love is in short supply on this island.

Polly Sexual

PM moves UK to ‘suppression’ after new analysis of coronavirus death rate March 17th 2020

The government ramped up measures against the coronavirus epidemic following new predictions that the UK could otherwise have seen 250,000 deaths.

A new document published by the COVID-19 team at London’s Imperial College – which is advising the government on its coronavirus response – warns the current public health threat is the “most serious” from a respiratory virus since the Spanish Flu in 1918.

They advised the UK adopts a strategy of “epidemic suppression” – for a period of potentially 18 months or more – rather than “mitigation”.
Modelling of the “most effective” mitigation strategy examined had revealed that NHS capacities could be exceeded by at least eightfold – and about 250,000 people could die.

The Imperial team described the suppression of the coronavirus outbreak as “the only viable strategy at the current time” – even if the “social and economic effects of the measures which are needed to achieve this policy goal will be profound”.
They said: “Many countries have adopted such measures already, but even those countries at an earlier stage of their epidemic [such as the UK] will need to do so imminently.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a significant escalation of UK measures in response to coronavirus, including advising everyone in the country to avoid pubs, clubs, restaurants and theatres and to only make essential journeys.
What is the latest coronavirus advice?

Sky News understands the government shifted to tougher measures on Monday partly as a result of the document produced by the team at Imperial.
The Imperial team described “mitigation” as focusing on “slowing but not necessarily stopping epidemic spread” to reduce NHS demand at the peak of an outbreak.

By contrast, “suppression” aims to “reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers to low levels and maintaining that situation indefinitely”.
Suppression measures would require social distancing by the “entire population” with “home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members” as well as possible school closures, according to the document.

Such measures will need to be maintained until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available – a period of potentially 18 months or more, the team said.

Get all the latest news on coronavirus
Experts warn of 250,000 UK deaths (Sky News)
NHS calls off non-critical surgeries (Daily Mail)

They added: “For suppression, early action is important, and interventions need to be in place well before healthcare capacity is overwhelmed.”
However, the team warned it is “not at all certain that suppression will succeed long term” as “no public health intervention with such disruptive effects on society has been previously attempted for such a long duration of time”.

The document added: “How populations and societies will respond remains unclear.”
Having based their findings on health service demand levels in China, Italy and the UK, the Imperial team only reached their conclusions “in the last few days”.

In their examination of the “most effective mitigation strategy”, they concluded: “The surge limits for both general ward and ICU [intensive care unit] beds would be exceeded by at least eightfold under the more optimistic scenario for critical care requirements that we examined.

“In addition, even if all patients were able to be treated, we predict there would still be in the order of 250,000 deaths in GB, and 1.1 to 1.2 million in the US.”

A government spokesperson said: “This is a very fast-moving situation.
“In order to give the most robust scientific advice SAGE [the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies] draws upon and considers a range of evidence and views to reach its recommendations.
“Part of this evidence includes the latest modelling data from a number of experts.

“All SAGE recommendations are in line with the best current evidence. We will be publishing further evidence shortly.”
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be present at a news briefing on Tuesday, with the Treasury expected to announce a “very significant” package of measures to help businesses deal with the coronanvirus crisis.

Perils of Globalisation as Pensioner Dies March 15th 2020

The friends of an 88-year-old church choir singer who died after contracting coronavirus say he got the illness at a restaurant after coming into contact with a skier returning from Italy.

Darrell Blackley, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, died on Friday at North Manchester General Hospital after contracting COVID-19.
He was admitted to hospital on 3 March with sepsis, but was placed in quarantine having earlier had contact in a restaurant with “a skier who had returned from Italy,” a statement from his local church said.
It added that he initially tested negative for the virus, but a week later received a positive result, shortly before becoming “extremely poorly and died”.

In a statement, St Michael’s Church in Middleton paid tribute to “a faithful man” and “gracious gentleman” who had attended services twice a week for more than 50 years.
It said: “Darrell was a faithful man at St Michael’s for over 50 years, he sang in the choir with a beautiful voice, described by so many as a gracious gentleman who is going to be sadly missed. RIP

Reverend Jackie Calow told Sky News the grandfather’s death had “deeply shocked” the whole community, adding that he was “well known”.
She praised him for having “the most amazing voice” in the church and police choirs he was a part of, and for his involvement in the community.

The father-of-one had not been at church for a month having been at home with an underlying condition, she said, adding that when he was isolated in hospital, his family could only visit him in hazmat suits that became uncomfortable to breathe in after 15 minutes.

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic asks staff to take eight weeks of unpaid leave March 16th 2020

The warning comes after many countries around the world closed borders or placed extra restrictions on arrivals.

Sharon Marris

News reporter @JournoKiwi

Monday 16 March 2020 17:54, UK

A Virgin Airways aircraft at Heathrow Airport on October 11, 2016 in London, England.
Image: Virgin Atlantic is among the airlines worried about surviving coronavirus

Why you can trust Sky News

Virgin Atlantic staff will be asked to take eight weeks of unpaid leave over the next three months, to help the airline cope during the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline is one of many to have brought in drastic measures to cope with a fall in passenger demand, due to global travel restrictions and the reluctance to travel due to the disease.

Bosses said the cost would be spread over six months’ salary to “drastically reduce costs without job losses”.

Also on Monday:

  • Virgin Atlantic to reduce daily flights by 80% by 26 March and the London Heathrow to Newark route to be axed immediately
  • Tui cancels “vast majority” of its holidays
  • easyJet warns most of its fleet could be grounded, saying it will continue to operate rescue flights for short periods “where we can” to repatriate passengers, but more cuts are expected
  • easyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren: “European aviation faces a precarious future and it is clear that co-ordinated government backing will be required to ensure the industry survives”
  • Ryanair expects majority of its European fleet to be grounded over next seven to 10 days. In countries where they are not grounded, growing restrictions could make flying “impractical if not impossible”
  • Ryainair chief executive Michael O’Leary said “extraordinary and unprecedented travel restrictions” imposed by governments had come “in many cases with minimal or zero notice”
  • British Airways owner IAG says travel restrictions are “having a significant and increasingly negative impact” on demand on almost all of its routes
  • IAG to reduce capacity by 75% in April and May, compared to same period last year
  • IAG staff to be offered voluntary leave options, recruitment to be frozen, and working hours reduced
  • IAG chief executive Willie Walsh: “We have seen a substantial decline in bookings across our airlines and global network over the past few weeks and we expect demand to remain weak until well into the summer”
In this picture taken on February 14, 2020, a Malaysia Airlines hostess (R) wearing a protective face mask checks the temperature of Chinese passengers before they board a flight to Beijing at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Kuala Lumpur
Countries are increasing restrictions on travellers – if they are letting them come in at all

Shares in IAG closed 27% down while easyJet’s stock lost almost 20%.

Shares in TUI fell by more than 30% at one stage but recovered to be almost 12.7% lower while Ryanair also shed 12.7%.

The falls chimed with a series of warnings relating to the aviation and tourism sectors.

A new virus belonging to the Coronavirus family named as novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV has claimed over 3,000 lives in China. At least 90,000 cases have been reported all over the globe. Research is on but very little is known about the disease or how exactly it can be contained. WHO has warned the risk of global spread is “very high” and the virus will reach almost all countries of the world very soon.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that are often the source of respiratory infections, including the common cold. Most of the viruses are common among animals, but sometimes, an animal-based coronavirus mutates and successfully finds a human host.
According to the World Health Organization, during previous outbreaks due to other coronaviruses, human-to-human transmission occurred through droplets or objects making contact, suggesting that the transmission mode of the 2019-nCoV can be identical.
The symptoms may include fever, cough and shortness of breath.
Antibiotics do not work against such viral pneumonia and there are no vaccines against them. In addition to this, the virus is contagious even during incubation, that is even before a patient exhibits any symptoms. This characteristic amplifies transmissibility. Due to this, travel bans across China are initiated and the literal isolation of Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, has been done.

Coronavirus Outbreak – A Manmade Disaster

Diseases that pass from animals to humans are called zoonotic diseases. They are rare. The chief concern with them is that since they are new to humans, the human body does not have any immunity to them. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that globally, about a billion cases of illness and millions of deaths occur every year from zoonoses, i.e, diseases and infections naturally transmitted between people and vertebrate animals. Some 60% of emerging infectious diseases globally are zoonoses. Of the over 30 new human pathogens detected over the last three decades, 75% originated in animals.
Coronavirus is one of them. It is believed to have originated in a seafood market in Wuhan that was involved in the illegal sale of wildlife. According to WHO, wherever there is close mixing of humans and animals, especially the unregulated handling of blood and other body products, as happens for example in China’s animal markets, there are greater chances of transmission of a virus from animals to humans, and its mutation to adapt to the human body.


Hopeless Youth March 15th 2020

A notice board in Havant, Hants, Tesco March 12th 2020. iMAGE Appledene Photographics


Come on, get into panic mode !!

Police will be able to detain infected people and schools could be forced to stay open under a package of powers being announced next week to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency laws to help to limit the spread of the virus will be introduced after the number of people infected in Britain rose by 200 in 24 hours to 798. The measures, seen by The Times, will also let councils lower standards in care homes to deal with staff shortages. The legislation, which ministers intend to push through

The number of British deaths due to coronavirus has risen by 10, taking the total number to 21, Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, announced today.

NHS England issued statements on behalf of nine trusts today saying that a further ten people had died. Whitty said that all those who died were in “at-risk groups”.

“I understand this increase in the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 will be a very worrying “

Editorial Comment How do we know the tests are accurate or not exaggerated because the governing classes are testing repressive social control measures, just like they did in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

It is about social and mental conditioning. For sure any costs to the elite will be passed down from the rich to the plebs. It is a massive over reaction. They are deliberately shutting down the country. When workers default on mortgages, the rich will call in the debt.

Of course they won’t close the schools because they are vital to state brainwashing and control. The State is not releasing details of the virus’s victims. They have a specific profile, but who cares when the State wants national panic, with excuses for more controls. Experts are called in to talk about ‘the science’ with which they blind the unsuspecting masses. Robert Cook

‘Times are a Changin’ ‘

CON U VIRUS POSTED March 13th 2020

Charing Cross Station today.London is very quiet because teh well of fear death.

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed he is ‘surprised and concerned’ Boris Johnson didn’t lockdown parts of Britain to tackle the coronavirus ‘national emergency’ as debate rages over whether the PM has gone far enough to protect the 66million population from the pandemic.

Mr Hunt, who is now chair of the Commons health and social care select committee, believes the Prime Minister must do more to encourage social distancing – and was particularly concerned care homes are not being told to ban visitors. 

The official number of coronavirus cases in the UK yesterday jumped by 134 to 590 with 10 deaths – but the Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said the true number was probably up to 10,000 cases and growing rapidly.  

A London Underground tube driver has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

The man, who works on the Jubilee Line, has been self-isolating this week after returning from holiday in Vietnam, sources told PA.

An internal message to staff said the driver, based at the North Greenwich depot, had tested positive for Covid-19.

“The operator is receiving support from health services and is continuing to follow Public Health England (PHE) advice to self-isolate.

“The train operator has recently returned from a trip abroad, where it is thought the illness may have been contracted,” said the memo.

Sites that are usually ram-packed with commuters and tourists at rush hour have been left desolate in the wake of Covid-19.

Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square, and the Euston Underpass were all practically empty on Friday morning following Boris Johnson’s announcement that “many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time”.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Transport for London is facing a £400m drop in fares income, according to credit rating agency Moody’s.

It predicted a 30 per cent fall in passenger income in the four months to the end of June, assuming that 20 per cent of the workforce will work from home and leisure trips will fall due to “social distancing”.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted: “London’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations are an annual highlight for many, so I’m incredibly disappointed that this year’s event has had to be cancelled as key performers and parade participants are no longer able to participate due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus.”

Shutdowns and cancellations of events are expected to hit the massive tourist industry in London.

It is thought that up to 10,000 people in the UK may have the coronavirus, according to the Government’s medical advisors.

As of 9am on Thursday, 590 people had tested positive for the virus. There have been 10 deaths in the UK.

Editorial Comment This is all very odd and intriguing. Conveniently it coincides with Britain’s EU trade talks which have been put on hold. Flu kills many more each year, so what is it with this one ? Some believe this is the long predicted elite cull of the unwantd masses.

Globalisation has much to answer for, but must not be critcised. Overpoulation and mass migration from the impoverished old third world- to relieve their endless religion driven population growth- must also be ignored

The elite suspect what they have done to environment – intentionally or unintentionally- much of life on earth has been doom. Feminism has been an excellent smoke screen. Moronic women have been scared into supporting it. along with their besotted daddies. Meanwhile real dangers are ignored- just the way the elite wants it. Robert Cook

Desperate to silence Posted March 13th 2020

The witch-hunt against the Oxford professor reflects a worrying trend that sees mainstream views condemned as phobic, says Judith Woods

SET across the River Cherwell amid Oxford’s dreaming spires stands St Hilda’s College. Established in 1893 as a woman’s hall it only admitted men as recently in 2008. Its motto is “Excellence and Equality” and staff are justifiably proud of its achievements in promoting female voices and furthering female ambitions – things we now take for granted.

Yet it is here, on the eve of International Women’s Day, that a battle for 21st century women’s rights and freedom of speech is being fought, the like of which we have never seen before. Modern history professor and best-selling author Professor Selina Todd, who specialises in the history of the working-class, women and feminism in modern Britain, stands at the centre of an astonishing – frightening – witch hunt….

Ironing Out March 13th 2020

University students are “crazy” to ban controversial speakers, Jeremy Irons has said in a warning over free speech on campus.

The 71-year-old actor, who is Chancellor of Bath Spa University, said he gets “very depressed” when people are banned from addressing students because some disagree with their views.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph this week, the Oscar winning actor said: “I think it’s right that all views should be examined and certainly acceptable to discuss.

“I get very depressed when I see that certain outside speakers are barred from talking in…

Editorial Comment  By definition mainstream media is not just any old opinion.  It filters what the mainstream – i.e elite -wants us to think and believe as truth. That fits us into the diversity culture where Muslims and Toddites can insult transexualls, bonding in a new sentimental view of the international working classes.

Mainstream media or feminazis has very little if anything worth hearing to say about the Chelsea Manning Julian Assange situation for example,

The mainstream media is not about free speech/  Women like Selina Todd have greater rights to speak for our so called diversity culture.  So far I have found out nothing significant about her allusions to being at one with the working class.  These people do not expect to be taken up on their contradictions.  

Todd earns plaudits from the Guardianistas for her bigotry directed at transsexuals.  She claims women are somehow equal but in need of special rights and protections, safe spaces enc….   

She implies that men are so desperate to commit rape that they will sacrifice their manhood, wear female clothing, shoes and make-up to get into women’s toilets so as to rape them.  

I think this is hate speech. Todd has nothing to say about her working class credentials, writing as if only working class women have suffered- the whole working class have and still are suffering.  She is one of those re writing the past in order to contamin(h)ate the present and future with her nasty feminist poison.  I am exercising my right to free speech here.  Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual yesterday. She says : ‘Hitler came to power thanks to free speech. Image Appledene Photographics

Chelsea Manning fights for her life after attempting suicide in jail cell following her refusal to testify before grand jury investigating WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Posted March 12th 2020

  • Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, 31, attempted suicide inside her jail cell at the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia on Wednesday
  • Manning was found by guards, who administered first aid and then transported her to hospital 
  • She was being held for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
  • She was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on Friday 
  • Manning previously spent seven years in military prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified US documents to WikiLeaks in 2010 

But she told a judge last May she would rather starve to death than change her decision to testify about it in front of a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Manning’s lawyers have called for her to be set free and UN special rapporteur Nilz Melzer has denounced her captivity as a form of torture.

‘A jail deputy discovered her while conducting a check in the special housing unit where Chelsea is being housed,’ a source told

‘They found her with a sheet around her neck. Other deputies arrived and first aid was administered before she was taken to the hospital.’

Manning was originally sentenced to 35 years for leaking to WikiLeaks but was released in May 2017 after President Barack Obama commuted her time in prison.

The insider said Manning is expected to recover and was well enough last night to be able to communicate with medical staff.

‘It was a close run thing. Chelsea was unconscious, she was blue and unresponsive, but the deputies were able to resuscitate her,’ the insider added.

‘They did a great job keeping her life. Nobody wants a repeat of the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco.’

Editorial Comment the British elite are in this up to their necks , as the Assange story demonstrates. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual says ‘It is a pity those awful feminists don’t take more interest in this story rather than endlessly going on about how awful it is to be an upper middlelass woman in Brmerica.
Assange will be next, and all for exposing elite war crimes and the murder of journaists, The Naziz are actually in control’

Violent Multi Cultural Britain Posted March 12th 2020

Four teenagers have been rushed to hospital after a multiple stabbing in east London – while seven people have been arrested.

Police were called to the scene in Manston Court, Walthamstow, at 9.03pm on Wednesday following reports of a group of youths fighting with weapons, a Met spokesperson said.

Officers attended with London Ambulance Service and the teenagers, aged around 15 and 16, were taken to hospital with stab and slash injuries.

None are believed to be life-threatening, the spokesperson said.

Seven arrests have been made in total for offences including violent  disorder, affray, and possession of an offensive weapon.

Editorial Comment This is inevitable in multi cultural Britain where the real causes of crime cannot be discusssed. The police are corrupt, pusrsuing a PC agenda while led by self obsessed careerists, no pun intended. But the real problem is political at the highest level. Labour lays claim to a monopoly of social conscience, using women as their nice faced foot soldiers.

Will Boris Be Next and is it a dastardly Russian Plot to take over the World ? Posted March 11th 2020

Health minister Nadine Dorries has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating.

She is the first MP in the UK to be diagnosed with COVID-19, as the virus spread further on Tuesday.

A sixth person in the country has died and the total number of confirmed cases is 382 – up by 54 in the last day.

“I would like to thank PHE and the wonderful NHS staff who have provided me with advice and support.”

She added in a tweet: “It’s been pretty rubbish but I hope I’m over the worst of it now. More worried about my 84yo mum who is staying with me and began with the cough today. She is being tested tomorrow.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he was “really sorry” to hear the news but that “she has done the right thing by self-isolating at home”.

A Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) spokeswoman said she first exhibited symptoms at some time on Thursday – the same day she attended a Downing Street event hosted by Boris Johnson to mark International Women’s Day.

Number 10 did not comment on whether the prime minister had undergone testing for the coronavirus, or whether he will now be tested.

A DHSC spokeswoman said Ms Dorries, 62, has been self-isolating at home since Friday.

Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it’s NOT a cold or flu – the 5 signs to watch for – The Sun

Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it’s NOT a cold or flu – the 5 signs to watch for

  • 9 Mar 2020, 12:07
  • Updated: 9 Mar 2020, 17:04

BRITS are being urged to be alert to the signs and symptoms of coronavirus – as the deadly new bug continues to sweep the globe.

The number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK has surged to 280 – with experts warning of a “worst-case scenario” of 100,000 deaths.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Covid-19 is believed to be spread via droplets produced from coughs and sneezes as well as touching surfaces.

Britain’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty said droplets can survive on bus and train handrails for up to three days.

Health bosses have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate as one top expert admitted we have “lost track of who has it”.

Dr Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter, said: “We no longer know where the virus is.

“You could catch it from anyone, anywhere, anytime — in your supermarket, coffee shop, petrol station or pub.”

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the name for a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS.

The new disease that emerged in Wuhan, China in December, was named Covid-19, by the World Health Organisation- and has never been seen in humans before the current outbreak.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, causing pneumonia-like lung lesions.

The new strain is thought to have jumped from bats to humans, via a possible but unknown animal, in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from catching Covid-19 is to be aware of the symptoms.

Here, we take you through the early warning signs to be aware of, how to protect yourself and when to get medical help…

What are the early warning signs?

As Covid-19 is a new virus, experts are still working to understand it.

According to the NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO), early symptoms of coronavirus infection usually include:

  1. A cough and/or sore throat
  2. A high temperature
  3. Shortness of breath

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness and are similar to other illnesses, such as the common cold or flu.

Some people will not develop all of these symptoms –  and some might not even show symptoms at all, experts have discovered.

They warn that in some people, particularly those with underlying conditions, it can cause them to develop severe complications.

These include pneumonia and swelling in the lungs, which can make it hard for the lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstream – leading to organ failure and death.

Severe pneumonia can kill people by causing them to “drown” in the fluid flooding their lungs.

To find out more about whether you should travel, click on your country of choice: Is it safe to travel to TenerifeItalyAustriaGreece and Thailand.

How does coronavirus differ from flu?

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to other respiratory illnesses such as the flu and the common cold.

However, with the flu, symptoms can come on much quicker than with coronavirus.

According to the NHS, signs of flu include:

  • A sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above
  • An aching body
  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • A dry cough
  • A sore throat
  • A headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea or tummy pain
  • Feeling sick and being sick

You can treat yourself for flu by getting rest and staying warm.

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen can lower your temperature and treat aches and pains.

Drinking plenty of water will help avoid dehydration.

The flu vaccine reduces the risk of catching flu, as well as spreading it to others.

It’s more effective to get the vaccine before the start of the flu season, which tends to run from December to March.

How quickly do coronavirus symptoms come on?

The virus is transmitted between people in droplets from coughing and sneezing and touching or shaking hands.

Symptoms are thought to appear between two and ten days after contracting the virus.

But scientists say in some people it may be up to 24 days.

And worse still there is also some evidence, as yet unconfirmed, that the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people — that is people carrying the virus but have not become ill yet.

Should this be correct it may make the virus considerably more difficult to control.

When should I seek help?

You should also call NHS 111 if you have travelled to any of the affected countries and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath.

Or if you have been in close contact with an infected person.

Public Health England defines close contact as being within two metres of someone for 15 minutes or more or sharing a room for a prolonged period.

The NHS has urged people to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as, if you have the virus, you risk spreading it to others.

Health experts are warning people not to go straight to your doctors’ surgery, over fears people will spread the bug there too – but do seek medical help by calling NHS 111.

If you get a cough, a high temperature, or you feel short of breath, continue to follow this advice.

Do not leave your house without getting advice from a doctor.

How can I protect myself?

The best way to prevent catching any form of coronavirus is to practice good hygiene, health experts say.

In order to reduce your risk of infection, you should:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

If you have cold-like symptoms, you can help protect others by staying home when you are sick and avoiding contact with others.

You should also cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough and sneeze then throw it away and wash your hands.

Cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces which you may have touched is also important.

Can it be treated?

Currently there is no vaccine to protect people against the virus.

Antibiotics do not help, as they do not work against viruses – only bacteria.

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The NHS says that treatment aims to relieve the symptoms while your body fights the illness.

Those who are infected will need to stay in isolation away from other people until they have recovered. Suspected coronavirus patient runs away from police in Wuhan, China

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Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it’s NOT a cold or flu – the 5 signs to watch for – The Sun

Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it’s NOT a cold or flu – the 5 signs to watch for

  • 9 Mar 2020, 12:07
  • Updated: 9 Mar 2020, 17:04

BRITS are being urged to be alert to the signs and symptoms of coronavirus – as the deadly new bug continues to sweep the globe.

The number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK has surged to 280 – with experts warning of a “worst-case scenario” of 100,000 deaths.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Covid-19 is believed to be spread via droplets produced from coughs and sneezes as well as touching surfaces.

Britain’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty said droplets can survive on bus and train handrails for up to three days.

