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A Brief History of Slime’ by Robert Cook Posted March 20th 2020

As far as I can see and hear, mainstream media and the authorities are as one, evolving out of the primeval swamp.

Listening to the celebrated vastly over paid TV darling Robert Peston was the last straw.

There is never a word as to why this Coronavirus matters more than traditional flu, or why it makes sense to shut down the country, let alone the whole of Europe.  

There has to be an agenda or something they dare not tell us.  Added to that the peculiar weather is freezing me as I write, because the shut down is bankrupting me,

So, I wonder what is going on and why ?  What is this country about ?  I expected leaving the EU to bring out the worst in our home grown patronising bureaucratic elite and self congratulating media folk, all of the same class.  

The money people are going to make a killing. Selling stock now at a good price, causing massive falls ready to buy it all back again when the fake crisis is over, along with asset stripping and mortgage repossessions.  As if their monopoly of wealth is not enough, like all pigs and bullies they want the lot.

Of course there are ‘has been’ idiots like Jeremy Corbyn who has his own millions, expecting this engineered crisis to bring forth the end of Capitalism.  All those extra police and soldiers he likes will make sure that doesn’t happen.  I heard Peston say they are going to have soldiers guarding Downing Street, freeing the police for ‘more important work.  That is pretty close to martial law.  Soon martial music, with which Britain excels itself, will be playing on the radio.

There are many myths about this country.  The media are all about keeping those myths alive.  The favourite myth is that we are a nation of immigrants.  That is bullshit to justify the sort of mass immigration leading to free flow of everything, including exotic illnesses- not that I believe Coronavirus is that simple, though free movement made it easier to spread.

Britain can trace its existence as an entity, rather than country, from the Ancient Britons.  Tribal warfare and tribal leaders led to a sort of dubious order, as tribes consolidated into ever larger groups under the most ruthless of all warrior leaders.  Then came the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings from what we now call Europe.

Political power came , as it still does, from weaponry, brute force lies and deception.  By the time I was born, chain smoker George VI was dying of cancer while his empire died from over stretching itself during the Second World War.

Both World Wars were fought by young mainly white working class men on the front line, leaving their women folk bereaved and struggling.  My own father never recovered from it physically or mentally, being dead by the age of 41.  

By this time, Queen Elizabeth II had been on the throne for 21 years, with her remnant Empire renamed the ‘Commonwealth’.  The only thing common about British wealth was the forelock tugging morons who propped up the hypocritical British Ruling Class. There is an old British saying, ‘Shit floats.’ It floats in the British swamp.

Henry VII is reckoned to have fathered modern Britain.  The man, who from the safety of being behind the lines, had his soldiers defeat the so called ‘child murdering’ Richard III at Bosworth Field.  

Safe from overt challenge, he built up the army and navy, going on to further warfare and conquest.  His wife murdering lying pox ridden son Henry VIII kept up the good work.  By this time the Tudors had married into the Scots Stuarts and all would have been well, if Henry had not abolished the Catholic Church to achieve the divorce the imprisoned pope could not grant.

British Royalty got even richer by stealing Catholic assets.  That was in 1536.  Back in 1513, the same fat bullying monarch earned the Pope’s award as ‘Defender of the Faith’. He could put ‘Fid Def’ on his coins as a reward for a rubbishing a pamphlet written by Bishop Martin Luther, about Catholic Church corruption in Europe.

Is it just sick or ironic that Jesus’s peace loving teaching has led to centuries of factionalism and murder among its constituent parts, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Its followers are too stupid and ignorant to realise they are still being played by the slimy rich who despise them.

In my life time, starting during the early post war years. I remember London’s bomb sites, firts black immigrants, Richard Dimbleby and an education system set upon teaching me my place.  I recall the football lessons, another sort of religion meant to bind us together in the idiot culture.  I recall the credit squeezes, the export drives, and above all ‘good old British ‘Divide and Rule Hierarchical snobbery.

Apropos the latter, it is no surprise we had years of industrial conflict, economic stagnation and the con that joining the EU would make it all better.  

Well, we have gone full circle.  Margaret Thatcher brought in the ‘Big Bang’ which made the elite dangerously rich, while the masses became ever more stupid, soothed by the rise of so called reality TV.  Then along came mad eyes Tony Blair who set fire to the Middle East and said he wanted Britain ti become the Hong Kong of Europe.

This is a land of adult alcoholism, sexually repressed hypocrits, corrupt incomptent police and politicians, brainwashing teachers, youthful drug addiction, rising suicide, mental illness, failing relationships, gang crime, and war between the sexes led by militant lesbian greedy resentful feline feminists who want to be men like their daddies.  

Now on top of it all, we have Corona Virus Crisis ( CVC ), most probably elite man made, with the creeping intrusion of unquestioned ‘Martial Law.’  Spoiled Women MPs and the media will vote and support it in droves.  They are part of the slime and the crime.

Has anyone seen the film ‘Outbreak‘ where they shut down New York. Of course you have to be mad to believe in ‘conspiracies/’ That is the beauty of the world of slime According to Boris Johnson, we could be past the worst in 8 weeks as long as we do what the government tells us. Robert Cook

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions Posted here March 19th 2020

The Millennium Report
February 14, 2020

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STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

& 5G

The Most Premeditated and Highly Organized
Depopulation Scheme in World History

Wuhan coronavirus pandemic STAGED to cover-up the
public health crisis caused by the intensive 5G roll-out
in Wuhan City in 2019

SPECIAL NOTE: It’s of vital importance for every bioweapon expert, medical researcher, bioengineering scientist and investigative journalist to comprehend the true complexity of this global depopulation scheme and major move toward global governance.  That’s why the following extensive report is a very long read indeed, which will get even longer with each successive update.  The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is actually an immense and convoluted series of black operations that are taking place on several levels each with multiple layers, in different dimensions and on every continent.  This is not 5D chess, it’s 12D chess; and it’s been planned for many decades for this very moment in time.  Only with this correct understanding will folks come to apprehend how various furtive operations, which appear to be working at cross purposes, are really overseen by the same plotters.  Some of the most weighty explanations articulated below may even seem to be mutually exclusive—they are not.  Some of the most radioactive info/data is only now being emailed to us as it will continue to be for the foreseeable future; after all, the more time that goes by, the more the hard truths will surface.  Therefore, it’s the “Updates” posted at the bottom of this page that will contain the most current and sensitive intelligence.  The final point here is that “staged” does NOT mean this is a hoax; only that many pieces of this op are choreographed and carried out to have maximum effect on the targeted populations.

State of the Nation

QUESTION: Is the bioengineered coronavirus pandemic being purposefully propagated globally in order to further facilitate the military deployment of 5G worldwide?

The answer to that critical question is of paramount importance to every person on the planet because of how forcefully the 5G juggernaut is rolling across the land.

We all knew they were going to do something big—VERY BIG!

But the rapidly unfolding depopulation scenario that utilizes the Wuhan coronavirus, 5G, forced vaccinations and chemtrails is quite ambitious by any standard.

5G Roll-out

There’s nothing more sacred to the implementation of the New World Order agenda — WORLDWIDE — than the meteoric military deployment of 5G and subsequent build-out of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Truly, this absurdly impossible project represents the capstone of the nefarious NWO conspiracy to stealthily inaugurate a One World Government.

Nonetheless, the NWO globalist cabal has gone completely mad and they will try whatever they can to set up their long-planned Global Control Matrix, which requires a fully operational 5G energy grid as a prerequisite to a fully functioning Internet of Things.

Wuhan City was established as an official 5G Demonstration Zone in 2019.  The Chinese government planned on using that major metropolis as a showcase for all the ‘dazzling’ benefits that a 5G energy grid is supposed to offer wireless IT users.  Then they planned on setting up Wuhan City as an urban flagship for the Internet of Things.

Wuhan City Was expected to have 10,000 5G base stations operating by the end of 2019

Make no mistake about it: The activation of a major 5G energy grid in a megalopolis like Wuhan City will inevitably have HUGE health and environmental impacts.

The second they flipped the switch on 5G in Wuhan, the entire populace was immediately exposed to extremely harmful electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation.

In point of fact, the specific radio-frequency signal ranges and microwave radiation output necessary to power up a working 5G power grid are well known to be inordinately unsafe and dangerous to human health.  As follows:

MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

Not only has the U.S. Military scientifically documented the adverse health effects associated with 5G (as well as 4G and 3G), there is now hard evidence that proves the U.S. Federal Government has knowingly lied about those numerous health hazards for decades.  As follows:

Hard evidence proves US gov’t lied about 5G. Navy research report confirms numerous health dangers.

Which brings us to the single most perilous aspect of the military deployment of 5G—KILL ZONES.

All the scientific evidence available in the public domain now indicates that wherever 5G infrastructure is located in the greatest concentration generating the most powerful EMFs and microwaves, those 5G Super-Hotspots will effectively function as kill zones.  As follows:

5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located!

In order to fully grasp the highly destructive and deadly potential of these rapidly emerging 5G Super-Hotspots, the following video exposé presents a scenario where the most powerful “directed energy weapons” will be located within these 5G kill zones.

5G WEAPONRY: Microwave Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video)

ISRAEL: World Headquarters for the 5G Roll-out

Now, this is where the plot thickens.

The Zionist Government of Israel has made it a global mission to commandeer the military deployment of 5G throughout the world community of nations.

Because the future capital for the planned One World Government is Jerusalem, the ruling Zionists know that they must control the entire 5G roll-out, just as they are presently (and unlawfully) doing in the USA.  There is no greater promoter of 5G than President Donald Trump, which is why he has even stated with great pride that he can’t wait for 6G in the United States!

All of this rabid 5G development and IoT build-out surreptitiously overseen by Tel Aviv demands an answer to why 5G is not permitted in Israel.

Answer: Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed

There’s only one way to correctly comprehend the pivotal role that Israel plays in the emerging New World Order.  The rogue, criminal, apartheid State of Israel was literally created as the global headquarters for the Khazarian Mafia high command.  Which begs the question:

How, exactly, was Israel established and empowered over the course of the 20th century?

This is how!

By way of the
Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Genocide,
The Great Depression,
World War II,
The Holocaust,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
and the War on Terror
which all have one thing in common.

Israeli Zionism

It’s entirely true that: “Each of the above-listed cataclysms was stealthily carried out to create the modern State of Israel and/or to greatly advance the clandestine Greater Israel project.” (Source: The Secret Agenda Behind the Trump Mideast Peace Plan)


When you follow the BIG money behind Huawei, it becomes clear that the largest Chinese multinational technology company is really owned and operated by the International Banking Cartel.

It’s crucial to understand that “Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries. Huawei overtook Ericsson in 2012 as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and overtook Apple in 2018 as the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung Electronics”.[1]

Publicly-traded corporations the size of Huawei are only permitted to acquire so much market share with the blessing of the International Banking Cartel (IBC).  The IBC is in turn overseen by the Khazarian Mafia whose headquarters happens to be in Tel Aviv.  This is precisely why China was awarded Israel’s Port of Haifa contract in 2019 which will actually force the U.S. Sixth Fleet to dock elsewhere. See: How did China ever win Israel’s Port of Haifa contract over the US?

The relatively hidden state of affairs between China and Israel has obscured the profound influence that Tel Aviv exerts over Beijing.  That well-concealed relationship developed as a result of China being released from the throes of the Cultural Revolution that ended in 1976 when it was permitted to transition to a market-oriented economy by the International Banking Cartel.

“Since the introduction of economic reforms in 1978China’s economy has been one of the world’s fastest-growing with annual growth rates consistently above 6 percent.”[2]

The deal that China made with its secret masters in London and New York City is quite similar to the one that President Boris Yeltsin made with the very same banksters (IBC) which covertly approved the Fall of the Berlin Wall.  Both Presidents Gorbachev and Yeltsin were only able to facilitate the liberation of Russia from the Western-installed communist regime that ruled the Soviet Union by agreeing to a new form of “Rule by Oligarchs”—Western controlled oligarchs.  Except that Vladimir Putin patriotically reneged on those plunderous agreements in the interest of “protecting Russia”. See: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR

However, in the case of China, what was imposed by the Western banksters was a novel form of predatory capitalist-imposed slavery after the yoke of communism was removed by the IBC.  That’s why there are so many sweat shops all over China today.  That’s also why 5G has been rolled out in some of the largest Chinese cities without even an iota of safety testing.  Powerful transnational corporations (like Huawei) have been granted slaveowner power by the IBC to run corporate plantations all over China.

COMMUNISM: A Jewish Creation for World Takeover

The essential point here is that communism was first used by the banksters in China (and Russia) to establish an enormous archipelago of concentration camps for slave-workers nationwide, which were then converted into corporate plantations after the entirely staged ‘fall’ of communism.  For example, Apple, Inc has been frequently blasted for running inhumane factory operations (aka sweatshops) which depict the corporate plantation conditions.

Why China?

Who can debate that the Trump administration has harassed China as much as they have tormented Iran?  What follows is the short list of some of the worst transgressions the Neocon Zionists in the White House have committed against China.

In light of the US-staged Hong Kong protests, U.S. tariff regime against China, threat of economic sanctions against nations working with Huawei, CIA-inflamed Xinjiang conflict involving the Muslim Uyghurs, provocative sailing of US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, transparent political prosecution of Huawei’s CFO, ravaging of China’s pig farms by another DARPA-bioengineered animal virus, FedEx thwarted multiple sensitive deliveries to China in 2019, etc. the Chinese government has been under withering attack since 2018.

All of this bellicose behavior was directed toward softening up the Chinese government.  Not only does the Zio-Anglo-American Axis demand that Beijing submit to its will, they will not stop their provocations until they do.  The West has always treated the great nations of the East worst than stepchildren, and that will likely never change.  Which is precisely why everything points to China being used as the primary NWO laboratory for the insidiously expanding totalitarian technocracy before the new lab procedures are exported to California and elsewhere around the globe.

*The Chinese people are exceptionally computer literate, digitally connected and hooked into the wireless paradigm—to their great detriment.  Many years of exposure to these destructive energies have addicted them to their various information technologies and devices.  It has also rewired their brains in ways they are totally unaware and quite damaging. The same is true in every other nation on Earth where technology rules, but the Chinese are extreme in this regard.

The most precarious aspect about the smartphone culture is that many Chinese are susceptible to psychogenic disease and illness, injuries and imbalances.  Of course, these are not limited to physical conditions; they are also being subjected to directed frequencies which will cause serious psychological disorders.  This may be exactly what’s going on right now in Wuhan where many folks might be triggered via their smartphones, particularly after the city-wide PTSD resulting from so much coronavirus uncertainty and inevitable mass anxiety.

It should also be noted that the countless techies in this type of IT society have never lost control like this.  In view of the double whammy of the coronavirus scare and 5G activation, many have been through an unparalleled “shock and awe” experience.  The resulting trauma has put many on edge—LITERALLY.  Hence, it now appears that many folks in places such as Wuhan can be triggered quite easily via their smartphones without even knowing what’s happening.  They can be walking along and suddenly just hit the ground; some even dying on the spot.

The upshot of this discussion is that the NWO controllers are pushing the edge of the envelope with regard to experimenting with sophisticated psychotronic weaponry that is both harmful and deadly.  In the present case, Wuhan is their laboratory and the Wuhanese are the lab rats.  There are other cities in China which are also being exposed to their own unique set of laboratory conditions.

China is also the premier national testing site for the infamous social credit score system– yet another oppressive control mechanism that the globalists will roll out worldwide when it has been perfected there.  The fact that the Chinese government has colluded with the globalist cabal and permitted the citizenry to be abused in this way greatly contributes to the notion that Israel owns China — lock stock and barrel — just as the Zionist banksters did during the days of Red China.

COMMUNIST CHINA: Established by Jewish Revolutionaries and Banksters

Wuhan: Ground Zero

Wuhan, China was specifically chosen to be ground zero for both the 5G roll-out and the coronavirus pandemic.  No one can dispute that Wuhan City has been transformed into a desolate, dystopian 5G demonstration zone where the citizens are literally being used as guinea pigs.  As far as the 5G scientists in Israel are concerned, all Chinese citizens are nothing but chattel and, therefore, usable (and expendable) in any 5G experiment they set up there.

Why is Huawei setting up 5G base stations all over Wuhan to help fight the coronavirus?

However, these cruel human experiments involve much more than 5G and the coronavirus; they also make use of chemtrails and specific types of industrial pollution generated throughout Hubei Province.  China has a well established reputation for wanton environmental degradation, and Wuhan will surely become a post-apocalyptic wasteland when they are finished with it. See: What in the world are they spraying all over Wuhan City?

Known as “China’s Thoroughfare”, Wuhan occupies a very special place in Chinese history as well as in regard to the astonishing economic boom occurring since the mid-1970s.  Whatever happens in Wuhan can deeply affect the rest of the nation as the coronavirus panic has graphically demonstrated.  It’s as though the producers of this ‘disaster movie’ quite intentionally chose the capital of Hubei Province to be the epicenter of their NWO horror flick so that all of China would tune in.  And so they have!

Wuhan today is considered the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational center of Central China.[17] It is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities.[23] Because of its key role in domestic transportation, Wuhan is sometimes referred to as “the Chicago of China” by foreign sources.[3][4][5] The “Golden Waterway” of the Yangtze River and its largest tributary, the Han River, traverse the urban area and divides Wuhan into the three districts of WuchangHankou and Hanyang. The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge crosses the Yangtze in the city. The Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest power station in terms of installed capacity, is located nearby.

While Wuhan has been a traditional manufacturing hub for decades, it is also one of the areas promoting modern industrial changes in China. Wuhan consists of three national development zones, four scientific and technological development parks, over 350 research institutes, 1,656 hi-tech enterprises, numerous enterprise incubators, and investments from 230 Fortune Global 500 firms.[24] It produced GDP of US$224 billion in 2018. The Dongfeng Motor Corporation, an automobile manufacturer, is headquartered in Wuhan. Wuhan is home to multiple notable institutes of higher education, including Wuhan University, which was ranked third nationwide in 2017,[25] and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.[3]


Into this Kafkaesque context, enter the fastidiously bioengineered Wuhan coronavirus.  There are several high-integrity authorities, as well as scientific research studies, which have described what makes this unusually fatal virus a lab-produced bioweapon.  As follows:

CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON UPDATE: Unique HIV-1 Signatures Confirmed by Team of Indian Scientists

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON: Bioengineered with Virulence Associated Protein (Video)

There’s no question that this bioweapon was purposefully bioengineered to target the indigenous Chinese people.  In particular, individuals born from that traditional Asian gene pool and bloodline are affected much more profoundly by coronavirus infections. See: BIOWARFARE: Wuhan Coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs

This deliberate racial targeting by the Zionist perps in Israel is being conducted with certain objectives which are well beyond the scope of this exposé.  Suffice it to say that what the whole world is now witnessing in Wuhan is yet another depopulation event and citizen relocation exercise.  Just like the Northern Levant, Israel’s preferred method of waging war is first, genocide, and secondly, forced removal or a coerced exodus.

The same Zionist warmongers will also not hesitate to use any type of terrorism necessary to get the job done.  Just look at what they did on 9/11 in order to stampede the whole world into the utterly fake War on Terror.  There is perhaps no act of terrorism or violent attack the Neocon Zionists would not carry out in order to advance their devastating Greater Israel project as delineated here: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines….

Should the unparalleled crisis in the greater Wuhan area continue to deteriorate at the current alarming rate, there’s no telling what the government in Beijing will resort to.  Of course, the current government will obey the dictates of their Zionist overlords, even if it means warehousing the citizenry, enforcing vaccinations, pervasive 5G activations, nonstop chemtrailing, etc.  Therefore, how this situation develops over the course of the Winter and Spring of 2020 will reveal both the true purpose and perpetrators of this twisted plot.

Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

The International Criminal Conspiracy

No one can argue that China has been a world leader of the global 5G roll-out.  Huawei has aggressively sold their 5G program to every country in the world that will listen… or is not intimidated by Trump’s threat of sanctions should they sign on.  In light of this single stark reality, who can argue that China seems clueless to the inherent dangers of 5G … unless they have been paid to be clueless.

The Asians are by their very nature quite vulnerable to the allurements of the latest and greatest IT devices and advancements.  This weakness of national character made China the perfect pitchman for 5G worldwide; little do they know that they are working on behalf of the International Banking Cartel.

Not only do the 5G roll-out and IoT build-out represent the most lucrative business opportunities of all time, they promise an IT paradise for any nation that goes for the bait.  Far from effectuating an improvement in one’s life, these two major developments are essentially the most important pieces of the quickly materializing Global Control Matrix.  Those who opt in to this next generation of the global IT society will not only bask in a field of perilous energies 24/7, they will also be subjected to the highest degree of life-monitoring on the planet today.  And, it’s the 5 EYES + ISRAEL who will be running that most invasive spying and surveillance regime ever.

Now, to pull this off successfully, there was a deal made among all the involved state actors and other corporate and institutional co-conspirators.  All the usual suspects showed up at the table to include the UN, US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, Big Tech, Big Social Media, Big Pharma, etc.  While that deal was being hammered out, China was working its own deal — on the sly — with Israel—the 5G kingmaker.

What now appears to be the case is that the Chinese government sold its soul to grab all the Eurasian biz.  Once that deal with the devil was made, China has gone full-bore with 5G development and deployment via Huawei, Samsung and other corporate titans to lock down the IT marketplace.  The real problem with this highly dynamic situation is that no one really knew how much China gave up … until now.

The deteriorating plight of Wuhan is a clear illustration of what can and will happen when any nation signs such a malevolent contract with Israel.  Whether the deal unraveled because China balked at the one-sided terms of the contract — after the fact — or whether Israel grossly violated the terms of the contract as they ALWAYS do, remains to be seen.

China Slams Israeli Claim That Coronavirus Came From Bioweapon Lab

Nevertheless, both the United States and United Kingdom were enlisted as always as the contract enforcement muscle.  Just as the Brits still control Hong Kong and the Yanks wield much influence inside China through so many corporate spies and Christian missionaries, the Chinese government failed to realize their nation could be turned inside out and upside down with the flip of a switch—a 5G switch by Israel, a coronavirus switch by the US/UK, as well as a Hong Kong protest switch by the UK/US.

5G + Coronavirus + Vaccinations + Chemtrails = Depopulation Event

Let’s face it: it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the very day 5G was activated in Wuhan along side a recently released virulent flu strain targeting racially susceptible individuals, that people would start dropping like flies.  Such an assault on the immune system is guaranteed to take out a big number of city dwellers in a day and a night.  And drop on the spot they have done, perhaps many more than the world will ever know.

What has really put the coronavirus outbreak on super-steroids is the ongoing chemtrail operations that put the whole province under a dark noxious cloud.  Chemtrails are commonly used to soften up the residents below by introducing various toxic chemicals and pathogenic biologicals into the ambient atmosphere.  Once the bioterrain of any individual has been sufficiently cultivated with triggering toxins and pathogenic micro-organisms, the individual is easily preyed on by highly contagious diseases like the Wuhan coronavirus. See: CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME & FLU: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Few are aware but Wuhan, in particular, is notorious for its year-long episodes of debilitating industrial pollution.  Some of this atmospheric engineering is undertaken with purposeful design via specific chemical releases from industrial smokestacks.  Exactly what toxic brews and waste products these discharges are composed of is anyone’s guess.  Nonetheless, industrial airborne effluents in China have reached a whole new plateau of pollution that is also affecting nations near and far. See: Is the Wuhan coronavirus a cover story for this, too?

*When toxic chemtrail aerosols are sprayed on the residents below, who are already exposed to a highly infectious coronavirus, while glued to a powerful 5G device after receiving their exceedingly toxic annual flu vaccination, what could possibly go wrong?!

Let’s not forget that the Chinese people have been conditioned (read: socially engineered to get their annual flu shots) to VACCINATE, INOCULATE & IMMUNIZE themselves over many years by the regular serious flu outbreaks which have started in some of the largest metro areas, especially Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  With each successive influenza panic, the populace is corralled into the pen of flu vaccine compliance as a means of ‘preventing a mass epidemic’.  It is their civic duty, they are told, to vaccinate the whole family so as to not spread the latest flu bug to the rest of the neighborhood or to larger community.

5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations! (Video)

Undoubtedly, this Wuhan epidemic was set up for years just waiting for the perfect moment for the Zio-Anglo-American Axis powers to press the button.  Now that both the USA and Great Britain have been heavily implicated in this criminal conspiracy, all Israel has to do is avoid having their Mossad fingerprints appearing anywhere near the crime scene.  Even if Zionists do somehow get caught, like they did with 9/11, they are the world’s best at shamelessly blaming their victims as they have already done about the origin of the coronavirus.

These Zionist masters of illusion will employ every trick of the trade they can muster, especially powerful psychological ploys such as predictive programming.  Otherwise, how, pray tell, did this ever happen nearly 40 years ago: PREDICTION OF THE WUHAN CORONOVIRUS IN 1981

More Predictive Programming About ‘A virus called Wuhan-400’


Undoubtedly, the single most important piece of this captivating psyop is the worldwide initiative to develop a vaccine that will supposedly serve as a prophylactic measure to contracting the coronavirus.  Never has there been such a highly coordinated international effort to produce a vaccine in the wake of any previous epidemic or pandemic.

As always, the dangerously untrustworthy World Health Organization (WHO) is leading the global charge to develop a vaccine that is likely impossible to create within the stated time frames.  What this really means is that Big Pharma has already secretly manufactured massive amounts of a so-called ‘Wuhan coronavirus vaccine’ (which treats the WHO-named COVID-19) that is ready to be injected worldwide, especially wherever the World Health Organization and Bill Gates have set up their countless vaccination centers in Third World countries. See: Bill Gates Accused Of Starting Ebola Outbreak In African Village By Putin

As always, the poorest and least educated nations will be victimized by this meticulously designed psyop.  Something so HUGE as this Western-manufactured coronavirus pandemic provides a unique opportunity for the reptiles at the very top of the food chain to conduct a mass casualty depopulation event the likes of which the world has never seen.

Every person on the planet needs to be aware that this represents only one component of this swiftly manifesting psyop.  Surely, this NWO psychological operation will morph and mutate according to the reactions of each national populace on all 7 continents.  Then, each [HARDWIRED] locale will be responded to by the authorities in a manner so that sufficient consent is manufactured in order to lock each place down … until the whole place is locked down.

Such draconian measures are already being taken in the rich, industrialized nations such as the United Kingdom. See: Look at how they’re locking down the UK because of the coronavirus!

Given these draconian developments worldwide, particularly with respect to unprecedented police powers being given to law enforcement everywhere, this staged pandemic has all the hallmarks of a classic “Problem~Reaction~Solution” black operation being run by the global intelligence community with the C.I.A., MOSSAD and MI6 taking their usual lead.

There is no more effective way to foist a totalitarian One World Government upon the world community of nations than to scare every inhabitant of planet Earth into demanding it.  Of course, coronavirus fearmongering appears to be the path forward for the perps at peak of the world power pyramid, and now that they have started the giant snowball rolling down the hill toward global depop, there may be no stopping it.  But, we wait and see how “deus ex machina” might prevail in this Shakespearean tragedy.  Perhaps the perps will be found out and taken out.

Donald Trump | Xi Jinping | Vladimir Putin

There’s a very curious connection (and disconnection) between the three most prominent leaders on the world stage today regarding this pandemic which demands further treatment if this important analysis is to withstand legitimate scrutiny.

First, there is President Donald Trump.

It’s quite unlikely that Trump knows anything of substance about the real pandemic plot.  He simply could not be trusted by the real perps.  However, that does not mean Trump is not being used all day long to send messages and make pronouncements that serve the various Zionist agendas, and there are several.  What follows is an illustration of how he is being used as a transparent tool in this way.

CORONAVIRUSgate: The only way Trump could ever make such a ridiculous prediction about April is because he was ordered to by the real perps!

Both Father Trump and Daughter Ivanka have already demonstrated their zeal for all things 5G, and especially how important it is for the U.S. to stay way ahead of the Chinese in this regard.  Why it’s so urgent for the US government to fry its citizens before the Chinese government does the same has never been adequately addressed by Trump … or anyone else in his administration.

Contrary to so much false reporting, 5G has NOT been canceled by Trump nor has its harmful effects been eliminated because it’s impossible……5G is currently undergoing a large-scale military deployment nationwide.

