Freedom and Power October 15th 2019

Yesterdays protets against the jailed politicians who dared to break away from Spanish rule in Catalonia. These protestors will be ignored unless they threaten the elite for real..

After my freedom fighting ( were the British elite and their minions fighting for or against freedom at that time? Discuss ) father was wounded at Dunkirk in 1940, he had to transfer to the Military Police or leave the service he had grown used to. The more we do something the stronger and bigger the brain pathway we develop. So, in 1945 he left the army, but the army never left him. He got used to taking orders and trusting his ‘superiors.’

He died aged 41 because he trusted his betters and worked like a slave for a pittance. I was 11 at the time and accustomed to material poverty during his two year terminal illness and our lack of money.

During the short time I knew him, I learned a lot about woodwork, electronics and how engines worked. I came to know about lorries, or trucks as we call them in immitation of the U.S culture this country started mimicking and kow towing to during World War Two.

Like many children I had a tendency to question and break rules. As a tired out working class father with only a rule book set in his head from army days, he feared for my future. When I argued about bedtime his stock phrase was ‘You are a liberty taker.’ As Elton John observed in his memoir ‘Me’, those were the days- the 1950s- when parents instilled discipline via a good beating.

My parents were what used to be called cockneys from poor and harsh backgrounds. My maternal grandmother died when her only daughter was two weeks old- in 1924. My father’s favourite verbal insult was to call me a country bumpkin because I was the only member of my family to be born in Buckinghamshire. So I was brought up feeling like an outsider alongside my spolied and very clever cockney sister. All through Primary school teachers, who had had the delight of teaching this gifted girl, reminded me how I lacked her gifts.

This brief extract from my early life may explain why, although I spent many years working as an authority figure, I never liked or trusted the authorities. Had I trusted myself I probably would never worked amongst them in the first place.

The basic problem with aithorities- which we obviously need- is that they breed corruption fed by the reality that like recruits like. As a young man I dressed the part and talked my way through the interviews. There were those I frustrated because I would not accept their mentoring me for better things. Only now do I appreciate their efforts. Obviously I took my young years of studying philosophy too seriously. I was very naive when I started out, but with a tendency to rebel. Truth mattered, and sadly still does.

Rebellion is redolent throughout history, but most people conform. As I have said before, ‘Freedom is the recognition of necesstiy’. I read those immprtal words daubed on the stark concrete walkway walls of the qUniversity of East Anglia when I stepped up from my student residences in the autumn of 1973. A similar viewpoint was expressed by Kris Kristofersen in his lyric: ‘Freedoms just another name for nothing left to lose and nothing don’t mean nothing when its free.’

Robert Cook visiting London in 1972, while still a sudent at the University of East Anglia

And so I come to the point of this little piece of writing. Yesterday, leaders of the revolt against Spanish rule in Catalonia received long sentences for sedition. This sparked violent protests against the Spanish authorities who came down violently against them. That is what police are for across Europe and beyond. They do not exist to fight what we used to call crime.

The police exist to protect the powerful, crush dissent and naive ideas of freedom fighting. Freedom of mind is to recognise this truth. To confront it will most likely lead to a criminal record, injury, death, incarceration and defeat. In the words of philosopher Bertrand Russell, ‘ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ The only power stronger than the corrupt elite’s is nature. The elite are at war with that, confronting it, relying on science nerds , propoganda and the selfish survival instincts of the ignorant masses- which in my view includes Extinction Rebellion. We have an on going subtle world war, focused on the Middle East, because of this. it has one Hell of a carbon footprint and Britain’s RAF boasting it now has women flying the bombers, in the name of equal opportunity to be a moron, is nothing to boast about

Freedom fighter Robert Mugabee soon turned into a corrupt murderoud tyrant when he took power in the former Rhodesia.

Rival camps are forming. Russia is now sidling up to vile Saudi Arabia, the war on Yemen could not exist without Britain’s support, Britain and U.S express outrage at the Kurds accepting the Syrian government’s support and Trump has recently announced sanctions against Turkey, as he has done against China and Iran.

This is just a part of their war against nature, accting as if humans are all that matters on earth, all in the name of a Judaic/Christian/Islam God that has only existed in peoples slavish minds for about 15 generations. That triumvariate has inordiate power to corrupt and justify this war on nature, where the only freedom on offer is death.

These birds fighting over what is left of a pile of vomit in a Central London street, are a metaphor for humans in the Middle East RJC

Robert Cook October 15th 2019

The Crime Minister October 14th 2019

Police have plenty of targets in hard pressed Portsmouth. Image RJC October 2019

I do not recall Prime Minister Thatcher having much to say about toughening up on crime fighting. She was too busy making industry ‘leaner and fitter’ freeing up the City of London, turning education into a form of policing through the mind numbing national curriculum, destroying working families, raising unemployment, enriching a rich minority creating the me first culture ( the seed of ‘Me Too ‘ ) selling state assets off cheap and giving the police the opportunity to practice for riot control at the striking coal miner’s picket lines.

In the process, she destroyed the social fabric as we knew it and launched two wars- including the first Gulf War for the sake of UK And U.S oil interests.

She was a hard act to follow but New Labour’s Tony Blair was more than up to the job. It was not difficult for him to outshine Thatcher’s insipid successor John Major. The biggest robberies of the Major era involved the banks and city of London. No problem breaking laws when you are the law maker. Unfortunately for Johnson he is not in a position to make laws, but he is trying to impress with his Queen’s Speech.

Like Tony Blair- the man many would like to see tried for war crimes, but nothing has ever stuck to the man Private Eye magazine nicknamed Teflon Tony– Boris Johnson sees himself not so much as the Crime Minister, as Parliament would have us believe- but the Crime Fighting Minister.

Thus he has come out with the same old stuff about tougher and longer sentences with a focus on domestic and harassment crimes- the latter all female vote winning post Thatcher crimes. There is no mention of tough laws against women who commit domestic violence or lie about all forms of sex attacks. That, officially, doesn’t happen so doesn’t need laws.

Boris is now promising 20,000 more police officers to help his cause cleaning up crime infested anti social diverse Britain. Police sources have said that to meet this target over the next few years would require at least 200,000 applicants because they calculate that only one in ten applicants will have the special qualities needed to police modern Britain. One can easily imagine what these qualities are. I believe Portsmouth University offers the police special courses on the subject, awarding a BSc at the end of it.

There are very serious questions as to what these much sought after qualities are. The judge dealing with former Government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell’s libel case said : ‘The officer who said you called him a Pleb could not have been lying because he has no imagination and so is perfectly suited to his job as a police constable.

In that same Plebgate incident an officer was jailed for lying that he saw and heard Mitchell calling the officers bl–dy plebs. The officer was actually at home in Aylesbury at the time of the incident.

Matters got worse. In order to clear the adverse record against him, Mitchell agreed to see three officers from three overlapping police forces in his constituency. One of these forces was West Mercia. Mitchell met them in his constituency offices in Sutton Colfield. Mitchell’s wife did not trust the police so advised him to secretly record the meeting.

The three plain clothes officers came out of the meeting strutting eagerly up to the waiting media crews and their satellite dishes. Then the West Mercia Officer, DS Ken Macall said that Mitchell admitted calling the officers plebs. Mitchell proved them liars.

A West Mercia Police Inspector, described as church going was deployed to investigate. He concluded that the officers were guilty of misconduct and should fce disciplinary proceedings, only to have his conclusions rejected by the force’s Deputy Chief Constable Simon Chesterman.

It came to light that Mitchell was known to have raised concerns about police overtime hours in his constituency, which as said, included West Mercia. He was out to raise effieciency. The Crime Commissioner for Dyffed Powys wrote an article on the matter for the Mail. He named Chesterman and refered to a feral police force.

I find it nauseating every time an officer has a mishap, accident in a police car during a dangerous pursuit or is killed on the job , that we have to hear the stuff about heroics. A hero is someone who does something he doesn’t have to for the sake of others. There may be a few of this type getting through the selection process if they are lucky.

In his book ‘Line of Fire’ one such honest senior police officer Brian Paddick wrote. ‘It wasn’t my homosexuality that caused me problems in the police, it was my honesty.’ He quotes Mark Twain who said: ‘Always tell the truth, that way you do not have to remember what you said.

Today a West Indian man arrested back in 1972, with his colleague by a Corrupt lying Metropolitan DS Police officer – who went on to die in jail for his part in planning a burgalary on police time- has won his right to appeal his conviction. He and a colleague were known as the Oval Two, and fought for black rights. The police are an appealing career choice for would be criminals and perspectivist thinkers ( See Social theory and Social Structure by R K Merton ). Thus it has been know to attarct all sorts of bigots, including racists.

The Oval Two were bailed for 8 months and did 8 months in jail. They had been followed by a group of officers led by the DS, falsely accused of shoplifting, attacked on the tube station, taken to a police station where a confession was beaten out of them. As said : that was back in 1972.! The jury automatically believed the police. There were no other witnesses. It has taken him all these years to win a right to appeal against his conviction.

Paddick writes near the beginning of his book about when he was a probationary constable. He said he was driven by a senior contable to a dance hall in a very West Indian part of South London on a Saturday night. While sitting there outside the main doors, Paddick wondered what he and his old colleague could possibly do to break up any fights.

Then a double decker bus went past and the senior man slammed the car into gear and chased after it.. As he drove with his flashing lights on, he said ; ‘Did you see that?’ ‘What?’ Paddick asked. ‘That bus ran a red light’. ‘No I didn’t see it.’ said Paddick. ‘Well you will say you saw it when you get back to the station. Two police officer’s words count for the truth against members of the public.’

I have my reasons for being interested in police corruption and how their system works. The head of the police college and the HM Inspector of Constabularies have raised questions about the wrong people getting promoted. One force, Cleveland, was described recently as not fit for purpose and the Met have been involved in a serious cover up regarding lies about a VIP sex abuse ring. This is the second occasion when Cressida Dick’s competence has been thrown intio question.

I could go on and it is time someone joined it all up wrote a book exposing the British Police for the instiutionally corrupt organisatioin that they are. It is a place of ritualistic behaviour, a quasi military hierarchy prone to bullying anyone who doesn’t seem to fit or blows a whistle- regardless of race or gender-where like recruits like, whatever the race or colour. Clevealnd forced reforming Sue Simm out of her job as CC and have had six new CCs in as many years.

Corrupt personalities may well be what they will be looking for in that 200,000- whatever they are really looking for, senior officers have too much power and independence so they will wraptheir actions all up in jargon. It has been argued that the recruitmenmt process has something to do with why the British police solve less than 6% of robberies.

They also have a reputation for victimising people they do not like, witholding and corrupting evidence. The recent Metropolitan Police scandal has seen the lead officer in the VIP case promoted and the official police watchdog coming out with what is widely regarded as a cover up or white wash. This body has been renamed the IPOC instead of the IPCC, but is still very much a part of the police system and at best a mailing service- old wine in a new bottle, or should I say Bluebottle!.


The ludicrously outdated ranking system also needs looking at because it rewards those gifted at what the sociologist Irving Goffman called impression management. It is a system which has ACC’s doing little more than writing appraisals, going to conferences and courses, junkeys in expensive hotels and playing golf with those they suck up to.

Good impressions of smarming for promotion are not the way to impress the wider long suffering wider public, though the well off who see the police as their guard dogs will go on fawning to them. It is hard pressed working people who experience the reality of everyday British policing and it is not nice for most of us. Robert Cook

Oily World October 13th 2019

Fake news is not just big business, it is a crucial part of big business activity. Fake news used to be called propoganda.

Britain is the island whose people changed the world. Henry VIII’s Protestant Reformation in 1536 loosened the chains of religion. The English Civil War loosened the chains of the British Monarchy. This country went on to rule the world, exporting the industrial revolution and plundering -with the connivance of indigenous elites- its empire for the necessary materials.

Inevitably the British elite grew ever more arrogant and corrupt. The North American colonies revolted agains excruciating taxes, breaking away to form the United States- U.S.A. Slave owner George Washington, whose family came from Northmaptonshire in England, became its first President.

The U.S.A expanded west carrying out a massive genocide against the native American Indians and continuing to import slaves from Africa. As industry advanced, Britain and the U.S.A developed a mutual interest in the Middle East, buying off local rulers to serve their insatiable demands. Saudi Arabia was a British invention serving Western interests and practising religious hypocrisy ever since.

It is ironical that the region which gave birth to the so called great religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam- with all its factions as the politicians within them fought for power over the masses- has so much oil wealth, poverty and ignorance . It is almost funny that the Middle Eastern masses do not see who is pulling the strings.

Do people in my part of the world know what is really going on? Arguably the elite does, but one wonders. The bare faced cheek and hypocrisy of presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son says it all. Their first concern is for lining their own pockets and using mainstream media as their oily interface with the public.

Maybe the masses have just given up. Maybe they are inherently stupid, not seeing the connection with the fact that the U.S.A has spent $1 billion dollars encouraging and supporting Syrian rebels over the last ten years. Is it any wonder that Britain and the U.S’ so called democratic leader’s maligned Julian Assange for exposing their war crimes and want him locked up forever. They have Chelsea Manning back in jail for refusing to testify against Assange.

Climate change protests and little Greta are widely applauded because they relieve tensions and make leaders look tolerant. False hope is given. But get too close to what is causing the real problems and why, then the system comes down like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Wars and human population growth have massive carbon footprints. Carbon emissions are a consequence of human greed and ignorance, not a cause. The elite do not want the lower orders to know that. Just keep praying, drinking, having sex and taking drugs- prescription or otherwise- and you’ll feel fine.

Venezueala, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are all examples of the insane Western elite foreign policy. Russia, not a land run by angels, is the scapegoat, the root source of all the smoke and mirrors.