Health bosses have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate as one top expert admitted we have “lost track of who has it”.

Dr Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter, said: “We no longer know where the virus is.

“You could catch it from anyone, anywhere, anytime — in your supermarket, coffee shop, petrol station or pub.”

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the name for a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS.

The new disease that emerged in Wuhan, China in December, was named Covid-19, by the World Health Organisation- and has never been seen in humans before the current outbreak.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, causing pneumonia-like lung lesions.

The new strain is thought to have jumped from bats to humans, via a possible but unknown animal, in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from catching Covid-19 is to be aware of the symptoms.

Here, we take you through the early warning signs to be aware of, how to protect yourself and when to get medical help…

What are the early warning signs?

As Covid-19 is a new virus, experts are still working to understand it.

According to the NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO), early symptoms of coronavirus infection usually include:

  1. A cough and/or sore throat
  2. A high temperature
  3. Shortness of breath

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness and are similar to other illnesses, such as the common cold or flu.

Some people will not develop all of these symptoms –  and some might not even show symptoms at all, experts have discovered.

They warn that in some people, particularly those with underlying conditions, it can cause them to develop severe complications.

These include pneumonia and swelling in the lungs, which can make it hard for the lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstream – leading to organ failure and death.

Severe pneumonia can kill people by causing them to “drown” in the fluid flooding their lungs.

To find out more about whether you should travel, click on your country of choice: Is it safe to travel to TenerifeItalyAustriaGreece and Thailand.

How does coronavirus differ from flu?

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to other respiratory illnesses such as the flu and the common cold.

However, with the flu, symptoms can come on much quicker than with coronavirus.

According to the NHS, signs of flu include:

  • A sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above
  • An aching body
  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • A dry cough
  • A sore throat
  • A headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea or tummy pain
  • Feeling sick and being sick

You can treat yourself for flu by getting rest and staying warm.

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen can lower your temperature and treat aches and pains.

Drinking plenty of water will help avoid dehydration.

The flu vaccine reduces the risk of catching flu, as well as spreading it to others.

It’s more effective to get the vaccine before the start of the flu season, which tends to run from December to March.

 Brits are being urged to be aware of the coronavirus symptoms
Brits are being urged to be aware of the coronavirus symptomsCredit: EPA

How quickly do coronavirus symptoms come on?

The virus is transmitted between people in droplets from coughing and sneezing and touching or shaking hands.

Symptoms are thought to appear between two and ten days after contracting the virus.

But scientists say in some people it may be up to 24 days.

And worse still there is also some evidence, as yet unconfirmed, that the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people — that is people carrying the virus but have not become ill yet.

Should this be correct it may make the virus considerably more difficult to control.

When should I seek help?

You should also call NHS 111 if you have travelled to any of the affected countries and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath.

Or if you have been in close contact with an infected person.

Public Health England defines close contact as being within two metres of someone for 15 minutes or more or sharing a room for a prolonged period.

The NHS has urged people to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as, if you have the virus, you risk spreading it to others.

Health experts are warning people not to go straight to your doctors’ surgery, over fears people will spread the bug there too – but do seek medical help by calling NHS 111.

If you get a cough, a high temperature, or you feel short of breath, continue to follow this advice.

Do not leave your house without getting advice from a doctor.

How can I protect myself?

The best way to prevent catching any form of coronavirus is to practice good hygiene, health experts say.

In order to reduce your risk of infection, you should:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

If you have cold-like symptoms, you can help protect others by staying home when you are sick and avoiding contact with others.

You should also cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough and sneeze then throw it away and wash your hands.

Cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces which you may have touched is also important.

Can it be treated?

Currently there is no vaccine to protect people against the virus.

Antibiotics do not help, as they do not work against viruses – only bacteria.

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The NHS says that treatment aims to relieve the symptoms while your body fights the illness.

Those who are infected will need to stay in isolation away from other people until they have recovered. Suspected coronavirus patient runs away from police in Wuhan, China

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BRITS are being urged to be alert to the signs and symptoms of coronavirus – as the deadly new bug continues to sweep the globe.

The number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK has surged to 280 – with experts warning of a “worst-case scenario” of 100,000 deaths.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Covid-19 is believed to be spread via droplets produced from coughs and sneezes as well as touching surfaces.

Britain’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty said droplets can survive on bus and train handrails for up to three days.

Health bosses have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate as one top expert admitted we have “lost track of who has it”.

Dr Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter, said: “We no longer know where the virus is.

“You could catch it from anyone, anywhere, anytime — in your supermarket, coffee shop, petrol station or pub.”

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the name for a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS.

The new disease that emerged in Wuhan, China in December, was named Covid-19, by the World Health Organisation- and has never been seen in humans before the current outbreak.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, causing pneumonia-like lung lesions.

The new strain is thought to have jumped from bats to humans, via a possible but unknown animal, in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from catching Covid-19 is to be aware of the symptoms.

Here, we take you through the early warning signs to be aware of, how to protect yourself and when to get medical help…

What are the early warning signs?

As Covid-19 is a new virus, experts are still working to understand it.

According to the NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO), early symptoms of coronavirus infection usually include:

  1. A cough and/or sore throat
  2. A high temperature
  3. Shortness of breath

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness and are similar to other illnesses, such as the common cold or flu.

Some people will not develop all of these symptoms –  and some might not even show symptoms at all, experts have discovered.

They warn that in some people, particularly those with underlying conditions, it can cause them to develop severe complications.

These include pneumonia and swelling in the lungs, which can make it hard for the lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstream – leading to organ failure and death.

Severe pneumonia can kill people by causing them to “drown” in the fluid flooding their lungs.

Meghan’s Going ( Hopefully ) and Andrew’s on his way back March 10th 2020

Prince Anrew with convicted Epstein in Central Park, he saus he hardly knew him. The legs of a Royal Proetction Officer are seen in background. The Police and FBI know the truth, which is why the latter want to interveiw the prince.

Prince Andrew attended a a memorial service at St Georges Chapel Windsor while all the other Royals attend the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster AbbeyCredit: Doug Seeburg – The Sun

His comeback will shock many — and the fact it came when the Queen was at the Commonwealth Day Service will fuel suspicion that he was being “sneaked back” into royal life.

Pals say he is on a high after hiring new lawyers to defend his name in the US.

One said: “He was dipping his toe in the water by going to the service but plans to go to more engagements soon. He’s innocent. He doesn’t see why he shouldn’t return to royal duties. He still has a lot to offer.”

Buckingham Palace said Andrew went to the memorial for Sir Malcolm Ross at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in a “personal” capacity. Sir Malcolm died last October, aged 76.

Andrew stepped down from public life last year after failing to show sympathy for Epstein’s victims in a Newsnight interview. Epstein killed himself in prison.

The duke denies having had sex with Epstein “sex slave” Virginia Roberts when she was 17.

US lawyers claim he has dodged authorities investigating Epstein’s vice web. Andrew’s friends claim he is willing to talk to the FBI and “has nothing to hide”.

Source ‘The Sun ‘

‘Traitor’: PM heckled as he visits flood-hit area Posted March 8th 2020

Flood water high in Ludlow. I in ten new homes in Britain built on floodplains. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Boris Johnson has been greeted with heckles of “traitor” as he visited a flood-hit area of Worcestershire.

Floods still rampant in West Mercia, and it is all Boris Johnson’s fault. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

The prime minister arrived on the banks of the River Severn on Sunday, and was taken to view the still-erected flood defences by Environment Agency staff.

The area has been overwhelmed by flood water in recent weeks and properties and businesses have been inundated with water.

Mr Johnson has been criticised as a “part-time prime minister” for previously staying away.

This included remaining at his grace-and-favour mansion in Kent during parliament’s week-long recess last month.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the PM of remaining “silent” and “sulking”, adding: “How can the country trust a part-time prime minister?”

Female Oxford don barred from feminist festival after trans activists accused her of being ‘transphobic’

  • 4 Mar 2020, 11:21
  • Updated: 4 Mar 2020, 11:21

A FEMALE Oxford University history professor was barred from speaking at a feminist festival over a “transphobic” row.

Professor Selina Todd, who focuses on working-class women, was due to give a speech at Exeter College on Saturday.

 Professor Selina Todd was barred from a feminist festival
Professor Selina Todd was barred from a feminist festivalCredit: Rex Features

But she was “no-platformed” at the event marking 50 years since the inaugural Women’s Liberation conference at Ruskin College following pressure from trans activists.

It is understood Professor Todd’s links to Women’s Place UK, which has been criticised in the past for promoting transphobic views, may have been behind the decision.

She has also previously been given bodyguards to escort her to lectures after receiving threats when she wrote that trans people sometimes “harm the rights of women”, The Telegraph reports.

The academic tweeted on Friday: “Just been no-platformed from this event commemorating 50 years since Ruskin women’s liberation movement conference because of my connection with Women’s Place UK.

“My mum and dad met at Ruskin. My mum is a proud feminist. So am I. My first academic article was about the women’s liberation movement.”


Professor Todd instead handed out copies of her speech outside the festival and later said she was “stunned” at being no-platformed.

She added: “The organisers say this is because of pressure from trans activists . . . I refute the allegation that I am transphobic.”

Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh has now lodged a complaint with the Universities Minister asking her to investigate the suppression of free speech.

Current and ex-Oxford students also slammed the decision and said they were “utterly ashamed” by Professor Todd’s treatment.

Ruskin College claims it would not have silenced the academic.


The row was first sparked last month when Professor Todd revealed she needed security guards after students began showing up calling her “transphobic”.

The threats were in response to comments she wrote on her website, stating: “Like every other gender critical feminist I know, I encountered the current debate about whether transgender people should be able to self-identify as such (without fulfilling other legal and medical requirements) from the instinctive standpoint that I wanted to support transpeople’s rights.

“But after months of research, I concluded that this position would harm the rights of women, because so often what is being asked for is free access to women-only spaces.”

Professor Todd’s links to Woman’s Place UK are also understood to be behind the ban at the Ruskin College event.

The group was started in 2017 and aims to “ensure women’s voices would be heard in the consultation on proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act”.

Editorial Comment I will make a deatiled comment later today. It has to be a joke that this posh woman called Selina is focusing on working class women. In the last annalysis, she is saying that men male to female transexuals are a sexual and violent threat to women per se. She is a hate preacher.

If she seriously means that free speech is welcome at Oxford ( pompous ) University, then maybe they will invite Tommy Robinson. Meanwhile, what about feminist women who dress and have hair cuts like men, then invade male spaces. Given the bias and plethora of new laws, men need safe spaces from women.

Polly Sexual, one of the new women fighting back against rancid harridan fixated feminists and lesbians who think it is OK to dress, talk and walk like men – insulting and even hitting them as a matter of routine.
No one is supposed to notice the hypocrisy and contradictions says Polly Sexual.
Image Appledene Photographics.

Sex Change Hormonal Treatments Alter Brain Chemistry

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry Share this:                  
Philadelphia, PA, October 8, 2015

Hormonal treatments administered as part of the procedures for sex reassignment have well-known and well-documented effects on the secondary sexual characteristics of the adult body, shifting a recipient’s physical appearance to that of the opposite sex.  READ MORE ON THIS SITE’S PSYCHOLOGY PAGE. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual Image Appledene Photographics. The Female Brain is different. Equality has nothing to do with it. Feminists want it both ways, safe spaces, special but equal
( sic )

History is Powerful Posted March 6th 2020

Below is an extract from Prof Selina Todd’s website. For an historian she says very little about her own history. History is about editing the past, as the Soviets knew well. Here in Britain today, the ruling liberal ( sic ) left have honed this skill to extreme.

Todd’s work is focused on women and class. She got a good education at schools where there were no middle class kids and one was in special measures ! How did that happen ? How did she cope ? Who were her parents, who were her teachers ?

She seems to have built a career out of protest, claiming hardships she does not explain. But then, she is a feminist so does not have to explain anything. Todd took her first degree at Warwick University, academic home of feminists pioneer and female freedom fighter Prof Germaine Greer. I thought Greer was dangerous, but she is an angel compared to the new she devils of feminazism. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual Image Appledene Photographics



I grew up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where I was educated at a primary school boycotted by middle-class parents and a comprehensive eventually put in ‘special measures’ and forced to become an academy. Inspired by the great education I received at both – and by extracurricular activities including attending all the 1980s CND demos and the Poll Tax protest of 1990 – I have spent the past 20 years combining activism, research, writing, teaching and fun. My day job is Professor of Modern History at Oxford University.

My first book, Young Women, Work, and Family in England, 1918-1950 , won the Women’s History Network Book Prize. It is about young working-class women’s lives at a time of enormous social upheaval. My second book, The People: the Rise and Fall of the Working Class, 1910-2010 was published by John Murray in 2014 and quickly became a bestseller. It is now in paperback.

My most recent is Tastes of Honey, a biography of the playwright Shelagh Delaney, published in 2019 – more details here – which reflects on the importance of working-class women to the development of feminism.

Liking the idea of a CV of failures as a riposte to workaholism, perfectionism and competitiveness I tried to post mine here – but it is way too long.

Corona Virus killing Business and looking for scapegoats in Britain March 5th 2020

Flybe has gone into administration after the regional airline struggled to raise funds, and bookings dropped off due to coronavirus.

One of Britain’s largest airlines, Flybe entered administration just after 3am on Thursday, with all flights grounded and the business having ceased trading “with immediate effect”.

a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway: One of the final Flybe flights took off from Manchester Airport

© Reuters One of the final Flybe flights took off from Manchester Airport The official announcement came less than three hours after an email from Flybe boss Mark Anderson, seen by Sky News, told the airline’s 2,000 staff it was “shortly being put into administration”.

Top doctor to be grilled by MPs amid warning coronavirus epidemic ‘likely’ after spike in UK cases

Top doctor to be grilled by MPs amid warning coronavirus epidemic ‘likely’ after spike in UK cases

England’s top doctor is set to be grilled by MPs after the UK was hit by its biggest day-on-day spike in coronavirus cases.

It comes after officials warned that a UK epidemic looked “likely,” with the number of confirmed patients rising to 87.

Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is due to appear before the Health and Social Care Committee on Thursday.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Chris Whitty

© Provided by Evening Standard Chris Whitty MPs will quiz Prof Whitty on how well prepared the UK is to deal with the impact of a possible global pandemic.

Among the 36 cases confirmed on Wednesday alone were two recent patients of King’s College Hospital in South London.


Elsewhere, Italy is closing all schools and universities as it continues its fight against the most serious coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

Some 107 people have now been killed by the deadly illness in the country, which has also banned fans from attending all professional sport fixtures.

Globally, there are now more than 93,000 cases, with more than 3,000 deaths.

Government scientific experts predict the UK’s coronavirus outbreak could last for around four to six months.

Three of the new cases recorded in England were passed on in the UK, raising fears that community transmission may now be taking hold.

Meanwhile in China

Dozens of diggers work to build a new hospital in Wuhan, on Jan. 25. Due to the large number of infected people, the government decided to establish a temporary 1,000-bed hospital.95/95 SLIDESThe Department of Health has been updating the UK figures daily, with one Northern Ireland case among the 85 recorded at 2pm on Wednesday.

However, Northern Ireland later confirmed two more cases, taking the UK total to 87.

Earlier, Prof Whitty told the BBC there could be a need to do “extreme things” to protect the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

He added: “At this point in time we think it is likely, not definite, that we will move into onward transmission and an epidemic here in the UK.”

He said: “Closing cities is really only appropriate if you have a significant epidemic in one particular place and almost nothing anywhere else.

“It made sense for China to respond in the way it did, but it would be very unlikely here … This is now in multiple places in Europe and around the world.”

As cases in the UK climb, the Department of Health said it would no “longer be tweeting information on the location of each new case”.

It said: “Instead, this information will be released centrally in a consolidated format online, once a week.

“We are working on this now and plan to share on Friday.”

It comes as The Times reported a senior parliamentary source said the Commons and Lords could shut for up to five months to prevent MPs spreading the illness.

Britons who have returned from the Costa Adeje Hotel in Tenerife since Monday have been advised to self-isolate after a case of coronavirus was diagnosed at the hotel on March 2.

The London Book Fair at Olympia from March 10 to 12 was cancelled after major publishers pulled out amid coronavirus fears.

Four new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Republic of Ireland, taking the total number of cases to six.

The two male and two female patients, from the western part of the country, were all “associated with travel” from the same affected area in northern Italy.

A letter to NHS trusts has also been published telling them to ramp up their plans for tackling Covid-19, including seeing patients via video link.

It sets out that a level 4 NHS incident has been declared – the highest level – meaning extra steps are needed.

A new Government publicity campaign seeks to drive home the message that regular hand-washing is the single most important action individuals can take in the fight against Covid-19.

The new adverts say hand-washing should be for 20 seconds, using soap and water or hand sanitiser.

Boris Johnson vs. Britain’s Deep State Posted March 4th 2020

Tom McTague – The Atlantic – 04 March 2020

In 1989, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett wrote a letter reflecting on what was then his 25-year stewardship of Berkshire Hathaway. His “most surprising discovery” was “the overwhelming importance in business of an unseen force that we might call ‘the institutional imperative.’” Buffet told investors that he initially thought “decent, intelligent, and experienced managers would automatically make rational business decisions.” In fact, he discovered, this was untrue. The crucial thing was the system.
It was almost a law of business, Buffett wrote, that institutions will resist change, waste time, produce evidence to support the whims of whoever is in charge, and mindlessly imitate the behavior of rival companies. The lesson he took from his insight was to organize his company in ways that minimized the dangers of systemic failure and to invest in other companies that also seemed to understand this risk.

Buffett’s law has entered the annals of business theory, and been held up by an array of leaders—among them Dominic Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s most influential adviser.
Cummings’s belief in this worldview goes a long way toward explaining the ongoing tension between the U.K. government and the institution it is asking to enact its agenda: the British Civil Service. The tension exploded into public view this weekend with the abrupt resignation of the most senior official in the Home Office following repeated disputes with his political master,

Home Secretary Priti Patel, who has been tasked with introducing an entirely new immigration regime in just 10 months. It was also on display in the revelation that the British government opted to leave the European Union’s pandemic early-warning system, despite calls from health experts to remain. But while the clashes, particularly at the Home Office, appear to have been personal and specific, involving accusations of bullying and leaking, or of placing ideology over pragmatism, they are also systemic and general, revealing a clash of ideas that is only likely to intensify, and not just a clash of personalities.

At the heart of the row is the idea set out by Buffett in 1989, that it matters not the “venality or stupidity” of the government minister or civil servant in question (depending on your view of who is in the right), but the hardwiring of the government machine itself. In Cummings’s view, the Civil Service, like every other government bureaucracy, is unable to shake Buffett’s institutional imperative toward inaction, time wasting, false certainty, and mindless imitation.

The machine, Cummings believes, is unable to bring about the kind of change voters want—therefore, the only way to change the outcomes that voters dislike is to change the system. Regardless of who behaved badly in the dispute between Patel and her senior civil servant, this clash of ideas is the key underlying tension.
Cummings’s perspective is best understood not through a traditional left-wing or right-wing political prism, but philosophically. It is revolutionary in nature, seeking systemic change, not just policy reform, and means that individual bust-ups are best understood not on their specific merits alone, but as part of a wider battle over the nature of government itself.

To better understand this clash, it is instructive to return to Cummings’s writings on previous British governments that have found themselves frustrated by the small-c conservative nature of the Civil Service. Both Tony Blair and David Cameron, for instance, sought ways to more efficiently control the machine, to shake it into life to produce the outcomes that the government wanted. Blair chose to centralize and impose targets; Cameron criticized this approach from opposition, only to imitate it in power.

After a crisis following the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease early in his first government, Blair discovered “the wonders of Cobra,” Cummings writes, referring to the U.K.’s disaster-response system, named after the chamber in which it is held—Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. The military response to the crisis showed Blair what could be achieved through command and control, and when further crises emerged, Blair turned to Cobra. Today, Cobra is the go-to response taken by prime ministers when a crisis occurs. Johnson himself was seen to take control of the growing concern over the new coronavirus only when he convened his first Cobra meeting on the matter on Monday.

For Cummings, though, the reliance on Cobra shows not a system working but “a symptom of Whitehall’s profound dysfunction.” The problem, in his view, is the very thing the Civil Service is most proud of: its apolitical permanence. The Civil Service’s defenders say this is what makes it the best in the world, producing “Rolls Royce” diplomats and officials who are experts in their field; free from short-term political pressures; able to give honest, impartial advice; rounded by experience across government. Cummings counters that this is exactly what is wrong with the Civil Service, entrenching its destructive imperative to preserve the status quo, unable to imagine an alternative to the way it works, wasteful of time and resources, and ultimately incapable of adapting to sudden change it never foresees—Brexit chief among them.

Rutman on the left, arrogant upper middle class civil servant versus daughter of self made Ugandan Asian refugees. Rutman has the face of a bully, used to getting his own way and not liking the new immigration system.
Out of the European frying pan of rule makers and into the fire of Britain’s elite witch hunters and super rule makers. You haven’t got your country bck, these bullies have it now, so expect worse. Robert Cook.

Not At Home Secretary ! March 3rd 2020

Allegations of bullying against Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, are to be investigated by the Cabinet Office following the resignation of her top civil servant, the Government announced on Monday.

Michael Gove, the Cabinet minister responsible for the civil service, said there would be a “thorough, rapid, independent and authoritative” investigation into all “legitimate” complaints spanning Ms Patel’s time at the Home Office and at previous departments.

Sir Philip Rutnam, the Home Office’s top civil servant, resigned saying he wanted to “protect the health, safety and wellbeing” of the 35,000 staff in his department, following accusations of bullying against Ms Patel.

Meanwhile, Ms Patel has faced PC Labour calls to resign as Secretary of State following the explosive resignation. Labour does not like Tory immigration policy, furiously favouring an open door and increasing supply of what they expect to be Labour underdog voters, examples of diversity and massive supply of cheap labour- desperately poor, clinging to religion, poorly educated and easily manipulated, a former Labour Party member told us.

News of the review by Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, came as the BBC claimed to have seen legal letters alleging that a female member of Ms Patel’s Department was also alleging bullying and supporting the Civil Service top mandarin – highly paid out of taxation, living a lavish lifestyle-, Sir Philip Rutman who refused to carry out Priti Patel’s policy and advice to restrict open door mass immigration.

Any notion of screening against potential terrorists is seen by Rutman and his allies as racist. Ministers are supposed to toe the line in Police State Britain, where top civil servants and top police officers decide the law and how it is applied. This seems quite natural in a modern fake demcoracy like Britain. Nothing wrong with that at all a source said.

Rutman resigned rather than accept redeployment and is now threatening to sue the government for constructive dismissal. A man in his position obviously has the means and knows the best lawyers, so an investigation has been ordered. Obviously a man of his calibre also deserves a massive pay off and compensation for hurt feelings, out of the taxpayers pockets.

Arrogant upper Middle Class’ born to rule’ Ru(n)tman, left, and Priti Patel, daughter of hard working immigrant parent genuine refugees who rebuilt their businesses.

Ru(n)tman’s sort will prove more of a problem now we are outside Europe.
Anyone outside the privilged upper and middle classes will soon learn they have lost even more of their freedom to these dreadful arrogant elitists. Situations like this expose the sham of Britain’s diversity and equality culture.

Editorial Comment Britain’s top civil servants are not inclined to take advice – they give it. these elite educated individuals live in a separate Britain from the poorly paid neglected ignorant misguided lower orders, gated communities and luxury town houses or expenisve flats are for them.