The key point here is that Trump has always placed MIGA over MAGA. He has done the bidding of Israel as no other POTUS in American history.  Toward that end, Trump has made the 5G roll-out a major priority throughout his term in office because it’s Israel’s top priority.  Not only will Israel gain considerably from the 5G and IoT economic boom, it will provide them with financial independence, which they have been desperately seeking for decades, from every country they routinely fleece and swindle.  See: Germans swindled yet again

Trump’s main thrust (and complaint to his antagonists) is that he wants the USA to lead the worldwide 5G revolution, not China.  He has taken his vicious 5G war against Huawei to Europe and beyond, even threatening every national Huawei customer with economic and/or financial sanctions.  Trump has quite recklessly done all of this after coercing Canada to arrest Huawei’s CFO in order to extradite her to the U.S. to face prosecution for violating his illegal sanctions against Iran—WOW! ! !

Here’s Why Canada Arrested Chinese CFO for Trump Admin

Then, there is President Xi Jinping.

If ever there was a prez sitting in a roiling stew pot, Jinping is it.  While the Chinese president’s story is way too complicated to understand in any meaningful way in this short assessment, an accurate understanding of his true predicament will reveal the most radioactive back story of all.

What can be said about Jinping is that he seems to be a typical Chinaman who places the advancements of information technology over the good health of the citizenry.  Just as Beijing has always put China’s industrial prowess even over the well-being of the residents living in the capital itself, so, too, is the military deployment of 5G more sacred than the safety of the populace.  That the air quality in Beijing is consistently rated one of the worst in the entire world stands as a smoggy testament to this fact.

That Jinping has even been put in this extremely challenging predicament by his masters in Israel can indicate different things.  But, maybe Jinping had enough of Trump’s intimidation and bullying?  Or, did Trump become impatient with Jinping’s justifiable recalcitrance?  Did Xi attempt to leave the Zionist reservation, which then predicated the rapid explosion of the Wuhan coronavirus?  Or, is Jinping just a powerless figurehead playing his part perfectly in this coronavirus pandemic melodrama?

Clearly, it’s way too early to form firm conclusions about Xi Jinping; but how this tragic drama unfolds will certainly reveal the main plot in Beijing, as well as several Chinese sub-plots.  In the meantime, the whole world is held captive by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic which has all the elements necessary to collapse the Global Economic & Financial System.  That, too, may be one of the primary objectives of this diligently staged horror show.

Lastly, there is President Vladimir Putin

Putin has made no bones about the fact that 5G and IoT will be fully integrated within the Russian military to whatever extent necessary to stay ahead of the rest of the world, especially the U.S. military.  This stated intention appears to be quite true as Putin knows that existential threats lurk around every corner, and the Russian Motherland has a lot of corners to protect and boundaries to defend.

Putin has not made 5G such a priority for Russian civil society, however.  The corporate sector may be developing 5G networks and IoT infrastructure to gain advantage in the global marketplace, but Moscow seems to be relatively uninvolved.  The Kremlin is well aware of the deleterious effect of the 5G paradigm and only appears to promote it when absolutely required—as a defensive psyop tool.

Putin has been on the forefront of so many vital issues where it concerns human health and environmental protection that it would only make sense that he would not endanger the Russian people with a nationwide 5G roll-out; besides, it’s impossible to do with any level of integrity in a vast country the size of Russia.

Let’s not forget the Brits.

As always, the US-UK Empire stands together when the West takes on the East.  However, the very nature of the so-called special relationship is that London uses Washington, D.C. to do all of its dirty work.  The British are always very careful to elude blame, especially for matters of such great import as they did with the creation of the coronavirus.  While there were several parties involved in that genocidal enterprise, the prime mover was most definitely “The Crown” as seen by the very name — “Coronavirus”where corona literally means crown.  They did not even try to hide it, did those bloody Brits?!  As follows:

CORONAVIRUS was funded and patented by Wellcome Trust (UK, fake sold to GlaxoSmithKline), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DARPA, DEFRA (UK), World Health Organization, European Commission (EU) via THE PINBRIGHT INSTUTUTE (UK)

Bottom Line: The unintended benefit of all this manufactured chaos by the highest level of the World Shadow Government regarding 5G is that it has brought a LOT of awareness — GLOBALLY — to what is now the single greatest threat to humanity and the biosphere.  Truly, the exceedingly dangerous military deployment of 5G represents an ongoing event with worldwide apocalyptic consequences.  In point of fact, the far-reaching health repercussions and unavoidable environmental ramifications will be so profound and pervasive that this depop event will likely evolve into a full-blown ELE if left unchecked by competent authorities.*

*ELE = Extinction Level Event

Coronavirus Distraction

As always, the NWO cabal looks for ways to distract the entire planetary civilization.  Really, is there any better way to do this than with a VERY scary coronavirus pandemic?

Whether this pandemic is being completely staged, or is totally real, or is hoax blended with reality cannot yet be determined with any certainty.

At the end of the day, it may not really matter since the end result will be the same.  We the People will be deceived into believing that only global governance can solve this ‘dire matter’.  And, that only a One World Government can prevent such plagues and pandemics from ravaging humankind in the future.

In this way, the 5G roll-out will proceed forthwith.  Even though the 5G energy platform represents the worst and biggest part of the problem, it’s being slyly covered up by coronavirus hysteria.  The Chinese government is even singing the praises of the now accelerated 5G roll-out in Wuhan and other major cities as a means of battling the coronavirus! See: Why is Huawei setting up 5G base stations all over Wuhan to help fight the coronavirus?

Really, is there a more efficacious strategy for the perfidious perps to execute their diabolical plan toward total world domination?  What better way to accomplish their ultimate objective of global population lockdown via the dictates of a tyrannical technocracy?

KEY POINT: What this depop event really is thus far is nothing short of attempted genocide.  Hence, the $64,000 question is “Cui bono?”  There is only one tribe behind all the major genocides since 1900. See: GENOCIDE ALERT: Shooting Down Families & Journalist In Wuhan China!!! (Video)

Deep State’s Kill Switch

There’s no quicker way to collapse the Global Economic & Financial System than to purposely propagate a highly contagious virus with an alarmingly high mortality rate.  The daily headlines have already proven that business and commerce — EVERWHERE — is being radically affected by this intensifying pandemic. See: BLACK SWAN EVENT = WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Deep State, not only in the United States and United Kingdom, but within every nation aligned with the Zio-Anglo-American Axis, has an overriding need to arrest the numerous national movements which are enjoying unparalleled popular and political success.  Hence, there’s no question that what we are seeing is either a threat to pull the “Kill Switch” on the Global Economic & Financial System; or that Deep State is holding this threat over the head of every nationalist leader to include President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and every other head of state who is fighting globalism.

What’s indisputable is that the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapon has all the necessary elements to effectuate a truly devastating pandemic that can penetrate every sphere of life throughout the entire planetary civilization.  Clearly, it was designed this way.  Now we wait and see if the Deep State perps will actually pull that “Kill Switch” as a means of carrying out THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3.

“Staged Coronavirus Pandemic”

How is this pandemic being staged, yet at the same time very real?

Here’s how:

SPECIAL NOTE: The Wuhan bio-attack appears to be
just one in a series of ongoing biological attacks being
conducted throughout mainland China.  This Zio-Anglo-
American bioterrorist operation is being stealthily
perpetrated to give the appearance that the national
epidemic started with a single case in Wuhan City, when
it’s still being surreptitiously spread in other Chinese
cities via similar modes of propagation. Because the
vectors of dissemination of this weaponized coronavirus
are mapping worldwide at rapidly expanding rates, there
are quite likely multiple methods of proliferation which
are being cunningly implemented to confuse the medical
investigators as well as to avoid detection.
(Source: A Strong Case for Premeditated Act(s) of
Bioterrorism in Wuhan City, China Carried Out
by Paid Agents of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis


The preceding narrative is long and complicated, we know.  The distillation of this very real multi-decade conspiracy as well as the unending associated scandals is this: that the military deployment of 5G worldwide is the central pillar of the NWO agenda which the globalists will not allow to be put in jeopardy or slowed down by popular protests.  Hence, the globalists have conducted the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic scare as a means of misdirecting the medical investigators so that the coronavirus symptoms will instead be blamed for all 5G-induced medical ailments and health conditions. See CRITICAL DATA POINT: Wuhan established as Hubei’s first 5G demonstration zone

The worsening plight of the Chinese people has predictably created the context for yet another racially targeted vaccine to be administered first, to the Wuhan control group, and secondly, to the rest of China, and then, throughout the world-at-large.  Not only are the medical authorities closely monitoring those who have submitted themselves to past vaccination schedules, they will soon be experimenting with the new series of coronavirus vaccines that specifically address 2019-nCoV.

The other two pillars of this complex depopulation event are chemical geoengineering and industrial pollution.  Not only has Wuhan suffered from a tremendous amount of air pollution due to the extraordinary concentration of industries in the greater metro area, the local population has been subjected to various formulations of chemtrail aerosols, each being sprayed with purposeful design.

While this broad analysis of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic psyop does not offer the detailed breakdown of the undeniable connections between the various aforementioned assaults on the citizenry, all of which mutually support the outworking of this odious black operation, those vital connections — between 5G, Coronavirus, Vaccines, Chemtrails & Pollution — ought to be obvious by now.

CAVEAT: Look out, folks, wherever and whenever they are rolling out 5G locally, spraying chemtrails regularly, fervently pushing vaccines right after the latest frankenvirus or exotic disease outbreak, and relentlessly fearmongering in the midst of it all.

Clearly, the most significant objectives of the coronavirus outbreak are to cover up the Chinese genocide and ensuing global depop, as well as to hide the pivotal link to 5G.  Therefore, it’s imperative that all truth-seekers and patriots read the following exposé; our lives and the welfare of our families and friends greatly depend upon it.  Also, circulating the many links in this analysis will serve considerably the enlightenment of the greater community around these life-threatening matters.

The Hidden Link Between the Coronavirus and 5G Testing

Until the next installment in this series on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, stay safe, stay sober, stay sane, and be sure to follow the coronavirus recommendations of The Health Coach as follows: Here’s How Everyone Can Avoid Getting The Coronavirus.

State of the Nation
February 13, 2020

Author’s Note

Part I of this Wuhan coronavirus series is a vital prerequisite if one is to properly grasp the many angles on this “elaborately staged, global, false-flag, bioterror operation using real bioweapons aimed at multiple national and racial targets in order to accomplish numerous NWO objectives”.  Read: WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China? – Part 1?

Editor’s Note

For years this Alt Media platform has studied the correlation between the different influenza symptoms and Hyper-electrosensitivity syndrome—a very real medical ailment that even medical doctors are now diagnosing.  Since the 5G roll-outs in the big cities, the flu bug seasons are getting worse and longer.  Quite coincidentally, many of the flu symptoms are similar to many of those directly associated with Hyper-electrosensitivity syndrome.  Surely this is no accident of fate; rather, these two medical phenomena are mutually feeding each other and contributing to the severity of each disease process both individually and jointly. See: Exposure to 5G millimeter waves leads to ……..“flu-like symptoms”.


[1] Huawei

[2] China 

[3] Wuhan

Recommended Reading

Well Whaddya Know! No 5G For Israel!


‘The Father of the Coronavirus Virus is the CDC’, Planted in China by the C.I.A.

CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON UPDATE: Unique HIV-1 Signatures Confirmed by Team of Indian Scientists

BIOWARFARE: Wuhan Coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs

Wuhan Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvard University

Update 1

During times of a deadly global pandemic, The World Health can invoke special powers that can even override national sovereignty.  In the interest of maintaining general safety and minimizing fatalities worldwide, the WHO can pull the triggers of various enforcement mechanisms which can effectively lock down the entire planet.  National governments can be compelled to take specific actions that which are dictated by the bureaucrats at the United Nations’ specialized agency concerned with world public health. See: WHO pandemic criteria for oppressive governmental actions to be implemented

Update 2

Heres’ more PROOF of British Complicity: The Pirbright Institute is the patent holder of the Coronavirus.

Update 3

Nothing demonstrates more poignantly the purposeful staging of this Wuhan pandemic coronavirus drama than the increasing number of cruise ship melodramas.  Are they all real quarantines, or are they elaborately staged hoaxes?  Or, are these horror flicks a mixture of both to lend reality.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know the answers to these important questions.  The directors of this worldwide reality show are proven masters of deception; however, that does not mean the perps are not deliberately introducing the coronavirus infection agents into the cruise ship environments.  Anything is possible with these criminally insane psychopaths—ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!  Moral of the story (read: drama), don’t go on a cruise … as every single cruise-goer is nothing but a sitting duck … on the wide-open sea! See: No other MSM propaganda outlet hypes like the BBC—Are these coronavirus cruise ship dramas real or reality shows?!

Update 4

Nothing fractures society so deeply as a full-blown pandemic, particularly one that is extremely fatal.  The many mainstream media articles, which appeared at the onset of the Wuhan epidemic featuring so many photos of Wuhanese with their masks on, were transparently run that way with purposeful design.  No one does deliberate distraction, diversion and misdirection like the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.  However, in this case The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within intel circles, is using all the major MSM platforms to further divide We the People, the body politic, the electorate, families, neighborhoods, communities, towns, villages, cities, states, nations and continents across the planet.  Without question, this is one of the major aims of this psyop / black op.  A disunited world population cannot hold the power elite responsible so much that ails societies everywhere.  Just wait … and watch … and see what happens here in the good ole USA during the remainder of 2020.  Truly, this country will fracture even more, only this time it will be an “every man for himself” scenario … … … if we let the perps have their nefarious way. If ever there was a time to come together, that time is now.  We can all start by praying for the Chinese like there’s no tomorrow.

Update 5

US military prepping for coronavirus pandemic as per The Military Times

Update 6

British Govt Talking Mandatory Vaccinations, Criminalizing Vaccine Criticism (Video)

Update 7

A PhD in Neurotoxicology has recently posted a video under the title: Is the coronavirus pandemic now unstoppable? (Video).  Many pandemic investigators medical researchers are wondering if a genie has been let out of the bottle that cannot be put back in.

Update 8

This latest report from the Taiwan News concerns an alarming development whereby the Wuhan Coronavirus Reinfection Is Hastening Fatal Heart Attacks.

Update 9

Why China? Here’s why: Is the coronavirus really a sterilization bioweapon unleashed to reverse the population explosion?  Any depop event of this enormity and gravity always has multiple motives.  Just as the Spanish flu pandemic — “the deadliest in history that infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet’s population” — was a U.S.-manufactured influenza via vaccines and globalist-directed genocide, so, too, will the Wuhan coronavirus prove to be a similar odious experiment on humanity.  If the many bloodlines that converge on the Indian subcontinent suddenly fall prey to the coronavirus, especially an usually mutated form, then the most populous countries are being targeted.

Update 10

As always, all the usual suspects will gain enormously from this bioengineered pandemic.  This is how the perps at the pinnacle of the decision-making process rope all the key players into such a serpentine conspiratorial plot. See: CORONAVIRUS BACK STORY: A Massive Criminal Conspiracy Revolving Around Big Pharma

Update 11

The Trump administration has been waging all-out economic war against China with Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross leading the charge.  While Mnuchin has stealthily employed financial terrorism all along, did Ross just unwittingly reveal that economic sabotage was at work via the coronavirus in order to drive American factories back to the U.S.? See: STAGED CORONAVIRUS SCARE: Was this the plan all along to bring manufacturing back to the USA from China? (Video)

Update 12

Now we find out that there were upwards of 10,000 Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan, China Just Weeks Before the Coronavirus Outbreak.  Whenever there are “110 nations” participating in any joint endeavor, it is a patently globalist event, which means this manufactured pandemic is quite likely a MULTINATIONAL BLACK OP! well beyond the proven British, American and Israeli state actors.  Not only was the opening ceremony for the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan on October 18th, but that was followed by a U.S. men’s soccer match at a Wuhan, China sports venue—ground zero of the virus original outbreak.  This international event was probably selected — and specifically timed right at the beginning of China’s annual flu season — because it provided amply opportunity for co-conspirators from around the world community of nations to do the necessary dirty work in case anyone got caught.  The US, UK and Israel would then enjoy plausible deniability in the absence of their fingerprints being ‘found’ at the crime scenes.  And, yes, there are certainly multiple crime scenes which is why it exploded so quickly.

Update 13

It’s no coincidence that the perpetrators selected the Chinese Year of the Rat to launch this biological attack. Doing so quickly fed the collective imagination (after being intentionally barraged by so many MSM propaganda reports) of how the new plague could have started with bats and snakes and rats, etc.

Update 14

Okay, now here’s a deep dive into the very guts of this extremely sophisticated psyop / black op.  The following instructive excerpt goes a long way to revealing how the Alt Media is often used to seed disinfo, misinfo and false info that will then spread like wildfire on the Internet (via social media, of course).

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following transparent disinfo piece ends by stating there are only two possibilities regarding the true origin of the fastidiously bioengineered Wuhan coronavirus which is now ravaging the planet as a pandemic.  Really, only 2 scenarios?!

How about the many scientific proofs and other examples of hard evidence which point to “an elaborately staged global, false-flag, bioterror operation using real bioweapons aimed at multiples targets and with numerous NWO objectives”.  The following series of 3 exposés clearly delineates this highly organized and rapidly unfolding bioterrorist operation.

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

Now, try to reconcile the ridiculous narrative ‘professionally presented’ below with the preceding three.  We’re not saying there are not a bunch of facts conveniently embedded in the following post; although, we do wonder how any author/investigator would gain access to any real facts associated with this tightly controlled, classic C.I.A. black op, which are all well known for being highly compartmentalized operations where all sensitive info/data is only ever provided to the co-conspirators on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Perhaps the dead giveaway of this CIA-directed Mockingbird Media psyop can be found in the header of the originating website.  A screenshot of that header shows the very telling blog title: Harvard to the Big House.  They don’t even try to hide it anymore… just like the coronavirus was really named after the British Crown which created it (where corona = crown).
(Source: CORONAVIRUSgate: Deep State Disinfo Piece Inadvertently Exposes Collusion Between the Chinese and U.S. Deep States)

Update 15

What follows is yet another glaring example of a globalist shill using a large and powerful Alt Media platform to put out naked NWO propaganda.  Advance to the closing minutes of the video to hear Laurie Garrett’s passionate defense of globalism.  Also, lots of supposed facts mixed with obvious fiction about the coronavirus are spewed with extraordinary Tavistock-induced confidence.

Here’s an excellent example of how the Alt Media is being used to disseminate disinfo about the coronavirus BY A HARDCORE GLOBALIST! (Video)

Update 16

Here’s yet another example of predictive programming subtly inserted into a popular alt-video production. See: Was the Wuhan coronavirus predicted by the cult classic—I, Pet Goat II? (Video)

Update 17

Hollywood has also produced its fair share of disaster movies some of which may contain predictive programming regarding this particular pandemic. See: CONTAGION: The Ultimate “Divide & Conquer” Bioweapon (Trailer)

Update 18

There may be no quicker way to transition a whole nation to a cashless society than to “quarantine cash and destroy ‘dirty money’”  than a highly fatal epidemic.  When it becomes a full-blown pandemic, the NWO globalists will push for the entire planetary civilization to go cashless.  One of the central pillars of the NWO agenda is a One World [DIGITAL] Currency.  This is why TPTB have conducted so many crypto-currency launches (and scams) over the past several years to get folks used to their One World Currency roll-out. See: CASHLESS SOCIETY ALERT: Chinese Banks Are Quarantining Cash, Destroying ‘Dirty’ Money

Update 19

The economic and financial repercussions of this pandemic will be quite profound and pervasive.  TPTB certainly had a strong incentive to depop both the Baby Boomers and Beat Generation.  Nations around the world are simply not equipped to deal with the unprecedented massive bulge of BB retirees who will need government services and financial assistance of every sort and kind.  Most significantly, Social Security and similar government payout programs will soon go broke, just as pension plans are now contracting everywhere some even going bust.  The most effective way to stop the payouts is to eliminate the aging recipients. See: Were the elderly around the world targeted with the coronavirus bioweapon? (Infographic)

Update 20

As a geopolitical weapon, it’s now clear that China’s was purposefully incapacitated on the world stage.  Not only has Beijing’s extremely ambitious Belt and Road Initiative been thwarted by the coronavirus scare, a number of China’s emerging client states in Asia and Africa have been deeply affected.  Even traditional trading partners are forced to take severe precautionary measures while diplomatic relationships are being adversely impacted.  Of course, this was all planned out with purposeful design by China’s enemies in order to greatly curtail its expanding influence throughout the world community of nations.  Countries such as Iran will no longer be supported as they were by Beijing now that China is totally absorbed with their coronavirus epidemic and national lockdown. See: The HUGE Geopolitical Consequences of the China’s Coronavirus Outbreak

Update 21

Perhaps the greatest economic impact on China is the extent to which so many supply chains have been interrupted.  This new state of global affairs will compel many companies to bring all part-manufacturing operations back to their home country thereby hitting China’s GDP in a HUGE way.  Truly, this single act of bioterrorism by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis was the game-changer the perps intended it to be. See: CORONAVIRUS: Economic Sabotage Against China by All the Usual Suspects

Update 22

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020 This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink.

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March of Madness Corona Virus Scaremongering Forcing Us Up against the wall, laying us bare to all manner of other dangers.

March 18th 2020

It’s all a big distraction. This is the march of madness. The panic will lay us all bare and force us up against the wall, revealing our animal nature and weaknesses in more ways than one ‘ says Polly Sexual, pictured here.
Image Appledene Photographics?Abdul

I am talking about the Coronavirus and the lock down situation.  This is quite serious.  The logical outcome is mass unemployment, even more desease, accicidents and social collapese, hence 10,000 troops on standby. 

Why cause such panic if there is not a hidden agenda?  Conspiracy theorists are always ridiculed because most people are like lemmings.  The collapse of capitalism has been predicted since the 1970s. The technology is there to force it. 

The global elite have their rivalries and the masses are atomised.  It is not the logic of war to create mass panic.  Governments are always secretive about these things, hence the Assange Manning situation.  So why this ?  There has to be a hidden agenda.

The authorities know too much about this virus, what it is going to do and how long it will last, why it will keep coming back, requiring on going Draconian powers- for our safety (sic }Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual, all dressed up in expensive tastefull clothes and exposing the truth. Image Abdul

Right-wing conspiracy theorists see coronavirus as a plot against Trump

The president’s supporters believe the ‘deep state’ is hyping the disease to damage the U.S. economy.

Feb 26, 2020, 5:25 pm IRL  Mikael Thalen

President Donald Trump and reporters outside the White House

White House/Flickr (Public Domain)

Conspiracy theorists online believe that concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are being overblown as part of a secret plot to damage President Donald Trump.

The debacle began this week when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that “disruption to everyday life may be severe” if the disease were to rapidly spread throughout the country.

The announcement and previous updates from the CDC, however, have enraged Trump, according to the Washington Post. Growing public concern over the coronavirus has negatively affected the stock market, leading Trump to accuse outlets such as CNN and MSNBC of purposely exaggerating the issue in order to damage the economy.

The two outlets, Trump claimed in a tweet on Wednesday, “are doing everything possible” to panic markets. The president’s tweet, which misspells coronavirus, went on to also blame Democratic lawmakers.

Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible. Likewise their incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action. USA in great shape! @CDCgov…..— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 26, 2020

Conspiracy theorists and defenders of the president have spread the same talking points as well, increasingly portraying the disease as a tool of the “deep state” to politically hurt Trump.

Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio host who recently received the Medal of Freedom from Trump, took aim at Dr. Nancy Messonnier on Wednesday over the fact that Messonnier, who is a CDC official, is also the sister of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Limbaugh went on to insinuate that Dr. Messonnier’s warning could have been influenced by her relation to Rosenstein, who was involved in the special counsel investigation into alleged ties between the president’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

“So you’ve got here the CDC urging Americans to prepare for a coronavirus virus outbreak…” Limbaugh began. “Okay. This person running this agency, who does she donate to? Well, her brother is Rod Rosenstein.”

Limbaugh added that listeners should “do what you want with” the information.

“It may mean nothing. Might…Who knows?” Limbaugh said. “It’s just in that town, I’m telling you, everything is incestuous. Most of that town is establishment oriented or rooted, which means they despise Trump.”

Other figures such as YouTube prankster turned conservative talking head Joey “Salads” Saladino claimed Democrats would “take Trump out of office” by exaggerating the disease’s danger.

“I don’t think Coronavirus will kill us all, but I know the Democrats will use this scare to cause panic and crash the markets to take Trump out of office,” Saladino said. “Dems have already admitted it!”

I don’t think Coronavirus will kill us all, but I know the Democrats will use this scare to cause panic and crash the markets to take Trump out of office. Dems have already admitted it!

I would rather be safe than sorry by preparing food for a few weeks.— Joey Saladino (@JoeySalads) February 26, 2020

Mark Dice, a prominent conspiracy theorist and Trump adherent, also claimed that liberals would take advantage of the deadly outbreak in their efforts to topple Trump.

“Liberals are now hoping the #COVIDー19 coronavirus causes a global pandemic and crashes the stock market in order to point the finger at Trump for a ‘bad economy,’” Dice said. “These people are sick (no pun intended).”

Liberals are now hoping the #COVIDー19 coronavirus causes a global pandemic and crashes the stock market in order to point the finger at Trump for a “bad economy.”

These people are sick (no pun intended).— Mark Dice (@MarkDice) February 26, 2020

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Ut.) was also tied into the deep state conspiracy for suggesting that the Trump administration was unprepared for a coronavirus outbreak.

“Romney is screaming ‘pandemic’ to hurt the Trump economy by affecting the stock market, but we see what you are doing deep state snake Romney,” said Dawn Michael, a popular pro-Trump Twitter user, and advocate of the QAnon conspiracy.

While the disease has been contained so far in the U.S., health officials believe that it’s only a matter of time before the coronavirus spreads.

“Current global circumstances suggest it’s likely this virus will cause a pandemic,” said Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC.

Current statistics show that there have been 59 confirmed cases in the U.S., with a global total of 81,322. At least 2,770 people have lost their lives as a result of the disease.

An Appalling Situation years in the Making due to global elite greed, contempt for and vile exploitation of mass ignorance and stupidity. Posted March 16th 2020

More Police State heavy hands and jailings to come

The following extracts are the tip of the iceberg. More people will die as a result of the panic measures than the virus. The most at risk have underlying health conditions because the Brits are by and large a poorly educated ignorant poorly lot, with many suffering from underlying conditions. But they will enjoy the police state measures, making them feel ‘safe’ (sic ) .

Over the next few months, the rich will get richer, e.g just think of all the mortgae re possessions the bailed out banks and building soceities will benefit from. It will be open season for asset strippers and official receivers.

There will be more measures to control free speech, clamping down on social media and more prosecutions as we are on ‘a war footing ‘ now.

This is what you get from elite driven money grabbing globalisation, in the name of diversity, tolerance and multi culture. There are 10,000 troops on stand by through fears of civil breakdown. It is a deliberately engineered crisis, which is why expert lackeys are warning of worse to come, rather than playing down panic. Corbyn and Labour are very in to this, as a great opportunity to defer and stop trade talks with the EU.

This is their moment because their mass so called diverse society, with its ‘wonderful NHS’ and unlimited immigration can’t cope. This is why the elite media keep telling you we have a democracy when we clearly do not have one. Europe is in turmoil after years of ludicrous open borders, so inspired by the dominant great British rule makers and fake upper middle class liberals. Robert Cook

Energy companies have started preparing emergency plans to cope with coronavirus disruption, including the possibility of operating with only a fifth of their usual staff numbers.

The UK’s regional energy networks held talks last week with government ministers, senior officials and the energy regulator over plans to maintain the energy system’s power lines and gas pipes if 80% of their staff are unable to work.

The Guardian understands that energy network bosses have agreed to postpone all nonessential maintenance on the UK’s critical energy infrastructure after the government warned that up to four-fifths of Britons could be infected by the Covid-19 virus over the coming months.

UK phone networks are suffering from severe outages, with customers from EE, O2Vodafone, Three and GiffGaff all reporting issues.

The reason for the networks going down is not immediately apparent.

It comes as millions of workers across the country are staying home to work, following advice from the government to avoid all unnecessary travel in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

O2 acknowledged that it is experiencing problems with its service and said it is investigating.