Ireland is the excuse for Britain’s elite faking Brexit, keeping Britain as part of the club but getting rid of our awakward Euro MPs. Britain and the U.S have done so much to stoke up and perpetuate islamic terrorism, rather like a doctor who breaks bones then expects to be admired for botched efforts to mend them.

In the words of the old English folk song, ‘It’s the rich what gets the pleasure, it’s the poor what gets the blame. It’s the same the old world over, ain’t it all a bloody shame.’

Lefties Monopolise Morals

October 10th 2019

This little Ladybirds Child’s reader was on sale in Blethcley Tescos yesterday. It is an interestingly savage and biased atatck on President Trump, full of sarcasm and ‘right on humour.

A sample page from the above satire for kids. The left cannot stand dissent. If anyone says anything against them they scream to no platform anyone who says or writes anything they don’t like.

A News stand in W H Smith’s Commercial Road Portsmouth, yesterday.
A satirical little volume ridiculing Boris Johnson, on sale in W H Smiths Portsmouth. Back in the 1930s Charlie Chaplin made a comic film ridiculing Hitler. It was called ‘The Great Dictator.’ It did not stop World War Two.
This book is PC humour from Boris Johnson’s worried vicious opponents. It’s the old adage, ‘ignore the message, shoot the mesenger and all will be well.

I think these images speak for themselves. The Liberal left live in an expensive and well paid cocoon. While driving back from London this morning, BBC’s Radio 4 luvvies told the sad tale of how an organic farmer will have to plough under his valuable crop of organic carrots because no deal Brexit will mean they won’t get certificated for export to Europe.

It would not occur to this greedy fellow that there are desperate people in this country who have to scavenge in food banks. So he would rather let them rot than feed the needy or help prices fall. That is what the EU is about, profit for the privileged. Robert Cook

Talking about my medication, we’re one f—ed up generation October 9th 2019.

Back in 1986 Bucks County Council Education Department tried to sack me for politicising. My crime was involving three second years ( nowadays called ninth years ) and a sixth former in the production and radio broadcast of a song inspired by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station explosion, which resulted in massive radiation contamination across Northern Europe. At the time Thatcher’s greed loving Tory Government were out to defend nuclear power and get rid of troublesome striking coal miners who had held the country to ransom.

Back in those days we radicals had a generation above us to blame. That was comforting when we felt like throwing a Greta like tantrum. One line in my authority vexing song was ‘We’re gonna grow older in a minute but we wanted to be kids all our lives.’ ‘

As in the words of the song. ‘Life was all so simple then.’ Now mental illness is at record levels and gender bending has turned into gender swapping. For more on that read a book called ‘The feminisation of nature.’ If you think that is a good thing, check out another book, ‘The female sexual abuse of children.’

I digress. With both of my parents dead, I fel very much alone on this planet, and far too responsible. We baby boomers have a lot to answer for, but the greedy selfish Thatcher generation led the way. I went to university when it was a privilege for 3% of the population, not a rite of passage and a production line. We have graduates now who are remedial students, buying essays on line for continuous assessment degrees. As long as they are sufficiently superfical and well connected they will get cushy jobs. If not the best they might hope for is a call centre position.

Thus it is not surprising that we have record numbers of young drug addicts, alcoholics and suicides. Girls are told to fight stereotypes and become fighter pilots, dropping more bombs on the Middle east for no good reason other than pandering to the greedy few. People from my genration are now in the top jobs and they think they know it all. As Descarte opined: ‘ Cogito Ergo Sum.’ By this I mean, they are what they think they are. They have the power, leaving the lower orders to wage internecine ( self destructive ) gender, religious and race wars. Robert Cook

A young man prepares to kill himself in Plymouth earlier this year- 2019

Sex Lies And Politics – SLAP October 8th 2019

If hypocrisy was a scarce commodity the British establishment elite could promote package and sell it round the world. Oh silly me. they have done that for years, buikding an empire and losing it in the process. Now they are part of an even greater empire- what some disrespectfully call ‘The Fourth Reich.’

Failed to fool people into endorsing ever closer union when they were struggling with the efefcts of mass immigration and falling living standards- I fear I might have broken one of teh many new laws- laws seem to be breeding among themselves as a result of all these Frankenstein cinsensu politicians.

How dare people be allowed to demean such a noble enterprise as the EU, it has made so many rich people richer? Of course there have been casualties, like bombing people out of their countries, killing them stoking up religious differences to divide and rule, destroying industries, pricing people out of being able to by stuff so the rich get richer, and creating record levels of homelessness, drink and drug abuse. But it has all been in a good cause, so we do not want to lose it.

The rich must be allowed to get richer, carry on jet setting while blaming climate change on the masses. After all it is obviously them with their old cars and penchant for package holidays on a cramped cheap flight.

As for that Boris Johnson, he should get a visit from our ever so self righteous police- more to come on the police later this week. A Labour member of the London Assembly has requested the boys and girls in blue look into Boris’s afairs.

Of course we do not have conspiracies in this great country, do we? A CIA boss told us all a few years ago that only nutters believe such nonsense.

So there is no conspiracy to get rid of PM Boris without following due constitutional process of getting a vote of no confidence, followed by an election. It is obvious isn’t it, Boris Johnson is a liar because the Parliamentarians and luvvie media snobs say so. No need for evidence these days, with so much crime and pressure on police resources/

That is why we should be so grateful for the story and revelations about Boris on the front page of today’s ‘The Metro.’ The headline reads ‘Pole Dancing, The PM And Me.’ This is all about Boris making far too many visits to tech boss Jennifer Acuri. Of course the hypocritcal ‘Metro’ prefers to focus on her years working as a pole dancer rather than her serious business which Boris allegedly favoured while London Mayor. Labour’s John McDonnell sseems furious and priapasmic on the subject.

Funny that when you recall how New Labour’s heroic working class hero turned Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was hailed as something of a lad when he took advanatage of his young diary secretary. The political bruiser loved having her stripped to stockings and suspenders for pleasure in his private office. This rather large bit of a lad eventually got elevated to The House of Lords. Prescott orignally denied the affair.

The most famous case of political sex and lies was John Profumo in 1962. Profumo was Minister for War ( They called a spade spade at the time, no pussyfooting about him being a Minister for Defence and soldier peacekeepers ) testing out his weapons system with young Christine Keeler. Obviously he lied to Parliament when the matter came to light.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. Merkel told Boris today that she doesn’t think a deal at all possible unless Northern Ireland remains in the customs union. Meanwhile the liberal Guardian reports on a left wing think tank’s conclusions that a no deal Brexit will kill people. Well that is what people voted for- do not believe the lies that it wasn’t so. Cameron should have thought of that.

He didn’t because he is the essence of what is seriously wrong with British politics. Cameron was, and still is as his new book testifies, totally out of touch supercilious and patronising. He expected an endorsement for EU membership and ever closer union.

Now he and the rest of the nasty privileged virtue signalling elite will do anything to stop Boris going ahead with ‘no deal.’ With true British elitist cum feminist hypocrisy, they have moved on to sex. So we have it, sex, lies and politics- SLAP for short..

This is an age old record, all about an egotistical upper class patronising person who created the Brexit Crisis for his own hoped for gain. When these fools are revealed they blame others. Britain has a 20th century history of political failure to look after its common people. Now they see the answer as get more people in, diversity and more police to keep order.

Premier Inn? No! Premier Out!

October 7th 2019

British Parliamentarians at work, such sensitive little flowers, worth every penny and fighting for the use of much nicer language.

Trendy PC lefties just can’t accept Brexit. That is why they go on and on about ‘We are not leaving without a deal.’ It is very simple. Leaving Europe with a deal, particularly being trapped in the customs union, with any version of the Irish backstop. is not leaving. It is the worst of all worlds.

The touchy feelie feminine and feminsed members of the British Parliament have no obvious idea of how corrupt their internationalist super state is. Nor do they seem to appreciate that this favourite member, Britain, not only pays the union a fortune, it helps the U.S.A bomb people out of the Middle East and has opened the door to North African migrants.

We are not allowed to talk about this. Laws are made up every few minutes to keep us under control, it seems. Britain’s elite are cheer leaders in the war against the so called far right that their foreign policy has caused. Multi culture and diversity is the pampered elite’s recurring mantra as they patronise the unwashed underclass they find so disgusting for voting leave- against their wishes.

Boris Johnson is labelled a populist rabble rouser, unfit for office. When I was in Charlotte St, Central London this morning, I picked up a copy of ‘The Metro.’ The newspaper is a right on freebie that it is cool to be seen reading .

I could not belive my eyes when I read the headline. Forget the really important story of how the so called Independent Office for Complaints Against the Police has given the Metropolitan Police a clean bill of health for persecuting so called celebbrity paedophiles- after illegal searches and terrible police and press ordeals lasting years. That body is as corrupt as the police it is allegedly watching.

No apologies or compensation from the police and this so called watchdog cronies. No atonment in Britain’s much vaunted democracy which seems so precious to Europe, as Europe is allegedly precious to Britain.

So the whole story becomes even more alarming, as the ‘Metro’ headline trumpets ‘Squat A Nerve’. The story is about Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that he will refuse to leave Downing Street if Parliament’s conspiracy to vote him out succeeds. He says he will not leave unless the police remove him by force.

These are strange and worrying times. The plan is to vote Boris out because the Opposition has more members than he does. Then, without going to the people, this rabble of opportunists and jealous people will vote in a caretaker government and caretaker leader to see Brexit through. It is amazing how these hypocrits labelled Boris as a law breaker- a law he broke before they conspired to make it. This is satire being acted out without a script writer.

This House of Parliament headed up by Speaker John Bercow is all about virtue signalling. Their basic pay is £70,000 a year. To them, populism is a dirty word and Boris is something of a beast. Our delicate MPs who would have you believe have soul above money.

Not for these pious parliamentarians any need to abide by the law to get Boris out. There was no law to stop Boris prorogueing Parliament- so the Parilamentarians made one via tame Judge Lady Hale, a feminist icon.

There is a law regarding the removal of a Prime Minister and Government, and it is a custom under Britain’s unwritten constitution ( see The British Constitution by Walter Bagehot ) . It is simple. The Oppostion, who are handsomely paid- Corbyn gets around £120,00 plus expenses- call for a vote of no confidence. A General Election then follows.

They won’t do that because they fear a no deal exit from the EU would happen beforehand. If that didn’t happen, then they fear two possible outcomes. Outcome One is that Boris gets a large majority and takes a no deal if he has to. Outcome Two is that Boris gets defeated, so the Opposition have to take the reponsibility and the rap for whatever mess of a deal they fob off on the public. Robert Cook

Why Trust The Police? October 6th 2019

From personal experience and ongoing problems, I will never trust the British police again. How many more scandals and revelations does the public need before they realise that the police’s main priority is their safe jobs, benefits, pensions and promotion prospects? As soon as one of them has an accident, their friends in the media shout about police heores.

Police on social control duty, Aylesbury Bucks 2010. Image from ‘Aylesbury Through Time’ Charles Close.

Their command and control processes and structure is institutioanly corrupt. Feral officers get promoted. They are very close to the centre of government. One wonders which is the tail and which the dog when it comes to that relationship.

When it comes to accountability, the police are at best economical with the truth. More often they are just plain liars and do not like criticism. Jumping on the back of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick over the ‘Operation Midland’ scandal is just scapegoating and covering up for instutional corruption in all of Britain’s police forces. The only lessons that will be learned is how best to cover up next time. No expenses are spared when it comes to the police’s reputation.

Dick has already survived the Stockwell illegal police killing scandal. Video tapes of that incident significantly disappeared before the Inquiry. Dick, who gave the order to kill a young innocent Brazilian that they had mistaken for a middle aged Pakistani terrorist- attacking a female withesses reputation- got promoted. True to form, the discredited senior detective who led the vicious so called investigation into an alleged high level paodophile ring, has been promoted.

The so called investigation cost £2.5 million of taxpayer’s money, without a single arrest but years of uncertainty and damning publicity for the police’s victims. A spokesman for the force said, of the heavily redacted report released to the public, said he was confident that the Independent Office for Complainst against the Police, would exonerate significant aspects of the Inquiry. One of the vicious police’s victims in this case, former MP Harvey Proctor, said his life had been ruined, he lost evrything and is no longer the same man.

Informant Carl Beech, was known anonymously as “Nick” when he made claims in 2014 that sparked the so called investigation. Officers get a lot of brownie points for nailing sex offenders. Hence their enthisiasm.

So the police quickly decided their informant’s allegations were ‘credible and true’ , going public in their quest for more victims to come forward, naming and shaming them. That passes for justice in Britain’s moralising version of representative feminist dominated democracy. If the police can drive their victims to suicide that is taken as a sign of the peron’s guilt.

They spent a fortune framing Barry George for killing Jill Dando, even though they had a phone call from a foreign agent saying he did it. The Met Officer who got hapless fantasist George jailed , was promoted- true to form. They did their best to jail Colin Stagg for killing Rachel Nickel, even paying a female officer to lead him on to confess via a fake relationship.

She asked him to do the same to her as the knife man- naming him- had done to Rachel. Her messages were graphic and revolting. Stagg argued that he could never do that and had not killed Rachel. That did not stop the police charging him with murder, remanding him, publishing his name and taking him to trial. This was truly terrifying police power at work for a gullible public!

The book ‘Dead on Time’ was ‘researched’ and written by ex armed robber John McVicar with Met Police support, to back up their version of events that Barry George did the murder.

Stagg was hounded by the press and police for years after. Neither men got compensation with George being told it was up to him to prove his innocence. That is the British Police State, not a good or safe place for a lot of men. I will never trust the police again. They are quite open that their prosecutions do not have to be evidence based. How much more vile can this country get? Quite a lot I am afraid.