They speak down to us in rather nice cut glass accents. They are a life form that people from the United States see as definiitve Britain. Diversity and female equality in high office is only acceptable if said woman is equally stupid and preoccupied with women’s genitals, gender and rights as Germaine Greer and Labour’s female MPs.

Priti Patel’s critics seem amazed that this daughter of hard working Ugandian Asian immigrants, whose parents rebuilt their business from scratch, having left Uganda with nothing- fleeing Idi Amin’s vile regime- does not subscribe to the idiotic cross party liberal white consensus that ‘ the more the merrier and endless diversity is a workable way forward. She is definitely not at home in The Home Office. Robert Cook

Carbon Copies Posted February 27th 2020

A Dirty Power Station in Dagenham. Where do you draw the line with carbon neutrality.? Image Appledene Photographics./RJC

The Drax power plant in Yorkshire will end all coal generation by next year after almost five decades as one of western Europe’s most polluting power plants.

Drax Group will stop burning coal at Britain’s biggest power plant in March 2021, four years ahead of the government’s ban on coal-fired electricity, which comes into force in 2025.

The company said its milestone decision is part of its ambition to become a “carbon negative” company by 2030 but will lead to the loss of 230 jobs from the site at Selby.

Will Gardiner, the chief executive of Drax, said: “Ending the use of coal at Drax is a landmark in our continued efforts to transform the business and become a world-leading carbon negative company by 2030. Drax’s journey away from coal began some years ago and I’m proud to say we’re going to finish the job well ahead of the government’s 2025 deadline.”

Are these rolling wars for oil control and supremacy carbon neutrtal ? What a laugh.

He said ending coal burning is “the right decision for our business, our communities and the environment but it will have an impact on some of our employees, which will be difficult for them and their families”.
Drax claims to be Europe’s largest decarbonisation project after decades as Britain’s most polluting power plant since it began producing electricity in the 1970s.

Editorial Comment Meanwhile Germany is building a new fossil fueled power station. So funny. It might be the right decsion for their business because whore Thatcher and Co sold the power infrastructure and so much else off to asset strippers like Drax.

So who cares if some workers will lose their jobs and livelihoods as long as the elite stay powerfuul and comfortbale. Greta will never get this because she is a puppet and stooge.

It’s so hot in here, can you please cut the carbon emissions ? Polly Sexual Apppledene Images.

Britain’s Bourgeoise Fear Death From Coronavirus. Oh Dearie Me, How Can This Be ? T-at globetrotters like you spreading it I think. Posted February 27th 2020

Why does the global elite’s survival matter more than the rest of us low lives on earth? These international globe trotters, like BBC’s Nick Robinson and Channel 4’s Jon Snow in isolation, along with all the blue rinse crusing class, matter more than the rest of us ?

They are the ones who favour mass immigration from anywhere, open borders, expanding Heathrow etc. But their Oxbridge Liberal education missed out on microbiology. There were 250,000 immigrants from outside E.U last year 250,000 less than the previous year.

How they bleat and winge when the British bourgeoise fear the bugs might threaten their Nirvana. They so want to live, they and their families have so much to give – sic, they are takers.

Fears of a coronavirus pandemic hitting Britain grew today as a leading expert warned that the number of cases in Italy and other countries is far higher than reported — and two new cases were confirmed in the UK. the authorities will always play down the numbers. Reinfection rates are very high.

Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty announced that one person, understood to be a Londoner ( What’s a Londoner these days ? ) who recently returned from Italy, was being treated at the Royal Free Hospital in the capital.

A second individual, who had been in Tenerife and is believed to be linked to a coronavirus-hit hotel in lockdown on the island, was being cared for at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Coronavirus shocks have rippled through the corporate world after a large airline imposed a hiring freeze, the world’s biggest whisky maker warned on profits and a factory shutdown in Italy threatened car production across Europe.

The German carrier Lufthansa has halted recruitment and is offering employees unpaid leave as part of cost-saving measures to limit the financial impact of the spread of the coronavirus.
The cutbacks came as several other European companies warned that the outbreak was hurting their operations or introduced emergency measures to protect staff.

Sky said its offices would bar visitors who had been in high-risk countries in order to reduce the threat of contagion for its staff, with all guests required to complete a form at reception desks.

Editorial Comment These problems are inevitable due to globalisation and mass air travel. We are all mortal. Levels of panic are a true test of lacking religious faith and committment. Come on now, it is God ( Allah’s ) will. Go with the flow ( sic )

Overpopulation is the issue regardless of what the PC people say for the sake of their anti racist medals.

Everlasting economic growth to raise standards for the multi ethnic global masses, whilst maintaining the sanctimonious elite in the style they will not live without, is absurd/ hopeless, lingering on as a plan through media lies, but doomed.

Poor hard done by Prince Harry and Meghan don’t know where the next million is coming from.
Did Harry and Meghan visit the rough sleepers outside Windsor Castle ? Of course not. These white deadbeats had no capital value for the PC diversity loving pair of fakes and hypocrits.

Our brave cops woke the rough sleepers, shook thmem, shouted as bullies do, then moved them away from this capitalisaing couple’s Sussex Royal
( Sounds like a new brand of pottery ) weding location.

Image Appledene Photographics.

Plane Madness Posted February 27th 2020

Heathrow Airport’s plans for a third runway have been defeated in a landmark Court of Appeal ruling.

The court issued a historic judgement against the £14billion expansion plans for Britain’s busiest airport – in a massive victory for green groups and London mayor Sadiq Khan .

Three top judges said the National Policy Statement – the government’s document which gave the runway the green light – was drawn up unlawfully because bungling Transport Secretary Chris Grayling didn’t take into account the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Editorial Comment It is appalling that the government can tell us no more coal and wood fires, whilst supporting the insanity of a third Heathrow Runway.

Hypocrisy and fake demcracy is the English way- I said English on purpose because the English elite are the worst, and the English Chavs are the most stupid, though they sniff less glue and drink less hair lacquer mixed with Iron Brew than the Scots underclass.

English chavs are just so wonderfully more PC. Robert Cook

Heathrow Ruling Due Today Posted February 27th 2020

A giant airliner approaches Heathrow. One lands every three minutes. Image Appledene Photographics

Heathrow is braced for a court ruling on Thursday which could block its proposed third runway on climate grounds and deliver a further setback to attempts to expand the airport over the last two decades.

The decision would mark a moment of truth for Boris Johnson, who before becoming prime minister vowed to lie down in front of the bulldozers to prevent the expansion of Heathrow, the world’s second busiest international airport.

Although Mr Johnson has signalled that the project should go ahead since entering Downing Street — given it has the support of parliament — he promised last summer to “study” the court ruling with “a lively interest”.

Editorial Comment Expanding Heathrow or any airoprt shows that the elite are hypocrits on climate change. It is the lower orders who are going to pay for the ludicrous zero carbon goal through higher energy bills and progressicvely expensive travel. Electric cars are also proving to be a joke while public transport is expensive, profiteering and chaotic. Robert Cook

Battle Royal Queen Meghan in the Wings Posted February 25th 2020

Come on Queen Meghan and get coronated , become Black Queen of England in Exile. The media love you duckie. Your time will come soon enough. Don’t worry Meghan, Queen Lizzie doesn’t own the word Queen either. Polly Sexual
So love ‘Hello ‘ ( Sailor ) and there’s Meghan, wish I was so pretty, and Hunky Harry, worth every ten thousand of taxpayer’s money. Don’t know which one of these darlings I love the most. Polly Sexual
Fairy Tale Windsor Castle Complete with Dungeons at dawn. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC 2017
Rough Sleepers Outside Windsor Castle Dawn 2017 Image Appldene Photographics/RJC

Prince Andrew’s Royal Jelly February 25th 2020

Obviously Royal Protection Officers know what or who Priceless Princc Andrew and his Royal Jelly have been up to – at a time maybe……police man’s helmets have their uses.!

Time these absurd expensive propogandist relics were erased from our political system. If Weinstein’s accusers are taken seriously, why not Andrew’s ? Oh, I know, the head of the British State and her family live in fairy tale land. They can’t be reached. Polly Sexual
Polly Sexual always knows best in a world of a hundred genders. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Terror Able Times Posted February 25th 2020

I would be deeply ashamed of myself if I had been involved in this Nazi style arrest of Julian Assnage. the rape allegations were clearly a set up to have him extradited to the U.S. I know how the British police state works. My house was raided by police for the third time in February 2018. They did so on the basis of a maliciuous allegation that I was working as a prostitute , empoloyed by my son- and had shopped myself !

I spent another day in the cells before interrogation. When I lost my temper and left three rude messages, asking for an update on the investigation, return of my phones, computers, files, HGV digi card, driving licnce and debit card. the intention had been to fit me up for sex crimes to negativise my ongoing criminal allegations aginst them and or crimes against senior police officers.

, I was taken to Crown Court and told to expect prision again. As i have said before, the police interest in me relates to my criminal allegations against some of their very senior officers. They still refuse to update me on their latest allegations, reveaql any of their so called evidence and so called investigations against me, having defaulted back to their original one of accusing me of being paranoid – engaging the whores of the mental health sytem to support them, based on the files I cannot see because they say : ‘it would upset me and make me even more disturbed.’

Worryingly the whore psychiatrist’s report concludes that I am more likely to die by misadventure than suicide, Lawyer Liar Blair brought in the legality of profiling and bad character files to convict in the absence of evidence- to protect women and children !. Now the police want to use A1 as well. Police State or what ? Robert Cook
Britain’s Vile so called legal system plays along with this show trial, while persecuting old men for alleged war crimes in 1970s Northern Ireland.

What a sick and totally disgusting excuse for a country, and what a fake democracy. The British Stae has been party to mass killings in the Middle East, and now the cover ups. Anyone remember Dr David Kelly ? I doubt it.

Nobody does fake democracy better than Britain, which is why it has escaped real revolution – forget the sexual revolution crap which was all about dividing and ruling the sexes with enough rope for them to hang themselves with – Hence the ludicrous Diversity Bull-hit.

Our elite needs a racist revival to escape being seen for the vile disgusting lying manipulative war mongering war profiteering hypocritical scum that they are.

Robert Cook

Day 1 of Assange’s US extradition hearing: What you need to know

24 Feb, 2020 17:38 / Updated 6 hours agoGet short URL

Day 1 of Assange’s US extradition hearing: What you need to know

Courtroom sketch of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, Monday February 24, 2020 © Reuters / Julia Quenzler

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Opening arguments were made on the first day of the US extradition hearing of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with the prosecution claiming his leaks risked lives while the defense argued that his case was politically motivated.

Monday’s hearing lasted six hours, including breaks, and Judge Vanessa Baraitser heard arguments from James Lewis QC, representing the US government, and Edward Fitzgerald QC, representing Assange.

The journalist’s supporters amassed outside Woolwich Crown Court, loudly chanting, holding ‘free Assange’ placards and blowing vuvuzelas. Inside the courtroom, Assange sat clean-shaven, with a new haircut and wearing glasses and a gray suit. Also on Palestinian flag, Yellow Vests, Anonymous masks: Wide range of protester groups join demonstration in support of Assange (PHOTOS)

Speaking to the gathered media, Assange’s father John Shipton condemned what he called the “ceaseless malice” directed at his son by US and UK authorities. He cited a determination by UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, who said that Assange had been subjected to prolonged “psychological torture.” 

Assange spoke : said he was struggling to hear proceedings and he cannot concentrate ( none of us can hear well !)— NADIRA TUDOR (@nadiratudor) February 24, 2020

Such was the swell of support for Assange on the street that the noise from protesters could be heard from inside the courtroom. This prompted Assange himself to comment on the level of noise, saying that while he appreciated the support and understood that people “must be disgusted,” the sound was making it difficult to concentrate on proceedings.

Journalists themselves also complained on Twitter that the sound quality in the courtroom was not good, although the situation seemed to improve as the hearing went on.

‘Lives at risk’

As arguments got underway, Lewis claimed for the prosecution that revelations made by WikiLeaks had put political dissidents and journalists in danger, but no names of supposed victims were offered.

Lewis said unnamed persons had “disappeared” following the leaks, but admitted there was no proof that their disappearances were linked. He also argued that journalism was not an excuse for breaking laws.

He said the case against Assange was not brought because he had disclosed “embarrassing or awkward” information about the US government, but was purely about WikiLeaks having allegedly put people at risk.

Lewis also made the case that Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, guaranteeing freedom of expression, did not apply in Assange’s case.

Extradition ‘could be fatal’

Defending Assange, Fitzgerald argued that the request for his extradition was politically motivated and therefore constituted a breach of Article 41 of the 2003 UK-US extradition treaty, which offers exceptions in the case of political offenses.

Fitzgerald argued that Assange would be at high risk of suicide if extradited and would be subjected to “inhuman and degrading treatment” in a US prison. The consequences of extradition could be “fatal,” he said. 

To bolster the argument against extradition (which could result in a life sentence for Assange), Fitzgerald referred to former US President Barack Obama’s decision to commute the sentence of fellow whistleblower Chelsea Manning and a 2013 decision not to prosecute Assange, made on the grounds that the US would also need to prosecute every newspaper that reported his revelations. 

QC Fitzgerald: about manipulation of system so US can make example of Assange. While history of political motivation rather than justice. When in Ecuadorean embassy his conversations with his lawyers were recorded as requested by US

— NADIRA TUDOR (@nadiratudor) February 24, 2020

A spokesperson for Obama’s Department of Justice was quoted as saying at the time that “if you are not going to prosecute journalists [at the NYT, for example] for publishing classified information, then there is no way to prosecute Assange.”

Trump involvement?

What has changed since then, the defense argued, is that Donald Trump entered office “effectively declaring war on investigative journalists,” and branding the media the “enemy of the people.” Trump wanted to make an example out of Assange to discourage other whistleblowers, he said.

However, Lewis also said Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher visited Assange in 2017 and offered him a pardon in exchange for “personal services” to Trump.

Rohrabacher raised the possibility of prosecution, but offered a pardon if Assange would identify the source of the 2016 DNC leaks, which Assange refused to do. This bolsters the defense’s argument that the Trump administration’s prosecution was politically motivated. Trump denies that this offer of a pardon to Assange came from him. 

It has previously been reported that Assange offered Rohrabacher “definitive proof” during that meeting that Russia was not WikiLeaks’ source for the DNC email leaks. The emails damaged Hillary Clinton in 2016, revealing that her campaign had colluded with the supposedly impartial DNC against fellow Democratic contender Bernie Sanders.

US spying

Fitzgerald also noted that the US spied on Assange and monitored his meetings with lawyers while he was residing at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which would constitute a breach of attorney-client privilege.

He said that UC Global, a Spanish company which carried out security for the embassy, had signed a deal with billionaire Trump supporter and donor Sheldon Adelson.

The defense claimed a whistleblower had testified that the embassy espionage operation was conducted at the direct request of the US, and that recordings were collected every two weeks and handed over to intelligence services.

They also claimed that the US even considered measures as extreme as the “kidnapping and poisoning” of the WikiLeaks founder.

Yellow vests & Assange supporters singing for Julian outside Woolwich— Taylor Hudak (@_taylorhudak) February 24, 2020

Ultimately, Fitzgerald said, the decision to prosecute a person for the publication of state secrets as “espionage” is “unprecedented” in the US. Near the end of the hearing, he told the courtroom that it was “highly unlikely” that Assange will give testimony this week.

Court adjourned for the day shortly after 4pm local time and is set to continue at 10am on Tuesday. A final decision on Assange’s potential extradition is not expected until May, however.

Editorial It will not matter what the law says. Public ( Class ) interest rules. War is money and power, truth is its first casualty. Robert Cook

Ludicrous Allegations Against Julian Assange in Police State Britain Posted February 25th 2020

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is at “high risk of suicide” if extradited to the US to face claims he endangered the lives of whistleblowers around the world, a court has heard.

Opening the case against the 48-year-old on Monday, James Lewis QC said some sources “disappeared” after he put them at risk of “serious harm, torture or even death”.

He told District Judge Vanessa Baraitser that information published by WikiLeaks was “useful to an enemy” of the US – with material found at al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan when he was killed in a 2011 raid.

But lawyers for Assange claim he is the victim of a politically-motivated prosecution stemming from US President Donald Trump’s “war on investigative journalists” and could face “fatal consequences” if he is extradited.

Assange is wanted in the US to face 18 charges, including espionage and hacking allegations, over “one of the largest compromises of classified information” in the country’s history.

He could face up to 175 years in jail if found guilty of all of the charges, which relate to 2010 and 2011.

Mr Lewis told Woolwich Crown Court, which is sitting as a magistrates’ court, that most of the charges relate to “straightforward criminal activity”.

He said Assange was involved in what was described as a “conspiracy to steal from and hack into” the department of defence computer system, along with former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

US spying

Fitzgerald also noted that the US spied on Assange and monitored his meetings with lawyers while he was residing at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which would constitute a breach of attorney-client privilege.

He said that UC Global, a Spanish company which carried out security for the embassy, had signed a deal with billionaire Trump supporter and donor Sheldon Adelson.

The defense claimed a whistleblower had testified that the embassy espionage operation was conducted at the direct request of the US, and that recordings were collected every two weeks and handed over to intelligence services.

They also claimed that the US even considered measures as extreme as the “kidnapping and poisoning” of the WikiLeaks founder.

Yellow vests & Assange supporters singing for Julian outside Woolwich— Taylor Hudak (@_taylorhudak) February 24, 2020

Ultimately, Fitzgerald said, the decision to prosecute a person for the publication of state secrets as “espionage” is “unprecedented” in the US. Near the end of the hearing, he told the courtroom that it was “highly unlikely” that Assange will give testimony this week.

Court adjourned for the day shortly after 4pm local time and is set to continue at 10am on Tuesday. A final decision on Assange’s potential extradition is not expected until May, however.

Editorial Comment It seems absoloutely absurd and ludicrous to argue that Assange put whistleblowers lives in danger. The British and U.S ruling elite are as one when it comes to International Conficts and Cover Ups.

Assange is a whisteleblower, as is Chelsea Manning. The only people they are at risk from is the U.S and British governments, where justice is a game played out by rich overpaid lawyers.

The fact that Assange publsihed evidence of U.S and British war crimes – the two nations are as one in this and we have by no means seen it all -seems to not matter.

What an a appalling situation in a country always alert to condemn the likes of Assad in Syria, vote to intervene and so bring more chaos, misery and death. This is all allegdly in the name of human rights and humanitarianism.

What hypocrits they are, offering never ending lies and delusions to the gullible masses who vote and pay for them. killing journalists to shut them up when they see bad things is not new. An ITN reporter was mysteriously killed in the last Gulf War, by U.S ‘Friendly Fire.’ Terence Ellis “Terry” Lloyd (21 November 1952 – 22 March 2003) was an English television journalist who reported extensively from the Middle East. He was killed by the U.S. military while covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq for ITN. An inquest jury in the United Kingdom before Assistant Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker returned a verdict of unlawful killing on 13 October 2006 following an eight-day hearing.

What had he seen that they did not want us to know about ? The British and U.S reasons for starting that war, turning on their old ally were simply punishment for hinm breaching OPEC price hikes because he needed to rebuild his country after fighting a 7 year proxy war for the U.S against Iran.

More fool Saddam Hussein I suppose. According to leaked Pentagon papers, they encouraged him to invade poor little democratic Kuwait. They wanted a mini war to push oil prices up, thus pleasing the oil barons who had backed oil baron George Bush Snr in the Presidential election. Fact.

Never truts the elite Brits and U.S. ‘Beware the smile on the face of the Tiger.’All they care about is money. which was why they went into two World Wars, but that is another story. Robert Cook

BBC Drama Chief Defends ‘Doctor Who,’ Says It’s A “Long Way” From Being Rested Amid Ratings Drop

Jake Kanter 2 hrs ago Bobby Brown reflects on growing up in the spotlight on birthday Perry thanks first responders after American Idol gas leak during taping

Tosin Cole et al. standing in a room
This image sums up the new series. We have an ethnically balanced group of four clustered around and hanging on the female Dr Who boss’s every word, especially the two white middle aged white men who are setting the example for what men should strive to be.

© Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America

The BBC’s drama chief Piers Wenger has defended Doctor Who following a drop in ratings and a mixed reception from fans for Season 12 of the sci-fi drama.

At a BBC drama even in London on Monday, Wenger was asked if he would consider resting Doctor Who given some of the malaise around the show, which is produced by BBC Studios and airs in the U.S. on BBC America.

Wenger offered a strong rebuttal in which he argued that the Time Lord franchise, starring Jodie Whittaker and overseen by showrunner Chris Chibnall, is in fine fettle. Here are his remarks in full:

“I worked on Doctor Who myself and produced it for many years and I can honestly say I don’t think it’s been in better health editorially. The production values have never been better. It’s also not just funded by the BBC, it’s funded by lots of international partners.

“It’s an incredibly important show for young audiences, it’s still watched by families in a world where there are fewer shows that have the power to do that. It will always be an important show for us and we’re a very long way from wanting to rest it.”

Series 12 concludes on BBC One and BBC America next weekend, but it has been dogged by disappointing ratings. Sunday’s penultimate episode hit a low of 3.7M overnight viewers. Its seven-day ratings, including catch-up, have also been far from remarkable.

Meanwhile, there has been some disquiet among fans about the introduction of a second Doctor, played by Jo Martin, and the emergence of the #NotMyDoctor hashtag on Twitter. Chibnall responded to some of the brickbats in January, saying that he is only focused on making the best show possible. “In terms of external opinions, it’s not a democracy. We make the show we want to make,” he told Doctor Who Magazine.

Editorial Comment The clue to what this new series is about is in the last two sentences of this article. The BBC is indeed not a democracy, it is a patronising white upper middle class hegemony , controller and maker of opinions. Only recently BBC God David Dimbleby said the BBC was vital in its role of scrutinising government policy. It should go back to its old name, ‘The Ministry of Information.’

Air Rageous Women Posted February 25th 2020

A DRUNK mum and her daughter sparked a mid-air “riot” with 20 men on an easyJet flight after drinking pink gin, a court heard.

The 56-year-old and her 34-year-old daughter were flying to Agadir in Morocco before they allegedly triggered a “full-on fight”.

 Karin Parkes and her daughter Carrie who are charged with air rage offences over claims they sparked a mid-air 'riot'
Karin Parkes and her daughter Carrie who are charged with air rage offences over claims they sparked a mid-air ‘riot’Credit: Cavendish Press

Karin and Carrie Parkes repeatedly swore at staff before one allegedly tried to punch a steward, and another had to be held down.

The captain of the aircraft eventually diverted to Casablanca after staff told him the rear of the cabin where the group were sitting was “out of control”, the court heard.

A virtually empty one litre bottle of Gordon’s Pink Gin and empty bottles of vodka were found near their seats.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court was told the incident on January 19 last year began after flight EZ1905 took off at 3.30pm from Terminal One, Manchester Airport.

Nick Smart, prosecuting, said the group of men and women had been asked to keep the noise down an hour into the flight.

After one is said to have told the cabin manager “you can f*** off you c***”, they were refused any more booze.

Eventually bags of alcohol they had brought onto the plane were taken off them, the court heard, and the group became “very rowdy”.

Cabin manager Liam Dickson told the hearing Karin tried to punch him in the face and was “out of control”.