“Our technical teams are investigating,” the firm said in a statement. “We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Major power outage causes chaos across England and Wales

Some customers complained that they were unable to send or receive text messages, while others said they were having difficulties getting online.

Customers throughout the UK are affected, according to the website DownDetector, with London and North-West England the worst affected regions.​

The issue could stem from the amount of people using their phones and devices for remote working purposes, causing the networks to overload.

Online working platform Microsoft Teams suffered a similar outage on Monday morning as a result of a huge influx of new users.

More about O2 | EE | VodafoneShow comments

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Syrians in Idlib fear end nearing

By SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press – Associated Press – 16 March 2020

IDLIB, Syria (AP) — “There’s nothing now. Nothing at all,” said Yasser Aboud, as he looked away from his family’s few remaining belongings, dumped on the floor of the bare single room that would now be their home in the northwest Syrian city of Idlib.

It was a far cry from the house, the farm, and the job that he, his wife and three children left behind two months ago, fleeing their hometown just 15 kilometers (9 miles) down the road as it was overwhelmed by Syrian government troops in furious fighting. He managed to salvage some jerrycans of olives, a few rugs, cushions and pots and pans, and his motorbike. They sold their washing machine and some of his wife’s gold.
Now they were moving into an apartment in a district full of buildings shattered by government bombardment. He and his wife and three kids will share the place with over a dozen relatives. They’re jobless in a city teeming with thousands of others displaced like them — and they are hardly out of danger.

The city of Idlib is the last urban area still under opposition control in Syria, located in a shrinking rebel enclave in the northwestern province of the same name. Syria’s civil war, which entered its 10th year on Monday, has shrunk in geographical scope — focusing on this tiny corner of the country — but the misery wreaked by the conflict has not diminished.
A bloodier and possibly more disastrous phase is on the horizon if government forces, backed by Russia and Iran, go ahead with threats to recapture Idlib city and the remaining rebel-held north, crammed with over 3 million people.

Over the past three months, government troops recaptured nearly half of Idlib province and surrounding areas, forcing nearly 1 million to flee their homes, around half of them into other parts of the province, including Idlib city. During the advances, government forces neared Idlib city outskirts, bombing parts and sending thousands fleeing north.
“I feel everything has ended, and this is a final migration, not displacement,” Aboud said. “I feel let down by the world.”
The government offensive has been paused by a Russian-Turkish cease-fire deal, leaving residents of the rebel enclave, including Idlib city, in a state of terrifying limbo.

They are skeptical that the cease-fire will last and well aware they are likely the next target of the government’s assault.
Though government airstrikes have hit it regularly, the city has suffered far less violence than other places since 2015, when rebels seized it from government forces. Over the years since, multiple waves of displaced people flowed in, from other opposition areas further south retaken by the government, and now more from other parts of Idlib.
The Associated Press traveled to Idlib on a trip arranged through Turkish authorities. Its team, like other journalists who have been into the enclave recently, was escorted by members of a media outfit linked to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an al-Qaida-linked group that dominates the area.
Driving into Idlib city, the AP team witnessed the scale of the displacement. Dozens of tents lined the main road into the city. Other families were crammed into bombed out buildings, the city’s stadium or unfinished construction sites. Shops have sprung around the enclave bearing the names of different cities and towns in Syria — a testimony and a token to the homes they left behind.

The city has been shaped by the different layers of conflict. Many city streets are clean and well maintained by the opposition administration. But on other streets, buildings are in ruins — some wrecked in previous fighting, others bombed during the most recent offensive. Residents can point out buildings and remember the date they were hit. The city gets only two hours of electricity a day, and Aboud said he chose to buy bread over more power from generators.

If President Bashar Assad resumes the government offensive, everything here will be vulnerable.
In past advances, the government’s tactic was to bombard urban areas relentlessly — including with Russian warplanes — flattening residential areas and pummeling the population into submission. Residents, opposition activists and fighters were offered the choice either to stay under “reconciliation” deals or be evacuated to the rebel-held north.

In Idlib, the residents overwhelmingly fear living under government rule but have nowhere else to run, with Turkey refusing to open its border wall to more refugees.
Aboud said it was out of the question for him to accept “reconciliation.” Holding his 2-year-old twins by the hand, he said his family fled his hometown of Saraqeb “not fearing death but fearing to be under the rule of Assad again.”
He took part in the early anti-government protests in 2011 and was detained for it; two of his brothers were shot and killed by government forces in 2012; his mother-in-law was killed in an airstrike the same year.
If Assad captures Idlib, “we will run to Turkey, we will sleep under the (border) wall,” Aboud said. “The most crucial thing is that we won’t enter territories” held by the government.

Turkey has deployed thousands of troops in the enclave, operating alongside its Syrian opposition allies. That has diminished the lock on power that the al-Qaida-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has held over Idlib since it drove out rival factions in past fighting.
Mustafa Berro, a commander of a Turkey-backed rebel faction from Aleppo that has now sent forces to Idlib, said his fighters have not lost faith.
“We are worse off than in 2014” — when rebels held nearly half of Syria — “but we are better off than 2011” when they had no territory to control, he said. “We still have an area to work from and operate in.”
The massive displacement of past weeks has strained international aid deliveries into the enclave, where 1.5 million receive food assistance. In January alone, 1,227 trucks were sent across the border from Turkey, the largest number in seven years of cross-border operations, said U.N. Assistant Secretary of State Kevin Kennedy, who is also regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria.

The cease-fire has allowed deliveries to increase, but Kennedy warned that resumption of hostilities in the densely populated urban area would mean more displacement. “The needs are so enormous, the gaps will always be there unfortunately,” he said.
At Idlib’s Central Hospital, Abdullah AlHassan lay in a bed in excruciating pain. He lost both legs last week when he went back to his village, Afes, to inspect the home he had fled and stepped on a mine planted in the house. His hand was also bandaged and his face full of cuts.
Afes, on the strategic highway that was the government’s first main objective in its offensive, was all but destroyed and totally deserted, he said. His house had been looted, even metal wires stripped out. The carnage will be similar if the offensive hits Idlib city, he said.
“No one can stay once such an attack comes. Everyone must leave. If anyone stays, (government forces) won’t spare him.”
In the center of Idlib city, nearly 90 displaced families found refuge in a deserted prison. They fled here from Maaret al-Numan, a key town in Idlib that fell to government forces in January.
“We couldn’t afford rent. We opened the door of the prison and we came in,” said Hossam Ajjaj, member of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army who was among the first to move in with his family.
Families, men and women, live on top of each other in the prison rooms, divided into sleeping, cooking and bathing areas by hung sheets and blankets, giving a deceptive sense of privacy.

Fida, 44, and her 20-year old daughter Heba share the same room with 11 other relatives. On the day the AP visited, they were stuffing zucchini and eggplants in their living area, where they also cook and bathe — taking turns keeping watch to ensure no one intrudes. A younger brother of Heba who lost a foot in a war injury slept in the room behind the “kitchen.” A baby with Down syndrome slept in his cradle next to the women cooking.
They had long resisted fleeing their home, just outside Maaret al-Numan. Early in the war, when Heba was 12, they left for six months, but returned. Earlier in 2019, they were displaced for 20 days but again went back. When the Syrian army advanced on Maaret al-Numan in December, they moved into caves just next to their home, hoping it was again just temporary.
When an airstrike hit just outside the cave, they knew they had to leave.

They gave up their large farm growing olives and grapes to live crammed in a prison.
“We don’t like the word displacement,” Fida said. Her daughter added: “It’s shameful. We like our hometown.”
Heba said she can’t forget a single day since 2011 — every day marked by violence and loss. She worried about her children, a 3- and a 2-year-old, and can’t let them go outside because of airstrikes.
“We sleep in fear,” she said. “I don’t imagine there will be a future. I don’t imagine this will be settled with us alive.”

Editorial Comment The Western elite powers, notably U.S.A . Britan and France stoked up the regime change war in Syria. They have killed civilians, portrayed the White Helmets as ambulance heroes and deny that the Islamo Facists are n control of Idlib.

Every time Assad’s legitimate forces make gains, these western oil grabbers, arms merchants and money grabbing fake democrats do something like crazy bombing or faking a chemcial attack. The RAF have dropped 4000 bombs and killed civilians.

That is just the official figure. As we know from the Assange.Manning case, Britain and U,S will stoop to anything to hide or distort the truth – punishing whistle blowers with self righteoous impunity. Our so called democracies don’t give a damn about Humna Rights. Robert Cook

Cock Up Italian Style March 15th 2020

Italian’s who have been forced into lockdown because of the outbreak of the coronavirus will be able to access Pornhub’s premium content for free while they are locked up inside. 

The adult streaming site has made all of its content on its premium subscription service, free in Italy for the month of March, with the site also announcing that they will be donating money to Italy as it attempts to overcome pandemic.

Meanwhile back in Britain, Police will be able to detain infected people and schools could be forced to stay open under a package of powers being announced next week to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency laws to help to limit the spread of the virus will be introduced after the number of people infected in Britain rose by 200 in 24 hours to 798. The measures, seen by The Times, will also let councils lower standards in care homes to deal with staff shortages

It is not surprising that people crave sex when death stares them in the face. This is me giving my Somalaian friend a clear signal that I understood what he needed on Friday night.
Living can be dangerous, but death seems rather a dull alternative. Trouble is that there are rather too many of us now, meaning desease has an easy run.

People have too much faith in science to save us all. Polly Sexual

The Churchill or the Church ill and die factor ? Posted March 13th 2020

This is so grotesque ! You would have been no good in World War two, more like Private Fraser. ‘We’re all doomed.’ I think you, Boris, are afraid of Corbyn and moralising Labour. All very very funny.

My colleague has already written about the Corona Panic.  I first heard the word Corona as a drink advertised when I was a child.  Then it popped up in O Level Physics.  Third time it is this.  Oh my , we are all going to die.

More people are killed and maimed on British roads every week than so far killed by this virus.  Same is true of flu.  So one has to wonder why the deliberate panic scaremongering.

I just popped down to Buckingham for some more make up and nail gel, needed for a date tonight, with a member of the ethnic minorities because I am really diverse in such matters.  Even those isles were pretty empty.

Gosh, good job my date is not Chinese.  Don’t think it has reached the Somalians of Milton Keynes yet.  My giant Somalian friend told me he was clean- not in his appetites I guess, but that is life as we know it Scottie.  

Anyway, back to Corona.  It is interesting that we are told this will be a regular yearly challenge.  So, why have the Chinese sorted it so fast?  Why does that success clash with Trump’s war on Chinese industry, which Anglo America (Brmerica ) have fed off for years -with no concerned for this nonsense of human rights, all so appealing to sexless idiot feminists and manginas ?

Corona is going to mean more cash help for banks, and more cash strapped working people, along with bleeding heart lefties calling for more so called economic migrants regardless of importing virus risks. The power are all to eager to panic is into self destruction.  There will be no suspending mortgage or other debt payments.  

People who fall behind on mortgage payments risk losing their properties to the rich elite who are the true owner.  Who cares, in Britain hypocrisy is the norm, along with exploiting the ignorant and a morality based on sexual controls that do not apply to the elite, as we see with the Prince Andrew case. Polly Sexual

Young Polly Sexual Cock ups for just little helpless me are fine, but not the nation.

New Women Posted March 10th 2020

New Woman Polly Sexual Image Appledene Photographics Photographics/RJC

New Women

Women’s Militant Groups don’t talk about equal opportunities any more .  They talk about empowering women.  Power is a zero sum.  Most of it is in the hands of the wealthy because money is where the real power is.  Most of the wealth, including land is in the hands of no more than 3 % worldwide.

This means that the power play and transfer between the sexes is happening amongst the lower orders, orchestrated by the rich elite- who operate on the same old concept ‘Divide and Rule.’  Men are being deprived of power and status.  

Now wonder they need Viagra.  Any form of  unwanted sexual contact is defined as rape, with women’s allegations always taken as truth.  The reality is, men are learning to fear women.

There is thus a great deal of fuss, hysteria and conflict over the large numbers of men wanting to change sex.  This inclination is happening at younger and younger ages.

Girls are told that they need more inspirational role models.  They don’t go to university any more, they go to ‘uni ‘ where women’s studies are all the rage.  They don’t learn how women gave men white feathers in two world wars for not being in uniform.  The double standards are amazing.

Men are demoralised, their old qualities are ridiculed and increasingly father’s are kicked out for failing to please their wives – often stigmatised and bankrupted into a life on the streets.

Of course militant feminists like Oxford Don Serena Todd don’t like this.  She was outraged to be banned from speaking at a recent transgender event, citing laws of free speech which her sort have done their best to oppose when it suits them.

Todd is concerned that men will change their gender status, growing breasts. Inverting penises, losing scrotums, losing beards, raising voice pitch and losing muscle mass just so they can disguise themselves to enter women’s toilets,rest rooms and refuges.  

Then in these places, these new women who have risked so much, dressing and living as women for years, will be able to commit acts of violence and rape/  Just think Ms Todd is so brilliant she is professor of English at Oxford University.

What the likes of Todd really do not like is that most transsexual, like me, aspire to look and behave as women used to do when we were young and mothers put the kids first= not their egos.  We are the new women. The noun women is not simply about genitals and breasts.  It is about behaviour.  

One hopes that feminists will soon dry up when the evidence of their pseudo academic rantings finally comes to an unbearable crisis point.  There should be enough evidence now, but the media is riddled with these monsters, along with the myth that sis women never do anything bad or violent unless hypnotised by or responding to nasty men.  

These nasty old feminist have been corrupting young women, this destroying men, for years.  Trouble is all the daddies and new breeds of men haven’t the guts to fight.  Reality is, one cannot be a real ( forget sis ) woman without real men.  

If men can’t become  women, then women should not be allowed to dress as men for the male role in lesbian relationships.  It is a matter of balance.  Sadly the nightmare goes on, with so much injustice, women draining all the power from men and abusing it. As for Muslims in this country campaigning to ban transgender teaching in British schools, how wpould they feel if I campaigned to ban teaching Islam in our schools ?

Polly Sexual

Myths & Illusions Posted March 9th 2020

Myths & Illusions

In his celebrated work ‘The Victorians’ historian A.N Wilson casts doubt on Queen Victoria actually being the offspring of the Duke of Kent. And therefore not the legitimate heir to ‘old dropsical stupid’ ( A.N Wilson’s words ) and raving ‘drunk William IV’s throne.’  

Queen Victoria’s Statue outside Portsmouth’s Civic Offices March 5th 2020 Victoria frequently travelled down to Portsmouth, usually crossing the Solent to stay with Prince Albert at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. She called it her favourite home. Nice to have so much choice.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

All of William IV’s children were illegitimate, hence Victoria who was most likely the product of her mother’s secretary Conroy, with whom she had a long affair.  Victoria spoke no English until she was three, her apparent father spoke none because they were all German.

But such is the power of the Royal mythology compounded by the stupidity of the British masses, the Royal family are still admired.  Like any old religion, it is an absurdity to anyone with a rational mind. Princess Diana did so much to undermine Royal credibility.  Now her youngest son has taken matter further, with publicity mad self righteous campaigning wife Meghan leading him a long.  

Duchess Meghan loves an audience, as we see here. The Green Godess is with a rather grim faced Prince Harry entering Westminster Hall as the last trip on their hopefully really ‘Farewell Tour ‘

This is an outrage.  It should mark the end of the Royal Charade.  Sadly Brits have little to cling to for a sense of identity, so the monarchy is not dead yet.  Meghan was supposed to make the royal family look as hideously diverse as the rest of society.  

What she has achieved is to make it look just as hideously dysfunctional and ridiculous as the rest of so called Great Britain. The absurd panic over the Corona Virus says it all.  I have just come back from Bletchley Tesco, where the only stuff not flying off the shelves is the ‘Mother’s Day ‘ garbage that recently replaced all the other shocking pink rubbish on sale for Valentine’s Day.  

All women are equal -not amongst each other for sure. This rather posh Royal Correspondent is addressing the camera and hence the grovelling British masses on Prince Harry and Meghan’s ‘Farewell Bore.’

There is a ludicrous campaign to put women on pedestals, as people whose only faults are caused by what men do to them  These days they are supposed to put work first and look for ‘inspirational role models’ after women’s studies at ‘Uni’.  In the real world, more and more women are committing suicide, drinking, smoking and dying alone because they are being trained like dogs to chase illusions and myths. Robert Cook

Mother’s Day produce on sale at Bletchley Tesco today. This is just another example of how our divided society panders to the myth of women, especially mothers, as angels. Women want to be equal, well cut the excuses, take more responsibility and blame.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Real Women Edinburgh Road Portsmouth Posted By Polly Sexual March 8th 2020

Portsmouth Edinburch Rd, March 5th 2020 Real Women, Real Problems, Empowered,? No. Middle Class Female academics like Selina Todd haven’t got a clue -Polly Sexual. Images Appledene Photographics/PS
Pull the other one. We are soon in trouble for revealing bans on Tommy Robinson’s controversial ideas referencing Asian child abusers, mass immigration and cultural chaos..
No one dares to mention the Corona Virus was engineered by the U.S to cripple China and strengthen the U.S economy. The latter country is out to jail Julian Assnage for life, with Chelsea Manning’s chances looking little better.

Oxford Prof Selina Todd is rewriting history to show women as the key workers and victims – who are in danger of transexual women raping them without penises. She studied at Germaine Greer’s university.
Oxford Prof Selina Todd favours her own free speech, but not others she disagrees with. She is an anti Transexual hate preacher, labelling them potential rapists and abusers.
Me, glamorous open minded kindly clothes, man and peace loving Polly Sexual. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

E.M ( Emasculating Men )Powering Women and International Woman’s Day Posted March 8th 2020

Polly Sexual Reclaiming the night in Milton Keynes Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Markle is in a competition to take all the Royal credit for an abuse campaign which should have no voice in what is allegedly a constitutional monarch. Prince Charles was hounded by the media for damning Thatcher greed- which is why they hounded him over his love of Camilla- his first and only love.

Now the rules have marveloulsy changed because feminists control Labour who control the Tory Government using liberal left upper middle class ‘Me Too;’ merchants. Both Royal women are cynically exaggerating female domestic abuse for self aggrandisement, not because they care – if they did care they would join forces in breaking the Royal code of saying nothing, just waving, opening and reading government speeches.

These headlines raise interesting questions about domestic life in Britain. A police officer- a mere front line PC !- told me that 80% of his callouts are domestics.

On this site you can read a U.S study, led by females, concluding that women cause and escalate teh majority of domestic conflict. In my view, feminism has much to do with this nasty environment, along with the decline of traditional male role models needed by children of both genders. Traditional male industries have also gone.

People don’t like Meghan because she is rude, patronising, hectoring, bullying and all round unpleasant. With all her wealth she has no idea of the reality of working women’s lives- women like my poor dead exploited mother.History is being rewritten to make it look as if women fought all the wars, also doing all the other work. Now they have a right to be on top. Well it will be very hard to find peace as a woman if you have to spend all your time fighting men for power and status.

The upper middle classwomen who suspended their fight for votes in 1914, handing out white featehrs to young men who feared life in the front line of war, have been airbrushed. Now it is they that fought the war. It was certainly they who pushed for a punitive German peace settement guranteeing the next round of butchery and holocaust, ending up with U.S dropping two nuclear bombs

Meghan Markle, as a lapsed Royal has no right to make public speeches telling men to appreciate their women. It is time for a counter attack, pointing out that working men -not bourgeise manginas need appreciating for all the hard and dnagerous work they have done. Ss for women like my late mother, daughter of a drudge who died giving her birth, Mouthy divisive parasites like Markle have no clue. Just because she is half black and daughter of a rich daddy is no excuse. Traditionally Royals kept their mouths shut or faced the consequences. Robert Cook

appears to be a woman with a grudge about white men, because of her daddy issues. There is no doubt

More To Cum

Back in Portsmouth What the Dickens is Going On ? Posted March 5th 2020

Charles Dickens was born in Pprtsmouth and here is his statue. What might he make of his old town, turned into the city of today ? Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Today I returned to Portsmouth with some website colleagues, researching my new book. The weather was as always horribly cold and damp.

My visit would not have been complete without visiting the many City Centre Charity shops, where we snapped up some bargains, including a legislative history of the City Council 1960-74. I will be tucking into that tomorrow.

For me a trip to Waterstones is always a must. Portsmouth has one of the best branches with an excellent coffee shop. The chain’s founder started book selling life with W.H Smith, using his £6000 redundancy money to set it up. Human endeavour is a marvelous thing when all works out.

It amuses me that rampant feminist feminazis remain so preoccupied with themselves, safe spaces, their bodies, white rapists, transexuals who want to rape them, how they fought all the wars in history and made all the great sacrifices, discoveries/inventions/innovations. Why, apart from brave littele Greta, do they never get down and dirty about the environment?

I skimmed this award winning book, pictured above, in Waterstones today. As with all written on this subject, there is no mention of overpopulation, mainly coming from the religion obssessed Mulsim and Latin American Catholic world.

The Planet Earth should be the safe space above all safe spaces. But feminists have narrow nasty perncious minds. They insult and patronise others, but don’t like the same treatment. They value free speech so long as it is only their own. They rely on manginas to protect and advance their cause.

Obviously I popped into Portsmouth’s local W H Smith, where I did abook signing 17 years ago. Time does fly if you are not in jail ! ( A little joke for my police followers who have been trying to jail me for the past 12 years for exposing their lies and corruption.) What an acheivement for me, once upon a time one of Portsmouth’s finest tax officials !

While in Smith’s I took some time looking at the latest magazines. The Psychology Today mag exhorted women to be more confident, to become the best boss ever- that’s what it said on the front page.

Here’s the best boss ever, Boris Johnson’s wife- picture left.

Another magazine had the cover story, Why do women murder, are they driven to it ? Of course. the article says yes. Women don’t naturally do bad things. Robert Cook

Dad’s Barmy by Polly Sexual Posted March 4th 2020

This country is superficially absurd, maybe it really is absurd.  Hard to tell.  It is riddled with contradictions.  Only one Britain has died so far from the Corona Virus, on a luxury cruise ship out near Japan.  He was 80 and wealthy.

But there is talk of shutting down cities and halting murder inquiries in Britain.  My generation of university folk were obvious incompetents when I mingled with them back in the late 60s and early 70s. Maybe this ruling elite have a dastardly plan, but they will surely fail.

Poor Princess Plastic Meghan Doll doesn’t know where the next million is coming from, and it is all because she is black that the normally forelock tugging British Royalist masses hate her and are glad she is no longer leaching of and lecturing the taxpayers.

Get back to ‘Suits’ Meghan because it suits you much better than using Royal privilege for your nasty divisve feminist racist agenda. We new women do not need you patronising us..

Polly Sexual.

Meanwhile, the feminists are on the Caroline Flack case.  Obviously she was right to hit her boyfriend over the head with a heavy lamp while he was asleep.  There will be new laws to protect women from the consequences of their own domestic violence, because they are innocent through residing in a natural state of benign womanhood.

They only do apparently wrong things when naturally stupid inferior men interrupt this enchanted state of mind with their foolishess which really does need dealing with – as a national priority and emergency. Boris take note and tell COBRA.

The same rules apply to Duchess Meghan of the absurdly anachronistic Windsor  ( aka Hohnenzollern Saxe-Coburg Goethe ) family.  

Her rejection by the normal obsequious British fawning masses has nothing to do with this woman’s arrogant rudeness and shameful exploitation of her colour and womanhood. Her and Harry H – did he ever have a paternity test- are the victims here.  Poor devils.  Let’s hope they get justice one day.

There would not be this concern if a man accused of abuse had killed himself. It would have sealed his fate as guilty. Britain is obsessed with domestic abuse, along with the bigotry that women never lie.
If there are no excuses for men if they as much as raise their voice to a woman, then there should be none for women. Equality should mean equality. Eqyality of opportunity is another matter because you can’t have that in a class ridden nepotistic state like Britain.

This is me, poor tortured Polly Sexual in the late 1980s, wondering where my next £50 is coming from, signing off. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Where and what is the end ? Posted March 3rd 2020

Laurie Lee’s enchanting early twentieth century biography of life growing up in the Cotswold Village of Slad began my romance with Cotswold History.  It had been a joy to write Francis Friths ‘Cotswold’s in Living Memory’ back in the early 2000s.  

I looked hard at the old images they sent me, looking into a world of Enid Blyton like characters, homes and workplaces, winding lanes and woodlands. I read about the hard history behind the romance, the geography under the agriculture so dependent on sheep, wool and mills.  The pictures were black and white, but I felt the warmth of the sunshine through those old photos.

Cotswolds Living Memories 2001 by Robert Cook

Before my vile ex brother in law used his senior police influence to help his sister extract money during my divorce, I had left teaching to enjoy modest writing success. His lies destroyed my life, career, health and professional reputation.  That of course, is an ongoing story

My ex brother in law DCC Simon Chesterman , Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

In this respect I must – and am lucky to do so- earn my living as a truck driver.  Even here the police have used their influence to have me labelled as suffering from a paranoid personality disorder, trying desperately to cover up their vicious lies with expensive taxpayer funded  court actions over the last 12 years, losing the last two cases.

Hence their latest unfounded mental health attack, on me, because I am making serious criminal allegations against two nasty criminally led police forces.  They have done their best to get me sacked from my work with ongoing malicious criminal lies against me and my eldest son.  The British police are so awfully vile and corrupt.  

British Police doing their stuff, walking their walk. Heroes they are not.

If our traumatised soldiers made half the fuss about being heroes  as the pathetic overpaid arrogant cosseted police do, they would be laughed at.  My late father was a regular soldier, wounded in war, then a military policeman, truck driver, neglected by his posh doctor and so died aged 41. Mother fought hard and honestly to look after us, which is one of many reasons why I loathe upper middle class feminists.

That is a big part of my reality, not fake hero cops like my ex brother in law.  I was 11 years old when I heard my father’s death rattle and long goodbye in October 1962- another reason why wingeing bourgeoisie feminists piss me off.

However, I have learned from this, along with all my other hardships, tragedies and struggles. So at least I get to travel a lot, around what Churchill called ‘This Sceptred Isle.’

So, last Monday, I made my first run of the week into Gloucestershire , Herefordshire and Cheltenham.  On my way back to the depot, I pulled into a lay by way off the A40, for my final break.  I chose to stop there because I had seen travellers , old trucks, woodcarvings and custom trailers parked up.

There I met up with my old friend Jacob Spore.  He has been a traveller since as long as he can remember, this time without his dad ‘Mushroom Spore’ who is also travelling alone down in Devon.

My old friend traveller Jacob Spore camped alongside the A40 15 miles east of Cheltenham. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC March 2020

I asked Jacob if the cold bothered him. ‘No. I have a good stove in here.’  Looking at his latest home on wheels, I asked him where he built it.  ‘In lay bys.’

Amazing, so I asked what he did for food and water.  He collected it from springs and lived off the land.  His transport was an old council LDV ‘Sherpa’ water tanker.  Tanks full of spring water were lined up in front of his home on wheels.  

He told me he could not read, due to severe dyslexia. ‘By the time I have struggled to the second page of the book, I have forgotten what was on the first page.  I wasn’t good at anything at school.  But I love this life.  I get all the work done, collect the water, cut the wood.  Don’t know anything different.’ he told me. I didn’t ask if he worried about his carbon footprint and Boris Johnson’s plan to ban log burning by 2023. Forget China and Germany’s coal fire power stations and ban men like Jacob. Pompous self important British elitists must set an example, using the poor and vulnerable for their plaudits.

Jacob’s friend fellow traveller Darren’s well preserved ex army 1950s Bedford R type truck Image Appledene Photographics/RJC March 2020

A few yards away was his friend Darren’s old army Bedford truck, the back section now a comfortable home.  The smell of wood burning, the leafless trees and shivering cold weather was somehow romantic as I moved to bid Jacob farewell for now, heading back to my truck and back on the lonely road to my shift’s end, if I am lucky to get there.  Where is the end, in the end ?