The judge dealing with a Plebgate officer’s libel case against the former Cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell, who allegedly swore at this police officer in Downing Street, ruled : ‘The officer was a man of limited imagination well suited to his job as a police officer. He could not have lied about this.’

A senior West Mercia Police officer altered an official report that had concluded the three officers, who lied about Mitchell admitting to swearing at officers in the Plebgate affair,should face disciplianry proceedings. The senior officer over ruled this decision.

This report had been compiled by a man described as a ‘church going inspector.’ It seems a matter of routine and character for officers, particularly senior ones,because ‘they are well respected’ and have powerful friends and colleagues, ( That is a police jargon phrase) to lie in pursuit of their and colleague’s own ends. They stick together.

The police are a powerful vested interest defeating three Home Secretary’s attempts to reform them. With diverse Britain better described as fragmented, their kudos expands. As I said, which is the tail and which the dog in this animal saga? Robert Cook

Cressida Dick Met Police Scapegoat October 6th 2019 by Charles Close

I must disagree with Robert Cook on the matter of Cressida Dick who has been advised to consider her position over Operation Midland. She commands the largest police force in Britain, in the complex diverse capital city. She cannot be expected to micro manage every investigation.

Dick was chosen because the job had to go to a woman. Robert Cook condemns her for the Stockwell killing, but she could only respond to information provided by failing officers on the ground. – according to information received at her command and control base.

It may be a scandal that the officer in charge of Operation Midland has been promoted. However , the police are under incredible pressure to persue and prosecute alleged sex offenders.

It is high level people who craved revealinmg accused peoples’ identities. Now they have paid the price. Had this case involved low class sink estate dwellers, names would have been revealed and prosecutions rushed with almost certain conviction followed by jail. Evidence would not have been an issue.

Gunning for Cressida Dick may be political because she claimed that there would be a lot less violence and drug problems if the upper middle class young professionls had not created a market for Class A Drugs.

Two cabinet ministers have recently admitted cocaine abuse. They are probably the tip of the iceberg. Rock and pop musicians also have a record for using these drugs. Cocaine is the great sex enhander, better than viagra I am told.

As senior officers go, I think Dick has more integrity and honesty than most in her position.

Charles Close Managing Editor.

Right to Privacy October 6th 2019

Banners acclaiming the wonderful world of Brtitain’s diversity are strung across a street in Central London. Diversity needs many new laws and monitoring to sustain it- image Robert Cook March 2019

Obviously as a blogger I want people to read what I write. I know that the police take an interest in my work and why? I have had sveral computers confiscated and ruined by their intrusions. That is the price one pays for rocking Britain’s Titanic like state.

Britain is a land of many myths, from the Loch Ness Monster, the sexual revolution, to British democracy. In our alleged democracy. the excuse for its injustices, lies and oversights is that we have a particular type of democracy. It is called a ‘representative democracy.’

That means we elect a representatives to speak and argue about matters of state, national and international. They do not have to listen to us. There is an elite owned and controlled media, along with elite run civil service, to inform us as to what our choices should be. They will be representative of what are called the main parties who share in the consensus.

Any idependent or new party will be ridiculed and their reresentatives will be scrutinised and risk their reputations, by the establishment media outrage to block thier election. Any mainstream politician stepping out of line will risk similar ruin, as we see with Boris Johnson and Donald Trump- th U.S mentality and elite differ little from Britain’s and are interrelated.

So we have the British government on the rampage to stop Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to encrypt members’ messages to each other. the argument is that vigilance is needed to protect the public against sex offenders and terrorists. The war on paodophiles is of uppermost concern to government and freedoms must be built around those concerns. That seems to be the official view. Robert Cook

Toxic Masculinity October 6th 2019

I spent 14.25 hours, plus another 45 minutes on break, at work yesterday. As a person who does not enjoy modern music or nostalgia for sounds of long ago, I listen to Radio 4 while I drive.

Yesterday I heard a play about a middle aged man, an artist, self obsessed and also obsessed with a younger woman. That younger woman had a thing about older men. She said : ‘They make better lovers, taking their time and with more attention.’ The wife replied sarcastically ‘That is because they are too tired and warn out to do anything else.’

Both the older man and his girlfriend had the cheek to think that the wife should accept this as a freedom from the sexual restrictions and hypocrisy of old. The wife cracked up and went to see an analyst.

I am not upper middle class so I don’t know if that is normal for such people. It is certainly normal to denigrate men as sex abusers and as inherently violent. When a male Tory MP called for an ammendment to the new Domestic Violence Bill to include women as potential abusers, there was catcalling and shouting down from feminists in the public gallery.

The idea that women might, of their own volition, commit acts of depravity and violence towards spouses or children is anathema to the angelic forces of feminism.

The Domestic Violence Bill will soon be law and the bias will be against men. Women never lie is the official mantra. Husbands will not be allowed to croass examine ex partners in court. Female politicans and media miss no opportunity to broadcast stories that fit the dogma, playing down or ignoring anything bad that women do.

Listening to ‘Any Questions’ a feminist left winger warned the doubters, ‘There are going to be a lot more like us, so get used to it.’ She told fellow panelist Nigel Farage : ‘Shut up.’

‘Weekend Woman’s Hour’ featured the subject of ‘Toxic Masculinity’. Jane Garvey interviewed three in touch young males, including a female impersonator and reformed sexist. To them the phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’ was a useful man shaming word.

Also this week, in the run up to passing the Domestic Violence Bill, Labour’s Caroline Duffy had a sisterhood hand holding moment with fellow female MPs as she finished an impassioned speech , which clearly called on her experience with her jealous controlling ex partner. On appearance I suspect that Ms Duffy is from a comfortable background.

Last week ij Parliamen, Opposition MP Rachael Duffy uuses Parliamentary privilege, breaking down amongst er sister opposition MPs while reading from a script about her affluent ex partner who overwhlemed her with gifts of expensive jewlery, wining and dining her in posh restaurants before they settles into a relationship. Then he soon became hyper critical of how she dressed, her friends, suspicious of where she was mixing supressed anger, jealousy and resentment. Her sister MPS were full of support and eager to hold her hand in the chamber while The Domstic Violnec Bill was discussed..

From what she said, she fell for man who bought her gifts, including jewelery and took her to expensive resturants. He obviously had mone, the clothes, the car and the smarm. It is notciebale that a certain class of women choose a certain type of man. That becomes their reference point for some very dangerous and cruel generalisations.

I first read about domestic violence when I was a postgraduate student at Goldsmith’s College, London University in 1978. I read Erin Pizzey’s ‘Scream Quietly so the Neighbours Don’t Hear.’ Pizzey teamed up with fellow feminist Faye Weldon – author of ‘The Lives and Loves of a She Devil ‘ -went on to scrutinise abuse carried out by females.

Weldon lamented the fact that her son ended up in jail. Fellow feminist Germaine Greer has hardly been heard of since she came out with the amazing statement that ‘Most rapes are just bad sex.’

Sex has become a minefield. Marriage and birth rates among the white population have never been lower. Children growing up in a one parent family are more likely to suffer mental health issues, become involved in drug / alcohol related problems, crime and suicide. They are also more likely to develop issues around gender identity and sexual preference. These issues are outside of the smug comfortable elite consensus. The gender Identity Clinic has become a vested interest feeding off these problems. Hate crime and thought police sit ready to pounce on anyone who questions this situation.

Good people don’t see it because they are being trained and brainwashed to see a world threatened only by the far right, sex offenders and male domestic abusers. Robert Cook

Robert Cook aged 15, in the family front room, with his beloved Alsatian ‘Prince’. My working class truck ( we called them lorries or wagons back then ) driving father was worn out when he died aged 41. I was 11, so grew up in a one parent family where we struggled to survive on a daily basis.
By the time this picture was taken, I had jobs delivering newspaper and working on a farm. i was also a member of Southgate Harriers, training hard. Being born at the bottom is never easy. Our politicsl class of know alls are patronising and do not care.

In the last year 726 homeless people have died, half from drink and drug related problems. This picture of me was taken by my late mother Gladys. Her mother died two weeks after my mother was born in a North London slum. She was the fifth child of her Irish father who had been put out of work as a groom in Winslow, during the 1920 depression.
That is why he took his family to London. His son Charles was killed with the London Irish rifles in World War Two. Feminists spout poisonous divisive ungrounded upper middle class idelogy, calling for more laws to protect them and control speech. Class must never be mentioned, it is all about white men being sexist and racist.

Nothing Worse Than a Bent Cop October 1st 2019

I grew up watching ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ on a 405 line black and white ‘Murphy TV’ in the late 1950s. The worst case of police corruption fatherly PC Dixon ever dealt with was a young officer up from Bristol ( played by a young Paul Eddington ) stealing from his colleagues lockers to make ends meet.

These TV characters, where the head of CID was called father- and the female sergeant was called WPS, with the approprate name of Grace- were beyond reproach. they had seen all sorts of horrors during the wartime blitz, but never a bent cop.

More police, more money more unsolved real crime- crime begets cops in this symbiotic relationship ,with politicans playing on fear for votes. More cops needed is also an indictment of the ridiculous multi cultural society which clearly doesn’t work. The rich know that and expect the cops to look after them first. Sink estates are no go areas for most cops because that is where the crowding, crime, violence and neglect lives.

The programme created by saintly Ted Willis and set in an imaginary London Borough by the River Thames had a high moral tone, influencing me to trust the police. Since then I have seen a very nasty side to the British police. I am glad I changed my mind about joing them in the 1970s. That is another story.

Over the years perceptionns and behaviour have changed. ‘ Z Cars,’ created by a jaundiced Mersey side Detective Sergeant raised serious questioned. DS Challoner of West End Central exposed his and othersd serious corruption in the Metropilitan police. The CID had a drinking culture which persists. The police did not like the ‘Z Cars’ storylines which showed cops’ difficult family lives and peculiar characters, with DCI Barlow being portrayed as a bully.

Positive discrimination did not save Northumbria Police’s Chief Sue Sim when she was forced out by corrupt hard drinking bullying male colleagues in 2016. she was trying to reform that force. These bloated warrirs in the war against sexism used all the offensive language and group bullying to discredit her. Weeks after she left, former colleagues showed contempt by refusing to take her daughter’s rape claims seriously.

To make matters worse, her and a former female colleague were arrested on Edinburgh’s Waverley Station for being drunk and disorderly after a night out.

Former Assistant Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police Brian Paddick writes in his police memoirs ‘In the Line of Fire’, ‘It wasn’t my homosexuality that caused me problems in the police, it was my honesty.’ His advice is ‘Always tell the truth, that way you do not have to remember what you said..’

Zach Staford write in ‘The Guardian’ ( July 27th 2015 ) For decades it has been widely accepted to only frame police officers as people who save us, protect us and stop the ‘bad guys.’ They have been the superheroes of countless stories, always getting the bad guy – a bad guy who just so happens to always be black. While there is nothing wrong with a good superhero in any story, we shouldn’t assume that just because someone carries a gun and wears a uniform that they are always the hero and can do nothing wrong. Zach Staford ‘The Guardian.’ July 27 2015′

With all of this in mind, and more, the police Public Relations Departments have a policy of amplifying any incident where officers are hurt. It would be churlish that many of these cases involve poor risk assessmeny by officers. As a truck driver I would not stand in front of a runaway truck. Had I been a police officer, I would not have stood in the way of a man with a machette.

The officer who did this recently was hailed as a hero, not a fool- when he stopped a van being driven by an Asian man in London, at night, suspecting the vehicle was not insured. However, drugs were on board. Why are drugs such a problem? Why do we have such a violent sub culture in diverse Britain.

The National Police College recently reported that promotions are based on croneyism and the wrong people get the top jobs. A few years ago Cleveland’s Chief and Deputy Chief Constables were forced to ‘retire’ on full penisons for corrupt financial practice- revealed by a brave female civilian.

Recently the head of underperforming Police Scotland was forced out because his assistant bravely stepped out of line reporting his boss for bullying. I have been a public servant and know what the creepy careeists do to whistle blowers.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Police are back in the news having officially failed on all categories of performance criteria. The force has had six Chief Constables in as many years, all, apart from Sue Sim who tried to do something about it, trotting out the mantra ‘lessons will be learned.’

Chief Officers have large salaries with many expensive benefits, including moving allowances, luxury cars and drivers, all expenses paid luxury junkets in expensive hotels in Edinburgh and other places. They have extraordianry power and no real accountability. The complaints system is ultimately in the Chief Constables hands. Their time is mainly used up policing the net, hate crimes, sexual allegations and domestics.

What used to be taken seriously, non sexual assaults, robbery and burglary has an official clear up rate of 7%. Cover ups and collusion are their speciality- as Hillsborough contiiniues to demonstrates. They are part of the same corrupt self serving malignancy that is being exposed in Parliament. Hailing every officer who gets run over by his own vehicle or similar misfortune, isobvious window dressing.

Johnson and Patel promising 20, 000 more officers with lots of state of the art kit will just mean more of the same, and more taxes- which rich people tend to avoid. The police already consume 25% of all council tax paid. Robert Cook October 3rd 2019

A Tale of Two Toffs- October 1st 2019

Did anyone warn the Queen about this man. Piers Morgan of ‘Mirror’ and TV fame is threatening to reveal Boris’s secret.

Back in March this year Boris Johnson caused a storm by arguing that the police were wasting millions investigating historic claims of sex abuse. ‘Tell that to those whose lives have been ruined screamed ‘The Mail’s’ headline. quoting an ex Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal who tweeted: ‘Boris Johnson thinks spending money on delivering justice to victims of child sexual abuse is wasted.’