He said: “‘There was a lot of fists flying around with other passengers. It was as if there was a riot happening at the back of the cabin and there were at least 15–20 men stood up at this point and I was very concerned.

“I actually went into the flight deck to tell them that the cabin was out of control and a full on fight was happening. I requested a divert straight away, the captain just asked me to keep it under control.

“The whole plane knew what was happening and Carrie was screaming and shouting – she was out of control and the crew members were trying to advise her to get back in her seat she was up in the aisle as we were landing.

“Carrie took a while to get off – she was in the galley crying to the crew members. There was a lot of kicking off, screaming, shouting.”

The two women both deny being drunk on aircraft. Karin Parkes also denies assault on Mr Dickson.

A third passenger Jonathan Thomas, 36, also from Blackpool denies being drunk on an aircraft.

Source Ellie Cambride The Sun

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Editorial Comment Women need to feel the full weight of the law, as we lower class men have to. The myth of women as the fairer more honest sex should be dead and buried by now. Robert Cook

Tommy Robinson in Russia Posted February 23rd 2020

Tommy Robinson Interviewd on Boyko’s ‘World’s Apart’ on ‘Russia Today’ in Moscow, broadcast today. Tommy had been promised an unedited interview and held his own. More to come on the Comment page later. Robert Cook
Tommy Robinson’s English Defence League faced a heavy police presence drawn from across Sothern England, in Aylesbury 2010. The public were excluded from the demonstration in Aylesbury Market Square. Image Appldene Photographics/RJC

Is U.K Immigration too high or too low ? Posted February 22nd 2020

Leaving the EU and introducing new immigration curbs were two campaign pledges that won the Tory party a parliamentary majority in December. One YouGov survey conducted this week found that 48% of Brits believed the level of U.K. immigration was “too high,” versus 33% who thought it “about right” and 6% “too low”. Another found that 83% of Brits believed migrants should have to learn the language of their host country. Yet U.K. attitudes to immigration are softer than in most EU nations:

a screenshot of a cell phone: U.K. Attitudes Compared to Its Neighbors

© Bloomberg U.K. Attitudes Compared to Its Neighbors

The politics of immigration, like the politics of trade, reflects a desire for more control from what the British writer David Goodhart calls the “Somewheres” — people with a rooted identity, a lack of geographic and social mobility and fewer professional qualifications. The city-hopping “Anywheres” are on the back foot.

The divide highlights the winners and losers of globalization. Lower barriers to trade and immigration have been good for the economy overall, as work by economists such as Jonathan Portes shows, leading to cheaper, more efficiently produced goods and nearly full employment in the U.K. But more competition has also created strains at the margins. A London-centric, low-wage, service-dominated economy has fueled national resentment and pushed politicians to “take back control” of immigration policy, whatever the cost.

Editorial Comment We have very little manufacturing of goods in Britain, which is why we can boast and aim for a much lower carbon footprint. We rely on slves in China for most of our goods, whilst lecturing them on being human rights absuers and spies. Our vehicles are mostly built in Europe, so blame Merkel for the coal fire power station pollution and all the Turkish cheap labour that so inflames racist conflict , not the AFD scapegoats – an old Nazi trick. Brexit isn’t about getting ‘our country back’ it is about what is wroing with Europe, which has much to do with Britain rule loving and fake concern for human rights. We have a very nasty ruthless grotesquely rich divisive ruling class.

Our mainstream media and elite/feminist anti racist politicians are absurd. They get away with it because too many Brits are ignorant and stupid. Our conceited excuse for an education system helps this process. Anyone who argies with it is bitter and twisted/ paranoid and a candidate for ongoing police monitoring like me.

The media elite talk down from a position of comfort. Mass immigration to Europe is inevitable due to the continent’s colonial history and global economics being about exploitation for obscene profit. Pandering to religious bigotry and other divisions among the lower orders is the usual short termism for control.

The back of my old press card. You need police approval to be a working on the street journalist in police state Britain. They made sure mine was revoked. According to West Midlands CPS in 2011, I am a fantasy journalist.
Years ago I used to love Russian literature. I read all of Solzenitsyn’ s stuff. Amazes me how the elite ridicule Russia and China. Hypocrisy is a major British export, along with ignorance, police state methods and stupidity. Robert Cook

The sh-t is hitting the fan over migration as it is with climate change – a related issue. Britain’s education is about reinforcing ignorance and indoctrination. The masses will fight amongst themselves. The Middle East is on fire. Latin America ,where I worked for the Nitraye Corporation of Chile, is a powder keg.

The future does not look good. Meanwhile, remember in this country, the rich avoid taxes, 90 % of the population live on 10 % of the land and 3 % of the population own and control 90 % of the wealth.

The latter own and control the mass media, with develpoing plans to control or shut down any social media they don’t like – controlling and castrating the rest of it. Mass immigration is a sign of social and political instability, and economic despair at the bottom.

Mainstream media are part of that system, its icons obscenely overpaid to spout propoganda. Their look is glamorous, their tone is soothing and misleading.

Patronising and Pristine, February 21st Ever Strident, Immaculate well turned out ‘Sky Blondie’ of ‘Sky Views’ at work condemning Julian Assange as a rapist rather than an heroic whistleblower

Robert Cook

Hard Labour Posted February 21st 2020

Jeremy Corbyn says he would be “happy” to carry on serving as a senior member of Labour’s top team.

The outgoing party leader left the door open to remaining in the shadow cabinet after formally handing over to his successor in six weeks’ time.

He has already been touted for a top job by shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey – one of the contenders to replace him.

She said “I’d like to” keep him in the shadow cabinet if she beats off competition from shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and backbencher Lisa Nandy.

Editorial Comment As in British politics generaly there is little if anything to choose from. Sir Keir Starmer is the favourite. He is a former barrister who headed up the corrupt CPS, as DPP.

This target driven organisation had no interest in jutice, preferring collusion with an equally corrupt dishonest target driven British police force that routinely witheld evidnce and was baised in its so called investigations. Starmer is the ultimate politician for self serving Labour MPs who want someone, with a slick forceful tongue, to reinvent them.

Long Bailey and Corbyn represent what lost the last General Election, so they are unlikely to win. Modern politicans have no ideals, just a about power, career and rampant desire for promotion.

Britain is and always has been about social class snobbery, oppression, exploitation of the minions and injustice. Add to that sexual hypocrisy, exemplified by the Prince Andrew saga.

He won’t speak to the FBI because he is above the law in class ridden hypocritical Britian. His mum is officially head of this corrupt state.

Hearthless Britain Posted February 21st 2020

Cosy winter nights spent around a real glowing fire are set to be consigned to the history books with a ban on the sale of wet wood and coal for domestic use to be announced on Friday.

Wet wood – the cheap fuel behind the explosion in the sale of wood burners to the middle classes in recent years – is one of the biggest causes of harmful air pollution.

Coal, which also contributes to harmful air pollution, has warmed hearth and home for centuries.

The sale of coal for domestic use will be banned by 2023 the government will announce, in its bid to combat air pollution.

Ministers will also pledge to phase out the sale of wet (or unseasoned) wood as well as coal from 2021 onwards, in a move they say will help clean up England’s air quality. Both products will be completely banned by February 2023. But responding to the plans, coal merchants insisted that households burning coal could see a 30-50 per cent rise in the annual fuel bill.

Crackdown on wood burners

a screenshot of a cell phone

© Provided by The i Wood burning stoves and coal fires are the single largest source of small particulate matter, which penetrates deep into the lungs and can cause serious respiratory problems.

Research suggests air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths a year.

The Government says its plans to ban two of the most polluting fuels for home burning, wet wood and coal, will help tackle the problem.

End of an era

a large body of water with a city in the background

© Provided by The i The bans will end a centuries-long practice of burning coal to keep the hearth glowing. But Environment Secretary George Eustice insisted the change is necessary to reduce air pollution.

“Cosy open fires and wood-burning stoves are at the heart of many homes up and down the country, but the use of certain fuels means that they are also the biggest source of the most harmful pollutant that is affecting people in the UK,” he said. “By moving towards the use of cleaner fuels such as dry wood we can all play a part in improving the health of millions of people.”

Under the plans bagged house coal will be banned by February 2021, while the sale of loose coal direct to consumers from coal merchants will be banned by February 2023. The phase-out of wet wood will begin in February 2021, although it may remain on sale for some time after that to allow existing stocks to be used up, the Government said.

Price hike?

In both cases ministers insisted alternative fuels are available. Smokeless fuel’s initial cost is greater than regular house coal, but works out more cost-effective due to its longer burning rates and better heat output.

Coal merchants warned the legislation would hit the poorest hardest.

“The introduction of a ban on the sale of house coal would have an unintended, disproportionate impact on some of the most economically and socially vulnerable people in the UK, with a real likelihood of an increase in the severity of fuel poverty levels,” warned Nigel Yaxley, managing director of the Association of UK Coal Importers and Producers. He also warned the ban on coal could drive people to switch to wet wood, which emits more particulate matter and could therefore push up emissions.

Health benefits

But health campaigners were cheering the Government’s decision. “Today’s announcement on domestic burning is a welcome step forward, and will in time, play a role in reducing the pollution associated with PM2.5,” said Professor Stephen Holgate, special advisor on air quality for the Royal College of Physicians.

“Inhaling combustion particles from any source is harmful, but more so than ever when it’s directly within your home,” he said. “Burning coal for heat and power has to stop and strong guidance is needed to insist that if wood is burnt in approved stoves, it is non-contaminated and dry.”

Metropolitan Police refer themselves to the complaints watchdog over contact officers had with Caroline Flack before her death

By Joe Middleton For Mailonline

Published: 18:15 GMT, 20 February 2020 | Updated: 18:25 GMT, 20 February 2020

The Metropolitan Police has referred itself to the police watchdog over the contact it had with Caroline Flack before her death.

The former Love Island host was found dead in her flat on Saturday afternoon, the day after she had been told that the CPS was pursuing the court case against her.

An inquest into her death this week at Poplar Coroner’s Court said she was found hanged at her home in east London.

Scotland Yard’s directorate of professional standards reviewed all previous contact with Love Island presenter Flack, 40, before making the referral on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Met said: ‘As is standard practice when a member of the public dies or is seriously injured and has had recent contact with police, the Directorate of Professional Standards has reviewed all previous police contact with Ms Flack.

The Metropolitan Police has referred itself to the police watchdog over the contact it had with Caroline Flack before her death

‘Following the review, the MPS made a mandatory referral to the IOPC on Wednesday, 19 February to allow for an independent assessment.

‘No notice of investigation has been served on any officer and no conduct issues have been identified by the DPS. No officer is on restricted duties or suspended.’

An IOPC spokesman: said: ‘The Independent Office for Police Conduct has received a referral from the Metropolitan Police relating to its contact with Caroline Flack prior to her death.

‘We will make a decision on the level of our involvement after carefully assessing the information we have received. Receipt of a referral does not mean an investigation will necessarily follow.’

Editorial Comment This is evidence of just how rampant Britain’s elite rule makers are going to be, freed from European legislation.  Merkel has already said how much she enjoyed and will miss working with Britain on new European rules. She noted previously that Britain was responsible for 80 % of them.  The rest of the time its officials were “out of the room”.

Britain accounts for less than 1 % of the world’s carbon emission-this proportion naturally decreases year on year as countries like China and the U.S pump out more. When Cameron jumped on the bandwagon of closing coal fire power stations, Germany was building new ones to serve its substantial economic base.

Paranoid about Trade Unions, greedy Thatcher’s Tories deliberately threw Britain’s industrial base away -asset stripping the public sector for foreign investors. All of this was in favour of parasitical info technology and financial sectors. These sectors are now bleating about how much Brexit will cost them – even though they are legendary tax avoiders.

So now we have this sop to environmentalists in the name of saving lives.  Well expect the new law to kill a lot of poor and elderly people who have no alternative.  Still there is always more mass immigration from the poorly educated old third world to make more compliant replacements.

Destroying Britain’s industrial base was an act of revenge and a laughing matter for Thatcher’s Tories as we see in this 1980s image.

Robert Cook

Pedestrian Killed In Police Chase South London Feb 20th 2020 – Video Results

More Pedestrian Killed In Police Chase South London Feb 20th 2020 videos

Samira Ahmed has been shortlisted for an audio broadcaster of the year award weeks after she won her sex discrimination equal pay claim against the BBC. Posted February 20th 2020

Samira Ahmed has been shortlisted for an audio broadcaster of the year award weeks after she won her sex discrimination equal pay claim against the BBC.

The Front Row presenter has been nominated for the prize at the Broadcasting Press Guild’s (BPG) annual ceremony.

Samira Ahmed’s mother, Lalita, was also a freelance broadcaster of  BBC World Service for the Hindi service.

As a child, Ahmed completed her high school from Wimbledon, a girl�s independent school, situated in Wimbledon, South London.

In 1986, Samira Ahmed moved to St Edmund Hall, Oxford, where she majored in English and completed her study there, in 1989. After graduation, she also studied at City University in the London, where she completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism.

Ahmed claimed she was underpaid by £700,000 for hosting audience feedback show Newswatch compared with Jeremy Vine’s salary for Points of View.

her work was like that done by Vine, and the BBC had failed to prove the pay gap wasn’t because of sex discrimination.

Ahmed said she was “glad it’s been resolved”.

“No woman wants to have to take action against their own employer,” she said, adding: “I love working for the BBC.”

In response, the BBC insisted the pay for Ahmed and Vine “was not determined by their gender”.

Editorial Comment The important question here should be why on earth TV presenters, mainly drawn from upper middle class backgrounds like Ahmed, get paid so much to talk down to us, using their advantaged education as a tool to shape the news and culture, basically telling us what to think, like and dislike.

Obviously the BBC pay, drawn from taxpayers ( particularly in the propoganda BBC World Service ) and licence payers money, shoiuld be leveled down. Any posh BBC man or woman, believing they have so much talent can always go and work in a fast food restaurant kitchen – of which I have seen the insides and workings of many. That would be a lesson for them in real inequality and hopelssness.

As for Ahmed, she may have been born in Britain but her roots and advantages come from her parents native India, where they were high caste in one of the world’s most rigid and class divided societies based on the hocus pocus of religion – reinforced by their British Imperial co rulers who were and still are expert in divide and rule politics.

Ahmed is like all the other upper middle class fakes, dining out and lecturing us on the miseries of females all being part of an exploited underclass.

Women are not all equal, nor are all men, though most of all genders are pretty much at the bottom of the pile- where arguments over money are at the root of mental illness suicide and so much domestic violence. It is an outrage that with so many serious economic and social problems, BBC’s fat cats propogandists and patronising parasistes earn so much money. Ahmed’s wealth is measured in millions. Robert Cook

Britain Plagued by Domestic Violence Posted February 20th 2020

More than half the women killed by men in the UK in 2018 were killed by a current or former partner, many after they had taken steps to leave, according to a report on femicide.

The fourth Femicide Census, conducted by Women’s Aid and the campaigner Karen Ingala Smith, found 149 women were killed by 147 men in 2018. The number of deaths is an increase of 10 on the previous year and the highest number since the census began.

Of the deceased women, 91 (61%) were killed by a current or former partner. Only 6% of murders were committed by a stranger.

Of the 58 women not killed by current or former partners, 12 were killed by their sons or stepsons, while five were killed by a son-in-law or former son-in-law.

Younger women aged between 26 and 35 were more likely to be subjected to extreme, gratuitous violence, according to the report. It added that while such attacks were often described as “frenzied” and resulting from a “loss of control”, the evidence suggested that was not the c

The Femicide Census produces a report every year of women killed by men in the UK. It aims to provide “data on the killings of women by men and aims to highlight patterns and trends which can feed into policy and service responses and in particular prevention and early intervention”, according to the report.

“There is a high degree of normalisation of men’s violence against women and no end of excuses or rationales assumed and extended to perpetrators often without foundation,” said Ingala Smith, a co-founder of the census.

She added that closure and under-resourcing of specialist women-only services meant there was little option for some women looking to leave “violent, controlling and abusive relationships”.

Female murderers have motives different from those of men who kill Posted February 20th 2020

By Belinda Parker

Updated 6 Feb 2018, 12:53am Photo: Of the homicide incidents in Australia in 2010 and 2012, 15 per cent were committed by women. (Unsplash: Zach Guinta) Related Story: Why can’t Adelaide bury the ‘murder capital’ myth?

Are the reasons given by women for killing someone different from those used by men to justify murders they commit?

In a word, yes.

According to the latest figures, a total of 479 homicide incidents were recorded in Australia between the years 2010 and 2012.

Of the 532 offenders identified from those incidents, 453 (85 per cent) were male and 79 (15 per cent) were female, which are figures typical of what we observe both in Australia and internationally.

Along with this stark imbalance between the sheer numbers of male killers compared with female, their stated motives were starkly different.

Recent research investigated the motives for 149 Australian homicides, looking specifically at the characteristics of the offenders and of the victims.

The seven homicide event motives included revenge, jealousy, thrill, “love”, gain, conviction/hate, and concealment (that is, to cover up another crime), with each being typified by their own defining set of offender, victim, and offence characteristics.

As a rule of thumb, men are responsible for over 90 percent of serious violent crimes, such as assaults, homicides, and violent robberies. Why is there such a large gender gap and is it likely to persist?

One might imagine that lower violent crime rates for women reflects a generally lower level of aggression. Yet, marriage researchers observe the opposite pattern. Women are more likely to pick fights with their husbands, they are quicker to escalate verbal aggression, and are as likely to use physical aggression as men (1).

Despite these counter-intuitive findings, men are much more likely to be convicted of domestic-violence-related charges. One obvious reason for this is that men are generally larger and stronger, and may have more experience with physical aggression, such as that commonly associated with contact sports.

So, what is the difference in terms of why men and women kill?

Money a motivator in female homicide

Unsurprisingly, men dominated as offenders for all motives considered in the research.

In particular, homicides driven by concealment and jealousy were all committed by males, followed closely by conviction/hate, revenge, and thrill.

While the prevalence of each of these types of homicide changes (for instance, revenge homicides are far more common than thrill kills), men engage in homicide for the full spectrum of reasons.

So why do women kill?

Although homicide is predominantly male perpetrated, of the cases investigated women most often killed for gain or what they perceived as “love”, and for the most part targeted those closest to them.

Gain homicides are those committed for personal benefit, such as money or business and personal advantage. The homicides committed by women for gain in the sample were mostly carried out for insurance payouts, assets, or due to being removed from a will following a divorce, and generally involved the partners of the women

While it’s well known that women are at risk of being killed by an intimate male partner at separation or divorce, this research suggests that some men, too, are at risk of death at the hands of a current or former female partner in certain situations, such as the changing of a will, which might cause financial insecurity.

This goes against how we often view female killers.

Homicide of a male partner is not always motivated by a history of domestic abuse, which again challenges and adds to much of the previous literature.

On the other hand, “love” homicides (as opposed to “lust” homicides) are those committed to remove the victim from a situation perceived by the offender as “worse than death”. Assisted suicides fall under this definition.

The women in this sample predominantly killed their young children, for one of two reasons.

  • The first was because they believed death was in the best interest of the child due to a misbelief stemming from mental illness, or a genuine fear for the welfare of the child; or
  • The second was when the mother intended to take her own life and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the children behind, believing they could not survive without her.

Men dominate jealousy killings

Given homicide is far more complex than whittling women’s motives down to just two — there are cases for which the female offender’s motive was revenge, thrill, and conviction/hate, however these were significantly less prevalent.

Perhaps this makes the most sense from an evolutionary standpoint or with traditional gender roles in mind; women seemingly most often act when their security is threatened and they engage in self-preservation (a gain homicide) or when they believe they are committing the ultimate act of kindness and love.

In contrast, the concealment and jealousy homicides involved only male offenders. This may indicate a propensity for men to be more motivated by jealousy of their partner’s perceived infidelities than by monetary envy. It may also reflect the tendency of men to engage in more criminal behaviour than women.

Understanding the characteristics of not only homicides in general but also of the individual motives advances our understanding of why homicide occurs.

It adds to the psychological literature that delves into the mind of the offender and helps gives that mind a face.

Belinda Parker is a senior research assistant in criminology at Queensland University of Technology.

Was CPS under pressure to pursue Caroline Flack ‘show trial’? Ex-chief prosecutor tells how just 10% of Britain’s 750,000 domestic abuse reports ended in prosecution last year

  • Nazir Afzal spoke out amid criticism of the Crown Prosecution Service 
  • It continued with assault case against late Love Island presenter Caroline Flack
  • 750,000 reports of domestic violence last year to police, but 75,000 prosecuted

By Henry Martin For Mailonline

Published: 09:27, 17 February 2020 | Updated: 17:24, 17 February 2020

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Only 10 per cent of the 750,000 reports of domestic abuse in Britain last year ended in prosecution, a former chief prosecutor has said.

Nazir Afzal spoke out amid criticism of the Crown Prosecution Service for continuing with an assault case against the late Love Island presenter Caroline Flack.

The former CPS prosecutor in the North West said there were 750,000 reports of domestic violence last year to police, but only 75,000 were prosecuted.

Nazir Afzal (pictured in 2013) spoke out amid criticism of the Crown Prosecution Service

Nazir Afzal (pictured in 2013) spoke out amid criticism of the Crown Prosecution Service

Mr Afzal added that just 75 per cent of those were convicted, and more than 120 domestic homicides were prosecuted without any victim evidence.

Miss Flack, who was described as ‘vulnerable’ by her management, had pleaded not guilty to assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton at her former flat in December. 

Speaking about the case, Mr Afzal told BBC Breakfast: ‘They just follow the evidence. In this case yes the complainant withdrew his support for the prosecution but undoubtedly they felt they had enough, they had I think a 999 call recording, they had body cameras worn by the police, they would have had medical evidence, they would have had other evidence.

Editorial Comment My initial reaction to allegations and prosecution of Ms Flack was unsympathetic because I have been on the receiving end of false malicious domestic violence allegations and teh worst of the police and CPS.

My situation was triggered by my aggressive ambitious ex wife who cared nothing for our sons other than controlling them and me, thencompounded by my then brother in law who was then a Deputy Chief Constable- and his family collective and contradictory lies getting me soft intelligence violent threat reords and a PNC Criminal Marker on my car to help his sister get more money from divorce. The allegations alos extended to my young graduate son whose prospects for legal training were destroyed.

Like Ms Flack, the cowardly overpaid CPS and police set about destroying my reputation as well as my sons. Even trhough I won a case against them re ongoing malicious prosecution in May 2016, after 7 nightmare hearings and near bankruptcy, the stress was too much and I overdosed tamazapam in December that year. Fortunately not all coppers are a’seholes. My local community PC who shall be nameless for his sake, saved my life getting an ambulance and me off to hospital.

So on the one hand it may be good to see women being prosecuted for domstic violence- my ex wife actually admited on going violence gainst me but was saved from prosecution by her brother’s lies. So on the other hanld not have d, it is higfh time that feminists were pushed out of this law making and retribution against all men as potential rapists racsts and wife beaters/ killers.

The Caroline Flack tragedy should teach us to act more sensitively regarding domestic disputes and abuse. We should not have one law for women and another for men. This case should provoke a review a review of the whole corrupt and abusive nature of our police and CPS system, where careers and convictions matter more than justice. Feminists, many of whom fail or never have relationships with men, have forced women into a strait jacket in the name of freedom

There is very little if any private space left in the name of female saftey and anti terrorism- as Boris Johnson found to a cost that nearly cost him the Tory leadership. As soon as the posh Guardian reading nosey neighbours leaked the story –of how they were so alarmed they had to call the police – to their favourite newspaper, all the media feminists and feminist politicans ganged up on him. The man Boris was portrayed as a threat to women and the nation. It was all because of a row over spilled wine on his girlfriend’s expensive sofa.