The Vauxhal Bedford Story by Robert Cook

A Night Out In Police State Britain Posted March 1st 2020

What fools. Last year, 250,000 non EU unskilled migrants were allowed into Britain. Now Erdogan has kicked out more Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, North Africans and other ststeless Arabs, expect more to arrive in Benevolent Britain. The more the merrier, all are welcome to the Goldfish Bowl. Robert Cook

Friday Night and Saturday Morning, Club Night  Posted March 1st 2020

I had nearly reached my depot on an industrial estate in Bicester, yesterday morning ,when I saw a person on the other side of the road waving an arm out at me.  It was very dark, the lighting poor. As I passed by, I saw the person was a slim blonde female wearing dark clothing.

With little time to spare, and not wishing to put myself at risk, I drove on by toward the Launton roundabout.  Then, troubled by what might be the matter, I turned back.

Pulling up alongside the staggering figure ( I am referring to her gait, not her looks ), I opened the passenger window.  On asking if there was a problem, the thirty something lady replied in a Polish accent : ‘Take me home to Launton’  

Launton is about two miles from where we were, so I had to explain I had no time to do this.  Then I noticed her left cheek was grazed and bleeding. I asked if she had been attacked.  She replied : ‘ No, I am very drunk.  It’s OK.’  This lady then stumbled off, wearing very high heeled boots hindering her progress.

Friday night and Saturday morning is night club time in Bicester.  One has to wonder how she had got so far from the centre without being seen by the police, but it was rather cold for them to be out and about.

Later, as I rumbled away west in my truck, I wondered if I had done the right thing leaving her to fate.  The fact she was ready to get into a strange man’s car said much for her incapacity.  Had she been a young drunk man would I have even dared to stop to inquire about his well being or offer help?  Of course not.  Nor should I have done so for a woman.  

Firstly it could have been a trap.  Secondly, having anything to do with a drunken or sober woman these days is dangerous in politically correct Britain, where a woman’s word is always taken as the truth.  Thirdly, if women insist on being treated equally then I was right to ignore her, as I would have ignored a drunken man in Police State Britain.

So, I relaxed, all guilt passed. Onwards I rumbled, for more of my kind of night out, gazing at the wintry road, listening to the beat of the wind against my high sided vehicle, headlights cutting through the cold darkness, alone with my thoughts, alone in a world where people are forgetting- if they ever knew- about caring for what should matter more than zero carbon emissions.

A Night Out for Me , Finchley Christmas 2019 . Easter is up now for renaming. Privileged Oxford University students want the eggs called little spears, and the hoilday the Spring Break.
This seems like a joke, but it is mind and thought control. According to Dr CR Ramsay of NHS Whiteleaf Centre, I have abnorml psychology and have been recommended for more police monitoring and maybe hospital So if this site suddenly disappears, you will know why. Robert Cook

It should be caring for each other, not the fake religious kind of pretending. God is the illusion, the excuse for all the carnage, greed and selfishness. Never mind, people love illusions and offcial lies. That’s why we have and always will have terrible wars. The war between the sexes is fundamental to all of this. Robert Cook

You have heard of the third eye, well you can see I have four here at work in quaint old Salisbury last Christmas. Do you wonder what I was up to ? Maybe I am a Russian agent ? Who knows. We can be anything in diversity Britain you know.
. After losing two court cases against me for making criminal allegations and swearing at them, they have reverted to saying I am mentally ill.

They have help from a spineless little worm caled Dr C R Ramsay who has reported that I suffer from a paroanoid personality disorder. I may soon need hospital. He and all the other creeps involved, refuse to define paranoid personality disorder and what evidence they have to fit me into the category. When I pressed them again last week, they put the phone down twice. Thye kept interrupting me offering treatment.

They are so weird, but have the power to define anyone mad who has ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY. There is a big industry offering drugs, beds in the looney wards until you are ready for a career as a rough lseeper in Police State Diveristy Britain.

I wish I realy had the imagination and delusiional talent to make this up. The police are the biggest liars in Britain. Robert Cook

Britain is led by liars, with a very crule history its leaders deny. We can call white men privileged and racist, but Tommy Robinson goes to prison for filming Asian Muslim men going to court for grooming young white females. All very interesting. Where is the rule of law here ? Posted February 26th 2020

Posted February 26th 2020

Posted February 26th 2020

British people used to laugh at Russians re writing history.

” Rule Britannia, Britannia Digs The Graves

Britain s always always will be slaves. ”

Posted February 26th 2020

I recall the rather smug patronising comedian and mimic Rory Bremner saying that when Tony Blair and New Labour got to power there would be no more material for satire.  By implication he was suggesting we had reached an age of perfection in political leadership.

Last Monday in the House of Commons, a Labour feminist MP dominated debate called for British led intervention in Syria to save the women and children from the murderous Assad regime.  

Earlier that day I head an obviously hand wringing trio of BBC overpaid elitists whining on about how the Assad ‘Regime’ was only six miles away from Idlib, so the glorious ‘White Helmets’ and other terrorists had to make a run for it.

Britain wants to join in the fight to keep terrorist Islamo Fascists in control of Idlib and to defeat Assad -who is backed by Russia. good news for the booming hi tech arms industry. Britain’s RAF is looking for more modern liberated women to fly RAF bombers, to save the women and children of Syria- maybe kill a few more too.

The sanctimonious self serving hypocrisy of Britain’s elite and BBC propaganda elite, knows no bounds or shame. It is a matter of lie upon lie.  

Their cronies in the U.S State Department and weapons industry are all part of it.  The carbon footprint is no matter when fighting to keep the Russians away from the oil, and pleasing Israel are among the priorities.

To some of us growing up in the 1950s, anxious to shake of the shackles of class and oppressive religion, with working class parents who experienced the brutality, carnage and state lies about World War Two, we hoped to a more honest and fairer world.  We hoped to be free of religious oppression.  

Meanwhile the Corona Virus terrifies the prosperous people of Europe.

I wondered how anyone could believe any of that God nonsense, especially after a particularly inspiring history teacher, firebrand John Skinner, developed a mind which had already been opened by a brilliant feminist English teacher Mrs Horner.  Teachers are important.  As the Jesuits said ‘Give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man ( now we should include the word woman. )

But religion is back, and teachers are indoctrinators.  Muslims are mono culturalist in society where the rest of us have to accept diversity or be labelled racists and homophobes.   Muslim communities provide the terrorists and other problems for the wider society.

Le Pen , no friend of Muslims, wants to close the borders of France. She blames globalisation for virus spread, others blame Communist China. I wonder !

The tensions in this socially engineered society should be obvious, its direction should be seen as hopeless.  If it was an aeroplane built like this, it would not fly for long because of all its opposing parts.  It would crash with great loss of life.. Society requires its men and women to pull in the same direction, with honest righteous realistic leaders and rulers- not sanctimonious self serving money grabbers and or religiously deluded bigots.  

Britain is very much about the latter part of this sentence and has done much harm to Europe and the U.S.A with its pompous patronising sense of self importance, and lies about its cruel history.

Robert Cook

Tommy Robinson in Russia – white liberals do not like facts. Posted February 23rd 2020

Tommy Robinson in Russia

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, from Luton, was guest on today’s edition of Ms O Boyko’s ‘Worlds Apart’. He appeared, having been offered an unedited interview, during his recent visit to Moscow.

I know how he feels, from my own experience. Curiously I was chosen by my brilliant English teacher, Mrs Horner, to play Dr Stcokman in Ibsen’s ‘An Enemey of the People’ when I was 15. Robert Cook.

Boyko suggested that he had made a difference but would be more effective if he focused on immigration and government failures rather than Islam.  The blonde Russian pointed out that she was married to a Muslim and that Islam does not have to be a problem.  

Robinson said that he had no problem with East European migrants because they shared our culture. Boyko cut in with ‘Muslims are very strong on family values, you should like that.’  She also argued that Christians had the bible, so what was wring with the Koran ?

Robinson responded that if Jesus had lived like the Prophet Mohammed then he would be a problem, as would Christianity if it had not moved out of the Dark Ages.  He pointed out that according to record Mohammed married a 9 year old and raped her when she was 12.  He also noted that Mohammed was a murderer.  

Tommy Robinson on the Boyko Show, Russia Today, today.

Obviously one should balance that with the point that Mohammed never claimed to be the son of God and only recognised Jesus as a prophet.  Also, the likes of me do not believe that the Old and New testaments, and the Koran from which texts it was derived have any claim to the truth of human origins.  

They are political books and all involved parties have murdered in the name of this so called God, for centuries, re writing it all as they went along.  

As for Mohammed having sex with a 12 year old, well the First Duke of Westminster was around 50 when he married a 12 year old.  Obviously he died before her, so Westminster’s family had her put in the mad house so they could keep the estate. Aristocrats do not seem to have a problem with that, as the latest press reports on Prince Andrew attest – more to come, or should we say CUM ?

Having said that, there is an enormous cultural gap between Muslims and the West ( of us ) at any level of extreme . They are a problem for those of us who thought we lived in a secular society at last free of the sort of class ridden religious bigotry redolent even in the hypocritical 1950s, when I was a child.

We did not like Catholic Irish republican bombers- my maternal grandfather was an Irish Catholic- and we don’t like Muslim ones. I do not like religious bigotry, even though I was once head of RE at the Grange School in sedate Aylesbury.

However, leaving religion to one side, Muslims have some basic values more in keeping with a natural life than the West has.  Saying this one must allow for its hypocrites like the House of Saud – loved by the equally corrupt and decadent hypocritical pseudo Christian Anglo US elite.  

Like the fake Christians around me here in Buckinghamshire, most if not all religious acolytes have no serious knowledge of the religion they purport to follow and obey.  That makes them very nasty people.

The basic point made by Tommy Robinson, is that Muslims do not and will not integrate.  Even moderates want a caliphate.  However moderate they claim to be, they are not going to help reform our very corrupt society.  They use public institutions as if a public right for God’s people – including the corrupt police.

They are disproportionately represented in crime, especially sex crimes.  Robinson went to prison for exposing a cover up of Muslim men’s sex abuse of young white girls, something with which police colluded.  That is another revelation of our fake democracy.  

Islam has a very ancient idea about going forth to multiply, and is a proselyting religion.  Its followers want their own legal system.  This is inflammatory and problematic, and a reality the Guardian and its readers do not like.

Some yers ago, I was commissioned to write three books about Luton, becoming an ambassador for the town, on a council scheme. I gave a talk to the twon’s great and good at the Galaxy Centre in 2003. I understand why Lutonian Tommy Robinson has issues with how the great and good have let things go,  

There are no easy answers. When the great and good of Luton had a municipal celebration of peace after World War One, they did not invite the veterans who fought in it, seeing comrades die horribly.  So these survivors and their friends marched and attacked the Town Council building , setting it afire during the celebrations.  

When Muslims made a vile protest against the local Royal Anglian Regiment’s town centre Rememberance Day Parade, Tommy Robinson decided to do something about it.  The English Defence League was born.  

The British Police are not heroic crime fighters, they are overpaid, badly led, over protected lying lackeys of the state in service to their betters.

Here they prowl at taxpayer’s expense on Saturday overtime, policing and looking for trouble at the EDL protest, summer 2010, Aylesbury, Bucks.
Image Appldene Photographics//RJC.

Luton is only twenty miles – 30 minutes- from where I am writing.  I know what I am writing about. Remember Nero, he fiddled while Rome burned. I am not offering answers, just reporting some facts. White liberals ( sic ) do not like facts.  Robert Cook

‘Liberals Say Never Offend Muslims.’ Posted February 22nd 2020

Amazes me that 30 years ago I was an avid ‘Guardian’ reader, often writing outraged liberal letters that were published. It was more straightfporward being liberal in the 1980s. I was a seriously minded school teacher, conditioned by tutor Sally Inman et al during my postgraduate years in London. Life was black and white, right and wrong with evil Margaret Thatcher and the sneering Tories there to react to.

Sneering Thatcher Tories made it easy for me to be liberal.
Full of Idealism, I became a Libera Democrat Election Candidate when I understood Liberal to mean Liberal. Image Appledne photographics.

Not so simple now, psot Thatcher greed/ wars and Blair greed/wars. This si the age of multi culture, so terrorism and radicalisation of Muslims is the big problem.

Even in my day many teachers were spies looking out for racism, sexism and child abuse. Now it is something else, looking out for poetntial terrorists, with the emphasis on right wing kids from right wing- working class deprived in fact- families.

My ex brother in law, DCC Simon Chesterman, ( Then ACC ) went the other way, joining the police during the miner’s strike when Thatcher was politicising the police for social control and spying on the public. Now the police state mentality is seen as liberal rather than fascist. The police are tasked to prioritis domestic and sex crimes- so long as they don’t harm race relations it might seem ! He rose almost to the very top. Image Appledene Photographics/RJC.

Incredibele there are excuses about needing to teach young Muslim boys not to rape white girsl, but no sensitivity or udnerstanding for what we used to call the indigenous population.

The smug face on the top banner of today;s Guardian tells us much about literary gatekeepers like successful Hilary Mantel. No wonder only 3% of the population go into British bookshops with her sanctimonious PC pap at the top of the overpriced list. Robert Cook

A non PC book about transexualism, based on Polly Sexual’s life story by Robert Cook
Polly Sexual’ and her story, ‘Man.Maid,Woman’ by R J Cook
Image Appledene Photographics.

See Polly Sexual’s page on this site for more about transgender in PC Britain

Big Brother Calling The Times Posted February 22nd 2020

These are the BBC Times in Politically Corrrct Britain. PM Boris Johnson is under attack for alleged racist policies. So is Ryan Air Boss Michael O’Leary for demanding profile checks on Muslim male passengers -due to the Terrorist threat created by Blair and Bush’s Middle Eastern oil grabbing fake human rights wars.
Pompous overpaid former BBC man David Dimbleby condemns ‘Liar Boris’ Johnson for criticising the BBC ( Big Brother Calling ) that has kept his family in style since his father’s bloated heyday. Father Sir Richard was legend for his melodramatic commentaries on events like the Coronation, Sir Winston Churchill’s Funeral and so much more.

Son David is legend for saying and getting paid too much for kind thoughts on a nasty world he has never had to live in. He does not want the fatted cow called the BBC slaughtered because of its vitally important propoganda role for the rich across the world- but especially him and his cronies.

Dimbleby is the liar and worse.. He says the BBC is essential for scrutinising Government Policy. What an alarming admission of BBC aims and objectives. Another revelation about our fake democracy.
Robert Cook behind the scenes at the BBC, Coventry 2018

Very Hard Labour February 22nd 2020

Posh Boy Blair the who put the patron into patronising, the ising on the cake, has always been a fake. It was hard to imagine a politician being more stupid, arrogant and cenceited than Margaret Thatcher, but he won the prize for destroying even more of Britain’s social fabrice and well beyond that.

Happy 120th birthday! The Labour Party will celebrate its big day on Friday as it has celebrated most of them – in opposition and with no clear way out of that unhappy state. 

Tony Blair has marked the occasion with a speech, billed as a broad reflection on the state of the Labour party and British politics but, let’s face it, with an audience of one: Keir Starmer, the overwhelmingly likely candidate to be the party’s next leader.

Blair’s message is that Labour needs to change from top to toe to win, to combine both Britain’s left traditions – liberal and socialist – to win and hold power. The message that has brought Starmer to the verge of victory – that has assembled a coalition running from the former national coordinator of Momentum to the chief organiser of Labour First – is broadly, a change at the top but coupled with a similar political offer to 2017 with a more appealing centre-forward, can win.

Who’s right? The unresolved debate of the last five years is to what extent the 2017 election was a negative mandate – in which Labour probed the absolute limits of what could be won by default – or if it represented the beginnings of a way that Labour could win in a country with an ageing population, sluggish economic, and a fragmented media landscape: conditions which did not apply the last time that Labour won power in 2005. Was it false hope, as Blair believes, or a foundation on which Corbyn failed to build, as Starmer argues? 

There are clearly constituencies – Wycombe which Labour failed to win, Leeds North West and Canterbury which it still holds – where Labour is in a much stronger position, even after a disastrous election in 2019, than it was in 2010 and in some cases 2005 and 2001. What’s that about? And the answer to that question will, I think, define what Labour’s route to power is – and whether it has one.  Stepehen Bush New Statesman

Another Can of Them Posted February 21st 2020

Another Can of Them  February 21st 2020

Watching Sky News some moments ago, I saw a perfect display of why mainstream media is not to be trusted.  If you will bear with me and this relevant preface I would be obliged.

Back in the early 1970s I was watching the New Faces talent show with my Uncle Charlie.  He could not read, so enjoyed his pleasures simple.

The panel included veteran pre war comics, Ted Ray and Arthur Askey.  When a young man wearing dark glasses, a leather jacket and tight jeans came on stage with his electric guitar, Messrs Ray and Askey could barely hide their smirks, as the cameras cut to the panel.

Tiny Comedian Arthur Askey ‘Aye Aye’ they’ve opened another can of them. ‘ Well Assange is a can full of worms, political and media ones Arthur.

After the young man’s performance,  Arthur Askey was the first one chosen to asses the musician/singer’s talent or lack of it.  Smirking while looking straight into the camera, and thus millions of living rooms, he chirped :  “ Whenever I see a young man with a guitar, I always say Aye Aye, they’ve opened another can of them. “

That is exactly how I felt and what I thought when I watched a Sky News posh expensively dressed dolled up blonde glamour girl interviewing veteran rock musician Roger Waters on the subject of why Wikileaks Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States on ludicrous Donald Trumped up extradition charges.

Obviously the woman – who was speaking to him via a video link outside Battersea Power Station, where he was posing with a replica blow up pig replicating an old 60s album cover- was more concerned about her precious vulnerable womanhood than she was about Assange’s revelations of Sate murder, other war crimes and cover up, involving U.S.A and Britain and heroics as a journalist.  

Posh Presenter ‘Sky Blondie’ patronises veteran rocker Roger Waters over the Assange extradition protest.

I didn’t catch her name so I will call her Sky Blondie. She even had the gall to talk about ‘our democracies ‘ and the need to obey the rule of law.  She asserted that Assange had the chance to defend himself – a man so abused and tortured by the British State that he cannot remember his birth date or name.

Waters was clearly exasperated by this woman who kept interrupting him with her fixation on rape and the notion that England is a place of justice, where courts can be trusted.  She had a huge problem accepting that the rape accusations were a set up to get Assange into Sweden where he would be extradited. According to her, he abused his stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy.  

Interestingly the U.S gave Ecuador a massive preferential loan ,helping to ensure anti Assange regime change, so the cowardly British police could drag him out, then send him to the famous land of freedom for the very rich and hell for the masses

Waters is participating in a march on Parliament tomorrow in protest about the Johnson Government’s collusion in Assange’s extradition.  Blondie from ‘Sky News’ ( or should one say Sky Views ? ) . basically called Assange a rapist, dismissing the Swedes dropping the case – that was not a case- against him because  there was no evidence. It was a set up.

But as I keep saying, that does not matter to the British elite who keep repeating the mantra ‘our democacy.’ Blondie could not get Water’s point that sending Assange to the U.S was, among other things, a violation of Article 4 of the extradition treaty, which states no extradition for political reasons.

‘Brick in the Wall’ composer and guitarist Roger Waters ( see Media Page for video) can hardly believe the sheer stupidity of the woman allegedly interviewing him to hear what he thinks about the Assange case.

This country has no right to preach about human rights abuses. This country is a beacon for every police state you can imagine. Don’t forget, Blair led Bush into the second Iraq war with lies and a dodgy dossier. Thatcher had a lot to do with the first one too.
BAE systems have announced record dividends, at 7 % thanks to supplying dictatorship Saudi Arabia with weapons to kill millions in Yemen.

She wasn’t interested in facts, patronising Waters, telling him that Assange had nothing to fear if he was innocent.  Understandably, Waters struggled to control his exasperation, looking skywards for help.  He accused Blondie of not letting him answer her loaded questions. Robert Cook

Opening Up A Minefield Posted February 21st 2020

The British were always the great rule makers of Europe. Now free of Europe’s restraining influence, the brakes are off.  Forget that naive Brits voted to stop mass immigration from North Africa and the Middle East.  

The music industry has now waded in saying this country will lose millions if it bans free movement because it will make it too complicated for bands to perform in Europe or European bands performing here.  The economy will lose millions.  

Visas will cost each group member £244 according to the industry.  ‘The Independent’ ,which is owned by an East European billionaire (sic) warns the Home Secretary about the dangers of ignoring her posh civil servants.

This visa fee is chicken feed to successful bands and nothing compared to what they dodge in other taxes. I am not aware of lots of European bands finding an audience here anyway. This all begs the question how do U.S bands cope with the challenges of world wide tours ?  What about those tours ?  Should we not be offering our contribution to reducing air travel , obviously starting by dropping Heathrow’s Third Runway and taxing flying more heavily?  Why does that industry have to be protected.

One of the massive environmentally damaging airliners approaching Heathrow Airport. Three land every minute and there is a plan to extend the airport
by over 30%. Image Appledene Photographics/Kieran Cook

Brexit and the British love of rules with double standards, has raised some amusing issues and contradictions.  So we are going to have a coal ban for the sake of the environment.  Well consider the following:

While nylon is extremely useful in our day-to-day lives, the environmental impacts of nylon are significant and should be explored. Nylon is synthetic man-made fibre derived from petrochemicals- a thermoplastic – which is used extensively throughout the fashion industry. It is extremely versatile, and is used for everything from stockings and parachutes, to carpets, packaging and even car parts. The sheer breadth of nylons uses means that it is difficult to uncover what the overall contribution of nylon in fashion is to climate change and environmental harm. But we can consider the impact of polyester to get a general sense of this. Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used every year to produce polyester. Although more polyester than nylon is produced each year, nylon requires more energy to manufacture.  Nylon is also three times more energy intensive than cotton to produce. Considering this we can start to get a sense of the scale of the impact.

Where should Britain draw the line in showing the rest of the world an example which it will ignore. Should we ban women’s expensive luxury nylon satin and lace lingerie, their stockings and suspenders which men so love to see them wearing, all the garbage of Valentine’s Day – so vital to the economy and keeping women happy and admired ?

Nylon Satin comes in many ‘exciting’ colours. The dye used is just as polluting to produece as the nylon. Men love to see women wearing it, though women whinge about men’s fetishism, they enjoy the power it adds to their lives. Image Appledene Photographics/Polly Sexial.
Should we ban or restrict the use of nylon, no real need for stockings or lingerie is there ? Maybe just put the prices up and make it only for the rich folk’s erotic pleasure.
Image Appledene Photograhics/Polly Sexual
It is not just the lingerie that is a problem. This F&F fashion is made abroad by very cheap labour, but the world is a system. The carbon footprint of women’s insatiable need for fast fashion, which so mnay jobs here and abroad rely on, has a massive global footprint.
Image Appledene Photographics/ RJC

No, of course not, just pick on the little people and small businesses supplying the coal, along with poor folk who rely on it =firms like W G Hill of Twyford Bucks. The rich will cope.  Whatever you do, don’t mention the roles that the old Third World religion driven overpopulation is the biggest factor in global warming. Oxygen producing forests, along with so much more of the eco system have been falling for decades, making room for them.  

Now amusingly there is a  middle class protest and fight going on in Germany to stop deforestation to accommodate a TESLA envo friendly car Plant.  TESLA want to make electric cars using cobalt batteries.  

Mining cobalt is environmentally harmful, especially to the miners in the poor countries where it comes from and which the U.S are keen to control.  

Valentine’s Day Products on display in 2020, being sifted by an eager male. Women have an insatiable appetite for signs of admiration. Woe betide the man who forgets this. But it still leaves a lot of carbon footprints to get goods made and here – then later to be disposed of.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

No wonder these poor people produce so many children in the hope some will survive to look after them in crippling old age, before they die and go to God’s heaven.  No wonder they hope some of their kids will escape to first world heaven before they die – where they will be welcomed by upper middle class politicians as voters and big business as cheap labour.

These poorly educated people have no clue about the world being one eco system or the greedy liars that think banning coal and wet wood  will make them look as if they are doing something.

This guy was living in a van when I met him in a layby just east of superficially sedate refined Cheltenham. He has a wood burning stove, with an ample supply of soon to be banned fuel around him.
Image Appldene Photographics/RJC

Robert Cook

How Bad The Rest Of The World Must Be If They Fight To Come Here To Be Free Posted February 20th 2020

How grotesque with so many poor Brits homeless to boast that rising house prices is a good thing. And there are spoiled moaning whingeing Meghan and Harry striding out again, across the front page of The Mail .
Here is Windsor Castle with stately old Queen Victoria’s statue before the sunrise, May 2019. Image Appledene Photographics/ RJC
Amongst the rubbish on the dirty pavement in front of stately Windsor Castle with its thick walls and dungeons preserved, are the homeless people who had to be moved on before the TV cameras came to film posh hard done by Harry and Meghan’s lavish Royal Wedding in diversely unequal Britain.
Image Appleddene Photographics/RJC
This young man, whose name I have sadly forgotten, is one step up from sleeping on the pavement all year round. He has a van with a wood stove, though the police will not let him settle. Here he is in the first layby out of sedate Cheltenham, on the A40 road to Oxford, where I met him early summer 2019.

He has dreams of making his fortune as a woodcarver in an age where carving people up in the corporate state seems the only sort of carving that gets the RULING pyschopaths anywhere, while nice people die young.
Image Appledene Photographics/RJC

Hammer and Nail

How bad must the rest of the world be

If immigrants fight to come here to be free

This England is very very diverse

A country all in reverse and converse

It is a place where it’s right to be wrong

A haven for the weak to be strong

This is the topsy turvy place

Staring me right in the face

Something Immigrants can’t see

Though they would if they were me

Me a privileged white male

They the hammer, me the nail.

Robert Cook February 20th 2020

Feminists Don’t Have a Sense of Humour. Posted February 20th 2020

Feminists do have a sense of humour. It is very petty and directed at what is wrong with ‘privileged white men’ , also with a heightened sense of female oppression and vulnerability. Here is one of their lighter efforts one of their lighter offerings : What is the best thing to come out of a man’s penis when he gets an erection ? The wrinkles.

Like all bullies, feminists don’t like it when the jokes are turned on them. Here is one I heard on the BBC in 2003: ‘If men always fall asleep after sex, how come they can’t catch rapists ?

Here is another from BBC Saturday Reggae. The British West Indian singer stops between songs to crack this one. Imagine the West Indian accent because he sets this one in South London. “A woman is running down the street shouting Grape! Grape ! So I said, Don’t you mean rape ? She reply, No there was a bunch o’ dem . ” I belive it was the Ann Nightingale Saturday afternoon show sometime in the early 1980s.

One time in 2003 I was the female impersonator compering at a hen night in a rough Southampton pub. My lack of experience was soon spotted by a worn out working class hag who screeched ‘You ‘ent done this before. You ain’t taken the price labels off the bottom off your high heels. New ‘ent’ they, like you. ‘

This was my second trauma of the night, the first being an 80 something old man trying to tongue and groping me in the dressing room – i.e the ladies toilets.

The male strippers never turned up, so I was left to face the baying female horde as they chanted ‘STRIP ! STRIP ! STRIP !’. It did not bother them that I was all dressed up as my female alter ego Camilla Parka Rolls.

They wanted to see cock and balls, making it very clear and getting very angry and demonstrative.

Playing for time, I told a joke, doing my best to ignore the Stripper theme tune the DJ had started playing.

I said ‘There was a man who went to the doctor for a sex change. He asked how much it would cost. The doctor said £1000. The man replied ‘That’s rather steep. What is it for ? The doctor said, ‘It is £300 to remove your credentials. ‘ ‘That’s fair enough, but what’s the rest for ? said the man. ‘Oh, that’s for the tricky bit, removing half your brain and making your mouth bigger,

The acid test of whether feminists have a sense of humour is not listening to their demented rants about wife beating, rape and chid abuse, but whether they can laugh at themselbves. They can’t. Polly Sexual

Polly Sexual posing for publicity pictures during her time on stage in 2003. Women hate chicks with dicks, but love men who need erections using viagra. That gives them a laugh and keeps the men under control.

They hate men who dump their dicks as Polly obviously has here. Pussy Power is the sacred symbol of female innocence victimhood and righteousness. Men must accept that the only truly good thing they can do is produce daughters through a sexual act of woman worship- then tell those daughters how special they are, they can do anything, be anything and no man is really good enough for them except as sperm and money donors .

Did you know you can get viagra for your eyes? It makes you look hard. Remember swallow viagra quickly or you will get a stiff neck. What is the difference between women making men use viagra and date rape drugs? Answer is, feminists approve of viagra because it helps them laugh about men and those tiny pink weenies.