Today Piers Morgan, on the ‘This Morning Show’ accused PM Boris Johnson of being a sex offender. Boris is already in trouble over allegations of an improper relationship with a busnesswoman when he was Mayor of London.

Prime Minister Johnson has been formally referred for potential investigation into whether he committed the criminal offence of misconduct in public office, over relations with a US businesswoman while he was mayor of London.

Boris Johnson said the only reason groping allegations are being made is because “quite a few people don’t want Brexit”. The allegations are that Boris squeezed a female journalist’s thigh in the late 1990s.

Meanwhile the British mainstream media has nothing nasty to say about investigating Price Andrew’s business conduct or the sexual allegations against hin which are far more serious.

Prince Andrew’s relationsionship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein- who miraculous;y managed to break his neck in two places while under surveilance in jail- is intriguing. If they had been made about Boris he would already be on remand.

The allegations against Prince Andrew were first made years ago. Obviously he is not ging to be held to account. No doubt the authorities are already working out ways of burying this story, regardless of evidence. It will probably be written off and received by an eager public, as a terrible conspiracy against the monarchy. Meanwhile they want to bury Boris and Brexit. It seems this is a tale of two toffs with very different treatnents and characters.

There is a majot problem with historic abuse allegations where a woman’s word is always taken as truth, unless it is made against someone like Prince Andrew. It is very convenient that these allegations come while the Brexit con merchants are worried they won’t get away with it.

Robert Cook

Who’s Joking? September 29th 2019

On our Polly Sexual page we have the story of a man visited by police for an inappropriate post about transexuals. The post was cruel and possibly misinformed. However, the scary thing about it was the comments by a police officer sent to interview him.

The officer explained he had been on a course. He accepted that the tweeter had broken no laws.

We have a copy letter sent to a pre op transexual-after her third annual consulation and two years of hormone treatment and blood tests -informing her GP ‘she has a secure female identity’ promising gender reassignment surgery as soon as testosterone levels were suitably reduced.

The Psychiatrist CR Ramsay’s report sent to Polly Sexual’s GP copied to Polly- not her real name obviously, stated that ‘she was more likely to die by misadventure than suicide’. The report said that Polly could not be informed of the evidenc they had considered because it would upset her.

The letter is signed by Dr Kirpal Sahota of the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic in Hammersmith London. A few weeks later a psychiatrist, student and mental health nurse turned up at the patient’s home, insisting on entry and forcing a series of interviews. The patient was then sent a copy report diagnosing paranoid personality disorder, saying hospital was not immediately needed. Monitoring would be ongoing.

Anti psychotic drugs were insisted upon as a part of the process. The patient has requested, from them and the GMC, their working definition of paranoid personality disorder- it is explained on our psychology page- and how the patient met the criteria. This has been denied.

The psychiatrist CR Ramsay recommended a milti agency monitring process involving the police. The case is very serious and on going. One has to wonder where the real insanity lies. Maybe there is no contradiction between being judged female in a male body, suitable for sex change and paranoid at the same time! I wonder.

Censorship on this subject in the name of fake liberal diversity could be doing very serious harm and promoting further gender totalitarianism in a country where working class men are increasingly isolated and inclined to suicide.

Fears an angry ‘Dark net’ organisation of angry white men will use screenings of the new Joker movie to carry out mass shootings. This group of voluntary celibate men are apparently angry with modern women and the world that created them.
Fact or just another excuse for censorhip and clamping down on social media?

There is an increasingly powerful movement to abolish gender specific toys, through advertising and education, in spite of evidence that from an early age girls show more interest in faces and boys how things work. Psychology and psychiatry are not easily, if at all, grounded in what one might call science.

From the outset judgements of what is right, wrong, appropriate and inappropriate behaviour have been cuturally defined. Cultural developments and hegemony is very much in the hands of the powerful and subversion has dire consequences as war crime whistle blowers Julian Assange and Bradley Manning know to their cost.

A kids news programme on Sky today, September 29th 2019. They are a politically correct line up espousing the politically correct opinions about everything from Boris Johnson, Europe to climate change.
I have seen a lot of this country in my work as a truck driver- includng Scotland and Wales. Here in Plymouth a few months ago, this young man- someone’s beloved son- threatens to commit suicide. My Polish co driver took the picture, wearily explaining, ‘Young men are under too much pressure now.’

Shoot the Messenger September 29th 2019

Back in the 1980s I used to believe that teaching and good writing could change the world. So I dropped out of the rat race thinking teaching would give me time to write. I also thought teachers would be idealists. I soon found most were back stabbing careerist. rampant feminists or both.- more in due course on Junius page.

Thirty years later we see the dream come true. Teachers are brainwashers, police social controllers and journalists spin their so called truths for multi national elite funded mainstream media. So we have the irrelevance of murdered MP Jo Cox intruded into the Brexit fiasco. Cox’s husband and sister, Kate Leadbeater have joined in the row.

The latter is outraged that Boris Johnson said the best way to honour Jo Cox’s memory was to get Brexit done. Words seldom fail him, but he was in an impossible position dealing with an overtly female dominated excuse for a debate. All the women wanted to scream, screech and shout about, with angry faces, was the terrible tone and vocabulary the PM used. This was not debate. It was the assertion of educated female superiority and demand to be obeyed.

The elite expect their agencies and widespread cameras to prevent a rise of the far right, as happened in 1930s Europe. But their rush to condemn suggsts a certain insecurity. One is reminded of the Aberfan coal slag heap collapse in the 1960s, when England did not swing for most of us. One too many loads of wsste was put on that slag heap.

The rain came, the heap collapsed and burried the school. What is never mentioned about the Jo Cox muder is that her killer was being forced to leave the council house he had grown up in and lived with his mother there. All his life and memories had been there.

The house was being given to a large migrant family. The authorities appered not to care about this man or his ethnicity. Hate speech and a feminist libersl obsession with tone, may be making matters worse. Far Right movements are far from an organised mass movement, but an anomic mass response is not out of the question.

Last week’s events have not helped. Now we have opportunistic Labour hoping to criminalise Johnson, just as the Democrats are desperate to get Trump impeached because of the Biden scandal- and threat to his Presidential hopes. These people are quite dreadful, yet they are the ones setting what passes for a moral tone.

British Police are now primarily social controllers. An officer told me that 80% of his call outs are domestics. Get the family first, divide and rule, make excuses for anything women do. Make them feel good, make men feel bad.

The FBI has expended their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein by using more witnesses who claim to have been victims of his sex trafficking, some of whom could help authorities figure out what Prince Andrew’s connection was to the disgraced financier who died by suicide in his New York prison cell in August. Posted September 29th 2019- Full Story on International News Page

The These are iconic images of Britain in the twentieth century,- published in ‘Portsmouth Voices’ by Robert Cook 1997

I was brought up in a poor working class family in Tory Buckinghamshire. My parents moved out from their native London to Winslow, where she was brought up and had family. She said she liked London but there were few houses or flats for people to live in. My sister was born in London and it was the only place we ever went on holiday until my father’s death, after which we never went on holdiday as a family again.

But I would be lying if I said we knew we were poor because we were British. My parents, as Londoners, remembered the war and the blitz. Mother lost a brother who was serving with the London Irish Rifles.

Common folk suffered much during World War Two, being offered a better world after- ‘fun and laughter and peace ever after’ as Vera Lynn used to sing to them all. People clung on during the really austere 1950s, not wanting to believe it had all been for nothing.

My father, a regular soldier, had been wounded at Dunkirk, serving later as a military policeman in Liverpool and Birkenhead. They had a different outlook on life, a broader outlook, but they were very English. They respected its tradition and trusted its icons.

Churchill had its critics, my mother among them after he visited the munitions factory where she met him. The Royals were held above politics, my mother admiring them for staying in London during the Blitz. All that changed when Princess Diana, her boyfriend and driver died mysteriously in a Paris underpass where they were diverted because a bridge over the River Seine was closed for no obvious reasons.

Cameras along the route were switched off. There are many more unanswered questions about this matter, but suffice it say here that it seriously harmed the credibility of the Queen and Royal family.

Now we have the Epstein scandal. Will there be another slick British establishment cover up? I expect so. The second picture above was taken as the Royal family gathered for their last trip on the Royal Yacht Brittannia. There is no sign of Prince Andrew in this image. Where was he?

Why- with his personal detective’s jeAn cald legs just in view behind him- did prince Andrew meet with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in Central Park? Why does he look so worried? How did Epstein manage to break his neck in two places? He was bing watched 24/7 following a previous suicide attempt, but the recordings have mysteriously disappeared.

Wasteminster Waffle September 25th 2019

Britain’s Traditions are long past their sell by date

Parliament is still asking the government loaded questions about the horrors that will unfold if Britain has a no deal Brext- theonly form of Brexit worth the name. Up until this moment, 17.30 there have been 87. Most are from the combined ex Tory Lib Dem Labour Parliamentary alliance of comfortable vested interests determined to block or have a fake Brexit.

Failing their consent to a General Election so that ‘the people’ can decide, they should revoke Article 50 and admit that the Brexit vote was a sham. Listening to them ranting I can only conclude that being in the EU has taken away this country’s ability to produce anything and the best of our food is being sent abroad. Meanwhile we are told to eat less meat for the environment- really so it can be exported elsewhere at high prices.

Earlier today the Attorney General renewed pleas for decency to prevail and for Parliament -thanks to pompous idiot ex PM David Cameron’s obstructive Fixed Term Parliament Act Parliament now decides- to permit a General Election. This is obviously because they do not trust the people not to give PM Boris aa working majority.

The tone of questioning was all about making a fool of the government. When the Attorney General responded to one loaded question as reminding him of the old barrister joke. ‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet? answer yes or no. A demented posh female Labour MP leapt up and was given the speaker’s permission to rail against him for ‘making a joke of domestic violence and insensitivity.’ Labour certainly has its priorities right. Whatever would it do without domestic violence, female suffering everywhere and racism?

Where Real People Live

September 25th 2019

The Supreme Court Judgement effectively accuses PM Boris Johnson of conning the Queen.

‘Get outside London where real people live and you will find out what real people want. People did not vote to remain in the single market, it couldn’t have been clearer.’ So said Nigel Farage on BBC news tody at 07.25 BST today.

Farage was called to account when he said that the Supreme Court is a political court set up by Tony Blair and represntative of the political class.

As a former school teacher with many years experience, I am aware that Britain’s schools eschew politics, ensuring high levels of political ignorance as a basis for controlling people en masse. This country’s much vaunted diversity is a con, it is a bit like saying a farm is diverse because it includes humans, chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle.

Tony Blair used to be lampooned as Tony Bliar in trendy ‘Private Eye’. There is no doubt that he lied over Iraq and the dodgy dossier. Still Blair is venerated and so is Cameron, the person who originated the Brexit con trick.

Now I just heard former Supreme Court Judge and BBC news luvvie Lord Sumption answer the question of him and his sort being out of touch with what the people voted for. His answer was: ‘Under the British Constitution 52% of the population cannot have 100% of the spoils.’ I wonder how he squares that with the fact that Margaret Thatcher won a landslide victory with 40 % of the vote in 1979.

She and her Tories went on to dismantle and re assemble the social and economic fabric, enhancing police powers, causing so much misery along the way- selling state assests at knock down prices to Tory cronies, creating record levels of unemployment along the way. Why does the first past the post system apply to all British elections but not Cameron’s Brexit con? Boris Johnson, according to the elite, is a populist who lacks integrity.

Johnson also stands accused of lying to the Queen. It is interesting that the Supreme Court attributes a secret motive for proroging parliament but there is no media interest or calling Parliament, led by Bercow, to account for their obvious intent to block an effective Brexit. I have no idea what a resl Brexit would mean, but I do know that Gina Miller, Parliament and the mainstream media have shown Britain’s democracy for the sham that it is. Among other things, Cameron’s new memoirs show he only allowed a referendum because he expected to manipulate a remain vote. That makes Cameron disingenuous if not a downright liar.

Lady Hale of the Supreme Court and her cronies have overruled years of precedent in our unwritten constitution. The fact that Parliament on all sides is blocking a General Election, wanting a deal first, informs any one with an open mind that Parlaiment and Miller’s intent has not been about our fake democracy, it is about blocking Brexit, to hell with anything or anybody in their way.

Cameron is sorry he failed with his vote winning trick of a fake referendum on Brexit.

Call for Johnson to resign September 24th 2019

The issue is very simply about Britain’s fake democracy. A woman representing extreme wealth has overturned the British Constitution and its precedents. Parlaiment is hoping, backed or maybe led by the odious and pompous John Bercow, to pass off a so called Brexit deal-which will be remaining without representation-f as Brexit. Such a deal will mean remaining on worse terms.

If Labour and Parliament had any guts it would bring a vote of no confidene after revoking Article 50 and openly cancelling Brexit.. There are a lot of down trodden hopeless people in this country.

These people are condemned and scapegoated because they believe they are being overwhlemed by favoured migrants from countries the British elite and the U.S have been bombing ever since 9/11. It is hard to say how things will play out but the misery won’t go away.

The Brexit Bus made it very clear, Brexit was not about a deal.

Governement Backs Clampdown on Hate Crimes September 24th 2019

Make Love Not War Image Charles Close

Editorial Comment Hate used to be a word popular with soap opera script writers, schoolkids and girls dumping their boyfriends. The famous German philopsopher Goethe said and wrote : ‘You have to be a good hater.’ International English athlete Dick Taylor said : ‘You have to hate to win races.’ When I went before an RAF commission board at RAF Biggin Hill back in the early 1970s, I was asked if I could kill.