Female suicides and mental illness are imcreasing exponentially. Britain’s social madness is run by smug moralising self centred careerist hypocrits. The future does not look good. It is no wonder that record numbers of young teachers are bailing out. It is near impossible for them to cope with the stress and do a good job with kids – from what are euphemistically called diverse backgrounds- whatever the meally mouthed heads say. Those heads are the biggest and best bull_hitters excelling in Goffman’s ‘Impression Management’ which is all that matters in bull_it Britain. As with all the top dogs, nothing is ever their fault. they will always find a scapegoat. Robert Cook

Home Secretary Priti Patel admits own parents may not have been allowed into UK under her new immigration laws February 19th 2020

Unskilled Migrants from North Africa and the Middle East seen scrambling on to the back of a truck at Calais and bound for England.

Home secretary Priti Patel has conceded in an interview on LBC radio that her parents may not have been admitted to the UK under the immigration rules she is proposing.

Interviewer NIck Ferrari – who traces his own background to an immigrant in the catering industry – told the home secretary that under her own rules: “You wouldn’t be here.”

She replied: “Yeah, but also let’s not forget we are not changing our approach to refugees and asylum seekers, which is very different to a points-based system for employment and that particular route.”

Ms Patel’s parents came to the UK from Uganda in the 1960s and set up a chain of newsagents. Their arrival was before the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by dictator Idi Amin in 1972, which saw many families forced to flee the country and admitted to the UK under their status as colonial citizens.

English Defence League founder and Leader Tommy Robinson cannot even go to the pub with his family without the police following him. Four officers entered a pub he had chsoen after watching a football match.
More officers werre waiting outside. He had previously been jailed for taking photos of alleged Asian paedophiles as they entered court. The state sponsored action was justified because Robinson was seen as a threat to ‘good race relations.’

Harry and Meghan to be barred from using ‘Sussex Royal’ brand February 19th 2020

The Sussex Royals before departure to Canada. The arguments that she and he were driven out of the U.K by racist abuse is back in the news.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex face being banned from using their self-anointed ‘Sussex Royal’ label after stepping down as senior royals, it emerged last night. 

It is no longer appropriate for the couple, who have relocated to North America with their son Archie, to continue using the term ‘royal’ in their branding, the Queen and senior officials are expected to conclude.

Liberal Democrats ‘to expel ex-leader David Steel’ over his failure to pass on suspicions about paedophile MP Cyril Smith Posted February 19th 2020

Former Liberal leader Lord Steel faces expulsion from his party over his failure to pass on his suspicions about paedophile MP Cyril Smith.

He is set to be the first politician singled out for censure by the national child sex abuse inquiry, it was reported last night.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is set to publish its conclusions next week.

Friends of the peer fear he will be made a ‘scapegoat’ over his admission that he failed to pass on information about former Rochdale MP Smith’s abuse of boys. 

Editorial Comment This is the age of witch hunts, ironically created and amplified by so called Liberals. Political correctness is the political and ineviatble police priority in Britain. Here the elite preach to the world but do nothing for Julain Assange’s illegal imprisonment.

People who don’t like it are either criminalised, or visited by Britain’s Mental Health services. It is all very ‘One flew over the cuckoos nest.’ Dissent is punished by prison or medication. Britain’s whoring psychiatrists have pills for everything. Robert Cook

Franklin Graham believes the people of the UK are ‘truthophobic’ and ‘free-speech-ophobic.’ Posted February 18th 2020

He continued: “Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak knows that this really isn’t true – but, I DO preach the TRUTH of the Gospel. Could it be, rather, that these folks are truthophobic or free-speech-ophobic?”

He added: “This is really a fight for truth, and the Gospel is what is really being ‘banned’ from these venues. It really boils down to the fact that they disagree with the message.”

Could it be, rather, that these folks are truthophobic or free-speech-ophobic?

Graham’s tour,which was scheduled to feature a series of messages form the Bible and concerts that impart biblical principles, was set to begin in May.

But convention centres dotting the UK pulled out the evangelist’s from its calendars, with many of the events set to overlap with the nation’s Pride Month celebrations.

One venue cited the Christian’s views as “incompatible” in a statement.

Editorial Comment I like Rev Franklin because he is unwittingly funny and sounds rather desperate to get his message across. I am not going to argue with him about trans women being sis women because if that were the case then there would be no need for the differentiation.

Since consciousness cannot yet be quantified, it is impossible to assert gender brain differences. However, it is clear that hormones present in the womb, through the mother’s blood, influence brain and physical development beyond the genital- the latter dependent on the male sperm type contribution.

Unfortunately, empty vessels make the most sound. Thus religious and feminist scare mongereing bigots, ignorant, lazy and poorly educated as they are, and all the more stupid thanks to ‘uni’ indoctrination., will assert themselves brooking no opposition.

These people are so up their own vaginas, that some of them came up with a successful production called ‘The Vagina Monologues’. The fact that it was successfull tells us a lot about weird little Britain. No man would ever get away with a production ridiculing feminists, called ‘The Anus Monologues.’

So, it also occurs to me as another logical point, that religious fanatics are truth phobic in the pursuit of dogma and intent to impose their small minds it on others.

There is no doubt that as collectives humans have achieved amazing things, always with inspired and often brilliant leadership through science, engineering and courage. Sadly the moronic bask in these acheievents to assert that it is all God’s will, as per the Bible and Koran.

The vanity of these idiots, hypocrits and religious war mongers knows no limits. Asserting that God created us little bugs in his own image, is a high point of vanity, insecurity and stupidity. It is the zenith of truth phobia. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual xxx
Appledene Photographics

Flooded Britain Posted February 18th 2020

Major incidents have been declared in south Wales and parts of England, as Storm Dennis batters the UK.

The flooded road to Holm Lacey, Hereford February 17th 2020 , early morning. The rain came down so fast it took little more than an hour to flood the saturated ground, with river levels the highest recorded. Image Robert Cook/Appldene Photographics

South Wales Police has been dealing with “multiple” landslides and floods – some trapping residents.

Homes have also been flooded, while police in Worcestershire are searching for a person who is feared to have been swept into the River Teme.

More than 700 flood warnings and alerts are in place across the UK, as of 23:45 GMT on Sunday.

There are currently eight severe flood warnings in England, which mean there is a danger to life.

A record number of flood warnings and alerts were issued for England on Sunday, according to John Curtin, the Environment Agency’s head of floods and coastal management – reaching a combined total of 624 by Sunday night.

He said “the saturated ground conditions” left by last weekend’s Storm Ciara has “driven” the severe flooding seen across the UK over the past 24 hours.

A man’s body was recovered from the River Tawe near Trebanos in the Swansea Valley but Dyfed-Powys Police later said his death was not linked to the extreme weather. It is not being treated as suspicious.

West Mercia Police said a man had been rescued from the River Teme close to Eastham Bridge, Worcestershire, and taken to hospital by ambulance but that a woman was still missing.

The search for the woman has been called off until Monday.

Meanwhile, in Herefordshire, the council said it was working with the emergency services, the Environment Agency and health partners to assist residents.

A rescue vehicle tows boat to help stranded motorists in what was called a major incodent on the road from Hereford to Holm Lacey, early morning February 17th 2020. Image Robert Cook/Appldene Photographics.

Comment will follow later today.


It doesn’t discriminate, touching the lives of people in every corner of society – from the homeless and unemployed to builders and doctors, reality stars and footballers.

Kieran Cook was an outstanding footballer and student. When he chose to live with his father, his mother conspired to label him as a stalker, created soft intellignece through her Deputy Chief Constable brother creating false records of stalking, preventing him from seeing his vulnerable younger adult brother whom she contolled, took to the toilet and bathed, locked Kieran out of his student home which he paid for but was in her name.
This was three months befire his finals. All his possessions were lost. She criminalised him, aided by her brother and so called respectable family, locking his younger adult vulnerable brother away for financial gain in divorce.

My mother got depressed because her beloved Kieran could not complete his finals and move on to legal training. She stopped eating, got peneumonia, then C Difficle in hospital and died. My sister’s family then started sending Kieran hate mail to get him to go back to his mother with whom she was involved because she did not like me- another interesting story. This is police state Britain. Image Appledene Photographics.
Kieran’s uncle, DCC Simon Chesterman Image Appledene Photographics/ RJC

It’s the biggest killer of people under the age of 35, more deadly than cancer and car crashes.

And men are three times more likely to take their own life than women.

Yet it’s rarely spoken of, a taboo that threatens to continue its deadly rampage unless we all stop and take notice, now.

That is why The Sun launched the You’re Not Alone campaign.

The aim is that by sharing practical advice, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers people face when talking about their mental health, we can all do our bit to help save lives.

Let’s all vow to ask for help when we need it, and listen out for others… You’re Not Alone.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help dealing with mental health problems, the following organisations provide support:

Her managers said in a statement: “We are devastated at the loss of our client and friend Caroline Flack.

“An immensely talented young woman who was at the top of her game professionally and loved by television viewers across the country.

“In recent months Caroline had been under huge pressure because of an ongoing case and potential trial which has been well reported.

“The Crown Prosecution Service pursued this when they knew not only how very vulnerable Caroline was but also that the alleged victim did not support the prosecution and had disputed the CPS version of events.

“The CPS should look at themselves today and how they pursued a show trial that was not only without merit but not in the public interest.

“And ultimately resulted in significant distress to Caroline. Our thoughts are with Caroline’s family at this time.”

Her shock death sparked a torrent of tweets from stunned pals and celebrities.

Caroline Flack Reality TV Star Accused of Violent Assault on Sleeping Boyfriend, Awaiting Trial, Commits Suicide on Valentine’s Day. Posted February 16th 2020

See Hate Male Page for more .
Ms Flack’s bereaved boyfriend Lewis Buton tweeted to freinds ‘I am in so much pain.’ It was his raunchy texts to a 60 year old woman that triggered the TV stars rage. It was a nosey neighbour of this ‘me too’ spy on and report your neighbours, who phoned police fearing for Ms Flack’s safety. What goes around comes around. Eighty per cent of police call outs are for domestic in sick Britain.

China Offers To Build HS2 For A Fraction Of The Cost, in 5 years not 20. February 15TH 2020

The cost to Britain’s sovereignty could be “higher than we ever imagined” if Beijing’s state-owned railway builder is given a role in constructing the troubled HS2 high-speed link, a Tory MP said.

Britain is in talks with China about the project and the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has said it can build the line in just five years at a much lower cost than is currently forecast, according to the Financial Times.

Department for Transport (DfT) officials confirmed that preliminary discussions had taken place between CRCC and HS2 Ltd, but added that no concrete commitments had been made.

The DfT said it is always keen to learn from the experience of others and to consider approaches that offer value for money to the taxpayer.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson has given the green light for HS2 to go ahead (Eddie Keogh/PA)

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, told the PA news agency: “Britain needs to think hard about how we partner with countries that don’t share our respect for human rights or the rule of law.

“The price of the project may be lower but the cost to our sovereignty could be higher than we ever imagined.

“There’s no point in taking back control from Brussels only to hand it over to Beijing.”

Mr Tugendhat earlier told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the UK is “in dire need of a proper China strategy”, adding: “We are being offered, at extraordinarily generous terms it appears, everything to connect our telephone networks, to connect our cities and to connect our power networks.

“What is it that we want out of China? Have we decided to take back control from Brussels just to hand it over to Beijing? The idea that we should allow others to act like we did in places like India and Nigeria for the best part of 200 years here in the UK would be extremely questionable.”

(PA Graphics)

Mr Tugendhat, who was an outspoken critic of the Government’s decision to allow Chinese tech giant Huawei a role in building the UK’s 5G network, questioned CRCC’s claim it could build the entire line in just five years.

“The reason why Chinese projects in China are very often so quick is because they don’t worry about such minor matters as planning consent or workers’ rights,” he said.

“It seems extremely unlikely that without really short-cutting any number of labour conditions that it would be possible.”

Boris Johnson this week controversially gave the green light for the scheme to go ahead – despite an official review warning costs could reach over £100 billion, against a budget of £62 billion.

Under current plans the final stretch of the line is not due to be completed until 2040 – although the Prime Minister has said he wants that brought forward to 2035.

(PA Graphics)

However, the FT reported that CRCC had written to HS2 Ltd’s chief executive last month saying it could build the line by the middle of the decade, for a much reduced price tag.

The letter, first reported by Building Magazine and seen by the FT, states: “We are certain that we can offer a cost that is significantly lower than the projections we have seen.

“The advantages are too great, in our opinion, too great to dismiss on the basis that there are obstacles to overcome.

“You will find that the Chinese way is to seek solutions, not linger on obstacles and difficulties.”

CRCC has transformed China’s transport system, building most of the country’s 15,500-mile high-speed network.

However, British officials are said to be sceptical that it could operate in the same way in a democracy with property rights, protected landscapes and powerful lobbying groups.

Any move to give Beijing a further role in the UK’s infrastructure would almost certainly prove controversial, after Mr Johnson reportedly incurred the wrath of US President Donald Trump – as well as upsetting many Tory MPs – with his decision to allow tech giant Huawei to supply equipment for the 5G mobile network.

Sim Harris, managing editor at industry newspaper Railnews, said: “It might sound seductive to some people, and they are saying they could get it done in five years, well they probably could if they ignored all British planning law, all third party objections.”

He said there is a “tremendous complex web” of protective planning laws, adding: “It takes a long time to resolve the argumen

Editorial Comment I listened to the pompous Tory Tugendhat condemning the Chinese as a threat to Britain’s sovereignty and fantasy freedom loving democracy. He compared them to what the greedy British Imperialists did in Africa and India in the nineteenth century. Tugendhat wanted none of that because like the British taking over Africa in the nineteent century, they would never leave. It would mean the Chinese taking over Brave Little Britain, brining communism via social media intrusion.

Tommy Tug’ declared in posh assertive tones, that ‘The Chinese will cut corners and walk all over our precious planning laws.’ Rich peoples big houses would be demolished, along with stables, mews, gazebos, greenhouses, tennis courts and swimming pools- because the Chinese are still communist ‘don’t cher know ?’ It would be the end of the high life as we Bucks Beauties know it.

Anyone thinking leaving the EU would mean freedom and fewer rules and laws, forget it. There is a a whole army of bureaucrats and little Hitlers on the march to fill the EU void. Think the EU was bad, wait for the British elite upper classes who infest the civil service and politcal class, There is a whole new career structure for all the Henrys and Henriettas. Huawei was bad enough with their 5G, national security and class interest is at stake. The rich have toi guard their strategic millions and billions, their large country homes and fine children’s futures with good marriages etc.

They are such dreadful snobs, but still go to church, put money on the collection plate hoping it will go to Africa, then exchange pleasantries with their well bred false smiling vicars.

All around this area, where I am currently based in Buckinghamshire, their are posters pleading save our countryside. There was a whole news display from the local Tory Buckingham Advertise in Tescos, announcing their dismay that Boris Johnson has even given the HS2 rail project the go ahead. Having the dastardly Chinese involved is too much. Diversity has its limits you know. China, unlike perfect sanctimonious Model Democracy Human Rights loving Britain is a disgrace sa the likes of Tommy Tugendhat. The British see themselves as saints, but are not opposed to buying most of their consumer goods from Chian’s low wage economy.

There is, of course another aspect to this story. The main reason for the budget over run on HS2 is because the people commissioned to do the job are incompetent and looking to cream off as much profit as possible. To appease the overpaid comfortable rich who live in large homes in the Chilterns, not far from where I am writing and which I can see from my upper level lounge window, will not have a railway running anywhere in sight. So there has been an absurd agrrement to tunnel through the hills, requiring tgosands of gallons of water to dissolve the chalk.

The well off nice people of Buckingham Buckinghamshire, are dismayed that Boris Johnson has given the go ahead to the HS2 High Speed Rail link. They are more dismayed about China’s offer in case they get involved and truncate the Britis love of rules regulations and so called debate, in order to waste time and ultimately block the project because people will die of bredom and old age, railways will by that time be banned by a mature Greta Thurnberg.

Ironically only the wealthy will be able to afford a tcket to ride this high speed rail. As in the nineteenth centry when they were building the first railways out of London, Parlaiment decreed that the lines should pass only through the poor areas. Robert Cook

Police are a threat to freedom of speech in Britain says Judge. Posted February 15th 2020

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chestermanof the Civil and Nuclear Police relaxing at home, Appledene Images.

Police compared to Stasi and Gestapo by judge as he rules they interfered in freedom of speech by investigating ‘non crime’ trans tweet February 14th 2020

By Telegraph Reporters 14 February 2020 • 10:59am

Judge says that the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller’s workplace “because of his political opinions must not be underestimated”. He compared the police to Gestapo and Stasi, condemning the waste of tax payers money in pursuing him after social media tweet.

Ms Polly Sexual said about the case , ‘This decision could put transexual women in danger and would not have been made if the target of the ex police officer’s tweet had been a Muslim or Feminist.’ Appledene Images

Humberside Police unlawfully interfered with a man’s right to freedom of expression by turning up at his place of work over his allegedly “transphobic” tweets, the High Court has ruled.

Former police officer Harry Miller, 54, who founded the campaign group Fair Cop, said the police’s actions had a “substantial chilling effect” on his right to free speech.

Mr Miller, who is from Lincolnshire, claims an officer told him that he had not committed a crime, but that his tweeting was being recorded as a “hate incident”.

The College of Policing’s guidance defines a hate incident as “any non-crime incident which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender”….

Editorial Comment

It should be apparent from Polly Sexual’s contribution to this website that we are not prejudiced against transexuals.  However, we do take the view that the Tavistock Transgender GIC is incompetent, ideological and not fit for purpose.  This is why we are following Polly’s story, along with very sinister police involvement in the case.  As Polly has said, by definition a transsexual woman is not a biological woman, so cannot forget their experiences growing up as males.  To ignore this is to avoid reality and proper use of language.  

One cannot expect threatened mature males to always understand what is going on because we have an appalling education system and dis males have much to be anxious and concerned about an attack on convention with the imposition of a new tyranny of normality which brooks no discussion.  The police are not educated in any sophisticated way.  They are robotic with no operational independence even if some of them have brains of note.  They do not listen to anything they have not been programmed for by arrogant careerist command and control

Taking the freedom of speech issue first, we conclude that the current limits are selective and increasingly dangerous.  It may seem like paranoia, but there is evidence that this site has restricted access in Britain, with the police being one of the two bodies who read it.  Twice a very serious story concerning police corruption , written by Robert Cook, has been removed from face book.

These premises have been raided by police in 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2018 with computers, phones and documents seized with a view to Cook being prosecuted and jailed.  On the last occasion he was accused of breaching a retraining order based on lies that he stalked and terrorised a senior police officer with whom he had been associated socially for 31 years.  Cook had made criminal allegations against this officer which the police refused to investigate. The last raid was triggered by am ex partner who the police refused to investigate.  She had sent anonymous poison pen letters and fake images accusing Cook of working as a gay escort for his son.  

The incompetent malicious Thames Valley Police protecting a former senior commander who had risen even higher were disappointed that Cook was in fact not involved in a brothel run from these premises by his son.  The most ludicrous aspect was the arresting officer acting DC Bellamy of Aylesbury Police Station, accusing Cook of shopping himself as author and origin of pictures plus a video that they admitted never existed.  

Cook was locked in the cells for a day while his house was ransacked. Asking for an update and return of vital equipment driving licence, Digital tacho card, CPC licence and debit card three months later, he got no reply.  After several weeks of leaving phone messages he resorted to bad language.  This led to another arrest and prosecution in Crown Court, where for the second time the police lost their expensive time consuming cases.

Not to be beaten, in Spring 2019m a psychiatrist, psychiatric student mental health nurse turned up for the first of three forced sessions, concluding that Cook has a paranoid personality disorder and may eventually need hospitalisation for refusing anti psychotic drugs.  The object of the exercise is to discredit anything Cook says or writes.

So this is where the Stassi analogy kicks in.  Cook’s case has much to do with his former police and establishment connections.  But it is still very much about the British Police State.  A Chief Constable has warned of the U.K ’s drift in this direction. Officially outside the EU, even if leaving is only BRINO, the corrupt class interested elite and mainstream media they own, will endeavour to accelerate this nightmare journey into something possibly worse than Orwell’s 1984.  

Fostering the myth of a diversity culture is the camouflage.  The amusing issues between feminists, transsexuals and Muslims expose the misfit components of all this.  But the elite may be power mad, greedy and evil, but are not stupid.  Divide and rule is their game.  That is how they won and run the Empire.  To the elite it did not matter how many were killed, only the profit for themselves.

Arrogance and stupidity led them into World War One, where nepotism gained Haig the top job . He squandered thousands of men in days of carnage, pledged to brutally crush Germany and impose a peace settlement from which they would never recover.  The French were right behind him.  Economist John Maynard Keynes’ warnings were not heeded.  So came World War Two, Lend Lease to the U.S, loss of Empire and near bankruptcy.  

The British gave their U.S offspring a legacy they started squandering in Korea and Vietnam.  Now it is off the scale.  They are all over the place.  Trump is bad enough, but what else is there.  The State of the Nation speech probably deserved Nancy tearing it up, but what would the Democrats do better.

Britain’s elite created the U.S, infested the EU with rules and regulation, promoted the war on terror by leading Jnr… Bush astray- a guy so stupid he choked on a Pretzel and nearly died alone watching TV.  Had is starry mad eyed boyfriend Blair been there he would have sucked it out of him.

So, thanks to Britain’s elite the whole world is nostalgic for the Stassi.  

All things are connected, though most women don’t see that.  So scaring them about sex crimes, child molesters, wife beaters and the need to get on in the workplace, proving how equal they are but must be on top, is good for getting more police so thick they will go round to a work place to warn and make records on people with the wrong opinions.

 Charles Close  Site Editor

Full Story See Diversity Page

‘PM left me with no option but to quit’, says Sajid Javid Posted February 13th 2020

Sajid Javid has said he was left with “no other option” but to quit over Boris Johnson’s demands for No 10 to take effective control of the Treasury.

Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s most senior adviser, is said to have told Mr Javid that he must axe all his special advisers.

The former chancellor said that he did not believe that “any self-respecting minister” would accept the demands in comments that will also be seen as a clear swipe at his successor Rishi Sunak.

Editorial Comment Boris Johnson made clear that he wanted to rationalise the Civil Service with all of its waste and infighting. But governemnt agencies and departments are little empires with little emperors. So it is easier said than done. The British excel at waste and infighting at the expense of the lower orders and cost of taking to long with key decisions to get jobs done.

Having said that, I do not trust Boris or Cummings to make a good job of Brexit. It is going to be worse than staying in I suspect, but some fat cats will benefit.

As for freedoms, forget it. Without police reform we are going to see a lot more corruption and injustice, witha lot of wasted money having little if any effect on what we used to call crime. But there will be a lot of controls on speech and monitoring of working class men from home to the football game. Too much testosterone is only useful if men are being sent to fight more pointless wars. No country does red tape like the British.

Robert Cook

London Underground Virus Risk February 13th 2020

Doctors have warned the London Underground could be a hotbed for the spread of the strain of coronavirus known as Covid-19.
The warning comes after a London woman became the ninth person in the UK to test positive for the deadly virus.

