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Britain told to do more to fight Climate Change

Gridlock on M25, as usual June 21ST 2019 Charles Close

An academic report out today tells Britain it must do more to cut carbon emissions in the fight against climate change. Tell that to the spolied jet set, stop blaming the masses.

Predicatbly the report makes no mention of China’s excemption as a developing nation, or the massive overpopualtion growth encouraged by religion in Latin America, Africa and the Islamic world. Nor does it mention pollution from the weaponry fall out caused by the British and U.S elite’s rolling warfare. Add to that the effects of dispersed manufacturing across Europe, necessitating incrediblly high numbers of truck and shipping movements.

It should be borne in mind that 40% of manufactured goods come from China, with global giants like Microsoft using China’s vast supply of cheap labour. On top of that, the U.S and British regime change policies are encouraging a new arms race and nuclear testing.

As if that was not enough, Heathrow has to be expanded because of the insatiable demand for air tarvel- with absurd palliatives like the so called fuel efficient Boeing 737 Max 8.

The U.S with only 6% of the world’s population is responsible for 52% of all of the world’s natural resouces consumed every year, hence the need for their disguised propoganda and weapons led imperialism, backed by their aged Imperial parent, Britain. When I say U.S and Britain, I mean those countries’ elites because in both cases most of the wealth is in very few hands.

The same is true in Africa, where the continent’s wealth is 55% in the hands of 5 rich black native families, with poverty, ignorance, desease and overpopulation rife- similar to Latin America in many ways, which is why the U.S keeps it all undersurveilance and control. I used to work for the Nitrate Corporation of Chile and know a bit about how rich countries interact with its elites.

Robert Cook June 24th 2019

Media Desperate to sink Boris JohnsonJune 24th 2019

Sir John Knott being interrogated by a very biased Sky news anchor. June 24th 2019 over support for Boris Johnson

There is overwhelming media bias against Boris Johnson’s campaign to become PM. This morning Sky TV’s smirking politics anchor followed on from Sky’s posh darling Sarah Jane and her interview with Johnson supporter Priti Patel.

Both interviews were more like interrogations. The focus was diverted onto Boris’s bust up with a feisty young partner. The scary thing about this was the way two Labour loving Guardianista neighbours taped the row, called the police and sent the transcript to the Guardian. I would have thought that would have been violating any potential legal action and the rules of sub judice.

But these details don’t seem to matter in our police state. The idea of neighbours taping and reporting us to police and then biased media is frightening. When these methods are used against a potential PM who doesn’t please the elite, it is truly frightening.

There is also the matter the woman’s side being taken by media and poilice in any argument. There is defintely an equality issue here and another warning to men who still harbour ideas of romantic relationships.

With regard to Sir John Knott, I recall him storming out of an interview over the controversial Belgrano sinking during the 1982 Falklands War. Sir Robin Day was the interlocutor back then, referring to Sir John as ‘ an here today and gone tomorrow politican.’ There is no doubt that the first Thatcher government-in which he served as defence minister, famously lying to Parliament on at least two issues- had much to hide and was paving the way for our police state.

However, Knott gave a robust defence of Boris Johnson in face of an obsessive load of moralising over Boris’s private life. No doubt his rival Jeremy Hunt benefits from being married to an Oriental woman, where traditional wifely support for their husbands is seen as mutually beneficial. In our society, wives and partners are encouaged to be rivals, ofetn leading to divorce and harm to the children.

(M)ore war?

Boaz Shoshan

The London Metal Exchange is toughening its stance on alcohol consumption with new rules that will prohibit floor traders from drinking during the workday, according to people familiar with the matter.

– Bloomberg

The change in rules comes at a bad time for the metals traders. The prospect of the US invading a major iron ore exporter (Iran) would have me dying for a drink.

Iron ore has been climbing giddily for a year, aided by US sanctions on the country’s iron producers.

Iranian iron production contributed only 1% of total seaborne ore supply in 2018. But prices are set at the margin, and US sanctions on Iran, on top of the world’s largest iron ore producer restricting supply ($VALE, after a dam collapse) have thrown iron skyward.

We’re still a way off the sunlit 2011 uplands:

But further restriction of Iranian iron supply seem inevitable after the attacks in the Gulf yesterday.

It’s unsurprisingly oil that’s taken centre stage in the drama, which surged after two oil tankers were attacked with explosives, following a similar incident a month ago. The primary culprit in both cases is Iran, who could be trying to control the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz (critical for global energy supply) in order to push back against US sanctions.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo certainly thinks they have their man, saying that “It is the assessment of the United States government that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the attacks”.

The Iranians blowing up a Japanese oil tanker when the Japanese prime minister was in town to ease tensions has raised a few eyebrows however, with some suspecting this was a false flag operation by the US or Israel to justify a US invasion of Iran, or by Saudi Arabia to accomplish the former and boost the oil price, which has fallen steeply since April.

Whoever the perpetrator may be, I highly doubt Donald Trump will invade Iran, especially so close to the 2020 elections. He may have plenty of hawks in his administration, but he’s resisted their efforts for overt invasions of Syria and Venezuela – after all, anti-foreign intervention was a key pillar of his 2016 campaign. He knows the US public is wary and weary of more war, something illustrated graphically by the replies to this terribly misjudged tweet from the US army.

If regime change in Iran is pursued militarily, it won’t be by sending in the infantry – further sanctions and the use of proxy forces will come next, though I’m prepared to be totally wrong on this.