A female officer, obviously the board’s psychiatrist was annoyed by my hesitation, cutting in with the comment : ‘Well that’s what it is all about in the end.’ I see her point. How can you kill without emotion, without hate, without believing that the enemy is the bad person and worthy of hate?

A great deal of killing has been orchestrated by the bullies who beccame the ruling elite over the centuries. After Rome went Christian and the barely civilised world spilt between Christian and Islam versions of worship and corrupt rule, each side proclaimed they were right. Love was for God and hate for the enemy.

During the so called ‘Great War’ which was all about greed and empire, millions of young men were slaughtered by their betters while propoganda whipped up hate on both sides. British guns were blessed and returning soldiers in 1918, many crippled or traumatised, were thrown on the scrap heap.

The rich rode out the depression until there was an excuse for more war, hate and patriotic hysteria. The post war hippy period was a flash in the pan, the Western World led by Britain and icons like Germaine Greer morphed into feminism and the apparently endless world of hating men, making them pay and putting them in their place.

Hate has been a useful word enabling us to understand extreme emotions and explore causes. Now it is a label and a crime to control the fall out from a new social order- created, by the ruling elite who have no idea of life at the bottom- called DIVERSITY.

The word fan is short for fanatic. The multi billion pound world of sport relies on fans who are known to get drunk and violent, replacing a sense of lost tribalism and belief with football favours etc. Society’s rulers, including feminists, are very concerned. When they look for causes of hate crimes they are not looking at basic human nature.

They are looking at their new world order design to better design and control the individuals and groups that do not fit the kind of diversity they want. Drugs or prison are their ultimate resort if education and psychotherapy do not fit. Robert Cook September 24th 2019

Censor Oxford Dictionary Insist Feminists September 23rd 2019

Sheep follow the farmer’s Land Rover, ever trusting not knowing they will be slaughtered next year. People are being trained like sheep, that’s why I call them Sheeple.
Image Charles Close

It has been said and probably tested that if you put a frog in hot water it will demonstrate how high it can jump. But if you put it into cold water and start boiling it the frog won’t notice until it is too late. So when the raging politically correct feminists started boiling the social water in the 1970s, most people – mired in poverty and despair – did not notice.

So it came to pass, with the ‘inevitability of gradualnes’ phrase as theFabian Webbs used to predict their promised socialist utopia , we experienced all the deliberate changes creeping into social policies and reinforced by school teachers- as I was ordered to do.

No one noticed the thin end of this so called liberal feminist wedge as it prized the two sexes apart- it has yet to seriously affect the upper classes because they live in their own little world feeding off the ignorant masses and loving all this distraction, as they do the nonsense over climate change. ‘Scapegoats r’ Us’ is their logo. The feminist agenda is an elitist con trick.

Since literacy is at an all time low in Britain -unless texting is regarded as literacy- few will appreciate the seriousness of the feminist attack on the Oxford dictionary. As if making so many things actionable as hate speech was not enough, feminists are campaigning to remove every single word or expression that might be used to denigrate or present women in a bad light. The only light that is allowed to shine over the great blob of women is a halo imposed by deranged feminists.

Remove the words, define and ban unpleasant comments as so called hate speech and the authorities control our ability to think and criticise our own oppression. This fits in well with the global modern liberal Western multi cultured diversity imposed on us all by an intolreant global supremacist upper class. This intolerant fascist ideology is corroding the West to assist the continued personal enrichment of a corrupt inbred hereditary elite.

By pretending that we have a collection of cultures and tolerant diversity, the authorities justify banning thoughts and expressions. Like the frogs, the plebians do not notice that the temperature is rising in more ways than one. Robert Cook September 23rd 2019

Climate change: Impacts ‘accelerating’ as leaders gather for UN talks Posted September 23rd 2019

By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent

  • 22 September 2019

The signs and impacts of global warming are speeding up, the latest science on climate change, published ahead of key UN talks in New York, says.

The data, compiled by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), says the five-year period from 2014 to 2019 is the warmest on record.

Sea-level rise has accelerated significantly over the same period, as CO2 emissions have hit new highs.

The WMO says carbon-cutting efforts have to be intensified immediately.

The climate statement is a pull-together of the latest science on the causes and growing impacts of unprecedented levels of warming seen in recent years.

Recognising that global temperatures have risen by 1.1 degrees C since 1850, the paper notes they have gone up by 0.2C between 2011 and 2015.

Media captionBBC Weather examines what effects a warming world could have had on 2019’s extreme weather.

This is as a result of burgeoning emissions of carbon, with the amount of the gas going into the atmosphere between 2015 and 2019 growing by 20% compared with the previous five years.

Perhaps most worrying of all is the data on sea-level rise.

“Climate change due to us is accelerating and on a very dangerous course,” said Prof Brian Hoskins, chair of the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London, and professor of meteorology, University of Reading.

“We should listen to the loud cry coming from the schoolchildren. There is an emergency – one for action in both rapidly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions towards zero and adapting to the inevitable changes in climate.”

‘No fancy speeches’

The WMO report is meant to inform the special UN summit on climate change taking place in New York on Monday.

A range of political leaders will attend the one-day event, which is designed to be about action and not words, according to UN secretary general António Guterres.

“I told leaders not to come with fancy speeches, but with concrete commitments,” he said ahead of the meeting.

“People want solutions, commitments and action. I expect there will be an announcement and unveiling of a number of meaningful plans on dramatically reducing emissions during the next decade, and on reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Greta Thunberg and other youth activists, fresh from marching on the streets of New York on Friday, will speak at the opening of the meeting.

While China, India, France, Germany and the UK will speak at the meeting, there is no place on the podium for Japan or Australia.

“It is highly important that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, notably from energy production, industry and transport. This is critical if we are to mitigate climate change and meet the targets set out in the Paris Agreement,” said Petteri Taalas from the WMO.

“To stop a global temperature increase of more than 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, the level of ambition needs to be tripled. And to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees, it needs to be multiplied by five,” he said.

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British Airways jet landing at Heathrow. One lands or takes off every three minutes, their carbon foot print is considerable and set to increase in numbers. Image Charles Close

Editorial Comment This is a shortened version of the BBC article- the full report is on Internatioanl News. It is notable that the raging growth in world population is unmentioned, as always. It is a conventional truth that economic growth must keep pace with population growth and that pooerer countries have the right to move up to Western living standards, being allowed to migrate there freely if necessesary..

It is also a fact that Britain is backing the U.S over blaming Iran for the attack on an oil refinery. The U.S has gone fracking mad but still wants to control the world’s energy suppy. Neighbouring Brazil is burning the rainfores for pasture.

Eighty percent of the world’s population are non white but ordinary whites, who struggle to pay bills in countries like Britain get the blame. london is to have a thord London Airport and nobody is going to stop the jet set. There was a fierce response when environmental campaigners threatened to blockade Heathrow. So far no one has calculated what are the effects of so much political and media hot air on global warming.

Corrupting the Young by Robert Cook- Posted September 22nd 2019

How can the media do this to young Greta? The system is riddled with lies and cover ups. This girl is being misled and made a fool of. This is the age of global banks backing the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest in a country mesmerised and fooled by religion and doing nothing to deal with its unsustainable population growth. It is also the age of global bank corruption, as the recent exposure of J P Morgan and its rigging of the world silver market demonstrates- the tip of the iceberg.

Hong Kong’s so called fight for democracy is actually about protecting international finance and banking corruption from mainland China’s scrutiny and consequences. That is why the Hong Kong protestors; favourite song is ‘God Bless America.’ The U.S.A is the home of financial corruption. Dividing and ruling the masses, creating stooges like Greta is par for the course. Most women don’t get this. While they are busy parading and shouting about saving the planet, are they thinking about cutting back on their consumerism?
It should be a subsistence economy regardless of the impact on the old Third World/BRICKS economies. At least that will cut the population- If the overspill all come to Europe then there will be population densities leading to civil war and carnage, once again reducing climate threatening overpopulation.

Make up, perfume, hair products and fashion are highly polluting in their manufacture, distribution and sales. Time for a Mao Tse Tung style uniform for both genders and all ages- Thht would also kill the argument that men fetishise women- Women say they want to be judged as equals by their personalities. skils, aptitudes and capabilities, not their looks. Absolutely right so bring it on..

Let women be seen for what they really are, drop the expensive polluting camouflage and plastic surgery- along with the female vanity, arrogance, self righteousness and surliness that motivates it. Only then will women be safe from their evil male opprssors.

Lincolnshire Fire Chief Bans Fireman Sam Mascot Posted September 19th 2019

Fire Chief Les Britzman of Lincolnshire Fire Brigade bans long standing Fireman Sam of Pontypandy Fire Brigade, childrens TV show, fame from being the forces recruiting mascot. It puts off women from joining the service he says.

Mrs Pink Pig has been similarly condemned by the politically correct campaign to prove that women can do anything a man can do, probably better as well.

As Piers Morgan commented on breakfast TV, the logical thing for Mr Britzman to do is to sack himself. Britain leads the world on political correctness and rule making. Europe would never survive without them.

Children’s Books Move on to the PC World

Children’s books have moved on to suit this age of diversity, where the least diverse thing is that the rich still get richer with the poor fighting over what is left over. Crime is an inevitable outcome- the rich peoples crimes are outside of official parlance or investigation.

So it somes to pass that children have a new exciting series to read, all about the lives of Topsy and Tim, two politically correct white children. In this slim volume. Topsy and Tim have an exciting visit from the police- I know what a visit from the police is like, certainly not exciting- I would call it invasive, terrifying and humiliating.

In the days when only boys- rich boys- were educated, the Jesuit teachers had a saying : ‘Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.’ My studies in postgraduate psychology informed me that there is science behind this expression. So the system knows, ‘get them young.’

The police have a problem of losing consent, an inevitable outcome of the expanding police state and the police’s fixation on the lower orders. As Plebgate revealed, the police do not see themselves as common people. The politcians and media market them as heroes. The idea of police corruption and misconduct will never be seen in the world of Topsy and Tim.

Robert Cook

Polite People Protestors outside Supreme Court Yesterday – Posted September 18th 2019

What exactly is democracy today? Why hasn’t Julian Assange recived so much attention from the media and comfortable British ?

My concern in this case is that the Brexit choice was a fake, the elected government is not allowed the General Election it wants, mainstream media is biased and a person with a lot of money ( a lawyer with all the right connections ) and access to a crowd fund, is bringing a case in the name of democracy, as we see with these placards. Europe is an appalling mess, its cultural heritage symbolised by what is left of Notre Dame, mass immigration and refugees are very much the outcome of arrogant elitist British and U.S led wars on the Middle East and years of plundering Africa.

Liberals and feminists see Europe as a suitable escape valve for the overflow, condemning the underlass who paid for the carnage. Staying in Europe with no MEPs is a good outcome for an elite that only offered a Brexit vote because rich elitist politicians had been advised they would win. As a former maths teacher, the maths here are obvious and everything adds up. Now we have the so called independent judiciary involved, and law made by our so called representatives on the hoof, just to block a no deal Brexit. www.robertcookofnorthbucks.comAbout This Websiteuk.news.yahoo.com Here’s What Happened On Day One Of The Supreme Court Prorogation Hearing

Political Elite September 17th 2019

This young Lib Dem, Clio Toogood, speaking to her fellow Lib Dems at Conference yesterday, says it all about the polite face of British politics today.

I never shared the view that leaving Europe would make life better for common people in this country. By common, I mean average, the proletariat if you like- the kind of people the police see themselves as being above a la Plebgate.

Britain, to my mind, has stoked up the effete pseudo liberalism that has infested Europe. Our Internationalist elite has. since 1066, had a sense of noblese oblige.

Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election victory ushered in this age of shameless greed, selfishness, hypocrisy, global economics and rolling war. Class became a dirty and allegedly divisive word. Labour split between the Militant Tendency and the Social Democrats. Unions were castrated along with a new breed of upper middle class feminist politicians.

In those days, I was motivated to join the Labour Party, soon kicked out for criticising the self harming Coal Miners strike. I found a new political home in the Liberal Democrats in 1997, going for selection as prospective parlaimentary candidate. After selection I was offered courses on how to present myself and talk to voters. I knew then it was not for me. As it turned out when High Tory and old Etonian David Cameron failed to achive a majority, along came the LIB Dems to help out- all things to all people should be their slogan.

Britain’s elite have always felt their version of morality was God given, at least in my life time. There have been so many apparent splits, but the mentality has not changed. The elite has even more of the money, with mainstream media even more complex and sophisticated in its control- blaming the Russians when it goes wrong.

The Brexit refereundum was intended to reinforce Britain’s membership of the EU. It didn’t, so the elite backlash is working a con that leaving with a deal is actually leaving. The reality is that it suits them better, because they will still benefit while the common people will have no chance of electing MEPs to stand up for them. People who don’t like this outcome will be told ‘You voted for it.’

Author Robert Cook, at home in the little house where he was born and grew up , with his best friend dog ‘Prince’ in the 1960s. ‘My father died in 1962, after a two year illness. He had no wages, so we lived on National Assistance and mother’s £1 10 shillings a week from work as a lollipop lady.

We knew poverty first hand. I saw real women suffering and take no lessons from smug upper middle class politicians of either sex. I was a student at elite University of East Anglia in the early 1970s.

My fellow students were the spolied sex mad drug taking complaining protesting students who founded our nightmare dysfunctional hypocritical PC world of today. They went on long holidays abroad while I spent vacations on dangerous road building jobs to make ends meet for my poor hard working slave of a mother. The idea of social equality is the bourgeoise socialists con of a Holy Grael’ Robert Cook

Mourning a Tyrant – September 12th 2019

Face of tyrant Robert Mugabee, the man empowered by Tory Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington. Carrington said ‘He seemed the best choice at the time.’