Now It’s Storm Dennis Februry 13th 2020

Thee worst is yet to come with the “exceptionally deep” low pressure system of Storm Dennis bringing a three-day period of intensely wet and windy weather to the UK from Saturday.

Stormy Weather Continues to batter Britain RJC

Corona Virus in London Posted February 12th 2020

A City Hall source told The Sun that a patient in the capital has been diagnosed with the deadly disease – which has killed more than 1,000 and infected thousands more around the world.

The victim is said to be a Chinese national who was diagnosed this afternoon.

A Department for Health and Social Care spokesman said he was unable to comment on individual cases, and would not confirm the diagnosis.

If the report is correct, they will be the ninth person in the UK to be diagnosed with coronavirus.

a car parked in front of a brick building: County Oak Medical Centre in Brighton, East Sussex, had to close this week

© Getty Images County Oak Medical Centre in Brighton, East Sussex, had to close this week It comes as all 83 people in quarantine in a British hospital were told they’ve tested negative for coronavirus.

The Brits, who were flown back from China and taken in coaches to Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral, Merseyside, will now leave the facility immently.

They’ve stayed in the accommodation for the past fortnight.

Mirror Online told how their flights landed at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, and the Brits were quickly whisked onto coaches for the 200-mile trip north.

Officials are currently trying to trace 12 patients who were treated by two GPs – one of whom is Catriona Greenwood – who have tested positive for coronavirus.

a man and a woman walking down the street: It is the first time a patient has been diagnosed in London, according to reports (file image)

© REUTERS It is the first time a patient has been diagnosed in London, according to reports (file image) Between them, the two doctors worked in four different places in East and West Sussex – a nursing home, an A&E department and two GP practices.

The pair are now in isolation, and efforts to trace those that came into contact with them are ongoing.

Two prisoners in a UK jail were tested negative for the disease though today.

A British man who unknowingly spread coronavirus to at least 11 people has been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery.

Businessman Steve Walsh, the man at the centre of a UK outbreak of Corid-19,  is no longer contagious, NHS strategic incident director Professor Keith Willett said.

Police State Britain latest Posted February 12th 2020

The following article comes from the BBC website.  The suicide refers to a girl growing up in a one parent family – lone mother.  It seems she was hell bent on suicide.  For years youth suicide did not matter because it was only expendable boys who did it.

Now it is the norm to blame social media.  Along with terrorism, this is a perfect excuse for more controls on free speech.  God forbid we should ever talk about absent fathers.  Every random lunatic who grabs a knife to stab Londoners is claimed by ISIL -a disparite organisation protected by Britain and the U.S in Syria and other places, ready to claim credit for any odd ball who would rather use a knife to kill than cook..

The real reason why young women are increasingly and widespread in numbers of suicidal depressives in feminist media dominated Britain- which aspires to lead the world in being PC- is buried by manginas and feminists of police state Britain in our mainstream media.  Here is teh article.  Social media must be regulated by the media elite.

Who cares about young emn killing themselves. They are not pretty. Plymouth City Centre 2019 Image RJC

The police have already used their powers to withold my press credentials and labelled me a lunatic.  Soon we will need a licence for web blogs.  This site is already banned in U.K.  Only the police read it.  They were in touch with me today in fact.

When it comes to harmful, violent or graphic material, social media firms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok have largely been allowed to regulate themselves. Those firms have generally defended their records in doing so, insisting the vast majority of content like that is quickly taken down. However, the government believes that isnt enough and new powers are to be given to media regulator Ofcom to police their actions.  

It’s thought firms that host user-generated content, including comments, forums and video-sharing, will have to comply with a new legal “duty of care”. 

They’ll need to ensure illegal content, like child abuse imagery and extremist material, is removed quickly and will be expected to “minimise the risks” of it appearing at all.  It’s not clear yet what penalties Ofcom – which already regulates television and radio broadcasters – will be able to impose, but campaign groups, including children’s charity the NSPCC, have welcomed the news.   

Calls for action grew after the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell and the Christchurch terror attack. Read more about the role of social media in the latter incident here

My Press Credentials were revoked by corrupt British Police
Journalists in Britain need approval from corrupt British Police, so I lost mine, and they enabled the NHS to declare me insane- paranoid personality disorder to be precise. So British democracy is a joke. They can teach China how not to be a democracy, and subtle with it. RJC

Brexit Con Posted February 12th 2020

Theresa May made a “deliberate decision” to stop Boris Johnson taking charge of Brexit when he was Foreign Secretary, it is being claimed. 

His successor at the Foreign Office, Jeremy Hunt, suggested that Downing Street had not trusted the leading Brexiteer to deliver on her plan. 

Mr Johnson later spectacularly quit the Cabinet claiming that the UK was headed “for the status of a colony” if Mrs May’s soft Brexit plans were adopted.

But many at No 10 felt that Mr Johnson, the public face of Vote Leave, had been determined to undermine her attempts to get Britain out of the European Union ever since she took over at No 10.

Editorial Comment i am proud to say that I did not vote in the Brexit con trick. Cameron never expected a leave vote. When it happened, he resigned leaving the Tories to argue amongst themselves.

The old elitists saw it as a way of separating from any kind of idealistic human rights laws.

They were helped toward this end because they had corrupted the EU into allowing mass immigration which preferred Britain-because the upper middle class socialist internationalist movement were promoting generous benefits for the people the elite were helping the U.S to bomb out of the Middle East and through the African floodgate they opened when they killed Gaddafi.

Now out of Europe, the migrants can come straight here, offering cheap labour for capitalism, with human rights badges for the do gooding poiliticans and charity workers. The elite never really liked the whites from Eastern Europe, too much danger of white working class consciousness and aspirations.

The lower orders will pay for the conflict, chaos and necessary police oppression.. The terrorism threat, along with hate speech issues, will justify a boom for more watching, facial recognition cameras, gun and taser toting robo brained cops.

Meanwhile, the BBC with its highly paid upper class Oxbridge journos and trendy comedians will rubbish any criticism or underclass ridicule. The only thing that matters to these people is ‘no gender pay gap’ and millions for all of them. the chattering classes need lots of money, warmth, freedom and space. Jobs and industries like fishing will fall by the wayside.

Robert Cook Shining a light on Salisbury, December 2019

Robert Cook

RNLI buys burkinis for Africans as it axes 100 UK jobs: How £3.3million of donations to lifeboat charity are spent abroad including aid for Tanzania swimmers and creches in Bangladesh Posted February 12th 2020

  • Chief executive Mark Dowie warned the charity was ‘facing major challenges’
  • It made loss of £6.3million last year as demand for their service at record levels 
  • But the charity still intends to increase its annual spend on foreign projects

By Michael Powell for The Mail on Sunday

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution came under fire yesterday for spending millions of pounds on projects in foreign countries –including buying burkinis for Muslim women in Africa – while slashing more than 100 jobs in the UK.

Donations are being spent on swimsuits for devout Muslim women in Tanzania and on funding creches in Bangladesh which the RNLI claims helps to prevent drownings overseas.

But the charity’s £189,000-a-year chief executive Mark Dowie warned last week that it is ‘facing some major challenges’ after making a loss of £6.3 million last year, and announcing 135 job cuts.

RNLI-financed burkinis have been given to women and girls on swimming skills courses in Tanzania


RNLI-financed burkinis have been given to women and girls on swimming skills courses in Tanzania

Demand for the RNLI’s services is at record levels, with its lifeboats launched 8,964 times in the UK and Ireland last year.

However, the charity intends to increase its annual spend on foreign projects by £400,000 this year. Its overseas spending has now soared from £1.13 million to £3.3 million over the past five years.

Tory MP Nigel Evans, who sits on the Commons International Development Committee, said: ‘The fact the RNLI are cutting staff in the UK but boosting spending on these international projects begs the question of what the priority of the organisation is? They are risking the reputation of the charity.

‘I would say 99 per cent of the British public giving money to them have not the faintest idea it’s being diverted to projects overseas.’ 

Andrew Bridgen, a Tory MP, told The Times: ‘It is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, not the Royal International Lifeboat Institution.’

The RNLI, founded in 1824, has been accused of becoming obsessed with political correctness in recent years, leading to resignations among volunteers. 

The entire crew at St Helier, Jersey, resigned after the coxswain was sacked following a dispute over a launch. 

The coxswain at Arbroath was sacked after failing to prevent a prank in which a crewman bared his buttocks.

And two crewmen from Whitby, North Yorkshire, were dismissed last summer after tea mugs were found decorated with ‘inappropriate material of a sexual nature’.

The charity also came under fire after advertising for a £42,000-a-year ‘safeguarding officer’ to promote ‘health, safety and wellbeing’.

The RNLI has talked about trying to ‘influence policy-makers and partners’ and lobbying the United Nations to reduce deaths at sea.

It has a ‘national team of health, safety and environment advisers’, and a ‘diversity leadership group’ tasked with promoting the ‘International Day Against Homophobia’.

The RNLI used to limit its operations to the UK and Ireland but its Charity Commission registration now lists areas covered as the British Isles, Tanzania and Bangladesh.

The charity said two per cent of its income went on overseas projects and this did not have an impact on its domestic rescue services. Its Panje Project in Tanzania sends trainers to teach swimming in areas where drowning rates are high. 

Its work includes giving out burkinis – costumes with a head covering, long-sleeved tunic and trousers to protect the modesty of Muslim women.

Providing free creche places in Bangladesh stops children playing by rivers and reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 82 per cent, the charity added. 

And the Isle of Man Government is giving £57,855 to support the RNLI’s work in Bangladesh where it has a project teaching children to swim.

In 2016, the charity announced it was providing training to Greek, German, Dutch and Swedish organisations to help save migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece.

A spokesman claimed the RNLI’s founder, Sir William Hillary, had said its work on drowning prevention should be extended to ‘the most remote quarters of the globe’. 

Mr Dowie said: ‘Providing the very best service in the UK and Ireland remains our priority but we also wish to use our expertise, knowledge and influence to help others save lives across the world, particularly where drowning rates are high.’  Published: 01:22, 15 September 2019 | Updated: 15:51, 15 September 2019

British Police Above the Law in Police State Britain Posted February 11th 2020

FOURTEEN elite police officers are being investigated for corruption in the largest police corruption inquiry in 40 years.

The police watchdog – the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) – is investigating allegations of “serious corruption and malpractice” in Scotland Yard, the Sunday Times reports.

More Police needed to watch and frame us. Image Robert Cook

Three Met whistle-blowers have claimed the Directorate of Professional Standards shielded officers who were accused of assault, racism, child abuse and grooming.

It is understood that one of the most senior police chiefs in the country is also under investigation for malpractice for improperly interfering in an investigation into bullying.

Senior officers have enormous power to interfere in and corrupt investigations when it suits them. Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chesterman overturned a report saying three lying police officers in the Plebgate story should be disciplined.

He also lied that I was stalking him and his family over the weekend of October 4th/5th 2008, creating so called soft intelligence on me and a PNC Criminal Marker so that I was followed and stopped by police wherever I was. Investigation and evidence was not required because of how the police hierarchy works.

Bullying is endemic in the British police- with mental health issues resulting for honest officers All politicians talk about is we must have more police, because they think the public are stupid. Reform is never mentioned.

The PNC Criminal marker on my car, and malicious self interested records about me led to lots of dangerous car chases and searches until I eventually wrote about it on the internet and was prosecuted for hacrassing him.

The marker was not lifted until October 2010 when I was arrested for distributing a leaflet on the nightmare he had caused me and my eldest son. Chesterman has given me 12 years of hell and injustice. I know first hand that the British police are institutionally corrupt. The latest version of events, thanks to corrupt police, is that I am an alcoholic who has paranoid personality disorder.

My press card has been revoked. According to an official report, I am to be sub ject to a ‘multi agency approach’ but don’t need hospital yet. I must not see all of the Police and NHS records about me because it might uypset me. The report by Dr Ramsay of Aylesbury’s Whiteleaf Centre, also says that I am more likely ‘to die from misadventure than suicide.’ Fact.

DCC Simon Chesterman. The arrogance, dishonesty and stupidity of Britain’s police coimmand and control knws no bounds. Image Robert Cook

Policeman who drove to private meeting at 122mph cleared of 16 driving offences Posted February 11th 2020

PC Paul Brown, who for years has taught Norfolk Police officers how to drive, was caught in an unmarked patrol car on the A11 near Norwich

  • 19:39, 10 FEB 2020
PC Paul Brown drove an unmarked patrol car to a private meeting at speeds of more than 120mph (Image: East Anglia News Service)

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A police driving instructor who clocked 122mph in an unmarked patrol car on the way to a private meeting was cleared of 11 speeding offences today.

PC Paul Brown, 48, also jumped red lights and used the powerful BMW X5’s sirens and lights intermittently during the 17-mile round trip to discuss his son’s education at a college.

But in court today, the officer claimed he was practising his driving skills to ensure they were “up to scratch”.

He was cleared of 16 driving offences, including 11 for speeding, four of jumping red lights and one of driving on the wrong side of a keep left marker.

The 48-year-old officer was cleared of speeding offences (Image: East Anglia News Service)
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Anne Walker, chairwoman of the bench at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, said there was no agreed policy or rules for how police instructors should do their own training and record it.

“We cannot be sure that Mr Brown did not undertake these two journeys while carrying out his own CPD (Continued Professional Development),” she added.

But Mrs Walker called for Norfolk and Suffolk Police to draw up new procedures with regard to how driving instructor training was carried out and recorded.

The court in Ipswich heard Brown was given permission to borrow the BMW in April last year but hit speeds of 122mph on the A11 and 101mph through a temporary 30mph limit.

Read More

He also drove at 85mph on a 30mph limit road at Eaton, Norwich, and 86mph in a 40mph zone.

Dashcam footage of the journey, played in court, showed cars and lorries pull over and stop to allow Brown to pass on his way to City College Norwich, where his son was studying at the time.

When a colleague at Norfolk Police became suspicious of Brown, he checked the car’s data recording equipment and raised concerns to superiors.

But since then, Brown has insisted he was carrying out CPD and had told colleagues about his plans in advance.

Harry O’Sullivan, prosecuting, said the dad, a Norfolk Police driving instructor since 2016 and an officer for 18 years, had not been authorised to use the car for his training while driving alone to and from the college.

“What is in dispute is that he as a serving police officer had been acting under legal exemption to road traffic laws such as speeding and jumping red lights,” the lawyer said.

“PC Brown was late for a meeting and drove the way he did, not out of concern to keep his driving up to scratch and perform CPD, but because he was late.

“The manner of driving is consistent with a police officer abusing a vehicle and abusing his position to force his way through rush hour traffic to get somewhere in time.”

And PC James Waller, then a senior driving instructor at the force, denied Brown had told him that he was going to carry out CPD at the time.

The officer, now with Scotland Yard, added: “He said it was regarding his son and it was a personal matter. I didn’t ask any more about it.

“My understanding was that it was for a private meeting and I was surprised to see that blue lights had been used. There were several occasions when the speed of the vehicle had gone beyond the speed limit.

“It did surprise me and I was a bit disappointed because the vehicle had been given on an ad hoc basis for a private matter and a private journey. I was not expecting it to have been driven in this way.

“We have an unwritten rule that for small journeys like this, we have been able to use driving school vehicles.”

“Journeys to private matters are not normally taken for CPD. I don’t have any issue with the purpose of the visit. It was the way that the vehicle was being used on the journey.”

Des Pooley, the head of the joint Norfolk and Suffolk police driving instruction unit, confirmed that there was no local written down policy about CPD training, other than a requirement that officers undertake it.

But PC Brown made no comment in a police interview.

Giving evidence in court, he said: “I wanted to keep my driving skills up to scratch. If my standards fall short, my credibility goes out of the window.

“It was a personal appointment. It was a 15 minute or 20 minute drive and it would give me what I needed – a bit of a refresh to double check my skills.”

He denied driving fast to get to his appointment on time, saying: “It’s wholly wrong, utter nonsense”.

Fraser Cox Hill, defending the father, said: “There is simply insufficient evidence for conviction. There is no dispute about the driving that took place or the speeds achieved.”

Investigation launched after video shows police officer hitting boy with baton Posted February 10th 2020

South Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses or anyone with video footage of the post-match disorder to get in touch.

Monday 10 February 2020 15:01, UK

Police have launched an investigation after a 16-year-old football fan was left bloodied by an officer who struck him on the head with a baton.

An investigation has been launched after a video has emerged which appears to show a police officer hitting a teenager on the head with a baton.

It followed Saturday’s South Yorkshire derby in the Championship between Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday.

Officers were responding to disorder outside the Barnsley Transport Interchange, South Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent and match commander Sarah Poolman said.

“A full investigation, including extended video footage, will take place to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the actions that led to a 16-year-old boy sustaining a head injury from an officer’s baton and an officer being assaulted, sustaining injuries to his stomach and head,” she said.

Police baton attack
The teenager can be seen with a bloodied head after the incident on Saturday

“The 16-year-old boy was taken to hospital by ambulance. The police officer also attended hospital. Both of their injuries are not life-threatening.”

A 47-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency service worker and was later released under investigation, she added.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with video footage of the post-match disorder to get in touch.

They can contact police on 101 quoting incident 232 of 8 February 2020.

© 2020 Sky UK

Editorial Comment People need to fear the British police. What had this 16 year old got to do with the alleged assault on a police officer by a 47 year old man? A few years ago, a student was jailed for three years. His crime was dropping a fire extingusiher off a roof during a student protest. It landed 300 yards from a group of loitering police officers.

Fearing for their lives, these officers instigated an investigation involving spotters and enhanced poilce video footage to find the culprit. I know from my own story, the lengths to which the police will lie, close ranks, despatch thick constables, cover up, refuse to investigate criminal allegations against senior officers, no expense spared to protect their own and ruin innocent lives – IN POLICE STATE BRITAIN.

Met Office chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said: ‘Storm Ciara will bring damaging winds and heavy rain across the UK this weekend and we have issued a range of severe weather warnings giving people time to prepare for potential impacts of the storm.  February 9th 2020

Met Office chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said: ‘Storm Ciara will bring damaging winds and heavy rain across the UK this weekend and we have issued a range of severe weather warnings giving people time to prepare for potential impacts of the storm. 

‘Gusts of 50-60mph are expected quite widely across inland areas, with even stronger gusts of 80mph or higher along coastal areas, especially in south-east England and northern Scotland.’  

a man standing in front of a building with a metal fence: High winds from Storm Ciara whip up foam onto the road at Caswell Bay near Swansea Seasonal weather, Swansea, Wales, UK

© Provided by Daily Mail High winds from Storm Ciara whip up foam onto the road at Caswell Bay near Swansea Seasonal weather, Swansea, Wales, UK

Fog, snow and rain will bucket down on much of the nation and high winds are powerful enough to rip tiles from roofs, forecasters warned. 

Weather maps show 1,000 mile-wide Ciara being catapulted across the Atlantic, bringing 30ft waves to the South-West and North-West coasts and 50ft waves offshore. 

Drivers are being warned to take extra care on the roads due to the potential of difficult conditions caused by heavy rain, particularly on coastal or exposed routes. 

In Scotland, the bad weather prompted officials to put in place a 40mph speed limit on the Queensferry Crossing, while ferry passengers also faced disruption, with many Caledonian MacBrayne services cancelled due to the conditions.

Sunday's weather

© Provided by Daily Mail Sunday’s weather

Robert Morrison, Caledonian MacBrayne’s director of operations, yesterday said: ‘There is a very high possibility of weather related disruption to services across all 28 of our routes so people should be aware of this before setting off on their journey.

‘We will of course be looking keep sailings running when conditions allow.

‘I would urge passengers to allow extra time for their journey, keep track of the status of their sailing on the website or on social media and be prepared for delays and cancellations.’

The Met Office also warned that homes and businesses in the Scottish Borders are likely to be flooded, with a chance that some communities may be cut off by flooded roads. 

a person riding on the back of a truck: A lorry blown over on the A20 near Dover, Kent, as Storm Ciara hits. A man in a high visibility jacket is seen walking away from the scene

© Provided by Daily Mail A lorry blown over on the A20 near Dover, Kent, as Storm Ciara hits. A man in a high visibility jacket is seen walking away from the scene

Several bridges were closed to high sided vehicles on Saturday with the Erskine, Dornoch, Skye and Kessock Bridges among those affected.

Obviously when you are building a police state and stoking up Islamic terrorism and far right issues, you need more police with the right mindset and plenty of money. February 9th 2020

Well done boys, almost as good as Stockwell. Now shoot him. Promotion is nigh. Hendon is the best.

Officials working on Boris Johnson’s pledge to recruit 20,000 new police officers in England and Wales within three years say more than 50,000 will actually be needed.

Home Office and police officials say the target is not high enough because so many are set to leave the service.

It comes as campaigners say officers need a starting salary of £24,000 or more for the original target to be met.

The Home Office said forces had been recruiting “at pace”.

Reversing cuts to police officer numbers was one of Mr Johnson’s first policy pledges when he became prime minister in July last year.

But those leading the recruitment drive now say the total needed is much bigger because they have to factor in police officers who will be resigning or retiring from the service.

Current figures show that only one in 10 candidates who applies to join the police is successful – meaning half a million would have to apply to reach the 53,000 goal.

The figure has been reached by the Uplift team responsible for recruitment. It includes Home Office officials alongside representatives from the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

Forces in England and Wales lost 20,564 officers between March 2010 and March 2019, Home Office figures show.

We need you to fight the underclass and domestic abusers. This is a soceity in collapse and anomie.

‘Pay is priority’

The Police Federation and the Superintendents Association say starting salaries, which can be as low as £18,400, have to be raised to encourage applications.

In a submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB), they said: “The starting salary, and early progression pay, are key.

“Without addressing these we believe there is no hope that the recruitment targets will be achieved. We believe the minimum starting salary must be set at £24,177.”

Bravo, a squad of Lancs cops about to beat up a Muslim suspect.

They called for wages to be made the “top priority” this year and said there should be a 5% pay rise across all ranks. The bodies also warned of a potential “catastrophic failure” in policing if resources are not made available.

If pay is not increased, new recruits could be earning 15p an hour above the national living wage.

Bravo Britain, an example for the world at large.

More to come

One of Britain’s top police officers has warned the Metropolitan Police force will need more funding to keep London safe from further terror attacks. February 9th 2020

One of Britain’s top police officers has warned the Metropolitan Police force will need more funding to keep London safe from further terror attacks.

Met deputy commissioner Craig Mackey said the recent Westminster and London Bridge atrocities had “put a lot of stretch” on the force – and added the whole of the Met, not just counter-terrorism policing, needs more funds.

His warning was reiterated by London’s deputy mayor for policing and crime, who said she was “incredibly worried and concerned” that the ongoing budget cuts will put London’s safety at risk.

The two policing experts were today quizzed by a London Assembly committee on whether the force has enough money to keep the capital safe.

Phillip Schofield has been applauded by celebrity friends and the LGBT+ community after coming out as gay, aged 57. Posted February 7th 2020

Phillip Schofield has been applauded by celebrity friends and the LGBT+ community after coming out as gay, aged 57.
Schofield made his announcement on Instagram shortly before appearing on ITV’s This Morning.
“You never know what’s going on in someone’s seemingly perfect life, what issues they are struggling with, or the state of their wellbeing – and so you won’t know what has been consuming me for the last few years,” he wrote.