I’ll need to speak to James Allen to see what he thinks the consequences will be for the energy market – the booms in the Gulf have been boons for his recommendations in Power & Profits. His thesis for a higher oil price was the collapse of the shale oil sector, led by the highly indebted frackers in Texas. These guys are drilling for red ink, not just shale – 170 companies in the sector have gone bankrupt since 2015, with eight so far just this year…

D Day Celebrations Hi Jacked by Brtitish Remainer Elite Politicians

They were quick to pack away the D Day Celebration display on Southsea Common. The hated Trump had gone off to Ireland and more golf, the baby boomer’s Trump posters taken down from the bus shelters, the show was over. No more political capital or money in it for the mainstream media.

This was the show where failed fake Brexitear PM Trixie Maybee told the cameras, that the conscripted veterans, who lose their houses to pay for care, were the best ever.

My late working class soldier father was pretty screwed up, with metal in his leg, after the war and dead aged 39. Upper Middle Class ladies don’t define my idea of truth.

Working class men came off the dole to fight for the rich who started World War One for trade, blamed and punished Germany for starting it- the German King was Queen Victoria’s nephew as was the Russian King.

It is a game to these people. So they started Germany’s quest for revenge and World War Two. It is not true to say no one saw it coming. Maynard Keynes wrote ‘The Economic Consequences of the Peace.’ Politicians ignored Keynes and Churchill needed war to reboot his career.

As for the over 2 million Russians fighting for the freedom of the west and the elite rulers, they do not get a mention. Hitler was totally nuts by the time of the D Day fighting, Romell was recalled to shoot himself and lunatic Hitler would not let his uccessors use the Panzers. War is vile and bloody, but with all the pomp, tunes of glory and Trixie Maybee’s melodrama, reality is not for public consumption.

Southsea Site designated for last surviving World War Two Landing Craft of its type, dug up from the Thames Estuary, undergoing restoration in Portsmouth dockyard. Charles Close April 2019.

So we hear Trxie, who has done nothing for this generation of youth, dish up Victorian tripe for ther pro Europe lie that the EU has stopped war and given us a great time. Europe is in a mess, ignoring the underclass, covering in multi cultural bullshit.

Labour has never been cheaper, the rich elite never richer. We have more war than ever, go on abusing Russia, so there will soon be a worse one. It is all about the money, that’s why the Portsmouth show packed up when the cameras and politicians went home.

‘What do you do when the people go home, what do you do with the leftover wine?’- Melanie. The Portsmouth D Day Show is packing up, Southsea Common June 6th 2019. Charles Close.
Churchill at War- top. Royals Below Portsmouth Past & Present Robert Cook

Trump Visits Portsmouth for D Day celebrations. June 5th 2019

Portsmouth 1948, the most heavily bombed area of the city. See ‘Tricorn Rise and Fall of a Sixties Icon’ Dr Celia Clark and Robert Cook. (Portsmouth City Records office. )

When Thatcher and Blair put an end to the old consensus, went for so many hypocritical wars, hid behind Europe blaming them for every bad outcome, they set fire to the old way. Jobs went to cheap labour anywhere in the world and cheap labour came here, propped up by religious delusion and manipulation packaged as diversity and multi culture with a large dose of divide and rule elite driven feminism for seasoning. This is a recipe for chaos and disaster beyond the wit of alchemists.

If it had not been for the Tories trying to reinvent themselves with the first female PM, maybe there would not have been Tony Biair reinventing Labour. I don’t know. But the nerds inventing more and more spyware, propaganda systems and weapons systems won’t save the day. As an ex maths teacher I think it all comes down to numbers, and the mystery of consciousness. Marx wanted working class consciousness raising. The elite countered that with feminist consciousness raising- a diversion to divide and rule the lower orders.

Men of lower class struggle for identity, growing up in one parent families. They go nuts, take drugs, drink to much, go to jail. Meanwhile Trump is another male scapegoat, not protected by his wealth, sucked into the swamp he thought he could drain.

Humans owe all of progress from men trying to do what seems impossible. But I will never forgive Trump for turning a blind eye to what his country has done with hiding war crime and scapegoating free speech hero Julian Assange. As for D Day, those men were canon fodder for a war that only happened because of elite self interest.

The celebrations are based on a mythology and mass ignorance, tinged with sentimentality. Russia is shut out of celebrations as if they did nothing to defeat Hitlert.

When I went for a commission in the armed forces, I was told I had to be able to kill. No questions asked or answered. It was and still is, all about the money. Religion is back to misguide us.

Trump State visit June 3rd 2019

A protester scuffled with a Donald Trump supporter as the pair wrested over a MAGA cap as tensions look set to continue today with 250,000 set to take to the streets of London in demonstrations against the president. 

Anger boiled over outside Buckingham Palace last night as the Republican arrived for his State Banquet with the Queen and 15 other Royals. 

His state visit kicked off to a wave of protests in the capital as well as Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham with marches expected to continue over the next three days.

Today up to 250,000 people are expected to walk from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joins the demonstration following his snubbing of the State Banquet. 

Anti-Trump campaigners are expected to fly a 20ft blimp depicting him as an angry, half-naked baby as well as unveiling a 16ft talking robot of him sitting on a gold toilet.

Comment It is interesting that the protestors never mention the U.S abuse of the law and human rights, with conniving Britain, regarding free speech warror Julian Assange, or the U.S money motivated activities in Latin America and the Middle East. There is also the myth that Hilary Clinton would have been any better, so there is a feminist aspect to this case.