The white liberal political/media elite backed Robert Mugabee and are now sanitising and air brushing his crimes. He was a vile man. Calling this nationalism is just another trick for damning nationalism. He was a murderous bullying brute-put in power by the British elite. Lessons are never learned. South Africa is no better.

But the British elite blame no one except the likes of long dead Cecil Rhodes for the appaling reality. Posh Oxford University students banning the Rhodes statue is typical virtue signalling. They are the future media and political consensus tyrants, while it is their ancestors who benefitted from the Empire- the building of which relied on lies, deceit and sacrifice of British white working class soldiers.

Mugabee was billions of time worse than Ian Smith. His henchmen burned blacks alive. He went to Switzwerland using stolen money from the country he bankrupted, not for medical treatment, but because the horrible old man could not stand being pushed out of power.

Through violence and femaine, Mugabee killed more blacks than Ian Smith- ever did or counted. This view is not compatible with our so called liberal PC elite who think women and blacks are never inherently bad. They are so nice and innocent, they only do bad things when led astray by white men -men who rape nice countries and nice women.

Must Respect Judges and the Law. No protests in UK please- September 12th 2019

More police says PM- what for?

I never saw leaving Europe as a solution to British elite corruption and economic bias towards their greed and loathing of the indigenous working classes.

Thatcherism broke the old post war so called Butskillism consensus in the name of progress and more profit. It evolved into the current cross party consensus that offered politicians careers, status, TV fame, and the vote winning lie of a Brexit referendum, confident that most of us did not care and the rest would vote remain.

This has exposed the bigger issue of the new elite cross party consenus toward passing off a Brexit deal as leaving. Lord Sumption, with his visibly awakwardsly heaving shoulders, was wheeled out again yesterdasy, by the BBC.

This was for yet another of his Reith lectures- named after the upper class Lord Reith who had the first BBC Director General job handed to him on a plate, decades ago.

It was an interesting talk, which I will review later today. For now, the key phrase of this talk was : ‘The public are demanding more freedom with the safety to do what they want. For this it is necesaary to increase the public space at the expense of the private space. This is particularly important in our diverse society.’ It means privacy is being reduced so that we have ever increasing State Power to watch and control us underlings- not the likes of Price Andrew for example.

Sumption told us that in 1919 there was one solicitor per thousand of the population. Today the ratio is one for every 400. ‘There are 50 stout volumes of British law.’ He said.

The City of London is the least regulated financial market in the world and higly lucrative for the international elite. Merkel accused Britain of hypocrisy over Euro law grumbles. She said Britain has been responsible for 80% of them. So, all in all, anyone who thinks leaving will make Britain less rule and law bound is mistaken. Brexit may not do much for the common people, but it would cost the elite and big business. it would also remove their shield of blaming Europe.

I just heard a Labour big whig saying we must respect our judges ( who are not out of touch, he said ) and the law as per the Scottish High Court judging closing Parliament illegal. A few days ago, we saw how the cross party elite rushed out a law to prevent Brexit. Respecting the law is about respecting the ruling rich elite and their power.

I am sure the Nazis insisted on common folk respecting the law. The penalty for not doing would be horrible. Laws are not inherently sacrosanct or benign and rely on popular consent, which is why the elite and their media fear any hint of populism, always ready to apply and/or change the law. Diversity is a big part of the con. Robert Cook September 12th 2019

Mainstream Media ignores Julian Assange case – September 11th 2019

Vivienne Westwood defends Julian Assange as freedom fighter ignored by mainstream media. I know how it works, Thompsons sacked me years ago for upsetting the readers, just one too many complaints the editor told me. So what is the media for? Rhetorical question.

Below are two recent reports concerning the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Sweden is a close ally of Britain. Britain is just as close to the U.S, which its’ elite spawned- George Washington was from a wealthy family of Northamptonshire landowners and involved with slavery.

Times change. Old crimes are forgotten and forgiven, while new ones are invented. Rape was redefined by PM Tony Blair and his government of former lawyers. All sorts of alleged inappropriate contact male to female may now be defined as rape, for the purposes of pleasing female voters and their worried fathers.

It is an intractable problem, with men guilty until proven guilty and even proven female liars escaping punishment. To achieve its ends of upping rape convictions, the British ruling elite have embraced the ‘Me Too’ culture.

This means when all else fails and there is no evidence to support allegations, all the police have to do is publicise the alleged rapist’s name, calling for more woment to come forward with their allegations. The ‘Cracker’ style theory is all damning, based on the myth that women never lie about anything, let alone men. So along they come. That is why the government will never give those accused of rape anonymity whist protecting the identity of accusers so taht more come forward in each case. It is a fantasists charter.

A long list of complainants made. The case goes to court, with a ‘bad character’ file as big as a pile of bricks. Witnesses will have the option of a video link to prevent them being upset, and the police will hope that another man bites the dust.

As I write, I am mindfull that our governmental system can knock out new laws and ratify them in 24 hours, so I run the risk that these words might break one of them. Publishing is now a dangerous business unless one is part of the mainstream, a stream that simply supports the consensus.

Julian Assange asserts that he did not commit rape but took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy because he was being set up by the British and U.S for extradition. Some claim that the U.S interferred in the Ecuadorian elections in order to get a friendly governemnt to have Assange bad mouthed and kicked out so the Brits could have him jailed and extradited to the U.S on espionage charges.

Turns out all is coming true. A British magistrate called Assange a narcisist and jailed him while extradition papers were arranged. There was no media discussion of what Wilileaks had done to expose U.S war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

It is possible that these crimes also involved U.S main ally Britain- source of the so called ‘dodgy dossier’ used to provoke the last Iraq War which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and destabilised the entire Middle East. Meanwhile, the British politcal system descends into chaos because the British elite are struggling to sell a proposed Brexit Deal as Brexit, rather than the con that it is.

I am not sure things have changed that much. The media has just got better at spin and propoganda, taking the elitist view that the masses are stupid, appeased by promises of more diversity- a world where ordinary women are told of all the wonderful things they could be, while ordinary men are told what they are unless they enter the no man’s land of gender reassignment.

This definition of men tends to the ‘all men are potential rapists, liars and wife beaters. The defintion of women is that they are all angels guiding men and always at risk of abuse. If anything goes wrong it is not their fault. Women like Pamela Anderson are supposed to be there bringing out the worst in men to help condemn them. They are not supposed to have a brain and stand up for men like Julian Assange, a so called threat to our national interest.

When I hear the latter phrase, I substitute class for national. This case is about class interest. Assange is back in solitary confinement and will, I fear be broken before he is extradited. That is what British Democracy is about. Meanwhile, the British elite, with media poodles lapping at their heels, have the audacity to condemn Iraq for jailing two more British women ‘spies’ . The same media hails Hong Kong’s rebel leader Joshua Wong for his role in so called freedom fighting- an alleged spontaneous human rights erruption. Anyone looking for the strings and puppet masters is a deranged conspiracy theorist. It is all very W-ong, in my view. Robert Cook September 11th 2019

More witnesses interviewed in Julian Assange Swedish rape case


Sexual assault probe into WikiLeaks founder still ongoing as new witnesses questioned by authorities in Sweden. 9 Sept 2019

Swedish Vice Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson speaks at a press briefing in Uppsala, Sweden, in June [Fredrik Sandberg via Reuters]
Swedish Vice Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson speaks at a press briefing in Uppsala, Sweden, in June [Fredrik Sandberg via Reuters]

more on Julian Assange

Swedish prosecutors have interviewed two new witnesses over a 2010 rape allegation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

A total of seven witnesses had been interviewed over the summer, the prosecution authority said Monday.

“We have mainly re-interviewed those individuals who were interviewed in 2010, although two of the persons interviewed have not previously been interviewed,” the deputy director of public prosecution, Eva-Marie Persson, said.

The Swedish investigation concerns events that took place in August 2010 when a Swedish woman accused Assange of rape after meeting him at a WikiLeaks conference in the capital, Stockholm.

Assange, 48, has always denied the allegation.

The statute of limitations in the case expires in August 2020.

Under arrest: The future of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

How to proceed?

“Once we have analysed the interviews, I will decide how to proceed with the case. The investigation may then be discontinued or I may decide to conduct further inquiries,” Persson said.

“If I make the assessment that the next step is to interview Julian Assange, I will issue a European Investigation Order, in which case I shall write to the British authorities with a request to conduct an interview.”

Assange has been held at a top-security British prison since April after police sensationally dragged him out of the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where he had been holed up since 2012 to avoid an extradition order to Sweden, where he was wanted for questioning.

Assange was subsequently sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for breaching bail conditions when he took refuge in the embassy.

Following his arrest, Swedish authorities reopened their 2010 rape investigation, which had been closed in 2017 with the argument it wasn’t possible to proceed with the investigation as Assange could not be reached.

Prosecutors then asked a Swedish court to order Assange detained in Sweden in order to facilitate their investigation. But the court refused the request, saying he was already imprisoned in Britain and their probe could proceed in other ways.

Assange is currently also the subject of a US extradition request, where he is facing a total of 18 charges, most of which relate to obtaining and disseminating classified information over the publishing of military documents and diplomatic cables through the website WikiLeaks.

He could be sentenced to 175 years in prison if convicted on all 18 counts.

The Listening Post

Julian Assange, the Espionage Act and implications for free media

SOURCE: News agencies

Pamela Anderson on The View: Watch her clap back at Meghan McCain regarding Julian Assange

By Tiffany Bailey 6th September 2019 3:42 PM ET Share TweetFlipboard

Pamela Anderson on The View.
Pamela Anderson stood up for Julian Assange on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Pamela Anderson sat down with the ladies of The View and things got a little heated at the table. Her friendship with Julian Assange has been widely publicized, and it was what set off the back and forth that viewers saw at the table earlier today.

While talking to Sunny Hostin, Pamela Anderson revealed that Julian Assange inspires her to be a more effect activist. She was full of compliments about him, something that led to contempt from Meghan McCain when it was her turn to talk.

Source /www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/pamela-anderson-on-the-view-watch-her-clap-back-

Bercow the Controller September 10th 2019

Bad tempered House of Commons Speaker John Bercow

If anyone ever doubted that Berow is a bully, yesterday in Parliament should remove any doubts. After a long winded series of psychophantic accolades from the floor, Bercow went into an aside about how words hurt. He mentioned that members of the public had said nasty things about MPs who had been blocking Brexit.

He said this might get worse, because of ‘What we are about to do.’ A debate about getting hold of Boris Johnson’s private correspondence and e mails followed. The debate was led by slick fellow Bucks MP the Rt Hon Dominic Greav of snooty Beaconsfield– a silver tongued upper class former Attorney General and barrister.

Bercow’s tone was conspiratorial and says a lot about his conduct during the Brexit debacle. It should be clear that the intention is to disguise remaining in the EU as leaving with a deal.

I started out as a remainer who thought leaving was absurd. However, in the light of all this, I am even more fearful of the corrupt British Police State and its malign influence, not just on us lower orders, but the common people of Europe. Yesteday’s performance was redolent of the last days of the Reichstag in pre war Germany. Comment by Robert Cook

Hate Speech Posted September 10th 2019

The EDL roar into Aylesbury, 2010, chanting ‘Allah is paedo’ basing their chant on the fact that the prophet Mohammed married a child. By the way, the first Duke of Westminster married a 12 year old and with the dowry that became Westminster. Not surprsingly he died a few years later. His powerful family had the girl put in an asylum so as to keep her estate. Is telling the truth hate spach? The philosopher Goethe wrote, ‘You have to be a good hater.’ Britain’s 1960s international and Midlander middle distance runner Dick Taylor said ‘You have to hate to win races.’ What do you need to feel when you start wars in the Middle Esst based on lies about weapons of mass destruction? Image Robert Cook

The British elite use this device to protect themselves from criticism by barely literate down trodden mass. With elite education it is easy for them to patronise and ignore the miserries and frustrations of who they see as lower orders, when it suits them. In Britain these laws have been used to jail those who say nasty things to or about police officers, politicians and Muslims.

The rules do not seem to apply when anyone from these three groups say nasty things about the lower orders or those aspiring to represent them. Hence it was alright for ‘right on’ feminist comedian (sic) Joe Brand to joke that acid might have been a better choice of liquid to throw over Nigel Farage.

The rules on hatre speech in the United States are a little more relaxed and as follows:

The Legalities Of Hate Speech

Often discussed on a variety of platforms, hate speech and the legalities associated with it can be a hotly debated topic. Hate speech is loosely defined by laypersons as any offensive speech targeted toward people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Opinions about how such speech should be handled by legal authorities vary. Few seem to be familiar with the actual legalities of hate speech, and it is not uncommon for it to be confused with other crimes where hatred is believed to be a motivating factor.

Which Laws Govern Hate Speech?

In the United States, there are no laws against hate speech. Due to rights protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, a person can say just about anything he or she wants to another person or group. By itself, such speech is allowed to take place without penalty under the law.

A person hurling insults, making rude statements, or disparaging comments about another person or group is merely exercising his or her right to free speech. This is true even if the person or group targeted by the speaker is a member of a protected class. According to U.S. law, such speech is fully permissible and is not defined as hate speech.

President Trump: When You Leave the Middle East, Do It with a Big Bang

by Efraim Inbar
The Jerusalem Post
August 25, 2019


President Donald Trump plans to withdraw the US military contingent stationed in northeast Syria. This may be implemented slowly, but the US troops eventually will be brought home. Trump’s disengagement from Syria and Iraq is in sync with American attempts to reach an understanding with the Taliban that will allow an honorable US withdrawal from Afghanistan as well.