Shock Horror Phil Schofield TV’s Mr Clean is revealed as a groper ! What? Some of us have known he was gay since we saw him on kid’s TV. This front page scoop last week says big Eamon Holmes who cheated on his wife, with this pictured woman/wife, was enraged because Phill hugged her again at an awards ceremony.
So funny Phillip had no choice but to admit how gay he is.
So how can gays resist today’s modern women ? Simple, they do not look like this apparently innocent creature I will call Eve. Why do some men aspire to be women like this one ? Read the Polly State page for updates on the subject.
Anna Soubry, former MP feminist icon and overpaid barrister, at work. Why do men go gay when women are so powerful like Anna ? Do transexuals aspire to this role model ? If not why not ?
If so, why ? It is all in the maths. The men behind her in this picture – old public shool boys used to receiving a three line nanny whip – look besotted. ‘Hey Matron, my big toe hurts, if I undress it will you give it a massage ?

SNP Sex Scandal Again Posted February 7th 2020

Scotland and sexy seems like a contradiction in terms, except for the rich elite’s hypocritical life style. They own most of this wild cold place, with elite areas reserved for ski reorts and golf courses. Most of the city life is dominated by unemployment, gangsters, drugs, suicide and hopelessness. Much of Glasgow is a sh-thole. Aberdeen is grey and dying on its feet thanks to elite wasting oil revenue and prospects. Edinbirgh is pompous, pretentious and out of touch with Scottish reality. The wild Highland Regiments are long gone and forgotten.

Not Nicola ‘Jimmy Clitheroe’ Sturgeon, but my fantasy Queen of Scots. Why can’t I imagine her being as absurd, awful and ridiculous as Nutty Nicola ? Keep up the good work – Polly Sexual.

So there are many moral issues applying, and only one solution for Jimmy Clitheroe look alike Sturgeon. Blame England just as deposed Scots leader Salmond blames her and her cronies for a false rape scenario looming over him.

Sexual hypocrisy is one thing England and Scotland have in common. So here is an update on Sex Scandal Scotland, extracted from the Financial Times. Sex equals Morality in Britain today, forget about rich elites, mass poverty etc. Nothing like sex to bring out the hypocrits.

For more than a decade the Scottish National party has defied political gravity, winning election after election to the Edinburgh parliament despite growing criticism of its record in government.But could the shock resignation of the SNP finance secretary Derek Mackay — just hours before his annual budget speech — finally puncture the nationalist political balloon?’

For Prince Andrew and Anne Sacoolas, the law is just an obstacle to navigate

Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff These cases are an enraging reminder that – on both sides of the Atlantic – the privileged have a very different view of justice

Tue 28 Jan 2020 16.24 GMT Last modified on Tue 28 Jan 2020 18.30 GMT

‘Prince Andrew has been accused of offering ‘zero cooperation’ with inquiries into his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking.’ Photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

Be ye never so high, as the old legal saying goes, the law is above you. Unless, perhaps, you’re just high enough.


Prince Andrew told to ‘stop playing games’ over Epstein inquiry Is this man or a paedo ?

No, he is an aristocrat with noblese oblige. He is not the sort you would find in a porn shop. He is the sort who travels with his own police protection officer, whose jean covered legs you can see in the Jeffrey ‘Houdini’ Epstein photo. Just how did that man manage to break his neck in two places using paper sheets while under 24/7 watch and use thought control to make the videos of his magic disappear ?. Who knows, but it must have been a big relief for his top notch clients for under age sex trysts. Obviously HRH AIR MILES HANDS ON HANDY NOTHING ELSE TO DO-ANDY, IS A BLUE BLOODED INNOCENT PARTY. RULE BRITTANIA BRITTANIA RULES THE KNAVES, BRITAINS ALWAYS ALWAYS WILL BE SLAVES.

Read more

For two high-profile cases are now shaking faith in the system on both sides of the Atlantic. On one side sits Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a diplomat stationed at a US listening base in Northamptonshire, who flew back home to the US in a hurry last year after being involved in a car crash in which 19-year-old Harry Dunn died. She is resisting all attempts to extradite her.

And on the other is Prince Andrew, who was this week accused of offering “zero cooperation” with inquiries into his friend Jeffrey Epstein, despite being contacted by both the FBI and prosecutors investigating the latter’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking. The Queen’s second son is hardly busy at the moment, having been retired from royal duties after an excruciating Newsnight interview about all this, but apparently hasn’t responded to appeals to share anything he might have learned about Epstein. So now lawyers for Epstein’s victims are threatening to subpoena the prince if he ever visits the US again, just as lawyers for the Dunn family are exploring options for getting Sacoolas arrested if she ever leaves the country.

The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, is expected to raise Harry Dunn’s case with his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo

If all this actually happens, then the freedom of both would in some ways be restricted – no more overseas postings for the Sacoolas family, and probably no return to public life for the prince – but each would remain untouched, at least so long as they don’t get on a plane. If this is a kind of prison, it’s an unbelievably luxurious one. And therein lies the problem, which is that all this fuels a sense that what would apply to you or me doesn’t apply to people with the right status or protection; that the rich and powerful can get away with things that others do not.

Unlike Sacoolas, the prince is of course being treated like a potential witness rather than a suspect (he denies sleeping with Virginia Roberts, who says she was abused by Epstein and expected to sleep with his powerful friends on demand when she was 17). He’s not compelled to cooperate, although one would hope that like any of us he might feel compassion for Epstein’s victims and want to do whatever he could to help them obtain justice.

But if Andrew were prepared to engage, no matter how undignified the process may become, then he would be sending a powerful message that not only is nobody above the rule of law but that we all have moral responsibilities that go beyond it. All the Dunn family really have left is a hope that, even at this late stage, Sacoolas will do the decent thing. When the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, raises their case with his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo, again this week, it would be nice to think his American counterpart couldn’t point accusingly at the prince in return.

New Anti Terror Law May Be Illegal February 4th 2020

Racist Stickers on Ipswich Streets February 4th 2020

Police are investigating after ‘deplorable’ stickers bearing white supremacist messages were posted across Ipswich over the weekend.

The stickers have reportedly been spotted across the town over the weekend on lampposts and bus shelters.

This newspaper decided against publishing the full content of the stickers due to their extremely racist content but most of the messages referred to white privilege.

Some of the stickers have been spotted in and around Nacton Road, close to Ipswich Academy.

“You usually see stickers to do with football, but this was quite shocking really,” said one Ipswich resident.

South East London Major Rail Delays February 4th 2020

The government’s proposed emergency legislation to stop the early release of convicted terrorists might be illegal, according to the UK’s former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation.

Lord Carlile, who held the role from 2001 to 2011, has cast doubt on whether changes to the release conditions of those already sentenced could be applied retrospectively.

Responding on Monday to the Streatham terror attack, the government vowed to introduce emergency legislation to prevent terrorists being automatically freed from prison half way through their sentence.

Man Stabbed in Essex Village Pub on Brexit Day Posted February 1st 2020

A man has been stabbed to death and another wounded at a village pub tonight.

Essex Police said two men suffered stab wounds outside the Rose & Crown pub in the village of Writtle, one mile west of Chelmsford. The first report came in at 8pm.

One of the men died at the scene, while the other is in hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Four men have been arrested on suspicion of murder while a police cordon has closed off the traditional village green.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We are investigating an incident in which a man has sadly died.

“We were called at 8pm on Friday 31 January with reports two men had been assaulted outside the Rose and Crown pub in The Green, Writtle.

Editorial Comment I am sure Europe will miss corrupt police state politically correct savage elitist Britain like the proverbial hole in the head.

Robert Cook

Long-serving newsreader Alastair Stewart is stepping down from his presenting duties at ITV News following “errors of judgment in his use of social media”, ITN said. January 30th 2020

Long-serving newsreader Alastair Stewart is stepping down from his presenting duties at ITV News following “errors of judgment in his use of social media”, ITN said.

A young Alistair Stewart presents an award to former international athlete Ron Gomez at the Winslow Road Race promoted by Robert Cook who can be seen just over the news readers shoulder, in blue tracksuit and shades.

The offending posts have not been revealed, but the presenter said in a statement: ”It was a misjudgement which I regret but it’s been a privilege to bring the news to households throughout the UK for the past 40 years.”

ITN bosses wished him well and praised his career as both a reporter and presenter.

Michael Jermey, director of news and current affairs at ITV, said: “Alastair has been a long-standing, familiar figure to viewers of ITV News, both reporting and presenting with distinction. We wish him the very best for the future.”

The Upper Middle Classes are now feeling the heat and competition from the PC World.

ITN’s chief executive Anna Mallett added: “We would like to recognise Alastair’s contribution as one of the UK’s foremost journalists and TV presenters and to thank him for his commitment to delivering high-quality broadcast news over many years.”

He joined ITN in 1980 after a short period with Southern TV. He was the longest serving male newsreader on British television with a career spanning 42 years.

Editorial Comment

Stewart quoted from Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ thus :

“But man, proud man,
Dress’d in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d—
His glassy essence—like an angry ape
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As makes the angels weep; who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal

In nice PC media land this identified him as a racist. Why are humans so vain when it comes to being seen as primates: They like to think God made them specially in his ( can I say his ) image.

Maybe God is a woman of colour. After all, there is a new film on Channel 5 about how women of colour were the brains behind the race to get a ‘person’ on the moon. Maybe Shakespeare was black, otherwise sounds like a racist to me, so banning his works would be the right thing to do.

Freedom of speech is already dead.

Stewart also has two convictions for drink driving, although ironically fronted a show called ‘Police Camera Action.’ On this show he ridiculed what he called ‘white van man.’ Robert Cook

Chancellor Backs HS2 January 30th 2020

Comfortable folk in rural Bucks and Northamotonshire hate the idea of HS2, with local Tories backing protests – including front bencher Ledson. HS2 should follow much of the old Great Central Line which money grabbing Tory Transporty Minister had Beeching close during the 1960s because he wanted his company to build ever more roads. That’s the way the rich do it in cheapskate Britain. Robert Cook

Chancellor Sajid Javid is set to give his backing to the controversial HS2 project, despite spiralling costs that could surpass £100bn.

The high-speed rail scheme linking London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds has been beset by setbacks because of budgetary and environmental concerns, with the government facing calls for a public inquiry.

But Mr Javid is understood to be ready to “broadly back” the ambitious initiative and will signal his support during a meeting with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.

HS2 is the biggest infrastructure project in Europe and a recently leaked draft of a government review suggests costs could balloon from the £56bn originally allocated in 2015 to upwards of £107bn.

SMART MOTORWAY DEATHS REACH 38 IN 5 YEARS. Posted January 28th 2020

The M1 motorway viewwd from a gap in the broek down fence at Northampton services truck stop, January 2019. The fence had been broken for several years by the look of the debris.
Britain is run by the rich elite, on the cheap, for the elite.
eanwhile the massesd are set up to squable about diversity, race, gender and religion. RJC


Matt de Prez Senior staff writer Fleet News

The number of people killed on Smart Motorways has reached 38 in just five years, a BBC Panorama investigation has uncovered.

Smart Motorways have received widespread criticism from road safety groups since their inception because they do not have a hard shoulder.

There has been a 20-fold increase in the number of near-misses – an incident with the potential to cause injury or ill health – on just one section of the M25, since the hard shoulder was removed.

Records show there were 72 near misses in the five years up to April 2014, when the hard shoulder was removed. In the five years after there were 1,485.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told BBC Panorama he wants to fix smart motorways because they are “too confusing for drivers”.

The result of a Government review into Smart Motorways is due shortly. It is expected that reforms will include a radar-based car detection system, which can spot stranded vehicles immediately.

Drivers have to wait around 17 minutes to be spotted by the current camera system and a further 17 minutes to be rescued. The new system could take three years to become operational.

The government is also planning to scrap ‘dynamic’ hard shoulders, which are sometimes used as a hard shoulder and sometimes used as a live lane for traffic.

RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: “A commitment to install stopped vehicle detection technology on the whole smart motorway network would be a welcome step and something the RAC has called for consistently in recent years.”

RAC research suggests that more than two-thirds of drivers believe that permanently removing the hard shoulder compromises safety in the event of a breakdown.

“Simply ploughing on with the status quo regardless isn’t an option anymore,” added Lyes. “However, three years to install this across the network is a long time to wait and questions must be asked as to why this hasn’t already been rolled out universally to date. In the meantime, we would suggest Highways England gives consideration to installing extra cameras to help pick up vehicles in trouble on live lanes to help mitigate for the delay. It is vital that drivers have confidence in the road infrastructure that they are using.”

“In addition to this, we have long said the distance between SOS areas was too big so we would welcome a commitment to install more to increase the chances of vehicles being able to reach one in the event of a breakdown and a widescale public information campaign.”

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, said: “The number of deaths on smart motorways, and the huge increase in near misses reported on the M25, is a serious cause for concern. Safety, not traffic flow, must always be the priority on our roads and unless smart motorways are proven to be at least as safe or safer than regular motorways there should be an immediate u-turn on their rollout. Every road death and serious injury is a preventable tragedy and we should be introducing roads that save lives, not ones that further endanger the people who use them.”

Smart Motorway: Highways England could face a legal inquiry over smart network deaths

HIGHWAYS England could face legal action over a spate of injuries and deaths on road networks across the UK after claims safety warnings were ignored.

The signs announce a 2020 completion of the SMART Motorway upgrade for the M23, pictured here near Crawley. The blue sign informs of the absence of a hard shoulder for the next 90 yards. SMART or NOTSOSMART ?
Depends on your point of view. Risking lives and killing some of the masses is no problem if you save the rich on taxes and invent even more excuses for watching them. Comment and image by Robert Cook

Ms Mercer will bring a legal case against the agency in a bid to get the use of smart motorways halted. 

The campaigner is hoping to get a police investigation launched to determine whether there is enough evidence to bring a successful case of corporate manslaughter. 

She said: “Ever since then I have been adamant that they are confusing, extremely dangerous and kill. To now hear that some of those deaths, possibly including Jason’s could have been avoided if promises had been kept is absolutely staggering.

“I’m almost lost for words as to how this could have been allowed to happen. Highways England should be made to explain its actions or lack of action and the police should investigate the agency for corporate manslaughter. 

“However, this is not about punishing people. It’s about stopping the use of smart motorways before they are more deaths and other families are left trying to pick up the pieces of losing a loved one in such a needless way.”

Ms Mercer has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the hefty costs of her legal case. 

She has set a target of £20,000 but has already hit over £6,500 just days into the appeal. 

Her comments were made after a report from former roads minister Sir Mike Penning said the roads were shocking and careless and had contributed to the deaths of motorists. 

Motorway deaths on the rise according to fresh data  [ANALYSIS]
Residents attack £300million smart motorway branded ‘waste of money’ [COMMENT]
Smart motorway cameras make £600,000-a-year in fines  [DATA]

They revealed emergency refuge areas were too far apart with many recorded at 1.5mile intervals rather than the originally proposed 500m. 

AA officials said the goalposts had moved in regards to emergency refuge areas after they said pilot proposals to have a bay every 500m were not followed across the country. 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group review found 38 percent of 51,100 breakdowns on all-lane running scheme roads were in live motorway lanes. 

This compared to just 20 percent on conventional motorways in statistics described by the group as a public policy failure.

Editorial Comment Whether or not SMART motorways are a failure of public policy or not depends on how you look at it, and what you think the policy is intended to achieve.

It was a David Cameron initiative, a man guaranteed safe transport, along with the rest of his family and class. He sold the idea as one for easing traffic congestion and cameras to keep people, especially women and children safe.

In reality, it was simply road lane growth on the cheap, guarnteeing more congestion and death when breakdows occur. But, most important of all was the excuse to install more data collecting controlling data for the masters and controllers of POLICE STATE BRITAIN. Cheap at the price of 38 dead so far, along with lots of near misses and trauma. I write as a frequent user and observer of Britain’s very dangerous motorways- dangerous all year round, no matter what the weather is. Robert Cook.

Prince Andrew Acting Above the Law January 28th 2020

Virginia Roberts’ lawyer has warned Prince Andrew is “not above the law” after a US prosecutor said he has shown “zero cooperation” with the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking probe.

New York Central Park, where you should not go after dark. Here, Prince Andrew with convicted paeodophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein- whose death is as strange as Princess Diana’s.
Prince Andrew told the BBC that he only visited Epstein’s mansion to see Epstein’s girlfreind, which is an odd explanation. He did not explain the purpose of seeing her or who she was. HRH Andrew refuses to cooperaate with law authorities into paeodophile ring in which he has been accused of taking part.

It comes as another lawyer representing five of Epstein’s victims urged the Duke of York this morning to “do the right thing” and speak to the FBI.

Lisa Bloom told BBC News: “Push has come to shove. There are dozens of women who allege they were the victims of sexual assault by this predator Jeffrey Epstein.

“It is time for anyone with information to come forward and answer questions. Prince Andrew himself is accused of sexual misconduct and he also spent a great deal of time with Jeffrey Epstein.

“So, it’s time to stop playing games and to come forward to do the right thing and answer questions.”

Meanwhile Gloria Allred, who also represents five of Epstein’s accusers, also urged Andrew to speak to law enforcement regarding the case.

Banning football chat in the office won’t make women like me feel included January 28th 2020

I love football and know what I’m talking about, yet can often feel ignored

By Aimee MeadeMonday, 27th January 2020, 4:49 pmUpdated 12 hours ago

I’ve been a football fan for almost 30 years. I have been going to watch Arsenal since the age of seven and can recite the details of my first game with impeccable detail (Middlesborough away, 2-1 win, Marc Overmars and Ray Parlour scored, FYI). I rarely miss a match. I read all about the transfer rumours and I have many opinions on VAR. I am currently leading my family’s Fantasy Football league, comfortably.

Yet, as a woman, I can often feel excluded from football “chat”.

My opinions on a new record signing or shock defeat

have been dismissed in favour for a man’s, I’ve been spoken over in the pub and at work and assumptions have been made that I only support Arsenal because A) my Dad or boyfriend does or B) because I have a crush on the new French forward.

i’s opinion newsletter: talking points from today

It is because of this I’ve felt that I’ve had to prove my football supporting credentials. I have turned down podcast appearances telling myself “I just don’t know enough”, and whenever I do “chat” football, I double down on my facts because, god forbid I make a mistake and get it wrong.

Editorial Comment At first glance this is an absurd issue. However, the last paragraph by itself is alarming to me. What on earth are football supporting skills? Why would an intelliegent person think they were so important to use the word skill?

I have to admit my lack of interest in football. I witnessed the egotism of youth footballers when my son was a player. I saw and heard the noisy stupid shouting parents living out their footballer fanatsises through their kids.

I have noticed the changing football culture since the last time it ever excited me in 1966, when a team of modest patriotic men, who washed their cars on Sundays, won the World Cup and shook hands with an equally good German team. That was a turning point, with media seeing the future – BIG MONEY.

But there is an alarming and much bigger issue here. It is the matter of women needing to be included in every area of men’s lives whilst claiming the right to women only spaces from which even male to female transexuals must be excluded because any one with a history of being male might be a rapist or other form of oppressor.

Women can not be part of a legally preciously protected club then expect men to be totally comfortable with them. In the current social climate, women’s leaders are pushing for ever more balance in their favour- an imbalance in fact. Men are decried for complaining and labelled misogynists and inadequate. Women are potential career rivals, not friends. Any faux pas toward a female, real or imagined may cause a man serious life changing damage..

This football issue is apparently very petty from a man’s perspective, but its pettiness should spark fear. It is maybe just another detail, but the devil is in the detail. Football is not the real issue here. Women want inclusiveness because they want complete control. The laws have been tighening up for years, now the noose is getting so much tighter. Robert Cook

Nice People in Police State Britain Posted January 23rd 2020

More Police coming as we leave the EU. You asked for it.

Several weeks ago, and 12 years after my police nightmare began, I sent a further complaint to Thames Valley Police. I am the ex brother in law of DCC Simon Chesterman. He is among other things, the man who covered up for three associated lying police officers in the Plebgate Scandal. I knew him and we shared a room in a bungalow near Portsmouth when he was 14, back in 1976.

Today I received a reply reference my last arrest by TVP and another twelve hours in the cells- which I will detail later in this article. They refuse to comment on the status of their ongoing investigation into allegations that I am a gay prostitute working for my son, from home.

Chesterman has admitted involving himself in my divorce back in 2008/9. He did more than that. He supported his sister’s weird dictat that my eldest son should never see his brother again, creating malicious so called soft intelliegnce to criminalise my eldest son and me.

H e committed perjury, misconduct in public office and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, along with his police officer wife, his sister- my ex wife – Sergeant Rees and female constable partner from Ludlow of WMP, his mother and probably others.

When I found substantive evidence out about this in 2014 and complained, the police and CPS lied to the judge about alleged domestic violence on my part and I was threatened with a long prison setence if I did not plead guilty to breach of restraining order for making my complaint. My legal fees for a top barrister were horrendous, not to mention the health stress. After seven very stressful hearings, I was found not guilty and repeated threats of jail.

All the time I had to work long hard hours as a truck driver because the Chestermans destroyed my professional reputation as a writer, musician, teacher and journalist. My ex wife bombarded the local doctor’s surgery- her ex employer with allegations that I am an alcoholic- allegations which they accepted and assed to the police. I also have evidence that the police contacted the surgery.

Chesterman motive, along with his cash strapped family due to his first adultery caused divorce and expensive taste – who have a hstory of mental illness= was to exploit and shut up my youngest OCD suffering son Edward, for money.

My ex wife was in an abusive relationship with Edward which drove me to a near successful suicide. She admitted to police hitting me on four occasions she could remember.

Up until the time she took Edward from the marital home, when he was 20, she was still taking him to the toilet and washing him. I have in my possession a document which he wrote, and she signed, promising to help him commit suicide if his life got any worse. PC Grainger of Thames Valley Police refused to read this document.

There is much more to be said about this vile story. The British Police are not heroes. They are generally incompetent bullying liars with expertise at high level cover ups, with a corrupt promotion system. So far the police have made three terrifying attempts using the court system to jail me.

The last time was almost funny. On the morining of February 2nd 2018 I had lain in bed late, having a day off truck driving to keep my long gruelling hours down. I was awoken at 8.30 by very loud door banging, a raucous voice screaming ‘Open Up it Is the Police.’ It sounded like an hysterical woman but turned out to be acting DC Bellamy of TVP. My eldest son answered the door.

There were seven police officers to ransack my house, steal documents and computers which they kept for three months, not returning them until I phoned six times, eventually swearing at them on the answer phone- then taken to Crown Court for bad langauge, and threatened with Prison if I did not admit guilt to causing Bellamy alarm and distress for not answring my calls to know when I could get my stuff back.. He wanted damages from me.

So, back to February 2nd 2018, Bellamy told me I was under arrest and that he would read me my rights at the police station. I asked why I was being arrested. He said for breach of restraining order by sending evenge porn of myself and my wife to my ex wife, her brother and their bosses. This restraining order was made after I was previously arrested for writing about all of this on the net and stalking the virtuous Chestermans- so it will happen again soon. I don’t mean that i will stalk them and never have stalked them. Chesterman and his family lied about that, getting a secret PNC Criminal Marker on my car and so called soft intelligence about me being a violent threat to them, dated October 9th 2008. I was not supposed to find out about that. However, being chased every where when on the road in my car, obviously raised my suspicions and I am good at finding things out.