Image by Appledene Photographics.

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How We Got Here Posted February 19th 2020

Brief History of how we got from 1945 – 2020

Growing up during the early post war years, poverty was so normal it was hardly mentioned.  I can remember the bomb sites of North London.  If my mother saw any kind of mess, inside or out of the house, she would say ‘It looks like a bomb site.’

Towards the 1960s, the BBC Radio news was full of stories about wars in the Middle East and of Britain leaving Africa.  As we got into the 1960s, poverty was rarely mentioned.  Anyone complaining was reminded of the starving millions in Africa and India.

For too many years Britain has propped up the dictators it put in post to tyranise freely just so long as they ensured the contienent’s resources came to the west at low prices.

Anyone got uppity, Britain sold the dictator’s weapons to put them down. Rich blacks have lived the high international jet setting life ever since.

Now the Chinese scare Britain, U.S.A and all Europe by offering the Africans real infrastructure and progress. The West is in panic and big boy Mike Pompeo is over there trying to get the U.S and its elite cronies back in control, with the usuall old bullsh-t about bringing democracy. What a joke ! It is the same old story, divide and rule an empire on the cheap. Robert Cook

These were the last days of Empire and the heyday of post colonial immigration.  It was the middle classes who worried about immigrants lowering house prices in their neighbourhoods and about black men marrying their daughters.  It was working people who feared wage cuts and job losses, eventually fuelling the rise of  official racism and parties like the National Front and BNP.

Britain’s elite role in the EU was to help their U.S offspring to bomb natives out of the Middle East, thus creating mass migration encouraged to flock through the Europe in hope of accessing Britain’s generous benefit system which is paid for by the underpaid overworked over taxed lower classes.  If this story is compared to opening a petrol can and lighting a match there would be no wonder at the outcome.

Meanwhile the liberals of Europe unite to block an anti Islam rally in Dresden. Poor ignorant people who have taken the ruined highway to Europe clutch at religion -as Karl
Marx wrote and said ‘Religion is the opium of the masses.

As for the anti anti Islam people, they are predominantly if not entuirely comfortable women and student type liberals from the upper middle classes who prefer not to understand what has caused this highly explosve situation.
No wonder the AFD are on the rise and the British elite fear the likes of Tommy Robinson.
They jailed Hitler in the insipid toadying Weimar Republic, seemingly oblivious of the forces welling up behind the scenes. The belated panic over climate change- caused primarily by the demands and wars related to overpopulation and greed – is a smokescreen put up by the alleged democrats of the global elite. Greta is one of their puppets.

BBC ‘s World Service beams its propoganda directly into Iran in Iran’s own language (Farsi ) to promote rebellion and regime change. It would be called foreign interference if it was being done by Russia or China. Robert Cook

But hey, its all OK now because we have left the EU and have our c-nt tree back.  Robert Cook

Women More Equal Than Others February 18th 2020

More Equal Than Men

Ulrika Johnson pictured bottom left is definitely one to empathise with her late friend Caroline Flack. They had much in common in the world of British Tv presenters, a world beyond the normal, routine and mundane.
It pays very well, but there is a high price for luxury living and living fast. These people only like it when the savage beastly media folk are on their side.

Caroline Flack’s story is a serious indictment of Britain’s dumbed down police state culture.  Had this been a man charged with assaulting a recumbent female -with the excuse of finding naughty text messages on her phone, there would have been no outcry insisting this was only a minor offence.  

This would have been so even if the hypothetical male in question had killed himself before trial- as some men have done, for example following the malicious Higgs and Wyatt sex abuse scandal of the 1980s.

There is a double standard, in spite of all the equality rhetoric, when it comes to dealing with female on male domestic violence.  However, this is an odd case which seems to have involved a neighbour phoning the police.  I know from experience that the police exaggerate and often lie to get convictions.

The bereaved partner says he did not want the prosecution to go ahead.  He would have been in contempt of court had he tried to see his girlfriend because we live in a police state.  When feminists pressurised politicians to pressurise the police to prioritise alleged domestic violence- with an always guilty presumption- they did not expect this to apply to attractive blonde TV presenters or any woman.

Why mention the blonde attractive thing ?  Because British TV is tacky and ‘Love Island’ was a prime example of this, very chav orientated programme in dumbed down Britain with its hypocritical politicised attitude to sex.  

TV women all too often complain about being abused and underpaid in the media industry, but are never slow at using their looks to make a small fortune, more than the average kitchen slave could dream of.  

Playing the media is a big part of the game as Ulrika Johnson asserts in the bottom left corner of the Sun newspaper’s front page.  She admires her friend Caroline Flack’s media savvy. It is a dangerous game.  Johnson’s unsubstantiated allegations against a male TV presenter she never actually named, led to that man being arrested and his career destroyed by the police and media.  The man, John Leslie, was named by another tacky TV show host named Matthew Wright.  His word about another man raping Johnson was good enough for the media feast that followed.  There was no evidence, or investigation.

As for Caroline Flack’s team, well they will be looking for new jobs. The fact she had a team is most informative about media work and lifestyle.

As for the CPS, I have first hand experience of their arrogance, indifference toward the accused and hell bent determination to convict once the police have fitted up their suspect.  

Evidence is not necessary for the police and CPS to chance it.  However, I think they will fight shy of prosecuting other alleged female abusers of men.  

As for this being a minor offence, that can only be the TV team view because Ms Flack was female.  Otherwise we will need a revised law on this matter with a sliding scale, and possibly special consideration for women, who clearly are more equal than men.  Robert Cook

Miss Understanding Posted February 18th 2020

London’s premier Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic is under constant fire these days for a b’ lase attitude to prescribing mind and body altering hormones blockers and female hormones to children and young adults.

London’s Premier Gender Identity Clinic is not fit for purpose

The clinic has been accused of refusing to investigate the causes of this condition.  Without knowing the causes, how can the condition be accurately identified and treated ?

Apparently being transgendered is no longer seen as a mental health issue, although one of their senior staff told me that a person can be ‘both transgendered and mentally ill.’  

Tavistock does not look at the underlying causes of gender dysphoria, it is all about body image.

Well assuming that to be possibly a true statement or diagnosis, it begs the question of how one might distinguish the condition to be true for someone who is also diagnosed as suffering from a paranoid personality disorder ?

Conciousness is a mystery to scientists, though God given to those deluded by mainstream religions.  These bigots lay down the law on what God’s sacred plan is, justifying all wars, from their particular dogmatic viewpoint, as Holy Wars in God’s name.  So not surprising that Muslims and Catholics have a hell fire and brimstone response to transsexuals.  

God, of course is never to blame for anything.  God is not like a car maker who’s products catch fire after very minor collisions, blowing up and killing the occupants.  No legal responsibility for God, only vacuous acts of worship.  

Seems like the Tavistock are a bit like God.  They rebuild the bodies without knowing what was wrong with them in the first place.  Too dangerous to look at what’s in the water, the negative stereotyping of men, the pressures to make girls compete with boys, or the one parent ‘mummy knows best ‘ families. The whole process is all about Miss Understanding. Polly Sexual

Mss Polly Sexual looking rather shy ! Gender Reassignment at the London Tavistock GIC is all about the body image, guessing what the mind needs because medicine cannot measure consciousness in any detail, mainly only presence or absence.
Polly’s image by Appledene Photographics.

Taking Flack by Polly Sexual Posted February 16th 2020

Taking Flack by Polly Sexual

In the media feminist frenzy to paint boyfriend head bashing ‘sexy’ small screen star Caroline Flack as the real victim in this story, serious points are being deliberately missed.

The sleeping boyfriend grievously attacked by this glamorous 40 year old was in his twenties.

‘in my experience, many young men cannot resist a well dressed mature woman like me- even if I am transsexual. They see the “yummy mummy” woman, posh yet sexy in a sophisticated way. A style feminists hate and have been working to kill. ” Polly Sexual’s photo by Appldene Photographics.

When I finally decided to come out as transgender, I wondered why I didn’t do it sooner.  Obviously society’s vicious and dangerous attitude to transsexuals was a factor.  

However, apart from that the writing was on the wall back in the gender bending 1970s, the age of peace and love, but certainly not ‘Love Island.’ The age of woman was nigh.  Being a bloke was getting dangerous, and I do not mean as a front line soldier in Northern Ireland or Vietnam.

As a child, I used to hear my sister and her friend chanting ‘Sugar and Spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of.’

Aged 5, I had no idea of biology, so no clue as to what I might be made of.  I was also rather backward in that I did not know that boys and girls had a complimentary purpose in creating and nurturing life.  For many years the writing was on the wall.  R.J Cook captured my story perfectly in his book ‘Man, Maid, Woman’.

‘Man, Maid, Woman’ The story about the making of transsexual Polly Sexual by R J Cook

Now in this extreme age of political correctness, it is so difficult and dangerous to challenge the stranglehold of feminist orthodoxy. One has, to coin a very appropriate phrase at this moment in time, “to take the Flack”, if truth is to be told.

Feminists do not have to offer consistent arguments or recognise the basics of human nature.  Their role is to support the nationalisation of women, twisting Marxism into the ideology that women are the underclass who need consciousness raising to become fully fledged servants of the State’s social and economic needs.

Now, living as a mature woman interacting with men, I am surprised by the number of younger ones who have come on to me.  In the process I have learned the real reasons feminists and feminist lesbians do not like transsexual women- moreover I understand why they cannot accept such persons as female.

They are a threat to their feminist harridan cultural monopoly because of their traditional mummy loving style. So many young men have told me what they want and need.  It is not simply sex.  So I am not surprised that Ms Flack’s so called vile ‘love rat’ was texting an even older woman.  What does that say about the even older woman and so called sisterhood ?

Feminists would not be seen dead in the lingerie I am wearing here, but would no doubt prefer to see me dead in it.
Expensive lingerie, stockings and suspenders on a skinny mature blonde woman like me, mesmerises younger men.
There are many reasons why, it is a psychologically complex mixture of signalling sexuality and comfort. Feminists instinctively know and hate this truth. It conflicts with their power mania and need to humiliate men.
They want total control of the gender agenda. Arguments against them triggers outrage. Image Appledene Photographics

I also understand why the moron ex cop recently in the news- he won’t mind me calling him that as he is apparently a champion of free speech – felt the compulsion to tweet his ridicule of transsexual women as men with their dicks cut off.

I am surprised he did not make Chief Constable during his police career with that sort of mindset.  These ‘mature’ ( SIC ) men display the Freudian fear of having their dicks cut off and will do anything to appease modern sis females.

So back to Caroline Flack.  She was a successful TV star fronting chav popular TV, the next step up from Children’s TV where she started – if you don’t have the mentality for serious stuff but the looks to pull in the male viewers and the airheads who want to look and be like you, with all the money, loneliness and posh frocks etc that go with it.

So, as I learned, young men go for that posh mummy look, with all the glam clothes, fancy underwear, intoxicating perfume and well painted faces.  Trouble is, as in Flack’s case, these guys don’t know where to draw the line and cannot get beyond calling and treating you as ‘mummy’ or ‘auntie’. It is such a responsibility for us in this sad world of humanity.  

Mummy’s chastise naughty boys, but this one didn’t expect potential brain damage as punishment for his naughtiness. Ms Flack did not expect to stand trial because women are always seen as victims in British society.

As for Ms Flack’s suicide – she was out of her depth.  It should have been time for her to forget children’s TV and grow up. Too late, and feminist dominated ideology driven mainstream media will ensure no lessons are learned other than ensuring that the next woman- and all the others- who attacks ‘her’ man or anyone else’s man will be let off in case she kills herself.  Polly Sexual

Love Island Host Caroline Flack Commits Suicide February 16th 2020

Caroline Flack of Love island Fame, Abuser or Victime ?

It is no wonder the statistics on domestic violence make it look as if women are always the victims. Whatever the shortcomings of Ms Flack’s victim of her alleged domestic violence, he was a victim.

In this fake and feminist dominated age of ‘equality’ Flack was going on trial. I have been set up for trial three times by police lies.My ex wife admitted domestic violence against me on at least four occasions she could remember. She told police it was because I said unpleasant things about her interering mother who wanted my youngest son labeled and shut up because of his OCD.

After making my allegations, I was on the recieving end of so called soft intelligence reports which the police still refuse to reveal after 12 years. It appears to be the case that evrytime I complain and demand to know, they make the records longer.

So I know what it is like to sit on the edge looking at suicide as an option. As a ‘privileged white man ‘man, I get no sympathy and if I had given way to the suicide impulse no person apart from my son would care. The media would judge me guilty. They would assume my guilt or insanity.

So I have no sympathy for the shrill media voices surrounding Flack’s untimely death. Men need protection too. The law has skewed in favour of women and the ‘me too ‘ movement. I have been on the receieving end of hate mail and a brick through the front window of my isolated home. A female friend could easily have been killed by it, but the police did not want to know because of their vile malicious records.

The Woman’s Hour Host argued live on air that men killed by their partners probably deserve it.

The police and courtrs have put me through hell and twice my story has been taken down, presumably due to police complaints. There is a nasty double standard here.

Apparently Flack’s relatives have described her victim as vile. Well she chose him and had no excuse for beating him over the head with a heavy table lamp while he was asleep. she was banned from seeing him because the judge thought she might do more harm.

As for him, whether he likes it or not, his story is now in the public domain. None of us are entitled to have private lives unless we are the police who are the actual judge and jury – always outrgaed if the courts go against their small minded vicious jealous prejudices in police state Britain. As a competent and accomplished social sceintist, I know that all things are connected.

Also , remember, the boyfreiund wasn’t the one who called the police and ambulance. Feminists have opened up homes to the authorities. Neighbours spy on neighbours. Even Boris Johnson was on the receiving end of this mentality in police state Britain. Blame them unless you want to help bully the boyfreind into suicide. Love Island indeed, where is it because it certainly is not Britain.

Robert Cook

Polly Sexual, pictured here, will be commenting on the Flack tragedy later this morning. Image by Apppledene Photographics

Queen Camilla Takes Over Role of Blaming Men, From Duchess Meghan Posted February 13th 2020

Modern Women Look Down From High Horses And Hobby Horses while the poor lowly masses look up to them. RJC
Crusading Camilla Parka Rolls Speaks up for ordinary women who are suffering abuse at the hands of partners on a grand scale in evil Britain where privileged white men rule.

Bashing Britain

Bashing Britain  February 13th 2020

Today’s Daily Mail front page story about Duchess Camilla Parka Rolls’ campaign to fight domestic abuse raises some interesting questions about gender relationships in this country.

But first let’s consider why Camilla is allowed to speak out.  Back in the 1990s her now husband Prince Charles was declared unfit to be king because he dared to condemn the greed, grab and cruelty of the Thatcher Tory Government which did so much to wreck jobs and the social fabric- while paving the way to the obscene wealth of the rich today.

Might it not be argued that Camilla has not a clue about the miseries and stresses of the underclass where most of the abuse is perceived to happen – after all no one dares to argue that her brother in law Prince Andrew, Duke, General and God knows what else, is a sex abuser of minors.  

Should she not be commanded to keep her mouth shut as Prince Charles was?  No.  Because British leaders need to neutralise working men who are no longer needed for the filhty dangerous jobs or modern computerised policing and warfare.  They have to be kept in their place.  

If crude labour is needed the elite will import it.  Same goes for skills.  That’s what diversity and helping the poor unfortunate immigrants is for.  Makes the elite and their media folk – especially the feminists- feel good.

Camilla paints with a broad brush and appears to have been drafted in to replace Duchess Meghan in the ‘let’s make the British Royal Family woke and relevant in today’s struggling moralising feminist world.’ It is no wonder that so many young men growing up without fathers, attending politically correct schools and hearing how horrible men are, start queuing up for sex change or going gay at an early age ? Failing that there is always suicide.

If domestic violence is such a big issue, why ignore all the women who coercively control, injure and kill partners.  Where is the unbiased sociological research, the demographic- including class and ethnicity ?  

There isn’t any because domestic violence crusades, like automatically wanting to convict any man- outside the aristocracy- accused of rape is just another stick to beat men with.  Some years ago a police officer told me that 80 % of his call outs were domestic.  

A lawyer told me that alleging domestic violence and abuse guarantees a bigger payout for women in divorce.  So Camilla Park a Rolls I think you are in danger of becoming as absurd as Meghan.  You really do not have a clue. It has been said that your previous husband was honoured to have been cuckolded by the Prince.  

Well your sort live in a fairy tale world and should stay there.  You have no answers to the horrible mess Britain is, beyond the glittering towers of London and other municipal minefields that signal what a gaudy fake money grabbing security camera infested shambles this diversely ridiculous rubbish pit Britain is.

Anyone who thinks Brexit will make it better is a fool.  We will just have more of you ridiculous relics rattling around laying down the law for more brain deficient PC Plods to contain us with – and a plethora of old fogies advertising funeral plans on day time TV, that are cheaper than a price of their favourite coffee. Robert Cook

Robert Cook

A Furious Fuming Feminist Lashes out at actor Laurence Fox, condemning him on BBC Qustion Time as a ‘privileged white male.’
A Privileged Young White Male Prepares to Kill Himself in Plymouth 2019. Working Class white boys are bottom of the pile. Is it any wonder we have the far right ? Image Appledene
Actor Laurence Fox pleads on the BBC Question Time Programe to be understood by the feminist sociologist who condemned him as a privileged white male racist because he said Britain had not driven Duchess Meghan out of the country because it is racist. He was wasting his time.
An adoring couple, you can feel the love here. Smug BBC Woman’s Hour Hosts Jennie Murray and Jane Garvey. The former said that the 17 British men murdered by their partners every year probably deserved it. One young man had acid thrown over him while he was asleep, becoming so disfigured, blinded and disabled that he killed himself.
Women tend to use weapons and men have had their penises cut off and the women got away with it, crying rape and abuse.

When a glamour TV presenter bashed her sleeping partner over the head with a heavy table lamp, the media treated it as a joke, sounding amazed that the police wanted to prosecute such a beautiful 40 year old woman. After all, the bloke deserved it for texting a sixty year old woman. The woman showed no reomorse, only self pity for damage to her ‘career.’
When Ruth Ellis was hung for shooting her lover, and wounding innocents in a pub, Labour MP Sidney Silverman launched a successful campaign to abolish hanging. After all, Ruth Ellis was a beautiful blonde so it could not have been her fault.
Robert Cook
When this good looking TV presenter found out that her boyfriend was texting a 60 year old woman she felt justified in hitting him over the head with a heavy table lamp. The noise, screaming and shouting was so bad that the police were called. Seeing the toy boy’ fitness instructor’s injuries Police decided a crime had been committed, though the elite press hacks were bemused.
After all assailant 40 year old blonde Flack is nice looking ,well paid and had a good TV job. When I realised my now ex wife was texting her nice work colleague, woiuld I have been justified hitting her over the head with a heavy table lamp while she was asleep ? when my wife admitted hitting me on four occasions she could remember, including the use of a broken wine glass, the police declined to prosecute. Her defence was that I said unpleasant things about her mother.
What I said about her was nthing compared to what she said about me and how my youngest son needed shutting away because he had OCD, which was so embararssing for her family. She had some pretty unpleasant things to say about my mother too. But as a privileged white male, who is not one of the bent cops, my view does not matter.
There is a double standard here which is why the statistics make it look like women are always the victims. Robert Cook
Poor Upper Middle Class Mummy
The Police haveTommy Robinson and all threats to the social order under close 24/7 scrutiny in police state Britain – me too. Robert Cook

Why the US and Britain are not democracies Posted February 12th 2020

January 30, 2017 1.38pm GMT

Surely the United States and Britain are democracies. After all, they have free and fair elections and representative governments; freedom of speech and association means that dissent and demonstrations are tolerated; all citizens are deemed equal before the law; and individual civil liberties are respected.

In fact these countries are electoral oligarchies. Political power is closely allied with wealth and immigrants are regularly scapegoated for the inequalities fostered by state policies. Donald Trump’s recent ban on travel for citizens from Muslim countries is but the next stage in the increasingly obsessive and racist policing of those deemed foreign to the polity.

A cursory examination of the word democracy demonstrates that we no longer live, if we ever did, in democracies. True democrats must reject the exclusions and the inequalities which have become the acceptable face of liberal democracy.

Democracy against democracies

Let’s begin with the ancient Greek word “democracy”. The term does not denote a political regime as many have come to understand it. Monarchies and oligarchies are political regimes. They concentrate sovereign power in the hands of the wealthy few. In a democracy, by contrast, the people (the demos) – without qualification – govern. Who counts as a member of this group is an open question. Representative democracies of today, however, bound democracy to citizenship, and neurotically exclude those deemed to have no qualification. As the novelist Tom McCarthy recently argued, for the Athenians of ancient Greece a citizen was first and foremost a citizen of the world. As such they constantly put into question any attempt to restrict the demos.

Recent debates about immigration into Europe tragically confirm the terrible consequences of bounding democracy to a “legitimate” public, for those classified as foreign. Democrats must enact equality in the name of a common humanity, against political regimes which lay claim to the name of democracy.

The power exercised by the demos – or “kratos” in ancient Greek – signified the capacity to act politically, the collective ability to do good. For the ancient Athenians, public office, and representation, were very limited ways of exercising this power.

Democratic power rests on the presupposition that everyone is equal. It tests all political regimes, notably those which assume that democracy is only about voting. In both Britain and the US the representative system allows political parties with a mandate from only one third of the voting public to rule. Moreover limiting democracy to citizens who vote ignores the consequences of how citizens in the UK and the US live for distant others. Those who produce its food, are affected by its wars, produce the energy and goods – all the products which oil the wheels of Western lives. Democracy implies that such limits can never be justified.

Radical ways of thinking

The implications of this argument are radical and go well beyond considerations of immigration policy, although this is a salient place to start. It means that we should never simply equate democracy with existing political regimes. Liberal democracies radically limit the powers of the people. Freedom of information is restricted in the name of state security; every aspect of life is calculated according to the measure of profit, as value becomes almost completely monetary; inequalities of wealth and of pay are extraordinarily high; and equality is daily sacrificed on the altar of individual freedom while millions live their lives in debt, getting by from day to day.

It was no mistake that in 594BC, Solon of Athens insisted that Athenian citizens could not participate fully in public life if indebted. In Britain and the US today too many are marginalised by apparently poor credit ratings, and by state policies which privilege monetary rather than democratic accountability.

All democratic regimes undermine the equality they espouse. In securing borders they exclude others who might be deemed members of “the people”. In protecting against possible challenge and in institutionalising the “best” forms of rule these regimes police the equality which they simultaneously proclaim. It is an equality which rings hollow. Long before the revolutions against the Soviet Union and its satellite regimes, citizens of these states knew that the proclamations of those in power were ruses without foundation.

In the democratic regimes of the “West” today, citizens also live in a world of Orwellian double speak. A topsy-turvy world that tells us that the economy is growing, the stock market is at historic highs, satisfaction ratings have sky rocketed – yet these measures are a semblance which politicians use to pat themselves on the back. Our democracies are oligarchies which protect wealth yet blame those with nothing for the inequalities generated by their own practices.

What then is democracy?

Democracy takes place when equality is enacted in the name of the people. Those committed to democracy should ask themselves the question posed by philosopher Jacques Rancière: “What happens when we act as if all are equal?” To start with, the gross inequalities in wealth preserved by democratic regimes would be challenged. We would recognise that all are capable of participating in rule. Borders separating us “from them” are fictions which preserve inequality. We would reject a society which purchases the future of the young by tying them up in debt, and would ensure that everyone has a decent home not subject to the change in fortunes of a market in property – another one of those measures used to demonstrate the “health” of the economy.

There are instances when political regimes do foster such democratic practices, but these are few and far between. More interesting are the many instances, often unseen, sometimes banned and condemned, when democracy is enacted by the men and women of no property. In Newham in east London in 2014 the Focus E15 mothers’ group occupied housing owned by the local council, on the all but empty Carpenters estate. They were responding to the closure of a nearby hostel for the homeless, to cuts in housing benefit, and to a lack of affordable housing in the city.

The occupiers opened the empty “real estate” to the public as a social centre organising daily events and debates – much to the chagrin of the local mayor and his council who had proposed relocating the mothers and their families to Birmingham in the West Midlands and Hastings in the south. The campaign briefly gained national coverage as the mothers shamed the council into providing social housing on the Carpenters estate.

These women exercised extraordinary power. They did not ask the council for housing. They took what they claimed everyone is entitled to: a home. They refused to accept the council’s claim that there was no affordable housing. Having occupied the homes they engaged the wider public in a debate about the social cleansing of London. Their actions did not stop with this occupation. In the two years since they have lent support to immigrant communities victimised by racists. Other groups fighting social cleansing have sprung up across the south-east. They have lent support to those excluded from the bubble economy that is London, including Deliveroo workers demanding the right to unionise.

Having enacted the equality which democracy promises, these activists now have in their sights the equality distorted by Britain’s political regime. The test of democracy is that whether or not a practice enacts equality without limit in the name of a people unbounded by any prior principle. On this test the US and Britain are not, and never have been, democracies.

British Police State needs more police Posted February 9th 2020

Pippa of the snooty green party tells us that we must open Britain’s doors to as many climate migrants from Africa and the Middle East as want to come here now we have left the EU.

The U.S and British elite seem rather obsessed with asserting that we live in Western Style democracies, this needing ever more police to protect us from the terrorism they started and are so obviously fuelling and refuelling in the Middle East, notably Iran and Syria.

Wars have always been good for profit, power and thinning out the lower classes. We are not supposed to notice they have a carbon footprint, or rememebr the big freeze following the nuking of Japan.

Brits and Americans ( Brmericans ) are educated into ignorance.  They don’t see the simple connection between the elite and professional media/politcal class war on socialism, hence the Russia obsession, and the fact that never has so much of the world’s increasing wealth been in so few hands.  China is villified but produces the bulk of manufactured goods, including MG cars.

Let us all go and live in Greta’s Grotto in the frozen carbon free north. We’ll be safe in our deluded minds till the end of time on earth

Greta is a con trick to shift the blame on debt ridden ignorant masses.  I heard a posh woman asking a Trump betrayer senator whose name I forget, maybe Russell, how they could educate the U.S voters to support the Democrats, but not Sanders.  That was on World Service in the early hours yesterday as I was driving my truck out of Salisbury down to Exeter.  The message was as dark as the sky.

More taxes for the poor, public spending explosion post Brexit but rich will go on tax dodging and they want more police to protect them from the poor more than the terrorists which they create and control. British democracy is bull-hit. Diversity is ‘divide and rule. Robert Cook

Now Boris Johnson is being told by police to give them 50,000 more cops and pay more taxes for big projects- but not HS2 because it is planned to go through the NIMBY rich peoples back yards.  

The rich folk of South Bucks want an environmentally damagin water wasting and polluting tunnel through the Chilterns if the project does go ahead. Of course it will be the poor who pay because the rich will go on paying their accounting people to legally evade their share of UK taxes.  

It’s the rich what get’s the pleasure, it’s the poor what get’s the blame. It’s the same the old world over, ain’t it all a bleedin’ shame ‘

I am ashamed to say I used to do that sort of job, having been trained by HM Inspector of Taxes.  I don’t claim to be perfect like some I used to know.  At least I got the sack from that, so must have been doing something right. Robert Cook

Old Folk Like Me February 4th 2020

How many people have the courage to fight the state, to ‘speak truth to power’ ? I gave up my right to vote in this corrupt system. I do not expect things to improve post Brexit. Injustice is pretty normal now and can only get worse. I believe Britain was a bad influence on the way Europe’s Union developed. Robert Cook.

Old folk like me are familiar with the old saying, when the United States sneezes the world catches cold.  When the European banking crisis began in Germany and Austria in the 1930s, the U.S was already isolating itself.  Black Monday had been and gone.  Wall Street’s greed merchants brought on the inevitable crash.  Only another world war, with the world’s lower orders acting as canon fodder and pawns in the game resolved the problem.

Post war planning was the big idea, but nothing as extreme as Russia’s USSR and China of course. Those countries served as bogey men.  For a blink of an eye, there was hope for an end of this nonsense when the Berlin Wall came down, with drunken Yeltsin selling off Russian assets dirt cheap to cronies we now call Oligarchs – some of whom have bought British Premier League football teams and traded up on their hot young wives along with the Porches.  The U.S led Western elite rather hoped this vulgar mimicry would go on, leading to many more glories including total consensus and control of the oil rich Middle East.