Those foreign policy decisions seem to constitute a part of a larger trend to reduce US involvement in the Middle East, a trend that began during the tenure of president Barack Obama. This reflects weariness of foreign involvements, a weariness engendered by US involvement in two unsuccessful wars (Iraq and Afghanistan). Reinforcing this is the diminishing importance of the oil-rich Middle East to the US. American focus on the Chinese challenge also reinforces this. In addition, Trump’s isolationist impulses play a role in lowering America’s military profile abroad.

Continue reading article>

Efraim Inbar is president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and a fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Editorial Comment The Middle East is the land of religious mania and oil wealth. The British elite, with their sharp dealers and working class soldiers played it for years. After World War Two, the U.S.A bundled in. The intention has never been to bring democracy, That cannot be achieved in theocracies.

The Jews have much to complain about, much to fear and much to be proud of, but it is hard to see a resolution with the Islamic people who derived their Koran and belief system from tthe Jews- Judaism. Thus it is inevitable that there will be plenty more big bangs in the region, with more disasters that no sane person would look foward to.

But there is a point where religious faith and sanity part company. I fear that point has been reached with Israel and its neighbours. Hence the continous prodding of Iran because of their support for Assad, a man and regime hated by Israel. It was the German philospher Goethe who said ‘you have to be a good hater.’

Oh whatever happened to the hippies- they either starved or sold out. So who is going to sell out in the Middle East? No one because all conflicting parties believe God is on their side- all good for the multi billion dollar arms industry. For more on this, dig out an old viideo/CD of Peter Sellars in ‘Dr Strangelove.’ Jewish Fascist learned much from the ‘Holocaust’.

Robert Cook Head of Religious Education Grange School Aylesbury 1983/4 August 27th 2019

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Super Pacs August 27th 2019

by Tom Murse Updated July 03, 2019

A super PAC is a modern breed of a political action committee that’s allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions, individuals, and associations to influence the outcome of state and federal elections. The rise of the super PAC was heralded as the beginning of a new era in politics in which elections would be determined by the vast sums of money flowing into them, leaving average voters with little to no influence.

The term “super PAC” is used to describe what is technically known in federal election code as an “independent expenditure-only committee.” They are relatively easy to create under federal election laws. There is about 2,400 super PACs on file with the Federal Election Commission. They raised about $1.8 billion and spent $1.1 billion in the 2016 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Function of a Super PAC

The role of a super PAC is similar to that of a traditional political action committee. A super PAC advocates for the election or defeat of candidates for federal office by purchasing television, radio and print advertisements and other media. There are conservative super PACs and liberal super PACs.

Difference Between a Super PAC and Political Action Committee

The most important difference between a super PAC and traditional candidate PAC is in who can contribute, and in how much they can give.

Candidates and traditional candidate committees can accept $2,700 from individuals per election cycle. There are two election cycles a year: one for the primary, the other for the general election in November. That means they can take in a maximum of $5,400 a year — half in the primary, and half in the general election.

Candidates and traditional candidate committees are prohibited from accepting money from corporations, unions, and associations. Federal election code prohibits those entities from contributing directly to candidates or candidate committees.

Super PACs, though, have no limitations on who contributes to them or how much they can spend on influencing an election. They can raise as much money from corporations, unions, and associations as they please and spend unlimited amounts on advocating for the election or defeat of the candidates of their choice.

Some of the money that flows into super PACs cannot be traced. That money is often referred to as “dark money.” Individuals can mask their identities and the money they give by contribution first to outside groups including nonprofit 501[c] groups or social welfare organizations that go on to spend tens of millions of dollars on political ads.

Restrictions on Super PACs

The most important restriction prohibits any super PAC from working in conjunction with a candidate it’s supporting. According to the Federal Election Commission, super PACs cannot spend money “in concert or cooperation with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, the candidate’s campaign or a political party.”

History of Super PACs

Super PACs came into existence in July 2010 following two key federal court decisions that found limitations on both corporate and individual contributions to be unconstitutional violations of the First Amendment right to free speech.

In SpeechNow.org v. Federal Election Commission, a federal court found restrictions on individual contributions to independent organizations that seek to influence elections to be unconstitutional. And in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that limits on corporate and union spending to influence elections were also unconstitutional.

“We now conclude that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption,” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote.

Combined, the rulings allowed individuals, unions and other organizations to contribute freely to political action committees that are independent of political candidates.

Super PAC Controversies

Critics who believe money corrupts the political process say the court rulings and creation of super PACs opened the floodgates to widespread corruption. In 2012, U.S. Sen. John McCain warned: “I guarantee there will be a scandal, there is too much money washing around politics, and it’s making the campaigns irrelevant.”

McCain and other critics said the rulings allowed wealthy corporations and unions to have an unfair advantage in electing candidates to federal office.

In writing his dissenting opinion for the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens opined of the majority: “At bottom, the Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self-government since the founding, and who have fought against the distinctive corrupting potential of corporate electioneering since the days of Theodore Roosevelt.”

Another criticism of super PACs arises from the allowance of some nonprofit groups to contribute to them without disclosing where their money came from, a loophole that allows so-called dark money to flow directly into elections.

Super PAC Examples

Super PACs spend tens of millions of dollars in presidential races.

Some of the most powerful include:

  • Right to Rise, a super PAC that spent more than $86 million supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.
  • Conservative Solutions PAC, which spent nearly $56 million supporting U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.
  • Priorities USA Action, which spent more than $133 million supporting Hillary’s Clinton‘s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and backed President Barack Obama in 2012. Another prominent pro-Hillary super PAC is Ready for Hillary.
  • New Day for America, which spent more than $11 million supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich‘s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Editorial Comment Super Pacs have a lot of influence in U.S politics, helped by wealthy Jewish donors. From the U.S down, Western style democracies are a sham, but feminists go along with a system as long as it deludes them, and helps them to delude others, into thinking it is mainly about their rights and fight for equality.

To paraphrase Lincoln. ‘You only have to fool some of the people some of the time.’ So get them young, especially ambitious or frustrated young women, who loved it when deadpan Hilary Clinton ( the clue to her is in the eyes ) shrieked ‘Human Rights are Women’s Rights and Women’s Rights are Human Rights’. The only time she laughs, I suspect, is when she is going to the bank. Charles Close August 27th 2019

Police do not have a particularly dangerous job. August 19th 2019

The British Police are now called a service, not a force. Policing the far right is one of their priorities. Image Charles Close

I get sick and tired of hearing what heroes the police are every time one is hurt, or the rare event of them being killed. As someone on the receiving end of their malice, lies and cover ups, I cannot be expected to like them.

As a commercial driver, my life is seriously at risk very day. Drving north on the A41 back from busy Essex and London today, I saw a badly wrecked Bidfood lorry.

Few people appreciate truck drivers until the goods don’t arrive. It may seem strange that I left the cosey world of media and teaching for trucking, but hopefully all will be revealed in due course.

One thing I would not do in my current work- which I have done for the past 12 years- is deliberately attempt to stop a moving vehicle by standing in front of it, or expect to be called a hero if I did.

To call the police heroes on the basis of an officer being run down by a car is no more reasonable than calling them all killers/liars on the basis of what Stephen Harwood did when he caused the death of innocent Ian Tomlinson, the attempted cover up that followed or when Cresida Dick gave the order for her minions to shoot to kill Charles deMendez. I am sure comfortable people with so much to lose will disagree and boycott this site.

My police readers will download my comments as evidence of my bad deranged attitude toward them, whilst continuining to avoid my questions. No doubt the strait jacket is waiting for me.

This is the most serious aspect of British policing, i.e brainwashing the public into believing we need more of them, when most are engaged on intelligence gathering, sureveilance and dealing with domestics caused by the collapes of family life in Britain.

Meanwhile, the prime suspects in the recent death of a TVP officer are travellers, living on a campsite where the police tend to avoid because of the closed community the travellers live in. That is multi culture. Farmer Tony Martin was jailed for shooting one of the travellers who was robbing his home.

I have also worked on farms and in construction, so speak from experience.

The 5 most dangerous jobs in the UK including farmers, plumbers and lorry drivers

In 2012, 148 Brits were killed at work, and thousands more die every year from workplace illnesses like lung cancer. Don’t suffer in silence, make a claim…


  • 08:00, 9 JUN 2014
  • Updated10:39, 21 JUL 2014


Construction Site
Construction sites are the second most dangerous place to work in the UK (Image: Getty)

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The risk of accident, injury and death in the workplace is surrounded by myth and misconception, so here are a few sobering facts.

In 2012, 148 people were killed at work in the UK – that’s one worker in every 200,000, and nearly three people every week.

It seems a lot, but averaged out over the last five years, Britain’s workplace fatality rate is the lowest across all EU member states.

In 2012 there were 78,222 serious injuries to employees, this is in addition to 175,000 injuries requiring more than seven days off work.

Each year, over 4,500 UK citizens die from lung cancer and respiratory illness, mostly due to having worked with asbestos in the past.

Thousands more perish from other occupational cancers caused by exposure to chemicals  and other environmental hazards.

In fact, it’s estimated that some 13,000 people in the UK die each year from long-term illnesses that are at least partly caused by their work.

Asbestos tops the list of causes, with the next biggest being silica, diesel engine exhaust, and mineral oils.

So, while most of us get up for work every morning with a degree of confidence that we’ll be coming home again in the evening, it’s by no means a certainty.

Top 5 most dangerous jobs in the UK

1. Agriculture

Farming in England
Farming is the most dangerous job in the country (Image: Getty)

While only 1% of the workforce is employed in agriculture, the industry accounts for roughly 20% of workplace fatalities.

Approximately 33 farmers and farm workers are killed on the job each year.

2. Construction

Although only about 5% of UK employees work in construction, it accounts for 22% of fatal industrial injuries and 10% of reported major injuries.

Nearly a quarter of all workplace fatalities are the result of falling from a height. 60% of fatal falls occur in the building industry.

3.  Scaffolders, roofers, and steeplejacks

The Manufacturing Industry represents about 10% of the British workforce but is responsible for 25% of deaths, and 16% of reported injuries to employees.

And around 2,000 occupational cancer deaths each year result from past exposure to toxic substances in the manufacturing sector.

4. Waste and recycling

It may employ only about 0.6% of the workforce, but it’s responsible for 10 fatalities, roughly 7% of the total, and 2.8% of reported injuries.

A third of the fatalities in this sector are due to employees being struck by vehicles.

5. Road drivers

Traffic accidents are responsible for a high proportion of injuries and death in society in general, and work related casualties are no exception, with around 25% of road fatalities involving a driver who is at work.

The GMB estimates that work vehicles are involved in over 54,000 crashes in the UK each year – about 150 every day.

Robert Cook working for the BBC at a National Radio 2 Festival, Coventry May 2018, ‘Still on the road and heading for another joint.’

Serious Assaults on British Police Officers August 13th 2019

An honest cop, DCC John Stalker stitched up by his CC James Anderton because he did the job properly and honestly. He was driven out of the police.

There were 10,399 serious assaults on British police officers at work in the last 12 months, representing a 37% rise, according to official figures.

Mainstream media and police officialdom explain this as a sign of increasing violence, which it may be to some extent. But these people are always tardy when it comes to explaining why Britain is more violent. I don’t think it is due to lack of police officers or that more stop and search will make much difference.

Stop and search has always been problematic in the post World War Two era. This has much to do with issues of policing predominantly immigrant communities. From the get go, white police officers revealed issues with Britain’s black communities.

Modern police training may be high on the PCs having PC jargon, but poor hard pressed immigrant and working class white communities tend to disttrust the police as they struggle to make a living and survive. During the 1985 Coal Miners strike, Metropolitan Police officers ridiculed striking miners on the picket line by waving their overtime pay slips at them.

My cousin was a police sergeant based in a coal mining area at the time, Stoke on Trent. Those were dark days and a Thatcher revolution for the police and so much else.

Being a graduate is not what it used to be, with even remedial students getting on the continous assessment courses, and many subjects low on intellectual requirements.

However, simple minded students, flourshing their credentials will be welcome in Boris Johnson’s ‘New Model Army’ of police officers, possibly over confident and not helped by a police training programme which, for many years, has encouraged the police to keep emotional distance from the public- unless they are rich members of the public. That is why the police officers involved in Plebgate were so upset when a toff from the government did not show them respect.

Mainstream media and police top brass milking the terrible assaults on two police officers in the last few days, claiming all cops are heroes is not going to help. On a day to day basis lower class people are treated abrasively by the police. Corruption at high level and cover ups are also issues in a system wide open for insider abuse.

This website does not condone crime of any kind, least of all violence towards anyone, but the police are not little white knights in shining armour. They are well paid officials who like asking questions , working on the new princiole of guilty until proven guilty, but they are very shy about answering questions about their conduct and misconduct. They routinely withold evidence, to get convictions and meet targets.

The new Independent Office for Police Conduct is just a revamp of the old IPCC nd is no more than a mailing service for the police.

Robert Cook

Epstein Lates August 13th 2019

It is being acknowledged by U.S authorities and media that Jeffrey Epstein could not have killed himself using any equipment or structure in his cell for that purpose.

A lot of rich and pwoerful people travelled on the Epstein jet, enjoying parties on board and at his luxury homes, where there were always lots of young attractive girls. Epstein was protesting his innocence and angry with his treatment.

As a member of the elite he could have easily turned on his old cronies, blaming them for his predicament and to save his own skin.

Bill Clinton speny years fighting off sex assault claims and the Monica Lewinsky affair nearly pulled him down. The ‘little black dress’ with semen stains was a tricky one for Bill to explain, but he has a way with words and Hilary to protect him.

Meanwhile, I wonder how Prince Andrew is bearing up.