Allegedly I stalked the Chesterman’s remote rural home threatening violence over the weekend of October 4th/5th 2008, when I could prove that I was hundreds of miles away north of Liverpool. I wasn’t there, so the police in this case are criminal liars. I was never interviewed at the time, only finding out about the PNC Criminal Marker after requesting CRB clearance to stay at exclusive Woldingham School with a female teacher /musician friend- which I eventually got strange to say.

I gave the police 12 monts to explain the marker and records- which had the police recklessly chasing me every time they saw me – before going on the net, as I have done again before making ths post. It is nearly two years since my last arrest and prosecution, when once again I was found not guilty of the CPS police created charges.

Back in 2018, I had allegedly sent porn pictures of myself and ex wife, along with video and incriminating letters to three senior police officers, my ex wife and ex brother in law’s boss and him.

After a long time in the cells, I was told the video did not exist – though it was referenced on police documents- also a picture of a strange woman wearing lingerie who Bellamy suggested was my wife, and one of myself laying on a bed. The accompanying letters, of which I was shown a specimen, was typed with a typed name. It was not my name. They said I had used a false name and posted all the letters in Northampton which is 24 miles north of home.

The truck I was driving on the day I allegedly sent porn to the Chestermans et al- I was revenge porning myself they said. Today I received a letter telling me that they cannot tell me anything. More police state I think. RJC

As it turned out, the police had investigated nothing before arresting me, simply using the restraining order to arrest and enter my home. That is all they need to get in to a person’s house. In my case they admitted watching the remote property for three months. They had no forensic evidence, and like the stalking allegations back in October 2008, I could prove I was elsewhere at the time.

When I told them the material had obviously been sent by my aggrieved ex partner – because I dumped her for colludimg with them- they did not want to know.

By the way, they targeted my ex partner with Chestrman lies after she made a Claire’s Law request. Now, I am apparentlty paranoid- PPD. A psychiatrist was sent around to confirm this, along with a medical student and mental health nurse warning me of the dangers of them having to send me to a secure unit.. According to his report, I do not need hospital YET! These are such NICE PEOPLE. Move over Julian Assange, this is Police State Britain.

Nice People the Police.

Robert Cook

HS2 Rail Link January 26th 2020

Value for Money a must. British Rail or British Fail ? Picture drawn by Robert Cook

Stephen Barclay told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that the project was vital for “levelling up” the UK’s transport network and improving capacity.

The Brexit secretary’s comments come amid a row over the rising cost of the project, which could reach £106bn.

The high-speed link is due to open between London and Birmingham at the end of 2026.

A second phase, continuing the line to Leeds and Manchester, is set to be completed by 2032-33.

Mr Barclay was asked by Andrew Marr for his “gut feeling” about whether the HS2 would be approved. “Yes”, he replied firmly.

He said the government had given a “clear commitment to level up all parts of the United Kingdom… HS2 plays an important part in that”.

That levelling up was not just about improving the speed of transport, but also improving capacity in the UK.

Mr Barclay stressed, though, that it was “important that we also get value for money”.

Lord Heseltine Objects to Brexit Celebrations. January 26th 2020

The Tory peer and former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine has accused Boris Johnson of trying to “rub the noses of Remainers in their defeat”, after the prime minister announced events to commemorate the UK’s departure from the EU this coming Friday at 11pm.

Farewell Europe: the long road to Brexit

Downing Street said that 3m special 50p coins bearing the words “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” will enter shops, banks and restaurants from Friday with a further 7m coming into circulation by the end of the year. Union Jack flags will also line Parliament Square and the Mall on Friday and the public will see government buildings in Whitehall lit up in red, white and blue.

To add to the celebratory mood the government wants to encourage, “a commemorative light display” will be staged in Downing Street in the run-up to 11pm, the hour that the UK will officially end its 47 year membership of Europe’s club of nations. A countdown clock will be projected on to it from 10pm. Officials said the light display will “symbolise the strength and unity” of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom.

Source The Gurdian

Jolie Good Idea from BBC – Big Brother Calling Posted January 26th 2020

Angelina Jolie has teamed up with the BBC to create a show which will help educate children against fake news. The Hollywood actress will executive produce BBC My World, a programme which will offer facts and information on new stories that intends to help children over the age of 13 make up their own minds up on current international issues. The series will be part of the BBC World Service and is a co-production with Jolie and Microsoft Education.

The BBC will have final editorial approval. ‘As a parent I am happy to be able to give my support to a program that aims to help children learn more about the lives of other young people around the world, and connect to them to each other,’ Jolie said in a statement. ‘I hope it will help children find the information and tools they need to make a difference on the issues that matter to them, drawing on the BBC World Service’s network of thousands of journalists and multiple language services around the world.

Editorial Comment This is more social engineering from Big Brother Calling. The British elite run the BBC, recruiting people like them. They expect the biggest sacrifices from the people who have the least without sacrificing anything themselves. One of their darlings just got over £400,000 pay rise.

The BBC is not carbon neutral and staff at all levels are massively overpaid, living in a bubble, patronising and preaching to the world. Their news is horribly biased, obsessed with so called diversity, LGBTQI, open borders and feminism. I will refrain from comment on Jolie. Robert Cook

Corona Virus Latest January 24th 2020

More than a dozen people in the UK have now been tested for the coronavirus after an outbreak of the deadly disease in China.

Fourteen people were tested for the virus, with five confirmed negative and nine still awaiting results, Public Health England (PHE) said on Thursday night.

It came as Health Secretary Matt Hancock said there is an “increased likelihood” of cases occurring.

Some 18 people have died of the virus and there has been more than 600 cases reported in the past three weeks, including several outside of China.

Editorial Comment A British expert has said there is minimal risk to human life in Britain. As a maths expert he has a formua for this. The key is in the R factor based on likely contact. For flu he has said it is 1-2, for the Corona virus it is closer to zero. The whole formula is based on people movement in and from affaected areas. He also refers to peoples lifestyes based on research he has done on ebola in Africa.

Meghan and Harry Saga Drags on Posted January 22nd 2020

Today’s establishment ‘Telegraph’ newspaper offers sympathetic -or should I say pathetic – treatement of the Meghan and Harry story. Rough sleepers ahd to be removed from the bus shelters opposite Windsor Castle to make way for their pompous and very expensive Royal wedding.

According to a lefty ‘Uni’ lecturer, meghan and Harry have been driven out of Britain by privileged white racist men.

Now they are back on the scene again in Canada where money grubbing paparazi are being threatened with legal action for taking their pictures- even though those parasites are not breaking the law.

Obviously the boring self righteous self interested self promoting ‘ young ‘ couple should be ignored. Royalty says it all about Britain’s pseudo democracy where a massive underclass are told by patronising politicians like Labour’s Jessica ‘ call me Jess so you think I am one of you ‘ Phillips that they must accept a lot more of immigrration- after all it won’t affect her inflation proof MP high income or ability to buy a home or basics.

The Meghan and Harry story with all their agonising about mistery and poverty in Africa, or womens rights, has no bearing on the increasing hardship of surviving in class ridden and riven Britain. All their complaining and threats of expensive lawyers aimed at the lower orders says it all. Robert Cook

More Hot Air adds to global warming Posted January 21st 2020

The Prime minister was yesterday setting out his post-Brexit trade pitch to African leaders at an investment summit in London’s Docklands, but made time for a quick jump at a stand for a ‘smart city’ firm converting energy from footsteps.

Mr Johnson laid out a vision to put ‘people before passports’, in an immigration system overhaul aimed at tempting premiers from across the continent with the UK’s financial and education systems.

The PM also announced an end to UK support for thermal coal mining or coal power plants overseas in a bid to use trade to tackle the climate crisis.

Boris Johnsonhas been urged to make a fully apology for “scapegoating migrants” after he claimed European citizens had been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long.

On the eve of the general election, 29 migrants’ rights groups wrote to the prime minister over his suggestion that EU migrants who have made this country their home had overstayed their welcome.

Mr Johnson sparked the outcry as he vowed to reduce immigration using points-based visa system in an interview with Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

He told the UK-Africa investment summit: ‘Change is coming and our system is becoming fairer and more equal between all our global friends and partners, treating people the same, wherever they come from. ‘By putting people before passports, we will be able to attract the best talent from around the world, wherever they may be.’

Mr Johnson had joined in with two others jumping on a kinetic floor with the firm Pavegen. He asked: ‘If you come down with a really big thud, (do) you generate more power?’ He then had a couple more bounces before explaining a plan he made with Transport for London during his time as mayor to install ‘trampoline walkways’ so that people go ‘boingy boingy boingy all the way to work’.

Editorial Comment Has anyone looked into harnessing all the hot air and busy body meddlesome energy being generated and wasted in the British Houses of Parlaiment, Scots and Welsh Assemblies yet ?

PM Johnson should apologise for migrant slurs Posted January 21st 2020

Boris Johnson said said that “over the last couple of decades or more… we’ve seen quite a large numbers of people coming in from the whole of the EU […] able to treat the UK basically as though it’s part of their own country.

The campaign is over, now it is back to the old working adage ‘Poilitics is the art of the possible.’

Editorial Comment Boris Johnson has said he wants more immigrants from the wider world, including Africa. This is an interesting revelation, which some of us expected back in 2016, as a hidden agenda.

It is interesting considering how many voted to leave the EU because of perceived immigration overload and cultural chaos/conflict. Never mind, just blame protests on the far right- and enrol more police officers to control the mess and take the blame. Robert Cook.

Police say Ilford Murders not race crimes Posted January 21st 2020

A fight in which three men were stabbed to death may have been part of an “ongoing dispute”, police have said.

The victims, in their late 20s and early 30s, died in Seven Kings, Ilford, east London, on Sunday evening.

Two men, aged 29 and 39, have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The Metropolitan Police said it believed the five men were involved in another altercation the previous evening at the nearby Krystel Banqueting venue.

It is thought those involved were known to each other and were from the Sikh and Hindu communities, the Met said.

Det Ch Insp Paul Considine said: “At this early stage, I do not believe this was gang or race-related.

“But I believe there may have been an ongoing dispute between those involved.

“We believe the five men were involved in an altercation the previous evening at Krystel Banqueting that spilled out onto the High Road.”

He appealed for anyone who may have seen either incident to contact detectives.

The Met said a fight broke out between two groups who were armed with knives in Elmstead Road just after 19:30 GMT on Sunday.

Emergency services were called and the three victims, who are yet to be formally identified, were pronounced dead at the scene.

One eyewitness described the aftermath of the fight as “absolute chaos”.

A police chief has said he will fund driver training at an RAF base Posted January 21st 2020

A police chief has said he will fund driver training at an RAF base after the death of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley said all new arrivals at RAF Croughton would receive lessons on Highway Code awareness, UK road laws and protocols.

Mr Adderley took to Twitter to announce his new initiative – saying his plans to fund the training were a “mitigation measure I want to take”.

On Sunday, the police chief said there had been two further incidents of American staff from the base driving on the wrong side of the road since the death of Mr Dunn.

The teenager’s motorbike crashed into a car outside RAF Croughton on August 27 last year.

Editorial Comment One would have thought it was up to the United States to train their service and diplomtic staff on driving laws and protocols in Britain or anywhere else they send persons overseas. After all they have billions for rolling wars and arms firms made $14 billion prophet last year alone. Robert Cook

Far Right Attack on English Socialist Posted January 21st 2020

A football hooligan attacked Guardian columnist Owen Jones in August last year because of his political beliefs and his sexuality, a judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court has ruled.

James Healy, 40, had previously admitted to launching a “frenzied” attack on the writer outside the Lexington pub in Islington, north London last year.

However he denied the incident was motivated by Mr Jones’ sexuality or political beliefs – claiming instead that he did not know who his victim was, and that the columnist had spilled his drink without apologising.

But police found an amount of far-right paraphernalia at his home.

The left-wing activist told the court he has been the subject of an “unrelenting” campaign of abuse by far-right sympathisers, including daily death threats.

Mr Jones said: “I’m an unapologetic socialist, I’m an anti-racist, I’m an anti-fascist and I’ve consistently used my profile to advocate left-wing causes.”

The victim suffered cuts and swelling to his back and head, and bruises all down his body in the assault during his birthday night out on 17 August.

Editorial Comment I know what it is like to be beaten up by a drunken hooligan. Unfortunately it happened outside a pub frequented by off duty police officers who knew how I felt about them and their kind.

I had just steppped outside in the sunshine after performing my song about how the police brazenly caused the death of innocent Ian Tomlinson and got away with it.

The occasison was a Milton Keynes trendy folk club in 2011. A vicious Scotsman attacked me from behind, punched my head. pushed me to to the ground, then repeatedly kicked me in the ribs and punched my head again.

He fled the scene. Female officers interveiwed 15 people in the pub, all together. They were told I had called him a Scottish C-nt. Apparently they all heard me. I was told he had a good job and I was lucky not to be prosecuted for upsetting him. Of course the police know me for much more than that song.

I am a virulent critic of Britain’s smug, lying, corrupt, egotistical police force. This is a force known for lying, witholding evidence to fit up the innocent, bad leadership, too many perks and too many excuses- among other things.

I salute Owen Jones’s ideals but diversity in Britain is a sham, socialism has no chance . mass ignorance is the norm and the label far right is just a way of ignoring why so many people are messed up, miserable and angry.

Too many excuses for Britain’s corrupt police. Here EDL protestors mass in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire 2011 RJC

Robert Cook

White Man Racist by Birth! Posted January 19th 2020

Actor Laurence Fox is slammed as racist for being born a white privileged male.

Laurence Fox has been branded a “disgrace” by members of the actors’ union following a heated row on BBC Question Time.

The actor, 41, was labelled a “white privileged male” after he said accusations of racism were getting “boring” during a discussion about media coverage of the Duchess of Sussex.

His comments were condemned by a group from the acting union Equity on Friday, who called his words “disgraceful playing to the gallery” and dubbed him a “disgrace to our industry”.

The Lewis star offered his controversial analysis during a televised debate about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to step back from royal life.

Actor Laurence Fox has hit back at singer Lily Allen after she slammed his recent appearance on Question Time, during which he got into a fiery debate over press coverage of Meghan Markle , the Duchess of Sussex, is racist.

Laurence, 41, shared a set of screenshots from Lily’s social media in which she slams his attitude.

Lily penned: “Sick to death of luvvies like a Lawrence Fox going on TV and forcing their opinions in everybody else, when he’ll never have to deal with what normal people have to deal with in his gated community.

“BBC should be ashamed, this is not what we pay our TV licences for.”

A mixed-race university lecturer accused of being racist by the white actor Laurence Fox has been bombarded with hate messages via social media, she has told the Observer.

Rachel Boyle, a researcher on race and ethnicity at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, clashed with Fox during a TV discussion about the press’s treatment of the Duchess of Sussex.

Since the row, Boyle, 39, says she has received a barrage of online abuse, mainly from people who appear to be of the alt right, via Twitter and email.

“At this stage I’m not worried but I’m going to monitor it closely,” she said. But positive responses to her appearance on BBC Question Time on Thursday far outweigh the abuse and she would “absolutely” make the same points again, she adds.

Money For Nothing Kicks for Free January 19th 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have struck a deal with the royal family which will see them keep their HRH titles but not use them.
The couple will no longer be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex once the deal kicks in in the Spring.
They will also keep Frogmore Cottage , but will pay back Sovereign Grant money used to upgrade the property.
Harry and Meghan will spend more of their time in Canada and will not carry out duties from the Spring.
Prince Charles will continue to pay the couple money from the Duchy of Cornwall.

British Steel- A steal. Posted January 19th 2019

British Steel suitor Jingye has called in consultants from PwC and McKinsey as it tries to convince officials on both sides of the Channel it can revive the insolvent business.

The Chinese company has until the end of next month to finalise a £50m takeover of Scunthorpe-based British Steel. Jingye believes it has prepared a “thorough business plan” which will ease concerns that sweeping cuts could be implemented at the business, which collapsed into insolvency in May.

PwC and McKinsey have been brought aboard to “fine tune” Jingye’s plans, sources said, so it can satisfy concerns about handing over public money, especially with the buyer’s strategy likely to entail job losses. The Chinese company is trying to tap the taxpayer for up to £100m of public money- surely illegal under EU rules?

News January 17TH 2020

Operation Augusta: Police ‘tried to cover up historic sex crimes and explosive child abuse report’, retired detective claims

‘Manchester England, England across the Atlantic Sea, and I’m a genius genius, I believe in love, and I believe in God, that’s me’ Quote from the 1960s naive hopeful brilliant U.S Musical ‘Hair.’ Manchester is a horrible place, dining out on having two Premeir League football teams, with players averaging over £180,000 a week. That is Britain today. Image, Mancehster roadworks 2019. ( Image RJC )

Maggie Oliver made the claims at the launch of the mayor’s blistering review into child sexual exploitation failures

Former GMP detective Maggie Oliver (Image: Daily Mirror)

Greater Manchester Police have been accused of ‘covering up’ historic child sex abuse over the past 15 years after it emerged that a 100-strong gang of suspected paedophiles were left free to offend, despite the force knowing what they were doing.

Maggie Oliver, the retired detective who blew the whistle on GMP’s aborted Operation Augusta – which had uncovered widescale abuse but was closed abruptly in 2005 regardless – said that not only had the police ‘deliberately’ not investigated child rape, but that it had tried to get today’s report by the mayor’s office suppressed.

Neither the mayor nor the deputy mayor denied the latter allegation, although they said that in some respects the current chief constable had ‘taken the lead’ in ensuring historic files were opened up to their review.

Mrs Oliver was speaking after a blistering 150-page report uncovered the scale of the failures both within the police and social services 15 years ago, when both institutions were fully aware that chidlren as young as 12 were being groomed and raped by a huge south Manchester gang.

Despite a detailed picture of the network having been built up by detectives at the time, as well as a ream of allegations made by children to their social workers, the investigation into that gang was closed down little more than a year after it began.

At least 57 girls are thought to have been exploited by a paedophile network based in south Manchester
At least 57 girls are thought to have been exploited by a paedophile network based in south Manchester (Image: Manchester Evening News)

While the review found that had ostensibly happened due to an unwillingness to commit resource to the operation, Mrs Oliver said it pointed to a darker problem.

“I’m sure it’ll be no surprise to you to learn that GMP, even after all this time, have spent the past year trying to prevent this from being published and again trying to bury the truth,” she told a press conference held by the mayor’s office and the report’s authors, Malcolm Newsam and Gary Ridgway.

“The question I would ask everyone listening today to consider is what is the real cost of all these lies? Fifteen years – the perpetrators that we knew on Operation Augusta were abusing generations of children were allowed to walk free.

Editorial Comment I have said it before, and will say it again. The British Police are institutionally corrupt. Their promotion system is also corrupt and biased. If they were a sweet factory they would have gone bust years ago.

The police are all the worse for being a graduate profession and thus a career choice for the middle class ‘uni’ generations- unscrupulosly on the make, with contempt for the underclass.

The truth behind Plebgate was that Cabinet Minisiter Andrew Mitchell was trying to expose over time scams involving West Mercia and West Midlands Police. He was a target and West Mercia’s Deputy Chief Constable rejected- ths covering up- a a senior officer’s report concluding gross misconduct on the part of West Mercia and two adjacent police areas who committed false testimony regarding Mitchell.

This prompted Dyffed Powys Crime Commissioner to refer to the said Deputy Chief Constable’s actions as symbolice of a ‘feral police force.’ For legal reasons, due to my particular issues with this officer, I am choosing my words carefully. That is why I am not naming him. I could not possibly forget him, with out a lobotomy or strong medication (sic)

The British Police are really unaccountable. . Thye destroy lives and even kill. The complaints system is a sham. Good officers are frozen out, with lip service being paid to diversity. Worse still, there is evidence that the Operation Augusta scandal involved senior government malpractice and direction, because Britain is a police state.

When Tommy Robinson went to jail for photographing and publishing images of Asian men alleged to be paedophiles en route to court, he was jailed repeatedly.

This is no way to enhance race relations. It is discrimination of the worst kind feeding fear and racism. There is also the big question, why are there so many young white females available for manipulation and abuse in horrible British cities like Manchester, and why are they always working class- a big subject in its own right? Robert Cook

Fly Me

Approaching Heathrow ( Appledene Images )

At the end of a bizarre evening during which the local MP retracted his story about Newquay-Heathrow flights, Cornwall Council has confirmed the flagship service will end after less than a year

Flybe, which was this week bailed out by the government, will end its route from Newquay to Europe’s busiest airport. The London service will revert to Gatwick – which has fewer connections – at the end of March.

Protests at LGBT launch

The News Letter leads with “Protest as ministers support LGBT event” as it reports that Free Presbyterians protested on Thursday night at a Cookstown hotel against the launch of a Mid Ulster pride parade.

Protestors stood with placards outside the Royal hotel while a conference titled “Blessed are the Queer” was announced for April.

It will feature two high-profile people from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Prof Laurence Kirkpatrick, who is a former lecturer at the church’s training college, and the Reverend Cheryl Meban, who is from Ulster University.

The paper also reports that a number of drug-related deaths in Northern Ireland have more than doubled in ten years, according to new figures from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

It reports that there were 189 drug-related deaths registered in Northern Ireland in 2018, the highest total ever recorded in Northern Ireland.

Two supercar drivers who crashed into each other after allegedly adopting ‘racing style’ behaviour will not be going to jail. The collision on the Tinsley roundabout in Sheffield on May 20 last year involved a grey Ferrari 458, costing up to £200,000, and a red Porsche 911, worth around £100,000. The Porsche driver, Henry James Hibbs, 27, suffered minor injuries in the crash that happened at around 7.55pm, while the Ferrari driver, 32-year-old Carl Hartley, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, fled from the scene prior to a police officer’s arrival. Witnesses told police the two men had been adopting ‘racing style’ behaviour in the lead-up to the crash.

Read more:

Leading UK psychiatrists say they will never understand the risks and benefits of social media use on children’s mental health unless companies hand over their data to researchers.

Tech companies must be made to share data and pay a tax to fund important research, they say in a report.

There is growing evidence internet use can harm mental health but research is still lacking, it adds.

But a civil rights group said children should not be treated “like lab rats”.

An independent regulator for online safety is planned by the governmen

About the Author

Robert Cook
facebook I went to school in Buckinghamshire, where my interests were music ( I was a violinist ), art ( winning county art competitions ) athletics and cross country ( I was a county team athlete ). My father died as a result of an accident- he was an ex soldier and truck driver- when I was 11. It could be said that I grew up in poverty, but I did not see it like that. As a schoolboy, I had my interests, hobbies and bicycle, worked on a farm, delivered news papers, did a lot of training for my sport, painting, and music. I also made model aeroplanes and was in the Air Training Corps, where we had the opportunity to fly an aeroplane. I had wanted to be a pilot, but university made me anti war. At the University of East Anglia-which I also represented in cross country and athletics- I studied economics, economic history, philosophy and sociology. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of manual, office and driving jobs. My first job after univerity was with the Inland Revenue in Havant, near Portsmouth. I left Hampshire to work for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile, then lecturing, teaching and journalism - then back to driving. I play and teach various styles of guitar and used to be a regular folk club performer. I quit that after being violently assaulted in Milton Keynes pub, after singing a song I wrote about how cop got away with killing Ian Tomlinson at G7, in broad daylight and caught on camera. The police took no action, saying taht my assailant had a good job. The pub in question was, and probably still is, popular with off duty police officers.