The muddle in the Middle East is beyond ordinary and so it goes on.  The frogs don’t notice the temperature is rising, as with the Australian bush fires, until it is all too late.  The police state operatives and agencies are all around us.  

Here in Britain we have university students employed to spy and snitch on fellow students who say the wrong things, or speak with language not approved by feminists and the State. Members of the public are encouraged to spy on neighbours and report on alleged suspicious or hateful behaviour.  

Britain getting out of Europe will only speed up the process.  Meanwhile, the war mongers go on making war and massive profits, all in the name of democracy. Their massive carbon footprint never makes the news.  So the elite keep on getting richer.  

Three U.S citizens own more wealth than the country’s poorest 38 million.  Presidential candidates are posturing in the Primaries, but they are never asked and never talk about the base line.  Immigrants watch U.S TV and film where they never see the truth about U.S Neverland.  Trendies like Britain’s Prince William and Kate have launched in to the campaign for more diversity in BAFTAS and Oscars.  They have to find another way in to looking ethnic relevant since Meghan’s departure from diverse UK.  

But the real diversity issue relating to film and all media is not race, it is class, the upper and upper middle dominating the ranks, agenda, editorial and language code.  Talk about what gender or race  is going to get their is yet another distraction from the elite in our fake western democracies- a situation led and dominated by Britain and its U.S offspring of elite rulers who just have to find ever new ways of keeping the masses down, afraid, poor, ignorant and in order.  Robert Cook


Just how stupid are British people?  The last time I went to the Proms Concert in Albert Hall, a stuck up white male bourgeoise Brit threatened to have me thrown out for singing ‘Britains always, always will be slaves.’  I believe the year was 2011.

Mass of British Idiots celebrate Brexit

Now we are about to Brexit.  I never thought it would solve any deep rooted national problems, but I always thought it would stop our bungling ruling class from blaming Europe for their idiotic greed and incompetence.

Why do you think any of them wanted it in the first place ?  To have a freer hand in ruling us of course.  We have ‘Handy’ Andy Windsor claiming he only stayed with paedophile Epstein to be near Epstein’s girlfriend.  How odd is that?  Now Handy Andy dismisses his accuser as a  SICK GIRL.  How many accused abusers have used that excuse? Different rules apply to us lower orders in a world where women never lie – so much easier to get rape convictions outside European law. Wasn’t it wonderful before Europe ?

Our Country, what a laugh. Ninety percent of the idiot British live on 10 % of the land. The rest is for the military and the upper classes. You think Brexit has ended mass immigration, how thick are you ? As thick as your useless education at ‘uni’ wants you to be.

Well, we can expect more of all that now… Posh BBC man Nick Robinson- check out our profile page- says we need to look at where we are going to get our workers from now- Today Programme Feb 1st.  Certainly not the dole queue, have to keep wages down and profits for the rich few up you know. Sould be fun, bearing in mind that Britain’s sad deluded ‘patriots’ voted leave to shut out ‘Johnny foreigner’ and reclaim their homeland.

As I write, there is a report of a new terrorist outrage in sleazy Streatham South london, near where I lived long ago, with many stabbings.

Police have also been called in to investigate a hate crime at Winchester House in Norwich.  Some deluded person put up a poster declaring that ‘Now we have our country back everyone here must speak English.’  We can expect more of this bright new future.

Portsmouth Harbour Rule Brittania, Brittania Rules The Graves, Britain’s always always will be slaves. ‘We are always a ready, steady boy steady, we’ll fight and we’ll conquer again and again.’ -January 2020 RJC

Robert Cook

Apropos Winchester House Tower block, someone swiftly complained and PC PC Plod and Plodette are now on the case.  Country back from who, what country ?  The country is still in Europe up until 31/12/20, in transition to the old upper class ruling elite where the likes of Prince Andrew can do as they like – FOOL, to borrow a phrase from BJ Barakus.

God Help Us Posted January 31st 2020

I am thinking about God, who seems to have made a comeback, and the Corona Virus. God made everything religious people insist upon this. So God must be a weird sceintist, why make such a miserable system?
Lesser sceintists than God say :”What are the possible causes of the outbreak of CORONA?

Migrants from Africa breaking free of Calais aiming for a better life in welcoming Britain, land of hope and glory.

Scientists believe an “unknown intermediate” may be spreading the infectious virus.

Bats, camels and other animals are carriers of the viruses which mutate and then are passed on to humans.

Traces of the disease were found at a food market in Wuhan, China, which has been identified at the epicentre of the outbreak.

The market sold seafood, as well as live consumable animals including poultry, donkeys, sheep, pigs, camels, foxes, badgers, bamboo rats, hedgehogs and reptiles. “

Human’s are overpopulating massively. We live in ever closer and dangerous proximity. Diversity slogans are a political sop masking reality in peoples’minds. We are doing so much more harm than carbon emissions in order to sustain this absurd situation. It is laughable and obscene that wheeling little Greta out to address self interested billionaires and elite politicians at the rich persons’ haven of Davos can be seen as taken so seriously.

The unacceptable face of protest from the working class rebel Tommy Robinson, outlawed and jailed for photographing alleged Asian paedophiles en route to court. The reason given, he was harming good race relations in diversity Britain.

The stupid debate as to whether there is a limit to how many lifestyle economic migrants and refugees from wrecked and ruined South Asia, Middle East and Africa can move to Europe misses the point.

The question is how many human beings can the planet sustain period? The average African female has 10- 15 babies on a continent of rising heat and political instability.

The people who voted Brexit to stop this flow to Europe missed the point and should not expect things to get better. There will just be more control and education to thinking and rationally responding. More crises are inevitable. Greta is just a distraction making the media and other elitists look good.

My first professional training was as an economist. This so called social science of economics came out of the Industrial Revolution upheval –all British ideas as the empire grew ridiculously and disruptively large. That is why this country became involved in two world wars, with today’s ongoing fallout.

Foremost amongst the much scorned economists of this new age was Rev Thomas Malthus. His words and ideas have never been welcome to the ruling greedy class. He theorised that ” passion between the sexes” is a given, so human population will outstrip the food supply. The result will be war, disease and famine. Robert Cook All comments to

England’s Green and Pleasant Land Posted January 29th 2020

Our last delivery point last Monday, at 15.30 hours, a little sun lightening the daily darkness. Coombe in Devon, Monday January 28th 2020 Picture by Robert Cook- aka RJC.

England’s Green and Pleasant Land

On Monday I had the pleasant and interesting company of a co driver on the long haul and complex deliveries needing to be made in and around Plymouth and Exeter. The weather, as expected was miserable, damp and grey.

My colleague was new to the business so there was much to talk about in that respect. Aged 62, his life had been varied and hard.  He told me that he and his wife were still struggling to make ends meet. Debt collectors were a source of fear since his business failed and Lloyds refused to pay out on his PPI- having mis sold it to him to cover a loan. Instead of admitting their serious failing, the government owned bank sold the debt on to ruthless threatening debt collectors. That is Britain today.

I was particularly intrigued by his account of time he spent in Northern Ireland. This was not as a soldier, as is often the case with British truck drivers. It was for the other obvious reason, he had met a girl.  She invited him to live with her on a Protestant estate.  Most of us know the magic of women, how mesmerised we become.  They lure us like the Sirens of mythology lured sailors, onto the rocks.

So my co driver told me that the Ulster people were more Royalist Loyalist British than the people on the mainland. There had seen some awe inspiring murals depicting the likes of King Billy’s ‘Battle of the Boyne ‘, painted big and bold on terrace ends.  ‘What surprised me more was the fact the locals had painted the kerb stones on roundabouts British red white and blue.’

My colleague concluded that being Protestant and British meant everything to them. It was the basis of their whole identity. His identity at the time was problematic. With a Catholic Irish mother he had been raised and Christened as a Catholic. Living in Ulster, on a Protestant estate , that was a secret he and his young girlfriend- this was the dangerous early 1980s so he could not afford to share with any of the neighbours.

He chuckled and smiled about the day the Royal Ulster Constabulary stopped them in the car his girlfriend was driving.  The officer asked for her driving licence.  She lied that it was at home, when in fact she had no licence.  He gave her a notice to produce it at the police station within seven days.

Two evenings later the couple were sitting indoors when there was a massive explosion.  It rocked the house.  The couple rushed outside with the girls little boy, joining the crowd of others. Many windows had been blown out by the blast.  A little way up the road was the smoking remains of what was left of the police station after a rocket attack.  His girlfriend was in the clear. All the records had been destroyed.

Some time later , word went around that the I.R.A were planning a big attack on the estate.  ‘All the men were called together to form patrols from midnight until 8 a.m in the morning.  We went to house where I had never seen so many guns of different sorts or sizes.  In fact it was the first time I had ever seen a gun, so never handled one.  I had to do it.  I was scared witless out there with them at night.  That was one of the reasons I knew I had to come back to England.’

When I was a very young schoolboy we used to sing a hymn with the line ‘In England’s green and pleasant land, was Jerusalem buil- ded here in England’s green and pleasant land.  From the view point of a geologist or geomorphologist , there is still a lot of green in this country because the rich keep 90 % to themselves, the masses are crowded on 10 % of the land which is mostly bleak grim polluted and sad, mortgaged to the rich and their banks.

Here in the most densely populated parts of Europe’s most densely populated country, the crowded dumbed down British masses bask in anti social government monitored cyber space because there is not much other space.  

As I write a bulletin has come in about BA suspending all flights to China where the Coronavirus is jumping from person to person= a very short jump.  ‘Oh what a piece of work is man , how noble in reason’ .  Shakespeare wrote that and so many other brilliant lines during the more enlightened Elizabethan 17th century times which followed the dark days of Mary Tudor who threw Protestants alive onto bonfires.

Now we have popular culture.  There is rap and multi culture.  Taylor Swift flaunts her assets exciting the men while acting as a role model for hopeless girls, then gets a disc jockey sacked because she alleged he touched her bum.  

Taylor Swift;s image dominates the front page of the Times last Saturday, wearing a costume denoting her sex, amplifying the assets of a modern feminist role model, no more dignified than the man in his posing pouch. Next to her Swift Passage image is the story of incompetent police, trained only to spy on and control the public. They can’t handle fraud, even though they are frauds, with so many law breakers amongst them. Robert Cook

This is the age of diversity, so we have to accept the mantra or mantrap that women never lie. This isn’t just dumbed down little England because Britain is still a big noise in the world, punching well above its weight.  Today the old Tory Telegraph newspaper reports that diversity means the Middle Classes are not finding it so easy to get into Oxford and Cambridge University. They won’t like that.  

Another bulletin has just told me that Prince Andrew is angry because the FBI went public over him using Royal Privilege to avoid talking to them about sex abuse allegations. No wonder British Royalty and government wanted a half black Princess in their ranks to make them look NORMAL.

Prince Andrew is reported to be very angry over FBI reports. He is, after all econd son of the Queen of England. Meanwhile what is her third son up to ? He should teach Duchess Meghan a thing or two about avoiding the media, especially the paparazi.
The man must be a genius. Is he still working behind the scenes? Few people will even remember him, especially his moments with the Royal Marines. He was so useless he should have been made their commander. We will need another idiot if Trump and Boris manage to kick of World War Three, which seems ever more likely after yesterday.

There in the Oxford great seat of learning, twenty miles from where I am writing now – Cardinal Wolsely graduated from Oxford aged 15 – transexuals bar feminist speakers and feminists bar them.  Diversity is the thing here in England. It works so well,  a bit like putting petrol in your diesel car or all over yoUr electric car battery TERMINALS.  When it explodes, just talk to what is left of it.  Calm it down, boost its spirits, make it feel better, tell it to be whatever it wants to be.  But remember what happened to ‘Humpty Dumpty ‘ when he fell off the wall.  ‘All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men couldn’t put ‘Humpty Dumpty’ together again.  Robert Cook

The Fool In The Crown January 26th 2020

Watching the first and second series of the Crown on Netflix wafted me back to my 1950s childhood and 1960s teen years.  I was born grew up in a tiny damp draughty terraced house with an outside toilet. We had no running hot water or bath. We had a tiny back garden where my father grew potatoes.  

At night we peed in a bucket on the landing.  For anything else, in winter it was a freezing trip up the back alley to the outside lavatory.  We were so poor, we used torn up newspaper as substiture toilet roll- and brown paper bags torn up if we had any.

My ex soldier father used to cycle ten miles to his lorry driving job based at a brickyard in Bletchley- an industry long gone thanks to asset stripper Lord Hanson, a major donor to Thatcher’s Tories.

To upper middle class feminist rabble rousers and self righteous well paid media folk all white males are privileged.  What a privilege for my father to cycle to and from home all weathers at 2 am in the morning, getting back around 6 pm- six days a week!  He had been lucky to survive Dunkirk, fighting as a regular soldier for the ruthless manipulative duplicitous patronising incompetent British upper classes.

My father died when I was 11 years old.  The job, and an incompetent doctor, killed him.  So the 1960s were anything but swinging for me. I was not on drugs, so I remember them. I used to deliver newspapers in the early morning and work on a farm at night.  

When I got to an elitist university I had to work my 20 weeks vacations on dangerous building sites.  Most of my fellow students went off for fun sunny holidays abroad- where, as Oscar Wilde said ‘ travel narrowed their minds.’  So I do not take lectures about equality and privilege from privileged feminists, black or white – including Lilly Allen and Duchess Meghan.

It is high time the Royal Family were retired, we cleared the decks of ‘Titanic’ Britain, to consider the reality of inequality, power , privilege and corruption in all key areas- including the much publicised corrupt and dishonest police. These days it is more a case of ‘The Fool in the Crown’ rather than the ‘Jewel.’ Robert Cook

The RMS ‘Titanic’ pride of Britain pictured above and about to set saidl for the U.S.A in April 1911. The burning festering scar on the side of the ship, is circled in red. A massive coal bunker was already on fire. the authoritues knew, risking the maiden voyage for the sake of profit and share prices. The ship, with the lower orders locked below, was a metaphor for Imperial Britain. British Royalty is a metaphor for Britain today, It is outdated. It cannot be modernsied for today’s traffic any more than a Model T Ford could be.

It’s efforts to update by introducing an American ‘woman of colour’ has backfired, demonstrating – especially in the wake of the Prince Andrew cover up, just how absurd the window dressing has been. Prince Harry’s mother, used by the feminist media to put outspoken Prince Charles in his place during the greedy 80s & 90s, gave way to an outspoken self obsessed Princess Meghan.

Inadvertently she has exposed the nonsense of Royalty, privilege and patronising hypocrisy in which she hoped to bask -as a beacon like ‘woman of colour.’ She does not understand Britain or its divided people. To her life is black and white, woman and man, not rich and poor – because she has never known poverty and what it does to people, as much as she takes up the African cause.
My maternal grandfather was Southern Irish, but that does not make me understand or act as a natural spokesperon for Ireland. Meghan should start by considering all the corrupt black politicians in Africa and the connundrum of African women having 10 -15 children each. This unpalatable fact, with Africa’s population expected to reach 2 billion by 2050, has huge implications for mass migration, cultural conflict and global warming. Robert Cook.

Nice People in Police State Britain Posted January 23rd 2020

More Police coming as we leave the EU. You asked for it.

Several weeks ago, and 12 years after my police nightmare began, I sent a further complaint to Thames Valley Police. I am the ex brother in law of DCC Simon Chesterman. He is among other things, the man who covered up for three associated lying police officers in the Plebgate Scandal. I knew him and we shared a room in a bungalow near Portsmouth when he was 14, back in 1976.

Today I received a reply reference my last arrest by TVP and another twelve hours in the cells- which I will detail later in this article. They refuse to comment on the status of their ongoing investigation into allegations that I am a gay prostitute working for my son, from home.

Chesterman has admitted involving himself in my divorce back in 2008/9. He did more than that. He supported his sister’s weird dictat that my eldest son should never see his brother again, creating malicious so called soft intelliegnce to criminalise my eldest son and me.

H e committed perjury, misconduct in public office and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, along with his police officer wife, his sister- my ex wife – Sergeant Rees and female constable partner from Ludlow of WMP, his mother and probably others.

When I found substantive evidence out about this in 2014 and complained, the police and CPS lied to the judge about alleged domestic violence on my part and I was threatened with a long prison setence if I did not plead guilty to breach of restraining order for making my complaint. My legal fees for a top barrister were horrendous, not to mention the health stress. After seven very stressful hearings, I was found not guilty and repeated threats of jail.

All the time I had to work long hard hours as a truck driver because the Chestermans destroyed my professional reputation as a writer, musician, teacher and journalist. My ex wife bombarded the local doctor’s surgery- her ex employer with allegations that I am an alcoholic- allegations which they accepted and assed to the police. I also have evidence that the police contacted the surgery.

Chesterman motive, along with his cash strapped family due to his first adultery caused divorce and expensive taste – who have a hstory of mental illness= was to exploit and shut up my youngest OCD suffering son Edward, for money.

My ex wife was in an abusive relationship with Edward which drove me to a near successful suicide. She admitted to police hitting me on four occasions she could remember.

Up until the time she took Edward from the marital home, when he was 20, she was still taking him to the toilet and washing him. I have in my possession a document which he wrote, and she signed, promising to help him commit suicide if his life got any worse. PC Grainger of Thames Valley Police refused to read this document.

There is much more to be said about this vile story. The British Police are not heroes. They are generally incompetent bullying liars with expertise at high level cover ups, with a corrupt promotion system. So far the police have made three terrifying attempts using the court system to jail me.

The last time was almost funny. On the morining of February 2nd 2018 I had lain in bed late, having a day off truck driving to keep my long gruelling hours down. I was awoken at 8.30 by very loud door banging, a raucous voice screaming ‘Open Up it Is the Police.’ It sounded like an hysterical woman but turned out to be acting DC Bellamy of TVP. My eldest son answered the door.

There were seven police officers to ransack my house, steal documents and computers which they kept for three months, not returning them until I phoned six times, eventually swearing at them on the answer phone- then taken to Crown Court for bad langauge, and threatened with Prison if I did not admit guilt to causing Bellamy alarm and distress for not answring my calls to know when I could get my stuff back.. He wanted damages from me.

So, back to February 2nd 2018, Bellamy told me I was under arrest and that he would read me my rights at the police station. I asked why I was being arrested. He said for breach of restraining order by sending evenge porn of myself and my wife to my ex wife, her brother and their bosses. This restraining order was made after I was previously arrested for writing about all of this on the net and stalking the virtuous Chestermans- so it will happen again soon. I don’t mean that i will stalk them and never have stalked them. Chesterman and his family lied about that, getting a secret PNC Criminal Marker on my car and so called soft intelligence about me being a violent threat to them, dated October 9th 2008. I was not supposed to find out about that. However, being chased every where when on the road in my car, obviously raised my suspicions and I am good at finding things out.

Allegedly I stalked the Chesterman’s remote rural home threatening violence over the weekend of October 4th/5th 2008, when I could prove that I was hundreds of miles away north of Liverpool. I wasn’t there, so the police in this case are criminal liars. I was never interviewed at the time, only finding out about the PNC Criminal Marker after requesting CRB clearance to stay at exclusive Woldingham School with a female teacher /musician friend- which I eventually got strange to say.

I gave the police 12 monts to explain the marker and records- which had the police recklessly chasing me every time they saw me – before going on the net, as I have done again before making ths post. It is nearly two years since my last arrest and prosecution, when once again I was found not guilty of the CPS police created charges.

Back in 2018, I had allegedly sent porn pictures of myself and ex wife, along with video and incriminating letters to three senior police officers, my ex wife and ex brother in law’s boss and him.

After a long time in the cells, I was told the video did not exist – though it was referenced on police documents- also a picture of a strange woman wearing lingerie who Bellamy suggested was my wife, and one of myself laying on a bed. The accompanying letters, of which I was shown a specimen, was typed with a typed name. It was not my name. They said I had used a false name and posted all the letters in Northampton which is 24 miles north of home.

The truck I was driving on the day I allegedly sent porn to the Chestermans et al- I was revenge porning myself they said. Today I received a letter telling me that they cannot tell me anything. More police state I think. RJC

As it turned out, the police had investigated nothing before arresting me, simply using the restraining order to arrest and enter my home. That is all they need to get in to a person’s house. In my case they admitted watching the remote property for three months. They had no forensic evidence, and like the stalking allegations back in October 2008, I could prove I was elsewhere at the time.

When I told them the material had obviously been sent by my aggrieved ex partner – because I dumped her for colludimg with them- they did not want to know.

By the way, they targeted my ex partner with Chestrman lies after she made a Claire’s Law request. Now, I am apparentlty paranoid- PPD. A psychiatrist was sent around to confirm this, along with a medical student and mental health nurse warning me of the dangers of them having to send me to a secure unit.. According to his report, I do not need hospital YET! These are such NICE PEOPLE. Move over Julian Assange, this is Police State Britain.

Nice People the Police.

Robert Cook

Carbon Blindness Greta at Davos Posted January 23rd 2020

Little Greta Thunberg is becoming a very polished and convincing speaker. below is an account of her appearance at the Davos Summit yesterday. I have highlighted two key sentences :

What did Greta Thunberg say?

Nonsense. Most People are too small and poorly educated to be heard. Greta is being heard because she is an impressionable child making it look as if she is being heard on behalf of so homogenously nice young people.
The focus on young people is yet more brainwashing. Try saying what the elite don’t want you to hear or see. Chelsea Manning was very young when she revealed nasty state secrets to Julian Assange and thence the public domain. Look what has happened to both of them.

Greta urged her audience, who were largely made up of world leaders, to listen to young people.

She spoke during a panel session titled Forging a Sustainable Path Towards a Common Future.

She said: “I’m not a person that can complain about not being heard.

“The science and voice of young people is not the centre of the conversation, but it needs to be.”

Thunberg continued: “It is about us and future generations and those who have been affected today.

“We need to bring the science into the conversation.”
You can watch her speech

Greta will also be speaking on during a second panel session titled Averting a Climate Apocalypse.

Greta has three recurring themes in her simplistic speeches and interviews. They are ‘ the science’ , ‘young people’ and carbon emissions. She never mentions global politics, national economic and political self interest or global overpopulation principally from what we old folk used to call the Third World.

For her it is a mssion to have an army of righteous international ‘young people’ fighting old ruling people to reduce the key enemy of carbon emissions because the science says so.

The idealisation of young people as an international force for good is absurd. They are divided along so many cultural and historical lines. They are not universally well educated or capable of altruism. In the west, those of higher class are usually bought into the system, and at best hypocrits like Prince Harry and Meghan. Those of lower class are struggling in dead end jobs, drug and booze addicts, unemployed and possibly suicidal.

As for the science, there is no homogenous blob of climate science. Carbon is not inherently bad. Plants need carbon. We need plants. However, continously expanding population destroys the green environment.

Wage slaves and religious bigots are not open to the finer things or thoughts in life. Middle class folk may boast about driving electric cars but, as we see in Germany, they do not want an electric car plant near them. Electric cars need batteries made with cobalt. Cobalt mining is incredibly polluting and harmful to poor people in countries where it is exploited for the benefit of Western backed dictators. The carbon fibre boat Greta used to sail to the U.S was built by a carbon intense polluting process.

The more people there are, young or old, the worse it gets. Africa has been kept down for centuries by the likes of Britain and the U.S, divisions exploited so as to extract resources traded by young parasites on the world’s commodity markets, where terms of trade have been historically manipulated by the get richer quicker parasites across the world.

The West fear Chinese and Russian intrusion into the African hell hole where they might actually bring some order and infrastructure. The reality and truth of climate change is unpleasant and Gurning Greta is getting in the way of revealing it. Population growth is the root cause. Robert Cook

Women Suffer So Much January 21st 2020

Without doubt my mother had a terrible life. My father suffered too. He lived long enough to discipline me into a life long agony of self criticism , self doubt and discipline, while spoiling my sister.

Dying in 1962, he left his daughter looking for a replacement to give her what she wanted. She became pregnant while still a member of her grammar school sixth form. She got her man, old style- even though he was older and married, had two children- with another on the way.

Those are all stories in their own right. They are part of Britain’s 20th century continium leading us to where we are today.

And today, as with my father and his attitude to my sister, we have a world where women can do no wrong. Wrong can only be done to them.

Government urges women to come forward with stories of sexual harassment at work- a real vote winner. This is from last Friday’s I newspaper. Of course women never lie misconstrue or fantasise about such things- perceptions are all in buzz world Britain..
British marriages are in decline because men are afraid to risk the demands of giving their all to modern women who are just too perfect thanks to feminism. In the bottom right hand corner of this recent edition of a woman whingeing magazine, we see that poor Caroline of TV Love Island fame is very soirry for herself, having been reported for hitting her sleeping lover over the head with a vase, during a jealous rage.
Women have done some terrible things to sleeping men, including pouring acid and cutting off a penis. There are always excuses for them. Mothers of sons should be concerned. Women are a wonderful virtuous blob, always right, always victims and never wrong or lying.

Opportunity In Britain’s Police State Posted January 21st 2020

Identity is basic to human survival and cooperation.  Without it we are just as savage as the most dangerous of animals.  With it, we can also be savage and cruel. Hence war and violent crime.  It is a  struggle and delicate balance to achieve a long term and beneficial sense of identity.  The parts must ultimately fit or the atoms of society will break apart.

In modern so called civilised societies, our parents teach us from what they have been taught and experienced. If feminism is used to divide the family unit, dysfunction will result, harming children irrevocably.  I think this has much to do with youth suicide and the current euthanasia trual going on in Belgium.

In Britain, the ruling elite controls what we go on to learn at school, where they pretend and deny that this country is not still firmly divided along class lines.  The pretence cum distraction is that the divisions that need sorting are between the sexes and races.  The solution, they say is diversity and multi culture.  More and more laws are being passed to enforce this view.

Actor Liam Fox, hands up in despair as he is atatcked for his ‘privileged white male ‘ remarks – on last weeks’s BBC Question Time= saying that Prince Harry’s wife Meghan was not driven out of the country by white racists. A Univeristy lecturer called him a racist as she savaged him live on air.

Outside of the elite, there is little if any room for individualism.  Public space is increasingly being extended into our homes.  Cameras are ubiquitous.  Conveniently, as with the police murdering innocent Charles de Mendez at Stockwell tube station, the video recordings go missing if the authorities are compromised- hence the need to jail and extradite Julian Assange for leaking Chesea Manning’s revelations. .

This is because we live in a police state and the police must not be brought to justice. Camera evidence is in their hands, they are the editors. They edit justice, writing the final scenes with the CPS. They are part of a system enforcing our official identity.

Eye Popping ‘Uni’ lecturer lectures privilged white male actor Liam Fox on his racist comment that Princess Meghan has not been driven out of Britain by white racists. This picture shows a strong confident woman with no obvious identity issues, a paragon for modern British women indeed.
Remember, diversity in Britain has to fit the mould, which is rather a contradiction in terms , but ultimately very revealing of the true nature of a British society whose leaders aspire for it to lead the world.

The Nazis pioneered modern police state methods and technologies.  After the war, British authorities were quick to use their methods, experimenting ruthlessly in their old African and Middle Eastern Empires- their legacy lives on still threatening world peace.

It is interesting how the British invaded both North America and Africa.  They took over the former as a desireable place to live.  Genocide was a necessary part of the process, wiping out the peace loving natural balance of the Red Indian ( Mongoloid ) people.  Inevitably these conquerors declared independence from a Britain they no longer needed.  The African story was rather different- as with India too.

Africa could not be overcome in the same way. The targets were not so soft.  Gladsone condemned his political rival Disraeli for the bloodstains of empire building.  So the process of conquest was more insidious, leaving us with the ruthless black British placemen, like Mugabee, who have done even more harm. Boris Johnson thinks he can do business with them and welcomes their migrants to the U.K.  

It worries Britain and the U.S.A that China and Russia are investing in Africa, which is why the U.S has bases there and offers them crumbs while Britain offers patronage, through the likes of Prince Harry with Meghan, and a home for their surplus population.

The richest 20 people in the world own more wealth than all the black women in Africa. Of course that is not difficult to achieve because, leaving aside the likes of Mrs Mugabee, black African women have no wealth. They live from hand to mouth, along with their children.

