Gove: Brexit might not happen on 31 October  
  Conservative leadership candidate Michael Gove says the latest Brexit deadline – 31 October – is “arbitrary” and he is “not wedded” to it. But he said any delay – in order to pass a deal – would be a matter of weeks, not months. Other candidates, including Boris Johnson, say the UK must leave the EU by the deadline, deal or no deal. The UK was supposed to leave on 29 March, but Parliament did not approve Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.
Source BBC

The truth is that Britain is never going to leave the single market, the
referendum was a con to get posh boy Cameron elected. The political
elite, over 90% univerity elected and far from diverse, are the ones

The term democracy is bandied around to deceive is. A deal is not
leaving. Deception is a very serious matter. But this is the elite that
has no problem extraditing Julian Assange for shopping U.S war
criminals while taking the moral high ground about Trump for his
sexual antics.

Britain has big issues with sex and gender hypocrisy. It worries the
country more than anything else.

What about dealing with Gove the Class A drug user- can’t do that
because it has to be him or Rudd as the next Tory leader?