Prince Andrew faces new Jeffrey Epstein Anguish

August 11th 2019

Britain’s Prince Andrew takes a walk in Central Park with convicted and recently deceased paedophile the late Jeffrey Epstein.

How on earth can such a key prisoner – with obvious links to the U.S great and good, and others, as the image of the late Jeffrey Epstein with Prince Andrew here shows- commit suicide in a cell.? Cells are supposed to be suicide proof and are video monitored- don’t ask how I know.

This guy was considered a suicide risk. He was also a potential target because he knew the rich guys who were buying sex with underage girls. His death is reminiscent of Dr Stephen Ward and the John Profumo affair.

I know what the Anglo Americn elite are capable of. As my old history teacher, John Skinner, used to keep reminding me: ‘He who sups with the Devil should use a long spoon.’

How Britain can’t let go of Hong Kong August 11th 2019

BRITAIN has vowed “unwavering” support for protesters demonstrating against Chinese rule in Hong Kong but urged against violent actions.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised to continue his support after China warned Britain not to interfere in the affairs of its former colony.

 Riot police clash with protesters as they arrive to disperse protesters from the Legislative Council Building
Riot police clash with protesters as they arrive to disperse protesters from the Legislative Council BuildingCredit: EPA
 Britain has urged British flag-waving rioters to stop the violence, despite 'unwavering' support
Britain has urged British flag-waving rioters to stop the violence, despite ‘unwavering’ supportCredit: Alamy Live News

The foreign ministry in Beijing responded to Mr Hunt after he issued a statement reiterating support for the protests.

A spokesman was quoted as saying that Britain needed to “know its place and stop interfering” in what was a “purely internal affair” for China.

Hong Kong became a British colony at the end of the First Opium War in 1842.
Britain obtained a 99-year lease for the strategically important territory which expired in 1997.

Since then, Hong Kong has been part of China, but kept laws allowing citizens more freedoms than those enjoyed in the mainland.

Protesters forced their way into Hong Kong’s parliament following outrage about a controversial new law which would allow enforced extraditions to mainland China.

The Portugese had been the first European power involved in establishing relations in the area. They managed to create a trading factory and concession at Macao from 1557. There were many goods that could be acquired relatively cheaply and sold for many more times its price back in Europe; silk, spices, tea, etc… The other European nations wanted to get involved and to take a cut of the huge profits that were being made by the Portugese.

The English East India Company sent their first ship to Macao in 1635 but found it difficult and prohibitive to engage trade with the Portugese. Trading directly with the Chinese was not much easier. Trade was restricted to the port of Canton where English traders had to deal with one of 13 merchants selected by the Chinese government. These were referred to as the ‘Hong’. For the Eighteenth Century, the English East India Company had a monopoly of British trade from Asia at least which in many ways counter-balanced the Chinese trading restrictions. However, in 1833 the British government ended the East India Company monopoly and traders rushed to fill the vacuum.

These traders would become known as Taipans and they competed voraciously to get hold of the precious Chinese commodities. Unfortunately, they did not have many products that were of interest to the Chinese – silver was preferred but was in short supply. Therefore, many of the Taipans resorted to using Opium as a trading commodity. The Chinese government was concerned at the debilitating effects of the drug and wished to prevent the inflow of Opium into the country. To this end, in 1838 they appointed a new Imperial High Commissioner to Canton, Lin Tse-hsu, to stamp out the importation of Opium. The British traders were to use his policies as an excuse to force the Chinese government to relax its restrictive trade practices.

The so-called Opium War started in 1839 and lasted until 1842. The Royal Navy was able to impose its will on the unsophisticated Chinese fleet. As a result, the British were able to make demands upon the Chinese government before lifting their blockades and stopping the bombardment of important ports. The Chinese agreed to cede the rocky island of Hong Kong to Britain as a free port with rights of trade to the mainland. In fact, both the Chinese and British negotiators got into trouble. Kishen, the Chinese negotiator, was blamed for ceding inviolable Chinese territory to the foreigners. Whilst Charles Eliot, the British negotiator, was lambasted for acquiring such an unpromising rocky outcrop with virtually no indiginous population and no history as a port whatsoever. Over time though, the acquisition would prove invaluable to the British.
On taking possession of the island, it was estimated that the population was no more than 1,500 who mostly made their living from fishing. Disaster seemed to afflict the early colony especially when a number of Typhoons devastated the flimsy wooden structures that had been hastily thrown up. However, the increase in trading activity continued to act as a spur to the growth and development of the fledgeling colony. By just 1844, the population had increased twelve-fold to 19,000. It was not just British traders who were attracted to the colony. Other European traders took advantage of the free port and ease of establishing businesses on the island. Chinese labourers from the mainland were attracted to work on the infrastructure and for the companies themselves.

The island also became a means of emigration for many Chinese who could board ships for Singapore, Malaya, California or Indonesia. The Tai Ping Rebellions brought another wave of refugees who sought to escape the instability of the mainland. By 1861 the population had grown to
120,000 and space was beginning to be an issue.

The British sought to expand their foothold, and the Second Opium War with China provided just such an opportunity. In 1860, the Peking convention was signed which ceded to Britain the Kowloon peninsula (up to Boundary Street) and Ngon Sun Chau. Britain had now acquired land on the mainland of China itself – and this was to be in perpetuity. This provided some additional space for building and allowed the port facilities to expand.

Although it was still not enough and in 1898 the British leased the New Territories together with 235 islands for a period of 99 years. The beginning half of the Twentieth Century saw further turmoil in China as the 1912 revolution occurred and a period of political instability ensued. The Japanese invasions saw yet more refugees head towards the British colony. By 1939, the population had risen to 1.6 million.


The Chinese spokesman said the Beijing government was “extremely dissatisfied” with the way Britain had “continuously gesticulated” about Hong Kong.

Editorial Comment It is interesting to contrast the British Government’s attitude to protestors at home in Britain. Hong Kong is a hot bed of financial corruption with many fearing extradition to China. Britain is soft on finacial corruptio and has much sympathy with money making Hong Kong. Britain’s imperialist die hard elite hide behind human rights and pro democracy rhetoric.

I offer no judgement, just ridicule for the hypoctits who run Little Britain as if it is still an imperial force. No amount of multi cultural msytification should be allowed to hide the truth about this island. The only culture that matters here is the ruling one, with its love of money and divide and rule methods.

Shipping Companies abandon British flag July 24th 2019

Swedish ship, flaying flag of British convenience, still impouned by Iran, It is an outcome of British involvement in U.S regime change intent in Syria and Iran.


Stenna Shipping line et al are considering abandoning the British flag of convenience in the wake of their tanker being impounded by the Iranian government. They are unhappy that Britain’s depleted Royal Navy cannot protect shipping. At the moment 4,500 ships fly the famous British Red Ensign, with ships registered in Britain, The Cayman Islands or Gibraltar. The attraction has been that the taxpayer funded Royal Navy was always there to protect the big business of international merchant shipping.

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian wrote the following piece of Britain’s record in merchant shipping back on August 30th 2016- Guardian.

Malaviya Twenty has been moored in Great Yarmouth docks since December. To look at, it’s no rustbucket, kept in good shape by its Indian crew – but when I visited a week ago, they hadn’t been paid by the ship’s owners for all those months. This is a story about the fate of shipping in Britain – an often forgotten industry, though we depend on it for over 90% of our imports and exports, and for most of what is stacked on supermarket shelves.

Captain refuses to abandon ship after eight months stranded in Sussex port

Waiting for their wages, the 12 crew members spent their time growing vegetables – onions, garlic, cabbages and tomatoes – in pots on the deck. The company hoped they would give up, but they are holding out for their pay. “They’re trying to wear us down,” says one officer: they want no names printed for fear of blacklisting. He can’t go home without his pay as he has taken out loans to keep his family.

Why was this ship contracted here in the first place? That reveals much about British shipping and the fate of seafarers. This is an Indian supply ship sailing between the British coast and UK offshore oil rigs and wind farms. Despite this, their foreign owners need not pay the UK minimum wage: rates are often a third less than for British sailors.

The trade union Nautilus International,which often helps stranded crews, has stepped in, calling in the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). This means the ship is officially prevented from leaving port until the men are paid.

Its sister ship Malaviya Seven has been similarly holed up in Aberdeen. This crew were owed a total of $380,000 (£290,000) in June: some has been paid following MCA intervention, but Paul Keenan of Nautilus says $200,000 is still owing. The ship, worth millions, could be sold off to pay its debts.

The shipping industry is a prime example of what an unfettered free market does to a workforce, of globalisation at its reddest in tooth and claw. Flying flags of convenience, British shipping has been allowed to register in low-pay, low-regulation countries. That exodus took off in the wicked 1980s when the number of British merchant navy officers was cut by two-thirds, replaced by cheaper foreign staff. Now only a third of British-owned shipping is registered under a British flag.

Can Britain rule its own waves again after Brexit, restoring its ships to the UK flag with decent pay and safety conditions? No chance, since Britain has been the strongest lobby in Europe against reform. Of EU nations, Britain protects its own sailors least from unfair, undercutting competition, and issuing most “certificates of equivalent competency” to foreign mariners so they can work on its ships.

The three politicians who now command the Brexit negotiations are all extreme free marketeers. Once outside the EU, don’t expect welfare, wages and working conditions to be high among their priorities as they attempt to strike new trade deals. Indeed, the risk is that after Brexit shipping companies based in the UK will try to drop existing EU regulations. Others may leave because they need an EU base: Stena Line warned immediately after the referendum that it might re-flag its UK vessels.

A manning directive to ensure that ships sailing between EU states are paid and regulated under EU law has failed to gain approval in Brussels for years, defeated by ship owners wanting to hire cheaper non-EU crews.

Compare this with how the US protects its industry: all ships working between US ports must be US-built and crewed. Many countries do likewise. But in Britain and the EU it’s a global free-for-all, where the cheapest contract wins. The result is a collapse in the British-registered shipping industry, now only 0.8% of the total worldwide. Why would owners pay British wages when they can hire crews elsewhere for much less?

There has been a steep drop in training British mariners: companies are obliged to train some cadets, but then rarely take them on. More than 10 keen, well-qualified young people apply for every merchant navy training place; but despite promising good apprenticeships, the government has just cut funding for maritime training. Numbers are falling fast, though thousands of experienced officers are needed onshore as harbourmasters and marine pilots.

The City employs 15,000 of these trained officers in marine insurance, who arbitrate in causes of accidents and other shipping specialisms. A government report last year dodged all the real issues, but it did warn of the urgent need “to replenish and develop the skills needed to maintain our position as a world-leading maritime centre”. The 90,000 UK seafarers of 40 years ago have now become only 19,000.

In Britain, few employees are as brutally undercut as these. Ship owners fly foreign flags of convenience that allow them to fire British crews and hire others from the poorest countries, paying the lowest rates in a race to the bottom. Meanwhile the government turns a blind eye.

The sea has ebbed in the national consciousness, though it matters as much as ever to an island. Its romance still draws keen recruits, but it’s a dangerous workplace, with climate change causing more violent storms. Britain depends for everything on this buccaneering industry, yet wages are undercut and jobs lost through aggressive globalisation. As with the equally essential road transport industry, the state steps back where it should step up.

Two days ago Malaviya Twenty’s owners paid off some of the crew, who are flying home – though the ship will be detained until all wages are fully paid. And as the Nautilus union protests: “The exploitation of these crews directly undermines our own shipping industry with unfair competition.”

British politics focuses too little on the reality of working lives. Many who voted Brexit overestimated the impact of migration on their own low pay, or the lack of housing and public services. But here’s a case of crude, obvious labour-market abuse by employers substituting cheaper foreign staff.

If one company does it and undercuts the rest, then all must follow suit in bidding for contracts. Only government intervention can prevent a race to the bottom that is eroding established working rights in so many sectors.

Britain’s Cameron appointed puppet ambassador to U.S resigns after secret memo leaks- The British Elite love their secrets, and still call Britain a democracy. July 10th 2019.

Kim Darroch has resigned as British ambassador to the United States, following soured relations with the US President’s administration.

Daroch has the typical upper middle class background of the ambassador and senior British Civil Service. Darroch was born in the village of South Stanley in County Durham on 30 April 1954.[6] He was educated at exclusive Abingdon School and at Durham University (Hatfield College), from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 1975.[4][7]

His resignation comes after leaked diplomatic documents described Donald Trump and his administration as “inept” and “uniquely dysfunctional”, according to the memos published by the Mail on Sunday.

Mr Darroch reportedly said Mr Trump’s presidency could “crash and burn” and “end in disgrace”, in the cache of secret cables and briefing notes sent back to Britain seen by the newspaper.

Gove: Brexit might not happen on 31 October  
  Conservative leadership candidate Michael Gove says the latest Brexit deadline – 31 October – is “arbitrary” and he is “not wedded” to it. But he said any delay – in order to pass a deal – would be a matter of weeks, not months. Other candidates, including Boris Johnson, say the UK must leave the EU by the deadline, deal or no deal. The UK was supposed to leave on 29 March, but Parliament did not approve Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.
Source BBC

The truth is that Britain is never going to leave the single market, the
referendum was a con to get posh boy Cameron elected. The political
elite, over 90% univerity elected and far from diverse, are the ones

The term democracy is bandied around to deceive is. A deal is not
leaving. Deception is a very serious matter. But this is the elite that
has no problem extraditing Julian Assange for shopping U.S war
criminals while taking the moral high ground about Trump for his
sexual antics.

Britain has big issues with sex and gender hypocrisy. It worries the
country more than anything else.

What about dealing with Gove the Class A drug user- can’t do that
because it has to be him or Rudd as the next Tory leader?