The average black woman in Africa has 10 – 15 children.  Africa’s population is expected to reach 2 billion by 2050, while Europe’s indigenous population declines because their women do not want babies..  

In crowded Britain, 90 % of the population live on 10 % of the land.  So Britain faces an interesting future because the rich will go on making the laws, but they won’t give up their land when more and more of Africa’s unsustainable population arrives.  Nor will they give up their jet set life style as they use the little Greta types to reign in the rest of us.  Still, most will have the world of virtual reality- subject to their being enough environmentally friendly electricty.  Failing that, pills, suicide, war, violent crime and disease should sort it all out.

The poor working classes – now called chavs because so few have the sort of work, if they have any work, that gives then a worthwhile sense of identity- perceive this as further intrusion and change for what passes for their communities.  

Migrants from Africa have a sense of entitlement based on liberal versions of history condemning all white men as racists.  Muslim migrants have their idea of God in a Britain that pays lip service to religion and homage to billionaire footballers, along with mindless consumerism- including reality TV.

How and what this will develop into should be a cause for concern.  When I started school, coming from a materially poor but highly literate though sheltered background, there was no shortage of 5 year old morons from local council houses.  

They were eager to tell me what I was, eager to punch and kick me into submission.  Teachers also told me what I was and what I would become.  Identities in that post war period seemed cut and dried.  Has anything really changed ?  We may be told that boys and girls can switch clothes to express their true selves, but the larger issues of how we may identify ourselves are still strictly controlled from above.  

The long winded agonising over departing Meghan Markle from the British media spotlight is because she had been welcomed as an ethnic  Afro American one speaking down to us as a senior Royal from a modernised Royal Family about how women and Africa deserve so much more because of white men’s past crimes and exploitation.  

If we were really modernising then we would be asking why we need Royalty to tell us anything or to act as hypocritical exemplars.  Prince Harry may well agonise and use his mother’s death to promote his self righteousness, but he would never dare comment on her life style and how mysteriously she came to die.  He has neither the guts, nor the opportunity in the British Police State.  Robert Cook

Last Laugh Posted January 19th 2020

Political correctness is not against laughing at people so long as they are the right people. The latest news about legendary comedy series ‘The Simpsons’ is rather alarming to me. Below is a report from Vulture Website.

Are they not all funny and absurd. Why assume Apu, the one in the middle, is the subject of ridicule ? Who has decided and why ?

In the 2017 documentary The Problem With Apu, comedian Hari Kondabolu likened The Simpsons’ Apu Nahasapeemapetilon to a minstrel, and examined how the caricature of an Indian man voiced by Hank Azaria impacts South Asian representation on television. Now, The Simpsons has responded to the doc, showing Marge and Lisa Simpson in conversation about an old children’s book Marge has edited to be less offensive — and, it turns out, less good. “Well, what am I supposed to do?” Marge asks. “It’s hard to say. Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect,” Lisa answers. “What can you do?” To underline the point, the show pans to a bedside photo of Apu.

Slash Magazine reported the following :

Hank Azaria says he has no plans to continue voicing the character of Apu on “The Simpsons,” according to an industry blog. But that isn’t to say the Indian immigrant convenience store owner Azaria brought alive for 30 years won’t live on.

Producers and Fox Broadcasting Co. wouldn’t confirm to The Associated Press Azaria’s exit or an end to Apu, a recurring character that has drawn criticism for reinforcing racial stereotypes. There was no immediate reply Saturday from Azaria’s publicist.

One could argue that it is racist to cut the character, which has not been decided yet. Of greater importance are the references to stereotypes. The worst sereotype in this series is Homer Simpson, and then all the other ordinary white stupid Americans, the type of which Hilary Clinton called deplorables – the type of whose men make up the U.S front line troops and mourn the needless dead.

The great strength and point of ‘The Simpsons’ was to expose and laugh at human pretentions, snobbery and hypocrisy. Start by making Apu a posh voiced man barred from professional life as a lawyer and all will fall away. So why bother? End the show now. Robert Cook

Grave New World Posted January 19th 2020

Train them young in police state Britain

Below is an extract from Yesterday’s Telegraph nespaper.

‘Do you like sushi? Stop touching my hair! Why are you frying a banana? These are just some of the phrases we’re not allowed to utter at Sheffield University anymore. They’re “micro-aggressions” (subtly racist remarks), apparently. 

This Russell Group university is paying 20 students £9.34 an hour to be “race equality champions” and police their peers’ thoughts. They will teach classes that explain how to “lead healthy conversations” so we are not at risk of saying something that might offend. I began my politics degree at Sheffield hoping to find reasoned debate, and the embrace of opposing views. Instead, I entered an atmosphere rife with woke, intolerant, censorious anti-intellectualism.’ Ewan Somerville

This university, or perhaps one should say ‘uni’ for the sake of modern politically correct parlance, is part of the so called elite Russell Group. This is interesting because listening to some of the students talking in favour of this Orwellian horror, spoken English did not seem to be flowing off their tongues.

We have a new kind of elitism in Britain. It is about having and expressing the correct way of thinking. I mentioned on the Polly Sexual page how a police officer visited a man because he wanted to know how that ,am was thinking about male to female transexuals.

The man had commenetd on line that men could not become biological females. His comments were spooited and reported. Feminist guru Germaine Greer said a similar thing. But these days, we are not allowed to state the obvious for fear of causing offence. Greer also said the unthinkable when she commenetd that most rape was simply bad sex. She has since vansihed from mainstream media.

The reason it has become so important not to ask a person of colour, who is speaking in a foreign accent, where they have come from is because those people must not know that they have been noticed as possible immigrants or foreign students. If authorities can kill the questions they can kill the thoughts.

Young people must be indoctrinated into the virtues of mass immigration and gender fluidity. The elite are not interested in mass poverty or unemployment. They are not interested in the consequences of feminism and family breakdown. They are not interested in the reality of gangs of Asian men grooming young white girls for sexually perverted paeodophiles. That is the Grave New World of Britain today. Leaving Europe will not make this country better, but it might be good for the rest of Europe in the long term. Robert Cook

Harry and Meghan Markle release video of his ‘final’ engagement as senior royal at Buckingham Palace – pointedly accompanied by Stone Roses hit that includes the line ‘I’d like to leave the country for month of Sundays’ Posted January 17th 2020

The following extract speaks volumes about spolied Prince Harry and the relevance of the Britihs Royal Family :

‘Prince Harry’s potential last job as a senior royal before he emigrates to Canada has been marked with an official Instagram video set to a Stone Roses hit which famously features the words: ‘I’d like to leave the country’. 

And in what could be interpreted as nod to his imminent exit to North America, the soundtrack was the Stone Roses’ indie hit This Is the One, which contains the lyrics: ‘I’d like to leave the country for a month of Sundays’. These words are not heard in the video but it seems inconceivable the royal couple’s advisers were unaware of the lyrics when the well-known song was chosen.’

Meanwhile over in Canada, Meghan’s on a Mission :

Meghan Markle ‘impromptu’ drop-in at another Vancouver women’s group to discuss ‘climate justice for girls’ 

Meghan Markle has popped up again in Vancouver to support a feminist climate change group called ‘Justice for Girls’. 

The Duchess of Sussex visited campaigners who said the former Suits star, who donned a cashmere sweater she wore on the show, discussed ‘issues affecting women’ including how rising global temperatures and the justice system ‘disproportionately’ hits women and girls around the world.

Source ‘The Mail’

Girls will be girls and so will Boys

My thoughts are that he is a spoiled self serving egotist, utterly irrelevant to Brtitish everyday life. His narcisism brings back memory of his equally self obsessed mother who did so much to bring the Royal family into disrepute.

As for him wanting to leave the country, with all his security back up, money and ever complaining wife, there are many more who would like to do that and enjoy a life of luxury away from a country where all the profit, opportunity and credit goes to spolied men and women like him.

All this bull about him and Meghan being just a young couple who want to get on with their lives is nauseating, especially when the PR and media add the nonsense about her being a role model for women, especially those of colour. Like Harry, Meghan is a spolied product of an elite background. It would at least be nice if the rest of British Royalty embarked back in time to the Candadian Dominion. leaving Britain to become a modern republic. Robert Cook

Portsmouth Return Posted January 17th 2020

I was back in Portsmouth yesterday, where it is a joy to be. Few people realise it is an island city, being which gives it a certain character and an interesting history- about which I have written two books and co authored another to date.

The Portsmouth to Isle of Wight hovercraft struggles in stormy seas yesterday. RJC

Yesterday’s weather was, as usual rather unpleasant. Eating lunch and watching the rough waves on the Solent was still relaxing. The outbound Isle of Wight Hovercraft was struggling on its way, under very grey skies. The ferry, looking top heavy, was heavier and more majestic on its way in.

By this time, I had spent time browsing in Charity shops and Waterstones in Commercial Road, also looking at the site where the Tricorn used to be- and the memory in mind of re development plan from Centros Miller in this curious story part told in my co authored book on Tricorn.

The Tricorn, Life and Death of a Sixties Icon’ by Dr Celia Clark and Robert Cook

Waterstones had an interesting display of books on strong feisty women. Greta’s memoir, in hardback was piled high and half price at £7. It is basically a collection of photographs of the young gurning Greta, looking as scarey as the climate crisis her image is meant to decribe and portend.

Books on and by fesity dominant modern women, on display at Waterstones, Commercial Rd Portsmouth Jan 16th 2020- ball breakers as men used to say before all the new PC laws came to pass.

Eveen more frightening are the other books by the Clinton women and Michelle Obama and the sex war that will never end till all men in the west kow tow.

Talking of kow towing takes my mind east and to the image of Kim Yong Un, or whatever his name is. There was some light relief in a volume called ‘Choose you Apocalypse.’

The not so popular Apocalypse collection, also half price at Portsmouth Waterstones

Hopefully Waterstones will soon have a display of my new book on Portsmouth which will be as brilliant and successful as my last ones- I hope. Robert Cook

Ugly Truth That Must Not Be Spoken In Polite Company Posted January 16th 2020

The fall out shelters are being dug deeper and made more luxurious for those who can afford them. Meanwhile other rich folk dream of a new life on Mars, while the poor ignorant masses trust in God, who paradoxically they believe created this difficult world and life.

The BBC – Big Brother Calling- has just published the following advertising for a new TV Documentary series from legendary naturalist and their former boss David Attenborough. it is pretty patronising stuff. Education has become a weapon for advancement rather than enlightenment, with religion getting a new lease of life- but still what Marx called the opium of the masses. And so to Attenborough:

‘When it comes to climate change, “we’re refusing to take steps that we know have to be taken”. That’s the damning verdict of naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who declares “the moment of crisis has come”, in a BBC News interview to launch a year of special coverage on the subject of climate change. The Our Planet Matters project – across digital, TV and radio – includes a new monthly Climate Check podcast from BBC Weather, and coverage of debates and events around the globe.

As part of it, Sir David plans a new hour-long documentary – Extinction: The Facts – to examine the fragile state of the natural world. On Radio 4’s PM programme, Rianna Croxford will look at how we can respond to the climate crisis at home by examining the environmental impact of individual household items. And our coverage goes back to basics, with global science correspondent Rebecca Morelle explaining what we mean when we talk about climate change. We have also produced seven charts to help you visualise the problem and understand how aspects such as the places we live and the food we eat affect the situation. ‘

My thoughts,’ The Fire Next Time’ : Many years ago, possibly the late 1980s, I watched Attenborough’s Christmas broadcast of the Reith lectures. To coin a phrase from my hippy youth, he was ‘mind blowing’.

He talked about the fate of dinosaurs and the bleak future facing mankind, naming overpopulation as the big issue that would lead to our extinction if we did not do something about it.

Today I heard Putin and his new PM on television talking about the need to create more economic growth in Russia. China has been belching out pollutants and expanding its population for years while the U.S and Germany are unrepentant about expanding use of fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, self important elitist Britain, seizing another oppotunity to keep its cheap labour masses in check, lectures this swelling immigrant fed underclass on their need to reduce their carbon footprint- but leave the likes of Prince and Princess Harry alone along with all the rest of the European jet set. As a former maths teacher this does not seem to add up.

Leave the rich jet setting young Royal couple alone to enjoy their new life. It is so hard being rich, and having a baby for nanny or granny to take care of. Have a heart. It is we, the udnerclass who must pay for all the environmental damage, racism and wars. Education conditions you for a life of stupidity, so do as you are told. Enjoy this picture of a now happy Princess Meghan of www, . It should do your heart good.

Worse still, and the nub of the problem is the massive population upsurge in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The majority if not all of the people here, with the exception of their political class -who are also jet setters – live in a religious fantasy world, deriving their world view from a religious tradition beginning with Abraham who claimed to hear God speak from behind a burning bush. For political and thus power mad reasons, that religious seed split into the warring groups of today.

Now we have so many burning bushes from Brazil to Australia, but no fantasy of God will save us in this world. Wars used to keep the population down, maybe World War III is coming and will do the trick. Religion is led and followed by so many hypocrits who don’t even read the texts, so they won’t know that God warned of the ‘fire next time.’ Meanwhile, Attenborough has moderated his language.

It would be racist and a religious hate crime to call for birth control in the old Third World. Attenborough is just part of the PC club now. We must have more growth for more population. Cutting the carbon will solve the problem. No mention that plant life needs carbon and nature needs balance. No, the more the merrier is the message. Build the buildings higher and teh fall out shelters deeper. That will solve the future, and pray thanks to little Greta, the new feminist know it all Messiah and her disciples. Like the police, messiahs start to look like children as we get older. Robert Cook

British Police beat up a suspect who has kneeled before them and suurendered. Posted January 15th 2020

Footage of police officers punching and kicking a burglary suspect after he voluntarily surrenders has prompted the force to refer itself to an independent watchdog.

This Muslim man has surrendered to a large group of police and is about to be beaten up prior to arrest.

The CCTV video showed three police vehicles from the Lancashire police pulling up behind a man, identified as 34-year-old Adeel Ashraf, who was walking on a pavement in Accrington.

The man puts both hands in the air and kneels on the ground as five officers exit the vehicles and run towards him. The officers then push the suspect the ground and begin punching and kicking him before handcuffing him.

Another officer is seen holding a police dog back as his colleagues restrain Ashraf.

Ustadh Mohammad Quraishi, a Muslim activist and religious teacher in Blackburn, first posted the video on social media.

He added: “I have now spoken to the eyewitness, the lady who is in the footage watching the police brutality by officers from the Lancashire Police that took place in Accrington.

“Shocked to hear that surrendering victim’s head was repeatedly banged against the curb sustaining a bulging head injury,” he said, citing the witness.

Speaking to The Independent, he said that the video “sends the wrong message” to suspects who surrender.

“It was a shock to see a person who voluntarily surrendered themselves in that manner get beaten up. It sends the wrong message – if you surrender, you’ll get beaten up. It should not have been allowed to happen.”

Lancashire police confirmed the incident took place on 8 January after they received a report of a burglary around 11am in which a Nissan Juke car was stolen from Blackburn.

The stolen car was later seen and pursued by officers, resulting in Ashraf’s arrest which “is what is seen in the footage which has been widely shared”.

“We appreciate the concern that perceptions of the officer actions in this video have caused and we would like to reassure people that the incident is being fully reviewed by our Professional Standards Department,” said the force.

“In the interests of openness and transparency we are also voluntarily referring the incident to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.”

Ashraf has been charged with “aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving” and has been “recalled to prison”, police confirmed.

Editorial Comment My response to this story is inevitably influenced by my own ongoing and terrifying experience with the British Police, their bullying and ingrained dishonesty as they pursue their own agenda. Sadly the mainstream media panders to their pathetic egotistical need to be seen and judged as heroes.

It would be unfair to say that there are no good people in the police. I have known a few, my cousin being one of them. However, regardless of gender or race, these are not the ones most likely to be promoted. One only has to look at the two tarnished prime candidates in the last round of promoting a new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. One of them was assured of the job because politicians decided it had to be a female in post.

It would appear to be the case here that the prone individual beaten up by a group of macho moronic Lancashire police officers, had form. That being so is no excuse for the appalling police behaviour, the type of which is not new and has killed before. Much of this usuallyhappens off camera. The officers here did not realise they were being recorded.

I know from experience that the police are a closed self righteous quasi military body with a priority of looking after themselves and social control. Senior officers have incredible perks, high pay and too much power, with little if any accountability. Across the board pay is good with starting rates higher than those for a private soldier.

Again, from experience, I know they feel they should be allowed to act as judge, jury and psychiatrist. In reality, most are robotic morons with their highest level skill in lying and doctoring or witholding evidence. Many have second jobs and have records for dubious sick leave.

More of them, especially in the Civil and Nuclear Police have been judged to be physically unfit. Then there is the issue of their mental health, which this appalling racist attack demonstrates, raising serious questions about the qualities sought by politicians and commanders in the modern police force- the police prefer to be called a service ( sic ) . Robert Cook

For Men to Worry Posted January 15th 2020

For men to Worry January 15th 2020

The phrase toxic masculinity has become another weapon for feminists and social controllers.  Aylesbury Prison in Buckinghamshire is full of failed young men.  Their failure is not simply personal, they have been failed by the society they have grown up in.

Since Margaret Thatcher and her henchmen and women came to power, pledged to sell of state assets to the rich international elite, at knock down prices, and to make industry leaner and fitter, men have been redundant in large numbers.

As sport cheats know, testosterone is the basis of muscle strength and energy.  Men have more of this, so what happens when there is nowhere for it to go?  Men turn to drink, crime and football- with the latter they can watch international millionaires basically taking the piss with their £180,000 a week pay cheques.

The Turning to Tolpuddle. Who in Britain or the world know why Tolpuddle was important? RJC

History is all around us, but most folk are too blind, stupid, ignorant or moving too fast to see it. Last Saturday, I drove past the turn to Tolpuddle and the Martyrs museum in Dorset, heading back up country from an early morning run in my then mercifully empty truck.  Who in this sad little self important country knows why Tolpuddle is so significant ?  In this age of diversity and so caring Labour politicians knows who the Lovelace brothers were, or why they were transported to Australia in 1823 ?

Back down in Dorchester, I photographed the life size casting of an old Dray horse in trendy Brewery Square.  The art work, complete with penis and scrotum, cost around £150,000 in a town where young and old men sleep rough.  Its’ purpose is to make reversing a truck in off the busy through road difficult and to remind all of the once thriving brewery.  Working men in this Thomas Hardy country needed a lot of beer to put up with lives less romantic than Hardy ever conjoured up in his rambling novels- which I have read.

Dray Horse Sculptor Brewery Square Dorchester Dorset. RJC

Now the square is a place for yummy mummies to take the kids to the Odeon’s latest offerings, or the trendy restaurants all around.  Then there are all the dress shops and fast fashion.  Behind the scenes the rubbish mountains are magnificent with an odour all of their own.  Quite toxic really, but yummy mummies never wonder where it all goes.

Why Labour Lost the General Election Posted January 14th 2020

The arrogant British upper class elites – and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, do not do cause and effect. Labour did not lose the last British General Election simply because of Corbyn being unpopular or their obvious reluctance to support the Brexit referendum vote of 2016.

The Jeremy Corbyn Scapegoat Specie, facing extinction with no rebellion from stupid Brits.

Here is an extract from Buzz Feed on Corbyn:

‘Jeremy Corbyn has defended his leadership after his party lost a traditionally Labour seat in a north-of-England by-election.

Labour’s Gill Troughton was defeated by the Conservatives‘ Trudy Harrison by 13,748 votes to 11,601 in the Copeland by-election.

Corbyn, answering questions after a speech on Brexit in London, responded to this question from ITV’s Chris Ship: “Have you at any point this morning looked in the mirror and thought could the problem be me?” with a firm, “No. Next question,” before swiftly moving on.’

What caused the Brexit leave vote is the issue. Ordinary poorly educated underpaid Brits do not fully grasp the vested interersts and corruption of the ever growing European Police State, which Britain’s pseudo Liberal elite have done so much to design and build since joining in 1973.

The British underclass saw over and over again on tv the so called refugees camped out in Sangette, Calais , Northern France, prior to making their illegal no holds barred way into Britain, with all of its hand wringing Liberal welcoming Committees and tax payer funded handouts waiting.

The Tories will not deliver any sort of Brexit worth the name, they dare not seem anti Liberal or as racists. New Labour’s upper class arrogant fools in Parliament will continue to favour the migrant, mainly African/Islamic new voters. They love talking about helping young people so long as they are not indigenous. Ask them how an open door immigration policy helps the poor.

So the desperate nostalgic Brits actually think Brexit will stop this plague of unwanted culturally alien foreign colonists. The non European migrants will keep coming to keep GDP from collapsing and hurting the profits of a globalist elite. Don’t worry, there will be more police to protect diversity.

Race in the UK is a sensitive issue now, which is why there has been such a cover up for the racist rapist child abusing Muslim sex grooming gangs whose victims were all underage white girls – from care or broken white working class communities. Labour’s defence is to insist that white men commit more sex crimes than Asian males- yet where is their evidence….

The key issue of why there are so many young white females vulnerable to grooming gangs is something else Labour and the elite media do not want to talk about. It is due to the absence- or subservient role – of white fathers in the average white family. The cause is the rise of feminism, promotion of female empowerment and the resultant decline of said nuclear family. No mystery as to why Muslims will not fully integrate with the absurd mess and anomie of female dominated suicidal white culture. Charles Close

Magicians Now Posted January 14th 2020

My teenage interest in economics led me into the wider and deeper world of social science.  A fellow A level student suggested I added a fourth A level course of Sociology because it was easy.  I studied the subject from scratch, for six months.  My result was grade B. I read a lot and had a good teacher. Most of my teachers at secondary level were women.  

Ex PM Tony Blair who lied to get the second Gulf War, an unrepentant demon of the New World Order.

Like my English teacher, the sociology teacher was exceptional and not infected with feminist self obsession.  Sociology, she explained, was about trying to be objective about the social world and its institutions.

My first brush with feminism was at the University of East Anglia in 1971.  I came from a poor one parent family- my father died as a result of a work accident and medical incompetence when I was 11.  

My fellow undergraduates and university teachers were mostly from privileged backgrounds.  I was a poor diffident boy from a small rural town who’s only travels had been to his parents North London roots and as an athletic club and county athlete.  The most exotic day trips I ever had were to Southend and Great Yarmouth.  The seaside was magical to me,

Magic was the stuff of so much entertainment.  Father Christmas was very real to me. Nowadays so much has changed, but this change has not come from magic.  Sociology purports to explain it all, when in truth sociology, its teachers and other exponents exist to obfuscate events.  

Prince Andrew, with Jeffrey Epstein, faced down sex offence allegations.

Sociology is feminism on steroids. Its exponents speak as if ex cathedra.  I spent several uncomfortable years as a sociology lecturer and as an A level examiner for Oxford University Examination Board.  Passing and obtaining good grades seemed very much about having the right opinions. Sociology is the psycho babble of social engineering.  Misfits are expendable and will be labelled as having personality disorders.  This labelling process starts as soon as the child is ready for school.

It is a very dangerous situation because the power behind all of this is class interest.  We have a super global economy run by super elites who are in competition in key areas.  They rely on mass stupidity.  In my part of the world, I have never heard so many references to our precious representative democracy as I have in recent years. World War Three is this a distinct possibility.  There is no collective memory of the previous mass carnage of World War One and Two to stop it. A mass demonstration against the second Iraq War was ignored by Blair and his so called ‘modernisers.’  He lied to get that war and we are living with on going consequences.

Elites work on what is expedient for them and rely on mass ignorance and stupidity to keep them safe.  There have never been so many laws to keep Britrish peoples minds and bodies in check.  Princess Meghan expected to play a key role in preaching about sexism and racism as the root of all evil. The idea that the Royals are supposed to say nothing did not appeal, so off she goes with her young Prince to preach from Canada and the U.S.A, a bona fide victim and total distraction serving the politically correct.  Perish the thought that in continuing Princess Diana’s self obsessed work she has given us further proof of the grotesque irrelevance and waste of the British Royal Family.

Princess Meghan Marvel, actress extraorinaire, centre stage where she loves it.

I expect no benefits from Brexit in any shape or form.  However, the key principle and lesson here is that the elite have moved heaven and earth to prevent the mass of British voters getting what they voted for.  As we see from what is going on in France, treating so called European citizens with contempt and brutality is the norm,  Europe is supposed to be a sheep pen for the multi cultural masses.  To argue with it is a sign of a person’s madness.  The elite are beyond reproach. They are the magicians now. Robert Cook

British Police Institutionally Corrupt Posted January 12th 2020

British Police have a key role in controlling human social behaviour, thoughts and expression. This is how it all started in Nazi Germany.

I was born and grew up in a small north Bucks rural market town. Agriculture was the main industry. Shop work was the next. However, we had a fair sized police station, run by an inspector and sergeant, with a lot of constables with bicycles. There was also a Ford Prefect car painted black, and a one motor cycle cop. These people were well respected. This was the age of Bucks County Constabulary. My mother worked for them as a school crossing patrol lady.

Times changed. Forces were merged. Bucks was swallowed up by the new Thames Valley. The age of the Police National Computer ( PNC ) was born. Bureaucracy, careers and corruption were on their way, as I know from personal experience. And so we have the following :

British Police Routinely Withheld Evidence Exonerating Young Men of Rape

April 8, 2018 MJA Uncategorized 4

Dangerous> Shocking documents have revealed that British police officers are being trained to avoid giving vital evidence that would undermine their criminal cases.

A dossier, seen by The Times of London draws upon reports from 14 focus groups with the police. These focus groups included prosecutors, judges, and a survey of prosecutors. In one section of the report, an anonymous prosecutor said: “In even quite serious cases, officers have admitted to deliberately withholding sensitive material from us and they frequently approach us only a week before trial. Officers are reluctant to investigate a defense or take statements that might assist the defense or undermine our case.”

Another comment, this one from the police, said:

“If you don’t want the defence to see it, then [the evidence] goes on the MG6D.”

The MG6D is a list of sensitive material which the defense team does not have access to. An inspector said that the police “have been trained to put items on there that they do not want disclosed to the defense” whilst another recorded comment was that “officers put undermining material on the MG6D list to hide.”

The revelations come at a time where the CPS is being scrutinized over how some cases are handled. Last year over 900 charges were dropped after police failed to hand over evidence to defense lawyers. 22-year-old student Liam Allan was forced to go to trial for almost two years after being accused with six counts of rape. The case collapsed after it was revealed that the police did not hand over hundreds of text messages that proved his innocence, in which the complainant expressed that she had enjoyed having sex with him.

I know all to well just how true this is. The very moment I dare to discuss my case, involving very senior officers and their abuse of the PNC, I will be arrested again, with this site being closed down. This is the age of Julian Assange and our sinister fake democracy.

The police believe that a restraining order based on their lies can be used to gag me indefinitely. We will see. There is a lot more evidence at hand now, and the British police have been exposed as instutionally dishonest. Thames Valley Police have yet to answer my latest round of questions. Robert Cook

For more on Britain’s corrupt bullying police see Polly Station page on this site. For those who keep asking tech questions, please see my tech section on other sites as I do not have time to deal with every querry just now. I am getting a lot of spam, drug adverts and crap about sex/ porn. The sex stuff is sad, maybe a lot coming from cops who think I will respond to their pathetic sex policing bait. My advice to sick sex mad cops is go visit a morgue or a few more traffic accidents and get real. Also tell your command and control that I think most of them are sick corrupt bullies.

Britain is a police state. The Assange case should be enough to prove that. Robert Cook

Life Sentence Posted January 10th 2020

A whole new meaning to going green, eat algae.

It is unusual for the Daily Star to carry, let alone front page a story worth reading. It seems preoccupied with a weird worship of the female body.

The thing most overlooked about the female body is that it exists and is reproduced so that humans can reproduce. The reason it is overlooked is because we, especially males, are not supposed to know that women use their looks for power, calling the shots in the mating game- when they can find time off from career building, putting men down and sniping at other females.

Humans are conceited, believing that a God made them especially, in that God’s own image. The truth is humans created God. God like sex, is used by ruling elites to manipulate the foolish, if not downright stupid masses.

The Greta phenomenon works on the same principle. She embodies a powerful self righteous female image. She talks of ‘the science’- her script writers cognisant of the fact that the masses are ignorant. So the word science overwhelms their minds just as religion does. Heretics are at risk from Draconian hate speech laws.

We are the frogs in the pan of boiling water. The water started out cold, got pleasantly warm, now it is boiling. Humans population has been doubling every fifty years since statistics have been collected and projected back in time..

Life spans have been extended, nature cut back to accommodate human greed and pollution. Forests have gone. Religion has encouraged the poorer ignorant dictator led countries to follow the bible’s primitive adage ‘Go forth and multiply.’ Richer nations have plugged into the consequent mass of cheap labour and stupidity to embelish their elites.

So we come to this ‘boffin’ message, Eat Algae. Red meat is first and foremost a threat to poorer religion obsessed dictatorships who must be allowed to catch up with the ignorant stupid masses of the richer countries- migrating here as their own countries decline further into war, desease and famine as economist Rev Thomas Malthus predicted. Those migrants are the moral icons necessary to the continued enrichment of the global elite who will not be eating algae any time soon. Robert Cook

Mega Royal Posted January 9th 2020

The Royal We gets an amazing new twist as commentators on all sides vie to say who is the ME in the We.
The very singular Queen Elizabeth II is not at all happy as anyone with a brain would wonder exactly what the Royal Family, especially Prince Harry and Meghan are for. They might also wonder why over £2 million of tax payer’s money was spent on their rather large ‘Cottage’ on the Great Park estate. Then there is the question as to why UK taxpayers should pay for the part time Royals security. Harry is worth £30 million and Meghan £4 million. They are going to strive to become independent, they say. By this they must mean independent of the hard pressed working classes who pay most of this country’s taxes for all sorts of dubious causes such as HRH Harry.
Here are dear Harry and Meghan again, at Canada House yesterday, all smiles- to arrange their working visa perhaps as they plan to spend half their year out there in the snow. Canada is the world’s second largest country with only 6% of the world’s population, so there will be plenty of room for these two giant camera shy egos. No doubt they will be sharing more of their ideas of mass education, world peace and environmentally friendliness with us in the future.

Donald Duck n’ Cover Posted January 8th 2020

Words almost fail me, until one looks deeper into latest U.S madness

Iran has been a Trump fixation since the get go of his Presidency.  The U.S.A never got over the fall of the pampered British backed Shah.  Nor did their lackey Great Britain, aka the U.K.  World War One and Two started for less cause than what we have now.  

The only thing that stops it is Russia and China have never been good at starting, let alone winning wars.  That sort of enterprise is best left to the Anglo Saxons with their elite well educated leaders and civil servants on both sides of the Atlantic- who don’t care how many are killed on all sides.

But whether or not the situation gets any worse in the Middle East, we can be sure of oil price rises at the expense of the little people in distressed Europe.  At least some people are already making money on this madness.

Here in Europe, Brexit is a convenient distraction from the problems and mass immigration fallout from all those wars, upon the enslaved white underclass.  Britain’s Labour Party of Champagne Socialists are worried about the displaced children that will exist if a real Brexit happens, rather than why there are so many of these and why lower class tax payers should suffer the economic and social cost of allowing endless numbers of them in.  

State broadcaster Channel 4 is running a documentary about the environmental necessity of banning red meat production for the sake of the expanding old Third World religion and ignorance driven overpopulation- which little Greta never mentions.  There are some wonderful new ideas about us lower orders, like downed airmen behind enemy lines, getting our protein from eating insects.

So with all of this in mind, maybe the idea of mad Trump nuking the world will be a happy release, culling the population while the elite bask in their luxury fall out shelters. Robert Cook

Less and Less Posted January 3rd 2020

Less and Less Posted January 3rd 2020

When I went up to university in 1971, I was one of less than 3% of the population enjoying the privilege. I was a bit older than my posh student contemporaries, though looked much younger.  My delay on entering this cloistered world was due to me leaving school aged 16, and needing to work because my widowed working class mother needed my support.

Young PE teacher me.

When I got there, I was told we undergraduates would be learning more and more about less and less. As a student, I worked my 20 weeks a year vacation on buildings sites, learning useful non bookish skills and more about working men.

Today, Britain’s ‘Telegraph’ newspaper ridiculed Britain’s adviser to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings for advertising for ‘weirdos and misfits’ to seek top jobs in Britain’s Civil Service to replace the current breed of over privileged patronising elitists that have infested Britain’s decision making class for centuries.

At the same time. The current Wikileaks boss has described Britain’s elitist political and judicial system as corrupt, this ruling out any chance that Wikileaks whistleblower Julian Assange can get a fair trial in this country.  Obviously he will not.  A fair trial would see this heroic and honest journalist immediately discharged, with compensation for his ordeal and lost years.  Of course that will not happen.  

Britain’s elite are self styled protectors of women’s virtue which is why they are outraged that a young woman in Cyprus faces jail for gang rape allegations where there was no evidence.  In Britain the accused men would be suffering long sentences by now.  Thus, Britain’s elite welcomed, and probably conspired with Sweden’s rape proceedings against Assange.  

Women’s groups are already screaming that to let him go free would condone the violation of women.  The argument si always that women- women are a high moral blob in our PC world, a massive energy force for good- tell the truth about rape and everything else.

Victime of the Anglo American Police State, Chelsea Manning. Where are the liberals who belive in free speech, where are the LGBTQI ? Manning is about much more than sexual identity. Her bravery amazes me. Robert Cook

So n ot fpor ‘women’ to worry about wider issues raised by Assange and his ‘accomplice’ Chelsea Manning.  Not for women to worry about anything because there will always be a man to blame, just like women are screaming blame at Australia’s Scott Morrison for Australia’s bush fires.  For these hectoring self righteous women, life is black and white.  The class system and their self interested rolling wars and war crimes, are of no interest to them.  They are women and must be protected above all others.  Quite funny really. Robert Cook

Not Really Good Enough Posted January 2nd 2020

Not Really Good Enough

Apparently the latest series of ‘The Crown’ on ‘Netflix’ has failed to reach the top ten.  Viewers do not seem to like it.

I cannot speak for the International audience but suspect that the sort of Brits who watch this sort of drama are Royalists – with a few anti Royals and some curious like me.

I thought all episodes were excellent, with those involving Pricess Margaret tragi comic.  This woman was always resentful of playing second fiddle to her rather sober big sister- daddy’s favourite by all accounts.

Feminists would also take issue with the show because the story line shows sympathy for how Prince Charles was prevented from marrying his true love Camilla, just as Edward VIII was forced to abdicate for his, and how Princess Margaret chose Royal status over her lover Group Captain Townsend.

For me, Charles Dance stole the show playing the creepy egotistical interfering Lord Mountbatten of Burma.  His attitude and advice to Charles was simply enjoy all the young women – as he and his nephew Phillip, Charles’s father had. But choose your Princess wisely and for her status and breeding. That was old war horse Mountbatten’s advice to the love struck future king. So wonder about the Princess Diana drama to come.

One can imagine how much devout Royals fear what is to come unless their critics can dampen producers enthusiasms for another series.  So far the Queen has shown more evidence of a brain than she is supposed to.  The men in suits are supposed to write her scripts, as well as those of Prince Charles.  He shocked them all with his investiture speech showing sympathy for Welsh identity.

My only criticism is for stupid continuity errors, like the one where Princess Margaret is off to a Scottish stately home for retreat from more scandal. Met by Rolls Royce and smart deferential chauffeur as she leaves the Royal train behind in a Highlands Station, she is seen looking pensive in the back seat of the luxurous limousine.  

The shot cuts to the rear of the car as it crosses a little bridge.  The number plate is clearly shown.  Then we see rather a different model Rolls Royce sweeping up to the front steps of her friends’ grand home. An entirely different number plate is on show.  

Princess Margaret’s car, as shown in the Netflix ‘The Crown’ series, being driven across a little bridge over a Highland stream as she retreats to hide from another press scandal over her affair.
Here comes the Princess, apparently moments after the previous shot, sweeping up to her freinds’ grand Highland home, only moments after the previous shot from the Netflx ‘The Crown’ series. Noty only has the car transformed, so has the number plate. How come?

Robert Cook

Wrong Kong Posted January 2nd 2020

The whole Hong Kong scenario is an outcome of British Imperialism stealing Hong Kong during the Opium Wars.  The two great Communist nations are an outcome of the vile elitist exploitation of the masses, using Marxist ideas.

Capitalism is the issue here.  If the Hong Kong style ‘protests/riots’ were happening in Britain or the U.S they would face the full impact of the law.

Opium was a palliative and source of hallucinations during the nineteenth century.  To Marx religion was the opium of the masses. It is significant that the Western elites, in the name of the diversity con, are ramping up religion.  Laws on hate speech prevent robust comment on that interesting strategy.

Hong Kong ’s tourist trade is at rock bottom, so more money worries for the blood sucking global elite. Britain’s leaders relish talking about Human Rights, but it never stopped them welcoming cheap Chinese made goods – cheap because labour is cheap. Hypocrisy is Britain’s core product from which all else stems.

In Britain, a police officer brazenly caused the death of an innocent bystander at G7 protests in 2008.  A short while before that a student protester got 3 years for throwing a fire extinguisher off a roof.  The missile landed 300 yards from a group of police officers, but it was inferred that there was an intent to cause harm.

In Hong Kong we have seen police officers violently assaulted, but acting with restraint.  We have seen a university lab used as a weapons factory by protesters. A man was even doused in accelerant and set on fire because he dared to disagree with the protesters. To Britain’s elite and elite media, this is all OK.

Apparently it all started GOING WONG IN HONG KONG because the government wanted serious criminals extradited to the mainland for trial. Even after that new law was scrapped, the protests continue, with a ring leader seen meeting with U.S agents in Washington.  Britain is four square behind this, but subtle and deceitful about its motives.  The difference between right and wrong for them is all about the money.

Robert Cook

China: Hong Kong riots settled through incentives, not force

Benjamin Chiao, co-author with Nobel Laureate French economist Jean Tirole:

The Hong Kong riots will continue in 2020. The US will continue to give enough incentives to nurture the opposition forces so that Hong Kong can be used as a bargaining chip in US-China relations.

The intermediate goals for the rioters are to undermine the credibility of the pro-establishment camp and the government so that the pan-democratic party will win majority seats of the upcoming legislative council election and the chief executive election.

Even if Beijing fails to see the most desirable candidate elected, it will not march in the People’s Liberation Army, especially because not all protesters are rioters. In fact, Beijing could simply not appoint the elected candidate as a last resort. Beijing will also need to win back the hearts of all protesters by giving favorable policies in the Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong youngsters will find it too attractive to turn down such offers. The youngsters will have no choice as Hong Kong will continue into the second year of recession, the worst in recent decades. They will then find the people across the Shenzhen River are also blood and flesh, different from what the Western media depicts.

BBC Big Brother Calling Posted January ist 2020

BBC  Big Brother Calling

BBC Radio 4 used to confine its political correctness and feminism to the news and ‘Woman’s Hour.’  But now it is just non stop on message, overwhelmingly fronted by posh women.  There are men, also of the same class.  BBC so called ‘new comedy’ is all about poking fun at the under class.

At the end of last week and the last two days, we had little Greta talking to David Attenborough about climate change.  Twenty years ago, his Reith lectures asserted that human overpopulation was the doom machine.  

Not a word about that now because that growth is coming from religious mad backward Indian sub continent, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  As those areas plunge further into reproductive chaos, war and disease, there is a population outflow welcomed by self styled ‘liberals’ – and hated so much by the white under class it has been necessary to stoke up the gender war as a diversion and create new heinous hate crimes to keep the inevitable far right in check.

So disaffection and environmental problems are ubiquitous, while the elite are in denial.  

The River Thames. looking west, at Cookham Bucks December 30th 2019. Water levels are at record high following exceptional rainfall over the last months. This is South Bucks, home for the rich who escape little Greta’s scorn. Their class decide what can and cannot be officially said. They are the gatekeepers. RJC

I heard the new youngest female MP, in Britain, telling a fawning BBC man on ‘World at One’ that politics is broken and she- aged 23- wants to help fix it by fighting sexism, racism and promoting diversity.  Politics is not broken in this country, but the elite con is.  Never mind, BIG BROTHER BBC is calling rather like Lord Haw Haw did for Germany during World War Two. That didn’t end well either.  Robert Cook

The BBC have always loved posh boy Blair. Here he is on their flagship Politics show, laying down the law about what went wrong for Labour at the last General Election, and why everyone with a brain should still be listening to him.
Please do not mention Iraq and the fire he led Bush into with the ludicrous’ War On Terror- which has done so much to enhance our police state, and the need to keep calling it a democracy.

Happy New Fear Posted January 1st 2020

Christmas is now past, the new year has begun.  The Sydney authorities caused offence to the great and good by wanting a traditional fireworks welcome to the New Year. The country has rather too many fireworks at present.

PM Boris Johnson promises peace and prosperity while war crime whistle blower Julian Assange is being destroyed, locked in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, in one of democractic ( sic ) Britain’s vile prisons.

Meanwhile, in Britain, creepy Boris Johnson usurped the Queen’s role with a speech of his own.  He promises a decade of ‘prosperity and opportunity’, in a country full of record homelessness, slave wages, high unemployment, racial tensions, gender war, a booming arms industry, calls for more police to fight an ever expanding world of defined crime, record family breakdown, falling educational standards, and- above all- fear of terrorists and the Russians.

Fireworks to celebrate the New Year in Russia. To dumb Brits, the Russians are the New Fear- born again.

So ‘Happy New Fear’ to all the real people who might stumble on this very obscure officially hated little website.

Robert Cook

Reader Comments January 1st 2020

Little Me – not planting NOVOCHOK- , Four Eyes at night in Salisbury. RJC December 2019

I am aware that many comments sent to this site are versions of the same thing over and over again, suggesting spam or malevolence. I am also aware that Google have responded to complaints- possibly from authorities like the British Police and NHS GIC who are severely criticised on this site- by making this site almost invisible in Britain.

Because of this, it is important that anyone making comments on this site must appear to be a person or persons with some clue to proving this. Mahcine like comments will be deleted.

I am also aware that there are many sending comments of a lewd sexual nature. while others seek to advertise dubious medicines. These comments are not acceptable.

The fact that my editorial page is now inaccessible due to apparrent technical problems, appears to be a response from gatekeepers, possibly including the police, who do not like what is posted. It has been closed to me since my post on the possibility that women lie about rape.

Consequently, assuming the police do not raid again, arrest me and close this down, the site will need expert maintenance and reconstruction later this month.

Meanwhile, please do not post pornographic comments which are boring and potentially illegal. They certainly have no place here. If you have an incessant need to comment about sex, please see a psychiatrist because you are a moron. The police like morons because they are so easy to jail. For all I know, they are on here trying to get me to talk about sex. Also, no more drug adverts, and try to cound like you are a person.

Happy New Year Robert Cook

On the road to nowhere Posted December 29th 2019

This year Boris Johnson and Labour leader J Corbyn jumped on the Queen’s Christmas message bandwagon.  The Queen’s message was bland as usual. She never mentioned Andrew or other definitive ludicrous Royals like Harry and sulky Meghan.

Prince Harry marries a soap opera star, turning the British Royal family into an even more alluring soap opera, with the young women dominating the story lines. just like a good soap should be.

Corbyn reckons he watches the Queen on Christmas morning which is all the evidence one needs that he is delusional- if he actually believes it, but more likely he  is just another lying politician.

My recent absence from this little website is because I have been on the road rather a lot, looking at bits of England through the wind shield of a truck.  The rain at least keeps the frost and ice away.  Still I fear much worse to come.  

Many in Little small minded Britain do not grasp the simple idea that a melting polar ice cap dilutes the salt water of the North Atlantic, causing the warming Gulf Stream to fall back, making us colder;

Climate change is real, but little Greta and the climate change warriors are a distraction.  The elite and their police foot soldiers do not permit protests unless they serve their own purposes.

On Friday , December 27th, morning, about 5.30 a.m, I pulled in to London’s New Covent Garden at Nine Elms.  In the age of steam railways it was the Southern Railways locomotive depot.  I used to live down the road from Nine Elms, often passing it on my bicycle.  

Goodness me, how the area has changed over the last decade.  Capitalism has paid for some marvellous glittering tower blocks in a city with record levels of crime and homelessness.

Leaving New Covent Garden, early morning December 27th. RJC

I left old London Town heading for the port of Newhaven on the south coast.  It was an easy run down on the A3, heading for Portsmouth- where I also used to live- turning off for Dorking, then the M25 and M23.  Not too bad so far,  Unloaded and on a break by 10.15 then back up west on the A27, M23, and then the hell of the M25 London orbital ring road.  

Motorway mad. Near Heathrow on the M25 December 27th. RJC

Seven hours later, after abandoning the M40 at Oxford services, and another 45 minute break, I arrived back at the depot.  The roads had been so full of cars.  Does nobody listen to Greta?  Did these people really have to be on the road? Robert Cook

The Music Stops Posted December 25th 2019

My late father was a music lover, though how he found time for it is beyond me. I know so little about him because he died when I was 11, after a long time in hospital. Back in the late 1950s and early 60s he used to cycle- in all weathers- ten miles to the brickyard as a lorry driver, often not getting home before six o’clock to start again at 3 a.m in the morning. He must have been very tired when he didn’t see the stack of bricks falling on him.

His years in the army after hardships growing up in then miserable North London, culminating in Dunkirk 1940, obviosuly toughned him up. He seemed so old when he died, aged 41. I was there at the hospital the day he died, hearing his death rattle.

Before the war he played accordion. When I was a child he built himself a stereophonic radiogramme, which I still have. Those were the days when boys left school early, learning to use their hands. His woodworking skills obviously came from his mater craftsman father. The elctronics were his peculiar interest which he studied and handed down to me.

When I was ten he planned to build a workshop, showing me all the tools he had, saying ‘One day son these will all be yours.’ Sadly the gypsies cut through my fence and into my workshop, stealing a lot of them. The police told me there was nothing they could do about it, and that I should never get in the way of robbers or harm them.

My mother used to talk about dancing to the big bands during the war, but she never shared my dad’s love of music, or mine or my sister’s taste. My father, like me enjoyed a wide range of music, including Mario Lanza, classical and opera. I did too, but folk music was my thing.

When Dylan and Neiil Young came along I was in heaven. I liked the story telling and poignancy. when the love of my life, Helen, dumped me, I said : ‘So it’s all over now baby blue.’ She looked at me with contempt, replying : ‘You and your songs.’

As we get older, our tastes tend to remain in the past where our youth was. I can analyse techno, grunge and all that stuff. I used to teach kids to play guitar. But after some very serious issues focusing around police harassment, my mother’s very sad death and stuff I can not safely talk about at the moment, I have absolutely no interest in music.

Me practising my classical guitar in 1980. I went on to build my own guitars for sale. My ex wife once said, while I was practising for a concert : ‘You can play your guitar in your sleep.’ She ahd no idea how hard I worked and how much it meant to me. When I was playing lead guitar in a rock band, she raged that I was only doing it ‘to run off with young women.’ All over now that I am an old man. Age is part tragedy, part comedy. Appledene Images

I stopped practising, teaching and perfroming 12 years ago. Music has no meaning for me anymore. I could inspire no student as I used to.

Years ago I used to practice guitar piano and violin for hours. I will never teach or even play again. Music is so close to our spirit. When one’s spirit is attacked, as mine has been by the lying Police State threatening to jail me telling and writing the truth, the music stops.

Robert Cook

Another Story Posted December 25th 2019

Another Story  December 25th 2019

Ms Caroline Flack is hostess of a particularly tacky TV show called ‘Love Island’.  The sub text is sex, so Ms Flack displays the show’s desired image.  Predominantly working class ignorant young people are taken to an exotic foreign location where they play mind games with each other, contestants voted off each week by equally stupid viewers.  

The winners are lined up for so called reality TV celebrity status, going on to endorse garbage products.  It is a show about lifestyle and an indictment of Britain’s moron culture.

The British have a very interesting hypocritical attitude to sex.  They think they invented a sexual revolution in the 1960s. in fact they opened the door to feminism and man bashing.  The movement’s icons were Germaine Greer, Fay Weldon and an old student contemporary of mine, Rosie Boycott.  To my knowledge only one of them had children.  Single mother Weldon’s son ended up a drug addict and was jailed.

Modern upper middle class women don’t want the traditional female role, so exploit lower order women with their divisive message.  Not surprising there are so many messed up young men queing up fr this stupid TV series.  One young male contestant had severe withdrawal symptoms when the show ended.  He killed himself.  Young male drug, drink addicts and suicides are becoming normalised.

The Caroline Flack story is emblematic and symptomatic of the way Britain – which prides itself as a world leader in popular culture – is going.  Forty plus Flack was trawling through her young boyfriends phone records while he slept.

Reality TV host Ms Caroline Flack pictured after her recent court appearance for violently assaulting her young boyfriend

She found he had been texting a 60 plus granny love rival. Incensed she entered the bedroom to beat her love cheat over the head with a heavy table lamp. She could have killed him.  His injuries were so bad, an ambulance was called and the police were involved.  Obviously mainstream media will say it was his fault for cheating on the rich middle aged beauty.

Now on bail, Flack cannot spend Christmas with her love interest, even though he does not want to press charges.  It is no wonder that statistics show fewer men being victims of domestic violence.

My ex wife admitted hitting me on four occasions that she could remember. One occasion involved her cornering me with a wine glass which she had broken during one of her rages. The police refused to investigate, even though she admitted the offences. I once suggested that whenever I wanted something or expressed an opinion she argued aggressively.  She replied ; ‘ I feel I have to challenge you.’

One should of course be interested in the phenomenon of young men favouring much older women. My ex wife was nine years younger than me. That is another story.  Robert Cook

Worst of Ways Posted December 23rd 2019

Worst of Ways

Rather busy on the road just now. More posts soon. I was in Salisbury at 5 am this morning.  No sign of Russians.  Christmas lights looking nice, still cold with icy rain.

Me in Salisbury 5 am this morning RJC

Wondered where the Skirpals are now.  Then off I had to go to Dorchester and Poole.  Lots of crazy traffic and big jam on the M4O when I crossed over the bridge at Bicester on my way back to the depot.  So much traffic the rescue fire engine could not get down on to the motorway.

All this stuff about Britain’s good will and peace on earth makes me laugh.  This country is not about ‘Me too’, it is about me first.  That is why the most stupid women love feminism.  

Christmas Crackers on M40 viewed from interchange at Bicester 14.30 today RJC

As if this country doesn’t have enough problems, the FA are investigating racism in football because a fan made monkey noises after a Black German Chelsea footballer over reacted to a South Korean Tottenham player’s foul: so the Spurs player would be sent off.  This country is very funny in the worst of ways- just like our roads. Happy festive season! Robert Cook.

Foreign Country Posted December 22nd 2019

The world Welsh, historically meant ‘foreigner. William the Conqueor commissioned a number of castles to keep the local Ancient Britains down. They had a relatively easier time under the Anglo Saxons who were not much interested in Wales. they preferred their ‘Angleland’ which transitioned into ‘England.’ But there was a lot of fighting, even before the iron hand of the Normans came crashing down.

And so, with all of this in mind, it was very cold on Mermaid Quay on Cardiff Bay when I arrived there yesterday at 5 a.m. Raining and damp, but still an inspiring place to be.

Cardiff is the national capital and county town of Glamorgan. Until Roman conquest, Cardiff was part of the territory of an iron age tribe called Silures that flourished Their territory included the areas that would become known as Breconshire, Monmouthshire and Glamorgan.  

The local River Taff, where the Romans built their first settlement, is the origin of the Welsh peoples’ nickname ‘Taffy.’  As said, the word Welsh’ means foreigner and we still use the non PC phrase ‘to welsh on a deal,; 

Norman invader and King William the Conqueror started his slaves building the castle keep in 1081. It was within the walls of the old Roman fort. Cardiff Castle has been at the heart of the city ever since. The castle was substantially altered and extended during the Victorian period by John Crichton-Stuart and the architect William Burges. Original Roman work can, however, still be distinguished in the wall facings.

It is still of relatively small population of under 400,000 but has been developing and modernising during recent decades, notably as home to the devolved Welsh National Assembly. The wider urban area has a population of 479,000 nd it is the most popular tourist destination in Wales. The BBC have a stronghold there, even using the city as a location for filming the revived ‘Dr Who’ series.

Manchester Crime and Government Posted December 20th

Before George and Robert Stephenson’s railway was extended to Manchester, the city- a mere village at the start of the Industrial Revolution, was far away from us southerners.  The horrible lingering dampness of this place in the Pennines proved very suitable to the cotton spinning factories on which the revolution thrived.

After the Napoleonic Wars- when the landowning classes thrived thanks to the punitive corn laws, causing hunger and misery for the labouring classes- the self appointed hero of Waterloo, Wellington ,became Tory Prime Minister by choice of this elite.  

The Duke of Wellinngton, whose home address was Number 1 , London, thought it fair to send the militia to shoot people protesting against high corn prices due to a ban on cheaper imports.  That was the Peterloo Massacre at St Petersfields Manchester.  

These little terraced houses, on the western outskirts of Manchester have been converted into retail outlets, giving clues to local life style/ There would have been houses facing these shops before 1960s demolition and construction of a dual carrageway. the dispossessed would have been moved to high rise blocks. RJC

It was not just the Irish starving at the time, but they were brought over to keep labour costs low, and profits high.  Manchester was the centre of all this, so important that a canal was eventually dug out to the Atlantic Port of Liverpool- the Manchester Ship Canal.

The first time I ever read the word Manchester was a six year old reading where my favourite Co-op fig roll biscuits were made.  The Co-op started in Rochdale Lancashire, near Manchester, as a workers combine to ensure good cheap food rather than the expensive adulterated rubbish produced by the Capitalist classes for the lower orders.

Tower blocks peeping over the fence toward Manchester City Football Stadium. One of them looks as if it has been built inside a cage. There is a crowded local Victorian prison with the interesting name ‘Strangeways.’ Manchester crime rates are high.

The next time I heard of Manchester I was still a boy, watching the new soap opera ‘Coronation St’ set in a backstreet of Manchester terraced houses.  I watched it at a friend’s birthday party in 1960.  There were only three of us at the party, running out of amusements we sat down to watch it on a black and white TV.  

My friend’s home was also in a terrace, so was mine.  We also had a black and white TV.  The set was big, the screen quite small.  It as near our front room window, a window on the world and a window on the street, next to each other.  The road was a main route to London, always busy.  So was the pavement, bustling with busy body women, shrieking children and stoic men- their haven being the pub just up the road at the bottom of the school hill.

My Childish painting of Sheep St Winslow, where I was born and grew up in the last house next to the last thatched cottage at the bottom of the hill. Manchester started life as a little country village like this in the nineteenth century. Farm workers were out to work in corron factories and other grim unnatural employment, helping a small number of people get rich at their expense.

Much of life was black and white in those days. We all knew our place.  The illusion of Britain’s Imperial greatness lurked like a wounded monster, caught on newsreels reporting in denial.  Then came the illusion of the 1960s, places like Manchester were losing their terraces, high rise reservations for the surplus working classes grew like weeds from the rubble.  Bright young northerner headed south for fame and fortune.  And so we have what we have today.

Remnants of the old nineteenth century cotton mills are overwhelmed by modern edifices built for profit and glamour. The city has two unviersities, a large student and ethnic population. On the day this picture was taken, firefighters were dealing with another major fire. RJC

It took me nearly four hour to get there in my truck limited to 55 mph for economy.  A chunk of the motorway near Stafford wasis being converted to what they call SMART motorway, which means getting rid of the hard shoulder refuge.  This was another great David Cameron idea to improve traffic flow on the cheap, to hell with actual safety.

Just past the terraced shops, I saw this giant Heineken Brewery. Alchohol has always been a relief to the working men- and now even more women, along with smoking despite health warnings. RJC

Trucking through Manchester, I saw remnants of the old city, and gaudy emblems of the new.  It is what it is.  This is the Northern Powerhouse.  The roads were noticeably quiet, making my job much easier.  That is always a good thing for me.  Job done, back I went, down to the not so sunny south where the rich folk, and my new Tory MP are pledged to block the HS2 rail project because they like having a nice view, peace, quiet, security etc, all paid for and provided at the expense of the low order masses.  The spirit of Peterloo lives on in diverse Britain, which is about as diverse in reality as it was in the nineteenth century.  Divide and rule is the key to successful crime and government. Robert Cook